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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Tractor implement support linkage
Giant round baler compressor
Soybean variety `G03-1187RR`
Sugar and lipid metabolism regulators in plants II
Maize variety hybrid X08B733
Pet door fluid/powder applicator device
ANF-RGC in-gene knock-out animal
Rotatably-engaged tree stand and ladder for access there with
Heterobicyclic metalloprotease inhibitors
In-line heating process
Wallet system
Contact lens blister package
System for docking and undocking packages for cosmetics, and set of packages for cosmetics
Detachable handpiece
Drawer guide rail system
Tablet mounting systems and methods
Cooking pan support apparatus
Straw for dispensing fluids
Straw guide container that holds dry ice
Coffee machine
Universal nutcracker
Dishwasher with multiple treating chambers
Endoscope riveted deflection section frame
Speculum blade extender
Electronically activated capture device
Attachment device for attaching a rigid body to an arbitrary medical instrument
Method for puncturing the pericardial membrane by synchronizing needle advancement with cardiac muscle motion
Spinal fixation device and technique for expansion of the spinal canal
Steerable and flexibly curved probes
Method and device for monitoring retinopathy
Goldmann applanation tonometer, biomicroscopy device and related methods
Skin color and capacitive sensor systems
Ultrasonographic device with weighted addition of data
Diaper cover and disposable diaper
Medical devices having multiple charged layers
Intestinal sleeve
Bioabsorbable polymeric medical device
Surgical technique using a contoured allograft cartilage as a spacer of the carpo-metacarpal joint of the thumb or tarso-metatarsal joint of the toe
Middle ear prosthesis having discrete projections for purposes of ossicular attachment
Three-dimensional artificial callus distraction
Systems and methods to regulate body temperature
Mood pacifier
Therapeutic application of cembranoids against HIV virus replication, HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders and HIV virus-induced inflammation
Adamantane derivatives possessing anti-viral and anti-microbial activity
Fatty acid derivative-polymer conjugate
Derivatives of 1-(2-halo-biphenyl-4-yl)-Alkanecarboxylic for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Treatment for cancer
Aquaporin modulators and methods of using them for the treatment of edema and fluid imbalance
Compounds of the pterocarpanquinone family, method for preparing the same, pharmaceutical composition containing the new compounds of the pterocarpanquinone family, uses and therapeutic method
Method and compositions for treating amyloid-related diseases
Azaindole derivatives
Pharmaceutical formulation containing an HMG-COA reductase inhibitor and method for the preparation thereof
Cyclic urea and carbamate inhibitors of 11.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1
NS5A inhibitors useful for treating HCV
Treatment for dyslipidemia
Pharmaceutical composition containing (2R)-methyl-1-3-[2-(3-pyridinyloxy)ethoxy]-2-pyrazinylpiperazine L-malate for treatment of serotonin-related diseases
Substituted 3-hydroxy-4-pyridone derivative
Amorphous form of vilazodone hydrochloride substantially free of crystalline forms
Combination of inhibitor of B-Raf and an inhibitor of Akt in the treatment of cancer
Method for treating androgen receptor positive cancers
Isoxazolidine derivatives
Treatment of reynaud's disease
Compositions and method for hair loss prevention
Treatment for basal cell carcinoma
Use of calcitonin for the treatment of RA
Inhibitors of IAP
Thrombolytic enzyme and a process for its preparation
Methods for using tetanus toxin for beneficial purposes in animals (mammals)
Use of Francisella tularensis for prevention and treatment of allergic airway disorders
Therapeutic agent for hematopoietic tumors
Pseudo-thermosetting neutralized chitosan composition forming a hydrogel and a process for producing the same
Imaging method
Induced remineralisation of human dental enamel
Electrochemically degradable polymers
Sunscreen compositions comprising carotenoids
Liposome composition for targeting egfr receptor
Material encapsulation system
Water-based ink composition for inkjet recording
Immediate release formulations of 1-aminocyclohexane compounds, memantine and neramexane
Nanoparticle composition and process thereof
Ultraviolet photoreactor for the purification of fluids
Fluid treatment system comprising radiation source module and cooling means
Bone graft and biocomposite for prosthetic dentistry
Ejection liquid, ejection method, method for forming liquid droplets, liquid ejection cartridge and ejection apparatus
Resilient band medical device
Apparatus, system and methods for extracorporeal blood processing for selectively cooling the brain relative to the body during hyperthermic treatment or to induce hypothermia of the brain
Retrobulbar syringe including soft cannula distal end
Catheter and tubing restraining device and protective cover
Charged particle beam irradiation device
Ammonium hydroxide-free hair dye compositions containing a buffer system
Multifunctional portable fire extinguisher system
Stationary exercise apparatus
Forearm exerciser apparatus
Wrist training apparatus
Iron golf club head and iron golf club
Reinforced bamboo lacrosse shaft
Bat swing quality indicator
Peripheral device control and usage in a broadcaster mode for gaming environments
Methods and apparatuses for generating tactile feedback for games and simulations
Systems and methods for managing gaming activities wherein second player cause selection is predetermined by a third party
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for treating acid mine drainage
Method and device for separating carbon dioxide from a waste gas of a fossil fuel-operated power plant
Hydrogen separation apparatus and process for manufacturing the same
Head plate
Device for the quick vibration of tubes containing, in particular, biological samples
Multi-disc air diffuser
Hybrid catalysts
Additive for hydroconversion process and method for making and using same
Alkoxylation processes and catalysts therefor
Hydrogen generating device
Device for storing reagent and method of discharging reagent thereof
Valve structure for a microfluidic channel
Devices and methods for optoelectronic manipulation of small particles
Electromagnetically operatable valve
Orbital cleaning assembly and method
Spraying device
Electrostatic spray system with grounding teeth
Cleaning method with improved long-term hygiene effect
Flow formed spline and design suitable for burr free machining
Apparatus for joining sections of pipe
Investment casting
Foundry mold insulating coating
Powder metal ultrasonic welding tool and method of manufacture thereof
Table top broaching machine
Laser processing method
Forming an array of metal balls or shapes on a substrate
Polishing composition for magnetic disk substrate
Holder for framing members and method of use
Elastic connection between housing parts of motor-driven power tools
Gear unit and robot
Knife assembly for a trimming machine
Method in turn-up of reeling of fiber webs and a turn-up device for a reel-up of fiber webs
Tire vulcanization mold
Apparatus for fabricating parts and method of forming the apparatus
Method of manufacture for encased coil body
Imprinting method and apparatus therefor
Row bar ring-to-ring transfer using single-sided adhesive film and vacuum
Method for forming multilayer coating film
Continuous web of a plurality of tabs and methods of making and using the same
Method of manufacturing an mri compatible conductive lead body
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device and semiconductor production apparatus
Lightweight syntactic foams for blast mitigation in thermal/acoustic flooring
Automatic stamping method and apparatus based on press roller and pin press
Sheet-fed perfecting printing press without sheet reversal
Scored media substrate and curling remedy for micro-fluid applications
In-flight ink droplet drying method
Printer capable of printing two surfaces of a web
Pad microprinting device and methods, and pad for this device
Decorative decal and adhesive system for application to vulcanized rubber articles
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Rubber composition for tire including a novel anti-oxidant system
Tire with tread
Tyre with sound wear indicators
Military vehicle towing assembly
Sunroof unit and vehicle with a sunroof unit
Rolling stock system and control method thereof
Ultra slim power supply device and power acquisition device for electric vehicle
Reclining mechanism
Vehicle seat
Method and device for the control of a brake system
Combination scooter and messenger bag
Motor-driven power steering apparatus
Sweeping track shoe for undercarriage system in a track-type machine
Clamping system for a vehicle fork with a suspension system
Buoyancy compensation apparatus
Unmanned underwater vehicle and method for recovering such vehicle
Dog clutch mechanism for outboard motor
Cover plate, door covering and aircraft or spacecraft
Method and apparatus for an ice conveyance system
Resealable beverage can ends
Carrying device for a keg
Bag opening device
Sealed fluid container
Holding and supporting apparatus
Packing cushion
Tool carrier
Suction tip holster insert
Method and device of handling packages
Cover with handle structure for facilitating hold a device and method of using the same
Printer with re-positionable paper output tray
Sheet processing apparatus having a staple detecting function
Document storage device for printer
Paper pressing apparatus for printing apparatus
Grappling fork attachment system
Drip guard
Flow control device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing an aluminium oxide powder having a high alpha-Al.sub.2O.sub.3 content
Process for producing nanoparticles
Water treatment device
Optical glass and optical element
Modified cement composition, preparation and application thereof
Reactive polyurehthane adhesive for explosive to metal bonding
Method and apparatus for excitation of resonances in molecules
Thermal treatment of biomass
Cyclohexyl amide derivatives as CRF receptor antagonists
Fischer Tropsch process using improved extrudates
Method of synthesizing organic molecules using ionic liquids comprising a carbanion
Diacylglycerol acyltransferase inhibitors
Polysubstituted benzofurans and medicinal applications thereof
Migrastatin analogs and uses thereof
Nicotine derivatives
Fluorescent markers and use thereof for labeling specific protein targets
Hedgehog pathway antagonists and therapeutic applications thereof
Substituted benzamide derivatives as glucokinase (GK) activators
Fungicidal heterocyclic compounds
1,3-Oxathiolane derivatives, process for the preparation of 1,3-Oxathiolane derivatives and intermediates thereof
Electrolyte formulations
Conjugated diene phosphinate compounds, preparation method and use thereof
Heat shock proteins from Mycobacterium leprae and uses thereof
Polynucleotides encoding a human TRIM-Cyp fusion polypeptide, compositions thereof, and methods of using same
Catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins
Method for producing emulsion
Composite materials having improved thermal performance
Composition for the production of breathable-waterproof elastic film
Chlorinated polyethylene composition, method of producing the same, and articles made therefrom
Adhesive composition
Adhesive compositions for use in die attach applications
Rubber composition containing branched blocked polymers
Ink composition, ink for inkjet recording and inkjet recording method
Coating composition for engine parts and engine part comprising it
Fluorescent layer and its preparation method and uses
Starch-based fire retardant
Process for treating a hydrocarbon-containing feed
Fluid fabric enhancer compositions
Static solid state bioreactor and method for using same
Method for preparing hybrid cross-linked enzyme-silica aggregates
Nucleic acid derived from hepatitis C virus and expression vector, transformed cell, and hepatitis C virus particles each prepared by using the same
Synthetic biology vectors
Plants expressing .DELTA.6-desaturase genes and oils from these plants containing PUFAS and method for producing unsaturated fatty acids
Spontaneously immortalized multiponent mesenchymal cell-line derived from mouse subcutaneous adipose tissue: tool for regenerative medicine and bioactive molecules and/or drugs screening
Cell line stably expressing mutated oncoprotein E6 and method of screening anticancer compound of uterine cervical cancer using the same
Compositions, methods and systems for preparation of a stem cell-enriched cell population
Methods for integrated conversion of lignocellulosic material to sugars or biofuels and nano-cellulose
Cycloastragenol monoglucoside, preparation, pharmaceutical composition and application thereof
Method for making acylated polypeptides
Method for detection and/or analysis of yeast and mold in filterable liquids
Genotyping tool for improving the prognostic and clinical management of MS patients
Method for typing and detecting HBV
Method and device for operating a smelting reduction process
Process to produce rough ferro-nickel product
Microporous article having metallic nanoparticle coating
Method for applying material to a surface
Process chamber having gate slit opening and closing apparatus
Electrochemical process for synthesis of graphene
Textiles; Paper
Aggregate of carbon nanotubes, dispersion thereof and conductive film using the same
Variable stiffness tow cable
Washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Segmental bio-retention basin system
Door lock release mechanism for automobile door
Anti-theft ring assembly and method of use
Panel-type curtain and coupling method of the same
Pipe handling system
Fill up tool
Method and system for containing uncontrolled flow of reservoir fluids into the environment
System and method for channeling fluids underwater to the surface
Chemical diversion technique
Cable suspended pumping system
System, apparatus and method for abrasive jet fluid cutting
Electrodes for electrical current flow heating of subsurface formations with tapered copper thickness
Hydrocarbon recovery method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Camshaft for an internal combustion engine
Control device of vehicle oil supply device
Cooling system for cooling of a combustion engine
Crossover passage sizing for split-cycle engine
Automatically regulated gaseous mixer for small universal gas engine
Engine dust and dirt shield or cover
Piston and combustion chamber
Ignition laser
Wave-power aggregate to extract energy from wave motion in a fluid and the use of a wave-power aggregate
System and method for collecting, augmenting and converting wind power
Girder for supporting a tidal turbine fairing and tidal turbine comprising such a girder
Fluid machine, wind turbine, and method for increasing velocity of internal flow of fluid machine, utilizing unsteady flow
Power generation device
Heat-dissipation fan
Tilting pad journal bearing and rotating machine provided with the same
Debris resistant thrust bearing assembly for high speed hydraulic centrifugal turbines and pumps
Ratchet mechanism for bicycle hub
Device for damping the vibrations in a pad of a disc brake
Method for connecting a low speed main shaft of a wind turbine to an input shaft of a transmission gearbox of the wind turbine and a connection obtained by said method
Multiple speed transmission and method of operation
Rotary units, rotary mechanisms, and related applications
Transporting apparatus with belt
Pressure relief valve
Regulating valve
Compensator for connecting pipes for dust-laden flue gas
Fluid transfer assembly
Clip-on pocket light with slideable hinge joint
Light-emitting circuit, luminaire, and manufacturing method for the light-emitting circuit
All in one snow crystal-shaped LED module
LED lighting device
LED illuminating device
Lighting devices with patterned printing of diffractive extraction features
Display module, display device, and liquid crystal television set
Re-lightable rechargeable glow sticks
Collapsible safety shield for appliance
Ceiling-embedded type air conditioner, and a control method thereof
Data center
Apparatus for use as a heat pump
Heat exchange assembly exchanging heat between a first and a second fluid
Selective breechblock and/or ammunition drive
Striking apparatus of paintball gun
Small-scale compound bow
Method and apparatus for supporting bow and arrow
Bow stabilizing systems and methods
Strain sensor
Piezoelectric sensor based smart-die structure for predicting the onset of failure during die casting operations
Gyroscope device
Device for the touch-sensitive characterization of a surface texture
Fluid flow rate measurement method including two pitot tubes, a differential pressure sensor, and a microcontroller
Method and apparatus for detection of concealed objects in passive thermal images using environment control
Thread tensioning member in welded header structure
Measurement apparatus for measuring elasticity coefficient of coil spring
Pressure-sensitive sensor
Indicator apparatus for a wind turbine tower wall
High speed pneumatic simulation facility
Apparatus and methods for detection of tumor cells in blood
Biosensor and usage thereof
Droplet manipulations on EWOD microelectrode array architecture
Sample analyzer and non-transitory storage medium
Device and method for assessing blood glucose control
Assay for cardiac troponin-T (cTnT)
Modified method of agglutination to detect infections caused by microorganisms
Methods for ionophorically screening pore forming bacterial protein toxins and receptors
Microbubbles for affinity separation
Target substance-detecting element
Semiconductor chip capable of improving mounting reliability and semiconductor package having the same
Rotation detecting apparatus
Lighting module
Polarized light detecting device and fabrication methods of the same
Display apparatus and driving method of the same
Intelligent thermostatic water outflowing device
Apparatus for automatically controlling the illumination of LED lighting
Step-down switching regulator
Control device for buck-boost converter
Voltage converter
Multi-phase switching regulator and control method thereof
Active leakage consuming module for LDO regulator
Constant current source and solid imaging apparatus using the same
Pedal device for vehicle
Physics-based simulation of warhead and directed energy weapons
Online shopping sites for redeeming loyalty points
Manipulative for modeling quantitative concepts
Devices and methods for utilizing mechanical surgical devices in a virtual environment
Method and system for plant management by augmentation reality
Observer trainer system
Manipulation device configured to be used with an interactive whiteboard and an interactive teaching system including the same
Tone control device
Frame cajon
Foldable musical instrument pedal service
Method and system for turning pages containing musical scores with an electronic foot pedal
Method for manufacturing transparent conducting oxides
Pushrod assembly for circuit breaker
Domestic appliance having automatic switch-off
Winding for a contact of a medium-voltage vacuum circuit-breaker with improved arc extinction, and an associated circuit-breaker and vacuum circuit-breaker, such as an AC generator disconnector circuit-breaker
Energy saving switch of continuously powered transformers
Systems and methods for investigating a characteristic of a material using electron microscopy
Photoelectric conversion apparatus
Backside illumination image sensor and electronic system including the backside illumination image sensor
Photoelectric conversion device fabrication method and photoelectric conversion device
Method for manufacturing LED
Method for manufacturing detecting element, method for manufacturing imaging device, detecting element, imaging device, and electronic device
Flexible electronic devices and related methods
Metal-on-metal (MoM) capacitors having laterally displaced layers, and related systems and methods
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Reactor cell isolation using differential pressure in a combinatorial reactor
Titanium-nitride removal
Wafer backside defectivity clean-up utilizing selective removal of substrate material
Method for fabricating power semiconductor device
Field effect transistor structure and method of forming same
Controlled process and resulting device
Method of fabricating a profile control in interconnect structures
Forming nickel--platinum alloy self-aligned silicide contacts
Monitoring pad and semiconductor device including the same
Elevator linear motor drive
Field effect transistor device having a hybrid metal gate stack
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit including DRAM and SRAM/logic
MOS having a sic/sige alloy stack
FinFET trench circuit
Leadless package housing having a symmetrical construction with deformation compensation
Semiconductor device having copper wiring with increased migration resistance
Semiconductor unit
Semiconductor device comprising an IGBT and a constant voltage circuit having switches and normally-on type MOSFETs connected in parallel
Structure and method for making low leakage and low mismatch NMOSFET
Electromechanical transducer and method of manufacturing the same
Three-terminal light emitting device (LED) with built-in electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection device
Photo-detecting device and method of making a photo-detecting device
Solar blind ultra violet (UV) detector and fabrication methods of the same
Highly scaled ETSOI floating body memory and memory circuit
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor device
Recessed channel transistors, and semiconductor devices including a recessed channel transistor
Transistor with minimized resistance
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Structure and method to fabricate a body contact
Low extension dose implants in SRAM fabrication
Low external resistance ETSOI transistors
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Solid-state imaging device
Image sensor unit and image sensor apparatus
Solid-state image sensor
Solar cells and method of making solar cells
Multilayer film
Light converting and emitting device with minimal edge recombination
Application of semiconductor quantum dot phosphors in nanopillar light emitting diodes
Cavity electroluminescent devices with integrated microlenses
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile variable resistance element
Assembly and electronic devices including the same
Materials for organic electroluminescence devices
Battery pack having a combined bare cell, protection circuit module and top case
Rechargeable battery and battery module
Fuel cell system including oxidation gas supply pipe integrated with coolant supply pipe
Electrolyte membrane and fuel cell using the same
Solid oxide fuel cell stacks and fuel cell module having the same
Space and cost efficient incorporation of specialized input-output pins on integrated circuit substrates
Electrical contact element having a primary axis
Cable assembly having shielding plates between conductive wires for crosstalk reduction
Connector having power terminals and data terminals on separate sides of a terminal part
Guideway mechanism
Grommet and method of mounting thereof
Battery recharging base station
Power control device for vehicle
Bus bar device, stator, motor and manufacturing method for stator
Rotating machine provided with coil and method of producing the rotating machine
Motor comprising asymmetric uneven preload indentations
Linear vibrator
Spindle motor having lubricant filled bearing clearance
Generator motor cooling structure and generator motor
Method and apparatus for reducing torque variation in motor drive systems
Power supply for lighting and luminaire
Detect method for step dimming selection
Organic light emitting diode lighting systems
Power factor correction circuit of an electronic ballast
Inductor and use of such an inductor
Field director assembly having arc-resistant conductive vanes
Electronic device with connector
Sealing frame and method for covering a component
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Shovel having an adjustable blade angle
Snap-in handle assembly for a tool
Quick change sweep apparatus
Soil-working implement having quick-change sweep design
Draft cable for connecting a hitch frame to a wing section of an agricultural implement
Foam marking system
Furrow closing system and method for no-till agricultural seeders
Method of modifying weather
Grapple positioning device
Liquid injection apparatus and method for horticultural watering systems
Rotary tethering system
Reelable cat toy
Multi-purpose container attached to a harness
Retractable leash pack
Poultry feeding system
Window-mounted bird observatory assembly and method of constructing the assembly
Pet feeding bowl with aroma flow holes
Air-activated fish feeder
Underwater lighting system
Baitcasting reel
Capacitor powered animal repelling and training device without bait
Suspension device for sprayer booms
Aseptic product discharge valve and method
Belt conveyor
Cigarette paper containing carbon fibers for improved ash characteristics
Full-fashioned garment with sleeves having intelligence capability
Cab brim shaping device
Umbrella frame
Wallet card package
Wheeled cooler
Replaceable shock-proof corner wheel of a trunk
Self-latching scissor mechanism
Golf bag with seat assembly
Hair-curler and method for setting hair
Thumb and fingernail polish remover device
Device for diffusing one or several fluid product doses, and device for applying a temporary adhesive tattoo using same
Case of stick-type cosmetic preparation and replaceable cartridge of stick-type cosmetic preparation used therefor
Applicator for applying and distributing substances to target surfaces
Hair winding device for use in hair permanent process with sequential hair-holding and twisting operation
Hair decorating and restraining device
Tool harness
Shoulder mounted flashlight holder
Canoe carrier backpack with collapsible table
Cellular phone pouch assembly adapted to be mounted on a bar
Bottle/cap assembly with sweep-and-drain action
One-piece fluid control valve for fluid dispensers
Toothbrush with fluid supply and suction
Device use indicator
Brush for application of mascara on eyelashes
Computer work station
Mobile data/audio/video/interactive presentation cart
Foldable table
Table frame for cutting machine
Portable picnic table for tailgate parties
Storage bin shelving system
Structural channel connector and method of manufacture
Detachable swivel apparatus for a beach chair
Auto-returning height-control assembly for a chair
Go cart seat and method
Cushion and seat each having net-like skin
Spring seating support system
Height adjustment mechanism for chair backrest or arm
Thermostat wire holder device
End bracket shelving system
Combination shelving system
Merchandise display bracket
Device for displaying items and method of making same
Self-service check-out device with checking of articles before enabling sales process of articles
Object support means for walls and method of use
Lid for beverage container with removable inner cover having an attached infuser unit
Hard boiled egg shelling device
Adapter for cup holders
Garment hanger
Cornice box
Inductively coupled beverage warmer
Catalytic drip pan for cooking devices
Cooking appliance with improved heat distribution
Direct and indirect outdoor cooker
Collapsible barbeque and cooking stove
Outdoor cooking apparatus
Bedside rethermalization unit
Grater and method of making a grating device
Dispenser for cleaning paper
Wall-mounted rolled material dispensing and storage
Durable high fluid release wipers
Folded paper towel dispenser
Self-contained cleaning system including integral bottle
Hand held glass washing apparatus
Rear and side view mirror device
Lid for a specimen container that is adapted to minimize spills and leaks
Disposable surgical stapler cartridge
Stapling device for use with an electromechanical driver device for use with anastomosing, stapling, and resecting instruments
Method of ablating tissue around the pulmonary veins
Method of ablating tissue from an epicardial location
Fluid control drape with conforming lip
Three-dimensional swinger clamp for locking vertical support in place
Surgical drape and surgical drape kit
Method and apparatus for measuring visual sensitivity and optical properties of components of the eye
Simultaneous binocular assessment of multiple optic nerve and cortical regions in diseases affecting nerve condition
Variable composition phantom simulating varying degrees of body fat for dual energy x-ray machine calibration
Radiology instrument
Densitometry adapter for compact x-ray fluoroscopy machine
Envelopes for reusable X-ray media
Rotary dental instrument and methods of use
High-speed dental drill
Dental medication vacuum pump delivery tray
Dental restorative shade guide and method of selecting a dental restorative shade
Method and apparatus for tooth cleaning using abrasive powders
Prophy head
Method of manufacturing superelastic endodontic files and files made therefrom
Method and apparatus for site treatment of an orthodontic patient
Implant carrier with gripping fingers
Single-tooth enossal implant
Bone implant
Tooth root implant
Series of single-use print holders for edentulous patients and method for the realization of total prostheses
Method and device for generating a multi-component compound, in particular for dental purposes
Adjustable ear support apparatus
Apparatus for forming disposable undergarment
Tension relieving towel and method of making
Systems and methods for imaging corneal profiles
Nestable wheelchair
Ambulatory care chair
Multidirectional, switchless overhead support system
Adjustable height handgrip for a crutch
Fluid distribution valve
Pulmonary delivery of NO group-containing compound in gas form to treat respiratory, cardiac and blood disorders
Dental materials
System for ensuring permanent conditions of sterility of the product contained inside a structure that is being connected to another structure for transfer
Method and package for storing a pressurized container containing a drug
Mounting arrangement
Chemical disposal of medical syringe needles and other hazardous sharps
Method for etching pad printing Cliche and pad-printing on a golf ball
Golf bag with support stand
Golf bag carrying case
Golf club support device
Portable dispensing apparatus
Adjustable truck assembly for skateboards
Truck for a skateboard
Board for gliding
Boot binding system
Snowboard binding having adjustable toe
Baseball board games with raised stadium indicia
Educational board game for learning to drive safely
Extra ball keno game
Multiple play keno games
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multi-directional flow gravity Separator
System and method for removing particulate contaminants from fluid streams
Pleated filter element
Portable home oxygen therapy medical equipment
Gas and liquid contact apparatus: illuminated
Eductor system and method for vapor recovery
Mixing device with vanes having sloping edges and method of mixing viscous fluids
Device for the synchronous conveying of flowable materials in a mixing device
Catalytic converter for a muffler of a small engine
Device for feeding a fluid into a container
Anti-spin method and apparatus for conical/gyratory crushers
Tramp material removal from pulp feed systems
Misting-system fluid-atomization manifold
Bayonet-type finish for a container
Fluid product dispenser with snap-on fixing ring
Sound emitting dispenser
Pump dispenser having a plunger seal
Recycling presssure cleaning system for micro dispensing tips
Apparatus and method for ultrasonically self-cleaning an orifice
Method for controlling powder paint system
Device for storing and squeezing out free-flowing compositions
Removable inline nozzle filter
Power sifter
Potted transducer array with matching network in a multiple pass configuration
Scrap tire collection, volume reduction, and transportation
Soil remediation by permanganate oxidation
Method and apparatus for coining end panels of containers
Equipment for circulating box containing model for making mold under reduced pressures
Light weight cast wheel and apparatus for casting same
High speed continuous casting device and relative method
Continuous casting method, and device therefor
Cutting tool with means for controlling the formation of chips
Feed system for a rotating cutting tool
Shrinkage fit type tool holder
Twist Drill
Minimum heat-generating work piece cutting tool
Surface preparation for high purity alumina ceramics enabling direct brazing in hydrogen atmospheres
Wire bonding method
Friction stir welding method
Ball mount apparatus
Control device for a welding apparatus
Workpiece handling device
Compliant hydrostatic guidance of moving lathe carriage
Joint mounted on rolling bearings
Chip conveyor and machining system using the same
Wood planing machine provided with a cutter locking device
Combination workpiece positioning/hold-down and anti-kickback device for a work table
Collet assembly for power tools
Drill or milling head
Multifunctional pick-up tool
Compact clamp
Hand-held working tool
Wrench rack
Portable tool tray
Wood planing machine with tool accommodating function
Universal tool transport cart
Apparatus and method for feeding of parts with open internal geometries using pressurized gas
Method and device for arranging toothbrush bodies and machine equipped with such device
Adjustable cutting mechanism
Automatic paper cutter for large format printer
Dicing machine with improved cutting squareness
Apparatus for supporting a starting web during formation of the apertured web
Joint jig for use with either a table-mounted or a hand-held router
Die for extruding ceramic honeycomb structural bodies
Method and apparatus for applying a foamable resin
Inflatable seals
Booking apparatus
Boat structure including iridescent particles
Adjustable length extension bars for connecting a mold ejector plate to a press ejector plate
One-piece swivel clip and swivel prong
Gas injection mold structure for a gas auxiliary injection molding equipment
Hot tip insulator retainer
Molding die for concurrently molding semiconductor chips without voids and wire weep
Detection and removal system for reducing cycle time of an injection molding apparatus
Bowl-shape container
Thermal presses for forming articles from a web of thermoplastic material and methods of operating thermal presses
Snowmobile track repair system, apparatus and method
Tinted lenses and methods of manufacture
Manufacture of variable stiffness microtubing
Quick release device for a tire mold plate
Retractable central conveyor in a folder-gluer
Device for delivering stackable bag packages, particularly plastic bags with a bottom fold
Laminating apparatus
Apparatus and method for compensating for slip of a printing-plate sleeve
Printing group for a printing press
Printing unit for a web-fed rotary printing machine
Method and apparatus for transporting and processing a plurality of articles, and shaped article having serially registered component images
Register control device for a printing machine
Flexographic printing apparatus
Dampening system for offset printing press and method
Heated vacuum platen
Printer drive roller positioning
Multiple sensor continuous media detection
Personal computer having a built-in printer, and a system and method for computing rate information using the computer
Imposition proofing
Roll tensioner
Printing apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable memory
Recording apparatus and method
Systems and methods for selectively blocking image data
Draft printing
Device and method for protecting a recording head and for reducing power consumption in ink jet recording apparatus
Energy control method for an inkjet print cartridge
Ink jet recording head and substrate
Micro-mechanical device comprising a liquid chamber
Ink jet apparatus and conductive ink mixture
Line ink jet head and a printer using the same
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recorder
Thermal ink jet heater design
Ink-jet printhead
Self-locating orifice plate construction for thermal ink jet printheads
Printhead having different center to center spacings between rows of nozzles
Method of manufacturing a silicon substrate with a recess, an ink jet head manufacturing method, a silicon substrate with a recess, and an ink jet head
In-situ fluid jet orifice
Ink jet maintenance station having acoustic dampening
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink container used for such apparatus
Ink printer with at least one exchangeable tank for ink to be supplied to one or more reservoirs
Ink-jet printer and print control method thereof
Printing apparatus and printing method
Faster under/over printing by an inkjet printer
Method and apparatus for ink-jet drop trajectory and alignment error detection and correction
Tool and method for adjustment of printhead to platen spacing in a printer
Ink jet recording apparatus with a platen gap regulator
Ink jet head having operating characteristic information, and recording apparatus using such a head
Apparatus for controlling ribbon tension in a thermal printer
Ink jet printing method
Sheet post-processing apparatus
Methods for detecting fraudulent instruments
Information handler and project manager
Writing implement
Writing device with at least two writing elements
Article placing table with an erasable writing device
Method for applying a removable printed marking to a container
Take apart safety vehicle wheel assembly
Bearing assembly for a vehicle hub
Pneumatic tire having sipe structured by narrow groove portion and wide groove portion
Tire with belt structure including a pair of lateral bands
Gooseneck trailer lock
Portable ball hitch assembly
Automotive air duct and garnish structure
Visor shade
Sunshade/sunscreen combo
Method and apparatus for triggering a sliding and hinged sun roof
Adjustable bow lift apparatus for a module truck
Positioning structure of a battery cooling duct for a vehicle
Contaminant cover for tank filler neck closure
Fuel tank
2WD-4WD changeover control device
Drive control system for hybrid vehicles
Construction for automobiles that relates seat device and car body to each other
Seat adjustment and dumping system with memory
Child safety seat
Impact protection device
Split roller wheel and method of assembly
Roll-on roll-off container hooks
Over-center towing locking mechanism for tow truck wheel lift or the like
Transporting device for a voluminous container and such a container
Shipping box lockdown
Cargo tie down system and retainer used therein
Load and lock tailgate
Vehicle headlamp of a movable reflector type
Headlamp adjustor and method
Outside rear view mirror
Interior rearview mirror for vehicles
Rear-view mirror apparatus for a road vehicle
Method and device for heating a motor vehicle driving mirror
Automotive rearview mirror having a main viewing section and an auxiliary blindzone-viewing section
Handset holder
Removably mounted computer stand for automobiles and the like
Camera mount
Protective cover for vehicle surface
Vehicular shock absorber
Vehicle brush guard apparatus
Device and method for triggering an occupant protection system in the event of a motor vehicle rollover
Impact energy absorbing structure in upper portion of motor vehicle body
Air bag tether construction
Apparatus for positioning an inflated air bag
Gas bag module for a vehicle occupant restraint system
Air bag inflator
Multi-stage gas generator with thermal uncoupling of the propellant charges
Adaptive output pyrotechnic inflator
Shoulder anchor for seat belt device
Retractor belt boot scraper
Storage compartment for vehicles
Retractable garment hanger assembly
Ladder rack apparatus and method
Valve connector
Disc brake arrangement
Semi automatic brake applicator for wheel chairs
Brake pressure control device for a brake system of a road vehicle
Vacuum brake booster
Electromechanically actuated disc brake
Electromechanically operated disk brake
High output spring brake actuator
Electronically controllable brake operating system
Brake system
Hydraulic braking system wherein pump motor control PWM frequency is lowered below upper audibility limit under predetermined braking conditions
Roll control device of vehicle manageable of sudden failure of rolling condition detection means
Dual use transportation system
Device for elastically supporting the coupling shaft of a central buffer coupling at a rail-borne vehicle
Portable vessel receptacle
Carrier with rotatable front wheel unit
Body segment for a vehicle
Center console cross member in a motor vehicle and method of making same
Cabin structure for medium truck and truck
Modular chassis tuning system
Track tensioning device for tracked automotive vehicles
Self-stowing wheeled support structure
Motorcycle engine mounting assembly
Collapsible scooter
Frame structure for a double-axle polycycle for several occupants
Energy storing bicycle
Rear wheel support device for a motorcycle
M-shaped boat hull
Method and an arrangement for mooring of a ship, particularly a ship for oil and/or gas production
Swim step
Brine-based drilling fluids for ballast tank storage
Boat manufactured from formable aluminum
Collapsible canoe
High-velocity rudder
Propulsion system for a semi-buoyant vehicle with an aerodynamic
Buoyancy system for avoiding light aircraft crashes
Helicopter blade aerofoil and helicopter blade
Passive-restraint prone cockpit
Ejection seat with blast protection system
Link apparatus
Electronically controlled searchlight having multiple preset positions
Regional aircraft boarding pier and method of using
Method for satellite injection using a solid fuel rocket motor
Reciprocating feed system for fluids
Spacecraft with a microdynamic noise-free holding mechanism
Method for packaging a liquid filled container and a capsule therefore
Air-relief filter nozzle assemblies
Carrying device for carrying a number of products, as well as a system provided with such carrying device
Labeling machine
Palletless packaging system
Collapsible container and method of making
Multiwall bag with peelable opening
Closure for containers and use of the closure
Double-wall blow-molded article with pinned hinge
System and method for dispensing viscuous material
Device for expressing substances from a deformable tube
Box handles
Carton with panel locking means
Basket carrier with top panel
Tool display rack
Tape-form packaging system and apparatus for effecting assembly and disassembly thereof
Telescoping ram dispenser
Blank for a cup holder
Valve for aerosol container
Tube storage device
Manual trash compactor having an adjustable arm and stabilizing blocks
Disposable standing trash bag
Impact dampening system for vending machine chute
Chain conveyor, such a carousel for a logistic installation machine, and a machine such as for sorting flat objects
Conveyor belt scraping apparatus
High-speed oscillating feeder
Accumulation conveyor control system
Automated warehouse and automated warehouse management method
Media adjustment guides for image forming apparatus
Jogger system for a mixed mail cancellation feeder
Paper feeding apparatus of a multi-functional machine
Delivery of a sheet-processing printing machine
Input hopper and encoding station for card printer
Apparatus for sending out bill or card type material
Apparatus and a method for picking multiple-sized media sheets
Sheet feeding apparatus and sheet processing apparatus
Card manufacturing machine assembly
Conveyor plant for gathering and processing printed sheets
Bobbin cores for sideless pre-wound sewing thread bobbins and methods of winding the same
Cable pulley
Apparatus for unwinding wire material under constant tension
Apparatus and method for guiding and cutting an advancing yarn during a package doff
Hose management/contamination barrier device
Micro-type communication wire winder
Elevator group supervisory control system employing scanning for simplified performance simulation
Transportation system control with user input of travel destination designations
Converter arrangement for modular motor
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of elevator in power failure
Apparatus for reducing vibration of an elevator car
Guide for stacking containers
Cable support block
Lifting device with movable lifting columns
Multiple valve apparatus
Tapping head for tapping beverages pressurized with gas
Pocket spring assembly and methods
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for treating fluid liquid containing a volatile fraction
Oil-based settable spotting fluid
Thermal inkjet printhead and high-efficiency polycrystalline silicon resistor system for use therein
Method of producing paste containing flaky aluminum powder
Solid sealant with environmentally preferable corrosion resistance
Rolling bearing
Methods and acidizing compositions for reducing metal surface corrosion and sulfide precipitation
Encapsulated pickling plant
Textiles; Paper
Spin pump having a cooling sleeve surrounding the drive shaft
Weaving loom for producing a leno fabric
High speed three-dimensional weaving method and machine
Hook and loop lock stitch and method and apparatus therefor
Domestic steam cleaning appliance
Fixed Constructions
Road repair material comprising cement and a resin
Portable sign stand
Foldable supporting device and quick release mechanism therefor
Roadway marker device
Resilient scraping blade attachment
Portable environmental containment system
Geotextile fabric
Ground watering spray system for backhoe machines
Method and apparatus for converting a faucet to a hand-held shower
Retrievable filter element for subsurface drainage
Flood control valve assembly
Light fixture mounting for suspended ceiling
Removable awning cover
Fastening member
Insert forming hole to receive manhole step
Flow controller for a pool cleaner
Key cabinet for equipping an access control system and access control method and system using this key cabinet
Motorized self-cleaning oven latch
Overhead sectional door and door hinge
Multi-position ladder and support therefor
Drill bit inserts with interruption in gradient of properties
Cutting element with stress reduction
Microwave sintered tungsten carbide insert featuring thermally stable diamond or grit diamond reinforcement
Rotatable cutting bit assembly with cutting inserts
Thruster pig apparatus for injecting tubing down pipelines
Portable water well drill
Method and a device for use in coiled tubing operations
Continuous circulation drilling method
Borehole logging tool with anchoring mechanism
Downhole anchoring tools conveyed by non-rigid carriers
Method of servicing a well
Method of use and apparatus for a hydraulic tensioning device for inflatable packer element
Pre-milled window for drill casing
Multi-zone isolation tool and method of stimulating and testing a subterranean well
Eccentric subsurface safety valve
Multiple line hydraulic system flush valve and method of use
Reciprocating rotary drilling motor
Assembly and method for locating lateral wellbores drilled from a main wellbore casing and for guiding and positioning re-entry and completion device in relation to these lateral wellbores
Expandable well screen
System and process for reducing the flowing bottom hole pressure in a natural gas well
Horizontal directional drilling machine employing inertial navigation control system and method
Mining machine with core breakers
Method of lining a tunnel and apparatus for performing the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Closed cavity piston for hydrostatic units
Combination cylinder and pistons
Driven equipment for fluid machinery
Orbital motion bearing
Stationary blade of gas turbine
Turbine disk and blade assembly seal
Seal apparatus for rotary machines
Turbine casing and method of manufacturing a turbine casing
Furnace blower housing with integrally formed exhaust transition
Rocker arm assembly
Support element for a finger lever of a valve gear of an internal combustion engine
Valve control apparatus
Variable valve timing actuator
Valve guide system and method
Lubricating device for internal combustion engine
Device for draining of oil in a component of a vehicle
Valve timing control device of internal combustion engine
Flexible line element
Flushing accessory for outboard engines
Cooling apparatus for liquid-cooled internal combustion engine
Intake air temperature control system
Electrically controlled servo operated engine coolant valve
Turbocharged engine cooling system with two-pass radiator
Internal combustion engine and method for controlling the production of oxides of nitrogen
Piston for internal combustion engines
Vehicle air induction system
Two-stroke internal combustion engine with recuperator in cylinder head
Renewable fuel generating system
Structure of snorkel duct for rough ground running vehicle
Method of operating a free piston internal combustion engine with a short bore/stroke ratio
Opposed supercharged two-stroke engine module with crossflow transfer
Starting system for spark ignition engine
Fuel divider and ecology system for a gas turbine engine
Fuel injection system control method
Fuel property determination from accumulated intake air amount and accumulated fuel supply amount
Method and system for regulating the air/fuel stream fed to an internal-combustion engine
Control system for an internal combustion engine
Individual cylinder fuel control method
Methods and apparatus for controlling engine operation
Fuel delivery system
Method for preparing an air-fuel mixture for an internal combustion engine, device for realizing the same and heat-exchanger
Injector comprising a piezo multilayer actuator for injection systems
Fuel pressure dampening element
Fuel atomizing-injection apparatus
Reprogrammable electronic step timing control system for control of injection timing in a hydromechanical fuel supply system
Jerk pump provided for an internal combustion engine, with a dampened integral solenoid valve
Fuel supply rail with integrated fuel injector load spring
Method and device for fuel injection in a combustion engine
Fuel pump control apparatus
Fuel injection system for diesel engines
Fuel feed system for a spark-ignition internal combustion engine and a method of operating such an internal combustion engine
Air compressor having easily assembled structure
Pressure valve for a compressor
Dual disc pump
Vibratory pump apparatus
Electrically isolated pump-off controller
Terminal connection in small area of scroll compressor and method for carrying out same
Suction inlet screen and funnel for a compressor
Screw vacuum pump having valve controlled cooling chambers
Pump system with vacuum source
Submerged pump having a shaft isolator
Vacuum pump
Cooling fan with anti deflection arrangement
Pull chain with light
Multi-purpose clean air fan and fan motor mount assembly
Turbine inner shroud and turbine assembly containing such inner shroud
Fan design with low acoustic tonal components
Automobile heat exchanger module comprising a fan shroud and a heat exchanger, in particular for motor vehicle
Gas-dynamic pressure-wave machine
End-closing structure for an actuator
Ram cylinder piston stroke stop with integrated spring
Screw grommet
Low observable aircraft fastener treatment
Liquid lubricated radial sliding bearing
Diaphragm preload air bearing
Roller bearing
Ceramic bearing ball
Bearing retainer of synthetic resin, method of manufacturing the same and rolling bearing
Synthetic resin cage for roller bearing
Force-transmitting device
Friction engaging device
Hydromechanical coupling with adaptive clutch control
Driving force transmission system
Multi-mode rolling element clutch assembly
Safety lock device with rotating clover mechanism
Disk brake
Spring-set electromagnetically released brake
Brake cooling system
Fluid-filled active vibration damping device including oscillating member oscillated by actuator controlled with pulse signal
Passive virtual skyhook vibration isolation system
Pneumatic suspension system
Hydraulic shock absorber
Slide guide unit
Drive belt system arranged for reducing arcing
Metallic flat seal
Skew resisting hydrodynamic seal
Flangeless retrofittable severe duty seal for a shaft
Apparatus and method of forming a tension resistant O-ring
Swing check valve
Preferred valve stops with cushions
Float vent
Solenoid and hydraulic valve with a solenoid
Fast-closing stepping actuator for a valve member
Pilot-operated flow regulating valve
Adjustment for signal transmitter
Two-piece loose flange
Underground piping system
System for managing cables for a rack-mounted computer system
Molded hose joint assembly
High pressure flexible hose structure and method of manufacture
Instant pipe joining system
Flexible hose formed with integral connector housings
Apparatus having hydraulic pressure loaded quick disconnect
Joint for applying current across a pipe-in-pipe system
Electrostatic charge neutralizing fume duct
Water resistant adjustable jackets for insulated pipe bends
Pipe insulation coupling
Articulating arm for maintaining the orientation of a remote member
Seal cap for pressurized gas containers
Device for connecting and transfer of fluid between a supply reservoir and a receiving reservoir
Gas control device and method of supplying gas
One-piece collapsible lampshade
Intuitive beam directing control device for use in light conveyance system
Miniature lamp having multiple wire holders
Underwater safety lighting device for swimming pools
Ice lighting fixture
Light assembly removably attachable to radio and battery assembly
Multicolored illuminator and portable information apparatus having the same
Dual fuel circuit gas burner
Burners having at least three air feed ducts, including an axial air duct and a rotary air duct concentric with at least one fuel feed, and a central stabilizer
Method for operating a boiler using oxygen-enriched oxidants
Barbecue lighter with gas safety system
Tubular heating or measurement device
Fastening system for heat exchangers, and lining
Humidifier with stacked reservoir
Heat dissipating conduit
Heat sink and method for making the same
Manifold reinforcement webbing for heat exchangers
Flat tube heat exchanger with more than two flows and a deflecting bottom for motor vehicles, and process for manufacturing the same
Self-loading pistol conversion kit for a locked self-loading pistol and a weapon system composed of an optionally locked or unlocked self-loading pistol
Weapon barrel
Rifle/camera support apparatus for treestands
Toy gun for firing paint bullets
Fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composite armor
Heat target
Variable coupling arrangement for an integrated missile steering system
Tactical missile control surface attachment
Projectile to be fired from a weapon barrel and stabilized by a guide assembly
Thrusting apparatus
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)-type high-capacity inertial-switching device
Pointer instrument
Device for dispensing granular material
Micro machined mirror
Optical system capable of creating the three-dimensional image of an object in space without inversion
Fiber optic circuit switch and a process for its production
Wet mateable connector
Electrooptical coupling module
Optical module
Method for production of an optoelectronic female connector element, and an optoelectronic connector
High-tension thread fastening structure for eyeglasses frame
Fixtures and fitting structure for eyeglass lens
Foldable spectable frame having a retractable bridge and retractable temples
Wire-frame spectacles with elastically and temporarily deformable loop portions
Eyesight protective composite glass
Clutch unit and camera
Image projector
Material having photosensitive resin composition, method for developing lithographic printing plate precursor, and development processing apparatus
Precious metal chronograph watch with a hollowed middle part-bezel
Biometric identification and thermostatic control method and system for temperature-sensitive water delivery in home plumbing systems
Mixing valve
Thermostatic mixing valve
Hardwired or battery powered digital thermostat
Pressure compensator flow control
Mass flow controller
Fluid-switchable flow rate control system
Heat sink apparatus, blower for use therein and electronic equipment using the same apparatus
Encoded data card reading system
Ergonomic keyboard device
Smart diskette device adaptable to receive electronic medium
Material coding using lasers
Adaptor for smart card
Autofocus bar code reader
Optical code reader and methods and articles therefor
Method and apparatus for the reading of a bar code consisting of a defined number of code elements
Financial transaction card with installment loan feature
Method and system for debt deferment
Paper processing apparatus
Automated transaction machine with transport path verification
Grid skill amusement game or dispensing device
Game machine informing small hit prize
Transaction apparatus and method
Vision-enabled vending machine
Method and system for computerized authoring, learning, and evaluation
Light-emitting diode (LED) device
Tape transport device
Zero static-friction actuator pivot bearing for production disk drives
Tape reel assembly with washer guard for a data storage tape cartridge
Storage device and assembly method for magnets for a voice coil motor
Cable with a cable core, a cable jacket and a tear thread
Semiconductor package lead plating method and apparatus
Method for real-time in-line testing of semiconductor wafers
Systems and methods for robotic transfer of workpieces between a storage area and a processing chamber
Air stream particulate collecting transfer apparatus
Container for transporting precision substrates
Application of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to pre-attach thermal interface film/tape to cooling device
Mold used in manufacturing a waterproof connector housing
Dispenser box for cabling accessories, and corresponding loader
Rack for a switchgear cabinet
Motor-driven compressor
Fitting piece and portable terminal device using the same
Device for hooking pieces, in particular printed circuits, on transport lines present in tunnel type kilns and the like
Manual electronic-part mounting apparatus and method
Collapsible circuit board mount
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