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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Animal waste collection device
Slide rail assembly
Method of protection in tower
Deck mounting components for attachment of posts and the like
Adjustable width stairwell barricade
Window covering
Glucokinase activators
Preparation of a new class of water-soluble ammonium 2,3-dihydroxy-5-((2R,3R)-3,5,7-trihydroxy-4-oxochroman-2-yl) phenolates and their biological activity of alcohol elimination
Fused aminodihydropyrimidone derivatives
C-4'' position substituted macrolide derivative
Biologically active hemagglutinin from type a Clostridium botulinum and methods of use
TAM receptors and TAM receptor ligands in detection and modulation of neuropathological disease
Medicament for treatment cancer
Vectorization of dsRNA by cationic particles and topical use
Removable shoe attachment system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Carbon nanotube separation by reversible gelation
Polyurethane block copolymer based on poly siloxane tenside for membranes
Fractal impeller for stirring
Pyrogenic silicic acid manufactured in a small-scale production plant
Method of manufacturing catalyst coating solution and catalyst body using the same
Exhaust purifying catalyst
Catalyst separation system
Method and device for rapid parallel microfluidic molecular affinity assays
Spray nozzle and the application
Dyeing device for applying dye to columnar objects
Dual mode pump control
Coating device for workpieces and method for operating the coating device
Method for solid waste separation and processing
Safety wire plier
Forging system for forging a valve
Under-floor wheelset lathe
Hole-making tool
Transparent material processing with an ultrashort pulse laser
Method of manufacturing bearing ring of rolling bearing
Method for manufacturing a bundle of plates for a heat exchanger
Push rod removal tool
Tire molding apparatus
Work supply apparatus and machine tool provided with the work supply apparatus
Spraying device for use in machining center
Abrasive cutting tool and cutting method
Abrasive products and methods for finishing surfaces
Resin bonded abrasive
Method to improve efficiency of PCD leaching
Open wrench
Extension bar
Hand tool part holding device
Robot teaching system, robot teaching assistant device, robot teaching method, and computer-readable recording medium
Feather cutter and feather imping pin
Apparatus and method for harvesting portions with fluid nozzle arrays
Composite pallets for molding concrete pipe
Method and plant for the manufacture of container preforms
Injection molding module having a runner changing a flow direction of plastic material fed into an inlet thereof
Assembling machine and method
Winchester print head
Lightweight structure, particularly primary aircraft structure or subassembly, as well as method for the manufacture thereof
Wood laminate articles comprising substituted cellulose ester adhesives and methods relating thereto
Liquid drop ejecting head, image forming device, and method of manufacturing liquid drop ejecting head
Alignment of color planes in multi-beam multi-pass printers
Image forming apparatus
Apparatus capable of executing printing on both surfaces of a continuous sheet and printing control method for executing printing on both surfaces of a continuous sheet
Writing device
Erasable and replaceable tool label
Terry cloth with impregnated rubber substrate and tool for application thereon
Omni-directional wheel assembly
Castor braking and stopping rotating simultaneously
Central-controlled double wheel structure
Pneumatic tire having first and second turnup pads
Pneumatic tire and method of manufacturing same
Tire position determination system and tire pressure monitoring system
Adjustable insert for a tire
Tractor hitch
System and method for steering a trailer
Device for improving vehicle behavior when steering
Round recliner for vehicle seat
Shipping strap assembly
Alarm child car seat
System and method that minimizes hazards of blind spots while driving
Impact absorbing member for vehicle
System for expanding and securing truck bed storage and method for doing the same
Travel trailer stabilizer system
Release mechanism for a parking brake clutch
Braking mechanism for a downhole tool
Pedal simulator having multi-stage series spring
Inter-vehicle middle point maintaining implementer
Controlling method of power delivery system of vehicle
Aerodynamic multiple trailer system
Hand-swing type shilly-car
Universal mounting device for one or more accessories and method of using same
Bicycle light assembly
Brake assembly for bicycles
Dual drive sprocket pedal bike
Improvements relating to masts
Fin assembly
Board booster system
System for refloating grounded vessels
Multi-stage watertight chamber
Fastening arrangement for attaching a floor
Rotorcraft control system for rotorcraft with two or more rotor systems
Vertical takeoff and landing roadable vehicle
Reusable global launcher
System and compact method of bottling gas
Processing machine for bottles or similar containers
Temperature-stabilized storage systems with flexible connectors
Rapid assembly support structure
Pallet and method for using the pallet
Round trip envelope
Valve assembly intended for use together with a pallet container and a liner
Funnel device for rooftop drain covers
Spiral conveyor
Sheet binding processing apparatus and image forming system
Transportable single operator rig apparatus and method for optimizing drilling and/or completion
Long travel lift system
Equipment for handling packs of tires
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Capsule-type compound, anion removing agent, and method for removing anion
Process and system for removal of naphthenic acid from an aqueous solution
Method and device for recycling metal pickling baths
Unit and process for treating the surface of flat glass with thermal conditioning of the glass
Chemical process for obtaining glass with a total or partial satin/matte finish comprising immersion in an acid solution, for simultaneous and continuous production
Paving with a pollution-abating activity and a photocatalytic mixture for its preparation
Method and device for decommissioning bodies containing explosive material
Method of producing a petroleum substitute by the extraction of wood or tree material
Method of manufacturing olefin having 2 to 4 carbon atoms by Fischer-Tropsch reaction
Process for preparing aromatic amines
Process for preparing lacosamide
Process for producing oseltamivir phosphate and intermediate compound
Synthesis of R-biphenylalaninol
Amine derivative having NPY Y5 receptor antagonistic activity
Use of an urushiol compound in preparation of pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting Smad3 phosphorylation
Method for processing coke oven gas
Acetylene bridged linkers and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) produced thereof
