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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Protein kinase stress-related polypeptides and methods of use in plants
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
HIV integrase inhibitors
Device for contact-free transmission of signals and measured data in a computed tomography apparatus
Method and computed tomography system for producing tomograms of an object
3,4-methylenedioxy-substituted chalcones as therapeutic agents
Cytotoxic agents comprising new C-2 modified taxanes
Neuroprotective agents
Nicotine in therapeutic angiogenesis and vasculogenesis
Pyrrole derivatives
[1,2,4]triazolo[1,5,a]pyrimidin-2-ylurea derivative and use thereof
Carboxamide derivatives and their use as factor Xa inhibitors
Compounds for the treatment of inflammatory disorders
Conjugated psychotropic drugs and uses thereof
Methods for producing target cell reactive lymphocytes
Process for solubilizing glucagon-like peptide 1 compounds
Use of hyperpolymeric hemoglobin for the treatment of pulmonary edema
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multi-beam optical scanning device
Line head and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Network-based aircraft secondary electric power distribution system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fusion-cast refractory with high electrical resistivity
Substituted fluoroethyl ureas as alpha 2 adrenergic agents
Method for the production of organic carbonates
Tetrahydroquinolinones and their use as antagonists of metabotropic glutamate receptors
Process for the production of ethers
Process for synthesizing trioxymethylene using ionic liquid
Bis (indolestyryl) compound and high density recording media utilizing the same
Bisstyryl compound and high density recording media utilizing the same
Sulfonamide peri-substituted bicyclics for occlusive artery disease
Inhibition of phosphoinositide 3-kinase .beta.
Fluorescent fused-ring traizoles that inhibit cell proliferation and uses thereof
Thermosensitive and biocompatible amphiphilic poly(organophosphazenes) and preparation method thereof
Molecules that selectively home to vasculature of premalignant or malignant lesions of the pancreas and other organs
Synthesis of core sugar chain structure of asparagine-linked glycoprotein
Polymerizable compound, polymer compound, composition using the same, image-forming method, and image-forming apparatus
Process for manufacturing ultra high molecular weight polymers using novel bridged metallocene catalysts
Ionic liquids for heterogenising metallocene catalysts
Rubber product and method for manufacturing the same
Joining structure for an acrylic rubber composition and heat-resistant hose
Process for preparing a halogenated polymer and device for its implementation
Precision fragmentation assemblages and olefin polymerization catalysts made therefrom
Resin composition, resin molding, package, production method of resin molding and recycling method of resin molding
Resin composition, resin molding product, production method of resin molding product and recycling method of resin molding product
Metal complex of heterocyclic aromatic compound
Color liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Filter cake degradation compositions and methods of use in subterranean operations
Lubricating composition suitable for diesel engines
Three-phase liquid polishing and cleaning composition
Hydroxyl-containing surfactants with low surface tension and their use thereof
Grating angle magnification enhanced angular sensor and scanner
Method for determining physical properties of a multilayered periodic structure
Apparatus for testing light transmission through lens
Shape measurement method
Vector beam generator using a passively phase stable optical interferometer
Food treating apparatus with a weighing scale
CMOS image sensor and method of driving the same
Lithographic apparatus and cleaning method therefor
Optical emission spectroscopy process monitoring and material characterization
Localized plasmon resonance sensor
Methods, devices, systems and computer program products for stochastic, competitive, force-based analyte detection
Surface voltmeter and surface voltage measurement method
Noise injection apparatus for printed circuit board
Quality of experience (QoE) method and apparatus for wireless communication networks
Semiconductor wafer examination method and semiconductor chip manufacturing method
System and method for WWAN/WLAN position estimation
Sensor for measuring distance and method for measuring distance using the sensor
Method and apparatus for compression of SAR images
System and method for wirelessly communicating with a downhole drill string
Complete structure elucidation of molecules utilizing single NMR experiment
Radio-frequency coil arrangement
Externally guided and directed field induction resistivity tool
Temperature and pressure sensor using four wave mixing technique
Telephoto zoom lens
Optical pick-up actuator
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus wherein the position of the rotational axis of the oscillating mirror is fixed in the plane orthogonal to the torsion beam such that the rotational axis of the oscillating mirror meets the intersection point of a light beam from a light source unit and a light axis of the focusing optical system
Handheld magnifying device incorporating a circular array of light emitting diodes
Ambient light lens
Optical part for camera and method of fabricating the same
Vision system
Wide-angle lens system
Image reading lens and image reading apparatus
Liquid crystal display device having a parallel alignment type liquid crystal layer
Liquid crystal displaying monitor with detachable backlight and liquid crystal displaying television with detachable backlight
Substrate provided with bank and substrate provided with color pattern
Method and apparatus for determining vector acoustic intensity
Current regulator apparatus and methods
Low pass filter low drop-out voltage regulator
Current-sourced power supplies
Semiconductor integrated circuit including charging pump
Voltage regulator, voltage regulating method thereof and voltage generator using the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus and electronic apparatus
Display device
Connection assembly for connecting bodies, and portable electronic apparatus and base using the same
Image processing system for reading and processing images
Image processing using processing by bands and fixed-size work buffer
Remote printer management via email
Image processing apparatus and control method of image processing apparatus
Network printing system, network printing device and network printing method
Detecting and protecting a copy guarded document
Wavelet-based image processing path
Method and apparatus for automatically segmenting a microarray image
Optimizing image signal interpretation for analog image signals from medical image recording devices
Radiographic apparatus and radiographic method
Vehicle vicinity monitoring apparatus
Wireless communication method and apparatus for generating, watermarking and securely transmitting content
Image information processing system, image information processing method, image information processing program, and automobile
Method and apparatus for summarizing a music video using content analysis
Detection system
Method for precise in-house positioning
RFID tag-reading notification apparatus, control method therefor, and program for implementing the control method
Sensor and circuit configuration for occupant detection
Control panel of a laundry processing machine
Apparatus for driving plasma display panel
Scan driving control of a plasma display according to a predetermined data pattern
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Information display and information display system
Method and device for processing video pictures
Striking member for use with a percussion instrument
Disk drive apparatus, electronic circuit for disk drive apparatus and powering method therefor
Apparatus and method for slider-disk contact indication by monitoring the spindle control signal in a hard disk drive
Method for real time recording/playback of data to/from an optical recording medium and method for managing files thereof
Apparatus and method for integral filter and bypass channel in a hard disk drive
Recording method, recording apparatus, and signal processing circuit for recording information on optical recording medium
Magnetic read-write head shield that prevents flux concentration at edges close to the ABS
Method and apparatus providing a stabilized top shield in read head for magnetic recording
Side reading reduced GMR for high track density
Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor with high-resistivity amorphous ferromagnetic layers
Method and apparatus compensating disturbance in state control device
Multi-layered recording medium, and method and apparatus for recording data
Optical disc recording/reproducing apparatus
Disk drive apparatus and seek method
Optical disk apparatus
Recording medium with intermittent or alternate wobbled pits and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium
Optical head device and optical information recording/reproduction apparatus
Optical disk apparatus
Optical discs for measuring analytes
Removable storage media with improved data integrity
High-density optical disc, method for recording and reproducing encrypted data thereon
Recording medium comprising ferroelectric layer, nonvolatile memory device comprising recording medium, and methods of writing and reading data for the memory device
Semiconductor memory devices having signal delay controller and methods performed therein
Ferroelectric memory device
Delay locked loop implementation in a synchronous dynamic random access memory
Memory and method of writing data
Semiconductor memory device using pipelined-buffer programming and related method
Super-conductive cable
Form-less electronic device and methods of manufacturing
Palladium-containing particles, method and apparatus of manufacturing palladium-containing devices made therefrom
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor
Key sheet
Electrical switching apparatus, and stored energy assembly and time delay mechanism therefor
Gas discharge display apparatus
Organic electroluminescent device, method of manufacturing organic electroluminescent device, and electronic apparatus
Discharge lamp
Plasma display panel having discharge cells
Ion source and metals used in making components thereof and method of making same
Low-pressure mercury vapor lamp with an adhering unit to improve luminous efficiency
Segmented magnetic shielding elements
Semi-sacrificial mold for diamond structures
Gallium nitride-on-silicon interface using multiple aluminum compound buffer layers
Method for fabricating micrometer or nanometer channels
Method of manufacturing semiconductor sensor
Method for wafer level packaging and fabricating cap structures
