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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Walk-behind tiller with adjustable handle mechanism
Raised garden bed system including sprinkler system, and the like
Self-regulating greenhouse
Apparatus for terrarium systems
Apparatus and method for forming a cart
Multipurpose ant bait
Selective hydroxamic acid based MMP-12 and MMP-13 inhibitors
Methods for treating non-small cell lung cancer using 5-azacytidine
Baked composition
Garments for post mastectomy surgery
Wall hanging system
Gas grill with side oven
System for accessing a body orifice
Flexible, selectively rotatable tissue retractor and method for using the retractor
Laparoscopic retractor
Oval tibia guide
Device for supporting an elongated body and for the controlled translational movement of the same
Surgical manipulator for a telerobotic system
System and method for determining sheath location
Tethering capsule system
System and method of ultrasound image processing
Single operation control mechanism for a pressurized gas oral cleaning appliance
Face and mouth muscle stimulator
Pressure sensing gastric banding system
Adjustable mandible joint system
Method of tendon repair with amnion and chorion constructs
Two part intersomatic implant
Electrical conduction block implant device
Brace installation device
Adjustable mandibular advancement device
Device for storing and dosing a solvent
Substituted pyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazines as tankyrase inhibitors
Substituted pyrano[2,3-B]pyrazines as herbicides
5-lipoxygenase-activating protein (FLAP) inhibitors
Inhibitors of STAT3 and uses thereof
Conjugates of hydroxyalkyl starch and a protein
Method for treatment of anxiety
Pharmaceutical formulation
Modified ribonucleases
Isolated protein and compositions comprising the protein
Cosmetic compositions with near infra-red (NIR) light-emitting material and methods therefor
Cannula with associated filter and methods of use during cardiac surgery
Discharge apparatus having compressed gas support
Door mounted exercise devices and systems
Portable neck exercise device
Method of controlling an exercise apparatus
Shooting equipment shooting direction control system for shooter game
Communication device and method between an audiovisual information playback system and an electronic game machine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separation and/or purification of B.sub.0 from C.sub.0
Baffle chamber draining valve
Double helix grease filter
Natural evaporation humidifier
Wet scrubber and a method of cleaning a process gas
Purification system of fluid charged with particles by force of thermophoresis
Scrubber unit arrangement
Method for potting ceramic capillary membranes
Method of using a crosslinked polymer-carbon sorbent for the removal of heavy metals, toxic materials and carbon dioxide
Integrated ethanol and biodiesel facility
Processes for making catalysts with metal halide precursors
Advanced ceramic catalyst
Method and apparatus for reducing the size of materials
Containment and product extraction of grain endosperm
Shower head having an electric tankless water heater
Rotary atomization coating device
Substantially defect-free sound and vibration damping coating
Silicon-containing materials with controllable microstructure
Composition and method for cleaning and lubricating valves and slides within musical instruments
Method for manufacturing printed circuit board including flame retardant insulation layer
Preparations, their production and use
Soil remediation process
Method for coding a drilling device
Portable workpiece stopping device including detailed method of use
Method and apparatus for polishing with abrasive charged polymer substrates
Workpiece transporting apparatus and method for transporting the same
Parallel mechanism having three-dimensional translations and one-dimensional rotation
Scraper chef knife
Hydraulically-actuated, horizontal flush-cut radial concrete saw and trip hazard removal method
Hot drape forming by means of a stiffness controlled vacuum bag
In-situ foam core structural energy management system and method of manufacture
Self-propelling sprue bar shutoff device
Method of manufacturing of sheets with varying concentrations of particles
VOC or compressed gas containment device made from a polyoxymethylene polymer
Moldable thermoplastic inserts
Silicone composition and a method for preparing the same
Textured substrate provided with a stack having thermal properties
Insulation apparatus and method
Printing apparatus, printing control method, and program
Paper holder
Sample dispenser applicator for mascara
Adhesive backed skins and grips for handheld devices
Vehicle wheel with integral inserts
Heating and air conditioning unit for motor-vehicles
Hybrid hydraulic vehicle drive system
Apparatus and system for low voltage direct current at industrial power recharging of hybrid high occupancy capacity on-road transportation vehicles
Pivot retainer
Modular dynamically adjustable suspension system for trailers
Boat lighting system
Airbag with deflector
Airbag module
Chainsaw rack for pickup trucks, off road utility vehicles and the like
Travel trailer stabilizer system
Brake system for a motor vehicle
Refuse collection device
Sled with a calf-securing strap
Wire pulling assist device
Water scavenging system
Litter box cleaning kit
Egg carton with an egg-opening apparatus
Tube container with an integral accessory panel
Mobile applicator lid with seal arrangement
Strap receivable water kettle cap
Multi-purpose item protector and methods of production thereof
Apparatus for conveying eggs
Terminal end mounted prosthetic device
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus
Dispensing bottle for liquid solutions
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Energy and/or material transport including phase change
Contamination free compression of corrosive gas
Multilayer ceramic structure and method for producing the same
Curable polysiloxane coating composition
Retardation film, polarizing plate, liquid crystal display and manufacturing method of retardation film
Use of a lubricant
Insulation panel
Methods and compositions for anti-EGFR treatment