Method for producing dialkylphosphinic acids and esters and salts thereof by means of allyl alcohols-acroleins and use thereof
Polymorphs of azabicyclohexane
Method of preparation of pitavastatin and pharmaceutical acceptable salts thereof
Azetidine compounds, compositions and methods of use
Process for the preparation of alkyl 3-difluoromethyl-1-methyl-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxylate and its analogs
Tri-aryl/heteroaromatic cannabinoids and use thereof
Biologically active macrolides, compositions, and uses thereof
Fusion protein containing a single-stranded DNA binding protein and methods for expression and purification of the same
Neisseria meningitidis antigens and compositions
Shortened tetranectin-apolipoprotein A-1 fusion protein, a lipid particle containing it, and uses thereof
Pathogenic bacteria
Idiotypic antibodies and uses thereof
Fluorescent cyclic peptides, preparation method thereof and use of these peptides for measuring the enzymatic activity of a protease enzyme
Acetylation of cellulose in densified gas
Process for introduction of liquid feeds to a polymerization process
Preparation of functional polysulfones
Aggregate of spherical core-shell cerium oxide/polymer hybrid nanoparticles and method for producing the same
Low-gloss anti-graffiti surface for electronic white boards
Sheet having high water vapor permeability
Stabilizer and composition including the same
Foam curable by heat
Biopolymers and processes for making same
Ink composition, recording method, printed matter, ink cartridge, and inkjet recording device
Polyurethane coating material composition, multistage coating methods using these coating material compositions, and also the use of the coating material composition as clearcoat material and pigmented coating material, and application of the coating method for automotive refinish and/or for the coating of plastics substrates and/or of utility vehicles
Visible light-responsive photocatalyst coating material, coated article, allergen inactivation method
Diacetylene derivative and liquid crystalline polymer having diacetylene structure
Compositions and methods for well completions
Processing device for improved utilization of fuel solids
Biodegradable lubricant composition
Magnetically coupled system for mixing
Microbial counting cell, microbe counting device using same, and microbe counting method using same
Modified small interfering RNA molecules and methods of use
Methods and compositions for inducing deregulation of EPHA7 and ERK phosphorylation in human acute leukemias
Nucleic acid aptamers
Polynucleotides encoding an intracellular segment of CD40 and a constant region of an immunoglobulin heavy chain
Polypeptides having endoglucanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Method and apparatus for mixing a lignocellulosic material with enzymes
PCR-based detection method for Chlamydia trachomatis
System and method for controlling thermal cycler modules
High expression Zymomonas promoters
Production of triacylglycerides from renewable biomass using oleaginous microorganisms
Method for assessing breast cancer susceptibility
Method for detection of microorganism and kit for detection of microorganism
Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) promoter polymorphism in inflammatory disease
Tumor suppressor killin
Yeast cell surface display of proteins and uses thereof
Viral particle-like structure in physiological conditions, and method of forming it
Process and apparatus for producing liquid pig iron or liquid primary steel products
Rod or wire manufacturing system, related methods, and related products
Zirconium alloy fuel cladding for operation in aggressive water chemistry
Chemical vapor deposition of metal layers for improved brazing
Aerogel-based mold for MEMS fabrication and formation thereof
Fluorine gas generating apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Drive link system and tufting machines comprising same
Washing machine wherein the type and amount of laundry can be detected
Device for drying laundry by means of a current of air
Aqueous coloring composition for textile printing, textile printing method, and fabric
Fixed Constructions
System for fastening a rail in place and fastening for a rail
Tension leg connection system and method of installing
Mobile apparatus
Grout for filling a micro-trench
Front and side mount toilet handle tensioner
Piling extender
Safety guard rail
Compression latch
Easy roll stiff screen
Ladder clip for hanging tools from a ladder
Movable well bore cleaning device
Methods for obtaining clean energy from coal
Downhole polymer foam applications
Method of treating a subterranean formation with combined breaker and fluid loss additive
Instrumented drilling system
Method and arrangement for lubricating drill shank of rock drilling machine
Guidepost extension
Lump breaker for mining machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Guide vane for a turbo-compressor, guide vane arrangement, turbo-compressor, motor vehicle and method
Turbomachine with axial compression or expansion
Rotary gravity engine utilizing volatile material and low temperature heat sources
Exhaust gas purification device for internal combustion engine
Encapsulated exhaust gas aftertreatment unit
Power-producing apparatus and method
Supercharged combined cycle system with air flow bypass to HRSG and fan
Gas turbine igniter with structure to reduce radial movement of igniter rod
Method for controlling a gas turbine and gas turbine for implementing the method
Fuel recovery system
Dual fuel common rail engine with co-axial quill assembly
System and method for extracting energy from sea waves
Piston pump with cam actuated valves
Swash plate type compressor
Fluid transporter
Centrifugal fan assembly
Method for replacing a blade of a rotor having integrated blades and such a rotor
Hydraulic drive and method for controlling such a hydraulic drive
Quick-attaching ceiling leak diverter devices
Latch to the core fastener
Pipeline fastener
Self-centring cage nut
Sliding guidance for a load-handling device
Wrench ratchet mechanisms and wrenches
Clutch arrangement and sealing element
Mechanical system with one-way clutch, and alternator comprising such a system
Clutch arrangement
Device for braking and/or blocking a shaft of a vehicle transmission and method for manufacturing such a device
Internal park brake system, apparatus, and method
Structure that can channel an elastic wave propagating in a plate
Pitched cable having a flexible core around which a coil is wrapped
Bevel gear for a bevel-gear transmission
Travel control unit of working vehicle
Piston wire lock and tool for inserting and removing the same
Directional exhaust valve
System for subsea cable installation
Plastic female screw connector using injection molding
Single-axis drive system and method
Isolating valve
Dual-lens zooming flashlight
Structure combining soft core with soft head for LED christmas light with four connection pins
Wearable device for disrupting unwelcome photography