Wafer dicing method
Method of fabricating thin film transistor substrate and thin film transistor substrate produced using the same
Bi-layer capping of low-K dielectric films
Methods of forming ferroelectric crystals as storage media and structures formed thereby
Manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Phase change memory device and fabricating method therefor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method and device for growing pseudomorphic AlInAsSb on InAs
Electro-optic displays, and components for use therein
Semiconductor process for removing defects due to edge chips of a semiconductor wafer and semiconductor device fabricated thereby
Compensation techniques for substrate heating processes
Thin silicon-on-insulator double-diffused metal oxide semiconductor transistor
Single chip data processing device with embedded nonvolatile memory and method thereof
Method for direct bonding of metallic conductors to a ceramic substrate
Method to remove beol sacrificial materials and chemical residues by irradiation
Method for manufacturing semiconductor module using interconnection structure
Method of controlling a fabrication process using an iso-dense bias
Image sensor and related fabrication method
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Sealed remote keyless entry device
Plate structure having chip embedded therein and the manufacturing method of the same
Low profile semiconductor package
Structure of polymer-matrix conductive film and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Electronic component and semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same, circuit board mounted with the same, and electronic appliance comprising the circuit board
Structure for preventing leakage of a semiconductor device
Image pickup device having a light shield element
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device having capacitor element
Semiconductor memory component with body region of memory cell having a depression and a graded dopant concentration
Semiconductor device, SRAM and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Wafer-scale microcolumn array using low temperature co-fired ceramic substrate
Si.sub.xSn.sub.yGe.sub.1-x-y and related alloy heterostructures based on Si, Ge and Sn
Semiconductor device including active layer of zinc oxide with controlled crystal lattice spacing and manufacturing method thereof
Light emitting diode with high illumination
Light-emitting diode assembly and method of fabrication
Magnetic memory device
Semiconductor device
Non-volatile memory devices and methods of forming non-volatile memory devices
Semiconductor device having a silicon layer in a gate electrode
Infrared solid-state image pickup apparatus and a production method thereof
Image sensor having improved sensitivity and method of manufacturing the same
Serial interface connecting circuit for supporting communications between different types of serial interfaces
Structure element for an aircraft
Ultrasonic probe
Method of fabricating organic light emitting display
Apparatus and method for communications via multiple millimeter wave signals
Input device of two orthogonal polarized-wave waveguide type, and radio wave receiving converter and antenna device using the input device
Semiconductor-diode-pumped solid state laser device
Method and apparatus for coherently combining multiple laser oscillators
Electronic speed controller with modular layout
Rapid charge lithium ion battery charger
Tamper resistant battery and battery warranty and performance tracking system
Method and apparatus for real-time life estimation of an electric energy storage device
Switch-mode power supply
Vertical stator double gas D.C. PM motors
Inductor-type synchronous machine
AC motor designed to ensure high efficiency in operation
Axial impact liner
Stator and axial-gap brushless vibration motor incorporating the stator
Vibration motor provided with a thin blocking body of a communtator's breakaway
Method of controlling the duty of a PWM signal, PWM signal generating circuit, and image forming apparatus using same
Tilting device
Start-up circuit for DC fan
Combined phase-locked loop and amplitude-locked loop module for switching FM signals
Distortion compensation circuit
Circuit for varying gain of preamplifier
Apparatus and method for adjusting sound volume for televisions and other audio systems
Laser diode driving circuit
Level shifter for gate driver
Reduced power consumption limited-switch dynamic logic (LSDL) circuit
System and method of altering a PWM carrier power spectrum
Data development device and data development method
Spread spectrum applications of universal frequency translation
Successive interference canceling for CDMA
Method and apparatus for a frequency hopper
Raman pump power control for gain flattening
Method and apparatus for time-sharing channelization code in a CDMA communication system
Method and apparatus for reducing multi-user processing in wireless communication systems
Approximate bit-loading for data transmission over frequency-selective channels
Digital E8-VSB reception system and E8-VSB data demultiplexing method
Devices and methods for matching link speeds between controllers and controlled devices
Architecture for emulating an ethernet network interface card
System and method for allocating session initiation protocol (SIP) identifications (IDs) to user agents
Converter and communication control method
Communication system
