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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Transformation and regeneration of Allium plants
Inbred corn line W16090
Dressing based on the Teorell-Meyer gradient
1g(.alpha.)-amino-N-hydroxy-acetamide derivatives
Heterocyclic arylsulfonamidobenzylic compounds
Performing Operations; Transporting
Laser annealer and laser thin-film forming apparatus
Hand-held laser welding wand gas lens
Method and system for creation of secure documents using digital embossing of thermal media with thermal print heads
Method of thermal printing
Indicator for straddle type vehicle
Vehicle tiredness alleviating system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Alkene oligomerization process
Method for producing isocyanates
Method for the isolation of trimethylolpropane from a reaction mixture
Process for the synthesis of bisphenol
Synthesis procedure for imidazolyl carbinol derivatives such as biphenylimidazolyl-(1)-phenylmethane
Pyrrolotriazine inhibitors of kinases
Process for the selective preparation of 3-(z) propenyl-cephem compound
Method for isolating a polynucleotide of interest from the genome of a mycobacterium using a BAC-based DNA library, application to the detection of mycobacteria
Orphanin FQ receptor polypeptides
Anti-metasin antibodies and their methods of use
Patterned substrate with hydrophilic/hydrophobic contrast, and method of use
Thermocrosslinkable resin dispersion
Thermosetting resin composition
Process and device for manufacturing an aromatic alkylene polymer
Fluorinated polymer
Crosslinked polymer
Coating compositions for modifying surfaces
Acid catalyzed copolymerization of water, tetrahydrofuran and multifunctional epoxides and uses thereof
Genetically engineered plant cells and plants exhibiting resistance to glutamine synthetase inhibitors, DNA fragments and recombinants for use in the production of said cells and plants
Use of male sterility to prevent transgene spread in plants
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power source for sensors
Rotational speed and position detector for supercharger
Numerical a posteriori dispersion compensation in PCI measurement signals and OCT A-scan signals with spatially variant correlation core
Catadioptric projection objective with adaptive mirror and projection exposure method
Micro defects in semi-conductors
Apparatus and method for measuring color
Multiplexing rotary spectrometer
Method and system for creating an image of a radiation source
Apparatus and method for testing a material
System and instrument to verify routing and measure insertion losses of multiple fiber optic assemblies
Bio-imaging and information system for scanning, detecting, diagnosing and optimizing plant health
Material independent optical profilometer
Device inspection method and apparatus using an asymmetric marker
Current mirror circuit
Presence indication signal associated with an attachment
Sense amplifier with offset cancellation and charge-share limited swing drivers
Gauge calibration
Circuit based testing apparatus and method for testing a circuit board
Proble for testing integrated circuits
Advanced probe card and method of fabricating same
Mobile communication system and operation control method thereof
System and method for testing devices utilizing capacitively coupled signaling
Apparatus and method for single die backside probing of semiconductor devices
Method for evaluating semiconductor device
Magnetic tunnel junction cap structure and method for forming the same
Coaxial radio frequency adapter and method
Method and system for determining location by implication
Blind signal separation using a combination of correlated and uncorrelated antenna elements
Scintillator panel, radiation detecting apparatus, and radiation detection system
Radiological image pickup apparatus
Low-impact noise acquisition magnetic resonance imaging
Anamorphic converter, lens device using the same, and image-taking device using the same
Variable magnification optical system
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Microscope apparatus
Optical deflection apparatus and manufacturing method thereof, optical deflection array, imaging apparatus, and image projection display apparatus
Light amount control apparatus, photographing apparatus, and filter
Polygon mirror scanner having an easily replaceable bearing
Composite structure for light diffusion
Spatial light modulator and projector
Optical combining device
Annular or penannular prism
Pulsed CO.sub.2 laser including an optical damage resistant electro-optical switching arrangement
Outside rear view mirror for commercial vehicles
Thin film transistor array panel with varying coupling capacitance between first and second pixel electrodes
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device comprising common electrodes and pixel electrodes on both substrates and method of manufacturing the same
Wavelength conversion method with improved conversion efficiency
Screen having micro-lens array and projector
Projection exposure system for microlithography and method for generating microlithographic images
Supporting structure of optical element, exposure apparatus having the same, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method and system for automatically controlling a personalized networked environment
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Circuit module with high-frequency input/output interfaces