Method and kit for detection of cancer, and therapeutic agent for cancer
Method for producing multicyclical ring systems carrying amino groups
Detection of nucleic acids and proteins
Polynucleotides for enhancing expression of a polynucleotide of interest
Process for producing unsaturated fatty acid-containing oils
Vector, vector combinations, methods and kit thereof
Homologous pairing capture assay and related methods and applications
System and method including analytical units
Human immunodeficiency virus antiviral screening assay involving the detection of CEM15 expression
Imprint system for performing a treatment on a template
Combined injection module for sequentially injecting source precursor and reactant precursor
Method and chemistry for selenium electrodeposition
Transcription chip
Textiles; Paper
Fixed Constructions
Railroad track cleaning assemblies and apparatus
Road marker or light based warning device
Actuation device for a discharge valve of a flushing device
Toilet cleaning system
Automotive glazing and component assembly
Remodeling cable protecting plate
Solar panel device for an ISO cargo container
Lockout device
Upper lock system of a passive door blade of a double door
Adjustable span stabilizer for ladders
Apparatus and methods for running liners in extended reach wells
Well tools operable via thermal expansion resulting from reactive materials
Water sensitive variable counterweight device driven by osmosis
Modular changeable fractionation plug
Electromagnetic wave treatment method and promoter
Slip-layer fluid placement
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine having a device for changing the relative angular position of a camshaft with respect to a crankshaft
Drive unit of a transmission
Method of controlling an internal combustion engine and corresponding internal combustion engine
Engine system with reformer
Assembly of components connected by a device that maintains the integrity of the surface of one of the components
Augmenter for compound compression engine
Combustion device of a gas turbine including a plurality of passages and chambers defining helmholtz resonators
Apparatus for rotating a crankshaft
Relief valve and fuel vapor valve assembly
Ionic buoyancy engine
Water tower complex
Power conversion
System and method for collecting particles in a wind turbine rotor blade
Method and apparatus for improved, high-pressure, fluid pump
Cageless bearings for use with mechanical devices
Split bearing cage
Suspension thrust bearing device
Vehicle power transmission device
Oblique parts or surfaces
Self-pumping suspension strut
Variator switching valve scheme for a torroidal traction drive transmision
Reciprocating piston mechanism with extended piston offset
Flywheel to recover kinetic energy for hybrid vehicle which has two planetary gears mechanisms for power derivation
Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
Switchable free-wheel arrangement for a transmission, particularly for a crank-CVT of a motor vehicle
Sealing element having an elastic tapered washer and casing to exert pressure
Dissimilar material bonding of drive shaft with flow control component of valve
Adduction assembly with a "T" joint for an air conditioning circuit
Underwater light apparatus
Illumination apparatus employing light-emitting device package
Method and apparatus for a protective case including an optical system
Oven door
Enhanced surface area for sideplate heat exchanger bracket
System and method for cooling bread and recovering the emitted heat
Apparatus, vehicle, and method for determining a thermostat malfunction in an engine cooling system
Direct quantitative colorimetric measurement of liquid foam
Hydrogel based device for detecting an environmental state
Working fluid sensor system for power generation system
Combined ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging of metal objects
Ultrasonic testing apparatus
Test apparatus, compliance mechanism, and related method
Method of determining material dependent constants of a metal object on fatigue testing
Incremental modification of an error detection code background of the invention
Antireflective film and optical element
Cable assembly with electrical and optical transmitting
Connector assembly with floatable optical termination
Interlocking optical fiber
Image display apparatus and portable information processing apparatus having the same
Positive photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive resin film prepared by using the same, and semiconductor device including the photosensitive resin film
Cabinet, and cabinet temperature control system
System and method for detecting configuration of a power sourcing equipment device connected to a powered device by simultaneously measuring voltage at two terminals of a resistor disposed within the powered device
Information processing apparatus with secure boot capability capable of verification of configuration change
Semiconductor storage device-based data restoration
Hardware queue for transparent debug
Debugging of adapters with stateful offload connections
Debugging of adapters with stateful offload connections
Arranging data handling in a computer-implemented system in accordance with reliability ratings based on reverse predictive failure analysis in response to changes
Secure error detection and synchronous data tagging for high-speed data transfer
Method and system for sharing mobile security information
Electronic device and method for detecting power statuses of electronic device
Dielectric reliability assessment for advanced semiconductors
Programmable controller system and development system
Tenant driven security in a storage cloud
Method and system for providing interactive flow chart elements
Method to automatically display filenames encoded in multiple code sets
Multi-user, multi-timed collaborative annotation
Verbal description
Management of rotating browser content
Image storage in electronic documents
Determining overall optimal yield point for a semiconductor wafer
Masks for double patterning photolithography
Power/performance optimization through continuously variable temperature-based voltage control
Reducing runtime and memory requirements of static timing analysis
