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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Acetyl CoA carboxylases
Compositions and methods for diagnosis of genetic susceptibility, resistance, or tolerance to infection by mycobacteria and bovine paratuberculosis using promoter variants of EDN2
Compounds for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Chemically Programmed Vaccination
Cargo supporting apparatus
Head restraint assemblies
Device and process for the output of medical data
Inhibitors of hemeprotein-catalyzed lipid peroxidation
Use of fusarochromanone and its derivatives in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases
Cycloalkylamne derivatives
Bicyclic compound
1-heteroaryl-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexanes, methods for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Guanidinyl-substituted polyamides useful for treating human papilloma virus
Method and compositions for treating cancer and related methods
Use of a quinazoline compound in preparing a medicament against flaviviridae virus
GIP analog and hybrid polypeptides with selectable properties
Compositions and methods for inhibiting matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-mediated cell migration
Ghrelin analogs
Composition having stabilized perfluorocarbons
Radiolabelled rotenone derivatives and their use in SPECT imaging
Medical device coating apparatus and methods of use
Vacuum regulator with pre-set and calibration features
Deployable and retractable member for injection port
Bottle and syringe guide holder systems
Water-in-oil emulsion compositions containing gellan gum for topical delivery of active ingredients to the skin or mucosa
Connector for a respiratory mask and a respiratory mask
Weight-adjustable surface gliding apparatus and methods for multipurpose fitness
Exercise apparatus and method of use thereof
Reformer exercise apparatus arm cord retraction assembly
Handle adaptor for weight training device
Multifunctional arms and wrists trainer
Golf ball with thin cover and method of making golf ball with thin cover
Tennis racket
All pottery clay golf putter head
Shuttlecock type game device
Deck wheeled device
Reconfigurable snowboard/ downhill skis and binding
Flexible billiards ball rack
Swing system and method of use
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for working-up a reaction mixture comprising polyether polyol
Droplet precipitator
Pleated filter medium
Hydrogen separation device
Systems for water extraction from air
Seawater desalination method
Stirring apparatus and method
Flow control through plural, parallel connection channels to/from a manifold
Reactant liquid system for facilitating the production of carbon nanostructures
Compositions, systems and methods for separating ethanol from water and methods of making compositions for separating ethanol from water
Component for solar adsorption refrigeration system and method of making such component
Method for manufacturing metallic glass nanowire, metallic glass nanowire manufactured thereby, and catalyst containing metallic glass nanowire
Method for producing a supported hydrogenation catalyst having increased hydrogenation activity
Mining classifier assembly
Electrostatic atomizer and air conditioner
Portable parts washer
Adjustment device for guide rollers and relative adjustment method
Hand-held battery powered center punch band clamp tool
High energy treatment of cutter substrates having a wear resistant layer
Friction stir welding apparatus and method for joining workpieces by means of a sliding element
Method for producing a rotor or stator blade and such a blade
Device for the thermal deburring of workpieces
Method for manufacturing a variator disc for use in a toroidal continuously variable transmission
Handheld collection apparatus
Robot arm
Robot system and method for producing to-be-processed material
Apparatus and method for managing robot components
Apparatus and method for manufacturing transparent synthetic resin vessel with integrated handle
Combination cooler and can crusher
Adhesive sheet
Perforated nonslip non-adhesive surface covering
Method for producing a structured surface contacting printing material, structured surface, machine and method for self-repair of structured surfaces
System and method for offline print head alignment
Fluid cartridge label stiffener
Seal member for sealing supply port of ink tank and ink tank unit including seal member
Rubber cement and tire with fabricated tire tread
Preparation and use of functionalized elastomers in rubber compositions containing silica filler and tire components thereof
Trailer hitch plate systems and methods
Conversion of two wheeled motorcycle to a three wheeled trike configuration
Shading device for a glass surface region of a motor vehicle
Electric car systems
Vehicle seat
Portable structure having sufficient internal structural rigidity to eliminate load-bearing perimeter support structures
Transforming cargo trailer system
System, method, and apparatus for integral backlight for an automotive
Method of processing sensor data for navigating a vehicle
Vehicle battery storage compartment
Collapsible automotive storage container
Collapsible automotive storage container
Integrated parking brake for disc brake
Vehicle control apparatus
Apparatus for moving railcars via self-propulsion
Rack and clothes line combination attachable to a recreational vehicle
Motorbike steering and suspension system
Tailbuoy stabilization device and method
Foundation structure
Filling and sealing of beverage containers
Beverage bottling plant for filling bottles with a liquid beverage material and an aseptic bottling system for the aseptic bottling of a liquid material
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for cooling hot-filled containers
Beverage carrier
Carton with tray
Multipart chain fixing device, trough element and parts for the same
Unidirectional labyrinth seal
Printing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Closure assembly including removable wrench and method for sealing a container
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of manufacturing a graphene fiber
Methods and water treatment systems for reducing bisphenol A release
Cooling shroud for a post-manufacture glass container thermal strengthening station
Chemical additive for gypsum products
System and method for producing fertilizer from organic waste
Process for the preparation of a lower olefin product
Retarder composition
Transcription factor modulators
Integrated carbon capture and gas to liquids system
Process for the conversion of carbon dioxide to methanol
Direct catalytic conversion of cellulosic materials to ethanol
Production of aromatic carboxylic acids
Compositions containing fatty acids and/or derivatives thereof and a low temperature stabilizer
Process for preparing polyester alcohols
Production of substituted phenylene dibenzoate internal electron donor and procatalyst with same
4-amino-4-oxobutanoyl peptides as inhibitors of viral replication
Bicyclic compounds
Inhibitors of HCV NS5A
Amide compounds, compositions and uses thereof
Method for the preparation of high-purity pharmaceutical intermediates
Substituted 3-phenylpropylamine derivatives for the treatment of ophthalmic diseases and disorders
Isolation, purification and synthesis of procyanidin B2 and uses thereof
5-membered heterocyclic amides and related compounds
Dihydrofuran azetidine derivatives as antiparasitic agents
Alpha-7 nicotinic receptor modulators for the treatment of pain, a psychotic disorder, cognitive impairment or alzheimer'S disease
Pesticidally active pyridyl- and pyrimidyl-substituted thiazole derivatives
Substituted triazine derivatives and use thereof as stimulators of soluble guanylate cyclase
Process for the preparation of acebrophylline
Imidazo[1,2-b]pyridazine and imidazo[4,5-b]pyridine derivatives as JAK inhibitors
Boron-containing 5-arylidene-3,5-dihydro-4H-imidazol-4-ones
Chelating agent modified graphene oxides, methods of preparation and use
Compounds for treating bacterial infections
Replikin peptides in rapid replication of glioma cells and in influenza epidemics
Antimicrobial peptides and derived metapeptides
Somatostatin antagonists
Curable composition comprising a silane-grafted polymer and a latent compound
Dual cure compositions, methods of curing thereof and articles therefrom
Graft copolymer
Isocyanate free polymers and methods of their production
Method for producing modified polymeric sulfur
Plastic compositions and containers made thereof
Mineralised composite material comprising chitin and calcium carbonate
Blend of a graft copolymer and a second polymer miscible with sidechains of the graft copolymer
Antistatic sol/gel compositions and optical articles coated therewith
Light guide structure and illuminating device
Dedusting agents for fiberglass products and methods for making and using same
Method for reducing the naphthenic acidity of petroleum feedstocks, and use thereof
Lubricating compositions for transmissions
Thermostable enzymes and methods of making and using the same
Liquid cleaning and disinfecting compositions comprising an assymetrically branched amine oxide
Wine degassing method and apparatus
Production of polyunsaturated fatty acids in oleaginous yeasts
Therapeutic RNA interference technology targeted to the PDX-1 oncogene in PDX-1 expressing neuroendocrine tumors
Method for induction/differentiation into photoreceptor cell
Proteins with repetitive bacterial-Ig-like (Big) domains present in Leptospira species
Use of VEGFR1 as a biomarker
Simian adenovirus nucleic acid and amino acid sequences, vectors containing same, and methods of use
Methods and materials for the reproducible generation of high producer cell lines for recombinant proteins
Subtilase variants
Step-up method for COLD-PCR enrichment
Improving the production of foreign proteins
Methods for detoxifying a lignocellulosic hydrolysate
ICT immunoassay for Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 antigen employing affinity purified antibodies thereto
Highly ordered arrays of nanoholes in metallic films and methods for producing the same
Electropolishing device and method
Textiles; Paper
Agitator comprising a floating element
Production methods for solubilized lignin, saccharide raw material and monosaccharide raw material, and solubilized lignin
Process for making a stiffened paper
Method of preparing a treated article and treated article formed therefrom
Fixed Constructions
Guy/guide wire anchor protector
Sealed interconnected mat system
Method and system for fabricating a non load bearing partition wall
Articulated computer mounting system
Drilling rig assembly method and apparatus
Rod fittings and assemblies
Disengageable lock
Door closing latching mechanism
Expandable downhole tool apparatus
Hydraulically driven tandem tractor assembly
Downhole tool
In-situ kerogen conversion and recycling
Methods to improve stability of high solid content fluid
Alternating piston pump
Magneto-optical sensor
Estimation and compensation of pressure and flow induced distortion in mud-pulse telemetry
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Symmetric opposed-piston, opposed-cylinder engine
Fluid device with flexible ring
System and methodology for wind compression
Rotor for a turbo machine
Mechanically controllable valve drive and mechanically controllable valve drive arrangement
Variable displacement lubricant pump
Oil filter system for vehicle
Exhaust treatment secondary air supply system
Device for supplying a reducing agent to an exhaust-gas aftertreatment system
Split-cycle air-hybrid engine with air expander and firing mode
Turbocharger housing and tool device for machining the turbocharger housing
Reciprocating engine
Nacelle for aircraft engine having a nozzle with a variable section
Aircraft propulsion system provided with reverse thrust means
Carburetor float and method of manufacturing same
Fuel injector with injection control valve spring preload adjustment device
Ignition apparatus and ignition system
Apparatus for creating electricity from pressure fluctuations in pipes
Propeller-type double helix turbine apparatus and method
Method for lubricating at least one blade pitch bearing of a wind turbine
Wind turbine and an associated yaw control method
Vertical axis wind turbine
Control device and control method of compressor
Load-compensation device
Engagement member with fastening pin and method for interconnecting two components
Pushrod connection to a journal
Isolation of clutch departure control sleeve
Rubber isolation system incorporated between the compression rod and the gas spring assembly of a bicycle fork
Endlessly circulating link conveyor with energy supply
Apparatus and method of controlling an automatic transmission throttle valve
Seal retainer device and power transmission unit with seal retainer device
Traction-means tensioning device having a securing element, and internal combustion engine having such a traction-means tensioning device
Sealing unit for rolling-element bearings
Method of forming a V-ring seal
LED lamp assembly having heat conductive LED support member
Vehicle lamp color-changing device with swingable arm
Recessed lamp housing with adjustable spring clipping device
Color changing container apparatus
LED lighting devices
Illumination apparatus
LED module with light guiding plate
Optical component having a low-density silicon oxide layer as the outermost layer of an inorganic thin-film, method of manufacturing optical component and electronic apparatus
Open loop gas burner
Method and device for reducing hazardous emissions in internal combustion systems
Fuel nozzle enclosure
Vapor vacuum condensing boiler designs
Solar panel and method for heating pools and spas
Magnetic heat exchange unit
Trailer refrigerating apparatus
Trailer refrigerating apparatus
Kitchen utensil dryer
Heat sink assembly with connecting member protruding from heat sink
Improvised adjustable guide rod for semiautomatic pistols
Split type magazine of air rifle
Airsoft guns structure with improved reality and safety gasification system for the compressed gas cartridge
Firearm modification accessory
Verticalness indicating apparatus for use with archery sights
Net throwing device
Surface mountable semiconductor bridge die
Determining material properties using speckle statistics
Gauge for use in wired-pipe telemetry applications
Testing device
Surface shape measuring device
Pressure gauge
Inquiry system of power bank
Light source adjustment unit, optical measurement device, subject information obtaining system, and wavelength adjustment program
Measurement apparatus and method, tomography apparatus and method
Method for determining polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon contaminant concentration
Flame detector
Blood sample tube indicator
System and method for removing surface particles from an object
Microbial detection apparatus and method
Intelligent machines and process for production of monocrystalline products with goniometer continual feedback
Amorphous thin film for sensing
Reference electrode
Internal defect inspection method and apparatus for the same
Device for measuring the influence of friction force on wear characteristics of a material surface with high frequency loading force
Resistance biomarkers for HDAC inhibitors
Detection and diagnosis of inflammatory disorders
Fluid providing apparatus
Operation check support device and operation check support method
Comfort-driven optimization of electric grid utilization
Apparatus for very high speed adaptive spectrum analysis
Current detection circuit
Hierarchal test block test pattern reduction in on-product test compression system
TDO multiplexers series coupling augmentation instruction register with instruction registers
Hierarchal test block test pattern reduction in on-product test compression system
IC linking module gating inputs of TAP select and enable
Magnetic resonance method and system to detect interference signals in magnetic resonance spectroscopy signals
System and method for relative localization
Wireless location using network centric location estimators
Radar apparatus
Pixel via and methods of forming the same
Display device incorporating multiple dielectric layers
Pigment-based ink
Display apparatus with narrow gap electrostatic actuators
Display device and method for manufacturing the same
MEMS shutter assemblies for high-resolution displays
Vibrating mirror element, distance measuring apparatus, and projector
Stereoscopic display system with active switchable retarder
Hybrid optical apparatuses including optical waveguides
Efficient heating groove for optical-fiber fusion splicer and optical-fiber fusion splicer
Optical coupling connector and optical coupling assembly
Eyeglasses and frames therefor
Color regulating device for illumination and apparatus using the same, and method of regulating color
Method of producing photo-alignment layer of liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal lens manufacturing method and liquid crystal lens
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method for measuring wafer parameters using non-standard alignment settings
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using same
Image forming apparatus that detects phase of photosensitive drum
Image forming apparatus including guide grooves and a photoreceptor cartridge including guide axles
Image forming apparatus that corrects developing bias voltage
Image forming apparatus having development bias control
Digital printer with supply arrangement to supply print groups with fluids and to accept used and unconsumed fluids
Image forming apparatus
Fixing apparatus having cooling device for pressure roller
Magenta toner
Protective skin for robots
Pressure regulator for watering system
Low dropout regulator having differential circuit with X-configuration
Power distribution management in a system on a chip
Low power consumption control circuit and operation method thereof
Harmonic detector of critical path monitors
Raid devices, systems, and methods
Dual-mode mobile communication device
Structure of planetary type dual-shaft hinge
Controlling a current drawn from an adapter by a computer system
Power distribution management in a system on a chip
Methods and systems for implementing wake-on-LAN
Information processing apparatus with power saving mode, and control method and communication apparatus therefor
Hybrid memory failure bitmap classification
Automated execution of functional test scripts on a remote system within a unit testing framework
Semiconductor device and operating method thereof
Virtual function timeout for single root input/output virtualization controllers
Data processing device and data processing method
System, method and computer program product for data processing and system deployment in a virtual environment
Systems and methods for backing up storage volumes in a storage system
Integrated circuit device, signal processing system and method for prefetching lines of data therefor
Flash translation layer system for maintaining data versions in solid state memory
Data versioning in solid state memory
Maintaining versions of data in solid state memory
Method, program and system for generating hash codes to identify objects
System and method for performing data retention in solid-state memory utilizing copy commands and usage data
Prefetching for multiple parent cores in a multi-core chip
Thinly provisioned flash cache with shared storage pool
Management of cache memory in a flash cache architecture
I2C communication device and I2C communication method
All-to-all comparisons on architectures having limited storage space
Metric object tracking system
Application resource model composition from constituent components
Server-processor hybrid system for processing data
Method for the distribution of drive torque
Generating simulated containment reports of dynamically assembled components in a content management system
Inputting information into an electronic form
Method and apparatus for configurable microplanning
Dynamically configuring an integrated development environment
Galaxy search display
Autonomically generating a query implementation that meets a defined performance specification
Simulating accesses for archived content
System and method for analysis of process data and discovery of situational and complex applications
Segmenting documents within a full text index
Locating the latest version of replicated data files
Loading XML records into a database
Filmstrip-based query suggestions
Matching transactions in multi-level records
Methods and systems for automated searching
Recommending tags based on user ratings
Information processing apparatus, computer-readable recording medium, and information processing method
Managing processes in a repository
Exercise tracking and analysis systems and related methods of use
Method and apparatus for machine-learning based profiling
Method and system for implementing an interface for I/O rings
Information-theoretic view of the scheduling problem in whole-body computer aided detection/diagnosis (CAD)
Method of configuring manufacturing execution systems
Method and device for managing authorization of right object in digital rights managment
Cross system secure logon
Binary translator driven program state relocation
System and method for writing to removable media
Method and apparatus for declarative updating of self-describing, structured documents
Visual object prioritization
Data isolation in shared resource environments
Variable refresh rates for portions of shared screens
Workload performance projection for future information handling systems using microarchitecture dependent data
Gesture input device and gesture input method
Portable electronic device and an input module and a flexible bridging board thereof
Interacting with a projected user interface using orientation sensors
Device and method for secure user interface gesture processing using processor graphics
Displaying documents to a plurality of users of a surface computer
Input device for capacitive touch panel, input method and assembly
Parallelogram electrode touch panel
Numerical graphical flow diagram conversion and comparison
Information processing device and method for displaying a window based on a priority of the window
Information processing apparatus, display processing method, program, and recording medium to display off-screen objects in sub-windows
Data analysis using gestures
Traversal of a soft bar to unlock an application
Protection information initialization
Parallel block allocation for declustered logical disks
Multi-threaded memory management
Multiple I/O request processing in a storage system
Contents reception system, attachment, and terminal device
Vehicle drive force distribution control system
Database translation system and method
Methods and systems to identify and reproduce concurrency violations in multi-threaded programs using expressions
Instruction filtering
Data processing system with latency tolerance execution
Apparatus and method for compressing instructions and a computer-readable storage media therefor
Method for developing software and system therefor
Management of mixed programming languages for a simulation environment
Automated testing of applications with scripting code
On board vehicle installation supervisor
Reconfigurable processor and reconfigurable processing method of vector operation using vector lane configuration information
Source code separation and generation for heterogeneous central processing unit (CPU) computational devices
Interactive content development
Launcher for software applications
Managing pre-requisite of a software product virtual image
Determining which computer programs are candidates to be recompiled after application of updates to a compiler
Provisioning a secure customer domain in a virtualized multi-tenant environment
Transferring objects between virtual machines
Virtual function boot in multi-root I/O virtualization environments to enable multiple servers to share virtual functions of a storage adapter through a MR-IOV switch
Generating user-requested virtual machine templates from super virtual machine templates and cacheable patches
Apparatus, method, and program for managing a plurality of virtual machines
Selecting provisioning targets for new virtual machine instances
Selecting provisioning targets for new virtual machine instances
Operator graph changes in response to dynamic connections in stream computing applications
System and method for dynamic rescheduling of multiple varying resources with user social mapping
Automated, controlled distribution and execution of commands and scripts
Dynamically assigning a portion of physical computing resource to logical partitions based on characteristics of executing logical partitions
Dynamically assigning a portion of physical computing resource to logical partitions based on characteristics of executing logical partitions
Service provider class application scalability and high availability and processing prioritization using a weighted load distributor and throttle middleware
Methods for single-owner multi-consumer work queues for repeatable tasks
System for decoding two dimensional code and method thereof
Terminal having image data format conversion
Tomographic equipment, imaging system provided therewith, and imaging data acquisition method
Method for searching a roof facet and constructing a building roof structure line
Determining representative images for a video
Apparatus and method for storing and dispensing pharmacist-filled prescription medications
Determination of time zone and DST participation
Multimode dial indicator for perishable foodstuff
Display device with tapered light reflecting layer and manufacturing method for same
Display apparatus incorporating dual-level shutters
Compani bridge, nut, and fingerboard combination designs for stringed musical instruments
Device for assembling photoelectric element on substrate
Deflective electromagnetic shielding
Method of making contact probe
Connection device comprising a control unit, battery case comprising such a connection device and method for controlling such a battery case
Attachable charger
Awning type solar protection device equipped with an electrical power production system
Polarization diverse demultiplexing
Trusted platform module (TPM) assisted data center management
System and method to provide server control for access to mobile client data
Information delivery system, delivery center device, user terminal device and information delivery method
Attribute-based person tracking across multiple cameras
Intelligent graphics interface in a handheld wireless device
Wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Directly connected heat exchanger tube section and coolant-cooled structure
Expansion apparatus for serial advanced technology attachment dual in-line memory module device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Bale collector with swivelling rear roller bed part
Hay bale lifter device
Round bale handling apparatus
Apparatus including twisted blades passing between stationary blades for chopping and discharging straw from a combine harvester
Sanitary mount for a container
Apparatus for attaching a chemiluminescent device to a fishing line
Night light air freshener
Agricultural sprayer
Method and apparatus for tenderizing meat
Apparatus for conveying slaughtered animals
Device for the support of an absorbent article
Method and apparatus for expanding soft tissue with shape memory alloys
Tool storage bag
Roller arrangement for wheeled luggage
Wheel assembly
Wax-stick hair removal device primarily for small areas of the face and body and method thereof
Portable folding hanger
Adapter bracket for a keyboard platform support mechanism
Device for holding photographs on a video monitor
Sliding device for a storage case
Longitudinally adjustable leg assembly
Foot support
Continuous palette
Bookcase lamp
Metal folding chair having ganging device
Wagon wheel bench
Portable leg and foot rest
Stackable furniture and a system and method for stacking same
Retractable and removable concession holder for stadium seating
Furniture system having a modular lighting installation
Display stand for merchandising chilled products and the like
Hyperextending joint
Elevated non-slip cutting board
Cutting board
Paper towel dispenser system
Device for cleaning and massaging a foot
Applicator for footwear
Swivel coupling for a hose
Endoscope-sheath interface using scope light post
Zoom laparoscope
Bone marrow aspiration needle
Hair collection device and methods of use thereof
Dialysis probe
Clotting cascade initiating apparatus and methods of use and methods of closing wounds
Device for delivery of surgical materials
Stabilizing device having a removable portion
Vacuum cardiac stabilizer with geometrically stable porous plug
Device and method for isolating a surface of a beating heart during surgery
Access platform for internal mammary dissection
Suture and method of use
Method and device for full thickness resectioning of an organ
Arterial bypass procedure
Anastomosis system and method for controlling a tissue site
Device for delivering non-biodegradable bulking composition to a urological site
Apparatus for deployment of micro-coil using a catheter
Instruments and methods for use in performing knee surgery