Information processing apparatus installable in docking station of car
Multipurpose extractable keyboard module cartridge
Systems and methods for performing DSL loop qualification
Controlling printer reception of print data from multiple interfaces using a busy state
Image formation apparatus limiting print operation according to additional information embedded in input image data
Method of processing image
Ink jet recording apparatus and controlling method with selective clock signal supply
Recording medium storing 3D model deformation program, 3D model deformation program, 3D model deformation method and video game device
Rendering a silhouette edge
Methods and systems for real-time, interactive image composition
Proximity sensing based on antenna impedance variation
Systems and methods for monitoring room conditions to improve occupant performance
Emergency vehicle control system traffic loop preemption
Stop list generation systems and methods based upon tracked PCD's and responses from notified PCD's
Plasma display device
Electronic device
Electronic device with a source region and a drain region of a reset transistor and driving method thereof
Force feedback devices using fluid braking
Head-mounted image display device and data processing apparatus including the same
Coordinate inputting/detecting apparatus and method designed to avoid a trailing phenomenon
Touch-sensitive display with tactile feedback
System and method for sharing general purpose data lines between a display panel and non-display devices
Universal input device
Method and terminal for entering instructions
Slanted mounting for preload flat suspension
Method of and apparatus for detecting type of disc
Constrained implementation of variable data TPI
Storage apparatus casing with interchangeable disk drive and control boxes
Double-nosed inductive transducer with reduced off-track writing
HGA plateau gimbal design
Optical disk having pits of different depths formed therein, optical disk reproducing apparatus for reproducing the optical disk, and method of tracking the optical disk
Optical disk device controlling a revolution of a recordable optical disk according to a displacement between a phase of a sector synchronizing signal generated from a data-writing reference clock signal and a phase of a synchronizing signal obtained from address
Apparatus and method for compensating wobble in holographic digital data storage system
Optical pickup device with a plurality of laser couplers
Method for recording data streams with a low bit rate
Energy adjusted write pulses in phase-change memories
Method for operating a memory cell array
Integrated memory circuit
Associative memory apparatus for searching data in which manhattan distance is minimum
Semiconductor memory device saving power during self refresh operation
Semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory device and connecting method of sense amplifier
Multi-port memory cell and access method
Latch circuit and synchronous memory including the same
Data transmission cable
Aligned particle based sensor elements
Pressure-sensitive sensor
Device for controlling an electric load, and a control device
On-board circuit breaker with reset enable mechanism
Switch mechanism for reversible grinder
Microdischarge devices and arrays having tapered microcavities
Ion implantation ion source, system and method
Method of inspecting pattern and inspecting instrument
Ion implanting apparatus and ion implanting method using the same
Bleeder powered gating amplifier
Field emission source with plural emitters in an opening
Inspection system, inspection method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Forming a multi segment integrated circuit with isolated substrates
Interposers and other carriers including a slot with laterally recessed area at an end thereof and semiconductor device assemblies and packages including such carriers
Die stacking scheme
Structures and methods for heat dissipation of semiconductor integrated circuits
Flipchip QFN package
Microelectronic assemblies having compliant layers
Semiconductor device having an alignment mark formed by the same material with a metal post
Organic electroluminescent device and method of manufacturing the same
Resistive isolation between a body and a body contact
IGBT with monolithic integrated antiparallel diode
Stepped tip junction with spacer layer
Transistor having multiple channels
Battery charger with protection circuitry
Dielectric waveguide filter with inductive windows and coplanar line coupling
Radial power divider/combiner
Vhf wave receiver antenna housed in a wristband of a portable electronic device
Broadband monopole
Low profile television antenna
Bifilar helical antenna
Electromagnetic wave absorber and a process of producing same
Apparatus and method for controlling brushless DC motor
High power fiber chirped pulse amplification system utilizing telecom-type components
Device for generating terahertz radiation, and a semiconductor component
Multi-wavelength grating-outcoupled surface emitting laser system
Asymmetric waveguide GaInAs laser diode
Optical logical circuits based on lasing semiconductor optical amplifiers
Method and system for sensing switch position to prevent inadvertent startup of a motor
Overcurrent protection circuit including auto-reset breaker and PTC resistor
Coupling structure for tandem motor
Magnetic rotation transmitting device, hermetic stirring unit, and electric furnace
