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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Attractant enhanced apparatus for cats
Fish habitat
Trawl net layer-by-layer collecting device
Automatically setting fishing hook assembly
Pest borderline control system
System and method for determining the temperature of a semiconductor wafer
Customizable military helmet system
Method for the manufacture of cosmetic product applicators
Harness for use with breathing apparatus
Human torso scrubbing apparatus
Patient support systems for use with radiation therapy systems and other applications
Standalone open frame
Apparatus for organizing and storing sports equipment
Seat cushion and method of use thereof
Chair backrest elevating device
Device and associated methods for storing, displaying, and shaping items
Shelf assembly for customizable furniture
Hands-free toilet seat lifting device
Floor sweeper with cloth cleaning pad
System and method for detecting cardiac ischemia using an implantable medical device
Medical fluid delivery system
Blackjack and poker game combination
Performing Operations; Transporting
Drain pipe connector for fluid filters
Pivoting shoes for an impact crushing apparatus
Showerhead with enhanced pause mode
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Method and device for controlling a rolled product thickness at a tandem rolling mill exit
Hydroforming die adjustable for springback correction
Ring compression device and ring compression method
Apparatus for continuously performing localized and/or extended deformation on metallic conainers
Cast-in-place torsion joint
Method for manufacturing a drill bit
Continuous steel slab caster and methods using same
Soldering method and soldering apparatus
Solder ball
Fastener for a car-body straightening device
Effort-saving stapler
Window shade cutting apparatus
Method and apparatus for scribing tile
Common carrier
Method of manufacturing a liquid droplet spray device and such spray device
Liquid ejection head, liquid ejection apparatus and liquid ejection method
Printhead module for a inkjet printhead assembly
Reservoir assembly for a pagewidth printhead cartridge
Liquid-jetting device
Cartridge for ink jet recording and method for producing the same
Image forming apparatus
Recording apparatus and data processing method for recording apparatus
Element substrate, printhead, head cartridge, printing apparatus, and method for confirming electrical connection status of printhead and printing apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and control program for controlling a carriage upon conveyance failure
Oxidation shield for tires
Openable roof system for a motor car
Motor vehicle with a sliding door and an adjustable armrest
Vehicle seat, especially motor vehicle seat
Backpack convertible to a baby stroller
Layered technology for energy management of vehicle seating
Interior trim component and method of manufacturing the same
Engaging and fixing structure and engaging and fixing method
Seat belt system
Wiper blade
Vehicle comprising a pitch joint
Steering system with integrated strain gauge
Easy ejector seat with skeletal crash safety beam
Mobility assistance apparatus
Logical third axle bicycle gear train
Direct torque actuator control for control moment gyroscope
Hydrogen dispensing station and method of operating the same
Shopping bag handle
Removable locking container lid with outer skirt
Stopper member, a fluid dispenser comprising such a member, and a method of manufacturing such dispenser
Basket carrier
Break-away positioning conveyor mount for accommodating conveyor belt bends
Vacuum based pill singulator and counter based thereon
Sheet supplier and image forming apparatus incorporating same with friction and electrostatic separators with overlapping planes of projection
Medicine dispensing apparatus
Paper feeder and image forming apparatus
Printing system and method using alternating velocity and torque control modes for operating one or more select sheet transport devices to avoid contention
Accurate sheet leading edge registration system and method
Sheet conveyance device and image forming apparatus
Sheet conveyance device, image forming apparatus and image reading apparatus
Elevator and traction sheave of an elevator
Enhancement method and apparatus for escalator or moving walkway
Elevator installation, a guide rail of an elevator installation, brake equipment of an elevator installation and a method for guiding, holding and braking an elevator installation
Lift apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus and method for manufacturing plate glass
Methods for making optical fiber preforms and microstructured optical fibers
Cooled device for plasma depositing a barrier layer onto a container
Fixed Constructions
Security barrier
Fire hydrant security cap closure system
Bag dispensing receptacle for plunging apparatus
Bag dispensing receptacle for plunging apparatus
Locking pill bottle
Integrated snap and handling feature
Housing, operation panel including the housing, and image forming apparatus including the operation panel
Latching mechanism
Pivot device
Hinge assembly
Blocking element, particularly for a gate used as a checkpoint
Downhole lubrication system
Ultra-hard constructions with enhanced second phase
Impregnated drill bits and methods of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for supporting a downhole component in a downhole drilling tool
Equalized load distribution slips for spider and elevator
Solid gas migration control additives based on latex powders for cementing applications
Truck-mounted pumping system for treating a subterranean formation via a well with a mixture of liquids
Well treatment to inhibit fines migration
Simultaneous drilling and open hole wireline logging for drilling rigs
Permanently installed in-well fiber optic accelerometer-based sensing apparatus and associated method
Method and apparatus for introducing a geothermal probe into the earth
Mining and demolition tool
Cutter bit insert removal system and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
External combustion engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine and device for implementing the method
Exhaust gas purification system for internal combustion engine
Regeneration control method for a particle filter
Catalyst deterioration detection device
Transmission thermostat device
Piston pin with slide layer for connecting rod eye for internal combustion engines
Fuel economizer fuel vapor system for internal combustion engine
Clamp for corrugated tube
Locking clip for a billboard sign tensioning system
Synchronizer device
Gear pairs for power transmission in speed increaser or reducer and methods of forming the same
Excess flow valve
Modular stand with mounting provisions
Device comprising an outflow bend and a pipe clamp and mounting structure comprising such a device
Joint structure of steel pipe and light metal pipe
Apparatus and method for pyrolysis of scrap tyres and the like
Reduction of diluent nitrogen compressor power using vapor absorption chiller
Air conditioning apparatus
Air conditioning apparatus
Configurable refrigerator
Refrigerating appliance
High pressure mister fan cooling system
Cylinder with polycrystalline diamond interior
Method and device for determining motion parameters of a conductive, profiled surface
Automated method and apparatus for processor thermal validation
Sensor and a method of making a sensor
Sampling apparatus
Apparatus for use in sample monitoring
Rotating carriage assembly for use in scanning cargo conveyances transported by a crane
Ultrasonic sensor and self diagnostic method of the same
Method and apparatus for detecting flaws in a railhead
Method of investigating a coated surface of an object
Methods and apparatus for insitu analysis of gases in electronic device fabrication systems
System for and method of monitoring properties of a fluid flowing through a pipe
Transducer with decoupled sensing in mutually orthogonal directions
Near-field photo-lithography using nano light emitting diodes
Splice tray arrangement
Three-dimensional photonic crystal and functional device including the same
Optical waveguide displacement sensor
Light-emitting textile structure, in particular for medical purposes, and use thereof
Fiber optic ribbon subunits having ends with different shapes
Image forming apparatus
Printer and control method for printer
System and method for setup of toner concentration target for a toner concentration sensor
Image forming device having replaceable drum unit and developing unit
Image forming device
Image forming method and apparatus with a transfer belt
Developing unit with pressing guide mechanisms and image forming device having the developing unit
Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Base frame and parking brake device
Method for measuring and compensating for skews of data transmission lines by compensating for skew by delay elements switched in response to the calculated reative skew
Apparatus and method for generating a delayed clock signal
Firmware interfacing with network protocol offload engines to provide fast network booting, system repurposing, system provisioning, system manageability, and disaster recovery
Task-oriented processing as an auxiliary to primary computing environments
Method and apparatus for high-speed network adapter failover
Method and apparatus for device error log persistence in a logical partitioned data processing system
Data modulation method and apparatus capable of suppressing DC component using parity information of synchronization codeword
Hardware updated metadata for non-volatile mass storage cache
Accessing multiple copies of RAM distributed throughout an ASIC/FPGA and maintaining their content consistency
Method and apparatus for generating diagnoses of network problems
Systems and methods for generating video summary image layouts
Rendering page sets
Method and apparatus for maintaining state information for web pages using a directory server
System and method providing API interface between XML and SQL while interacting with a managed object environment
System and method for routing electronic documents
Communication system and method for using any communication network therewith
Network communication authentication
Authentication using portion of social security number
Fast pattern processor including a function interface system
Method for associating a first address with a second address of reduced size for directly addressing a context memory on a computer
Method and apparatus for interpreting information
Mixed content flexibility for XML editors
Systems and methods for employing an orthogonal corpus for document indexing
System and method for tokening documents
Configuring a graphical user interface on a multifunction peripheral
Support of a wavetable based sound synthesis in a multiprocessor environment
Automatic generation of a dimensional model for business analytics from an object model for online transaction processing
System and method for analytically modeling data organized according to non-referred attributes
System and method for joint optimization of language model performance and size
Link management of document structures
