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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Steering apparatus and steering ratio control method for automotive vehicle
Pop up sprinkler riser-clamp
Genetic loci associated with Sclerotinia tolerance in soybean
Stemware clip
Method for using an induced formation of chitinase in lawn and garden soil for the control of destructive insects and microorganisms therein
Composition having effect of moxibustion and press pellet using the same
Process for warm dehulling soya
Sleep over recliner chair
Apparatus and methods for covering outdoor patio furniture
Troop seat
Picture frame positioner
Artificial disc inserter
Tissue stabilization and ablation devices and methods
Electrosurgical forceps with energy based tissue division
Incision and closure surgical device
Method of using ventricular restoration patch
Primary packaging used as an applicator
Portable physiological parameter monitor
Imaging method with filtered back projection
Apparatus for determining the preload for dental implant systems
Disposable pants-type diaper having belt members
Sanitary napkin having three-dimensional structure
System and method for meniscal repair through a meniscal capsular tunnel
Prosthetic device contouring and alignment method and apparatus
Portable seat for a wheelchair
Water-soluble strontium salts for use in treatment of cartilage and/or bone conditions
CB1 modulator compounds
Process for preparing 3,3-disubstituted oxindoles and thio-oxindoles
Broadspectrum 2-(substituted-amino)-benzoxazole sulfonamide HIV protease inhibitors
Agent for improving acidosis
N-and O-substituted 4-[2-(diphenylmethoxy)-ethyl]-1-[(phenyl)methyl]piperidine analogs and methods of treating CNS disorders therewith
Benzimidazolone carboxylic acid derivatives
Benzimidazole thiophene compounds
Polymeric oligonucleotide prodrugs
Composition comprising Notoginseng radix extract for preventing and treating of arthritis as an effective ingredient
Method for making acylated polypeptides
Deamidated interferon-.beta.
Artery-and vein-specific proteins and uses therefor
Chlamydia antigens and vaccine uses of the protein
Compositions and methods for promoting or inhibiting angiogenesis
Methods of treating neovascular glaucoma, macular degeneration and capillary proliferation with alphavbeta3-specific antibodies
Genetic adjuvants for immunotherapy
Systems and methods for delivering agents into targeted tissue of a living being
Catheter head with catheter drain in discrete rotational positions
Controlling shaft bending moment and whipping in a tendon deflection or other tendon system
Implantable medical device with anti-infection agent
Method of treating biological and chemical agents with gas phase, electronically excited states of oxygen
Compact weight bench
Method of hand exercising and massaging
Method of making a golf ball with a multi-layer core
Surface pattern for golf balls
Direct flex
Exercise-data management server apparatus and exercise-data management system
Quick connect climbing hold
Playing card reading device and method
Gaming machine with player-operated display mechanism
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device and method for distillation
Method for concentrating water-soluble organic material
Multi-cyclone dust separating apparatus
Method and apparatus for monitoring the condition of a flexible filter
Gas/liquid separator
Method of absorbing oxygen
Resin bonded sorbent
Shredder with reduced hazard potential
Vegetable oil-based coating and method for application
Condensed polycyclic aromatic compound thin film and method for preparing condensed polycyclic aromatic compound thin film
Plasma processing method and plasma processing apparatus
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same, circuit board, electronic apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus
Method for manufacturing golf ball
Tire curing forming mold
Mold and molding method
Fabric gift bag
Nanostructured transparent conducting electrode
Nanoparticles comprising a metal core and an organic double coating useful as catalysts and device containing the nanoparticles
Polycrystalline diamond composite
Image forming apparatus and method
Inkjet recording system
Inkjet printer with unit cells having suspended heater elements
Recording apparatus
Collapsible ink loader feed support
Image forming apparatus
Inkjet recording apparatus and discharge defect determination method
Writing instrument with fountain pen configuration
Active wheel speed sensor tester
Bumper hitch wobble reduction device
Top for a convertible vehicle
Convertible vehicle with a movable rear shelf
Container truck cover system
Load binder
Light source device and projection-type image display device
Antitheft system with clip-on wireless keypad
Method and apparatus for securing car against theft via wireless sensor
Motor vehicle with side-impact reinforcement
Single-leg support
Floating structure
Maneuverable aquatic towable vehicle
Marine propulsion apparatus
Surface piercing propeller tunnel
Aircraft brake temperature monitoring system and method
Acquisition process of stoppers from mixed material agglomerate
Sheet conveyor and image formation device with shaped belt platen
Paper grabbing assembly
Carton magazine with control sensor
Molded article picker
Multi-line, multi-function yacht winch
Multi-compartment storage and delivery containers and delivery system for microencapsulated fragrances
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the recovery of sulfuric acid
Method and apparatus for hydration of a particulate or pulverulent material containing CaO, hydrated product, and use of hydrated product
Synthesis of tetragonal phase stabilized nano and submicron sized nanoparticles
Apparatus for capillary electrophoresis comprising polyelectrolyte multilayers
System for providing a chemical to a fluid
Use of amino acid and carbohydrate polymers in soil retention, water conservation, and water clarification
Process for the treatment of saline water
On-board water treatment and management process and apparatus
Sintered body, magnetic head slider, and method of manufacturing sintered body
High strength magnesium slag brick and method of producing the same
Porphyrin compound, albumin inclusion compound thereof and artificial oxygen carrier
Method for producing aromatic amines or aliphatic amino alcohols
Process for conditioning isocyanates
Process and intermediates for the preparation of 3-(amino)-3-cyclobutylmethyl-2-hydroxy-propionamide or salts thereof
Metal complex compound comprising .beta.-diketonato ligand
N-phenyl-2-pyrimidine-amine derivatives and process for the preparation thereof
Thiazolyl-substituted carbocyclic 1,3-diones as pesticidal agents
Substituted pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine derivatives useful in cancer treatment
Substituted thieno[3,2-D]pyrimidines as HIV inhibitors
Photocleavable isotope-coded affinity tags
Method for detecting SARS coronavirus
Modulation of immunostimulatory properties of oligonucleotide-based compounds by utilizing modified immunostimulatory dinucleotides
Methods and compositions for heat activated gene therapy using cytolethal distending toxin
Polymorphisms in the region of the human hemochromatosis gene
Antibodies and related molecules that bind to PSCA proteins
Crosslinked polysaccharides and methods of making and using crosslinked polysaccharides
Reduced malto-oligosaccharides
N-poly(alkenyl) acrylamides and process for preparation thereof
Photo-curable adhesive composition, optical pick-up device using the same, and optical recording/reproducing drive including the optical pick-up device
Nanofilm compositions with polymeric components
Cationic alkoxyamines and their use in producing nano particles from natural or synthetic clays
Rubber composition containing diene-based elastomer, precipitated silica, coupling agent and alcohol-adsorbing activated carbon and pneumatic tire with component
Vinyl ether curing composition
Polymer modified bituminous binder with low emissions
Mailing ink, and ink tank for mailing, ink jet recording method for mailing and ink jet recording apparatus for mailing using the same
Tape bonder, tape bonding method, and process for manufacturing electronic component
Methods to increase recovery of treatment fluid following stimulation of a subterranean formation comprising in situ fluorocarbon coated particles
Stabilized electrochromic media
FCC feed injection zone
Highly homogeneous amorphous silica-alumina catalyst composition
Isolation and purification of P. falciparum merozoite protein-142 vaccine
Methods for altering organ mass in plants
Propagation and/or derivation of embryonic stem cells
Isolation of mammalian CNS glial-restricted precursor cells
Thermostable esterases from thermophilic bacteria
Process for the preparation of amides
Ketocarotenoids from Adonis palaestina
Methods for cancer detection
Apparatus and method for measuring concentrations of molecules through a barrier
Bcl2L12 polypeptide activators and inhibitors
Spatiotemporal and geometric optimization of sensor arrays for detecting analytes in fluids
Multiplex detection probes
Method for detecting SARS coronavirus
Genes for synthesis of FR-008 polyketides
Analyte detection using barcoded polymers
Methods and reagents for quantitative analysis of Dehalococcoides species
Methods of labeling polynucleotides with energy transfer dyes
Method of detecting a neoplasia associated with an activating platelet derived growth factor receptor alpha (PDGFRA) mutation
Process for engineered ion exchange recovery of copper and nickel
Hydrogen assisted HDP-CVD deposition process for aggressive gap-fill technology
Fixed Constructions
Lift boat leg
Mounting apparatus for cable management arm
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Large angle sliding valve plate pump/motor
Chemical liquid apparatus and deaerating method
Foot stand assembly with multi-viewing angles
Garage light luminaire with circular compact fluorescent emergency lighting optics
Mounting arrangement for light emitting diodes
Optical plate and backlight module using the same
Backlight assembly and display device having the same
High-voltage discharging reactor processing exhausted hydrogen gas
Device for keeping heating wires in position in a horizontal oven
Profilometry apparatus and method of operation
Small size magnetic encoder unit with low power consumption
Wavelength monitor using interference signals
Optical encoder with encoder member having one or more digital diffractive optic regions
Sample processing devices and carriers
Method of detecting amyloid-like fibrils or protein aggregates
Optical metrology system optimized with a plurality of design goals
Fluorescence measurement system with enhanced rejection of scattered light
Apparatus for producing tissue arrays
Fuel contaminant light sensor
Methods and animal model for analyzing age-related macular degeneration
Device for measuring an analyte
Velocity measurement using magnetoresistive sensors
Cantilever-type probe card for high frequency application
Scheduler method and apparatus for communication systems
Magnetic field probe apparatus and a method for measuring magnetic field
Method and device for relative time and position determination for moving objects based on one-way and two-way measurements
Radiation detecting apparatus, manufacturing method thereof, scintillator panel and radiation detecting system
Attenuating unwanted signal using interferometry techniques
Apparatus and method for detecting metallic objects in shoes
Electronic NMR reference signal systems and methods
Zoom lens system and camera having the same
Actuating device having a flexible diaphragm controlled by electrowetting
Integrated IMODS and solar cells on a substrate
Integrated sub-assembly having a light collimating or transflecting device
Rod lens
Mounting fixture for a peripheral device
Camera module
Lens driving device
Optical actuator
Reflective liquid crystal display apparatus
Color liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Drive controller
Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
Auto-focusing camera
Method of fabricating chrome-less phase shift mask
Method of creating a graded anti-reflective coating
Image forming apparatus for transmitting a control program to a plurality of sheet processing devices, and an image forming system
Separating agent for use in a fuser mechanism
Image forming apparatus
Liquid developer and image forming apparatus
Optical head and multiplexing methods for reflection type holographic storage using spatial filtering
Methods and apparatuses for monitoring steam turbine valve assemblies
Method for estimating the food temperature inside a refrigerator cavity and refrigerator using such method
Load tap changer
Printer control apparatus and method
Color conversion definition creating method, profile creating method, color conversion definition creating apparatus, profile creating apparatus, color conversion definition creating program storage medium, and profile creating program storage medium
Imaging apparatus, system having imaging apparatus and printing apparatus, and control method therefor
Determining one or more profile parameters of a structure using optical metrology and a correlation between profile models and key profile shape variables
Method and apparatus for verifying a site-dependent procedure
Transmission screen
Method and device for issuing tickets to clients based on registration and restoration once a shutdown occurs
Beacon-based traffic control system
Process for visually validating identification badges
Method and/or apparatus for video watermarking and steganography using simulated film grain
Extracting a moving object boundary
System for image analysis in a network that is structured with multiple layers and differentially weighted neurons
Image forming apparatus, image processing method, program, and image processing apparatus
Intra-operative 3-D reconstruction of bone cement boli using X-rays
Image processing for vehicular applications
Method and device for the three-dimensional determination and digitization of a plaster-or positive-model
Object tracking method and object tracking apparatus
Medical image processing device method and program for displaying a section for a clinical application
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, imaging apparatus and image processing method
Providing a portion of an electronic mail message at a reduced resolution
Segmenting pixels in an image based on orientation-dependent adaptive thresholds
System and method for efficient feature estimation for medical images
Complete function graphing system and method
Signal processing device, method, and program
Method of monitoring medical item inventory
Gaming machine with interchangeable reel display arrangement
Frangible electronic sealing security system
Network status indicating circuit
Converging sheet, surface light source unit, and transmission type display
Simultaneous address and sustain of plasma-shell display
Display device and driving device for a light source
Pressure sensitive conductive sheet, method of manufacturing the same, and touch panel using the same
Plain display apparatus, display control circuit and display control method, that divide plural signal lines in blocks
Switch, image transmission apparatus, image transmission method, image display method, image transmitting program product, and image displaying program product
Color processing method and its apparatus
Ergonomic drumstick
Music practice supporting appliance
Electromagnetic transducer for instrument pickups
Recording medium having multiple magnetic layers
Method for fabricating a spacer layer for a magnetoresistive element
Magnetic recording disk drive with switchable compensation for mechanical and electrical disturbances
Disk drive to estimate repeatable runout (RRO) based upon on an optimal mean square estimation (MSE) learning method
Disk drive device and method for error recovery procedure therefor
Method for reducing off track head motion due to disk vibration in a hard disk drive through the head gimbal assembly
Optical disk apparatus
Method of preventing optical recording media from being fractured and apparatus thereof
Optical disk recording and reproducing device allowing simple and fast setting of an optimum record power
Device for reading and/or writing optical recording media
Optical head device
Multi-disc player testing apparatus and method
Objective lens, optical pickup, and optical information processing apparatus using the same
Method and system for fluid mediated disk activation and deactivation
Mastering device, disc manufacturing method, disc-shaped recording medium, disc reproduction device, and disc reproduction method
Semiconductor integrated circuit and manufacturing method therefor
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling semiconductor memory device
Logic process DRAM
Design structure for initializing reference cells of a toggle switched MRAM device
Method and device for stabilizing a steam dryer assembly in nuclear reactor pressure vessel
Heavy-duty circuit breaker with erosion-resistant short-circuit current routing
Carbon nanotube field emitter array and method for fabricating the same
Anti- reflective device having an anti-reflection surface formed of silicon spikes with nano-tips
Cassette assembly for manufacturing fluorescent lamps
Heat transfer structures
IC chip mounting method for mounting two or more IC chips by sequentially transferring the IC chips sucked onto a first roller to a second roller and mounting the IC chips transferred to the second roller on a traveling base
Angled implantation for removal of thin film layers
Flash memory device with stacked dielectric structure including zirconium oxide and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of forming contact hole of semiconductor device
Atomic layer deposition of barrier materials
Solid electrolytic capacitor, transmission-line device, method of producing the same, and composite electronic component using the same
Integrated circuit device package having both wire bond and flip-chip interconnections and method of making the same
Physical quantity sensor and manufacturing method therefor
Anodic bonding apparatus, anodic bonding method, and method of producing acceleration sensor
MOS type semiconductor device having electrostatic discharge protection arrangement
Image-pickup apparatus having a focus controller and an exposure controller
Charge coupled device having diverged channel
Doping mask and methods of manufacturing charge transfer image and microelectronic device using the same
Method and system for fabricating strained layers for the manufacture of integrated circuits
Semiconductor laser module improved in high frequency response
Semiconductor device
Ferroelectric memory device with a conductive polymer layer and a method of formation
Resistor of semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Gate pullback at ends of high-voltage vertical transistor structure
Image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Nitride-based semiconductor light emitting device and method for fabricating same
Resonator, ultrasonic die bonding head, and ultrasonic die bonding apparatus
Thin-film piezoelectric device and method of manufacturing the same
Battery separator and lithium secondary battery
Nano-composite electrodes and method of making the same
PEM fuel cell assembly formed of modular sub-assemblies
High-frequency distribution circuit for distributing high-frequency signal
Compact DTV receiving antenna
Methods and apparatus for improving wireless communication by antenna polarization position
Electrical connection elements provided in the AMC structure of an antenna arrangement
Switching schemes for multiple antennas
Electrical flex connector for mounting on a printed circuit board
Connector structure with a u-shaped cross section having a male terminal and a female terminal
Conductive contact
Dual-sided mounting bracket for electrical junction boxes
Sealing gap formed by assembled connector parts
Universal quick connector apparatus for an LCD monitor
Laser optical apparatus
Undervoltage warning method, undervoltage warning circuit and switching power supply
Redundant battery protection system and method
Brush-less type rotation detector shielding structure
Reducing output ripple from a switched mode power converter
Power conversion apparatus
Method and device for regulating a pump
Magnetizing motor and magnetizing method thereof
Power amplifier
Pre-amplifier for a receiver and a method therefor
System and method for controlling volume with a single knob
Apparatus and method for adjusting sound volume for televisions and other audio systems
Balun and electronic device using this
Transmission/reception apparatus for differential signals
Integrated circuit device including a spectrum spread clock generator, method for controlling the device, and ink-jet recording apparatus including the device
Bandpass filter with reversible IQ polarity to enable a high side or low side injection receiver architecture
System and method for standby mode in directional signal receiver
Cellular phone
Extensible multimedia application program interface and related methods
Method of geometric harmonic signal modulation
Optical communication management systems
Method for updating a location of a mobile communication terminal
Enhanced bluetooth communication system
Method and apparatus for rate compatible dirty paper coding
Network device test system and method for testing network device
Method and system for training sequences
Method and apparatus for pulse-amplitude equalization of rational harmonic mode-locked optical signal
System and method for generating flexible time slot in internal voice mail system
Receiving data from virtual channels
Device, network, and system for forwarding frames between geographically dispersed user networks
Packet classification using encoded addresses
Apparatus and method for fractional processing of cells in a communications system
Devices and methods of modulation and demodulation enabling the extension or replacement of a communications link, corresponding sender and receiver
System, method, and apparatus for correction of code doppler shift
Apparatus, method and computer program product providing a computationally efficient maximum likelihood joint synchronization and channel estimation algorithm
Method and system for preventing endless looping during telephone call set up
Multiple access internet portal revenue sharing
Systems and methods for phone call management
Enhanced directory assistance services in a telecommunications network
Transparent original reading apparatus and illuminating apparatus for reading apparatus
Page turning apparatus with a vacuum plenum and an adaptive air fluffer
Hard disk recorder
Signal processor, data processor, and solid state image sensor
Camera system with display for displaying superimposed information
Signal processing device and signal processing method, program, and recording medium
Driving method of solid-state image pickup device
Mobile terrestrial digital broadcast receiver
Reducing the resolution of media data
Method for assisting video compression in a computer system
Method a system for improving resolution in color image data generated by a color image sensor
System and method for three dimensional comb filtering
Method for detection of ultrasound in a listening device with two or more microphones, and listening device with two or more microphones
Idle mode handling in a hybrid GSM/CDMA network
Device, system, and method of selectively scanning a wireless communication band
Changing serving radio network controller for mobile terminal supporting multimedia broadcast services
Electronic circuit device
Etched vent screens
Cabinet for receiving and charging power to notebook computers
Expansion card retention assembly
Substrate unit, cooling device, and electronic device
Heat dissipation device
Heat dissipation device for expansion card and bracket thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Bale mover having simultaneously unloading side cradles
Chopping device in a combine
Underground sprinkler elevating apparatus and method
Game call
Device for separating bone material from a meat piece
Method and device for processing slaughtered poultry, as well as conveyor member for use in such a method and device
Elongated flexible tip for brassiere frames
Child's seat
Fastener tape material, bag utilizing fastener tape material, and method of manufacture thereof
Handbag interior illumination system
Dispenser for rod-like glue
Household cleaning equipment
Compact article for oral care
Modular furniture construction system
Easy to assemble members
Wardrobe door structure
Entertainment wardrobe with two-way mirror
Frameless sliding door system for a television cabinet stand
Inflatable furniture having independent air chambers
Motor driven rocking chair
Seat having seating face made of sheet resilient material
Shape-adjusting mechanism
Seat suspension arrangement and adjustment mechanism therefore
Lighted serving tray
Ornamental track toy
Relay lens assembly for a disposable arthroscope
Otoscope for examination and treatment of the ear
Method and test kit for oral sampling and diagnosis
Adjustable multi-purpose coronary stabilizing retractor
Aspiration system and method
Apparatus for percutaneous surgery
Expandable catheter having improved electrode design, and method for applying energy
Handheld corneal topography system
Infrared eye movement measurement device
Eye gaze direction tracker
Glucose concentration measuring method and apparatus
Method for non-invasive blood analyte measurement with improved optical interface
Body fluid sampler
Self-diagnostic blood pressure measuring apparatus
Calibrated measurement of blood vessels and endothelium after reactive hyperemia and method therefor
Barometric pressure sensor for use with implantable absolute pressure sensor
Method and instrument for examination of heart/arteries using microphones
Apparatus and method for chronic measurement of monophasic action potentials
KLT-based quality controlled compression of a single lead egg
Method and device for the recording, presentation and automatic classification of biomechanical load variables measured on a freely moving test person during a work shift
Viscosity measuring apparatus and method of use
Blood sampling device with vacuum tube
R/F and chest radiography compatible X-ray imaging table
Tomotherapy treatment table positioning device
Passive/non-invasive systemic and pulmonary blood pressure measurement
Dental turbine
Methods for use in dental articulation
Automated hands free oral cleansing device with bite block and computer control
Facebow with sighting structure
Bite registration tracing appliance with movable lower wing
Support post for use in dental implant system
Method and apparatus for a prosthetic ligament
Compression device
Absorbent articles with controllable fill patterns
Absorbent interlabial device comprising a fluid acquisition/transfer complex
Absorbent article having improved breathability
Absorbent article
Absorbent article
Method for use in laparoscopic hernia repair
Human shoulder brace
Lightweight custom-fitted body protective device
Medical or surgical appliance, in particular a urine collection device
Whip arm mounting for dental delivery system control head
Automobile seat with device for holding a human body
In-bed exercise machine and method of use
Suction device for use during medical procedures and the like
Method and apparatus for collecting surgical fluids
Manual breast pump
Blood pump with turbine drive
Dental anesthetic and delivery injection unit
Optimized high performance spiral-wound vascular catheter
Venous return catheter having multiple helical support members
Catheter having a multiple locking mechanism
Single operator exchange biliary catheter
Drain tube belt and shower pack kit
Medical luer connection having protective cap with crush rib
Needleless injection site
Overfill protection systems for implantable drug delivery devices
Radioactive stent and process for preparation thereof
Real time simulation using position sensing
Incline press apparatus for exercising regions of the upper body
Hand held drink dispenser
Motor for electric jogging device
Omni-directional treadmill
Detachable main frame for exercise machine
Muscle exercise and strengthening device
Folding collapsible exercising apparatus
Apparatus for exercising the face and neck
Hand, wrist and forearm exercise device
Exercise methods and apparatus
Swim fin
Golf ball with soft core
Golf ball with a cover which includes polyurethane rubber
Multi-layer golf ball
Apparatus for soccer training
Golf putter and method of putting
Large face golf club construction
Handlocking method of increasing a golf club's rotational force
Golf trolley wheel connection assembly
Golf tee
Hockey stick blade assembly
Putting practice system
Hockey puck for street and court play
Martial arts physical interaction device and method
Video game machine, method for guiding designation of character position, and computer-readable recording medium on which game program implementing the same method is recorded
Online gaming architecture
Learning block chair
Rocking device and bodily sensation simulation apparatus
Toy car structure
Wing motion toy figure using leg movement
Interconnectable space filling model
Device and process for producing effects
Performing Operations; Transporting
Capsule holder for rotary mixing device
Inertial tube indexer
Geocomposite capillary barrier drain
Material delivery system
Modular cutting tool assembly
Drilling tool for bores in solid material
Wood coring bit
Key duplication apparatus and method
Center cutting end mill
Substrate dicing method
Rotary driving device for press machine
Apparatus for the mechanical handling of pallets
Plate material carrying apparatus
Method and apparatus for cold-end processing full-lead crystal
Polishing machine
Dresser and dressing apparatus
Microelectronic substrate polishing systems, semiconductor wafer polishing systems, methods of polishing microelectronic substrates, and methods of polishing wafers
Concentric platens
Lapping and polishing fixture having flexible sides
Grinding method and grinding apparatus
Blasting media apparatus
Expandable abrasive belt for use with inflatable tool
Structure allowing free movement of a cable of an electric tool
Game dart flight grooming device
Device for receiving formwork elements for concrete building elements when manufacturing said building elements
Punching machine for cutting glass
Device for stable widthwise regulation of bulb angle in extrusion of sheets of heat-sensitive plastics through a calender opening formed by intake rollers
Shooting pot actuator for an injection molding machine
Mixing devices having an array of spaced apart mixing elements for intercepting a flowing stream of material and contoured to mix constituents in the stream
Blow moulding machine
Composite baseball bat with cavitied core
Stamp-making apparatus, as well as function changeover mechanism, exposure system and stamp-making object material-detecting device therefor
Printer with two working positions
Sheet supply apparatus with feed protrusions for skew correction
Recording apparatus
Automatic paper sensing technique for an ink jet printer
Recording apparatus and recording method
Droplet generator for a continuous stream ink jet print head
Portable camera with an ink jet printer and cutting blade
Electrostatic ink jet recorder
Ink jet device with a filter element
Ink jet printer
Ink-jet printing device having purging arrangement
Ink container, ink container holder for removably holding ink container, and ink container cap
Processing method for rewritable card and processing apparatus for the same
Tape printing apparatus and tape holding cases
Multicolor thermal transfer imaging process
Sensor hub for a print ribbon supply roll and method
Writing instrument having sanitary moistener
Pre-assembled unit for automotive vehicles
Fixing device for wheel seats of a baby stroller
System for attaching a wheel liner to a wheel using a clip
Mechanical locks for wheel covers
Glass mount for motor-vehicle window
Hydraulic drive cylinder
Integrated hydrostatic transaxle with controlled traction differential
Shift-on-move range system for full-time transfer case
Traction vehicle/wheel slip and slide control
Slide/fold/EZ entry seat mechanism
Vehicle seat having back reinforced against forward movement
Vehicle seat having removable life vests
Fold-up hoist for vehicle receiver
Truck deck mounted cargo handling apparatus with ground level loading and unloading position
Cargo restraining apparatus
Addressable vehicular lighting system
Vehicle headlight
Illumination device for motorized two wheel vehicles
Lighting apparatus and display apparatus having the same
Cargo area lighting system for trucks
Lighting device for motor vehicles
Sideview mirror with auxiliary lights
Fastening device
Method and apparatus for compactly folding an airbag for an airbag apparatus in motor vehicles
Connection between two components
Arrangement for avoiding an undesired braking operation of an electronic brake in a vehicle
Remote braking apparatus and method
Shipping system for stabilizing flexible loads
Quick release bicycle axle with theft-deterrent locking end cap
Bicycle antitheft control device, shifting device and shifting system
Folding propeller
Steering and reversing apparatus for waterjet propulsion systems
External electric drive propulsion module arrangement for swath vessels
Screen system for marine thrusters
Swash-plate device for controlling the pitch of rotor blades with non-rotating plate articulated on a central ball joint
Rotor blade with swivelling air flow control flap
Remote illumination system having a light output modifying apparatus
Method, apparatus and container for shipping printed matter
Particle-tolerating closure arrangement for reclosable bag and methods thereof
Segregated hazardous waste container system
Apparatus and method of automated fork repositioning
Container sweep for a palletizer and method
Storage arrangement for cores of a papermaking machine
Image forming apparatus
Multi-function lever for an industrial truck
Interactive graphics display system for a fuel dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Isolatable catalyst system suitable for the polymerization of C.sub.2 -C.sub.10 -alk-1-enes
Coal charging car for charging chambers in a coke-oven battery
Spray cooled furnace discharge assembly
Textiles; Paper
Fabric raising machine including positively rotatively controlled raising cylinders
Fixed Constructions
Fumes collection for an auger-type distributing device on an asphalt paver
Screeding method incorporating oscillating member
Method and apparatus for controllably avoiding an obstruction to a cold planer
Apparatus and method for installing a dynamometer pit in cementitious material
Masonry block for retaining and freestanding walls
Apparatus for mounting power cylinders for driving piers
Portable water tank and booster
Wastewater and effluent distribution system
Adjustable hinge assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Positive-displacement piston mechanism having a rotary piston structure
Displacement type fluid machine having rotation suppression of an orbiting displacer
Scroll thrust bearing
Pressure clamped hydraulic pump
Sealing apparatus for gas turbine
Seal active clearance control system for gas turbine stationary blade
Steam turbine different material welded rotor
Gas turbine moving blade
Tip shroud for moving blades of gas turbine
Kit of articles and method for assembling articles along a holder distance
Vehicle exhaust brake and control system
Equipment for pumping fuel from a storage tank to the internal-combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Fuel injection pump for an internal combustion engine
Method for operation of hydraulic turbine
Discharge valve system for linear compressor
Hermetic-type compressor
Capacitive sensing apparatus for sensing a plurality of operating parameters associated with a variable displacement piston pump
Air drive pumps and components therefor
Pneumatic pump and control means therefor
Vane pump
Scroll type compressor
Hermetic compressor with remote temperature sensing means
Gear pump having an inlet port aligned with the drive shaft
Internal gear pumps
Roller vane pump having a suction port through the cam ring
Self-priming type cetrifugal pump
Cooling apparatus for electrical equipment
Method for designing a pipeline system for transporting a fluid subject to deterioration at elevated pressure and elevated temperature
Feed pump
Fuel pump
Pumps for pumping molten metal
Blind aperture fastener
Screw for use as a fastener in fibrous material such as wood
Direct tension indicating washers
Coupling for inserting a soaking bar into a blast furnace tap hole
Independent wear indicator assembly for vehicular steering knuckles ball & socket joints and other similar devices
Ball joint
Ball joint
Self-aligning roller bearing
Ball spline unit and method of forming outer cylinder of ball spline unit
Bearing device
Ball bearing
Bearing unit
Switchable claw coupling
Impact universal joint
Ball lock mechanism
Power transmission apparatus
Friction roller type continuously variable transmission
Toroidal type continuously variable transmission
Variable diameter pulley for a transmission
Pulley structure of belt driven continuously variable transmission
Lock-up hystersis control device for a torque converter
Extendable legs for stands or similar appliances
Method for supporting a decorative light array
Decorating lamp device
Adjustable lamp
Spherical-form twist-lock globe holder for a post lamp
Lens retainer for lighted sign
Self-standing reflector for a luminaire and method of making same
Adjustable luminaire having pivotable lamp and reflector assembly
Mounting assembly for a light conduit lighting system
Flat light source device for illumination use
Surface light source device
Burner for operating a heat generator
Device for and method of burning a fuel in air
Combined drip preventing and fragrance dispensing candle holder
Chimney cover
Turbo jet lighter
Surgical cutting instrument
Process chart recorder with dot printing head
Protective cover for infrared thermometer
Measuring tip for a radiation thermometer
Apparatus for monitoring temperature of a power source
Integrated circuit test socket
Jaw blades for watthour meter socket adapter
Intravascular ultrasound enhanced image and signal processing
Optical transmission mechanism for mount chip and chip mounting
Method and apparatus for providing a flexible splint splice
Optical connector housing holder
Snap lock connector for optical fiber systems
Plug connector for light waveguides and method for the manufacture thereof
Elastic hinge for eyeglasses
Apparatus and method for producing collimated light from an area source
Camera or apparatus adapted to use film cartridge or device applicable to such camera or apparatus
Shutter assembly
Heat developing method and apparatus for heat development
Apparatus and a method for processing photographic material
Processing photographic material
Automatic controller
Computer monitor privacy partition
System and method for system level and circuit level modeling and design simulation using C++
Keyboard device having plurality of keyswitches
Circuit implementations for asynchronous processors
Gain determination method and gaming apparatus
Wagering system and method of wagering
Protective sheet mount structure for display
Device for teaching electrostatic principles
Visual display system for producing a continuous virtual image
Housing frame for illuminated signs having multiple configurations
Storage container for compact disks
Method for manufacturing an image forming apparatus
Flow control apparatus for a semiconductor manufacturing wet bench
Wafer cassette rotation mechanism
Device for loading/unloading modular IC to/from socket in modular IC handler
Mechanical interface apparatus
Apparatus for and method of transferring substrates
Battery terminal contactor
Connecting plate for a battery holder
Battery terminal post connector
Electric storage battery connector assembly
Electrical connector
Electrical connector having reliably secured shield
Electrical card connector
Surface mounted electrical connector
Electrical card connector
One piece terminal
Female terminal
Electrical contact for termination to flat conductive member
Electrical connector
Bifurcated contact with a connecting member that can add redundant contact points to single point connectors
Electrical connector
Waterproof connector and method for assembling same
Contact pin having anchoring wings in opposite directions, and connector elements
Double locking member for a connector
Locking electrical connector housing member
Shielded pin connector and shield
Water-proof socket adapter design
Circuit board based cable connector
Card edge connector
Self-tightening electrical connection unit
Anti-decoupling arrangement for an electrical connector
Electrical connector system
Device for connecting two components
Card ejection device and a card connector using the same
Card edge connector with movable key
Coaxial connectors with integral electronic components
Electrical connection device with a switch
IDC connector having EMI shield
Connector shield
Modular jack with side mounted light emitting diode
Filtered electrical connector with multiple ferrite members
Electrical connector
Electrical connector with electrically conductive plates
Electronic connector adapter with power input
Pivoting wire carrier for aerial drop wire and terminal therefor
Strain relief mechanism for an insulation displacement connector
One-piece insulation piercing insert
Overmolded connector and method for manufacturing same
Shielded-electric-wire connection part structure
Screened cable terminating ferrule
Cable closure
Multimode video controller for ultrasound and X-ray video exchange system
Projector for modulating polarized luminous flux
Component conveying device and method
Chip-type circuit element mounting apparatus
Electrical connector
IC socket having standoffs
Numerical control device
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