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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Transgenic animals, cell lines derived therefrom, and methods for screening for anti-amyloidogenic agents
Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor antagonists
Pyridopyrazines and the use thereof as kinase inhibitors
External plaster containing 4-biphenylacetic acid
Flowable nondigestible oil and process for making
Compositions for vaginal treatment
Intratesticular injection of chemical sterilant
Small peptides for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other beta-amyloid protein fibrillogenesis disorders
Methods of treating intestinal ischemia using heparin-binding epidermal growth factor
Peptide and peptide mimetic derivatives with integrin-inhibitors properties II
Granulated decontamination formulations
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multiple speed modes for an electrophotographic device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dielectric composition and dielectric film element
Biologically active complex
Process and apparatus for detecting a loss of reaction in a hydrocarbon conversion reaction
4-(substituted cycloalkylmethyl) imidazole-2-thiones, 4-(substituted cycloalkenylmethyl) imidazole-2-thiones, 4-(substituted cycloalkylmethyl) imidazol-2-ones, 4-(substituted cycloalkenylmethyl) imidazol-2-ones and related compounds
Substituted cyclohexane-1,4-diamine compounds
Organometallic complex, luminescent solid, organic EL element and organic EL display
Ion exchange chromatography of proteins and peptides
Process for the (co-)polymerization of ethylene in the gas phase
Compositions and methods for reducing the viscosity of a fluid
Glassware corrosion inhibitor
Textiles; Paper
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Manual-powered generator and assemblies therewith
Combined food and food-plate warming device
Method of measuring overlay
Positional transducer and motor driven gear changer for a bicycle
Method for the interferometric measurement of non-rotationally symmetric wavefront errors
Coherent photothermal interferometric spectroscopy system and method for chemical sensing
Apparatus for polarization-specific examination, optical imaging system, and calibration method
Method and system for real-time fluorescent determination of trace elements
Personal identification system
Emission filter X-Y array
Apparatus and methods for analyzing samples
Inspection method and apparatus using charged particle beam
Electrical connecting method
Closed-grid bus architecture for wafer interconnect structure
Method for shunt detection in sensors
Resonator based spectrum analyzer and method
Sensor and apparatus for measuring the flow electric potential
Semiconductor device test probe
Probe of under side of component through opening in a printed circuit board
Inspection system, inspection method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Adjustable test head docking apparatus
Test apparatus and method for testing circuit units to be tested
Apparatus and methods for detecting and locating signals
Positioning system
Downhole component with multiple transmission elements
Projection objective of a microlithographic exposure apparatus
Optical filter and optical instrument
Zoom lens and imaging system incorporating it
Zoom lens and image acquisition apparatus incorporating the same
Optical scanning unit and image forming apparatus
Machine for optical assistance in reading checks
Optical transmitter
Active night vision thermal control system using wavelength-temperature characteristic of light source
Translucent reflective type liquid crystal display
Color filter substrate and method for fabricating thereof
Optical bodies containing cholesteric liquid crystal material and methods of manufacture
Image shifting device, image display, liquid crystal display, and projection image display
Ultraviolet laser apparatus and exposure apparatus using same
Vertical platter system for dividing a 35 mm cinematographic film and increasing the number of starting times of the film in several theatres in a multiplex cinema with a single copy description
Fresnel lens sheet, transmission screen provided with the same and rear projection display
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Fixing apparatus
Discharge lamp lighting device and projection type image display apparatus having the same
DC/DC converter
Voltage regulated charge pump with regulated charge current into the flying capacitor
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and a contactless electronic device
Keypad of portable wireless terminal and fabrication method thereof
Portable computer having adjustable display
Color Processing method and image processing apparatus
Method for implementing multiple power-up graphics in a single computer platform, and computer platform and storage medium therefor
Printing apparatus, printing method, image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium, and program
Highlevel active pen matrix
Output control apparatus, output control system, output control method, computer-readable recording medium, and computer program for communicating with a plurality of printing apparatuses
Method and system for pixel bus signaling in CMOS image sensors
Method for video format detection
Medical visible image generating method
Method for suppressing ghost image artifacts in x-ray device for performing this method
Active color correction to compensate for near field color cast
Method and apparatus for digital image manipulation to remove image blemishes
Image data output apparatus and image data output program storage medium
System and method for lossless video coding
Image encoding method, image encoding apparatus and storage medium
Skew detection
System and method for preparing an image corrected for the presence of a gravity induced distortion
Remote authentication system
Computer graphics system and computer-implemented method for generating smooth feature lines for subdivision surfaces
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Device and method for alerting a runner when a new pair of running shoes is needed
Light emitting device and drive method thereof
Light emitting device and method of driving the same
Driving device, display apparatus using the same, and driving method therefor
Method of driving a display, display, and computer program therefor
Gate driving apparatus
Display device
Keyboard system with automatic correction
Method and system for scaling images
Accelerated data navigation
Video signal skew
Marching bass drum supporting structure, marching bass drum, and carrier
Maximized sound pickup switching apparatus for a string instrument having a plurality of sound pickups
Library apparatus and cartridge therefor
Recording medium and apparatus for protecting copyrighted digital data
Optical disc apparatus
Data reliability improvement at low temperature
Method of feedback control for active damping of slider air bearing vibrations in a hard disk drive slider
Magnetic recording disk and process for manufacture thereof
Magnetic head spin valve structure with CoFeCu magnetic layer and ZnO.sub.x/TaO.sub.x cap layer
Transducer-level microactuator for a magnetic recording system
Dual-stage actuator disk drive with optimal location of the movable portion of the secondary actuator
Method and apparatus for recognizing optical discs, optical disc drive, and method and apparatus for distinguishing data storage layer
Tracking error detection device and tracking error detection method for optical disk apparatus
Method, apparatus, and computer readable medium including computer readable code for erasing information recorded on a rewritable recording medium and medium resulting therefrom
Magnetic random access memory and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic memory device, sense amplifier circuit and method of reading from magnetic memory device
Multiple power supplies for the driving circuit of local word line driver of DRAM
Dynamic RAM storage techniques
Column defect detection in a content addressable memory
Method and system for hard failure repairs in the field
Implementation of a fusing scheme to allow internal voltage trimming
Programmable logic device memory elements with elevated power supply levels
Smart memory read out for power saving
Method and circuit for elastic storing capable of adapting to high-speed data communications
Power savings in active standby mode
Output circuit that turns off one of a first circuit and a second circuit
Method and device for testing semiconductor memory devices
Semiconductor storage device precharging/discharging bit line to read data from memory cell
Semiconductor memory having dummy bit line precharge/discharge circuit
Memory device with improved temperature-sensor circuit
Diagnostic resonant cavity for a charged particle accelerator
Press-fit sealed electronic component and method for producing the same
Cable with dual layer jacket
Printed circuit board including embedded resistor and method of fabricating the same
Encapsulated package for a magnetic device
Coil-embedded dust core
Refractory metal nickel electrodes for capacitors
Electronic device having a modularized press key
Image forming apparatus
Beam space-charge compensation device and ion implantation system having the same
Process for improving the emission of electron field emitters
Application of impressed-current cathodic protection to prevent metal corrosion and oxidation
Article comprising an oxide layer on a GaAs-based semiconductor structure and method of forming same
Method for forming a metallization layer
Method for processing interior of vapor phase deposition apparatus, method for depositing thin film and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Dielectric barrier layer for increasing electromigration lifetimes in copper interconnect structures
Electronic module, panel having electronic modules which are to be divided up, and process for the production thereof
Hydrophobic foamed insulators for high density circuits
Silicon chip carrier with conductive through-vias and method for fabricating same
Multichip module for LOC mounting and method for producing the multichip module
Semiconductor component and method for fabricating
Semiconductor system functioning as thyristor in on-state, and as bipolar transistor in transient state or with overcurrent
Diode and method for manufacturing the same
Series interconnected optoelectronic device module assembly
Structure and method for fabricating a bond pad structure
Power semiconductor device
Trench metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors integrated with middle-of-line metal contacts, and method of fabricating same
Metal-oxide-semiconductor varactors
Image sensor with microcrystalline germanium photodiode layer
Body potential imager cell
Wavelength-converting casting composition and white light-emitting semiconductor component
Electronic devices containing organic semiconductor materials
Bondable fluoropolymer film as a water block/acoustic window for environmentally isolating acoustic devices
High frequency line-to-waveguide converter and high frequency package
Single aperture monopulse antenna
Tunable photonic band gap structures for microwave signals
Semiconductor laser
Externally aligned laser module
Method and apparatus for controlling the output of a gas discharge laser system
Wide tuneable laser sources
Fastener for electrical conduits and tubes
Method and device for non-contact energy transmission
Protection method, control circuit, and battery unit
Redundant input power system
Split-pole field-match motor
Moving magnet type linear slider
Spindle motor and disk drive device
Frame unit of compressor and manufacturing method thereof
Magnetic bearing system
Amperage control for protection of battery over current in power tools
Frequency synthesizer with on-chip inductor
Oscillation circuit capable of having stable oscillation in wide temperature range
System and method for transitioning between modulation formats in adjacent bursts triggering on data flow
Triple cascode power amplifier of inner parallel configuration with dynamic gate bias technique
Transistor integrated circuit apparatus
System and method for linearizing a CMOS differential pair
Technique for minimizing decision feedback equalizer wordlength in the presence of a DC component
Driver for switching device
Clock circuitry for programmable logic devices
System and method for creating replacements for obsolete computer chips
Reconfigurable IC that has sections running at different looperness
Input buffer with selectable threshold and hysteresis option
Modular interconnect circuitry for multi-channel transceiver clock signals
Reconfigurable fir filter
Method for configurably enabling pulse clock generation for multiple signaling modes
Prevention of the propagation of jitters in a clock delay circuit
Circuits and methods for reducing static phase offset using commutating phase detectors
Cross-coupled folding circuit and analog-to-digital converter provided with such a folding circuit
Digital-to-analog converting circuit
Using language models to expand wildcards
Narrowband interference excision device
Zero overhead back channel for adaptive transmit filter updates in SerDes transceivers
Estimation method of flat fading channel in CDMA communication system and apparatus for the same
Method for transmitting data between a base station and a transponder
Method for isochronous resource management in a network based on hiperlan 2 technology
Apparatus and method for distributing power in an HSDPA system
Communications system, communications control apparatus and method, and computer program therefor
Hybrid walsh encoder and decoder for CDMA
Apparatus and method for tracking a phase of a pseudo-random noise (PN) sequence of a pilot signal in a mobile terminal
Method for managing resources of a link in a communication network
TCP processing apparatus of base transceiver subsystem in wired/wireless integrated network and method thereof
Packet classification method
On chip network
Ethernet-to-ATM interworking that conserves VLAN assignments
Processor with script-based performance monitoring
Method and apparatus for reordering entries in a multi probe lookup
Recognition scheme for moderating wireless protocols
Short cell multiplexer
System and method for creating and using unique packet preambles for data communication
Onboard RAM based FIFO with pointers to buffer overhead bytes of synchronous payload envelopes in synchronous optical networks
Method and apparatus for co-socket telephony
Carrier recovery apparatus
Device, system and method for blind format detection
Maximum likelihood sequence estimator which computes branch metrics in real time
Viterbi decoder
Adaptation algorithm based on signal statistics for automatic gain control
Two-stage non-linear filter for analog signal gain control in an OFDM receiver
Method and system for using a portion of a digital good as a substitution box
Cryptographic combiner using two sequential non-associative operations
Stream cipher encryption application accelerator and methods thereof
System and method for voice mail service in an environment having multiple voice mail technology platforms
IP telephone apparatus and IP telephone system
Providing calling party information in a request to establish a call session
Communications system and method
Recording device
Image printing apparatus, image printing system and control method
Stochastic halftone screening method
Stereoscopic image processing and display system
Adjusting pixel clock
Image sensing apparatus, information processing apparatus, control method for these apparatuses, image processing apparatus and method, and image processing system
Image processing system, method and program for image sensing using plural image sensing devices, wirelessly transmitting plural image data and processing the image data
Chrominance signal demodulation apparatus
Picture segment coding with motion prediction
Electroacoustic transducer with built in transducer circuit
Vibrating plate of dynamic microphone, method of manufacturing the vibrating plate and dynamic microphone comprising the same
Device, apparatus, method and assembly for coupling an electrical component with a circuit board
Resistor for controlling a fan motor rotating speed for use in an air conditioner
Integrated circuit cooling system including heat pipes and external heat sink
Secure device for a heat dissipating component
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Evaporation device for volatile substances
Fundus photographing device
Systems and methods for acquiring and analyzing electrograms in myocardial tissue
Detection of abnormal and induction of normal heat rate variability
Design evaluation method, equipment thereof, and goods design method
Glove-mounted hybrid probe for tissue type recognition
X-ray diagnostic device for producing computed tomography and radioscopic exposures
Prioritized rule based method and apparatus for diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias
X-ray target assembly and radiation therapy systems and methods
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vibration speaker
Aperture and optical device using the same
Beam delivery system for molecular fluorine (F2) laser
Reflective LCD projection system using wide-angle Cartesian polarizing beam splitter
Semiconductor integrated circuit, ink cartridge having the semiconductor integrated circuit, and inkjet recording device having the ink cartridge attached
Integrated optics beam deflectors and systems
Image forming apparatus and method for correcting density level of pixel data corresponding to each dot in a dot image
Control system for paper feeding apparatus and/or paper discharging apparatus
Article comprising wedge-shaped electrodes
Microelectromechanical structure comprising distinct parts mechanically connected through a translation/rotation conversion assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fiber optic faceplate
Textiles; Paper
Image forming apparatus for forming images with primary and secondary image data
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electromagnet support system
Induction heating furnace and bottom tapping mechanism thereof
Measuring apparatus
Apparatus for measuring depth and gradient of trench in semiconductor device and method thereof
Precision 3D scanner base and method for measuring manufactured parts
Telescope for geodetic instruments, particularly for video tachymeters
Deformed map automatic generation system including automatic extraction of road area from a block map and shape deformation of at least one road area drawn in the map
Electroluminescent lighting device for a dial
Optical interaction device
Fiber optic light mixer
Method and apparatus for improved fiber optic light management
Thin film fiber optic electrode sensor array and apparatus
Apparatus for X-ray analysis with a simplified detector motion
Apparatus for analysing a sample
Method and apparatus for assessing material properties of sheet-like materials
S/N measuring circuit and method, transmitting electric power control apparatus and digital communicating system
Zoom lens system and photographic device equipped therewith
Zoom lens system and a zoom lens barrel therefor
Viewfinder optical system
Focusing drive for optical instruments
Optical probe having and methods for difuse and uniform light irradiation
Using crystalline materials to control the thermo-optic behavior of an optical path
Total internal reflection optical switch
Vibration-resisting structure of optical scanner
Objective lens and optical head for optical disc drive
Head-mounted display
Transmitter using uniform intensity transmission for a wireless optical communication system
Folding prism stereoscope
Optically multiplexed hand-held digital binocular system
Volumetric three-dimensional display architecture
High isolation optical switch, isolator or circulator having thin film polarizing beam-splitters
Optical head
Mounting and alignment structures for optical components providing optical axis direction deformation
Trimodal microlens
Large area micro-structure template for creation of closely packed arrays
Optical diffraction grating structure with reduced polarization sensitivity
System for making a hologram of an image by manipulating object beam characteristics to reflect image data
Diffraction grating having multiple gratings with different cycles for generating multiple beams and optical pickup using such diffraction grating
Dispersion-shifted optical fiber
Multi-clad black display panel
Design of low insertion loss, single-mode polymeric waveguides
WDM channel equalization and control
Profile matching fiber patchcord for fundamental mode excitation in graded-index multimode fiber
V-shaped optical coupling structure
Multi-material structure with reduced polarization dependent loss and method therefor
Method, system and apparatus for chromatic dispersion compensation utilizing a gires-tournois interferometer
Optical fiber grating element, production method, and optical fiber filter
Fiber-coupled microsphere laser
Multiple wavelength optical interferometer switch
Optical switch
Distributed filter for DWDM cascade device using Mach-Zehnder interferometers
Optical switch, method of manufacturing same, and optical communication equipment using same
System and method for the vacuum assisted insertion of optical fibers
Single wavelength semiconductor laser with grating-assisted dielectric waveguide coupler
Optical fiber connector monitor apparatus
Laser diode assembly
Optical interface arrangement
Fiber optic cable segregation and slack storage apparatus and method
Strain relief device with bend limiter and slack storage
Communication cable having reduced jacket shrinkage
Optical cable
Indoor/outdoor optical cables
Variable fiber count optical fiber cable core
Blank module with conduit retainer
Optical fiber cable inlet device
Lens barrel having a plurality of lens frames which are relatively movable in forward and backward directions
Range finder device having mode for removing steady light components and mode for not removing steady light components
Discrete element light modulating microstructure devices
Color-stabilized electrochromic devices
Stepped acoustic impedance-matching transformer for very narrow channel acoustic traveling wave lens waveguide
Optical image reject down converter
Camera with blur reducing function
Lens drive control apparatus
Shutter release unit having multiple functions
Photometry device
Narrow band excimer or molecular fluorine laser with adjustable bandwidth
Image forming electrophotography apparatus and magnetic developing unit
Electrophotographic apparatus, main unit and sub-unit, both for use in the electrophotographic apparatus, and method of identifying the sub-unit
Techniques for achieving correct order in printer output
System and method for duplex printing
System to communicate information from a plurality of machines to a remotely located receiver
Recycle information system and image forming apparatus for recycling
Dynamic end-seal for toner development unit
Liquid electrophotographic imaging system with a maximized solid toner ratio
Full-color image forming apparatus with belt-shaped transfer member
Device for applying decors and/or characters on glass, glass ceramics and ceramics products
Image forming apparatus having transfer member for carrying a recording medium
Fixing apparatus in which heating conditions can be changed in accordance with temperature of releasing oil
Refreshing a sticky cleaner for a fuser
Upgradeable imaging systems with configurable printing routines
Computer displays
Portable personal computer having a camera mounted thereon
Stabilization mechanism for limiting rotational vibration in a module enclosure
Sub rack based vertical housing for computer systems
Enhanced arrangement for securing two mating components together
Cooling system for electronic device
On-line switch diagnostics
Queuing structure and method for prioritization of frames in a network switch
Collaborative network navigation synchronization mechanism
Method of protection of data transmission according to both data specific protection data and additional protection data
Telephone terminal and telephone exchange system accommodating the terminal
Semiconductor apparatus
Output control method and apparatus
Video data transfer apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and contactless electronic device
System and method for deriving a string-based representation of a fingerprint image
Method for reading and sorting documents
System and method of optically inspecting structures on an object
Mobile e-mail document transaction service
Interactive electronic ordering for telecommunications products and services
Digital authentication with digital and analog documents
Enhancing operations of video tape cassette players
Image processing apparatus, information processing apparatus and printer
Apparatus and method for identifying the location of a coding unit
Generating image data
Method and system of saturation management of radiographic image
Object detector
Problem area location in an image signal
Method of isomorphic singular manifold projection still/video imagery compression
Efficient down conversion system for 2:1 decimation
Conjugate-channel compression of images to be multitoned
Method of relocating wavelet packet coefficient
Methods, apparatuses and program recording media for image coding and image decoding
Image decoding apparatus using pixel values from at least three references pixels
Image decoding apparatus using pixel values from at least three reference pixels
Picture decoder for a picture transmission system
Signature matching
Image reading device
System and method for interactive on-demand information
Color picture display apparatus using hue modification to improve picture quality
Method and apparatus for providing 64-bit YUV to RGB color conversion
Signal noise reduction by time-domain spectral subtraction using fixed filters
Disc clamping device with self lock elements
Vibratory feeder for dispensing balance correction members for securing to a disc drive disc pack
Disc player
Cover member and method for an optical disc drive
System for discriminating optical discs
Data structure for representing a program containing components organized in a series of data blocks
Motor speed observer for data protection in a disc drive
Computer system comprising a host connected to a disk drive employing state variable trap registers for providing stored servo and user data state variables to sampled-data channel
Storage device
Hard drive with format calculator for generating sector numbers on track
Method of recording information in phase-change recording medium and recording medium for use in the method
Clock signal generating system
Method and apparatus for reproducing ciphered data
Method and apparatus for adaptive feedforward cancellation
Non-contact magnetic latch for disc drive actuator
Disc drive with wear-resistant ramp coating of carbon nitride or metal nitride
Ramp for information recording disk apparatus
Cross texture head disc interface
Disc cartridge
Recording disk drive and method of assembling the same
Method and system for audio data collection and management
Method and apparatus for changing phase of video program material taken from 24 frame per second film
Write head fault detection with small threshold
Optical information recording and reproducing system with overwrite capability and recording medium for use therewith
Disk drive enclosure with disk holders
Membrane locking device for selectively immobilizing disk drive spindle
Methods and apparatus for dampening vibration of a disk drive
Hard disk drive mounting system and method
Write head with switchable impedance and method for operating same
Recording equalizer and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus using the equalizer
Thin film magnetic head with self-aligned pole tips
Thin film read head structure with improved bias magnet-to-magnetoresistive element interface and method of fabrication
Thin-film magnetic head and magnetic storage apparatus using the same
Thin film magnetic head with interlayers of multi-layer poles widening to a constant width portion at a receded distance
Head support mechanism in magnetic card reader
Thin-film magnetic head provided with leader section composed of good conductor extending from coil to terminal region and method of making the same
System for improved assembly and manufacture of miniature data recording devices and head stack assemblies
ESD shunt
Trace interconnect array having increased bandwidth by selective etching of traces and dielectric substrate
Conductive coating of flexible circuits for ils transmission lines
Ground device of head drum apparatus
Positive coupling of piezoelectric devices in disk drive suspensions
Disc-drive mounting method and apparatus to reduce noise
Servo system for disk-flutter in rotating storage systems
Drive heads for storage media drive with displaced pair of sensors
Magnetic disc apparatus and magnetic head in which a recording/reproduction element is mounted on a slider via a piezoelectric element
Optical disc authentication using alternate data modulation encoding schemes
Edge detection for servo signals in optical storage system
Optical recording and reproducing methods for optical disk
Information recording apparatus for recording a recording signal and a dummy signal added to a leading and/or trailing side of the recording signal
Optical disk and optical disk apparatus
Optical recording medium
Optical recording medium capable of assuring sufficient levels of signals required for reading/writing data, and stamper for manufacture of the same
Optical information recording medium and an optical information recording/reproduction device
Read focus optimization for an optical disk drive
Laser drive unit and information recording/reproducing apparatus
Optical pickup, information recording apparatus and information reproducing apparatus
Optical lens system comprising two more than half-spherical lenses
Magneto-resistive memory having sense amplifier with offset control
Nonvolatile solid-state memory device using magnetoresistive effect and recording and reproducing method of the same
MRAM configuration
Magnetoresistive memory and method for reading a magnetoresistive memory
Data read-out circuit, data read-out method, and data storage device
Semiconductor memory device
Retention time of memory cells by reducing leakage current
Semiconductor memory device with reduced current consumption in data hold mode
Synchronous dynamic random access memory
Multi-value semiconductor memory device with write verify circuit
Non-volatile read only memory and its manufacturing method
Use of search lines as global bitlines in a cam design
Method and apparatus for testing a CAM addressed cache
Programmable microelectronic devices and method of forming and programming same
Programming a phase-change memory with slow quench time
Integrated circuit having an EEPROM and flash EPROM
Method for programming NAND-type flash memory device using bulk bias
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with writing sequence enabling early-stage judgement of writing
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device capable of correctly reading selected memory cell and read method
Method of reading two-bit memories of NROM cell
Boosted voltage generating circuit and semiconductor memory device having the same
Memory row line driver circuit
Method of programming a non-volatile memory cell using a vertical electric field
Precision programming of nonvolatile memory cells
Memory module having buffer for isolating stacked memory devices
Circuit module
Test circuit for semiconductor integrated circuit which detects an abnormal contact resistance
Oxide protection for a booster circuit
Integrated memory having memory cells and reference cells, and operating method for such a memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device
Single-event upset tolerant latch for sense amplifiers
Semiconductor memory device having a second voltage supplier supplying transfer gates with a second voltage higher than a first voltage
Integrated circuit memory devices having multiple input/output buses and precharge circuitry for precharging the input/output buses between write operations
Circuit configuration for reading and writing information at a memory cell field
Semiconductor device
Digital delay, digital phase shifter
Circuit for managing the transfer of data streams from a plurality of sources within a system
Semiconductor memory
Treatment method of nuclear reactor internal component
Siphon water rods
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Bypass circuit with buried isolated electrode
Electric double layer capacitor and method for producing the same
Sealing device for electrolytic capacitor and method
Ground fault current interrupter/arc fault current interrupter circuit breaker with fail safe mechanism
Anode target for X-ray tube and X-ray tube therewith
X-ray tube having an integral housing assembly
Penetrating type X-ray tube and manufacturing method thereof
Electrostatic wafer chuck, and charged-particle-beam microlithography apparatus and methods comprising same
Thermally conductive electronic device case
Heat sink and mounting structure for heat sink
Compact heat sink module
Heat dissipating device adapted to be applied to a flip chip device
Package substrate
High-frequency module and method of manufacturing the same
Electronic module having a three dimensional array of carrier-mounted integrated circuit packages
Single-electron memory
Vertical cavity apparatus with tunnel junction
Vertical cavity apparatus with tunnel junction
Moving mechanism having a positioning mechanism and electronic device with the moving mechanism
Method for testing a radiocommunications network, corresponding device and base station
Telephone terminal connection cover
Simultaneous single mode and multi-mode propagation of signals in a double clad optical fiber
System and method for suppressing multimoding behavior of lasers
Optical fiber transmission system with chromatic dispersion compensation
Optical semiconductor module having a capability of temperature regulation
Semiconductor laser
Surface-emitting laser device
Semiconductor light emitting device
Light amplifying device
Polarization independent-type semiconductor optical amplifier
Method and apparatus for supplying data and power to panel-supported components
Power controller
Power factor correction (PFC) circuit that eliminates an inrush current limit circuit
Feedforward clamping applied to the control voltage in switch mode power supplies (SMPS)
High efficiency DC-DC power converter
Voltage regulator
Multiphase zero-volt-switching resonant DC-DC regulator
Switching mode power supply device with detection of malfunctioning
Time compensated current ramp for resonant power converters
DC/DC converter
Relay circuit for controlling an inductive load
Digital device and method for filtering, decimation and transposition into distributed baseband and corresponding digital modulator
Efficient multichannel filtering for CDMA modems
Adaptive filtering system and method
Method and apparatus for programmable pulse width modulated signal generation with period and duty cycle values updated with controlled relative timing
Delay compensation
Signal receiving device and radio transmission device and radio transmission method
Method and apparatus for achieving demodulation in radio communications system using M-sequence orthogonal modulation
Spreading code estimating apparatus and spreading code estimating method
Optical transmission system having an optical surge suppression function
Modulating and demodulating method and transmitting method of control apparatus and control apparatus
Multi-directional infrared port and methods of using same
Circuit arrangement for the operation of wavelength division multiplexing
System for optically transmitting frequency-division-multiplexed signal and transmitter therefor
Wavelength monitor using hybrid approach
Electrical detector for adaptive control of chromatic dispersion in optical systems
Method and apparatus for communicating a clock signal in a soliton optical transmission system
Frequency control method in a CDMA communication system for preventing deterioration in communication quality despite failure to control of transmission power in a mobile station
Detecting faults in subscriber telephone lines
Radio communication system, mobile station apparatus, base station apparatus, and transmission power control method
Power control apparatus and method with interference reduction during soft handoff in CDMA cellular communication systems
Path searched device and CDMA receiver with the same
Secure satellite communications system
Activity based resource assignment medium access control protocol
Random access control channel gain control and time slot recovery for remote in-band translator in time division multiple access wireless system
Method and apparatus for AM digital broadcasting
Wireless surround sound speaker system
Synchronization and downconversion in TDM/TDMA systems
Wavelength dispersion compensation apparatus in wavelength multiplex transmission system
Optical communications terminal station, optical signal transmission method, and optical signal increasing method in wavelength multiplexing system
Upgrading optical communications systems without traffic interruption
Non-blocking wavelength router architecture with wavelength reuse capability
Content-based multiplexer device and multiplexing method
Multi-band receiver having multi-slot capability
Methods and apparatus for decoding data
System and method for performing combined multi-rate convolutional coding
Method for managing received data in complex digital cellular terminal
Frame erasure for digital data transmission systems
Method and apparatus for maintaining randomly accessible copy number information on a network switch
Network system and communication device
Method and device for configuring a link
Method and apparatus for implementing an ethernet protocol using three wires
Cell switch module with unit cell switching function
Static switched virtual circuits in a connection oriented network
Apparatus for transmitting delay sensitive information over IP over frame relay
Shared buffer memory architecture for asynchronous transfer mode switching and multiplexing technology
Method and apparatus for managing communication resources using bootstrap slots
Packet network route selection method and apparatus using a bidding algorithm
Method and apparatus for maximizing memory throughput
Method and system for enhancing communications efficiency in data communications networks
Data packet switching apparatus
Method and apparatus for adjusting the local service policy within an ATM switch based on non-ATM protocol service parameters
Method and system for unloading T1 payloads from ATM cells
Communications network
Providing admission control and network quality of service with a distributed bandwidth broker
Crossbar switching matrix with broadcast buffering
ATM communications system and ATM testing method
Exclusion list of senders to an autonomous system
Apparatus for transmitting cells between ATM layer and physical layer and method therefor
Methods and apparatus for fairly arbitrating contention for an output port
Managing priorities for routing calls in a telecommunication network
Method and apparatus for supporting radio acknowledgement information for a uni-directional user data channel
Method and system for interfacing systems unified messaging with legacy systems located behind corporate firewalls
Method and apparatus for connecting to a packet based communication system
Signal output system
OFDM channel estimation in the presence of interference
Partially-parrallel trellis decoder apparatus and method
Information generation for coherent demodulation of differentially encoded signals
Method and apparatus for VCO modulation in a communication system
Distortion compensating device
Quarter-rate 2B1Q ISDN architecture with embedded differential delay compensation for extending range of DDS communications
Modems, methods, and computer program products for recovering from errors in a tone reversal sequence between two modems
RF modem apparatus
Decoding of a biphase modulated bitstream and relative self-synchronizing frequency divider with noninteger ratio
Method and apparatus for efficient correlation detection
Apparatus for receiving and recovering frequency shift keyed symbols
Wireless communication system and method for synchronization
System and method for transmitting special marker symbol
Methods and devices for estimating QAM symbol sequences over flat fading channels using multiple offset sequences
Personal information system using proximity-based short-range wireless links
Method and apparatus for high bandwidth multi-source interconnection using point-to-point buses
Detectable of intrusions containing overlapping reachabilities
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving information in a time slot
Method for transmitting an additional data signal and a useful data signal in an optical network
Method and apparatus employing cutback probe
Multi-media data accessing and sending system
Method of processing a fax/voice call
Multifunctional apparatus for transferring and receiving facsimile data and communication data by using an integrated service digital network
Apparatus and method for an inbound telemetry device to sense telephone line status
Packet telephone system
Pricing center for internet protocol routed transactions
Card pay telephone with speed dialing
Control of power supply to subcribers in digital switch board with respect to data-communication calls
Apparatus and method for improving the user interface of integrated voice response systems
Call routing based on local status evaluation
Dynamic concentration of announcement circuits
System and method for simulating telephone use in a network telephone system
Methods and apparatus for providing volume control in communicating systems including a linear echo canceler
Scanner with a built-in microcontroller
Image reading apparatus
Image-scanning module for downsizing image-scanning devices
Image sensor chip and image reading device provided with it
Film scanner
Methods for preventing and detecting message collisions in a half-duplex communication system
Recovery of bit-rotated frames during facsimile transmissions in a global system for mobile communications (GSM) network
Method and device for recognizing tones and sequences thereof
Digital image forming apparatus and method for changing magnification ratio for image according to image data stored in a memory
Method and system for altering defects in a digital image
OCR-based image compression
Color image processing method and apparatus thereof
Multi-view approach to motion and stereo
Channel managing apparatus and method for digital/analog TV
Television antenna with bypassable amplifier circuit
Camera system capable of storing compressed data
Video duplication control signal, video playback device, video recording device, information superimposing and extracting device and video recording medium
Method and apparatus for selectively receiving a satellite broadcast signal or a cable television signal
Information repeater system
Static image generation method and device
Video decoding device of a TV receiver
Synchronization method of image decoder
Interpolation processing apparatus and recording medium having interpolation processing program recorded therein
Adaptable raster distortion correction system for multiple horizontal scanning frequencies
Strictly non-blocking wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) cross-connect device for use in a heterogeneous network
Agile optical-core distributed packet switch
Method and apparatus for message communication
SDH transmission apparatus with flexible system configuration
Method and system for transmitting voice cell
Measuring method and measuring device for data communication networks
Intelligent network switching point and control point
Common channel signaling with a network of distributed signal transfer points
Management of a telecommunications system
Method and apparatus for valve-based queuing of telephone calls
System and method for supporting DTMF tone sending in an IP based GSM network
Quick-detachable structure for on-wall speaker panel
Microphone stand sound monitor
Structure of a loudspeaker
Printed circuit board comprising an embedded functional element therein
Multilayer circuit board
Printed circuit board component packaging
Dustproof structure of communication device, using air filter having distributed dust collecting efficiency and pressure loss
Computer enclosure incorporating fastener
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