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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Shift interlock mechanism
Mechanical hitch control unit
Granular containment assembly and method
Waste recovery station structure for beach cleaner and beach cleaner structure
Flow control device
Apparatus and method to remove animal waste from litter
Flipping pet chew toy
Growing system for aquatic animals
Mechanical jigging bait cast reel
Hookah perforator device
Safely operable handle device for an automatic foldable umbrella
Fire hose brush
Chock stabilized furniture
Lug cart & support table assembly for food product breading machine
Modular furniture system
Reclinable chair
Child vehicle safety seat
Rack apparatus with retaining member for use in anodizing
Hanging shelving system
Adjustable hanging device
Laser beam guard clamps
Medical device control system
Colonoscope guide and method of use for improved colonoscopy
Apparatus and method for forming a hole in a hollow organ
Hydraulic gastric band with collapsible reservoir
Offset orthopedic fixation device with locking mechanism
Tissue ablation probes and methods for treating osteoid osteomas
Ablation with echogenic insulative sheath
Bottle for delivering nutrients to an enteral feeding tube
Surgical insertion tool
Vascular embolization with an expansible implant
Visual and memory stimulating retina self-monitoring system
Fundus camera
Acquisition and management of time dependent health information
Sensor device and method
Disposable blood sampling device
Thermoacoustic tomographic method and thermoacoustic tomograph
Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
Puncture adapter and an ultrasonic probe, and the method of using the same
Ultrasonic monitor for measuring blood flow and pulse rates
Pressure ulcer prosthesis and method for treating and/or preventing pressure ulcers
Fastening system having multiple engagement orientations
Absorbent article with two-piece construction and method of making the same
Intravaginal article measuring device
Tampon applicator barrels having gripping structures and methods of forming
Differential delivery of nitric oxide
Carrier fiber assembly for tissue structures
Endovascular apparatus
Coated implantable medical device
Spinal disc prosthesis and methods of use
System and method for spinal fusion
Artificial functional spinal unit system and method for use
Implantable vertebral lift
Modularized prosthesis leg cover
Disposable mouthwash container
Removal of hypertrophic scars
Natural topical compositions for the prevention and treatment of diaper rashes and related conditions
Encapsulation compositions and process for preparing the same
Cedar oil evaporators
Manually adjustable nasal cavity dilator
Liquid stick antiperspirant
Coloring composition of keratinous fibers comprising at least one polysiloxane/polyurea block copolymer
Automatic air freshener spraying device
Apparatus for spraying liquids, and disposable containers and liners suitable for use therewith
Exercise device with centrally mounted resistance rod
Golf clubs with variable moment of inertia and methods of manufacture thereof
Golf clubs with variable moment of inertia and methods of manufacture thereof
Golf club head
Golf club head
Putter head
Automated personal trainer
Pool table
Method and apparatus for controlling the cost of playing an electronic gaming device
Game for using remainder and partial credits
Target game apparatus and system for use with a toilet
Instant message toy phone
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and a method of fragmenting hard particles
Distillation process
Membrane contactor assisted water extraction system for separating hydrogen peroxide from a working solution, and method thereof
Separation of no-carrier-added thallium radionuclides from no-carrier-added lead and mercury radionuclides by dialysys
Drain trap with strainer and cup
Filter and method of making
Exhaust treatment system with NO.sub.2 control
Device and method for processing combustion exhaust gas
Systems and methods for generating sulfuric acid
Apparatus for synthesis of ZnO nano-structured materials
Detection device and detection method
Heating and cooling multiple containers or multi-chamber containers
Portable rotary chipper apparatus
Aerosol dispensing device and method
Apparatus for spraying liquids, and disposable containers and liners suitable for use therewith
Apparatus for spraying liquids, and disposable containers and liners suitable for use therewith
Apparatus for spraying liquids, and disposable containers and liners suitable for use therewith
Rod cradle for a film, coating or sealing rod
Process for producing micropillar structure
Apparatus and method of ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection
Structure for a wiring assembly and method suitable for forming multiple coil rows with splice free conductor
Wide side of a funnel mold
Pneumatic drill
Chamfering apparatus for chamfering glass substrates
Probe bar hole driver and remover
Injection molding device
Method and device for heating thermoplastic preforms
Methods of manufacturing molds and parts
Endotoxin-adsorbent for the prevention and treatment of autoimmune diseases
Foaming die device for forming armrest
Molding-system platen having tie-bar accommodation corners that resist coplanar disorientation
Method for thermo-molding a footed and bottomed cylindrical container
Controlled release materials
Structure of joining resin molded bodies
Hybrid coating structure
Coated cermet cutting tool and use thereof
Laminated structure, donor substrate, and method for fabricating laminated structure
Adhesive sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Functionalized polysiloxane polymers
Reducing back-reflection during ablative imaging
Ink printer using forward direction printing process
System and method for lubricating a transfer roller with an image member
Droplet discharging head, manufacturing method thereof, and droplet discharging device
Microfluidic architecture
Printhead assembly incorporating a pair of aligned groups of ink holes
Ink jet printing apparatus and method for recovering the same
Liquid droplet ejection head, apparatus for ejecting liquid droplet, and method of producing liquid droplet ejection head
Cartridge for an inkjet printer with refill docking interface
Transport system for solid ink in a printer
System for loading and feeding solid ink sticks to an ink melter in a phase change ink printer
Multi-position interlocking ink stick
Printer having user profiles for conserving power consumption
Inkjet printer and inkjet printing method
Bank structure, wiring pattern forming method, device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for etching a structure in a plasma chamber
Active stabilizer bar system for a vehicle chassis
Air conditioner with guide structure for vehicles
Movable roof for a passenger vehicle
Foldable feet supports for removable vehicle seats
Adjustable headrest for a vehicle seat
Loc-N-Load mechanism
Vehicle headlamp
Restraint system
Trim panel with pre-weakened segment and bridge
Brake control device for vehicle
Hybrid system
Method and apparatus for horizontal assembly of a high-voltage feed-through bushing
Steering column assembly
Vehicle body structure
Wheeled luggage usable as a seat
Power assisted steering system
Electrically driven track wheels for tracked vehicles
Electrically propulsed vehicle
Cast apex adjustable V-type torque rod
Compact vehicle
Motor cycle with fuel cell and stack structure of fuel cell
Personal windscreen apparatus
Design of a flush inlet as integrated with a ship hull for waterjet propulsion
Water jet propulsion boat
Dispenser and method for storing and dispensing sterile food product
Fuel transfer coupling
Method and system for preparing webs with sequentially applied previously prepared substrates
Container with an at least partially triangular prismatic body
Security locking device
Portable medical emergency equipment pack
Nasal prong protector
Carousel for the warehousing of goods
Stabilizing substrate carriers during overhead transport
Conveyor belt cleaner including a scraper blade mounting apparatus having a biasing member
Cable holding device
Image forming apparatus including sheet container with handle
Document-feeding device with improved sheet-separating structure
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Arrangement in an elevator without counterweight
System and method of pouring liquids from a vessel
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ceramic materials for friction linings
Thermochemical hydrogen produced from a vanadium decomposition cycle
Process for separating solids from liquids
In-line waste disinfection method
Biological nutrient removal process and process control for same
Method for producing crystallographically-oriented ceramic
Shading process
Refrigerant compositions
Valve installation apparatus and methods
Process for producing tailored synthetic crude oil that optimize crude slates in target refineries
Chemistry for removal of photo resist, organic sacrificial fill material and etch polymer
System and method for antigen structure-independent detection of antigens captured on antibody arrays
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) module and multiple PCR system using the same
Protein and nucleic acid expression systems
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Cyclin D polynucleotides, polypeptides and uses thereof
Purified polypeptides from Staphylococcus aureus
Methods for increasing protein polyethylene glycol (PEG) conjugation
Devices and methods for isolating and recovering target cells
Nephrin gene and protein
Association of polymorphisms in the SOST gene region with bone mineral density
Method for manufacturing field emission cathode
Mechanical seals and method of manufacture
Biodegradable cleaner
Process for the electrochemical decomposition of powders and electrolysis cells suitable therefor
Porous membrane electrochemical cell for uranium and transuranic recovery from molten salt electrolyte
Plating apparatus
In-situ method to reduce particle contamination in a vacuum plasma processing tool
Textiles; Paper
Spreader with clamping and ventilating devices
Apparatus for measuring tension in paper web
Method of manufacturing a hygiene paper product, apparatus for such manufacture and hygiene paper product
Fixed Constructions
Seal coat process utilizing multiple applications of asphalt binder and aggregate
Cable-release anchor assembly
Modular, self contained, engineered irrigation landscape and flower bed panel
Double wall structure type mechanically stabilized earth wall system
Concrete reinforcement
Self-actuated, self-release rafter lock mechanism
Door and gate latch with horseshoe handle
Drill bits having optimized cutting element counts for reduced tracking and/or increased drilling performance
Method and apparatus for controlling precession in a drilling assembly
Arrangement for sucking dust
Adapter sleeve for wellhead housing
Apparatus and methods for creation of down hole annular barrier
Overpressure protection device
In situ heat treatment of a tar sands formation after drive process treatment
In situ recovery from a hydrocarbon containing formation
Rheology controlled heterogeneous particle placement in hydraulic fracturing
Enhanced oil recovery techniques using liposomes
Wellbore surveying system and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wheel for a rotating flow machine
Steam turbine blade, and steam turbine and steam turbine power plant using the blade
Valve train assembly with magnet
Method and apparatus for incorporation of a flame front--type ignition system into an internal combustion engine
Shot mode transition method for fuel injection system
Piston/connecting rod assembly for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine
Vertical axis wind sail turbine
Magnetically driven valveless piston pumps
Vane pump using line pressure to directly regulate displacement
High capacity water diversion conduit
Squeeze film damper with highly variable support stiffness
Electromagnetic clutch
Dual input clutch transmission with torque converter pump drive
Round bearing
Multi-speed transmission
Transmission with a countershaft which can be idled in direct gear
Engine starting device
Internal housing for a sanitary fitting and sanitary fitting
Full opening and reclosable explosion vent apparatus
Swivel joint for construction machine
Reverse sliding seal for expandable tubular connections
Molded headliner reinforcement
Valve assembly
Multiuse device mounting system and method
Personal illumination control systems and devices
Light guide block and related illumination device and backlight module having the same
Infrared light irradiating lamp for vehicle
LED with compound encapsulant lens
Method and apparatus to improve efficiency of lighting
Light emitting panel assemblies
Illumination device for liquid crystal display
Thermal layer, backlight unit and display device including the same
Ventilation system control
Method for controlling the operation of a bulk good grate cooler
High pressure hot gas generating device
Heat exchanger and method of manufacturing the same
Diagnostic test device
Neutral polysaccharide wall coating for electrophoretic separations in capillaries and microchannels
Functionalized particles for composite sensors
Detection of explosives and other species
Optical transceiver module and duplex fiber optic connector
Eyewear item, especially glasses frames, comprising a support provided with a thermoformable foam
Image projection device and method
Projection apparatus
Camera blade shutter module
Method for correcting mask pattern, photomask, method for fabricating photomask, electron beam writing method for fabricating photomask, exposure method, semiconductor device, and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Resist pattern thickening material and process for forming resist pattern, and semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same
Polymers, methods of use thereof, and methods of decomposition thereof
Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane thiophosphate containing photoconductors
Process for preparing a polyformyl arylamine
Metal oxide overcoated photoconductors
Silanol containing overcoated photoconductors
Electronic admission pass system employing a plurality of updateable electronic-ink admission passes and one or more activator modules
Check cashing automated banking machine
Multi-coin operated actuation mechanism
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium having grain boundary layer containing ferromagnetic element
Method for removing radionuclides from a radioactive material
Method of manufacturing a current collector for a double electric layer capacitor
Process for manufacturing plasma display panel and substrate holder
Electroluminescence display and method for manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing ferroelectric memory device
Method of manufacturing the optical device by a stopper to form an oxide block
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
Method for mounting electronic component on printed circuit board
Light emitting device methods
Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same and flat panel display having the thin film transistor
Fuel cell with electroosmotic pump
Hybrid battery
Method and device for stacking fuel cells
Stack of generators and fuel cell system having the same
Fuel cell and method for operating the same
Reformer having improved heat delivery and fuel cell system having the same
Contact and electrical connector having increased connection object removal force
Integrated circuit interconnects with coaxial conductors
Electrical connector with improved housing
Plug with connecting device
Cover assembly
Connector assembly with improved cable retaining means
Electronic connector with press-fitted terminals in a body floating on a support member
Cable assembly having enhanced interconnection means thereof
USB connector having noise-suppressing device
Cable assembly with an organizer for adjusting the cable outlet
IC socket having positioning means for pick-up cap
Panel-mount cable assembly with quick-lock
Electrical connector with improved housing
Modular jack having a lead-in configuration for a complementary mating plug
Low-profile connector for a neurostimulation lead
Electrical connector with a pair of improved detacting pins
Connecting assembly for an end of a coaxial cable and method of connecting a coaxial cable to a connector
Method of poling ferroelectric materials
Expired Patents Due To Time
Pelvic bracing system
Custom-fitting lumbosacral support pad
Ankle-foot orthosis and method
Athletic protector cup
Phacoemulsification apparatus
System for fluid retention management
Method and apparatus for lenticular liquefaction and aspiration
Compact cassette for ophthalmic surgery
Intradermal injection system for injecting DNA-based injectables into humans
Injection syringe including device for preparation of injection
Implantable vascular access device
Automatic/manual longitudinal position translator and rotary drive system for catheters
Multilayer interventional catheter
Balloon catheter and method of manufacture
Lateral needle injection apparatus and method
Medical connector
Protection device for sharp objects
Safety shield system for prefilled syringes
Disposable safety syringe
Syringe serving also as an ampule and associated equipment
Universal outlet for filter units
Urinary sphincter control device
Absorbent interlabial article
Absorbent article having improved integrity and acquisition
Methods and apparatus for ocular iontophoresis
Techniques for positioning therapy delivery elements within a spinal cord or a brain
Apparatus and method for controlled removal of stenotic material from stents
Containers and methods for storing and admixing medical solutions
Catheter with flexible and rigid reinforcements
Drug delivery means
Laparoscopic access port for surgical instruments or the hand
Systems and methods for corneal surface ablation to correct hyperopia
Spray catheter
Ablation system
Tricuspid annular grasp catheter
Medical device and methods for treating intravascular restenosis
System and method for attaching soft tissue to bone
Intramedullary nail with locking hole
Compression osteosynthesis screw, and an ancillaty device for use therewith
Prophylactic implant against fracture of osteoporosis-affected bone segments
Bone rasp for a femur head prosthesis
Inserter assembly
Absorbable rivet/pin applier for use in surgical procedures
Stent deploying catheter system
Method of endoscopic mucosal resection using mucopolysaccharide and local injection preparation
Electrohydraulic lithotripsy basket
Calculus removal
Suture with toggle and delivery system
Hernia mesh
Dissecting retractor for harvesting vessels
Trocar system and method of use
Intravascular device push wire delivery system
Adjustable blood filtration system
Fixation device and method for installing same
Headed bioabsorbable tissue anchor
Suture locking device
Transvaginal anchor implantation device and method of use
Illuminating device for treating eye disease
Devices and techniques for light-mediated stimulation of trabecular meshwork in glaucoma therapy
Endolumenal prosthesis delivery assembly and method of use
Endovascular apparatus
Nested stent
Low profile device for the treatment of vascular abnormalities
Laminated self-sealing vascular access graft
Prosthetic ring holder
Artificial venous valve and sizing catheter
Capsular equatorial ring
Tibial knee component with a mobile bearing
Toe implant
Ceramic acetabular cup with metal coating
Modular hip prosthesis
Stent assembly
Formamidinesulfinic-acid compositions
Organic compounds
Fiber-reactive disazo dyestuffs
Navy-blue dye mixture of fiber-reactive azo dyes
Method for making capacitor pellet and lead assembly
Membrane electrode assembly
Fuel additive formulation and method of using same
Process and device for cleaning a dust separator
Air system bypass for oil separator
Modular SMIF pod breather, adsorbent, and purge cartridges
Heat shield air filter for vehicles
Adjustable cold trap with different stages
Filter assembly of an air filter
Method for the direct reduction of iron oxides
Method for manufacturing reduced iron agglomerates and apparatus there for
Process for purifying a gas and corresponding system
Powered low restriction air precleaner device and method for providing a clean air flow to an apparatus such as a combustion engine air intake, engine cooling system, ventilation system and cab air intake system
Gas generating system
Hydrogen-selective metal membrane modules and method of forming the same
Commercial air filter assembly and filter assembly and filtration unit
Coating compositions containing nickel and boron and particles
Ink additives
Phase change ink compositions
Powder coatings employing silyl carbamates
Strengthened, light weight wallboard and method and apparatus for making the same
Barium doping of molten silicon for use in crystal growing process
Method and device for manufacturing spherical semiconductor crystals
Crystal growth method and solid-state component and apparatus for crystal growth employed therefor
System and method for performing low contamination extrusion for microelectronics applications
Coating film forming method and coating apparatus
Apparatus for dispensing towels
Coating spreading machine
Coating machine
Thin-film fabrication method and apparatus
Substrate processing apparatus
System and method for adjusting a working distance to correspond with the work surface
Method and apparatus for elimination of TEOS/ozone silicon oxide surface sensitivity
Wafer polishing apparatus
Metal bond abrasive article comprising porous ceramic abrasive composites and method of using same to abrade a workpiece
Disk-shaped grindstone
Method and device for carving poultry carcasses and/or carcass parts
Heating and/or air conditioning device for a vehicle passenger compartment with improved air mixing
Air flap for a ventilation, heating or air conditioning system of a motor vehicle
Air duct extending in a motor vehicle from a front door through a B-column into the rear area of the motor vehicle
Thermal management system
Air cycle houses and house ventilation system
Memory storage device docking adapter having hinged air filter
Scent dispenser
Seed package handling system for test plot combine
Game machine and information storage medium
Timed approach sensing game
