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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Weed eater support device
Baling device to form bales of crop material
Method and apparatus for improving growth and/or pathogen resistance of a plant using transient high-intensity illumination
Portable leash anchor
Apparatus and method for the sanitary collection of dog waste
Bird feeder
Remote-controlled fishing boat having fishing lines with lures extended there from
Roseobacticides and uses thereof
Food material cutter
Carbon dioxide based method and system for the humane mass culling of poultry and sterilization of rearing sheds
Knock box
Turkey blanket/lifter
Baby formula maker
Particles of collagen material and process for the preparation
Method and apparatus for destructive opening cigarette packs
Battery assembly and electronic cigarette using the same
Ear warmer having a curved ear portion
Packaging and display box for electronic device
Container for tableware
Mobilized hair-drying assembly
Organizing unit
Drawer slide
Sliding drawer assembly for use with gondola shelving systems
Combination drawer assembly and method of assembling the same
Foldable tent-cot
Foldable bed frame
System, apparatus and method for preparing a beverage
Brewing apparatus for a machine for preparing beverages
Ultimate taco shaper
Method to measure, install and fix a toilet seat
Laminar toilet lid with display cavity
Hair collection system
Hand utility interface
Locomotion device for endoscopic applications and related methods
Cannula arrangement for minimally invasive surgery
Devices and methods for cervix measurement
Dispensing assemblies, arrays and systems for dental articles
Method and apparatus for imaging the choroid
Cognitive impairment determination apparatus, cognitive impairment determination system and program
Metrics and algorithms for interpretation of muscular use
Biological information imaging apparatus and method for analyzing biological information
Apparatus and method for battery-free blood pressure monitor
System for verifying the integrity of cardiac complex templates
Heart monitoring device and method
Electrode harness and method of taking biopotential measurements
Mobile radio transmission unit
Methods and systems for photoacoustic monitoring using indicator dilution
Signal processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for noise cancellation
Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic image diagnostic device
Dispensing device for a dental material
Removal of noise, corresponding to user input devices from an audio signal
Absorbent core and disposable absorbent product with such absorbent core
Absorbent article
Tumid implant and pump
Implantable shoulder prostheses
Metacarpal-phalangeal prosthesis
Adjustable cervical collar
Crutch with wheels
Method and apparatus to rewire the brain with finger movements
Athletic massage device
Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs by inhalation in the treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis
Compositions and methods for inhibiting gastric acid secretion
Pharmaceutical composition for ameliorating and/or preventing leptin resistance, and use thereof
Methods for administration and formulations for the treatment of regional adipose tissue
Mast cell stabilizers to prevent or treat laminitis
Use of a 1-N-(halo-3-pyridylmethyl)-N-methylamino-1-alkylamino-2-nitroethy- lene derivative for preparing a topical veterinary pharmaceutical composition for combating external parasites
Pharmaceutical combination
Antiviral compounds
Purine derivative and antitumor agent using same
Pharmaceutical compositions of linezolid
Insertion material intended for widening the gingival crevice
Compositions and methods for generating induced pluripotent stem cells
Activated leukocyte composition and uses for wound healing
Chia seed composition
Methods and compositions for modulating adipocyte function
Compositions and methods for treating cognitive deficits
Delivery system having stabilized ascorbic acid and other actives
Administration form based on cross-linked hydrophilic polymers
Lumen-traveling biological interface device and method of use
Methods and apparatus for leadless, battery-less, wireless stimulation of tissue
Insulated implantable electrical circuit
Gastric device and endoscopic delivery system
Cosmetic agent
Performing Operations; Transporting
Label sheet for cleaning and conveying member having cleaning function
Image forming apparatus and its control method
Vehicular lamp
Method for providing assistance during a parking maneuver of a vehicle
Vehicle rollover detection
Method for operating an internal combustion engine, and associated internal combustion engine
Electric power steering system
Devices for filling a multi-use syringe or single-use syringe
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Phenyl-isoxazole derivatives and preparation process thereof
Macrocyclic picolinamides as fungicides
Spirocyclic isoxazolines as antiparasitic agents
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for checking a valve
Method for predicting failure of geotechnical structures
Electromagnetic field-based position sensor
System and method for data communication between a vehicle and an infrastructure
Optical probe
Apparatus and methods relating to enhanced spectral measurement systems
Method for determining the exhaust gas temperature of an internal combustion engine
Physics-based oil temperature model
Electron source for a vacuum pressure measuring device
Sensor over-mold shape
Vehicle diagnostic interface mechanism
Vehicle diagnostic and prognostic methods and systems
Metrology of thin film devices using an addressable micromirror array
Device and method for measuring and monitoring the level of liquid metal in a crystalliser
Cavity induced allosteric modification of intermolecular interactions and methods of identifying compounds that effect the same
Method and system for detecting moisture at an absorbent article
Tapered probe structures and fabrication
Apparatus for measuring an electric current flowing through an electrical conductor
Electronic identification device and method
Embedded sar based active gain capacitance measurement system and method
Reducing CC message transmission in a provider network
Method for GSM and CDMA dual-mode mobile phone to control two GSM subscriber identification modules
Facility and equipment testing for packet networks
Logic applying different bit positions to respective scan paths
Structure and method for flex circuit on a chip
Satellite navigation receiver having a configurable acquisition engine
Independent device for determining absolute geographic coordinates of an immersed moving body
Inspection system and method
Sense shimming (SSH): a fast approach for determining B0 field inhomogeneities using sensitivity encoding
Enabling analysis of a survey source signal using a time-based visualization of the survey source signal
Tsunami monitoring system
IR camera
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Optical sheet, method for manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display using the same
Fluidic adaptive lens systems and methods
Optical transmission apparatus
Low-speckle light source device
Housing structure
Lens moving frame and lens device
Lens module
Pixel circuit structure
Liquid crystal display device with internal retardation layer at reflection region and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display module with reflector having raised lamp guide
Stereo image display with switch function between horizontal display and vertical display
Method and system for improving ion beam alignment for liquid crystal displays by forming an alignment layer over grooved surface profile
LCD display element and LCD display panel
Pixels having polarity extension regions for multi-domain vertical alignment liquid crystal displays
Display-protective plate for electronic apparatus and electronic apparatus therewith
Image-pickup method and apparatus having contrast and phase difference forcusing methods wherein a contrast evaluation area is changed based on phase difference detection areas
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and radiation system
Angular position adjusting apparatus, angular position adjusting method, and computer-readable recording medium for angular position adjustment
Systems and methods for modifying feed timing for image receiving media in an image forming device
Developer-controlling member, manufacturing method thereof, developing machine using the developer-controlling member, image forming apparatus or printer using the developing machine, and jointed plate
Image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus
User-friendly image forming apparatus with current supplier for supplying cleaning current, image forming method and recording medium
Method and apparatus for stripping media from a surface in an apparatus useful in printing
Polarity controlling device, and cleaner and image forming apparatus using the polarity controlling device
Control device, control method, recording medium, program, and building
Human machine interface for speed and location control with braking distance display
Damping electromechanical oscillations in power systems
Method and system to control irrigation across large geographic areas using remote sensing, weather and field level data
Fast-switching low-noise charge pump
Circuit arrangement and method of operating a circuit arrangement
Method and apparatus for on-demand power management
Power saving scheduler for timed events
Phase-aligning corrected and uncorrected clocks
Fast, automatically scaled processor time stamp counter
Adapter for docking a consumer electronic device in discrete orientations
Method and housing for memory module including battery backup
Adjustable-voltage power-over-ethernet (PoE) switch
Shared interface device for selectively using power supply over ethernet (POE) card and wireless network module
Method for providing deferred maintenance on storage subsystems
Logical entity fault isolation in network systems management
Detection of and recovery from an electrical fast transient/burst (EFT/B) on a universal serial bus (USB) device
Relay device and communication-path managing method
System and method for customizing a SCSI error response received from a SCSI target in a storage network environment
System and method for efficiently testing cache congruence classes during processor design verification and validation
Information processing apparatus and computer readable medium
Method and control unit for operating a non-volatile memory, in particular for use in motor vehicles
Memory write signaling and methods thereof
Fast disk start system
3-dimensional L2/L3 cache array to hide translation (TLB) delays
Method for providing atomicity for host write input/outputs (I/Os) in a continuous data protection (CDP)-enabled volume using intent log
Storage device for storing data while compressing same value input data
Loosely coupled mass storage computer cluster having a set of data storage controllers interoperable for reading and writing data objects
Detecting data mining processes to increase caching efficiency
Random number generation for a host system using a hard disk drive
Electronic tag system having bank status and controlling method thereof
Data sharing utilizing virtual memory having a shared paging space
Anti keylog editor of activex base
Memory controller including a dual-mode memory interconnect
Intelligent memory buffer
Dynamically setting burst length of double data rate memory device by applying signal to at least one external pin during a read or write transaction
System and method for memory hub-based expansion bus
Collaboration support system and control method thereof
Output management system and method for enabling printing via wireless devices
Correlating information between internet and call center environments
Method and system for frequency down-conversion and frequency up-conversion
Harnessing information about the timing of a user's client-server interactions to enhance messaging and collaboration services
Method for distributing service according to terminal type
Interactive audio/video method on the internet
Secure cookies
Method for viewing, on a client-side device, documents requested from a server-side device
Apparatus for delivering information and method therefor
Zoning for distance pricing and network engineering in connectionless and connection-oriented networks
Mobile communication terminal and method for aligning preference items
Method and apparatus for visualizing network security state
System and method of providing information on computer memory use
Web serving system
Data-processing arrangement for updating code in an auxiliary processor memory
Two global precise times for synchronization
Processor for executing highly efficient VLIW
Information processing method, information processing machine, and storage medium for processing document data that includes link information
Aligning content in an electric document
Recorder user interface
Decimator and decimating method for multi-channel audio
System and methods for creating and authoring internet content using application media packages
Thinking system and method
Method and system for determining policy similarities
Information terminal device and method for purchasing and adding additional program functions
Recording medium storing a design support program, design support method, and design support apparatus
Computer method and apparatus for tag pre-search in social software
System, method, and user interface for organizing and searching information
Internet-user accessible system database computer method and system for analyzing government legsilationand legislative documents, statutes, bills, by-laws, proposals and amendments
Computer apparatus, computer program and method, for calculating importance of electronic document on computer network, based on comments on electronic document included in another electronic document associated with former electronic document
Determining device and determining method for determining processing to be performed based on acquired data
Voltage island performance/leakage screen monitor for IP characterization
Layout quality gauge for integrated circuit design
Circuit splitting in analysis of circuits at transistor level
System, methods and apparatus for generation of simulation stimulus
Method and apparatus for parallel processing of semiconductor chip designs
Method for placement of sensors for surveillance
Scaling of bipolar transistors
Systems and methods for critical node filtering of integrated circuits
Semiconductor integrated circuit with multi-cut via and automated layout method for the same
Stage device
Method and apparatus for processing navigational signals in a satellite navigation system
Control system and method for controlling multi-stage air conditioners
Judging method of load distribution
Crawler robot equipped with a work unit, and governing equipment for such crawler robots
Method and apparatus for migrating a virtual TPM instance and preserving uniqueness and completeness of the instance
Enter-then-act input handling
Force feedback system including multi-tasking graphical host environment
Video analysis system of swing motion
Disk drive implementing shared buffer memory with reduced interrupt latency
Contextual responses based on automated learning techniques
Mouse with in-the-air positioning function and computer device using the same
Methods for defining queries, generating query results and displaying same
Image forming device storing print data corresponding to threshold value
Classification information setting method, and television
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Method of modeling for drug design, evaluation, and prescription in the treatment of disease
Method and system for updating an archive of a computer file
Identifying related queries
Host context framework
Method of searching text to find relevant content
Firewall interface configuration to enable bi-directional VoIP traversal communications
Explicit delegation with strong authentication
Apparatus and method for multiple pass extended precision floating point multiplication
Cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator
Digital signal processor having a plurality of independent dedicated processors
Three-dimensional networking design structure
Selecting a security format conversion for wired and wireless devices
Branch target buffer system and method for storing target address
Systems and methods for transferring data in a block-level storage operation
Pipeline processor with write control and validity flags for controlling write-back of execution result data stored in pipeline buffer register
Medium distribution device, medium reception device, medium distribution method, and medium reception method
Metadata-based application deployment
Method and language for process expression
Virtual machine interface for hardware reconfigurable and software programmable processors
Installing and executing shared applications in shared folders
Hardware accelerator
Conducting a payment using a secure element and SMS
Numerically robust implementation of spectral gamut mapping
Digital object information via category-based histograms
System and method for determining a size of an airway lumen and a thickness of an airway wall
Wide luminance range colorimetrically accurate profile generation method
Color quantization based on desired upper bound for relative quantization step
Authentication apparatus and method, and electronic device using the same
Region-of-interest processing for video telephony
Hand jitter reduction for compensating for linear displacement
Video frame motion-based automatic region-of-interest detection
Method and apparatus for increasing the resolution of a data sequence
Alignment and breaking of mathematical expressions in documents
Livestock inventory tracking system and methods
System and method for automated processing of new products and services
Business method for promoting goods and services of providers
Method, system, and computer usable medium for ensuring purchasers are charged a most favorable price
Method and system for transacting an anonymous purchase over the internet
Systems and methods for money fund banking with flexible interest allocation
Implied matrix for tradeable objects
Altering card-issuer interchange categories
Interchange categories
Internet billing method
Intelligent charging for services
Report generation in a networked health-monitoring system
Computer system for executing switch and table translate instructions requiring wide operands
Calibration of transmission system using tonal visualization components
Emergency notification device and system
RFID tags having ferromagnetic patches
Method for automatically detecting the use of a means of transport conveying persons
System and method for the detection of helmet-to-helmet contact
Traffic information collecting system for navigation device
Devices, systems and methods for reinforcing a traffic control assembly
Tongue based control method and system for performing the method
Method for driving plasma display panel
Method for driving plasma display panel
Display device
Driving apparatus for photo-addressing type display element, driving method and photo-addressing type display apparatus
Flexible and transparent ground plane for electric paper
Driving circuit, gate driver and liquid crystal display having the same
Data driving circuit, organic light emitting display device using the same, and driving method of organic light emitting display device
Differential signaling system and display using the same
System, device, method and utility to convert images retrieved from a device to a format supported by a device management tool
Page turner for handheld electronic book reader device
Blending multiple display layers
Method and apparatus for controlling a computing system
Sonic/ultrasonic authentication method
Speech signal compression and/or decompression method, medium, and apparatus
Audio coding device with two-stage quantization mechanism
Apparatus and method for enhancing speech intelligibility in a mobile terminal
Disk drive, method for measuring clearance and method for writing servo patterns
Evaluation apparatus
Information recording apparatus and method and computer program
Method for simultaneous electronic lapping guide (ELG) and perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) pole formation
Perpendicular magnetic recording write head with slanted magnetic write pole
CPP magnetic recording head with self-stabilizing vortex configuration
Disk drive and method of measuring frictional characteristics
Head stack assembly with spacers to partition drive arms
Media type detection using a lock indicator
Head slider and magnetic recording device therewith
Micro-Fresnel zone plate optical devices using densely accumulated ray points
Demodulation circuit and optical disk drive
Optical disc recording apparatus
Optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus having a high-sensitivity magnetic circuit
Method and apparatus of compensating for misalignment in an optical disk device
Hybrid laser diode drivers
Objective lens and optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
Tunnel magnetic resistance effect memory
Information recording and reproducing apparatus
Three-dimensional magnetic memory
Verification method for nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor storage device
Ternary content addressable memory (TCAM) cells with low signal line numbers
Non-volatile memory with linear estimation of initial programming voltage
Methods and systems for reducing heat flux in memory systems
Steam generator nozzle dam and method for installing and removing steam generator nozzle dam
Bus-bar for jointing capacitor
Magnetic field compensation for vessels
Semiconductor chip with seal ring and sacrificial corner pattern
Selective floating body SRAM cell
Printed circuit board
Silicon substrate and chip package structure with silicon base having stepped recess for accommodating chip
Electronic packages with fine particle wetting and non-wetting zones
Integrated circuit with flexible planar leads
Semiconductor memory device
Through-hole contacts in a semiconductor device
Electrical interconnect with an electrical pathway including at least a first member overlain by a second member at a contact point
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing semiconductor devices and mask systems used in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device with resin layers and wirings and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, semiconductor package for use therein, and manufacturing method thereof
Field effect resistor for ESD protection
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Forming large planar structures from substrates using edge Coulomb forces
Nonvolatile memory cell comprising a reduced height vertical diode
Circuit board and semiconductor device
Gallium nitride-based epitaxial wafer and method of fabricating epitaxial wafer
Vertical metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor using gate stack, gate spacer and contact via
Semiconductor device including a plurality of chips and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Thermo-mechanical cleavable structure
Deep trench semiconductor structure and method
Piezoelectric devices exhibiting reduced CI degradation
UHF digital booster kit for a television antenna and method
Antenna tower structure with installation shaft
Antenna and portable terminal having the same
Low profile antenna insert nut
Transmitting power level controller and related method
System and method for measuring antenna radiation pattern in Fresnel region
Mode-locked short pulse laser resonator and short pulse laser arrangement
Sliced fiber bragg grating used as external cavity for semiconductor laser and solid state laser
Switching control system of circuit breaker
Ground fault protection circuit
Fuel pump control apparatus
Spark gap protection device
Arrangement for energy conditioning
System controller for integrated lighting control panels
Information processing apparatus and control method
Power conversion, control, and distribution system
Hybrid-type synchronous machine
Motor for electric power steering and method for manufacturing the same
Electric motor of parallel cycles
Vibrator tube
Compact high power alternator
Shielding of superconducting field coil in homopolar inductor alternator
Method and system to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) using a photovoltaic inverter
PWM control circuit and PWM control method
Motor-driven power steering apparatus
Motor drive apparatus
Oscillator device, optical deflector and image forming apparatus using the optical deflector
Downlink preamble processing techniques for initial acquisition
Interference erasure using soft decision weighting of the Viterbi decoder input in OFDM systems
Radio receiver, audio system, and method of manufacturing radio receiver
High-linearity low noise amplifier
Performing adaptive external equalization
Flexural resonator element and flexural resonator for reducing energy loss due to heat dissipation
Interface circuit
Level shifting circuit
Apparatus, method and system for permanent storage of data
DTV transmitting system and receiving system and method of processing broadcast data
Apparatus and method for detecting an end point of an information frame
Device with MPE-FEC frame memory
Nonlinear mapping in digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters
Balanced data bus inversion
System and method for generating test patterns of baseline wander
CDMA receivers for the golden code
Signal receiving apparatus including equalizer, terminal apparatus, signal receiving method, and signal receiving program
Transmission method and transmission system
Method and system for a second order input intercept point (IIP2) calibration scheme
Amplifier and communication apparatus
Information processing apparatus and method
Method and system for distributed transceivers based on notch filters and passive mixers
Load simulation for testing uplink of wireless networks
Tunable diversity antenna for use with frequency hopping communications protocol
Method for providing visible light communication in a visible light communication system
Method and apparatus for optical phase modulation
Method and apparatus for using a hologram to control the optical field distribution of light generated by a light source and launched into an end of an optical waveguide
Method and apparatus for transient frequency distortion compensation
Wireless communication device
Optical signal monitoring apparatus and method
Admission control and policing in wireless packet data communication system
Multi-antenna multicarrier receiver and methods for adaptively adjusting a receive data rate based on channel utilization
Method and controller for syncronizing a wireless communication device and network
Techniques using a hop-by-hop approach for automatic repeat request (ARQ) in wireless relay networks
Wireless video transmission system
Method and apparatus for accessing network authentication
Broadcast system and method for cellular networks
Band upconverter approach to KA/KU signal distribution
Near ML decoding method based on metric-first search and branch length threshold
Method and system for a scalable radio architecture
Method and system for adapting an effective spreading sequence in a communication system using direct sequence spreading
Transmission of a data stream using OFDM symbols at two carrier frequencies having overlapping superframes of a commensurable time duration
Optical packet switching apparatus and method therefor
PON system, station side device and redundant method used for the same
Systems and methods for broadband transmission of signals
Under sampled clock signal synchronization aid device and device for reconstructing undersampled clock signals, for a packet-switched network
Method to accurately and securely determine propagation delay and distance between sending and receiving node in packet network using cut-through approach and packet network node for executing the method
Techniques to couple HARQ-ARQ in wireless networks
Mobile terminal, control apparatus, home agent and packet communications method
Method and apparatus for OFDM based on 3D signal constellation
Methods and systems for automated configuration of 802.1x clients
Pre-coding apparatus on account of adaptive estimation
Device, system, and method of flicker noise mitigation
Base station apparatus, communication terminal apparatus, communication system, and communication method
Route confirmation method and device
Run-length based spectral analysis
Method for detecting errors and supporting reconfiguration decisions in mobile radio networks comprising reconfigurable terminals, and corresponding network elements and components
Network system for monitoring operation of monitored node
Using RTCP statistics for media system control
Inverted passive optical network/inverted passive electrical network (iPON/iPEN) based data fusion and synchronization system
Enhanced link state protocol for identifying broadcast networks
Expanded transmission control protocol, methods of operation and apparatus
Device for performing IP forwarding and ATM switching
Modular approach to the TCP/IPv6 hardware implementation
Communication apparatus and integrated circuit for communication
Inter-fabric routing
System and method for implementing a universal messaging gateway (UMG)
Jitter-tolerance-enhanced CDR using a GDCO-based phase detector
Data communication system, data decoding apparatus and method therefor
Binary decoding for correlated input information
Digital broadcasting receiver
Data transmission system, controller, and its method
System and method for secure provisioning of a mobile station from a provisioning server using IP address translation at the BTS/BSC
Statically oriented on-screen transluscent keyboard
Magnetic levitation sliding structure
Apparatus and method for preventing power consumption in multi-mode portable terminal
Integrated communication apparatus
Enhanced wireless handset, including direct handset-to-handset communication mode
Method and apparatus for disabling the RF functionality of a multi-function wireless communication device while maintaining access to local functionality
Apparatus and method for providing automatic language preference
Use limiting apparatus, key, and use limiting system for electronic equipment
Interactive pre-programmed voice response system
Wireless controller device
Telephone/transaction entry device and system for entering transaction data into databases
System, method and computer program product for providing access to a plurality of service providers utilizing a single interface
User interface for telephone system administration
Systems and methods for implementing split numbering plan area codes in an IMS network
Original reading device and image forming apparatus
Data generation and printing with binarization pattern selected as function of pixel number corresponding to conveying amount of print medium
Methods, systems, and media to enhance image processing in a color reprographic system
Information recording system and method, information reproducing system and method, information recording and reproducing system, manuscript data processing apparatus, reproduction data processing apparatus, storage medium storing manuscript data processing program thereon, and storage medium storing reproduction data processing program thereon
Image printing method and system for improving image quality in dot matrix printer
Optical device module, fabrication method thereof, optical device unit and fabrication method thereof
Connecting structure and digital camera module employing the same
Camera module
Color correction device, color correction method, dynamic camera color correction device, and video search device using the same
Signal compressing apparatus
Systems and methods for tracking screen updates
Parallel batch decoding of video blocks
Audiovisual management system
Forensic marking using a common customization function
Frame specifying method
Summarization of football video content
Image input processing apparatus and method
Image taking apparatus with shading correction
Independent chrominance control method and system for images
Hearing aid ear wax guard and a method for its use
Condenser microphone
Method and system for obtaining emergency caller location
Apparatus and methods for product acceptance testing on a wireless device
Means and Methods for Improving the Handover Characteristics of Integrated Radio Access Networks
Methods for providing feedback in messaging systems
Mobile terminated short message service blocking
Apparatus and method for transmitting uplink control information on shared channels
Closed-loop transmit diversity scheme in frequency selective multipath channels
Using serving area identification in a mixed access network environment
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless terminals and telephones
Telephone conversation resumption system, telephone conversation resumption program, telephone conversation resumption method, portable terminal and relay apparatus
Pull-out shelf for use in a confined space formed in a structure
Warmer device and its operational method
Surface wave excitation plasma processing system
Power converter apparatus
Cable support bracket for an electrical component
Interconnect substrate and electronic circuit mounted structure
Electronic device and method of forming same
Apparatus for shielding integrated circuit devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Polyurethane foam composites for grower applications and related methods
Method for transformation of cotton and organogenic regeneration
Cheese depositing method
Device for measuring an electrical parameter in the milk
Floating fine-bubble aeration system
Human xenografts for microbicide testing and anatomical modeling
Stimulation, culture and preservation of pancreatic cells
Pesticide bait carrier
Gel inhibited liquid carrier for a biocide containing a carbodiimide and an emulsifier mixture
Non-aqueous or low-water suspension concentrates of mixtures of active compounds for crop protection
Composition and method for treating plants with exogenous chemicals
Diaryl ethers and processes for their preparation and herbicidal and desiccant compositions containing them
Antimicrobial compositions and methods containing hydrogen peroxide and octyl amine oxide
Attractants and repellants for colorado potato beetle
Antimicrobial perfume compositions
.alpha.-sulfenimino acid derivatives
Fungicidal combinations comprising a 4-phenoxyquinoline
Hetaroyl cyclohexanedione derivatives with herbicidal effect
Herbicidal mixture containing a 3-heterocyclyl-substituted benzoyl derivative
Substituted spiroheterocyclic 1H-3-arylpyrrolidine-2,4-dione derivatives, methods of preparing them and their use as pest-control agents
Synergistic insecticidal compositions
Antibacterial solution
Ectoparasite control compositions
Process for the disinfection of waters
Method of controlling microbial fouling
Process for obtaining genistin-rich isoflavone composition
Method and apparatus for infusing fruit with sugar and for obtaining a substantial juice byproduct
Shear separation method and system
Compositions containing pinolenic acid and its use as a health component
Process for structuring lipids and the structured products thereof
Effervescent candy bar
Chewing gum and confectionery compositions with encapsulated stain removing agent compositions, and methods of making and using the same
Process of increasing flavor release from chewing gum using hydroxypropyl cellulose and product thereof
Method for refining peppermint oil
Process for making partially digested soy protein-containing dressing
Pourable feed additives containing D-pantothenic acid and/or salts thereof, and process for their preparation
Trace element-rich additive, method for preparing same, preparation in which the additive is included and use thereof
Crispy wheat-based snacks having surface bubbles
Soy-based dough and products made from the dough
Formulation for menopausal women
Beverage containing hybrid Rumex acetosa L. and methods for preparing same
Therapeutic nutrient regimen for alleviating mucositis, stomatitis and cachexia in oncology patients
Nutritional supplement for increased energy and stamina
Coextruded, elastomeric breathable films, process for making same and articles made therefrom
Bristle sub-assemblies having parallel pairs of bristles; and methods of making same
Bristle sub-assemblies having parallel pairs of bristles; and methods of making same
Dispenser-maker interface and method of use
Spinal fixation device
Flexible sheet for disposable garment
Absorbent structures having fluid acquisition and distribution layer
Urethral urine retention device
Tanacetum parthenium extract and method of obtaining same
Use of certain affinity NMDA antagonists as antidepressants
Methods for inhibiting or reversing tau filament formation polymerization
Method for inducing hepatic fibrosis by repeated administration of allylalcohol
Antifungal compositions
Pharmacologic drug combination in vagal-induced asystole
Substituted 2-aminoacetamides and the use thereof
Allosteric inhibitors of lipoxygenase
Method of treating an infection by enhancing the effectiveness of the human immune system
NAALADase inhibitors
Therapeutic combinations of fatty acids
Phenylindole derivatives as 5-ht2a receptor ligands
Pharmaceutical composition for inhibiting the growth of viruses and cancers
Antioxidant stabilizer system for pharmaceutical formulations
Methods for treatment of type I diabetes
Method of promoting smoking cessation
Quinuclidine-substituted aryl compounds for treatment of disease
Method of treating a patient having precancerous lesions with phenyl pyridinone derivatives
Methods of using therapeutic phospholipid derivatives
Antagonism of immunostimulatory CpG-oligonucleotides by 4-aminoquinolines and other weak bases
Compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Agents for alleviating side effects
Pharmaceutical formulation of fluticasone propionate
2-phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indole and estrogen formulations
Oral contraceptive
Long-acting antimicrobials
Phosphorous-containing benzothiophenes
Treatment of arthritis and compositions therefore
Purine L-nucleosides, analogs and uses thereof
Modified polysaccharides exhibiting altered biological recognition
Procyanidin compositions and methods for making the same
Dietary calcium as a supplement to vitamin D compound treatment of multiple sclerosis
Oral administration of lactobacillus for the treatment and prevention of urogenital infection
Therapeutic uses of hormonal manipulation using combinations of various agents to treat atherosclerosis
Targeting the reverse mode of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger for the treatment of optic neuropathy associated with glaucoma and ischemic optic neuropathy
Eck receptor ligands
Methods and compositions for treating primary and secondary tumors of the central nervous system (CNS)
Methods and compositions for the dry powder formulation of interferons
Methods and compositions for making dendritic cells from expanded populations of monocytes and for activating T cells
Live vaccine constituting minor risk for humans
Lymphotactin as an adjuvant
Binding moieties for human parvovirus B19
Laser inactivation of inhibitory molecules in central nervous system myelin
Synergistic ectoparasiticidal methods and compositions
Compositions for treating viral infections, and methods therefor
Amiodarone-containing parenteral administration
Water-soluble dry compositions
Methods and transdermal compositions for pain relief
Nicotine delivery compositions
Hemoglobin-haptoglobin complexes
Compositions and methods for highly efficient transfection
Antitumor cystostatic and contrast agent
Functionalized and polymerizable polymer
Method for producing aqueous emulsions or suspensions
Chlorine dioxide tooth whitening compositions
Particulate materials for use in dentifrice compositions
Trichological lotion for topical use
Clear dentifrice gels
Composition for the topical treatment of poison ivy and other forms of contact dermatitis
Depilatory composition
Cosmetic formulation
Hydrotrope and skin conditioning agents for use in liquid detergent compositions
Use of alkylmonoglucosides as molecular vectors
Cosmetic compositions containing inorganic-organic hybrid prepolymers and methods of treating hair, skin or nails using same
Production of carrageenan and carrageenan products
Silicon compound, and a makeup containing this compound
Elegant hydrogenated castor oil ointments
Ophthalmic compositions for soft contact lens, method of enhancing wettability of soft contact lens and method of inhibiting terpenoid adsorption
Aqueous preparation of lactoferrin having improved stability
Vaginal pH buffering for preventing miscarriage and premature labor, by treating or preventing bacterial vaginosis
Device having a microporous membrane lined deformable wall for implanting cell cultures
Compositions of tocol-soluble therapeutics
Methods and compositions for the protection of mitochondria
Method of preparing gas and gaseous precursor-filled microspheres
Methods for treating ovarian cancer, poly (phosphoester) compositions, and biodegradable articles for same
Process for the preparation of polymer-based sustained release compositions
Methods for treating angina with ranolazine
Treatment of migraine headache
Pharmaceutical formulations for acid labile substances
Fabrication of multilayer-coated particles and hollow shells via electrostatic self-assembly of nanocomposite multilayers on decomposable colloidal templates
Antimicrobial artificial nail composition and methods for preparing and using same
Methods for making a thermoplastic composition including polyethlene oxide and fibers including same
Microfabricated membranes and matrices
Layer materials treated with surfactant-modified hydrophobic odor control agents
Pressure sensitive adhesive articles and methods for preparing same
Removal of contaminants from biological products
Porous ceramic body
Culturing different cell populations on a decellularized natural biostructure for organ reconstruction
Anticalcification treatments for fixed biomaterials
Bioactive ceramic cement
Spray delivery of cells
Manufacturing method of artificial organ, hollow fiber, and dialyzer of hollow fiber membrane type
Dynamic bubble trap
Reducing agent with several constituents comprising at least a composition in powder form containing an agent for reducing hair sulphur bonds and method for permanent setting of keratin fibres
Use of fluorinated ketones in fire extinguishing compositions
Process for manufacturing a ski or like board for gliding over snow
Performing Operations; Transporting
Polymer solution preheater and method for preheating such solutions
Recovery of fermentation salts from dilute aqueous solutions
Regenerator of acid reaction lubricant residues
Use of substituted N, N-disubstituted diamino compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity
Manually pressurized water filtering container
Self-fixturing filter
Impurities separation by distillation
Filtering apparatus for a wastewater treatment tank
Debris collecting apparatus
Apparatus for filtering impurities out of fluid
Sequential adsorptive capture and catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds in a reactor bed
Biological filter apparatus
Method of denitrating exhaust gas
System for converting particulate matter in gasoline engine exhaust gases
Method and apparatus for electrophoretic focusing
Oil filter and dehydrator
Apparatus and method for controlling pore size in polymeric membranes and thin films
Method for manufacturing filter having ceramic porous film as separating film
Method for making boron carbide containing ceramics
Microfabricated filter and shell constructed with a permeable membrane
Pre-disposed assay components in microfluidic devices and methods
Plasma treatment of polymer materials for increased dyeability
Method of manufacturing powder particles
Particulate compositions
Device for sequestration and concentration of polar organic chemicals from water
Polymeric membranes functionalized with EGTA ligands
Metal loaded ligand bound membranes for metal ion affinity chromatography
Silica-alumina carriers preparation, hydrogenation catalysts preparation therewith and their use for aromatics hydrogenation
Class of electrocatalysts and a gas diffusion electrode based thereon for fuel cells
Process for the preparation of ammonia and ammonia synthesis gas
Negative active material for lithium secondary battery
Catalytic reforming process including the addition of organic aluminum halide
Polymer having a multimodal molecular weight distribution made from two different dimine catalysts
Late transition metal complexes, their use as catalysts and polymers therefrom
Fluxional catalysts and related ligands containing bulky substituents
Long life hydrocarbon conversion catalyst and method of making
Photocatalytic coating composition and product having photocatalytic thin film
Catalyst preparation
System for extracting tetrodotoxin
Method for filtering a three-phased reaction mixture
Mechanical stress crystallization of thermoplastic polymers
Multi-well apparatus with independently detachable upper and lower covers
Methods for fabricating an array for use in multiplexed biochemical analysis
Detection and characterization of microorganisms
Device and method for separating components of a fluid sample
Gradient interface magnetic composites and methods therefor
Membrane magnetic separating apparatus
Collapsible metal tube and aerosol can and method for manufacturing collapsible metal tube
System for catalytic coating of a substrate
Method for coating a running web with a plurality of coating layers
Lubricative stainless steel sheets and pipes and method of producing lubricative stainless steel pipes
Installation for making cold rolled stainless steel bands
Furan no-bake foundry binders and their use
Casting components made from a tool steel
Ceramic composite
Method to agglomerate metal particles and metal particles having improved properties
Separating material for web sintering
Saw blade tips and alloys therefor
Method for bonding a flexible substrate to a chip
Alloy based laser welding
Process for reducing surface variations for polished wafer
Blasting medium and blasting method
Method for attaching web-based polishing materials together on a polishing tool
Polishing method and apparatus
Fine textured single piece one panel molded profile
Hybrid phenol-formaldehyde and polymeric isocyanate based adhesive and methods of synthesis and use
Titanium-coating silica glass honeycomb structure from silica soot extrusion
Microbial processing of used rubber
Processes of mixing, compatibilizing, and/or recylcing blends of polymer materials through solid state shear pulverization, and products by such processes
Protective layer for quartz crucibles used for silicon crystallization
Method for vulcanizing a tire by predetermining its degree of vulcanization
Method for framing a decorative material
Extrusion molding method for a thin tube
Extrusion of plant materials encapsulated in a thermoplastic
Method of blow molding an article having blow molded vertical reinforcement ribs
Process of making adhesive tape
Functional film sticking apparatus and functional film sticking method
Production method of and production apparatus for optical recording disc
Steering wheel with air bag
Apparatus and method for forming structural preforms
Method for manufacturing a filled hollow fibre composite material
Method of manufacturing a composite structure using a conformable locating aperture system
Method for producing ends of metal of composite pipe lengths
Plastic lens systems and methods
Method and apparatus for moulding and curing tires for vehicle wheels
Fluorine-containing adhesive and adhesive film and laminated article made by using the same
Fire-resistant laminated glass pane assembly
Manufacture of multi-layered board with a unique resin system
Multi-layered polymeric structures including a layer of ethylene copolymer
Transparent, deep-drawable and quick-sealing film with ultraviolet-blocking properties
Method of making a flushable film having barrier properties
Controlled directional tear laminates
Low shrink tension film
Vinylidene chloride polymer composition and film
Container with recycled plastic
Ultra high oxygen barrier films and articles made therefrom
Self-adhesive laminate for sealing window frames and method of sealing window frames
Composite material panel with shock-protected edges
Cushioned carpeted floor covering article comprising at least one integrated rubber protrusion
Backing for tufted carpet that imparts dimensional stability
Method for producing nonwoven fabric composite having multi-directional stretch properties utilizing a cellular or foam layer
Modified pigments having improved dispersing properties
Printing plate element and production method thereof
Method for obtaining a heat sensitive element by spray-coating
Direct drawing type lithographic printing plate precursor
Printed pattern defect repair sheet, and repair device and method for printed pattern defect
Decals and methods for providing an antireflective coating and metallization on a solar cell
Document having a value
Marking of hot glass using a carrier ribbon bearing a laser ablated coating pattern
Laser markable coating
Scratch resistant layer containing electronically conductive polymer for imaging elements
Lamination and method for forming an information displaying label
Ink jet recording element
Textile coating composition
Bookbinding case-making applications utilizing polyurethanes
Method of forming soft casing sleeve having multi-colored and raised decorations
Outdoor advertising system
Foldable die cut self-adhesive label sheet for labeling CD-ROMS
Cleaning system including a liquid cleaning composition disposed in a water soluble container
Process for manufacturing micromechanical and microoptomechanical structures with single crystal silicon exposure step
Process for manufacturing micromechanical and microoptomechanical structures with pre-applied patterning
Vacuum package fabrication of microelectromechanical system devices with integrated circuit components
Method of producing vacuum container
Methods for forming openings in a substrate and apparatuses with these openings and methods for creating assemblies with openings
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for making, and use of, anionic clay materials
Rapid synthesis of carbon nanotubes and carbon encapsulated metal nanoparticles by a displacement reaction
Silico-titanates and their methods of making and using
Process for the production of sodium carbonate
Micronized alkaline earth metal carbonate
Process for removing impurities from bauxite
Particles, aqueous dispersion and film of titanium oxide, and preparation thereof
Method and apparatus for increasing the oxygen content of water
Manufacturing process for quaternary ammonium tannate, a vegetable coagulating/flocculating agent
Process for removing sulfate from an aqueous salt solution
Water purificant methods
Method and device for anaerobic purification of waste water using the UASB method
Advanced vitrification system pyrographite
Glass substrate for an optical disk and a manufacturing method thereof
Vacuum IG window unit with edge seal formed via microwave curing, and corresponding method of making the same
Glass-ceramic microspheres that impart yellow color to retroreflected light
Nanocomposite for thermal insulation
Optical recording film and process for production thereof
Combination process of vacuum sputtering and wet coating for high conductivity and light attenuation anti-reflection coating on CRT surface
Substrate having treated surface layers and process for producing it
Metal fibre concrete, cementitious matrix and pre-mixes for preparing matrix and concrete
Aggregate, manufacturing process thereof, and resin mortar
Flow properties of dry cementitious materials
Fibrous-formation aerogel composite material containing at least one thermoplastic fibrous material, process for the production thereof, and use thereof
Base material for a fuel battery
Ferrite magnet powder and magnet using the magnet powder, and method for preparing them
Electronic device, dielectric ceramic composition, and method for producing same
Ceramics and their power for scintillators, and method for producing same
Carbon electrode material
Method for the manufacture of foamed materials
Silicon carbide body
Method of using a penetrating sealer
Composite material for heat sinks for semiconductor devices and method for producing the same
Process aid for preparing a flowable slurry
Rocket assembly ablative materials formed from solvent-spun cellulosic precursors, and method of insulating or thermally protecting a rocket assembly with the same
Emulsion explosive
Non-toxic primer mix
Process for the preparation of hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and hydrogen
Electroluminescent (EL) devices
Immunotherapeutic agents
Zwitterionic tachykinin receptor antagonists
Aminoalkylphenol derivatives and related compounds
Substituted stilbenes as glucose uptake enhancers
Substituted aryl and heteroaryl derivatives, their production and their use as medicines
Sulfoisophthalic acid solution process therewith
Ligands for metabotropic glutamate receptors and inhibitors of NAALAdase
Method for obtaining grape tannin, resulting tannin and uses
Cyclic ether vitamin D3 compounds, 1.alpha.(OH)3-EPI-vitamin D3 compounds and uses thereof
Dewatering process
Carnosic acid derivatives for promoting synthesis of nerve growth factor
Azetidine derivatives, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Dipyrromethene-metal chelate compound and optical recording medium using thereof
Indoline derivatives and method of treating obesity
Alkylamine derivatives of dihydropyridine NPY antagonists
Hydroxamic acid derivatives as proteinase inhibitors
4-arylpiperidine derivatives for the treatment of pruritus
Aspartate derivative of amlodipine
Benzamidine derivatives and their use as anti-coagulants
Tetrahydroquinoline derivatives as EAA antagonists
Cycloalkano-indole and -azaindole derivatives
Process for the preparation of polyaddition products containing uretdione groups, and their use in polyurethane coating systems
Heterocyclic alkoxyamines as regulators in controlled radical polymerization processes
Imidazole derivatives having affinity for .alpha.2 receptors
Sodium channel drugs and uses
2-phenyl-4-quinazolinone compounds, 2-phenyl-4-alkoxy-quinazoline compounds and their pharmaceutical compositions
Disubstituted morpholine, oxazepine or thiazepine derivatives, their preparation and their use as dopamine d4 receptor antagonists
Substituted chroman derivatives
Non-aqueous electrolyte for electrochemical systems and lithium secondary battery comprising the same
Substituted anilides
Anticancer compound and enantiomer separation method useful for synthesizing said compound
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Gastrin and cholecystokinin receptor ligands
3-indolyl-4-phenyl-1H-pyrrole-2,5-dione derivatives as inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase-3.beta.
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Arylalkanoyl pyridazines
6-arylphenanthridines with PDE-IV inhibiting activity
Aromatic substituted naphthopyrans
Benzofuran derivatives, process for the preparation of the same and uses thereof
Quinoline-aminomethyl-pyridyl derivatives with anti-helicobacter activity
4-phenyl-pyridine derivatives
p38 MAP kinase inhibitors
Triazolo-pyridine derivatives as ligands for GABA receptors
6, 9-disubstituted 2-[trans-(4-aminocyclohexyl)amino] purines
Carbapenem compounds
Substituted porphyrins
Bicyclic pyrrole derivatives as MCP-1 inhibitors
Azabicyclic spiroether derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Heterocyclic benzenesulphonamide compounds as bradykinine antagonists
Metallocene compounds having indenyl ligand and catalysts for olefin polymerization containing the same
Sulfurpentafluoride compounds and methods for making and using same
Preparation of vinylphosphonic acid compounds
Modified oligonucleotides, their preparation and their use
Non-stochastic generation of genetic vaccines
IL-B30 proteins
Fluorescent nucleoside analogs and combinatorial fluorophore arrays comprising same
Solid phase enzymatic assembly of polynucleotides
Electrodes linked via conductive oligomers to nucleic acids
19-nor steroids substituted in position 11.beta., preparation method and intermediates, application as medicines and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Method of activating protein and an apparatus therefor
Method for purifying and enriching molecules
Solid phase precipitation and extraction
Hbc expression and diagnostic and therapeutic uses
Episomal vectors and uses thereof
Infectious pseudotyped lentiviral vectors lacking matrix protein and uses thereof
Methods for inhibition of membrane fusion-associated events, including respiratory syncytial virus transmission
Cold-inducible expression vector
Cytoplasmic inhibition of gene expression by viral RNA
Sugarcane fractioning system
Poly zinc finger proteins with improved linkers
Polynucleotides encoding human FRP and fragments thereof
Single chain analogs of the TGF-.beta. superfamily (morphons)
Chemokine alpha 2
Methods of using interleukin-3 (IL-3) mutant polypeptides for ex-vivo expansion of hematopoietic stem cells
Cortistatin: neuropeptides
Calcitonin receptor binding reagents
Apoptosis inducing molecule II
Antibodies that specifically bind DNAX leukocyte associated immunoglobulin-like receptor
Human purinergic P2U receptor
Receptor activator of NF-.kappa.B
Human peripheral nerve, tetrodotoxin-resistant sodium channel .alpha.-subunit polypeptide
Lectomedin materials and methods
Tumor necrosis factor inhibitory protein and its purification
Polymorphic markers of the LSR gene
Serine protease inhibitor nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Recombinant phages capable of entering host cells via specific interaction with an artificial receptor
Method for generating libraries of antibody genes comprising amplification of diverse antibody DNAs and methods for using these libraries for the production of diverse antigen combining molecules
Humanized antibody and uses thereof
Cytokine designated lerk-5
Monoclonal antibody to a human MDR1 multidrug resistance gene product and uses
Dendritic cell-specific antibodies
DNA molecules encoding human HELA2 or testisin serine proteinases
Methods and materials relating to IMPDH and GMP production
Method for detection of micrometastatic prostate cancer
Substantially crystalline form of melagatran
Synthetic peptides and pseudopeptides having osteogenic activity and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
Catalytic antibodies which hydrolyze primary amides and methods for eliciting and use of such antibodies
Cyclodextrin ethers
Ionic molecular conjugates of N-acylated derivatives of poly(2-amino-2-deoxy-D-glucose) and polypeptides
Raman analysis system for olefin polymerization control
Process for the preparation of a polyolefin
Catalyst system for high yield synthesis of polyolefins
Metallocene catalysts for synthesis of high-melting polyolefin copolymer elastomers
Polyolefin containing a terminal phenyl or substituted phenyl group and process for preparing same
Production of multimodal polyethylene
CVD ruthenium seed for CVD ruthenium deposition
Diarylethene compound, photochromic diarylethene type copolymer and method for the production of the same
Multi-stage process for the polymerization of olefins
High-durability, low-yellowing repellent for textiles
Polymeric compositions for soil release on fabrics
Polymerizable compositions for making optical lens with high refractive index and high abbe number, and resulting lens
Multiple phase polymeric vinyl chloride systems and related core-shell particles
Fine powders of polytetrafluoroethylene
Graft copolymer of polyamide and a glycidyl group-containing acrylate copolymer, process for preparation and coating composition containing the graft copolymer
Resin composition, polymer, and process for producing polymer
Electrodepositable coating compositions comprising onium salt group-containing polymers prepared by atom transfer radical polymerization
Method for living free-radical polymerization
Petroleum resins and their production with BF3 catalyst
Transition metal catalysts for diene polymerizations
Polymers having silicon-containing acetal or ketal functional groups
Water base adhesion promotor for polypropylene and method for coating to polypropylene materials using the promotor
Absorbent polymer modification
Sulfonated substantially random interpolymers, blends therewith and articles made therefrom
Aminoplast-based crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crosslinkers
Aqueous dispersion of a mixture of a polyurethane with a radiation-curable (meth)acrylate prepolymer
Coated substrates prepared from special polyols and oxalic acid
Fluorochemical water and oil repellents
Crosslinkable polyurea polymers
Isocyanate-based hardenable preparations
Epoxy acrylates
Aqueous two-component cross-linkable composition
Sealing material for flip-chip semiconductor device, and flip-chip semiconductor device made therewith
Conductive organic coatings
Biopolymers and biopolymer blends, and method for producing same
Polyhydroxyalkanoate containing 3-hydroxythienylalkanoic acid as monomer unit and method for producing the same
Polycarbonate resin, method for the manufacture thereof, and articles formed therefrom
Amorphous polyether glycols based on bis-substituted oxetane monomers
Process for converting caprolactam to nylon 6
Proton conducting polymer, method for producing the same, solid polymer electrolyte and electrode
Polyamic acid, polyimide resin obtained therefrom and application thereof to circuit board
Aqueous-based polyamide-amic acid compositions
Photosensitive resin, resist composition using the photosensitive resin, pattern formation method using the resist composition, device produced by the pattern formation method, and exposure method
Compositions for making ene-thiol elastomers
Method of forming silicon oxide layer in semiconductor manufacturing process using spin-on glass composition and isolation method using the same method
Polymerization of silicone microemulsions
Polyfunctional fluorosilicone composition, method for making, and use
Aqueous pigment preparations
Colored polyurethane surface coatings
Blow-molded foamed films of polyester resin
Foaming compositions and methods for making and using the composition
Safer pigment preparations
Multi-component solvent systems for fluorinated compounds and cleaners and delivery systems based thereon
Fire retardant composition for composites
Rubber composition
Elastomeric compositions containing polymer coated carbon products and other pigments
Electrical devices comprising conductive polymer blend compositions
Electrical insulating resin material, electrical insulating material, and electric wire and cable using the same
Polyolefin thermoplastic silicone elastomers employing radical cure
Anti-blocking agent master batch
Thermoplastic molding materials stable to thermal oxidation
Chlorinated vinyl chloride resin composition for siding extrusion molding and siding molded article using the same
Tinted polyvinyl chloride composition and a method for its manufacture and use in a cable
Resin composition
Molding materials for use in motor vehicle interiors, composites containing the same, and their recyclates
Process for thickening an aqueous system
Compatibilizer for crumb rubber modified asphalt
Method for preparing composite materials from renewable raw materials
Polymeric bis-acetoacetanilide azo colorants
High surface area aggregated pigments
Hybrid polymers for phase change ink jet inks
Methods of making novel colorants for use within ink systems
Pigmented inks and a method of making pigmented inks
Non-aqueous ball point pen ink and ball point pen using the ink
Surface coating composition
Power coating of carboxyl-functional acrylic resin and polyepoxy resin
Agent for sealing metallic ground coats, especially ground coats consisting of zinc or zinc alloys
Sound lining for ducts
Antifouling paint
Radiation--and/or heat-curable adhesive having high thermal conductivity
Polymerization initiator systems and bonding compositions comprising vinyl aromatic compounds
Reversibly switchable primers
Method for surface mounting electrical components to a substrate
Method of edge fold sealing
Organic electroluminescent device
Liquid for evaporative cooling apparatus
Early-enhanced strength cement compositions and methods
Temperature indicating material and temperature monitoring member
Lubricating oil for compression refrigerator and refrigerating/air conditioning apparatus using the same
Alkaline earth alkylaryl sulfonates, their application as an additive for lubricating oil, and methods of preparation
Treatment method of waste oil or waste edible oil
Surfactant granules with an improved dissolving rate comprising alky and alkenyl sulfates
Aqueous cleaning compositions in dispersed lamellar phase
Laundry detergent compositions comprising hydrophobically modified polyamines and nonionic surfactants
Liquid detergent composition
Method for reducing micro-particle adsorption effects
Foaming drain cleaner
Cleaning solution and method for cleaning semiconductor substrates after polishing of copper film
Builder agglomerates for laundry detergent powders
Bleaching composition for dry cleaning containing transition metal bleach catalyst
Paint stripping compositions
Alkaline cleaners based on alcohol ethoxy carboxylates
Contact lens cleaning solution
Bleaching system
Process for enhancing the transparency of transparent soap bars
Cell culture apparatus and methods of use
Method and apparatus for introducing substances into the cell plasma membrane and/or cytosol
Method and apparatus for disruption of biological material
Genetic alteration in plants using single-stranded oligodeoxynucleotide vectors
Methods of treating colitis using STAT-4 anti-sense oligonucleotides
Chimeric adenoviral vectors
Filtration method for separating viruses
FY7 polymerase
IKK-.alpha. proteins nucleic acids and methods
7970, a novel ATPase-like molecule and uses thereof
Isolated human phosphatase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phosphatase proteins, and uses thereof
Antibody specific for a protein tyrosine phosphatase that localizes to focal adhesions
Maize histone deacetylases and their use
Monoclonal antibody which is specific for activated coagulation factor VII, and its use
Penicillium isolates for modifying alternan
Genes encoding desulfurization enzymes
Enzymatic esterification
Electrochemical membrane strip biosensor
Colorimetric test for agents that induce mitochondrial dysfunction
Detection of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach
Apparatus for monitoring a level of a chemical species in a body fluid
Method of determining cholesterol content of high-density lipoproteins
Genotyping the human UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1 (UGT1) gene
Mammalian two-hybrid system
Methods for detecting interaction among several proteins
Reversible inactivation enzymes
Method for genotyping of single nucleotide polymorphism
Detection of hypermutable nucleic acid sequence in tissue and body fluids
Method for genotyping microsatellite DNA markers
Multiplex amplification of short tandem repeat loci
High throughput screening of the effects of anti-cancer agents on expression of cancer related genes in various cell lines
Biosensor device and method
Electrogenerated chemiluminescence labels for analysis and/or referencing
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Use of 2-mercapto-pyridine-N-oxide
Method of scrapping furnace bottom section of blast furnace
Method of forging precipitation hardening type stainless steel
Low iron loss non-oriented electrical steel sheet excellent in workability and method for producing the same
Rolling bearing and method of machining rolling element of the bearing
Aluminum-killed low-carbon steel sheet for containers and method for its preparation
Treatment process for removing radioactive thorium from solvent extraction liquid effluent
Isotropic rare earth material of high intrinsic induction
Optical recording medium and method of fabricating same
Heat-resistant alloy wire
Method of producing tool steels
Differentially heat treated article, and apparatus and process for the manufacture thereof
Method for creating surface oil reservoirs on coated iron
Preheat method for EBPVD coating
Process for forming a diffusion-barrier-material nitride film
Apparatus for coating a body by using ion plating
Nickel-titanium sputter target alloy
Fabrication and bonding of copper sputter targets
Process for production of ultrathin protective overcoats
Apparatus and method for intra-layer modulation of the material deposition and assist beam and the multilayer structure produced therefrom
Method of coating a concave friction bearing
Method of structuring layers with a polysilicon layer and an overlying metal or metal silicide layer using a three step etching process with fluorine, chlorine, bromine containing gases
Fabrication of a semiconductor device with an interlayer insulating film formed from a plasma devoid of an oxidizing agent
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Large area polysilicon films with predetermined stress characteristics and method for producing same
Processing method for object to be processed including a pre-coating step to seal fluorine
Vacuum operation apparatus
Gas collector for epitaxial reactors
Method to solve particle performance of FSG layer by using UFU season film for FSG process
Method of delivering gas into reaction chamber and shower head used to deliver gas
Phosphating processes and products therefrom with improved mechanical formability
Cementitious ceramic surface having controllable reflectance and texture
Arc spraying method
Method and apparatus for determining process-induced stresses and elastic modulus of coatings by in-situ measurement
Boronized wear-resistant materials and methods thereof
Method of etching material film formed on semiconductor wafer using surface wave coupled plasma etching apparatus
Motorized frame for adjusting the interelectrodic gap in mercury cells
Method for producing highly pure aluminum primary base metal
Electrodeposited copper foil, method of inspecting physical properties thereof, and copper-clad laminate employing the electrodeposited copper foil
Method of electrophoretic deposition of ferroelectric films using a tri-functional additive and compositions for effecting same
Method of manufacture of electrochemically textured surface having controlled peak characteristics
Functional Sn-Bi alloy plating using a substitute material for Pb
Substrate holder system with substrate extension apparatus and associated method
Anode assembly for plating and planarizing a conductive layer
Silicon single crystal wafer, epitaxial silicon wafer, and methods for producing them
Single step process for epitaxial lateral overgrowth of nitride based materials
Method of optimizing process of selective epitaxial growth
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for producing a highly oriented yarn
Heat-meltable fluororesin fibers
Anti-tack spandex fibers containing antimicrobial agents therein and fabrics made therefrom
Absorbent structure including a thin, calendered airlaid composite and a process for making the composite
Textile machine felt
Process for producing a leather-like sheet
Ink jet printed textiles
Process for dewatering a pulp web
Method of forming a tissue with surfaces having elevated regions
Fixed Constructions
Pavement marking articles having enhanced retroreflectivity under dry or wet conditions and method for making same
Combined waterproofing sheet and protection course membrane
Method for the manufacture of a section for windows or doors
Glass panel and method of manufacturing thereof and spacers used for glass panel
Method for renovating doors
Apparatus for forming a fabric and components thereof for a covering for architectural openings and method of treating ends thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rolling bearing
Composite friction elements and pultrusion method of making
Method of monitoring and controlling corrosion of furnace boiler tubes
Polymer heat pipe with carbon core
Method and apparatus for determining process layer conformality
Method for determining container leakage
Sensor devices, methods and systems for detecting gas phase materials
Sensing liquids in oil well using electrochemical sensor
Gas concentration sensing apparatus capable of suppressing sensor voltage oscillation
Gas sensing element and method for manufacturing the same
Method for determining fat (crude) in feed, food, and other materials utilizing filter media encapsulation
Dual bar code for food contamination detection
Sensor and sensor assembly for detecting a target gas in a breath sample
p53 as a regulator of cell differentiation
Method for the immunological determination of an analyte
Competitive binding assay immunoassay for platelet antigens in whole blood
Process and agent for detecting antibodies against Treponema pallidum
Fluorescent labeling complexes with large Stokes shift formed by coupling together cyanine and other fluorochromes capable of resonance energy transfer
Fluorescence-based assay for the interaction of small molecules with the human renal organic anion transporter 1 (hOAT1)
Radio wave absorbing materials, radio wave absorber, and radio wave anechoic chamber and the like made by using the same
Method for testing a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of manufacturing two-color filter
Photochromic substituted naphthopyran compounds
Method for manufacturing multi-domain liquid crystal cell
Light sensitive silver halide photographic emulsion and silver halide photographic light-sensitive material containing the emulsion
Processing method of silver halide photographic light sensitive material
Silver halide light-sensitive material containing tanning developing agent
Antihalation/acutance system for photothermographic materials
Heat-developable image-recording material and method of developing the same
Thermographic recording elements
Protective overcoat for photographic elements
Method of producing a photographic image
Silver halide color photographic light sensitive material
Photographic bleaching compositions and method of processing color reversal elements
Chromogenic sepia silver halide print material
Silver halide color photographic material and development processing method of the same
Transparent phase shift mask for fabrication of small feature sizes
Generic phase shift masks
Mask absorber for extreme ultraviolet lithography
Positive photosensitive composition
Chemically amplified resist composition
Positive photoresist composition for far ultraviolet exposure
Positive photoresist composition
Detection of a gaseous substance emanating from a layer of polymeric composition
Photosensitive resin plate for letterpress printing
Method for producing selectively colorable printing plates
Optical exposure apparatus of scanning exposure system and its exposing method
Method of controlling stepper process parameters based upon scatterometric measurements of DICD features
Imaging apparatus and toner therefor
Fuser member with an amino silane adhesive layer and preparation thereof
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, electrophotographic image forming method, electrophotographic image forming apparatus and processing cartridge
Magnetic toner with negative polarity for developing latent electrostatic images, and image forming apparatus using the same
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image, process for producing the same, developer for developing electrostatic latent image, and process for forming image
Low-resistance gate transistor and method for fabricating the same
Apparatus and method for contacting a conductive layer
System and method for carbon dioxide cleaning of data storage tape
Method for manufacturing a GMR spin valve having a smooth interface between magnetic and non-magnetic layers
Magnetic recording medium
Low noise magnetic recording media having a interlayer film
High density optical storage and retrieval using the electromagnetic absorption spectrum to represent multiple bit information
Reference layer structure in a magnetic storage cell
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for testing the same
Method for forming a resistor
Iron-base alloy permanent magnet powder and method for producing the same
Ribbon shaped magnet material magnetic powder and rare earth bonded magnet
Method for manufacturing thin-film magnetic head with spin valve magnetoresistive sensor
Thin film transistor and semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Semiconductor device with selective epitaxial growth layer and isolation method in a semiconductor device
Method for avoiding water marks formed during cleaning after well implantation
Use of a thin nitride spacer in a split gate embedded analog process
Method of manufacturing GaN-based p-type compound semiconductors and light emitting diodes
Process for fabricating a semiconductor device having a metal oxide or a metal silicate gate dielectric layer
Semiconductor device plating apparatus
Process for fabricating a semiconductor device
Interlevel dielectric composite layer for insulation of polysilicon and metal structures
Manufacturing method of system-on-chip and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method for forming isolation regions on semiconductor device
Method of forming interlevel dielectric layer of semiconductor device
Etching methods, methods of removing portions of material, and methods of forming silicon nitride spacers
Etching methods, methods of removing portions of material, and methods of forming silicon nitride spacers
Method for forming high quality multiple thickness oxide using high temperature descum
Method for forming a capacitor for semiconductor devices with diffusion barrier layer on both sides of dielectric layer
Method for manufacturing capacitor in semiconductor device and the capacitor
Method of low-selective etching of dissimilar materials having interfaces at non-perpendicular angles to the etch propagation direction
Method of forming a dual-layer anti-reflective coating
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Reduced masking step CMOS transistor formation using removable amorphous silicon sidewall spacers
Semiconductor device with high-temperature-stable gate electrode for sub-micron applications and fabrication thereof
Method of manufacturing a semiconductive device with an enhanced junction breakdown strength
Method for fabricating semiconductor device with copper gate electrode
Method to pattern polysilicon gates with high-k material gate dielectric
Methods of forming integrated circuitry
Method of doping copper metallization
Semiconductor device with two stacked chips in one resin body and method of producing
Method of forming a semiconductor device having a non-peeling electrode pad portion
Process improvement for the creation of aluminum contact bumps
Method of manufacturing interconnection structural body
Method for making semiconductor devices having contact plugs and local interconnects
Methods of forming materials over uneven surface topologies, and methods of forming insulative materials over and between conductive lines
Dry polymer and oxide veil removal for post etch cleaning
Method for making a dual damascene interconnect using a multilayer hard mask
Fabrication method for semiconductor integrated circuit devices and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Device and method for protecting against oxidation of a conductive layer in said device
DRAM cell capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and process for producing the same
Shallow trench isolation (STI) and method of forming the same
Method for attaching a lead frame to a heat spreader/heat slug structure
Multiphase low dielectric constant material and method of deposition
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method
Inductor and fabricating method thereof
Method of manufacturing an amorphous-silicon thin film transistor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for producing semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a self-aligned non-volatile memory cell
Laser transceiver system controller
Iridium composite barrier structure and method for same
Raised source/drain process by selective SiGe epitaxy
Method for selective removal of unreacted metal after silicidation
Method of fabricating DRAM capacitor
Semiconductor structure having a crystalline alkaline earth metal silicon nitride/oxide interface with silicon
Method of fabricating high voltage power MOSFET having low on-resistance
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Semiconductor fuse covering
Semiconductor wafer processing tapes
Method and apparatus for manufacturing three-dimensional photonic crystal structure by fusion bonding the aligned lattice layers formed on wafers
Plasma chamber support having dual electrodes
Method for forming landing pad
Dual-sided semiconductor chip and method for forming the chip with a conductive path through the chip that connects elements on each side of the chip
Semiconductor devices and manufacturing methods thereof
Semiconductor device including a charge-dispersing region and fabricating method thereof
CMOS device and method of manufacturing the same
Capacitor over metal DRAM structure
Simplified DSCP process for manufacturing FLOTOX EEPROM non-autoaligned semiconductor memory cells
Semiconductor memory device and fabrication method thereof
One-step semiconductor stack packaging method
Self-aligned etch stop for polycrystalline silicon plugs on a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with air gaps formed between metal leads
Process for forming electrical interconnects in integrated circuits
Method of making memory wordline hard mask extension
Method of fabricating SOI wafer
Isolation structure and fabricating method therefor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a shallow trench isolating region
Method for forming isolation layer in semiconductor device
Method to improve adhesion of molding compound by providing an oxygen rich film over the top surface of a passivation layer
Heat sink for microchip application
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Contact escape pattern
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of monitoring loss of silicon nitride
Chip-type circuit component and method of manufacturing the same
Isolated structure and method of fabricating such a structure on a substrate
Single electron transistor using porous silicon and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for integrating anti-reflection layer and salicide block
Gallium phosphide luminescent device
Superconducting substrate structure and a method of producing such structure
Electrolyte having alkyne derivative and lithium secondary battery using the same
Lithium secondary battery for use in electric vehicle
PDA battery buckling device
Extended life battery pack with active cooling
Power source
Separator for battery having zinc electrode
Source of electrical power for an electric vehicle and other purposes, and related methods
Cathode tube and method of making the same
Sealed alkaline storage battery with a manganese containing NiOH electrode
Fuel cell electrode assembly with selective catalyst loading
Method for improving the cold starting capability of an electrochemical fuel cell
Direct hydrocarbon fuel cells
Vehicle fuel cell supporting apparatus and method
Composite laminate circuit structure and methods of interconnecting the same
Method of stacking semiconductor laser devices in a sub-mount and heatsink
Method and manufacturing piezoelectric device
Energetic copolyurethane thermoplastic elastomers
Substrate of circuit board
Conductive paste and laminated ceramic electronic component using the same
Method of manufacturing a substrate with directionally anisotropic warping
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