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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Seed planter including vertical positioner with locking member
Method and apparatus for preventing leakage of bodily fluids and other fluids during embalming to preserve the dignity of the deceased during memorial services
Use of glycuronic polysaccharides and oligosaccharides as phytosanitary products and/or fertiliser
Intracellular proteinacious antimicrobial agents from lactic acid bacteria derived from fermented food samples
Roll forming apparatus and system
Hand-held power tool with a holding device
Folding chair with ganging elements
Mattress assembly
Quick-action rolling shutter door
Devices and methods for performing avascular anastomosis
Multi-element array for acoustic ablation
Multifunctional telescopic monopolar/bipolar surgical device and method therefore
Satiation devices and methods
Reciprocating movement platform for the external addition of pulses of the fluid channels of a subject
Tele-diagnostic device
Dental implant system
Stent with tapered flexibility
Biluminal endovascular graft system
Tissue engineered blood vessels and apparatus for their manufacture
Multi-axis prosthetic ankle joint
Below-knee orthotic device
Cold therapy foot massager
Methods of treating undesired angiogenesis with 2-methyl-EM-138
Sulfonyl-containing 3,4-diaryl-3-pyrrolin-2-ones, preparation method, and medical use thereof
Use of proteasome inhibitors to treat dry eye disorders
Substituted diamine derivatives useful as motilin antagonists
Enriched platelet wound healant
Protein inhibiting aggregation of beta amyloid peptide
Peptide Y-2
Biodegradable glucosaminemuramyl peptides for apoptosis modulation
Therapies using hemoproteins
Systemic administration of Hypocretin-1
Method for producing yeast expressed HPV types 6 and 16 capsid proteins
Solid phase dispersion of quinolone or naphthyridonecarboxylic acids
Adeno-associated virus-mediated delivery of GDNF to skeletal muscles
Electrodeless ultraviolet discharge fluid remediation
Gastro-occlusive device
Methods for protecting a patient from embolic material during surgery
Nostril support device for horses and other animals
Medication capsule, syringe used with medication capsule and method of administrating medication
Equine inhalation mask
Weight lifting bar apparatus
Exercise methods and apparatus
Exercise apparatus
Putting practice and training device
Gaming machine with sorting feature
Slot machine with reel symbol matching feature
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for downward flow evaporation of a liquid substance and subsequent condensation of the vapour formed
Method and system for processing waste
Process for making, and use of, anionic clay materials
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Cooling method of hydrotreating plant and cooling unit therefor
Electronic air filter with resistive screen and electronic modular assembly
Technique for enhancing the effectiveness of slurried dense media separations
Device for applying adhesive to a workpiece
Method and treating hinge holder
Ultrasonic cleaning device for removing undesirable particles from an object
Apparatus and method for in-situ measuring of vibrational energy in a process bath of a vibrational cleaning system
Method and apparatus for fabricating helically shaped ribbons of material
Apparatus and method for forming curvature in sheet metal
Footpeg for a motorcycle
Lubricant for improved surface quality of cast aluminum and method
Drill tool
Cutting tool configured for improved engagement with a tool holder
Solders with surfactant-refined grain sizes, solder bumps made thereof, and methods of making same
Method for assembling power transfer apparatus
Parts mounting and assembling apparatus
Tool with inserted blade members
Methods and apparatus for removing conductive material from a microelectronic substrate
Sanding tool with protective clamping mechanism
Mechanical grinding apparatus for blending defects on turbine blades and associated method of use
Screwdriver fast connector
Breaking hammer, and fastening element, side plate, and protective casing of breaking hammer
Hand tool
Razor having thermo-electric shaving aid ejection system and method of ejecting shaving aid
Quick clamping device
Electron spin mechanisms for inducing magnetic-polarization reversal
Method and apparatus for manufacturing polymer fiber shells via electrospinning
Method for forming a medical device with polymer coated inner lumen
Nitinol frame heating and setting mandrel
Systems and methods for fabricating composite fiberglass laminate articles
Medical devices comprising a multilayer construction
Method for forming a joint
Methods of making decomposable thin films of polyelectrolytes and uses thereof
Increasing efficiency in setting of output parameters to be provided to an output device in an output processing system for printing
Liquid discharge method and apparatus and display device panel manufacturing method and apparatus
Thermal ink jet printhead with rotatable heater element
Cap moving mechanism, a liquid ejecting apparatus and a liquid ejection characteristics maintaining mechanism
Printing device
Inkjet printing system for containment and evaporation of waste ink
Ink tank
System and method of fluid level regulating for a media coating system
Pressure pump system
Recording liquid container and ink jet recording apparatus
Sequential numbering of pieces obtained by injection
Folding rule
Trailing arm suspension assembly
Gasket seal with positioning stops for a fixed window glued to flanges of an opening
Apparatus for pneumatic operation of transport container sliding door
Vehicular pedal supporting structure
Hybrid vehicle controller
Hydrostatic drive apparatus for a road vehicle
Braking surface cooling assembly and brake performance enhancing methods
Truck storage and work surface tailgate
Reinforced impact beam with woven fabric
Pyrotechnic detonator with an igniter support of plastic with an integrated metal insert
Steering column lock apparatus and method
Pivotable and interchangeable console
Carrier rack system
Supplemental motorcycle seat
Dynamic surface element for bodies moving through a fluid
Apparatus comprising a ship-to-shore interface
Arrangement in a marine vessel
Cradle for item transportation and storage, especially watercraft storage
Fuel system container for a marine vessel
Forward pivoted full flying control tail boom
Arrangement of a safety and information device on at least one passenger seat in a passenger cabin of a commercial aircraft
Sterile filling machine having needle filling station within e-beam chamber
Method and apparatus for wire guide wear plate
Pod cover removing-installing apparatus
Pallet assembly
Roll holding system
Base for post in post product packaging and display system
Bat carrier and protector
Mechanism for adapting cassette guide movement for size detection
Dispenser with cam controlled blades
Non-metallic laboratory jack
Apparatus for facilitating assembling of a covering sheet onto a cushioned padding
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Controlled dosing of chlorine dioxide of other sanitizing agents into pressurized water systems
Highly heat-resistant inorganic fiber-bonded ceramic component and process for the production thereof
.kappa. opioid receptor agonist comprising 2-phenylbenzothiazoline derivative
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
Active matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus
Safety system and method for a coking facility
Method of inducing malolactic fermentation in wine or fruit juice by direct inoculation with a non-activated started culture
Process for producing cis-3-hydroxy-L-proline
Lymphoma associated molecules and uses therefor
Conjugate for modifying interactions between proteins
Thermal tolerant mannanase from acidothermus cellulolyticus
Nucleic acid molecules encoding a transmembrane serine protease 10, the encoded polypeptides and methods based thereon
Nucleic acid amplification using nicking agents
Fluorometric assay for detecting nucleic acid cleavage
Nucleic acids encoding BAFF receptor, chimeric proteins and methods and compositions related thereto
Method for the identification of anesthetics
Method of assay of target nucleic acid
Film deposition apparatus and film deposition method
Method for producing Group III nitride compound semiconductor
Textiles; Paper
Molecular nanowires from single walled carbon nanotubes
Machine for making a non-woven fibrous web
Method of mechanical softening of sheet material
Fixed Constructions
Wheeled shovel
Mounting arm
Door hinge structure for refrigerator
Hydro-pneumatic tensioner with stiffness altering secondary accumulator
Bore-lining tubing and method of use
Interpretation and design of hydraulic fracturing treatments
System and method for locating and tracking a boring tool
Apparatus and method to reduce fluid pressure in a wellbore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Variable valve-stroke controls
Pivoting actuator system for controlling the stroke of a gas exchange valve in the cylinder head of an internal combustion engine
Method of operating internal combustion engine including electromagnetically driven intake valves
Control device of hydrogen engine
Fuel control compensation for secondary air system flow variation
Apparatus and method for cooling engine coolant flowing through a radiator
Air intake device of internal combustion engine
Method of improving the operation of combustion particulate filters
Diverter for exhaust gas recirculation cooler
Wind turbine assembly
Hygienic mechanical seal flushing system for pure liquids in sanitary centrifugal pumps
Bearing assembly and lubricating grease
Power-operated clutch actuator for torque transfer mechanisms
Vibration damper with stroke-dependent damping force
Excess flow shutoff
Control valve, in particular plug valve with sealing system
Floating construction for launching pipelines even in low-depth conditions
Slide coupling fitting for connecting conduits
LED package
Illuminated logo unit with reflective film
Light box coupling bracket including rotatable gripping device
Light source with heat transfer arrangement
Vehicle lamp
Light source and projector
Method and apparatus to illuminate the interior of a fashion accessory
Water heater having windproof effect
Tilt and lock air handling fixture
Thermoelectrics utilizing thermal isolation
Microreactor and substance production method therewith
Pipe structure of air conditioner
Ice bank of ice-making device for refrigerator
Device for removing gas from freezing installations by suction
Plate fin for heat exchanger and heat exchanger core
Heat dissipating housing with interlocking chamfers and ESD resistance
Device for detecting the presence of a chemical contaminant
Method of manufacturing chromeless phase shift mask
Combined temperature and pressure probe for a gas turbine engine
Method for performing multiple chemical reactions and a kit and system therefor
Combinatorial chemical synthesis
Disposable test strips with integrated reagent/blood separation layer
In-tube ultrasonic device for wall thickness metering
Hand held gas analyzer
Detection of ovarian cancer based upon alpha-haptoglobin levels
Method of determining cytokine dosage for myelosuppressive state
Method and sensor for detecting the binding of biomolecules by shear stress measurement
Treatment and diagnosis of prostate cancer
Acceleration sensor
Method for calibrating semiconductor test instruments
Optical assembly and method for alignment thereof
Adjustable camera with belt tensioning apparatus
Lens holder used in digital camera
Photothermographic material and image forming method using the same
Photothermographic material
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and image forming method, image forming apparatus and process cartridge for image forming apparatus using the electrophotographic photoreceptor
Thermosetting toner compositions, thermosetting developer compositions and methods for making and using the same
Buckslip lead generation system
System and method for library inventory
System and method for testing a rotary flow device
Universal charity card system
System, method, and program for generating transaction profile for measuring and analyzing computer system performance
System and method for navigating applications using a graphical user interface
Method for improving hard bias properties of layers in a magnetoresistive sensor
Seed layer structure for improved crystallographic orientation of a hard magnetic material
Magnetic recording medium, method of manufacturing the same, magnetic medium substrate employed in the magnetic recording medium, and magnetic storage unit
Conductive core substrate fabrication
Manufacturing method of display device
Semiconductor optical devices and method for forming
Semiconductor laser device, production method therefor, and jig for use in the production method
Method for making devices using ink jet printing
Polycrystalline silicon liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method for forming capacitor of semiconductor device
Method for forming conductive material in opening and structure regarding same
Method and apparatus for cutting devices from substrates
SOI substrate, element substrate, semiconductor device, electro-optical apparatus, electronic equipment, method of manufacturing the SOI substrate, method of manufacturing the element substrate, and method of manufacturing the electro-optical apparatus
Method of forming a liquid crystal display
Plasma etching system and method
Method of fabricating interconnection structure of semiconductor device
In situ growth of oxide and silicon layers
Methods of forming materials between conductive electrical components, and insulating materials
Silicon oxide co-deposition/etching process
Thin film transistor, liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
Method of fabrication a silicon-on-insulator device with a channel stop
Method and structure of an auxiliary transistor arrangement used for fabricating a semiconductor memory device
Dual step source/drain extension junction anneal to reduce the junction depth: multiple-pulse low energy laser anneal coupled with rapid thermal anneal
Hot carrier injection programmable structure including discontinuous storage elements and spacer control gates in a trench
Beam homogenizer laser irradiation, apparatus, semiconductor device, and method of fabricating the semiconductor device
Laser treatment device, laser treatment method, and semiconductor device fabrication method
Semiconductor die packages with recessed interconnecting structures and methods for assembling the same
Method to increase bump height and achieve robust bump structure
Substrate for pre-soldering material and fabrication method thereof
In-situ oxide capping after CVD low k deposition
Manufacturing method for short distance wiring layers and long distance wiring layers in a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a semiconductor package utilizing a thermosetting resin base member
Methods of fabricating a composite carbon nanotube thermal interface device
Method of forming a field effect transistor
Method for fabricating a stacked capacitor array having a regular arrangement of a plurality of stacked capacitors
Method of forming metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors at copper process
Self-light-emitting apparatus and semiconductor device used in the apparatus
Battery power supply device
Nickel electrode for alkaline storage battery, method of producing nickel electrode for alkaline storage battery, and alkaline storage battery
Binder for electrodes
Electrical connector and method of producing the same
Connector for flexible printed circuit
Socket used to house female plugs and micro-relays
Hermaphroditic electrical coupling assembly
Cable assembly having power contacts
Electrical connector
Electrical connector assembly with pick up cap
Memory card adaptor
Cable assembly having improved pulling tab
Flexible printed circuit board connector
Gimbling electronic connector
Compact electrical power outlet system
Hot contact adapter for portable computing device
Assembly method for semiconductor die and lead frame
EL display device utilizing light-emitting organic compounds and method for forming the same
Oxygen substituted barium thioaluminate phosphor materials
Expired Patents Due To Time
System and method for data bus interface
Active demarcation point of an access network
Communication system and method for interleaving or transmission of telephone rings and data
Method for synchronization
Method, architecture and circuit for locking a data transmission frame
Method and apparatus for handling multiple real-time service events
Method and apparatus for automatic selection of an unknown ISDN reference
Wide bandwidth Raman amplifier employing a pump unit generating a plurality of wavelengths
Upconversion fiber laser apparatus
Laser device
Ceramic calibration filter
Frequency stabilized laser and method for preparing thereof
Solid state laser including a single mode gain swept configuration
Laser driving circuit capable of stably controlling laser output
Surface emitting semiconductor laser
Energy efficient lithography laser
Surface emitting semiconductor laser
High energy Q-switched 0.9 .mu.m laser
Resonant galvanometer driven two dimensional gain scanner
RF receiver having frequency-hopping/direct-sequence spread spectrum signal discrimination
Multicode spread spectrum communications system
CDMA pseudo-smart antenna selection
Two-dimensional demodulator in spread spectrum code division multiple access system with antenna array
Methods and arrangements for transmitting high speed data over reduced bandwidth communication resources
Method for fast off-line training for discrete multitone transmissions
Time domain equalizer for ADSL
Multi-carrier transmission systems
Clustering blind convergence process in an adaptive decision feedback equalizer
Postprocessing system for removing blocking artifacts in block-based codecs
Motion vector detecting circuit
Adaptive tree-search vector quantization in MPEG2 decoder
Moving pictures decompression device and method with reduced process speed of decoding software
Picture decoding and display unit including a memory having reduce storage capacity for storing pixel data
Apparatus for hierarchical encoding of digital image signals with improved encoding efficiency
System for providing information relating to the source frequency in a digital receive-transmit system
Digital modulator
Circuit and method for controlling transmission amplifiers
Spectrally efficient modulation using overlapped GMSK
OFDM symbol synchronization
Digital magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
Demodulating digital video broadcast signals
Procedure for reducing interference in the transmission of an electrical communication signal
Adaptive channel characterization using decoded symbols
Phase coherence filter
Fast acquisition clock recovery using a directional frequency-phase detector
Tool for retracting fuel rods from and inserting fuel rods into a nuclear fuel assembly and methods therefor
BWR jet pump wedge keeper
I-Spring and associated ferrule assembly for a nuclear fuel bundle
Space for a fuel assembly of a nuclear power station
Counter for game machine
Electronic counter
Method of reconstruction of a three-dimensional image of an object
Method for scanning an examination subject with a CT device
Radiation tomography method and apparatus
Automated x-ray bone densitometer
Heat sink system
Method for manufacturing electric modules, and the electric module
Power heatsink for a circuit board
Zero height power unit shelf system
Sub-modular configurable avionics
Sheet-framed IC carrier and method for producing the same
Fixing apparatus for a mounting type card member
Integrated circuit board combining external contact zones and an antenna, and process for manufacturing such a board
Apparatus for the reduction of interfacial stress caused by differential thermal expansion in an integrated circuit package
Retention mechanism for tall PCB components
Electronic device mounting structure using electronic device mounting member and cushioning
Electronic package
Integrated circuit mounting board with bypass capacitors
Printed circuit board adapter
Multiple PCI card support
Fastening device for a housing
Fixed conductive pin for printed wiring substrate electronics case and method of manufacture therefor
Switching power supply unit
Regulation circuit for a power converter and method of operation thereof
Switching power circuit
Power-saving circuit for an AC/DC adaptor for a portable computer
Inverter apparatus
Power supply pulse width modulation (PWM) control system
Interconnection power converter and power generation apparatus using the same
Data processing device and method for the voltage supply of same
Fault tolerant active current sharing
Converter circuit having control means with capability to short-circuit converter output
Transformer/rectifier for aircraft ground power unit
AC waveform inverter power supply apparatus for metallic member joining or reflow soldering
Power conversion apparatus utilizing zero-phase power supply device that provides zero-phase sequence components
Power drive apparatus
Dynamic content addressable memory cell
Semiconductor memory with built-in cache
Die architecture accommodating high-speed semiconductor devices
Reduced impact from coupling noise in diagonal bitline architectures
Apparatus for minimization of data line coupling in a semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device and various systems mounting them
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and circuit for driving the same
Memory cell and method for programming thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and data writing method therefor
Method of controlling multi-state NROM
Nonvolatile memory with illegitimate read preventing capability
Programmable impedance device
Method of chisel programming in non-volatile memory by source bias
Biasing stage for biasing the drain terminal of a nonvolatile memory cell during the read phase
Writing apparatus for a non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Row decoding circuit for a semiconductor non-volatile electrically programmable memory and corresponding method
Non-volatile memory device
Late-write type semiconductor memory device with multi-channel data output multiplexer
Pseudo-static leakage-tolerant register file bit-cell circuit
Variable slope charge pump control
Method and circuit for regulating the output voltage from a charge pump circuit, and memory device using same
Sense amplifier of semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory with a decoder circuit having a redundancy relief function
Semiconductor memory and nonvolatile semiconductor memory having redundant circuitry for replacing defective memory cell
Redundancy circuit and redundancy method for semiconductor memory device
Program circuit suppressing stand-by current and permitting highly reliable operation, and semiconductor memory device using the program circuit
Method and apparatus for improving the testing, yield and performance of very large scale integrated circuits
Integrated semiconductor memory with a memory unit a memory unit for storing addresses of defective memory cells
Semiconductor device with external pins
Input/output line precharge circuit and semiconductor memory device adopting the same
Apparatus and method for a high-speed memory
Memory read amplifier circuit with high current level discrimination capacity
Low voltage level power-up detection circuit
Semiconductor memory device allowing reduction in current consumption
Multiport memory scheme
Error catch RAM for memory tester has SDRAM memory sets configurable for size and speed
Decoding of a register file
Semiconductor device
Memory system having flexible bus structure and method
Column select latch for SDRAM
Tri-stating address input circuit
Semiconductor storage device, and method for generating timing of signal for activating internal circuit thereof
Semiconductor device reconciling different timing signals
High data rate acoustic telemetry system
Fluidborne sound projector
Electronic equipment and control method for electronic equipment
Method of and apparatus for processing data transmitted through a communication line
Method and apparatus for controlling and reversing the position of optical pickup head
Method and apparatus for recording compressed variable bitrate audio information
Transducer repositioning
Optical disc reproducing apparatus
Servo system having track crossing detection for an optical disk drive system
Digital copy control method, digital recording medium, digital recording medium producing apparatus, digital reproducing apparatus and digital recording apparatus
Optical information reproduction device and signal processing circuit used therein
Method of processing signals for optical disc device and optical disc device utilizing two split photo detectors
Laser power control in information recording device
Recording apparatus and method, and reproducing apparatus and method
Data demodulating method and optical disk device using the method
Disk drive device having a housing and a flexible cable connected between the housing and a disk tray
Apparatus for ensuring operational clearance between a rotating disc type medium and a disc cartridge enclosing the medium
Optical pickup and optical device
Compact disc storage and retrieval system
Optical information recording medium, optical information recording method and optical information recording apparatus
Hybrid disc and method and apparatus for discriminating same
Slider for optical head
Spread spectrum communication apparatus
Wireless communications systems with standard and robust services and methods of operation thereof
Distributed restoration
Traffic management and flow prioritization on a routed computer network
Method and apparatus for controlling network bandwidth
Method and apparatus for reduction of call setup time using anticipation technique for multimedia applications in widely distributed networks
Methods of altering dynamic decision trees
Dynamic control of search duration in a wireless communication device
Satellite communication adaptive control coding
Asymmetric channel allocation for a mobile station in a CDMA communication network
Base station host apparatus used in mobile communication system which employs a site diversity receiving method and a signal processing method
Method of phase recovery in cellular communication systems
Method and radio communications system for allocating a radio channel
Method and apparatus for remotely confirming and receiving message received by a facsimile machine
Technique for copying a plurality of pages on an image forming apparatus
Image reader
Stochastic scanning documents to change moire effects
Image reading apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus using a volume holographic memory
WDM optical transmission system
Data bus for vehicles with a plurality of subscribers
Component for optical data transmission
Dispersion compensation apparatus including a fixed dispersion compensator for coarse compensation and a variable dispersion compensator for fine compensation
Optical transmitter
Semiconductor laser and optical system having a collimator lens
Scanning optical apparatus and laser scanning apparatus
Electrode connection method
Biasing system for an optical modulator with double output
Thermal tuning of optical amplifiers and use of same in wavelength division multiplexed systems
Microscope illumination and stereo viewing including camera ports
Illuminating light selection device for a microscope
Zoom lens with vibration reduction function
Aberration correcting apparatus and optical apparatus using the same
Light-transmitting optical member, manufacturing method thereof, evaluation method therefor, and optical lithography apparatus using the optical member
Rear-focus-type zoom lens
Afocal zoom lens, and microscope having the lens
Ultra-wide field of view concentric sensor system
Image readout lens and image readout apparatus using the same
Adjustable optical wedge
Method and apparatus for positioning and fixating an optical element
Miniature piezoelectric translators for optical applications
Optical head, disk apparatus, method for manufacturing optical head, and optical element
Method for installing electro-optical device to prism and manufacturing method for a projector
Tape reproduction apparatus and method
High-speed unified data interface for a read channel in a disk drive system
Apparatus and methods for low overhead highly reliable determination of rotational position of a magnetic storage medium
Ratio method for measurement of MR read head resistance
Reduced head population detection in a disc drive
Drive electronics employing unipolar last write for improved magnetic stability
Rotary head cleaning apparatus and magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus
Velocity limited loading of read heads onto disk drive media
Disk drive with zero read offset in reserved area and method of making same
Timing based servo system for magnetic tape systems
Head-positioning system with an improved fine tracking actuator control scheme
Method and apparatus for controlling a voice control motor in a hard disk drive
Cartridge mis-insertion preventing mechanism
Protective cover for a disc drive printed circuit board wherein the cover and a circuit board component are thermally connected
Floppy disk drive unit with contact preventing mechanism
Hard disk drive having ring head with predominantly perpendicular media fields
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same, and method of forming thin film coil
Roller guiding system for delivery of tape media along a tape path
Laser textured magnetic surface micro-ridges/grooves to enhance magnetic recording performance
Snap-in assembly of suspension limiter having both high shock and load/unload cycle capability
Low-stress disc drive microactuator cradle
Fault tolerant motor drive arrangement with independent phase connections and monitoring system
Electrical power distribution control system with dual voltage sources
Pulse-width modulator for controlling a semiconductor circuit breaker
Communication device
Electrostatic discharge protection clamp for high-voltage power supply or I/O with nominal-or high-voltage reference
Chuck having pressurized zones of heat transfer gas
Electrostatic chucking device
Monolithic ceramic electronic component and method for making the same
Electronic part and manufacturing method therefor
Method for manufacturing a polarized electrode for an electric double-layer capacitor
Electrical double layer capacitor
Solid electrolytic capacitor, and method of manufacturing the same
Keyboard engaging structure for notebook PC
Data storage housing
Cooling mechanism for electrical device having rolling shaft
Light level detecting and indicating method for image photographing and recording
CMOS image sensor with reduced fixed pattern noise
CMOS active pixel sensor using a pinned photo diode
Semiconductor image sensor with a plurality of different resolution areas
Flicker filter circuit
Low cost progressive scan television with special features
Method of selecting a digital closed captioning service
De-emphasis filter with integrated determination of achromatic values
Method and device for detecting an event in a program of a video and/ or audio signal and for providing the program to a display upon detection of the event
Method and system for combining video sequences with spatio-temporal alignment
Contour emphasizing circuit
Apparatus and method for controlling brightness in a monitor screen
Demodulating digital video broadcast signals
Projection type color liquid crystal display apparatus capable of enhancing optical utilization efficiency
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device having a slim driver chip
Liquid crystal reflective display
Color reflection type polarizer
Display device and method of manufacturing such a display device
Organic polymer O-plate compensator for improved gray scale performance in twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
Liquid crystal element and manufacture thereof
TFT-LCD having pixel electrode overlapping scan and data lines except at the intersection of lines
Liquid crystal display with wide viewing angle
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal device and process for production thereof
Method and system for fabricating an electrooptical device
High-precision-resolution image acquisition apparatus and method
Heat development apparatus
Image recording apparatus
Reticle alignment system for use in lithography
Stage system and exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method using the same
Exposure apparatus, method of controlling same, and device manufacturing method
Multi-beam light source unit, multi-beam scanner and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for improving pattern fidelity in diffraction-limited imaging
Stage system for exposure apparatus
Positioning apparatus for image capturing apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining a velocity
Optical measuring apparatus
Multiple-axis inclinometer for measuring inclinations and changes in inclination
Method for the automatic recognition of surface defects in body shells and device for carrying out said method
Defect-position identifying method for semiconductor substrate
High numerical aperture flow cytometer and method of using same
Broadband spectroscopic rotating compensator ellipsometer
Apparatus and method for detecting the position of a surface to be examined, exposure apparatus equipped with the detecting apparatus and method of producing the exposure apparatus, and method of producing devices using the exposure apparatus
Clearance measuring device and method for exposure
Sieving apparatus for a bio-chip
Method for measuring transmittance of optical members for ultraviolent use, synthetic silica glass, and photolithography apparatus using the same
Determination of light absorption pathlength in a vertical-beam photometer
Method and device for spectral measurements of laser beam
Ruggedized structure for fiber optic gyroscope
Acousto optic scanning laser vibrometer for determining the dynamic properties of an object
Apparatus for evaluating metalized layers on semiconductors
Information processing apparatus and method for transmitting printing information, and recording medium readable by a computer storing a program for transmitting printing information
Color correction apparatus and method in an image system
Method and apparatus for obtaining consumer video segments for the purpose of creating motion sequence cards
Method and system for address determination
Web browser printing enhancements
Image reproducing apparatus and an image reproducing system using the same
Image forming and color correcting system
Method of predicting and processing image fine structures
Head-mounted image display device and data processing apparatus including the same
Plasma display, driving apparatus of plasma display panel and driving system thereof
Drive circuit for display panel
Liquid crystal display device
Dual frequency cholesteric display and drive scheme
Multiple-tone display system
DAC driver circuit with pixel resetting means and color electro-optic display device and system incorporating same
Driving circuit for liquid crystal display in dot inversion method
Display device
Control system for display panels
Miniature track ball pointer with built-in selector
Article to be worn on the tip of a finger as a stylus
Bistable liquid crystal display device
Control circuit for liquid crystal display
Driving a memory display in a camera
Circuit and method for generating pixel data elements from analog image data and associated synchronization signals
Memory controller and liquid crystal display using the memory controller
Method and apparatus for controlling monitor using video signal
System and method for graphically annotating a waveform display in a signal-measurement system
Image shadow elimination method, image processing apparatus, and recording medium
Cockpit display having 3D flight path error symbology
Image processing apparatus
Simulated illumination of planar shapes
Image generation apparatus, image generation method, game machine using the method, and medium
Methods and apparatuses for controlling transformation of two and three-dimensional images
Method and apparatus for simulating movement in multidimensional space with polygonal projections from subhemispherical imagery
Displaying resource performance and utilization information
System an method for the visual display of data in an interactive split pie chart
Font processing apparatus in network environment and method thereof
Audio/video storage and retrieval for multimedia workstations
Display techniques for three dimensional virtual reality
Data bus compressing apparatus
System and method for the utilization of an electronic book
Method and apparatus for separating image data from a color system in image processing
Method of fast bi-cubic interpolation of image information
Circuit and method for compressing 10-bit video streams for display through an 8-bit video port
Graphic image generation and coding
Processing polygon strips
Method for editing objects representing writing on an electronic writeboard
Time-based media processing system
Zooming scale indicator in computer graphics
Web-based video-editing method and system using a high-performance multimedia software library
Information processing in which grouped information is processed either as a group or individually, based on mode
Region layout in a view on a graphical display screen
Ina xerographic printer, equalizing wear on the photoreceptor with a supplemental exposure step
Multiple sensor system for alarm determination with device-to-device communications
Method and apparatus for transmitting data between a position measuring system and an evaluation unit
Remote control paging and organizing assembly
Mobile security system and auto dialing unit used same
Video cassette reminder system
Current detector flood light lamp removal alarm
Method for synchronization between systems
Arrangement for an antenna resonant circuit for contactless transmission systems
Radio frequency identification transponder having a high gain antenna configuration
Bed control apparatus
Ice detector configuration for improved ice detection at near freezing conditions
Temperature monitor for temperature sensitive products
Dirty filter indicator
Remote control system suitable for a vehicle and having remote transmitter verification
Method and equipment for motorway control
Airport and runway laser lighting method
Map information displaying device
Map data transmitting apparatus, and computer readable recording medium having computer readable programs stored therein for causing computer to perform map data transmitting method
Keyboard and method for switching key code with a single modifier key
Information additive group code generator and decoder for communications systems
System and method for efficiently merging compressed data
Encoding and decoding apparatus with matching length detection means for symbol strings
Method and apparatus for reducing the time required for compressing data
R/D converter
Analog-to-digital level error automatic calibration circuit
Sigma-delta analog/digital converter with adaptive dither
Mixed-signal circuitry and integrated circuit devices
Built-in self test for integrated digital-to-analog converters
A/D conversion apparatus and a radio apparatus
Recycling A/D converter
FM-CW radar system for measuring distance to and relative speed of target
Low power radar level transmitter having reduced ground loop errors
Electronic switching interface for use in radar systems
Location based personal telephone routing system
Vehicle tracking and security system incorporating simultaneous voice and data communication
GPS receiver
Beam forming network having a cell reuse pattern and method for implementing same
Method and apparatus for calibrating an electronically scanned reflector
Fiber-optic, wideband array antenna beamformer
Establishing remote beam forming reference line
Off-axis indicator algorithm for electrically large antennas
Patch antenna apparatus with improved projection area
Microwave and millimeter wave circuit apparatus
Method of producing desired beam widths for antennas and antenna arrays in single or dual polarization
Surface-mount antenna and communication apparatus using the same
Phased array antenna with interconnect member for electrically connnecting orthogonally positioned elements used at millimeter wavelength frequencies
Switch structure for antennas formed on multilayer ceramic substrates
Dual disk active antenna
Compact dual mode integrated antenna system for terrestrial cellular and satellite telecommunications
Contrawound helical antenna
Electrical apparatus
Antenna with polarization converting auger director
Multiple frequency reflector antenna with multiple feeds
Feed horn having elliptic open end
Internally branch fed slotted coaxial antenna
RFID foil or film antennas
Method and system for initiating idle handoff in a wireless communications system
System and method for a multi-host subscriber loop
Telephone doubler arrangement
Asynchronous transfer mode switch with logical multicasting
Early availability of forwarding control information
Method of providing ATM path switched ring functionality
Hybrid scheme for queuing in a shared memory ATM switch buffer
Mobile communication system for communicating with an integrated services digital network
Backplane architecture for dynamic synchronous transfer mode
Logical multicasting method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for implementing time-based data flow control and network implementation thereof
Network termination
Method and apparatus for hierarchical management of subscriber link traffic on digital networks
Transmission/reception system and receiver
Telecommunication network with improved access protocol
Method and apparatus for flow control on a switched CSMA/CD network implementing BLAM
Communication network
Serially buffered medium translator
CDMA transmission of packet-switched data
Establishing and terminating connections in a mixed protocol network
High-speed, low-power continuous-time CMOS current comparator
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Integrated circuit having a comparator circuit including at least one differential amplifier
Method and apparatus for processing a measurement signal
Apparatus and method of generating numerically controlled oscillator signals
Output buffer circuit
Output driver
Circuit and method for generating a synchronous clock signal
PLL circuit which can reduce phase offset without increase in operation voltage
Clock skew removal apparatus
Duty cycle regulator
Duty-cycle correction driver with dual-filter feedback loop
Method and circuit of soft start and of power monitor for IC with multiple supplies
Method for selectively enabling alternative circuits
I/O tranceiver having a pulsed latch receiver circuit
Dual clock D type flip-flop
Television conference registration method and terminal thereof
Electronic still camera
System using a polar coordinate stage and continuous image rotation to compensate for stage rotation
Compact imaging device incorporating rotatably mounted cameras
Method and device for air-ground recognition for optoelectronic equipment
Vehicular camera system with plural perspectives
Image blur prevention apparatus including device for varying sampling period for sampling an operating signal for image blur prevention device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Remote installation and removal tool for video surveillance camera assembly
Image forming apparatus
Image information processing apparatus and method
Multi power type thermal head
Indicating device, specially in a vehicle
On-glass impedance matching antenna connector
Helical antenna with a built-in matching circuit
Optical amplifier for use in optical communications equipment
Optical amplifying apparatus
N:1 transcoder
Methods and apparatus for providing improved quality of packet transmission in applications such as internet telephony
Image processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Image communication apparatus for controlling a mechanical motion of a communication partner
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