Edge-lit light panel having a downlight within a lined indentation in the panel
Light emitting device and backlight module
Modular lamp
Superheated steam generation container, superheated steam generator, and superheated steam generation method
Burning element and burner with a corrosion-resistant insert
Gas tap comprising an electromagnetic safety valve and magnetic insert for an electromagnetic safety valve
Indoor unit with power supply and power detection capabilities and method thereof and air conditioning system having the same
Radon exhaust system with a diagnostic bypass filter apparatus
Electrolysis device and heat-pump-type water heater provided with same
Temperature-controlled storage systems
Method and appliance for separating air by cryogenic distillation
Clothes drying rack
Rotary biomass dryer
Heat storage apparatus for vehicle
Gun recoil suppressor and method of use
Air canister for air gun
Fin-stabilized penetrators arranged in a carrier shell
Apparatus and method for three dimensional inspection of wafer saw marks
Routing graphs for buildings using schematics
Electrode structure and capacitance sensor having the same
Piezoelectric vacuum gauge and measuring method thereof
Methods and apparatuses
Test apparatus for reflective cavity characterization
Briquette inspection device and briquette inspection method for measuring weight, volume, and crush strength
Method for an operational test measurement of a lambda probe, and device for carrying out method
Methods of identifying glycopeptides recognized by disease-associated auto-antibodies
Fibrinogen immune complexes to diagnose and guide therapy in rheumatoid arthritis
Assay for measuring enzymatic modification of a substrate by a glycoprotein having enzymatic activity
Renal cell carcinoma biomarkers
Wireless power transfer test system
Current monitor for indicating condition of attached electrical apparatus
Minimizing aggregate cooling and leakage power with fast convergence
Fluid detection device
Measuring apparatus and measuring method
Isotropic metamaterial lens for magnetic imaging applications
Ballistic missile debris mitigation
Monitoring the movement of mobile communication devices
Method and foldable support assembly
Annulus scattering diffuser for display with reflective surface
Displays having self-aligned apertures and methods of making the same
Reflective type display device
Lens, LED light source unit having the lens and LED light source module incorporating the unit
All silicon optical transistor
Optical fiber carrier
Submarine optical communications cables and processes for the manufacturing thereof
Lens drive device
Method and apparatus for testing operation of an optical liquid crystal device
Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
Camera mount
Method and system for crosstalk and distortion corrections for three-dimensional (3D) projection
Immersive projection system
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Developing device and image forming apparatus and process cartridge incorporating same
Digital printer for printing to a recording medium
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Image forming apparatus
System and method for estimating performance metrics of conservation voltage reduction (CVR) systems and VOLT/VAR optimization systems
Bandgap reference circuit
Pedal valve sensor arrangement
Low power event processing for sensor controllers
Touch panel assembly
Tablet computer carrying case with retractable latch
Protective case for portable electronic device
Reducing power grid noise in a processor while minimizing performance loss
Collective operation management in a parallel computer
Managing computing resources through aggregated core management
Error location specification method, error location specification apparatus and computer-readable recording medium in which error location specification program is recorded
Failure detection method and failure detection system
Reduced footprint core files in storage constrained environments
Signaling software recoverable errors
Adjusting a data storage address mapping in a maintenance free storage container
Machine check architecture execution environment for non-microcoded processor
Memory having improved reliability for certain data types
Isolating a PCI host bridge in response to an error event
Highly available server system based on cloud computing
Correcting double-bit burst errors using a low density parity check technique
Storage device, control device and data protection method
Computing device and method for processing system events of computing device
In-cloud connection for car multimedia
Systems and methods for expert systems for well completion using Bayesian decision models (BDNs), drilling fluids types, and well types
Button shaped portable media player with indicia
Programmatic conversion of support documentation into executable programs
Vehicle collision management responsive to adverse circumstances in an avoidance path
Visualization of code units across disparate systems
Demand response without Time-of-Use metering
Variable refresh rates for portions of shared screens
Information processing apparatus and information processing system
Telephone keypad with multidirectional keys
Method and system for automatically associating a cursor with a hotspot in a hypervideo stream using a visual indicator
Method of modifying a toolbar
Mobile terminal and method of controlling mobile terminal
Storage device and method of accessing copy destination data
Load balancing of data reads in storage environments
Systems and methods for updating a user interface for a printing device
Printing apparatus, method of controlling printing apparatus, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and storing medium
Device for detecting and displaying movements
Methods and systems for performing exponentiation in a parallel processing environment
Display apparatus, control method thereof, upgrade apparatus, and display system
Live initialization of a boot device
Live initialization of a boot device
Processor executing unpack and pack instructions specifying two source packed data operands and saturation
Method and apparatus for performance efficient ISA virtualization using dynamic partial binary translation
Business content authoring and distribution
Embedded system performance
Reducing application startup time by optimizing spatial locality of instructions in executables
Caching and analyzing images for faster and simpler cloud application deployment
Procedural concurrency graph generator
Method and apparatus to schedule store instructions across atomic regions in binary translation
Dynamically building locale objects at run-time
Dynamically building locale objects at run-time
Thread consolidation in processor cores
Achieving continuous availability for planned workload and site switches with no data loss
Dynamic pending job queue length for job distribution within a grid environment
Processor having per core and package level P0 determination functionality
