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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Grading implement
Grain drill with accurate metering of the rate of planting of seed
Method and apparatus for converting spent water-based drilling muds into fertile indigenous top soil
Artificial hybrid lure
Turkey decoy system
Protective face shield adjustment system
Face-mask neck sash
Sandal having a variety of lacing styles
Tethered styling instrument and method of use
Baseball bat and helmet rack
Adjustable shopping cart and baby stroller stand
Portable clothesline assembly for vehicles
Secondary introduction of fluid into vacuum system
Methods of treating asthma
Balancing appliance for footwear item
Method for simultaneously dyeing and permanent shaping of hair
Monitoring and control for a laryngeal mask airway device
Jet endotracheal device and its use in intubation
Pneumatic sealing system for protection masks
Electronic amusement device and method for operating a game offering continuous reels
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ballistic aerosol marking venturi pipe geometry for printing onto a transfuse substrate
Sieve bed for a sifting machine
Method for forming decorative staple strips
Cam actuated clamp apparatus
Electric pencil sharpener
Pneumatic tire using carcass ply
Torsion beam axle-type rear suspension
Method for starting engine of vehicle with hybrid transmission and apparatus for carrying out the method
Traveling vehicle
Shift knob
Prime mover control device of construction machine
Hybrid hydraulic drive system with engine integrated hydraulic machine
Holder for musical instruments and/or accessories
Reversible baby stroller with brake structure
Rack force disturbance rejection
Dynamic balancing vehicle with a seat
System for vehicle attitude and/or momentum control
Portable vacuum device
High performance plastic pallets
Wine glass
Container whose side wall includes a surface discontinuity to hold shrinkwrap thereto
Article feeder
Bi-directional winch
Tool and method for removing and installing a tamper-resistant cap of a pest control device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for manufacturing a multimode fiber pump power combiner
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Sealing element for pipes and methods for using
Valve within a control line
Reversible penetrating machine with a differential air distributing mechanism
Puller-thruster downhole tool
Remotely actuating a casing conveyed tool
Formation characterization using wellbore logging data
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Reciprocating machine
Roller follower body
Engine with variable valve timing
Muffler with internal heat shield
NO.sub.x reduction in lean burn engine exhaust
Air gap-insulated exhaust manifold for internal combustion engines
Engine induction system
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Control apparatus for vehicular internal combustion engine
Exhaust diffuser assembly with tunable velocity profile
Sill plate retainer
Low cost magnetic brakes and motion control devices manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Hybrid powertrain system
Positive pressure actuated aerator valve assembly
Downward compatible voltage track lighting system
Modular emergency exit route illumination system and methods
Multi-sectioned, billboard-mounted light-emitting device
Heat pump with reheat and economizer functions
Variable temperature cushion and heat pump
Superconducting device with a cold head of a refrigeration unit with a thermosyphon effect thermally coupled to a rotating superconducting winding
Drum dryer
Structure of a projectile
Method and system for identifying and defining geofences
System and method of wireless downloads of map and geographic based data to portable computing devices
Indicator apparatus
Dual gauge
Capacitance difference detecting circuit
Compact scan engine disposed within a scanner housing
Digital control for controlling and linearizing an AC impedance
Robot controller learning system
Apparatus and method for data entry from a removable portable device cover
Replay suspension in a memory system
Method for generating physical identifier in storage device and machine-readable storage medium
Program guide system with video-on-demand browsing
Matching entitlement information for multiple sources
Changing email addressee categorization
Notifying online conference participant of presenting previously identified portion of content
Adaptive replication
Method and apparatus for generating web pages for members
Method and transmitter for producing a data stream, method and receiver for calling at least one data segment in a data stream
System for controlling a telecommunication network node, method and computer program therefor
Ontology based resource provisioning and management for services
Method and apparatus of performing remote management of a managed machine
Device and method using non-cycle accurate measurements for discovering emulated clients
Information processing device, computer-readable recording medium, and control method
Transductive lasso for high-dimensional data regression problems
Video tag sharing
Statistical determination of power-circuit connectivity
System and method for dynamic audio buffer management
Charge pump for producing display driver output
Image display device
Method and apparatus for distributing virtual goods over the internet
Animated messaging
Image sensing and printing device
Image forming apparatus, secure network system, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and method for updating certificate information
Facsimile apparatus that connects via session initiation protocol and control method therefor, as well as storage medium
Service registry for saving and restoring a faceted selection
Process for selecting compressed key bits for collision resolution in hash lookup table
Method and device for excerpt licensing
Systems, methods and computer program products for analyzing agile scrum team efficiency
Systems and methods for determining relationships between mobile applications and electronic device users
Method and system for deploying at least one virtual network on the fly and on demand
Method and apparatus for processing event in home network
Ejecting device for storage card
Point-of-sale billing via hand-held devices
Image processing apparatus and method for obtaining position and orientation of imaging apparatus
Automated pelletized sample vision inspection apparatus and methods
Method for extracting information of interest from multi-dimensional, multi-parametric and/or multi-temporal datasets
Electronic device and method for analyzing image noise
Image calibration and analysis
Image recognition system in a cloud environment
Apparatus, method of controlling the same and storage medium
Systems and methods for image enhancement by local tone curve mapping
Using cyclic Markov decision process to determine optimum policy
Using cyclic Markov decision process to determine optimum policy
Second site control of article transport processing
Method and system for ordering, loading and using admission tickets
Ambient project management
System and method for controlling financial transactions over a wireless network
Rewarding independent influencers
Shopping cost and travel optimization application
System and method for constructing and displaying active virtual reality cyber malls, show rooms, galleries, stores, museums, and objects within
Graphical representation of financial information
Method and apparatus for processing three-dimensional model data
Medical image processing
Image display device for medical applications, image display method for medical applications
Transportation system of persons and goods with checking out
Methods and systems for encouraging and enforcing hand hygiene
Theft detection in HVAC unit having persistent alarm
Fully mechanical pneumatic excessive heat or/and fire line-type detector, and system, methods, applications thereof
Method and system for reducing the impact of an undesired event using event-based distribution of certificates
Mobile wireless device with location-dependent capability
System and method for demonstrating a path of a projectile
Sign guard
Optical projection system capable of detecting projection image deformation and associated detection method
Display element pixel circuit with voltage equalization
Direct-view MEMS display devices and methods for generating images thereon
Data access method and electronic apparatus for accessing data
Pedal-operated stringed musical instrument actuator apparatus
Real-time data pattern analysis system and method of operation thereof
Automated generation of phonemic lexicon for voice activated cockpit management systems
Efficient content classification and loudness estimation
Method and apparatus for reducing rendering latency for audio streaming applications using internet protocol communications networks
Spindle motor having sealing cap with curved part and hard disk drive including the same
Optical disc drive high frequency modulation signal detection
Linear recording executing optimum writing upon receipt of series of commands including mixed read and write commands
Dye for optical information recording medium and optical information recording medium
Method and apparatus of probabilistic programming multi-level memory in cluster states of bi-stable elements
Drive method for memory element, and storage device using memory element
Write pulse width scheme in a resistive memory
Semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
Temperature based logic profile for variable resistance memory cells
Built-in testing of unused element on chip
Techniques for accessing a dynamic random access memory array
Memory cell
Tie plate with variable orifice and methods for selective control of fuel assembly coolant flow
Reduced leakage inductance transformer and winding methods
Design and fabrication of inductors on a semiconductor substrate
Divergent flux path magnetic actuator and devices incorporating the same
Vent assemblies for electrochemical double-layer capacitors
Static discharge station
Electronic trip unit, circuit interrupter including the same, and method of setting trip unit settings
Overlay for an electrical switch
Methods for forming amorphous silicon thin film transistors
Gate oxide quality for complex MOSFET devices
Method of forming a magnetic tunnel junction structure
Manganese metal film forming method, processing system, electronic device manufacturing method and electronic device
Chip identification pattern and method of forming
Common fill of gate and source and drain contacts
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits
Forming alignment mark and resulting mark
Method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate
Method for fabricating a finFET in a large scale integrated circuit
Moisture barrier for a wire bond
Semiconductor package having a metal member and a resin mold, which are bonded to a silane coupling agent and an intermediate layer of an oxide film
Impedence controlled packages with metal sheet or 2-layer RDL
Stacked semiconductor package
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Electric power semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Power devices and method for manufacturing the same
High voltage field effect transistor finger terminations
Semiconductor device
Power semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Native devices having improved device characteristics and methods for fabrication
Methods of forming transistor devices with high-k insulation layers and the resulting devices
Random access memories with an increased stability of the MOS memory cell
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Selective emitter nanowire array and methods of making same
Solar cell capable of recycling a substrate and method for manufacturing the same
High efficiency flexible solar cells for consumer electronics
Solar battery cell
Solar cell assembly with diffraction gratings
Reconfigurable solar panel
Method and apparatus for depositing copper--indiumgalliumselenide (CuInGaSe2-CIGS) thin films and other materials on a substrate
Rectifier structures for AC LED systems
LED white light source with remote photoluminescent reflecting converter
Submicro-facet light-emitting device and method for fabricating the same
Multilayer construction
Compounds for organic electronic material and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Composition for organic semiconductor insulating films, and organic semiconductor insulating film
Compound and organic light-emitting diode, display and illuminating device using the compound
USB device charger for use with electric powered wheelchairs and scooters
Impact resistant battery
Cap assembly and battery pack having the same
Can and lithium secondary battery using the same
Tunable high-frequency transmission line
High Q surface mount technology cavity filter
Compact 3-D coplanar transmission lines
Orthomode transducer
Ink for printing a mobile phone antenna pattern, method for manufacturing a synthetic resin part for a mobile phone on which an antenna pattern is printed using the ink, and synthetic resin part for a mobile phone on which an antenna pattern is printed
Compact high-gain antenna
Blade antenna array
Terminal for accumulator cells
Electrical connector
Electrical connector with reliable assembly effect
Annular signal feed module
Electrical connector having light pipe and LED with over molded opaque layer
Method for operating a pump light source having a diode laser
Laser light source
Vehicle block heater cord winder
Wire harness protector
Radio frequency circuit
Protection control system for a multilevel power conversion circuit
Electrostatic discharge protection device and composite electronic component including the same
High voltage discharge protection device and radio frequency transmission apparatus using the same
Multi-path converters for PV substrings
Signal transmitting-receiving control circuit and secondary battery protection circuit
Power converting apparatus
Current supply arrangement for the rectifying three-phase AC current into multi-pulse DC current
Electrical energy regenerative system, network and method
Surface mount device-type low-profile oscillator
Level shift circuit
Level shift circuit and drive circuit of display device
High speed precessionally switched magnetic logic
System and method for setting offset and gain of analog input module
Ad converter
Analog to digital converter with noise reducing feedback path
Cross correlation nulling for interference resolution
Radio communication terminal device and radio communication method
Mixer biasing for intermodulation distortion compensation
Method for securing indirect return channel and mobile digital broadcast receiver thereof
Image interpolation processing apparatus and method thereof
Noise suppressing device, noise suppressing method and mobile phone
Method for evaluating locations of wireless access points in an hybrid network
Systems and methods for establishing a wireless display connection
Frame format and frame assembling/disassembling method for the frame format
Communication device and information collecting method
Methods and apparatus for providing hybrid unicast broadcast services
Uplink channel estimation for a software defined radio
Methods and arrangements in radio communication systems
Block aggregation of objects in a communication system
Apparatus and method of estimating channel in consideration of residual synchronization offset
Neighbor network channel reuse with MIMO capable stations
Management server and management method
Antenna monitoring system and method to monitor a distributed antenna system
Propagating link status across a network
Communication apparatus and communication method
IP router and method of allocating IP address
System, method and program for determining a network path by which to send a message
Dual-role modular scaled-out fabric coupler chassis
System and method for routing data
Voice over internet protocol multi-routing with packet interleaving
Network management for wireless appliances in a mobile data network
T-Star interconnection network topology
Scalable and efficient flow-aware packet distribution
In-order traffic aggregation with reduced buffer usage
Beam management for wireless communication
Host ethernet adapter frame forwarding
System and method for interconnecting physical channels
Method of resending digital signals
Streaming and buffering using variable FEC overhead and protection periods
Systems and methods to mitigate phase noise
Anti-phishing filter
Generating role-based access control policies based on discovered risk-averse roles
Method and apparatus for detecting and indicating packets containing voice activity in the transmission of voice over a packet data network
Generating role-based access control policies based on discovered risk-averse roles
Visually representing and managing access control of resources
Managing message distribution in a networked environment
System and method of accessing a network by way of different service providers
Systems, methods and apparatus for multivariate authentication
Dynamic quality of service for control of media streams using feedback from the local environment
Verifying server identity
Method, network device and user equipment for switching media access control address
Constellation map optimization for highly spectrally efficient communications
Rapid data encryption and decryption for secure communication over open channels with plausible deniability
Method and system for a hardware-efficient universal hash function
Back cover structure
Unified method and apparatus to simplify telephone area code dialing
Test connector apparatus for look-both-ways testing
Terminal and method for managing call function
Peripheral computing device
Method and system for obtaining emergency caller location
Method and apparatus for enabling collaberative interactions among devices on a peer-to-peer network
Call center input/output agent utilization arbitration system
Recursive identification of individuals for casual collaborative conferencing
Method and apparatus for enabling global telephony capabilities in communication networks
Image processing apparatus, method and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for executing workflow using priority information
Information processing apparatus, method and program for controlling cover sheet and document data transmission in reference with historical data
Image processing in contone space and halftone space
Stereoscopic image display device and method of displaying stereoscopic image
Content server and content providing method of the same
Independent temporally concurrent video stream coding
Image capturing system
Multi-core processor for portable device with dual image sensors
Color image sampling and reconstruction
Digital image processing readout integrated circuit (ROIC) having multiple sampling circuits
Long-range VGA image transmission system providing automatic image adjustment
Camera parameter-assisted video frame rate up conversion
Systems and methods for providing interactive video services
Meta channel caching and instant viewing related technology
Detection of mobile computing device use in motor vehicle
Home network architecture for delivering high-speed data services
Earphone device with impedance correction unit
Apparatus in an acoustic assembly for registering assembly parts
Apparatus for prevention of pressure transients in microphones
Ear strap for a probe tube
Loudspeaker with port comprising a particle filter
Electrostatic electroacoustic transducer and method of manufacturing the same
Audio coding device and method
Multi-dimensional processor and multi-dimensional audio processor system
Wireless network air-interface loading simulator
Methods and apparatuses for use in providing navigation assistance data to mobile stations
Method for enhancing positioning measurement and communications apparatus utilizing the same
Scheme for monitoring battery of machine type communication device
Wireless communication system, wireless communication method, and gateway
Communications systems
Handover method of multicast and broadcast service based on buffer fullness
Base station and system information notification method
Method of predicting suitable candidates for user equipment cell reselection in mobile networks based on the direction of movement
Method and apparatus for transmitting wireless personal area network communication system
Multi-receiver frame aggregation
Method for transmitting signal on bandwidth request channel at mobile station, mobile station apparatus using the same, method for performing bandwidth request procedure at base station, and base station apparatus using the same
Techniques to manage heterogenous carrier types
User device, base station, and communication method for mobile communication system
Method and device for performing ranging in a wireless communication system
Methods and devices for multipoint transmission
Method and a device for power reduction in an LTE system
Apparatus and method for dispersing users in wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for determination of additional maximum power reduction table based on control channel location indices
Multi-user multiple input multiple output wireless communications
Dynamic construction of approved access node list in push to talk network
Apparatus and methods for providing location-based services to a mobile computing device having a dual processor architecture
Wireless communication system, base station, and terminal
System and method for permitting recordation of voice transmissions among group members of a communication group of wireless communication devices
Communication quality measurement method, radio base station and mobile terminal, and radio communication system
Method and arrangement for cell outage compensation in a communication network system
Method of scanning cells based on LBS information and selecting heterogeneous cells
Selective authentication of user devices in wireless communication networks
Systems and methods for synchronization of wireless devices in a peer-to-peer network
Systems and methods for low overhead paging
Dynamic clustering for coordinated transmission in wireless communication systems
Wireless communication method, and wireless communication device and system using the same
Method for transmitting and receiving uplink signal in wireless communication system
Radio communication control method, base station apparatus and mobile terminal apparatus
Method and arrangement for resource allocation in radio communication
Method and apparatus for monitoring scheduling information
Device, system and method of scheduling communications by multiple medium-access-control (MAC) modules
Scanning of channels based on channel availability information
Direct data communication in infrastructure mode in wireless communication systems
Method for managing component carrier setting information and a device for the same
Apparatus and method for providing frequency selectively in satellite communication system
Illumination apparatus and lighting circuit
Method for operating at least one light-emitting diode and lighting device for carrying out the method
LED lighting device
Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating semiconductor chip assemblies
Mobile terminal
Electronic apparatus, support device, and attachment structure
Portable device having a sliding motion or rotating/tilting display unit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Automatic chemical stick loader for wells and method of loading
Mop head
Dish cradle
Sucker of a plunger
Bootwiper with cricket design
Longitudinally ribbed smoker's urn holder
Garbage can
Garbage can
Power trowel dolly
Cart-housing for automotive service equipment
Pet cleaning cart
Steam generating domestic appliance
Control panel for a franking machine
Protective cap for printing head
Ink tank holder with printing head
Touch-sensitive screen stylus
Touch-sensitive screen stylus
Faucet handle
Faucet handle
Faucet center set
Outdoor heater with offset arm
Oscillating fan with decorative grill
Ceiling fan
Air conditioner
Cooling tower
Blood glucose meter
Clamp for flexible medical lines
Threaded adapter
Transfer device
Pipette tip
Collapsible needle holder
Tongue scraper
Landing zone pattern for a disposable absorbent article
Headpiece for a massage apparatus
Flat deck structure having curved elements
Fence rail
Ground-decking panel
Retaining wall block
Environmental enclosure for a vending machine
Roof vent having a stepped side
Beer light
Extendable flashlight
Decorative etched glass block lamp
Fluorescent lighting fixture
Wall light
Track lighting fixture design
Oval decorative vehicle lighting reflector with segmented reflective surface
Oval decorative vehicle lighting lens with stepped interior surface
Exterior surface configuration of an automobile front light assembly
Tail light
Lamp housing
Swivel assembly for a lamp
Backplate for a lighting fixture
Lamp stand
Cigarette lighter
Cosmetics applicator
Hair accessory kit
Hair band
Exerciser for orifice muscles
Feeding bowl
Figure eight donut ring animal chew
Human Necessities
Hydraulic three point tractor hitch
Seed planter
Round baler having incoming crop deflectors
Closed cycle power plant
Plant growth unit
Geranium plant named `Duebus`
Geranium plant named `Fisrovio`
Rose plant named `Yoreda`
Geranium plant named `Fistador`
Calibrachoa plant named `KLEC01068`
Geranium plant named `Fisbluda`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dreamy Yomarilyn`
Agapanthus plant named `SARAH`
Symphoricarpos plant named `Scarlet Pearl`
Geranium plant named `Fisromag`
Aechmea plant named `228`
Carnation plant named `Wesdiwit`
Variety of Geranium named `Global Coral Rose`
Lobelia erinus plant named `TiLu`
Guzmania plant named `GUZ 229`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Vybowl`
Geranium plant named `Fiseyely`
Corydalis flexuosa plant named `Golden Panda`
Hardy green ash tree named `Heuver`
Geranium plant named `Duehaydn`
Hydrangea anomala subspecies petiolaris plant named `Kuga Variegated`
Strawberry plant named `BG-625`
Rose plant named `Yopilit`
Geranium plant named `Duemor`
Geranium plant named `Fiston`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Sthirtyone`
Lobelia plant named `Grape Knee-Hi`
Geranium plant named `Dueimap`
Geranium plant named `Fisrobrav`
Dahlia plant named `Melody Dora`
Gate assembly for confining animals in an alley
Apparatus and method for converting a stock trailer into a horse trailer
Shearing lifting jack
Doggy wrap
Bird house with deployable fledging board
Method and apparatus for relocating live poultry
Pet feeder including a safety restriction device
Substances and method for the production of water suitable for aquariums or garden ponds
Split shot opener
Method and apparatus for repelling land and water fowl from structures
Molding device for pastry products
Conveyor and packaging apparatus and packaging conveyance and packaging methods
Food product and apparatus for making the food product
System for prolonging useful life of foodstuffs in a refrigerator
Apparatus for air treatment and transportation of a material
Ledger for cigarette making machine cut-off
Method of and apparatus for manipulating trays for cigarettes and the like
Smoking articles
No-shrink shirt collar
Easy opening pants
Unitary garment
Garment for concealing patient medical appliances
Detachable disposable sweatband
Transparent protective swimsuit covering garment
Magnetic tack
Hat clip
Method of manufacturing a composite vapor-permeable insole and insole thus obtained
Decorative device attachable to a shoelace on a shoe
Shoe with concealed gaiter fasteners
Water-resistant and floatable footwear and method of manufacture therefor
Cycling shoe
Ventilated shoe insole having minimal height front region
Shoe with stability element
Surface fastener
Swag tether and method of securing the same
Beaded ornament and arrangement for and method of making same
Lock for a necklace, bracelet or such ornament, as well as an end eye for such a lock
Foldable sunshade with a tiltable canopy
Eyeglasses retainer and case with detachable straps
Removable and repositionable pocket assembly for golf bags
Folding bristle hairbrush
Toothbrush with longitudinal to lateral motion conversion
Modular rotatable tray system
In-line skate rack and method of using same
Apparatus for displaying and securing an object such as a rifle
Mattress support and method
Bearing element for upholstery support for a seat or bed system
Container positioning and displaying system and associated methods
Displayable jewelry container
Belt hanger
Book-like display showcase with transparent enclosure between front and back covers
Sliding headrail and shade leveling system for specialty window shades
Beverage infusion container
Toilet facility having image or video displayer
Mop with self-contained wringer
Fluid collection system
Vacuum cleaning tool with an outlet ramp
Devices and methods for port-access multivessel coronary artery bypass surgery
Surgical apparatus and method for performing transabdominal cardiac surgery
High-torque resorbable screws
Methods of engaging and releasing a surgical device to a handle
Needle holder for fluid collection and/or injection system
Skin stabilization and nasal dilator system
Condom device
Patient transport device
Wheelchair with offset drive wheels
Apparatus and method for insulating whirlpool bath noise and vibration
Water evacuation conduit for hydro massaging tub
Nasal ventilation interface
Rail mounted fall arrest assembly
Methods and apparatus for installing a safety line
Firefighting hood and SCBA face mask system
Clip for a ball-throwing device
Apparatus for locating and aligning golf club shaft spine
Amusement ride
Animated light supporting display with up and down head movement
Apparatus for inflating balloons
Performing Operations; Transporting
Well completion method and apparatus
Engine exhaust emission control
Static device maintaining the homogeneity of a mixture of powders subjected to a gravity-induced flow
Magnetic separator
Decanter type centrifugal separator
Sanitary washing device having automatic nozzle pipe washer
Sliding shoe sorter and methods of using sliding shoe sorter
Weight sorter
Bilge drainage system
Cleaning device, cleaning system, treating device and cleaning method
Bimetallic tube in a heat exchanger of an ice making machine
Manufacturing tool for fluid bearing device
Machine for producing corrugated wheel spacers
Flanging device with pressing and clamping elements
Die block apparatus for shaping workpieces
Method and apparatus for roller type processing
Modular system for seaming metal sheets
Pressing tool
Forming machine
Method for the production of a steel camshaft and camshaft produced according to said method
Composite core for casting metallic objects
Die-casting method and die-castings obtained thereby
Apparatus and method for automatically compensating for lateral runout
Picture frame making accessory and method
Saw blade for preventing undercut
Method of manufacturing a vehicle frame assembly
Six-degrees-of-freedom parallel mechanism for micro-positioning work
Method and apparatus for automatically transporting and precisely positioning work pieces at processing stations
Modular palletized work station for asynchronous conveyor systems
Method for improving the machining accuracy of a precision machine tool
Wood planing machine with a workpiece-guiding plate
High speed manufacturing system
Flattening and machining method and apparatus
Gear burnishing system having pre-checking station
Polishing pad
Method for raising and lowering the feed and delivery tables of a printing press
Methods of installing a balance weight for a rotary component in turbomachinery
Anti-jamming coupling device for powered adjustable wrench
Power tool and mechanism
Garbage disposal split-ring insertion device
Reciprocating saw blade repair device
Holder for a drive piston of a setting tool
Feeding and driving assembly for a combination staple-cap fastener
Hand-held power tool
Method for processing a hand tool
Impact tool
Device and method for gauging an angled surface and setting a tool to match the bisection of the angled surface
Electric robot for use in a hazardous location
Gravity knife and backbone
Synthetic foam surface contouring machine
Jogger member, system and method for mounting jogger members and female and male blanking dies provided therewith
Single-motor injection-and-screw drive hybrid actuator
Air-permeable transport belt for transporting a fiber strand to be condensed and method of making same
Double-action mechanical press
Orientationally sensitive closure and orienting apparatus therefor
Method of making a package with a zipper closure
Flat sleeve convertible to a decorative container
Corrugator unit, particularly for sheets or webs of paper, or similar
Laser ablatable waterless lithographic printing member
Sheet-fed press
Ink feed roller for printers
Ink supply device and ink key thereof
Ink key presetting system for offset printing machines
Methods and systems for ascertaining the roughness of a print media surface
Ink cartridge with self-closing valve
Apparatus and method for duplex printing of a sheet-like substrate
Stencil printing machine
Stencil printing apparatus
Means for enhancing print color density
Visor clip
Method of shaping tread patterns for vehicle tires and vehicle tires shaped in accordance therewith
Method for preparing an innerliner of a pneumatic tire for the quick bonding of an electronic monitoring device
Heavy duty radial tire with chafer height greater than bead apex height
Radial medium truck tire with organic polymer reinforced top belt or breaker
Vehicle body suspension system
Automotive air conditioning unit
Vehicle door module with integrated supporting panel
Actuation arrangement for displaceable components on vehicles
Hydrostatic machines for use in transmission and transaxle product
Supercharged hybrid electric vehicle
Drive unit for hybrid vehicle
Power conversion device for a rail way vehicle
Retractable assist grip and mounting method thereof
Molded container assembly for transporting bulk material
Load binder with locking structure
Device for forced guiding of a motor and/or powertrain with a crash case
Crossing arm assembly
Seat belt buckle
Column lock device
Aircraft maintenance apparatus and method of maintaining aircraft
Handle for operating a parking brake
Hydraulic brake for a vehicle
Vacuum brake booster
Pressure spring arrangement in a brake cylinder, especially of parking brakes installed in commercial vehicles
Tensioning device for cables
Brake system layout for ATV
Method for mounting load sensing proportioning valve assembly of automobile
Apparatus and method for steering a guideway vehicle
Railroad car draft gear having a long travel
Motion alarm
Spare tire license plate mounting system for a motor vehicle
Collapsible motor driven vehicle
Adjustable apparatus and kit for a coupled snowmobile suspension
Automatic cycle pedal
Radial bearing arrangement and method for installation
Recreation water sled
Multi-adjustable shock absorber for water skiing
Fender for watercraft
Combined dry dock and boat launching apparatus
Buoyancy compensator jacket for diver
Swim mask having virtual buckle pivot point
Snorkeling equipment
Boat with center pontoon and separate motor mount
Hanger arrangement for V-type vertical engines and outboard marine drives
Emergency indicating and signaling device
Track system for airplane serving carts
Method and device for continuously wrapping products
Strapping machine with improved access doors
Filler valve filling flat pouch containers
Method and apparatus for producing (folding) cartons
Method for producing bags comprising closure profiles actuated by a slider
Decorative basket assembly and method for producing same
Liquid container having neck with stacked annular sealing surfaces thereon
Headerless bag pack with easy removal opening
Beverage package with sound effects
Fermentation lock for wine barrel
Device for closing bottles containing liquids under pressure, especially champagne or similar products
Closure and container system for hot filled containers
Spout with cut-away openings
Packaging of smoking articles
Combination shipping and display container and methods therefor
Resealable cap for carbonated beverage can
Twist-openable dispensing closure accommodating optional liner puncture feature
Sealed packaging device for disc-shaped items and related materials and method for packaging such disks material
Releasable ball-lock cable tie
Display packaging assembly for swim masks and goggles having corrective lenses
Battery package with multiple support compartments
Container with absorbent material
Courier expressable cargo quilt and method therefor
Cap-mounted pill container
Package for framed and unframed single mirrors
Cargo holding system for marine freight vessels
Double width crossbelt sorter
Belt conveyor having support casing for belt
Overhead conveyor lubrication apparatus and method
Automated conveyor cleaning system
Safety device for machines for aligning containers, in particular polyethylene bottles
Contact assembly for accumulation conveyors
Device for infeeding a material web into a rotary printing machine
Adhesive tape dispenser provided with cutter for cutting tape, and the like of a package to facilitate the unpacking of the package
Edge taping tool
Elevator system having governor positioned under controller in hoistway at top floor level
Portable lifting device
Vinyl lifting crane and method
Brake device for a drive machine of an elevator
Guide system for a forklift
Powered decapping tool to remove a cap from a bottle or vial
Cork removal apparatus
Device and methods for opening closed containers
Integrated fluid nozzle and tank cap removal apparatus
Force detector and acceleration detector and method of manufacturing the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Self supporting heat transfer element
Method of purifying natural or synthetic silica, and application thereof to depositing purified natural or synthetic silica on an optical fiber preform
Monitoring gob diameter in a glassware forming system
Refrigerating apparatus
Methods for foam cleaning combustion turbines
Flexibly suspended gas distribution manifold for plasma chamber
Textiles; Paper
Stretch breaking of fibers
Device for separating waste from fiber material while processed in a carding machine
Dirt removal system for a textile machine
Apparatus for detecting separated waste in a fiber processing machine
Method of false twist texturing a synthetic yarn to a crimped yarn
Open end spun, cotton/rayon blended yarn
Pulleyless shed-forming device for a weaving machine
Three-dimensional marquisette style knitted fabric
Laundry appliance
Washing machine with balancer
Drive apparatus for a washing machine
Washing machine motor cut-off
Method of spreading laundered rectangular cloths and apparatus therefor
Fixed Constructions
Machine for removing an old track and laying a new track
Planing device mounted on machines for processing ice
Modular interlocking framing elements
Assembly of a safety rail for an access hatch
Excavator data acquisition and control system and process
Pilot control system
Tooth assembly for implements
Height-adjustable washstand
Low tank of flush toilet
Damp-proof basement and method of construction
Suspended ceiling grid structure with main runners incorporating coded matching indicia for receiving cross runners in desired spaced apart fashion
Modular molding system
Pit form
Concrete form panel hanger for brickledge forms or other objects
Side rail assembly for canopy
Collapsible shade for a towel mat
Prefabricated swimming pool
Overflow system with a spillway rim, particularly for a prefabricated swimming pool to be sunk into the ground, and a method and apparatus for its construction
Rotating pin tumbler side bar lock with side bar control
Lock construction
Locking mechanism for storage units
Cable end tubular lock
Lid restraint for portable computer
Closing mechanism
Door stop structurally combined with a demountable door hinge
Device for opening and closing vehicle slide door window
Articulating door hinge system and door assembly
Single-pin hinge with improved features
Gate closer apparatus
Multi-sheet glazing unit and method of making same
Device for covering a gap
Solar screen mounting for an awning window
Retractable flexible door method and apparatus
Ladder leveling system
Electrically sequenced tractor
Retrievable well packer apparatus and method
Method for the formation of a plug in a petroleum well
Method and apparatus of operating devices using actuators having expandable or contractable elements
Expandable liner and associated methods of regulating fluid flow in a well
Apparatus and method for sensing the profile and position of a well component in a well bore
Method for installing a sensor in connection with plugging a well
Apparatus and method for formation testing while drilling with minimum system volume
System for accessing subterranean deposits from the surface
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Ventilation for an enclosure of a gas turbine and related method
Methods for disassembling, replacing and assembling parts of a steam cooling system for a gas turbine
Truine energy system
Gas turbine controller of single-shaft combined cycle power generating plant and gas turbine output calculating method
Cam actuated continuous simultaneously variable valve timing and lifting assembly
Cam follower with clamp
Variable valve timing system
Vane-type hydraulic variable camshaft timing system with lockout feature
Valve timing control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Apparatus for controlling the operation of a valve in an internal combustion engine
Electromagnetic actuator for actuating a lifting valve of an internal combustion engine
Electromagnetic driving valve of internal combustion engine
Lubricating system of internal combustion engine
Crankcase with integrated exhaust chambers
Flat low profile diesel engine crankcase ventilation filter
Multi-peripheral perimeter sealed flat panel coalescing filter element
Oiling system
Fault determining apparatus for exhaust passage switching valve
Combatting air pollution
Exhaust emission controlling apparatus of internal combustion engine
Heat storage tank in cooling water circuit
Multicylinder internal combustion engine with an engine braking system
Cooling device for liquid-cooled type internal combustion engine
In-cylinder-injection internal combustion engine and method of controlling in-cylinder-injection internal combustion engine
Gear driven supercharger having noise reducing impeller shaft
Air cleaner fitting structure for motorcycle
Engine for watercraft
Working cycle for a heat engine, especially an internal combustion engine, and an internal combustion engine
Heat and electric power supply system and operation method thereof
Throttle-valve actuator
Control device for solenoid driving valve
Method for improved performance of a vehicle having an internal combustion engine
Vaporized fuel treatment apparatus of internal combustion engine
Air intake device for an internal combustion engine
Piston-type internal combustion engine having a subdivided gas-intake port
Piston for a four-stroke internal combustion engine
Dual gallery piston
Engine front cover
Combined cycle pulse combustion/gas turbine engine
Internal-combustion engine provided with an exhaust gas recirculation system, in particular for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for cleaning exhaust gas recirculation system
Diagnosing apparatus for evaporation purge system and pressure sensor
Delivery unit arranged in a surge chamber of a fuel tank of a motor vehicle
Fuel injection valve and method for operating a fuel injection valve
High-pressure piston cylinder unit
Ignition module with rotational speed limitation for an internal combustion engine
Semi-spherical shoe
Lubricating oil supplying arrangement for an apparatus having a rotating apparatus shaft
Pressure means storage device
Valve arrangement including release valve
Hydraulic elevator with plunger brakes
Double valve with anti-tiedown capability
Apparatus for measuring the amount of air entrained in a fluid
Lubricant applying system for a rolling bearing
Electromechanical actuator
Method for operating hydraulic drive apparatus
Redundant freewheeling bicycle apparatus and method
Centrifugal clutch
Disk brake pad for rail or utility vehicles
Disc brake caliper
Disc brake
Actuating device having automatic adjustment for a vehicle hydraulic disk brake
Brake pad wear detecting apparatus
Erodable sensor for progressive brake wear detection
Clutch friction button
Cord lock and adjustable securing device
Active damper for a countershaft transmission
Hydraulic torque transmitting device
Output shaft of automatic transmission
Car lock structure in automatic transmission shift rod
Shifting mechanism for a vehicle gearbox
Manual valve of a hydraulic pressure control system for an automatic transmission of a vehicle
Adjustment system in an automatic transmission
Solenoid for an integrated pressure management apparatus
Backflow prevention apparatus
Valve, adapted to connect a flow module to a flow line
Opening/closing valve
Snap-action piloted fill valve
Cable supporting methods
Fire protection sleeve
Pressure-pulsation-damping fluid supply conduit
Pulsation damping assembly and method
Method for resin activation in pipeline repair
Rotary electric machine having coaxial output hollow shaft with reduction gear and slip ring
Thermo-siphon method for providing refrigeration to a refrigeration load
Gas supplying apparatus and gas substitution method
Chiller tank system and method for chilling liquids
Method and device for cleaning a cooking apparatus
Grease filter remover
Self-contained camp heater
Small air conditioner and dehumidifying device by using the same
Energy saving thermostat with a variable deadband
Air conditioner
Eddy-current brake device
Recuperation in solid-vapor sorption system using sorption energy and vapor mass flow
Refrigeration cycle apparatus
Ejector cycle system with critical refrigerant pressure
Analysis gas-cooling device
Process for obtaining gaseous and liquid nitrogen with a variable proportion of liquid product
Integrated heat exchanger system for producing carbon dioxide
Plate-fin type heat exchanger and method for manufacturing the same
Mechanical assembly for fabricating an alloy film on a face of a heat exchanger for an integrated circuit
Heat exchanger for cooling circulating water of fuel cells & process for producing same
Heat dissipating apparatus with nest wind duct
Fluid cooling device
Plate heat exchanger
Firearms security
Loop release
Dart propulsion system for remote electrical discharge weapon
Extended dust cover for a handgun
Sighting devices for projectile type weapons
Lateral adjustment archery bow sight
Archery bow sight
Apparatus for protecting against the effect of land mine
Explosive-triggered RF beam source
Wall breaching warhead
Ignition device for a safety system
Device to link a case and a projectile and process to mount a band onto a projectile implementing such a linking device
Coordinate measuring machine having a non-sensing probe
Measuring tape having a quick and effort-saving retracting device
Vibrating gyroscope
Angle spirit level device
Fluidic gas metering system
Coriolis mass flowmeter
Micromachined fluidic apparatus
Input device provided with strain gages
Method and apparatus for testing heat pumps
Smoke-producing apparatus for detecting leaks
Detection of explosives in soils
Automatic multi-sorbent tube air sampler
Process for affinity viscosimetry and viscosimetric affinity sensor
Gas sensor having pre-stressed terminal for contact with inserted sensor element
Membrane mask stress measurement apparatus and method therefor
Gyratory compactor angle measurement device
Rub-off test method and apparatus
Apparatus and instrumentation for measurement of TOC, NMOC and VOCs
Device and method for measuring moisture permeability
Indicator for reflecting direction of airflow between two rooms
Axially extended downhole seismic source
Display device and method of driving such a device
Pedestal with vibration sensor, and exposure apparatus having the same
Two out of three voting solenoid arrangement
Gas pressure regulator
Self-orienting logo assembly
Reflective impact-absorbing bumpers for utility poles
Vibration excited sound absorber
Apparatus for computer hard drive assembly
Storage device for a data carrier
Method of fabricating a magnetic write transducer
Manufacturing method and apparatus for optical disc
Method for producing a dielectric coating comprising embossed patterns on a plasma panel faceplate
Method and apparatus for heating and cooling substrates
Apparatus for drying batches of disks
Thermoelectric conversion device and method of manufacturing the same
Method and contact point for establishing an electrical connection
Terminal crimping method and terminal crimping apparatus
Method for assembling a controlled impedance connector
Method for removing a braiding layer of a coaxial cable
Rotational peeling plier
Bag for storing and dispensing cord
Production method for an AC generator stator core for a vehicle
Method and device for producing a wave winding for stators or rotors of electric engines
Method for making a wire-wound rotating part for an electrically driven machine
Photographic image reproduction device using digital halftoning to screen images allowing adjustable coarseness
Speaker box
Laminated composite panel-form loudspeaker
Axial-type electronic component inserting apparatus
Flexible storage rack
EMC sealed joint and a faceplate for use therewith
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