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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pesticide compositions
Isolated phages and their use in food or pet food products
Device for packaging and applying a cosmetic or care product having a rotating component and corresponding application method
Dental cleanser and stain prevention apparatus
In vivo optical imaging
Apparatus and method for anchoring sutures
Method and device for the controlled delivery and placement of securing elements in a body
Balanced ultrasonic end effector
Methods and surgical kits for minimally-invasive facet joint fusion
Spinal staple system
Method of kinetic perimeter
Viewing verification systems
Mechanical honing of metallic tubing for soldering in a medical device construction
Manufacturing a dental implant drill guide and a dental implant superstructure
Fingertip protecting device
Functionalized chemically inert polymers for coatings
Deployable segmented TLIF device
Anatomic spinal implant having anatomic bearing surfaces
Device for applying a pulsating pressure to a local region of the body and the applications thereof
Methods of organ regeneration using Hox11-expressing pluripotent cells
Probiotics for gut neuromuscular functions
Method for improving human blood circulation
Liquid composition of factor VII polypeptides
Use of thymosin alpha 1 for the treatment of immunological diseases
Alternative splice forms of proteins as basis for multiple therapeutic modalities
Compositions for immunotherapy and uses thereof
Integrin alpha L I domain mutants with increased binding affinity
Proteins with repetitive Bacterial-Ig-like (Big) domains present in Leptospira species
Pro-apoptotic bacterial vaccines to enhance cellular immune responses
Cosmetic gel product on the basis of oils and gelling agents
Continuous spray scalp therapy and dispensing systems for same
Lipid-encapsulated polyanionic nucleic acid
Modified release compositions of milnacipran
Solid preparation coated with a film coating layer and film coating agent
Method and apparatus of sterilization using monochromatic UV radiation source
Methods of blood-based therapies having a microfluidic membraneless exchange device
Needleless injection structure
Agent delivery catheter having articulating arms
Markers for use in brachytherapy and other radiation therapy that resist migration and rotation
Surgical portal apparatus with centering mechanism
Expandable surgical portal
Enhanced apparatus for percutaneous catheter implantation and replacement
Cationic acylpyridinium derivatives for use as bleach activators
Polymers containing silicone copolyol macromers and personal care compositions containing same
Exercise device
Tumbler apparatus
Recreational/athletic training system and strike pod therefor
Multilayer core golf ball having hardness gradient within and between each core layer
High-precision golf club
Lacrosse head having a ball stop
Electronic scoring system, method and armor for use in martial arts
Golf training aid for chipping and pitching
Walking exercise supporting device
Gaming machine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for liquid-liquid extraction
Method for recovering potable water from the exhaust of an internal combustion engine
Water distillation system
Coolant inspection and filtering system patent
Fluid flow filter and method of making and using
Cleaning process for cleaning filtration material of a gas filter and a device for carrying out the process
Combustion furnace humidification devices, systems and methods
Filter element and method
Heat insulating container
Catalyst nanoparticle
Hydrogenation catalyst with improved textural properties
Hydrogen-producing assemblies
Anticoagulant-coated dipstick for use with a blood centrifuge rotor
Composite coating with nanoparticles for improved wear and lubricity in down hole tools
Method for masking cooling holes and device for using in a masking process for masking cooling holes
Methods of making copper selenium precursor compositions with a targeted copper selenide content and precursor compositions and thin films resulting therefrom
Process for extending the cyclic service life of thermal barrier coatings, in particular on gas turbine components
Electronic device having an electrode with enhanced injection properties
Screen clamp
Screen clamp
Preparation of filler-metal weld rod by injection molding of powder
Method for injection stretch blow molding
Molded article with metal reinforcing and method for its manufacture
Wire cooling water trough
Thermoforming apparatus and method
Imprint apparatus
Disposable bath mat
Drywall joint compound applicator for seam and patch surfacing
Interlayer insulating layer for printed wiring board, printed wiring board and method for manufacturing same
Article with organic-inorganic composite film
Liner component for use in mining and quarrying industries
Polymeric film with low blocking and high slip properties
Impact resistant thermal barrier coating system
Film having alternating monolayers of a metal-metal bonded complex monolayer and an organic monolayer by layer-by-layer growth
Microlens array
Printing system having media loop dryer
Radiation curable maskant and line sealer for protecting metal substrates
Lighted exterior mirror assembly for vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Reverse piezoelectric method for production of silane
Sulfate process
Surface treatment method, etching method, and method for manufacturing electronic device
Gypsum mortar with added expanded vermiculite and method for obtaining same
Process to produce portland cement clinker and obtained clinker
Plant and method for the production of cement clinker from cement raw material
Method and compositions for stimulation of an immune response to CD20 using a xenogeneic CD20 antigen
Ligands and catalyst systems thereof for the catalytic oligomerization of olefinic monomers
Process for preparing polymeric fibers based on blends of at least two polymers
Low permeability thermoplastic elastomer composition
Modified colorants with aliphatic poly-acid groups
Process for manufacturing inks and pigment formulations and ink jet inks made by the process
Metal hydroxy carbonate nanoparticle coated phosphor and method for preparing the same
Optical laminate, polarizing plate, image display, and process for producing an optical laminate
Heterocoagulate, and compositions and method for polishing and surface treatment
Compositions and methods for reducing fire hazard of flammable refrigerants
Method of making proppant used in gas or oil extraction
Crystalline composition, preparation and use
Crystalline composition, preparation and use
Steam generation apparatus and method
Method of desulfurizing hydrocarbon oil
Methods for expression of transgenes
Particle patterning chip
Medium for the protein-free and serum-free cultivation of cells
Process for preparing human G-CSF
Glyphosate-N-acetyltransferase (GAT) genes
Thermophilic micro-organisms for ethanol production
Microvesicle-based compositions and methods
Probes for detecting obesity gene
Methods and compositions for detecting polynucleotides
Detecting bacteria by direct counting of structural protein units or pili by IVDS and mass spectrometry
Use of microparticles combined with submicron oil-in-water emulsions
Method and installation for producing steel products with optimum surface quality
Method and apparatus for controlling metal separation
Titanium alloy
Functional member from co-based alloy and process for producing the same
Inductively coupled plasma processing apparatus
Method for the decontamination of an oxide layer-containing surface of a component or a system of a nuclear facility
Electroforming mold and method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing electroformed component
Preparation of hydrogen storage materials
Methods for plating write pole shield structures with ultra-thin metal gap seed layers
Textiles; Paper
Manufacturing carbon nanotube paper
Semiconductor manufacture component
Method for the preparation of a carminic acid lake
Use of water-soluble polymer complexes in aqueous systems
Fixed Constructions
Runway for aircraft and roadway for vehicles and method of renewing a runway or roadway
Suction pile suitable for shallow depths
Grout pack assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine blade for a turbine with a cooling medium passage
Turbine blade with a cover plate and a protective layer applied to the cover plate
Compressor slide valve support
Wind turbine with mixers and ejectors
Wind turbine and method of assembling the same
Pump intake for electrical submersible pump
Compressor sound suppression
Hermetic compressor
Hydraulically actuated submersible pump
Impeller for supercharger and method of manufacturing the same
Section for the manufacture of hollow body elements, hollow body element and component assembly
Locking threaded fastener
Wrap around coupling
Multi-speed transmission having three planetary gear sets
Gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
Multi-speed transmission
Multi-speed transmission
8-speed transmission
Transmitting torque limiting apparatus for vehicle
Adjustable support head for optical or video/photographic equipment
Clip and illuminant device
LED display panel with openable front door
LED lamp having improved heat dissipation structure
Light guide member, planar light source device provided with the light guide member, and display apparatus using the planar light source device
Plant for the heat treatment of solids containing titanium
Hearth carriage coupling structure of rotary furnace hearth
Method for manufacturing a filter substrate, inkjet recording head, and method for manufacturing the inkjet recording head
Image forming apparatus
Method for detecting an end point of resist peeling, method and apparatus for peeling resist, and computer-readable storage medium
Examination method and examination assistant device for quartz product of semiconductor processing apparatus
Method and device for laminar flow on a sensing surface
Methods and compositions for protein detection using nanoparticle-fluorescent polymer complexes
Quality control material monitor
Rapid comparative genomic hybridization using acoustic surface waves
Methods and compositions for detecting spermatozoa or semen in a sample
Markers of renal transplant rejection and renal damage
Wireless interactive headset
Developing apparatus and developing method
Lens barrier device
Defining a bounding box for projected images
Multi-chip reticle photomasks
Backside phase grating mask and method for manufacturing the same
Photosensitive conductive paste for transferring and photosensitive transfer sheet
Printing plate, method of manufacturing of printing plate and liquid crystal display device using the same
Photoresist compositions and methods related to near field masks
Photoreceptor and method of making same
Toner, and oilless fixing method and process cartridge using the toner
Liquid developer and image forming device
Liquid developer and image forming apparatus
Hologram recording material, process for producing the same and hologram recording medium
Intuitively ordered tactile characters readable by visually impaired persons
Learning assessment method and device using a virtual tutor
Roofing product display and method
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for making a planar concentrating solar cell assembly with silicon quantum dots
Method for producing single crystal silicon solar cell and single crystal silicon solar cell
Method of fabricating an image sensor having an annealing layer
Method for producing a metal-ceramic substrate for electric circuits on modules
Planar waveguide with patterned cladding and method for producing same
Apparatus and method configured to lower thermal stresses
Method of producing segmented chips
Method for fabricating micro-lens and micro-lens integrated optoelectronic devices using selective etch of compound semiconductor
Machine and process for sequential multi-sublayer deposition of copper indium gallium diselenide compound semiconductors
Structure and method for back end of the line integration
Nanoscale wicking methods and devices
Method for pre-conditioning CMP polishing pad
Method of preventing premature drying
Substrate carrying apparatus and substrate carrying method
Method for high topography patterning
High aspect ratio gap fill application using high density plasma chemical vapor deposition
Structure and method to form a thermally stable silicide in narrow dimension gate stacks
Semiconductor wafer processing method that allows device regions to be selectively annealed following back end of the line (BEOL) metal wiring layer formation
Plasma processing method for forming a film and an electronic component manufactured by the method
Method of annealing a dielectric layer
Process of forming an electronic device including insulating layers having different strains
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Integrated circuit including structures arranged at different densities and method of forming the same
Simultaneously formed isolation trench and through-box contact for silicon-on-insulator technology
Methods for fabricating PMOS metal gate structures
Bottle-shaped trench capacitor with enhanced capacitance
Thermal paste containment for semiconductor modules
Phosphor and production method thereof, and phosphor-containing composition, light emitting device, image display and lighting system
4-arylfluorene compound and organic light-emitting device using same
Benzo(GHI)fluoranthene derivative and organic light emitting device using the same
Lithium manganese-based composite oxide and method for preparing the same
Fuel cell electrocatalyst of Pt-Zn-Ni/Fe
Bipolar plate and fuel cell comprising such a bipolar plate
Fuel cell with cross-shaped reformer
Fuel cell system having at least one fuel cell
`All in one` spring process for cost-effective spring manufacturing and spring self-alignment
Burn-in socket
Electrical connector having large locking force
Electrical connector with improved board mounting peg
Loading mechanism having proportional distributing arrangement
Matching connector
Connection module for switching device and connection rail
LED illumination apparatus
Arrangement for the secure connection of an electronic device
Connector apparatus for joining a lug with a conductor
Card edge connector
Organic light-emitting diode display device and method of manufacturing the same
Extended USB plug, USB PCBA, and USB flash drive with dual-personality for embedded application with mother boards
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Portable device antenna
Air control system for an air bed
Beverage holder with remote control
Method and apparatus for notifying of receipt
Wide angle lens system for electronic imagers having long exit pupil distances
Lighting apparatus and light control method
Goggle type display system
Event simulator, and methods of constructing and utilizing same
Image creating method and apparatus, recording medium for recording image creating program, and video game machine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Sensor array and transmitting/receiving device
Ultrasound transducer and method of manufacture thereof
Probe card for probing wafers with raised contact elements
Signal transmission and receiving methods optimized for integrated circuit implementation
Thermal print head and method of manufacturing thereof
Multibeam scanner
Cast honeycomb structure with integral damping for ROS platform
Counterfeit detection system
Rearview mirror assembly incorporating electrical accessories
Parking assistance system
Direction-indication-lamp control apparatus for vehicle
Turn-signal automatic cancellation apparatus
Parking aid system
Removable front panel for an entertainment device
System for enhancing the security of a bi-directional data transmission system controlling access to an enclosed space, notably a vehicle
Intrusion alarm and detection system
Method and apparatus for sensing skews and disconnects of adjacent movable components
Led strobe light
System for monitoring airport lamps
Container tracking system
Wireless communication device and method
Frictionless transport apparatus and method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Single-component arctic bright calcium halophosphate phosphor
Textiles; Paper
Means of correcting a measurement of a property of a material with a sensor that is affected by a second property of the material
Fixed Constructions
Electronic lock and key apparatus and method
Auxiliary vehicular window recessing system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for evaluating ionic current signals for assessing combustion processes
Cylinder discrimination device and cylinder discrimination method of engine
Addressable diode isolated thin film cell array
Piezoelectric element for injector
Ignition coil for motor vehicles
Multi color and omni directional warning lamp
Device for the unambiguous measurement of the roll of a projectile and application to the correction of the path of a projectile
Projectile with variable target transition detection capability and method therefor
Capacitive angular displacement and angular rate sensor and measurement device for such transducer
Distance measuring apparatus and method employing two image taking devices having different measurement accuracy
Angular position detection apparatus
Rotary sensor capable of accurately detecting angle of rotation to be transmitted from the outside
Inductive linear position sensor including exciting and receiving coils and a movable induction coupling element
System and method for cancelling the effects of stray magnetic fields from the output of a variable reluctance sensor
Portable-type measuring instrument
Method and device for determining the color appearance of color overprints
Universal temperature compensation application specific integrated circuit
System for measuring humidity
Method and apparatus for magnetic inspection of ferrous conduit for wear
Computer program for making measurements of accumulations of magnetic particles
Semiconductor dynamic quantity-sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Capacitive physical quantity sensor
Test system, test contactor, and test method for electronic modules
Indexing rotatable chuck for a probe station
Wide-bandwidth probe using pole-zero cancellation
Quadrant avalanche photodiode time-resolved detection
Tester for semiconductor device
Modular sensor array, metering device and mounting and connection base
Waveform measuring apparatus
Load current compensated type voltage sampling circuit
Electricity meter with an additional computing module
Apparatus for metering electrical power that determines energy usage data based on downloaded information
Apparatus for measuring electrical power consumption
Method and apparatus for measuring the instantaneous frequency of FM signals
Power frequency magnetic field (PF-MF) detection systems and operating methods therefor
Magnetic field probe having a shielding and isolating layers to protect lead wires extending between a coil and pads
Electric circuit providing selectable short circuit for instrumentation applications
Method and device of fault location for distribution networks
Method of diagnosing partial discharge in gas-insulated apparatus and partial discharge diagnosing system for carrying out the same
Method for selecting components for a matched set using wafer interposers
Conductive bump array contactors having an ejector and methods of testing using same
Automated multi-chip module handler and testing system
Method for achieving synchronous non-destructive latchup characterization
Localized heating for defect isolation during die operation
Method and system of testing a chip
Method of conducting broadband impedance response tests to predict stator winding failure
System for inspecting a replaceable part in an electronic device
Consumer battery having a built-in indicator
Method for compensating mechanical stresses in measuring the magnetic field strength by hall sensors
Apparatus and method for measuring magnetic properties of recording mediums
Method and apparatus for processing MRI data acquired with a plurality of coils using dixon techniques
Magnetic resonance method for reducing residual magnetization and adjusting the amplitude of gradient pulses
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus and method for generating a magnetic resonance image of a subject with different pulse sequences in K-space
MRI using variable ratio of pre-pulses to flip pulses
Global positioning system and global positioning apparatus
Monopulse array radar with single difference beam for simultaneous azimuth and elevation angle determination
Method for reducing transmit power for traffic alert and collision avoidance systems and airborne collision avoidance systems
Article tracking system
Distance indicating device and method
Close formation aircraft collision avoidance
Method for accurately tracking and communicating with a satellite from a mobile platform
Direction of arrival angle tracking algorithm for smart antennas
Apparatus and method for locating objects in a three-dimensional space
Baseline selection method for use in a wireless location system
GPS receiver
Radar detecting apparatus
Retrievable, formation resistivity tool, having a slotted collar
Infrared fiber optic light
Eyeglasses type image display apparatus
Stereoscopic image production method and device for implementing same
Liquid crystal device having metal light shielding layer with portions at different potentials
Liquid crystal display device
Electro-optical apparatus and electronic device
Multistage charging circuit for driving liquid crystal displays
Multi-display device
Image processing device
Reflection type liquid crystal display with layer comprising liquid crystal compound and liquid crystal polymer being twist-aligned
Wide viewing angle liquid crystal display having both optical compensator and optical diffuser
Electrode substrate and reflection type liquid crystal display device having low compatibility between resins
Brightness enhancement for bistable cholesteric displays
Liquid crystal display device with wide viewing angle
Liquid crystal display apparatus
In-plane switching mode LCD device
Supplemental audio content system for a cinema and related methods
Image forming device and method for processing photosensitive media having microencapsulated imaging material
Exposure method and exposure apparatus
Lithography system with variable area substrate tiling
Projection exposure system and an exposure method in microlithography
Reticle alignment system for use in lithography
Exposure apparatus and method for transferring a pattern from a plurality of masks onto at least one substrate
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus for forming a color image using a plurality of image forming parts
Electronic device with variable chopping signal and duty ratio selection for strong braking
System for identifying valid connections between electrical system components and responding to invalid connections
Control apparatus for automatic lathe
Method and device for controlling position sensorless motor
Methods and systems for minimizing vibration in electric machines
Vehicle-use cooling fan driving apparatus provided with a trouble sensing function
Semiconductor device reduced in through current
Low temperature coefficient voltage output circuit and method
Sampling function waveform data generating device
Multi-master multi-slave system bus in a field programmable gate array (FPGA)
Ladder type clock network for reducing skew of clock signals
Electronic device with hidden keyboard
Method and device for protecting eyes through screen displaying setting
Computer system with jog dial function and the user interface scheme thereof
Hierarchical texture cache
Multiport communications adapter
Interconnect circuitry for implementing logic functions in a field programmable gate array and method of operation
Personalized interface browser and its browsing method
Browser apparatus, address registering method, browser system and recording medium
Method for reliability testing of semiconductor IC
Transducer featuring magnetic rotor concentrically arranged in relation to multi-phase coil
3D sculpturing input device
Liquid crystal display with integrated resistive touch sensor
Disk-based image storage system and method with prioritized loading and retrieval operations
Method and apparatus for displaying data patterns in information systems
Prepress workflow method using raster image processor
Multi-layer entry fields
Method of identifying a plurality of transponders, analysis apparatus and a transponder for implementing such a method
Image processing
Pixel data merging apparatus and method therefor
Graphics system having a super sampled-sample buffer with efficient storage of sample position information
Representing a color gamut with a hierarchical distance field
Method and apparatus for multipass pixel processing
Super-sampling and gradient estimation in a ray-casting volume rendering system
Image composition method, image composition apparatus, and data recording media
Method for defining MPEP 4 animation parameters for an animation definition interface
Animation packager for an on-line book
Motion blurring implicit surfaces
System and method for generating computer animated graphical images of a vascular structure attached to an anatomical structure
Information processing apparatus and method, and providing medium
Method for transforming an image from a resolution to a lower resolution
Curve contour smoothing
Image processing method and image processing apparatus for executing gradation conversion of a pixel
High precision sub-pixel spatial alignment of digital images
Compressed gas visual notification device for signaling distress
Loop sensing apparatus for traffic detection
Circuit for regulating brightness and size of picture in display apparatus
Automatic brightness control using a variable time constant filter
Image reproducing apparatus, projector, image reproducing system, and information storing medium
Display device
Display-driving device and display-driving method performing gradation control based on a temporal modulation system
Digital display unit which adjusts the sampling phase dynamically for accurate recovery of pixel data encoded in an analog display signal
Method of driving plasma display panel, plasma display device and driving device for plasma display panel
Method of driving plasma display
Method and apparatus for providing sustaining waveform for plasma display panel
Radio frequency driving circuit of plasma display panel and method of switching the same
Structure and driving method for plasma display panel
Planar display panel driving method
Plasma display and method of driving the same
Display apparatus and method of driving the display apparatus
Drive circuit for display apparatus
Method and circuit for data driving of a display
Matrix display with signal electrode drive having memory
Integrated graphic and character mixing circuit for driving an LCD display
Processing graphic objects for fast rasterised rendering
Video-assisted audio signal processing system and method
Method and apparatus for characterizing asymmetries of an MR head
Test simulation of a read/write head
Spin-stand having a disc heater
System and method for reducing timing mismatch in sample and hold circuits using an FFT and decimation
Simple chip identification
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Input-output line sense amplifier having small current consumption and direct current
Current mirror sense amplifier
Sense-amplifying circuit
Current sense amplifier circuits containing latches for improving stability and amplification in semiconductor devices
Input circuit having signature circuits in parallel in semiconductor device
High speed digital signal buffer and method
Delay locked loop for use in semiconductor memory device
Carrier substrate with a resistor track
Laminated inductor
Device for attenuating parasitic voltages
Bead inductor
Transformer or inductor containing a magnetic core
Method of manufacturing multilayer-type chip inductors
Combination horizontal and vertical thermal actuator
Overload protection device of a press type switch
Creep acting miniature thermostatic electrical switch and thermostatic member used therewith
Electromagnetic relay
Circuit breaker with bypass for redirecting high transient current and associated method
Circuit breaker
Fuseholder contact
Input circuit for relatively high current AC signals to be monitored
Electrical circuit for transmitting state information, in particular concerning some member in railway rolling-stock, and an electrical system incorporating such a circuit
Traveling wave tube system with output waveguide-coupler termination
Multiband travelling wave tube of reduced length capable of high power functioning
Image display apparatus with rectangular-shaped spacers having added tensions
Color cathode-ray tube with expanded effective display area
Color television receiver or color monitor having a flat screen
Cathode ray tube apparatus equipped with deflection yoke
Night vision device and method
Method of fast start and/or fast termination of a radio frequency resonator
Mercury-free metal halide lamp with a fill containing halides of hafnium or zirconium
Gas discharge lamp with separately operating electrode groups
Compact and stabilized arc high-pressure mercury lamp
High intensity discharge lamp with single crystal sapphire envelope
Aviation landing lamp
High pressure metallic vapor discharge lamp
Light source device
Plasma display panel having a porous structure
High power monolithic microwave integrated circuit package
Heat-spread substrate
Rf integrated circuit layout
High-frequency module using slot coupling
Low power operation mechanism and method
Impact actuator and equipment using the impact actuator
Low-voltage organic light-emitting device
Micro-machine (MEMS) switch with electrical insulator
Method and apparatus of obtaining phase shift using nonreciprocal resonator
Millimeter wave filter for surface mount applications
Filter element and fabrication thereof
Dielectric filter, duplexer and communication apparatus
Isolator with capacitors and chip resistors located outside of the housing
Microwave system with redundant processing devices and passive switching
Tandem six port 3:1 divider combiner
Directional coupler, high frequency circuit module and wireless communication system
Power supply for a light pole mounted wireless antenna
On-glass impedance matching antenna connector
Antenna for radio-operated communication terminal equipment
Instantly welded antenna and its method of welding
Circularly polarized wave antenna and manufacturing method therefor
Antenna disposition structure for motorcycle
Combination linearly polarized and quadrifilar antenna
Textured surface having high electromagnetic impedance in multiple frequency bands
Polarizer and method for manufacturing the same
Reflector antenna for performing diplexing of received and transmitted signals
Tunable impedance surface
Block-down-converter and multi-beam-antenna
RF receiving antenna system
Boxed-in slot antenna with space-saving configuration
Multiple array antenna system
Diversity antenna system including two planar inverted F antennas
One-piece Yagi-Uda antenna and process for making the same
Patch dipole array antenna including a feed line organizer body and related methods
AC-powered recharging device for cigarette lighter-adapted rechargeable appliances
Device and method for displaying charge capacity information of smart battery
Power system for electric vehicle
Common pin voltage regulator
Electric motor
Precision-wound rotor for a dynamoelectric machine
Electric motor
Low slew rate charge pump
Voltage pump with diode for pre-charge
DC/DC converter
Voltage generation circuit of charge pump type, with a self-oscillating control circuit
Method and power supply device for generating regulated D.C. voltage from A.C. voltage
Low power mode and feedback arrangement for a switching power converter
Electronic circuit for optimizing switching losses in current-driven power devices
Method to prevent charging effects in electrostatic devices
Motor drive parameters
DC motor brake
Sensorless motor driving apparatus
Sinusoidal signal generating circuit providing small phase difference with respect to reference signal and apparatus for driving oscillating element with circuit
High speed amplifier
Semiconductor device
Low voltage differential amplifier with high voltage protection
Signal amplification circuit with unequal top and bottom surface areas
Current compensation circuit for improved open-loop gain in an amplifier
Current controlled CMOS transconductive amplifier arrangement
Circuit arrangement for generating and amplifying an amplitude limited DC signal
GMC filter and method for suppressing unwanted signals introduced by the filter
Surface acoustic wave device and method of producing the same
Passive low pass LC filter with counter-wound coils
Multi-layer LC resonance balun
Duplexer and communication apparatus with first and second filters, the second filter having plural switch selectable saw filters
Method of providing differential frequency adjusts in a thin film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) filter and apparatus embodying the method
Substrate for packaging electronic component and piezoelectric resonance component using the same
Surface acoustic wave device
Television tuner
Composite mosfet cascode switches for power converters
CMOS-microprocessor chip and package anti-resonance apparatus
PCI-X driver control
Circuit for controlling a power MOS transistor and detecting a load in series with the transistor
Failsafe interface circuit with extended drain services
Reducing power consumption variability of static busses
High speed level shift circuit for low voltage output
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
High integration-capable output buffer circuit unaffected by manufacturing process fluctuations or changes in use
Breakdown-free negative level shifter
Single flux quantum series biasing technique using superconducting DC transformer
Configurable computational unit embedded in a programmable device
Storage element with stock node capacitive load
Pulse generator
Voltage-controlled oscillator frequency range detector
Phase and frequency detector providing immunity to missing input clock pulses
Lock detector for determining phase lock condition in PLL on a period-by-period basis according to desired phase error
Low power, charge injection compensated charge pump
Single chip CMOS transmitter/receiver and method of using same
Digital phase control using first and second delay lines
System for controlling the amplitude of an oscillator
Method and apparatus for synthesizing dual band high-frequency signals for wireless communications
Engagement detection circuit
Direct digital frequency synthesizer and a hybrid frequency synthesizer combining a direct digital frequency synthesizer and a phase locked loop
Method and device for digital-to-analog conversion of a signal
Digital-analog converter comprising a third order sigma delta modulator
Variable-length message formats and methods of assembling and communicating variable-length messages
Laboratory system, method of controlling operation thereof, playback apparatus and method, film image management method, image data copying system and method of copying image data
Error diffusion on moderate numbers of output colors
Apparatus and method for analyzing projected images, singly and for array projection applications
Solid state imaging device, signal processing method and driving method therefor and camera
Emission control in a video display
Method for displaying an image having a maximal brightness
Electric still camera
Image processing system and information processing apparatus
Image data processing apparatus method and program storage medium for processing image data
Tuner circuit
Method of data display for electronic program guides (EPGs)
TV receiver for digital/analog combined use
Information signal processing apparatus, picture information converting apparatus, and picture displaying apparatus
Picture information converting apparatus, picture information converting method, and television receiver
Transmission signal ID for analog television broadcasts
Image communication device and method for communication terminal
System and method for transcoding multiple channels of compressed video streams using a self-contained data unit
Method and apparatus for measuring convergence with respect to a color CRT using a color CCD camera
Apparatus and method for ring spline convergence correction
Universal device and use thereof for the automatic adjustment of a projector
Projection televisions with three dimensional holographic screens
Laser video display system and method
Video signal level converting device and video signal analog-to-digital converter
Video signal receiver with level limited output
Ignitor pulse variable reduction method and apparatus
Apparatus for operating respective single lamps among multiple lamps coupled to the same ballast
Light source
Method and apparatus for determining power frequencies that cause arc instabilities in discharge lamps
Optimal FM for HF operation of high intensity discharge (HID) lamps
Operating device for discharge lamps with switch relief for the preheating of electrode filaments
Automated system for conditioning a linear accelerator
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