Logic for synchronizing multiple tasks
Multicore processor system, computer product, and control method
Systems and methods for implementing a guest operating system on a host operating system
Managing remote procedure calls when a server is unavailable
D-scope aiming device
Method for quantitatively determining eyelash clumping
Robust and efficient learning object tracker
Method and apparatus for direct detection, location, analysis, identification, and reporting of vegetation clearance violations
Automated code coverage measurement and tracking per user story and requirement
Authentication, security and/or marketing display kit for a precious gem and method
System and method for performance management of large scale SDP platforms
Portable alarm system for CNC milling machine
Vehicle approach information device with indicator to the driver
Sound emitting handgrip for a tubular handlebar
Seat belt safety insert system
Optical sensing in displacement type input apparatus and methods
Navigation system and user interface for directing a control action
Interactive vehicle synthesizer
Charged particle emission device and air-blowing device
Surface-modified phosphors
Optical proximity sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Transparent conductive porous nanocomposites and methods of fabrication thereof
Method of compensating sub-array or element failure in a phased array radar system, a phased array radar system and a computer program product
Phase-change cooling of subterranean power lines
Reconstructive error recovery procedure (ERP) using reserved buffer
Portable terminal, recording medium
High-density fiber coupling and emission/detection system
Waveguide structure based on low frequency surface plasmon polaritons
Intelligent graphics interface in a handheld wireless device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Seed meter and accelerator
Impact generator
Removable plant container and method of use
Garment for minimizing the distribution of domestic pet hair
Multi-ring animal training collar
Collar with self-retracting leash
Fence post top cap for trellis
Open throat bale processor
Reverse rotation preventing apparatus for a spinning reel
Fishing reel
Tunnel baking oven
Conveyor oven having an energy management system for a modulated gas flow
Apparatus and process for threshing tobacco
Smoking article including a filter for selectively removing carbonyls
Glove-like disposal bag
Handle mechanism for an automatic multiple-folded umbrella
Portable/hanging feminine sanitary napkin bag
Nail care case
Luggage having enhanced clothing and accouterment carrying capabilities in an accessible configuration
Polish remover pad having protective rim
Finishing compounds for radiation curable nail coatings
Orbital marking pencil and scratch-off card remover
Combination utility belt and climbing harness
Disposable handle for carrying plastic shopping bags and the like
Container carrier
Toothbrush with refilling of toothpaste
Macro filament mascara brush
Device for carrying, displaying and dispensing medical articles
Articulating keyboard support mechanism
Strong, externally smooth structures
Reversible shelving unit
Lockable rack for skateboards, scooters and inline skates
Fastening arrangement
Undermount drawer guide assembly
Furniture clip
Chair having a reclining structure
Stackable chair
Power-driven armchair with an improved structure
Device for use in fitting a duvet cover
Therapeutic chair
Outer tube support plate structure of a gas cylinder
Tray lock device
Seat paddings for vehicle seats
Small animal carrying device
Infant self-righting flotation seat/carrier
Child car-seat/carrier cover
Plastic pegboard
Tool holder system
Inverted bottle holder
Non-slip clothes hangers
Table hook with movable support for purses and the like
Dental center
Autonomous mobile surface treating apparatus
Labyrinth package for sutures
Needle park and method of use
Methods and systems for treating ischemia
Ophthalmologic apparatus
Testing and calibrating device for optical eye length measurement instruments
Scatter ban drape
Unit for detecting contaminating agents, especially in dental surgeries, and a dental unit equipped with such a detecting unit
Light curing device and method for curing light-polymerizable dental material
Process for devitalizing teeth using high-frequency electric current
Root canal testing implement and method
Dental wedge with handle
Method and apparatus for shaping dental filling material
Orthodontic screw expansion device
Orthodontic appliance providing enhanced adhesive cure
Individual dose dental adhesive delivery system and method
Ear and eye protection apparatus
Medical flush valve
Eyewear with detachable lens portion
Emergency vehicle with medical image scanner and teleradiology system and method of operation
Auxiliary power device of wheelchair
Renewable wheelchair and gurney protection system
Docking assembly
Hospital bed communication and control device
Walker frame
Volatile substance diffuser without persistence
Vacuum adjustment mechanism particularly adapted for a breastpump
Fluid flow cassette with pressure actuated pump and valve stations
Enhanced isolation chambers for ascending-stream extractive vaporizer
Obturators and tube assemblies
System for mounting medical accessories on supportive structures
Lamina prosthesis for delivery of medical treatment
Climbing tree stand
High efficiency hydrofoil and swim fin designs
Golf ball with multiple sets of dimples
Golf ball
Infra-red laser device and method for searching for lost item
Ball storage and dispensing device and method of manufacture
Ball-picking device
Golf putter having a reflective face and alignment guide
Golf club head
Wood-type club
Set of golf clubs
Golf club grip
Supporting frame for a golf bag
Golf club support
Golf ball target device
Method of and apparatus for adjusting loft and lie angles of golf clubs
Personal flotation device apparatus with hand-held tool
Aquatic game
Golf training device
Golf learning and guide mat
Adapter for converting in-line roller skates to ice skates
Skateboard and ski arrangement
In-line roller skate
Method and apparatus for playing blackjack with a three card poker wager ("21+3")
Apparatus for illuminating a portable electronic or computing device
Interactive simulation including force feedback
Method of playing a card game
Method of playing blackjack with a side wager
Medieval castle board game
Method of playing a variant of chess
Playstation with water slide
Swing ride with bubble generator
Joint device for robot device and leg- walking robot device
Electronic toy system and an electronic ball
Radio controlled bicycle
Inflatable object that contains a module that is inaccessible from the outside but which becomes powered in response to inflation of the object
Gravity-powered toy vehicle with dynamic motion realism
Articulating blocks toy
Toy figure with articulating joints
Vertically stacked collapsible structures
Mobile mobiles
Lighted coil spring amusement device
Registered pedigree stuffed animals
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid filter with locking mechanism
Apparatus and method for mixing a dry chemical contained within a container
Fuel injector assembly having a heat exchanger for fuel preheating
Method for granulating aerogels
Microfluidic branch metering systems and methods
Dropper assembly
Saddle-back hammer and hammer tip
Rotor for a crushing machine
Method and apparatus for crushing waste tires
Food waste disposer having variable speed motor and methods of operating same
Method and plant for disintegrating crude material in lumps into a granular material according to particle size distribution
Spray head structure of a water sprinkler
Device by sprinkler nozzle
Condiment dispensing nozzle apparatus and method
Hydrodynamic stirring device and lance
Saddle seal insertion tool
Portable misting apparatus and method for delivering a mist
Metering device
Plug assembly for removable resealing of caulking tube nozzle and method of use
Method and apparatus for processing documents to distinguish various types of documents
Apparatus for preventing lead to trail edge collision of mailpieces in a sorter
Article grading apparatus
Washing and recycling unit for on-site washing of heavy machinery
Aerosol can and contents salvage apparatus
Aerobic bioreduction of municipal solid waste landfill mass
Pipe coupling method and apparatus
Apparatus for producing casting mould parts and comprising auxiliary guiding means
Investment casting patterns and method
Blade for gas turbines with choke cross section at the trailing edge
Reinforced casting
Process and apparatus for supplying rare earth metal-based alloy powder
Method and device for producing fine powder by atomizing molten material with gases
Cutting insert pocket
Spindle in a machine tool
Adjustable holding device
Drilling tool including a shank and a cutting body detachably secured thereto
Spindle for machine tool
Powered band clamping under electrical control
Thin-walled valve guide insert and method for installing same within a cylinder head construction
Wood planing machine with a wood shaving collecting mechanism
Apparatus for discharging shavings that are generated during operation of a wood planing machine
Wood planing machine with a wood shaving collecting mechanism
Hold down and guard
Tool tip conductivity contact sensor and method
Fence assembly for a router table
Method and apparatus for providing and controlling delivery of a web of polishing material
Method of cleaning a polishing pad conditioner and apparatus for performing the same
Nail gun with washer feeding device
Holder for a drive piston of a setting tool
Power force adjustment for a setting tool
Fastener feeding system for a power actuated gun
Fastener puller
Fastening device delivery tool with perpendicular ram driven by a repeatable arcuate force member
Fastener driving device
Gripping device
Method of transferring substrates with two different substrate holding end effectors
Spike roller for axial feeding or rotation of a log
Method and device for feeding panels to a panel saw machine
Apparatus and method for mixing cementitious materials having a cyclonic disc mixer and weighing means
Apparatus for making multilayer rolls having a thin fluoropolymer top coat
Structure of waterproof portion of waterproof connector
Tapered mold runner block
Apparatus for making a magnetically readable card
Device for the longitudinal alignment of plate elements within an infeed station of a machine working them
Vibration damping shim structure
Laminating apparatus for manufacturing photovoltaic module
Method of manufacturing artificially figured veneer or artificially figured board
Molded vehicle interior trim
Apparatus and process for making elastic composite sheet
Multiple company integrated document production
Heating device and method for use in a printing device
Method of correcting a sheet conveyance error and an apparatus therefor
Paper-feeding roller
Fast inkjet printer having multiple output trays
Ink jet printer and its preliminary driving method
Continuous ink-jet printhead having serrated gutter
Inkjet printer
Ink jet printer which can carry out high speed image formation and which can avoid image failure due to a defective nozzle
Ink jet plate-making method, ink jet plate-making apparatus, computer-to-cylinder type lithographic printing process and computer-to-cylinder type lithographic printing apparatus
Ink-jet recording head
Actuator for ink jet printer head using shape memory alloy
Ink-jet printhead having high nozzle density
Method and apparatus for ejecting ink
Fluid ejection device and method of fabricating
Fluid-jet ejection device
Ink jet recording head and recording apparatus having recording element substrates with different liquid ejection systems
Method for using highly energetic droplet firing events to improve droplet ejection reliability
Ink jet recording apparatus and recording head cleaning control method thereon
Recording head cap arrangement
Ink jet recording apparatus, method of discharging ink from capping unit incorporated in the apparatus, and ink composition used with the apparatus
Modular ink absorbent system for inkjet spittoons
Independent servicing of multiple inkjet printheads
Manually actuated carrier latch mechanism
Fluid material reservoir
Modular ink mounting assembly and ink delivery system
Ink tube connection to printhead carriage cover
Automatic document feed of phase change inks
Ink delivery system
Method and facility for preventing overheating of a thermal ink jet print head
Method of printing on a substrate and a printing device adapted to performing this method
Apparatus and method for ink jet printhead voltage fault protection
Printer with failsafe features
Ink jet printing method
Form for concealing variable printed information
All in one multi-layer label and insert assembly
Machine sealable mailing form for non-impact printing
Appearing and disappearing core type writing utility
Apparatus, method and medium for providing an optical effect
Sealing device for a bearing
Aircraft brake and tire removal and storage apparatus
Light alloy rim with a front covering element in stainless steel and its production method
Convertible tread for a radial truck or trailer tire
Tread supporting membrane
High aspect agricultural or off-road tire
Ball and socket trailer hitch assembly
Connecting device
Trailer hitch cover assembly
Amphibious vehicle
Reduction of coil spring load height variability
Spring having coils of varying diameters
Suspension system for a vehicle having a decouplable stabilizer bar
Arrangement for heating of a motor vehicle interior
Cooling controller for internal-combustion engine
Modular aircraft window with a dual shade
Drive mechanism for power operated slideable side door
Hardtop vehicle roof
Retractable tarp cover system for containers
Motor vehicle roof with two covers and two head liner parts
Golf bag covers for use with golf carts
Upper body structure for a vehicle
Compressed natural gas tank for vehicles
Fuel tank vent valve
Dashboard height-adjusting apparatus
Electric drive axle for hybrid vehicle
Hybrid vehicle propulsion apparatus
Motor drive mounting arrangement for golf cart
Electric hybrid vehicle
Seat belt restraint system for vehicle occupants with automatic belt tension compensation
Vehicle sensitive inertia lockout
Child safety car seat, protector, protector for child-care instrument, child-care instrument and bed for a newborn
Adjustment mechanism
Dinette child safety seat attachment system
Vehicle having a foldable seat with a retractable window and an extending cargo bed
Tethering apparatus for a pedestal mounted vehicle seat
Skid steer loader forearm rest
Seat cover for protecting motor vehicle seats
Lighted automotive floor mats
Dump body
Pontoon trailer travel kit
Pickup truck tent camping system
Winch assembly
Head lamp for automotive vehicle with movable reflector
Aiming apparatus and process for manufacturing headlight using the same
Lighting system for vehicles
Headlight device for vehicle for producing light bundle with different characteristics
Exterior rearview mirror assembly
Mirror assembly
Mirror assembly for a vehicle
Lightweight rearview mirror assembly
Apparatus for taking up slack of wire harness
Highway crash cushion
Bullet resistant exterior vehicle body protector
Car body energy absorber and bumper stay
Vehicle interior material
Side curtain air bag
Driver Air bag module horn with improved assembly and functionality characteristics
Case of air bag system
Detachable support system for inflatable air bag cushion
Cool, low effluent pyrotechnic inflator
Variable load limiting restraint retractor
Webbing retractor
Step for entering and exiting a vehicle and method of making same
Removable storage unit for a motor vehicle
Vehicle rack
Indicator for use on fluid dispensing tank
Braking apparatus and method of controlling the same
Vehicle braking apparatus having understeer correction with axle selection
High pressure, high flow pump prime valve
Motor-driven assembly
Electronic throttle control
Lading tie anchor
Hand truck toe plate and method of manufacture
Utility cart with removable vertical lift device
Cart brake release handle
Steering arrangement for a vehicle
Structure of a cowl cross member mounting unit
Combination side panel extensions and box enclosure for use with a bed of a pickup truck
System for adapting and mounting industrial and agricultural work implements to a pickup truck
Steer-by-wire handwheel actuator incorporating mechanism for variable end-of-travel
Under-cart type guided tractor
Roller for tracks
Marsh excavator
Single actuator per leg robotic hexapod
Slip-form paver
Redundant outer tie rod assembly and method
Vehicle equipped with turning mechanism
Seat cushion system for motorcycles
Motorcycle gas tank fill protector
Motorbike transport case comprising a releasable handle lock
Frame structure for motorcycle
Electronic accelerator of a motorized vehicle
Foldable scooter and method of use
Front tube pressing device of scooter
Rear swing arm supporting structure for a motorcycle
Bicycle shock absorber with elastic members closely fitted between first and second rotating members
Apparatus for carrying a load behind a bicycle
Braking structure for a scooter
Water jet propulsion unit having linear weed grate clean-out system
Engine mount
Stern tube sealing apparatus
Tunnel thruster and water lubricated rotor duct assembly
Trimmable marine drive apparatus
Landing gear
Rotor mast of a helicopter
Rotary-wing aircraft rotors with manually folding blades and electrical connection installation
Rotor blade having a control flap
System and method for deflecting an aerodynamic control surface
Pneumatic actuator for a stores carriage and ejection system
Aircraft passenger chair
Gimbaled thruster control system
Apparatus for spacecraft thermal management
Spacecraft sunshield for use in performing solar torque balancing
Dispenser for frangible frozen food articles
Container feeder
Heat sealing garbage cabinet
Label applicator for compact disc
Closure-cap and container as a two-chamber cartridge for nebulizers for producing aerosols and active substance formulations, suitable for storage
Packaging device for disc-shaped items and related materials and method for packaging such discs and material
Sealed enclosure, method for the manufacture thereof, and method of packaging a beverage in said enclosure
Reclosable zipper having intermittent thickened flange; package; and methods
Reclosable bag with profile strip fastener assembly having improved opening feature
Self-sealing solvent bottle cap insert
Non-dispensing closure
Produce container and method for making the same
Substrate provided with an electronic device
Carton for notebook computers and pulp inserts for use therein and combination thereof
Divisible transport box
Closure cap for container with fixing flange
Dual-component container system
Cardboard box for containing and dispensing large quantities of wire
Container liner with displacement means for aiding the discharge of the contents of said container liner
Conveyor system with intermediate drive and related method
Conveyor system with pneumatic transfer
Conveyor side frame shaft opening reconditioning device and method
Conveyor belt scraper blade
Robotic feeding system
Transfer and sorting conveyor
Device for establishing optimal material flow rate for unloading materials
Magnetic sheet fanner
Moving head conveyor systems
Extendable conveyor with additional boom section
Battery carrier device
Roll web stock feeder
Automatic tape crossover
Process for severing a material web and reeling device for winding a material web
Process and apparatus for isolating flexible flat objects
Method of and apparatus for accumulating successive stacks of superimposed sheets
Delivery station for a converting press
Dispenser for roll of tape
Roll mounted T-shirt style produce bag and dispensers for same
Device for transferring a material in the form of a film that is applied to a carrier strip onto a substrate
Setting an apparatus for assembling mail items
Image forming apparatus with highly operable sheet discharge device
Arrangement for winding cables or the like
Method and device for detecting multiple feed
Fiber optic cable winding assist tool
Dispatching algorithm for piston-type passenger conveying system
Method for isolating a single car in an elevator group
Elevator communications apparatus
Single inverter controller for elevator hoist and door motors
Apparatus for maintaining adequate overhead space for car top mechanics in elevator systems
Rooftop safety apparatus for elevator servicing
Elevator guide rail mounting assembly
Multiple building block lifting device
Crane attachment for a front end loader
Pendant-supported telescoping boom crane
Power transmission and bearing arrangement for a drum
Hydraulic pilot control
Snatch block hook bolt assembly
