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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Fluid distribution method and apparatus
Self watering plant hanger
Fishing rig drogue apparatus
Big game animal field dressing tool and method
System for dispensing a liquid beverage concentrate
Safety jacket
Reversible waistline wear
Lace lock
Hair treatment applicator
Comestible fluid rack and rail apparatus and method
Computer enclosure with simple drive bracket
Bracket for a stadium chair
Vehicle seat
Portable lift seat cushion associated with a handbag
Vehicular seat with adjustable thigh support
Swivel rocker assembly
Apparatus and methods for lifting bed mattresses and/or tucking in bed covers
Elevation-adjustable support structure
Base capable of use with a support for holding an object
Bypass grafting method
Pedicle screw with a closure device for the fixing of elastic rod elements
Insulated medication carrying case
Measuring transducer movement methods and systems for multi-dimensional ultrasound imaging
Administering a gravity segregation dispersion by continuous infusion
Dental articulator extender
Orthodontic bracket
Dental composite delivery system and method
Sanitary napkin having a protuberance and compressed portions
Disposable absorbent article with improved topsheet
Method for treating a patient using a cultured connective tissue construct
Inflatable nuclear prosthesis
High gripping and non-slip belts for pneumatic lumbar traction device
Linear actuator for beds, slatted beds or chairs
Method and composition for treatment of wounds and burns
Ala-septic pre-cancerous liquid dissolving solution and method
Botulinum toxin screening assays
Composition comprising a protein encoded by a modified ERP gene of Mycobacterium
KIM-1 antagonists and use to modulate immune system
Methods for promoting growth of bone, ligament, and cartilage
Sunscreen safety and efficacy enhancement
Use of microparticles with adsorbed antigen to stimulate immune responses
Nose and throat anti-influenza solution and method of use
Apparatus to better distribute an insect repellant or fragrance
Apparatus and methods for isolating lens capsule fluids
Microscission processes and procedures
Needle guard mechanism with shroud
Hair restoration device and methods of using and manufacturing the same
Polymer thickened hair colouring and bleaching compositions
Automotive onboard fire suppression system reservoir having multifunction control valve
Apparatus and methods for moveable exercise benches
Golf club head
Plastic golf club head
Smart discard rack for playing cards
Water amusement park conveyors
Performing Operations; Transporting
Producing method of laminated filter
Process to separate solids from solids laden gaseous flow
Dust collection apparatus for vacuum cleaner
Process for treating a loaded solvent stream having a time-varying concentration of contaminant
Control of mercury and other elemental metal emissions using reaction stabilization device
Droplet operation device
Pipette guide
Roller mill having a modular construction
Method of producing medicinal nanoparticle suspension
Hybrid wet electrostatic collector
Centrifugal separator and rotor therefor
Boom arrangement for a car wash
Electroless plating systems and methods
System of loading beneficial agent to a prosthesis by fluid-jet
Device for applying a substance
Corrosion coating for turbine blade environmental protection
Surface modification of ePTFE and implants using the same
Method of confining droplets of display fluid
Electroluminescent quinolates
Method of manufacturing a wiring substrate
Coated silver-containing particles, method and apparatus of manufacture, and silver-containing devices made therefrom
Post etch wafer surface cleaning with liquid meniscus
Paint gun cleaning apparatus
Method of forming coated steel sheet
Elongated stopper device
Tool fitting, adapter and system with a tool fitting and an adapter
Method for forming materials
Method for mounting a flip chip on a substrate
Apparatus for manufacturing a vehicular body panel
Stand-up grinder caddy with adjustable height and low profile floating head
Fabrication process of semiconductor device and polishing method
Retention arrangement
Driving tool having rotatable coupling
Carrying unit
Folding multipurpose tool with shears and comfortable handles
Staple cartridge
Method and machine for producing three-dimensional objects by means of successive layer deposition
Method for manufacturing artificial ultra-lightweight aggregate using raw sewage sludge
Injection molding method and apparatus
Mold apparatus and method for injection molding
Compensating retaining member for use with a molding system
Method and device for longitudinal drawing of a film web
Method of forming catheter distal tip
Manufacture of transparent mirrored micro-balls for solar energy concentration and optical functions
Thermally tempered coated article with transparent conductive oxide (TCO) coating
Authenticatable article and method of authenticating
Fixtureless manufacture of bonded actuator/coil assemblies
Core-shell fluorescent nanoparticles
Nanoparticles having sub-nanometer features
Light-emitting device, organic compound and display
Thermal barrier coating and process therefor
Image forming apparatus and method
Inkjet print and a method of printing
Inkjet printhead with multiple heater elements in parallel
System and method for adjusting ink jet uniformity based on drop mass history
Discharge determination device and method
Rim protection apparatus for tires
Integration of an electronic air suspension system in an electronic air processing system
Low engine speed steering performance
Gear box for hydraulic energy recovery
Easy release mechanism at park position for automatic transmission shifter
Hinge mounting with wedge clearance compensation
Active head restraint with self resetting mechanism
Tiltless bulk material cargo container liner system for use with bulk material cargo containers
Recreational vehicle mat device
Tail light bracket assembly
Automotive airbag device
Curtain airbag for vehicle
Energy absorbing feature for inflatable curtain airbag
Inflator device having an annular inflation gas discharge opening
Golf club holder device, and methods of constructing and utilizing same
Hinge device for pedestrian protection system
Hinge and catch assembly for motor vehicle endgate system
Sideways movement propelled scooter device
Apparatus and method for reducing fluid drag on a submerged surface
Propeller for a marine propulsion system
Preservation and dispensation by volumetric displacement utilizing potential energy conversion
Device for producing and palleting packaging boxes
Medicine delivering device
Insulated cup
Storage bag with fluid separator
Garbage-containing apparatus
Clamp mechanism
Packing box
Folding collapsible storage box
Dental impression shipping box
Battery tube storage system, system container, and container latch-lock
Method for packaging a photosensitive film roll, resin case therefor, method for recovering and reusing the case, and photosensitive film roll package and method for conveying the same
Method of controlling mover device
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus provided therewith and sheet processing method
Image forming apparatus
Conveyance apparatus, control method therefor, and printing apparatus
Tubular components for aeronautical fuselages and processes and jigs for its manufacturing
Disposable ampoule openers
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Multi-phase separation system
Medicinal compositions and method for the preparation thereof
Cover layers to prevent weed growth
Blue phosphor and display panel using the same
Liquid crystal-containing composition, method of producing the same, the liquid crystal display device including the same
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Additives and fuel oil compositions
Use of ester quats in compositions as sand-repellent substances
Use of cytokine receptors as biomarkers and therapeutic targets in human cancer
Modifications of plant traits using cyclin A
Compositions and methods for enhancing differential expression
Materials and procedures for the purification of cells
N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase III expression in lower eukaryotes
Plant gene and uses thereof
Method for the detection of gene transcripts in blood and uses thereof
Method and devices for running reactions on a target plate for MALDI mass spectrometry
Treatment of insulin resistance
Method of identifying hairpin DNA probes by partial fold analysis
Method for estimating end use qualities of wheat at growth stage
Antibodies against cancer produced using masked cancer cells as immunogen
Hydrogen permeable alloy
Substrate with a photocatalytic coating
Magnetic recording disk having DTR patterned CSS zone
Device and method for the production of monocrystalline or multicrystalline materials, in particular multicrystalline silicon
ZnO film with C-axis orientation
Textiles; Paper
Method for producing carbon nanotubes
Drum type washing machine and controlling method thereof
Method and washing machine for imparting antistaticity to fabric structure and fabric structure imparted with antistaticity
Fixed Constructions
Blade for a snow plough
Work machine
Disposable air exhaust system for eliminating aerosol effect in a toilet
Gravity operated locking mechanism for containers
Force transmission element, window lifter and motor vehicle door with a window lifter
Water sensitive adaptive inflow control using cavitations to actuate a valve
Ground water heat transfer systems and deployment thereof
System and method for sensing a parameter in a wellbore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
BOAS with multi-metering diffusion cooling
V-type engine
Internal combustion engine and operating method therefor
Engine with EGR system
Method for detecting compressor stall precursors
Metal laminated type of cylinder head gasket with asymmetrical bead
Rocket engine nozzle and method of fabricating a rocket engine nozzle using pressure brazing
Engine for a radio control model
Centrifugal fan assembly
Constant velocity joint and method of manufacturing the same
Axle driving apparatus
Gear selection strategy for a dual clutch transmission
Belt tensioner
Directional control seat valve
Furniture stabilizer
Method and arrangement at a loading column
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device
LED light bulb system
Converging element and illuminating device
Dimmable lamp set with remotely group setting function
Light source of side-edge type LED backlight unit
Induction fluorescent light fixture
Refrigerated cabinet and cooling module for same
Method and system to separate and recycle divergent chemistries
Heat dissipation device with heat pipes
Impingement cooled heat sink with low pressure drop
Integrated thin film explosive micro-detonator
Method for measuring a selected portion of a curved surface of an object
Vehicle navigation system with a display correction and display correction method thereof
Pedometer that avoids step-counting errors when switching between different display modes
Pump with mechanical means for effective priming and drip prevention
Rotary valve for handling solid particulate material
Temperature sensor assembly having bracket
Automotive weight sensor for occupant classification system
Apparatus and method for eliminating varying pressure fluctuations in a pressure transducer
Multiple path air mass flow sensor assembly
Rotatable multi-cantilever scanning probe microscopy head
Particle size sampler
Apparatus for producing tissue arrays
Protein imprinted polymers with integrated emission sites
Oxidation-reduction potentiometer
Oxygen-chemical agent sensor
Method of evaluating adhesiveness of member
C-type LECTIN transmembrane antigen expressed in human prostate cancer and uses thereof
HIV-1 VPR interactions with mitochondrial apoptosis inducing factor and methods of using the same
Methods of identifying compounds that modulate IL-4 receptor-mediated IgE synthesis utilizing a chloride intracellular channel 1 protein
Diamagnetic levitation system
System and method for calculating a voltage spike value
Pad unit having a test logic circuit and method of driving a system including the same
Optical assembly
Optical manifold
Apparatus and method for providing pointing capability for a fixed camera
Illumination optical system and image projection apparatus
High resolution printing technique
Method and apparatus for embedded encoding of overlay data ordering in an in-situ interferometer
Pattern transfer mask, focus variation measuring method and apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Time piece chronograph clockwork movement
Vehicle skid control device, automobile with vehicle skid control device mounted thereon, and vehicle skid control method
Shifter mechanism with secondary detent
Apparatus and method for user-defined tunables
Asynchronous automatic software module updates in a multi-cell disk drive test system
Apparatus, system, and method for selective cross communications between autonomous storage modules
System and method for analyzing an MTBF of an electronic product
Method for expanding capacity of replication volume
Method, system and program product for associating threads within non-related processes based on memory paging behaviors
Collapsed distributed cooperative memory for interactive and scalable media-on-demand systems
Data managed storage system for regulatory compliance
Storage apparatus and control method for the same, and computer program product
Wireless USB host apparatus supporting UWB
Integrated circuit having processor and bridging capabilities
Browser session control system and method
Email information providing server, email information providing system, email information providing method and email information providing program
System and method for managing shared state using multiple programmed processors
Mobile communication terminal, detection condition distribution server and detected mail notification receiving server
System and method for checking validities of installing hard disks in a computer
Automation system with automation objects consisting of module components
Contact sheet based image management
Data processing method, program, and information processor
Methods, systems, and products for analyzing annotations for related content
System and method for filtering XML files
Device and method for controlling access to open and non-open network segments
Temporal decomposition for design and verification
Determining timing of integrated circuits
Method of forming a fire resistant structural beam
Methodology and system for setup/hold time characterization of analog IP
Automated transaction machine
Overhead traveling vehicle and system therefor
Electrically operated valve diagnosing method and diagnosing apparatus
Multimedia visualization and integration environment
System and method for installing image editing toolbars in standard image viewers
Method and program for space-efficient representation of objects in a garbage-collected system
Automated data entry system
Method of reproducing an information storage medium having data structure for being reproduced adaptively according to player startup information
Power management system
Apparatus and method for building, storing, uploading, relocating and executing DOS based software module during system startup time
Computer program product for managing connections
Multi-character adapter card
Method system and apparatus for providing pay-per-use distributed computing resources
Network node emulator and method of node emulation
High security wireless key for asynchronous delivery drop boxes
Automated banking machine system with multiple browsers
Memory card
SIM reader/writer and cellular phone
Two dimensional (2D) code and code size indication method
System, method and computer program product for dynamically measuring properties of objects rendered and/or referenced by an application executing on a computing device
Method, system and apparatus for requesting status information from a common carrier
Automated transaction machine
Product dispenser for a vending machine
Three-dimensional forming display system
Banner displaying device
Voice activity detection apparatus and method
Current noise spectrum estimation method and apparatus with correlation between previous noise and current noise signal
Optical disc drive with a vibration attenuation mechanism
Method of fabrication for read head having shaped read sensor-biasing layer junctions using partial milling
Magnetic disk and method of producing the same
Magnetic recording medium including a patterned intermediate layer and a non-patterned soft magnetic layer and manufacturing method thereof
Method and storage medium for calibrating a holographic storage system
Photosensitive polymeric material for worm optical data storage with two-photon fluorescent readout
Memory device testing system and method using compressed fail data
Built-in self repair circuit for a multi-port memory and method thereof
Gas turbine plant
Method for manufacturing a soft magnetic metal electromagnetic component
Oxygen substituted barium thioaluminate phosphor materials
Method and apparatus for gasketing a fuel cell
Fuel cell system
Battery pack
Battery pack comprising heat-diffusing means
Alkaline battery, current collector, electrode, and method of manufacturing electrode
Fuel cell system
Power supply apparatus having plurality of planar fuel cell assemblies connected in stack form
Backplane for use in a push-in rack for peripherals
Connector and electronic apparatus including the same
Connector protective cover and connector
Leadframe assembly staggering for electrical connectors
Single use security module mezzanine connector
Connector with terminal motion reduction
Conducting member and connector having conducting member
Electrical connector having a LED device thereon
Internet facsimile and control method thereof and communication instruction terminal
Secure and reliable document delivery using routing lists
Hidden data backup and retrieval for a secure device
Message publishing system for publishing messages from identified, authorized senders
Management of support center calls
Method for manufacturing piezoelectric thin film resonator
Method of manufacturing a quartz resonator
Handlebars for computerized tomography scanner
Heat dissipation device with a heat pipe
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Plant-containing composition
Cover scent and wild game lure
Granular pest bait
Stable glycerine iodine concentrate compositions
In ovo methods for utilizing live Edwardsiella ictaluri against enteric septicemia in channel catfish
Method for manufacturing shaped wafers, an intermediate product and a wafer obtained by this method, and an associated mould
Brine coated sausage strand
Process for shaping fish and products thereof
Low melt encapsulation with high laurate canola oil
Apparatus and method for food surface microbial intervention and pasteurization
Nut butter beverage
Packaged decorator cheese product with cap
Environmentally friendly chewing gum bases
Food supplement containing calcium and ethyl butyrates
Propolis extract
Propolis extract
Milk-coated cereal product
Method for preparing snack food
Method and a package for extending the shelf life of a food
Food item and its fabricating methods
Method and product for reducing tar and nicotine in cigarettes
Retroreflective article and method of making same
Anti-microbial shoe lining and sock liner and process for manufacture of same
Hair removal device
Method for producing a single-use container and mold for practicing the method
Method for conditioning food products
Meniscal repair device having integral spring member
Method for securing tissue with anchor
Surgical knot tying instrument
Medical graft connector and methods of making and installing same
Tubular medical graft connectors
Surgical loop delivery device
Methods and apparatus for intraluminal deposition of hydrogels
Method and apparatus for fitting a prosthesis to a bone
Device for extraction of tissue
Device for opening blocked tubes
Tongue scraper
Laser Resectoscope
Endoscopic cannulated handpiece motor with integrated suction control
Suture-free clamp and sealing port and method of use
Anterior cervical plating system
Spine distraction implant and method
Bipolar biopsy forceps
Surgical method and apparatus for positioning a diagnostic or therapeutic element within the body
High frequency (HF) electrode for a HF instrument operating in monopolar mode
High-frequency snare for endoscope
Multi-contact forceps and method of sealing, coagulating, cauterizing and/or cutting vessels and tissue
Laser device with auto-piercing tip for myocardial revascularization procedures
Adjustable blood filtration system
Vacuum assisted lancing device
Method and apparatus for measuring hip joint laxity
Balloon member for cerumen removal
Article having a transferable breathable skin care composition thereon
Distal protection device and method
Prosthesis for endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms
Intravascular stent
Catheter with removable balloon protector and stent delivery system with removable stent protector
Ligament fixation device and method
Foldable thin intraocular membrane
Iris fixated intraocular lens
Acetabular cup with plug for screw holes
Acetabular prosthesis assembly
Femoral component for knee endoprosthesis
Acetabular cup extraction system
Prosthesis covering apparatus
Method and apparatus for external fixation of an elbow
Therapeutic pad and method
Device for the treatment of hiccups
Bicanalicular probe for the treatment of the lachrymation of the eye
Apparatus for therapeutic treatment of low back pain
Topical treatment of psoriasis
Withania somnifera composition
Agent and method for permanently shaping the hair, based on n-branched-chain alkyl-substituted mercapto acetamides and process for their preparation
Use of locally delivered metal ions for treatment of periodontal disease
Red blood cells loaded with S-nitrosothiol and uses therefor
Therapeutic composition containing a phenol compound and propolis, which is useful against lipid capsid viruses, especially herpes viruses
Destruction of the epithelium of an exocrine gland in the prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of cancer
Immunological tolerance-inducing agent
Method of delivering drugs to cells specific for an HL-60 lectin
Co-administration of interleukin-3 mutant polypeptides with CSF's or cytokines for multi-lineage hematopoietic cell production
Use of glycosaminoglycans degrading enzymes for management of airway associated diseases
Vaccine compositions and methods useful in inducing immune protection against arthritogenic peptides involved in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis
Oral immunization with papillomavirus virus-like particles
Lymphotactin as an adjuvant
Reflective microspheres for ultrasonic imaging
Charcoal-radionuclide agents for measurement of gastrointestinal transit
Ceramic material for fillings and/or dental prostheses and method for the manufacture of the same
Indanylidene compounds, a process for their preparation and their use as UV absorbers
Skin lightening composition
Anti-cellulite pantyhose
Cosmetic compositions comprising a combination of UV absorbers
Low pH sunscreen compositions
Cleansing and conditioning article for skin or hair
Topical application product containing a lipase, a vitamin precursor and a fatty alcohol
Cosmetic compositions
Hair setting lotions
Cosmetic or pharmaceutical preparations with a reduced feeling of stickiness
Use of flower wax in liquid hair-treatment agents
Means for supplying a beneficial substance to an animal
Use of biogically active glass as a drug delivery system
Compositions for targeting biological agents
Propellant mixture for aerosol formulation
Nanocochleate formulations, process of preparation and method of delivery of pharmaceutical agents
Injectable formulations of nanoparticulate naproxen
Carrier particles for use in dry powder inhalers
Stabilized pharmaceutical compositions
Biodegradable terephthalate polyester-poly (phosphonate) compositions, articles, and methods of using the same
Biodegradable macromers for the controlled release of biologically active substances
Production scale method of forming microparticles
Oral composition
Taste-masked formulations
Biphasic capsule formulation
Transdermal estradiol/progestogen agent patch and its production
Volume-expandable, sheet-like application form suitable as an active substance carrier, in particular for oral application
Dressing for dosing one or more medicaments
Wound dressing and manufacture thereof
Disinfection of dead-ended lines in medical instruments
Method and apparatus for purifying water
Method for in vitro production of bone
Method and apparatus to measure blood flow rate in hemodialysis shunts
Medical device comprising a rod equipped with a means for absorbing axial stresses
Intracranial bolt and method of placing and using an intracranial bolt to position a medical device
Single pass lead having retractable, actively attached electrode for pacing and sensing
Implantable conformal coil patch electrode with multiple conductive elements for cardioversion and defibrillation
Method of treating cancer
Photocatalytic process for purifying water polluted by tetrahydrothiophene
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for concentrating solution
Method for using ligands in particle separation
Spiral wound filter with central barrier
Screen assembly for vibratory screening machine and method of fabrication thereof
Drainpipe filter kit
Soot filter
Composite of pleated and nonwoven webs, method and apparatus for the electrostatic charging of same
Automatic filter cartridge
Air cleaner filter with removable jacket; and method
Size adjustable filter element
Air cleaner element having incorporated sorption element
Apparatus and method for controlled decomposition oxidation of gaseous pollutants
Reactor and process of using same
Multilayer adsorbent beds for PSA gas separation
Method of enriching chlorine gas
Hydrogen-permeable metal membrane and method for producing the same
Hydrogen gas-extraction module and method of fabrication
Device for removing and retaining volatile compounds and method of employing the same
Method for reducing chloride emissions from a moving bed catalyst regeneration process
Catalytic oxidation method
Process for reducing NO.sub.x from exhaust fumes
Method for the reduction of nitrogen oxides
Method for purifying exhaust gases
Apparatus for separating heavy isotopes of hydrogen from water
Internal staged permeator for fluid separation
Method of producing highly permeable microporous polyolefin membrane
Water/air treatment system
Ceramic membrane reformer
Sulfur-containing phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating same
Catalytic hydroreforming process
Method for aqueous phase reactions
Adaptive feedback control flow reactor
Endothermic reaction apparatus and method
Exothermic reaction system
Centrifugal hematology disposable
Microfluidic devices incorporating improved channel geometries
Beverage analysis sample
Body fluid separation means
Enhancement of electrostatic precipitation with precharged particles and electrostatic field augmented fabric filtration
Apparatus for manufacturing linerless labels
Method of cleaning a silicon wafer using a standard cleaning solution
Pipe thread cleaner
Treatment of soil contaminated with oil or oil residues
Method for designing an extrusion process and die
Producing of tapered bent tube
Method for the manufacture of hollow shafts
Process and device for producing thin metal bars
Copper cathode starting sheets
Reduction of metal oxides through mechanochemical processing
Method of brazing aluminum
Method of detecting end point and monitoring uniformity in chemical-mechanical polishing operation
Elimination of photo-induced electrochemical dissolution in chemical mechanical polishing
Hardened metal product produced by shot peening with shot having high hardness
Treatment of cork with a phenol oxidizing enzyme
Method of making a part using selective particulate deposition
Semiconductor packaging method
Method and apparatus for molding an insulator device
Rapid prototyping
Stereolithographic method and apparatus for production of three dimensional objects with enhanced thermal control of the build environment
Method for producing vacuum insulating and construction material
Filter screen pack for extrusion die
In-mold labeling of plastic bottles
Method for making containers such as bottles having a self-stabilizing base
Control method for the manufacture of oriented plastic tubes
Liner with integrated cable and method
Method and apparatus for securing a thermoplastic insert within a sandwich panel
Method for applying graphic images to candles
Compressed wood fuel pellet and method and machine for making same
Method and apparatus for producing multi-ply corrugated paperboard
Apparatus for applying adhesive tape
Gypsum board paper that reduces roll up during lamination, and board comprising such paper
Method of manufacturing battery can-forming plate, battery can-forming plate manufactured by method
Recording material for electro-coagulation printing and method for printing thereon
Thin-film printhead device for an ink-jet printer
Card and method of making same
Page binding method and machine
Pressure sealer roller arrangement
Method for transferring an image from a first medium to a second medium at ambient temperature
Baked goods container
Boil-in-bag package
Tool holding device for the extraction and transfer of anodes in the center of an aluminum factory and equipment for operating such
Chemistry; Metallurgy
System and method for generating ozonated water
Method of producing hydrogen peroxide and reaction promoters therefor
Method of manufacturing sulphuric acid
Hydrogen-absorbing alloy and process for preparing the same
Production means for fuel gas apparatus
Value improvements of clays
BaM.sub.2 O.sub.4 oxide single crystal having non-linear optical property and manufacturing method thereof
Method for producing uranium oxide from uranium tetrafluoride and a phyllosilicate mineral
Generation of metal-carbonyl standards for the calibration of spectroscopic systems
Method for purifying leady oxides
Shroud for bottle mounted filters
Method for controlling treatment chemicals in aqueous systems
Method for removal of heavy metals from water
Wastewater treatment method and apparatus
Biological waste treatment process and apparatus
Method for inhibiting the formation and deposition of silica scale in water systems
Ice-maker treatment system
Optical thin film, forming composition thereof, and ultraviolet ray absorbing and thermic ray reflecting glass using the same
Concrete durability enhancing admixture
Method for the removal of ultrafine particulates from an aqueous suspension
Foamed concrete composition and process
Process for the purification of an alkanolamine
Method for inhibiting the plugging of conduits by gas hydrates
Methods for identifying compounds effective for treating neurodegenerative disorders and for monitoring the therapeutic intervention therefor
Triazinylaminostilbene compounds
Agent and process for permanent hair wave based on mercaptoacetamides
Photochromic six-membered heterocyclilc-fused naphthopyrans
Avian recombinant live vaccine using, as vector, the avian infectious laryngotracheitis virus
Erythropoietin receptor antibodies
Human TRK receptors and neurotrophic factor inhibitors
Peptides with a characteristic antigenic determinant of .alpha.1-microglobulin
Giardia treatment and antibody
Process for preparing a homogeneous cellulose solution using N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide
Sulfur containing isocyanate compositions
Liquid-crystalline resin composition and precision moldings of the composition
Safe sulfur slurry
Water-soluble Quinacridones
Anthrapyridone compounds, water-based ink composition, and articles colored therewith
Color pigmented ink jet set
Color pigmented ink jet ink set
Ink jet recording ink, method for producing the same, and ink jet recording method
Raw release papers with pigment strips based on aluminium hydroxides
Low-voltage phosphor material having a high degree of brightness and a manufacturing method thereof
Abrasive composition for disc substrate, and process for polishing disc substrate
Azeotropic refrigerant composition containing sulfur hexafluoride and method of use thereof
Fluid compositions containing refrigerator oils and chlorine-free fluorocarbon refrigerants
Upgradation of undesirable olefinic liquid hydrocarbon streams
Removing iron salts from NGL streams
Process for converting heavy crude oil fractions, comprising an ebullating bed conversion step and a hydrocracking step
Combination cocurrent and countercurrent staged hydroprocessing with a vapor stage
Production of aromatic oils
Gasoline additives for catalytic control of emissions from combustion engines
Solid combustible composition
Bleaching compositions
Glycosylation variants of iduronate 2-sulfatase
Molten metal receptacle and slag control body transfer apparatus therefor
Method and device for temper-hardening flat metal products
Process for producing a grain-orientated electrical steel sheet
Ore pelletization
Recovery of the transition metal component of catalyst used in heavy feed hydroconversion
Integrated direct reduction iron system
Method of producing reduced iron pellets
Process for fabricating improved iron-cobalt magnetostrictive alloy and article comprising alloy
High corrosion resistant aluminum alloy containing titanium
Wire stock suitable for reinforcement
Lean, high conductivity, relaxation-resistant beryllium-nickel-copper alloys
Sputtering process
Method of synthesizing cubic boron nitride films
Method for combined treatment of an object with an ion beam and a magnetron plasma with a combined magnetron-plasma and ion-beam source
Parallel plate sputtering device with RF powered auxiliary electrodes and applied external magnetic field
Method of growing nitride semiconductors, nitride semiconductor substrate and nitride semiconductor device
Deposited-film-forming apparatus
Surface functionalized diamond crystals and methods for producing same
Composition and process for surface treatment of aluminum and its alloys
Process for removing soap-contaminated conversion layers on metal workpieces
Electrolyzer isolated by encapsulation with respect to pressurized water
Method of recovering antimony and bismuth from copper electrolyte
Process for preparing porous electrolytic metal foil
Methods using electrophoretically deposited patternable material
Apparatus for in line plating
Internal stress testing device for high speed electroplating
Aqueous electrodeposition bath based on chlorides for preparation of a coat based on zinc or zinc alloy
Process for forming device comprising metallized magnetic substrates
Electrolytic process for forming a mineral
Method for producing a silicon single crystal and the silicon single crystal produced thereby
Continuous crystal plate growth process and apparatus
Device and method for pulling a single crystal
Device for treating a substrate
Method of manufacturing a single crystal and apparatus for manufacturing single crystal
Single crystal SIC and a method of producing the same
Single crystal and method of producing the same
Textiles; Paper
Process for manufacturing cellulosic microfibers
Flash spinning process
Process for modifying synthetic bicomponent fiber cross-sections
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratin fibres comprising bilirubin oxidase
Pulping process
Method for inhibiting the deposition of white pitch in paper production using ethylene amine compound
Method and system for controlling the addition of bleaching reagents to obtain a substantially constant percentage of pulp delignification across the first bleaching/delignifying stage
Method of bleaching kraft pulp employing chlorine dioxide/chlorine-ozone bleach sequence
Methods and apparatus to enhance paper and board forming qualities
Device and method for draining a paper machine felt
Apparatus for assisting in the release of a web
Soft, bulky single-ply absorbent paper having a serpentine configuration and methods for its manufacture
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for treating gaseous effluents from waste treatment systems
Method of installing a form in a foundry furnace
Monitor of plasma processes with multivariate statistical analysis of plasma emission spectra
Apparatus for amperometric Diagnostic analysis
Exhaust oxygen sensing
Sensor packaging using heat staking technique
Gas sensor, gas sensor system using the same, and method of manufacturing a gas sensor
Extended length microchannels for high density high throughput electrophoresis systems
Device for ion-exchange chromatography and method of cyclically regenerating a plurality of suppressors of such a device
Information storage and transmittal for medical diagnostic devices
Borrelia burgdorferi outer membrane proteins
Magnetoresistive sensor and head
Label removing method and apparatus
Protection of lithographic components from particle contamination
Process for treating development waste liquor
Metal rinsing process with controlled metal microcorrosion reduction
Optical information recording medium, producing method thereof and method of recording/erasing/reproducing information
Method for sequential injection of liquid samples for radioisotope separations
Electrically-conductive fabric
Drying an ultracapacitor
Electrode plate for secondary battery with nonaqueous electrolyte and process for producing same
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew