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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Remedy for diabetes
Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning seat assembly
Storage device for weave and extension hair
Hanging device and method therefor
Beverage dispenser systems
Vibration analgesia injection apparatus
Systems and methods for catheter tip placement using ECG
Transverse-mode-resonant stimulation device
Reference markers for fesoterodine fumarate
Stimulating pacifier
Method of treating microbial infections
Use of lumefantrine and related compounds in the treatment of cancer
Method for increasing the intraocular pressure in an animal
Method for treating glioblastomas and other tumors
Methods for treating hyperuricemia in patients with gout using halofenate or halofenic acid and a second urate-lowering agent
Method for inhibiting the growth of bacteria
Chroman-derived anti-androgens for treatment of androgen mediated disorders
Process for the preparation of amorphous imatinib mesylate
Activated leukocyte conditioned supernatant and uses for wound healing
Rat-eye bean extract improving blood glucose control and bioactivity and method of producing the same
Topical transdermal method for delivering nutrients through the skin for expeditied wound healing and skin rejuvenation
Fluorinated epoxyketone-based compounds and uses thereof as proteasome inhibitors
Decellularization and recellularization of donor tissues for minimized or obviated rejection reactions
Conjugated beta-1,3-linked glucans
Application of mRNA for use as a therapeutic against tumour diseases
Conjugated .beta.-1,3-linked glucans
Chimeric influenza virus-like particles
Compositions and methods for using cathepsin E cleavable substrates
Small efficient cell penetrating peptides derived from the scorpion toxin maurocalcine
Multilayered magnetic micelle compositions and methods for their use
Pharmaceutical dosage form
Nanoshells on polymers
Leak-proof contact lens container
Medical devices having particle-containing regions with diamond-like coatings
Venous insufficiency treatment method
Fluid infuser
Needle tip protector assembly for safety IV catheter assembly
Catheter having a tapered structure and balloon formed above a lower drainage hole
Intravenous connection site protective device
Cassette with infusion set containing anti-freeflow ball valve for peristaltic infusion pump
Autoinjection devices
Apparatus and method for electromagnetic treatment of neurological injury or condition caused by a stroke
Methods of treating cancer with antibodies that target the insulin-like growth factor type I receptor (IGF-1R)
Aromatic ring compound
Tri-aromatic azomethine direct dyes comprising at least one unit derived from resorcinol, dyeing composition, method and use
Water shelter or shed to protect a worker from heat, smoke, fire and chemicals
Multipurpose exercise stool
Exercise apparatus having guided foot pad carriers and a weight stack
Push-up exercise device
Cardio-based exercise systems with visual feedback on exercise programs
Back stretching device
Golf course-compatible modified golf game and safety equipment
Goal tender leg pad
Pool rack assembly
Collections in a virtual environment
Blocking mechanism for amusement game with multiple lifting pins
Wave simulating apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Brine maker
Exhaust gas purification apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Titanium oxide dispersion liquid, titanium oxide coating liquid, and photocatalyst coating film
Temperature control system, hydrocarbon synthesis reaction apparatus, hydrocarbon synthesis reaction system, and temperature control process
Polymer microfluidic biochip fabrication
Three-dimensional microfluidic micro-droplet arrays for electronic integrated circuit and component cooling, energy-harvesting, chemical and biochemical microreactors, miniature bioreactors, and other applications
Corn stover biomass feedstocks with uniform particle size distribution profiles at retained field moisture contents
Tooth for roller crusher
Combined ionic air filter and humidifier apparatus
Sprinkler with bypass tube
Method of coating an element with glue
Thin film ultrasound transducer
Material separation and conveyance using tuned waves
Portable hydraulic house member crimping device
Hydraulic expanding lock
Disposable surgical rod deburrer
Electric discharge machining apparatus
FSW tool with graduated composition change
Monolite piston laser welding spatter control
Re-circulating system for slurried abrasive/liquid feed to multiple abrasive water jet cutting heads
Rapid lock extractor
Bridge adjustment tool
Pipe wrench
Fastener extraction ratchet bit device
Tool implement with integrated stake puller
Change-over coupling
Device for wet shaving
Component and associated production method
Manually operated tablet press
Nozzle of injection machine and heating apparatus of the nozzle
Non-pneumatic tire and system for molding non-pneumatic tire
Shroud and method for fixedly covering a pipe with a camouflage scheme using thermoplastic shrink wrap, hydro dipping, and a multi-layered panel
Clean edge business cards
Heat sealing techniques for bonding sheet materials
Device for two-sided printing
Liquid application apparatus and image forming system
Multi-part fluid flow structure
Liquid management system
Dual purpose printing apparatus
Method of measuring a wetting property of a nozzle plate
Ink proofing system
Recording medium
Paint caddy
Trailer axle repair kit having spare spindle and flange axle assembly
Traction material dispensing apparatus
Cardboard made wheel
Latching mechanism for transit window assembly for vehicles
Guiding rail system for a car curtain
Actuator for raising the front hood of a vehicle and pedestrian protection system for a vehicle
Conformable fuel gas tank
Hybrid excavator and method of controlling hybrid excavator
Drive system for hybrid vehicle
Juvenile vehicle seat with adjustable base
Sliding loading ramp
Trailer assembly
Vehicle dome lighting system with photoluminescent structure
Control of a personal transporter based on user position
Control of a personal transporter based on user position
Vehicle lamp
Photoluminescent vehicle console
Photoluminescent step handle
Motor vehicle with integrated hybrid mechanic creeper/utility cart
Gas bag arrangement for a vehicle occupant restraint system
Hydraulic lift device for trailer
Roof panel joining mechanism
Lid lock structure for saddle type vehicle
Rear-mounted retractable aerodynamic structure for cargo bodies
Aerodynamic structures secured to the underbody of cargo bodies
Electric power steering apparatus
Tie rod assembly with integrated safety tip
Vehicle body front structure of saddle-type vehicle
Adjustabable bag harness for a bicycle
Body frame for bicycle
Clamp assembly for fixing handlebar grip
Suspension for scooter
Brake caliper
Vessel and shelter assembly
Self-securing, vertically mounted marine anchor stowage device and method of use thereof
System and methods of using unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) along with tethers and tethered devices
Closure for packaging
Reclosing can for food product
Package and method of making a package
Plant organizing and growing assembly
Belt band conveyor
Apparatus for storing and dispensing a high pressure hose
Conformable dry adhesive holding device
Engine-powered forklift truck and method of releasing load handling interlock thereof
Self-centering and self-gripping corkscrew
Device with one-way valve
Water dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for removing acid-gases from hydrocarbon-bearing saltwater solution
Production method for 2-alkenylamine compound
Dihydroxybenzene derivatives and antiprotozoal agent comprising same as active ingredient
Process for preparation of substituted 3'-hydroazino-diphenyl-3-carboxylic acid compounds
Phase-transfer catalysed formation of N-(substituted phenyl) sulfonamides in water
Sulfonamide derivative having PGD2 receptor antagonistic activity
Tricyclic sulfone compounds and methods of making and using same
N-phenethylcarboxamide derivatives
Compositions, uses and methods for their preparation
Pyrrolotriazines as ALK inhibitors
Regulators of the hedgehog pathway, compositions and uses related thereto
Small molecule inhibitors of TRPA1
Co-modified organopolysiloxane, and powder treatment agent and powder composition comprising the same
Curable material comprising silylated polymers containing urethane groups, and use thereof in sealants, adhesives, binders and/or surface modifiers
Methods for treating gastrointestinal diseases
Constructs and methods for the production and secretion of polypeptides
Tat DNA sequences, gene constructs, vaccine and processes thereof
Counter current purification of polypeptides
Self-assembling polymers--I
Metal colloids with accessible metal surfaces
Manufacturing method for organopolysiloxane-polyoxyalkylene block copolymer
Atmospheric plasma treatment of reinforcement cords and use in rubber articles
Use of photosensitive molecules and metal complexes as oxygen scavenger elements
Olefinic Thermoplastic Elastomer composition and process for producing the same
Acrylic rubber composition, and crosslinked product thereof
Sol-gel transition control of coatings by addition of solidifiers for conformal coatings on textured glass
High temperature bond coating with increased oxidation resistance
UV photoexcited red light-emitting material and light emitting apparatus
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Photoalignment of materials including liquid crystals
Method and composition for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery
Wellbore servicing compositions and methods of making and using same
Process for production of low ash clean coal from high ash coal with total solvent recovery
Variant microorganism able to produce large amount of fermentation product, and fermentation product production method using same
Salt tolerant lucerne
Importation of a ribozyme into vegetable mitochondria by a pseudo-tRNA that can be aminoacylated by valine
Auxin receptors
Compositions and methods for modulating the sensitivity of cells to AHAS inhibitors
Substrate for feeding cells and/or tissues, cell/tissue-feeder and method for the production of the same, method for the regeneration of tissues, and method for the production of porous bodies
Medium for the protein-free and serum-free cultivation of cells
Compositions and methods for detecting Yersinia pestis bacteria
Nucleic acids encoding D4 desaturases and D5 elongases
Genotyping method for use in cattle traceability and means thereof
Process for the preparation of hypoallergenic major birch pollen allergen rBet v 1
Detection of nucleic acid reactions on bead arrays
Compositions and methods for sample preparation
Method for manufacturing an austenitic steel object
Method for hot shaping a workpiece and agent for reducing the heat emission
Furnace and system for heat treating material
Precious metal recovery
In vitro method and kit for prognosis or prediction of response by patients with rheumatoid arthritis to treatment with TNF-.alpha.factor blocking agents
Textiles; Paper
Spandex from high molecular weight poly (tetramethylene-co-ethyleneether) glycols
Method for knitting knitted fabric and knitted fabric
Yarn clipping and cutting structure for striping apparatus of circular knitting machine
Fixed Constructions
Co-polymer soil subgrade binders
Trench shield spreader coupling
Ground engaging tool assembly
Ground engaging tool assembly
Yield link for providing increased ductility, redundancy, and hysteretic damping in structural bracing systems
Base sheet integrated photovolatic roofing assemblies
Platform for supporting and moving a bulk seed container or the like
Storage tank construction method
Articulating aiming support
Building structure including adaptable enclosures
Earthquake protection pod
Arrangement for a lock
Closure latch
Window having vacuum insulated glass (VIG) unit and frame including vacuum insulated structure(s)
Manufacture and method for forming structures and the structures resulting therefrom
Submersible progressive cavity pump driver
Rotary actuated cutter module system and methodology
Downhole tools, system and method of using
Heat dissipation in downhole equipment
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine
Sealing structure on a shroud of a turbine blade
Turbine shell with pin support
Shroud impeller of centrifugal compressor and method of manufacturing the same
Camshaft phaser having a spring
Valve timing control apparatus
Mounting assembly for a reductant injector
Gas distribution manifold and corresponding gas intake module
Method for a variable displacement engine
Engine system and a method of operating a direct injection engine
Rotary internal combustion engine
Inducer guide vanes
Device and method for preserving fluid systems and an engine
Ultrasonic water atomization system for gas turbine inlet cooling and wet compression
Method and system for binary flow turbine control
Controller for internal combustion engines
Engine spacer plate gasket
Pressure reducing system for fuel gas and natural gas dewaxing vehicle
Approach for controlling fuel flow with alternative fuels
Pressure regulator having an integrated check valve
Fuel injector
Fuel injection valve
Valve actuator assembly with current trim and fuel injector using same
Corona ignition system and method for controlling a corona ignition device
Wind turbine
Optical condenser, rotational axis setting method therefor, and heat collection apparatus and solar power generation apparatus equipped with optical condenser
Centrifugal compressor
Volute shaped pump casing with splitter rib
Proportional servo hydraulic control valve
Control system for a hybrid construction machine
Fluid resistance reducing method and resistance reducing propulsion device
Precision positioning and fastening system
Heat-insulating bearing structure
Ratchet mechanism for a bicycle hub assembly
Air cooled piston cap assembly
Friction pad assembly for disk brake
Gear change actuator
Stepless transmission
Belt drive with fixed large disc
Low-cost high-performance annular metallic seal for high pressures and large diameters
Electromagnetic valve
Membrane valve
Illuminated protection disk
Lamp unit
Illumination light source and lighting apparatus
Lighting apparatus
Light scaffold electric arc sound effect
Inks including segment copolymer grafted pigments via azide chemistry
Illumination apparatus
Heating assembly
Heating apparatus with fan
Heating apparatus with fan
Snow making apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatically drying wet floors
Drying method and drying device for green honeycomb molded body
Apparatus for firearm safety
Concentric spiraled chamber firearm suppressor
Pole spear storage and launching device
Adjustable gun hand grip
Safety case for firearm
Armor system
Armor materials and structures and methods
Gunner accessory package
Shooting target management systems and related methods
User configurable shape charge liner and housing
MEMS rotary fuze architecture for out-of-line applications
Metrology tool for electroless copper thickness measurement for BBUL process development monitoring
Real-time multi-point diffraction-based imaging system for strain measurement
Equipment for measuring piston rings
Shaft sounding device for measuring thickness of sediments at base of drilled shafts
Resolver and multiple-rotation detector
Fourier transform spectrometer and fourier transform spectroscopic method
Oceangraphic assembly for collecting data along multiple water columns
Variable bus stops across a bus route in a regional transportation network
Method and apparatus for measuring the shape of a wave-front of an optical radiation field
Snapshot spatial heterodyne imaging polarimetry
Wheel sensing arrangement, wheel sensor and method
Single coil magnetic induction tomographic imaging
Formation of immobilized biological layers for sensing
Analytical method for detecting sulfated oligosaccharides
Chromatographic system quality control reference materials
Determining combinations of odors to produce a target olfactory pleasantness
MASP-2, a complement fixing enzyme, and uses for it
Method and arrangement for determining an electrical characteristics at a regulation point
Signal path switch and probe card having the signal path switch
Non-contact discharge evaluation method and non-contact discharge evaluation apparatus
Systems and methods mitigating temperature dependence of circuitry in electronic devices
Method and apparatus for location determination using reflected interferometry
Method of stabilizing a power grid and providing a synthetic aperture radar using a radar wind turbine
Radiation detection
Method of electron beam transport in an X-ray scanner
F-theta objective
Spaced configuration of acousto-optic deflectors for laser beam scanning of a semiconductor substrate
Roll of continuous web of optical film laminate and production method therefor
Polarization beam combiner/splitter, polarization beam combining/splitting structure, light mixer, optical modulator module, and method for manufacturing polarization beam combiner/splitter
Optical waveguide with mirror, optical fiber connector, and manufacturing method thereof
Fiber optic enclosure for retrofitting pedestals in the field
Independently adjustable mount assembly for two optical components
Liquid crystal display device
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Nanocomposite high order nonlinear optical-element
Light source device including passage forming member and image projecting apparatus having the same
Optical projection device for an icon display element
Projection optical system and projection-type display apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Wet-strippable silicon-containing antireflectant
Intermediate transfer member and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and exposure position adjusting method
Image formation apparatus with initial voltage polarity setting
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Apparatus, controller, and method of forming multicolor toner image
Fixing device, image forming apparatus and fixing method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus and method of switching collected developer route in image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, electrophotographic apparatus and phthalocyanine crystal
Personalized wall clocks and kits for making the same
Interface clock frequency switching using a computed insertion delay
System and method to control heat dissipation through service level analysis
Storage apparatus, storage apparatus manufacturing method, and measurement method of the same
Accessory for wearable computer
Low-profile swing gate to support service element interface hardware
Reduced length memory card
Mobile device protecting system and method
Methods and apparatus for accessing device memory via a host bus interface
Computer and dumping control method
Salvaging hardware transactions with instructions to transfer transaction execution control
Salvaging hardware transactions with instructions to transfer transaction execution control
System and method for archive verification using multiple attempts
Recovering a volume table and data sets
Salvaging lock elision transactions with instructions to change execution type
Bus protocol checker, system on chip including the same, bus protocol checking method
Method and system of distributed backup for computer devices in a network
Fault symptom detection method and information processing apparatus
Random bit generator based on nanomaterials
Detecting error states when interacting with web applications
Space reservation in a deduplication system
Semiconductor memory device and method for logging monitored events into a buffer
Dynamic memory allocation using suballocation of cell blocks
Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Multi-core processor system, control program, and control method
Providing record level sharing (RLS) to individual catalogs
Efficient directory refresh operations in wide area file systems
Management computer used to construct backup configuration of application data
Implementing memory performance management and enhanced memory reliability accounting for thermal conditions
High density multi node computer with integrated shared resources
3-D stacked multiprocessor structures and methods for multimodal operation of same
Efficient maintenance of a distributed system membership view
Master control system with remote monitoring for handling tubulars
Question-related identification of relevant social communities
Estimating the time until a reply email will be received using a recipient behavior model
Disaster recovery method and apparatus used in document editing and storage medium
Real time term suggestion using text analytics
Determining geographic areas of interest for a query
Apparatus and methods for renting and controlling occupancy of a vehicle
Representing a function bandlimited within a polygonal space
Wrap descriptor for defining a wrap package of cards including a global component
Using parallel insert sub-ranges to insert into a column store
Using parallel insert sub-ranges to insert into a column store
Management of language usage to facilitate effective communication
Identifying word-senses based on linguistic variations
Perspective data management for common features of multiple items
Speech translation system, dictionary server, and program
System and method for incrementally updating a reordering model for a statistical machine translation system
Space constrained text translator
Determining documents that match a query
Ranking of heterogeneous information objects
Scoring authors of posts
Systems and methods for dynamic visual search engine
Social graph data analytics
Weighted transaction priority based dynamically upon phase of transaction completion
Polymorph table with shared columns
Conforming data structure instances to schema versions
Social networking response management system
Support for international search terms-translate as you crawl
Custom web page themes
System for stabilization control of mobile robotics
Household electrical appliance and method for controlling household electrical appliance
Engine control device
Memory circuitry including computational circuitry for performing supplemental functions
Defining an interactive user interface
Optimistic processing of messages in a messaging system
Method and system for gesture recognition
General user interface gesture lexicon and grammar frameworks for multi-touch, high dimensional touch pad (HDTP), free-space camera, and other user interfaces
Capacitive type stylus and mobile terminal comprising the same
Touch pen for a capacitive touch pad
Touch device warning method and touch device warning system
Touch window
Electronic device, non-transitory storage medium, and control method for electronic device
Touch sensitive projection screen
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Systems, methods and apparatuses for facilitating content consumption and sharing through geographic and incentive based virtual networks
Apparatus and method for information display of portable device
Replicating data across controllers
Multidimensional storage array and method utilizing an input shifter to allow an entire column or row to be accessed in a single clock cycle
Efficient use of metadata accompanying file writing to media
Method and apparatus for printing labels for medical applications
Medicine distributing system
System, method and computer program product for automatic topic identification using a hypertext corpus
Managing a data set
System, method and computer program product for automatic topic identification using a hypertext corpus
Using a plurality of sub-buffers and a free segment list to allocate segments to a plurality of threads to use for writing data
Restricting processing within a processor to facilitate transaction completion
Migration between model elements of different types in a modeling environment
Providing a visual representation of a sub-set of a visual program
Memory error tracking in a multiple-user development environment
System and method to classify automated code inspection services defect output for defect analysis
Techniques for selecting a predicted indirect branch address from global and local caches
Regression alerts
Common system services for managing configuration and other runtime settings of applications
Control flow graph flattening device and method
Specifying user defined or translator definitions to use to interpret mnemonics in a computer program
System and method to control heat dissipation through service level analysis
Increased destaging efficiency by smoothing destaging between current and desired number of destage tasks
Increased destaging efficiency by smoothing destaging between current and desired number of destage tasks
Allocating a global resource to consumers across different regions of a distributed grid environment based on use data and demand data of each consumer
Accelerating multiversion concurrency control using hardware transactional memory
Product identification via image analysis
Device, method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium to calculate a parameter for calibration
Bearing assembly including IC tag
Weapon storage assembly
System and method for determining distracting features in a visual display
Displaying content based on viewing direction
Mobile terminal
Planar electronic device and method for manufacturing
Divinylarene dioxide compositions having reduced volatility
Composition for encapsulant, encapsulant, and electronic element
Electric vehicle charging system
Battery management system and method
Method for using shared installation session environment to duplicate installs
Imaging device and interchangeable lens arranged to have a reduced amount of magnetic field reaching an image pickup element
Method and apparatus for generating three-dimensional image information
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Plant growing media
Containment mat
Honeycomb-shallow box partition for beehives
Tube connection assembly with safety locking system for external filters for aquariums
Water-soluble polymers and their use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical compositions
Hydrosoluble composition comprising lipophilic vegetable material and at least two ecologically optimized surfactants
ATP synthesis activator containing a mixture of herbs
Lipolytic enzyme
Method and apparatus for stuffing hams
Process for preserving fresh pineapple
Metabolically engineered lactic acid bacteria and their use
Method for the manufacture of rice-based food additive
Spinner candy toy
Process and apparatus for producing fiber product with high water-binding capacity and food product made therefrom
Method of making coated chewing gum products containing various antacids
Composite flexible frozen confection comprising a gel and process for its preparation
Method for producing taurine-enriched milk
Micro-particulate microbound diet for the culture of larval fish and crustaceans
Heat treated cereals and process of making
Enhancing puffable food products and for production thereof
Infant formula with free amino acids and nucleotides
Method for reducing color migration in multi-layered, caramel colored, gel-based dessert products and the products so produced
Smoke modifying agents and smoking material rods comprising smoke-modifying agents
Apparatus for transporting unwound webs of wrapping material for smokers' products
Materials and method of making same for low ignition propensity products
Brassiere, mainly for use when nursing
Two-ply support garment and method of making same
Backless, strapless bra with swivel snap system
Energy conversion composition
Hook and loop fastener having an increased coefficient of friction
Tape stripping system and method
Method of using wobbling brush apparatus
Foldable table tennis table
Components for countertop assembly and fabrication
Foldable swing with seat recline mechanism
Soft-shelled ornament
Decorative towel assembly
Structures useful as cleaning sheets
Continuously rinsing double-sheath endoscope
Suture anchor
Method and apparatus for plugging a patent foramen ovale formed in the heart
Multi-point tension distribution system device and method of tissue approximation using that device to improve wound healing
Puncture resistant branch artery occlusion device and methods of use
Apparatus and methods for reducing lung volume
Tibial rotation guide
Over-the-wire atherectomy catheter
Systems and methods for ultrasound assisted lipolysis
Surgical instrument
Surgical scalpel
Interbody fusion device and method for restoration of normal spinal anatomy
Device for rotational stabilization of bone segments
Method and apparatus for dynamized spinal stabilization
Orthopedic support system and method of installation
Supplementing engineered annulus tissues with autograft of allograft tendons
Rod implant for osteosynthesis of long bones
Osteosynthesis plating apparatus and method with extension plate
Device for fixing implants on or in a bone
Systems and methods for reducing post-surgical complications
Loop structures for supporting diagnostic and therapeutic elements contact with body tissue and expandable push devices for use with same
Method and apparatus for positioning a diagnostic or therapeutic element within the body and tip electrode for use with same
Systems and methods for treating dysfunctions in the intestines and rectum
Surgical instrument with off-axis electrode
Guided tool change
Surgical retractor apparatus
Method and apparatus for minimizing the risk of air embolism when performing a procedure in a patient's thoracic cavity
Glucose monitoring instrument having network connectivity
Pressure/temperature/flow monitor device for vascular implantation
Wire joint and method
System and method for evaluating risk of mortality due to congestive heart failure using physiologic sensors
Blood-pressure-waveform monitoring apparatus
Cuff for blood pressure monitor
Blood pressure monitor apparatus
Continuous blood-pressure monitoring apparatus
Metabolic calorimeter employing respiratory gas analysis
Rotatable penetration depth adjusting arrangement
Ultrasonic probe including pointing devices for remotely controlling functions of an associated imaging system
Diagnostic medical ultrasound image and system for contrast agent imaging
Ultrasonic probe
Ultrasound devices
Biocompatible form and method of fabrication
Disposable body fluid absorbent wearing article
Absorbent article having vertically oriented flow regulating walls
Disposable pull-on diaper with disposal securing means
Process for making absorbent material with in-situ polymerized superabsorbent
Method of making disposable absorbent article having graphics using ultrasonic thermal imaging
Incontinence insert applicators and methods for their use
Absorbent article with non-irritating refastenable seams
Stretchable tape
Absorbent article
Vaginal pessary
Adjustable implantable genitourinary device
Bag for at least partially enveloping a heart
Embolic protection device
Active arterial embolization filter
Apparatus for the intravascular ultrasound-guided placement of a vena cava filter
Embolic protection system and method including and embolic-capturing filter
Skids stent delivery system
Flexible and self-expandable stent and inserting device for such stents
Bifurcated side-access intravascular stent graft
Low profile delivery system for stent and graft deployment and method for deployment
Stent delivery system
Expandable coiled endoluminal prosthesis
Endoprosthesis that can be percutaneously implanted in the patient's body
Deployment and recovery control systems for embolic protection devices
Stent for angioplasty and a production process therefor
Accommodative intraocular lens system
Intraocular lens with surrounded lens zone
Mechanical heart valve prosthesis
Surfaces and processes for wear reducing in orthopaedic implants
Artificial intervertebral disc
Intervertebral spacer device having a multi-pronged domed spring
Systems and methods for injecting flowable materials into bones
Apparatus and method for bone positioning
Vacuum pump and shock absorber for artificial limb
Patient temperature control system with fluid pressure maintenance
Hot/cold pack device
Cardiovascular guiding catheter with heat exchange properties and methods of use
Drainage tube with heat transfer function and methods of use
Lingual vibration device
Slimming device
Lymphedema treatment system
Patient rehabilitation aid that varies treadmill belt speed to match a user's own step cycle based on leg length or step length
Chest compression apparatus for cardiac arrest
Exercise belt
Reconstituting device for injectable medication
Multi-chamber container with a concentrated glucose compartment and a concentrated hydrochloric acid compartment
Methods of treating asthma with interleukin-9 receptor antibodies
Treatment and system for nicotine withdrawal
Arthroscopic irrigation solution and method for inhibition of pain and inflammation
Methods of modifying feeding behavior using compounds with afinity for the human hypothalamic atypical neuropeptide Y/peptide YY receptor (Y5)
Method for dispensing S-adenosyl-methionine in a micro fine powdered form by inhalation
Method of achieving overnight laxation and control of bowel function
Compositions and method for relieving discomfort in the ears
Bystander suppression of type I diabetes by oral administration of glucagon
Bacteriostatic composition for salmonellae
Treatment of gastro-intestinal disorders
Method for stimulating an immune response
Method of treating inflammation in the joints of a body
Medicinal aerosol formulation
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
Method for treating tardive dyskinesia with Botulinum toxin type B
Method of treatment with IL-9 conjugate
Annexin proteins and autoantibodies as serum markers for cancer
Antigenic conjugates of conserved lipopolysaccharides of gram negative bacteria
Compositions of saponin adjuvants and excipients
Loading metal particles into cell membrane vesicles and metal particular use for imaging and therapy
Temperature-sensitive polymer/nanoshell composites for photothermally modulated drug delivery
Proteoglycan compositions for treating arthritic inflammatory conditions
Multivalent electron active compositions and methods of making and using same
Dry powder for inhalation
Anti-CD40L immunotoxins for the treatment of diseases
Composite abrasive material for oral compositions, and methods of making and using same
Machinable glass-ceramics
Combination tanning and antifungal topical system for treating tinea versicolor
Use of metalloprotinease inhibitors to inducing and/or stimulating growth of hair or hair or hairs and/or for slowing down their loss
Stable L-ascorbic acid composition
Increasing skin cell renewal with water-soluble Vitamin E
Stable self-tanning foams containing sodium coco-sulfate
Antiperspirant formulations
Topical composition comprising a functionally acylating cosmetic bonding agent
Method of treating topical ailments
Skin product having continuing antimicrobial, antiviral, antiseptic, and healing properties
Hair treatment composition
Reshapable hair styling composition comprising (meth)acrylic copolymers of four or more monomers
Wet-skin treatment compositions
Methods for embolizing vascular sites with an embolizing composition
Pellet implant system for immediate and delayed release of antiparasitic drug
Erythropoietin liposomal dispersion
Composition and method for decreasing upper respiratory airway resistance
Blood-pool selective carrier for lipophilic imaging agents
Porous drug matrices and methods of manufacture thereof
Instant granules and process for their formulation
Ionically formulated biomolecule microcarriers
Storage stable thyroxine active drug formulations and methods for their production
Stabilized sustained release tramadol formulations
Paroxetine compositions and processes for making the same
Oral pharmaceutical dosage forms for pulsatile delivery of an antiarrhythmic agent
Microencapsulated pheochromocyte of ox adrenal medulla as medicine for curing pain
Transdermal administration of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs using hydroxide-releasing agents as permeation enhancers
Topical compositions containing extracellular products of Pseudomonas lindbergii and Emu oil
Local prevention or amelioration of pain from surgically closed wounds
Apparatus and method for providing a continuously sanitized contact surface
Lubricious coating
Method and apparatus for processing device with fluid submersion
Uses for medical devices having a lubricious, nitric oxide-releasing coating
Neocartilage and methods of use
Artificial cornea
Essential oil diffusor
Method for the preparation of ferroelectric semiconductive coating and apparatus for removing environmental air pollutants using this coating and electric power
Blood treatment device and disposable kit for a blood treatment device
Device and method for nasal inhalation
Flexible disc obturator for a cannula assembly
Slideable cannula and method of use
Method for manufacturing a balloon for a dilation catheter
Guide support catheter
Band for anchoring tubular device to the body
Apparatus for inserting medical device
Intravascular catheter device and method for simultaneous local delivery of radiation and a therapeutic substance
Intraventricularly guided agent delivery system and method of use
Dripless eardrop applicator
Spring loaded implantable drug infusion device
Directly engaged syringe driver system
Variable rate infusion apparatus with indicator and adjustable rate control
Catheter with adjustable flow rate
Drug delivery systems and methods
Injection syringe
Single-use syringe
Simplified disposable needle-free injection apparatus and method
Air-in-tip jet injector
Pivotable guard for shielding a needle
Therapeutic light source and method
Apparatus for the controlled generation of ultraviolet rays for focused micro stimulation of cells
Apparatus and method for ablating tissue
Oral hygiene powder composition and method
Process for the solvent extraction of active compounds from chicory
Treatment of skin with adenosine or adenosine analog
Anhydrous cosmetic compositions containing mushroom extract
Polypeptide expressed in the horny layer of epidermis and use thereof
Visibility enhancement composition
Composition and method for treating hydrocarbon fires
Method for eliminating halogenated and non-halogenated waste
Golf club with attached training wheel
Golf training tool providing audio feedback
Wheelchair exercise apparatus
Recumbent exercise apparatus with leg curl
Foldable exercise bench
Interactive programmable fitness interface system
Methods and apparatus for linking arm exercise motion and leg exercise motion
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf ball
Reaction injection moldable compositions, methods for making same, and resultant golf articles
Thermoplastic polyurethane golf ball with improved resiliency
Moisture-absorbing rubber-covered game ball
Sports ball with floating cover
Street hockey ball
Bumper toy puck for use in games and marketing
Transformable ball
Jump rope apparatus
Compound golf club head
Golf club head
Golf club sole configuration
Multi-purpose golf tool
Slide collar adjustment mechanism for a basketball goal assembly
Basketball shot trainer
Tennis stroke training apparatus
Bowling lane apparatus
Spring actuated pool cue
Music staging device apparatus, music staging game method, and readable storage medium
Game apparatus with game player physical strength recognition
Casino bonus game using player strategy
3D rotating viewpoint game
Portable electronic bingo device
Profile-driven network gaming and prize redemption system
Method and apparatus for casino system for, e.g., skill based games
Walking toy figure
Mechanical swinging doll
Programmable toy and game
Movable mechanical doll
Playboard with collapsing easel
Erection set--posts and panels
Building element for a toy building set
Toy with flexible light-transmitting elements
Performing Operations; Transporting
Systems for column-based separations, methods of forming packed columns, and methods of purifying sample components
Separator device
Dual element water sensing fuel dispenser filter
Energy-efficient head cell entry duct
Filter element with a filter medium applied to a support body
Dividing wall column fractionation tray
Unit for draining water from a fuel filter
Leukocyte depletion filter media, filter produced therefrom, method of making same and method of using same
Gas/liquid separation in a hydrocarbon conversion process
Filtering apparatus for filtering compressed air
Air purifier
Apparatus and methods for removing fines from a gas stream
Method for removing impurity contents in the air
Split-flow process and apparatus
Method and apparatus for use of reacted hydrogen peroxide compounds in industrial process waters
Membrane module for gas transfer and membrane supported biofilm process
Membrane separation apparatus
Solid state polymer electrolyte facilitated transport membranes containing surfactants
Devices and method for chemical reactive filtration
Thermal decomposition furnace for exhaust gas
Method of recovering sulfurous components in a sulfur-recovery process
Process and apparatus for blending product liquid from different TFC membranes
Method for sequencing reaction cleanup by constant differential pressure ultrafiltration
Modular assembly for hollow membrane fiber cartridges
Gaming terminal data repository and information distribution system
Process for producing ceramic porous bodies having hollow structures at low temperatures
Composite abrasive particles and method of manufacture
Reactor for plasma assisted gas processing
Method of generating aqueous chlorine dioxide
Device for reforming educts containing hydrocarbons
Sulfur-containing phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating same
Adsorption element and methods
Polar silanes and their use on silica supports
Exhaust gas clean-up catalyst
Preparation of high silica zeolites bound by zeolite and use thereof
Synthetic porous crystalline MCM-71, its synthesis and use
Hydrothermally stable catalyst for improved lean NOx reduction
Fuel generator with diffusion ampoules for fuel cells
Sample observation plate and observation apparatus
Containment cuvette for PCR and method of use
Ergonomic return springless manual air displacement pipette
Water treatment method by ballasted floc including a recycling of granular material
Methods and reagents for the rapid and efficient isolation of circulating cancer cells
Apparatus for automated magnetic separation of materials in laboratory trays
Unipolarity powder coating systems including improved tribocharging and corona guns
Roll coater for coating and method of manufacturing printed wiring board employing the roll coater
Stent coating device
Enhanced bonding of phosphoric and phosphoric acids to oxidized substrates
Surface treatment method in particular for improving barrier and printing properties of webs
Method for fabricating plated products
Thin film solid oxide fuel cell and method for forming
Method of improving the drying time of a thick coating
Method for forming multi-layer paint film
Method for forming multi-layer paint film
Diagnostic medical ultrasound systems and transducers utilizing micro-mechanical components
Wide or multiple frequency band ultrasound transducer and transducer arrays
Turbulance and air jet bubbled air intake manifold washer
Method for cleaning industrial pipe systems
Element for belt for continuously variable transmission
Iron effect pigments
Method and device for manufacturing powder molded body
Laser processing method to a glass substrate and an optical diffraction element obtained thereby, and a method for manufacturing optical elements
Copper sputtering target assembly and method of making same
Compound machining device
Hydrostatic tool system
Device for retaining abrasive pad on lap in eyeglass lens making apparatus
Apparatus, in particular for the grinding of electrodes for TIG welding
Equipment for grinding/polishing a curved or flat wall element
Conditioning mechanism in a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus for semiconductor wafers
Method and apparatus for controlling CMP pad surface finish
Method and apparatus for cold-end processing full lead crystal
Self-forming tooling for an orbital polishing machine and method for producing the same
Polishing holder for silicon wafers and method of use thereof
Multimode substrate carrier
Adjustable and extended guide rings
Method of chemical mechanical polishing with controllable pressure and loading area
Polishing pad having a grooved pattern for use in chemical mechanical polishing
Clamp mechanism for rotary tool disc
Automatic gage head positioning system
Polishing apparatus
Composition for forming polishing pad, crosslinked body for polishing pad, polishing pad using the same and method for producing thereof
Cellular abrasive article
Expandable wheel for supporting an endless abrasive belt
Portable drum sander
Battery cooling system
Cutting and calibrating device
Process for pigmenting wood
Fibreboard and a method of manufacturing it
Process for glazing a chinaware article and an article produced thereby
Method for making face masks for reconstructive surgical patients
Gas assisted injection molding with controlled internal melt pressure
Cured composite material formed utilizing Z-peel sheets
Wafer planarization using a uniform layer of material and method and apparatus for forming uniform layer of material used in semiconductor processing
Method for making multi-layered cores for golf balls
Method of producing a porous resin stamp
Insulation of stator windings by injection molding
Roller and method of producing the same
Weighing method in prepla type injection molding machine
Gateless molding
Manufacturing apparatus and method for multiple containment tubing
Differential velocity extrusion
Method for making a plastic container
Multi-chambered container production process
Steered vacuum-assisted laminating apparatus and methods of use
Process of making a three-dimensional object
Method of inserting z-axis reinforcing fibers into a composite laminate
Material based on halogenated thermoplastic resin, comprising long fibers, methods for making same and uses
Tire manufacturing using a roll forming apparatus
Process and device for manufacturing laminated plastic cards
RF tag application system
Method for making embossed packages and other articles from sheet materials, blanks made thereby, and sheet materials for use therewith
Cell insulation blanket with phase change material, and method of making
Pull strip for forming holes
Container for treating with corrosive-gas and plasma and method for manufacturing the same
Method for trimming resin film
White polyester film for metal plate laminate, film-laminated metal plate and metal container
Optical medium
Structures of polymers made from single site catalysts
Laminated board for enhanced graphics packaging and strength
Compostable coated paper or paperboard, a method for manufacturing the same and products obtained thereof
Extrusion coating process
Durable waterproof breathable laminate
Peelable, sealable polyolefinic multilayered film and its use as a packaging film
Multilayered polyamide film with excellent processability
Method for making curled decorative grass having a texture or appearance simulating the texture or appearance of paper
Metal nanocrystals and synthesis thereof
Dispensable oil absorbing skin wipes
Laminated liner system
Color filter producing method and apparatus
Process for marking the surface of an item made from a silica-based material and marking product
Heat-sensitive transfer recording medium
Color filter
Ink jet recording element
Ink jet recording element
Paper articles exhibiting long term storageability and method for making same
Active substance and device for the deacidification of printed matter
Printing blanket cover with a narrow cylinder attachment
Outsert-forming apparatus
Air outlet system
Fuel tank made of ferritic stainless steel
Two-speed full-time transfer case with integrated planetary gearset and synchronized range shift
Two-speed transfer case with ball-ramp clutch and single motor activator/shift system
Active torque bias system and controls
On-demand transfer case
Power transmission apparatus for a hybrid vehicle and a method for controlling the apparatus
Fuel cell system, controller thereof and method
Surface mounted receptacle assembly
Heat sealable coated textile fabric for inflatable vehicle restraint systems and method for producing same
Safety vest
Merchant navy vessel comprising a hull that is provided for accommodating goods and/or people
Marine powertrain and accessory power system with flywheel motor generator unit
Smoke evacuation device
Sterilization system and method for food packaging
Method for making a multi-layer plastic container having a carbon-treated internal surface
Laminated rubber stopper for a medicament vial
Beverage filter cartridge
Food packaging with system for dispersion on edible food component
Microfluidic systems including three-dimensionally arrayed channel networks
Manufacturing method and manufacturing device of microstructure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of preparing inorganic pentafluorides
Methods of making lithium metal cathode active materials
Stabilized red phosphorus material and a process for its preparation
Fuel cell electric power generation system
Procedure for purging a fuel cell system with inert gas made from organic fuel
Hydrogen getter composition
Chemical derivatization of single-wall carbon nanotubes to facilitate solvation thereof; and use of derivatized nanotubes to form catalyst-containing seed materials for use in making carbon fibers
Methods and apparatus for producing fullerenes in large quantities from liquid hydrocarbons
Method for producing expandable graphite intercalation compounds using phosphoric acids, and graphite foil
Process for production of zeolites with high Si/Al atomic ratio
Method for making an aqueous sodium chloride solution
Titanium hydroxide and photocatalytic coating agent
Process for producing lithium titanate and lithium ion battery and negative electrode therein
Waste water treatment device
System and method for removal of fluoride from wastewater using single fluoride sensing electrode
Corrosion control utilizing a hydrogen peroxide donor
Method for inhibiting scale in high-cycle aqueous systems
Fluorescent monomers and tagged treatment polymers containing same for use in industrial water systems
Combustion synthesis of glass (Al2O3-CaO-X-Y) ceramic (TiB2) composites
Reflection reducing coating
Glass composition for crystallized glass
Polishing formulations for SiO2-based substrates
Vitreous filler for plastic materials and resins and method for obtaining same
Settable composition containing cement kiln dust
Joint compound and method of using same
High frequency magnetic material ceramic composition and irreversible circuit component
Piezoelectric material and manufacturing method thereof
Complex admixture and method of cement based materials production
Curable two-component mortar composition and its use
Method of coating a shaped mineral article
Surface-coated sintered body of silicon nitride
Formulation of phosphorus fertilizer for plants
Fast-burning nitrocellulose compositions
Low temperature autoignition material
Method and apparatus for producing methanol making use of biomass material
Process for removing titanium oxide or red oxide from ethylene glycol
Composition for dyeing keratin fibers which contain at least one diaminopyrazole, dyeing process, novel diaminopyrazoles and process for their preparation
Conjugated copolymers of dithienothiophene with vinylene or acetylene
Anthrapyridone compounds, water-based magenta ink composition, and method of ink-jet printing
Formazan metal complex
Purifying process for phosphatidylserine
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Solid medium and process for the storage and rapid purification of nucleic acid
Methods for detection of chloral hydrate in dichloroacetic acid
Anti-pathogen system and methods of use thereof
Polynucleotide compositions encoding broad-spectrum .delta. endotoxins
Human ena/VASP-like protein splice variant
Yeast expression systems, methods of producing polypeptides in yeast, and compositions relating to same
Nucleic acids encodings equine GM-CSF
Chimeric proteins with cell-targeting specificity and apoptosis-inducing activities
DNA molecules encoding the melanocortin 5 receptor protein from rhesus monkey
Canine growth hormone secretagogue receptor
Plus end-directed microtubule motor required for chromosome congression
Assays for endotoxin
Humanized polynucleotide sequence encoding Renilla mulleri green fluorescent protein
Method of blocking blood vessel growth using tie-2 ligand 2
Soluble variants of type I membrane proteins, and methods of using them
Method for down-regulating osteoprotegerin ligand activity
Noninvasive detection of colorectal cancer and other gastrointestinal pathology
Noninvasive detection of colorectal cancer and other gastrointestinal pathology
Method for treating inflammatory conditions using an antibody to MIP-3.alpha.
Antibody compositions for preparing enriched mesenchymal progenitor preparations
Serine protease specific monoclonal antibodies and their use
Articles of functional fluoropolymer
Photopolymerizable composition and photopolymerizable lithographic printing plate
Coating composition
Solvent resistant polymers with improved bakeability features
Autodeposition compositions
Two part epoxide adhesive with improved strength
Flame retardant phosphorus element-containing epoxy resin compositions
Epoxy resin composition, prepreg and multilayer printed-wiring board
Condensation polymer containing esteralkylamide-acid groups
Polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer containing in molecule unit with vinylphenyl structure in its side chain and method of manufacturing the same
Modified polytrimethylene terephthalate
Method for forming molecular layers having high density of primary amine group on solid supports
Process for the production of conducting wires coated with cross-linked polyethylene
Silicone rubber adhesive composition and integrally molded article thereof
Surface treatment method
Coating compositions for use on substrates
High solids hBN slurry, hBN paste, spherical hBN powder, and methods of making and using them
Method of preparing a curable coating and curing thereof
Polymeric composition for packaging a semiconductor electronic device and packaging obtained therefrom
Polyphenylene sulfide alloy coated wire
Cationic aminoanthraquinones, their use for dyeing keratinous fibers, dyeing compositions containing them and methods of dyeing
Imaging members
Coating compositions comprising high t-area carbon products
Jet ink composition for printing watermarks
Ink-jet ink and ink jet recording method
Phase change gravure inks and methods of printing with same
Ink composition for water based ballpoint pen
Material for fluorine-containing coating composition and method for coating by using same
Baked colored pencil lead and process for producing the same
Silicone coated film with back side slip control coating and method of controlling slip of such film
Method of forming coating film, method of manufacturing semiconductor device and coating solution
Intumescent powder
Method of using a multi-purpose flexible coating compound
Conductive antioxidant paint and graphite electrode
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition curable with actinic energy ray and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet
Film-type adhesive for electronic components, and electronic components bonded therewith
Method for application of an expandable gluing system
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal device and liquid crystal apparatus including the composition
Liquid crystal composition, color filter and optical film
Fluid resistant silicone compositions for sealing magnesium alloy components
Polishing composition and polishing method for polishing a substrate to be used for a memory hard disk employing it
Cementing compositions and application of such compositions for cementing oil wells or the like
Mercaptoalcohol corrosion inhibitors
Device for injecting a hydrocarbon charge
Process for treating a hydrocarbon feed, comprising a counter-current fixed bed hydrotreatment step
Liquid hydrocarbon fuel compositions containing a stable boric acid suspension
Process for deacidizing a gas by absorption in a solvent with temperature control
Multiphase electrorheological fluid
Triacylglycerol-based alternative to paraffin wax
Method of applying nanoparticles
Photocatalytic compositions and methods
Aromatic bleaching agent composition
Apparatus and method for transforming living cells
Apparatus for growing cells in culture under shear stress and/or strain
Methods and devices for the long-term culture of hematopoietic progenitor cells
Method for remediation of an environment contaminated with carbon tetrachloride
Composition containing anti-MIF antibody
Shuttle vectors
Plant regulatory sequences for control of gene expression
Immortalized bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell
Negative strand RNA viral vector having autonomous replication capability
Identification of a new member of the cytochrome P450 3A (CYP3A) gene family: CYP3AX
Cis-prenyltransferases from plants
Inhibitor of the inflammatory response induced by TNF.alpha. and IL-1
DSP-5 dual-specificity phosphatase
Calcium independent cytosolic phospholipase A2/B enzymes
Polynucleotides encoding polypeptides having .beta.-primeverosidase activity
Nucleic acid isolated from Tetrahymena which codes for a triterpenoid cyclase, its production, and use
Carbonyl reductase, gene thereof and method of using the same
Microorganisms useful in a method of producing .alpha.-halo-.alpha., .beta.-saturated carbonyl compounds
Cells engineered to contain genes of interest without expressed bacterial sequences and materials and methods therefor
Method for maintaining test accuracy within a microbiological test array
Reagent for GPT assay
Reagent and kit for determining global coagulability and hemostatic potential
Reporter gene based method for the screening of anti-tuberculosis drugs by using essential and regulatory genes of mycobacteria as drug target
Two-color differential display as a method for detecting regulated genes
Herbal chip
DNA sample collection for identification
Detection of fungal pathogens using the polymerase chain reaction
Process and plant for producing a metal melt
Solvent extraction process for recovery of uranium from phosphoric acid (25-55% P205)
Method of heating a crucible for molten aluminum
Metal alloy compositions and process
Method for grain refinement of high strength aluminum casting alloys
Metal components for picture tubes
Wire rod for drawing superior in twisting characteristics and method for production thereof
Steel sheet excellent in ductility and strength stability after heat treatment
Method of manufacturing a ferritic stainless steel plate
Oxidation resistant coatings for niobium-based silicide composites
Rectangular cathodic arc source and method of steering an arc spot
Method of making a protective coating forming a thermal barrier with a bonding underlayer on a superalloy substrate, and a part obtained thereby
Process for producing a ceramic evaporation boat having an improved initial wetting performance
Mesh shield in a sputter reactor
Hollow cylindrical cathode sputtering target and process for producing it
Ion source
Process for forming a microcrystalline silicon series thin film and apparatus suitable for practicing said process
Method of forming a silicon nitride layer on a substrate
Film forming method, semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Method for forming dielectric film of capacitor
Vapor phase deposition system
Method of forming a thin film
Interconnects with improved barrier layer adhesion
Metallization of non-conductive surfaces with silver catalyst and electroless metal compositions
Process for providing bond enhancement and an etch resist in the fabrication of printed circuit boards
Electroless plating bath composition and method of using
Post-passivation of a phosphatized metal surface
Method and assembly for masking
Process for heat treatment nitriding in the presence of titanium and products produced thereby
Surface treatment process for mechanical parts subject to wear and corrosion
Method of demetallizing a web in an etchant bath and web suitable therefor
Baths for producing microstructures
Hydrogen peroxide pickling scheme for stainless steel grades
Chemical milling
Process for producing titanium diboride coated substrates
Electroplating bath control
Methods and apparatus for processing the surface of a microelectronic workpiece
System and method for regulating lateral growth in laser irradiated silicon films
Rational directional solidification crystal growth system and method
Crystal holding apparatus
Epitaxial oxide films via nitride conversion
Method of forming a semiconductor wafer having a crystalline layer thereon containing silicon, germanium and carbon
Method for manufacturing annealed wafer and annealed wafer
Molecular crystals of controlled size
Textiles; Paper
Process for the production of cellulosic fibres
Aliphatic polyester microfibers, microfibrillated articles and use thereof
Discontinous polyethylene terephthalate fibres and method for producing the same
Biodegradable fiber and process for preparing the same
Polymer-grafted stretchable cotton
Polymer grafted cotton
Method of removing wrinkles from fabric
Method of forming a semipermeable membrane with intercommunicating pores for a pressing apparatus
Method and device for conditioning of a roll, in particular of a roll in a paper machine or in a paper finishing device
Method for producing pulp molded article
Fixed Constructions
System and method of installing tiles and the like
Flexible power conduit for automatic pool cleaners
Method for making carbon-steel blind slats and products thereof
Reservoir monitoring
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Drive unit for prosthetic limb
Passively pumped liquid feed fuel cell system
Damper mechanism
Epicycle reduction gear having a built-in hydraulic motor
Multiple axes planetary transmission
Family of five-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gear sets and a stationary interconnecting member
Six speed planetary transmission mechanisms with three interconnected gearsets
Transmission mechanisms with three planetary gear sets and one fixed interconnection
Family of multi-speed power transmission mechanisms having three planetary gearsets and five torque-transmitting mechanisms
Transmission for performing reliable continuously-variable-speed operation through gear meshing, and vehicle-use continuously-variable transmission device using it
Forward-reverse rotation device for a continuously variable transmission
Differential gear retention system
Pinion carrier assembly for an automatic transmission
Vehicle transmission system for controlling clutch temperature
Control system for an automatic transmission
Speed change control device for a continuously variable transmission
Pivotally movable plastic guide for power transmission device
Space-conditioning control employing image-based detection of occupancy and use
Refractory batch, in particular for the production of a shaped body, and process for producing the shaped body
Method of measuring thickness of a semiconductor layer and method of manufacturing a semiconductor substrate
Device for determining at least one parameter of a flowing gas-liquid mixture or using a flow rectifier as a condensation trap or method for condensing a liquid
Method for measuring effective temperature inside a sealed container
Method, apparatus and simulated human tissue for evaluating coefficients of friction of materials on human skin
Method for improved detection of carbon monoxide by infrared absorption spectroscopy
Combined optical profilometry and projection microscopy of integrated circuit structures
Tapered tubular optical waveguide probe for magnetic focusing immunosensors
Method for determining no gas
Method for producing a reference electrode for a galvanic cell with cation-conducting solid electrolytes
Planar sensor element for a gas sensor
Electrochemical gas sensor
Method for determining a nitrogen oxide concentration
Electroacoustic imaging methods and apparatus
Targeted delivery of active/bioactive and perfuming compositions
Meter and method of using the meter for determining the concentration of a component of a fluid
Fluorescent intensity method for assaying binding between proteins or peptides
Electrical excitation of label substances at insulating film-coated conductors
Diagnostic assay for endometriosis
Antigen-specific IgG detection
Method for determining cytokine receptor activation by the use of an antibody
Circulating insulin-like growth factor-I, insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 and prostate cancer risk
Method for the production of a field-effect structure
System and method for prototyping and fabricating complex microwave circuits
Method and apparatus for harmonic imaging using multiple transmissions
Microelectromechanically tunable, confocal, vertical cavity surface emitting laser and fabry-perot filter
Prefabricated retroreflective sign
Silicon wafer with embedded optoelectronic material for monolithic OEIC
Active matrix type liquid crystal display and liquid crystal material
Liquid crystal materials and alignment structures and optical devices containing same
Exfoliating method, transferring method of thin film device, and thin film device, thin film integrated circuit device and liquid crystal display device produced by the same
Oil-in-water emulsion stabilized with recombinant collagen-like material
Method of manufacturing silver halide emulsions and apparatus thereof
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Annealing of color photothermographic imaging elements for improved stability
Thermally developable materials with improved speed and contrast and methods of use
Photothermographic material
Silver halide color reversal photographic material
Protective overcoat for photographic elements
Photographic member with flexibilizer material
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Photographic color developing composition containing calcium ion sequestering agent combination and method of use
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Photofinishing processing system and a processing solution supply cartridge for the processing system
Attenuated phase shift mask for use in EUV lithography and a method of making such a mask
Electron beam exposure mask, electron beam exposure method, method of fabricating semiconductor device, and electron beam exposure apparatus
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device using half-tone phase-shift mask to transfer a pattern onto a substrate
Photoimageable composition
Photoresist composition
Pattern formation material and pattern formation method
Resist composition
Photoresist composition
Dual layer reticle blank and manufacturing process
Recording material matting process
Exposure method and exposure apparatus
Methods of photo-processing photoresist
Device manufacturing method
Control system and methods for photolithographic processes
Method and apparatus for making an integrated circuit using polarization properties of light
Error reduction in semiconductor processes
Method of processing a lithographic printing plate precursor
Developer for alkaline-developable lithographic printing plates
Photoresist compositions
Thinner for rinsing photoresist and method of treating photoresist layer
Reticle and method of fabricating semiconductor device
Process for producing printed wiring board
Electrophotographic imaging members
Image-forming apparatus and image-forming method
Heater/lift assembly for high temperature processing chamber
Belt apparatus for use in a document processing system
Bonusing apparatus and method for gaming system providing flexibility and interest
Casino gambling apparatus with person detection
Bonus game for a gaming machine
Cashless time gaming
Amorphous alloys for magneto-acoustic markers in electronic article surveillance having reduced, low or zero co-content and method of annealing the same
Polish cleaning apparatus and method in manufacture of HGA
Magnetic recording media having enhanced coupling between magnetic layers
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus
Magnetic recording medium and method for manufacturing same
Magnetic recording medium comprising a backcoat layer having specific protrusions
Magnetic recording medium underlayer and method for obtaining a desired lattice parameter therefor
Magnetic recording media including magnetically soft composite layer and method of making same
Optical data storage disk
Optical disk and ultraviolet-curing composition for optical disk
Process for producing a capacitor configuration
Glow protection band
High oleic acid oil compositions and methods of making and electrical insulation fluids and devices comprising the same
Method for modifying the doping level of a silicon layer
Material compositions for transient voltage suppressors
Superparamagnetic nanostructured materials
Extinguishing medium for quenching electric arcs scope
Carbon nanotube coated anode
Electron emitting device, electron emitting source, image display, and method for producing them
Method for improving uniformity of emission current of a field emission device
Plasma reactor
Gamma ray detector
Qualitative method for troubleshooting a dielectric tool
Method of reducing water spotting and oxide growth on a semiconductor structure
Method to determine a complete etch in integrated devices
Semiconductor processing apparatus having lift and tilt mechanism
On chip alpha-particle detector
Method for fabricating a non-volatile semiconductor memory cell with a separate tunnel window
Capacitor using high dielectric constant film for semiconductor memory device and fabrication method therefor
System for fabricating a metal/anti-reflective coating/insulator/metal (MAIM) capacitor
Treat resist surface to prevent pattern collapse
Method for manufacturing group III nitride compound semiconductor and a light-emitting device using group III nitride compound semiconductor
Forming indium nitride (InN) and indium gallium nitride (InGaN) quantum dots grown by metal-organic-vapor-phase-epitaxy (MOCVD)
Method for improving a doping profile for gas phase doping
Multi-layered polysilicon process
Method of producing a thin film resistor in an integrated circuit
Preparation of composite high-K/standard-K dielectrics for semiconductor devices
Selective absorption process for forming an activated doped region in a semiconductor
Self-aligned fabrication method for a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for forming trench MOSFET device with low parasitic resistance
Formation of a vertical junction throuph process simulation based optimization of implant doses and energies
Microelectronic interconnect material with adhesion promotion layer and fabrication method
Method and apparatus for combining integrated and offline metrology for process control
Selective solder bump application
Workpiece holding device for a bonding apparatus
Universal backplane assembly and methods
Lead frame and method for fabricating resin-encapsulated semiconductor device
Semiconductor die package including carrier with mask
Susceptors for semiconductor-producing apparatuses
Approach to optimizing an ILD argon sputter process
FeRAM (ferroelectric random access memory) and method for forming the same
In situ plasma wafer bonding method
Methods of forming DRAMS, methods of forming access transistors for DRAM devices, and methods of forming transistor source/drain regions
Metal gate engineering for surface p-channel devices
Thermally stable crystalline defect-free germanium bonded to silicon and silicon dioxide
Semiconductor film forming method and manufacturing method for semiconductor devices thereof
Planarization of shallow trench isolation (STI)
Method for forming isolation regions on semiconductor device
Key hole filling
Semiconductor device having cavities with submicrometer dimensions generated by a swelling process
Process for fabricating a semiconductor device having recess portion
Method of forming planarized coatings on contact hole patterns of various duty ratios
Method of treating a substrate
Salicided gate for virtual ground arrays
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device for suppressing detachment of conductive layer
Etch stop layer for silicon (Si) via etch in three-dimensional (3-D) wafer-to-wafer vertical stack
Method to fabricate MIM capacitor using damascene process
Methods of forming interconnect regions of integrated circuitry
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising MOS-transistors having gate oxides of different thicknesses
Method to fabricate dual-metal gate for N- and P-FETs
Method of manufacturing a dual gate semiconductor device with a poly-metal electrode
Method and device for providing double cell density in SDRAM and in DDR SDRAM
Method of forming an array of FLASH field effect transistors and circuitry peripheral to such array
Fabricating memory device having buried source/drain region and fabrication thereof
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor circuit system
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Method for producing layered structures on a substrate, substrate and semiconductor components produced according to said method
Methods of forming conductive contacts to conductive structures
Method of improving the fabrication of etched semiconductor devices
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for fabricating an integrated semiconductor product
Integrated circuit device having a built-in thermoelectric cooling mechanism
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device by monolithically forming a sealing resin for sealing a chip and a reinforcing frame by transfer molding
Electrical device having metal pad bonded with metal wiring and manufacturing method thereof
Methods for high density direct connect LOC assembly
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, semiconductor integrated circuit wiring method, and cell arranging method
Method of forming a zener diode
Flash EEPROM with function bit by bit erasing
Polycrystalline silicon diode string for ESD protection of different power supply connections
Polysilicon doped transistor using silicon-on-insulator and double silicon-on-insulator
Method for forming fins in a FinFET device using sacrificial carbon layer
Method and semiconductor structure for implementing reach through buried interconnect for silicon-on-insulator (SOI) devices
CMOS imager and method of formation
Pulsed laser deposition of transparent conducting thin films on flexible substrates
Light-emitting semiconductor device using group III nitride compound
Method of producing an optoelectronic component
Powder-in-tube and thick-film methods of fabricating high temperature superconductors having enhanced biaxial texture
Liquid crystal device
Phosphorescent organic light emitting devices
Lithium secondary cell
Solid polymer electrolytes
Ether derivative additive in nonaqueous electrolyte of a lithium secondary battery
Closed battery module
Fuel cell apparatus
Life extending battery adapter for multi-chemistry battery systems
Battery retainer
Battery module and container for battery module
Seal and bleed valve unit for electric batteries
Battery pack and method for constructing same
Battery provided with an old-or-new identification seal having a heat sensitive adhesive layer
Efficient cell stack for cells with double current collectors sandwich cathodes
Lithium secondary battery, anode for lithium secondary battery, and method for manufacturing the anode
Alkaline storage battery and method for manufacturing the same
Sol-gel coated cathode side hardware for carbonate fuel cells
Screen-printing paste and screen-printing method of fabricating a gas diffusion electrode
Conductive plate and manufacturing method thereof
Fuel cell system
Connector device for garment patch antenna
Low insertion force electrical connector
Electronic system and connector used therein
Card edge connector comprising a housing and a plurality of contacts
Plug connector with film shaped conductive part
Vertically mated micro coaxial cable connector assembly with grounding bar
Connector with a function of getting rid of surges
Connector with housing and retainer mounted to front of housing
Electrical service apparatus with light transmission guide
Joint connector
Connector having a cable that is relatively moveable about an axis
Electrical connector
Coaxial connection with locking by snap-fastening
Electrical connector assembly with latching metal ears
Mate assist assembly for joining electrical contacts
Lever-type connector
High density electrical connector with improved grounding bus
High density electrical connector with lead-in device
Modular jack
Connector support structure
Geophone keyway tee protective casing
Interchangeable connector system with bayonet mount
Electrical connecting element
IDC connector assembly
Hinged wiring block
Fabricated baseplate for electrical installations
Technique for partially joining copper foils and separator sheets
Method and structure for producing Z-axis interconnection assembly of printed wiring board elements
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