Apparatus and method for providing container filling in an aseptic processing apparatus
Bubble trap for blood
Fleet refueling method and system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for overcladding a glass rod
Rotary drill bit
Metal hydrazine complexes for use as gas generants
Check valve
Ink jet printing method
Composite fabric webs for reinforcing soil layers
Heat exchanger tube, a method for making the same, and a cracking furnace or other tubular heat furnaces using the heat exchanger tube
Multi-part candle wick die plates
Device for dispensing bulk materials
Vacuum treatment equipment
Ultrasonic metal finishing
Textiles; Paper
Laundry roll hamper
Fixed Constructions
Rail pad and method for strain attentuation
Concrete paving machine
Apparatus and method for re-mixing segregated material
Paving work machine and method of transforming the same
Doweling hole drilling machine
Flexible hydraulic structure and system for replacing a damaged portion thereof
Vehicle barrier/advertisement system
Assembly and method for joining a drain pipe and a catch basin
Adjustable porous structures and method for shoreline and land mass reclamation
Marine structure
Counterweight for construction vehicle
Auto-up switch for simultaneously retracting a pair of stabilizer legs on a backhoe loader machine
Dual tilt control system for work vehicle
Fluid data monitoring and control system
Handless or footless operation of an electrical automatic water flow control apparatus
Waste pipe connector
Modular railing system for construction sites
Prop connecting ring
Electrical housing for modular office furniture
Guidance device for a flexible curtain door
Cantilever supported drilling rig
Downhole tool with electrical conductor
Slip connector for use with coiled tubing
Method and apparatus for drilling and completing a well
High temperature high pressure retrievable packer with barrel slip
Well packer and method
Borehole closure plug
Methods and associated apparatus for downhole data retrieval, monitoring and tool actuation
Flowline connector with subsea equipment package
Method and apparatus for frac/gravel packs
Method and apparatus for enhancing oil recovery
Multi-purpose injection and production well system
Well-bottom gas separator
Directional drill for railway drilling and method of using same
Apparatus and method for inserting and removing a flexible first material into a second material
Universal bit holder block connection surface
Powered support frame for large seam thicknesses with controlled gap sealing plates
Control system for longwall face alignment
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine with compound piston assembly
Rotary piston engine/positive displacement apparatus
Internal combustion engine
Hydraulically balanced multi-vane hydraulic motor
Vane pump
Variable gas turbine compressor vane structure with sintered-and-infiltrated bushing and washer bearings
Gas turbine disk cavity ingestion inhibitor
Blade spacer
Tie-boltless shaft lock-up mechanism
Apparatus and methods for balancing turbine rotors
Turbine bucket natural frequency tuning rib
Gas turbine moving blade
Valve deactivation assembly with partial journal bearings
Device for actuating a gas exchange valve
High-low speed range switching type valve mechanism for internal combustion engine
Variable valve drive system for an internal combustion engine
Variable camshaft timing system with pin-style lock between relatively oscillatable components
Device for independent hydraulic actuation of the phase and axial position of a camshaft
Mechanical regulation of the stroke adjustment of an intake valve of an internal-combustion engine
Electro-hydraulic control module for deactivating intake and exhaust valves
Electromagnetic actuator for operating a gas exchange valve of an internal combustion engine
Relief valve assembly
Engine pre-lubrication system
Water pump with electronically controlled viscous coupling drive
Magnetic driving pump of vehicle internal combustion engine
Cooling fan drive control device
Trochoidal design rotary piston engine and method of making same
Idle speed control for fuel injection outboard motor
Piston oil-cooling device in an engine
Engine unit of motorcycle
Method of controlling an internal combustion engine
Control system for two-cycle engine
Fuel supply control system for internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine
Carburetor with purge prime system
Solenoid actuated fuel injector
Supplemental fuel system for a multi-cylinder engine
Dual barrel carburetor for motorcycles
Acceleration device for a two-cycle engine
Starter system and methods for starting an internal combustion engine
Vehicle starting method and system
Method for correction of the spark advance for an internal combustion engine with a continuous phase transformer at the intake and/or exhaust
Modular wind energy device
Lubrication passage and nozzle for swash plate type compressor
Maximizing the load torque in a swash plate compressor
Swashplate type variable-displacement compressor
Control valve and variable capacity type compressor having control valve
Pump and method of driving the same
Diaphragm pump having a mechanism for preventing the breakage of the diaphragm when a discharge check valve is not completely closed due to the insertion of foreign matter into the valve
Travelling valve for a pumping apparatus
Trochoid gear type fuel pump
Gear pump and switch reluctance motor and method for pumping fluid
Method of operating variable-speed submersible pump unit
Compressor wheel with prestressed hub and interference fit insert
System and method for protecting turbine and compressor during shutdown
Fan motor with constant speed control by a microprocessor system
Stage for a centrifugal submersible pump
Side channel pump
Axial-flow fan having an air gap generation member
Balanced fluid control valve
Control valve with mechanical feedback and method for controlling fluid flow
Connection device having an angled extending member
Holding element with expandable component
Snap fit stud
Plate member mounting structure
Jointing method for joining preformed bodies
Combination sidewalk bolt
Expandable duct hanger
Radiographic source connector with improved coupling mechanism
Flange bearing
Pitch bearing
Linear roll bearing
Remote control cable
Ball bearing
Self-aligning splined male shaft head and engagement method
Clutch apparatus
Two-way clutch with limited slip feature
Inertia-actuated overrunning coupling assembly
Motor having clutch provided with stopper
Clutch connection control system
Disk brake and brake shoe set for a disk brake
Zero drag disc brake with anti-knock-back device
Brake adjuster
Disc brake lining wear monitoring system and method
Friction lining, especially for brakes and clutches, and a method for producing a friction lining
Magneto-rheological damping valve using laminated construction
Hydrodynamic converter including overrunning clutch and stator
Bearing assembly
Automatic transmission
Lubrication system for countershaft brake
Parking lock for the automatic transmission of motor vehicles
Gasket for pressurized fluid system
Liquid treatment apparatus and float valve therefor
Two-way valve with indicator section for indicating an on/off state of the valve
Two-way valve with detachable detection section
Hose assembly useful in the transport of hot fluids
Threaded connection of two metal tubes with groove in the threading
Frusto-conical seal fitting
Pipe coupling
Coupling device and method for fabricating a grip ring to be used in such a coupling device
Coupling assembly
Muffler hanger system
Connection device between a tube and a flexible pipe and method for making same
Connecting structure
Safety restraint assembly for high pressure flow line
Compressed-ring pneumatic pipe plug
Multifunctional turntable for a leveling device
Waterproof reflector device
Light socket cover system
Adjustable lamp support
Modular luminaire assembly
Portable electric torch with double lighting and focussing adjustment
Heat dissipation system for high power LED lighting system
Emergency lighting fixture
Lens for a warning light
Astral lamp
Lighting system and method, and motor vehicle with a lighting system
Light pipe fixture with internal extractor
Backlight assembly with a light pipe having optical elements and an integral surface diffuser
Fossil-fired continuous-flow steam generator
Fluidized bed combustion system with steam generation
Gaseous fuel and oxygen burner
High velocity reburn fuel injector
Gas fired infrared radiant tube heating system using plural burner assemblies and single gas delivery system
Environmental control method
Radiant energy concentrator
Paintball hopper
Bowstring release device and its associated method of operation
Bowstring release glove
Simulated gun
Target block structure of electronic dartboard
Method and system for guiding submunitions
Reloader with snap-in tools and quick release shell or shotshell holders
Apparatus for mounting semiconductor chips on a substrate
Apparatus for measuring pedestal and substrate temperature in a semiconductor wafer processing system
Optical connector latching mechanism for a spectrophotometric instrument
Spray tip for a microfluidic laboratory microchip
Automated assembly methods for miniature circuit breakers with wire attachment clamps
Packaging atmosphere and method of packaging a MEMS device
Laser scanning bar code symbol reader employing variable pass-band filter structures having frequency response characteristics controlled by time-measurement of laser-scanned bar code symbol
Optical apparatus which uses a virtually imaged phased array to produce chromatic dispersion
Autostereo projection system
Adjustable contrast reflected display system
Circular optical reflection apparatus
Perforated retroreflective film
Asymmetrical sleeve for fiber optical collimators and method therefor
Optical fiber splice protector and method for applying same
Optical ferrule
Light transmission device
Light sampling devices and projector system including same
Projection type display apparatus having air cooling arrangement
Keystone distortion correction system for use in multimedia projectors
Image projector forming rotating image
Apparatus for transporting individual sheets through a device for exposing or printing the sheets
Light-shielding packaging system for photosensitive web roll
Regulator with segmented body
Control lever assembly
Clip apparatus for a laptop computer
PC card with variable width data bus communication capabilities
Memory card connector with an ejecting mechanism
IC incorporating card with a grounding structure
Contact programmer
Card reader for transmission of data by sound
Pen-type barcode scanner
Flush scanner window
Device for monitoring parked vehicles
Bill recycle machine
Poker dice casino game method of play
Electronic card for commercial operations and encoding console to be used for the initial loading of the code assigned to the user of the said card
Delegated management of smart card applications
System and method for improved learning of foreign languages using indexed database
Method for developing answer-options to issue-questions relating to child-development
Paper holder
Coded security seal with a protective cover
Arrangement for heat discharge, particularly for ultrasonic transducers with high performance
Methods and apparatus for attenuating noise from a cabinet that houses computer equipment
Magnetic tape cartridge
Core spray system attachment assemblies
Method of forming barrier rib and discharge cell for plasma display panel
Method for producing lamps
Fluid delivery ring and methods for making and implementing the same
Bump bonding device and bump bonding method
Integrated load port-conveyor transfer system
Method and device for transferring wafers
Multiple sided robot blade for semiconductor processing equipment
Lift pin impact management
Stacked electronic card connector assembly
Receptacle connector with grounding tabs
Header assembly for mounting to a circuit substrate
Lever actuated ZIF processor socket
Power connector
Electrical connector for flat cables
Contact for electrical component socket
Terminal for IC chip holder
Card connector
Terminal position assurance and lock device
Retracting modular jack for portable appliance connections
Cable coupler
EMI-shielding strain relief cable boot and dust cover
Waterproof electrical connector
Cable connector having good signal transmission characteristic
Connector positioning structure
Releasable fastening device, such as for an electrical computer connector, and methods for releasable fastening and electrical computer connector to a computer component
Connector socket, connector plug and connector assembly
Normal through jack and method
Electrical systems using linear fusing
Board lock of electrical connector
Electrical wall outlet assembly
Audio jack
Holding unit for electrical devices
Card connector
Techniques for accessing a circuit board utilizing an improved adaptor
Connection structure for electric wire and terminal, connection method therefor and terminal connecting apparatus
Press-connecting connector
Insulation displacement connector with a pressure-receiving wall for improved manufacturing
Radially resilient electrical connector
Connection structure for clad electric wire
Print board connector having rib for holding terminals
Coaxial cable connector plug
Mounting plate for mobile communication devices
Communication device for elevator
System method and article of manufacture for accessing and processing smart card information
Projector apparatus comprising a light composing optical system vertically stacked with respect to a light separation optical system
Microelectronic spring contact element and electronic component having a plurality of spring contact elements
Electrical connector with board locks
Sliding module for computer components
Cooling apparatus based on heat energy bound to working fluid in phase transition
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