Configurable network connection address forming hardware
Updating quality of service reservation
Telephone system, its log-in management method and server device
DSL subscriber board with increasable bandwidth and method for increasing bandwidth of a DSL subscriber board
Method and system for a reduced emissions direct drive transmitter for unshielded twisted pair (UTP) applications
Sample rate conversion module and applications thereof
Adjustable dual-band link
Receiving apparatus, data transmission system and receiving method
Systems and methods for caller-controlled tune notification of a call
Methods, systems, and products for providing a service to a telephony device
Telescopic boom with conductive spring connectors
Image forming apparatus and image stabilization processing method for image forming device in said image forming apparatus
Color conversion definition creation method, color conversion definition creation apparatus and color conversion definition creation program storage medium
Method and/or apparatus for cross-color and cross-luminance suppression using shimmer detection
Noise detection method, noise reduction method, noise detection device, and noise reduction device
Image pickup system for reducing noise attributable to an image pickup device
Electronic device powered by fuel cell and power supply system using fuel cell
Imaging apparatus having a detector for detecting spatial frequency characteristics, control method, and a computer program product having computer program code therefor
Imaging apparatus
Anti-shake apparatus
Control of image output using image processing control data
Image signal processing circuit
Apparatus and method for processing analog and digital signals from multiple signal sources
Digital video signal processing apparatus and method for extracting data in a vertical blanking interval
System and method for compressing portions of a media signal using different codecs
Over-sampling A/D converting circuit
Image pick-up apparatus and white balance control method
Multifunctional actuator and mobile terminal
Headphone, electronic device, cord winding device, and cord winding method
Condenser microphone
Method and apparatus or eliminating interference caused by hidden nodes
Integrated circuit capable of synchronization signal detection
Layered structure with printed elements
Board-housing case and fluid pressure control device including thereof
High-frequency module, and method of producing same
Heat dissipation device
Variable position dampers for controlling air flow to multiple modules in a common chassis
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Lantibiotic mutants and chimeras of enhanced stability and activity, leader sequences therefor, genes encoding the same, and methods of producing and using the same
Multilayered biaxially-oriented styrene based resin sheet and method for production thereof
Method for selectively controlling the amount of wax applied to fruit
Low-fat spread
Nutrition-enriched composition for feed
Chitosan-stabilized peanut butter and method of preparation
Reduced fat peanut butter product and method of preparing same
Oxygen absorber for culturing anaerobic bacteria
Scent-dispensing artificial flower
Soft sculpted article and method of making same
Method of analyzing body fluids
Erythropoietin-inducible, erythroid-specific DNA construct
Methods for the intracellular delivery of substances
Nucleic acid encoding mesothelin, a differentiation antigen present on mesothelium, mesotheliomas and ovarian cancers
Biopolymer foams for use in tissue repair and reconstruction
Methods for the differentiation of human preadipocytes into adipocytes
Process for coating stents
CSAPK-1 protein and uses therefor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separators for electrochemical cells
Method of making a library of compounds using a functionalized polymer support resin affixed to a laminar material
Self-contained device integrating nucleic acid extraction, amplification and detection
Thermocycler apparatus
Thin film, method and apparatus for forming the same, and electronic component incorporating the same
Extrusion-type coating equipment for uniformly applying a coating fluid to a support surface
Method of applying a coating powder to a substrate
Methods for making fluorinated surface modifying agents, methods of using same and products made using same
Polyester compositions and use thereof in extrusion coating
Hydrophobic coating system for application to an inorganic, organic or metallic substrate
Process for application of an inorganic coating to an electrically conducting body
Optical fiber rejacketing method, apparatus and product obtained thereby
Chemical vapor deposition of fluorocarbon polymer thin films
Mechanically textured aluminum alloy sheet
Indentation in a plastically deformable material
Apparatus and methods for economically fabricating molded refractory articles using refractory mix displacing elements
Plastic solder array using injection molded solder
Extruded wood polymer composite and method of manufacture
Silicone resin-metal composite
Multilayer synthetic stopper
Composite material and method for the manufacture thereof
Heat-sealable lactic acid-based polymer laminates
Thermal laminating film for digital printed substrates
UV-protected vinyl laminates
Compatibilizer and laminates containing said compatibilizer
Structure having at least one improved surface and a method of making the structure
Paper coated with polylactide and a method for making it