Image synthesis method, games machine, and information storage medium
Electronic amusement device and method for providing payouts based on the activity of other devices
Game utilizing non-identical sequential images as a winning condition
Gaming device with signified reel symbols
Method apparatus for promoting play on a network of gaming devices
Game machine detachable coin sending device for coins inserted in a lump
Gaming device for a flat rate play session and a method of operating same
Video game apparatus, method of controlling animation display in video game, and computer-readable storage medium storing animation display controlling program of video game
Method and a video game system of generating a field map
Character display controlling device, display controlling method, and recording medium
Articulated arrangement for articulated shafts suitable for transmitting torque
Motor vehicle torque transfer case with integral constant velocity (CV) joint
Constant velocity universal joint
Aluminum drive shaft
Playground equipment
Method and apparatus in a space study
Containerless sheet flow water ride
Open top infant swing
Water park play apparatus
Amusement device
Variable point pool table and associated game
Bowling game apparatus and method
Bowling/count down game
Billiard bowling game
Game element retrieval
Golf putter with adjustable lie and offset hosel
Iron golf club set
Self-aligning, minimal self-torque golf clubs
Golf club head
Face structure for golf club
Thread wound golf ball
Golf ball
Multi-layer golf ball
Solid golf ball having defined hardness profile
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Biodegradable golf tee
Game racket with elongated slot in yoke portion
Game racket frame with wooden cover layer
Tennis racket with paired rollers
Arrowhead and method of making
Sliding key and continuously variable transmission
Transport device in a packaging machine
Electro-hydraulic control with a manual selection valve
Hydraulic control device for automatic transmission
Compact locking differential
Transmission control system
Apparatus and method for active transmission synchronization and shifting
Magnetic brake for a transmission lock
Model-based engine torque control for power-on downshifting in an automatic transmission
Synchronizing control and method
Off-going clutch control for upshifting of an automatic transmission
Method and apparatus for operating a clutch in an automated mechanical transmission
Soft-edged recreational trampoline
Grip device
Weightlifting plate
Portable and pivotal stationary exercise system
Leg exercise arm for exercise machine
Single spine elastic cord exercise assembly
Abdominal exercise device and method of use
Semiconductive rubber roller
Method of and apparatus for positioning of devices along a bag-making line
Method and apparatus for setting up a box erecting machine
Apparatus and process for producing cold seal in plastic bags
Resilient roll and process for producing such a roll
Method and a device for cleaning of a centrifugal separator
Catalyst and method for amide formation
Vascular X-ray probe
Methods for treating solid tumors using neutron therapy
Medicinal radioactive ruthenium radiation sources with high dosage rate and method for producing the same
Implantable body fluid flow control device
Method for the treatment of fertility disorders
Auxiliary device for pulsatile coronary artery bypass
Penis erection stabilizer using two connected flexible latex rings
Imaging element assembly unit for endoscope
Endoscope system having reduced noise emission/permeation
Electronic endoscope
Portable data collection device
Method and system for remotely monitoring multiple medical parameters
Imaging device and associated method
Medical imaging method and apparatus and ultrasonic imaging method and apparatus
Ultrasonic nonlinear imaging at fundamental frequencies
Ultrasonic method for indicating a rate of perfusion
Method and apparatus for the non-invasive detection of medical conditions by monitoring peripheral arterial tone
Temporal thermometer disposable cap
Internet platform with screening test for hearing loss and for providing related health services
Telemetric in vivo bladder urine monitor system
Disposable test vial with sample delivery device for dispensing sample into a reagent
Methods and apparatus for expressing body fluid from an incision
Facial aesthetic treatment apparatus
Vacuum massaging apparatus having a pump and having noise reduction means in the pump area
Device for passive-motion treatment of the human body
Valve-less fluid control circuit for rhythmic action devices
Medical device for applying cyclic therapeutic action to a subject''s foot
Method for curing a dental composition using a light emitting diode
System for forming dental impressions
Glue-free dental articulator and method of use
Dental articulator
Dental prosthesis system, components for dental prosthesis system and methods for such a dental prosthesis system
Fitting for dental syringe tip
Handheld device for applying dental materials
Quick fit revolving connecting unit for connecting a dental instrument to a power supply
Handheld dental tool with a removable silicone tip
Dental irrigation drill with internal anti-backwash baffle
Method for producing a drill assistance device for a tooth implant
Vital pulp therapy
Avionics simulator
Kit for glass art
PC peripheral interactive doll
Automatic training defibrillator simulator and method
Flexible conductive tape connection
Wiring structure for motorcycle with busbars
Holder for the securing of a sun visor
Garment electrical connector
Radio frequency connector to printed circuit board assembly with a back cover
Electrical card connector
Circuit board electrical and physical connection system and method
Selectively reinforced flexible tape carrier packages for liquid crystal display modules
Programming connector for hearing devices
Power connector providing improved performance
Electrical connector with warpage-detention device
Press-fit electrical connector
Strain relief mechanism for a plug-in protector panel
Surface installing type connector
Electrical connector with improved grounding structure for shielding shell thereof
Card edge connector with ejector
Electrical connector equipped with an improved ejector mechanism
Card connector having IC card ejection mechanism
Switching receptacle connector
Medical connector apparatus
Zero force insertion socket for gun mounts
Electrical connector with improved actuator
Interface station including simply detachable connection apparatus and information processing apparatus connectable with interface station
Duplex profile connector assembly
Electrical card connector
Retention clip for card edge connector
Contact for CPU socket connector
Connector for connecting electrical conductors so that the conductors are maintained and protected in watertight contact
Plug electrical connector
Connector with positive locking features
Contact carrier
Connector with locking arm having groove on surface facing connector housing
Cord lock
Connecting structure for connectors in couples
Electrical connection unit which can be used with both insulated and stripped leads
IDC adapter
Crimp locked wire manager for a communication plug
Connector assembly having flexible pull tape
Locking mechanism in connector
Electric connector with a light penetrable socket shell
Flexible printed circuit connector
Battery vibration control apparatus
Electrical connector
Jumper cable system
Stringer of decorative lights
Electrical connector housing
Pair of connectors clamping a printed circuit board
Shielded electrical connector
Electrical connector with shield interferentially engaged thereto
Pair of shielded electrical connectors with a grounding element therebetween
Board mounted electrical connector
Shielded electrical connector
Modular jack with filter insert and contact therefor
Method and apparatus for forming modular sockets using flexible interconnects and resulting structures
Compact electrical adapter for mounting to a panel connector of a computer
Housing for receptacle connector and mold for molding thereof
Arrangement of contact pairs for compensating near-end crosstalk for an electric patch plug
RJ-receptacle connector with anti-mismating device
Joint connector
Insert-molded body for an electrical connector and method of molding the same
Hybrid submarine streamer connector
Terminal double locking connector
Power connector
Socket contact element
Cable connector combination, method of making it and apparatus therefor
Cable lug
Amphibious robot mine locator
Outboard motor cooling and anode system
Marine propulsion apparatus with a heat shield to protect its seals
Method of making an electron emission device by anode oxidation
Process for low temperature semiconductor fabrication
Sound simulating method and device
Rocket pop
Hula hoop with rotary balls
Variable performance toys
Floating eyeball pad
Sound generator for a child''s cycle
Graphics enhanced multipurpose bandanna and ball
Nursing bra with removable/replaceable cups
Chemical-mechanical polishing system and method for integrated spin dry-film thickness measurement
Method and apparatus for controlling abrasive flow machining
Colloidal suspension of abrasive particles containing magnesium as CMP slurry
Composition and method for planarizing surfaces
Grinding methods and apparatus
Method of post CMP defect stability improvement
Apparatus and method for feeding slurry
Disk edge polishing machine and disk edge polishing system
Shot-blasting machine for cleaning a linear metal element
Capacitor coupled chuck for carbon dioxide snow cleaning system
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Tool for resurfacing machine
Polishing apparatus
Stable bi-axial pivot flexure coupling
Quick-connect for mounting objects
Vehicle component escutcheon
Pivot bearing provided on support structures formed of shaped bars
Cell projection mask
Method for forming pattern
Semiconductor device manufacturing method of accurately performing alignment of patterning, mask for exposure
Method for making a photomask with multiple absorption levels
Imaging element containing a blocked photographically useful compound
Scanning exposure method utilizing alignment marks based on scanning direction
Electron beam exposure apparatus
Conductive photoresist pattern for long term calibration of scanning electron microscope
Methods of reducing proximity effects in lithographic processes
Imaging members
Carrier for electrophotographic developer, method for manufacturing, developer, container including the developer, and image forming apparatus using the developer wherein the carrier satisfies the relationship 1.0.ltoreq.C2/C1.ltoreq.1.3
Toner and developer for magnetic brush development system
Dissolution inhibition resists for microlithography
Photosensitive resin composition and method of forming resist images
High resolution crosslinkable photoresist composition, compatable with high base concentration aqueous developers method and for use thereof
Acid sensitive ARC and method of use
Energy beam curable epoxy resin composition
Photoimageable compositions having improved stripping ability and resolution
Process for forming a photoresist pattern by top surface imaging process
Modification of 193 nm sensitive photoresist materials by electron beam exposure
Photosensitive polyimide precursor and its use for pattern formation
Image forming method of photothermographic material
Photoprocessing photographic elements comprising water soluble hydrophilic polymers
Silver halide emulsion, preparation method thereof and silver halide photographic light sensitive material
Color photographic element containing speed improving compound
Magneto-optical recording medium
Apparatus for calendering magnetic recording medium
Graphite plate assembly and method of manufacture
Cathode composition for solid oxide fuel cell
Use of polymer mesh for improvement of safety, performance and assembly of batteries
Secondary battery with plural electrode terminals connected through one collecting terminal and manufacturing method thereof
Glass-fibre reinforced absorbent separator
Laminate film case comprising nonaqueous electrolyte battery and control circuit
Contact system for interconnection of substrate and battery cell
Active material for lithium batteries
Rechargeable lithium battery
Cyclopentadiene derivatives for carbon-carbon composites
Glass and glass ceramic plates with elevated thermal stability and process for their production
Coating solution for forming a film for cutting off solar radiation and the film formed therefrom
Product to be exposed to a hot gas and having a thermal barrier layer, and process for producing the same
Use of a thermal spray method for the manufacture of a heat insulating coat
Scaled interconnect anodization for high frequency applications
Oxide-bondable solder
Fish tape for conduit distribution
Semiconductor sealing resin composition, semiconductor device sealed with the same, and process for preparing semiconductor device
Method of decreasing skip coating on a paper web
Isolation of incompatible processes in a multi-station processing chamber
Method and apparatus for surface metallization
Metering device for paint for digital printing
Reflective surface for CVD reactor walls
Coating composition and method for application thereof
Process for manufacture of superabsorbent-coated yarn
Adhesive applying method in forming a seat
Apparatus and method for coating the outer surface of a workpiece
Method for applying jet-sprayed decoration to fabric
Method for powder coating the surface of heat sensitive objects
Golf ball painting method
Conductor track structures arranged on a nonconductive support material, especially fine conductor track structures, and method for producing the same
Stable hydride source compositions for manufacture of semiconductor devices and structures
Method of molecular-scale pattern imprinting at surfaces
Synthesis of tantalum nitride
Formation of silicon nitride film for a phase shift mask at 193 nm
Method of controlling vapor deposition substrate temperature
Liquid crystalline compound, liquid crystal composition comprising the liquid crystal-line compound, and liquid crystal display device using the liquid crystal composition
Shrapnel mitigation and fragmentation control system
Curved decorative structural member
Heat shield
Multi-layer plastic preform for blow molding
Polyester resin composition
Method to increase the crystallization rate of polyesters
Sheets, films, fibers foams or latices prepared from blends of substantially random interpolymers
Tape with a reinforced or non-reinforced self-adhesive adhesion strip
Settable mixture and a method of manufacturing a sound insulating floor construction
Recording disk and producing method therefor
Optical recording medium
Optical recording medium
Lubricated and overcoated magneto-optical media with improved tribological performance
Floor mat system with adjustable clip
Curved veneer laminated stock and method of manufacture
Process for optimizing milk production
Pasta filata cheese
Method of preparing a uniformly tender meat product
Feedstuff additive which contains D-pantothenic acid and/or its salts and a process for the preparation thereof
Selenium diet supplement and method of making
Method of photocopying an image onto an edible web for decorating iced baked goods
Method for rehydrating food granules with water
Method and tooling for food extrusion
Process for ecologic cooking of foodstuff
Expandable food products and methods of preparing same
Confections that "swim" in a carbonated beverage
Process for making a canned ground meat
Stable coffee concentrate system
Method of producing a clamshell shaped meatball
Fibrous food product and method and device for its production
Detection of biological molecules using chemical amplification and optical sensors
Method and apparatus for electrostatically depositing a medicament powder upon predefined regions of a substrate
Lightly donor doped electrodes for high-dielectric-constant materials
Process for silver plating in printed circuit board manufacture
Manufacturing method of magnetoresistive effect sensor and manufacturing method of magnetic head with the sensor
Method for constructing a resilient surface
Hand spreadable surface coating for bathtubs and the like and method for its application
Button thread strengthener and method
Differential adhesion window coating composition applied to non-glass and glass materials of a window
Ribbon unit, a method of making the ribbon unit, and a method of providing mid-span access
Method and apparatus for treating silica granules using porous graphite crucible
Biaxially-oriented polyester film
Biaxially oriented polyester film
Biaxially oriented laminate polyester film
Insulated stock material and containers and methods of making the same
Ink jet recording substrates
Decorative floor mat for use with chair
Disposable cleaning sheet
Low reflective antistatic hardcoat film
Magnetic tape
Barrier laminate
Polyimide composite film
Electromagnetic wave attenuating transparent member
Phase change thermal control materials, method and apparatus
Fluoropolyether topcoat lubricants
Polyvinyl alcohol based fibers
Boron nitride and process for preparing the same
Sample container
Microfluidic connector
Oxygen generating device
Air freshener and insect repellant
Closure for a hinged sterilizer door
Sterilized device in diffusion-restricted container
Sterilization container
Treatment of fly ASH/APC residues including lead salt recovery
Gallium and/or indium separation and concentration method
Compositions for abatement of volatile organic compounds and apparatus and methods using the same
Magnetic material and production method thereof
Heat shock fusion-based vaccine system
Treatment and prevention of HIV infection by administration of derivatives of human chorionic gonadotropin
Method for treating dystonia with botulinum toxin types C to G
Method for treating hypercalcemia
Agar gel bead composition and method
Anhydrous cosmetic composition containing a fatty phase and pro-liposomes
Pharmaceutical composition
Gum pad for delivery of medication to mucosal tissues
Termite and boring insect barrier for the protection of wooden structures
Implants for controlled release of pharmaceutically active principles and method for making same
Oral liquid mucoadhesive compounds
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory compositions comprising domperidone and methods of using same
Isosorbide dinitrate-containing patch
Acid salts of cholesterol
Pharmaceutical preparation comprising lyophilized liposomes encapsulating an active principle which is highly insoluble in water, and the process for preparing the said preparation
Colon selective drug delivery composition
Anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical formulations
Solid thermoformable controlled-release pharmaceutical composition
Microparticles of lactide-co-glycolide copolymers and methods of making and using the same
Growth-promoting agent
Composition and method for inhibiting oral bacteria
Saw palmetto composition and associated methods
Autophobic hairspray compositions
Liquid oral compositions comprising a calcium compound and an acidulant
Anti-sweat lotion
Copolymers of tyrosine-based polyarylates and poly(alkylene oxides)
Treatment of neoplastic disease with interleukin-10
Chimeric chains for receptor-associated signal transduction pathways
Method for restoring glucose responsiveness to insulin secretion
Generation of human cytotoxic T-cells specific for carcinoma self-associated antigens and uses thereof
Non-obligate predatory bacterium burkholderia casidaeand uses thereof
Modulators of amyloid aggregation
Methods for activating an erythropoietin receptor using antibodies
Detection and treatment of infections with immunoconjugates
Liquid curable resin composition
Abrasion resistant coated wire
Heat-resistant fiber paper
Monofilament, and papermaking fabric manufactured therewith
Purification of functionalized fluorescent nanocrystals
Low profile lift for watercraft
Efficient method and pulverizer for pipeline trench padding
Method and apparatus for the offshore installation of multi-ton packages such as deck packages and jackets
Seasonal dock with self-stowing lifting device
Foundation system for tension leg platforms
Segmental retaining wall system
Braking system for air conveyors
Plunge router adjustment mechanism and method
Arrangement relating to high-speed tools
Assembly and system for removably locking a pallet to a supporting surface
Fastening device
Fastener for self-locking securement within a panel opening
Wall anchor
Lug cap having retention detents
V type nail
Semiconductor fabricating apparatus, method for modifying positional displacement of a wafer in a wafer cassette within the semiconductor fabricating apparatus and method for transferring the wafer cassette
Substrate processing apparatus with vertically stacked load lock and substrate transport robot
Interlock system for semiconductor wafer transport apparatus
Pulling-style restraint for a parked swap body
Substrate transfer apparatus and substrate processing apparatus
Clamp for handling stacked loads of different sizes
Unloader for tire vulcanizer
Robots for microelectronic workpiece handling
Pipe laying tool
SMIF-compatible open cassette enclosure
Device for stacking sheets, in particular sheet-fed paper or cardboard sheets delivered onto pallets
Hold back bar for bulk depalletizer/palletizer
Product unit-delivery apparatus
Method for handling of wafers with minimal contact
Air turbine starter with seal assembly
Multi-stage rotary vacuum pump used for high temperature gas
Gas turbine stationary blade
Axial turbine
Device for generating an aerodynamic force by rotational movement
Gas turbine airfoil internal air system
Complex cooling fan with increased cooling capacity
Intelligent internal fan controller
Method and system for controlling a compressor
Gas compression kit and method with interchangeable compression cylinders
Magnetorheological fluid pumping system
Floor air pump
Fluidic devices
Variable displacement compressor
Valve recess in cylinder block of a compressor
Fuel pump
Oil pump for separate lubrication
Motor mount assembly
Heat dissipation fan
Reciprocating compressor with auxiliary port
Fluid pulsation stabilizer, system, and method
Piston pump
Shape of suction hole and discharge hole of refrigerant compressor
Two-cylinder type two-stage compression rotary compressor
Scroll-type compressor
Molding element for tire
Molding element for tire
Two-piece segmented mold
Undercut split die
Cube corner sheeting mold and method of making the same
Tools for producing shaped parts with contours
Steam injection press platen for pressing fibrous materials
Injection molding nozzle apparatus
Molding device for making a connector
Slide-safety button child-resistant utility lighter
Plurality fingered burner
Tooth path treatment plan
Method and apparatus for bonding a bracket to a tooth
Print head for an ink-jet printer
Ink-jet printing apparatus and method for varying energy for ink ejection for high and low ejection duties
Redundant input signal paths for an inkjet print head
Segmented heater resistor for producing a variable ink drop volume in an inkjet drop generator
Liquid jet head with a movable member, head cartridge using the liquid jet head, liquid jet apparatus and liquid discharging method
Fluid supply mechanism for multiple fluids to multiple spaced orifices
Ink container refurbishment system
Method and system for purging air from a print mechanism
Color gamut extension of an ink composition
Image forming apparatus having intermediate medium
Inkjet printing media handling system with advancing guide shim
Sheet material feeding apparatus and recording apparatus
System for metering and auditing the dots or drops or pulses produced by a digital computer
Variable power spectacles
Eyeglass frame adjustment device
Set of progressive multifocal ophthalmic lenses
Film positioning system and method thereof
Projection system employing multiple beam reflections
Illumination device and image projection apparatus including the same
Sterile instruments cover for use on surgical microscopes
Light-reflecting member and strap for portable electronic equipment
Triangular-pyramidal cube-corner retro-reflective sheeting
Conformable cube corner retroreflective sheeting
Interactive virtual image store window
High numerical aperture ring field projection system for extreme ultraviolet lithography
Toggle assembly for rearview mirror
Optical mirror system with multi-axis rotational control
Vehicle light meter having two colored layers with ring member dial
Apparatus for illuminating a portable electronic or computing device
Power tools having lighting devices
Illuminated nut driver
Illuminated artificial plant
Travel lights vanity
Portable lamp with conformable base
Two-part flashlight controlled by rotation
Portable lamp with dynamically controlled lighting distribution
Openable light bulb socket assembly
Formative lamp with the edge-lighting
Lamp for vehicle
Work light assembly using compact fluorescent lamps
Method and apparatus for coupling light and producing magnified images using an asymmetrical ellipsoid reflective surface
High flux led assembly
Battery-powered light source arrangement for endoscope
Method and device for introducing sound waves into reactors
Ice cream mixing apparatus for mixing ice cream with one or more flavor additives
Single cell calorimeter
Method of temperature measurement by correlation of chemiluminescent spectrum emitted by a flame with stored theoretical emission spectra for OH and/or CH radicals
Radiography apparatus with rotatably supported cylindrical ring carrying image pickup unit
Bag for automated filing and sealing machine
Resealable flexible packages having hook design tear line
Linear rolling bearing element
Annular bearing with diffuser and inlet flow guide
Roller bearing and a method of producing the same
Corrosion-resistant bearing and method for making same
Non-lubricated rolling element ball bearing
Ball bearing mounting member
Socket and a system for optoelectronic interconnection and a method of fabricating such socket and system
Optical connector assembly using partial large diameter alignment features
Optical fiber connector for backplane
Contact connector system for light waveguides
Optical connector element having a one-piece body
Optical communication module
Fiber optic connector
Light transmitting/receiving module
Integrated packaging system for optical communications devices that provides automatic alignment with optical fibers
Method for hermetically sealing optical fiber introducing section and hermetically sealed structure
Gated clock design supporting method, gated clock design supporting apparatus, and computer readable memory storing gated clock design supporting program
Adapter having a tilt and shift mechanism
Semiconductor wafer manufacturing method and apparatus for an improved heat exchanger for a photoresist developer
Card-reversing device for use in card printers
Metal-matrix diamond or cubic boron nitride composites
Lead-free solder alloy
Equipment for sterlizing soils
Use of low molecular weight amino alcohols in ophthalmic compositions
Reversing flow blood processing system having reduced clotting potential
Test device for detecting the presence of a residue analyte in a sample
Allergy test strip
Affinity binding-based system for detecting particulates in a fluid
Devices and methods for using centripetal acceleration to drive fluid movement in a microfluidics system
Device for automatic preparation of blood smears on plates
Apparatus for producing blood component products
System including functionally separated regions in electrophoretic system
Self-cleaning filter system
Zig-zagged plating bus lines
Method of manufacturing member for thin-film formation apparatus and the member for the apparatus
Method and apparatus for electrically endpointing a chemical-mechanical planarization process
Ceramic oxide powder, method for producing the ceramic oxide powder, ceramic paste produced using the ceramic oxide powder, and method for producing the ceramic paste
Environmentally safe snow and ice dissolving liquid
Phosphate ester base stocks and aircraft hydraulic fluids comprising the same
Polymer/liquid dispersion, composite film and method for producing same
Transparent coating member for light-emitting diodes and a fluorescent color light source
Water-soluble fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals
Fast luminescent silicon
Perfluorinated amide salts and their uses as ionic conducting materials
Oxygen sensitive resistance material
Preconditioned crystals of lithium niobate and lithium tantalate and method of preparing the same
Bisphenol-A bis(diphenyl phosphate)-based flame retardant
Composite ophthalmic lens remolding system for forming a lens therein
Method for granulating and grinding liquid slag and device for realizing the same
Method for production monitoring with the manufacture of tablets in a rotary tabletting machine
Method for making floor fan seal plug with thermoexpanding seal ring and axial guide members
Powder injection molding and infiltration process
Extruded automotive trim and method of making same
Method of synthesizing even diamond film without cracks
Deodorant material
Resilient cushion and method of manufacture
Process of making a thermoplastic adhesive dispensing tape
Method of manufacturing fiber reinforced plastics
Molded insulation products and their manufacture using continuous-filament wool
Process for heating and cutting a surgical suture tip
Method of producing replaceable mold cavities and mold cavity inserts
Resin transfer molding process
Process for the production of an apparatus or instrument by overmolding and apparatus or instrument thus obtained
Process of molding an insert on a substrate
Encapsulated circuit using vented mold
Method of molding a layer around a body
Method of making electret fibers that have low level of extractable hydrocarbon material
Method of making a multiple neck spray bottle
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a hollow plastic product
Method of managing the operation of a plant for the production of aluminium by igneous electrolysis and aluminium production plant for implementing this method
Recovery of copper values from copper ores
Method of and system for cleansing a toilet or urinal
Removal of metal from graphite
Coal tar extract with reduced aromatic hydrocarbon content, method for obtaining same and dermatological and cosmetic compositions
Modified aluminas and the use thereof in FCC catalysts
Method of removing contaminants from petroleum distillates
Process and apparatus for converting oil shale or tar sands to oil
Clarifier cone for filtering and separating solids from solution
Draining device adapted to be disposed within a drain port
Degassing unit
Isolation block
Deep bed filtration system
Effluent filter for septic tanks and other on-site waste disposal systems
Process for the preparation of porous material and porous material
Wastewater disposal system
System and method for removing silicone oil from waste water treatment plant sludge
Method and system for purification of waste water
System for processing waste water
Process for treating waste water containing cutting oil
Apparatus and method for super critical fluid extraction
Method of maintaining clean vertical skeins of hollow fiber membranes and system therefor
Wastewater treatment process
Method of filtering liquid using a vertical filter
Water purifying and dispensing apparatus
Production for mottled paper
Paper products having wet strength from aldehyde-functionalized cellulosic fibers and polymers
Method and equipment for controlling properties of paper
Sheet forming system and method for controlling the same
Method and apparatus for dividing a paper web
Web transfer belt and production process for the same
Headbox for feeding a pulp suspension to a dewatering installation
Plasma treatment for producing electron emitters
Sputtering target, method of producing the target, optical recording medium fabricated by using the sputtering target, and method of forming recording layer for the optical recording medium
Ignition means for a cathodic arc source
Apparatus for photoelectrochemical polishing of silicon wafers
Film forming apparatus
Replaceable measuring electrode system
Apparatus for identifying a gas
Measuring probe
Nitrogen oxide sensor
Gas sensor having improved structure
Modified electrokinetic sample injection method in chromatography and electrophoresis analysis
Use of an earlier known separation material and novel forms of the material
Methods of forming a face plate assembly of a color display
Fermentative production and isolation of lactic acid
Device and method for evening out the thickness of metal layers on electrical contact points on items that are to be treated
Pulse reverse electrodeposition for metallization and planarization of semiconductor substrates
Process for electrochemically applying a surface coating
Apparatus for producing thin film, process for producing thin film and guide roller
Apparatus for surface modification of polymer, metal and ceramic materials using ion beam
MOCVD system
Soil and/or groundwater remediation process
Method of cleaning objects to be processed
Method and apparatus for cleaning low K dielectric and metal wafer surfaces
Method for processing semiconductor substrate
Squeegee device and system
Silicon-on-insulator islands
Rare earth/iron/boron-based permanent magnet and method for the preparation thereof
Quenched thin ribbon of rare earth/iron/boron-based magnet alloy
Permanent magnet alloy having improved heat resistance and process for production thereof
Power transmission shaft
High-strength steel plate having high dynamic deformation resistance and method of manufacturing the same
High strength zirconium alloys containing bismuth
Ti-V-A1 based superelasticity alloy and process for preparation thereof
Process for preparing a gas generating composition
Method of forming meltblown webs containing particles
Green sheets of controlled microporosity and method of producing same
Method for manufacture of composite aircraft control surfaces
Method for placing discrete parts transversely onto a moving web
Method for producing ring-shaped fibrous structures, in particular for making parts in composite material
Plastic tiles and process for preparing the same
Method of manufacture for flexible hose
Adhesive bonding process for aluminium and/or aluminium alloy
Sprayable dispersion and process for elastic adhesion of two substrate surfaces
Self- adhesive protective film
System and method for dicing semiconductor components
Plasma processor with coil responsive to variable amplitude rf envelope
Process for controlling odor in paper and paperboard using a halohydantoin
Human Necessities
Method for extruding tubular film
Contrast medium for near infrared diagnosis
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for the rapid separation and/or conversion of substrates
Method and apparatus for axial flow filtration
Method of fluid filtering employing a novel cartridge sealing mechanism
Extended life dual full-flow and bypass filter
Synthesis of SAPO-44
Removal of organic acid based binders from powder metallurgy compacts
Graded grain size diamond layer
Titanium chromium alloy coated diamond crystals for use in saw blade segments and method for their production
Preservative and fire retardant composition and combination and process
Method for producing sound absorbing units
Method for continuous vacuum forming shaped polymeric articles
Honeycomb insulating panel
Bonded vehicular glass assemblies utilizing two component adhesives
Nonwoven fabric with high CD elongation and method of making same
High-transverse-curvature tire
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Control of morphology of mesoporous aluminosilicate or pure-silica molecular sieves by effect of alcohol
Projection lithography photomasks and methods of making
Methods and compositions for forming silica, germanosilicate and metal silicate films, patterns and multilayers
Method of immunizing against hepatitis B virus
Peptide sequences specific for the hepatic stages of P. falciparum bearing epitopes capable of stimulating the T lymphocytes
Pulverized coal injecting apparatus
Substrate transfer apparatus of substrate processing system
Making and using an ultra-thin copper foil
Copper foil having glossy surface with excellent oxidation resistance and method of manufacturing the same
Submerged array megasonic plating
Copper alloy electroplating bath for microelectronic applications
Textiles; Paper
Electrolytic causticizing of smelt from a kraft recovery furnace
Method for two-stage oxygen bleaching and delignification of chemical pulp
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for electrically heating a screed assembly in a paving machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fixing system comprising a plastic covered screw
Microfabricated instrument for tissue biopsy and analysis
Co sensor and its fabrication
Process for quantitatively detecting constituents of a pulp/fluid mixture
Infrared sensitized, photothermographic article
Mitigation of substrate defects in reticles using multilayer buffer layers
Magnetic head
Permanent magnet linear microwave plasma source
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