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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Balanced modular camera mount apparatus and method of use
Dispensing consumer products
Blood glucose monitoring system having wireless communication module to which time synchronization method is applied
Muscle memory training device
Convertible gaming chairs and wagering game systems and machines with a convertible gaming chair
Random switching game engine for wagering games
Performing Operations; Transporting
Laser light source device and method for manufacturing laser light source device
System to store and to transmit electrical power
Vehicle zone-based intelligent console display settings
Bicycle power generation device
Clipping structure and key module
System for separately handling different size FOUPs
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Substrate stage of substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Tunable colour LED module
Lens-free planar imager using an optical resonator
Front end module comprising an antenna tuner
Test board, test system and test method for a power over ethernet device
Load-testing circuit for USB ports
Method and system for differential distortion correction for three-dimensional (3D) projection
Bonding type crystal controlled oscillator
Card device
Ensuring the provenance of passengers at a transportation facility
Semiconductor inspection apparatus and semiconductor inspection method
Isolating a PCI host bridge in response to an error event
Bitmap selection for remote copying of updates
Adaptive prestaging in a storage controller
System translation look-aside buffer with request-based allocation and prefetching
Tracking a relative arrival order of events being stored in multiple queues using a counter
Garbage collection of interned strings
Systems and methods for writing data from a caching agent to main memory according to a pre-clean criterion
Memory system with read and write caches and method of controlling memory system with read and write caches
Increasing virtual-memory efficiencies
System, method and computer program product for host system LTFS auto-adaptation
Power supply circuit for universal serial bus interface
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling the same
Image formation apparatus, image formation system and image formation method
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and storage medium for storing image data
Predictive data management in a networked computing environment
Methods, systems, products, and devices for processing DNS friendly identifiers
Method and apparatus for collaborative upload of content
Method and system for email processing
Updating an e-mail recipient list
Communication apparatus for transmitting data through a plurality of data-paths
Graceful degradation of websocket connections to nonpersistent HTTP-based communications
Method and apparatus for browsing using multiple coordinated device sets
Brokering and provisioning in high-speed networks
Handheld electronic device and associated method enabling spell checking in a text disambiguation environment
Apparatus and method for single unit access display
Sequential website moving system using voice guide message
Method and system to provide a non-free digital event content from the content provider to the computing device users
Automated hyperlinking in electronic communication
Method and system for text compression and decompression
Publishing on mobile devices with app building
Persisting annotations within a cobrowsing session
Computer program product and computer system for language-enhanced programming tools
Efficient join with one or more large dimension tables
Managing the storage of media content
Method for automatically indexing documents
Search in network management UI controls
Method, system, and computer program product for modeling resistance of a multi-layered conductive component
LSI design method
Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for providing evolving information in generating a physical design with custom connectivity using force models and design space decomposition
Simulation execution method, program, and system
System and method to drag instance master physical shell
Sequential non-deterministic detection in hardware design
Method and apparatus for computer network security
Method and device for transmitting decryption codes of freely transmitted, encrypted program contents to clearly identifiable receivers
Method and device for countering fingerprint forgery attacks in a communication system
System and method for controlling access to assets in a network-based media sharing system using tagging
Techniques for providing tenant based storage security and service level assurance in cloud storage environment
Malicious mobile code runtime monitoring system and methods
Dynamic database update in multi-server private information retrieval scheme
Persisting annotations within a cobrowsing session
Memory system
Stack assembly for implementing keypads on mobile computing devices
Terminal device and control program thereof for displaying display information in a display section capable of performing three-dimensional display
Dynamic presentations management
Billing management system, image forming apparatus, billing management apparatus, billing information recording method, and storage medium
System for on-line archiving of content in an object store
Database usage trends based on database lock requests
Table boundary detection in data blocks for compression
Directory server replication
Inferring sensitive information from tags
Information processing apparatus and method
Method, apparatus, system for single-path floating-point rounding flow that supports generation of normals/denormals and associated status flags
Dual asynchronous and synchronous memory system
Testing transaction applications
Project modeling using iterative variable defect forecasts
Project modeling using iterative variable defect forecasts
Generating vocal user interface code from a data meta-model
Software configuration based on entitlement records
Architecture support of best-effort atomic transactions for multiprocessor systems
Power-optimized interrupt delivery
Enabling virtualization of a processor resource
Printing control program, information processing apparatus, printing system, and printing apparatus
Point of sale transaction device
Image processing apparatus, image processing apparatus control method, and storage medium
Ultrasonic identification of replaceable component for host system
Contactless object with integrated circuit connected to circuit terminals by capacitive coupling
Electronic device and photo management method thereof
Region-of-interest extraction apparatus and method
Communication using handwritten input
Clothing and body covering pattern creation machine and method
Confidence map, method for generating the same and method for refining a disparity map
Real time processing of video frames
Quality checks for printed pages using target images that are generated external to a printer
Image processing device
Feature extraction and use with a probability density function (PDF) divergence metric
Video image feature generation system and video image feature generation method
Methods for generating selection structures, for making selections according to selection structures and for creating selection descriptions
Inner passage relevancy layer for large intake cases in a deep question answering system
Expert locator based on user polling
Event scheduler based on real-time analytics and business rules
Determining costs for workflows
Secure distributed single action payment system
System and method for redeeming an electronic promotion code at a point of sale
Management of dynamic mobile coupons
Method, system, and computer program product for long-term on-line comparison shopping
In-car driver tracking device
Effective arrangement of data elements
Effective arrangement of data elements
Computation reduced tessellation
Wagering game having a secondary game for modifying a primary game
Emergency notification device and system
Flare network monitorng system and method
Smart caregiver platform methods, apparatuses and media
Method and device for detecting fatigue
System and method for home automation and security
Remote control with capacitive touchpad
Method for generating digital interior map
Tactile graphic display
Computer-aided learning system and method
Robotic smart sign system and methods
Adjustable reminder label
Display apparatus configured for selective illumination of low-illumination intensity image subframes
Display apparatus
Display apparatus and a method for driving the same
Video display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Electrooptical display apparatus that performs voltage sampling outside of a noise settling period, and electronic device
Liquid crystal display device and TV receiver
Operational amplifying circuit and liquid crystal panel drive device using the same
Visual ontological system for social community
Assistance for color recognition
Display-data generating apparatus and display-data generating method
System and method for changing hair color in digital images
Backlight unit and display device including the same
Length-adjustable strap
Data pattern analysis
Apparatus and method for recognizing voice command
Noise reduction
Sound processing to produce target volume level
Tension transients suppression during acceleration and/or deceleration for storage tape drive
Disk drive using timing loop control signal for vibration compensation in servo loop
Optical pickup and optical information storage system including the same
Semiconductor memory device
Embedded selector-less one-time programmable non-volatile memory
Methods and devices for facilitating data retransmissions in wireless communication systems
Power management control and controlling memory refresh operations
Semiconductor memory device for performing repair operation
Canister for transporting and/or storing radioactive materials comprising radially stacked radiological protection components
Radioactive waste storage
Cable with offset filler
Oil transformer insulation module
Actuator for contactor
Solenoid linear actuator and method of making same
Light emitting element and light emitting device
Ion generating device and electrical apparatus which can easily be reduced in size and thickness
Photoelectric conversion cell and array, reset circuit and electrical signal sense control circuit therefor
High color rendering index fluorescent lamp with multi-layer phosphor coating
Double/multiple fin structure for FinFET devices
Method of mounting a semiconductor wafer with a support board on a supporting adhesive tape joined to a ring frame
Carrier structure for stacked-type semiconductor device, method of producing the same, and method of fabricating stacked-type semiconductor device
Magnetic tunnel junction and method for fabricating a magnetic tunnel junction
Display device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor nano layer structure and manufacturing method thereof
Methods of fabricating defect-free semiconductor structures
Layout to minimize FET variation in small dimension photolithography
Silicon wafers with suppressed minority carrier lifetime degradation
Method to fabricate a vertical transistor having an asymmetric gate with two conductive layers having different work functions
Double patterning lithography techniques
Method of wire bonding over active area of a semiconductor circuit
Method and apparatus for forming shallow trench isolation structures having rounded corners
Reduced capacitance interlayer structures and fabrication methods
Dicing die bond film and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Electronic device and semiconductor device
Transient thermal management systems for semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device with covering member that partially covers wiring substrate
Middle-of-the-line constructs using diffusion contact structures
Semiconductor device having a pair of transistors that are directly coupled and capacitively coupled
Pseudo butted junction structure for back plane connection
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Methods and apparatus for identifying and reducing semiconductor failures
Group III nitride semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor having optimized insulation structure and process for producing the semiconductor
Semiconductor component with a semiconductor via
Semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Solar cell
Tandem type integrated photovoltaic module and manufacturing method thereof
Solar array of transparent nanoantennas
Method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion device, and method of manufacturing image display
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Packaged LED device with castellations
Low frequency broad band ultrasonic transducers
Superlattice phase change memory device
Resistive memory with small electrode and method for fabricating the same
Substrate glass for LEDs with layer containing scattering particles and method for production thereof
Liquid hydrophobic phase transition substance, and battery comprising same
Power reception equipment for resonance-type non-contact power supply system
Battery pack
Core pack manufacturing apparatus
Separator film for batteries including oxidation resistant vinyl alcohol copolymer
Conductive polymer materials and preparing method and uses thereof
Graphite material for negative electrodes of lithium ion secondary battery, manufacturing method for said material, and lithium ion secondary battery using same
Micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cell arrangement
Cooling device for a functional system
Composite membranes having a hydrophilic material and a conductive material susceptible to dehydration and their use in electrochemical cells
Fuel cell stack and electronic device provided with the same
Voltage tuning of microwave magnetic devices using magnetoelectric transducers
Wireless electronic devices with a metal perimeter including a plurality of antennas
Ceramic metal halide lamp with feedthrough comprising an iridium wire
Compact tapered slot antenna
Operating fuse deflector
Electrical connector with improved spacer for heat dissipation
Replaceable solar bulb assembly for use with a solar receiver array
Connector assembly with a receptacle connector and a plug connector with stable structures
Oxygen laser oscillator
Electrical feed-through spacer and connectivity
Power supply apparatus
Electric power supply apparatus of electric apparatus
Power on and off testing device and method
Wireless power transmission device
Magnetic gear mechanism including a plurality of rotors or stators
High efficiency power converter
Switched-mode power supply using ac-dc conversion having inverted control
Electromechanical transducer device and method of making the same
Apparatus for harvesting and storing piezoelectric energy and manufacturing method thereof
Electric power control system and efficiency optimization process for polyphase synchronous machine
Adaptive FM demodulator supporting multiple modes
Distortion compensating apparatus, transmitter, distortion compensating method, and transfer function calculating method
RF power amplifier and operating method thereof
Field-programmable gate array
Fractional frequency divider circuit
System and method of adjusting a clock signal
Pulse generator and analog-digital converter including the same
COFDM broadcast systems employing turbo coding
Delta-sigma modulator
Field level compression in parallel data flows
Receiving apparatus, receiving method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
Transmit-receive switching circuit and wireless device
System and method for data feed acceleration and encryption
Optical module
Multicore chip with holographic optical interconnects
Optical polarization multilevel signal receiving apparatus, optical polarization multilevel signal transmitting apparatus, and optical polarization multilevel signal transmission apparatus
Signal processing device, signal processing method, and communication device
Wireless power transmission system, and method and apparatus for allocating communication channel and transmitting power in wireless power transmission system
Apparatus and method of receiver architecture and low-complexity decoder for line-coded and amplitude-modulated signal
Data transmission device and data transmission method
System for collecting billable information in a group communication network
Extrapolating channel state information ("CSI") estimates from multiple packets sent over different frequency channels to generate a combined CSI estimate for a MIMO-OFDM system
Relay station, base station, and radio communication method
Method and apparatus for in-building communications
Apparatus and method of automatically managing satellite broadcasting service
Optical packet transmitting/receiving system
Chip integrated single photon generation by active time multiplexing
Time synchronization method, device, and system
Wireless communication antennae for concurrent communication in an access point
Method and system for encrypting data
Method and apparatus for transmitting group message in unicast network
Multicast route cache system
Method and system for providing enhanced broadcast advertising
Autonomous metric tracking and adjustment
Apparatus, method and computer-readable storage medium for calculating throughput requirements of a network
State information and routing table updates in large scale data networks
Sliced routing table management
System and method for multicast transmission
Techniques for UL MU MIMO signaling and error handling
Method and system for link aggregation across multiple switches
Relay apparatus and buffer control method
Information processing apparatus, parallel computer system, and control method of parallel computer system
Method and system for speed negotiation for twisted pair links using intelligent E-FIFO in fibre channel systems
Channel estimation using averaging and interpolation
Clock and data recovery architecture with adaptive digital phase skew
Systems and methods for reducing quantization errors using adjustable equalizer granularities
Communication system with receiver optimization mechanism and method of operation thereof
Efficient tree-based MIMO OFDM detection
Demapper for rotated QAM constellations
Iterative-diversity COFDM broadcasting with improved shaping gain
Image forming apparatus, charging information recording method, and recording medium
Method and system for managing device identification
Method and system for generic multiprotocol convergence over wireless air interface
Concert server incorporating front-end and back-end functions to cooperate with an app to provide synchronized messaging to multiple clients
Low power oversampling with delay locked loop implementation
Encrypted tape access control via challenge-response protocol
Abstraction layer for default encryption with orthogonal encryption logic session object; and automated authentication, with a method for online litigation
Efficient and secure data currentness systems
Communication apparatus, data communication method, and network system
Personalized service method using user history in mobile terminal and system using the method
Subsidizing wireless services in geo-fenced zones
Systems and methods for determining mobile thing (MT) identification and/or MT motion activity using sensor data of wireless communication device
Techniques for delivering emergency payloads for non-voice emergency services
Communication device
Method and apparatus for providing separable billing services
System and method for routing calls
Computation saving echo canceller for a wide band audio signal
Browser-based scanning utility
Method for scanning data and electronic device thereof
Method and apparatus for adaptive stable image timing in stereoscopic 3D systems
Solid-state imaging device
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving stereoscopic video
Image processing device, image processing method, recording medium, and imaging device
Stereoscopic image display apparatus
Image processing device, image processing method and storage medium
Method of evaluating at least one defect of quality in a data signal, associated device and computer program
Method and apparatus for television band pilot sensing
Video processing system, computer program product and method for managing a transfer of information between a memory unit and a decoder
Fragmented parameter set for video coding
Surveillance device capable of focusing
Camera for mounting
Portable device with dual image sensors and quad-core processor
Camera with linked parallel processor cores
Device for sending image data from camera to CCTV network
Sensor-integrated chip for CCD camera
Imaging system utilizing spatial image oscillation
Systems and methods for evaluating online videos
Video analytics with burst-like transmission of video data
Color imaging element and imaging device
Apparatus and method for processing media in convergence media service platform
Wavelength-multiplexed optical transmission device, wavelength-multiplexed optical transmission system, wavelength-multiplexed optical transmission method
Multi-listener headphone system with luminescent light emissions dependent upon selected channels
Wireless headband audio player
Wireless audio player and speaker system
Method and apparatus for transmitting indoor context information
Method and system for proximity and context based deduction of position for a GPS enable computing device
Method and apparatus for ranging transmission by mobile station in wireless communication system
Blind decoding of uplink control channels
Information shared between a vehicle and user devices
Method and apparatus for ranging transmission by mobile station in wireless communication system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Bag pickup mitt
Dust pan
Iron with stand
Electric iron
Knee guard
Magnetic cleaning scrap-slab for aquarium
Arbor structure having curved elements
Demountable barrel storage rack
Rubbish bin
Recycling material container
Garbage can
Carrying cart
Materials handling vehicle
Frame for a wheeled work machine
Portable power supply
Low profile coaxial cable connector
Electric cord connector
Electrical connector
Access control device
Electrical connector
Keypad for controlling shades and lights
Electrical connector
Keypad for controlling shades and lights
Electrical connector
Heat dissipater
Insulation boot for an electric device box
Hybird integrated circuit board
Current monitor
Electrical and data services module
Power strip
Optical fiber connection cabinet
Audio speaker
Audio speaker
Loudspeaker box
Drum microphone clip
Monitor for a computer
Computer front bezel
Machine for identifying fingerprint
Computer mouse
Surface ornamentation for a handheld computer or a computer-generated icon for a handheld computer
Four-button trackball
Icon of the project engineering of industrial controls for a portion of a computer screen
Coordinate input device
Elements of docking station for a portable computer device
Personal digital assistant
Casing with memory card storage
Portable handheld terminal housing
Front bezel for an electronic device
Computer enclosure
Computer front bezel
Automobile antenna
Communications panel
Function extension machine for a portable wireless telephone
Video adaptor
Remote control
Apparatus for wireless network printer connection
Infrared receiver
Portion of an audio component
Cylinder profile
Pond pump
Surface configuration of an engine
Drive motor mount for clamshell lathe
Washing apparatus
Overlock sewing machine
Display for a sewing machine
Ice cream maker
Housing for an overhead door operator
Core drill
Tool for dispensing adhesives and sealants
Digital camera
Video projector
Access door/tray for facsimile machine
Multi-functional office business machine
Swimming goggles
Swimming goggles
Drum stand
Tape cartridge for label printing machine
Ink cartridge for printer
Postage label with serrated edge
Transparent tape dispenser
Roller device
Ring binder mechanism fastener
Writing instrument
Pen body
Writing instrument
Paint color display cards
Partial gable end roof and wall structure
Tractor-trailer toy vehicle
Game machine
Frog doll
Game machine
Backgammon game board
Cribbage board
Four-wheeled push vehicle
Inflatable lounge
Golf putter
Golf putter head
Leprechaun golf head cover
Golf putter head with checkerboard face
Cylindrical crane game
Joint for tent pole
Fishing lure blade
Spinning fishing lure body
Butt end boot for fishing rods
Waste water pump station cover
Thermal valve
Suction drain guard for swimming pools and spas
Showerhead assembly
Liquid soap dispenser
Anti-vortex safety cover for a drain
Faucet center set
Steam trap insulator
Spray handle
Tap handle
Diverter valve
Showerhead support rail
Flush actuator for sanitary systems
Electric liquid vaporizer
Vented electrical device for dispensing volatile substances
Combined ceiling fan and light fixture
Fan blade and holder
CPR prompt device
Carrier for test-tubes
Swift clamp bar
Surgical instrument
Disposable surgical blade holder
Steerable catheter
Diaper cover having animal motif
Child tethering safety device
Urine collection device
Sheet of glass
Retaining wall block
Retaining wall block
Sculpted patio paving block
Window component extrusion
Post front
Support trim rail for panel wall system
Precast concrete deck slab
Storm shelter
Window well
Wood trim end connector piece
Canopy front
Step stool with tray
Figurine candleholder
Cover for a containerized candle
Tail light
Surface configuration of a headlight for a vehicle
Shotgun shell light fixture
Night light
Tuscany solar light
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Lamp shade
Lamp shade
Lamp shade
Set of arms and swivels for a combined torchiere lamp with adjustable accent lights
Cosmetic product
Operation panel of nail clipper
Hand held massager
Lipstick container with liquid filled shell
Sexual stimulator
Gas mask
Solar bird feeder
Feeding dish for pets
Noise maker training aid for pets
Human Necessities
Water stream foliage cutter
Rotary flail feeding device and method
Cutting implement height adjustment mechanism having grouped height selections
Steering tube for pivotally rotating a hay harvester gearbox
Gang mower
Plant propagation
Chain saw caddie
Scissor action tool
Conveyable cover former and fastening system
Method and device for harvesting agricultural products, in particular fruit
Tiarella plant named `Neon Lights`
Miniature rose plant named `POULcel`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Adonis`
Heuchera plant named `Canyon Chimes`
Pulmonaria plant named `Silver Shimmers`
Peach tree named `Rattray`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Medea`
Campanula plant named `Pantaloons`
Miniature rose plant named `Meidarin`
Zoysiagrass plant `Himeno`
Miniature rose variety `POULra002`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Stwentynine`
Shrub rose plant named `FRYyeoman`
Heuchera plant named `Canyon Melody`
Anthurium plant named `Valentine`
Geranium plant named `Klefeuer`
Compact floribunda rose plant named `POULac002`
Abelia.times.grandiflora variety named `Goldenglossy`
Shrub rose variety `POULattra`
Compact floribunda rose plant named `POULac003`
Almond tree named `Winters`
Anthurium plant named `Favorita`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Amphion`
Mint plant named `Saksham`
Heuchera plant named `Black Beauty`
Compact floribunda rose plant named `POULac001`
Heuchera plant named `Canyon Duet`
Method of large-scale propagation of trees of genus Swietenia
Construction for automatically milking animals
Method and apparatus for increasing egg production
Anchoring device and methods of use
Gutter and flushing system for milking parlors
Kennel door apparatus
Pet-play apparatus configured for interactive use
Repairable bird feeder
Programmable hay-forage feeder
Wild game gravity feeder
Deer feeder
Fish farming system and method
Methods for raising pre-adult anadromous fish
Packaging for transporting in emergence living fish of the pleuronectiform species
Transparent fishing hook including transparent structural coating
Underwater battery powered lighted fishing lure and method therefor
Snell holder technology
Mosquito trap
Multiple rodent trap with sliding cover
Hunting decoy assemblies
Flameless flavor enhancing smoke generator
Carcass chilling process
Method for manufacturing a vending machine for serving extremely cold frozen product and method for distributing same
Sock with asymmetrical toe and method of producing such a sock
Baby bib
Method of using removable arm band for safety purpose in hunting
Air filtration system including a helmet assembly
Athlete's neck and spine safety brace
Textile complex for making clothes for protection against heat
Orbital motion device for seaming garments
Multi-purpose cap clip
Cooling headwear
Protective chin strap for helmets
Suspension for protective headgear
Hat fasteners for eye glasses
Full length insole for arthritic and/or diabetic people
Fastening strap for sports shoes
Footwear and accessory device
Shoe cleat apparatus
Plastic fasteners
Composite hook and loop fasteners, methods of their manufacture, and products containing them
Slide fastener with separable bottom stop assembly
Length of jewelry rope chain exhibiting distinctive visual properties, and related method of manufacture
Bracelet connector
Ring protecting device
Finger ring shim and sizing tool
Insulated container and receptacle therefor
Hair dryer employing far-infrared radiation
Head wrap for keeping a hairstyle of a user in place while sleeping
Shoulder pad
Modular surgical prep sponge holder
Tool having a scraper and a pivotally-mounted brush for cleaning and sweeping
Adjustable body guard
Squeakless furniture spring anchor clip
Multiple module mattress system with depressions accomodating inserts of differing firmness
Infant prop
Method for covering a flower pot and floral grouping
Pillow oriented for comfort in varying sleeping positions
Spoon shaped coffee brewing apparatus
Controlling mechanism of beverage infusion container
Coffee brewer
Throw-away container for heating and cooling of liquids
Barbecue grill grate
Anti-burn toaster
Kitchen appliance having a housing and having an add-on unit which can be accommodated in the kitchen appliance and whose functionality is independent of the kitchen appliance
Three tank carpet spotter
Mop having changeable structure for changing mop member
Motor-fan cooling air directed into filter bag
Rotary brush attachment tool for a hand-held vacuum cleaner
Self-evacuating vacuum cleaner
Lint vacuum
Dual pressure monitor
Pressure measuring device
Stent crimping tool
Elastomeric tensioning system for head and ear mounted eyewear
Articulated ramp assembly
Solid preparation filling apparatus
Disinfection system and method of using same
Fireproof collar for a firefighter's coat
Hinge assembly for sign having flip display
Ice skate blade gauge
Ornament simulating dynamic scene of volcanic eruption
Performing Operations; Transporting
Brewer filter support
Ultra fine fly ash and a system for collecting the same
Accumulator desiccant bag and method of assembling
Catalyst warming apparatus of internal combustion engine
Absolute inventory control by radial force measurement
Column packing and method for manufacturing the same
Single-pipe cylinder type reformer and method of operating the same
Auxiliary tool for filling a bore with a mortar mass
Position sensing system and method for an inspection handling system
Cleaning method and apparatus with dense phase fluid
Automobile repair clamp
Device for embossing metal pipe
Press for external high-pressure forming
Riveting die apparatus incorporating positioning device
Method for precision bending of a sheet of material and slit sheet therefor
Crimping ring and method for making same
Apparatus for assembling a three-dimensional structural component
Golf club manufacturing method
Pipe cutter
Sawing apparatus combined with marking device
Bevel gear pair
Downstream guide for peeling machine
Protective cover attachable to a working part which is mobile in at least one plane
Crown molding holder for miter saws and miter boxes
Feed mechanism
Cup attaching apparatus
Control system for eyeglass tracer
Method for removal of a vehicle hub and rotor assembly
Adjustable crowfoot device
Box and ratchet wheel arrangement for wrench
Pawl shifting mechanism for ratchet tools
Insertion tool
Expansible polymer clamping device
Multiple function tool
Portable counterbalancing system for handheld implements
Transfer arm
Robotic apparatus and method for mounting a vale stem on a wheel rim
Electric shaving apparatus
Vibrating shaving systems
Cutting knife arrangement for use with soft materials
Cutting apparatus utilizing high-speed vibration
Stamping apparatus having replaceable punches
Tilt-up wall
Tile fitting device
Slide driving method for link type transfer press and link type transfer press
Method and system for monitoring peak compressive and tensile process severity levels of a press machine using acceleration data
Structural wall panels
Tag for attaching to a garment having an attribute and identifying the attribute to a person unable to visually identify the attribute
Self-cleaning web-threading apparatus for a web-fed printing press
Method and apparatus for spin printing indicia on pellet shaped articles
Apparatus for correctly registering and mounting of a printing plate
Method and device for the feed of printing plates
Object attachment apparatus for printing cylinder
Method for controlling a quantity of ink in an inking unit
Method of producing an ink jet print head
Method for manufacturing ink jet print head
Method and apparatus for cleaning from the outer surface of an endless transport belt the ink, not ejected for printing purposes, of an inkjet printer
Process for preparing a ceramic decal
Combination postcard and peel-off sticker
Combination pen holder and bookmark/placesaver
Erasable product
Removable trailer hitch ball
Kit to raise vehicle front end
Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle and its control method
Air conditioner
Desiccant based humidification/dehumidification system
Center channel structure having an H-shaped cross-section for a vehicle door
Pump system for delivering cryogenic liquids
Driving-state switching device equipped with synchronizing mechanism
Vehicle battery cooling apparatus
Lockable license plate holder
Manufacture of a wiring loom
Pedal assembly supporting structure for automobile
Gas generator for a safety system
Motor vehicle wiper comprising a connector with a safety lock
Method for disposing brakes for motorcycles having foot boards
Solenoid controlled valve
Ventilated steering wheel
Fine increment tilt mechanism
Device for measuring angular rotation by producing a pivotal movement of a sensor unit
Arrangement for attaching a brake force booster
Torque sensor for automobiles
Fixture for sunroof assembly
Carrying apparatus for automobile dash module
Hydrodynamic propulsion flow control for modification of flap controlled lift
Aircraft tail stand warning system
Passenger loading bridge extending from a terminal at ground level and for servicing aircraft of various sizes
Method and apparatus for fastening of tubular bags on a hanger strip
Apparatus and method for sealing an article
Vertical form fill seal bag with recloseable seal and method of making thereof
Plastic gloves assemblage for point-of-sales display and storage
Three dimensional insert construction
System for modifying the atmosphere within the interior of a package
Container with a cooling module
Self releasing holddown mechanism for dock leveler
Apparatus for forming a packaging arrangement
Hydraulic system for boom hoist cylinder crane
Keg server
Sensor array for a capacitance measuring fingerprint sensor, and method for producing such a sensor array
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Materials for solid-state gas sensors
Gypsum compositions and related methods
Method of preparing bismuth oxide superconducting wire
Jewelry closure
Turf additive formulation for reduction of localized dry spots due to water repellency
Apparatus and methods for placing an additive fluid into a refrigerant circuit
Refrigerant blend free of R-22 for use in ultralow temperature refrigeration
Thin film forming method and apparatus
Device and a method for heat treatment of an object in a susceptor
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for guiding and texturizing yarn and associated methods
Facility for needling of fleece
Washer and dryer apparatus
Washing machine brake roller thrust bearing
Drain pump mounted pressure switch for a washing machine
Top loading washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Track tamping method and machine
Track maintenance device
Quick coupler for bucket excavators
Shower and bath and shower stalls that have pumps
Sanitary device
Structural member
System and method for attaching architectural moldings and insulation sheets to buildings
Partition panel
Utility panel system
Prefabricated furniture system
Storage roof truss
Attachment devices, systems, and methods for a tendon, rod, or other elongated member
Rainwater diverter
Fluent material container and dispenser
Pool structure and fountain apparatus
Weather shelter
Apparatus and method for transporting and for securing a building to a foundation
Locking head for a cable lock
High security side bar lock
Cylinder lock combined with a magnetic pin and a non-magnetic pin
Door holding device for wedging a door relative to a ceiling
Security lock
Door lock-and-handle assembly
Positioning hinge adapted between a computer main body and a display
Intergrated door check hinge for automobiles
Pivotal device for a frameless glass door
Automatic track switching system for operable walls
Safety device for a closure including a plurality of contact elements
Drive device for a sliding panel
Axial door operator
Sash and case windows
Frames for steel clad doors with jambs comprising a channel with spaced side walls and a bottom wall having integrally formed bracing connected to the walls at spaced points along the length
Window cover construction
Portable continuous sucker rod manufacturing process
System for remote control and operation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
External steam dump
Exhaust gas turbocharger for an internal combustion engine and a method for operating an exhaust gas turbocharger
Turbine engine cycling thermo-mechanical stress control
Combustion turbine cooling media supply system and related method
Construction for a cam rotation sensor attaching portion
High pressure gas cycle and power plant
Dynamic EGR concentration estimation method for a motor vehicle engine
Frequency response test method for an in-vehicle air/fuel ratio sensor
Air quantity control for smooth switching in gasoline direct injection engine
Control for improved vehicle performance
Air-fuel ratio control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Low signature EMI/RFI engine
Soft linear O2 sensor
Methods and systems for reducing internal combustion engine exhaust emissions
Sealing device for gas compressor-expander
Compound cycle internal combustion engine
Multi-stage rocket motor assembly including jettisonable launch motor integrated with flight igniter
Valve shaft scraper and filter for preventing coking
Method and apparatus for maintaining the alignment of a fuel injector
Device for injecting a fuel into a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine
Unit injector system with preinjection
Compensating element
Fuel pressure regulator
Crank pulley for recoil starter
Oil separator
Piston with pressure-dependent sealing effect for a piston-cylinder arrangement, in particular a shock absorber piston
Smart surge bleed valve system and method
High-performance molded fan
Hybrid actuator
Positioning device, capacity controller using positioning device, and speed changing device
Rodless cylinder
Working cylinder actuated by hydraulic fluid
Inside corner connector for structural framing members
Vertical rotation shaft assembly for swing-arm type door
Energy transmission chain system
Geared motor having seal member for restraining intrusion of water or the like
Roller screw and roller screw roller arranging method
Electric shifting of a variable speed transmission
Vehicle travelling control apparatus
Shifting device for an automatic transmission
Position sensor setting and testing method
Method for sealingly interconnecting a pipe with a structure such that the pipe is axially movable with respect thereto
Fastening belt
Gas storage method and system, and gas occluding material
Light emitting diode linear array with lens stripe for illuminated signs
LED illuminated plaque
Coal balancing damper
Methods and apparatus for decreasing combustor emissions with swirl stabilized mixer
Ceiling-embedded cassette type air conditioner having an improved fluid channel
Air conditioning module for room partition unit
Apparatus and method for cooling of closed spaces and production of freshwater from hot humid air
Personal thermal comfort system using thermal storage
Heat pump system for air conditioning adaptable to cold regions
Condenser and freezer
Pressure accumulator at high pressure side and waste heat re-use device for vapor compressed air conditioning or refrigeration equipment
Refrigerating device
Hot gas defrost refrigeration system
Ice making device of refrigerator
Vacuum fluorescent iconographic display for a low temperature refrigeration unit
Cooler with integral beverage retainers
Dryer with integrated cooling unit and method of operation
Apparatus for continuously drying vegetables, particularly leaf vegetables
Modular eutectic-based refrigeration system
Rotatable breech mechanism
Handgun with a cocking actuator safety
Firearm safety system with implanted computer chip
Magnetic trigger safety
Firearm safety lock
Revolving firearm
Integral magazine extraction extensions
Method and device for handling propellant charges
Lock for a gun stock recoil reduction device
Gun stock with recoil reduction device
Grenade launcher
Rear sight for a firearm
Cutting assembly and related apparatuses
Bullet setting out mechanism for hunting cartridges
Reuseable training dispenser
Bomblet fuze with self-destruct mechanism
Mortar fuse with a rotatable fan
Method and system for processing measurement signals to obtain a value for physical parameter
Plumb bob
Micromachined devices with anti-levitation devices
Micro-machined angle-measuring gyroscope
Spirit level for tile and cabinet installation
Scale reading apparatus
Slip ring position encoder
Elbow mounted turbine flowmeter
Temperature control unit and sight glass
Device for measuring the filling level of a filling material in a container
Hall-effect fine resolution liquid level indicator
Measuring the speed of sound of a gas
Fluid temperature measurement
Method and a device for detecting an internal arc in a metal-clad electrical link
Sensor for detecting relative rotation between shafts
Method and apparatus for measuring the tension of a moving web
Vehicle brake testing system
Wheel mount chuck and wheel mount method for vehicle wheel balancers
Wheel balancer system with centering check
Method of testing assembled internal combustion engine
Process for cylinder-selective leakage testing of the combustion chambers in a combustion engine
Method to correct vehicle vibration during an assembly process
Method and apparatus for detecting leaks
No purge sampler
Particulate sampling probe and dilution tunnel
Needle trap
Particle measurement by acoustic speckle
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic non-destructive inspection
Hand-held detection system using GC/IMS
Reentrant microwave resonant cavity accelerometer
Coriolis oscillating gyroscopic instrument
Highly flexible elastic hinge
Exposure method and projection exposure apparatus
Ultrasonic weld rivet for process cartridge and in line tack weld assembly method
Store queue number assignment and tracking
Coin-op bulletin board
Safety signaling apparatus for personal water craft
Shelf product management and information display
Electronic keyboard musical instrument
Capstan shaft cleaning device
Disc cartridge and method and apparatus for manufacture therefor
Automated clampring installation station
Method of manufacturing chip PTC thermistor
Electromagnetic coil, and method and apparatus for making same
Plasma processsing apparatus
Apparatus for removing organic antireflection coating
Modular cable protector having removable wheel chair ramps
Installation and removal of energized permanent magnets in permanent magnet rotors
Method for manufacturing an electromotive machine having an insulated coil
Variable-length encoder and decoder using symbol/code-word re-association of a coding table
Method and apparatus for a quick release security grill system
Accessory for a portable apparatus
Flat panel sound radiator with special edge details
Wiring board manufacture method, wiring board, and electrical connection box
Circuit board manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing circuit boards
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