Sound absorbent component and process for manufacture of the same
Planographic printing plate precursor and a method for producing a planographic printing plate
Method for making positive working printing plates from a heat mode sensitive imaging element
Recording sheet for ink-jet recording and ink jet recording method
Ink-receptive compositions and coated products
Ink jet recording sheet
Perforated magnetic card
Pad of adhesively secured sheets
Bubble-producing ornament
Device outer wall structure
Low cost deep water efficient buoyancy
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Acicular hematite particles and magnetic recording medium
Active materials for the positive electrode in alkaline storage battery and the manufacturing method of them
Immobilization of microbial cells and enzymes in calcium alginate-polyethylene glycol-polyethylene imide beads
Ceramic-matrix composite component fabrication
Photographic element containing pyrazolone pug releasing coupler and imaging process employing same
Method for racemic biochemical resolution of CIS-and trans-pyprolopiperidine
Methods for screening for transdominant intracellular effector peptides and RNA molecules
Cell lines useful for in vitro assay for indentification of carcinogens
Nucleic acid that encodes a chimeric adenoviral coat protein
Viral growth inhibition
Synthetic DNA derived recombinant HIV antigens
Cloned genomes of infectious hepatitis C viruses and uses thereof
Diagnosis of, and vaccination against, a positive stranded RNA virus using an isolated, unprocessed polypeptide encoded by a substantially complete genome of such virus
Method for the high level expression, purification and refolding of the outer membrane protein P2 from Haemophilus influenzae type B
TagA gene and methods for detecting predisposition to peptic ulceration and gastric carcinoma
Regulatory nucleotide sequence of the initiation of transcription
Human myotrophin
Lysosomal-associated multispanning membrane protein, LAPTM5 and nucleic acid encoding LAPTM5
Inhibitor for viral replication
Erythropoietin DNA having modified 5' and 3' sequences and its use to prepare EPO therapeutics
Process for continuous optimized protein production in insect larvae
Death domain containing receptors
Human immunodeficiency virus co-receptor variants associated with resistance to virus infection
Altered major histocompatibility complex (MHC) determinant and methods of using the determinant
Interruption of binding of MDM2 and P53 protein and therapeutic application thereof
Devices and methods comprising an HBcAg from hepatitis B virus
ICAM-related protein
Polybenzoxazole and polybenzothiazole precursors
Colored articles and compositions and methods for their fabrication
Process for producing multilayer printed circuit boards
Tetrafluoroethylene copolymer composition for coating metal articles
Epoxy/thermoplastic photocurable adhesive composition
Liquid crystal alignment by covalently bound anisotropes
.alpha.(1,3) galactosyltransferase negative porcine cells
Method of gene delivery using wildtype adeno associated viral (AAV) vectors with insertions
Method for sex determination of mammalian offspring
Microorganisms and plasmids for 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) monooxygenase formation and process for the production of these plasmids and strains
Method to identify specific inhibitors of IMP dehydrogenase
Flea epoxide hydrolase proteins and uses thereof
Consensus phytases
Serine protease polypeptides and materials and methods for making them
NES-1 polypeptides, DNA, and related molecules and methods
Protease-deficient strains of Pichia methanolica
Synthetic transcriptional modulators and uses thereof
Lyophilized reagent for polymerase chain reaction
Method for producing amide compounds using a nitrile hydratase from a thermophilic bacillus
Method for processing bacterial cellulose
Device and method for microbial antibiotic susceptibility testing
Method for identifying inhibitors of soraphen A resistant acetyl-coenzyme a carboxylase
Determining ascorbic acid using ASOD and LEUCO chromogen
Method for quantitative determination of 1,5-anhydroglucitol
Screening using S. cerevisiae mannosyltransferase encoding genes
Recombination of polynucleotide sequences using random or defined primers
Methods and kits for detection of Cryptosporidium parvum using immunomagnetic separation and amplification
Method of determining melanoma micrometastasis using tyrosinase
DNA additives as a mechanism for unambiguously marking biological samples
High throughput screening assays for nucleic acid ligase modulators
Parallel primer extension approach to nucleic acid sequence analysis
Process for detecting the expression of CD95 ligand in cells
Method to determine predisposition to hypertension
Screening for antibiotics
Method for forming SbSI thin films
Method for producing oriented piezoelectric films
Nickel aluminide coating and coating systems formed therewith
Electron beam evaporation of transparent indium tin oxide
Sputtering target and method for manufacturing thereof
Cluster tool method using plasma immersion ion implantation
Method of forming a barrier layer
Dielectric film deposition employing a bistertiarybutylaminesilane precursor
Amorphous carbon comprising a catalyst
Method for heating exhaust gas in a substrate reactor
Photo-assisted remote plasma apparatus and method
Perovskite phase thin films and method of making
Hot-dip galvanizing bath and process