Power/performance optimization through temperature/voltage control
Method and system allowing for semiconductor design rule optimization
System and method for checking signal transmission line
Effective testing of authorization logic of web components which utilize claims-based authorization
Effective testing of authorization logic of web components which utilize claims-based authorization
Interdicting malicious file propagation
Method and apparatus for controlling blocking of service attack by using access control list
Network browser based virus detection
Media editing and creating interface
User interface in an information technology (IT) system
Projection interface techniques
Multi-display system and method supporting differing accesibility feature selection
Context based script generation
Device and program for transmitting/playing image folder based on an album setting folder file
Providing particular level of access to one or more items in response to determining primary control of a computing device
Mobile network operator and data service provider interoperation
Managing and controlling administrator access to managed computer systems
Cross-site request forgery protection
System and method for load-adaptive mutual exclusion with waiting process counts
Automated analysis of composite applications
Automated analysis of composite applications
Time-based breakpoints in debuggers
System for atomically updating a plurality of files
Program performance analysis apparatus
Automated build process and root-cause analysis
Debugging extensible markup language
Method, apparatus and computer program product for automatically generating a computer program using consume, simplify and produce semantics with normalize, transpose and distribute operations
String cache file for optimizing memory usage in a java virtual machine
Compiler optimization based on collectivity analysis
Efficiently solving the "use-def" problem involving label variables
Data prefetching and coalescing for partitioned global address space languages
Specifying circuit level connectivity during circuit design synthesis
Remediating resource overload
Virtual machine support for metered computer usage
Method and apparatus for tamper resistant communication in a virtualization enabled platform
Dynamic virtual machine shutdown without service interruptions
Accessing vendor-specific drivers for configuring and accessing a self-virtualizing input/output device
Synthesis of memory barriers
Automating sequential cross-application data transfer operations
Thread scheduling on multiprocessor systems
Management of copy services relationships via policies specified on resource groups
Load balancing for multi-threaded applications via asymmetric power throttling
Utilization of special purpose accelerators using general purpose processors
Guaranteed core access in a multiple core processing system
Mobile device financial transactions
Method and system for managing business relationships via business cards
Coin receiving and dispensing machine
Manikin with simulation of agonal breathing
Lamp socket, backlight assembly having the same and display device having the same
Box flag
Overhead support apparatus
Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing same
Interference-aware assignment of programming levels in analog memory cells
Access control apparatus, storage apparatus, and method
Electrically conductive bonding material, method of bonding with the same, and semiconductor device bonded with the same
Method and structure for using discontinuous laser scribe lines
Method of making stackable semiconductor assembly with bump/flange heat spreader and dual build-up circuitry
Method for forming package substrate
Manufacturing method and apparatus for semiconductor device
High density chip packages, methods of forming, and systems including same
Method of making a copper interconnect having a barrier liner of multiple metal layers
Method of manufacturing optical modulator
Isolation layer having a bilayer structure for a semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Strained silicon nFET and silicon germanium pFET on same wafer
Method for forming flexible solar cells
Adjustable solar panel tile roof mounting device
Reusable substrates for electronic device fabrication and methods thereof
Secondary battery
Secondary battery
Positive electrode with heteropoly and phosphorous additives and nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Indirect internal reforming solid oxide fuel cell system
Solid oxide fuel cell
Safety socket
Connector apparatus and adapter apparatus with indication function
Shield connector
Application layer FEC framework for WiGig
Rate matching and de-rate matching on digital signal processors
Network identity management system and method
Verification of transactional integrity
Identifying and remedying secondary privacy leakage
Method and apparatus for securely synchronizing password systems
Method and system for antivirus by SIM card combined with cloud computing
Content access management using extracted watermark information
Scope-limited action-specific authorization token
Method and system for sharing channel map of digital broadcast in home network
Interactive broadcast system and method
Blocking television commercials and providing an archive interrogation program
Audio video system with embedded wireless host and wireless speakers
Revenue management for dynamic bundling
Random backoff apparatus and method for receiving augmented content
Method and system for providing location aware tracking and services via an IP multimedia residential gateway
Moving-picture image data-distribution method
Blade center KVM distribution
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving UHD broadcasting service in digital broadcasting system
Apparatus on which fan can be mounted
Expired Patents Due To Time
Automotive diagnostic interface device
System and method for inhibiting saturation of a hydraulic valve assembly
Method for adjusting a process for automated bucket loading based on engine speed
Method and apparatus for controlling drive slip
Method and apparatus for an automatic brake intervention control and control device
Method and apparatus for determining the cylinder charge in the case of unthrottled internal-combustion engines
Hybrid modeling and control of disc engines
Integrated routing/mapping information
Driving lane tracking system
Navigation apparatus
Method and system for providing guidance about alternative routes with a navigation system
Method for taking into account supplementary traffic information in an onboard travel control system
Method and apparatus for analyzing nucleic acid sequences
Method and apparatus for predicting the presence of an abnormal level of one or more proteins in the clotting cascade
Air flow measurement apparatus
Noise reduction differential pressure measurement probe
Resistance-welding power supply apparatus
Means of calculating power consumption characteristic and method thereof
Equivalent circuit of inductance element, method of analyzing circuit constants, simulator, and record media
Method for interference current and state monitoring in rail vehicles
Electronic measurement instrument probe accessory offset, gain, and linearity correction method
Method for configuring sensors
System and method for efficient verification of functional equivalence between design models
Apparatus and method for testing add-on device of a computer system
Thermal sensing of multiple integrated circuits
Pitch angle calculating device for vehicle
Programmable dive computer
Diagnosis apparatus for self-propelled vehicle
System and method for using noisy collaborative filtering to rank and present items
Method for characterizing noise level of rotating tire
Device and method for parallel simulation
Method and system for predicting a signal generated in signal processing apparatus
Semiconductor device characteristic simulation apparatus and its method
Reduction of arbitrary L1-L2 circuits for enhanced verification
Estimation system of LSI power consumption
Method and apparatus for integrated circuit design verification
System reliability assessment tool
Interactive system providing language information for communication between users of different languages
Cross-lingual retrieval system and method that utilizes stored pair data in a vector space model to process queries
Infrastructure for developing application-independent language modules for language-independent applications
Related sentence retrieval system having a plurality of cross-lingual retrieving units that pairs similar sentences based on extracted independent words
Adaptive learning method and system that matches keywords using a parsed keyword data structure having a hash index based on an unicode value
Distance and distortion estimation method and apparatus in channel optimized vector quantization
Voice detection in audio signals
Speech recognition method
Phonetic spelling for speech recognition
Communication device and method for endpointing speech utterances
Apparatus for design and simulation of dialogue
Method for acoustically controlling an electronic device, in particular a mobile station in a mobile radio network
Method for extracting features from a mixture of signals
Data security system for a database having multiple encryption levels applicable on a data element value level
System and method for managing transactions relating to real estate
Medical care schedule and record aiding system and method
Business operation management system
Method of and system for modeling and analyzing business improvement programs
Decision management system for creating strategies to control movement of clients across categories
System and method for optimizing the allocation of a resource
Method and system for electronic distribution of product redemption coupons
System and method for providing a dynamic advertising content window within a window based content manifestation environment provided in a browser
Method and apparatus for selective distribution of discount coupons
Methods and systems for electronically accepting and exchanging an online gift
Financial products having a demand-based, adjustable return, and trading exchange therefor
Electronic money processing method having a transaction fee collecting function and an electronic money storage apparatus for the same
Method and arrangement for data processing in a shipping system with a postage meter machine, including automatic selection of the most beneficial carrier
Examining method of learning performance with computer
Method for analysis and display of transient process events using Kohonen map
Data analyzing method for generating rules
Automatically determining data that is best suited for index tuning
Dynamic symbolic links for computer file systems
Method and apparatus for preventing topic drift in queries in hyperlinked environments
System, method and article of manufacture for increasing the user value of recommendations
Method for multiple task searching
Method of identifying multilingual text for DOS
Database search, retrieval, and classification with sequentially applied search algorithms
Abstracting cooked variables from raw variables
Flexible keyboard searching
Web search function to search information from a specific location
Internet search system for retrieving selected results from a previous search
Method and apparatus for using an information model to organize an information repository into a hierarchy of information
Binary tree with override nodes for representing a time-varying function in an enterprise model
Data management and order delivery system
Method for creating a geometric hash tree in a document processing system
Apparatus for controlling pipelined memory access requests
Database server system with improved methods for logging transactions
Global caching and sharing of SQL statements in a heterogeneous application environment
Distributing database differences corresponding to database change events made to a database table located on a server computer
Recording and reproducing apparatus and method for accessing data stored on a randomly accessible recording medium, and for managing data thereon
Hybrid shared nothing/shared disk database system
Efficient volume copy using pre-configuration of log structured target storage
Data structure partitioning with garbage collection to optimize cache utilization
Cross tab analysis and reporting method
Re-linking technology for a moving web site
Laying out a paragraph by defining all the characters as a single text run by substituting, and then positioning the glyphs
Style specifications for systematically creating card-based hypermedia manuals
Method and system for performing fast division using non linear interpolation
Linear phase FIR sinc filter with multiplexing
System and method for multiplication modulo (2N+1)
Process for determining an overflow to the format of the result of an arithmetic operation carried out on two operands
Dynamic system configuration using an object-based client-server system
Data communication system and method for transporting objects over a permanent connections
Gateway for dynamically providing web site status information
System and method for data streaming and synchronization in multimedia groupware applications
Systems and methods for simultaneous network management of voice and data signals
Method and interface for a centralized archiving and de-archiving system
Extensible storage of network device identification information
Method and apparatus for controlling client access to documents
Method and apparatus for accessing internet service in a mobile communication network
Administration of networked peripherals using particular file system
Attribute inheritance schema for network switches
Camera with magnetic recording unit
Camera having film winding apparatus
Control of halftone and solid area image quality by way of a halftone discharge ratio
Image forming apparatus and method
Xerographic development system, a method for predicting changes in the ratio of toner to carrier
Induction heating fixing device having a central processing unit, and image forming apparatus using the fixing device
Image heating apparatus
Toner cartridge, contact device and method for developer roller and toner cartridge used therein
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively cleaning a transfer mechanism
Image developing device with sealing members for preventing toner leakage
Apparatus for cleaning OPC drum in image forming device
Method and apparatus for correcting running state and tension for an endless belt in an image-forming apparatus
Liquid developing apparatus having regulatory roller for preventing developer spread
Method and apparatus for cleaning liquid electrophotographic printer squeegee rollers
Apparatus for non-interactive electrophotographic development
Developing device for an image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus wherein a developer cloud coats a developer bearing member
Developing device with toner storing and recovery chambers
Image forming apparatus
Printing apparatus
Belt nip-type toner fixing apparatus using elastic endless belt
Fixing-unit roller making use of composite material, process for its production, and fixing assembly employing the roller
Document conveyance device having drop-prevention mechanism, and image reproducing apparatus equipped therewith
Document feeding apparatus
Performance enhancement of open-loop power control for satellite communication systems
Method and apparatus for directional radio communication
Power transmission system IC card and information communication system using IC card
Detection of transmitted power using received signal strength circuitry
Arrangement for reducing intermodulation distortion of radio frequency signals
Portable electronic device with a speaker assembly
Testing in an RF communication system
Distortion control feedback loop utilizing a non-linear transfer function generator to compensate for non-linearities in a transmitter circuit
Radiotelephone receiver and method with improved dynamic range and DC offset correction
Apparatus and method for reducing oscillator frequency pulling during AM modulation
Hardware-efficient transceiver with delta-sigma digital-to-analog converter phase shifter and image rejection mixer
Reception control system for automobile
System and method for providing expense reports to wireless service subscribers
Network operator controlled locking and unlocking mechanism for mobile telephones
Conference telephone utilizing base and handset transducers
Method for controlling transmitting power in base station transceiver subsystem
Method and apparatus for directional radio communication
Traffic hot spot locating method
Method for setting up a telecommunication link to persons in closed facilities, such as passenger transport means, as well as a telecommunication system and network
System and method for selecting a voice service option
Comparator and methods for voting therewith
Monitoring data of a selected call in a wireless telecommunication system
Hand-over processing method in which amount of control information between terminal and satellite can be reduced and hand-over processing system of the same
Reverse link soft hand off method
Mobile communication system with position detection to facilitate hard handoff
Portable locator system and method
Multiple input data management for wireless location-based applications
System and method for controlling priority calls in a wireless network
Access method through radio mobile communication system
Wireless communications approach
Method of controlling call routing and a communication terminal
Method for automatically switching modes in a dual mode cellular phone
System and method for the recording and processing of information in a wireless communication device
Portable radio unit and antenna gain switching method thereof
Reusable pulse oximeter probe with disposable liner
Method and device for determination of concentration
Cardiac lead with minimized inside diameter of sleeve
Fetal spiral electrode sleeve and wire interconnect system
Burr hole cap for fixation of cranial lead
Method for diagnosing neurological, neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases by magnetic resonance imaging using contrast agents with high magnetic susceptibility and extended plasma half life
System and method for treating select tissue in a living being
Determining linear phase shift in conjugate domain for MR imaging
MRI coil and MRI apparatus
Catheter based surgery
Device for controlling equipment by using signals from a living body
Optical imaging using time gated scattered light
Device to provide data as a guide to health management
Automatic external defibrillator first responder and clinical data outcome management system
Implantable medical device having flat electrolytic capacitor with consolidated electrode tabs and corresponding feedthroughs
Noise detection system and method for use in an implantable medical device
Electrical apparatus medical treatment using EMG envelope signal
Change log for implantable medical device
Method and apparatus for power link detection with implantable medical devices
Pulsed signal generator for bioelectric stimulation and healing acceleration
RF therapeutic cancer apparatus and method
Device and method for treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease
Single pass defibrillation/pacing lead with passively attached electrode for pacing and sensing
J-shaped coronary sinus lead
Implant device for electrostimulation and/or monitoring of endo-abdominal cavity tissue
Cochlear electrode system including distally attached flexible positioner
Implantable connector
Method for providing communication between controllers and communication device used with the controllers
Virtual golf game
Enhanced user control operations for portable digital audio recorder
Device for controlling an installation having memory for storing plurality of parameterized tasks acting on data concerning the operation of the installation
Editor and editing method in CAD system
Efficient method for designing slabs for production from an order book
Method and apparatus for order promising
Clustertool system software using plasma immersion ion implantation
Batching of objects
Feeding control for an image reproduction apparatus operable in simplex and duplex reproduction modes
Method for calibration of a robot inspection system
Storage and retrieval system with automated order make up
Operation line searching method and robot/sensor system having operation line searching function
Robot device
Method and device for detecting motor vehicle tilt
System for programming a vehicle control computer with selectable features and/or trim values
Control system and method for a hybrid electric vehicle
Torque control strategy for management of rollback in a wheeled vehicle whose powertrain includes a rotary electric machine
Method and apparatus for a fuel cell propulsion system
Drift sensor for land vehicles
Unmanned vehicle running system
Vehicle communication control apparatus and method
Abnormality monitoring device for a vehicle control system
Miniature radiation source with flexible probe and laser driven thermionic emitter
Multiple scatter system for threat identification
Sensor characterization in memory
Dosimeter for a miniature energy transducer for emitting X-ray radiation
X-ray tube assembly with beam limiting device for reducing off-focus radiation
Method and apparatus for continuously generating laser plasma X-rays by the use of a cryogenic target
Method of X-ray protection during diagnostic CT imaging
Remote telephony testing device
Network termination device with automatic detection and correction of circuit polarity
Stand alone electronic mail notifying device
Directionally-mapped, keyed alpha-numeric data input/output system
Electronic directory system and method
Intelligent configuration server
Line-powered pay telephone
Information payphone
Telephony platform and method for providing enhanced communication services
Telephony security system
Method for duplicating calls of remote multiple subscribers
Communication control unit having a free dial and collect call function by utilizing caller ID signals
Transfer-connect telephony services utilizing automated audio systems
Method and system for transferring digital data calls between different destinations
Telecommunications network architecture enabling local services resale in a legacy network
Communication system consisting of at least two private branch exchanges with a team function
Remote activation of call trace
Multiple client remote agent network method
Telephone dialler with easy access memory
Remote conference system using multicast transmission for performing echo cancellation
Hearing aid telephone interconnect system
Headset with adjustable earpiece
Hinge mechanism for a foldable portable telephone
Electrically operated object cradle
Secrecy cover for key pad matrix
Cryptographic accelerator
Secure watermark method and apparatus for digital signals
Cryptographic methods for demonstrating satisfiable formulas from propositional logic
Passenger vehicles incorporating loudspeakers comprising panel-form acoustic radiating elements
Adaptive noise rejection system and method
Hearing aid with audible alarm
High frequency compression drivers
Speaker system and a method for improving sound quality thereof
Animal identification system based on irial granule analysis
Stand-alone biometric identification system
Firearm holster lock with fingerprint identification means
Computer-assisted diagnosis method and system for automatically determining diagnostic saliency of digital images
Method and apparatus for positional detection using pattern matching process
Stereo reconstruction employing a layered approach and layer refinement techniques
Depth of field enhancement
Image processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
Image processing system and image processing method
Compression/decompression algorithm for image documents having text, graphical and color content
Method and apparatus for character recognition, and computer-readable recording medium with a program making a computer execute the method recorded therein
Method of and apparatus for extracting contour line and workstation having contour line extracting function
Apparatus and method for augmenting data in handwriting recognition system
Preprocessing multiple bit per pixel sampled data for Lempel-Ziv compression
Pre-DCT residue filter
Skeleton model shape transformation method, image synthesizing apparatus, and information storage medium
Stepped acoustic impedance-matching transformer for very narrow channel acoustic traveling wave lens waveguide
High-performance electro-optic intensity modulator using polymeric waveguides and grating modulation
Optical sensor having dielectric film stack
Bed blanket
Infant support pillow
Infant support pillow
Compact disc rack
Storage rack
Coffee maker
Chinese tea brewing system
Solar hot dog cooker
Two burner stove with folding shelf lid
Cooktop with sensor element
Cooktop with sensor element
Food cooking appliance
Food processor
Carafe for filtered water
Pot and pan lid holder
Vacuum flask
Napkin dispenser cartridge
Napkin holder
Knife with ergonomic handle
Citrus juicer
Food piece
Food product
Disposable bra and panty set
Medical lab coat
Skate boot
Skate boot
Slipper sock
Slipper sock
Surface pattern for a footwear sole
Shoe sole
Removable cleat
Removable cleat
Removable cleat
Footwear midsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Periphery of shoe bottom
Walking stick
Umbrella handle
Upholstery needle pusher
Storage holder/protector
Memory card reader casing
Bottle caddy
Automobile parking garage reminder
Decorative backpack
Reconfigurable backpack and waist pouch
Tool belt
Paintbrush holder for a tool belt
Police baton holder
Counter organizer
Set of toothbrush bristles
Hair brush head
Paint brush
Surface pattern for a soft, flexible disposable wipe
Garment hanger
Clothing rack having retractable hooks
Hanger clip
Media data communication method via network
Method of constructing an object remotely across a computer network
System and method for identification and streamlined access to online services
Client-based application availability
Network-performance statistics using end-node computer systems
System and method for enforcing politeness while scheduling downloads in a web crawler
Input/output apparatus connected to a plurality of host computers via a network
Method and apparatus for filtering junk email
Method and apparatus for selectively retrieving information from a source computer using a terrestrial or satellite interface
Optimized performance for transaction-oriented communications using stream-based network protocols
Method and apparatus for multicast routing in a network
Constrained shortest path routing method
Apparatus for controlling internetwork communications
Method and apparatus using parameterized vectors for converting interface definition language-defined data structures into a transport and platform independent format
Multiple procedure calls in a single request
Interpreted remote procedure calls
Recoverable methods and systems for processing input/output requests including virtual memory addresses
Separable in-line automatic terminator for use with a data processing system bus
Automatically detecting a connection into a computer system standardized connector for disabling a front speaker
System for implementing intelligent I/O processing in a multi-processor system by redirecting I/O messages to a target central processor selected from the multi-processor system
System LSI having communication function
Pointing device with a controller for monitoring a protocol selector signal derived from a computer to select one of a compatibility function and an additional function
Apparatus and method for topography dependent signaling
Method and apparatus for determining a data transmission capacity between communicatively connected source and target devices
Multiprocessor system with multiple memory buses for access to shared memories
Bus arrangements for interconnection of discrete and/or integrated modules in a digital system and associated method
Fault tolerant computer system
Console redirection for a computer system
Serial IRQ slave controller with auto-synchronization
Apparatus for automatically notifying operating system level applications of the occurrence of system management events
Program checking method, program checking apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium for recording target program checking program capable of reducing tracing interrupt time
Method of measuring the speed of a memory unit in an integrated circuit
External storage control device and data transfer method between external storage control devices
Method for caching virtual memory paging and disk input/output requests
Method and apparatus for converting between logical and physical memory space in a raid system
System and method for selective transfer of application data between storage devices of a computer system through utilization of dynamic memory allocation
SDRAM L3 cache using speculative loads with command aborts to lower latency
Avoiding tag compares during writes in multi-level cache hierarchy
Full cache coherency across multiple raid controllers
Computer circuits, systems, and methods using partial cache cleaning
Apparatus and method for dynamically reconfigurable timed flushing of a queue of coalescing write buffers
Cache memory device with prefetch function and method for asynchronously renewing tag addresses and data during cache miss states
Stream read buffer for efficient interface with block oriented devices
Dynamically modifying queued transactions in a cache memory system
System and method for deleting read-only head entries in multi-processor computer systems supporting cache coherence with mixed protocols
Multiprocessor system bus with combined snoop responses explicitly cancelling master allocation of read data
High performance multiprocessor system with modified-unsolicited cache state
Computer system and method employing speculative snooping for optimizing performance
Method and apparatus for managing access requests from a plurality of devices using dual level queue locking scheme and a doubly-linked circular queue
Memory arbitration scheme with circular sequence register
Memory architecture for a computer system
Interleave read address generator
System and method for controlling peripheral device memory access in a data processing system
Memory system, memory control system and image processing system
Method and apparatus for restricting memory access
Method and apparatus to reduce memory read latency
Method and apparatus for local control signal generation in a memory device
Apparatus for and method of multi-dimensional constraint optimization in storage system configuration
User-configurable on-chip program memory system
Computer system for allowing a two word jump instruction to be executed in the same number of cycles as a single word jump instruction
Flexible and programmable BIST engine for on-chip memory array testing and characterization
Set-associative cache-management method with parallel and single-set sequential reads
Methods and apparatus for scalable instruction set architecture with dynamic compact instructions
System and method for executing platform-independent code on a co-processor
Device for putting an integrated circuit into operation
Dual in-line buffers for an instruction fetch unit
Prefetch instruction specifying destination functional unit and read/write access mode
Method for setting a bit associated with each component of packed floating-pint operand that is normalized in SIMD operations
Processor having data buffer for speculative loads
Executing debug instructions
Each iteration array selective loop data prefetch in multiple data width prefetch system using rotating register and parameterization to avoid redundant prefetch
Real time debugger interface for embedded systems
Flexible control of access to basic input/output system memory
Efficient digital certificate processing in a data processing system
Administering permissions associated with a security zone in a computer system security model
Password protected modular computer method and device
Leisure chair
Love seat/sofa for children
Vertical stand with rotatably mounted garment hanger arms
Display rack for gloves and similar articles
Mesh baskets and frame
Earing display
Display case for flatware
Collectible holder and display
Wheeled lane blocker and merchandise display stand
Tier table fixture
Glass top coffee table
Stand for television receiver
Apparatus and method for automatically generating circuit layouts
Application-independent generator to generate a database transaction manager in heterogeneous information systems
Method and apparatus for determining most recently used method
Apparatus and method for semi-automated generation and application of language conformity tests
Method and apparatus automatic service of JIT compiler generated errors
Automated code replication during application development
Method and system for target register allocation
Method and apparatus for modifying instruction operations in a processor
Apparatus and method for improved parental control of television use
System for resolving channel selection in a multi-channel convergence system
Information supplying device that can store multiple types of information and supplies composite information in response to a request
Noise reduction in cable return paths
Data receiving-processing apparatus and method, and broadcasting method
External storage
Network testing system and method
System for remote internet consulting, servicing and repair
Method and apparatus for developing and debugging portable computers via a peripheral interface slot
Method and apparatus for error detection using a queued direct Input-Output device
Method and apparatus for detecting errors in DVD data
Integrated circuit tester having a disk drive per channel
Method of supporting arrangement of semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of testing the same
Programmable pattern generator
Method and apparatus for burst error correction
Object reconstruction on object oriented data storage device
Data ordering for cache data transfer
System including a ferroelectric memory
Process for detecting errors in a serial link of an integrated circuit and device for implementing the process
Method of reformulating static circuit optimization problems for reduced size, degeneracy and redundancy
System and method for detecting storage nodes that are susceptible to charge sharing
Method and system for protecting operations of trusted internal networks
Network surveillance
System and method for authentication of network users and issuing a digital certificate
Directional soccer cleat
Removable cleat
Removable cleat
Shopping bag with extended petal arms
Mesh drawer organizer
Nineteen compartment tray
Ten compartment tray
Freestanding screen
Coordinate loop garment hanger
Trainer cup
Beverage container
Bowl with lid
Tap and valve assembly
Multi-purpose lighter
Human Necessities
Chrysanthemum plant named `Empire Blizzard`
Artichoke plant named `PS-IG0130`
Artichoke plant named `PS-MSG0292`
Artichoke plant named `PS-IG0131`
Artichoke plant named `PS-MSG0290`
Artichoke plant named `PS-MSC0041`
Aster plant named `M.C. Snowy`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoclaudia`
Hop plant named `YCR Accession No. 14`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Zesty Yojean`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Bold Yofelicia`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yocarrie`
Weigela plant named `Elvera`
Verbena plant named `Salmena`
Intelligent binning for electrically repairable semiconductor chips
Method and apparatus for interfacing circuits that operate based upon different clock signals
Method and apparatus for measuring the power consumption of a computer
Cable manager system and computer therewith
System and method for redirecting network traffic to provide secure communication
Reliable distributed processing system
Slow response in redundant arrays of inexpensive disks
Testable circuit with a low number of leads
LSI layout designing apparatus, computer-implemented method of designing LSI layout and computer readable storage medium
Timing-insensitive glitch-free logic system and method
Incremental simulation using previous simulation results and knowledge of changes to simulation model to achieve fast simulation time
Method for designing integrated circuit device based on maximum load capacity
Insertion of spare logic gates into the unused spaces between individual gates in standard cell artwork
Executable for requesting a linguistic service
Interface for compiling project variations in electronic design environments
Method for resource control in parallel environments using program organization and run-time support
Semiconductor memory system comprising synchronous DRAM and controller thereof
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