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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pregnancy test system
Finger clip for prostate glove
X-ray CT apparatus
Breast positioning during mammography exposures
Patient specific ankle-foot orthotic device
System for altering motional response to music
Multifunction electric razor having an electrical stimulator
Method for reducing diagnostic radiation dose in image guided radiotherapy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Pixel clock generator, optical scanner and image forming device incorporating same
Electric vehicle
Production and internet-viewing of high-resolution images of the commonly viewed exterior surfaces of vehicles, each with the same background view
Apparatus and method for forecasting geostationary satellite error
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Starter control valve prediction system to predict and trend starter control valve failures in gas turbine engines using a starter control valve health prognostic, computer readable medium and related methods
Detection system and method for acquiring resonance angle of surface plasmon
Rotation angle detection device
Schedule management device and method
Method of providing natural tour guide functionality to location tracking computerized devices
Probalistic reverse geocoding
Probe and optical measurement apparatus
Method and apparatus to prepare a substrate for molecular detection
System for improving the dynamic range and reducing measurement uncertainty in fibre optic distributed sensors and fibre optic distributed measurement equipment
Test apparatus for liquid crystal display
Spatially resolved imaging of opto-electrical property variations
Sample analysis element and detecting device
Systems and methods for intravenous drug management using immittance spectroscopy
Systems and methods for topographic analysis
Method for measuring the current level of an alternating current
High performance pre-mixer buffer in wireless communications systems
Switch probe and device and system for substrate inspection
Vertical probe assembly with air channel
Magnetic module
Volume hologram resin composition, surface relief hologram resin composition, and hologram layer, hologram transfer foil and brittle hologram label using the same
Fuel property detection device and method for determining detection of property of fuel
Detection device, radar apparatus, detection method and detection program
Tracking method combining a passive radar and other sensors
RF power splitter for magnetic resonance system
Blade drive device and optical equipment
Window blind solar energy management system
Zoom lens and optical apparatus
Wall box adapted to be mounted at a mid-span access location of a telecommunications cable
Optical waveguide sensor chip, optical waveguide sensor, and method for manufacturing optical waveguide sensor chip
Chip-scale slow-light buffers fashioned with leaky-mode resonant elements and methods of using leaky-mode resonant elements for delaying light
Optical sheet for controlling the direction of a light ray
Dynamic terahertz switch using periodic corrugated structures
Reflective photography
Management method and system for exposure apparatus having alarm based on inclination amount and deviation from aligned position
Camera and auto-focusing method of the camera
Image forming apparatus that forms color images on recording sheet based on image information
Image forming apparatus with belt member pushing
Bookbinding system using unfixed toner image as adhesive
Method for controlling image forming apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Image apparatus with color registration adjustment, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor
Image forming device and method of adjusting density of formed image
Image formation apparatus, driving control method, and computer program product
Image forming apparatus
Gloss processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
Image reading device
Controller and design support apparatus
Monitoring system, device, monitoring method, and monitoring program
Method and device for producing a mixture of constituents with constraints, especially with premixing
Voltage control circuit
Reference current source circuit and system
Resistance signal generating circuit with n temperature characteristic adjusting elements
Housing for hard disk drive
Electronic device having accessiable tray
System for protecting a portable computing device
Foldable electronic device
Flat heat pipe radiator and application thereof
Methods and apparatuses for trace multicast across a bus structure, and related systems
Conditional write processing for a cache structure of a coupling facility
Coordinated writeback of dirty cachelines
Using ephemeral stores for fine-grained conflict detection in a hardware accelerated STM
Power economizing by powering down hub partitions
Data communications in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
Interacting with data in hidden storage
Stride based free space management on compressed volumes
Cache collaboration in tiled processor systems
Dynamic initial cache line coherency state assignment in multi-processor systems
Hybrid data storage management taking into account input/output (I/O) priority
Solid-state disk caching the top-K hard-disk blocks selected as a function of access frequency and a logarithmic system time
Cache layer optimizations for virtualized environments
Determining whether to extend a drain time to copy data blocks from a first storage to a second storage
Determining whether to extend a drain time to copy data blocks from a first storage to a second storage
Hot plug ad hoc computer resource allocation
Software-based virtual PCI system
Baseboard management controller and method for sharing serial port
Image forming apparatus, management method of image forming processing, and computer-readable recording medium on which program is recorded
Printing management program, printing management apparatus, printing management method, and printing system
Method and apparatus for timekeeping
System and method for exchanging information among exchange applications
Defining force sensations associated with graphical images
Plug-in accelerator
Information processing unit, information processing method, remote server, and information processing system
Media converter and a system for mutually converting a packet-based data stream into a serial data stream
Secured and efficient web conference system with virtual host and redundancy control
Data de-duplication in service oriented architecture and web services environment
Distribution of XML documents/messages to XML appliances/routers
Policy based provisioning of Web conferences
Method, system, and computer program product for message mapping of communications
High availability management system for stateless components in a distributed master-slave component topology
System and method for processing medical information through medical terminal
Changing data received from the web using local data
Enterprise wireless local area network switching system
Method and apparatus for delivery of adapted media
Event routing mechanism in a computer system
Inferring user interests using social network correlation and attribute correlation
Short message service system
Computer system and disk sharing method used thereby
Handling a service request in a hybrid computer system
Detecting anonymized data traffic
Automated feed reader indexing
Network protocol processing system and network protocol processing method
System, method, and computer program product for contact center management
Method, system and program product for simulating activity in a server environment
Command management in a networked computing environment
Method for dynamically configuring network services
Configuration value management apparatus and management method
Choosing pattern recognition algorithms and data features using a genetic algorithm
Device for the parallel processing of a data stream
Pneumatic charging system and method
Applying replication rules to determine whether to replicate objects
Archiving system that facilitates systematic cataloguing of archived documents for searching and management
Systems and methods for reducing filter sensitivities
Document image processing apparatus, document image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium having recorded document image processing program
Rejection sampling of a complex distribution including bound and proposal distribution refinement
Generating parser combination by combining language processing parsers
Multi-level database compression
Data-discriminate search engine updates
Software system test case creation
Event-level parallel methods and apparatus for XML parsing
Unifying hetrogenous data
Method and apparatus for generating and accessing metadata in media file format
Management device and management method for managing constituent elements of an information technology system
Generating and navigating binary XML data
Database system testing
Techniques for application data scrubbing, reporting, and analysis
Physical quantity sensor
Oilfield equipment identification method and apparatus
Rotational sensor and controller
Alternative power operation of loading docks and loading dock equipment
System and method for safely flying unmanned aerial vehicles in civilian airspace
Robotic arm control system and method
Security architecture for system on chip
Electronic apparatus
Cluster control protocol
Method and device for reducing effect of polarity inversion in driving display
Application window position and size control in (multi-fold) multi-display devices
Storing device drivers in imaging devices
Database processing device, database processing method, and recording medium
Data mining through property checks based upon string pattern determinations
Accelerated row decompression
System and computer program product for automated design of range partitioned tables for relational databases
Incremental and prioritized restoration of blocks
Fast history based compression in a pipelined architecture
System and method for measuring the effectiveness of an on-line advertisement campaign
Systems and methods to process enquires by receving and processing user defined scopes first
Latch circuit, flip-flop circuit, and divider
Method and apparatus for performing multiplicative functions
Divider logic circuit and implement method therefor
Process control using ray tracing-based libraries and machine learning systems
Drive control system for construction machinery
Packing lower half bits of signed data elements in two source registers in a destination register with saturation
Debugging multithreaded code by generating exception upon target address CAM search for variable and checking race condition
Detection of memory access violation in simulations
Fast concurrent array-based stacks, queues and deques using fetch-and-increment-bounded, fetch-and-decrement-bounded and store-on-twin synchronization primitives
Image forming apparatus and image forming system having a first memory and a second memory
Method of producing an ordered stack of bound pre-printed product information sheets for a store from planogram or ordered data
Image display apparatus, printing system, and program configured to print image projected by the image display apparatus
Data processing system and data processing method forming a high-quality image on a printing medium by selecting a mask pattern data group based on a frequency characteristic of the input image data and mask pattern data group
System and method for transmission, reception, and restoration of decimated color channels in image data
Image processing method for boundary resolution enhancement
Mobile three dimensional imaging system
Correction of geometric mismatch in stereoscopic images
Method and device for calculating a depth map from a single image
Method and device for identifying an image acquisition feature of a digital image and apparatus for implementing such a device
Apparatus and method for recognizing gesture, and non-transitory computer readable medium thereof
System and method for analyzing and managing business performance
Method of using personal device with internal biometric in conducting transactions over a network
Adaptive direct transaction for network client group
Generating a graphic for application to a surface to produce a plaque
Rapid, interactive editing of massive imagery data
Methods and devices for serving as a proxy beacon for a tracking device
Wireless item loss prevention system
Detecting device and battery box using the same
Physical interaction device for personal electronics and method for use
Combined loop type auto-mobile sensor using loop coil and parking information system the same
Streetlight system and method for escaping from disaster using the same
Computer-aided learning system and method with adaptive optimization
Display device, brightness adjustment device, backlight device, and method of adjusting brightness to prevent a flash from occuring
Driving method of electrophoretic display device, electrophoretic display device, and electronic apparatus
Method and device for driving a plurality of display devices
Display device and driving method thereof
Protecting screen information
Augmented reality methods and systems including optical merging of a plurality of component optical images
Boosting circuit for wide range supply voltage, electronic device including the same and voltage boosting method
Method, apparatus and program for processing image data for display by a display panel of a display device, and a display device
System and method for reducing visible artifacts in the display of compressed and decompressed digital images and video
Gamma voltage controller, gradation voltage generator, and display device including them
Rotating body for fluid dynamic bearing capable of being thinned and being improved in rotational accuracy and method of producing the rotating body for fluid dynamic bearing
Spindle motor and hard disk drive including the same
Recording device and dubbing method
Voice control of optical disk drive
Magnetic recording head having quilted-type coating
Adaptive baseline correction involving estimation of filter parameter using a least mean squares algorithm
Two dimensional magnetic recording servo system adaptive combination
Hard disk drives with composite housings and related methods
Method and system for compensating for track squeeze
Method for recording and reproducing a holographic read only recording medium, and holographic read only recording medium
Four-transistor and five-transistor BJT-CMOS asymmetric SRAM cells
Memory including a reduced leakage wordline driver
Write bias condition for 2T-string NOR flash cell
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method including redundant bit line provided to replace defective bit line
Local evaluation circuit for static random-access memory
Semiconductor device with low voltage programming/erasing operation
Ex-vessel accident mitigation
Power module
Folded conical inductor
Electromagnetic contactor
Adjustable resonator filter
Radio-frequency transponder for marking wood products and method of manufacturing thereof
Antenna device and electronic apparatus including antenna device
Unified antenna of shark fin type
Transmitter beamforming power control
Synthetic aperture radar smearing
Motor controlled rotating base for directional submarine antennas
Sound quality correcting apparatus and sound quality correcting method
Laser diode driving apparatus for optical communication
Laser diode for controlling spatial hole burning and optical pulse generating method
Optical power stabilizing device
Semiconductor optical element
Method and apparatus for single-path control and monitoring of an H-bridge
Selectable phase power supply system
Apparatus and method for tracking maximum power point and method of operating grid-tied power storage system using the same
Method for operating a DC/DC converter circuit configuration and DC/DC converter circuit configuration
Power supply switch apparatus
Electric generating system using solar cell
Ovenized crystal oscillator assembly
Variable capacitance with delay lock loop
Surface mount piezoelectric oscillator
Tuner module and receiving device
Continuously self-calibrated latched comparator
Comparator and A/D converter
Method for identifying data encoded by PPM modulation, and receiver for said method
Methods and systems for reducing jitter
Smart card clock generator circuits wth autonomous operation capability and method of operating the same
Digital to-analog conversion circuit
Server side data storage and deduplication
Method and apparatus for addition data transmission and reception in digital broadcast system
System and method for detection of noise in sparse data sets with edge-corrected measurements
System and method for providing automatic tuning of a radio receiver and for providing automatic control of a CD/tape player
Extending the upper frequency limit of a communications radio
Portable electronic device
Signal transmission channel
Wireless conference call telephone
Multiband active-passive base station antenna
Phase modulation apparatus, transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and phase modulation method
Apparatus and method to control idle-mode radio measurements
Method of transmitting feedback information in wireless communication system
Powerline communication device noise timing based operations
Apparatus for and method of selecting between antennas for wireless communication
Bluetooth earphone
Power control method in cognitive radio communication, cognitive radio communication system, and radio communication device
Method for transmitting feedback information in CoMP, terminal for performing same, method for generating channel state information and base station apparatus for performing same
Duplexer bypass
Adaptive multi-channel transmitter linearization system using a shared feedback receiver
Wireless broadband systems with relay stations
Method and system for medium access control in communication networks
Connector for connecting at least one output device to a rendering device and method for managing connections
Image processing apparatus, method and computer-readable storage medium
Using a single FHT to decode access-based handoff probes from multiple users
Optical packet switching system and optical packet switching device
Communication system and method for directly transmitting signals between nodes of a communication system
Apparatus and method for packet-optical integrated transport
Frame transmission device and synchronization method
RTT based ranging system and method
Apparatus and a method for allocating upstream bandwidth of a shared upstream channel of an optical network
OFDM communication reception device
System, method and program for re-routing internet packets
Relay apparatus and output control method
Method and apparatus for providing asynchronous audio messaging
Overlay network capable of supporting storage area network (SAN) traffic
State information and routing table updates in large scale data networks
Support for voice over flexible bandwidth carrier systems
Wireless transmitter, wireless transmission method, wireless receiver and wireless reception method
Service data flow direction/redirection
Scheduling and power saving with unscheduled service periods in a wireless system
Broadband multi-drop local network, interface and method for multimedia access
Arbitration method, arbiter circuit, and apparatus provided with arbiter circuit
Telephony system
Conditional adaptation of linear filters in a system having nonlinearity
Content protection key encryptor for security providers
Cryptographic methods and devices for pseudo-random generation, encrypting data, and cryptographically hashing a message
Method for extending Ethernet over twisted pair conductors and to the telephone network and plug-in apparatus for same employing standard mechanics
Mobile terminal
Mobile digital communication/computing device having a context sensitive audio system
Communication device for automatically switching its communication modes and operating method thereof
Callee centric location and presence enabled voicemail using session initiated protocol enabled signaling for IP multimedia subsystem networks
Systems and methods for localized wireless notification
Smarter telephony and E-mail protocols
Method and apparatus for monitoring shifts in call patterns
Systems and methods for management of background application events
Dynamic update of skills database
Method and apparatus for controlling a network device
Method and apparatus for reducing color in a fringe
Apparatus and method for acquiring 3D depth information
3D model display apparatus with array modulator
3D display
Imaging apparatus and control method therefor, and 3D information obtaining system
Imaging device and imaging control circuit
Imaging device and portable terminal
Electronic device having image capturing device capable of adjusting view angles
Thin image capturing apparatus
Imaging unit with prisms and image sensor
Curved sensor system
Video synthesizing apparatus and program
Video synthesizing apparatus and program
Method to reject false positives detecting and tracking image objects
Image processing method and device interpolating G pixels
Adaptive color imaging by using an imaging assembly with tunable spectral sensitivities
Dual field of view multi-band optics
Arangement of circuits in pixels, each circuit shared by a plurality of pixels, in image sensing appratus
Flexible printed circuit board assembly with stiffener and camera module
Terminal device, terminal control method, and program
Video/audio signal processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatically categorizing images in a digital camera
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image display apparatus
Method and apparatus for compressed video bitstream conversion with reduced-algorithmic-delay
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Security monitoring system with combined video and graphics display
Method and apparatus for providing high security video session
Wildlife surveillance camera
Projection display apparatus
Remote monitoring system for tanks
Wireless sensor network system, information gathering apparatus, sensor device, and connection method for use in wireless sensor network
Ear-loop earphone
Apparatus in an acoustic assembly for registering assembly parts
Portable loudspeaker
Tunable earphone
Dual omnidirectional microphone array (DOMA)
Apparatus, method, and program product for presenting moving image with sound
Dynamic microphone unit and dynamic microphone
Location based wireless tower caching
Advanced triggers for location-based service applications in a wireless location system
Method and apparatus for positioning using quasi-fingerprinting
Switch for transmit/receive mode selection and antenna polarization diversity
Method for performing handoff in wireless network
Method and apparatus for initializing, preserving, and reconfiguring token buckets
Non-macro cell search integrated with macro-cellular RF carrier monitoring
System for better service reselection when on other than the most preferred system
Method for decoding control information of terminal in carrier aggregation system and terminal thereof
Subscriber database for services at the edge of a mobile data network
Method and operation for operation between WPAN and WLAN for a network interface card
Method for identifying connection, mobile station and base station
System and method for access over a cable television network
Method of enhancing zone-based service
Transmission method of femtocell
Process for inter-cell interference cancellation in a synchronized OFDM system, and apparatus for the same
Method and system for obtaining emergency caller location
Adjusting user settings on a handheld mobile communication device based upon location
Apparatus and method for multicast/broadcast service data transmission synchronization
Mesh network connecting wireless routers
Computer, internet and telecommunications based network
On-demand vacate mechanism for cloud spectrum services
Interferer activity signaling for time domain (TDM) inter-cell interference coordination (ICIC)
Method and system for mitigating interference among femtocells via intelligent channel selection
Repeater pass-through messaging
Side-push type retractable USB memory stick
Mobile terminal
Electronic device with blocking mechanism
Contact type portable power
Locking assembly for electronic tablet and other devices
Electronic device with button
Matrix converter
Expired Patents Due To Time
Cider press
Tables for a planer
Air ring
Paint mixer
Extruder plate for diamond shaped extruder insert
Electronic camera
Electronic camera
Digital camera
Video camera with video disc recorder
Electronic still camera
Enclosure for a surveillance camera
Lens shutter camera
Video camera
Progress indicator and plate feed-through for a platesetter
Progress indicator and plate support for a platesetter
Sun visor for eyeglasses
UDU drum holder
Percussion instrument
Pocket stamp arrangement
Toner cartridge
Gatherer for copying machine
Inkjet printer
Document printer
Document printer
Locking hub
Postal indicia for an envelope
Ornamental calendar
Perpetual calendar calculator
Portion of a book with maraca implanted therein
Game card writing instrument
Writing instrument
Writing instrument with game
Cartridge pen for electronic display board
Writing instrument
Mechanical pencil
Knot tying training device
Paper clip
Pen holder
Information panel attachable to vend machine spirals
Retail signage
Portable rounded top sign
Portable sign
Radiation boundary integrator for a loudspeaker system
Foldable game board with fastener for Chinese checkers
Base for top unit of a gaming device
Aquatic toy
Stand for an infant play gym
Aquarium toy
Watch case and bracelet (poly watch)
Display unit
Measuring cup set
Location-aware wireless communication appliance
Angle gage
Carrier tape pitch gauge
Car frame squaring tool
Proximity detector
Wrist band
Wrist band
Body jewelry with elastomeric band
Jewelry arrangement
Jewelry piece
Jewelry design
Christmas tree ornament platform
Christmas tree stand
Geometric design for a poster
Mosaic decoration
Flower holder
Magnetic fastener
Dump truck body
Dump truck body panel
Surface configuration of a vehicle body and/or toy
Chain-drive bicycle
Pair of saddlebag covers
Double seat stroller
Tire tread
Tire tread
Hitch cap
Radiator grill of motor vehicle
Spoiler for an automobile
Automobile rearview mirror
Mirror construction
Day/night side mirror
Vehicle running board storage box with channeled front edge
Vehicular traction mat
Vehicle wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Vehicle wheel cover
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Wheel rim
Exterior surface configuration for a cabinet of a vehicle
Tread of a tire
Automotive battery cover with power distribution and fuse connections
Optical fiber plug
Power strip
Modular jack
Holder for flexible flat cable
Electrical connector
Single pole arc fault circuit breaker
Transcription foot control
Remote control device
Switch guard
Cover for electronics housing
Wall mounted cable distribution housing cover
Casing for a hand held communications device holder
Hand held communications device holder
Optical scanner
Television receiver
Digital video disc player
Personal communication device
Wireless internet phone
Cellular telephone
Curette tip
Caller ID speaker telephone
Digital audio disc player for vehicle
Radio receiver
Remote controller
Integrated baffle design for a loudspeaker
Microphone filter
Snowboarder antenna-topper
Communication system equipment enclosure
Scroll wheel for a telephone base
Function key area for a handset
Keypad for a handset
Key array for a handset
Display and key array for a handset
Disc player
Computer with liquid crystal display
Translucent storage device enclosure
Removable storage drive enclosure
Portion of an electronic mouse
Portion of an electronic mouse
Portion of an electronic mouse
Portion of an electronic mouse
Computer mouse
Joystick control actuator
Game controller
Image scanner apparatus
Image scanner apparatus
Front end portion of a scanner
Communication accessory device for handheld computer
Electronic card device
Facsimile machine
Computer generated image for display panel or screen
User interface for a television display screen
Disk mastering apparatus
Audio player
Tube heater for engine block
Snow removal apparatus
Grass catcher
Earth moving vehicle
Skid steer loader
Sewing machine
Sewing machine
Sewing machine
Sewing machine
Sewing machine
Presser foot for concealed slide fasteners
Spool mounting adapter for sewing machine
Refrigeration unit
Rectangular table
Moulding for furniture
Furniture leg
Table base
Rolled product dispenser
Wall-mount paper towel holder
Toilet paper holder
Portion of bathroom fixture
Soap dispenser
Towel ring
Portable towel holder
Towel holder
Towel holder
Towel holder
Toilet brush holder
Furniture leg
Modular chair component
Drawer panel
Nursing bottle
Device for scraping off material on lottery tickets
Combination ash and trash collecting structure
Disposable waste receptacle
Garbage can
Golf cart
Cart for a computer station
Wheelbarrow lower holder
Crane cab
Toilet plunger
Vacuum cleaner tool door
Handle for floor care apparatus
Paper dispenser
Toy car
Doll with flower petal aura
Personal robot
Religious talking doll
Educational toy
Bee toy
Rotatable weight exercise device
Aerobic weight
Aerobic weight
Aerobic weight
Exercise mat holder
Decorative golf ball
Golf putter head
Gun sight
Bottle top fishing lure
Retractable lobster snare
Electronic fly trap
Fluidic spa nozzle
Classic standard handheld shower head
Modern handheld shower head
Traditional standard wall-mount shower head
Faucet handle
Wall-mount valve controller
Wall-mount valve controller
Wall-mount valve controller
Handle and escutcheon for wall-mounted valve
Handle and escutcheon for wall-mounted valve
Flanged collet nipple
Shower wall
Free standing stove
Patio heater
Fireplace insert
Air conditioner
Slide door to change over the air path in an air conditioner
Air cleaner
Air filter
Filter element having sealing system
Fluted filter element having a handle
Range hood
Ceiling fan
Ceiling fan
Housing for a ceiling fan
Digital X-ray camera
Heart rate monitor
Dental device
Needle assembly
Needle-less hypodermic jet injection apparatus
Applicator tip having a protective ring
Catheter clamping device
Catheter clamping device
Handle for introducer sheath
Removable comfort pad for a bedpan
Mosquito clamp and needle holder
Dermabrasion system
Thrombectomy handpiece
Osteotome blade
Bulkhead end of dental handpiece tubing with electric power for fiber optic capability
Glucose strip
Ultrasonic dental tip
Meniscal component
Shin splint prevention device
Anti-nesting device for a post frame building
Fencing assembly
Link for a roll-down shutter
Ingress/egress portal for concourses and other access controlled areas
Sectioned candle
Sectioned candle
Sectioned candle
Camping lantern
Light accessory for a display unit
Torchiere lamp with side lights
Table lamp
Battery operated lamp
String lamp
Racing tire candle
Wall lighting fixture
Knurled flashlight grip
Desk lamp
Lamp device
Antiperspirant and/or deodorant product having a marbled appearance
Detergent tablet
Combined hair dye container and dispenser
Hair band with ribbons
Hair band
Tool for nail care system
Annular joined dual cosmetic dispenser
Vertical dial stick case
Scuba mask
Calf nursery
Small pet animal house
Hummingbird feeder reservoir
Composite chew toy
Paper currency machine
Commemorative quarter display
Human Necessities
Vision target based assembly
Work apparatus
Balanced reciprocating, brush cutting, mower attachment
Self-contained flexible aerodynamic cutting element with matching head
V-rake with windrow width adjustment
Tine guard for windrow pickup apparatus
Rotary conveyor tine stripper
One-handed branch-cutting device
Ceramic wicking device and method of manufacturing same
Hydroponic plant culture systems
Air culture system comprising a management system
Decorative cover for a floral grouping
Wide row planting tray
Mouth powered vacuum
Fishing sinker release
Reservoir for a hummingbird feeder
Cigarette perforator
Massaging socks, knee-socks and tights
Shirt with messages under collar
Personal survival vestpac
Upper body support jacket
Process of making image-displaying garments
Sports cap having pocket on visor
Wind-resistant washable hat and method of manufacture
Ring band adjustment structure of crash helmet
Ring band adjustment structure of crash helmet
Supplemental protective pad for a sports helmet
Athletic shoe midsole design and construction
Shoe sole with rounded inner and outer side surfaces
Shoe cushioning system
Sandal device
Tape-mounted fastener and a manufacturing method thereof
Engaging member of fastening device
Coil-type slide fastener
Slide of auto-lock zipper
Zipper handle structure
Double-purpose earlobe ornaments usable as stud and earring
Reconfigurable handle
Flat key
Suitcase handle fixture construction
Spreader bar for a hammock
Car wash system
Brush support
Contouring toothbrush head
Interlocking bed frame with integrated ladder and safety rail systems
Printed elastomeric decorative cushion
Hanging/standing support structure for plants
Household appliance and cassette with disincrustant means, and disincrustant method in a household appliance
Paper toweling dispensing system
Toilet lid safety lock
Hygienic odorless toilet for the blind and physically challenged
Bath seat
Bladed disk brush roller assembly for a vacuum cleaner sweeper
Vacuum cleaner bag housing assembly
Operating procedures for automated needle sorting, swaging and packaging machines
Peak flow meter
Collapsible casket
Stretcher foot pedal
Reactive floor tiling system to protect against falls
Testing of fluid systems
Hypoxic fire prevention and fire suppression systems for computer rooms and other human occupied facilities
Architectural protection devices and system and method utilizing same
Table game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multistage two-phase turbine
Structured packing with asymmetric crimp pattern
Apparatus for carrying out a weight measurement in certifuges
System for the control of a carbon dioxide cleaning apparatus
Method of wire rolling and rolling mill
Roll stand with multiple rolls
Sixth order actuator and mill set-up system for rolling mill profile and flatness control
Forming tool
Wire drawing die with non-cylindrical interface configuration for reducing stresses
Conductor reducer for co-axial cable
Electromechanical hemming apparatus and method
Modular system for seaming metal sheets
Transfer system
Rolling die and surface processing method for rolling die
Cutting tool and wear resistant material
Portable cutting apparatus
Saw blades with convex ground saw tooth flanks
Light seal for use with robotic equipment
Apparatus for producing a plated product having recesses
Machine tool
Apparatus and method of measuring the stress on a work machine
Device for positioning and centering
Determinant wing assembly
Crescent wrench
Reversible rachet wrench
Clamp for screwed fastening member
Multi-purpose hand tool
Uni-hex key wrench
Ratcheting mechanism
Method for tightening a threaded fastener above its yield point
Torque wrench
Steering wheel puller and method
Hand tool for use in the quick disconnection of quick connect/disconnect couplings
Integrated crimp bias apparatus and method
Parallel pliers
Fastener pulling tool
Multifunctional pocket tool
Hammer protective system
Skew pantograph robotic apparatus
Dual blade hair clipper
Box opening device and method of use
Utility knife
Gang punch tool assembly
Hydroentangled fabric having structured surfaces
Ruler device
Method for manufacturing a jounce bumper assembly
Heat pump air conditioner
Process for improving the sliding qualities of a carriage on a rail and device for implementing the process
Instruments cluster gauge mounting means
Child protecting clothes for vehicles
Wiper system for a vehicle
Wedge shaped neck windshield wiper blade rubber wiping element
Internal combustion engine with AT regulator
Apparatus for attaching a vehicle steering wheel to a vehicle steering shaft
Steering assemblies
Process and device for fitting wheel heads or the like
Hollow crank arm
Control cables
Vertical type of bag-making, filling and packaging apparatus and a packaging method thereof
Non-skidding vehicle wheel ramp
Force detector and acceleration detector and method of manufacturing the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of manufacturing a 1-inch diameter glass substrate for a magnetic disk
Method of manufacturing a 2-5 inch diameter glass substrate for a magnetic disk
Apparatus for minimizing air infiltration in the production of fused silica glass
Method and apparatus for controlling the shape and position of a deformable object
Apparatus for manufacturing an optical fiber preform and including a ring for trapping and diffusing light radiation
Glass melting apparatus and method
Forehearth feeder tube lift system
Neck ring mechanism for glass forming machine
Method of bonding glass members
Reduced toxicity fuel satellite propulsion system including fuel cell reformer with alcohols such as methanol
Cryogenic tempering process for PCB drill bits
Vacuum processing apparatus and operating method therefor
Textiles; Paper
Multiple slot jet cleaner and method
Cleaning device for traveling flats of a carding machine
Moisture conditioner for lint cotton
Yarn quality monitoring
Device for producing spun yarn
Apparatus and process for the control of piecing in spinning devices
Warp changing apparatus
Lace knit and its knitting method
Multiple design fabric
Device for applying a patterning agent to a line
Plant and method for supplying machines with dyes for the continuous dyeing of textile materials
Stranded synthetic fiber rope
Device and method for protecting a carrying fabric
Fixed Constructions
Material moving blade
Building foundation using pre-cast concrete elements
Belt drive with automatic belt tensioning
Apparatus and method for driving a hydraulic system of a construction machine, in particular a hydraulic excavator
Method and apparatus for controlling an electro-hydraulic fluid system
Sanitary fitting
Drainage device
Composite structural building panels and connections systems
Wall panel covering
Reinforced concrete walls having exposed attachment studs
Concrete form system connector link and method
One-sided insulated formwork
Deck system with deck clip
Assembled frame structure
Cladding panels of sheet metal or similar material for forming a coffered ceiling and a method for assembling of such panels
Roof tile construction using sandwiched adhesive
Gutter enhancing device and method
Construction panel and method
Inspection opening frame
Stucco wall building arrangement
Lead-in system for ceilings and walls including trapezoidally corrugated sheet metal framework
Apparatus for active multi-locking of sheets and collection of condensation water
High security lock mechanism
Cylinder lock
Lock mechanism for pull station
Pivot brakes for doors
Door hinge with a locking device based on a field force
Window operator having a linear drive mechanism
Closure hinge
Cabinet door securement system for a face frame cabinet
Transparent planar storm shield
Louvre mechanism
Dual mini-blind cutter
High impact extended standoff window screen
Directional multi-blade boring head
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Axle driving apparatus
Exhaust gas turbine of a turbocharger for an internal combustion engine
Brazeless combustor dome assembly
Electricity generating system having an annular combustor
Hydrogen fueled power plant system
Control device for internal combustion engine
Method of checking the functional capability of a catalytic converter
Method and apparatus for emission control
Hydraulic fan drive system having a non-dedicated flow source
Modified fuel gas turbo-expander for oxygen blown gasifiers and related method
Air-fuel ratio controller and method of controlling air-fuel ratio
Control of exhaust temperature in lean burn engines
Internal combustion engine having an activatable boost air delivery capacity adjusting
Control method
Evaporative emission control for very small leak detection
Oxygen concentration detecting apparatus
Thermal machine
Thermo-acoustic system
Tabbed nozzle for jet noise suppression
Ignition system for a propulsion producing engine
Rocket combustion chamber coating
Method and apparatus for aligning and inserting a fuel injector in a test head
Method for surveying the operating conditions of an internal combustion engine with spark ignition
Self-clearing vacuum pump with external cooling for evacuating refrigerant storage devices and systems
Method of making an internal gear pump
Method for making a multi-piece crankshaft
Separable coupling and corresponding tool
Hydraulic door operator
Nested speed converter bearing apparatus
Engine economizing vehicle shifting system and method
Transmission for a working vehicle
Supercooling degree-controlled expansion valve
Serial cooling of a combustor for a gas turbine engine
Window-type of integrated air-conditioner
Mass and heat transfer devices and methods of use
Air-conditioning system and operation control method thereof
Double-tube type heat exchanger and refrigerating machine using the heat
Vapor compression system and method
Refrigerator having an ice maker and a control system therefor
Refrigerator with a freezer compartment and method of using it
Beverage chilling apparatus
Double column system for the low-temperature fractionation of air
Cryogenic rectification system for processing atmospheric fluids
Cascaded tensioning tangential drive for THA handling
Fire arm equipped with an enabling system
Revolver cylinder magnetic gunlock
Housing for a firearm
Muzzle loader with smokeless powder capability
Apparatus and method for binocular measurement system
Micro-geometry measuring device
Automatic ball sizing device
Livestock weight estimation device
Apparatus and method for gauging the ride height of a vehicle
Multi-purpose, multi-functional tool
Advanced glidehead sensor for small slider
Rotary laser irradiating system and photodetection system
Laser system for generating a reference plane
Annular flow monitoring apparatus
Thermal-type flow sensor
Lateral mode stabilizer for Coriolis flowmeter
Fluid level measuring device
Measurement system for a pressure measurement device as well as a pressure measurement device
Pressure sensor with compensation for null shift non-linearity at very low temperatures
Grinding apparatus shaft with bearing failure detection and secondary support
Optimal engine speed compensation method used in misfire detection
Keyboard testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting leaks in heat exchangers for motor vehicles
Test device for measuring chemical emissions
Leak tracing
Method and device for nondestructively testing fluid-filled containers for leaktightness
Method and apparatus for measuring vibration damping
Method for measuring adhesion strength of resin material
Sensor unit for air quality measurement
Surface acoustic wave sensor
Automated classing system
Interconnect for testing semiconductor components and method of fabrication
Gravity measurement using bose-einstein condensed vapors and atom interferometry
Method and system for identifying a feature on a longitudinally advancing member and marking the advancing member based on the identification
Adjustable pedal-parallel screw and rod
Friction control mechanism
Sectional display system
Acoustic sensor module design and fabrication process
Method and apparatus for precise measurement of pressure dependence of head fly height using transitional thermal signals
Method of producing a chip resistor
Chip scale package with heat spreader and method of manufacture
Thermoelectric device
Piezo-electric drive arrangement for a harmonic drive transmission
Apparatus for manufacturing electrode plate for nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Method of manufacturing conductor segments of AC generator
At frequency phase shifting circuit for use in a quadrature clock generator
Method of manufacturing an electric heater assembly
Component mounting method
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