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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Portable animal containment device
Spinning reel having two-piece frame and leg assembly with concealable attachment points
Method for preparing a roller dried protein preparation
Therapeutic bra
Touch fasteners
Quick-change watchbands
Vehicle seat
Backrest elevation adjustment assembly
Bottle and towel holder
Active camming device surface
Cup lid apparatus
Accessory hanger
Irrigated ablation device assembly
Medical instrument for endoscope
Method and system for determining the location of a medical probe using a reference transducer array
Selective corneal aberrometry
Fundus camera
System, for monitoring the concentration of analytes in body fluids
Virtual orthodontic treatment
Dissolvable backing layer for use with a transmucosal delivery device
Compression-resistant sanitary napkin
Implant with an annular base
Connector element for bone rods or spinal rods
Bone grafts
Perioperative warming device
Rhythmic blood pressure modulation and legshaking apparatus
Assistive walking device
Cosmetic or healing gel for application to the human skin
Tissue glue with improved antiadhesive properties
Methods of treating a tumor that expresses APRIL by administering BCMA
Keratin dyeing compounds, keratin dyeing compositions containing them, and use thereof
Oral compositions comprising a viscosity modifier for reduction of tooth erosion
Stable drug form for oral administration with benzimidazole derivatives as active ingredient and process for the preparation thereof
Crosslinkable hydrophilic materials from reactive oligomers having pendent photoinitiator groups
Medicament ejector with ejection port servicing
Wick arrangement for an anesthetic evaporator
Trans-scleral drug delivery method and apparatus
Low hydraulic resistance cartridge
Ductal lavage microcatheter with user activated valve and Nitinol introducer
Portable collapsible golf swing guide apparatus
Hand strap entry device
Ski and method of manufacturing the ski
Arrangement for longitudinal adjustment of two binding jaws of a ski binding
Slot machine
Crossword puzzle board game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Incision-based filtration/separation pipette tip
Method for concentrating solution
Vapor generating and recovery apparatus
Filter device and cleaning method therefor
Process for producing a one-piece, structured metal foil having a hole, metal foil and honeycomb body
Fan drive for fluid cooler with evaporative heat exchanger
Apparatus for treating plastics material
Process for treatment of organic waste
Compound dispersing method and apparatus
Method for the manufacture of an injection molded conductor carrying means
Liquid processing apparatus and liquid processing method
Method for manufacturing a heat pipe having an enlarged portion
Rolling element bearing having starved lubrication conditions
Molybdenum metal powder and production thereof
Rotationally driven cutting tool
Substrate supporting apparatus
Router elevating mechanism
Selective clamping of electronics card to coolant-cooled structure
Cutting insert
Tensioning device for prestressing a rod, and related tensioning method
Pivoting handle assembly for power tool
Miter saw
Process for the production of micro and/or nano particles
Method and mold for making tire with tie bar
Valve gate assembly
Molding methods including movable core pin support
Transparent conductive articles and methods of making same
Cryogenic insulation
Image covering laminate film and image projection sheet
Microelectronic structure having a hydrogen barrier layer
High nozzle density inkjet printhead
Beam, ink jet recording head having beams, and method for manufacturing ink jet recording head having beams
Ink jet head and recording apparatus using the same
Inkjet recording method and inkjet recording apparatus
Thermal activation apparatus
Eco tire
Radial passenger tire with improved tread contour
Tire with extended flange seat
Thermoplastic elastomer composition and process for producing the same and pneumatic tire and hose using the same
Support structure for a hitch ball
System for limiting an increase in the inside air temperature of passenger compartment of vehicle
Combined second seat, backrest and luggage rack for a motorcycle
Vehicle body connection system
Pedal support structure for vehicle
Seat drive motor and power seat system
Air conditioning unit for seat
Dual tarp cover system
Crash acceleration pulse control block for vehicle
Automatic unbuckling seat belt system
Airbag device and motorcycle with the airbag device
Parallel shift transmission and method for controlling it
Boddy dollie
Fluid forming of oriented thermoplastics
Electric power steering device
Control of a personal transporter based on user position
Jack apparatus
Gas-powered tip-jet-driven compound VTOL aircraft
Ducted fan vehicles particularly useful as VTOL aircraft
Operational ground support system
Liquid reclamation apparatus
Hydrogen handling or dispensing system
One-way plastic pallet
Double-skin, low-profile, environmental, safety tank system
Cosmetic case
Transport roller suspension
Tool for lifting elongated objects--pivotable grapple
Tissue paper dispenser
Dispenser capable of dispensing sheet-like articles
Method and apparatus for feeding sheets
Compact drive for a counterweight assisted winch
Vented fluid closure and container
Dispensing device using multiple gas cartridges
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Chromium dioxide (CrO.sub.2) and composites of chromium dioxide and other oxides of chromium such as CrO.sub.2/Cr.sub.2O.sub.3 and CrO.sub.2/Cr.sub.2O.sub.5) and process for manufacturing the same
Method of molding a silica article
Method of making a surface covering having gloss-in-register
Ink composition, inkjet recording method and recorded matter
Cyan ink and ink set
Chemical mechanical polishing composition and process
Method for preparing decorative glass using glass etching composition
Gas turbine fuel oil and production method thereof and power generation method
Water in hydrocarbon emulsion useful as low emission fuel and method for forming same
Recombinant negative strand RNA virus expression systems and vaccines
Process for production of a recombinant protein and a fusion protein
Devices, systems and methods for time domain multiplexing of reagents
Cathodic protection
Textiles; Paper
Coiler plate for silver-coiling devices, especially of draw frames and carding machines
Washing apparatus
Condensing apparatus for washing and drying machine
Washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Interlocking barriers
Split column reassembly system
Interlock system for enclosures
Motor vehicle door lock
Pivot device
Apparatus and method for expanding tubular members
Oil well pump apparatus
Positive pressure gas jacket for a natural gas pipeline
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for the variable setting of the control times of gas-exchange valves of an internal combustion engine
Method of HCCI and SI combustion control for a direct injection internal combustion engine
Intake-air control device for internal combustion engine
Control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Intake manifold assembly
Air intake device
Joint structure of diverging branch pipe in fuel rail for internal combustion engine, diverging branch pipe and manufacture method of its diverging branch pipe
Method for engaging the starter pinion of a starter with the starter ring gear of an internal combustion engine during the running-down of the internal combustion engine
Pelton bucket
Hydraulic control device for controlling a boom-swing frame combined motion in an excavator
Spring loaded device assembly
Bypass for a hydraulic device
Disk brake pad
Support bearing
Wheel drive system for independently driving right and left wheels of vehicle
Hybrid drive unit
Transmission case for lube return and method
Radial needle-like roller bearing and pinion shaft
Automatic gear system
Solenoid-operated valve for fuel cells
Par track light with internal wire way
Adaptive head light and lens assemblies
LED replacement bulb
Utility lamp
Three color LED bulb
Automotive HVAC system and method of operating same utilizing enthalpy-based control
Compressor with vapor injection system
Cogeneration system
Desiccant cartridge for an integrated condenser/receiver and method of making same
Internal cage tube bag
Indoor unit for air conditioner
Combination cooler module
Fixed in-line arrow holder
Compound bow rifle sight system
Riflescope with recessed bottom surface for reduced mounting height
Three axial displacement measuring apparatus
Floating three-dimensional instrument panel dial structure
Method and apparatus to determine an initial flow rate in a conduit
Differential scanning calorimeter with a second heater
Digital thermometer
Stop assembly for a beam type load cell
Method for testing at least three sensors, which detect a measurable variable for an internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine control system
Device for mounting electronic monitoring components to a tire
Analyzing apparatus and fine particle collecting apparatus
Apparatus and method for testing gas detection instruments
PH electrode
Method and device for recognition of a tear-off strip on a material web
Monoclonal antibody recognizing phosphatidylinositol-3,4,5-triphosphate
Antibodies to novel proteins in enteroaggregative Escherichia coli (EAEC) useful for diagnosis and therapy of EAEC infections
Volumetric densiometer flask
Optical transmission circuit device
Optical connector for connecting optical fibers to one another
Attenuated barrel selection algorithms
Air guide plate and lamp assembly utilizing the same
Organic dye molecules and nonlinear optical polymeric compounds containing chromophores
Common second level frame exposure methods for making embedded attenuated phase shift masks
Silicon-containing compositions for spin-on arc/hardmask materials
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, and electrophotographic apparatus and process cartridge which make use of the same
Surface particle attachment process, and particles made therefrom
Artillery fire control system
Price information presentation system, price information presentation control device, price information presentation method, and computer-readable storage medium recording price information presentation control program thereon
Portable terminal and function limiting method
Power save with a power save polling frame
Mobile communication system, controller and method
Method of forming a disc pack
Method for making a disc drive
Damascene method for forming write coils of magnetic heads
Conductor composition, a mounting substrate and a mounting structure utilizing the composition
Arc tube, Discharge lamp, and production method of such arc tube, which enables brighter illuminance
Article comprising metal oxide nanostructures and method for fabricating such nanostructures
Die handling system
Methods of making microelectronic packages with conductive elastomeric posts
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of designing a module-based flip chip substrate design
Fiber incorporating quantum dots as programmable dopants
Method of fabricating isolated semiconductor devices in epi-less substrate
Hybrid STI stressor with selective re-oxidation anneal
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Transistor structure with dual trench for optimized stress effect and method therefor
Trench semiconductor device having gate oxide layer with multiple thicknesses and processes of fabricating the same
Method of fabrication of a die oxide ring
Acene-thiophene semiconductors
Electrolyte membrane for a fuel cell, electrolyte membrane electrode assembly for a fuel cell, and a fuel cell
Electrochemical element in the form of a button cell, and a method for producing an electrochemical element
Light-detectable solid thin-film secondary battery
Direct methanol fuel cell system, portable electronic appliance, and method of detecting an amount of liquid fuel remaining in direct methanol type fuel cell system
Fuel cell having temperature adjustment means for reaction gas
Load compensator with pre-load compression
Connector establishing a stable connection between a contact of the connector and a connection object
Sealing arrangement of a piezoactuator in a fuel injector
Chassis with multi-cantilever spring fingers for EMI shielding and ESD protection of electronic devices
Card connector capable of detecting insertion of card
Vehicle Lamp
Electrical connector having a securing member for preventing axial sliding of a lever
Assembly system for an electrical distribution box
Motor manufacturing process
Method and systems to dynamically enable and control communication link optimizations on a communication device
Requesting and providing acknowledgements to specific PTT talk spurts
Systems and methods for saving power in monitoring and tracking devices
Privacy control for wireless devices
Methods and devices for interworking of wireless wide area networks and wireless local area networks or wireless personal area networks
Secure element for mobile network services
Apparatus and method for providing messaging services
System and method for remote control of a mobile device
System and method for remote control of a mobile device
Communicating physical layer wireless parameters over an application programming interface
Remote access to a wireless device
Systems and methods for synchronizing wireless audio base stations
Unlocking mobile terminal and unlocking method
Wireless communications network base station extension
Method and apparatus for asynchrosous positioning of wireless base stations
Method, apparatus and system for optimizing inter-cell interference coordination
Method and apparatus to analyze a wireless information delivery system
Wireless station and transmission power determination method
Apparatus and method for estimating a location of a mobile station in a wireless local area network
Background traffic handling in LTE
Load compensation method, measuring method for load estimation, base station and user equipment
Mobile station and method for mobile communication system
Seamless handover of a mobile station from a macro base station to a privately accessible femto base station
Cell specifying method, base station, and mobile station
Intelligent delivery agent for short message distribution center
Group ID and QOS group identification for stream multiplexing in multicast and broadcast systems
Multi-hop communication terminal, multi-hop communication system, and multi-hop communication method
Reducing power consumption by effectively utilizing the device wake up time in single channel concurrency
Methods, wireless communication stations, and system for time synchronization and discovery
Data distribution control device, data distribution system, and method of controlling data distribution
Broadcast teardown apparatus and method
Flexible extension of an information block
Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in wireless communication system
Selecting transmission parameters for downlink transmissions based on retransmission rates
Cooperative sensing scheduling for energy-efficient cognitive radio networks
Systems and methods for wireless coexistence
Mapping of enhanced physical downlink control channels in a wireless communication network
Methods and systems for multi-directional time preservation distribution in multi-communication core devices
Method for manufacturing ink-jet recording head
Diode emulator circuit
Driver for arrays of lighting elements
AC-powered LED light engines, integrated circuits and illuminating apparatuses having the same
Dimming system of lamp using light-emitting device
Light emitting diode driver having cascode structure
Functionalization of carbon nanotubes
Method of manufacturing a fabric type circuit board
Housing structure and electronic device using the same
Universal backplane connection or computer storage chassis
Heat dissipation apparatus
Noise suppression device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Food bit
Brassiere strap pad
Sport pants
Nursing bib
Footwear upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Outside of ski mountaineering boot
Pair of athletic shoes
Footwear upper
Footwear upper portion
Portion of a footwear upper
Sheath for a case knife
Zippered tote bag
Clown head fanny pack
Shopping bag
Ammunition clip holder
Tool box
Toolbox for children
Chuck box
Bag, preferably for bedding/ensemble
Power tool storage bag
Crutch overlay
Decorative and illuminated or musical cane
Runner for umbrella
Tire cleaning brush
Electric toothbrush head
Bristled head for a toothbrush
Water-powered brush
Paint brush
Table for double glider
Rocker chair
Vanity cabinet
Towel bar post
Doll cabinet
Bath accessory post
Hanging display fixture
Toilet brush and container
Hat rack set
Towel bar
Displayable watch container
Disk holder
Panel for the back of a seat
Panel for the back of a seat
Bench back-vaulted down
Hook rack
Chair arm
Self-centering mobile adapted to display photographs vertically and/or horizontally off an arc armature
Clothes hanger
Highchair protective cover
Soup and cereal bowl
Barbecue grill
Barbecue grill
Microwave oven
Microwave oven housing with drawer
Waffle maker
Spoon rest
Portion of a container cover
Straw holder
Key chain bottle top and tab can opener
Die grinder
Chucking flange for grinder disk
Spool for a rotary cutting head
Rotary saw blade
Handle of hand tool
Handle of hand tool
Fish shaped carabiner
Crown shaped carabiner
Gas torch
Peace sign shaped carabiner
Curtain hook
Ceiling hanger
Pneumatic tool with push button reverse
Tree slide
Closure strip
Shower rod
Barrier base
Candy dispenser base
Self-standable tray for storage and display of die-cast toys
Fluid product packaging
Condiment cup
Flexible pouch
Flexible pouch
Sealable bag
Sealable bag
Bag holder
Closure element in particular for beauty products
Shoulder and closure for a tube
Dispenser head
Stackable low depth tray
Time piece
Clock with stand
Casing for a watch
Watch case
Slider for adjustable measuring spoon
Tape measure
Tape measure
Turn indicator light for two-wheeled motor vehicles
EAS tag holder
Ornamental chain
Solitaire ring
Pendently suspended holder for dispensing golf tees
Cross-shaped diamond cut
Diamond or precious stone
Cross-shaped diamond cut
Jewelry arrangement
Reflective rainbow ornament
Easter scene decorative article
Wall plate
Faceplate for a wall-mount distributed filter housing
Snowmobile lamp shroud and elements thereof
Vehicle nozzle
Ribbed vehicle bed member with shaped closed rib ends
Bus front portion
Vehicle body
Automobile body
Vehicle exterior
Vehicle exterior
Caliper insert for motorcycles
Automotive wheel
Transparent automobile hood
Automotive wheel
Vehicle wheel
Adjustable storage device for use in a vehicle
Frontal configuration of a steering wheel
Front face of a wheel
Vehicle trim fascia
Wheel rim
Combined vehicle visor and phone
Automotive wheel
Vehicle gauge
Automotive wheel
Vehicle front end surface configuration
Automotive wheel
Battery charger
Power converter
Circuit board
Housing of an electronic extender
Clock radio receiver
Card type speaker
Disc player
Mobile phone with digital camera
Staple remover
Back panel for a viscous liquid dispenser
Cotton candy machine
Hand mixer
Human Necessities
Radiographic apparatus and method for monitoring the path of a thrust needle
Extravasation detection apparatus and method based on optical sensing
Use of targeted glycemic profiles in the calibration of a noninvasive blood glucose monitor
Electrode connector
Method and apparatus for reducing noise and detecting electrode faults in medical equipment
Magnetic resonance tomograph
Method and apparatus for measuring distribution of body fat
Diagnostic test unit network and system
Method and system for selecting and displaying medical image data
Method and apparatus for in-vivo transdermal and/or intradermal delivery of drugs by sonoporation
Electrode system for ossified cochlea
System and method for preventing Sudden Cardiac Death by nerve sprouting from right stellate ganglion
Method and system for spinal cord stimulation prior to and during a medical procedure
Active implantable medical device, in particular pacemaker, defibrillator or cardioverter having automatic adjustment of the stimulation pulse amplitude
Method and apparatus for converting a monophasic defibrillator to a biphasic defibrillator
Arrangement and reference means to direct a beam in radiation therapy
Multicast downloading of software and data modules and their compatibility requirements
System and method for information and application distribution
Performing Operations; Transporting
Model for spectral and chromatographic data
Method and apparatus for determining magnet wire production die sets
Method for analyzing forging process and medium storing program for executing the method
Method of determining the friction between strand shell and mold during continuous casting
Laser marker
Thru-stroke tipping moment severity monitor
Message display device
Automatic differential control logic
Vehicle cruising control device and method
Method and arrangement for controlling the speed of a vehicle
Strategy to use an on-board navigation system for electric and hybrid electric vehicle energy management
On-board monitor for railroad locomotive
System and method of occupant sensing
Method of calibrating of a system which operates depending on a sensor in a motor vehicle
Method and device for deploying a retaining system
Method of determining maximum service brake reduction
Process and apparatus for detecting and compensating for wheel brake irregularities
Parking assisting apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method of controlling clearance between turbine engine blades and case based on engine components thermal growth model
Speed modification system for gas turbine engine to allow trimming of excess
Fuel bucket scheduler
Method for evaluating characteristic values of piezo-mechanical systems
Shifting apparatus for an automatic transmission that is adapted to provide installation flexibility where space is limited within a motor vehicle
Method for controlling an automatic gearbox
System and method for time-to-intercept determination
Thickness reducing management system for pipes in pipe lines
Target for photogrammetric analytical measurement system
Navigation device having a platform-dependent part and a user-interface-dependent part for supplying navigation services
Method for updating a geographic database
System and method for reducing the amount of repetitive data sent by a server to a client for vehicle navigation
Method and system for route calculation in a navigation application
Mobile navigation apparatus with route deviation indication
Navigation applications using related location-referenced keywords
Remote signal conditioner for a Coriolis flowmeter
Method and apparatus for measuring thermal and electrical properties of thermoelectric materials
Methods and systems for detecting and for responding to connection of a battery to a logic device
In-sheet transceiver testing
Method for testing circuits with tri-state drivers and circuit for use therewith
Semiconductor integrated circuit
System and method for AC performance tuning by thereshold voltage shifting in tubbed semiconductor technology
Semiconductor device simulating apparatus and semiconductor test program debugging apparatus using it
System and method for identifying finite state machines and verifying circuit designs
System and method for computer controlled interaction with integrated circuits
Device for high gain and uniformly localized magnetic resonance imaging
Switchable field of view apparatus and method for magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance angiography using undersampled 3D projection imaging
Method for adjusting a pseudo-range model
Method and apparatus using golay-coded excitation for echocardiology
System for estimating the locations of shaley subsurface formations
Circuit for detection of the presence of a permanent magnet in the vicinity of an active medical device, in particular a pacemaker, defibrillator, cardiovertor and/or multisite device
TFT panel alignment and attachment method and apparatus
Method of manufacturing mask for conductive wirings in semiconductor device
Method of analyzing factor responsible for errors in wafer pattern, and apparatus for producing photolithographic mask
Method of estimating shape of chemically amplified resist
Method and system for synchronizing a time of day clock based on a satellite signal
Adaptive closed-loop servo control
Method and apparatus for modeling dynamic and steady-state processes for prediction, control and optimization
Compensator design optimization through efficient utilization of subcompensators
Methods and apparatus for designing a system using the tensor convolution block toeplitz-preconditioned conjugate gradient (TCBT-PCG) method
Database for a remotely accessible building information system
Distributed real time operating system
Programmable-shape array
Method for providing fail-safe secure data transmission between a numerical control system and a spatially separate unit
Method and equipment allocating industrial or technical resources within technical systems
Selective process data logger with instant replay
System for preventing lane deviation of vehicle and control method thereof
Active cooling system for an electronic device
Object security boundaries
System for remote pass-phrase authentication
Clock circuit and a computer system having said clock circuit
Electronic device and a control means
Single wire interface for an analog to digital converter
Control system with selectable reset circuit
Automated decoupling capacitor insertion
Thermal and power management to computer systems
Validation of procedures
Methods and systems for dynamic selection of error recovery procedures in a managed device
System, apparatus, and method for managing a data storage system in an n-way active controller configuration
Apparatus and method for accepting physical write package when the posted write error queue is full
Power-on software for robust boot
Recovery procedure for a dynamically reconfigured quorum group of processors in a distributed computing system
Error recovery mechanism for a high-performance interconnect
System and method for multiplexed data back-up to a storage tape and restore operations using client identification tags
Method and apparatus for mapping data in a heterogeneous disk array storage system
Circuit and method for monitoring sector transfers to and from storage medium
Dynamic feedback costing to enable adaptive control of resource utilization
Microcomputer debug architecture and method
Data storage subsystem with fairness-driven update blocking
Quorum arbitrator for a high availability system
Adaptive memory interface timing generation
Memory reclamation method
Management of orphan tracks
Method and apparatus for preventing starvation in a multi-node architecture
Method and system for clearing dependent speculations from a request queue
Architecture, system and method for ensuring an ordered transaction on at least one of a plurality of multi-processor buses that experience a hit-to-modified snoop cycle
Memory access request reordering to reduce memory access latency
Data cache miss lookaside buffer and method thereof
System and method for time weighted access frequency based caching for memory controllers
Process-loop monitor system and method
Method and apparatus to manage digital bus traffic
Method and apparatus for speculatively locking objects in an object-based system
Method for resisting an FPGA interface device
Direct processor access via an external multi-purpose interface
SDRAM controller implemented in a PLD
Method and system for communicating event messages between a peripheral device and a client computer
Peripheral component interface with multiple data channels and reduced latency over a system area network
Multiprocessor system that communicates through an internal bus using a network protocol
Replacement, upgrade and/or addition of hot-pluggable components in a computer system
Method and apparatus for hot swapping and bus extension without data corruption
Circuit and method for achieving hold time compatability between data-source devices coupled to a data-requesting device through a data bus
Combined low speed and high speed data bus
Source-destination re-timed cooperative communication bus
Method and apparatus of bus interface for a processor
Elimination of turnaround cycles on multiplexed address/data buses
Adaptive modem connection lifetimes
MIMD arrangement of SIMD machines
Processor having execution core sections operating at different clock rates
Method and system for providing an associative datastore within a data processing system
System and method for producing modulated complex lapped transforms
Method and system for manipulating page-breaks in an electronic document
Method and system for flowing data to an arbitrary path defined by a page description language
Script character processing method for automatically supplementing blank writing space
Transforming documents using pattern matching and a replacement language
Methods and apparatus for classifying terminology utilizing a knowledge catalog
Multi-user interactive web server and communication method between users using the same
Multimedia playing apparatus utilizing synchronization of scenario-defined processing time points with playing of finite-time monomedia item
Dynamically modifying system parameters in data storage system
Database fine-grained access control
Method for reducing search results by manually or automatically excluding previously presented search results
Apparatus and method for aggregate indexes
Method and apparatus for finding mirrored hosts by analyzing connectivity and IP addresses
Using database query technology for message subscriptions in messaging systems
Generating union queries using tensor representations
System and methods for communicating between multiple devices for synchronization
Method and apparatus for finding a first element
Method for generating database server configuration documentation
Apparatus and methods for copying, backing up, and restoring data using a backup segment size larger than the storage block size
Externalizing very large objects in a relational database client/server environment
Network-access management system and method applied to network and computer program product including computer program recorded on storage medium for creating display data
Dynamic caches with miss tables
Hierarchical location constraints for programmable layouts
Run-time routing for programmable logic devices
Method and apparatus for assigning PLD signal routes to input signals having different voltage requirements
Method and system for screening a VLSI design for inductive coupling noise
Distribution dependent clustering in buffer insertion of high fanout nets
Timing optimization and timing closure for integrated circuit models
Contract methodology for concurrent hierarchical design
Method of controlling external models in system-on-chip verification
Method for designing a HVAC air handling assembly for a climate control system
Process, apparatus and program for transforming program language description of an IC to an RTL description
Data mining techniques for enhancing medical evaluation
Method and apparatus for real time yield control
Method and system for improved computer security during ROM Scan
Apparatus and method capable of restricting access to a data storage device
System and method for regulating the transmission of media data
Intrusion detection signature analysis using regular expressions and logical operators
Processes and systems for secured information exchange using computer hardware
System for indicating channel availability by having a light emitting diode operative to signal of connection of a data storage device to an internal connector
Data entry by string of possible candidate information in a communication terminal
Personal digital assistant and information transmission apparatus for use with the personal digital assistant
Web browser which automatically loads selected types of graphics
Method for inputting information to a mobile radiotelephone
EPG transmitting apparatus and method, EPG receiving apparatus and method, EPG transmitting/receiving system and method, and provider
Program and apparatus for balancing activity of disk storage devices in response to statistical analyses and preliminary testing
Emulation technique for variable-length disk system to access data in a fixed-length disk system
Methods and systems for accessing disks using forward and reverse seeks
Automated data storage library with multipurpose slots providing user-selected control path to shared robotic device
Controller for data recorder
Method, system, and program for monitoring a device to determine a power failure at the device
Zero anticipation method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for denormal load handling
Early completion of iterative division
Method and system for generating actual random numbers within a multiprocessor system
Distributed compiling
Processor with register stack engine that dynamically spills/fills physical registers to backing store
Mechanism for dynamic selection of an object's method
Software development system that presents a logical view of project components, facilitates their selection, and signals missing links prior to compilation
Command manager
System and method for selectively executing a computer program based on the presence of associated hardware
System and method for transmission of application software to an embedded vehicle computer
Method and apparatus for installing applications in a distributed data processing system
Computer system formed with a processor and a system board provided with complementary initialization support
System and method for providing functionalities to system BIOS
Dynamic mac allocation and configuration
Dynamic code motion optimization and path tracing
Methods and apparatus for optimizing programs in the presence of exceptions
Process for coordinating the course of cooperating processes which access a common object
Database appliance comprising hardware and software bundle configured for specific database applications
Virtual shadow registers and virtual register windows
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium
Methods and apparatus for remote method invocation
Method and system for managing concurrently executable computer processes
Retrieval and matching of color patterns based on a predetermined vocabulary and grammar
Method for optimizing a line of pick and place machines
Method and apparatus for organizing notes on a limited resource computing device
System and method for integrating schedule and design environments
Electronic document delivery system in which notification of said electronic document is sent a recipient thereof
Self-removing email verified or designated as such by a message distributor for the convenience of a recipient
Method and apparatus for managing electronic money and storage for storing an electronic money management program
Efficient certificate revocation
Method and apparatus for local advertising
Semantic based collaborative filtering
System and method for collaborative filtering with applications to e-commerce
Methods and systems for aviation component repair services
Methods and systems for electronic receipt transmission and management
Updating animated images represented by scene graphs
System for three dimensional positioning and tracking with dynamic range extension
GPS vehicle collision avoidance warning and control system and method
Biometric system for biometric input, comparison, authentication and access control and method therefor
Two way authentication protocol
Driving state monitoring apparatus for vehicles
Interface control system for exchanging signals by superposing signals to an existed signal line using low voltage differential signal
Method and apparatus for a dual mode of displaying data and images
Unified messaging system with automatic language identification for text-to-speech conversion
Method for recognizing non-standard and standard speech by speaker independent and speaker dependent word models
Apparatus and method for distinguishing similar-sounding utterances speech recognition
Distributed client-server speech recognition system
Vector correlator for speech VOCODER using optical processor
Multi-channel audio encoder
Enhanced quantization method for spectral frequency coding
Signal injection coupling into the human vocal tract for robust audible and inaudible voice recognition
Time-axis compression/expansion method and apparatus for multichannel signals
Digital timing recovery using baud rate sampling
Semiconductor memory for operation in a plurality of operational modes
Method and apparatus for creating a selectable electrical characteristic
Semiconductor device manufacturing facility with a diagnosis system
Method and apparatus for measuring cumulative defects
Dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communications device having specific dielectric and superconductive compositions
Method and system for controlling antenna downtilt in a CDMA network
Self-aligning wireless interface system and method
Energy supply system and operation method thereof
Method for the energy management in a domestic environment
Systems and methods for management of current consumption and performance in a receiver down converter of a wireless device
Multi-rate digital filter for audio sample-rate conversion
Radio frequency electronic switch
Voltage level shifter with testable cascode devices
System and method for minimizing error correction code bits in variable sized data formats
Reed-solomon decoder
Reed-Solomon decoder
Method and apparatus for turbo-code decoding a convolution encoded data frame using symbol-by-symbol traceback and HR-SOVA
Channel encoding/decoding in communication system
Low noise architecture for a direct conversion transmitter
Method and system for switching a mobile station from a low power limited operations mode to a normal operating mode
Wireless telephone having remote controller function
Method for initiating call blocking based upon pilot fraction
Adaptive rach power determination for mobile telecommunications user equipment unit
Redundant satellite system
Method and apparatus for monitoring TV channel selecting status
Error correction method and transmission apparatus
Forward error correction system for packet based real time media
Radio communication device and method of controlling transmission rate
Receiver initiated recovery algorithm (RIRA) for the layer 2 tunneling protocol (L2TP)
Method for switching between active and standby units using IP swapping in a telecommunication network
Communication system with multicarrier telephony transport for controlling a plurality of service units
Prepaid wireless telephone account regeneration in a wireless access protocol system
Apparatus and method for a multi-client event server
Policy management method and system for internet service providers
Method for controlling a network element from a remote workstation
Route monitoring graphical user interface, system and method
Information device, information device system control method, and information device system
Method for data exchange with a mobile asset considering communication link quality
Data processing with distributed messaging problem determination
Resource reservation in mobile internet protocol
Method and apparatus for real time communication over switched networks
Method and system for data processing by proxy
System and method for "Open Mike" network-based communication
Virtual dial-up protocol for network communication
Data communication network
System and method for delivering messages through a totem communications system
PCS-to-mobile IP internetworking
System and method for supporting multimedia communications upon a dynamically configured member network
Method and apparatus providing a cable modem management and provisioning system
Method for automatically configuring network interface card and capable of randomizing a media access controller address of the network interface card
Multiple personality internet account
System and method for accessing the internet in an internet protocol-based cellular network
Register for and method of providing contact information for a communications unit identified by a uniform resource name
Mobile IP mobility agent standby protocol
Key agreement and transport protocol
Device and method for conditional authentication
Electronic device with housing supplement
Communications device and a method for control of its operation
Seamless distributed job control between a multifunction peripheral and a host
Media-integrating system, terminal device, recording medium and broadcasting method for use in the media-integrating system
Apparatus for receiving digital broadcast signal and apparatus for recording and reproducing digital broadcast information included in the digital broadcast signal
Apparatus and method for digital advertisement insertion in a bitstream
Method and apparatus for encoding or decoding audio or video frame data
Mobile terminal employing 30kHz/200kHz carrier identification
Automated radio network trend detection
Method of estimating the need of capacity for different parts of a cellular radio system
Method and system for characterizing propagation of radiofrequency signal
System and method for frequency planning in wireless communication networks
Method and an arrangement in a mobile radio system
Assign channel distributing system and distributing method therefor
Directed retry for call setup
System and method for providing access to a wireless communication service to a group of subscribers who share a set of modems
Connecting a multimode terminal to the network in a mobile communication system
Handoff control system handoff control method, and storage medium storing handoff control program
Mobile communication system and method for registering location of a mobile terminal in the mobile communication system
Method and system for routing calls to wireless directory numbers in a network
Wireless universal provisioning device
Free channel selection method
Audio processing device, receiver and filtering method for filtering a useful signal and restoring it in the presence of ambient noise
Digital filtering method and device and sound image localizing device
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