Copy process substituting compressible bit pattern for any unqualified data objects
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for enhancing a power distribution system in a ceramic integrated circuit package
Implicit frame-based processing for block-diagram simulation
Methods for producing equivalent field-programmable gate arrays and structured application specific integrated circuits
Worked product appearance inspection method and system therefore
Method of setting destinations of electronic mail
Synchronized graphics and region data for graphics remoting systems
System and method for designing electronic forms and hierarchical schemas
Methods and apparatus for electronic device manufacturing system monitoring and control
Method for dividing structured documents into several parts
Multiplication logic circuit
Method of optimizing the performance of a computer and a main non-volatile memory unit optimized using specific-use sections
Method, system, device and computer program for mutual authentication and content protection
Instruction control device and method therefor
Data processing system using multiple addressing modes for SIMD operations and method thereof
Run-time wait tracing using byte code insertion
System and method for incrementally saving web files to a web server using file hash values
Method and system for recording macros in a language independent syntax
Dynamic instrumentation for a mixed mode virtual machine
Techniques for grouping circuit elements into logic blocks
Facilitating communication with automotive vehicle buses
System and method for the logical substitution of processor control in an emulated computing environment
Selective process restart based on API changes
Executing programs for a first computer architecture on a computer of a second architecture
Method and system for analyzing performance of a turbine
Multilayer element with an identification which can be read optically by a machine
Point-of-sale terminal system with integrated RF card reader and interchangeable base
Automatic target recognition system with Elliptical Laplacian Pyramid filter
Method of driving surveillance camera by using rotary electric machine
Computerized methods and systems related to the detection of malignancy-associated changes (MAC) to detect cancer
Defect inspection method and apparatus
Method and apparatus of generating three dimensional image data having one file structure and recording the image data on a recording medium, and recording medium for storing the three dimensional image data having one file structure
Dynamic gesture recognition from stereo sequences
Conversion of output device color values to minimize image quality artifacts
In-plane rotation invariant object detection in digitized images
System and method for processing symbols embedded in digital video
Searching device, searching method and program
High quality anti-aliasing
System, method and software product for ordering image products over a communication network from a plurality of different providers having various business relationships
System and method for generating a service level agreement template
Method of authorizing automated banking machine use responsive to user data read from data bearing records
Pop-up article
Accessory for a display screen
Display over the sleeve
Magneto-optical display elements
Acoustic base tray for a dishwashing appliance, and associated method
Memory module and method for operating a memory module in a data memory system
Connector for interfacing intravascular sensors to a physiology monitor
Processes for IC fabrication
Energy information system and sub-measurement board for use therewith
General purpose 100% solid state drive for direct current rotary machines
Power tool and method for controlling a power tool
Phase detector system with asynchronous output override
Method, system and program product for autonomous error recovery for memory devices
Output power error absorbing circuit and multi-carrier transmitter having the same
Circuit and method for dynamically modifiable signal processor
Multi-beam antenna transmitter/receiver and transmitting/receiving method and transmission beam selection method
Dispersion compensation method in optical communication system having optical add drop multiplexing capability
Method and apparatus for monitoring the power level of two or more optical transmitters
Apparatus and method for simultaneous channel and optical signal-to-noise ratio monitoring
Compensation of temperature-induced dispersion drift in optical communication links
Idle-pattern output control circuit used in a Gigabit Ethernet-passive optical network
Digital signal receiver operating beyond the -3dB frequency
System and method of conforming wireless devices to worldwide regulations
Optical transmission systems including optical switching devices, control apparatuses, and methods
AM to FM correction system for a polar modulator
Maximum ratio transmission
Single-carrier receiver having a channel equalizer interacting with a Trellis decoder and a channel equalization method therefor
Method and apparatus for programmable sampling clock edge selection
Unit for determining the sampling phase
Remote controlled computer system and method of operating the same
Information recording/reproducing apparatus with security measure
Mobile communication terminal having detachable wireless display window, and operation method thereof
Portable telephone with reduced specific absorption rate and improved efficiency
Systems and methods for enhancing the provisioning and functionality of wireless instruments
Power management within a wireless communication system
Coded data control device
Wireless video transmission system
Systems and methods for generating a comprehensive user attention model
Facilitating 802.11 roaming by pre-establishing session keys
Method and apparatus for high throughput multiple radio sectorized wireless cell
Method and base station controller for handover of simultaneous voice and data sessions
System and method for providing information to a portable terminal
Service subscription in a communication system
Wireless private branch exchange (WPBX) and communicating between mobile units and base stations
Sound processing system including forward filter that exhibits arbitrary directivity and gradient response in single wave sound environment
Printed circuit board bonding device
Method of manufacturing a printed wiring board
Operating device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Digital-to-film radiographic image conversion including a network
Digital x-ray imaging apparatus with a multiple position irradiation source and improved spatial resolution
Reduced-angle mammography device and variants
Volumetric computed tomography (CT) fluoroscopy system for small animal studies
Image processing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for recycling a toner cartridge
Magnetic media with texturing features formed by selectively non-uniform laser beams
Power supply apparatus
Method of calibrating an apparatus for producing a three-dimensional object, calibration apparatus and method and apparatus for producing a three-dimensional object
Method and system for predicting print quality degradation in an image forming device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Single-channel attenuators
Mechanical gauges for quality assurance of laser peening
Method for the production of multi-layer systems
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for the operation of an electromagnetic servo mechanism
Control circuit for solenoid valve assembly
Optical element having an integral surface diffuser
Computer/keyboard built into refrigerator door
Instruments for analyzing binding assays based on attenuation of light by thin films
Spectroscopic scatterometer system
Determining a depth
Vehicle alignment sensor system
Two-particle interferometer apparatus that removes an undesired anti-fringe output
Hetrodyne interferometer and associated interferometric method
Timer control circuit
PMD compensator
Apparatus and method for determining the active dopant profile in a semiconductor wafer
Beam splitting analyzer means in rotating compensator ellipsometer
Device for measuring the complex refractive index and thin film thickness of a sample
Arrangement for detecting biomolecular reactions and interactions
Near infrared spectrometry for real time analysis of substances
Laser spectroscopy system
Instrument for rapidly characterizing material reflectance properties
Waveguide structures
Apparatus and methods for time-resolved spectroscopic measurements
Raman system for rapid sample indentification
Gap/edge bead detection system
System and method for counting parts in multiple fields of view using machine vision
System and method for classifying an anomaly
Digital high resolution X-ray imaging
Apparatus and method for adjusting a collimator
Apparatus and method for restoring fiber optic communications network connections
Current limiting apparatus
Magnetic disk apparatus including magnetic head having multilayered reproducing element using tunneling effect
Three dimensional optical scanner
Apparatus and method for triggerable location reporting
Locating method and arrangement
System and method for adaptive interference cancelling
Seismic cable with sensor elements being heavier than the cable
Bird communications system in a marine seismic cable
Timed shooting with a dynamic delay
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic imaging of a cased well
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens
Lighting device for a surgical microscope
Apparatus and methods relating to spatially light modulated microscopy
Ultra-broadband UV microscope imaging system with wide range zoom capability
Microscope, in particular a stereomicroscope, and a method of superimposing two images
Night vision device
Direct-view-type confocal point optical system
Lighted magnifying device incorporating a light emitting diode
Integrated micro-optical systems
Detachable monocular display
Pattern reading apparatus
Integral image, method and device
Garnet crystal for Faraday rotator and optical isolator having the same
Positive dispersion optical fiber having large effective area
Optical fiber with improved cross-sectional profile and optical gain media using same
Method of writing a bragg diffraction grating
Diffraction grating device
Method of fabricating an optical component
Singlemode lightwaveguide-coupling element
Optical notch filters based on two-dimensional photonic band-gap materials
Optical cross connect switching array system with optical feedback
Dual refraction index collimator for an optical switch
Narrow band wavelength division demultiplexer and method of demultiplexing optical signals
Reflecting-mirror-type variable optical attenuator
Non-adhesive mechanical fiber connection
Holding device for dense wavelength division multiplexers
Light guide path element and optical pickup
Semiconductor light emitting element coupled with optical fiber
Apparatus, assembly, and method for making micro-fixtured lensed assembly for optoelectronic devices and optical fibers
Optical waveguide coupler for interconnection of electro-optical devices
Optomodule and connection configuration
Optoelectronic transceiver module with additional grounding
Fiber management frame having movable work platform
Optical-fiber cable containing thermally bonded fiber optic buffer tubes and fabrication process
Edge-bonded splittable optical-fiber ribbon
Fiber optic cable and optical transmission system
Method for producing solid-state imaging device
Disposition structure of zoom drive gear for a camera
Optical pulse generation system for generating optical pulses having high duty ratio
Method and apparatus for coupling to regions in an optical modulator
External optical modulation using non-co-linear compensation networks
Two-photon, three-or four-dimensional, color radiation memory
Reflective display device and a light source for a display device
Coupler-based programmable phase logic device
Waterproof type photographing apparatus and package for lens-fitted photo film unit
Lens device
Face image photographing apparatus and face image photographing method
Controlled gain projection screen
Projection screen apparatus including holographic optical element
Optical system for integrated circuit fabrication
Monitor pattern for photolithography
Document printer/copier with decoupleable drum-support member
Image forming apparatus and method for electrifying and developing bias control features
Electrostatic image-forming apparatus controlled to compensate for film thinning
Sealing member which prevents contamination when removed and container having the sealing member
Replaceable unit having a function of identifying a new/used state thereof and apparatus operable with the replacement unit
Color image forming apparatus with rack having detachable units
Hologram and process for producing hologram
Electronic watch and drive method therefor
Time interval and event display device
Time message delivery CD player alarm clock
Security system using modular timers
Stabilized DC power supply device
Clock divider with bypass and stop clock
Nested flip cover lid for a hand-held computing system
Cradle for supporting a PDA and similar portable electronic devices
Illuminating electrical jack system
Mounting assembly for electronic device
EMC protection in digital computers
Baffle system for air cooled computer assembly
Memory modules with high speed latched sense amplifiers
Method for dividing image
Endianess independent memory interface
Signal detect circuitry for a passive GBIC module
Medium and method for protection of data reproduction according to both medium protection data and apparatus protection data
System and method for separating a print stream into an electronic document print stream and a physical document print stream
Video communication system, video communication processing method and storage medium thereof
Method and apparatus for setting programmable features of an appliance
Image forming apparatus
Image processing device
Electrostatic discharge protection of a capacitve type fingerprint sensing array
Method and apparatus for rolled fingerprint capture
Synchronizing readers of hidden auxiliary data in quantization-based data hiding schemes
Feature value extraction methods and apparatus for image recognition and storage medium for storing image analysis program
Electronic classified advertising interface method and instructions with direct ad access for advertisers
Detecting costophrenic angles in chest radiographs
Super resolution methods for electro-optical systems
Crominance channel overshoot control in image enhancement
Digital video filter sequence for bandwidth constrained systems
Process for inspecting an object
Image processing apparatus and method, and medium therefor
Efficient motion estimation for an arbitrarily-shaped object
Spatio-temporal recursive motion estimation with 1/2 macroblock and 1/4 pixel undersampling
Micro region count image texture characterization
Methods and apparatus for reduction of prediction modes in motion estimation
Apparatus and method for encoding zerotrees generated by a wavelet-based coding technique
Moving picture encoding method and apparatus
Picture signal processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for histological and physiological biometric operation and authentication
Iris imaging telephone security module and method
Method and system for generating a simulated reverberation audio signal
Systems and methods for passively compensating transducers
Floor impact noise suppressor in a multi-storied building
Speech recognition using telephone call parameters
Magneto-optical disk apparatus capable of accurately enlarging and reproducing a magnetic domain and method of reproducing the same
Magneto-optical recording medium having a heat-sink layer
Magneto-optical recording method using the relation of beam diameter and an aperture of converging lens
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic reproducing method
Disc drive disc clamp for exerting an equalized clamping force on a disc
Drive tray
Pilot lamp current consumption reduction system for a flexible magnetic disk drive or the like
EFM demodulation circuit and method
Method and apparatus for writing and reading optical recording medium
Data recording and/or reproducing apparatus and method for detecting sector defects
Optical disk, an optical disk device, and a method of managing defects in an optical disk
Tilt angle adjusting mechanism for optical pickup head
Head flight characterization using thermal asperity detection
Self-loading disc head slider having multiple steps approximating a leading taper
Disk drive unit having multiple disks arranged in a plane
video cassette recorder having preamplifier incorporated with main board
Apparatus reproducing signals on slow reproduction
Method and apparatus for recording program data without commercials
Information reproducing method, information reproducing apparatus and information recording/reproducing apparatus
Magnetic recording-reproduction device
Rewritable DVD-RAM disc
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Thin film magnetic head and magnetic disk apparatus including the same
High density multi-coil magnetic write head having a reduced yoke length and short flux rise time
Track width control of readback elements with ions implantation in a bounding region of tip portion to selectively deactivate magnetic sensitivity thereof
Tunnel magnetoresistance effect element
Differential detection magnetoresistance head with laminated structure
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Edge contact protection feature for a disc drive head
Head assembly having an apertured reinforcing plate cooperatively attached to a load beam to prevent excessive movement of components of the head assembly
Disk drive recording apparatus having actuator arm with dual heads and head switching control method
Integrated lead suspension with IC chip and method of manufacture
Microintegrated structure with protection against contaminating particles
Method of measuring the read-to-write offset in a disc drive having separate read and write elements
Magnetic-tape library system and method for controlling positioning of accessor to magnetic-tape drive
Disk drives
Optical storage devices without mass transfer and spots
Restoration of data and asymmetry compensation in an optical disk reproducing system
Laser drive integrated circuit and optical disk apparatus using the same
Optical disk, optical disk recording apparatus and method, and optical disk playback apparatus and method
Information recording method for recording a recording signal and a dummy signal added to a leading or/and trailing side of the recording signal
Optical reproduction apparatus for reproducing information from an optical recording medium having wobbled pits
Tracking system for a reproducing apparatus switchable between first and second tracking controls based on discriminating between first MD type 1 and second MD type 2 optical discs
Integrated optical element, optical pickup, and optical disk device
Apparatuses and methods for reading after writing in optical recording systems
Recording medium, information reproducing apparatus, information recording apparatus, and information recording and reproducing apparatus
Magnetic head with tunneling magnetoresistive element biased by current controller
Current driver configuration for MRAM
Magnetization drive method, magnetic functional device, and magnetic apparatus
Memory device having memory cells capable of four states
All metal giant magnetoresistive memory
Ferroelectric memory device
Method for driving nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device
Dynamic DRAM refresh rate adjustment based on cell leakage monitoring
Semiconductor memory device
Multilevel cell memory architecture
Bit map addressing schemes for flash memory
Vertically stacked field programmable nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication
Relational content addressable memory
Dynamic content addressable memory cell
Multi-state non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile memory with background operation function
Electronic apparatus
Flash EEPROM with on-chip erase source voltage generator
Method for manufacturing non-volatile memory cell array
Erase method for nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method for protecting an over-erasure of redundant memory cells during test for high-density nonvolatile memory semiconductor devices
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with defect detection
Shift register circuit
Methods for testing a group of semiconductor devices simultaneously, and devices amenable to such methods of testing
Method for generating memory addresses for testing memory devices
Integrated circuit test systems that use direct current signals and impedance elements to improve test signal transmission speed and reduce test signal distortion
Semiconductor memory integrated circuit operating at different test modes
Slaved supply for serial link, of master slave type
Interface circuit for using in high-speed semiconductor device and interfacing method
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device and bit line connecting method thereof
Synchronous semiconductor memory device and method for operating same
Semiconductor memory device capable of masking data to be written
Clock synchronization semiconductor memory device
tRCD margin
Method of constructing a very wide, very fast distributed memory
SDRAM having posted CAS function of JEDEC standard
Delay-locked loop with binary-coupled capacitor
Semiconductor memory device and method of operation having delay pulse generation
Self-time scheme to reduce cycle time for memories
Sequence circuit and semiconductor device using sequence circuit
4T memory with boost of stored voltage between standby and active
Compliant joint between electrical components
Spin valve head, production process thereof and magnetic disk device
Capacitor with extended surface lands and method of fabrication therefor
Center molded capacitor
Electrode for electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, and manufacturing method therefor
Capacitor switch with external resistor and insertion whip
Arc-extinguishing circuit and arc-extinguishing method
Multilayered board comprising folded flexible circuits
Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device producing method
Capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Ceramic electrostatic chuck assembly and method of making
Nonvolatile memory device having bulk bias contact structure in cell array region
Retaining clamp for cooling fins
Apparatus and methods for attaching thermal spreader plate to an electronic card
Heatsink apparatus for de-coupling clamping forces on an integrated circuit package
Electronic module including a cooling substrate and related methods
Heat dissipation for electronic components
Multilayered wiring board
Heat sink and thermal interface having shielding to attenuate electromagnetic interference
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof, circuit board, and electronic instrument
System and method for the monolithic integration of a light emitting device and a photodetector using a native oxide semiconductor layer
Silicon thin film structure for optoelectronic devices and method for fabricating the same
Optical window signal generator
Compact optical amplifier module
Polarization and wavelength stable superfluorescent sources using Faraday rotator mirrors
Cladding member for optical fibers and optical fibers formed with the cladding member
Optical amplifier
Optical amplifier
Optical amplifier spectral tilt controllers
Injection mode-locking Ti-sapphire laser system
Multistage optical amplifier with gain flattening
System and method for high-speed laser detection of ultrasound
Raman amplifier
Process for selecting optical sources for communication system
Partial reflective laser output device
Asymmetric waveguide electroabsorption-modulated laser
Apparatus for light amplification
Fiber frequency locker
Surface emitting semiconductor laser with oxidized post structure
Fault-current protective switchgear
Magnetizing inrush restraint method and relay for protection of power transformers
Circuit for indicating abnormality of three-mode surge absorber of public electric power and a multiple-end fuse
Electric power distribution system employing a fight-through switch
DC/DC converter and control method thereof
Charge pump circuit
DC/DC conversion circuit having a switching frequency proportional to power output
Resonant power converter
Switching power supply
Auxiliary output voltage control circuit of flyback power converter with a magnetic amplifier
DC/DC ZVS full bridge converter power supply method and apparatus
Power converters with AC and DC operating modes and methods of operation thereof
Alexander topology resonance energy conversion and inversion circuit utilizing a series capacitance multi-voltage resonance section
Overvoltage protection
Method and apparatus for reducing convergence time
Phase detector with adjustable set point
Phase-locked loop circuitry for programmable logic devices
Dect-based radio station
Method of reducing complexity using statistics of path metrics in a trellis decoder
Communication system for driving pairs of twisted pair links
Wireless interface for electronic devices located in enclosed spaces
Tracking loop realization with adaptive filters
Processing for improved performance and reduced pilot
CDMA mobile communications system and method with improved channel estimation and pilot symbol transmission
Safe repair of malfunction in optical communication system
Monitoring of nonlinear effects
Method and apparatus for tone tracking in wireless optical communication systems
Mobile data terminal with an infrared communication capability
Lamp apparatus for use in optical communication and a process for producing the same
WDM optical transmission apparatus
System and method for per-band optical amplification
MEMS-based polarization mode dispersion compensator
Polarization mode dispersion measurement
Radio equipment and peripheral apparatus
Compensating for initial signal interference exhibited by differential transmission lines
Equipment and processes for echo suppression with adaptive fir filters
Power consumption reduction method in a digital mobile radio system and a mobile radio station
CDMA communication system and its transmission power control method
Pilot signal detection and radio communication terminal apparatus
Multi-station transmission method and receiver for inverse transforming two pseudo-orthogonal transmission sequences used for metric calculation and base station selection based thereon
Antenna diversity switching system for TDMA-based telephones
Time synchronization method in CDMA system
Channel-adaptive radio modem
System and method for coding in a telecommunications environment using orthogonal and near-orthogonal codes
GPS synchronized data communications link
Frame synchronizer
Method and apparatus for transmitting control information over an audio data stream
Packet transmitter-receiver and packet receiver
Systems for monitoring command execution time
System and method for emulating a distributed network
Arbitration scheme for a serial interface
Detecting and counting open ordered sets originating from an attached node port
Network transceiver having a LED interface operable in parallel and serial modes
Communications system for transmission of datagram packets over connection-oriented networks
Multimedia switching system
Method and apparatus for routing cells having different formats among service modules of a switch platform
System and method for connecting a call with an interworking system
Method and apparatus for using ATM queues for segmentation and reassembly of data frames
Asynchronous transfer mode switch
Method for transmitting label switching control information using the open shortest path first opaque link state advertisement option protocol
ATM connection accelerator for use in communication networks
Token ring network topology discovery and display
Apparatus and method for sharing an external memory between multiple network switches
IP multicast over routed ATM network using lane
Method and apparatus for connecting network segments
Middleware-based real-time communication system
Method and apparatus for dynamic packet batching with a high performance network interface
Distributed control of service category request mapping
System for creating switched virtual circuits to transport information over an ATM network
Apparatus and method for scheduling multiple and simultaneous traffic in guaranteed frame rate in ATM communication system
Combined header parameter table for ATM node
Method of optimizing routing decisions over multiple parameters utilizing fuzzy logic
ATM switching apparatus applicable to short cell
System and method for dynamic radio resource allocation for non-transparent high-speed circuit-switched data services
Voice messaging system
Splitterless ethernet DSL on subscriber loops
Frequency decimated DMT modulation modem
Automatic gain control type demodulation apparatus having single automatic gain control circuit
Internet differentiated services service for transaction applications
System and method for reducing capacity demand of ethernet switch controller
Communication system with communication route retrieval and selection function
Method for allocating network resources
High speed TCP/IP stack in silicon
System for network transcoding of multimedia data flow
Establishing a packet network call between a mobile terminal device and an interworking function
Digital combining of forward channels in a base station
Key recovery process used for strong encryption of messages
Method and apparatus for regenerating secret keys in Diffie-Hellman communication sessions
Technique for producing a parameter, such as a checksum, through a primitive that uses elementary register operations
Telephone set having storage cavity, for receiving handset
System and method for providing service assurance for prepaid telecommunication services
Method for interactively entering alphanumeric text into a multiline display device using a keypad
System and method for providing visual indication of caller and telephony platform information on customer premises equipment
Non-volatile memory platform for digital answering systems
Electronic document answering machine
Method and apparatus for answering a telephone with speech
Data communication using a modifiable number of XDSL modems
Telephone filter arrangement
Method for tracking connection of service provider customers via customer use patterns
Method and apparatus for charging a fee to a party initiating a telephone call when the party is not on an authorization list associated with the called party
System and method for providing call information in real time
Wireless communication system for location based schedule management and method therefor
Methods and apparatus for providing external access to executable call flows of a network application
Automatic interrupt for image forming devices
System and method for communicating real-time facsimiles over data networks
Photographic process printer with graded index lens
Image processing system, image processing method, image transmitting system, and image transmitting method
Method for receiving information, apparatus for receiving information and medium
Mounting system for two-dimensional scanner
Method and apparatus for recording streaming video data upon selection of alternative subject matter
Method of coding and decoding image
Data coding method and apparatus therefor
Audio and video signals recording apparatus having signal format detecting function
Video signal processing apparatus
Method and arrangement for establishing an encrypted mobile connection
System and method for retrofitting existing building telecommunications infrastructures
Method and system for high-speed interface access to a computer network using a subscriber telephone line
High speed transfer of failure information in an ATM network
Method and apparatus for obtaining telephone status over a network
Communication content recording apparatus and method
Data transmission method and base station system
Cellular/PCS CDMA system with increased sector capacity by using two radio frequencies
Radio communication system and method using space-division multiple access
Path connection control system and control method thereof in CDMA mobile communication system
Utilization of plural multiple access types for mobile telecommunications
Simultaneous paging signal sending system, sending method used therefor, and recording medium on which control program therefor is recorded
Radio handset and position location system
Method and apparatus for acquiring service in a "border area"
Handover from a microcell layer to a macrocell layer in a two-layer cell of a telecommunication network
Acoustic elements and method for sound processing
Optical-interference microphone
Telephone with a receiver arousing bone-conduction and air-conduction hearing
Headphone having several speakers
Electric heating devices and elements
Circuit board coupled with jacks
Cable management solution for rack mounted computing components
Method and apparatus to facilitate removal and installation of removable components
Switch integral to a latch assembly
Air-flow balancing card guide frame
Fan shroud and method of securing a fan
Microprocessor heat sink retention module
Conforming shielded form for electronic component assemblies
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