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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Cosmetic composition to accelerate repair of functional wrinkles
Document storage rack conversion apparatus
Display support device
Modular system of closet inside part or dressing room complement of combinable and adjustable design easily assembled and packed by the user
Mop holding device
Bioabsorbable implantable structure
Needle for use in reflexotherapy, and an applicator using the same
Powered variable seal diameter trocar employing a winepress mechanism
Portable microderm abrasion device
Apparatus for measuring an angle of a guide wire relative to a bone
Systems and methods for photoacoustic opthalmoscopy
Ophthalmologic apparatus for imaging an eye by optical coherence tomography
Method and apparatus for monitoring eye tremor
Anti-backflow urinary device
Apparatus for thermal therapy of prostate gland with ultrasound energy
Perioperative warming method
All terrain retrieval vehicle for medical emergencies
Bifunctional-modified hydrogels
Method for reducing allergencity in indoor spaces
Use of herbs in hair relaxation
Nucleic acids and proteins from streptococcus groups A and B
Porin B (PorB) as a therapeutic target for prevention and treatment of infection by Chlamydia
CA IX-specific inhibitors
Use of a specific inhibitor of hedgehog/smoothened signaling on hyperpigmented skin to obtain decrease of pigmentation
Photoprotective cosmetic compositions comprising photostabilized dibenzoylmethane compounds and merocyanine sulfone compounds
Hair cosmetic composition
Ibuprofen composition
Cannula with associated filter and methods of use during cardiac surgery
Method and system for controlled infusion of therapeutic substances
Seal valve, connection port, mix-feed tube, connection device for liquid infusion circuit, and connection system for liquid infusion circuit that are for medical device
Luer connector, medical connector and transfer set comprising such a connector
Light conductor and treatment for ailments involving the throat
Safety device for elliptical exercise machines
Stretching apparatus
Golf ball comprising UV-cured non-surface layer
Set of golf clubs and method for identification of clubs
Golf ball ejector for golf cups
Adjustable stride length exercise method and apparatus
Sports training device
Exercise roll bar device
Sideways-moving ice skate
Air hockey table
Gaming machine
Multi-mode three wheeled toy vehicle
System and method for substantially synchronizing sound and smoke in a model vehicle
Ducted fan assembly for radio-controlled model
Nocturnal pet toys
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid delivery systems and methods having floating baffle aided air removal
Sulfur-impregnated organoclay mercury and/or arsenic ion removal media
Air cleaner and engine including the same
Removal of acid mists
Agent for increasing rejection with a permeable membrane, process for increasing the rejection, permeable membrane and process for water treatment
Decorative humidifier
Process for introducing a portion withdrawn from at least one production charge of annular coated catalysts K into a reaction tube of a tube bundle reactor
Semen container with specialized tip
Turbine for material comminutor
Cordless spray gun with an on-board compressed air source
Safety arrangement for a dishwasher, and associated apparatus
Method of reusing stripping compounds
Tungsten alloy grains, processing method using the same, and method for manufacturing the same
Joining method between Fe-based steels and Ti/Ti-based alloys having joint strength higher than those of base metals by using interlayers and the joints produced using the method
Device for the thermal deburring of workpieces
Sanding clay
System for measuring and controlling the level of vacuum applied to a conditioning holder within a CMP system
Single hand operated ratchet clamp
Method and apparatus for fabricating a plurality of turbine components
Fixing device for an extension tube of an exercise device
Ratcheting level compensator for robotic end-of-arm tool
Imprinting of supported and free-standing 3-D micro- or nano-structures
Method of producing a compression-moulded plastic part comprising a neck which is equipped with a dispensing orifice
Process for producing GM-siding with wood grain
Retreaded tire and method for producing same
Intermediate transfer member and method of manufacture
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for dicing and method for processing processed material using the same
Optical information recording medium
Laminated visco-elastic support
Image forming apparatus and image forming method with decreased image transfer disturbance
Escort belt for improved printing of a media web in an ink printing machine
Print media cartridge with ink supply manifold
Inkjet printer
Ink sticks with visually discernible feature patterns
Pagewidth inkjet printer cartridge with a refill port
Ink jet head cartridge, print head, ink container, and method for manufacturing ink jet head cartridge
Recording apparatus having carriage guide members for maintainig parallelism between a recording head and recording medium
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Printer system for providing pre-heat signal to printhead
Image forming apparatus having liquid droplet detection unit
Methods for machine ceramics
Wheel which produces an eccentric visual effect
Pneumatic radial tire
Adjustable head restraint system for an automotive vehicle seat
Bed leveling system for dump truck
Metal coil securing apparatus and method
Bumper cover attachment method
Curtain airbag
Vehicle brake system
Collapsible airfoil for trucks and trailers
Tow truck wheel restraint and methods of using same
Stackable roll containers
Sports board with rear brake
Bicycle equipped with a chainset/crank-arm system
Automated vial labeling apparatus
Bag hanger device and bag for product dispensing system for materials
Residential recycling bin
Card support system
Insulated beverage container
Can cap covering
Method for packaging bananas for ripening
Cushioning member
Conveyor idler roller
Battery-changing vehicle with cantilevered boom
Sheet material feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sanitary threaded rod lid dispenser
Remaining sheet volume detecting apparatus and image forming apparatus
Reinforcing bar binding machine, wire reel, wire, and method of determining kind of wire
Recording apparatus performing skew correction
One-gallon hot and cold water dispenser and associated method
Refrigerator and method of controlling the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Temperature-sensitive aluminum phosphate solution, a process for producing the same and the use thereof
Element removal apparatus
Modified glycoproteins and uses thereof
Methods of using humanized antibodies and compositions for binding sphingosine-1-phosphate
Sulphur pellet comprising H.sub.2S-suppressant
Nonpolar liquid and solid phase change ink compositions comprising nanosized particles of benzimidazolone pigments
Composition for etching a metal hard mask material in semiconductor processing
Selective etch of TiW for capture pad formation
Systems and methods of producing a crude product
Generator for flux specific bursts on nano-particles
Turbine casing
Vacuum plasma generator
Glass electrophoresis microchip and method of manufacturing the same by MEMS fabrication
Processes and device for the deposition of films on substrates
Film formation apparatus for semiconductor process and method for using the same
Gas injection system for plasma processing
Semiconductor device fabrication equipment for performing PEOX process and method including cleaning the equipment with remotely produced plasma
Textiles; Paper
Used paper processing apparatus
Wet strength enhancers for paper
Latex-treated filler slurries for use in papermaking
Fixed Constructions
Displaceable platform structure and method of the displacement thereof
Severing device with controlled triggering
Roof bracket
Downhole tool retrieval and setting system
Method for establishing the positions of a transmitter and detector in a region
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine blade with dual serpentine cooling
Portable, remote electromagnetic power system
Fan rotor assembly
Wheel support apparatus
Overrunning clutch parking brake actuator
Friction lining
Gear and clutch arrangement for multi-speed transmission
Multi-speed transmission for a front wheel drive vehicle
Multi-speed transmission
Dual torque path transmission with switchable radially displacing one-way clutch and fluid coupling brake
Incline-responsive valve
Fluid transfer insert
Flashlight with integrated clamp handle
Weather resistant road light
Assembly of light emitting diodes for lighting applications
LED illumination lens
Lighting device
Filter device for the compensation of an asymmetric pupil illumination
Radiant heat flooring system
Heat exchanger
Reaction liquid, set of ink and reaction liquid, ink jet recording apparatus and image recording method
LED lighting system for use in environments with high magnetic fields or that require low EMI emissions
Apparatus and method for preparing sliced specimen
Water quality analyzer
Biochemical processing apparatus
Optical module and fabrication method of the same
Industrial safety goggles with frame for ophthalmic micas and impact protection mica
Pump unit and projector using same
Multiple image security features for identification documents and methods of making same
System and method for mass transit merchant payment
Tag reader
Automated banking machine
LED illumination apparatus
High density coaxial jack and panel
Electrical outlet having grounds-out receptacles and method
Harsh environment rotary joint electrical connector
Piercing connector for continuous flexible bus
Carriage with pivoted brace for a cable connection
Self-limiting thin film synthesis achieved by pulsed plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Sunflower seeds and oil having a high stearic acid content
Methods and compositions for transformation of cereals using cultured shoot meristematic tissue
Inbred sweet corn line I778S
Lettuce variety icon
Genes and proteins predictive and therapeutic for stroke, hypertension, diabetes and obesity
Covalently linked oligonucleotide minor groove binder conjugates
Substituted phenyl keto enols as pesticides and herbicides
Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Glucan incorporating 4-, 6-, and 4, 6- linked anhydroglucose units
Single pot process for preparing metal picolinates from alpha picoline
Combination of a bottom of a pan and a heating means
Toaster chassis assembly with improved safety device
Apparatus and method for heated food delivery
Electrified telescoping wand for vacuum cleaner
Bioerodible polymeric semi-interpenetrating network alloys for internal fixation devices and bone cements
Wound dressing
Absorbent article with central pledget and deformation control
Amide therapeutics and methods for treating inflammatory bowel disease
Flexible wound covering based on fibrin and process for its production
Water-swellable polymer gel and process for preparing the same
Lactide-containing polymer and medical material
Irradiation equipment
Electrochemical system and method for rendering contaminated electrically conductive material nonhazardous
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of detecting sequence variations in macromolecules by thermal gradiant
Coated porous materials
Co-continuous interconnecting channel morphology composition
Dehydrogenation process using layered catalyst composition
Method for preparing polyether polyols
Catalyst based on dealuminated mordenite containing at least one metal from groups VI, VII or VIII, and its use for dismutation and/or transalkylation of aromatic hydrocarbons
Shape selective zeolite catalyst and its use in aromatic compound conversion
Amine modified catalysts for bisphenol production
Acid activation of ruthenium metathesis catalysts and living ROMP metathesis polymerization in water
Catalyst comprising a complex of a metal of subgroup viii based on a phosphinite ligand, and a method for hydroformylation
Multistage reaction system with interstage sparger systems
Multi well plate cover and assembly
Electric discharge machine and module set for assembly of machine tools
Method and apparatus for a contact start plasma cutting process
System and method providing automated welding information exchange and replacement part order generation
Fusing processing method
Multiple beam time sharing for a laser shock peening apparatus
Device and method for structuring the surface of floor coverings which have already been laid
Apparatus for transforming semiconducting thin layer
Method and laser cladding of plasticating barrels
Transparent pressure bladder
Automated welding device for the buildup of material
Workpiece clamping system
Vibratory table apparatus and associated equipment and methods for radiation treatment of polymeric materials
Vacuum cast ceramic fiber insulated band having heating and cooling elements
Molded rotor blocking and other molded articles of manufacture
Flame-retardant resin composition and prepreg and laminate using the same
Films produced from substantially linear homogeneous olefin polymer compositions
Power system using a multi-functional power interface unit
Apparatus for regulating the position of an adjustably positionable vehicle part with drive shaft and damping member for damping its axial displacement
Sealing arrangement for an electronic circuit module
Circuit for monitoring the ignition system for a safety device in an automobile
Container for heating rapidly and evenly frozen foods in a microwave oven
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Use of hexahydrolupulones as antibacterial agents
Singlet oxygen oxidation of organic substrates
Method and apparatus for alkylation using solid catalyst particles in a transport reactor
Application of chiral critical clusters to assymetric synthesis
Process for producing optically active 3,7-dimethyl-6-octenol and process for producing intermediate therefor
Process for the preparation of polyalkylphenoxyaminoalkanes
Optical polyimide precursor, optical polyimide compound and fabricating method thereof
Functional alcohol releasing substance
Polymer coatings with improved adhesion properties on metallic surfaces
N-alkoxy-n-phenylcarbamate derivatives
Method for producing an .alpha.-aminonitrile from a tertiary anime and a cyanide through oxidation with oxygen by using a transition metal catalyst
Process for the preparation of durene diisocyanate
Ring opening metathesis of alkenes
Biological reagents and methods for determining the mechanism in the generation of .beta.-amyloid peptide
Method for producing 1-methyl-3-nitroguanidine
Integrated process for synthesizing alcohols, ethers, and olefins from alkanes
Method for producing alcohols by hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds
Process for the hydrogenation of maleic acid to 1,4-butanediol
Method for condensation of aromatic derivative(s) and a sulphinic derivative
Amorphous tetrafluoroethylene-hexafluoropropylene copolymers
Process for the preparation of 1-aryl-3-cyclopropyl-1,3-propanediones
Substituted chiral allosteric hemoglobin modifiers
Phosphorylated product made by heating alkylated phenol in presence of solid acid catalyst
Process for the manufacture of bis(4-hydroxyaryl)alkanes
Production and purification of phenol: hydroxyacetone removal by hydrotalcite
Process for producing oxygen-containing compounds containing at least one oxygen atom bonded to two distinct carbon atoms which are not bonded together and not including a multiple bond
Catalytic oxidation of alcohols using manganese oxides
Process for the purification and formulation of o-phthalaldehyde
Method for producing 6,6-dialkoxy-5-hydroxy-3-oxo-hexanoic acid esters
Process for recovering hydrocarbons from inert gas-hydrocarbon vapor mixtures
Process for selective hydrogenation of an olefinic feed stream containing acetylenic and diolefinic impurities
iso-CBI and iso-CI analogs of CC-1065 duocarmycins
Hindered amine compound, resin composition, polyurethane fiber and production method and use thereof
Method for producing hydroxymethylpyridines
Recrystallization processes
Process for making 2-hydroxy-4-alkoxyphenyl or 2,4-dihydroxyphenyl substituted 1,3,5-triazine UV absorbers
Process for making triazine UV absorbers using Lewis acids and reaction promoters
Amorphous form of cell cycle inhibitor having improved solubility and bioavailability
Preparation of camptothecin and of its derivatives
Process for the preparation of piperidinylaminomethyl trifluoromethyl cyclic ether compounds
Process for preparing an anticholinergic
Azaindole derivatives, process for their preparation, and their use as antitumor agents
4-oxatricyclo[ 3,8]undecan-5-one derivative and process for producing the same
Substituted 2-[-6-benzyl-5-oxo-3-phenyl-(3s,7s, 7aR)-perhydroimidazol[1,5-c][1,3]thiazol-7yl] compounds
Ruthenium-disphosphine complexes and their use as catalysts
Zwitterionic transition metal compound which contains boron
Preparation of organosilicon compounds containing .alpha., .beta.-unsaturated carboxylic acids
Preparation of phosphine ligands
Biomembrane mimetic surface coatings
Oligonucleotides having alkylphosphonate linkages and methods for their preparation
Synthesis of oligonucleotides
Solid phase supports
Peanut allergens and methods
Hm2 cDNA and related polypeptide
Antibodies and methods of making antibodies to human thyroid protein zsig45
Pancreatic .beta. cell hexokinase transgene
Gene encoding the rat dopamine D4 receptor
Genetically engineered mice containing alterations in the genes encoding retinoic acid receptor proteins
Method for making hormone heterodimers
Use of the green fluorescent protein as a screenable marker for plant transformation
Preparation of glucosamine hydrochloride
Phosphine oxide photoinitiator systems and curable compositions with low color
Process to prepare ethylene propylene elastomer
Ethylene copolymerization process
Organic anti-reflective coating polymer, anti-reflective coating composition methods of preparation thereof
Process for preparing high-purity vinylpyrrolidone polymer
Polyurethane elastomers having improved hydrolysis resistance
Photocurable composition
Polyesters by photochemical cyclopolymerization
Production of poly(carbonate-co-ester) copolymers
Lipase-catalyzed transesterifications to regulate copolymer structure
Curable composition
Polyimides, process for producing the same and photosensitive composition containing the same
Diepisulfide based prepolymers and their use in the optical field
Method for producing an asymmetric support membrane by physical gelation and the membranes obtained thereby
Asphalt composition comprising bismaleimides
Crosslinkable organopolysiloxane compositions
Polyester based coating composition for anti-stain PCM outside panel
Polycarbonate resin composition
Impact modifier, process for production, and resin composition containing the same
High strength polymers and aerospace sealants therefrom
Silicone composition cross-linkable into adhesive gel and absorber with microspheres
Fluorescent pigments
Thermochromic rylene dyes
Electrophotographic photoconductor and method of producing aromatic polycarbonate resin for use in the photoconductor
Mono-and Bis-acylphosphine oxide photoinitiator combinations
Radiation curable hot melt adhesive
Ablator composition
Process for the preparation of refined hard sugarcane wax having improved qualities from press mud
Modification of starch content in plants
Human nm23-like protein
Process for producing optically active tropinonemonocarboxylic acid derivative
Substituted alkylketo compounds and process
Metallization structures for microelectronic applications and process for forming the structures
Textiles; Paper
Method for heating of a roll and a heatable roll
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus and method for measuring and selectively adjusting a clearance
Electrical energy production system
Flame monitoring system
Flexible heater assembly
Optical detector for measuring relative displacement of an object on which a grated scale is formed
Method of detecting flaws in structural members
Infrared spectrometer for the measurement of isotopic ratios
Method and apparatus for determining liquid absorption of aggregate
Portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer
Heater patterns for planar gas sensors
Method and apparatus for testing bumped die
Method and apparatus for inducing locally elevated temperatures in an application specific integrated circuit
Magnetically shielding structure
High resolution, high pressure xenon gamma ray spectroscopy using primary and stimulated light emission
System and method for monitoring the laser radiation coupled into a scanning head in a laser scanning microscope
Optocoupler having normally-on driving element
Tunable optical add-drop multiplexer
Redundant package for optical components
Apparatus and method for autofocus
Wiring board, method for producing same, display device, and electronic device
Composition for a wiring, a wiring using the composition, manufacturing method thereof, a display using the wiring and a manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus and method for reading radiation images
Radiographic intensifying screen set
Zinc-complex photoinitiators and applications therefor
Integrated critical dimension control for semiconductor device manufacturing
Heater member with conformable, cured fluorocarbon thermoplastic random copolymer overcoat
Small footprint vertical lift and rotation stage
Electromagnetic vibrator and portable device employing the same
Computer input device with encoders having flexible shafts and conical rollers
Double sheet detector method for automated transaction machine
Fingering information analyzer, electronic musical instrument including fingering information analysis and method therefore
Apparatus and method for creating fingering guidance in playing musical instrument from performance data
Compensation circuit for use in a high resolution amplified flat panel for radiation imaging
Apparatus and method for creating melody data having forward-syncopated rhythm pattern
Method and apparatus for producing a waveform with improved link between adjoining module data
Spindle motor and disk unit
Active pixel sensor array with electronic shuttering
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having hierarchical test interface circuit
Semiconductor memory device with reduce coupling capacitance
Arrangement of differential pair for eliminating crosstalk in high speed application
Interlocked metal-clad cable
Contact arrangement for electrical power distribution switch or the like
Sliding contact mechanism
Controller switch assembly
Quick-release switch with forced opening with improved mounting tolerance
Electrical switch
Electrical contact mat with device for closed-circuit protection
Three-axis gravity switch
Appliance timer having an auxiliary switching assembly
Electrostatic microrelay
Circuit breaker on-off switch mechanism
Multifunctional image forming apparatus having a covered main power switch
Mechanical interlock with overtravel compensation for coordinating operation of circuit breakers
Toroidal low-field reactive gas source
Plasma formed ion beam projection lithography system
Composite charge particle beam apparatus
Charged particle beam exposure system and method
Inspecting system using electron beam and inspecting method using same
Gas cluster ion beam smoother apparatus
Method and system for regulating a high voltage level in a power supply for a radiation detector
Dielectric capillary high pass ion filter
Load-lock with external staging area
U-shape tape for BOC FBGA package to improve moldability
Structures and method with bitline self-aligned to vertical connection
Silicon segment programming apparatus and three terminal fuse configuration
Heat dissipation module for a BGA IC
Circuit device with bonding strength improved and method of manufacturing the same
Molded body for PBGA and chip-scale packages
Wafer scale packaging scheme
Reduction of reverse short channel effects by implantation of neutral dopants
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Structure and method for a large-permittivity gate using a germanium layer
Solid state RF switch with high cutoff frequency
Semiconductor device
Polysilicon thin film transistor structure
Locking mechanism for detachably securing a wafer carrier to a conveyor
Semiconductor package with warpage resistant substrate
Semiconductor device having a dummy pattern
Semiconductor contact and method of forming the same
Semiconductor device and a method of producing the same
Flash memory with less susceptibility to charge gain and charge loss
Split gate type memory cell having gate insulating layers appropriately regulated in thickness and process of fabrication thereof
Non-volatile semiconductor memory devices with control gates overlapping pairs of floating gates
Semiconductor device having shallow trench isolation structure and manufacturing method thereof
Deep trench isolation for reducing soft errors in integrated circuits
Contact structure with a lower interconnection having t-shaped portion in cross section and method for forming the same
Microelectronic assembly incorporating lead regions defined by gaps in a polymeric sheet
Liquid crystal device, projection type display device and driving circuit
Compliant layer for encapsulated columns
Semiconductor device with increased connection strength between solder balls and wiring layer
Electronic package with surface-mountable device built therein
Semiconductor module and power converting apparatus using the module
Wired board and method of producing the same
Semiconductor device
Structure of merged vertical capacitor inside spiral conductor for RF and mixed-signal applications
Crack stop between neighboring fuses for protection from fuse blow damage
Vertical fuse structure for integrated circuits containing an exposure window in the layer over the fuse structure to facilitate programming thereafter
Interconnection layer layout comprising cut-out conductive lines that ensure proper profile of overlying passivation layer
Semiconductor device fabricated by a method of reducing electromigration in copper lines by forming an interim layer of calcium-doped copper seed layer in a chemical solution
Semiconductor device having a contact structure using aluminum
Hybrid dielectric structure for improving the stiffness of back end of the line structures
Integrated circuit die having an interference shield
ESD protection network used for SOI technology
Semiconductor module with encapsulant base
Pre-drilled ball grid array package
Semiconductor light emitting element formed on a clear or translucent substrate
Low profile multi-IC chip package connector
Color beam splitter using air-spaced prisms
Solid-state image sensing device and method of driving the same
Integration of anodized metal capacitors and high temperature deposition capacitors
Ultra low Irr fast recovery diode
Wiring line assembly for thin film transistor array substrate and a method for fabricating the same
Optimized floating P+ region photodiode for a CMOS image sensor
Solid-state imaging device
Component with rectifying function, fulfilled by means of charge transport by ions
Structure for reduction of base and emitter resistance and related method
Nitride based transistors on semi-insulating silicon carbide substrates
Non-volatile memory cell
Power semiconductor device with temperature detector
Power semiconductor device having high breakdown voltage and method for fabricating the same
Light sensing system with high pixel fill factor
Semiconductor radiation detector and manufacture thereof
Diode structure, especially for thin-film solar cells
Hydrocarbon fired thermophotovoltaic electric generator insert having low bandgap cells for use as a replacement burner in an appliance retrofit
Led structure having a schottky contact and manufacturing method
III-nitride light-emitting device with increased light generating capability
Light-emitting device with a quantum-wave interference layer
Apparatus for receiving universal serial bus cables
Power delivery and connection circuit for an automotive vehicle
Power strip with adjustable outlets
Electrical compression connector
Cable grounding clamp
Wide bandwidth raman amplifier having a substantially flat gain profile
Semiconductor device
Disconnector contact drive devices for switching installations which supply and distribute power
Acoustic grommet
Power flow management in an electric power grid
Waveform correction filters
Electromagneto-mechanical converter
Alternator with interpolar magnets for a motor vehicle
Interior permanent magnet synchronous motor
Permanent magnet type stepping motor
Dynamo-electric machine rotating by electromagnetic induction such as it acts in linear electric motors
Structure for preventing flame of alternator for vehicle
Bearing retainer assembly
Multi-output DC-DC converter and electronic apparatus using the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with a stable operating internal circuit
Pulsed optical couplers
CMOS image sensor with extended dynamic range
Thermal imaging camera
Method of manufacturing an electric heating element
Heating device with electric heating element and thermocouple
Microwave oven using dual clock
Menu driven control system for a cooking appliance
Through-hole structure and printed circuit board including the through-hole structure
Flexible circuit using discrete wiring
Flexible printed circuit board with resilient tabs and method of mounting components thereon
Semiconductor module having solder bumps and solder portions with different materials and compositions and circuit substrate
Substrate coated with a conductive layer and manufacturing method thereof
Flexible wiring substrate
Composition of epoxy resin, curing agent, phosphate of resorcinol, Al (OH)
Pole mount cabinet and method for assembling the same
Latching apparatus and method for providing radial alignment of a housing mounted on a circuit board
Process for producing connecting conductors
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew