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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Animal training device
Bird feeder apparatus
Aquarium snail collection system
Adjustable rod holder
Weighted undergarment
Buckle of a seat belt for a motor vehicle
Flossing and oral hygiene tool
Laptop computer desk
Detachable connective device for toilet seat
Articulating shower arm
Aquarium cleaning device with debris collecting net
Analysis system for reagent-free determination of the concentration of an analyte in living tissue
Cortical electrode support assembly
Implantable myocardial ischemia detection, indication and action technology
Patient monitoring system
Risk of death indicator
System and method for treatment of upper airway disorders
Condom packaging
Person lifting apparatus and method
Delivery device
ECG/pacing electrodes
Respiratory nerve stimulation
Methods and systems for predicting future symptomatology in a patient suffering from a neurological or psychiatric disorder
Treatments for snoring using injectable neuromuscular stimulators
Subcutaneous cardiac stimulation device providing anti-tachycardia pacing therapy and method
Method and apparatus for anti-tachycardia pacing and defibrillation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for applying a film on a substrate
Pipe joint lubrication device
Double-action clinching method
Cutter apparatus of milling machine
Method of tightening ducts
Crimping device for electrical crimping and sealed crimping
Oil pump anti-wear plate for transfer case and method of use
Coupling mechanisms for detachably engaging tool attachments
Locking pliers for being one-handed adjustable, clampable, and releasable
Systems and methods of a power tool system with interchangeable functional attachments powered by a direct rotational drive
Industrial printer with cutter and dryer modules
Method and apparatus to provide multiple-mode spatial processing to a terminal unit
System for transmitting signals between an engine control unit and a valve control unit
Bicycle component and method for manufacturing such a component
Buoyant bumper apparatus for absorbing water vessel impact against pilings
Submersible vehicle
Planetary impact defense system
Beverage bottling plant for filling bottles with a liquid beverage filling material having a receiving table for the container handling machines therein
Method for blister packing
Textiles; Paper
Front-loading washing machine having liquid distributing paddles
Fixed Constructions
Water conservation system
Structural reinforcement system for concrete structures
Pultruded utility structures
Biaxial hinge device and portable terminal device
Apparatus and systems of interior window framing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Thermal conversion device and process
Mechanical variable camshaft timing device
Valve spring device and valve train of internal combustion engine using the same
Interval phasing for valve timing
Method of removing the fuel contained in the lubricating oil of an internal-combustion engine and engine using same
Method of monitoring a dosing agent supply for treating exhaust
Method for operating an internal combustion engine and device for carrying out the method
Cooler arrangement for a motor vehicle
Combustor for turbine engine
Wall elements for gas turbine engine combustors
Intake flow control device for internal combustion engine
System and method for facilitating homogeneous charge compression ignition
Actuator for seat adjusting devices
Hydraulic circuit for heavy equipment
Exhaust structure for clothes dryer in apartment building
Fluted firearm barrel
Collapsible locking slingshot
Firearm support
Stun grenade
Position sensing device
Belt conveying tension measuring system
Calibration apparatus and process
Angle measurement system
Cantilevered bioacoustic sensor and method using same
Ultrasonic testing method and ultrasonic testing device using this
Systems and methods for evaluating material for pulling rolls
Convective accelerometer
Jitter measurements for repetitive clock signals
Method and system for performing effective resistance calculation for a network of resistors
Data generator
System and shadow circuits with output joining circuit
Test head utilized in a test system to perform automated at-speed testing of multiple gigabit per second high serial pin count devices
Built-in self-test arrangement for integrated circuit memory devices
Prediction system and method
Optical pulse compressor based on integrated planar lightwave circuit: method, device, and systems
White light-emitting device using fluorescent fiber
Optical fiber and system containing same
Zoom lens, camera apparatus and portable information terminal apparatus
Double-sided image forming apparatus
Drive force transmitting mechanism, and image forming apparatus including the drive force transmitting mechanism
Toner container configured for toner replenishment through blow system
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus including the cleaning device that controls occurrences of background fouling and abnormal image
Adaptive output feedback apparatuses and methods capable of controlling a non-minimum phase system
Real-time emergency control in power systems
Integrated circuit which disables writing circuitry to memory when the power drops below a power threshold predetermined and controlled by the processor
Providing different clock frequencies for different interfaces of a device
Apparatus and method for generating a delayed clock signal
Method, system and computer program product for improving system reliability
Method, system, and program for recovery from a failure in an asynchronous data copying system
Device testing framework for creating device-centric scenario-based automated tests
Self healing storage system
System and method for virtual router failover in a network routing system
Methods, systems, and media for management of functional verification
Method for testing operating system components
Method and apparatus for responding to access errors in a data processing system
Method of collecting and storing storage network performance information, computer system, and program
Method and apparatus for increasing an amount of memory on demand when monitoring remote mirroring performance
Non-contiguous address erasable blocks and command in flash memory
Method and apparatus for comparing and synchronizing programmable logic device user configuration dataset versions
Method and apparatus providing efficient queue descriptor memory access
Write-back disk cache
Modified persistent auto precharge command protocol system and method for memory devices
Burst write in a non-volatile memory device
Method and apparatus for smoothing current transients in a content addressable memory (CAM) device
Method for controlling operation of mobile terminal having multimedia data service capability
Method and apparatus for communicating data over a bus according to redefinable configurations
Object persister
Method and system for selectively enforcing presentation themes
Method and apparatus for interacting with a source code control system
Display method of spatial data relationships
Method and apparatus for implementing web pages having smart tables
Systems and methods for automatically accessing internet information from a local application on a handheld internet appliance
Packet transfer mechanism over a peer to peer network
Systems and methods for saving internet content into a handheld internet appliance
Network system including a network device having a function-categorized web page delivering system
Switching/lighting correlation system
Re-assembly of streaming files from separate connections
Application-based protocol and proxy selection by a mobile device in a multi-protocol network environment
Relevance clause for computed relevance messaging
Streaming content
Distributed system resource protection via arbitration and ownership
System and method for balancing rings coupling routing platforms
Interprocess application programming interface for computer applications
Method and system for managing performance of data transfers for a data access system
Devices, software and methods for allocating jitter buffer memory based on network region of network endpoint
Site evaluation system and site evaluation program storage medium
Tiered sequential processing media data through multiple processor chains with longest path tier assignment of processors
System, method and apparatus for selecting, displaying, managing, tracking and transferring access to content of web pages and other sources
Motor vehicle control system and method for controlling a motor vehicle
System and method of displaying multiple pending notifications in a single window
Asset management and status system
Systems and methods for recognition of individuals using multiple biometric searches
Database processing system, method, program and program storage device
Sustainability ratings and benchmarking for legal entities
System and method for a consistency check of a database backup
Method and system for generating help files based on user queries
Hardware/software design tool and language specification mechanism enabling efficient technology retargeting and optimization
Design method for semiconductor integrated circuit suppressing power supply noise
Healing algorithm
Method for numerically simulating an electrical circuit
Method for production design and operations scheduling for plate design in the steel industry
Production system and method for a composite product
Encryption/decryption of stored data using non-accessible, unique encryption key
System and related methods for accessing management functionality through a command line utility
Method and apparatus for detecting the type of interface to which a peripheral device is connected
Managing sets of input/output communications subadapters of an input/output subsystem
System and method for managing operating system option values
Apparatus and methods for the automated creation of distributed configuration storage
Method and apparatus for managing display of popup windows
Bus system design method, bus system, and device unit
Controlling audio volume in processor-based systems
Image segmentation and warping for specialized display viewing
Methods, system and media players for rendering different media types
Translating a non-unicode string stored in a constant into unicode, and storing the unicode into the constant
High-speed term and phrase matching via successive complexity reduction
Information management system
Method and system for generating an efficient test suite from a domain description with given constraints
Automatic software production system
Dynamic computing environment using remotely allocable resources
Method for flow analysis utilizing cell elevation topology
Method and apparatus for declarative updating of self-describing, structured documents
Electronic marketplace communication system
Insurance policy renewal method and system
Methods, apparatus and data structures for providing a user interface to objects, the user interface exploiting spatial memory and visually indicating at least one object parameter
System and method of word graph matrix decomposition
Automated creation of phonemic variations
Mechanism for using clamping and offset techniques to adjust the spectral and wideband gains in the feedback loops of a BTSC encoder
Measuring and using reliability of complexity estimates during quality and rate control for digital audio
Head gimbal assembly (HGA) connector pad alignment jig
Magnet for actuator, actuator, and magnetizing device
Simple error-correction codes for data buffers
Method and auxiliary device for testing a RAM memory circuit
Plasma ignition system
Optical transport network frame structure with in-band data channel and forward error correction
Hardware circuit for the puncturing and repetitive coding of data streams, and a method for operating the said hardware circuit
System and method for error detection in encoded digital data
Low power amplitude modulation detector
Language input system for mobile devices
System and method for processing a signal
Base station of a communication network, preferably of a mobile telecommunication network
Transmission power control apparatus and method in a mobile communication system, mobile station, and communication apparatus
Wireless response system and method
Bidirectional router and a method of bidirectional amplification
Optical communication apparatus and methods using pulses having modified propagation speeds
Add-drop-multiplexer and optical wavelength division multiplex transmission system
Information processing device, information processing system, authentication method, storage medium and program
Digital watermarking apparatus and application apparatus using the same
Communication device
System and method for providing web content provision service using subscriber terminal in exchange system
Method for power-saving operation of communication terminals in a communication system in especially in a wireless communication systems
System and method for minimising bandwidth utilisation in a wireless interactive voice response system
Method and system for management of call tones
Recording medium of stream data, and recording method and playback method of the same
Equal duty cycle frequency divider
Recording medium with video index information recorded therein video information management method which uses the video index information, recording medium with audio index information recorded therein, audio information management method which uses the audio index information, video retrieval method which uses video index information, audio retrieval method which uses the audio index information and a video retrieval system
Digest generation method and apparatus for image and sound content
Video pedestal network
Systems and methods for delivering information to a communication device
Router and mobile communication terminal for mobile communication network
Communication apparatus including a mechanism for preventing demodulation of text telephone information during poor signal reception
System and method for emulating a telephony driver
Cell selection
Method for manufacturing printed circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Wafer probe station having environment control enclosure
Communication and bed function control apparatus
Bonded layer semiconductor device
Emergency signaling or diagnostic device
Acoustic biosensor for monitoring physiological conditions in a body implantation site
MR elastography method
Process and system enabling the blind or partially sighted to find their bearings and their way in an unknown environment
Method and apparatus for providing passive fluid force feedback
Performing Operations; Transporting
High-resolution NMR spectroscopy of molecules encapsulated in low-viscosity fluids
Thermal transfer printer that is capable of maintaining intermediate transfer sheet tension constant
Microfluidic printing with gel-forming inks
Transfer printing process
Two-color thermal printing process
Line exposure type image forming apparatus
Image-forming substrate and image-forming system using same
Pressure indicating device for tube-less tire
Tire inflation gas temperature, pressure, and oxygen monitoring system
Method for communicating data in a remote tire pressure monitoring system
RF transponder and method of measuring parameters associated with a monitored object
Device for measuring the position of an object that can be moved forward and backward along a fixed path
Control device for motor/generators
Battery pack controlling apparatus
Apparatus and a method for controlling an electric vehicle
Energization control system of a motor
Heavy goods vehicle with an overload security device
Vehicular deceleration warning system
Vehicle deceleration communication system
Turbo flare hazard maker
Electromagnetic valve
Water-monitoring apparatus with anchor
Fender and management system thereof
System and method of preventing aircraft wing damage
Edge detector
Fixed Constructions
Wireless magnetic lock control system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for controlling a piezoelement injection valve
Rotary position sensor using a strain gage
Device for controlling a starter for a motor vehicle
Circuit card assembly having controlled vibrational properties
LCD optical guide plate with a roughened back surface having projections that support a reflecting sheet
White-LED luminous signalling device
Overlay alignment measurement mark
Shape measuring method and shape measuring device, position control method, stage device, exposure apparatus and method for producing exposure apparatus, and device and method for manufacturing device
In-situ method for measuring the endpoint of a resist recess etch process
Device for driving and detecting oscillator
Fiber optic sensor coil and tool for forming same
Computer based human-centered display system
Sensor bias drift compensation
Electronic circuit including an analog output through which an adjustment means is programmed
Rotary position sensor
Encoder for a permanent magnet sinusoidal brushless motor in an electric power steering system
Magnetoresistive die and position sensor
Magnetoresistor sensor die with an array of MRs
Magnetic position sensing techniques
Relative-displacement detecting unit
Variable reactance position detector
Arrangement for the precise distance measuring, in particular the filling level measuring
Dynamic holographic velocimeter for the measurement of vibrations
Method and circuit arrangement for measuring the light output of an emitter diode of an optical monitoring unit
Apparatus and methods relating to high speed Raman spectroscopy
Multi-channel wavelength monitor
Method and system for optical spectrum analysis with matched filter detection
System and method for measuring group delay based on zero-crossings
Method and system for measurement of a characteristic of lens
Devices and methods for sample analysis
Method of evaluating an anisotropic thin film and an evaluating apparatus
Semiconductor test apparatus
Fluid-sealed refractometer having data transmission means
Method and apparatus for evaluating the quality of an optical crystal
Method for discriminating between holes in and particles on a film covering a substrate
Method and apparatus for measuring the degree of polarization of polarized gas
Replaceable filter module
Method for non-destructive analysis of electrical power system equipment
Mounting arrangement for a wheel speed sensor
Malfunction detector for magnetoresistor speed and position sensors
Printed circuit board testing apparatus and probe device for use in the same
Device under test board and testing method
Apparatus for testing a bare-chip LSI mounting on a printed board
Wide-band ratiometric radio frequency bridge
Monitor signal output circuit, battery pack, battery voltage monitor circuit, battery system, apparatus, battery voltage monitor method, and battery voltage monitor program storage medium
High function, user configurable electricity meter
Remote resistivity measurement
Conductivity testing method for a sub-harness and a sub-harness manufacturing apparatus
Reflection measurement method and apparatus for devices that are accessed through dispersive elements
Built-in frequency test circuit for testing the frequency of the output of a frequency generating circuit
Semiconductor device testing apparatus having a contact sheet and probe for testing high frequency characteristics
Tester for a semiconductor IC circuit having multiple pins
Method and apparatus for testing integrated circuit chips that output clocks for timing
Method for detecting faults on safety oriented sensors
Magnetic field sensor having deformable conductor loop segment
Magnetic field exposure sensor and analysis system
Calibration of magnetic force or scanning hall probe microscopes by measuring sample images and calculating instrument response functions
Method and circuit arrangement for determining the direction of an external magnetic field
Magnetic field sensor comprising a spin-tunnel junction
MRI image quality improvement using matrix regularization
Apparatus for and method of Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance testing a sample
Preparatory pulse sequence for suppression of artifacts in MR images
Combination of fluid-attenuated inversion-recovery complex images acquired using magnetic resonance imaging
Method for imaging with nuclear magnetic resonance given a k-space trajectory proceeding on an irregular grid
Measuring circuit for a capacitive sensor for distance measurement and/or space monitoring
Sparse frequency waveform radar system and method
Tracking radar receiver
Methods and apparatus for estimating accuracy of measurement signals
Adaptive cross polarization electronic countermeasures system
Segmented field dielectrometer
High numerical aperture catadioptric lens
Card reader display system
Methods and apparatus for measurement and correction of optical aberration
Apparatus for improved contrast in a motor vehicle heads-up display
Display device and method of driving the same
Liquid crystal display device having improved aperture ratio
Liquid crystal display test system
Light control element, optical device, and electrical device, and method of producing thereof
Liquid crystal panel with seal containing hard and soft spacers
Method for manufacturing fringe field switching mode liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display with preventing vertical cross-talk having overlapping data lines
Method and apparatus for printing large format lenticular images
Guideless stage
Electronically controlled universal phase-shifting mask for stepper exposure system
Reducing asymmetrically deposited film induced registration error
High-pressure discharge lamp electrode having a dendritic surface layer thereon
Distributing data to multiple destinations within an asynchronous circuit
Method for controlling force application with servo motor and appartus therewith
Drive system for retractable covering devices for motor vehicles
Power window apparatus capable of leaving windows open for a predetermined time when automobile falls into water
Power regulation of electrical loads to provide reduction in power consumption
Potential detector and semiconductor integrated circuit
Apparatus for generating constant reference voltage signal regardless of temperature change
Signal distribution scheme in field programmable gate array (FPGA) or field programmable system chip (FPSC) including cycle stealing units
Mounted display system
Arrangement of a printed circuit board-mounted antenna in a portable electronic device with a metallic hinge base
Rechargeable battery measurement and calibration system and method
Microprocessor self-power down circuit
Programmable logic controller method, system and apparatus
Apparatus for accessing memory in a video system and method thereof
Multi-repository display system using separate presentation, adaptation and access layers
Automated bookmarking of online advertisements
Display system for displaying lists of linked documents
Device and method for a lattice display
System and method for accessing, manipulating and viewing internet and non-internet related information and for controlling networked devices
Logic circuit and its forming method
Bump map compositing for simulated digital painting effects
Character input control equipment
Scalable scroll controller
System and method for displaying logistics information associated with a supply chain
Pointing device with Z-axis functionality and reduced component count
Two-handed input control apparatus and method
Cursor control method, recording medium and information processing apparatus
Method of pre-caching user interaction elements using input device position
Wireless computer peripheral that functions as a mouse and pen with ink processor memory power display and speaker all in one
Illuminated computer input device
Low power consumption encoder, control method therefor and coordinate input device using the same
Property browser which displays properties of sub-objects in an Active X control
Apparatus and method for updating images stored in non-volatile memory
Apparatus and method for printhead to machine skew and margin adjustment for an electrophotographic machine
RFID composite for mounting on or adjacent metal objects
Equipment label
Method and system for automatic adjustment and diagnosis of radio frequency identification systems using programmable checktags
Applications for radio frequency identification systems
Base station apparatus and method for monitoring travel of a mobile vehicle
Paperless accounting system
Method and system for improving color quality of three-dimensional rendered images
Image-based method and system for building spherical panoramas
System and method for designing computer generated imagery of a two dimensional array of objects advancing in a third dimension
Image processing apparatus and method, and information providing medium
Method and apparatus for creating virtual environment, and record medium having recorded thereon computer readable program for creating virtual environment
Method for detecting incorrectly oriented lofted solids in a solid modeling system
Image processing apparatus and method
Alpha regions
Basis functions of three-dimensional models for compression, transformation and streaming
Cart return loyalty credit system
Presence detector and its application
Device for changing the status of dual status magnetic electronic article surveillance markers
Personal monitoring apparatus and method
Audible safety warning system
Universal transmitter
Runway incursion detection and warning system
Driving a visual indicator array in an electronic signaling system
Cathode ray tube apparatus
Deflection correction circuit for narrowing a pull-in range of a VCO to reduce frequency variations in a horizontal synchronizing signal
Method for creating a two-dimensional image
Display unit with an LED matrix
Method and apparatus for a display producing a fixed set of images
Electron-beam generation device and image forming apparatus
Plasma display device
Driving circuit of thin-film transistor electroluminescent display and the operation method thereof
Circuit and system for driving organic thin-film EL elements
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device, and method for driving the same
Semiconductor device, image display system and electronic system
Contrasting graphical user interface pointer
Color displays
Methods and apparatus for transforming RGB video
Apparatus and method for displaying images
Electronic recording camera with optimized power consumption
Thermal slider level transfer curve tester for testing recording heads
Capacitor-based exponential programmable gain amplifier
Embedded memory blocks for programmable logic
Semiconductor integrated circuit device capable of externally monitoring internal voltage
Integrated circuit devices having a delay locked loop that is configurable for high-frequency operation during test and methods of operating same
Differential input buffer with auxiliary bias pulser circuit
Memory device and method
System and method for achieving fast switching of analog voltages on large capacitive load
Method of taking infrared temperature readings through a wildlife shield for electrical equipment
Inductive component and method for making same
Electromagnetic relay
Magnetic switch for starter motor
Circuit breaker calibration screw
Shock-resistant circuit breaker with inertia lock
Housing for double-ended fuse
Circuit for monitoring an alternative current power switch
Multibeam electronic tube with magnetic field for correcting beam trajectory
Traveling-wave valve arrangement
Electrically tunable low secondary electron emission diamond-like coatings and process for depositing coatings
Braun color cathode ray tube having shadow mask horizontal pitch novelty
Color display device with first and second dynamic focusing voltages
Color display device with a deflection-dependent distance between outer beams
Image display apparatus
Field emission display panel equipped with two cathodes and an anode
Electron-emitting element and image display device using the same
Accurate real-time landing angle and telecentricity measurement in lithographic systems
Plasma accelerator
Integral night vision tube contact assembly and method of making
Electric lamp having press seal configuration for exhaust tube protection
High-frequency excitation point light source lamp device
Compact fluorescent lamp and method for manufacturing
Structure of plasma lamp of microwave illumination apparatus
Packaged semiconductor device having bent leads
Semiconductor-supporting devices, processes for the production of the same, joined bodies and processes for the production of the same
Chip carrier having ventilation channels
Compression layer on the leadframe to reduce stress defects
Semiconductor device and fabrication method
Semiconductor device and method manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Integrated electronic circuit comprising an oscillator with passive circuit elements
Method of positive mobile iron contamination (PMIC) detection and apparatus of performing the same
Determination of dielectric constants of thin dielectric materials in a MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) stack
Three-dimensional semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Programmable logic array with vertical transistors
Pixel array with shared reset circuitry
Image-pickup apparatus, fabrication method thereof, and camera system
Superconductor signal amplifier
Control circuit and method for protecting a piezoelectric transformer from an open state and a short-circuited state
Organic luminescence device with reduced leakage current
Metal post filter assembly using non-radiative dielectric waveguide
Resonator, filter, duplexer, and communication device
Vertical transition device for differential stripline paths and optical module
Side entry E-plane probe waveguide to microstrip transition
Four-way power combiner/splitter
Pivottable connection configuration of retractable roof mounted antenna
On-vehicle rod antenna device
Car antenna
Dual frequency window mount antenna
Antenna device and assembly of the antenna device
Chip antenna, radio communications terminal and radio communications system using the same and method for production of the same
High gain, frequency tunable variable impedance transmission line loaded antenna having shaped top plates
Antenna structures
Handheld wireless communication device having antenna with parasitic element exhibiting multiple polarization
Method and apparatus for detecting physical position of a retractable antenna
Relative elevation detection for aircraft pilot warning system
Monopole antenna
Electromagnetic wave reflector and method for making same
Chemically modified radar absorbing materials and an associated fabrication method
Antenna components and manufacturing method therefor
Antenna apparatus and waveguide for use therewith
Single feed, multi-element antenna
E H antenna
Adaptive array antenna nulling
Direction-agile antenna system for wireless communications
Directional antenna apparatus
Circular polarization antennas and methods
Small L-band antenna
Vehicle use charging generator
Method and apparatus for delivering uninterrupted power
Flywheel uninterruptible power source
Half-bridge inverter circuit
Multi-stage charge pump
Voltage down pump and method of operation
Low-power substrate bias generator disabled by comparators for supply over-voltage protection and bias target voltage
Voltage regulation circuit and related methods having a dynamically determined minimum discharge time
Tapped-inductor step-down converter and method for clamping the tapped-inductor step-down converter
Method and architecture for limiting input current to a broadband network power supply
High-efficiency H-bridge circuit using switched and linear stages
Method for monitoring the speed of a synchronous motor, and a device for monitoring the speed of such a motor
Control system for variable frequency generator
Voltage control apparatus of alternator
Method of controlling a stand-alone electrical generator, in particular for aircraft
Low phase noise voltage-controlled oscillator and method of using the same
Method and apparatus for high efficiency power amplification
Pipeline analog-to-digital converter with common mode following reference generator
Method and system for dynamic compensation
Amplifier for improving open-loop gain and bandwidth in a switched capacitor system
Amplifier with self-bias boosting using an enhanced wilson current mirror biasing scheme
FET bias circuit
Amplifier apparatus
Bipolar rail-to-rail input stage with transconductance correction
Class AB single-range advanced operational amplifier
Adaptive equalizer filter with variable gain control
Device for controlling power in power amplifier of a portable wireless terminal
Semiconductor device including a control signal generation circuit allowing reduction in size
Oversampling circuit and digital/analog converter
Oversampling circuit digital/analog converter
Electrical signal phase compensator
High frequency test balun
Increased bandwidth thin film resonator having a columnar structure
Surface acoustic wave device
Surface acoustic wave filter pattern with grounding via connection lines to dicing lines
Double-tuned circuit of tuner featuring restrained degradation of selectivity
Programmable switch
Compensation circuit for driver circuits
Programmable burst FIFO
Universal delay-insensitive logic cell
Domino logic with low-threshold NMOS pull-up
LSI device capable of adjusting the output impedance to match the characteristic impedance
CMOS pass transistor logic circuitry using quantum mechanical tunneling structures
CPLD high speed path
One-hot Muller C-elements and circuits using one-hot Muller C-elements
Flip-flop circuit arrangement with increased cut-off frequency
Divider with cycle time correction
Adjustable voltage controlled oscillator
Flip-flop circuits having digital-to-time conversion latches therein
Circuitry with resistive input impedance for generating pulses from analog waveforms
Protecting unit
Programmable differential delay circuit with fine delay adjustment
Differential voltage magnitude comparator
Blind coherent combiner and method using coupled phase-lock loops
Precise phase comparison even with fractional frequency division ratio
Phase compensation circuit
Frequency locked loop speed up
Offset-free analog-to-digital converter
A/D converter calibration
Systems and methods for adaptive auto-calibration of Radix<2 A/D SAR converters with internally generated stimuli
Analog to digital converter with configurable sequence controller
Data signal amplifier with automatically controllable dynamic signal range
Frequency to digital converter
Segmented resistor string digital-to-analog converters
Digital-analog conversion circuit capable of functioning at a low power supply voltage
D/A conversion circuit having n switches, n capacitors and a coupling capacitor
CDAC operation at low supply voltages
On demand encoding with a window
Digital-to-analog converter using different multiplicators between first and second portions of a data holding period
Method and apparatus for continuously variable slope delta modulation coding of signals
Termination circuit for decoupling unused wires on a network device's unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable
Line reflection reduction with energy-recovery driver
Latch control circuit for crossing clock domains
Electroluminescent device for communication apparatus of mobile phone for informing an incoming call
Impedance matching circuit for switched alternating current power supplies
Image sensor with sampling control system
Apparatus and method for correcting jitter in a television system
Apparatus for controlling display and method for gradation conversion
Photographing apparatus having the image blur preventing function
Method and system for controlling user interaction in a digital imaging device using dynamic overlay bars
Determining a final exposure setting automatically for a solid state camera without a separate light metering circuit
System and method for a video display screen saver
Method and apparatus for producing program information and receiving apparatus for processing the program information
Method and circuit for forming on-screen displays for overlay on a video image
Satellite distributed television
Method for storing video frame data in a memory
Transmission of pixel data defining two motion phases of a graphic image
Optoelectronic sensor with shuffled readout
Telecommunication terminal and device for projecting received information
Method of locating a subscriber unit within the coverage area of a communication system
LED driver circuit with a boosted voltage output
Device for controlling light sources having a ballast
Adaptable inverter
Dimming control of electronic ballasts
Reducing the clamping voltage of operating devices for gas discharge lamps
Electronic system for generating and controlling light effects on projectors
Discharge lamp lighting device
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Dual control dimming ballast
Termination structure for high speed, high pin density chips
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew