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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Rice cultivar `Francis`
Soybean variety XB04D04
Soybean variety XB58Z04
Illuminated modular dog leash and collar assembly
Postoperative bilateral augmentation mammaplasty brassiere
Package for containing and displaying cosmetic products and process for the manufacture thereof
Lid for cooking vessel
Detachable device with electrically responsive element
Containers and methods for delivering vaso-occluding filaments and particles
Device and method for delivery of long wavelength laser energy to a tissue site
Oximetry simulator
Biological data observation apparatus
Gas monitoring system and sidestream gas measurement system adapted to communicate with a mainstream gas measurement system
X-ray CT Apparatus and exposure dose calculating method
Tampon having an oval form after expansion and process for producing the same
Mechanical fastening system for an absorbent article
Barriers for polymer-coated implantable medical devices and methods for making the same
Automatic apparatus and method for treating carpal tunnel syndrome
Device and method for preventing unwanted oral activity
Multifunctional cool and hot compress bag
Ice dispenser for cold therapy
Inhibition of tau-tau association
Compositions comprising plant-derived polyphenolic compounds and inhibitors of reactive oxygen species and methods of using thereof
Method of modulating tumor immunity
Methods of inducing ovulation
Chimeric virus-like particle or chimeric capsomers from BPV
Biomarkers for oxidative stress
Porphyrins with enhanced multi-photon absorption cross-sections for photodynamic therapy
Targeting of molecules to large vessel endothelium using EPCR
Heparin compositions and methods of making and using the same
Landscaped antibodies and antibody fragments for clinical use
Dual component dentinal desensitizing dentifrice
Cosmetic compositions based on organic silicon compounds comprising at least a non basic solubilising function
Cosmetic or pharmaceutical composition for topical use to prevent or differ androgenetic alopecia
Sustained-release microencapsulated delivery system
Device for enhancing transdermal agent flux
Methods for delivering a therapeutic implant to tissue
Ventilation system employing synchronized delivery of positive and negative pressure ventilation
Methods of using a deflectable telescoping guide catheter
Inherent anti-siphon device
Contrast medium delivery system and associated method
Wet/dry automatic injector assembly
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Implantable heart stimulator or which identifies the origin of heart signals
Implantable cardiac stimulation device including a system for and method of automatically inducing a tachyarrhythmia
System and method of generating an optimal three-step defibrillation waveform for use in an implantable cardioverter/defibrillator (ICD)
Volumetric control for blower filter devices
Wild game caller housing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ultrasonic medical device
Equipment for physical refining and deodorization of edible oils and fats
Apparatus and method of particulate removal from liquids
Mesoscale polynucleotide amplification device and method
Combustion catalysts and processes for removing organic compounds
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Method for producing fullerenes
Spotting device for fabricating microarrays of biological samples and spotting pin inserted therein
Rotor driving apparatus with temperature adjustment of elastic supporting portion
Process and apparatus for producing a substrate having a coating resin layer
Method for preparing pre-coated, metallic components and components prepared thereby
Vibrating actuator and a power supply mechanism thereof
Delivery point sequencing mail sorting system with flat mail capability
Address learning system and method for using same
Wheel repair machine and method of use
Apparatus for wiper die monitoring
Investment casting process
Method for the production of thin-walled steel components and components produced therefrom
Method for operating a strip casting machine for producing a metal strip and device for carrying out said method
Orbital foamed material extruder
Pneumatic hand tool
Methods and apparatuses for conditioning polishing surfaces utilized during CMP processing
Method and apparatus for measuring flow rate through and polishing a workpiece orifice
Electronic component chip feeder and manufacturing method of electronic devices using electronic component chips
Control device for hairdresser cutting tool
Stacking system, skid, and method of assembling the skid
Trim part
Methods for high-precision gap and orientation sensing between a transparent template and substrate for imprint lithography
Apparatus for assembling a liner
System and method for ensuring the qualification of a workman to perform a task having established required standards
Composite material
Recording apparatus
Snap-through thermal actuator
Forming method of ink jet print head substrate and ink jet print head substrate, and manufacturing method of ink jet print head and ink jet print head
Liquid ejecting head unit and manufacturing method therefor
Ink set composition, and an apparatus and method of forming images having reduced gloss differential
Tire with sidewall comprised of emulsion styrene/butadiene rubber, cis 1,4-polyisoprene rubber and cis 1,4-polybutadiene rubber
Tire status monitoring apparatus
Transmission selector mechanism
Display device
Conveying device for testing heat dissipating fans
Truck bed stake hole assembly
Wheel clamp
Transmission detector for a window body, in particular the windshield of a motor vehicle, and a cleaning device for a viewing area of a window body
System for storing and retrieving a personal-transportation vehicle
Hood lift mechanism and method
Rotary damper resistance for steering system
Snowmobile rear suspension system
Concrete wash out and slurry capture method and system
Retaining support member for fuel filler pipe
Vacuum generating device for sealing perishable products and method of use
Cup lid having a rotatable stopper
Seed magazine
Apparatus and method for controlling flow of process materials
Feeder for surface mounting device
Flexible skin incorporating MEMS technology
Wafer level MEMS packaging
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing highly pure, granular silicon
Potable water treatment plant and method of maintaining same
Inhibitors of human plasmin derived from the kunitz domains
Method of polishing a lanthanide substrate
Process for preparing ortho substituted phenylamines
Beta-amino acid derivatives-inhibitors of leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
4-substituted-picolinic acid amide derivatives useful as fungicides
Polymorphism detection
Direct, externally imposed control of polypeptides
Mitofusins, Fzo Homologs and functional derivatives thereof
Antibodies and fragments thereof to MDL-1 protein
Methods for identifying compounds capable of supplementing the biological activity of leptin
Endothelin antagonist
Ethylene polymers
Aqueous dispersion, process for production thereof and coated substances
Fluoropolymer compositions, optical devices, and methods for fabricating optical devices
Treated carbonaceous compositions and polymer compositions containing the same
Method of printing cellulosic fiber materials without an additional fixing process step
Combination ink set/image-recording element for ink jet printing
Alcohol and glycol modified aluminum tri-alkoxide complexes
Emulsion composition for film formation, a film prepared therefrom, a method for producing the same, and a surface treating method using the same
Anisotropic polymer film
Direct, externally imposed control of nucleic acids
Recombinant L-N-carbamoylase from Arthrobacter aurescens and method of producing L-amino acids therewith
Method for the recombinant production of 1,3-propanediol
Human GAK-related gene variants associated with lung cancer
Method and apparatus for feeding solid material and oxidizing gas into a suspension smelting furnace
Press separator for fuel cell made of stainless steel press formed in contiguous corrugations
Liquid treatment method using alternating electrical contacts
Wafer cassette, and liquid phase growth system and liquid-phase growth process which make use of the same
Textiles; Paper
Preparation of multifaceted graphitic nanotubes
Device for driving a weaving frame in a weaving machine and a weaving machine provided with one or several such devices
Domestic steam iron with autonomous steam assembly heated by separate heating element
Enhanced fabric comprising substrates and process to provide same
Fixed Constructions
Lightweight apparatus for screeding and vibrating uncured concrete surfaces
Flow control suction barrier apparatus and system
Concrete block with batter indicators
Lid assembly for facility access opening
Faucet clamp
Surveillance shield and method
Safety structure of a desk top LCD
Downhole supercharger process
Downhole tool system and method for use of same
Determination of actual path of inground device based on information corresponding to reference point measurements
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve actuation system for internal combustion engine
Cylinder head cover and method for mounting cylinder head cover to cylinder head
Mobile, self-sufficient operating assembly for providing electrical energy
Belt transmission apparatus
Internal combustion engine start controller
Engine starter
Circuit for measuring ionization current in a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine
Adjustable crankpin throw structure having improved throw stabilization means
Turbo-molecular pump
Centrifugal fan
Foil bearing
Self-locking linear adjustment mechanism
Illuminated device
Stove with door opening mechanism
Evaporative barrel cooler
Pneumatic paintball marker
Apparatus and method for die placement using transparent plate with fiducials
Laser-based measuring apparatus for measuring an axial run-out in a cylinder of rotation and method for measuring the same utilizing opposing incident measuring light beams
Using a corridor search to identify locations of interest along a route
Navigation device, map displaying method and image display device
Test apparatus and method therewith
Apparatus and method for determining valve recession
Crawler for inspecting pipes
Multi-mode SCSI diagnostic tool, system, and method
M45 protective mask outlet valve adapter
Device for testing for traces of explosives and/or drugs
Automated fiber optic inspection system
Metallic gas cells and method for manufacturing the same
Technique for monitoring the state of metal lines in microstructures
Use of a scanner to determine the optical density of calcined coke as a measure of coke quality
Circuit board for connecting an integrated circuit to a support and IC BGA package using same
Low power data storage element with enhanced noise margin
Apparatus and method for improving microwave coupling to a resonant cavity
Artificial intelligence system for track defect problem solving
Deterministic hardware reset for FRC machine
Method of screening defects using low voltage IDDQ measurement
Method and apparatus for die testing on wafer
Multiple-capture DFT system for scan-based integrated circuits
Error detection in dynamic logic circuits
Three dimensional interactive system
Method and apparatus for physical layer radar pulse detection and estimation
Radar apparatus for automobile, attachment direction adjuster and attachment direction adjusting method for radar apparatus
Radiation detection apparatus and system
Concurrent phase angle graphic analysis
Procedure and device for radiating and detecting the plurality of frequencies of electronic markers
Silicon wafer based macroscopic mirror for wide angle scanning applications
Re-generator of optical clock signal
Apparatus and method for integrated photonic devices having high-performance waveguides and multicompositional substrates
Coupling configuration for optically coupling an optical conductor to an opto-receiver
Cam mechanism of a lens barrel
Electronic image pick-up apparatus and method of adjusting the focal position thereof
Progressive power lens
Method and apparatus for phase shifting an optical beam in an optical device
Method and apparatus for splitting or combining optical beams with A Y coupler with reduced loss and electrical isolation
Silicon-on-sapphire display apparatus and method of fabricating same
Silicon-on-sapphire display with wireless interconnections and method of fabricating same
Method and devices for displaying images for viewing with varying accommodation
Reflection liquid crystal display device with reflection electrode region having two widths
Liquid crystal display device
Polar ordering of reactive chromophores in layer-by-layer nonlinear optical materials
Scanning exposure apparatus
Micro device and process for producing it
Mask shaping using temporal and spatial coherence in ultra high resolution lithography
Method for compensating for scatter/reflection effects in particle beam lithography
Electric contact member applying voltage to charger, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus featuring a developer carrying member with a controlled operation time and related control method
Developing method and developing apparatus featuring two latent image developing operations using two electrical fields
Electronic photographing apparatus
Polythiophene xerographic component coatings
Image recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
Process for producing toner particles
Bio-metric smart card, bio-metric smart card reader, and method of use
Remote maintenance method for industrial device that generates maintenance charge information using received charge list
Interface for shunt voltage regulator in a contactless smartcard
Level shifter without dutycycle distortion
Method of producing, selling, and distributing articles of manufacture
NCO with rational frequency and normalized phase
Method and apparatus for remotely placing a computing device into a low power state
Apparatus and method for detection for use in a touch-sensitive pad
Capacitive sensing employing a repeatable offset charge
Controller for portable electronic devices
System and method for equipment malfunction detection and diagnosis
Circuit for modifying stored data
Method and apparatus for reliable unidirectional communication in a data network
Break board debugging device
Parallel intrusion detection sensors with load balancing for high speed networks
Method, system, and article of manufacture for managing storage pools
Virtual counter for data rate conversion
Disk subsystem
Method, system, and article of manufacture for borrowing physical volumes
Search engine device and method for generating output search responses from multiple input search responses
Display data generating device
Techniques to map cache data to memory arrays
Non-speculative distributed conflict resolution for a cache coherency protocol
Method and apparatus for content-aware prefetching
Transparent switch
Method of matching different signal propagation times between a controller and at least two processing units, and a computer system
Data processor having unified memory architecture using register to optimize memory access
Data transfer apparatus and method
Common centroid layout for parallel resistors in an amplifier with matched AC performance
Implementation of wait-states
Color converting apparatus
Automated output of user guide
Method and apparatus for multimedia editing
Method and system for multidimensional database management
Data processing method using record division storing scheme and apparatus therefor
System of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit by having a client connected to a manufacturer via two-way communication
Server and method for searching for image using image prefetch, designating database and storage devices for searching, and setting retrieval and processing parameters for search
Methods and apparatus for clustering and prefetching data objects
Storage sub-system having expanded data read
Electronic device and method of operation
Device simulation method, device simulation system and device simulation program
Circuit design point selection method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for producing a circuit description of a design
Method and apparatus for smoothing current consumption in an integrated circuit
Integrated circuit devices with steganographic authentication, and steganographic authentication methods
Electronic authentication method, electronic authentication apparatus and electronic authentication storage medium
Transparent tablet for evaluation of motor responses
Providing an adder with a conversion circuit in a slack propagation path
Marking in history table instructions slowable/delayable for subsequent executions when result is not used immediately
Methods and apparatus to support conditional execution in a VLIW-based array processor with subword execution
Method and apparatus for providing and integrating high-performance message queues in a user interface environment
Electronic device that uses a pager network for remote reprogramming of the device
Program control system and program control method
Hybrid digital/analog processing circuit
Apparatus for controlling printer to improve printing speed and method thereof
Method of standardizing character information in electronic documents
Method and apparatus for presenting images in a data processing system
Systems and methods for illuminating a platen in a print scanner
Method for summarizing news video stream using synthetic key frame based upon video text
Selective encryption of mixed raster content layers
Diagnostic method and diagnostic system for monitoring available resources in a production process
Method for continuously processing electronic messages throughout a transition between online and offline states
Framework, architecture, method and system for reducing latency of business operations of an enterprise
Pre-paid data card authentication in a public wireless LAN access system
Image processing apparatus and method
Method of detecting changes occurring in image editing using watermarks
Method and system for managing graphics objects in a graphics display system
Depth write disable for rendering
Hardware-accelerated anti-aliased graphics
Image processing system for processing photographing images
System and method for employing non-alpha channel image data in an alpha-channel-aware environment
Three-dimensional computer modelling
Visual motion analysis method for detecting arbitrary numbers of moving objects in image sequences
Block coding/decoding method and apparatus for increasing code rate
Variable length coding unit and variable length decoding unit
Building alarm system with synchronized strobes
Selector switch for supervisory remote control system
Method for driving address-display separated type AC plasma display panel and driving device using same
Plasma display panel driving method
Plasma display panel unit
Plasma display panel and method of driving the same
Liquid crystal display device
Method and apparatus for correcting pixel level intensity variation
Liquid crystal display device having a liquid crystal display driven by interlace scanning and/or sequential scanning
Displaying transparency characteristic aids
Device-specific color intensity settings and sub-pixel geometry
Tuning device
Signal processing system
Disk drive disabling BEMF detection window to reduce acoustic noise while using wedge spindle speed control
Disk chuck
Recording medium loader
Dynamically improving data storage device performance
Method and an apparatus reproducing bitstream having non-sequential system clock data seamlessly therebetween
Recording tape cassette having an approved reel lock member
Information recording apparatus and method, and information recording system
Magnetic data embedding apparatus having checking function
Data recording method, data recorder, and recording medium
Methods and systems for managing multiple inputs and methods and systems for processing media content
Tray locking apparatus of optical disk drive and optical disk drive adopting the same
Modularized electronic device assembly architecture
Method and apparatus for determining disk drive parameter in accordance with ambient temperature
Magnetic recording head including spatially-pumped spin wave mode writer
Perpendicular magnetic recording head with nonmagnetic write gap greater than twice side shield gap distance
Thin film magnetic head having partial insulating layer formed on bottom pole layer through gap layer and method of manufacturing the same
Ultra-short yoke and ultra-low stack height writer and method of fabrication
Magnetoresistive sensor having low resistivity dual path conductor and optimized magnetic
Suspension assembly including a shape memory flexure element to adjust flexure or preload force
Magnetic-head supporting mechanism
System and method of limiting a range of motion of an actuator in a hard disk drive
Method and disc drive for writing servo wedges
Compensation for non-linearity in the servo writing process by program pattern delay
Controlling optical pickup of optical disk drive by detecting change of sampling signals taken from a motor drive signal
Apparatus and method for determining the logic state of a magnetic tunnel junction memory device
Semiconductor memory device including subword drivers
Noise reduction in a CAM memory cell
Power-on reset circuit for erasing of split gate flash memory reference cells
Memory system, method and predecoding circuit operable in different modes for selectively accessing multiple blocks of memory cells for simultaneous writing or erasure
Method and apparatus providing final test and trimming for a power supply controller
On-system programmable and off-system programmable chip
Semiconductor memory device having partially controlled delay locked loop
Delay locked loop control circuit
EEPROM with split gate source side injection with sidewall spacers
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and data write method thereof
Magnetic storage element, production method and driving method therefor, and memory array
Pyrotechnic safety element
Image forming substrate, electron-emitting substrate and image forming apparatus
Back panel and/or spacer for display apparatus and display apparatus using the same
Emitter for electron-beam projection lithography system and manufacturing method thereof
Reduced silicon gouging and common source line resistance in semiconductor devices
Methods of forming a capacitor with an amorphous and a crystalline high K capacitor dielectric region
Complementary metal oxide semiconductor transistor technology using selective epitaxy of a strained silicon germanium layer
Ring chuck to hold 200 and 300 mm wafer
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor apparatus with a tapered aperture pattern to form a predetermined line width
Method for patterning ceramic layers
Advanced process control of the manufacture of an oxide-nitride-oxide stack of a memory device, and system for accomplishing same
Scalable self-aligned dual floating gate memory cell array and methods of forming the array
Digital to analog converter transistor array and method of layout
Method of producing a semiconductor component having a compliant buffer layer
Composite integrated circuit device having restricted heat conduction
Semiconductor substrate and process for its production
Low-loss coplanar waveguides and method of fabrication
Wireless coupling of staked dies within system in package
Deep trench isolation for thyristor-based semiconductor device
Plasma oscillation switching device
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing same and method of designing same
Light source device
Semiconductor device and an optical device using the semiconductor device
Control apparatus for vibration type actuator
Linear actuator
Battery-powered test-configured electronic device with test-contact extensions
Catalytic hydrogen vent filter for batteries
Fuel cell stack and a method of operating the same
Device and method for an antenna array with switchable wide-angle coverage
Card connector capable of inhibiting insertion of a thinner card with a simple structure
Connector, a shorting terminal and a method of assembling it
Method and apparatus for backside monitoring of VCSELs
Fixed wavelength vertical cavity optical devices and method of manufacture therefor
Overvoltage and overcurrent protection system
Power window driving apparatus
Filter assembly
Battery charger and charging method
Lamination cooling system
Permanent electric motor with a speed sensor
Apparatus and process for generating energy
Low stray interconnection inductance power converting molecule for converting a DC voltage into an AC voltage, and a method therefor
Multifunction hybrid intelligent universal transformer
Method and apparatus to control input to AC induction motors
Programmable oscillator circuit
Radio receiver
Blind modulation cancellation by addition of modulated signal
FET band amplifier
Differential current amplifier with common mode rejection and high frequency boost
Method for controlling piezoelectric coupling coefficient in film bulk acoustic resonators and apparatus embodying the method
Logic circuits using polycrystalline semiconductor thin film transistors
Method and apparatus for generating a sequence of clock signals
Phase-locked loop circuit and delay-locked loop circuit
Method for calculating syndrome polynomial in decoding error correction codes
Interleaver for iterative decoder
Method and apparatus for coding bits of data in parallel
Cascade delta-sigma modulator
Low power, high SNR, high order delta sigma modulator stage having integrators with pipelined cross coupled input circuits
Method and device for synchronizing mobile radio receivers in a mobile radio system
Method and apparatus for code division switching
Fixed satellite constellation system employing non-geostationary satellites in sub-geosynchronous elliptical orbits with common ground tracks
Method and apparatus for uplink synchronization in wireless communications
Multiple signal carrier transmission apparatus and method
Method and device of generation of one reference event from a frame of information
System and method for increasing capacity in a noisy communication environment
Multiple sinusoidal burst frequency measurements
Display terminal
Measurement-based management method for packet communication networks
Communication resource system
Method and apparatus for avoiding transient loops during network topology adoption
Method for forwarding broadcast packets in a bridged IP network
Communications network
Method and apparatus to provide data streaming over a network connection in a wireless MAC processor
Load regulation
Enhanced honeycomb communication system
Police-emergency system with wireless communication
Technique for providing intelligent features for calls in a communications network independent of network architecture
Method for transmitting data from an interrogating device to portable objects
Analog implementation of linear transforms
Pilot use in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing based spread spectrum multiple access systems
Time-based network connections
Identifying unauthorized communication systems based on their memory contents
System and method for accessing directory service via an HTTP URL
Fashion accessory with wireless signal alerting device
Caller identifying information encoded within embedded digital information
Recordal of call results in a predictive dialing application
Gamut mapping preserving local luminance differences with adaptive spatial filtering
Print data adjusting system, print data adjusting method, and software storage medium containing print data adjusting program
Imager cover-glass mounting
Video coding method using a block matching process
Color adjusting method for projector
Optical routing mechanism with integral fiber input/output arrangement on MEMS die
Conditionally nonblocking switch of the circular expander type
Method and monitoring system for monitoring at least one subscriber line
Method and apparatus for providing real-time execution of specific communications services in an intelligent network
Directivity characteristics of mobile terminals
Surveillance system and method
Driving circuit for light emitting diodes
Circuit having global feedback for promoting linear operation
Electronic ballast for a discharge lamp
Bolometric humidity sensor and cooker using the same and method for controlling the cooker
Expandable electronic equipment enclosure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Dual blade hoe
Adjustable-width attachment for agricultural machines
Tree felling disc saw head with large tree accumulation area
Automatic milking process and device
Panel leveling system for use with animal kennels
Bedding for livestock
Materials and methods for applying a treatment to animals
Feedstuff metering device
Fishing reel clutch
Cartridge preset drag mechanism
Universal cloven hoof shoe
Modular spray unit and method for controlled droplet atomization and controlled projection of droplets
Grafts made from amniotic membrane; methods of separating, preserving, and using such grafts in surgeries
Powder supply system and powder supplying unit used in the system
Bioluminescent novelty items
Process and apparatus for producing a (cigarette) rod
Floor supported fabric spreading machine
Pliable and resilient sealing pad
Fabric pinning system
Sunshade with a tiltable canopy
Battery storage system
Double-walled blow-molded article with insertable handle and method for making same
Compartmentalized handbag having streamlined exteriors
Golf bag carrying strap
Long gun support system
Ion emitting grooming brush
Computer keyboard tray
Support hanger for suspending an object directly below a horizontal surface
Reading and writing bed easel
Ventilation device for a gaming table
Hinged bracket
Ranch wagon convertible to picnic table and benches
Pilot operated low pressure shut off valve
Quasistable dog kennel
Adjustable mounting apparatus
Food server and condiment holder
Suspending system for various types of hanging supports, in particular designed to fit wardrobes
Clothes hanger with sliding hooks
Decorative cornice
Thermally insulated synthetic resin container and thermally insulated synthetic resin lid
Spacing member for a sheet material dispenser
Travel soap dish assembly
Hinged dispenser housing
Device and method for liquid removal from carpet
Conveyor system for dishwashing
Sound deadening laminate
Dispensing method and device
Method and device for left atrial appendage occlusion
Method for treatment of air way obstructions
Method for delivery of therapeutic agents to the heart
Dental floss holder
Device and method for preparing veins
Kinesiologic mouthpiece and method
Casket lock
Wheelchair with a pivoting back, seat and leg supports
Air valve structure for alternately aerated three-pipe style air bed
Physio/energetic therapeutic method and interactive monitoring device
Medicament distribution system and automatic dispenser for such system
Composition for air treatment dispensers providing a long lasting, constant emanating composition
Inhalation device with acoustic control
Determination of leak and respiratory airflow
Inspiratory tube for a ventilator
Oxygen conserving device
Method and apparatus for detecting an empty breathing gas compartment in a patient ventilator
Cuffed tube assemblies
Anaesthetic delivery system
Ventilator system
Combined trigger and concealing device for a sprinkler head
Golf bag with double strap and buckle
Batting cage with user interactive selection of ball speed and strike zone with pitch height indicator lamps
In-line roller skate
Ice skate
Ski pole incorporating successive intermittent flashing and high-intensity lighting assemblies
Wagering game system and method
Pachinko game machine mounting unit and method of producing pachinko island
Amusement machine including a game of chance in combination with a crane game operable in response to a win on the game of chance
Portable stanchion having interlocking base
Performing Operations; Transporting
Evaporator unit
Vibratory separator screens
Filter cleaning device
Switching valve for multi-chamber adsorbent air and gas fractionation system
Apparatus for dividing a gas stream into several partial gas streams
Method and an equipment for portioning liquid consignments
Solid waste reduction
Spraying device for jets of windscreen washers in motor vehicles
Dispensing bottle having two openings
Probe for rechargeable dispensers
Spray nozzle apparatus
Decorative waterfall device
Ultrasonic nebulizer
Snow making tower
Handgun and hose assembly for dispensing liquids
Scraping element, piston and arrangement for emptying a bag-like envelope containing a pasty liquid
Grout dispenser system
Apparatus for extrusion and metered delivery of free-flowing substances
Aerosol spray texture apparatus for a particulate containing material
Mobile classifier for aggregates
Laned conveyor belt
Bilge cleaner dispenser
Continuous hot rolling method of metal blocks, as well as a metal block joining apparatus, a table roller for conveying the metal blocks, a poor joined portion removing apparatus and a metal block cooling apparatus which are used to carry out said method
Core compositions and articles with improved performance for use in castings for gas turbine applications
Valve assembly and method for use in delivery of molten metal
Metal casting
Method and device for measuring and regulating the temperature and quantity of cooling water for water-coolable walls of a continuous casting mold
Submerged nozzle for the continuous casting of thin slabs
Cutting apparatus and method for cutting and routing
Coupling assembly for a machining device
Printed circuit board header attachment station
Ultrasonic welding device and method, and a magnetic tape cartridge reel welding device and method
Welding mold and preheating device intended to cooperate with the welding mold
Device for the application of joint material deposit
Brazing filler alloy containing calcium
Clamping device for at least one adjustable element, preferably for a working spindle of a machine, preferably a machine for machining workpieces of wood, plastic material etc
Multi-diameter vise clamp and collet jaw
Valve core mounting and dismounting tool
Universal torque power tool
Expandable band and locking mechanism
Tape squeezing device
Glazing tongs
Adjustable magazines for nail tools and methods therefor
Vertical Stapler
Screw button switch device
Compressed-air-operated percussion mechanism
Portable handheld work apparatus such as a motor-driven chain saw
Convertible hand cart system
Tool storage device for line installation workers
Nozzle block of electronic part suction holding nozzle
Device for automatic elimination of scraps in the manufacture of rolls of paper
Machine for making wood shavings for animal litter
Front discharge transit mixer
Method of filling cavities in workpieces or semi-finished products and structural components parts for mounting on or in a motor vehicle
Structure of door portion of air bag and method of producing door portion of air bag
Flow reducer member, in particular for a receptacle containing a cosmetic, and a method of manufacture
Structural web automotive grill guard
Branch pipe liner bag and branch pipe lining method
Tubular container with raised panel design
Sound-absorbing material and a cable reel including the same
Shuttling media movement system for hardcopy devices
Combined sticker and invisible ink game
Method for renting fabric articles and data code-printed sheet
Combined medical device and form
Shipping envelope
Z-fold business mailer
Process for manufacturing a wheel for a motor vehicle
System for pickup trucks having storage compartment
Motor-vehicle rear suspension
Composite-structure axle journal
Anti-creep device
Device for a vehicle
Composite suspension control arm shaft for motor vehicles
Motor vehicle axle
Air temperature control system for a vehicle
Roof-lining system for motor-vehicle convertible roof
Pleated curtain fastening device
Edge gap sealing arrangement for the lid of an automobile roof
Protective fender cover
Truck cap hoisting system
Apparatus for closing a rear compartment door of a vehicle
Retractable top cover for recreational vehicle
Cover assembly
Filling and venting system for a fuel tank
Safety closure for filling system, remote actuator therefor and methods of making the same
Surge pot for arrangement in a fuel tank of a motor vehicle
Drive train system for a construction-type vehicle
Zero turn transaxle
Universal arm and mounting block for a current collector
Assembly for mounting a seat on a vehicle
Seat slide device for automotive vehicles
Deployable chair system for use in patient transport aircraft
Child safety seat
Liquid storage tank trailer
Mobile living quarters with retractable room
Retractable microphone holder
Storage battery protection by engine air intake system
Vehicle bumper
Switching unit for disabling a passenger airbag
Side restraint assembly
Housing for the air bag in a motor vehicle
Vehicle inflatable restraint system trim with trim deploying module
Head-protecting air bag device for a vehicle
Gas generator
Rear seat belt device
Webbing winding device
Webbing retractor
Vehicle access step assembly
Resilient console for a passenger vehicle
Glove box door latch assembly
Vehicle rooftop carrier apparatus
Vehicle hitch mounted cargo carrier
Covering device for an opening in the outer shell of a motor vehicle
Motor fuel dispensing method
Caliper structure for link-type front suspension
Integrated unit for the parking and service braking of rotating parts
Electromagnetically actuated valve for hydraulic motor vehicle brake systems
Conveyor arrangement
Locking mechanism of foldable golf carts
Foldable golf cart
Slidable load carrying basket
Handle mounting arrangement for a golf cart
Locking device for a foldable stroller
Folding collapsible baby stroller
Fast demountable structure for carrier basket of stroller
Steering column with variable collapse force
Mobile agricultural machine
Truck trailer steering apparatus
Front body structure for vehicle
Integrated steering column and instrument panel structure apparatus
Vehicle quarter fender
Convertible trailer system
Stake and rail assembly
Electric power steering apparatus
Feedback and servo control for electric power steering system with hydraulic transmission
Saddles for pedal-driven machines
Spare spark plug holder for snowmobiles
Adjustable motorcycle foot rest
Stability maintaining and shock absorbing front fork assembly for bicycles
Folding collapsible baby tricycle
Braking power modulator for a bicycle
Electric power-assisted bicycle
Power assist bicycle
Power driving control system of electrically-assisted bicycle
Variable pedal driving device of bicycle
Apparatus for influencing a wing root airflow in an aircraft
Lift body having a variable camber
Aircraft lower lobe sleeping compartment
Dual spin zero momentum satellite system
Gyroscopic calibration methods for spacecraft
Crimping device
Filling machine removable valve (BARB-LOC)
Plastic grocery bag opening device
Tamper-indicating closure and method of manufacture
Storage container with self-retaining lid
Locking device for a closure cap
Cap for moist tissue dispensers
Oval folding carton with automatic closing
Packaging assembly, and related method, for shipping and displaying a plurality of products
Pour spout carton
Closure having back-angled lugs
Closure with articulated lid
Additive holder for a pet bottle
Two-piece fused top lift carrier
Reusable display package for shanked tool or other display item
Model and shaped card packaging system and method for same
Storage container for containing food products
Chip and dip tray
Sleeve construction for improved paperboard cup insulation
Actuator with resilient annular skirt for improved seal during button-on-filling process
Floral sleeve with detachable upper portion
Plastic bag caddy
Apparatus for the collection and storage of pet waste
Liquid container dispensing apparatus
Compact storing and retrieving apparatus particularly useful for aircraft
Articulated conveyor
High volume storage system with power and free drive
Roll separation assembly
Conveyor system for overcoming the elastic springback in the flaps of an empty box
Cleaning device for conveyor belt assembly
Circuit-component supplying method and circuit-component feeder
Apparatus for controlling the flow of articles
Line balance and jam prevention apparatus for parts conveyed between serially coupled manufacturing stations
Conveyor system
Conveying device for thin disk-like articles
Sheet media handling system
Method for controlling width-wise expansion of a conveyed web
Method and apparatus for moving sheet material gripper bars in a sheet-processing machine
Sheet conveying apparatus and method wherein the sheet is fed without contacting the discharge layer
Sheet separating and conveying apparatus having friction releasing device to separate convey and friction means
Collator system having sheet feeding error display function
Dispenser feeder providing extended material end
Tape dispenser
Spool assembly for pintle
Multiple-path conveyor with lockable path selector
Fiber entry whip reduction apparatus and method therefor
Variable-force discharge mechanism for materials loaded on a reel
Optical device for detecting the printing media in printers
Accommodating visually handicapped in elevator up-peak channeling
Strip Barrier Brush assembly
Coupling element
Boom mounted winch
Lift truck work platform with pivoting wings
Door and window frame spreader
Retractable funnel
Integrated tubing assembly for beverage dispensers
Microdevices based on surface tension and wettability that function as sensors, actuators, and other devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Drilling and cementing through shallow waterflows
Heat storage system and heat release control method
Method for strengthening a subterranean formation
Antibacterial liquid dishwashing detergent compositions
Method of stain removal using a dry zeolite containing composition
Method for cleaning semiconductor wafers containing dielectric films
Method of cleaning a cable using a brominated hydrocarbon and ester solution
Textiles; Paper
Heald frame weaving machine for forming strengthened tubular-woven products
Portable shelf-type drying rack for use with baseboard heaters
Fixed Constructions
Mist clearing method and equipment
Method for automatically controlling the articulation angle of a motor grader
Control and method for positioning a tool of a construction apparatus
Drilling apparatus mounted on wheels, with articulated chassis
Ergonomic electronic hand control for a motor grader
Flow regulator
Diverter tub spout body
Pressure-drop activated trap seal primer valve
Modular vacuum drainage system
Scaffold as well as method for its assembly
One-touch assembling collapsible tent frame
Fence system for simultaneously tensioning a multiplicity of fence strands
Fence system
Glove box door handle and latch assembly
Self-aligning latch
Anti-theft device for coats, handbags, and the like
Multi-point latching system
Latch assembly
Drive arrangement for sliding doors in motor vehicles
Flexible door with actuatable sealing mechanism
Window covering system
Tandem windbar system for rollup door
Safety ladder attachment
Ladder top stabilizer device
Rod guide
Down-hole tool with centralising component
Downhole pulling tool
Underbalanced well completion
Surge anchor assembly
Downhole apparatus
Subsea dual in-line ball valves
High pressure tree cap
Differential relief valve for flexible sea line
Apparatus and method for circulating fluid in a borehole
Apparatus with retractable cleaning members
Wellhead drive brake system
System and process for secondary hydrocarbon recovery
Apparatus for reducing the production of particulate material in a subterranean well
Method of and system for monitoring drilling parameters
Method and apparatus for multi-diameter testing of blowout preventer assemblies
Hydraulic device to be connected in a pipe string
Hydraulic mining of tar sand bitumen with aggregate material
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine for a portable handheld work apparatus
Integrated lost motion system for retarding and EGR
Method for driving an electromagnetic actuator for operating a gas change valve
Diesel engine system with oil-air separator and method of operation
Oil separator for four-cycle outboard motor
Exhaust system with silencing and water separation capability
Internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for filling a motor vehicle cooling system with coolant
Cooling system for a motor-vehicle internal combustion engine
Throttle control system for a stratified charge internal combustion engine
Piston for an internal combustion engine having a re-entrant type combustion bowl
Direct fuel injection ignition engine
Combustion enhancing insert for cylinder of an internal combustion engine
Stratified scavenging two-cycle engine and cylinder block therefor
Method of operating a free piston internal combustion engine with a variable pressure hydraulic fluid output
Engine brace
Throttle controller
Internal combustion engine
Idle speed control device for engine
Device for controlling fuel injection in cold engine temperatures
Method of enabling an evaporative emissions control system
Power steering load compensation for an internal combustion engine
Engine cylinder block
Cylinder head gasket
Carburetor having extended prime
Apparatus and method of supplying additive to internal combustion engine
Integrated engine intake manifold having a fuel vapor purge valve and an exhaust gas recirculation valve
Oxygenated gel for improving performance of combustion engines through improved burning of combustibles
Air intake heater with integrated power and ground connector
Fuel jumper line assembly
Liquid fuel injecting device for internal combustion engine
High-pressure injector for a diesel engine
Adjustable metering valve for an internal combustion engine fuel injector, and relative method of adjustment
Fuel supply apparatus
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Mounting block
Hall effect valve spool position sensor
Manually operable hydraulic pilot control
Rod clamp apparatus
Clutch mechanism for friction clutch with low declutching force, in particular for motor vehicles
Actuation mechanism for a clutch pressure plate with axial effect and disengagement unit for a motor vehicle clutch
Method of and apparatus for detecting friction heat of a clutch and regulating the clutch
Disc for a disc brake for vehicles in general and for high-performance cars in particular
Torsional vibration damping device
Fluid pressure springs
Shock absorber mounted electromagnetically operated damper valve
Magnetic particle damper apparatus
Load limiting device to transmit an axial motion to operating mechanisms
Sealing device for rotating shaft
Spherical annular seal member and method of manufacturing the same
Face seal with spiral grooves
Check valve
Control valve for a jet pump
Valve actuator with emergency shutdown feature
Process gas supply unit
Valve body and electromagnetic control valve using the same
Control valve main seal retainer with an assembly and removal tool
Electromagnetic directional control valve
Four-way directional control valve
Valve lockout device
Position indicating check valve
Gaseous wave pressure regulator and its energy recovery system
Lightweight hose with a helically-wound reinforcing member and method for making the same
Pipe gasket with combined lip and compression seal geometries
Suspension hanger
Pipe fastener and method of manufacture
Socket for pipe coupling
Hose coupling for connecting a hose with a second component
Nozzle cap for sealing a nozzle by welding with a flexible element and method therefor
Hose protector system
Extensible boom
Device for increasing the height adjustment range with a levelling shoe provided therewith
Controller for system for filling gas cylinders with single gas or gas mixture
Apparatus and method for controlling and prevention of venting of gaseous fuel to atmosphere from a vehicle tank at completion of a fuelling process
Method for operating a boiler with forced circulation and boiler for its implementation
Heating apparatus and method for operation thereof
Boiler tube protector and a method for attaching such protector to a boiler tube
Radiant floor and wall hydronic heating system tubing attachment to radiant plate
Compact gas fired water heater with improved combustion chamber
Easily-assembled portable forced-air heater with reduced number of components
Viscous fluid type heat generator filled with regulated amount of viscous fluid
Cooling system for electronic packages
High intensity cooler
Multi-barreled rapid fire BB gun
Archery bow having an incrementally adjustable cable guard
Multiple barrel ring airfoil launcher and multiple ring chuck for a ring airfoil launcher
Method and apparatus for auto-zeroing a flow sensor
Method for controlling seismic vibrator ground forces
Remote control thermostat system for controlling electric devices
Valve modulation method and system utilizing same
Pressure-type flow rate control apparatus
Fluid flow controlling
Computer docking station with anti-slip mount
PC space saver/computer caddy
Method and apparatus for decoding unresolved profiles produced from relief formed symbols
Detector of radio frequency signals for contactless chip cards
System for storing, accessing and displaying html encoded
Dithering assemblies for barcode scanners
Optical reader with addressable pixels
Method and apparatus for decoding bar code symbols
Credit and bank issued debit card operated system and method for controlling a vending machine
Identification system for articles in vending apparatus of hotel rooms
Wired logic microcircuit and authentication method having protection against fraudulent detection of a user secret code during authentication
Cash drawer bill dispenser
Media disk storage container with spine cover
Substrate cleaning/drying equipment and substrate cleaning/drying method
Cooling device and method
Quick replacement spark plug assembly
Audio speaker
Magnetic bulk feeder for electronic components
Component holder
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