Process for the production of polycrystalline silicon mouldings substantially free of edge regions and the use of these mouldings
Textiles; Paper
Method for producing calcium phosphate coating film
Ink jet textile printing and printing textile article
Bleaching cellulose pulp having cleanliness which varies significantly over time using at least two different bleaching stages and bleaching chemicals
Method for sequential chemical treatment of less than milligram quantities of a plurality of chemical samples
Retention factor database
Elimination of interference in diagnostic methods by peptides comprising D-amino acids
Reagents and methods for specific binding assays
Treatment or prophylaxis of diseases caused by pilus-forming bacteria
Immunoassay for equine protozoal myeloencephalitis in horses
Methods of screening for agonists and antagonists for human CCR7 receptor and CK.beta.-9 ligand and interaction thereof
Simultaneous measurement of free triiodothyronine and free thyroxine by equilibrium dialysis and immunoassay
Method of measuring free carrier concentration and/or thickness of a semiconductor and process of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor wafer using such method
Magnetic devices with laminated ferromagnetic structures formed with improved antiferromagnetically coupling films
Layered material having properties that are variable by an applied electric field
Silver halide emulsion and silver halide light-sensitive material using the same
Silver halide light sensitive emulsion layer having enhanced photographic sensitivity
Photothermographic element
Overcoat for reticulation control in photographic elements
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Backside protective overcoat compositions for silver halide photographic elements
Protective overcoat comprising interpenetrating network for photographic elements
Biaxially oriented polyolefin paperless imaging material
Photographic processing methods using compositions containing stain reducing agent
Photographic processing compositions containing stain reducing agent
Phase shift mask and phase shift mask blank
Selective spacer methodology for fabricating phase shift masks
Electron beam negative working resist composition
Photopolymerizable composition, photopolymerizable lithographic printing plate and process for forming an image
Photo resist composition
Charged-particle-beam microlithography methods and reticles for same exhibiting reduced space-charge and proximity effects
Method of removing photoresist at the edge of wafers
Method of removing photo-resist
Process for fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit device, and exposing system and mask inspecting method to be used in the process
Positive charging single-layer type electrophotosensitive material
Imaging element with thin biaxially oriented color layer
Method of forming toner image on image transfer sheet, method of fire fixing image on heat-resistant solid surface, developer and toner-image bearing transfer sheet
Electrostatic image developing toner, process for the production thereof, electrostatic image developer and process for the formation of image
Developing agent and method of manufacturing the same
Colored toner for electrophotography
Electrostatic printing of conductors on photoresists and liquid metallic toners therefor
Volume holographic data storage with doped high optical quality glass
Food product packaging with a hidden built-in anti-theft device and a method for preparing such packaging
Label with flexible magnet and web printing process
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic recording medium with high non-operational shock resistance
Magnetic media with permanently defined non-magnetic tracks and servo-patterns
Method of using a substrate with magnetic substance of a magnetic scale
Optical recording medium and method for preparing the same
Method of fabricating a magnetic random access memory
Method of forming a logic array for a decoder
Mica tape and insulated coil using the same
Chip resistor and method of making the same
Spin-valve type thin film element
Polyimide as a mask in vapor hydrogen fluoride etching and method of producing a micropoint
Overhanging separator for self-defining discontinuous film
Etching process of CoSi.sub.2 layers
Approach for the formation of semiconductor devices which reduces band-to-band tunneling current and short-channel effects
Method for establishing shallow junction in semiconductor device to minimize junction capacitance
Method for manufacturing MOS device
Ultra short transistor channel length formed using a gate dielectric having a relatively high dielectric constant
Salicide formation on narrow poly lines by pulling back of spacer
Floating gate engineering to improve tunnel oxide reliability for flash memory devices
Method for fabricating self-aligned silicide
Methods and apparatuses for removing material from discrete areas on a semiconductor wafer
Methods for chemical mechanical polish of organic polymer dielectric films
Method to remove residue in wolfram CMP
Manufacturing method of a dielectric layer for DRAM capacitors
Post-etch treatment of plasma-etched feature surfaces to prevent corrosion
Method for producing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device produced by same
Advanced methods for making semiconductor devices by low temperature direct bonding
Method of making chip size package substrate
Method of using a silicon oxynitride ARC for final metal layer
Method of fabricating self-align-contact
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a buried contact
Method of fabricating semiconductor device providing effective resistance against metal layer oxidation and diffusion
Process to improve adhesion of HSQ to underlying materials
Self-aligned dual damascene arrangement for metal interconnection with low k dielectric constant materials and nitride middle etch stop layer
Semiconductor device having a multilayered interconnection structure
Method of forming high density capping layers for copper interconnects with improved adhesion
Method for forming integrated circuit capacitor and memory
Manufacturing process and structure of capacitor
Method of fabricating a capacitor of dynamic random access memory
Method for increasing capacitance
Method of fabricating semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same, and semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Method of controllably forming a LOCOS oxide layer over a portion of a vertically extending sidewall of a trench extending into a semiconductor substrate
Continuous process for producing solder bumps on electrodes of semiconductor chips
Method of fabricating a modified polysilicon plug structure
Semiconductor processing method of making electrical contact to a node received within a mass of insulating dielectric material
Fabrication method of inductor devices using a substrate conversion technique
Method of symmetrically implanted punch-through stopper for a rugged DMOS power device
Transistor with increased operating voltage and method of fabrication
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Triple plate capacitor and method for manufacturing
Method of selectively applying dopants to an integrated circuit semiconductor device without using a mask
Convex device with selectively doped channel
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices having improved polycide integrity through introduction of a silicon layer within the polycide structure
LSI package and manufacturing method thereof
Multi-layer ceramic substrate and method for producing the same
Method of fabricating ultra shallow junction CMOS transistors with nitride disposable spacer
Method for fabricating a flash memory
STI process for eliminating kink effect
Method for fabricating LOCOS isolation having a planar surface which includes having the polish stop layer at a lower level than the LOCOS formation
Advanced trench sidewall oxide for shallow trench technology
Method for forming an isolation insulating film for internal elements of a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating shallow trench isolation structures
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for determining a cause for defects in a film deposited on a wafer
Method of reducing overetch during the formation of a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a dual damascene structure
Method for preventing electrochemical erosion of interconnect structures
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Metallized interconnection structure and method of making the same
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
JFET transistor manufacturing method
Method of fabricating dual gate structure of embedded DRAM
Method of fabricating self-aligned capacitor
Method of fabricating a semiconductor memory device having a branching capacitor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for creating a hermetic seal and package made thereby
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method of forming multilayered film
Low resistance poly landing pad
Integrated circuit having reduced probability of wire-bond failure
Method of utilizing fuses to select alternative modules in a semiconductor device
Method for improving the readability of alignment marks
Method of fabricating semiconductor device having analog properties
Method of forming a portion of a memory cell
Method for the manufacturing a memory cell configuration
Method of fabricating high density buried bit line flash EEPROM memory cell with a shallow trench floating gate
Method of fabricating cell of flash memory device
Method of fabricating flash memory
Method to increase the coupling ratio of word line to floating gate by lateral coupling in stacked-gate flash
Method for forming a metallic reflecting layer in a semiconductor photodiode
Atomic wire and atomic wire switch
Method and device for manufacturing an electroluminescent display screen
Battery cell construction including fiberous mat separator
Nonaqueous organic electrolytes for low temperature discharge of rechargeable electrochemical cells
Lithium secondary battery
System and method for preventing the formation of dendrites in a metal/air fuel cell, battery or metal recovery apparatus
Alkaline manganese dioxide electrochemical cell having coated can treated with silicon compounds
Battery handle holddown
Battery terminal cover
Lithium-containing phosphate active materials
Cathode for lithium secondary battery
Process for preparing a cathode containing alkaline earth metal oxides for molten carbonate fuel cells
Electrode treatment method for improving performance in liquid feed fuel cells
Current-carrying component for a fused carbonate fuel cell with anticorrosive coating
Manual electronic-part mounting method
Multi-layer circuit having a via matrix interlayer connection and method for fabricating the same
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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