Electrical power tool having a motor control circuit for providing control over the torque output of the power tool
Device and method for driving a motor
Engine driven converter with feedback control
Frequency mixing apparatus
Device for generating oscillations in the high frequency range
Turbo decoder system comprising parallel decoders
Operational amplifier
Active bias circuit for low-noise amplifiers
Method and apparatus for performing bandedge equalization
Fast computation of multi-input-multi-output decision feedback equalizer coefficients
Piezoelectric resonator, method of manufacturing piezoelectric resonator, and filter, duplexer, and communication device using piezoelectric resonator
Physical layers
Apparatus and methods for multi-gate silicon-on-insulator transistors
Extended custom instructions
Floating gate analog voltage level shift circuit and method for producing a voltage reference that operates on a low supply voltage
Clock distortion detector using a synchronous mirror delay circuit
Skew delay compensator
Communication driver
Electronic circuit with a sigma delta A/D converter
Method and device of converting data words into code words
Variable length code table look ups
Combined searching and page monitoring using offline sample storage
Dual-wavelength pumped thulium-doped optical fiber amplifier
Method and system for varying an echo canceller filter length based on data rate
OFDM transmission system transceiver and method
Culled satellite ephemeris information for quick, accurate assisted locating satellite location determination for cell site antennas
Transmitter with limited spectral regrowth and method therefor
Security system for network address translation systems
Dichotomy-based method of tracing a route between two nodes of a data network
Data multiplexing device, program distribution system, program transmission system, pay broadcast system, program transmission method, conditional access system, and data reception device
Node device
Processor with reduced memory requirements for high-speed routing and switching of packets
Synchronization of V42bis de/compression for V34/V42 modem relay method and apparatus
Method and device for transmitting data
Data communication system, controller device and data communication method
Audio broadcast in cordless digital system
Serial link scheme based on delay lock loop
Clock control circuit for controlling the clock phase of a transceiver
Vandal proof intercom system for apartment buildings
Integrated telephone set with an xDSL-modem
Method of conference calling supplemental service using intelligent peripheral in intelligent network
CMOS image sensor
Information signal processing apparatus, picture information converting apparatus, and picture displaying apparatus
Gradation correcting apparatus gradation correcting method and video display apparatus
Modular control panel for video apparatus
Image taking apparatus capable of optically and electrically changing magnification of taken images
Image sensing apparatus, control method of image sensing apparatus, and computer program product
Solid state imaging apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and recording medium
Method and system for preparing video communication image for wide screen display
Chrominance signal processing apparatus, image-sensing apparatus and control methods for same
Mesh architecture for synchronous cross-connects
Broadband wireless communications using multiple contention channels
Intelligent locking system
Controlling apparatus of an electric oven and controlling method of the same
Radiographic image reading apparatus
Full-bridge and half-bridge compatible driver timing schedule for direct drive backlight system
Susceptor for hybrid microwave sintering system, hybrid microwave sintering system including same and method for sintering ceramic members using the hybrid microwave sintering system
Electronic device having a tilting stand
Tuner unit having a tuner board within the height limit of a tuner signal connector
Mounting structures for electronics components
Integrated mechanical standoff and wall-mount apparatus
Methods and apparatus for fastening a set of heatsinks to a circuit board
Cooling device for electronic element producing concentrated heat and electronic device
Centrifugal fan type cooling module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Circuit arrangement and method for selectively operating hall elements and memories of a position sensor
Angular position and angular direction sensor
Method for detection of rare earth metal oxide inclusions in titanium and other non-magnetic or metal alloy castings
Magnetic field sensor and system for measuring a magnetic field including a plurality of conductors electrically connected in a loop
MR imaging with pre-sequence including plural saturation pulses
Continuous magnetic resonance line-scan imaging in the presence of motion and varying magnetic field inhomogeneities within the field of view
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus
MRI method and apparatus for increasing the efficiency of echo lanar imaging and other late echo techniques
Measuring method of spatially resolved magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Etched z-axis gradient coils for magnetic resonance
RF coil, RF magnetic field generating apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
Thermal buffering of cross-coils in high-power NMR decoupling
Multi-channel balun for magnetic resonance apparatus
Method of prospecting for geological formations and apparatus for implementing the method
Charge measuring instrument for flexible materials
Multiple channel photo-ionization detector for simultaneous and selective measurement of volatile organic compound
Electric leak detecting apparatus for electric motorcars
Probe for fault actuation devices
Interconnection device for low and high current stress electromigration and correlation study
Active filter device
Fluid dielectric constant sensing device and method employing the same
Capacitive distance sensor
Apparatus and method for electrochemical corrosion monitoring
Parasitic MIM structural spot analysis method for semiconductor device and parasitic MIM structure spot analysis method for silicon semiconductor device
Molded plastic carrier for testing semiconductor dice
Semiconductor device testing apparatus
Measuring method for detecting a short-circuit between the turns of a coil integrated on a chip, and integrated circuit structure adapted to such a measuring method
Method and system for selectively disconnecting a redundant power distribution network to indentify a site of a short
Substrate inspection using the propagation characteristics of RF electromagnetic waves
Parallel inspection of semiconductor wafers by a plurality of different inspection stations to maximize throughput
Method of determining the doping concentration and defect profile across a surface of a processed semiconductor material
Defective power source detection method and apparatus of power source supply system
Circuit for the switching of loads
Methods and apparatus for a terminated fail-safe circuit
Semiconductor circuit having output circuit whose slew rate can be adjusted, apparatus and method for automatically adjusting slew rate of output circuit in semiconductor circuit
Dual-sided undershoot-isolating bus switch
CMOS majority circuit
Heterogeneous CPLD logic blocks
Programmable logic array devices with enhanced interconnectivity between adjacent logic regions
Architecture and interconnect for programmable logic circuits
Level conversion circuit
High-voltage level tolerant transistor circuit
CMOS input/output control circuit capable of tolerating different voltage input
Input buffer means for high voltage operation
Multiple-bit, current mode data bus
Self-timed pipelined datapath system and asynchronous signal control circuit
Non-latency affected contention prevention during scan-based test
Domino logic element realizing high speed dynamic logic circuit
Logic circuit
Complementary source coupled logic
MOS logic circuit and semiconductor apparatus including the same
Method of providing and circuit for providing phase lock loop frequency overshoot control
Dual FET differential voltage controlled attenuator
Self-calibrating circuit of high speed comparator
Ceramic electron collector assembly having metal sleeve for high temperature operation
Apparatus for coupling power into a body of gas
Glass seal resistor composition and resistor spark plugs
Display device with temperature stabilization
Charged particle generating apparatus
Method and apparatus for producing uniform process rates
Ion beam processing apparatus for processing work piece with ion beam being neutralized uniformly
Light emitting appliance
EL driver with lamp discharge monitor
Thin-film electron source and display produced by using the same
Emissive display with luminance feedback from a representative pixel
AC plasma display apparatus
Remotely controlled revolving illuminated musical Christmas tree stand
Method and apparatus for retrofitting gas discharge lamp ballast for use with gas discharge lamp having different power rating
Modular high frequency ballast architecture
Illuminating electronic device and illumination method
Light source apparatus using electric lamp as light source
Raster distortion correction circuit
Color picture tube
Controller for a linear accelerator
Reciprocating drive device having relative-movement preventing unit
Bicycle with power assisting function
Control drive circuit and control drive method
Method of estimating motor torque constant
Control device for controlling current passing through a motor
Drive device for adjusting a device between terminal positions
Control device for movable member
Sunroof controlling device
Fine phase frequency multipiler for a brushless motor and corresponding control method
Position control device
Command trajectory for driving a stage with minimal vibration
DCC decoder for model railroad
Method of driving directly a rotary drum in a reproducing machine by a prime mover
Time rate of change motor start circuit
Method of estimating field pole position of synchronous motor, motor controller, and electric vehicle
Modulation control type of AC machine
Intelligent switch for battery
Electric coupling apparatus for charging device
Battery charger having a interchangeable plug device
Method and apparatus for battery charging
Low power consumption circuit and secondary battery cell protection circuit
Power unit
Circuit arrangement
Bidirectional energy management system independent of voltage and polarity
Passive auxiliary circuit for series connection of a power switch
Voltage regulator with improved transient response
Current source circuit
Current-limited switch with fast transient response
Method of measuring a large current using a glass fiber current sensor
Device for analyzing a single pulse with variable step
Method for determining the drive capability of a driver circuit of an integrated circuit
Superconducting current measuring circuit having detection loop
Electronic device comprising a trench gate field effect device
Method for producing a semiconductor integrated circuit including a thin film transistor and a capacitor
SOI CMOS body contact through gate, self-aligned to source- drain diffusions
LCD with increased pixel opening sizes
Semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
Multiple active layer integrated circuit and a method of making such a circuit
Semiconductor device
Silicon-controlled rectifier integral with output buffer
Semiconductor device for protecting a semiconductor chip from damage due to electrostatic discharge
Integrated semiconductor circuit with protective structure for protection against electrostatic discharge
CMOS semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Apparatus having low resistance angled implant regions
Optimization of logic gates with criss-cross implants to form asymmetric channel regions
Decoupling capacitor structure
Gate structure for integrated circuit fabrication
Surface micromachined ultrasonic transducer
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Circuitry and method of forming the same
Semiconductor device having trimmable fuses and position alignment marker formed of thin film
Defect removable semiconductor devices and manufacturing methods thereof
Integrated circuit device having dual damascene capacitor
Radiation-hardened semiconductor device
Semiconductor wafer assemblies
Unit type clip lead terminal, clip lead terminal connecting method, lead terminal connecting board, and method of producing board with lead terminals
Lead frame and method of fabricating semiconductor device including the lead frame
Multiple line grids incorporating therein circuit elements
Semiconductor package and process for manufacturing the same
Stackable package for an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device comprising a socket and method for forming same
Plug structure
Rerouted semiconductor device and method of fabrication
Quick turn around fabrication process for packaging substrates and high density cards
Chip packaging technique
Semiconductor device having alternating electrically insulative coated leads
Semiconductor device, and a manufacturing apparatus for a method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
High aspect ratio metallization structures for shallow junction devices, and methods of forming the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor metalization barrier and manufacturing method therefor
Interconnect wiring with sidewalls and inter-wiring insulation composed of fluorine
Semiconductor device with high-temperature ohmic contact and method of forming the same
Technique for reducing breakage of thinned flip-chip multi-layer integrated circuit devices
Bonding layer in a semiconductor device
Power semiconductor module
Method for preparing a semiconductor wafer to receive a protective tape
Semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Power generation system and method of construction
Wind turbine with a wind velocity measurement system
Large vertical-axis variable-pitch wind turbine
Onboard electrical system for a vehicle with switch connections between electrical subsystems
Power-feed control apparatus provided in a vehicle
Window with an aerial for motor vehicles
Tire alert system
Power supply circuit
Uninterrupted electric power supply system
Electronic device fitted with power generators
Method of obtaining the adjustable capacitor
Touch switch with integral control circuit
Power actuation and switching module
Motor assembly allowing output in multiple degrees of freedom
Throttle valve control apparatus using DC torque motor
Portable electric tool
Electric motor
Brushless DC motor
System for controlling plural magnetic bearing devices from a remote location
Magnetic levitated motor
Construction of motor
Electric motor assembly
Electric motor having brushes and commutator of armature
Claw pole stator structure
Diamond or diamond like carbon coated chemical sensors and a method of making same
Diamond wafer, method of estimating a diamond wafer and diamond surface acoustic wave device
Method for low loss control of a capacitive load, in particular of a piezoelectric actuator
Actuator driving circuit, an actuator driving device, and an actuator driving method
Friction member used in vibration wave driving apparatus, and device using the vibration wave driving apparatus as driving source
Piezoelectric array devices
Piezoelectric-transformer inverter
Copper core side wire to carbon steel shell weld and method for manufacturing
Radioactive-ray image tube having input member formed of a clad material
Aperture grille having parallel slits with larger cross-sectional area grids at a peripheral portion
Color cathode ray tube with shadow mask
Shadow mask with porous insulating layer and heavy metal layer
Color cathode ray tube having improved arrangement of electron beams
Optimizing the generation of visible light produced by mercury arc vapor and fluorescent lamps
Anode substrate for display device and method for manufacturing same
Image display apparatus
Organic EL device having a hole injecting electrode including a transparent electrode and a metal electrode
Organic electroluminescent display panel with first and second bus electrodes and electrically insulating layers
Plasma display panel with optical shutter
System for enhancing the sound of an acoustic instrument
Solar generator with electrically conducting hinges
Semicondonductor device and a process for the production thereof
Methods for improving polymeric materials for use in solar cell applications
Transparent solar cell and method of fabrication
Adhesively bonded joints in carbon fibre composite structures
Lightning air terminals and method of design and application
Low profile clip-on shielding strip
Radio frequency shield can cover with internal fingers
Electromagnetic interference gasket
System and method for shielding electrical components from electromagnetic waves
Electrophysiological faraday box
Electronics enclosure
Vertical ball grid array integrated circuit package
Method and structure for reducing the incidence of voiding in an underfill layer of an electronic component package
Environmentally-sealed electronic assembly and method of making same
Method for making electrode of polymer composite
Circuit member and circuit body assembled with adjusting part
Single piece, hinged cable routing device
Compact electrical bus
Power distribution system
Cable retainer of plastics for vehicles
Flexible wiring substrate and its manufacturing method
Layered printed-circuit-board and module using the same
Flexible circuit with coverplate layer and overlapping protective layer
Substrate with conductor formed of low-resistance aluminum alloy
Reflow selective shorting
One-sided circuit board for multi-layer printed wiring board, multi-layer printed wiring board, and method of its production
Yield monitoring system for a slicing apparatus
Weighing assembly
Slider linkage for double throw safety switches
Coaxial connector switch
Fabricating and using a micromachined magnetostatic relay or switch
Operation apparatus
Dual contact membrane horn switch assembly
Electrostatic method of separating particulate materials
Current contact system for a current switch
Wire electric discharge machining apparatus, wire electric discharge machining method, and mold for extrusion
Method for electric discharge machining of a workpiece and corresponding apparatus
Wire electrical discharge machine
Plasma cutting table
Plasma processing method
Plasma enhanced wire bonder
Plasma processing device, plasma torch and method for replacing components of same
Corona station for the preliminary processing of a strip material
Method and apparatus of fabricating perforated plate
Window heater
Method of fluid transport
Pocket use hand warmer
Method for preheating dental materials
Apparatus and method for non-destructive, low stress removal of soldered electronic components
Oven window including a thermally activated, light scattering device
Impingement oven airflow devices and methods
Double layered cooking apparatus
Sintered stick-shaped heater
Induction-heating fusion device
Method and apparatus for magnetic induction heating using radio frequency identification of object to be heated
Microwave volatiles analyzer with high efficiency cavity
Microwave oven
Microwavable container for food products and method of fabricating same
Ball tracking system and methods
Composing microscope
Signal detecting apparatus in a charge coupled device having an angled formed transistor
Vehicle rain sensor using imaging sensor
Method and apparatus for generating a control signal
Optoelectronic component arrangement
Device noise measurement system
Method and system for enhanced vision employing an improved image intensifier and gated power supply
X-ray image tube and manufacture thereof
Light collector for an LED array
Product sensors for air seeder
Optoelectric measuring device for monitoring combustion processes
Image detection apparatus
Methods of non-uniformity compensation for infrared detector arrays
Magnification and rotation calibration patterns for particle beam projection system
Device for the detection of multispectral infrared/visible radiation
Air shield for a particle detection system
Dispersive precompensator for use in an electromagnetic radiation generation and detection system
Detector for use in infrared analyzer, flow detector and manufacturing method thereof
Method for non-intrusively identifying a contained material utilizing uncollided nuclear transmission measurements
Portable high resolution scanning electron microscope column using permanent magnet electron lenses
Exposure apparatus, method of making the apparatus, exposure method, and device and manufacturing method of the device
Multichannel high dynamic range scanner
Method and a device for treating cultivation products or cultivation media, and cultivation products obtained with the method
Charged particle beam lithography apparatus for forming pattern on semi-conductor
Process for improving the reliability of operation of optical gas sensors
Sub-nanoscale electronic devices and processes
Semiconductor reliability test chip
Bottom-gated thin film transistors comprising germanium in a channel region
Method for fabricating a simplified CMOS polysilicon thin film transistor and resulting structure
Electro-optical device in which an extending portion of a channel region of a semiconductor layer is connected to a capacitor line and an electronic apparatus including the electro-optical device
Edge termination for a semiconductor component, a schottky diode having an edge termination, and a method for producing the schottky diode
Light emitting devices having wafer bonded aluminum gallium indium nitride structures and mirror stacks
Light emitting device having flat growth GaN layer
II-VI compound semiconductor device
Epitaxial lateral overgrowth of gallium nitride based semiconductive oxide selective growth mask and method for fabricating the same
Hetero-junction field effect transistor
Semiconductor device and electronic device by use of the semiconductor
Superlattice fabrication for InAs/GaSb/AISb semiconductor structures
Diffusion barriers between noble metal electrodes and metallization layers, and integrated circuit and semiconductor devices comprising same
Semiconductor device having a ferroelectric TFT and a dummy element
Crystal-axis-aligned vertical side wall device
Memory device with barrier portions having defined capacitance
Semiconductor memory device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Memory cell for EEPROM devices and corresponding fabricating process
Quantum tunneling effect device and semiconductor composite substrate
TFT-LCD having a vertical thin film transistor
Structure and method for reducing threshold voltage variations due to dopant fluctuations
Feedforward amplifier
Constant duty-cycle limiting of analog input signal swing in a class-D amplifier
Amplifier circuit
Ft multiplier amplifier with low-power biasing circuit
Method and system for suppressing oscillations in a multi-stage amplifier
Lock detector for phase-locked loop
Phase lock loop circuit with loop filter having resistance and capacitance adjustment
Method and device for computer supported determination of an oscillating region of an electrical circuit
Atomic frequency standard
Integrated oscillator circuit apparatus with capacitive coupling for reducing start-up voltage
MOS-type capacitor and integrated circuit VCO using same
Printed circuit board suppressing ringing in signal waveforms
Millimeter-band semiconductor switching circuit
Adjustable off-center coaxial coupler
Power divider for harmonically rich waveforms
Magnetostrictive surface acoustic wave devices having optimized transducers
Wideband low-loss variable delay line and phase shifter
Compact phase shifter circuit using coupled lines
High frequency filter consisting of integral bodies
Multi surface coupled coaxial resonator
High frequency dielectric filter
Electromagnetic relay assembly with a linear motor
Electromagnetic relay with a fuse
Control device with tailored feedback
Magic cylinder adjustable in field strength
Electronic surface mount package with extended side retaining wall
Integrated planar transformer and inductor assembly
Balanced inductor
Transformer and coil bobbin therefor
Remote control security system for automobile issuing a fixed basic code and two variable codes
Full duplex communication system with power transfer on one pair of conductors
Treasure hunt game utilizing GPS equipped wireless communications devices
Systems and methods providing tactile guidance using sensory supplementation
Display control system for a working vehicle
Polyamide oligomers
Supramolecular polymer
Method for the preparation of polyamic acid and polyimide
Sulfur-containing (thio)ether (co)polymer and a use thereof
Continuous polyamide extraction process
Adrenomedullin peptides
Macrophage derived chemokine
Method for design of substances that enhance memory and improve the quality of life
Solid phase peptide synthesis reaction vessel
Cell growth inhibitor factor
Nucleotide sequence of the nucleocapsid gene of oropouche virus
Soy isoflavone concentrate process and product
Methods of production and use of liquid formulations of plasma proteins
Mucin-biomolecules complex for transfection
Monoazo dyes and their preparation and use
Candida albicans gene (CSA1) encoding a mycelial surface antigen, and uses thereof
C-nucleoside derivatives and their use in the detection of nucleic acids
IBD-associated microbial nucleic acid molecules
Promoter for neuropeptide FF and use thereof for therapy and diagnostics
Mammalian telomerase
4-desmethyl nucleoside analogs and oligomers thereof
Pre-activated carbonyl linkers for the modification of oligonucleotides
Polarizing plate protective cellulose triacetate film
Process for preparing fine-particle polysaccharide derivatives
Process for recovering lipophilic oligosaccharide antibiotics
Process for the reduction of oxiranyl epothilones to olefinic epothilones
Herbicidal sulfonylureas, their preparation and use
Substituted aryl or heteroarylamides having retinoid-like biological activity
Alpha 1a adrenergic receptor antagonists
Heteroaromatic glucokinase activators
Quinolones used as MRS inhibitors and bactericides
Process for the preparation of leukotriene antagonists
Human Necessities
Use of polycarbonates containing iodine phenyl carbonate for producing special shaped parts
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vehicle security system with silent arming and/or disarming and associated methods
Brake signal sensor device
Apparatus and method for testing a substrate having a plurality of terminals
Circuit with improved dynamic response for measuring current in pulse width modulated amplifiers
Energy dimmer drive and energy pilot
Buffer device with dual supply voltage for low supply voltage applications
Flex lead extender
Electricity introducing member for vessels
DC-DC converter and controller for detecting a malfunction therein
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew