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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Generation of plants with altered oil, protein or fiber content
Combination cancer therapy with bis(thiohydrazide) amide compounds
Beta-3 receptor ligands and their use in therapy
Carboxamides for controlling micro-organisms in plant and material protection
Induction of and maintenance of nucleic acid damage in pathogens using riboflavin and light
Method of reducing oil content in dry distillers grain with solubles
Dehydrated mash potato product and process
Blend hydrogels and methods of making
Injection and hemostasis site
Drug-delivery stent formulations for restenosis and vulnerable plaque
Coatings of acrylamide-based copolymers
Composition for the treatment and prevention of endothelial dysfunction
Activators of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors
Non-acidic cyclopentane heptanoic acid, 2-cycloalkyl or arylalkyl derivatives as therapeutic agents
Coating agent for drug releasing stent, preparation method thereof and drug releasing stent coated therewith
Crystalline sodium atorvastatin
Benz-indole and benzo-quinoline derivatives as prodrugs for tumor treatment
Isoxazole derivative and isothiazole derivative having inhibitory activity on 11.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1
Cyclohexylacetic acid compounds
Method for the prevention of thromboembolic disorders
Clarithromycin or salt thereof for use in the treatment or prevention of pulmonary disease induced by destruction of pulmonary alveoli
Conjugates of membrane translocating agents and pharmaceutically active agents
Anti-inflammatory compounds and uses thereof
Nanographite structure/metal nanoparticle composite
Orally active peptides that prevent cell damage and death
Methods and compositions to treat mucositis
GD3-mimetic peptides
Therapies for chronic renal failure
Copolymers for suppression of autoimmune diseases, and methods of use
Use of DMBT1 for capturing sulphate and phosphate group exposing agents
Mutant CyaA polypeptides and polypeptide derivatives suitable for the delivery of immunogenic molecules into a cell
Modified HIV-1 envelope proteins
Recombinant toxin fragments
Therapeutical use of anti-myelin associated glycoprotein (MAG) antibodies
Cytotoxicity mediation of cells evidencing surface expression of CD44
Method of inducing and/or enhancing an immune response to tumor antigens
Composition containing aziridino groups, method of production and use thereof
Perfluorocyclobutane crosslinked hydrogels
Transdermal delivery system with two superimposed adhesive layers having different affinities to the active substance comprised
Dietary supplement composition for blood lipid health
Amphiphilic polymer-protein conjugates and methods of use thereof
Sterilization system and device
Golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Catalyst unit for reduction of NOx compounds
Method of removing mercury from exhaust gas using chlorine compound
Fuel reformer
Film forming method, discharging droplet method and droplet discharging device
Flake pigment mixture and multilayer coating method
Densely packed sensor arrays
Manufacturing multilayer conjugate polymer optoelectronics device by using buffer layer
Robust activation method for negative electron affinity photocathodes
Castable refractory powder composition, premixed material prepared therefrom, method for casting premixed material, and hardened refractory body obtained therefrom
Three-dimensional printer
Process of and apparatus for making a shingle, and shingle made thereby
Systems and methods for preventing and/or reducing corrosion in various types of tanks, containers and closed systems
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for plasma display and adhesive sheet prepared by forming the same
Antireflection film, polarizing plate and image display
Information recording medium, target and method for manufacturing of information recording medium using the same
Optical recording medium
Composition, cured product and article
Microcapsules comprising compounds containing carbodiimide groups
Fuser member having fluorinated polyimide outer layer
Nanoshells on polymers
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Polymer-cement composites and methods of making same
Tetrahydroxy compound, method for preparing the tetrahydroxy compound, and photoreceptor using the tetrahydroxy compound
Process for the preparation of tamsulosin and intermediates thereof
Organic sulfur compounds and use thereof
Process for the liquid phase oxidation of ethylbenzene into ethylbenzene hydroperoxide
Method for producing phosphorus-containing .alpha.-keto acid
Method for producing pyrrolidones from succinates from fermentation broths
Process for production of 3-[5-[4-(cyclopentyloxy)-2-hydroxybenzoyl]-2-[(3-OXO-2-substituted-2,3-di- hydro-1,2-benzisoxazol-6-yl]methoxy]phenyl]proprionate ester and intermediate for the process
Process for the preparation of alkylene oxide
Radiation curable polymer films having improved laser ablation properties and radiation curable sensitizers therefor
1-thio-D-glucitol derivatives
Bis-aryl kinase inhibitors and method
Gas generant compositions
Methods for synthesis of acyloxyalkyl compounds
Nitrogen containing heterocyclyl substituted imidazoquinolines and imidazonaphthyridines
Producing method for iridium complex
Method for rapid detection and identification of bioagents
Adenoviral VA1 Pol III promoter system for RNAi expression
Antisense modulation of PTP1B expression
T cell receptors which specifically bind to VYGFVRACL-HLA-A24
Metal-binding compounds and uses therefor
Treatment of viral infections
Resin article and process for producing the same
Polymerisation process
Process for production of syndiotactic propylene polymer
Process for production of polymers with iron complex catalyst
Method for producing sulfonic acid group-containing carbonaceous material, solid acid catalyst, method for producing alkylation reaction product, and method for producing olefin polymer
Polyanhydrides with therapeutically useful degradation products
Morpholine-substituted poly(arylene ether) and method for the preparation thereof
Process for dissolution of highly fluorinated ion-exchange polymers
Polyarylene ether ketone moulding composition having good notched impact resistance
Composition of epoxy resin, core-shell particles and curing agent
Asphalt enhancing additive
Fast dissolving hydroxyalkyl guar derivatives
Gelled hydrocarbons for oilfield processes, phosphate ester compounds useful in gellation of hydrocarbons and methods for production and use thereof
Continuous flowing pre-treatment system with steam recovery
Composition containing .alpha.-sulfofatty acid ester and hydrotrope and methods of making and using the same
Cleaning residues from semiconductor structures
Modular membrane supported bioreactor for conversion of syngas components to liquid products
Processes for decolorization of colored effluents
Molecular delivery to cells using aspirin-related compounds
Divinyl ether synthase gene and protein, and uses thereof
Telomerase reverse transcriptase fusion protein, nucleotides encoding it, and uses thereof
Transformed plants accumulating terpenes
Selective expression of genes in plants
UDP-xylose synthases (UXS) polynucleotides, polypeptides, and uses thereof
Method for producing transgenic plants
Enriched stem cell and progenitor cell populations, and methods of producing and using such populations
Seeding cells on porous supports
Human liver cancer cell line
Hox11+, CD45- cells and methods of organ regeneration using the same
Hybrid polypeptide of a maltogenic alpha-amylase and a cyclodextrin glucanotransferase
Cellulase variants
Microfluidic chemostat
Microorganism for producing recombinant pig liver esterase
Method for production of L-lysine using methanol-utilizing bacterium
Method for rapid detection and identification of bioagents
Yeast organism producing isobutanol at a high yield
Human G protein-coupled receptor and modulators thereof for the treatment of cardiovascular disorders
Seafood spoilage indicator
Gefitinib sensitivity-related gene expression and products and methods related thereto
Artificial chimeras engineered to simulate multiple biological threat agents
Methods, compositions and kits for detection and analysis of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Method for rapid detection and identification of bioagents
Methods and kits pertaining to the detection, identification and quantification of bacteria and yeast in wine, beer and juices
ENPP1 (PC-1) gene haplotype associated with the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes and their applications
Textiles; Paper
Structural object coated with superhydrophobic nanostructure composite and process for producing the same
Device and method for monitoring blood parameters
Liquid state detecting apparatus
Method for determining redox activity and screening compounds based on redox activity
Gas analysis method
Methods for detecting Th1 cells
Cytokine zalpha11 ligand antibodies and methods of use
Laser induced thermal imaging apparatus and laser induced thermal imaging method and organic light emitting display device using the same
Development method, method of manufacturing photomask, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing wiring circuit board
Compound, positive resist composition and method for forming resist pattern
Method for manufacturing minute structure, method for manufacturing liquid discharge head, and liquid discharge head
Pattern forming method, semiconductor device manufacturing method and exposure mask set
Process for preparing photosensitive outer layer
Compact page turning device
Apparatus and method for converting an information signal to a spectral representation with variable resolution
Methods and apparatus for stringed controllers and/or instruments
Multilayer structure, electrode for electrical circuit using the same, and method for producing the same
Conductor of an electric wire, and an insulated wire
Drive laser delivery systems for EUV light source
Spin polarized ion beam generation apparatus and scattering spectroscopy apparatus using the spin polarized ion beam and specimen processing apparatus
Method of forming optical waveguide
Dual-sided substrate measurement apparatus and methods
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Solution-processed high mobility inorganic thin-film transistors
Dynamic adaptive sampling rate for model prediction
Dual sided processing and devices based on freestanding nitride and zinc oxide films
Optically transparent wires for secure circuits and methods of making same
Method for the production of a plurality of opto-electronic semiconductor chips and opto-electronic semiconductor chip
Manufacturing method for semiconductor devices
Semiconductor image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing IC tag inlet
Method for packaging electronic devices and integrated circuits
All-silicon raman amplifiers and lasers based on micro ring resonators
Transistor having a high-k metal gate stack and a compressively stressed channel
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
Method of creating asymmetric field-effect-transistors
Strained Si MOSFET on tensile-strained SiGe-on-insulator (SGOI)
Expitaxial fabrication of fins for FinFET devices
Mechanically robust metal/low-.kappa. interconnects
Method for stress free conductor removal
Dual damascene process
Process for fabricating electronic components using liquid injection molding
Method of forming a structure over a semiconductor substrate
Modifying work function in PMOS devices by counter-doping
Method for manufacturing a junction field effect transistor having a double gate
Light transmissive cover, device provided with same and methods for manufacturing them
Semiconductor device with reduced pad pitch
Coded aperture imaging using successive imaging of a reference object at different positions
Semiconductor device including a conductive film having a tapered shape
Electronic device with light emission for a display
Thin film transistor having microcrystalline semiconductor layer and amorphous semiconductor layer
Display device using light-emitting element
LED and fabrication method thereof
Infrared emitting diode and method of its manufacture
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Polymer wrapped carbon nanotube near-infrared photoactive devices
Solid-state imaging device
Light source and liquid crystal display device using the same
Light-emitting module of vehicular lamp
Light-emitting diode chip package body and method for manufacturing same
Light emitting diode light source
Pillar phase change memory cell
Carbon nanotube based integrated semiconductor circuit
Semi-conductor component, component, method for the production thereof and use of inorganic-organic hybrid polymers for producng semi-conductor components
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Dual-power-supply system
Can having electrolyte slots and lithium secondary battery using the same
Battery having positive temperature coefficient element
Electrode for a fuel cell, and a membrane-electrode assembly and fuel cell system comprising the same
Membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell with catalyst layer having a first and a second porosity
Anode active material, method of preparing the same, and anode and lithium battery containing the anode active material
Lightweight, durable lead-acid batteries
Carbon nanotube, support catalyst, method of preparing the support catalyst and a fuel cell comprising the support catalyst
Electrode for alkali fuel cell and method for making a fuel cell including at least one step of making such an electrode
Fuel cell
Power output device with fuel cell and method therefor
Device for opening and/or closing cable ducts
Internal heater for thermoform plastic sheet
Light emitting device and electronic appliance using the same
Apparatus and methods for synthesis of large size batches of carbon nanostructures
Wired circuit board assembly sheet
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar 925011
Compounds having protected hydroxy groups
Device for plasma incision of mater with a specifically tuned radiofrequencty electromagnetic field generator
Scintillator arrays for CT imaging and other applications
Wound dressing
Absorbent structure with angularly orientated absorbent members
Sanitary device for urinary incontinent males
Diagnostic panel
Antitumor dibenzofluorene derivatives
Method of treatment of a wound or incision
Process for chemical destruction of sulphur mustard
Performing Operations; Transporting
Manufacture of screen plate with screen slots obtained by laser beam cutting
Process for carboxylation of naphthoic acid to naphthalene dicarboxylic acid
Method of catalyzing a gas phase reaction using an acid-base catalyst composed of vanadium pentoxide hydrate
Hydrogenation with monolith reactor under conditions of immiscible liquid phases
Catalyst for producing unsaturated nitrile
Method and reactor for making norbornene
Process for producing aromatic hydroxy compound
Phosphorylation process and catalyst
Production of dimers
Method for reacting an organic compound with a hydroperoxide
Device and procedure of forming a point on wire ends
Laser unit and method for engraving articles to be included in cans
Fabrication of a brazeless cross-blade flexure block
Method for quality control of spot welding in welding machines
Electric motor device for powering a tool clamp
Laser welding system
Method and apparatus of making a hole in a printed circuit board
Flux-cored wire for gas-shielded arc welding of heat resisting steel
Dynamic voltage sensing with failure indication
Method for controlling a welding apparatus and corresponding control device
Welding machine, system and method therefor
Engine driven welding power supply with dig circuit
Portable welding wire feeder and housing
Evaluating pattern for measuring an erosion of a semiconductor wafer polished by a chemical mechanical polishing
Anti-kickback and breakthrough torque control for power tool
Light emission unit
Drive force control system for vehicles
Seat occupant weight detection system having compensation for seat aging and usage
Lever switch and contact assembly
Grommet for a door
Apparatus and method for sensing positions of an ignition switch
Motor brush structure and motor-driven power steering device using the same motor
Remote activation mechanism for equipment regulated deployment or release
Sealing machine having a safety shut off mechanism
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Alkylaromatic process using efficient prefractionation
Process for the production of styrene derivative
Process for eliminating chlorine from chlorofluorocarbons
Liquid phase process for HCFC-123
Alkylation process operating at low olefin ratios
Method for preparing polyhalogenated paratrifluoromethylanilines
Method for symmetrically and asymmetrically disubstituting carboxylic acid amides with organotitanates and grignard reagents
Amino acid derivatives and methods of making the same
3-amino-1-indanole, method of synthesizing the same and method of optical resolution
Aminobenzophenones and photopolymerizable compositions including the same
Method for separating a basic amino acid from fermentation broth
Metal alkoxide taxane and .beta.-lactam compounds
Hydrogenolysis of 5-carbon sugars, sugar alcohols, and other methods and compositions for reactions involving hydrogen
Process for the preparation of alkylene glycols
Process for continuously producing dialkyl carbonate and diol
Process for the preparation of butane triols
Process for producing 2-butanone and 2-butanol
Method of recovering 1,3-propanediol from fermentation broth
Process for preparing ketone, alcohol and hydroperoxide
Method for preparing sulphonate salts
Process for the preparation of .alpha.-(2-4-disulfophenyl)-N-tert-burtylnitrone and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Process of making 3-phenyl-1-methylenedioxyphenyl-indane-2-carboxylic acid derivatives
Method for preparing perfluorocarbon-substituted methanols
Methods of synthesizing acylanilides including bicalutamide and derivatives thereof
Process for the preparation of hydroxy methylthiobutyric acid esters
Method of preparing N,N'-disubstituted-3,3'-dithiodipropionamide and method of preparing substituted 3-isothiazolone by using the same
Biphasic catalysis in water/carbon dioxide micellar systems
Method for synthesis and process inhibition of isobornyl (meth)acrylate
Process for conjugating fatty acid esters
Process for the preparation of a saturated carboxylic acid
Phosgenation under pressure of alcohol's for producing chloroformates
Intermediates useful for the preparation of antihistaminic piperidine derivatives
Method for cyclizing hydrolysis of an aminonitrile compound into lactam
Crystalline forms of antibiotic side chain intermediates
Method of producing pyrrolidine derivatives
Process for the preparation of 2-chloro-5-methylpyridine-3-carbaldehyde
Process for the preparation of anti-malarial drugs
Carboxylic acid derivatives and process for producing same
Process for the preparation of N-carboxyanhydrides
Preparation of chiral cis-5-amino-2-cyclopenten-1-ol derivatives
Processes for preparing 3-(1-hydroxyphenyl-1-alkoximinomethyl) dioxazines
OxiranEcarboxylic acids for the treatment of diabetes
Two-step conversion of protected taxane ester to paclitaxel
Processes for the preparation of 2-methylfuran and 2-methyltetrahydrofuran
Selective retinoid acid receptor agonists
Diastereoselective preparation of Michael adducts
Phenyl-keto-imidazolidine thioamide derivatives
Process for producing optically active chromene derivative
Process for making di(hydroxyalkylaryl) aryl phosphate compounds
Antiretroviral enantiomeric nucleotide analogs
Crystalline 1-kestose and process for preparing the same
Bile acid salts
Compositions and method for regulation of transcription
Oligonucleotide mediated nucleic acid recombination
Pi-ta gene conferring fungal disease resistance to plants
DNA fragment responsive to low temperatures and a plant transformed with the DNA fragment
Forms of the angiogenic factor vascular endothelial cell growth factor: VEGF
Mouse model for ocular neovascularization
Afterglow lamp with multiple phosphor coatings
TNF receptor promoter
cDNA of 4-coumarate: coenzyme a ligase and process for modifying lignin in plants
DNA Ligase II orthologue uses thereof
Sterol metabolism enzymes
Transgenic plants including a transgene consisting of a hybrid nucleic acid sequence, comprising at least one unedited mitochondrial gene fragment from higher plants and process for producing them
Dual laser shock peening
Method and system for icosaborane implantation
Semiconductor device having fluorine-added carbon dielectric film and method of fabricating the same
III-V compounds semiconductor device with an AlxByInzGa1-x-y-zN non continuous quantum dot layer
Textiles; Paper
Yarn heating device
Fixed Constructions
Snow melting apparatus and heating wire for melting snow
Coil springs for cable support
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Plant for generating electric power and a method for operation of such a plant
Automatic balancing apparatus
Image reading apparatus having diffusion means
Integral motor and control
Capacitive distance sensor for surface configuration determining apparatus
Weighing apparatus and method
Light sensor system and a method for detecting ambient light
Apparatus and method for lens adjustment
System and Method for terahertz frequency measurements
Radiation image detector
Application of x-ray optics to energy dispersive spectroscopy
Object observation apparatus and object observation
Solids measurement system
Method of inspecting piezoelectric ceramic device
Ion mobility spectrometer
Circuit probing methods
Probe card device
Multiple voted logic cell testable by a scan chain and system and method of testing the same
Method for the calibration of an RF integrated circuit probe
Transmitter circuit comprising timing deskewing means
Tester, a test system, and a testing method for a semiconductor integrated circuit
Screening of semiconductor integrated circuit devices
Apparatus and method for detecting radiation that uses a stimulate phosphor
Coated semiconductor devices for neutron detection
Method and system for calibrating a diffractive grating modulator
Method and systems for collecting data from multiple fields of view
Plasma addressed liquid crystal display device
Double-side reading system for reproducing radiation image
Low-sputter-yield coating for hardware near laser-produced plasma
Semiconductor device with registration accuracy measurement mark
Electrostatic charge reduction of photoresist pattern on development track
Surface height detecting apparatus and exposure apparatus using the same
Thermally induced phase switch for laser thermal processing
Machine tool
Process and apparatus for contact-less temperature regulations
Coaxial cable bundle interconnecting base and displaying electronics in a notebook computer
Low voltage differential dual receiver
Precision data acquisition using magnetomechanical transducer
Flat input device having push switches
Structure of motor-driven swing unit
Fire alarm box with direct and scattered light detection and gas-sensitive layers
Three-dimensional display apparatus
Display panel driving method
Active matrix display apparatus
Piano tuner
System and method for emitting laser light from a drumstick
Musical device having multiple configurations and methods of using the same
Method of controlling tone generating drivers by integrating driver on operating system
Digital reverse tape effect apparatus
Micro-electromechanical structure resonator, method of making, and method of using
Control and drive system for a single winding electromagnetic actuator employing a single multifunction operational amplifier
Radial tilt detector measuring an acceleration and distance of a beam spot
Magnetic random access memory with write and read circuits using magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) devices
Capacitor/antifuse structure having a barrier-layer electrode and improved barrier layer
Memory device with divided bit-line architecture
Semiconductor memory device having multilevel memory cell and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for a semiconductor device with adjustable threshold voltage
Charge gain stress test circuit for nonvolatile memory and test method using the same
High density, high frequency memory chip modules having thermal management structures
Enhanced probe for gathering data from semiconductor devices
Cantilever assembly and scanning tip therefor with associated optical sensor
Beta cell device using icosahedral boride compounds
Photon power cell
Direct charge radioisotope activation and power generation
Near-field optical probe
Current-limiting device
Dye-sensitized solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
Function-control device comprising at least one selector
Lever switch
Vacuum switch including windmill-shaped electrodes
Vacuum switching device
High energy closing mechanism for circuit breakers
Circuit breaker for disconnecting an electrical apparatus from electrical network
Electrical switch
Arc chute assembly for circuit breaker mechanisms
Ferroelectric emitter
Emitter material having a plurlarity of grains with interfaces in between
Driving method for electric-field electron emission apparatus
Full-color plasma display panel that uses different discharge gases to emit different colored light
Plasma display panel
AC plasma display panel
AC-driven surface discharge plasma display panel having transparent electrodes with minute openings
CRT display apparatus
Shadow mask support frame for color cathode ray tube
Color cathode ray tube apparatus
Cathode ray tube
Electrode of electron gun and electron gun using the same
Cathode ray tube
Multi-beam index CRT with horizontal phosphor lines
Process for the irradiation of strand-shaped irradiated material, and an irradiating device for the performance of the said process
Ion source for ion attachment mass spectrometry apparatus
High intensity discharge lamp, driving apparatus for high intensity discharge lamp, and high intensity discharge lamp system
Extended temperature range fluorescent lamp
Plasma display panel, fabrication apparatus for the same, and fabrication process thereof
Temperature measuring method, temperature control method and processing apparatus
Method for fabricating an integrated circuit capacitor
Dielectric capacitor and memory and method of manufacturing the same
Method for forming an etch mask during the manufacture of a semiconductor device
Fabrication of semiconductor gettering structures by ion implantation
High voltage device and method
Vertical power MOSFET
SOI device with self-aligned selective damage implant, and method
SOI device and method of fabricating the same
Silicon-on-insulator transistors with asymmetric source/drain junctions formed by angled germanium implantation
Thin film transistor
Flip chip thermally enhanced ball grid array
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Method of mounting a plurality of electronic parts on a circuit board
Ball-less clip bonding
Semiconductor structure having a plurality of gate stacks
Dielectric treatment in integrated circuit interconnects
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Capacitor having a tantalum lower electrode and method of forming the same
Electrode and a capacitor and DRAM containing the same
Thin film transistor and liquid crystal display unit
Semiconductor device with self-aligned contact structure
Semiconductor catalytic layer and atomic layer deposition thereof
Incorrect-placement preventing directional IC tray for carrying IC packages
Interim oxidation of silsesquioxane dielectric for dual damascene process
Low temperature process for forming intermetal gap-filling insulating layers in silicon wafer integrated circuitry
Method for complementary oxide transistor fabrication
Capacitor and conductive line constructions and semiconductor processing methods of forming capacitors and conductive lines
Single supply HFET with temperature compensation
Semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for injecting charge onto the floating gate of a nonvolatile memory cell
Split gate flash memory with multiple self-alignments
Floating gate isolation device
Semiconductor device package, and fabrication method thereof
Circuit pattern tape for wafer-scale production of chip size semiconductor packages
Semiconductor device having interconnected external electrode pads and wire bonding pads
High performance air cooled heat sinks used in high density packaging applications
Wiring board, semiconductor package and semiconductor device
Flexible wiring substrate and its manufacturing method
Layout method for thin and fine ball grid array package substrate with plating bus
Printed wiring board for semiconductor plastic package
Pattern for routing power and ground for an integrated circuit chip
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit package with EMI shield
Submount, electronic assembly and process for producing the same
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
ESD device with salicide layer isolated by shallow trench isolation for saving one salicide block photomask
Semiconductor microsystem embedded in flexible foil
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) latch-up protective circuit for an integrated circuit
Dynamic substrate-coupled electrostatic discharging protection circuit
Semiconductor device with enhanced protection from electrostatic breakdown
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Full CMOS SRAM cell
Memory cell having a deep trench capacitor and a vertical channel
Low-energy particle sensor
Charge trapping device and method for implementing a transistor having a negative differential resistance mode
Power component state detector
Field effect transistor with a quantum-wave interference layer
Semiconductor device having protective layer
Modulation doped thyristor and complementary transistor combination for a monolithic optoelectronic integrated circuit
Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor having a relatively high doped region in the channel for improved linearity
Semiconductor device for load drive circuit
Thin film transistor, thin film transistor array substrate, liquid crystal display device, and electroluminescent display device
Low defect organic BARC coating in a semiconductor structure
Image sensing apparatus
Photovoltaic device module
Semiconductor light emitting device
Piezoelectric motor
Piezoelectric ceramic, method for producing piezoelectric ceramic, and piezoelectric oscillator
Contact discs for conducting plates of busbars
Axial-compression spring electrical contact having an impervious connection
Strain relief system for electrical cable
Accessory for fitting to the base section of trunking for routing electrical cables or conductors
Protective cover having tool recess or tool recesses, for use with electrical box having plaster ring
Adapter for interconnecting two wiring ducts on opposite sides of a suspended ceiling
Method and circuits for changing the ratings of a three phase circuit by delta-star switching
Electric motor having a no-adjust starting switch
Method and apparatus for mounting electronic motor controls
Self-excited reluctance motor
Drilling implement
PM type stepping motor
Structure of a submerged motor
Vibration motor having an eccentric weight and device including the same motor
Method of energizing a polyphase motor having an increased energy efficiency
Brushless motor control device and equipment using the control device
Audio system in electronic musical instrument
Configurable logic block for PLD
Driver circuitry for programmable logic devices with hierarchical interconnection resources
Circuit configuration for programming a delay in a signal path
Deflection circuit with a retrace capacitive transformation
Semiconductor device and semiconductor electret condenser microphone
Electroluminescent device and method for the production of the same
Dispersion-type electroluminescence element
Starting device for discharge lamp
Ultraviolet fluorescent lamp with unique drive circuit
Power regulation circuit for high frequency electronic ballast for ceramic metal halide lamp
Method and system for driving high pressure mercury discharge lamp, and image projector
Microwave oven having overheat preventing function and method of controlling its fan motor
Microwave defrosting under reduced pressure
Microwave oven and method for controlling power saving mode thereof
Microwave oven and control method thereof
Closure electrifier with a low mass transformer
Printed circuit board having a pattern of traces formed by screen-printing
Circuit board with reduced noise architecture
Printed circuit assembly having integrated resistors for terminating data and control lines of a host-peripheral interface
Vialess printed circuit board
Via structure with dual current path
Electronic parts conveying apparatus and method
Printed circuit board and pad apparatus having a solder deposit
Power inverter with collapsing mounting tabs
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew