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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Maize promoter active in silk and pericarp tissues
Method of treating a wound utilizing suction
Compositions and methods for the treatment of cancer
N-benzyl pyrrolidine derivatives
Methods of treating headaches using 5-HT agonists in combination with long-acting NSAIDs
Diagnostic and remedy for disease caused by amyloid aggregation and/or deposition
Therapeutic agent for glomerular disease
Phenylpentadienoyl derivatives and their use as PAR 1 antagonists
Compositions and methods for therapeutic use
Peptides and calcium regulation in mammalian cells
Composition for acceleration of type I collagen production
Compositions and methods for topical application and transdermal delivery of an oligopeptide
FAS peptide mimetics and uses thereof
Modified human plasma polypeptide or Fc scaffolds and their uses
Composition containing aziridino groups and use thereof
Purine derivatives as kinase inhibitors
6-substituted 2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-benzo[d]azepines as 5-HT.sub.2C receptor agonists
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for detecting faulty position and separating fasteners and spacers as well as method
Method and device for welding structural components
Method of making elongated medical devices
Epoxy resin, styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer and crosslinking agent
Grip actuated vehicle control system
Warning apparatus for a motor vehicle
Tire with monitoring device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Comb polymers and their use as additives for preparations of mineral binders
Methods for producing polyols using crude glycerin
Substituted acids for the treatment of respiratory diseases
Catalysts comprising halide-containing alkali tungstates for the synthesis of alkylmercaptan, and process for their preparation
Hydroformylation of butenes comprising isobutylene
Process for preparing ketones from alpha-oxo carboxylates and aryl bromides
Processes for purifying diaryl carbonates
Method for producing benzoic acid esters
2-hydroxymethy1-3,4,5-trihydroxy-1-(4-pentyloxybenzyl) piperidine as glucosylceramide synthase (Gcs) inhibitor
Amino derivatives of beta-homoandrostanes and beta-heteroandrostanes
1,2,4-triazol-1-yl bisphenyl derivatives for use in the treatment of endocrine-dependent tumors
N-aryl pyrazole compounds, compositions, and methods for their use
Adamantane-dipyrromethane derivatives, method of preparation and applications in anion sensing
Glucokinase activators
2-aminopyridine analogs as glucokinase activators
Pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidines useful as HCV inhibitors, and methods for the preparation thereof
Organic semiconductor materials and precursors thereof
Substituted thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidines as potassium channel inhibitors
Method for forming reactive silane esters for use in an imaging member
siRNA targeting histamine receptor H1
Polynucleotides and polypeptides involved in post-transcriptional gene silencing
System and process for production of polyethylene and polypropylene
Copolymers of para-alpha dimethylstyrene and thermoplastic compositions
Light sensitive initiator integrated polydimethylsiloxane
Greaseproof paper
Catalytic process for the phosphonylation of high-temperature polymers
Porous polyimide
Embedment casting composition
Fatty acid alkyl ester production from oleaginous seeds
Altered metabolism
Fixed Constructions
Shipping container active lock release failsafe
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Kinetic energy harvesting in a drill string
Underwater ducted turbine
Method and an apparatus for controlling glow plugs in a diesel engine, particularly for motor-vehicles
Non-contacting position sensor using a rotating magnetic vector
Optical wavefront control pattern generating apparatus and optical wavefront control pattern generating method
Optical scanning device, image forming apparatus, and optical scanning method having a plurality of light intensity control devices with a switching unit
Apparatus and method for batch non-contact material characterization
Thermal pre-scanning of electric circuits using thermally-trimmable resistors
Fiber optic fault detection system and method for underground power lines
Carrier tray for use with prober
Methods for common mode voltage-based AC fault detection, verification and/or identification
Dielectric breakdown lifetime enhancement using alternating current (AC) capacitance
Magnetic field sensitive sensor
Magnetic field sensing element having magnetic nanoparticles
Apparatus and method for cross-correlation spur mitigation
Terminal device, positioning method, and recording medium
Radar detection method and apparatus using the same
Multi-stage waveform detector
Method and apparatus for acquiring a magnetic resonance image of tissue containing iron oxide
Camera module
Automatic focusing system focus area control
Vehicle power door control with passive entry
Wireless tag reader and wireless tag status inference apparatus, system, and program
Method and system for dimming AC-powered light emitting diode (LED) lighting systems using conventional incandescent dimmers
Discharge lamp lighting device
External regulator reference voltage generator circuit
Loading an internal frame buffer from an external frame buffer
Apparatus and method for processing data
Ergonomic input device
Inputting device and mobile terminal
Capacitive touch system and data transmission method in a capacitive touch system
Dynamic projected user interface
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Generating a visualization to show mining results produced from selected data items and attribute(s) in a selected focus area and other portions of a data set
Indexes of graphics processing objects in graphics processing unit commands
Smart power supply
Contactless privacy protection device
Lifeguard alarm system for a swimming pool
Vehicle monitoring and identification system
ESD protection for MEMS display panels
Method for driving plasma display panel
Active matrix displays having nonlinear elements in pixel elements
Organic light emitting display
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Radio communications terminal apparatus
Free-space pointing and handwriting
Baseplate for use with bass drum
Method and apparatus for excimer curing
Telecommunications wire having a channeled dielectric insulator and methods for manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing a keypad structure having a transparent keycap and keypad structure having a transparent keycap
Brownout solution for electromechanical automatic transfer switch
Contactless switch
Lighting and usability features for key structures and keypads on computing devices
Color control of light sources employing phosphors
Electron spin detector, and spin polarized scanning electron microscope and spin-resolved x-ray photoelectron spectroscope using the electron spin detector
Flexible substrate with etched lens array
Gas pre-concentrator for detection apparatus
Plasma lamp with small power coupling surface
High intensity discharge lamp with corrosion-resistant electrical connector
Increasing body dopant uniformity in multi-gate transistor devices
Semiconductor device and method for isolating the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Interposer and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having improved metal wiring
Package substrate having electrically connecting structure
Mounting substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated circuit and method for fabricating the same
Top layers of metal for high performance IC's
Chip package
Memory and interconnect design in fine pitch
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Metal source and drain transistor having high dielectric constant gate insulator
Checkerboarded high-voltage vertical transistor layout
Luminescent device and process of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Light-emitting device
Thin film transistor, method of forming the same and flat panel display device having the same
Organic light-emitting device
Display apparatus with color pixels
Metal-oxide-semiconductor device including an energy filter
Solder composition for electronic devices
Robust shallow trench isolation structures and a method for forming shallow trench isolation structures
CMOS semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Varactor diodes
Photovoltaic device employing a resonator cavity
Molecular quantum interference apparatus and applications of same
Compound semiconductor epitaxial substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Organic electroluminescence element and method for manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor sensor device and method for manufacturing same
Asymmetric composite acoustic wave sensor
Piezoelectric actuator
(Li, Na, K)(Nb, Ta)O3 type piezoelectric/electrostrictive ceramic composition containing 30-50 mol% Ta and piezoelectric/electrorestrictive device containing the same
Memory devices with buried lines
Organic thin film transistor and organic thin film light-emitting transistor
Light emitting diode, production method thereof and lamp
Photoelectric conversion devices
Filter with crosses
RFID tag and manufacturing method thereof
Antenna device
Crossed dual tag apparatus and system using crossed dual tag apparatus
Damping electromagnetic oscillations in power systems
Electric machine
Stator arrangement, generator and wind turbine
Electrical machine with nonuniform pole teeth
Guided electromechanical motor
Control apparatus for AC rotary machine and control method for AC rotary machine
Method and circuit arrangement for the electrical control and/or regulation of the movement of an electrically driven unit
Integrated circuit oscillators having microelectromechanical resonators therein with parasitic impedance cancellation
Multi-stage CMOS power amplifier
Amplifier failure detection apparatus
Amplifier with automatic gain profile control and calibration
Linearized trans-impedance amplifiers
Dynamic range improvements of load modulated amplifiers
Semiconductor device
CMOS power amplifiers having integrated one-time programmable (OTP) memories
Source follower with gain compensation, and circuits and methods for source follower gain error compensation
Advanced repeater with duty cycle adjustment
Auxiliary varactor for temperature compensation
Ovenized crystal oscillator assembly
Digital electronic device and method of altering clock delays in a digital electronic device
Fast-response phase-locked loop charge-pump driven by low voltage input
Thermometer code transcoding and encoding methods and systems
Multiple-bit, digital-to-analog converters and conversion methods
Massively-parallel three-axis stabilization of focal plane data
Drive method for solid-state imaging device, solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus
Image sensing apparatus including charge transfer operation and control method therefor
Image pickup apparatus
Image pickup apparatus with display apparatus, and display control method for display apparatus
Image display method, program, and image display apparatus
Image supply device transmitting image data to a recording apparatus, communication apparatus, recording system and control method thereof
Imaging apparatus and imaging method
Image pickup apparatus with an inclination guide display
Apparatus and method for generating panorama images and apparatus and method for object-tracking using the same
Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and program for selectively controlling gain in a normal imaging mode and a combined imaging mode
Solid-state imaging element having image signal overflow path
Device for updating component of application software in digital broadcasting signal receiver and method thereof
Image display device restricting operation while information screen is displayed, image displaying method and medium storing program thereof
Automatic file transmission system
Camera placed behind a display with a transparent backlight
Camera system and method for operating a camera system
Information collection system and information collection robot
Attaching unit and knob for a heating unit of a cigar lighter
Color-controlled illumination device
High-speed cooking oven with optimized cooking efficiency
Microwave source system
Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Printed circuit board for improving tolerance of embedded capacitors, and method of manufacturing the same
Holder device for analyzing characteristics of dosimeter
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Inbred corn line NP 2010
Inbred corn line FR3361
Porcine Oct-4 promoter
Insect repellant formulation deliverable by piezoelectric device
Substituted (hetero) aryl compounds, process for their preparation, agents containing them and their use as safeners
Pesticidal and parasiticidal use of 1-aryl-1-(substituted thio, sulfinyl and sulfonyl)-2-nitroethane compounds
Iminooxy-substituted benzyl phenyl ethers, processes and intermediates for their preparation, compositions comprising them, and their use for controlling harmful fungi
Method of isolating mucilaginous polysaccharides and uses thereof
Ultraviolet treatment for liquid dispensing unit
Heat retentive food storage/delivery container and system
Sanitary napkin and a method of manufacturing a sanitary napkin
Glare protecting device and method of controlling thereof
Method of using substituted N-benzyl-N-phenyl aminoalcohols for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity
Irreversible non-steroidal antagonist compound and its use in the treatment of prostate cancer
Pentafluorobenzenesulfonamides and analogs
Method for preparing colloidal solution of bismuth sodium tartrate
Quinones as disease therapies
Method for producing powder-shaped cross-linked polymerizates
Sustained-release preparation of physiologically active polypeptide and production thereof
Pharmaceutical composition containing bupropion hydrochloride and a stabilizer
Method of decomposing organochlorine compound
Treatment of effluents
Performing Operations; Transporting
Layered adsorption zone for hydrogen production swing adsorption
Polymer packing material for liquid chromatography and a producing method thereof
Conversion reactions for organic compounds
Method for the production or preparation of 2,6-dichlorotoluol
Method for improving light olefin selectivity in an oxygenate conversion reaction
Method for producing long chain polyether polyols without reprocessing
Cellulose ethers and method for producing the same
Metallocenes, polymerization catalyst systems, their preparation, and use
Linear motor
Joining of structural members by welding
Method and system for precisely positioning a waist of a material-processing laser beam to process microstructures within a laser-processing site
Laser beam system for micro via formation
Laser welding method
Laser marking system and method
Three dimensional linear machining apparatus
Method and apparatus for initiating, directing and constricting electrical discharge arcs
Method of positioning a workpiece for optimal processing
Motor vehicle tow hitch failure signal device
Electrical cable system for truck tractor cabs with sleeper boxes
Motorcycle safety switch
Hybrid electric vehicle having a selective zero emission mode, and method of selectively operating the zero emission mode
Drive system, electric machine for use in a drive system, and method for operating an electric machine in a drive system
Control of inductive power transfer pickups
Automotive trim panel with electrical wiring incorporated therein
Micromechanical enclosure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the manufacture in pure form of 1-pentene or an alpha-olefin lower than 1-pentene
Process for converting oxygenates to olefins with direct product quenching for heat recovery
Integrated fractional distillation for adsorptive separation process
Processes for preparing tertiary aminoalkylorganometallic compounds
Benzene derivatives, preparation method and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
C9 hydrido, hydroxy and acyloxy taxane derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Process for obtaining N-monosubstituted amides
2-benzyloxy-5-halo-acylanilide compounds and method of using them
2-benzyloxy-4-nitro-5-substituted-acylanilide compounds and method of using them
Process for the preparation of 3-alkoxyacrylonitrile
Crosslink-cyclized cyclopentadiene and dihalobis type metal compound containing same as ligand
Process for producing an alicyclic unsaturated alcohol
Multistage process for the preparation of oxo aldehydes and/or alcohols
Method for oxidizing alkanes and cycloalkanes with aldehydes in the presence of copper-based catalysts and nitrogen-containing compounds
Sulfur compound containing terphenyl skeleton
Bis-poly(ethylene oxide) surfactants and their use as antistats in photographic materials
Production method of aromatic carboxylic acid derivative
Halogenated antituberculosis agents
Selenium-containing transparent optical material
Prostaglandin E analogues
Method and apparatus for the preparation of aldehydes
Process for producing maleic acid
Method for producing acrylic acid
Perfluorinated acid fluorides and preparation thereof
Melt process for the synthesis of diaryl esters of aliphatic diacids
Processes for conducting equilibrium-limited reactions
Isomeric nonanols and decanols, their preparation, phthalic esters obtained therefrom and their use as plasticizers
Process for producing epsilon-caprolactam and apparatus for the process
Process and intermediate compounds for the preparation of pyrrolidines
Process and intermediate compounds for the preparation of pyrrolidines
Colormetric sensor compositions and methods
Acryloyl substituted distamycin derivatives, process for preparing them, and their use as antitumor and antiviral agents
Cyclopentenecarboxamide derivative, method for preparing the same and bicycloamide derivative used therein
Endothelin receptor antagonists
Process for preparing acetonides
Process for the preparation of .beta.-isophorone epoxide
Process for epoxidizing substituted cyclohexanones
Process for the stereoselective reduction of .alpha.,.beta.-unsaturated ketones
Method of making (all-rac)-.alpha.-tocopherol
Methods for the preparation of 4-hydroxy benzothiophene
Squarylium compounds, and processes and intermediates for the synthesis of these compounds
Process for making 5-substituted pyrazoles
Isoindolin-1-one glucokinase activators
High char yield benzoxazine compositions
Thienopyrimidine compounds and salts thereof and process for the preparation of the same
Molybdenum soap-containing metallic soap and method for producing the same
Monomeric neodymium carboxylate and its use in polymerization of conjugated diene
Purification of an organometallic compound
Isocyanates modified to give them a surfactant property, composition containing them and coating resulting therefrom
Process for the preparation of 9-deoxo-8a-aza-(8a-alkyl)-8a-homoerythromycin A derivatives from 9-deoxo-9 (Z)-hydroxyiminoerythromycin A
Form vi 5,6-dichloro-2-(isopropylamino)-1-(.beta.-l-ribofuranosyl)-1h-bezimimidazo le
Imidazole containing compounds having relatively low hydrogen content and relatively high nitrogen content and polymers and copolymers formed therefrom
Nucleoside triphosphates and their incorporation into oligonucleotides
Compounds having energy transfer function and method for DNA base sequencing by using the same
Fab'-epitope complex from HIV-1 cross-neutralizing monoclonal antibody 2F5
Expression vectors encoding bispecific fusion proteins and methods of producing biologically active bispecific fusion proteins in a mammalian cell
Leptospira vaccine antigens for the prevention of Leptospirosis
Methods for producing parthenocarpic or female sterile transgenic plants and methods for enhancing fruit setting and development
Isolated human secreted proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human secreted proteins, and uses thereof
Antibodies to ARF-p19
Methods and compositions for detecting and treating kidney diseases associated with adhesion of crystals to kidney cells
Molecules of the card-related protein family and uses thereof
Mutants of the LAG-3 proteins and nucleotides encoding LAG-3 mutants
Interleukin 17-like receptor protein
Chimeric proteins comprising the extracellular domain of murine Ob receptor
Mammary transforming protein
Antibody compositions for preparing enriched cell preparations
Uridyl peptide antibiotic (UPA) derivatives, their synthesis and use
Carboxylated polysaccharides 6-substituted
Fluoroalkyl polymers containing a cationogenic segment
Method for producing liquid crystalline polymer
Peroxides, their preparation process and use
Liquid MDI adducts wtih improved freeze stability
Adhesive with multistage curing and the utilization thereof during the production of composite materials
Accelerators useful for energy polymerizable compositions
Dyed molded article
Crosslink polyethylene oxide in the melt by means of 2,5-bis(tert-butylperoxy)-2,5-dimethylhexane
Method of preparing aminofunctional alkoxy polysiloxanes
Silicon based quaternary ammonium functional compositions and methods for making them
Radiation image conversion panel and stimulable phosphor
Removal of impurities from a hydrocarbon component or fraction
Ether-capped poly(oxyalkylated) alcohol surfactants
Viscoelastic surfactant fluids and related methods of use
Method for agrobacterium mediated transformation of cotton
Antisense intron inhibition of starch branching enzyme expression
Methods for producing plants with elevated oleic acid content
DNA molecules encoding enzymes involved in starch synthesis, vectors, bacteria, transgenic plant cells and plants containing these molecules
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Modified ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase for improvement and optimization of plant phenotypes
Capacitor utilizing c-axis oriented lead germanate film
Arrangement for spacing electrowinning electrodes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine rotor sub-slot scoops
Glow plug and method of manufacturing the same, and ion current detector
Wind power generating device
Transitional light-emitive member disposed intermediate an elongate member and a tip for operating remote electrical distribution equipment
Damper system and bearing centering device for magnetic bearing vacuum pump
Hybrid air/fluid bearing
Electromagnetic operable mechanical brake for an electric motor
Solar generator system
Rotary laser irradiating system and object reflector for the same
Distance measuring apparatus and distance measuring method
Rotational angle sensor using a CCD line with enhanced measuring precision
Optically controlled actuator
Elevator brake load weighing system
Apparatus for selecting and detecting at least one spectral region of a spectrally spread light beam
Data collection in spectroscopy
Heat treatment method and a heat treatment apparatus for controlling the temperature of a substrate surface
Thermal infrared-detector array and method of fabrication thereof
High-throughput infrared spectroscopy
Integrated-optical chemical and biochemical sensor
Control system for a charged particle exposure apparatus
Single electron transistors in which the thickness of an insulating layer defines spacing between electrodes
Positron camera
Apparatus and method for dicing and testing optical devices, including thin film filters
Cable management apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for dynamic focus control with error rejection
Photonic device
Electromagnetic induction heating device and image recording device using the same
Temperature control system and method for an integrated circuit
Canister having a combined guide rail and light pipe system for use in a computer peripheral enclosure
Power supply system with information exchange between plural loads and plural power sources
Integrated circuit (IC) package with a microcontroller having an n-bit bus and up to n-pins coupled to the microcontroller
Method and apparatus for inspection of misplaced integrated circuits in a tray stack
Light-transmitting object identifying apparatus and method
Pressure-sensitive sensor, connector and combining structure thereof
Method and apparatus for teaching playing of stringed instrument
Music annotation system for performance and composition of musical scores
Hammered dulcimer
Method and device for hydraulically tensing of relaxing a membrane of a musical instrument
Spindle motor for driving hard disk drives with sealing contacting system for the stator winding terminal
Semiconductor memory device formed on semiconductor substrate
Method and apparatus for reading from and writing to a stationary optical storage device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device including logic gate that attains reduction of power consumption and high-speed operation
Method of treating radioactive liquid wastes containing surface active agents
Positron source, method of preparing the same, and automated system for supplying the same
Symmetric blanking for high stability in electron beam exposure systems
Methods and apparatus for ignition lead assembly connections
Single unit integrated transformer assembly
Brushless electric exciter for dynamoelectric machines
Contact assembly
Methods and apparatus for current transmission through a circuit breaker
Electrical switch including a metal heat sink
Switchgear assemblies having switching devices
Microfabricated relay with multimorph actuator and electrostatic latch mechanism
Waterproof button switch
Sealed manual reset switch
Triple pole safety switch and connector
Method in the manufacture of a keyboard for an electronic device
Push-pull switch
Lock switch apparatus
Seat sensor and detection device using the same
Key switch with easily attachable key top
Electrical power distribution switch
Insulating blast nozzle for a circuit breaker
Electromechanical appliance programmer/timer
Electron beam energy filter
Analytical apparatus
Multiple stage mass spectrometer
In-line cure furnace and method for using the same
Apparatus for hard baking photoresist pattern
Snap lid image sensor package
Semiconductor device and production method thereof
Leaded semiconductor packages and method of trimming and singulating such packages
Wiring board and semiconductor device using the same
Semiconductor apparatus formed by SAC (self-aligned contact)
Semiconductor device with both memories and logic circuits and its manufacture
Method to improve LDD corner control with an in-situ film for local interconnect processing
Semiconductor device having self-aligned contact and landing pad structure and method of forming same
Substrate of semiconductor package
Transfer bump street, semiconductor flip chip and method of producing same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Dual damascene structure having capacitors
EEPROM with high channel hot carrier injection efficiency
Semiconductor device having a capacitor structure including a self-alignment deposition preventing film
Nitrogen oxide plasma treatment for reduced nickel silicide bridging
Self-aligned elevated transistor
Semiconductor memory device and fabrication method therefor
Undoped polysilicon as the floating-gate of a split-gate flash cell
LDMOS device with self-aligned resurf region and method of fabrication
Asymmetrical transistor having a barrier-incorporated gate oxide and a graded implant only in the drain-side junction area
Double planar gated SOI MOSFET structure
Thin film transistors and their manufacture
Heater lift lead screw for vertical furnaces
High density and high speed cell array architecture
DRAM storage node with insulating sidewalls
Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) devices including multilayer sense and select transistor gates
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Through wafer backside contact to improve SOI heat dissipation
Fabrication process for a semiconductor device with damascene interconnect lines of the same level separated by insulators with different dielectric constants
Semiconductor device having capacitor and method thereof
Semiconductor device having pocket and manufacture thereof
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device structure with hydrogen-rich layer for facilitating passivation of surface states
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of fabricating the same
Connecting device for power semiconductor modules with compensation for mechanical stresses
Memory card
Solid-state image pickup apparatus and fabricating method thereof
Power module substrate, method of producing the same, and semiconductor device including the substrate
Lead frame design for burr-free singulation of molded array packages
Semiconductor device package structure
Package and method of manufacturing the same
Extruded heat spreader
Semiconductor chip element, semiconductor chip element mounting structure, semiconductor chip element mounting device and mounting method
Multi-chip package
Semiconductor device
Interconnecting substrates for electrical coupling of microelectronic components
Semiconductor apparatus substrate, semiconductor apparatus, and method of manufacturing thereof and electronic apparatus
Chip assembly with integrated power distribution between a wafer interposer and an integrated circuit chip
Semiconductor device having reinforced coupling between solder balls and substrate
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor with multilayer wiring structure that offer high speed performance
Semiconductor configuration having an optical fuse
Via plug layout structure for connecting different metallic layers
Solution to black diamond film delamination problem
Semiconductor device having improved metal line structure and manufacturing method therefor
Integrated-circuit case
RF power transistor
Substrate for mounting semiconductor integrated circuit device
Stacked photovoltaic element
Integrated circuit having resistor formed over emitter of vertical bipolar transistor
Photoelectric conversion devices and photoelectric conversion apparatus employing the same
Charge coupled device with separate isolation region
Organic diodes with switchable photosensitivity
Organic electroluminescent device having organic field effect transistor and organic light-emitting diode and method for fabricating the same
Integrated circuits with immunity to single event effects
Flip chip led apparatus
Field effect transistor
Schottky barrier diode
Vertical sub-micron CMOS transistors on (110), (111), (311), (511), and higher order surfaces of bulk, SOI and thin film structures and method of forming same
Back-illuminated heterojunction photodiode
Submount with filter layers for mounting a bottom-incidence type photodiode
Side-illuminated type semiconductor photodetector device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for enhancing scintillator adhesion to digital x-ray detectors
High performance ultraviolet imager for operation at room temperature
Retrograde well structure for a CMOS imager
Solid state optical shutter
Semiconductor light emitting device
Protecting configuration for flat cables
Bus bars for poke-through floor fitting
Modular center spine cable tray system
Self-adjustable end cap assembly
Adjustable height cable retaining posts for cable ladder paneling system
Mounting bracket and extra-low voltage control device for installation with an electrical outlet box
Electrical connection cover
Electric power supply system for simplifying the architecture of power and air-conditioning installations
Rotary electric machine
Reluctance-type electric motor
Motor with built-in control circuits
Auto-centering linear motor
Balance rings for motors
Distributed transformer control
Molded image sensor package having lens holder
Convertible telecommunication chassis and method for converting same
Fail safe device for incubator air warmer
Deicing mats
Thermoplastic laminate fabric heater and methods for making same
Radiant heater
Electrode component thermal bonding
Multilayer flexible FR4 circuit
Micro soldered connection
Circuit board having burr free castellated plated through holes
Moisture control system for electrical devices
Panel gasket
Fabric wrapped over spring EMI gasket
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