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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Electric adjusting apparatus for row cleaners
Grinding device
Feed dispenser apparatus
Watering device for animals
Fishing lure for implementing a fishing contest
Reducing by-catch of seabirds
Choline containing composition and method of use
Substituted chroman derivatives, medicaments and use in therapy
Use of substituted dithiine-dicarboximides for combating phytopathogenic fungi
Supplement composition
Shellfish opener
Handheld water pipe for filtering smoke
Headband with integral compartment and hair accessory
Reel based lacing system
Universal container holder and means for application
Seating device having a height adjustment mechanism
Mattress with combination of pressure redistribution and internal air flow guides
Foldable chair
Shopping cart corral for displaying one or more advertisements and method of providing same
Fishing rod caddy
Buttering device
Modular fire pit table
Apparatus for efficient nut cracking and method of using same
Automatic floor cleaner
Scraper attachment for sponges
Method and device for securing body tissue
Clip apparatus for ligature of living tissue
System for access into bodily cavity
Steerable laser probe
Method and apparatus for remote health monitoring and providing health related information
Earplug with thermochromic probe and stem for indicating unsafe core body temperature
Flexible lancet
Apparatus and method for measuring intracranial pressure
Device, method and computer-readable storage medium for classifying atrial tachyarrhythmia
Apparatus and method for videorhinohygrometric (VRI) measures
Biological optical measurement instrument and reference image display method
Rotary toothbrush
Tampon with clean appearance post use
Wetness indicator with hydrophanous element for an absorbent article
Dried collagenous biomaterial medical device
Anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory agent combination for treatment of vascular disorders with an implantable medical device
Anterior intervertebral fusion with fixation system, device, and method
High-density lipoprotein coated medical devices
Dental appliance
Method of using antimycin A to downregulate Wnt/b-catenin pathway to treat gefitinib resistant cancer
Indole alkaloid compounds as melanogenesis promoters and uses thereof
Antimicrobial agent and method for the production thereof
Methods for one-dose intradermal delivery for non-live trivalent influenza vaccine
Cellulosic gel composition with improved viscosity stability
Particle containing hydrophobic dye having cyanine structure, and contrast agent containing the particle
Radiolabeled PDE10A ligands
Radioiodinated fatty acids
Waving compositions
Sustained-release nanoparticle compositions and methods using the same
Decorative air freshener
Selectively spinnable air freshener structure
Subcutaneous catheter retainer
Aneurysm occlusion by rotational dispensation of mass
Devices and methods for dilating a paranasal sinus opening and for treating sinusitis
Acoustic access disconnection systems and methods
Positive displacement pump
Tip protector sleeve
Device for readying a needle free injector for delivery
High pressure injection catheter systems
Method for the treatment of autism
Lumen-traveling biological interface device and method of use
Self and manually adjustable exercise device
Foot-therapy and toe-aligning device
Golf glove magnetic attachment adaptor
Removable end piece for a pole and a pole equipped with such an end piece
Universal game pedal controller and method therefor
Electronic device gaming system
Randomized answer generator toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Production of inorganic-organic composite materials by reactive spray-drying
Chromatography column and maintenance method
Chromatography column and maintenance method
Dewatering of drilling mud using a filter press
Thermally integrated adsorption-desorption systems and methods
Reducing global warming
Spiral type fluid mixer and apparatus using spiral type fluid mixer
Mixing apparatus
Oscillating shower head massager
Tool gripper
Vehicle steering system
Solvent quality control in extraction processes
Tissue dispenser, method for dispensing tissue, and tissue dispenser insert
Universal automated hands-free liquid dispenser pump
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Pyrrole inhibitors of S-nitrosoglutathione reductase as therapeutic agents
Fungicidal alkyl- and aryl-substituted 2[-2-chloro-4-(dihalo-phenoxy)-phenyl]-1-[1,2,4]triazol-1-yl-ethanol compounds
Monochromatic liquid crystal display with high contrast ratio
Cationic alcohols and uses thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Removable flame heat regulating apparatus including an inner hollow shell and an outer wall for a burner of a gas stove
Method for reducing water content of an object to be treated
Method for optically collecting numismatic data and associated algorithms for unique identification of coins
Analyzer for absorption spectrometry of impurity concentration contained in liquid using exciting light
Travel route system and method
Systems and methods for gyrocompass alignment using dynamically calibrated sensor data and an iterated extended kalman filter within a navigation system
Navigation apparatus, method and program for vehicle
Temperature-stabilized medicinal storage systems
Priori crack detection in solar photovoltaic wafers by detecting bending at edges of wafers
Biological analysis arrangement and approach therefor
Recognition chip for target substance, and detection method and device for the same
Target substance detecting device, target substance detecting method using the same, and detecting apparatus and kit therefor
Surface inspection apparatus
Moment analysis of tertiary protein structures
Information equipment for detecting fall
System and method for transitioning from a missile warning system to a fine tracking system in a directional infrared countermeasures system
Connection reservation in a communication interface
Seismic activity detector
Zoom lens and camera with the same
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with same
Dynamic imaging and/or identification apparatus and method thereof
Backlight displays
Biaxial mirror color selecting micro imager
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Printable static interferometric images
Optical waveguide film with mark for positioning and method for producing the same
Laser guide optical fiber and laser guide including the same
Optical subassembly package configuration
Ultra high numerical aperture optical fibers
Cicada-resistant optical drop cable
Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
Apparatus and method of dual-mode display
Mach-Zehnder type optical modulator
Liquid crystal display and method for forming alignment film
Optical sheet, backlight unit, and liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal apparatus, color filter substrate, and electronic apparatus
Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Devices containing compositions comprising cathodically coloring electrochromic polymers and binder polymers
Collapsible lens barrel and optical instrument using the same
Image stabilization control apparatus and imaging apparatus
Transmission screen for stereoscopic images
Test method for determining reticle transmission stability
Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic imaging apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for media thickness measurement in an image production device
Image forming apparatus and method for stably detecting an image
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with a control unit that controls a charging bias voltage
Image forming apparatus for detecting the distribution of electrical resistance of a transferring member
Segmented roller for flood coating system
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Control device and method for controlling an electrophotographic printer or copier
Magnet roller and method for the same, magnetic particle-support member, development device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Density measuring device, liquid developer storing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image-forming apparatus comprising the same
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Transfer device and image forming apparatus with sealing member in contact with transfer belt
Fixing controller and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus capable of stably applying oil for fixing
Image forming apparatus having transfer bias applying section and image forming method having the same for transferring toner image
Development device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Passive walking legged robot
Voltage collapse diagnostic and ATC system
Semiconductor integrated circuit, and method of supplying a clock to internal blocks provided in a semiconductor integrated circuit
Personal wireless network power-based task distribution
Computer apparatus, storage apparatus, system management apparatus, and hard disk unit power supply controlling method
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption in multi-channel memory controller systems
Data processing device, and control method of data processing device
Determining power requirements by requesting auxiliary powered memory for server's each onboard component's need
Information storage device, information recording/reproducing device, and power consumption management method
Method for recovering from PCI bus fault, recording medium and computer
Dynamic address-type selection control in a data processing system
Method and device for writing a multi-layer optical disc
Abnormality detection frequency set when it is indicated that abnormality will occur
No split virtual chassis based on pass through mode
Restarting method using a snapshot
Solution for checking a health of a computer system
Method and apparatus for cause analysis involving configuration changes
