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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lawn mower
Rotary disk crop harvesting header with rearwardly shifted top conditioning roll and lower rear deflector
Inbred corn line G07-NPID4373
AtRSp gene promoters
Egg micro-crack detection systems
Transgenic mice for screening for inhibitors of protein aggregation and methods for making and using them
IV accessible infant sleeper
Method for making and using a torso top outer garment, and resulting garment
Collapsible shoe and replaceable straps and methods for making and using same
Badge holder
Heart rate monitor with cross talk reduction
Auditory midbrain implant
Medical scanning system and related method of scanning
Valve for emergency eye wash and related method
Hand-operable vacuum device
Implantable electrode line
System and method for lead implantation in a pericardial space
Percutaneous neurostimulator for modulating cardiovascular function
Performing Operations; Transporting
Information obtaining method
Locking nut assembly for a cone crusher
Process for determining whether used friction elements may be returned to service
Apparatus for processing work-piece
Electronic flame-off electrode with ball-shaped tip
Connection and elbow in a gas appliance
Retractable scissors
Electric hair cutter and control method for motor rotational speed thereof
Cutting blades and assemblies
Image forming apparatus with multi-color dot image formation
Shoring batten and method of using the same
Thermal storage system
Method and device for packaging polycrystalline bulk silicon
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Bioabsorbable, biobeneficial polyurethanes for use in medical devices
Process for the removal of oxygenates from a gaseous stream
Polymorphic forms of fluvastatin sodium and process for preparing the same
Processes for producing 1-benzyl-4-[(5,6-dimethoxy-1indanon)-2-yl]methylpiperidine and hydrochloride
Ether derivatives
Salt of (2S, 3S)-3-[[(1S)-1-isobutoxymethyl-3-methylbutyl] carbamoyl] oxirane-2-carboxylic acid
Compound and organic thin film transistor
Silicon-boron-carbon-nitrogen ceramics and precursor compounds, methods for the production and use thereof
Polynucleotide labeling reagent
Sugar and lipid metabolism regulators in plants
Method for cloning and expression of Acc65I restriction endonuclease and Acc65I methylase in E. Coli
Casein kinase stress-related polypeptides and methods of use in plants
Telomerase expression repressor proteins and methods of using the same
Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method
Transcription factor stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Protein regulating leaf longevity of plants, the gene thereof and their use
Use of AtBG1 gene for the generation of transgenic plants with increased resistance to various abiotic stress
Method and apparatus to improve lithography throughput
Fixed Constructions
Foundation for a wind turbine
Exterior wall decorative foam panel
Building panel
Method of manufacturing a molded door skin from a flat wood composite, door skin produced therefrom, and door manufactured therewith
Seamless three dimensional wall panel system
Composite panel for a wall and method for making same
Roofing panel screen assembly
Skylight assembly
Aligning shaft doors of an elevator
Rapid hanging curtain wall unit for a wall assembling structure
Cell front panel system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Systems and methods for low temperature heat sources with relatively high temperature cooling media
Arrangement with a steam turbine and a condenser
Engine control device
Underwater power station and method for operating an underwater power station
Low-drag hydro-pneumatic power cylinder and system
Device and method for heating liquids, and base structure
Device for securing a support structure to a flat roof
Attachment assembly for firearm sling
Transmission-type OLED riflescope
System for measuring the image quality of an optical imaging system
Coordinate measuring apparatus
Apparatus and method for determining ash height in a filter
Position adjusting device with distance detecting mechanism
3-D shape measuring method for auto-grinding equipment of LCD color filter and 3-D shape measuring apparatus for the same
Optical communications using spectral interferometry
Wavelength conversion chip for use with light emitting diodes and method for making same
Measuring apparatus, measuring method, and characteristic measurement unit
Inspection apparatus
Optical absorption gas analyser
Mask haze early detection
Instrument and method for X-ray diffraction, fluorescence, and crystal texture analysis without sample preparation
Method of identifying a FabK protein inhibitor using a three-dimensional structure of FabK protein
Method and system for early prediction of performance of HID lamps
Cantilevers with integrated actuators for probe microscopy
Phase detector for half-rate bang-bang CDR circuit
Built-in-self-test arrangement for a single multiple-integrated circuit package and methods thereof
Automated determination of service impacting events in a communications network
Method of generically specifying congestion control and avoidance behavior
Fault tolerant network routing
Multiple probe acquisition system
Automatic communication channel fault mitigation
Surface voltmeter
Radioactivity monitoring apparatus and method
Image detector and manufacturing method of the same
Method and system for calibrating acquired spectra for use in spectral analysis
Magnetic resonance imaging and radio frequency impedance mapping methods and apparatus
Method for scanner control in at least one scan axis in a laser scanning microscope
Sighting device
Micro-optic shutter
Method and apparatus for two-axis, high-speed beam steering
Microlens windows and interphased images for packaging and printing and methods for manufacture
Lens, lens array and method for making lens array
Light transmitting electromagnetic wave shielding film, optical filter and plasma display panel
Ferrule for optical wave guide
Electronic apparatus
Spatial separation of optical frequency components using photonic crystals
Electrical stimuli of MEMS devices
Device for rapidly changing objectives with the aid of threaded fastening
Low loss transflective device display comprising a light guide including optical fibers
Liquid crystal display device having improved viewing angle and brightness
Method of fabricating array substrate for IPS-mode LCD device has a shorter processing time and low error rate without an increase in fabrication and production costs
Camera module
Anti-speckling laser rear-projection screen structure and methodology
Photolithography equipment having wafer pre-alignment unit and wafer pre-alignment method using the same
Focusing system and method for enhancing resolution of an optical system
Communication control device and image forming device
Image forming apparatus, an image forming method and an image detecting method
Color printer toner transfer belt system and process
Image forming apparatus, and unit removably installed in an image forming apparatus
Multicolor image forming apparatus
Color image forming apparatus capable of suppressing mixture of colors and scattering of toner
Image forming apparatus
Developing unit and image forming apparatus including the same
Image forming method using cleaning blade and image forming apparatus with cleaning blade
Servo motor controller
Transaction quality system and quality assurance method
Power supply device, in particular for redundant operation with a plurality of further power supply devices connected in parallel on the output side
Voltage step-down circuit
Voltage regulating circuit
Apparatus and method for adjusting working frequency of voltage regulator down circuit (VRD) by detecting current
Method and apparatus for managing power from a sequestered partition of a processing system
Relay agent device and proxy address leasing device
System, method and circuit for mirroring data
Computer system management method, management server, computer system, and program
Triple voting cell processors for single event upset protection
Checkpoint of applications using UNIX.RTM. domain sockets
Device and method for testing motherboard
Image forming apparatus with memory properly error-checked
Detection of undesired computer files in archives
Mechanism to provide software guaranteed reliability for GSM operations
File conversion in restricted process
Original data circulation method, system, apparatus, and computer readable medium
Fair memory resource control for mapped memory
Storage system
System and method for providing space availability notification in a distributed striped volume set
Arithmetic processor, information processing apparatus and memory access method in arithmetic processor
Device for processing information based on stored identifiers and a working method therof.
Systems for implementing SDRAM controllers, and buses adapted to include advanced high performance bus features
Multiprocessor system having a shared tightly coupled memory and method for communication between a plurality of processors
Memory refresh system and method
Method to control the access in a flash memory and system for the implementation of such a method
Virtual machine system and operating method thereof
Secure verification using a set-top-box chip
System and method for providing more logical memory ports than physical memory ports
Apparatus, system, and method for uninterrupted storage configuration
Computerized access device with network security
Method of storing pictures and apparatus for the same
Rescue locator signal
Image forming apparatus capable of a color image, and image forming method for forming a color image
Method for providing service in IP-based network system
GPS-internet linkage
Resource standardization in an off-premise environment
Method for document viewing
Enhanced network system through the combination of network objects
Enhanced data exchange and functionality control system and method
System, method, and computer program product for resolving addressing in a network including a network address translator
System and method for detecting spam e-mail
Data transfer apparatus and data transfer system
Method and system for automatically displaying an image and a product in a page based on contextual interaction and metadata
Managing a network of consumer-use computing devices
Methods and apparatus for information hyperchain management for on-demand business collaboration
System and method for promoting intellectual property
Content transmission apparatus, content reception apparatus, and content upload method
Image signal processing apparatus, memory control method, and program for implementing the method
Computer system, management server, and mismatched connection configuration detection method
Dynamic network link selection for transmitting a message between compute nodes of a parallel computer
Managing audit tables that track switch transactions in a communications-networking environment
Method and apparatus for displaying network fabric data
Task analysis system, task analysis device, task management apparatus, document display, computer readable medium, method of task analysis, and computer data signal
Method for exposing graphical user interface layout logic and parameters
Apparatus, system, and method for an alternate lock facility connection path
Method and apparatus for real-time group interactive augmented-reality area monitoring, suitable for enhancing the enjoyment of entertainment events
Baseline comparative leading indicator analysis
Translation system using a translation database, translation using a translation database, method using a translation database, and program for translation using a translation database
Versatile page number detector
Systems and methods for fast and memory efficient machine translation using statistical integrated phase lattice
Method, system and program for testing accessibility in data processing system programs
System and method for processing downloaded data
Data retention auditing
System and method of protecting prices
Document retrieval system, document number subsequence acquisition apparatus, and document retrieval method
Database query processing method and system
System and method for designing a seat
Method for using mixed multi-Vt devices in a cell-based design
Method and system for implementing an analytical wirelength formulation
System and method for testing SLB and TLB cells during processor design verification and validation
Method for optimally converting a circuit design into a semiconductor device
Hardware acceleration of functional factoring
Processing data to maintain an estimate of a running median
Apparatus for controlling robot and method thereof
Production management program, production management method, and production management system
Resilient cryptographic scheme
Programmable controller
Method and apparatus for communicating with an embedded controller which includes a reference to metadata objects
Information processing apparatus for searching broadcast program and method therefore
GUI with dynamic thumbnail grid navigation for internet TV
Voltage supply circuit, power supply circuit, display driver, electro-optic device, and electronic apparatus
Method of fabricating touchscreen panel by segmenting transparent conductor layer
Application of metadata to documents and document objects via a software application user interface
Page bar control
Image processing system, image processing device, and audit data transfer mode
Image processing apparatus, and computer product, allowing selective resolution of an area of a document
Information recording apparatus and method, and information recording system
System and method of time-based cache coherency maintenance in user file manager of object-based storage system
Database reorganization program and method
Searching data storage systems and devices
Method for assigning relative quality scores to a collection of linked documents
Natural language processing for developing queries
System for browsing through a music catalog using correlation metrics of a knowledge base of mediasets
Method for improving the functionality of the binary representation of MPEG-7 and other XML based content descriptions
Lightweight generic report generation tool
Method of obtaining data samples from a data stream and of estimating the sortedness of the data stream based on the samples
Method and apparatus to secure a computing environment
Method, system, and computer program product for path-correlated indirect address predictions
System and method for generating random numbers using parity feedback
Generalizations of adjoint networks techniques for RLC interconnects model-order reductions
Buffer device for switched capacitance circuit
Decoupling the number of logical threads from the number of simultaneous physical threads in a processor
Estimating a dominant resource used by a computer program
Controlled execution of a program used for a virtual machine on a portable data carrier
Method and system for switching between prototype and real code production in a graphical call flow builder
Method and apparatus for dynamic middleware assembly
Integrating applications in multiple languages
Simulating cavitation damage
Method and apparatus for scheduling virtual machine access to shared resources
Apparatus and methods for providing career employment services
Animal health diagnostics
River assessment, monitoring and design system
Image processing apparatus and method for generating an image signal for gradation
Image forming apparatus, printing apparatus and image processing method
Digital watermarking system according to matrix margin and digital watermarking method
Digital watermarking system according to background image pixel brightness value and digital watermarking method
Motion detection device and method, luminance/chrominance signal separation device and method, noise reduction device and method, and video display device and method
Image processing device, method, and program
Frequency domain based MICR reader
Imaging device
Character recognition method, character recognition device, and computer product
Digital watermarks
Method and system for forming an image with enhanced contrast and/or reduced noise
Apparatus and method for character recognition using acceleration sensor
System and method of forecasting print job related demand
Method for electronically endorsing check images
Method and system for receiving and handling orders for commodities
Value driven integrated build-to-buy decision analysis system and method
Promotional event tracking system
System and method for analyzing and searching financial instrument data
Sharia compliant performance linked note
Risk monitoring apparatus, risk monitoring system, and risk monitoring method
Internet settlement system
Financial arrangement to support implementation of a retirement medical program or to protect a users future medical needs
System and method for tracking, monitoring, and supporting self-procuring principals in real estate transactions
System and method for managing intellectual property
Communication path for extreme environments
Circuitry, systems and methods for detecting magnetic fields
Apparatus and method for generating power for a low current device
System for facilitating the handling of goods based on containers equipped with an RFID tag
Quick and accurate detection and reporting of component failures using RFID
Direct integration of RFID elements into folding boxes
Method for setting a programmable allowed movement time on an asset protection device
Abnormal circuit operation detection system
Automated multi-purpose alert system with sensory interrupts
Navigation systems, methods, and programs
Traffic light with timer information
Digital anti-counterfeiting software method and apparatus
Structural assembly with a flexed, tied panel
Plasma display panel
Light emitting device and driving method thereof
Electroluminescent device, method for manufacturing electroluminescent device, and electronic apparatus
Light emitting device
Scrolling function in an electrophoretic display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus and method of driving
Drapable liquid crystal transfer display films
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device, active matrix type liquid crystal display device, and method of driving the same
Arrangement having a flat screen panel illuminated with a back light that compensates for changes in luminance of the panel
Method and device for processing video data by using specific border coding
Display screen capable of being subjected to a scroll procedure
Gamma correction device of display apparatus and method thereof
Enhanced low-noise drum tympan
Neutral tension bridge
Signal compression method, device, program, and recording medium; and signal retrieval method, device, program, and recording medium
Speech signal separation apparatus and method
Integrated voice navigation system and method
Signal noise reduction
Tilt adjusting method and information recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
Method and system for fluid mediated disk activation and deactivation
Information recording and playback apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Reverse write current preshoot
Current-perpendicular-to-plane sensor epitaxially grown on a bottom shield
Medium having recording layer having pattern structure of magnetic material and non magnetic material having larger Young's modulus
Optical head with diffuser structure
Optical pickup and optical information processing apparatus
Optical disk device and optical disk gain adjusting method
Apparatus and methods for light spot servo signal detection
Optical information reproducing apparatus and optical information recording apparatus using holography
Double electrode cantilever actuation for seek-scan-probe data access
Variable resistance element, its manufacturing method and semiconductor memory device comprising the same
Memory circuits having programmable non-volatile resistors
Programmable memory cell
Programmable magnetic read only memory (MROM)
Memory device having drift compensated read operation and associated method
Magnetic layer, method of forming the magnetic layer, information storage device including the magnetic layer, and method of manufacturing the information storage device
Integrated circuits and methods to compensate for defective memory in multiple layers of memory
Motherboard with voltage regulator supporting DDR2 memory modules and DDR3 memory modules
Memory voltage control circuit
Integrated circuit, method to program a memory cell array of an integrated circuit, and memory module
Semiconductor memory device having output impedance adjustment circuit and test method of output impedance
Memory dies for flexible use and method for configuring memory dies
Neutron-driven element transmuter
High-frequency coaxial cable
Method of manufacturing superconductor wire
Extendable cable or extendable connecting member
Power source for plasma device
Method of forming magnetic blocks and equipment for carrying out that method
Integrated capacitive microfluidic sensors method and apparatus
Contact piece member, contactor and contact method
Surface light source and display device having the same
Low-light viewing device for displaying image based on visible and near infrared light
Quantum device, manufacturing method of the same and controlling method of the same
Electro component package
Wiring substrate and method of manufacturing thereof, and thin film transistor and method of manufacturing thereof
Interconnects with interlocks
Method and device for integrating an illumination source and detector into the same IC package that allows angular illumination with a common planar leadframe
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor device
Programmable gate array, switch box and logic unit for such an array
Automated dispenser with sensor arrangement
Imaging apparatus and a device for use therewith
Acceptor doped barium titanate based thin film capacitors on metal foils and methods of making thereof
Semiconductor memory device including a source and a drain of a memory cell transistor formed between electrodes and a method of fabrication the same
Flat substrate having an electrically conductive structure
Microelectronic assemblies with improved isolation voltage performance
Non-volatile memory cell with enhanced filament formation characteristics
Light emitting device, driving method of light emitting device and electronic device
Semiconductor device, IC card, IC tag, RFID, transponder, paper money, valuable securities, passport, electronic device, bag, and clothes
Stacked memory without unbalanced temperature distributions
Semiconductor device comprising capacitor and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device using semiconductor nanowire and display apparatus and image pick-up apparatus using the same
Dual gate LDMOS devices
Semiconductor time switch suitable for embedding in NAND flash memory device
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Back-illuminated type solid-state imaging device
Image pickup apparatus, radiation image pickup apparatus and radiation image pickup system
Solar energy assembly for portable electronic device
Semiconductor device
Solid-state imaging device and method for producing the same
Semiconductor device with oxidized regions and method for fabricating the same
Light-emitting device
Ultrasonic sensor
Polymers for use in optical devices
Organic semiconductor device, field-effect transistor, and their manufacturing methods
Organic electroluminescent element, illuminator, display and compound
Drive circuit and drive method for semiconductor light source
Pickup head circuits
Optical module
Multi-pass optical power amplifier
Three-dimensional photonic crystal light emitting device
Integrated wireless/wireline registration
Semiconductor laser
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser and image forming apparatus using the vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Surface emitting laser
Structure having photonic crystal layer and surface emitting laser including the same
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser
System for conducting away lighting currents and/or fault currents
Insulating support disc for a conductor and electrical assembly comprising this disc
Apparatus and method for lightning sensor and controller
Simple circuit and method for improving current balance accuracy of a power converter system
Charging system including user proximity detection to start or stop charging
Adjustable cut-off voltage for mobile device battery
Parallel hybrid vehicle optimal storage system
Rotor and an electrical machine comprising such a rotor
Fuel tank for a power generator set
Apparatus and method for high efficiency isolated power converter
Electrostatic actuator driving system having plural actuators and a temperature detector
Electric motor
Step motor driving apparatus
Automatic gain control circuit and low noise amplifying circuit
Automatic gain control apparatus and technique
Frame pulse signal latch circuit and phase adjustment method
Stage by stage delay current-summing slew rate controller
Enhanced reconditioning equalizer filter chain for multi-carrier signals with different technologies
Radio receiver having a channel equalizer and method therefor
Circuit for matching the load impedance of an electronic device
Method and system for setup/hold characterization in sequential cells
Reset signal generator and a method for generating reset signal of a semiconductor integrated circuit
Bias signal delivery
Data center tracking circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit including the same
Curvature correction methodology
System and method of multi-channel signal calibration
Enhanced time-interleaved A/D conversion using compression
Virtual display driver
Parallel decoder for ultrawide bandwidth receiver
Receiver and reception method
Data processing method, transmitter, device, network element and base station
Intermediate-frequency type radio signal receiver
Frequency conversion circuit
Systems and methods for minimum-power leakage windowing for VDSL using least square technique
Communication system with receivers employing generalized two-stage data estimation
Method and system for guaranteeing seamless session when replacing PoC terminal in PoC system
Communication method and communication equipment in the PoC service
Coded antenna switching for wireless communications and associated methods
Finite-length equalization over multi-input multi-output (MIMO) channels
Mixed voice and spread spectrum data signaling with multiplexing multiple users with CDMA
W-CDMA base station with apparatus for providing packet data communications with mobile units or terminals
Managing traffic in communications system having dissimilar CDMA channels
Digital multimedia broadcasting receiver having a location information notification function and method of the same
Personal audio player with wireless filesharing and radio recording and timeshifting
Secure upstream transmission in passive optical networks
Wavelength path switching node apparatus and wavelength path allocation method
Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system, and wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission method
Distributed terminal optical transmission system
WDM optical transmission system and WDM optical transmission method
Apparatus and method for demultiplexing of transport stream
See what you see (SWYS)
Transmission system and method for assigning transmission channel
Technique for controlling selection of a write adapter from multiple adapters connected to a high speed switch
Electronic device centralized management apparatus and electronic device centralized management method
Network usage optimization with respect to a virtual circuit network
Resolution of IP addresses associated with a telephone number utilizing query flags
Expandable exchange apparatus and a backup system thereof
Prioritization of emergency voice and data communications
Access multiplexer
Trunk health monitoring for telecommunications network
Dynamic auto-reconfigurable time division multiple access
System for accessing end-to-end broadband network via network access server platform
Data stream transmission/reception device
Multiplexing and demultiplexing apparatus for delivering MPEG-2 TS packet error signal through cablecard interface and multiplexing and demultiplexing method using the same
Packet processing device with load control mechanism based on packet length and CPU time consumption
Communication device and communication method using tokens and local counters of discarded packets to maintain order of the packets
In sequence packet delivery without retransmission
Communication mediation apparatus that mediates communication between networks, communication method and computer readable medium
Packet handler for high-speed data networks
Automatic gain control device and method
Method and system for signal quality measurement based on mean phase error magnitude of a signal
Method and system for providing an analog front end for multiline transmission in communication systems
Parallel adaptive quantile wireless scheduler
Method and apparatus for providing cellular telephone service using an authenticating cellular telephone device
Attesting to establish trust between computer entities
Mechanism to generate restricted and unrestricted execution environments
Method and system for implementing privacy policy enforcement with a privacy proxy
Method and apparatus for selecting a multi-band access point to associate with a multi-band mobile station
Foldable cellular telephone
Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing an ad-hoc, autonomous communications network
Telecommunication terminal able to modify the voice transmitted during a telephone call
Method and system for call tracing
Presence management system, presence notification method, server unit, and terminal device
System for automatically determining cell transmitter parameters to facilitate the location of wireless devices
Method and system for automatic calling unit replenishment
Method and apparatus for securing transmission on a speakerphone or teleconference call
Wireless controller device
Method to challenge cell phone user for fraudulent use
Image reading apparatus and copying apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Image reader system, image reader control method, and computer-readable medium
High-speed printing method having parallel processes
Image processing system and method, and image display system
Solid state imaging device with vertical transfer groups
Method and apparatus for eliminating image artifacts due to defective imager columns and rows
Circuit for eliminating abnormal sound
Digital versatile disc recording apparatus and cell-by-cell edition method using the same
Method and apparatus for managing information for editing recorded data
Sensor-based gamma correction of a digital camera
Camera system and camera main body
Image-taking apparatus and focusing method
Driving method for solid-state imaging device and solid-state imaging device
Information system
Recording apparatus and recording reservation processing method
Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method
Digital camera system incorporating VLIM image processor
Information recording apparatus and information recording method
2-2 pulldown signal detection device and a 2-2 pulldown signal detection method
Packet scheduling for video transmission with sender queue control
Information recording processing apparatus, information reproduction processing apparatus, information recording medium, information recording processing method, information reproduction processing method, and computer program
Automatic multiscale image acquisition from a steerable camera
Image processing apparatus for correcting captured image
Solid-state imaging device with enhanced pixel thinning out configuration and method for driving same
Picture signal processor and picture signal processing method
Power line communication device and method
Methods and apparatus for storage and processing of routing information
Radio communication system, radio communication device, and radio communication method
Portable musical instrument amplifier
Spherically housed loudspeaker system
Flat panel display apparatus, stand and speaker apparatus
Audio center channel phantomizer
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Using assignment messages for efficient signaling of handoff
Capacity-based compressed mode control method for inter-system handover in universal mobile telecommunication system
Method of selecting transmission antenna in radio communication system
Escape mechanism for a wireless local area network
Method of manufacturing a flexible printed circuit board
Method of mounting an electronic component on a circuit board
System of components in an electronic device
Modular integrated circuit chip carrier
Integrated CRU latch
Fastener and heat sink assembly having the same
Electronic construction unit and electrical circuit carrier
Assembly device and assembly method for a cooling element
Hybrid chassis cooling system
Automotive alternator
Direct cooled power electronics substrate
Electrical connector assembly having heat sink
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Crop strippers and stripper toothing
Arrangement for the control of the forward propulsion speed of a harvesting machine with fuzzy logic
Composition and apparatus useful for attracting and controlling insect pests
Process for the preparation of antimicrobial articles
Method and composition for creating a protective barrier
Method for controlling snails using dialkyl diallyl ammonium polymers
Dihydrobenzene pesticides
Microcide composition
Triketone derivatives
Synergistic active compound combinations for controlling harmful plants in crops of useful plants
N-heteroaryl-N'-(pyrid-2-yl-sulfonyl) ureas, processes for their preparation, and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulators
Selective herbicides based on arylsulphonylaminocarbonyltriazolinones
Mounting assembly for detachably supporting and orienting stuffing tubes on sausage encasing machines
Tripes cleaning machine
Fermented organic acid that changes cell and protein functions and method of making
Phosphine generator for producing phosphine-containing gas
Process for producing soy milk
Combination of zinc ions and vitamin C and method of making
Poultry egg with beneficial health and nutritive values
Alpha/beta hydrolase-fold enzymes
Cooked rice for low temperature distribution
Bean softening agent and process for producing processed beans
Process for drying a flavoring agent paste
Grilled flavor composition and process to produce
Process for preparing protein-bound melanin and/or peptide bound melanin, and products thereof
Therapeutic compositions
System for delivery of gas-enriched fluids
Oxygen scavenger accelerator
Expandable breathable laminate
Device for treating heel pain
Flexible inner liner for the working channel of an endoscope
Video endoscopic probe with a distal color CCD sensor
Endoscope air sending device
Endoscope insertion guide pipe
Propellant support apparatus for self-propelled colonoscope
Biopsy needle for a biopsy instrument
Laparoscopic access port for surgical instruments or the hand
Sutureless vessel plug and methods of use
System and method for facilitating hemostasis of blood vessel punctures with absorbable sponge
Method for hip retraction
Surgical suturing unit
Medical device anchoring system and method
Magnetic vascular defect treatment system
Fusion implant device and method of use
Bone clamp for dynamic and non-dynamic compression of transverse fractures and method of use thereof
Device and method for severing lesions
Method and apparatus for medical procedures using high-intensity focused ultrasound
Surgical instruments for stabilizing the beating heart during coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Multi-axial bone anchor system
Production process of varying thickness osteosynthesis plates
Method and apparatus for creating a virtual electrode used for the ablation of tissue
Apparatus for creating a continuous annular lesion
Thin layer ablation apparatus
Minimally invasive apparatus for forming revascularization channels
Laser assisted pharmaceutical delivery and fluid removal
Surgical head support
Eye movement sensing system
System of implantable devices for monitoring and/or affecting body parameters
System for long-term remote medical monitoring
Devices for in-vivo determination of the compliance function and the systemic blood flow of a living being
Apparatus and method for continuous measurement of portal blood pressure
Pulse-wave propagation information obtaining apparatus
Anesthetic-depth monitor apparatus
Seizure and movement monitoring apparatus
Imaging catheter and methods of use for ultrasound-guided ablation
Assembly having lancet and means for collecting and detecting body fluid
Metaphor elicitation technique with physiological function monitoring
Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
Method and apparatus for ultrasound corneal scanning
3-dimensional ultrasonic imaging
Foot supporter
Method an apparatus for treatment of compressive syndrome conditions
Extensible mask including an adhesive matrix that can be stretched at least in the wet state
Absorbent article having a rear reservoir with void volume capacity
Sanitary napkin having improved side leakage protection
Elasticized absorbent pad
Absorbent article which maintains or improves skin health
Urethral urine retention device
Flexible seamless memory tissue expanding implant
Medium and matrix for long-term proliferation of cells
Radiopaque marker bands
Multilayered metal stent
Stent with self-expanding end sections
Implantable bypass device
Remotely removable covering and support
Prosthetic venous valves
Method for preparing synthetic bone substitutes with controlled porosity
Artificial intervertebral disc
Prosthetic implant attachment surface
Posture aid apparatus
Orthopedic lumbar traction sitting device
Cervical spinal orthosis having a movable chest plate
Method of controlling a liquefracture handpiece
Apparatus for corneal surgery
Chair type air massager
Device for self massage, acupressure self care and acupressure meridian stimulation
Compression garment for selective application for treatment of lymphedema and related illnesses manifested at various locations of the body
Liquid immersion therapeutic device
Pressure application apparatus for reducing stress and relieving headaches
Cell storage maintenance and monitoring system
Striped dentifrice stable to color bleeding
Tumescent solution
Compositions for treatment of antibiotic-resistant gram-positive bacterial infections and methods for using and preparing the same
TTS containing an antioxidant
C-17/21 OH 20-ketosteroid solution aerosol products with enhanced chemical stability
Antisense inhibition of glycogen synthase kinase 3 alpha expression
Combined physical and immunotherapy for cancer
Method for separating cells, especially platelets, and bag assembly therefor
Method for treatment of psoriasis
Methods for preventing and treating fibrotic diseases resulting from accumulation of excess extracellular matrix induced by TGF.beta. using renin inhibitors
Hepatocytes transduced with a retroviral vector comprising splice sites
Generating cartilage in a mammal using fibroblasts transfected with a vector encoding TGF-.beta.-1
Methods for stimulating erythropoiesis using hematopoietic proteins
Pressurized container having an aerosolized pharmaceutical composition
Treating NIDDM with RXR agonists
Topical lysostaphin therapy for staphylococcus ocular infections
Methods for treating an ischemic disorder and improving stroke outcome
Methods for treating an ischemic disorder and improving stroke outcome
Method for protein transfer
Genetically engineered attenuated double-stranded RNA viruses
Methods of blocking B-cell activation using anti-CD40 monoclonal antibodies
Pharmaceutical product for the treatment of sepsis
Bioconjugates and delivery of bioactive agents
Pharmaceutical formulations
Tat-derived transport polypeptides
Expression vectors, transfection systems, and method of use thereof
Methods of cancer screening utilizing fluorescence detection techniques and selectable imager charge integration periods
Ultrasound imaging of tissue perfusion by pulse energy disruption of contrast agent
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging with contrast agents
Skin barrier function recovery and promotion composition and evaluation method thereof
Radioiodinated sulfonated phenols for brachytherapy
Method of restoring a tooth
Water in oil microemulsion peroxide compositions for use in coloring hair and related methods
Polymeric delivery and release systems for oral care actives
Barley malt oil containing vegetable ceramide-associated substances and process for producing the same
Use of nanoscale sterols and sterol esters
Cosmetic or pharmaceutical composition comprising, in combination, a peroxidase and an anti-singlet oxygen agent
Gas filled microspheres as magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents
Cosmetic composition having fluorosilane coated particulates
Urethane surfactants and their use in personal care formulations
Cosmetic compositions
Rapidly disintegrating solid oral dosage form
Method and apparatus for manufacturing tablet capable of quick disintegration in oral cavity
Fast-dissolving dosage forms for dopamine agonists
End modified thermal responsive hydrogels
Process for adding pharmaceutically active compounds to substrates
Therapeutic liposome composition and method of preparation
Tetraether lipid derivatives and liposomes and lipid agglomerates containing tetraether lipid derivatives, and use thereof
Process for the production of powdered pulmonary surfactant preparations
Stabilized controlled release substrate having a coating derived from an aqueous dispersion of hydrophobic polymer
Banded prolonged release active agent dosage form
Swallow tablet comprising paracetamol
Transdermal compositions containing low molecular weight drugs which are liquid at room temperatures
Transdermal therapeutic plaster
Composite materials and surgical articles made therefrom
Process for medical implant of cross-linked ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene having improved balance of wear properties and oxidation resistance
Hyperbactericidal surfaces
Drug-releasing coatings for medical devices
Self-expanding prothesis
Composition for carpet and room deodorizer and method of delivering the composition
Salt air freshener apparatus and method
System and method for high pressure delivery of gas-supersaturated fluids
Dual-stage hemodiafiltration cartridge
Cardiopulmonary bypass system using vacuum assisted venous drainage
Method for removing toxic shock syndrome toxin-1 in body fluids by adsorption
Apparatus and method for measuring the intratracheal pressure of an intubated patient
Braided body balloon catheter
Perfusion procedure and apparatus for preventing necrosis following failed balloon angioplasty
Contrast medium delivery system and associated method
Protective cover for intravenous lines and other elongated members
Method of injecting fluid into animals
Apparatus and method for measuring the amount of fluid contained in an implantable medical device
Injection device with bellowed reservoir
Syringe with a background for writing and reading index markings
Device and method for extracting an object featuring a longitudinal inner lumen from its anchoring in a body
Light diffusing device for photodynamic treatment of organs
Feedforward exercise training machine and feedforward exercise evaluating system
Air resistance exercise wings
Portable exercise machine
Exercise machine
Modified dumbbell with attachable insert assembly
Tri-planar controller motion rehabilitation and exercise platform
Guitar player's finger exerciser and method
Stepping exerciser having depth adjustable pedals
Treatment for facilitating bonding between golf ball layers and resultant golf balls
Hollow solid golf ball
Method for forming elongated dimples
Golf ball dimple structures with vortex generators
Golf ball with soft core
Multilayer golf ball
Thread wound golf ball
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Adjustable shuttlecock
Perimeter weighted golf ball with visible weighting
Golf ball teeing device
Golf clubs and golf club sets
Golf ball catching funnel
Score counter for billiards game
Portable color display game machine and storage medium for the same
Motion simulator for a video game
System and method for networking video games
Casino-type game
Method of playing a game testing communicative skills
Fortune telling toy
Amusement ride for vertical movement of passengers
Free flight installation to artificial production of levitating wind
Remotely controlled skateboard having motion-responsive doll riding thereon
Bottle rocket launcher
Method of generating dual track sounds for an electronic toy
System for remote control of a model airplane
System of elements for the composition of static or dynamic constructions
Bubble generating assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fuel cell electric power generation system
Automated effluence conditioning and treatment apparatus
Apparatus for separating entrained aqueous from loaded organic in an SX process
Emulsion treating method and apparatus
Method for treatment of waste water
Method of treating pressurized drilling fluid returns from a well
Rain water run-off filtering system
Disposable waste collector
Process and system for alkylation of aromatic compounds
Method and apparatus for producing high efficiency fibrous media incorporating discontinuous sub-micron diameter fibers, and web media formed thereby
Drift eliminator
Apparatus for treating pyrophoric gases and toxic global warming gases
Air filtration device including filter change indicator
Ozone producing apparatus
Selective removal of nitrogen from natural gas by pressure swing adsorption
Process for the purification of a gas by adsorption
Gas separation plant and use of such a plant for producing a gas
Membrane based fuel deoxygenator
Process for separating acid gases from gaseous mixtures utilizing composite membranes formed from salt-polymer blends
Process for conditioning ozone gas recycle stream in ozone pulp bleaching
Gas re-circulation selective catalytic reduction system with heat trace
Method for high flux photocatalytic pollution control
Crystallization process and device
Gas/liquid mixer with degasifier
Injector/valve combination designed to improve color dosing response time
Amphiphilic compounds with at least two hydrophilic and at least two hydrophobic groups based on di-, oligo- or polyolethers
Process for producing low density gel compositions
Flow cell for synthesis of arrays of DNA probes and the like
Suspension system using fumed silica
Method and apparatus for the enhanced treatment of fluids via photolytic and photocatalytic reactions
Gas phase catalyzed reactions
Static separation method using non-porous cellulose beads
Adsorbents, method for the preparation and method for the separation of unsaturated hydrocarbons for gas mixtures
Moldings based on silica
Multimetallic catalyst and process for preparing substituted aromatic amines
Catalytic hydroreforming process
Rare earth oxide fluoride nanoparticles and hydrothermal method for forming nanoparticles
ZSM-5 zeolite materials doped with fluorine species for the synthesis of MTBE and other acido-catalyzed reactions
Catalyst system comprising transition metal and imidazoline-2-ylidene or imidazolidine-2-ylidene
Honeycomb body configuration with support sections
Metal foil with through openings and honeycomb body
Process for sulphurizing catalysts by reduction followed by sulphurization
Acid base or generator
Acid or base generator and analyzer
Acid or base generator and method of use
Process for operating equilibrium controlled reactions
Devices for molecular biological analysis and diagnostics including waveguides
Article comprising a filter pocket-plate
Device for selectively filtering under reduced pressure and for vacuum drying sample liquids or drops of sample liquids
Oil-sand separation
Systems and methods for seperating blood in a rotating field
Paint guard for use with trim and molding
Metering coatings
Flexible loop leveling blade for flow coating process for manufacture of polymeric printer roll and belt components
Method for coating a surface
Molecular layer epitaxy method and compositions
Multi-component composite coating composition and coated substrate
Process for producing stretch blow formed plastic containers
Clean, recirculating processing method which prevents surface contamination of an object
Titanium fiber and method of producing the same
Method of straightening sectional steel while simultaneously minimizing the internal stresses thereof
Induction hardened forged gear and process for preparing same
Thin, forged magnesium alloy casing and method for producing same
Ceramic core and method of making
Plant for casting metal with particles suspended therein
Molding powder for continuous casting of thin slab
Filler sand for a ladle tap hole valve
Nickel powders, methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Modified lubricated ferrous powder compositions for cold and warm pressing applications
Process for producing powder metallurgy compacts free from binder contamination and compacts produced thereby
Low pressure injection molding of knife blades from metal feedstocks
Method to form dense complex shaped articles
Processing system for increasing the quality of a gear and a barreling apparatus usable in the same
High strength clad material having excellent moldability
Aluminum welding process and composition for use in same
Method for lathing a lens
Automatic device for replacing grinding wheels in machines for profiling and polishing works obtained from slabs of marble, granite stone, glass, stoneware, cement and the like
Apparatus and process for supplying abrasives for use in the manufacture of semiconductors
Method of chemical mechanical texturing
Sanding machine
Wafer mounting plate for a polishing apparatus and method of using
Using ARL to decrease EPD noise in CMP process
Apparatus and method of planarizing a semiconductor wafer that includes a first reflective substance and a second reflective substance
Polishing apparatus and method
Polishing pad shaping and patterning
Patterned polishing pad for use in chemical mechanical polishing of semiconductor wafers
Method of optimizing chemical mechanical planarization process
Photoresist removal using a polishing tool
Deadhesion method and mechanism for wafer processing
Processing jig
Method and apparatus for slurry temperature control in a polishing process
Lapping machine, row tool, and lapping method
Method and apparatus for chemical mechanical polishing
Easy on/off cover for a pad conditioning assembly
Method and apparatus for the tracing of spectacle frames, and corresponding grinding machine
Method for cutting metal bodies with a water jet
Blasting method for cleaning pipes
Apparatus for pressure treating a surface
Abrasive tool inserts and their production
Crystallizing process
Surface coverings containing fused recycled material and processes of making the same
Method of producing a foamed granulate
Thermoplastic elastomer composition, powder or pellet of the same, and molded article comprising the same
Minutely working process
Pressure-sensitive adhesives having microstructured surface
Method for foaming or foam-coating components
Plastic film
Method of joining flexible sheets to tubes
Photocurable prepreg sheet for waterproofing, method and apparatus for production of prepreg sheet, and waterproofing method using the sheet
Reinforced composite product and apparatus and method for producing same
Mold assembly for forming ophthalmic lens, method of producing the same, and method of producing ophthalmic lens using the mold assembly
Biaxially oriented polyester film for use in thermosensitive stencil printing base sheet
Process and press for manufacturing glued blocks
Synthetic structural panel and method for manufacture
Modified InAs hall elements
Method of manufacturing thin metal alloy foils
Aluminum alloy clad material for heat exchangers exhibiting excellent erosion-corrosion resistance
Structure and method for preventing barrier failure
Laminated glass with functional ultra-fine particles and method of producing same
Cheese package, film, bag and process for packaging a CO2 respiring foodstuff
Resin composition, laminate, and laminate film
Fluoro-functional polyethylene-polysiloxane block copolymers
Fire-retardant vinyl chloride resin molding
Barrier films based on blends of polypropylene and ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer
Unsaturated carbonate adhesives for component seams
Multi-layered sealant
Bonded structure of different materials which is substantially stress-free
Single or multi-ply filter medium for air filtration and a filter element made therefrom
Wet type friction material
Chemical imaging of a lithographic printing plate
Method of manufacture of a coil actuated magnetic plate ink jet printer
Method for manufacturing an ink jet recording head
Carbon layer forming method
Image recording medium comprising compound generating acid by action of heat, acid or light
Thermal transfer dye-receptive sheets and receptive layer transfer sheets
Image receptor medium containing ethylene vinyl acetate carbon monoxide terpolymer
Process for identifying objects
Laminate structure
Photographic jacket and album
Fluid-releasable image transfer sheet
Amphibious vehicle chassis
Side shaft journal for a differential gear with adjusted joint component of a universal-joint drive shaft
Derailleur link
Keel mounted turret
Drive means in a boat
Pressure pad having sculpted quadrantal regions
Tear tape for plastic packaging
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for purifying a gas containing hydrogen sulphide and sulphur dioxide
Process and apparatus for producing hydrogen by thermocatalytic decomposition of hydrocarbons
Process for the production of shaped activated carbon
Method for forming diamonds from carbonaceous material
Method of producing potassium sulfate
High-energy, rechargeable, electrochemical cells with non-aqueous electrolytes
Method for producing platinum
Electrolytic apparatus and methods for purification of aqueous solutions
Device and method for the purification of polluted water
Process for treating sulphate-containing waste water
Method for processing liquid waste
Removing metal ions from wastewater
Process for vitrifying heavy-metal-containing residues having a chlorine content above 10% by mass and a melting furnace for carrying out the process
Dielectric ceramic composition and ceramic electronic element produced from the same
Heat-emperable coated glass article
Method of providing a metal pattern on glass in an electroless process
Radiation curable coating composition with hydrophobic properties for optical fibers and optical fibers coated thereby
Method for making a yarn and products comprising same
Adhesively bonded pressure-resistant glass bodies
Electric cells and gas sensors using alkali ion conductive glass ceramic
Dielectric ceramic compositions and method of preparation therefor
Process for producing silicon carbide fiber
Cubic boron nitride sintered body
Method of manufacturing a sliding component
Method for making a pitch-based foam
Composition and process for improving the resistance to water penetration of cementitious products and cementitious products made therewith
Methods for providing ceramic matrix composite components with increased thermal capacity
Ceramic circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Formulation useful as a nitrification and urease inhibitor and a method of producing the same
Method for treating organic waste matter
Method for making a propellant having a relatively low burn rate exponent and high gas yield for use in a vehicle inflator
Water-free preparation of igniter granules for waterless extrusion processes
Preparation and use of magnetically susceptible polymer particles
Nonylated diphenylamines
Apparatus and methods for multi-analyte homogeneous fluoro-immunoassays
Process for purification of perfluorovinyl ethers
Biphenyl derivatives substituted by an aromatic or heteroaromatic radical and pharamaceutical and cosmetic compositions containing same
Method of separating dimethyl carbonate and methanol
Electrochemiluminescent monitoring of compounds/electrochemiluminescence assays
ETM-775 metabolite of ecteinascidin 743
Methods and kits for discovery of RNA-binding antimicrobials
Chlorella virus promoters
Biotherapeutic delivery system
Nucleic acid-based methods for the detection of human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2)
Genetic suppressor elements against human immunodeficiency virus
Molecular clones producing recombinant DNA antigens of the hantavirus-associated respiratory distress (HARDS)
Borrelia burgdorferi bacterin
Microbial preparation of substances from aromatic metabolism/I
DNA encoding a transcription factor for an .alpha.-amylase promoter in filamentous fungi
Cloning and expression of plasmodium falciparum transmission-blocking target antigen, PFS230
Methods for determining isolated p27 protein levels and uses thereof
Human Prt1-like subunit protein (hPrt1) polynucleotides
Methods of diagnosis of colorectal cancer and methods of screening for colorectal cancer modulators
Intestinal trefoil proteins
Chimeric somatostatin containing protein and encoding DNA, plasmids of expression, method for preparing chimeric protein, strain-producers, immunogenic composition, method for increasing the productivity of farm animals
Method for screening comprising cells expressing the CNTF receptor
Activin receptor-like kinases, proteins having serine threonine kinase domains and polynucleotides encoding same
Nucleic acids encoding a lymphocyte surface receptor that binds CAML
Proteins with Factor VIII activity: process for their preparation using genetically-engineered cells and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Methods for the early diagnosis of ovarian, breast and lung cancer
Functional expression of pheromone binding protein
Methods for detecting fohy030 polypeptide
Modified rapid expansion methods ("modified-REM") for in vitro propagation of T lymphocytes
Use of modified antibodies with human milk fat globule specificity
Nucleic acids encoding interleukin-5 specific recombinant antibodies
Cyclosporin a conjugates and uses therefor
Depsipeptides containing N-substituted glycine residue
Method of increasing the dry strength of paper products using cationic dispersion polymers
Multiple phase polymeric vinyl chloride systems and related core-shell particles
Polymer and a forming method of a micro pattern using the same
Aminoplast-based crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crosslinkers
Process for coating substrates having polar surfaces with polyurethane latexes
Low temperature epoxy wrinkle coating powder
Polyester fiber and fabrics made by using the same
Silyl-linked polyamidoamine and their preparation
Aerogel-coated sheet
Processes for the production of extruded foams of styrene resins
Substrate for digital versatile disk and process for producing the same
Elastomer composition
Coacervate stabilizer system
Method of producing hydrophobic pyrogenically produced oxides
Fast-etching, thermosetting anti-reflective coatings derived from cellulosic binders
Wire enamels containing polyesterimides and/or polyamideimides with polyoxyalkylenediamines as molecular elements
Radiation curable conductive coating dispersion, process for its preparation and coatings made of it
Basic cationic electrodeposition coating composition and method for its production
Transparent abrasion-resistant coatings, magnetic coatings, electrically and thermally conductive coatings, and UV absorbing coatings on solid substrates
Method of polishing using multi-oxidizer slurry
Chemical-mechanical polishing method
Hot-melt adhesive powder dispersed in water with alkali thickener
Adhesives and circuit materials using said adhesives
Terbium-samarium co-activated alkaline earth metal rare earth oxide phosphor
Storage phosphors
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
Thermochromic polymerizable mesogenic composition
Polishing composition and polishing process
Environmentally benign anti-icing or deicing fluids
Phosphate type water and oil repellent composition
Lubricating oil for flon refrigerant
Composition, method and apparatus for safe disposal of oil contaminated filter media
Naphtha cracking and hydroprocessing process for low emissions, high octane fuels
Low conversion once-through hydrocracking process
Production of lubricant base oils
H2S production from a molten metal reactor
Electrical insulating oil with reduced gassing tendency
Corrosion resistant lubricants greases and gels
Machining fluid and method of machining
General purpose cleaning composition
Anti-spotting and anti-filming hard surface cleaning formulations and methods
Surfactants based aqueous compositions with D-limonene and hydrogen peroxide and methods using the same
Laundry care products and compositions
Pro-fragrance linear acetals and ketals
Methods for reducing spoilage in brewery products
Laser cell purification system
Microelement device
System and method for refining liposuctioned adipose tissue
Germination activated red Ganoderma lucidum spores and method for producing the same
Serpulina pilosicoli competitive exclusion product
Rapid extraction of hair root DNA
Mammalian protein interaction cloning system
Rapid-screen cDNA library panels
Method for enrichment of unique DNA fragments through cyclical removal of PCR adapter attached to DNA fragments whose sequences are shared between two DNA pools
Gene, group of genes, and novel .beta.-gluclosidase
Asporogenic B anthracis expression system
Mouse cardiac muscle cell line, HL-1
Establishment of cell lines with persistent expression of a green fluorescent protein (GFP) using a pIRES/EGFP DNA vector construct
Respiratory nitrate reductase alpha subunit
Process for producing activated human ALT
Mutated prenyl diphosphate synthases
HKABY60 kinase family polypeptides
Method for concerted integration of donor DNA molecules using retroviral integrase proteins
Recovery of a glycosidase or peptidase from a culture broth at high pH
Lysozyme dimer
Arginase II
Method for producing nitrile hydratase
E. coli, Salmonella or Hafnia autoinducers
Bacterial strains for the production of 2-keto-L-gulonic acid
Efficient synthesis of nucleosides
Methods of screening and preparing a composition using DNA encoding a hypothalamic atypical neuropeptide Y/peptide YY receptor (Y5)
Mutant cells of Pichia
Process for preparing (S)-3-halogeno-1,2-propanediol by microorganism
Biological systems for manufacture of polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers containing 4-hydroxyacids
Biosensor for detection of small molecule analytes
Method for measuring antioxidant activities of samples and method for diagnosing diabetes or hyperlipidemia using the same
Detection of reverse transcriptase by DNA hybridization assay
Method for differentiating between the casual agents of karnal bunt wheat fungus and ryegrass smut using PCR
Sample presentation apparatus for mass spectrometry
Detection of mutations in genes by specific LNA primers
Nucleic acids encoding cold sensitive mutant DNA polymerases
Single molecule analysis target-mediated ligation of bipartite primers
Computer-aided analysis system for sequencing by hybridization
Histamine-N-methyltransferase variants associated with histaminergic disease
Polymerase extension at 3' terminus of PNA-DNA chimera
Methods for analyzing LTC4 synthase polymorphisms and diagnostic use
Probes and methods for detection of nucleic acids
Evaluation of changes in breast cells using nipple aspirate fluid
Method for judging the possibility of the onset of sheep leukemia
Oligonucleotides which specifically bind retroviral nucleocapsid proteins
Apparatus for producing molten metal
Oxidative pressure leach recovery using halide ions
Free-machining aluminum alloy and method of use
Weldable anti-corrosive aluminum-magnesium alloy containing a high amount of magnesium, especially for use in automobiles
Thick alznmgcu alloy products with improved properties
Galvanized steel sheet superior in ductility and process for production thereof
Method for producing high-strength track element and track element thus obtained
Stainless steel sheet having Cu-enriched grains dispersed in its matrix and/or a Cu-condensed layer
Ultra low carbon bainitic weathering steel
Densification via thermal treatment
Heat treatment for nickel-base alloys
Sliding member
Method of forming a fluoride film
Half bearing and method for the production thereof
Method of forming transparent conductive film and transparent conductive film formed by the method
Coil for sputter deposition
Modular deposition system having batch processing and serial thin film deposition
Method of depositing thin film of metal oxide by magnetron sputtering apparatus
Substrate support and lift apparatus and method
Device for applying layers of hard material by dusting
Method for the surface treatment of vacuum materials and surface treated vacuum
Apparatus and method for improving uniformity in batch processing of semiconductor wafers
Process of producing a ruthenium or ruthenium oxide thin film
Magnetic recording medium and method of producing the same
Tunabale vapor deposited materials as antireflective coatings, hardmasks and as combined antireflective coating/hardmasks and methods of fabrication thereof and application thereof
Method for preparing carbon doped oxide insulating layers
Near-room temperature thermal chemical vapor deposition of oxide films
Method and apparatus for conditioning the atmosphere in a process chamber
CVD reactor and process for producing an epitally coated semiconductor wafer
Molten metal plating apparatus
Apparatus for hot-dip coating a steel strip
Lithium and vanadium containing sealing composition and process therewith
Method for applying dry powder refractory coating to sand cores
Process and device for manufacturing a cutting tool
Segmented thermal barrier coating
Cathodic protection system
Gas polishing apparatus and method
Apparatus for making exhaust gas non-toxic
Non-chromate chemical treatments used on magnesium alloys
Method for removing extraneous matter by using fluorine-containing solution
Method for producing phthalides
Method and apparatus for electropolishing aided by ultrasonic energy means
Continuous oxidation process for crystal pulling apparatus
Apparatus for producing single crystal
Seed crystal and method for preparing single crystal
Textiles; Paper
Rayon fiber with ion-generating, characteristics and a method for manufacturing it
Process for preparing poly(thimethylene therephthalate) carpet yarn
Bicomponent fibers in a sheath-core structure comprising fluoropolymers and methods of making and using same
Cloth-like base sheet and method for making the same
Pressure treatment roller
Structural mat matrix
Process for bleaching pulp with adsorption of metals
Chlorine dioxide pulp bleaching process having reduced barium scaling by recycling post-chlorination waste filtrate
Roll for smoothing paper webs
Dispersing agents and their use
2-oxetanone sizing agents and their use in paper
Fixed Constructions
Laminated structures made from recycled tires
Self-tending, multi-position debris deflector for pools
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust probe
Elastic articulated body
Friction lining for torque transmission devices
Orbital transmission
Toothed selector clutch
Power transmitting device with multiple overdriver
Control apparatus for automatic transmission of vehicle
Control system for controlling continuously variable transmission
Omnidirectional bellows
Air outlet grille with louver indexing adjustment means
System for simulating shooting sports
Quantitation of viruses by light scattering
Method and apparatus for quantitative particle determination in fluids
Plug flow cytometry for high throughput screening and drug discovery
Electrochemical sensors made from conductive polymer composite materials and methods of making same
Chemical plating method, electrolytic cell and automotive oxygen sensor using it
Test strip measuring system
Apparatus and methods for sequencing nucleic acids in microfluidic systems
Liquid chromatography
Method of constant-current polarization voltage and apparatus for Karl-Fischer technique
Controlling chlorination of wastewater and chloramination of drinking water
Test strip for the assay of an analyte in a liquid sample
Chemical microsensors for detection of explosives and chemical warfare agents
Binding assay using binding agents with tail groups
Assay devices and methods of analyte detection
Methods for diabetes susceptibility assessment in asymptomatic patients
Method of diagnosing of exposure to toxic agents by measuring distinct pattern in the levels of expression of specific genes
Luminescent protein stains an their method of use
Determination of % glycated hemoglobin
Methods for screening drugs to predict tardive dyskinesia
Large magnetoresistance in non-magnetic silver chalcogenides and new class of magnetoresistive compounds
Method of making a keeper layer for a spin valve sensor with low intrinsic anisotropy field
Slewing bandpass filter for ultrasound image analysis and methods
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus capable of functional addition
Ultrasound color flow adaptive scanning techniques
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with synthesized transmit focus
Ultrasonic diagnostic device
Method for fabricating a hybrid optical integrated circuit employing SOI optical waveguide
Floating panel mounted connector assembly
Method of equalizing device heights on a chip
Outlet box with cable management spool
Methods for fabricating a multiple modular assembly
Color photographic element containing speed-improving polymers
Photosensitive silver halide element comprising chemically sensitized emulsion grains and method to prepare them
Silver halide emulsion and silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Heat-developable photographic light-sensitive material and heat-development method thereof
Infrared sensitized, photothermographic article
Light-sensitive silver halide radiographic film material having satisfactory antistatic properties during handling
Sheet comprising an ion exchanges reducing agent and methods of processing photographic elements in the presence of said sheet
Color negative film
Stencil mask
Low thermal distortion extreme-UV lithography reticle
Method for fabricating an integrated circuit device
Photosensitive conductive paste
Chemical amplified photoresist composition
Planarizing antireflective coating compositions
Method of etching a wafer layer using multiple layers of the same photoresistant material
OPC method to improve e-beam writing time
Free-form fabricaton using multi-photon excitation
Photolithographic process for preventing corner rounding
Fabrication method for semiconductor device utilizing parallel alignment slits
Aqueous developer for lithographic printing plates
Developing solution and method of forming polyimide pattern by using the developing solution
Pattern forming method
Developing agent, method of measuring free component content of additive in developing agent, and method of evaluating developing agent
Toner and image forming method
Carrier for electrophotography, two component type developer, and image forming method
External additive for electrostatically charged latent image developing toner
Rotary body
Use of control matrix for cooling water systems control
Card actuator
Low profile computer case and computer
Method for sizing PMOS pull-up devices
Methods for delivering a drug to a patient while avoiding the occurrence of an adverse side effect known or suspected of being caused by the drug
Infrared correction in color scanners
System and method for automatically initiating game play on an electronic gaming device
Arcade game
Gaming machines having secondary display for providing video content
Gaming device having an indicator selection with probability-based outcome
Gaming machines with board game theme
Game machine and method with shifting reels in two directions
Slipper with musical and rhythmic stimulation
Multi-purpose re-usable adhesive pad
Method of manufacturing thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing magnetoresistive device
Magnetic recording medium
Electroless plating process for alternative memory disk substrates
Solid polymer electrolyte compositions
Method for fabricating a thin film resistor
Oxide superconducting wire and method of manufacturing the same
Non-aqueous electrolytic solution for capacitor and capacitor containing non-aqueous electrolytic solution
PCB connector module for plug-in circuit breakers and fuses
Electromagnetic wave filter for plasma display panel
Proximity effect correction method through uniform removal of fraction of interior pixels
Corrosion-resistant system and method for a plasma etching apparatus
Method for structural characterization of biological moieties through HPLC separation
Single chamber processing apparatus having multi-chamber functions
Methods of forming a layer of silicon nitride in a semiconductor fabrication process
Method for joining wafers at a low temperature and low stress
Laser annealing method
Method for forming gate
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Methods to form electronic devices
Method of forming a capacitor for a semiconductor memory device
Method for the chemical treatment of a semiconductor substrate
Method for etching doped polysilicon with high selectivity to undoped polysilicon
Structuring method
Electroplanarization of large and small damascene features using diffusion barriers and electropolishing
High selectivity Si-rich SiON etch-stop layer
Method of fabricating a node contact
Semiconductor processing methods of forming devices on a substrate, forming device arrays on a substrate, forming conductive lines on a substrate, and forming capacitor arrays on a substrate, and integrated circuitry
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method for forming metal wire using titanium film in semiconductor device having contact holes
High aspect ratio metallization structures for shallow junction devices, and methods of forming the same
Method of fabricating a bottom electrode
High-temperature fluorinated chemistry removal of contact BARC layer
Inter-metal dielectric film composition for dual damascene process
Polishing method and polishing solution
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device without forming selective region by lithography
Passivation layer for packaged integrated circuits
Method for forming metal silicide by laser irradiation
Process for forming a lower electrode of a cylindrical capacitor
Methods for reducing profile variation in photoresist trimming
Method of forming micro pattern of semiconductor device
Method of forming a buried plate
Microwave annealing
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Interconnect structure in a semiconductor device and method of formation
Top layer imaging lithography for semiconductor processing
Post fuse slag etch
Method of forming high density and low power flash memories with a high capacitive-coupling ratio
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having shallow junctions
Method of fabricating a MOS transistor having SEG silicon
Method for forming bridge free silicide by reverse spacer
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device utilizing a residual organic compound to facilitate gate break on a carrier substrate
Method for forming contacts of semiconductor devices
Method of forming borderless contact
Method of forming fine-pitch interconnections employing a standoff mask
Chip scale surface mount packages for semiconductor device and process of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and methods of manufacturing film camera tape
Tuning substrate/resist contrast to maximize defect inspection sensitivity for ultra-thin resist in DUV lithography
Process and device for handling disk-like objects, especially silicon wafers
Silicon carbide sleeve for substrate support assembly
Method for fabricating a semiconductor component
Capacitor structures, DRAM cell structures, methods of forming capacitors, methods of forming DRAM cells, and integrated circuits incorporating capacitor structures and DRAM cell structures
DRAM device with improved memory cell reliability
Isotropically etching sidewall spacers to be used for both an NMOS source/drain implant and a PMOS LDD implant
Process for removing resist mask of integrated circuit structure which mitigates damage to underlying low dielectric constant silicon oxide dielectric layer
Method of forming conductive connections
Method of forming spacers of multiple widths
Memory cell array in a dynamic random access memory and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing a flash memory device
Compact SRAM cell using tunnel diodes
Method of forming a nand-type flash memory device having a non-stacked gate transistor structure
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including two-transistor type memory cells and its manufacturing method
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and fabrication method
Method for cell pass transistor design in DRAM process
Method for forming buried layers with top-side contacts and the resulting structure
Production process of SOI substrate
Method of making dishing-free insulator in trench isolation
Forming a trench mask comprising a DLC and ASH protecting layer
Method of fabricating a shallow trench isolation semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having an oxidation process for selectively forming an oxide film
Encapsulation method using non-homogeneous molding compound pellets
Method of fabricating a non-laminate carrier substrate utilizing a mold
Adhesion enhanced semiconductor die for mold compound packaging
Air gap semiconductor structure and method of manufacture
Antifuse development using .alpha.-C:H,N,F thin films
Thermal processing of metal alloys for an improved CMP process in integrated circuit fabrication
Method of fabricating various-sized passivated integrated circuit chips from a borderless gate array
Semiconductor device and production method thereof
Low turn-on voltage indium phosphide Schottky device and method
Angled implant to build MOS transistors in contact holes
Gapped-plate capacitor
Method for obtaining a thin film in particular semiconductor, comprising a protected ion zone and involving an ion implantation
Thin film transistor and its fabrication
Fabrication method for a flash memory device
Method of forming self-isolated and self-aligned 4F-square vertical FET-trench DRAM cells
Method for fabricating a memory cell having a MOS transistor
Thin film transistor and a fabricating method thereof
Formation of laterally diffused metal-oxide semiconductor device
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Field-effect transistor and method of manufacturing same
Method for forming MOSFET
Interconnector electrically connecting plurality of electronic device elements, fabrication method thereof, and join apparatus thereof
Batch manufacturing method for photovoltaic cells
Method of producing thermoelectric semiconductor
Electroluminescent assemblies using azomethine-metal complexes
Nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary battery with a case having heat-welded portions
Method for producing anode material
Cooling a fuel cell stack
Process for producing an electrode plate with a terminal mounting portion and/or an identification mark
Electrode for rechargeable lithium-ion battery and method of fabrication
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery and charging method therefor
Pre-graphitic carbonaceous insertion compounds and use as anodes in rechargeable batteries
Carbon materials for negative electrode of secondary battery and manufacturing process
Electrode containing a polymeric binder material, method of formation thereof and electrochemical cell
Foil-encapsulated, lightweight, high energy electrodes for lead-acid batteries
Fuel cell having a gasket with an adhesive layer
Interconnector for high temperature fuel cells
Direct antifreeze cooled fuel cell
Device for converting energy using fuel cells with integrated hydrogen gas production
Solid oxide electrolyte fuel cell
Press-fit contact for an electrical connector
Printed circuit board stiffener assembly
System, method, and device for a pre-loaded straddle mounted connector assembly
Interposer assembly
Electrical connector for flat cable
Plug connector and socket connector
Multiple gang electrical connector assembly
Electrical connector having an improved female contact
Electrical connector contact element having multi-contact points to come into contact with a single mating contact element with independent contacting forces
Electronic device for connecting universal serial buss interface equipment
Card connector
Double lock connector and spacer detecting method therefor
Protective cover for a printed circuit board electrical connector
Cable connector and method for connecting a cable to a cable connector
Strain relief mechanism for insulation displacement connector
Retainer for electrical connector and electrical connector
Three part electrical connector with preventation latching means
Structure for locking electric connectors
Panel-mount attachment with guiding device
Lever-type electrical connector
Card connector having a card discharge mechanism
Structure universal serial bus connector female socket
Electrical connector for mounting on a bottom side of a printed circuit board
Channel isolation shield
Fuse coupler combination
Direct insertion shorting clip
Surface mountable electrical connector system
Blind mate connector
Electrical connector with terminal location control feature
Power center assembly having electrical connection-protection and optional detachable surface mount
Apparatus and method for distributing power from a power supply
Metal terminal for wedge-base bulb
Carrier, primarily for light emitting diode
Wiring apparatus of electrical connector
Modular IDC terminal
Power connector for releasable engaged retention of a wire
Electric connection box
Electrical connection box, its method of manufacturing, a wire connection busbar of an electrical connection box and its producing method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices separated from a wafer
Fan for mounting on a wall member of a control cabinet
Electronic component with lead and lead terminal
Method of application of a transducer backing material
Hearing system with middle ear transducer mount
Method of mounting electronic component
Procedure for producing isolation copper facing membrane
Zero insertion force socket
Memory module with offset notches for improved insertion and stability and memory module connector
Connector for combined DC/data bus
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