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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Trimmer head for use in flexible line rotary trimmers having improved line loading mechanism
Systems and methods for harvesting cotton
Disposable and sanitory upper torso garment for shielding the skin of a person from a brassiere
Transformational shoes
Sliding mobility assistance device
System for producing beverages
Cover for a wall-hung urinal as well as cover or seat board for a toilet
Real-time, high frequency QRS electrocardiograph
Optical imaging of blood circulation velocities
Transmural ablation device
Visual restoration aiding device
Implantable medical device system with minimization of energy employed for processing data
System and method for providing cardioversion therapy and overdrive pacing using an implantable cardiac stimulation device
Method for video enabled electronic commerce
Performing Operations; Transporting
Drive chain and tool device for assembling or disassembling the same
Tool for pulling and cutting a Z-axis electrical interconnector
Positioning apparatus for an electrical discharge machine and a method therefor
Method for fastening sheet material
Method of manufacturing absorbent article
Flexible modular systems for constructing a wireless communication terminal
Information processing system for producing building material, building material production method and production equipment, and building information distribution system
Portable airbrush with improved paint mechanism and stencil assembly
Multi-functional carpentry tool
Method and system for fuel injector time delay installation
Wedge arm positive rake lock
Method and machine for packing groups of products arranged in one or more layers
Textiles; Paper
Saw-tooth wire for producing a saw-tooth all-steel clothing for a roller or a carding element of a spinning room machine
Fixed Constructions
System for making a liquid-retaining wall, such as a swimming pool wall, out of prefabricated panels
Excavator coupler with two-stage lock member
Log-cabin type facade
Seismic damper
Metal framing member
Floor profile arrangement for bridging a joint
Articulated-quadrilateral hinge assembly with adaptable stabiliser bar for vertical-movement doors
Compresent insulation arrangement for building openings
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control strategy for lean NOx trap regeneration
Abnormality diagnosis apparatus for secondary air supply system of engine
Method for control of exhaust gas purification system, and exhaust gas purification system
Internal combustion engine control system
Core burning for scramjet engines
Servo system augmented with an active material component
Twin clutch transmission design with selective hybrid power transfer compatibility
Vibration apparatus for generating spheroid wavelength
Air conditioning system and controller for the same
Heating apparatus, and coating and developing apparatus
Weapon system
Clamp for retail display of extra firearm barrel
Electromechanical firearm rest
Rifle bolt linkage mechanism
Optical sight
Weight discrimination of colliding ballistic objects
Reference beam generator for generating guide beams for marking machines
Picture hanger placement device
Metal surface inspection device for metal rings of a continuously variable transmission belt
Folding carpenter's level
Generated pointer image for an instrument cluster display
Magneto-inductive flowmeter and measuring tube for such
Method and apparatus for active acoustic damping motor control
Control apparatus for a source of rotational drive force
Intake air temperature sensor diagnostic system and method
Testing devices for multihole workpiece
Method and apparatus for sample processing and injection
Marker detection apparatus and marker detection method
Automatic keyboard inspection apparatus
Method and apparatus for testing composite materials
Method and system for processing geophysical survey data
Polymer optical waveguide
Lithographically built optical structures
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Optical router
Near field optical head and information recording and reproducing apparatus mounted with the near field optical head
Method of manufacturing a fiber-type optical coupler with slanting bragg diffraction gratings
Systems and methods for placing line terminating equipment of optical communication systems in customer points of presence
Laser display device and method for controlling the same
Color-image forming device and method of controlling the same
Tandem color image forming device
Charging device using a charge roller and image forming apparatus including the same
Toner supplying container with shutter position/detection portion sensor feature and image forming apparatus including the same
Image forming apparatus using an electrophotographic process
Method to detect a temperature change by a thermal monitor and compensating for process, voltage, temperature effects caused by the temperature change
Circuit and method for the input of a start signal for a controller
Computing system with operational low power states
Information processing system for judging if backup at secondary site is necessary upon failover
Preventing network data injection attacks
Method and apparatus for embedding digital watermarking into compressed multimedia signals
Location-independent packet routing and secure access in a short-range wireless networking environment
Method and apparatus for detecting faults in steam generator system components and other continuous processes
Storage system, method of controlling storage system, and storage device
Method and apparatus for autonomically moving cache entries to dedicated storage when false cache line sharing is detected
Method and system for automatically updating content stored on servers connected by a network
Disk drive employing a multi-phase rotational position optimization (RPO) algorithm
Adaptive remote copy in a heterogeneous environment
Computer system and method for migrating from one storage system to another
AMBA modular memory controller
Method to provide atomic update primitives in an asymmetric heterogeneous multiprocessor environment
Method and device for providing more accurate subscriber billing
Signal processor with a plurality of kinds of processors and a shared memory accessed through a versatile control means
Computer interconnection system
Method and system for information retrieval from query evaluations of very large full-text databases
Relative range camera calibration
Multiprocessor-scalable streaming data server arrangement
Content networks
Processor which accelerates execution of binary programs intended for execution on a conventional processor core, using a reconfigurable combinational logic array, a function lookup unit, and a compatible conventional processor core, without requiring recompilation
Cellular telephone download locker
Server device for net games, method for controlling progress of net game and program for executing net game
Decomposition architecture for an MCU
Method and apparatus for reporting unauthorized attempts to access nodes in a network computing system
Address hopping of packet-based communications
Communication method and apparatus, server and client on network, and program codes realizing communication thereof
Proactive on-line diagnostics in a manageable network
Command line interface processor
Allocating singles and bursts from a freelist
Method and system for detecting tables to be modified
Automated error checking system and method
System and method for capturing dimensions from a graphic file of an object
System and method for detecting obstacles to vehicle motion and determining time to contact therewith using sequences of images
Method and apparatus for determining unbounded dependencies during syntactic parsing
Method and system for automated generation of a requested report in a computer system
Computer-implemented process of reporting injured worker information
Three-dimensional display of document set
Method for document comparison and selection
Relevance maximizing, iteration minimizing, relevance-feedback, content-based image retrieval (CBIR).
Method and system for presenting network-infrastructure information
Element management system with adaptive interfacing selected by last previous full-qualified managed level
Method and system for automatically displaying an image and a product in a page based on contextual interaction and metadata
Routing of test signals of integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for extracting resistance from an integrated circuit design
Device and method for floorplanning semiconductor integrated circuit
Mask pattern inspecting method, inspection apparatus, inspecting data used therein and inspecting data generating method
Lamp monitoring and control unit and method
Identifying malware containing computer files using embedded text
Object-oriented framework for hyperlink navigation
Method and system for controlling an application displayed in an inactive window
Memory card having first modular component with host interface wherein the first modular is replaceable with a second modular component having second host interface
Scalable storage and processing of hierarchical documents
Complex-valued multiplier-and-accumulator
Method and apparatus for forming and dispatching instruction groups based on priority comparisons
Navigation links in generated documentation
System and related methods for reducing memory requirements of a media processing system
Runtime services for network software platform
Code conversion method and apparatus
System and methods for generating and managing filter strings in a filter graph
Programming framework including queueing network
Electronic inventory movement and control device
Portable virtual reality
Image-quality determination method, image-quality determination apparatus, image-quality determination program
Automated UV recoat inspection system and method
Stereoscopic image forming apparatus, stereoscopic image forming method, stereoscopic image forming system and stereoscopic image forming program
Image compression usable with animated images
Method and apparatus for shot detection
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding image data
Image coding apparatus and image coding method
Image decompression apparatus and method
Method and device for forming a derived digital signal from a compressed digital signal
Image processing apparatus for correcting contrast of image
Method of facial coding monitoring for the purpose of gauging the impact and appeal of commercially-related stimuli
Electronic stockroom and catalog
Composite digital works having usage rights and method for creating the same
Secure media on demand system whereby charge is determined in part from the periodicity of an encryption key
Franking machine and operating method thereof
Multi-section display and utility stanchion
Semiconductor memory having test function for refresh operation
Method of designing and manufacturing an array antenna
Microwave component and method for making the same
Control of a dual rotor electromagnetic machine
Data reproducing controller
Rate matching device and rate matching method
Direct conversion receiver for amplitude modulated signals using linear/log filtering
RF power device with on-chip digital control and optical interface
Adaptive method for reducing power consumption in a standby mode of a digital radio communication system
Apparatus and method for input channel isolation within an electronic test instrument
Redundant WDM transmission system optical receiver with reduced variable optical attenuators and/or variable dispersion compensation modules
Optical transmission system
Methods and apparatus for sensing multiple wavelengths simultaneously in a single wavelength sensing device
High frequency signal power detector
Digital broadcast receiver
Optimized method of transmitting multimedia content
Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system and transmission method
Embedding auxiliary signals with multiple components into media signals
Watermark embedder and reader
Embedding information related to a subject of an identification document in the identification document
Secure server architecture for web based data management
Digital contents generating apparatus and digital contents reproducing apparatus
Data security for digital data storage
Rotatable wireless transceiver device
Method and apparatus for an intelligent telephone prefix dialer
Method for transmitting emergency call of mobile phone
Method and apparatus for non-disruptive telecommunication loop condition determination
Geographically specific signal communications receiver
Computer program product for transforming streaming video data
Method and device for selecting parameters for a cellular radio communication network based on occurrence frequencies
Method of registering position of mobile communication terminal, general calling method for mobile communication terminal and mobile communication system
Antenna adaptation to manage the active set to manipulate soft hand-off regions
Wireless priority service for intersystem call delivery
Method and apparatus for using a traffic channel for communications of control data in a wireless communication system
Framework and method for QoS-aware resource discovery in mobile ad hoc networks
System, method and program product for scheduling meetings
System and method for enabling instant messaging on a mobile device
System for integrating an airborne wireless cellular network with terrestrial wireless cellular networks and the public switched telephone network
System and process for time delay estimation in the presence of correlated noise and reverberation
Apparatus and method for matching the response of microphones in magnitude and phase
Apparatus for adjustable positioning of virtual sound source
Electronic component support structure system for supporting standard-conforming and non-standard-conforming electronic components
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method for hydrocarbon synthesis reactions
Ethylene resin foamed products
Hydrocarbon blown rigid polyurethane foams having improved flammability performance
Reflective film
Acoustic baffle with predetermined directional expansion characteristics
Marginal treatment material of denture base and marginal treatment method
Polymethylmethacrylate resin with an impact modifier capsulated therein and a process of preparing for the same
Thermosetting compositions containing epoxy-functional polymers prepared using atom transfer radical polymerization
Acoustically effective bituminous mass for hot application, method for the production thereof, and bituminous sheet material made therefrom
Interpolymer compositions for use in sound management
Flash spinning process and flash spinning solution with azeotropes
Composition for controlling clathrate hydrates and a method for controlling clathrate hydrate formation
Compositions containing vinylidene fluoride polymers which are stabilized to heat
Solvent-free applicable heat-curing coating material
Method for improving the stability of polymers
Composition for air permeable film of high processability and permeability and production of air permeable film
Polyolefin graft copolymer/polymide blend
Aqueous polish compositions containing acid-amine latexes
Water borne pressure sensitive vinyl acetate/ethylene adhesive compositions
Package comprising low application temperature hot melt adhesive comprising ethylene .alpha.-olefin
Method for preparing organic silicon compound emulsion
Coating compounds, a process for their production and their use for the production of coatings
Waterborne silicone adhesives, sealants and coatings
(Meth)acrylic esters containing urethane groups, their preparation, radiation-curable coating compositions and a process for preparing these coating compositions
Biodegradable and thermosensitive polyphosphazenes and their preparation method
Blends comprising thermoplastic polyurethane
Semiaromatic polyamide resin composition
Thermosetting compositions containing hydroxyl-functional polymers prepared using atom transfer radical polymerization
Thermosetting compositions containing hydroxy functional polymers prepared by atom transfer radical polymerization
Broad MWD, compositionally uniform ethylene interpolymer compositions, process for making the same and article made therefrom
Functionalized thermoplastic elastomer
Propylene polymer blends, processes of producing the same and polypropylene resin compositions
Pressure sensitive adhesive dispersion of a copolymer of butylacrylate and (meth) acrylic acid
Vulcanizing agents for unsaturated rubber mixtures
Method for making polymer blends by using series reactors
Method for the production of polyadducts of alkylene oxides with a liquid in gas dispersion reactor
Process for preparing polymers
Process for producing a polymer by polymerization of a monomer having an ethylenic double bond
Olefin polymerization catalyst
Method for producing a polyolefin
Manufacture of conjugated diene polymers by using an iron-based catalyst composition
Catalyst for the production of olefin polymers
Suspension polymerization process using suspending agent-containing slurry
Process for producing thermoplastic resin polymers
Polymeric colorant and colored material for ocular lens using the colorant
Polypropylene resin composition and injection-molded article
Curable composition
Derivatized polyurethane compositions which exhibit enhanced stability in biological systems and methods of making the same
Isocyanate formulations containing activated chain extenders
Process for producing modified phenolic resin
Optically active 5H-pyrrolo[3, 4-B]pyrazine derivative, its preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing it
Method of using levocetirizine and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same for inducing sleep
Purine derivatives having phosphodiesterase IV inhibition activity
Suksdorfin analogs, compositions thereof, and methods for making and using thereof
Substituted dimeric compounds
Use of a compound with affinity for the mitochondrial benzodiazepine receptor in cancer therapy
Oxazolidinones useful as alpha 1A adrenoceptor antagonists
Azole derivatives
Reversing advanced glycosylation cross-links using heterocyclic-substituted thiazolium compounds
Conformationally rigid bicyclic and adamantane derivatives useful as .alpha.2-adrenergic blocking agents
Fungicidal compositions containing N-acetonylbenzamides
Isoxazoline fibrinogen receptor antagonists
Prophylactic or therapeutic drug for renal diseases
Retinoic acid mimetic anlides
Carbanilides used as pesticides
Topical scar treatments using alkanolamines
Oral formulation for paclitaxel
Aryl amidines, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
Method of treatment of seborrheic dermatitis
Inhibitors of aspartyl protease
Vanadium (IV) metallocene complexes having spermicidal activity
Retinoid antagonists and uses thereof
Pesticidal sprays
Suppression of carcinoma using high purity conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
Use of 3-amino-4-hydroxybenzoic acid for the treatment of retroviral infections
Compositions and methods for reversibly increasing permeability of biomembranes
Treatment of depression and anxiety with fluoxetine and an NK-1 receptor antagonist
S-(+)-desmethylselegiline and its use in the therapeutic methods and pharmaceutical compositions
Use of MEK1 inhibitors as protective agents against damage due to ischemia
Complexes and combinations of fetuin with therapeutic agents
Lactoferrin tablets
Method of solubilizing, purifying, and refolding protein
Peptides which inhibit complement activation
Method for inhibiting eukaryotic protein kinases
Method and composition for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Inhibition of abnormal cell growth with corticotropin-releasing hormone analogs
Methods for prolonging cell membrane permeability
Peptide derivatives having thiazolyl-alanine residue
Anticonvulsant derivatives useful in treating cluster headaches
Formulation comprising antibacterial substance and antiulcer substance
Method of controlling L-Dopa production and of treating dopamine deficiency
Oligonucleotide compositions and methods for the modulation of the expression of B7 protein
Wound healing
Method for large-scale production of di(uridine 5''-tetraphosphate) and salts thereof
Liquid iodophor from poly-n-vinyl lactam, dextrin and alcohols
Method for inhibiting cyclooxygenase-2 and tumor necrosis factor alpha
Benzazepine derivatives as inhibitors of hyperproliferation diseases
Heterocyclic compounds, their production and use
Acylaminoalkenylene-amide derivatives as NK1 and NK2 antagonists
Substituted indolinones with kinase inhibitory activity
Galanthamine derivatives for treatment of alzheimer''s disease
2-arylethyl-(piperidin-4-ylmethyl)amine derivatives
Aromatic heterocyclic compound as antiinflammatory agents
Triple layer, laminated fabric with waterproof, non-breathable inner layer
Melt-blown non-woven fabric, and nozzle piece for producing the same
Glasses for flat panel displays
Zirconia particles
Method of manufacturing a refractory article and a refractory article manufactured thereby
Fabrication of low thermal expansion, high strength cordierite structures
Dielectric material
Fischer-Tropsch processes using catalysts on mesoporous supports
Biological activator for a septic tank
Method for producing metallocenes
Initiation system comprising a silylated initiator for anionic (co)polymerization of (meth)acrylic monomer(s) and process using same
Microporous amorphous mixed metal oxides for form-selective catalysis
Catalyzed hardware
Thermosensitive recording medium
Derivative of bicyclo [2.2.1] heptane, method for its production, and fluid for traction drive
Grease composition for constant velocity joint
Haze free oil additive compositions containing dispersants from selectively hydrogenated diene copolymers
Air, soil and ground water remediation compositions and methods
Multi-purpose contact lens care compositions
Method for removal of cured polyimide and other polymers
Cleaning solutions including nucleophilic amine compound having reduction and oxidation potentials
Blowing agent blends
Liquid cleaning compositions containing a methyl ethoxylated ester
Peracid forming system, peracid forming composition, and methods for making and using
Chemical compounds and perfume composition
Method for manufacturing a chip scale package having copper traces selectively plated with gold
Enhanced interconnection to ceramic substrates
Process of fabricating semiconductor device
Gap filling by two-step plating
Methods of making semiconductor devices
Analysis of hydrogen sulfide in hydride gases
Parts per trillion detector
Trace level detection of analytes using artificial olfactometry
Method for estimating composition of product obtained by liquefaction of coal
Immunological method for detecting antibodies directed against tissue transglutaminase (tTG), use of tTG in diagnosis and therapy control, and an oral pharmaceutical agent containing tTG
Method for manufacturing low stress metallic interconnect lines for use in integrated circuits
Method for treating a deposited film for resistivity reduction
Method for manufacturing an angular rate sensor
Method of fabricating a semiconductor structure including a metal oxide interface
Method for manufacturing a non-volatile memory device
Method for controlling the temperature of a layer growing on a wafer
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, semiconductor equipment and manufacturing system
Method for establishing differential injection conditions in mosfet source/drain regions based on determining the permitted amount of energy contamination with respect to desired junction depth
Photoresist dispense method by compensation for substrate reflectivity
Apparatus and method for determining porosity
Method and apparatus for characterizing a semiconductor device
Two-dimensionally arrayed quantum device fabrication method
Mold compound selection for TSOP post mold cure processing
Multilayer protective coating for integrated circuits and multichip modules and method of applying same
Method for fabricating metal interconnections and wiring board having the metal interconnections
Method of forming nitride based semiconductor layer
Method of making thin film piezoresistive sensor
Method for manufacturing a thermoelectric semiconductor material or element and method for manufacturing a thermoelectric module
Formation of charge-coupled-device with image pick-up array
Optical semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Process for producing a thin-film solar module and separating means for use in this process
Lead frame, semiconductor package having the same and method for manufacturing the same
Layout method for thin and fine ball grid array package substrate with plating bus
Bumpless flip chip assembly with solder via
Single-layer autorouter
Semiconductor device having lead terminals bent in J-shape
Wafer-dicing process
Conductive strap attachment process that allows electrical connector between an integrated circuit die and leadframe
Heat sink for chip stacking applications
Adhesion and/or encapsulation of silicon carbide-based semiconductor devices on ceramic substrates
Redundancy structure in self-aligned contact process
Method for making oxide
Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display having high aperture ratio and high transmittance
Method of fabricating a thin film transistor
Method for fabricating poly-spacers
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Method of forming haze-free BST films
Method for fabricating a memory device with a high dielectric capacitor
Method of tantalum nitride deposition by tantalum oxide densification
Method to eliminate top metal corner shaping during bottom metal patterning for MIM capacitors via plasma ashing and hard masking technique
Method for fabricating capacitor in dram cell
Capacitor in a semiconductor device and a fabricating method thereof
Method for fabricating a bottom electrode of a dynamic random access memory capacitor
Fabrication process for a lower electrode of a memory capacitor
Method for making low-leakage DRAM structures using selective silicon epitaxial growth (SEG) on an insulating layer
Construction and application for non-volatile, reprogrammable switches
Method for forming a memory cell
Nitridation process for fabricating an ONO floating-gate electrode in a two-bit EEPROM device
Forming high voltage complementary semiconductor device (HV-CMOS) with gradient doping electrodes
Trench semiconductor device manufacture with a thicker upper insulating layer
Method of making light emitting diode
Semiconductor transistor devices and methods for forming semiconductor transistor devices
Process for the fabrication of an integrated circuit comprising MOS transistors for low voltage, EPROM cells and MOS transistors for high voltage
Method of fabricating self-aligned multilevel mask ROM
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Process to fabricate a novel source-drain extension
Using high temperature H2 anneal to recrystallize S/D and remove native oxide simultaneously
Method for forming a contact in a semiconductor device
Self-aligned bipolar transistor manufacturing method
Method for forming a high surface area trench capacitor
Semiconductor structure and manufacturing methods
Method for improved processing and etchback of a container capacitor
Process for fabricating semiconductor device with multiple cylindrical capacitor
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor wafer
Circuit isolation utilizing MeV implantation
Structure and method for producing low leakage isolation devices
Method for fabricating VLSI devices having trench isolation regions
Manufacture of an integrated circuit isolation structure
Process for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for improved planarity metallization by electroplating and CMP
Stripping method
Planarization system
Technique for reducing dishing in Cu-based interconnects
Lever arm for a scanning microscope
Approach to form an inter-polysilicon oxide (IPO) layer for charge coupled devices
For mol integration
Nitride surface passivation for acid catalyzed chemically amplified resist processing
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with via holes reaching interconnect layers having different top-surface widths
Method of purifying alkaline solution and method of etching semiconductor wafers
Method for removing solder bodies from a semiconductor wafer
Semiconductor device using a thermal treatment of the device in a pressurized steam ambient as a planarization technique
Inhomogenous composite doped film for low temperature reflow
Semiconductor device and a process for forming a protective insulating layer thereof
Method of forming dielectric layer with low dielectric constant
Method for packaging semiconductor device having bump electrodes
Nanoporous dielectric thin film formation using a post-deposition catalyst
T-gate formation using modified damascene processing with two masks
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Process to separate the doping of polygate and source drain regions in dual gate field effect transistors
Semiconductor device having metal silicide film and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated circuit wiring and fabricating method thereof
Method for forming a semiconductor device by using reverse-offset spacer process
Ohmic contact to semiconductor devices and method of manufacturing the same
Method to reduce via poison in low-k Cu dual damascene by UV-treatment
Method for forming solder bumps
Bond ply structure and associated process for interconnection of circuit layer pairs with conductive inks
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor processing methods of forming integrated circuitry and integrated circuitry constructions
Method of fabricating dual damascene
Electric wiring forming method with use of embedding material
Method of forming viahole
Pattern factor checkerboard for planarization
Process for passivating top interface of damascene-type Cu interconnect lines
Fabrication method for dual damascene structure
Method for the identification and use of substances that modulate POD function and/or structure
Low protein-binding polymer product produced using low HLB number non-ionic surfactant
Home test kit and method with telephone verification of results
Induction of REV and TAT specific cytotoxic T-cells for prevention and treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection
Diagnostics and therapy of diseases associated with HHV-8 infections
Method for tagging and screening molecules
Modified green fluorescent proteins