Method, apparatus and system for performing access control and intrusion detection on encrypted data
Confidential information processing host device and confidential information processing method
Transaction-safe FAT file system improvements
Systems, devices, and/or methods to access synchronous RAM in an asynchronous manner
Security erase of a delete file and of sectors not currently assigned to a file
Method of managing a multi-bit-cell flash memory
Method, system, and program for an adaptor to read and write to system memory
System and method for managing a memory system of a mobile device
Free resource error/event log for autonomic data processing system
Partial cache line accesses based on memory access patterns
Efficient prefetching and asynchronous writing for flash memory
Method, apparatus and system for enabling a secure location-aware platform
System and method for storing events to enhance intrusion detection
Method and apparatus for protecting against buffer overrun attacks
Method of constructing replication environment and storage system
Data management method for erasing data in computer system
Performance management system, information processing system, and information collecting method in performance management system
Non-volatile cache in disk drive emulation
Color processing method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus, method of controlling image processing apparatus, and program
Distributed processing multiple tier task allocation
Software distribution over a network
Method and apparatus for designating endpoints in a collaborative computer system to facilitate maintaining data consistency
System and method for bundling information
Multi-case enabled address resolution protocol
System, method, and computer program product for preventing communication of unwanted network traffic by holding only a last portion of the network traffic
Caching signatures
Distributed session listing and content discovery
Autodiscovery for virtual networks
Traffic estimation
Label switched path OAM wrapper
Dynamic syndicated content delivery system and method
Capacity management for data networks
System and method for installing software
Communication device for obtaining an application image or configuration from a service provider
Providing device usage information through layout diagram
Searching with metadata comprising degree of separation, chat room participation, and geography
Reconstruction of gene networks and calculating joint probability density using time-series microarray, and a downhill simplex method
In-document floating object re-ordering
Method for interactive learning and training
Inverse discrete cosine transform supporting multiple decoding processes
Computer program, apparatus, and method for searching translation memory and displaying search result
One-stop shopping system and method
System and method for managing data using a hierarchical metadata management system
Method and system to search objects in published literature for information discovery tasks
Maintenance history information management system for construction machine
Expanding attribute profiles
Fat directory structure for use in transaction safe file
Stream data processing control method, stream data processing apparatus, and stream data processing control program
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and storage medium
String-based systems and methods for searching for real estate properties
Methods and mechanisms for inserting metal fill data
Structure for apparatus for reduced loading of signal transmission elements
Hierarchical HDL processing method and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
Automata unit, a tool for designing checker circuitry and a method of manufacturing hardware circuitry incorporating checker circuitry
Detecting X state transitions and storing compressed debug information
Layout evaluation apparatus and method
Semiconductor circuit design method and semiconductor circuit manufacturing method
Method and system for wafer topography-aware integrated circuit design analysis and optimization
Vehicle diagnostic techniques
Working station
Method and device for monitoring an exhaust gas turbocharger of an internal combustion engine
Deceleration controller for vehicle
Information display device
Method and system for generic data transfer interface
Dividing a large input page into a plurality of smaller input pages to provide easier use of a terminal with a small screen
Composition assisting apparatus and composition assisting system
Apparatus for navigation and interaction in a virtual meeting place
Systems and methods for automated sensor polling
Data analysis using facet attributes
Compressing page descriptions while preserving high quality
Image forming job managing apparatus, method of same, and program for same
Printing apparatus and printing method
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Electronic previous search results log
System and method for accessing electronic data via an image search engine
Method and apparatus for processing messages
Methods and apparatus for transferring a substrate carrier within an electronic device manufacturing facility
System and method for determining the engagement point of a clutch
System and method for associating queries and documents with contextual advertisements
System and method for the improved encoding/decoding of binary representations of structured, documents
Apparatus and method for processing digital document and computer program
Signing-in to software applications having secured features
Pipelined digital signal processor
Communication apparatus, program and method
System, method, and computer program product for distributed testing of program code
Using ghost agents in an environment supported by customer service providers
Systems and methods for employing tagged types in a dynamic runtime environment
System for correct distribution of hypervisor work
Virtual machine dispatching to maintain memory affinity
Apparatus, method, and computer product for estimating power consumption of LSI
Testing sub-systems of a system-on-a-chip using a configurable external system-on-a-chip
Drawing resources
Configuration of reconfigurable interconnect portions
Method and apparatus for ensuring fairness and forward progress when executing multiple threads of execution
Method and system for distributing unused processor cycles within a dispatch window
Method and apparatus for executing multiple simulations on a supercomputer
Image-forming system and image-forming program
Image forming apparatus having temporary storage for management information
Image forming apparatus with a chargeable capacitor
Generating background image information for copy prohibition and copy prohibition release
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Content-aware halftone image resizing
Accelerated image registration by means of parallel processors
Image processing apparatus for extracting representative characteristic from image data and storing image data to be associated with representative characteristic
Mask pattern dimensional inspection apparatus and method
Method and system for markerless motion capture using multiple cameras
Environment map generating apparatus, environment map generating method, and environment map generating program
Evaluation method for mapping the myocardium of a patient
Systems and methods for notes detection
Identification of a graphical symbol by identifying its constituent contiguous pixel groups as characters
Adjusting left-to-right graphics to a right-to-left orientation or vice versa using transformations with adjustments for line width and pixel orientation
Generating reflow files from digital images for rendering on various sized displays
Generating subimages of an image to use to represent the image
Apparatus and method for encoding digital image data in a lossless manner
Method and apparatus for progressively deleting media objects from storage
Image encoding and decoding apparatus, program and method
Surface mesh matching for lens roll-off correction
Focus monitoring method
Apparatus for removing noise of video signal
Apparatus for removing noise of video signal
Pattern matching system and targeted object pursuit system using light quantities in designated areas of images to be compared
Automatically generating assessments of qualification relevance and qualification issuer credibility
System and method of visualization for aggregation of change tracking information
System and method for delivering payloads such as ads
Computer processes for identifying related items and generating personalized item recommendations
System and method for networked loyalty program
Bond issue risk management
Method to prioritize product requirements
System and method for calculating damage as a result of natural catastrophes
System and method for deal management of syndicated loans by multiple bookrunners
Altering card-issuer interchange categories
Spice rack
Enabling long-term communication idleness for energy efficiency
Method for authentication of elements of a group
Methods and apparatus related to pruning for concatenative text-to-speech synthesis
Optical near-field generating device, optical near-field generating method and information recording and reproducing apparatus
Near-field optical head and information recording apparatus
Turntable having claws
Optical disc apparatus
Apparatus and method for converting groove/land polarity upon groove/land track change on optical medium
Patterned medium inspection method and inspection device
Disc drive and photo-detector circuits
Electric field assisted magnetic recording
Method and system for read gate timing control for storage controllers
Method for writing servo data to a disk and disk drive configured to write servo data utilizing the method
Position gain calibration in disk drives
Information reproduction apparatus and information reproduction method
Optical pickup apparatus and optical disk drive apparatus
Objective lens, optical pickup apparatus, and optical information recording reproducing apparatus
Optical disc recording and reproduction device and an optical disc recording and reproduction method
Optical storage medium comprising tracks with positive and negative marks, and stampers and production methods for manufacturing of the optical storage medium
Compensating the effects of non-synchronous writing of erasable servo marks
Magnetic tunnel junction with compensation element
Semiconductor memory device, method for fabricating the same and semiconductor switching device
Content addressable memory device having spin torque transfer memory cells
Content addressable memory device having state information processing circuitry
Semiconductor memory having electrically erasable and programmable semiconductor memory cells
Method and apparatus for testing a memory device
Iteratively writing contents to memory locations using a statistical model
Nonvolatile memory device
Data retention kill function
Semiconductor memory device, refresh control method thereof, and test method thereof
Methods and devices for evaluating material in a pharmaceutical process
Operating device
Communication circuit for driving a plurality of devices
Copolymers comprising phosphonate and/or phosphonic acid groups, usable for forming fuel cell membranes
Ultra-high power parametric amplifier system at high repetition rates
Semiconductor light emitting devices with non-epitaxial upper cladding
Semiconductor laser with integrated contact and waveguide
Surface emitting semiconductor laser, surface emitting semiconductor laser device, optical transmission device, and optical information processing device
Electronic device
Arrangement for energy conditioning
Inverter for grounded direct current source, more specifically for a photovoltaic generator
Switching control device
High efficiency power converter
Method and system for a shared GM-stage between in-phase and quadrature channels
Frequency synchronization method and apparatus
Voice input support program, voice input support device, and voice input support method
Super block error correction code (ECC) adaptable to communication systems including hard disk drives (HDDs) and other memory storage devices
Read/write channel coding and methods for use therewith
Communication signal decoding
Regenerative relay system and regenerative relay apparatus
Wireless communications system
System and method for providing locally applicable internet content with secure action requests and item condition alerts
Diversity receiver and method for controlling diversity receiving operation
Intermodulation signal generator of power amplifier and pre-distortion linearizer having the same
Image cancellation in receivers
FM tone rejection
Method for determining region where broadcasting receiver is located
Receiver for simultaneously receiving different standards
Device having display buttons and display method and medium for the device
Predictive interpolation of a video signal
Externally modulated laser optical transmission system with feed forward noise cancellation
Light receiving circuit and digital system
Method and system for accurate clock synchronization for communication networks
Method and apparatus for deciding channel quality indicator in wireless communication system
Mobile radio terminal and mobile communication system
Wafer mobile phone platform system
Method and apparatus for adaptive dynamic call setup based on real-time network resource availability
Wireless communication device having dynamically escalated media transmission handling
Methods and apparatus for supporting communications using antennas associated with different polarization directions
Method and system for wireless communication among integrated circuits within an enclosure
Signal transmission method of closed-loop MIMO system
Master-slave local oscillator porting between radio integrated circuits
Telecommunication network
Method for identifying home cell and apparatus thereof
Method and system for reconfigurable pattern filtering engine
Using a single FHT to decode access-based handoff probes from multiple users
Apparatus and method for fast fourier transform/inverse fast fourier transform
Multiple wireless networks management
System and a method for constructing and deconstructing data packets
Communication service continuation system, communication service continuation method, and program thereof
Communication resource management device
Mobile terminal, control apparatus, home agent and packet communications method
Apparatus and methods to process video or audio
System and method for creation and use of strong passwords
Messages and control methods for controlling resource allocation and flow admission control in a mobile communications system
Bandwidth control apparatus and bandwidth control method
Dense mode coding scheme
Relay device, wireless communication system and multicast relay method
Method and apparatus for adjusting timeslot fragments of multiple links
Communication node and a method for routing traffic in a communication network by calculating at least one metric for at least one link and a sensitivity parameter for said metric
Efficient path setup in a provider backbone bridge network
Packet relay apparatus
Communication system, optical line terminal, and congestion control method
Techniques for self-organizing activity-diffusion-based wireless sensor network
Method and apparatus for dynamic anchoring of CS calls for CS-to-VoIP handoffs
Multi-input multi-output time encoding and decoding machines
Wireless MIMO transmitter with antenna and tone precoding blocks
Doppler tracking method and device for a wide band modem
Approach for spectrum analysis in a receiver
Method of and system for watermarking application modules
Quadrature demodulation device, quadrature demodulation method, and quadrature demodulation program
Oversampling circuit and oversampling method
Multimode block cipher architectures
System, method, and service for tracing traitors from content protection circumvention devices
Authorizing information flows
Method and system for providing synchronous running encoding and encryption
Encryption/decryption apparatus
Unidirectional message masking and validation system and method
Instant log-in method for authentificating a user and settling bills by using two different communication channels and a system thereof
Portable electronic device
Adaptive array wireless communication apparatus, reception level display method, reception level adjusting method, reception level display program and reception level adjusting program
Portable information terminal
Cellular terminals and other electronic devices and methods that adjust projected video images to compensate for color, brightness, and/or pattern of a display surface
Mobile terminal with cellular and broadcast reception, audio muting and closed captioning
Method for extending ethernet over twisted pair conductors and to the telephone network and plug-in apparatus for same employing standard mechanics
Communication system and voice mail apparatus
Call control element constructing a session initiation protocol (SIP) message including provisions for incorporating address related information of public switched telephone network (PSTN) based devices
System and method for providing language interpretation
Radio control method and radio control apparatus
Method, system and article for providing a family telecommunication service using an originating dual-tone multi-frequency trigger
Communication assistance system and method
Automated electronic telecommunications order translation and processing
Image processing system and image processing method
Marking images of text with speckle patterns for theft deterrence
Method for frequency-modulation screening using error diffusion based on dual-feedback
Image output system for outputting image based on information of number of dots to be formed in predetermined area
System, a method and a computer program for inspection of a three-dimensional environment by a user
Interactive television program guide system with pay program package promotion
Media playback system
Moving picture recording apparatus
Capture, editing and encoding of motion pictures encoded with repeating fields or frames
Method for providing a call service and a broadcast service, and digital multimedia broadcasting terminal therefor
Apparatus and method for implementing digital rights management systems in low-efficiency storage device
Methods and systems for block-based residual upsampling
Methods for process control with change updates
Speaker/bracket assembly
Electroacoustic transducer and electronic device using the same
Portable electronic device with spatial module
Systems and methods for in situ cerumen removal from hearing devices
Stray capacitance reduced condenser microphone
Apparatus and methods for determining voice and/or data processing performance of a wireless device
Systems, devices, methods and computer program products for downloading content to mobile devices in a roaming environment
Positioning system, terminal apparatus, control method of terminal apparatus
Methods, device and system for access point facilitated fast handoff
Vertical handover method for overlay communication system
Method and apparatus for independent and efficient delivery of services to wireless devices capable of supporting multiple radio interfaces and network infrastructure
Wireless communication base station apparatus, wireless communication mobile station apparatus, wireless communication method, and wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for performing attach procedure in mobile communication system
Method of data preservation and minimizing reduction in data throughput in the event of a cell change
Methods and systems for providing reliable multicast service in a WLAN system
Method for scheduling uplink transmissions from user equipments by a base station determining a measure of a quality of service, and corresponding base station, user equipment and communication system
Radio base station and user common data transmission method
Network-based system and method for global roaming
Slidable mobile terminal having a slide module
Sealed expansion module
Electronic device assembly
Optoelectronic transceiver assembly and release mechanism employed therein
Portable electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for processing cottage cheese
Volatile dispenser lamp
Storage and maintenance of blood products including red blood cells and platelets
Aerosol antimicrobial compositions
Coated particles, methods of making and using
Method of retaining antimicrobial properties on a halamine-treated textile substrate while simultaneously reducing deleterious odor and skin irritation effects
Method and composition for treating mammalian disease caused by inflammatory response
Microbicidal N-sulfonylglycin alkynyloxyphenethyl amide derivatives
Method for inhibiting interleukin-2 production using tricyclo compounds
Synergistic herbicidal methods and compositions
Parasiticidal combination
Pyridazin-3-one derivatives, their use, and intermediates for their production
Biocidal composition and its use
Substituted (4-brompyrazole-3-yl) benzazoles
Sulphonyl urea and adjuvant based solid mixtures
Phosphonium salt composition
Process for preparing stabilized liquid silicate carbonate antiseptic agents
Constructed Bacillus thuringiensis strains producing mosquitocidal crystal proteins
Method of reducing off-flavor in water or aquatic life forms using Bacterium NRRL B-30043
Method and composition for protecting plants from disease
Microwaveable bread products
Amylolytic enzyme variants
Method and apparatus for manufacturing foodstuffs such as sausages
Combined liquid-tight meat tray and inserted absorbent/separating layer
Natural source composition for the control of post-harvest pathologies and methods of application
Method for preparing a cheese having a closed rind and a virtually blind structure
Method for producing low acid beverage
Apparatus for producing a flavored beverage
Cold water infusing leaf tea
Gas-incorporated chocolate and its production
Quick-setting starch composition and starch gum confection
Positive hydration method of preparing confectionery and product therefrom
Improvements Relating To Bran Gels
Method of making a collagen membrane from porcine skin
Method of preparing dry animal feed
Method for producing a reconstitutable dehydrated food product
Method for processing corn grit and product
Process of preparing flavored noodles
Enzymatic improvement of pasta processing
Soy formulations and their use for promoting health
Encapsulation of active ingredients
Multiple purpose quick-changeover extrusion system
Continuous molding of fastener products using a pressure roll having a resilient surface
Method of manufacturing watch-bracelet component
Laser markable monofilaments
Image graphic adhesive system and method for using same
Ornamental accessory and method of making same
Methods and fabrics for combating nosocomial infections
Method of filtering used cooking oil
Vacuum cleaner utilizing electrostatic filtration and electrostatic precipitator for use therein
Cyclonic separating apparatus with tangential offtake conduit
Curved part of endoscope
Optical system for the light source device of a video endoscope system
Method of performing a procedure on a coronary artery
Clotting cascade initiating apparatus and methods of use
Apparatuses, methods and compositions for closing tissue puncture openings
Illuminated surgical retractor
Endovascular flexible stapling device
Intravascular seal with mesh reinforcement and method for using same
Rubber band stretcher
Apparatus and method for tibial fixation of soft tissue
Apparatus and method for sculpting the surface of a joint
Total hip prosthesis adapted to be implanted endo-articularly and its auxiliary device and method of implantation
Wire-shaped ultrasonic catheter with diamond coated head for ultrasonic angioplasty
Ablation device including guidewire with abrasive tip
Neuro thrombectomy catheter
Adjustable vessel cleaner and method
Hand-held surgical instruments with omni-circumferential actuation capabilities
Stricture scalpel
Trocar seal system
Two-part surgical incision implement for forming an opening in the skin
Dermabrasion by a flow of reducing substances and having disposable sterilized components
Method and apparatus for external fixation of bones
Efficient assembling modular locking pedicle screw
Devices and methods of vertebral disc augmentation
Fracture reduction clamp
Selective organ hypothermia method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for creation of drug delivery and/or stimulation pockets in myocardium
Cautery apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for controlled contraction of soft tissue
Bipolar forceps
Systems and methods for tissue resection, ablation and aspiration
Under water treatment
Deflectable interstitial ablation device
Localization device with anchoring barbs
Raidoactive therapeutic seed having selective marker configuration
Non-or minimally invasive monitoring methods using particle delivery methods
Homekit for determining attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Long range implantable medical device telemetry system with positive patient identification
Computerized medical diagnostic and treatment advice system including network access
Automatic blood pressure measuring apparatus
Postoperative-condition evaluating apparatus
System and method of ultrasonic mammography
Optical scope with measuring system
Syringe having needle safely receiving structure
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging systems with blended multiline for 2D and 3D applications
Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method for vessel structure analysis
Loop imaging catheter
Method for the examination of objects with ultrasound
Method of making a dental mill blank and support stub assembly
Metered lubricant dispenser for dental handpieces
Surgical tunnel retractor
Animal identification and medication syringe
Article having a surface showing adhesive properties
Sealed edge orthopaedic casting technique
Elasticated topsheet with an elongate slit opening
Discrete absorbent articles
Absorbent article with a raised portion
Pocket design for absorbent article
Disposable garment
Disposable undergarment
Absorbent article which maintains or improves skin health
Pants type diaper and method for producing same
Hydraulic anal incontinence treatment
Weighted eyelid implant
Cardiac disease treatment and device
Intravascular filter
Stent graft having improved attachment within a body vessel
Angulated stent delivery system and method of use
High strength member for intracorporeal use
Soft tissue/ligament to bone fixation device with inserter
Anterior chamber intraocular lens having fixation members attached to the cornea and methods of implantation
Percutaneous aortic valve replacement
Multi-lumen catheter
Upper leg stump endoprosthesis for an exoprosthetic provision
Method for producing a surface structure, in particular on a surgical implant
Prosthetic interbody spacer
Prosthetic spinal disc
Prosthetic ankle joint mechanism
Upper extremity hand orthosis and method of use
Outlet tube device for urinary drainage bag
Method and device for ventilating a so called clean room
Penile prosthesis with a magnetic device incorporated therein
Apparatus and method for relieving gastric pressure during enteral feeding
Apparatus for the fixation of a percutaneous flexible line
Enrobed tablet
Method and composition for the treatment of benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) and prevention of prostate cancer
Immunotherapeutic anti-cancer pharmaceutical compositions
Method for reducing adverse effects of a weight loss regimen
Lactate thiolester for cardiac energy resuscitation and prevention of reperfusion injury and use as an energy supplement during exercise and recovery
(-)-hydroxycitric acid for wound healing and immunomodulation
Antimuscarinic compounds and methods for treatment of bladder diseases
Glaucoma treatment
Compounds and methods for use thereof in the treatment of cancer or viral infections
Covalently coupled benzoylecgonine, egconine and ecgonidine derivatives
Pyridyl compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Methods for treating cognitive impairments caused by traumatic brain injuries
Method of treating alopecia
Quinoline and quinoxaline compounds which inhibit platelet-derived growth factor and/or p56lck tyrosine kinases
Pharmaceutical compositions and method for the inhibition and treatment of secondary hypertension
Method of locking 1.alpha.-OH of vitamin D compounds in axial orientation
Astringent composition and method of use
Use of tiludronic acid and derivatives thereof in poultry for the preparation of a medicinal product for preventing and treating osteoporosis
Antibiotic composition for inhibition of angiogenesis
Composition for the relief of joint pain and myofascial pain and method of preparing same
LPS with reduced toxicity from genetically modified gram negative bacteria
Antimicrobial compositions and methods
Antler herb medicine fermented with chicken gizzard and a method for preparation thereof
Substance mixture for topical application comprising olive oil and honey
Methods to stimulate angiogenesis
Therapeutic uses of N-terminal BPI protein products in ANCA-positive patients
Treatment for inflammatory bowel disease with a vcam-1/1gG fusion protein
In situ injection of antigen-presenting cells with genetically enhanced cytokine expression
Use of neomycin for treating angiogenesis-related diseases
Temperature sensitive gel for sustained delivery of protein drugs
Self-enhancing, pharmacologically controllable expression systems
Transplantation of tissue comprising a DNA sequence encoding a homologous complement restriction factor
Compositions and methods for delivery of genetic material
Stress proteins and uses therefor
Membrane-bound cytokine compositions comprising GM-CSF or an active fragment thereof and methods of modulating and an immune response using the same
Compositions for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction
Bretylium compositions and kits, and their use in preventing and treating cardio-vascular conditions
Hybrid compositions for intracellular targeting
Cell-based gene therapy for the pulmonary system
Combined body length in the selective breeding of thoroughbred racehorses
Method for adhering to hard tissue
Translucent alumina sintered body and a process for producing the same
Remineralizing-mineralizing oral products containing discrete cationic and anionic agglomerate components and method of use
Inorganic composite powder and cosmetic comprising the same
Compositions which contain triterpenes for regulating hair growth
Antimicrobial wipes which provide improved residual benefit versus gram positive bacteria
Pyridine-thiols for treatment of a follicular dermatosis
Composition having bactericidal action, cosmetics containing said composition and ultraviolet ray screening agent
Methods for treating or preventing diseases of the oral cavity
Multiply-substituted protease variants
Use of reductive compounds for strengthening and improving the structure of materials containing keratin
Coated powder having super-dispersibility and cosmetic containing the same
Coloring agent-containing sunless tanning compositions
Transfer-resistant lip compositions
Cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical preparations comprising dialkenyl carbonates
Propellantless pump sprays and pump foams containing an anionic copolymer of methacrylic acid and ethyl acrylate
Mascara containing film-forming polymers
Conditioning compositions
Magnetically responsive composition
Drug delivery system exhibiting permeability control
Hydrolysis-promoting hydrophobic taxane derivatives
Excipient for the lyophilization of aqueous suspensions of microparticles
Long acting antidepressant microparticles
Vitamin B12 --biodegradable micro particulate conjugate carrier systems for peroral delivery of drugs, therapeutic peptides/proteins and vaccines
Stable pharmaceutical formulation comprising torsemide modification II
Process for providing herbal medicants in cellulose derivative capsules
Morphine sulfate microgranules, manufacturing process and pharmaceutical preparations
Taste masked pharmaceutical liquid formulations
Stable powder inhalation dosage formulation
Method for application and maintenance of medication on body tissue
Self-preserving multipurpose ophthalmic solutions incorporating a polypeptide antimicrobial
Multi-purpose contact lens care compositions
Biological material for the repair of connective tissue defects comprising mesenchymal stem cells and hyaluronic acid derivative
Superabsorbent polymer fibers having improved absorption characteristics
Silver-containing, sol/gel derived bioglass compositions
Cyclic implant perfusion cleaning and passivation process
Electrolytic generation of nascent iodine as a method of treatment and for the prevention of infections associated with medical implant devices
Three part cup for packaging cleaning and sterilizing agents and sequential cutter
Process for the sterilization of sewer systems and closed rooms in general
Apparatus and method for generating and circulating ozone for disinfection/sterilization of dental waterlines
Compositions and methods for repair of osseous defects and accelerated wound healing
Intra-aortic balloon catheter having an ultra-thin stretch blow molded balloon membrane
Methods and compositions for producing artificial fascia
Antifoam compositions including lecithin and uses thereof
Non-fouling, wettable coated devices
Treatment of airborne allergens
Patient connector for peritoneal dialysis
Medicaments for asthma treatment
Method of forming a co-extruded balloon for medical purposes
Double-lumen catheter
Attachable catheter
Manipulatable delivery catheter for occlusive devices (II)
Intravascular catheter
Flow-by channel catheter and method of use
Methods and apparatus for inhibiting infection of subcutaneously implanted devices
Nonvented needle-free injection valve
Reusable medication delivery device
Apparatus and method for measuring the amount of fluid contained in an implantable medical device
Injection device comprising a pen
Coating system providing low friction
Method and device for controlling the introduction depth of an injection needle
Anchoring system for a brain lead
Asymmetric radiation dosing apparatus and method
Process for separation of heavy metals and halogen from waste material or residue
Inertia exercise machine
Exercise apparatus
Apparatus and methods for exercise machines having balancing loads
Training device
Aerobic sled exercise machine
Rotational friction exercise device selectively attached to a support surface
Deformable grip
Cross training exercise device
Step adjuster of an oval track walker
Compact elliptical exercise apparatus
Method of fabricating a golf ball with polyurethane cover
Golf tee for driving ranges
Baseball batting system for abating accidental release of a bat from a player's hand following a swing
Bat and method of manufacturing
Run specific training method
Retractable sports net
Caloric value calculation device
Image-display game system and information storage medium used therefor
Computer readable recording medium recording a program of a ball game and the program, ball game processing apparatus and its method
Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
Computer readable recording medium recording a program of a ball game and the program, ball game processing apparatus and its method
Method and apparatus for identifying a winner in a bingo game
Water-filled hoop construction
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for distilling ammonia
Polynucleotide separations on polymeric separation media
Deaerator insert
Weighted suction filter for a fuel hose
Centrifugal particulate matter gas separator
Multi-panel fluid filter with equalized contaminant passages
Method and apparatus for separating and recovering perfluoro compound
Method and apparatus for removing harmful components in an exhaust gas
Sodium-based dechlorinating agent and waste treatment equipment
NOx conversion catalyst rejuvenation process
Process for the catalytic removal of polycyclic aromatic nitro, nitroso and/or amino compounds
Method for bypassing sulfur dioxide around an aftertreatment device in an exhaust gas aftertreatment system
Electrodialysis water splitting process
Apparatus and process for preparing crystalline particles
Meso- and microfluidic continuous flow and stopped flow electroosmotic mixer
Microfluidic systems including pipettor elements
Systems and methods for fabrication of coating libraries
Heat-relaxable substrates and arrays
Feed system for closed reaction chambers with moveable sample racks
Method and device for the treatment of fluids
Non-thermal plasma reactor for lower power consumption
Method for carrying out a chemical reaction
Desulfurization for cracked gasoline or diesel fuel
Porous silica microsphere scavengers
Photocatalysts made by using oxides containing metal ions of d10 electronic state
Suboxide fuel cell catalyst for enhanced reformate tolerance
FCC process incorporating crystalline microporous oxide catalysts having increased Lewis acidity
Selective removing method of carbon monoxide and hydrogen refining method
Modified particles, carrier prepared therefrom, olefin polymerization catalyst component prepared therefrom, olefin polymerization catalyst prepared therefrom, and process for preparing olefin polymer
Honeycomb structural body
Process for catalyst preparation
Silicotitanate molecular sieve and condensed phases
Chromatographic separation process
Apparatus and method of recirculating electrodeionization
Particulate solids cracking apparatus and process
Suction Device
Membrane filtered pipette tip
Method and apparatus for effecting rapid thermal cycling of samples in microtiter plate size
Method and apparatus for magnetically separating selected particles, particularly biological cells
Powder charging apparatus
Coater head unit for metal strip coating apparatus
Method for externally sizing fibrous materials
Substrate having a treatment surface
Biological particle sorter
Porous electrode wire for use in electrical discharge machining and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing hydrogen-absorbing alloy electrode
Method for manufacturing rare earth magnet
Article having imbedded cavity
Method and apparatus for high precision variable rate material, removal and modification
Composition and method for dissipating heat
Nickel based alloys for internal combustion engine valve seat inserts, and the like
Apparatus and method for transferring a torque from a rotating hub frame to a hub shaft
Sweeping slurry dispenser for chemical mechanical polishing
Translation mechanism for a chemical mechanical planarization system and method therefor
Method and apparatus for polishing semiconductor wafer
System for separation of debris from shot blast media
Canvas abrasive material and grinding process
Process for making an abrasive sintered product
Method and apparatus for releasably attaching a polishing pad to a chemical-mechanical planarization machine
Fiber compound material
Pressure-cycled, packet-transfer infusion of resin-stitched preforms
Polymeric materials and process for producing same
Sprayed-on foam wire harness
Foil backed laminate reinforcement
Method for manufacturing an in-mold display
Method for including an electronic label in the wall of a heat-transformed object and preparatory device for this method
Method for evaluation of abrasion of a forming mold
Process for stable widthwise regulation of bulb angle in extrusion of sheets of heat-sensitive plastics through a calender opening formed by intake rollers
Process and apparatus for forming plastic sheet
Method of making a large-diameter blow-molded container having a narrow mouth
Low profile blow pin assembly for a rotary blow molding machine and method of blow molding
Method for storage, handling and application of precured tire innerliners
Transcribing method
Method of impregnating pipe repair liner
Ultrasonic sealing apparatus
Surface smoothing of stereolithographically formed 3-D objects
Resin transfer molding of centrifuge rotor
Press simulation apparatus and methods
Powder pressing apparatus and powder pressing method
Metallic sheet covered with polyester resin film and having high workability, and method of manufacturing same
Transfix component with layer having polymer matrix with small molecules and image forming apparatus with same
Elastomer compositions for bonding to fluoropolymers
Adhesive for lamination
Heat insulating paper cups
Method of improving the weatherbility and color retention performance of styrene copolymer compositions
Easy tear non-halogenic food wrap
Poly(1,3 propanediol terephthalate) for use in making packaging materials
Optical-use adhesive film
Load-carrying vehicle structure of composite material and method for its moulding
Spacermesh structure for shoemaking
Repaired scratched and/or abraded transparent substrates having protective removable sheets thereon and a method of making
Printing sheet with base material, and method of manufacturing the same
Microelectronic piezoelectric structure and method of forming the same
Method for producing lithographic printing plate
On-press development of thermosensitive lithographic plates
Method of forming a positive image through infrared exposure utilizing diazonaphthoquinone imaging composition
Method and device for powdering printed sheets
Droplet plate architecture in ink-jet printheads
Laser thermal transfer material
Image-forming substrate coated with layer of microcapsules
Method of tracking wafers from ingot
Electronically active primer layers for thermal patterning of materials for electronic devices
Composition for laser marking
Recording sheets containing pyrrole, pyrrolidine, pyridine, piperidine, homopiperidine, quinoline, isoquinoline, quinuclidine, indole, and indazole compounds
Diffusion resistant lenticular element
Method for making corner protectors
Customs declaration form for non-impact printer
Unitary stack of paper sheets for item posting
Digital printable and releasable form construction and composition useful thereto
Method of creating a transfer
Silica reinforced rubber compositions of improved processability and storage stability
Heating and/or air-conditioning system for an automobile and method of making same
Vehicle air-conditioning installation with two mixing regions
Apparatus for providing convenience services to stationary vehicles
Plate-shaped safety component
Apparatus for enabling truck power take off functionality during auto neutral
Driving force control device
Upshift shock reducing apparatus for automatic transmission
Heat activated reinforcing sleeve
Parallel dual shaft drive apparatus
Cable connecting apparatus for a bicycle component
Aerosol formulations and method
Method and device in tail threading
Flexible end supporting arrangement for direct drive adjustable spreader rolls
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Structure for generating ozone
Sodium percarbonate and process for producing sodium percarbonate
Method for synthesis of aluminum nitride
Method for preparing hydrazine hydrate
Inorganic dispersant, stabilizer for suspension polymerization and polymer particles
Method for hydrogenating halogen-substituted silicon compounds
Calcination using liquid metal heat exchange fluid
Process and converter for the preparation of ammonia
Processes for preparing mixed metal oxide powders
Pyrochlore thin films and process for making
Rechargeable lithium battery
Methods for producing lithium metal oxide particles
In-line filtration system for treatment of septic tank effluent
Solid-liquid separator
Apparatus and method for treating sewage in cold climates
Liquid treating process and apparatus, as well as liquid treating system
Apparatus and process for separation and recovery of liquid and slurry abrasives used for polishing
Non-lambertian glass diffuser and method of making
Transparent electro-conductive structure, process for its production, transparent electro-conductive layer forming coating fluid used for its production, and process for preparing the coating fluid
Single phase rare earth oxide-aluminum oxide glasses
Fly ash composition for use in concrete mix
Ampholyte polymer composition and method of use
Agglomerates for the production of an aqueous binder system
Refractory ceramic mass and use thereof
Oxide superconductor
Molybdenum silicide material with high strength
Organic waste disposal equipment and systems
Composting device with internal aeration tube
Unsymmetric unbridged bis-indenyl metallocenes and their use
Compositions and methods to prevent toxicity induced by nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs
Inhibitors of .alpha.4.beta.1 mediated cell adhesion
Diamine alkylene diacetic or triacetic acid derivatives, preparation method, use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical compositions and compositions containing them
Bicyclic signal transduction inhibitors, compositions containing them & uses thereof
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Silicone composition and cured silicone product
Synthesis of dysidiolide and uses thereof
Fluorinated derivatives of phenanthrene and the utilization thereof in liquid crystal mixtures
Halogenated wang resins for combinatorial chemical synthesis
Coated calcium or magnesium acetylacetonate, and its use for stabilizing halogenated polymers
Process for preparing and using neodymium neodecanoate
Substituted cyclic amidine derivatives as inhibitors of cell adhesion
CRF antagonistic quino- and quinazolines
1-benzylimidazole derivatives
Active matrix displays having high contrast values
4-(4'-hydroxyphenyl) amino-6,7-dimethoxyquinazoline to prevent development of colorectal cancer
Vitronectin receptor antagonists, their preparation and their use
Use of n-substituted (3,6-dihydro)-2h-1,2-oxazine derivatives as selective mglur1 antagonists
Aromatic esters for marking or tagging petroleum products
Template-directed ring-closing metathesis and ring-opening metathesis polymerization of functionalized dienes
N-(iminomethyl)amines derivatives, their preparation, their use as medicines and compositions containing them
Heterocyclically substituted amides, their production and their use
Amorphous form of cell cycle inhibitor having improved solubility and bioavailability
Prodrugs of 3-(pyrrol-2-ylmethylidene)-2-indolinone derivatives
Photoresist cross-linker and photoresist composition comprising the same
3-aminopyrazole inhibitors of cyclin dependent kinases
Growth-hormone secretagogues
Substituted heterocyclic siprodecane compound active as an antagonist of neurokinin 1 receptor
C-2 S/O-and S/N formaldehyde acetal derivatives of carbapenem-3-carboxylic acids and their use as antibiotics and .beta.-lactamase inhibitors
2,3-benzodiazepine derivatives
Compositions and formulations of 9-nitrocamptothecin polymorphs and methods of use therefor
Organic arsenic compounds
Organic-arsenic compounds
N-terminal site selective inhibitors of human angiotensin conversion enzyme (ACE)
9a, 11b-dehydro derivatives of 9-oxime-3-keto-6-O- methylerythromycin
AZT derivatives exhibiting spermicidal and anti-viral activity
Systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment: photoselection of nucleic acid ligands
Product of heat treatment of uronic acid, food, drink, or drug including the product
Steroids substituted at the 11-position, process for their preparation, their use as medicament and the pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Methods to inhibit or enhance the binding of viral DNA to genomic host DNA
Viable contaminant particle free adenoviruses, their preparation and use
Accessory functions for use in recombinant AAV virion production
RCA-free adenoviral vector system and propagation method
Cold-adapted equine influenza viruses
Expression and refolding of truncated recombinant major outer membrane protein antigen (r56) of Orientia tsutsugamushi and its use in antibody based detection assays and vaccines
Polypeptide having human HIV inhibitory activity, a gene encoding the polypeptide, a method to produce the polypeptide
Compositions and methods for fumonisin detoxification
Plant proteins that interact with nuclear matrix proteins and function as transcriptional activators
Regulation of T cell-mediated immunity by tryptophan
Compounds and methods for therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Adipocyte-specific protein homologs
Cytotactin derivatives that stimulate attachment and neurite outgrowth, and methods of making same
Protein tyrosine phosphatase PTP20 and related products and methods
Modification of mutated P53 gene in tumors by retroviral delivery of ribozyme A
Human DNA mismatch repair polynucleotides
Tumor suppressor designated TS10q23.3
Caniney IL-13 immunoregulatory proteins and uses thereof
Fibroblast growth factor 15 antibodies
Isolated human EDG-4 receptor and polynucletide encoding said receptor
Methods of reducing bone loss with CD40 ligand
Antibody recognizing a small subset of human hematopoietic cells
Human capsaicin receptor and uses thereof
Cloning and recombinant production of CRF receptor(S)
Microbial production of mature human leukocyte interferons
Expression vector for use in a one-step purification protocol
Aprotinin variants having improved properties
Method for measuring antigen concentration
Conformationally-restricted peptide probe libraries
Process for the conversion of starchy substances in the dry phase
Biodegradable mouldings
Room temperature curable hybrid silicones
Method for producing a supported catalyst for ethylene polymerization and ethylene/.alpha.-olefin copolymerization
Catalyst system
Method for preparing a supported catalyst system and its use in a polymerization process
Titanated chromium/silica-aluminophosphate catalyst
Support materials for use with polymerization catalysts
(Co)polymerization process of fluoro-containing monomers for obtaining hydrogen containing polymers
Compounds useful for control agents for living-type free radical polymerization
Hairsetting compositions
Polymer latex for ultraviolet absorption on different substrates
Process for producing ABS moulding compositions having a high rubber content
Thermosetting compositions containing hydroxy functional polymers prepared by atom transfer radical polymerization
Polymerization of olefins
Polymer, process for producing the polymer, and curable composition containing the polymer
Aqueous curable resin composition
Polyurea coatings from dimethyl-substituted polyaspartic ester mixtures
Coating composition comprising diverse anionic polyurethane-polyurea dispersions
Coating composition
Polyurethane hotmelt adhesives with acrylic copolymers and thermoplastic resins
Curable resin composition
Polymer gel electrode
Polynorbornenes with pendant cyclotriphosphazenes
Methods for preparing non-corrosive, electroactive, conductive organic polymers
Polycarbonate resin composition for optical use
Coated microparticles, plastic compositions and methods
Method of accelerating hardening of thermosetting resin and device therefor
Adhesion promoter for textile reinforcing inserts, methods of manufacture and it use
Thermoplastic composite material
Method for producing thermoshaped substrates coated with a sol-gel lacquer
Polymeric coating compositions, polymer coated substrates, and methods of making and using the same
Quick set ebonite composition
Coating composition and coated metal plate having coating film formed therefrom
Process for manufacturing a biodegradable polymeric composition
Plastic component subjected to friction
Hydrocarbon fluid containment for motorized transportation vehicles
Olefinic thermoplastic elastomer composition
Colored long-fiber-reinforced polyolefin structure and shaped articles produced therefrom
Polypropylene/ethylene polymer fiber having improved bond performance and composition for marking the same
Polypropylene/ethylene polymer fiber having improved bond performance and composition for making the same
Poly(biphenyl ether sulfone) resins having improved UV yellowing resistance
Hemicyanine dyes and optical recording media using the same
Disazodyes for ink jet printing
Hybrid pigments
Solid solutions of monoazo pigments
Carbon blacks useful in wire and cable compounds
Ink sets
Ink jet recording material demonstrating a balance of properties including improved imaging performance and good water resistance
Extrusion laminate with polyolefin-polyepoxide adhesive
Hot-melt adhesives for vehicles lights or vehicle headlamps
Phase change formulation
Gasoline sulfur reduction in fluid catalytic cracking
Adsorption process for producing ultra low hydrocarbon streams
Methods for suppression of filamentous coke formation
Fuel reformulator
Lubricating compositions with improved thermal stability and limited slip performance
Zinc and phosphorus containing transmission fluids having enhanced performance capabilities
Grease composition for rolling bearing
Lubricating grease composition and rolling apparatus comprising same
Liquid bleach cleaner composition comprising hypochlorous acid
Detergent composition comprising mid-chain branched surfactants
Cleaning system including a liquid cleaning composition disposed in a water soluble container
Liquid hard-surface cleaning compositions
Process for the production of a liquid laundry detergent composition of a desired viscosity containing nonionic and anionic surfactants
Soap bar having a soap base containing amino acid derivative and a coated micaceous powder
Light duty liquid composition containing an acid and zinc chloride
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device including a cleaning step, and semiconductor device manufactured thereby
Laundry detergent compositions containing water soluble dye complexing polymers
Liquid bleaching compositions comprising hydrogen peroxide, betaine, and ethoxylated nonionic surfactant
Laundry detergent and fabric conditioning compositions with oxidized cyclic amine based polymers
Asymmetric stilbene compounds
Paint and coating remover
Rapid gas recovery in an incubator system
Cell/tissue analysis via controlled electroporation
Bacteriophage, a process for the isolation thereof, and a universal growth medium useful in the process thereof
Antisense modulation of dual specific phosphatase 8 expression
Evolving susceptibility of cellular receptors to viral infection by recursive recombination
Methods and vector constructs useful for production of recombinant AAV
Lipid kinase
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Cytosolic phospholipase A2-beta enzymes
Human DNase
Forms of prostate specific antigen (PSA) specific for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and methods of using such
Isolated human zinc metalloproteases, nucleic acids molecules encoding said enzymes, and uses thereof
Polynucleotides encoding indole-3-gylcerol phosphate synthase from soybean
Isolated human protease proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, and uses thereof
Process for preparing acetophenone, products produced therefrom and organoletpic uses of said products
Method of detecting drug-receptor and protein-protein interactions
Testing kit and methodology for testing for the presence of microorganisms
39443, novel human gamma-butyrobetaine hydroxylase
Hybridization device, case, support, and label agent
Method for producing agents for treating tumor diseases and for immunosuppression
Methods for detecting mutations using primer extension
Nucleic acid probes for the detection of genital mycoplasmas
Methods and kits for isolating primer extension products using modular oligonucleotides
Method for polynucleotide amplification
Immunoassay procedure utilizing fluorogenic tracer antigens
Detection and identification of human papillomavirus by PCR and type-specific reverse hybridization
Fractionation method for sucrose-containing solutions
Direct smelting process
Grain-oriented electrical steel sheet excellent in magnetic properties
Process for treating ore having recoverable metal values including arsenic containing components
Nozzle for low pressure flash tanks for ore slurry
Process for recovering palladium from a solution
Apparatus for producing reduced iron
Spray powder, thermal spraying process using it, and sprayed coating
Wedlable nickel aluminide alloy
High-hardness powder metallurgy tool steel and article made therefrom
Copper alloy with punchability, and a manufacturing method thereof
Diffusion aluminide coated metallic substrate including a thin diffusion portion of controlled thickness
Method of forming an improved aluminide bond coat for a thermal barrier coating system
Ceramic coated product, and method for forming the ceramic coated product
Container-shaped physical vapor deposition targets
Target shields for improved magnetic properties of a recording medium
Low temperature plasma enhanced CVD ceramic coating process for metal, alloy and ceramic materials
Deposition of transition metal carbides
Method for pretreating dielectric layers to enhance the adhesion of CVD metal layers thereto
Metal organic chemical vapor deposition method and apparatus
Method of forming a carbon doped oxide layer on a substrate
Acoustic consumption monitor
Substrate processing apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Substrate processing apparatus and method and a manufacturing method of a thin film semiconductor device
Nonchromate metallic surface treating agent for PCM use, method for PCM surface treatment, and treated PCM steel panel
Preparation of workpieces for cold forming
Lower conductivity barrier coating
Nickel-base alloy product and method of producing the same
Method of preventing nitridation or carburization of metals
Etching methods for anisotropic platinum profile
Apparatus for electroplating alloy films
Method of and apparatus for making electrical contact to wafer surface for full-face electroplating or electropolishing
Cup shaped plating apparatus with a disc shaped stirring device having an opening in the center thereof
Method for single crystal growth of barium titanate and barium titanate solid solution
Heat shield assembly for crystal pulling apparatus
Silicon single crystal wafer and a method for producing it
Magnetic field furnace
Textiles; Paper
Branched poly(ethylene terephthalate) monofilaments
Deodorant rayon fibers and method for producing the same
Color blended alternating color composite yarn
Pressure pretreating of stains on fabrics
Dry cleaning composition containing a heterocyclic surfactant
Foam fabric freshener composition and method
Styrene copolymers in de-inking
Machine for manufacturing a material web
Process and device for drying of a material web
Integrated machine control method and machine control module
Fixed Constructions
Prefabricated plastic shed and components therefor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for detecting deterioration of catalyst
Structural part including a portion made of thermostructural composite material cooled by fluid circulation
Control system of automatic transmission
Roller and method of producing the same
Method of controlling heat buildup in a clutch
Damper disk assembly
Power transmission belt and method for fabricating the same
Link connecting structure of friction wheel continuously variable transmission
Low noise planetary isolator
Lockup control device
Method of controlling speed changing rate for metal belt type non-stage transmissions
Tensioning device for chains
End-ventilating adjustable pitch arcuate roof ventilator
Aluminum composite for gun barrels
Fluorescence polarization-based homogeneous assay for fumonisin determination in grains
Fiber optic biosensor for selectively detecting oligonucleotide species in a mixed fluid sample
Microelectronic device and method for label-free detection and quantification of biological and chemical molecules
Current control for a pumped air reference oxygen sensor
Automated system for two-dimensional electrophoresis
Method of detecting shikimic acid
Lens epithelial cell growth assay for intraocular lens materials
Method to diagnose and monitor cellular immune deficiencies
Reagent for the detection of Staphylococcus aureus by agglutination
Breast cancer associated nucleic acid sequences and their associated proteins
Stable troponin preparation and the use thereof as a calibrator/control in immunoassays
Method and diagnostic agent for hemostasis diagnosis
High resolution 3D ultrasound imaging system deploying a multidimensional array of sensors and method for multidimensional beamforming sensor signals
Silicon substrate having a recess for receiving an element, and a method of producing such a recess
Image recording material
Photothermographic material
Photothermographic imaging material
Coated base paper for photographic printing paper
Portal imaging assembly with neutral density filter and method of use
Method of processing color negative elements
Method and apparatus for evaluating the runability of a photomask inspection tool
Graphite mask for x-ray or deep x-ray lithography
Method of patterning sub-0.25.lambda. line features with high transmission, "attenuated" phase shift masks
Conducting electron beam resist thin film layer for patterning of mask plates
Thermosensible transfer film and method of using the same
Optical article and process for forming article
Fluid pressure imprint lithography
Oxime sulfonate and N-oxyimidosulfonate photoacid generators and photoresists comprising same
Process for forming a polyimide pattern with photosensitive composition for i-line stepper
Hydroxycarborane photoresists and process for using same in bilayer thin film imaging lithography
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Method for producing a photopolymerizing lithographic plate including coating and conveying a web using rubber rollers before and after the coating step
Exposure correction based on reflective index for photolithographic process control
Reticle forming methods
Method of optical proximity correction
Semiconductor device fabricating method
Aqueous developer for negative working lithographic printing plates
Method for providing an alignment diffraction grating for photolithographic alignment during semiconductor fabrication
Shot averaging for fine pattern alignment with minimal throughput loss
Electrophotographic photoreceptor
Toner particles of controlled morphology
Toner used for developing electrostatic latent image
Hologram laminates
Information carrier and process for production thereof
Method for manufacturing a data storage card
Gaming machines with board game theme
Sound post installer
Method and apparatus for facilitating group musical interaction over a network
Multi-layer texture layer
Magnetic recording medium
Optical disc and method and apparatus of fabricating master disc for the same
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory having shunt lines
Integrated optoelectronic device with an avalanche photodetector and method of making the same using commercial CMOS processes
Nonvolatile memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Conductive adhesive and method
Method of generating spin-polarized conduction electron and semiconductor device
Methods of manufacturing tunnel magnetoresistive element, thin-film magnetic head and memory element
Method for manufacturing magnetoresistance element
Two step plasma etch using variable electrode spacing
Method for preventing contamination in a plasma process chamber
Method of preparing barrier rib master pattern for barrier rib transfer and method of forming barrier ribs
Semiconductor manufacturing unit and semiconductor manufacturing method
Computer readable medium for controlling a method of cleaning a process chamber
Wafer preparation systems and methods for preparing wafers
Colors only process to reduce package yield loss
Methods for forming and integrated circuit structures containing enhanced-surface-area conductive layers
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, photolithography mask and method for manufacturing the same
Utilizing amorphorization of polycrystalline structures to achieve T-shaped MOSFET gate
Control trimming of hard mask for sub-100 nanometer transistor gate
Method of electrochemical formation of high Tc superconducting damascene interconnect for integrated circuit
Method for etching a wafer edge using a potassium-based chemical oxidizer in the presence of hydrofluoric acid
Poly gate silicide inspection by back end etching
Plasma treatment method and plasma treatment apparatus
HDP deposition hillock suppression method in integrated circuits
Integrated gate bipolar transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, method of making the same, circuit board, flexible substrate, and method of making substrate
Substrate strip for use in packaging semiconductor chips and method for making the substrate strip
Method of producing a semiconductor integrated circuit device and the semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method for forming self-aligned contacts and local interconnects using decoupled local interconnect process
Flip-chip on lead frame
Method of mounting semiconductor chip part on substrate
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Nonconductive laminate for coupling substrates and method therefor
Method of forming a semiconductor device using CMP to polish a metal film
Methods of forming diodes
Method of forming storage nodes in a DRAM
Thermal management system
InPSb/InAs BJT device and method of making
Gate formation method for reduced poly-depletion and boron penetration
Bipolar transistor and manufacting method thereof
Method of manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device having oxide film formed thereon with low on-resistances
Using a critical composition grading technique to deposit InGaAs epitaxial layers on InP substrates
Process of crystallizing semiconductor thin film and laser irradiation system
Post-epitaxial thermal oxidation for reducing microsteps on polished semiconductor wafers
Laser processing method
Method for fabricating a bipolar semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a polysilicon active layer in a thin film transistor
Manufacturing process of a MOS transistor
Method of forming a highly integrated non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Fabrication method of implanting silicon-ions into the silicon substrate
Protective layers prior to alternating layer deposition
Method of locally forming metal silicide layers
Method for decreasing the resistivity of the gate and the leaky junction of the source/drain
Process for the removal of copper and other metallic impurities from silicon
Method for manufacturing compound semiconductor device
Method of growing electrical conductors by reducing metal oxide film with organic compound containing -OH, -CHO, or -COOH
Titanium dioxide layer serving as a mask and its removed method
Semiconductor device structure including a tantalum pentoxide layer sandwiched between silicon nitride layers
Method of improving static refresh
Split gate field effect transistor (FET) device with enhanced electrode registration and method for fabrication thereof
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a MOSFET with an amorphous SiGe gate electrode and an elevated crystalline SiGe source/drain structure and a device thereby formed
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit asymmetric transistors
Seismic imaging using omni-azimuth seismic energy sources and directional sensing
Method of manufacturing a TFT with Ge seeded amorphous Si layer
Manufacturing method for improving reliability of polysilicon thin film transistors
Method for fabricating a low temperature polysilicon thin film transistor incorporating multi-layer channel passivation step
Effective channel length control using ion implant feed forward
Chip component assembly manufacturing method
Method for fabricating an electrostatic discharge device in a dual gate oxide process
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing an electrically programmable, non-volatile memory and high-performance logic circuitry in the same semiconductor chip
Method of forming and recognizing an identification mark for read-only memory
Method to scale down device dimension using spacer to confine buried drain implant
Method for forming self-aligned floating gates
Method for fabricating floating gate
Process for planarizing an isolation structure in a substrate
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of forming shallow trench isolation layer in semiconductor device
Uniform recess depth of recessed resist layers in trench structure
Semiconductor field region implant methodology
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including forming well comprising EPI in trench
Stacked local interconnect structure and method of fabricating same
Structure with blended polymer conformal coating of controlled electrical resistivity
Diffusion barrier layer for semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor package having metal foil die mounting plate
Method for improved metal fill by treatment of mobility layers
Method for fabricating semiconductor device including stacked capacitors
Hydrogen implant for buffer zone of punch-through non epi IGBT
Semiconductor device, its manufacturing method and substrate for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Solid state image sensor device and method of fabricating the same
Process for producing photovoltaic device
Method for manufacturing white light-emitting diodes
DNA-based integrated circuit
Multi-fold rechargeable battery cell structure
Multifunctional reactive monomers for safety protection of nonaqueous electrochemical cells
Integrated sealed secondary battery
Battery package
Battery sleeve frame
Rechargeable lithium battery
Non-aqueous secondary battery
Lithium-aluminum dual-cation rechargeable electrochemical battery cell
Negative active material for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery using the same
Alkaline cell with improved cathode and current collector configuration
Electrochemical cell with sintered anode of metallic particles and oxides
Polarization switching surface-emitting laser and a method of manufacturing the same
Arrangement for mechanical coupling of a driver to a coupling site of the ossicular chain
Electronic component with shield case and method for manufacturing the same
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