Method and apparatus for display of an image guided drill bit
Magnetic couplings for imparting simultaneous rotary and longitudinal oscillations
Tuck and fold fascia shortening for incontinence
System for removing cut tissue from the inner bore of a surgical instrument
Penetrating tip for trocar assembly
Anatomical fluid evacuation apparatus and method
Implant delivery catheter system and methods for its use
Torque limiting clamping plug for osteosynthesis instrumentation
Spinal fixation apparatus and methods for use
Spin distraction implant and method
Tension measuring device
Artificial spinal fusion implants
Method for low temperature thrombolysis and low temperature thrombolytic agent with selective organ temperature control
Bipolar coagulation and cutting device for endoscopic surgery
Ablation treatment of bone metastases
Non-invasive imaging of retinal function
Endoscope system
Catheter guide wire and production method for the same
System and method for analyzing normalized patient voice feedback an automated collection and analysis patient care system
Physiological feedback method and system
Inflatable cuff used for blood pressure measurement
Integrated calorie management system
Method and device to sense breathing
Methodology for determining x-ray to light field decentering on digital radiographic image systems
Acoustic sensor array for non-invasive detection of coronary artery disease
Method of using an acoustic coupling for determining a physiologic signal
Portable hand-carry satellite diagnostic ultrasound system for general and cardiac imaging
Ultrasonic breast examination system
Transesophageal ultrasound probe with imaging element position sensor in scanhead
Orthodontic twin bracket with archwire floor and side wall relief
Coordinative dental die interlocking system
Custom molded tennis elbow pad assembly
Packing device for retrieving a tampon placed therein
Disposable pant-type diaper having enhanced extensibility around waist opening
Protective underwear
Applicator for sanitary tampon
Method for alleviating female urinary incontinence
Garment having integrally-formed surface protrusions
Percutaneous device and method for treating urinary stress incontinence in women using a sub-urethral tape
Joint-endoprosthesis and fixation method for the seat thereof
Method for joining grafts in a common body passageway
Stent securement sleeves and optional coatings and methods of use
Aortic arch prosthetic graft
Vascular and endoluminal stents
Pre-formed expandable member having grooves
Iris fixated intraocular lens and method of implantation
Prosthetic heart valves with flexible post geometry
Implant, method of making same and use of the implant for the treatment of bone defects
Spherical spinal implant
Insertion tool for use with tapered trial intervertebral distraction spacers
Medical installation tool
Shock module prosthesis
Method and means for supporting the burned foot of a patient
Thoraco-lumbo-sacral orthosis
Splint system
Rollable body part protector
Method and device for applications of selective organ cooling
Ultrasound handpiece
Method and apparatus for illumination of the eye
Reclining platform wheelchair support
Portable massager
Device for pressurizing limbs
Pushcart with leg position control gear
Device for connection between a recipient and a container and ready-to-use assembly comprising such a device
Drug delivery systems and methods
Diagnostic kit for skin tests, and method
Method of inducing bending in a medical tube
Apparatus and method for removing a lodged mass from an animal airway
Anterior chamber stabilizing device for use in eye surgery
Artificial heart with synchronous rectification
Device for postoperative autotransfusion, particularly in heart surgery
Apparatus for delivering fluids to blood vessels, body cavities, and the like
Wound drain with portals to enable uniform suction
Applicator with protective barrier
Implant syringe
Implant device and dosage form employable therein
Anti-sludge medication ports and related methods
Sharps shield for dental and medical needs
Assembly of needle holder and barrel of safety syringe
Introducer system for medical electrical lead
Tanning booth
Apparatus for removing thrombosis
Ultrasonic method and device for wound treatment
Method and device for extracting fumes and heat and for providing operational for traffic structures and enclosed traffic spaces
Post mounted hose reel
Foot-pedal type body exerciser
Abdominal/low/back isolation apparatus
Treadmill motor cooling system
Golf ball with contoured dimples
Golf ball with high coefficient of restitution
Solid golf ball
Golf ball and method of manufacture
Mounting platform for trampolines
Golf club and set of golf clubs
Golf club head and method of manufacturing the same
Golf club head having a striking face with improved impact efficiency
Golf club head
Customizable golf putter head with face insert
Golf cup with bearing insert
Tethered practice apparatus
Device and method for golf club face alignment
Brake system for a wheeled article
Wheel suspension system for in-line roller skate
Bowling pin having reinforcing structure
Computer readable recording medium recording a program of a ball game and the program, ball game processing apparatus and its methods
Game apparatus, method of displaying moving picture, and game program product
Memory device, controller and electronic device
Method of playing a game and hardware configuration therefor
Checker-type game for four players
Numerical total keno game
Magnetic table top game
Amusement system
Two-legged body
Walking device
Rear suspension mechanism for remote control model car
Toy vehicle collision course
Flier structure
Poseable figure and spine system for use therein
Toy rocket with parachute hatch release
Flexible space structure construction connector for variably sized building elements
Toy construction kit having movable members
Performing Operations; Transporting
Transportable hot-mix asphalt manufacturing and pollution control system
Snap closure
Airborne particulate removal apparatus
Desorbable sorption filter suitable for a motor vehicle heating or air-conditioning system
Vapor recovery system for fuel storage tank
Miniaturized wearable oxygen concentrator
Total delivery oxygen concentration system
Method of producing nitrogen enriched air
Apparatus for adding fluid additives to fluids
Air-conditioning system
Packing for mass transfer column
High purity, low silica X-type zeolite binderless shaped product and gas separation method employing it
Centrifuge with clutch mechanism for synchronous blade and bowl rotation
Powder spray gun
Enclosed pop-up sprinklers with shielded impact arms
Media dispenser
Spring-effect pushbutton
Child-resistant nozzle assembly for fluid dispenser
Adjustable injector assembly for melted powder coating deposition
Sprinkler having individually operated outlet openings
Miniaturized fluid transfer device
Device for generating a gas-droplet stream and valve
Method for winding copper foil on core tube
Stopper for continuous casting
Preparation of articles using metal injection molding
Method for making hydrogen storage alloy
Boron addition for making potassium-doped tungsten
Expendable jaw system
Combination pneumatic chuck with position detecting mechanism
Stator bar insulation stripping machine and method
Cut-off saw
Fluxless fabrication of a multi-tubular structure
Automatic wave soldering apparatus and method
Device and method for clamping and wire-bonding the leads of a lead frame one set at a time
Bond pad structure and method for reduced downward force wirebonding
Fluted blisk
Method for assembling by diffusion welding a martensite stainless steel and a copper alloy and resulting bimetal element
Optical parts assembling method and the optical parts
Vehicular lamp unit and method for manufacturing same
Anti-adherent coating and method for the production thereof
Wheel-support rolling bearing unit and a method manufacturing the same
C-frame assembly apparatus and method for large panel-shaped workpieces
Chemical mechanical polishing method for slurry free fixed abrasive pads
Apparatus and method for processing micro-V grooves
Apparatus for generating lens surfaces
Guiding cart for a manually guided tool, especially an abrasive cut-off machine
Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
Sanding device for curved surfaces
Multi-wafer polishing tool
Apparatus of and method for polishing the outer circumferential portions of a circular plate-shaped work
Descaler/finisher for elongated or continuous stock materials
Grinding stone, process for its production and grinding method employing it
Abrasive composition and tools for stone materials and ceramics
Abrasive surface and article and methods for making them
Screwdriver having a light emitting device
Holder for a drive piston of a setting tool
Article transfer apparatus
Slitting unit for carton blank production
Method and apparatus for compression molding plastic articles
Touch sensing apparatus
Resin molding machine
Hybrid injection molding apparatus for enhancing cosmetic appearance of molded articles
Disc-manufacturing mold and disc manufacturing apparatus using the same
Nozzle assembly for injection molding
Clamping apparatus of an injection molding machine
Energy efficient extruder drive
Method for producing a rod-shaped composite part and rod-shaped composite part
Adjustable flow channel for an extruder head
Coupling sleeve for high-pressure pipe
Slide guide device, knockout device, and press machine using the same
Platen having media suction and vapor recovery ports
Printer media transport apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus
Process and apparatus for decorating articles
Printer with ribbon advance mechanism
Print head transport mechanism
Drop-masking continuous inkjet printing method and apparatus
Liquid jetting apparatus
Printer and print head unit for same
Printing apparatus and printing control method
Programmable nozzle firing order for printhead assembly
Recording head and image recording apparatus utilizing said recording head
Charging plate for liquid jet charging devices and method for making same
Ink jet ejector
High thermal efficiency ink jet printhead
Ink jet recording head and method of manufacturing the same
Ink-jet printhead having hemispherical ink chamber and method for manufacturing the same
Piezoelectric thin film device, its production method, and ink-jet recording head
Ink jet printhead
Method of arranging orifices on a print head and the corresponding structure
Printing method and printer that effect dot dropout inspection and recording medium prerecorded with program therefore
Method and device for cleaning a nozzle outlet surface on a print head of an ink jet printer
Method and system for purging air from a print mechanism
Rejuvenation station and printer cartridge therefore
Sealing method for ink cartridge
Ink jet printer having a printhead assembly for recording high quality graphic images and photo quality images
Method for determining vertical misalignment between printer print heads
Printing apparatus
Line printer variable print ribbon system
Book with indexing means
Ball for ball-point pen and ball-point pen
Capless writing instrument
Ink follower for writing tool
Wall tack
Inscribing system
Wheel attachment for a trailer hitch
Anchoring system of spring to vehicle axle and spring for vehicle axle
Single wheel suspension for non-steering wheels of a motor vehicle
Apparatus providing adjustable vehicle ball joint positioning
Rubber shear spring assembly for tandem axle trailer
Swing-frame assembly for tag axle
Seat air conditioner having mechanism following passenger seat
Two-way hingeless ventilator
Replaceable door seal and retainer assemblies
Motor vehicle door
Passenger car with a variable roof/rear area
Tarpaulin tightening device
Convertible top and driving device for a convertible top
Closure for a refueling tank of a motor vehicle
Hybrid electric powertrain including a two-mode electrically variable transmission
Seat sliding apparatus and resin slider
Passenger seat with seat back breakover assembly and method
Juvenile safety car seat
Vehicle seat construction
Seat device for a vehicle
Adaptable pick up truck configuration
Portable support for a vehicle seat
Vehicle seat with height adjuster
Armrests for car seats
Automotive seat--seat back with integrated protective device and process to prevent injuries caused by accident
Fastening system for a motor vehicle seat
Elastomeric seat back and slide-over head rest assembly for a vehicle seat
Footrest clip and footrest assembly
Cigarette lighter socket adapter with improved contact, dual sockets, and/or movable plug
Mobile crane apparatus
Method for ventilating cargo in shipping containers
Headlamp having an impact-resistant housing assembly
Movable vehicle headlight system
Headlamp of automobile
Securing objects to car seats
Sensing mirror position in a powered mirror positioning system
Cargo area structure
Car phone holder with a universal joint
Illuminated motorcycle license plate housing
Crash safety device of vehicle
Crash energy absorbing glareshield and method of protecting against head injury in aircraft crashes
Automotive air bag device
Air bag
Gas bag for a vehicle occupant restraint system
Steering wheel
Energy-absorbing anchor, D-ring, turning loop or web guide
Receptacle cover
Golf bag and cart carrier
Aircraft braking systems
Wheelchair brake extension holder
Hydraulic brake apparatus for a vehicle
Hydraulic unit
Hydraulic braking system
Control device for antilock brake device
Locking device with safety mechanism for collapsible stroller
Foldable stroller
Locking device for a detachable handrest of a stroller
Collapsible steering column assembly
Planetary steering differential
Front pillar structure of vehicle
Vehicle body reinforcement structure
Structure for attaching link for opening-closing member
Variable height gooseneck
Low ground pressure tire chains for skid-steer loaders and other construction machinery
Seal arrangement for a track type work machine and an associated method for producing a seal arrangement
Heavy duty dual tire assembly
Seat support with adjustable height
Universal fit fuel tank
Transmission device for a chainless bicycle
Bicycle with propelling mechanism
Apparatus for changing speed of bicycles
Shifting device for a multi-speed hub for a bicycle
Protective cover device for use with a snowmobile
Personal flotation system
Floating system with tensioned lines
Harness weight transfer system for scuba diving
Dive vest
Watercraft having jet propulsion and electric outdrive
Oil system with replaceable oil filter for two-cycle engines
Water pressure and volume flow regulator
Jet-propulsion watercraft
Moisture migration inhibitor for wet marine exhausts, and method therefore
Exhaust pipe cooling system for watercraft
Method for controlling a power-shift multi-speed boat transmission
Transmission for driving counter-rotating propellers, lubrication system, and associated methods
Drive device of inboard and outboard engines
Torque transmitting device for mounting a propeller to a propeller shaft of a marine propulsion system
Propeller safety guard for outboard and stern drive motors
Airframe having area-ruled fuselage keel
Skin/bulkhead structure
Variable pitch propeller having centrifugal lock
Flight control system for a hybrid aircraft in the yaw axis
Tapered/segmented flaps for rotor blade-vortex interaction (BVI) noise and vibration reduction
Spacecraft with deployable panel array
Phase change material thermal control for electric propulsion
Spacecraft protected by a coating including pyroelectric/ferroelectric particles, and the coating material
Star detection and location system
Spacecraft multiple loop heat pipe thermal system for internal equipment panel applications
Tablet vessel feed apparatus
Step-stripper roller shaft in an image forming device
Method of making multiple solicitation envelopes with matching indicia
Multiwall bag with peelable opening
Laundry retention device
Cartridge and cartridge assembly for fluid dispensing apparatus and method for manufacturing the cartridge
Shrinkable tray with attachable lids
Lightweight overcap having intermittent nesting and stacking elements
Container having a preshaped end closure
Integral cap assembly for liquid container having a reversible pour spout
Two piece hinged closure
Dispensing closure for a container
Packaging suitable for food products and cut-out blank for forming it
Shallow box binder cover
Gift or set box
Carton with article dispenser
Packaging assembly
Inspection side panel for a container
System and method for packing and transporting sheet materials
Automatic valve
Cone-shaped aerosol can spray nozzle
Loading and compacting device for the trash container of a trash-collecting vehicle and a working method therefor
Device and method for shredding food waste
Storage arrangement and storage receptacle with storage arrangement
Automatic dispenser
Rocking station for treatment plant conveyance systems
Neck ring guide change-over for an air conveyor
Filter dispenser
Wheel chocking device and method for using the same
Method and apparatus for shipping and/or storing dry particulate matter
Article mover
Sheet feeding device for reliably separating stacked sheets and image forming apparatus using same
Handle for roll core
Printer rollfeed media tension system with friction ring
Paper discharging apparatus for printer
Supporting media by bending same
Fixed station sorter/mailbox with passive gate station entrance system
Arrangement for transporting flat blanks
Reel flange
Universal wheel transport hook
Pivoting lifting ring
Riveted structure for a pulley seat
Crane for a camera
Diluent change over dispense apparatus
Beverage dispense device
Method and apparatus for controlling gasoline vapor emissions
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Amorphous Ni alloy membrane for separation/dissociation of hydrogen, preparing method and activating method thereof
Process for the crystallization of an inorganic substance
Scribing method
Ethylene treatment by gas permeation
Use of cationic monobenzene nitroanilines in the dyeing of keratinous fibers, dyeing compositions and dyeing processes
Multiple material golf club head with a polymer insert face
Part for positioning optical fiber
Inkjet ink having improved directionality by controlling surface tension and wetting properties
Abrasive composition for polishing magnetic recording disk substrates
Slurry for chemical mechanical polishing
Abrasive composition substrate for magnetic recording disks and process for producing substrates for magnetic recording disk
Cerium oxide slurry for polishing, process for preparing the slurry, and process for polishing with the slurry
Transparent compositions and candles and methods for making the same
Integrated mini-mill for iron and steel making
Method and device for injecting reducing agents in a shaft furnace
Reduction of chromium content in slag during melting of stainless steel in electric arc furnaces
Copper scrap processing system
Direct smelting process
Method of induction-heat melting treatment of metal-oxide-containing powders and device therefor
Conditioning metal surfaces before phosphating them
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for extruding multi-component liquid filaments
Device for the cleaning of a liquor spray nozzle assembly of a soda recovery boiler
Fixed Constructions
Glass bead dispenser
Anti-rotational traffic channeling device
Roadway pavement marker
Pet refuse collecting system
Machine for making bored piles
Apparatus for laying underground electric cables
Electrically operated fitting
Kit of parts for filling cracks with foamable polyurethane prepolymer
Plastic fence panel
Illuminated pad lock
Automatic door operating device
Door or gate retainer
Wind-resistant sweep lock
Multi point bolting mechanism
Threaded connector
Rotatable cutting tool-tool holder assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sealing ring for non-hermetic fluid seals
Exhaust turbine
Turbine casing
High thrust turbocharger rotor with ball bearings
Blade structure for a gas turbine engine
Bucket platform cooling scheme and related method
Thin wall cooling system
Pre-segmented squealer tip for turbine blades
Blade arrangement with damping elements
Apparatus and methods for controlling the supply of water mist to a gas-turbine compressor
Y-pipe for thin boom tube exhaust pipes providing increased ground clearance on race cars
Device for controlling an internal combustion engine driving a utility unit
Sealing structure
High performance carburetor
Fluid pumping apparatus for particulate material system
Multistage blowdown valve for a compressor system
Device for adjusting hydraulic equipment
Method and apparatus for dispensing fluids
Fluid motivated pump
Hydraulic pump with speed dependent recirculation valve
Multi-stage capacity-controlled scroll compressor
Asymmetric scroll compressor
Scroll compressor suitable for a low operating pressure ratio
Oscillating piston type compressor and method of manufacturing piston thereof
Balanced vane pump
Parallel module rotary screw compressor and method
Gas compressor having enlarged discharge chamber
Apparatus for controlling noise and vibration for drain pump
Turbo fan housing in window type air conditioner
Fan holder
Barrel nut
Self-threading screw for metal with six formers of prismatic shape
Bolt retaining article
Washer element for a wheel bolt and/or wheel nut of a motor vehicle wheel
Mounting sucker
Coupling member for the face end coupling of profile bars
Velocity variance reducing multiple bearing arrangement for impeller shaft of centrifugal supercharger
Sliding mechanism
Roller cage for a longitudinal guiding device, mounted on rolling bearings
Plain bearing structure
Needle bearing
Hub with integral key and integral positioning stop
Constant velocity joint boot
Constant velocity joint and rolling bearing unit for wheel
Constant velocity joint and rolling bearing unit for wheel
Constant velocity universal joint
Link chain
Axle end play adjustment systems and methods
Electrically controllable biasing differential
Continuously-variable-ratio belt drive assembly
Small speed ratio detection and control devices for vehicle start
Engine limit control for closed-throttle transmission shifting
Hydraulic control system for automatic transmission
Damper clutch control method for automatic transmission
Vehicle deceleration controller
Ratchet tensioner with backlash
Belt type nonstage transmission system
Metal laminate gasket with identification sign
Metal gasket
Separation plate and a method for producing the same
Sealing ring packing
Self-locking coupling device
Tube clamping structure
Displacement absorbing piping joint
Adjustable corner fitting
Arm apparatus for mounting electronic devices
Support device for monitor, displayer or other object
Hand held light apparatus
Device arrangement of LED lighting units
Led bulb in a water lamp tube
Decorative lighting apparatus
Head light system
Adjustable uplight luminaire with an adjustable reflector
Lighting system
Socket assembly of projection lamp
Decorative lighting display system
Side light type surface light source device
High efficiency fuel oil atomizer
Burner nozzle with curved head
Electronic detecting of flame loss by sensing power output from thermopile
Pump purge for oil primary
Diffuser for heating and air conditioning systems
Method of dehumidifying and dehumidifier with heat exchanger having first and second passages and moisture cooling in the second passages
Airflow system
Lighting assembly for a refrigeration appliance
Spinning and translating target for firearms
Propulsive torque motor
Arrow spin device
Medical telemetry system
Apparatus and method for collection, sorting, concentrating and impinging particles on a surface
Peel test mandrel assembly and method
Transmission of optimized pulse waveforms for ultrasonic subharmonic imaging
PRF adjustment method and apparatus, and ultrasonic wave imaging apparatus
Contact lens coating selection and manufacturing process
Cryo micropositioner
Illumination system and projector
System and method for automatically adjusting a lens power through gaze tracking
Optical apparatus which uses a virtually imaged phased array to produce chromatic dispersion
Illumination apparatus and projection apparatus
Reflective projector
Dynamically generated interactive real imaging device
Apparatus for projection display using reflection type LCD
Attenuating splice, system, and method therefor
Screening mechanism for optical fiber fusion-splicer
Planar packaged optical module having 1st and 2nd adhesives with different glass-transition temperatures
High-density optical connecting block
Method of forming a multi-terminator optical interconnect system
Multiple-fiber optical connector, and method for assembling the same
Ferrule for an optical plug-in connection
Optical connector module with optical fibers for connecting optical module and optical fiber connector
Fiber-optic connector
Combination eyeglass buoyancy system
Single bifocal custom shooters glasses
Mechanically-attached nosebridge element for eyewear frame
Magnetic spectacles
Rectilinear film transport system
Apparatus for processing photosensitive material
Feed-forward mechanism from latent images to developer system for photoresist linewidth control
Thermal comfort controller having an integral energy savings estimator
Drive bracket
Enclosure having pivotable bezel
Computer keyboard assembly with exchangeable wrist support
Card ejecting mechanism for CF card connector
Electrical card connector having polarization mechanism
Card connector capable of detecting that card has been held in card mounting position
Adaptive bar code scanner
Compact optically readable data encoding
Card mounted with circuit chip and circuit chip module
Packaging tape with radio frequency identification technology
Terminal for chip cards
Coded information reader comprising a device for controlling a plurality of distinct actions
Machine-readable color symbology and method and apparatus for reading same with standard readers such as laser scanners
Symbology-independent method and apparatus for identifying potential bar code data
Compact vending machine
Apparatus and method for issuing documents of value
Video poker game
Self-service terminals
Time monitoring portable game system
Free rotator demonstrator
External method for employing CNDU in trainer system
Inflatable balloon bouquet
Clutch device for driving reel support in videotape recorder
Tape reel assembly with hub sleeve and spherical piece for a data storage tape cartridge, and method of manufacture
Methods for reducing the number of interconnects to the PIRM memory module
Method of mass-analyzing body fluid and apparatus therefor
Apparatus for baking wafers
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Wafer orienting and reading mechanism
Method for producing a battery with separators containing fusible binders
Electrical signal coupling device
Cylindrical terminal rivet and battery snap
Methods and apparatus for forming an insulation displacement connection
Battery terminal
Method and apparatus for forming modular sockets using flexible interconnects and resulting structures
Electrical connector with mechanically reinforced blind mating guides
Zero insertion force connector for flat flexible cable
Connector for a flat cable
Soldering structure for an electrical connector
High retention coaxial connector
Contact for CPU socket
SMT contact for a ZIF socket
Contact for CPU socket
Electrical connector having conductive terminals that are provided with a dielectric coating
Electrical connector having improved contacts
Female terminal fitting
Electrical connection device
Semiconductor component mounting apparatus
Shake preventing construction for a terminal fitting and a connector
Electrical service apparatus safety shield with wire guides
Retractable electric wall outlet assembly
Electrical connector including a lockingly engageable housing and cover
Electrical connector with split shells and retention clip
Stacked electrical card connector assembly
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Connector for a fuel pump of a motor vehicle
Strain relief assembly
Easy-detach electrical connector for kitchen appliance
Ejection mechanism for compact flash card connector
Card ejection mechanism for electrical card connector
Cord connector
Retainer clip for an electrical distribution assembly
Connecting terminal
Electrical jack resisting voltage surges
High speed connector
Small form-factor pluggable transceiver cage
Header connector with shell
Electrical connector assembly
Electrical connector with visual indicator
Multipole plug connector for electronic signal lines
Electrical connector for receiving electrical plug
Audio jack having side mount grounding terminal
Connector assembly with internal sound card
Twist-on connector with a heat-shrinkable skirt
Terminal block with disconnect contact and terminal arrangement
Electrical-optical hybrid connector
Electrical connection box for a vehicle
Diode-laser line-illuminating system
Cable shock absorbing device
Case for portable telephones
Communication device for storing personal or department data
Downloading of applications in a digital decoder
Method of using a tube feeder for circuit board components
CPU socket assembly with pick up cap
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