Methods and apparatus for improved luminescence assays using microparticles
Compositions and methods for determining predisposition to insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
Purification of a triple helix formation with an immobilized oligonucleotide
PCR-based detection and quantification of Tapesia yallundae and Tapesia acuformis
Methods for attaching substances to surfaces
Methods for detecting and/or identifying agents which bind and/or modulate function of "bonzo" chemokine receptor
Diagnostic detection device and method
Globulin protein 11s, usable as a seed impregnation marker during germination
Process for glucuronidation screening
PAS kinase
Method for analyzing monosaccharide in a sugar composition
Mammalian TNF-.alpha. convertases
Methods and systems for assessing biological materials using optical and spectroscopic detection techniques
Method and composition for controlling formaldehyde fixation by delayed quenching
Process for the fermentative production of cephalosporin
Alpha-amidating enzyme compositions and processes for their production and use
Nucleic acids encoding kappa opioid receptors
Pigment epithelium-derived factor: characterization, genomic organization and sequence of PEDF gene
Polynucleotide encoding human sodium dependent phosphate transporter (IPT-1)
Process for forming a borderless via in a semiconductor device
Method of forming a contact hole in a semiconductor device
Metallization process of semiconductor device
Method of fabricating barrier layer
Borderless vias with HSQ gap filled metal patterns having high etching resistance
Process for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device including treatment of gas used in the process
Methods for transferring gene into chromosome
Cloning of chicken anemia virus DNA
Random truncation and amplification of nucleic acid
Production of fucosylated carbohydrates by enzymatic fucosylation synthesis of sugar nucleotides; and in situ regeneration of GDP-fucose
Process for producing L-amino acids
(S)-hydroxynitrile lyases with improved substrate acceptance and their use
Method for producing arachidonic acid
Bacterial strains and use thereof in fermentation processes for 2-keto-l-gulonic acid protection
Human Necessities
Cytoprotective effect of polycyclic phenolic compounds
O-benzyl oxime ether derivatives and their use in crop protection compositions
Method of sensitizing microbial cells to antimicrobial compound
Cyclic regimens using 2,1-benzisothiazoline 2,2-dioxides
Prevention of ovarian cancer by administration of progestin products
Method of treating a tumor
Raising blood sugar level in hypoglycemic mammals by administering inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase IV
Use of recombinant myelin protein for treating T-cell-mediated autoimmune diseases of the peripheral nervous system
Penetration enhancing and irritation reducing systems
Method of diagnosing and treating gliomas
Method for treating skin
Cosmetic or dermatological compositions of polyurethane and/or polyurea block polycondensation products containing silicon grafts and their use
Method and apparatus for removing viral contaminants from a body fluid
Performing Operations; Transporting
Polymerization process using a dual shear mixing element
Continuous slurry polymerization volatile removal
Method of feeding dry catalyst to a polymerization reactor
Method of forming porous film and material for porous film
Protective multilayer armor construction
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Linear polyamine compounds and polyamine based anti-tumor agents
Propanoic acid derivatives
Triazolo-pyridazine derivatives as ligands for GABA receptors
Inhibition of binding of complement Factor H
Fusion proteins comprising IFN-alpha2b and TM-alpha1
Preparation and use of gene banks of human antibodies ("human-antibody libraries")
Solution rubbers containing hydroxyl groups
Polyester pellets
Process for producing aromatic polycarbonate
Method for cleaning a substrate and cleaning solution
Methods of forming dielectric layers and methods of forming capacitors
Semiconductor processing using vapor mixtures
Textiles; Paper
Water-disintegratable fibrous sheet containing modified polyvinyl alcohol
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using a minute resist pattern, and a semiconductor device manufactured thereby
Integrated electronic micromodule and method for making same
Method of improving deposition
Deposition of nanoporous silic films using a closed cup coater
Methods for reducing a dielectric constant of a dielectric film and for forming a low dielectric constant porous film
Method of cleansing vias in semiconductor wafer having metal conductive layer
Dual damascene approach for small geometry dimension
Process for forming an integrated contact or via
Chemically preventing copper dendrite formation and growth by spraying
Static memory cell
Method of fabricating stacked N-O-N ultrathin gate dielectric structures
High mobility heterojunction transistor and method
Method for reducing lateral dopant gradient in source/drain extension of MOSFET
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew