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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus for decomposting compressed tablets
Pull type gang mower
Components of a milking machine, milking machine and milking device for milking animals
Collapsible wildlife containment apparatus
Fishing lure and hook assembly and method of rigging same
Fishing hook threader and holder
Air cushion compressive stocking
Stackable garment hanger
Shoe sole
Snowshoe apparatus
Apparatus and method for treatment of infected nail
Quantitative discharge structure for brushed cosmetic jar
Portable desk and computer support
Combined wall treatment and bed
Bed skirt accessory device
Multimedia chair and method
Display panel and display system
Grinder and automatic open/close control device thereof
Traveling laptop beverage container holder
Retractable central vacuum hose
Scanning laser ophthalmoscope
Ophthalmological measuring system and method for determining the biometric data of an eye
Continuous feed inter-dental brush assembly and device
Inter-convertible single person type transporting aid
Two-chamber cartridge for propellant-free metering aerosols
Personal assistive breathing apparatus
High-visibility turnout coat assemblage
Detachable line management device for traction kites
Performing Operations; Transporting
Twin-vortex micromixer for enforced mass exchange
Process for producing electromagnetic fuel injection valve
Device for spraying a liquid
Cleaning sheet, conveying member using the same, and substrate processing equipment cleaning method using them
Apparatus for and method of cleaning substrates
Fixture for optical elements for use in cleaning processes
Method for supplying a paint application device with paint
Adjustable corrugating die sets and method of forming corrugations of varying configurations
Tool holding fixture
Dust catcher
Milling insert and a milling tool, as well as a shim plate for such tools
Gear cutting machine, in particular bevel gear cutting machine, having a device for chamfering / deburring the edges of a work piece
Friction stir welding apparatus
Retaining prong and setting
Manually operated pliers with force monitoring
Adjustable handling apparatus
Injection molding device
Film transfer apparatus with variable film web guidance
Fine mold and method for regenerating fine mold
Laser alignment device comprising plunger
System and method for forming debit card using improved print cylinder mechanism
Printhead assembly with printhead module having tiled integrated circuits
Ink jet printing apparatus
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
Inkjet printer with refill interface and variably positioned inlets
Guide for printer solid ink transport and method
Printhead module of a printhead assembly
Ensuring print quality for postage meter systems
Ink jet printer
Print system motion sensor with feedback control
Systems and methods for reducing process direction registration errors of a printhead using a linear array sensor
Archway measuring device
Vehicle suspension device
Fluid cooling device
Collapsible door panel support structures and methods of assembly
Side impact door trim buckle initiatory design in armrest and grab handle region
Vehicular wheelchair docking and capture apparatus
Multi-compartment cargo system
Modular storage system
Storage box structure in motorcycle and method of mounting storage box
Wiper arm and cover for a wiper arm
Cart apparatus
Adjustable-caster angle device for a motorcycle
Power-assisted steering system or power steering system
Touring motorcycle modification kit
Customizable carbon frames for bicycle or other vehicles
Steering damping device
Bicycle wheel mounting assembly
Adjustable height bridging ramp system
Side-by-side hydrocarbon transfer system
Underwater breathing devices and methods
Deltoid main wing aerodynamic configurations
Apparatus and method for air-to-air arming of aerial vehicles
Direct mailing device
Combination article storage container and novelty item
Basket-type containers for articles in particular bottles
Metering valve
Metering valve
Belt installation guides
Multi-stage coil for transformer, and coil winding method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Paper sheet accumulating/feeding apparatus
Wire stacker tray with movable bands or springs
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus
Feeding paper apparatus and feeding paper method thereof
Sheet-feeding apparatus
Hoist for low space crane
Positive pressure liquid transfer and removal system configured for operation by a hand and by a foot
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ring plasma jet method and apparatus for making an optical fiber preform
Textiles; Paper
Method of repetitively conditioning cleaning cloths with cleaning solution
Fixed Constructions
Fixing means for fixing railway lines to sleepers or stretches of track
Truck mounted rotating broom system
Method and apparatus for attaching a moldboard to a moldboard frame
Soil fracturing tool
Modified box scraper system and apparatus
Ride control for motor graders
Wear edge assembly
Apparatus and methods for limiting debris flow back into an underground base pipe of an injection well
Flushing mechanism for toilet
Modified base ply roof membrane set in formulated concrete slurry over lightweight concrete
Non-top supported fence installation bracket
Roof structure and method for making the same
Window blind safety device
Non-ferromagnetic overburden casing
Submerged loading system
Backpressure valve for wireless communication
Gate valve and method of controlling pressure during casing-while-drilling operations
Method for preventing overpressure
Marine riser system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Actuator with a wound shape-memory element
Swash plate pivot bearing
Turbocharger with a variable nozzle device
Apparatus for steam attemperation using fuel gas heater water discharge to reduce feedwater pump size
Switchable component for a valve drive of an internal combustion engine
Hydraulic cam follower
Variable valve lift apparatus
Exhaust gas system for diesel vehicles with an SCR catalytic converter
Integrated gaseous fuel delivery system
Alternative fuel engine
Apparatus adapted to perform as compressor, motor, pump, and internal combustion engine
Rotary piston type internal combustion engine
Piston cam engine
Electro-magnetic internal combustion engine
Heat shield block for lining a combustion chamber wall, combustion chamber and gas turbine
Low emission high performance engines, multiple cylinder engines and operating methods
Model-based fuel control for engine start and crank-to-run transition
Guide-case for water turbine
Multi-piston pump/compressor
Pump System with a vacuum source coupled to a separator
Controlling gas partial pressures for process optimization
Integrated acoustic damper with thin sheet insert
High pressure slurry plunger pump with clean fluid valve arrangement
High-pressure pump
Linear module
Wave coil spring
Ring seal with inner lip
Drain valve
Locking connector with depressions
Sealing device
Methods and systems for performing, monitoring and analyzing multiple machine fluid processes
Multi-functioned flashlight for vehicle rescue use
Electronic device with lighting apparatus
Temperature controlled light fixture for environmental chamber
Lamp cover and illumination lamp having same
Vehicle lamp
Light-emitting diode light source and backlight module using the same
Device for the optical display of n switching states
Jet generating device and electronic apparatus
Intercooler apparatus and method
High entertaining ejecting toy
Rapidly-adjustable butt stock assembly
Relating to impact-resistant structures and assemblies
Projectile having ignitable payload with delay column igniter
Motor with rotational and linear drive with integrated axial force measurement
Flexible sensor flow and temperature detector
Fastener for a viscous material container evacuator and method
Pressure determination device and method for operating a pressure determination device
Method of engine oil consumption
Method to determine the composition of a fuel mixture
Ultrasonic flaw detection method and ultrasonic flaw detection device
Caddie-corner single proof mass XYZ MEMS transducer
Method of measuring borehole gravitational acceleration
Failure isolation and repair techniques for integrated circuits
Fabrication method of optical interconnection component and optical interconnection component itself
Plug connector for an optical fibre with device for compensation of elongations of an optical fibre
Wireless tuning and reconfiguration of network units including optoelectronic components
Image offset adjustment apparatus for LCD projector and mobile phone having the same
Projection display apparatus
Multi-image presentation billboard
Mechanical shutter and camera module having the same
Ergonomically configured steering handlebar apparatus for a vehicle
Synchronization device with delay line control circuit to control amount of delay added to input signal and tuning elements to receive signal form delay circuit
Semiconductor memory having re-configurable fuse set for redundancy repair
System and method for providing processor recovery in a multi-core system
Built-in debug feature for complex VLSI chip
Method and apparatus for automatically reporting of faults in a communication network
Multithread auto test method
Control system, recording device and electronic apparatus
Versatile RAM for programmable logic device
Scalable disk array controller
Access circuit with various access data units
Hierarchical virtual model of a cache hierarchy in a multiprocessor system
Control apparatus of storage unit, and method of controlling the control apparatus of storage unit
Storage system and storage control device
Data synchronization of multiple remote storage
Control apparatus for selectively operating with program data from two memories and having a system controller supplying program data and address for writing the data to the second memory
Increasing the memory performance of flash memory devices by writing sectors simultaneously to multiple flash memory devices
Method and apparatus for generating a device ID for stacked devices
Method and apparatus for backup and recovery system using storage based journaling
Subsystem and subsystem processing method
Computer system and process for transferring multiple high bandwidth streams of data between multiple storage units and multiple applications in a scalable and reliable manner
Reducing micro-controller access time to data stored in a remote memory in a disk drive control system
Method and apparatus for verifying the integrity of a media key block
Image transfer apparatus
Storage device having plural disk units and plural disk control units connected by control signal transmission cables that carry different control signals
Device and method for performing information processing using plurality of processors
Method and system for port numbering in an interconnect device
Port adapter for high-bandwidth bus
Programmable scheduler for digital signal processor
Method and apparatus for system management applications using a local controller
System and method for in-line editing of web-based documents
System and method for annotating documents
Method and apparatus for displaying hierarchical information
Packet routing system and method
Method and system for processing data records having multiple formats
System using transform template and XML document type definition for transforming message and its reply
Electronic bulletin board system and mail server
Communication assistance method and device
Method and apparatus for passing service requests and data from web based workstations directly to online transaction processing (OLTP) server systems
Enhancing application server performance by relocating performance-degrading processing
Image distribution system, and image distribution method and program therefor
System and method for using packed compressed buffers for improved client server communications
Using dynamic Web Components to automatically customize web pages
Server and method for transmitting streaming media to client through a congested network
Apparatus and method of generating an XML document to represent network protocol packet exchanges
Apparatus for estimating delay and jitter between network routers
System for gathering and aggregating operational metrics
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for web-based control of a unified multi-service communication system
Apparatus and accompanying methods for providing, through a centralized server site, a secure, cost-effective, web-enabled, integrated virtual office environment remotely accessible through a network-connected web browser
Quick starting external programmer for implantable medical device
Common storage system shared by one or more computers and information processing system having the same
Method and apparatus for visually indicating the location of links within a web page
Business description vocabulary for standardized, extensible interoperation
Process for designing and manufacturing semi-conductor memory components, in particular DRAM components
Process and apparatus for fast assignment of objects to a rectangle
I/O pin placement for a programmable logic device
Process and apparatus to assign coordinates to nodes of logical trees without increase of wire lengths
Inductive filters and methods of fabrication thereof
Computer system, management device, and logical device selecting method and program
Distributing an electronic signal in a stackable device
Time-based evaluation of data verification results
Method and system for identyfing a peripheral device by a high priority device-specific notification handler
Moniker method, apparatus, system and article of manufacture
Method, system and computer product for parsing binary data
System and method for formatting data for transmission between an embedded computer and a host computer having different machine characteristics
Method and apparatus for using a development port for boot up
System and method for mapping structured document to structured data of program language and program for executing its method
Global processor resource assignment in an assembler
Automated translation of a microprocessor opcode summary table to an architecture description language
Program history in a computer programming language
Method and device to assist in the execution of tasks of parallel jobs
Thread-specific heaps
Request and completion queue load balancing
Coin-shaped recording medium, recording medium processing device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Image capture device with data input function and data management method thereof
Method and system for making document objects available to users of a network
Capsule-dispensing cabinet for supplying machines for the preparation of drinks or other food preparations
Automatic vending machine
Planar light source
Infinitely variable commemorative coin
Protection method for manual ejection operation of optical disk drive
Optical pickup device
Manufacturing method of capacitor
Temperature control apparatus and method for a barbeque grill
Method of producing piezoelectric actuator
Electrical connector having improved retaining arrangement between the housing and the contacts
Digital transmission system for an enhanced ATSC 8-VSB system
Parallel distribution and fingerprinting of digital content
Distributed system for responding to watermarked documents
Digital watermarks with values derived from remote platforms
Method and apparatus for content protection across a source-to-destination interface
Method for providing image goods and/or services to a customer
Resonant-oscillating-device fabrication method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method of and system for conducting a hunting tournament or contest utilizing passive transponder identification
Apparatus for warming medical pads
Charged particle beam apparatus and method for operating the same
Switch cabinet with a fire extinguishing system
Winch control for basketball backstops
Performing Operations; Transporting
Microfluidic devices and systems incorporating integrated optical elements
Object sortation for delivery sequencing
Determination of concentration
Optical safety device for mounting on a moving member
Machining head and process for the surface machining of workpieces by means of a laser beam
Laser piercing method, laser processing nozzle, and laser cutting apparatus
Arrangement with transfer of measured values
Single shaft type table feed device
Synchronous controller
Hand controlled motor driven oscillating device
Apparatus for reducing vibration inputs to a device and/or for micropositioning
Apparatus for forming field joints on plastic coated pipe
Interlock circuit for a lawn and garden tractor
Engine control system for hybrid vehicle
Linear motor
Speed and rotor time constant estimation for torque control of an induction motor
Installation for signalling a motor vehicle deceleration comprising a light emitting a steady light flow
Virtual instrument panel
Magnetic field sensor
Alarm sensor multiplexing
Removable security bezel for an electronic device
Voice alert system for use on bicycles and the like
Semiconductor device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ferroelectric element and process for producing the same
Lamp device and a method of regulating the lamp intensity
Scalable lead zirconium titanate(PZT) thin film material and deposition method, and ferroelectric memory device structures comprising such thin film material
Flexible circuits with static discharge protection and process for manufacture
Frequency selected, variable output inductor heater system
Fixed Constructions
Fixing an anti-theft label on an object using a heat-shrinkable envelope
Automatic door control system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Integrated emergency power and environmental control system
Spindle motor
Motor for rotating a disk-shaped information recording medium in a disk drive apparatus
Self-cleaning system for a cooking appliance
Heating element with screen-printed Au-Pd resinate layer and Ag-Pd contact areas with solder resistant dams
Device for detecting the position of rotating objects
System for three dimensional positioning and tracking
Magnetic gauge for determining the thickness of filler used to repair vehicle damage
Displacement/angular position sensor
Method and apparatus for display of flight guidance information
Sensor of angle of a shaft with a base separating the shaft from a magnetoresistive sensing element
Linear position sensor for a transmission manual valve
Optoelectronic device
Thermal detector with bolometric effect amplification
Comparing and amplifying detector circuit
Water flow monitoring system determining the presence of leaks and stopping flow in water pipes
Autoalignment and autofocus mechanism for coupling light between an optical fiber and a physical specimen
Optical system for a scanning fluorometer
Body attitude screening apparatus for slide fastener slider
Microwave leakage field sensor for measuring moisture and/or density
Multi-density and multi-atomic number detector media with gas electron multiplier for imaging applications
Method and apparatus for detecting and measuring axially extending defects in ferrous tube
Battery powered AC electromagnetic yoke for magnetic particle inspection
Microwave heating apparatus for gas chromatographic columns
Single crystal silicon sensor with high aspect ratio and curvilinear structures
Flexible conductive structures and method
A-base utility meter cover
Magnetic sensor apparatus and current sensor apparatus
Direct current meter with passive input and galvanic insulation, particularly for high voltage
Magnetic sensor measuring apparatus and current sensor non-contact measuring apparatus
Current detector
Frequency measurement test circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit having the same
Spectrum analyzer
Process for harmonic measurement accuracy enhancement
Charge balance network with floating ground capacitive sensing
Electrical potential sensor
Signal generator
Inspection unit of a connector inspection apparatus
Apparatus and method for testing electric conductivity of circuit path ways on circuit board
Contact type prober automatic alignment
High performance test interface
Semiconductor circuit having scan path circuit
Test bus circuit and associated method
Electronic device, control method for electronic device, recharge-rate estimating method for secondary battery, and charging control method for secondary battery
Testing parallel strings of storage batteries
Open view quadrature birdcage coil
Apparatus and method for locating missing persons, animals, and objects
System and method for the detection of abnormal radiation exposures using pulsed optically stimulated luminescence
Radiation image read-out apparatus
System and method for identification of hydrocarbons using enhanced diffusion
Active matrix assembly with light blocking layer over channel region
Exposure apparatus and method utilizing isolated reaction frame
Methods and apparatus involving selectively tailored electromagnetic fields
Method and arrangement for adaptive load change compensation
Method for detecting lane deviation of vehicle
Constant current supply circuit
Power supply control system
Solar array peak power tracker
Voltage controller for minimizing the utility power provided to a local load site having a local power source
Supply voltage sequencing circuit
Cascade current miller circuit
Low-power low-jitter variable delay timing circuit
Voltage output driver and filter
Substrate voltage generating circuit provided with a transistor having a thin gate oxide film and a semiconductor integrated circuit device provided with the same
System for controlling adjustable pedals
Digital clock with controllable phase skew
Signal distribution network on backside of substrate
Effective netlength calculation
Vehicle part identification system and method
Reversible adiabatic logic circuit and pipelined reversible adiabatic logic apparatus employing the same
DC offset calibration for a digital switching amplifier
Radio frequency data communications device
Auto-tunning scanning proximity reader
Programmable lock and security system therefor
Apparatus and method for enabling a security device, in particular an access device for a motor vehicle
Inventoriable object control and tracking system
Perimeter monitoring system
Wireless video audio data remote system
Fire alarm
Water entry alarm system
Refuge bay monitoring system
Intruder detecting method and apparatus therefor
Pattern selection method and apparatus
Firefighter's safety device
Automated emergency announcement system
Circuit for intrinsically safe detection of the binary signals of a transmitter
Intelligent traffic control and warning system and method
Reproducing device
Process of clock recovery during the sampling of digital-type signals
Method and apparatus for vertically locking input and output signals
Hi-hat invention
Adaptable percussion accessory for a percussion tool
Musical synthesizer capable of expressive phrasing
Musical sound signal generation apparatus
Vehicle horn
Automatic up-and-down disc clamping apparatus with magnets
Voltage margin testing using an embedded programmable voltage source
Spindle motor assembly for disc drives
Spindle motor with a special contact arrangement
Bond magnet and manufacturing method thereof, and actuator therewith
Pulse modulated capacitive retract device for a voice coil actuator
Rotation and translation measurement with phase sensitive detection
Power generating device having a form factor suitable for insertion into a player device
Delayed start oscillator circuit
Shared charge pump voltage ramp
Static semiconductor memory device with expanded operating voltage range
Sense amplifier circuit
Cycle selection circuit and semiconductor memory storage using the same
Calibrating data strobe signal using adjustable delays with feedback
Integrated circuit data latch driver circuit
Cord switch and pressure sensor
Resistor for audio equipment
Variable resistor
Variable inductor
Current transmission element
Opening shield plate for electrolyte capacitor having inner annular PFA portion and outer annular Al portion
Limited restrike circuit interrupter used as a line capacitor and load switch
Device for controlling a breaker
Circuit breaker mechanism
Low-voltage multipole circuit breaker with high electrodynamic resistance, whereof the pole shaft is arranged in the compartment housing the poles
Protected configuration switch
Electron emission device and display device using the same
Color display tube with improved suspension of the color selection electrode
Shadow mask in color CRT
Compensation device for convergence drift used in cathode ray tube
Mass spectrometer
Printed circuit boards as insulated components for a time of flight mass spectrometer
Electroded selenium lamp
Xenon arc lamp
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp
Electric-light bulb
Apparatus for the thermal treatment of substrates
Apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Plastic leads frames for semiconductor devices
High density lead frames and methods for plastic injection molding
Semiconductor device having capacitive element structure and multilevel interconnection structure and method of fabricating the same
Boride electrodes and barriers for cell dielectrics
Film resistor and method of producing same
Ferroelectric memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Display switch with double layered gate insulation and resinous interlayer dielectric
Bumpless flip chip assembly with strips and via-fill
Area array type semiconductor package and fabrication method
Mask repattern process
Microelectronic fabrication having formed therein terminal electrode structure providing enhanced barrier properties
Method and apparatus for imaging semiconductor devices
Integrated circuit memory devices having self-aligned contact
Memory cell, method of controlling same and method of manufacturing same
Oxygen implant self-aligned, floating gate and isolation structure
Method for forming zig-zag bordered openings in semiconductor structures and structures formed
Tungsten plugs for integrated circuits and method for making same
Semiconductor integrated circuit and fabrication method thereof
MeV implantation to form vertically modulated N+ buried layer in an NPN bipolar transistor
Structure for isolating integrated circuits in semiconductor substrate and method for making it
Printed circuit boards with cavity and method of producing the same
Reinforced semiconductor package
Passivation layer and process for semiconductor devices
Moldless semiconductor device and photovoltaic device module making use of the same
Surface mount electronic component having electrodes suppressing the occurrence of migration
Semiconductor mounting package
Heat sink for microchip application
Chip stack package utilizing a connecting hole to improve electrical connection between leadframes
Semiconductor device having improved temperature distribution
Multi-chip semiconductor package
Multichip assembly semiconductor
LOC semiconductor assembled with room temperature adhesive
Structure of a solder mask for the circuit module of a BGA substrate
Semiconductor device interconnection structure
Selective CVD TiSi2 deposition with TiSi2 liner
Semiconductor device with multilayer interconnection having HSQ film with implanted fluorine and fluorine preventing liner
Organic opto-electronic devices
Semiconductor device
Image reading method having reading conditions different in light quantity
Solid-state imaging apparatus
Electrostatic discharge device with gate-controlled field oxide transistor
Easy to manufacture integrated semiconductor memory configuration with platinum electrodes
Photoelectric conversion integrated circuit device
Solid imaging device
Constant power snapshot microemitter array with integral digital interface, isolated substrate current return, and linearized signal response
Lateral high voltage semiconductor device with protective silicon nitride film in voltage withstanding region
Semiconductor device with insulated gate transistor
Multilayer ZnO polycrystalline diode
Semiconductor structure having a predetermined alpha-silicon carbide region, and use of this semiconductor structure
Vertical bipolar transistor including an extrinsic base with reduced roughness, and fabrication process
Nitride based transistors on semi-insulating silicon carbide substrates
Silicon-carbon emitter for silicon-germanium heterojunction bipolar transistors
Trench transistor with a self-aligned source
T-Gate transistor with improved SOI body contact structure
Method of making chalcogenide memory device
Analog MOSFET devices
Low on-resistance trench lateral MISFET with better switching characteristics and method for manufacturing same
Superlattice tunable detector system
Solar cell and method for producing such a cell
Multijunction photovoltaic cell with thin 1st (top) subcell and thick 2nd subcell of same or similar semiconductor material
Compound semiconductor light emitter and a method for manufacturing the same
Nitride-compound semiconductor device
Power generating block provided with thermoelectric generation unit
Piezo-electric actuator operable in an electrolytic fluid
Motor drive apparatus having power supply restoring function
Piezo actuator with novel contacting and production method
Piezoelectric element
Organic electroluminescent device
Low dissipation system and method for determining battery capacity and battery plant incorporating the same
Kinetic battery system
Resonant capacitive coupler
Delay line filter
Thermostable circulator with the magnetic characteristics of the ferrite and magnet correlated
Resonator having a variable resonance frequency
Fabrication of circuit modules with a transmission line
Repairable braid splice
Spark plug for internal combustion engine having better self-cleaning function
Cable duct device for rack
Housings for underfloor raceways
Utility line spacer and method for manufacturing same
Vented pedestal for electronics housing
Man machine interface for an A-C motor bypass
Filtering and voltage raising circuit for connection between a car radio and a motor-vehicle battery
Method and apparatus for distribution of power in a media converter system
Integrated control system and method for controlling mode, synchronization, power factor, and utility outage ride-through for micropower generation systems
Apparatus having plural electric double layer capacitors and method for adjusting voltages of the capacitors
Charge/discharge protection circuit and battery pack having the charge/discharge protection circuit
Method and mechanism to prevent corruption of data
Multiple redundant reliability enhancement method for integrated circuits and transistors
Battery charger with wiring opening for conducting wire connection therethrough
Supporting device for power supply paddle
Battery and flashlight recharger
Small-sized motor
Rotating electric machine
Rotating machine
Switching control circuit
DC-DC converter which supresses power supply noise in low power circuit
Method and device for voltage multiplication
Power supply for consuming lower power in a standby mode
Power control circuits for luminaires
Resonant frequency tracking system and method for use in a radio frequency (RF) power supply
Means and device for determining the angular velocity of a rotor of polyphase machine operated by field orientation without a transmitter
Multi-speed motor controller
Driving device for three-phase brushless motor
Step motor drive control circuit
Control device of alternator
Frequency shift key modulating oscillator
Circuit for efficiently producing low-power radio frequency signals
Differential amplifier and a method of compensation
Response linearizing circuit, particularly for microwave radiofrequency systems, and method of linearizing the output of an apparatus
Predistortion circuit
Overload recovery circuit and method
Operational amplifier
Adjustable AC load structure
DC offset correction adaptable to multiple requirements
Floating, balanced output circuit
Radio-frequency amplifier, and radio communication system using it
Input stage for constant gm amplifier circuit and method
CMOS amplifiers with multiple gain setting control
Analog circuitry for start-up glitch suppression
Method and arrangement for gyration filtering with low power consumption
Surface acoustic wave device, and its fabrication process
Low-loss surface acoustic wave filter on quartz substrate with optimized cut
Surface acoustic wave resonator, filter, duplexer and communication device utilizing a shear horizontal wave on langasite
Surface acoustic wave device using a leaky surface acoustic wave with an optimized cut angle of a piezoelectric substrate
Slope generator
Method for a dynamic termination logic driver with improved impedance control
Compensation of timing errors caused by dynamic thermal mismatch
Method for generating differential tri-states and differential tri-state circuit
Domino logic circuit and method
Clocked logic gate circuit
Programmable logic device with adjustable length delay line
Differential receivers in a CMOS process
Comparator with process and temperature insensitive hysteresis and threshold potentials
Non-volatile reprogrammable logic circuits by combining negative differential resistance devices and magnetic devices
Clock recovery using an injection tuned resonant circuit
Method and apparatus for improving the performance of digital delay locked loop circuits
Out-of-calibration circuits and methods and systems using the same
Transmission timing adjusting circuit and method
Apparatus and method for servo-controlled self-centering phase detector
Low charge-injection charge pump
Frequency synthesizer utilizing phase shifted control signals
PLL circuit which quickly adjusts VCO bias voltages
Layout arrangement of current sources in a current-mode digital-to-analog converter
Multiple A to D converters for enhanced dynamic range
Method and apparatus for dynamically generating multiple level decision thresholds of an M-ary coded signal
Inverse quantization using table with reduced size
Monitor information transmitting/receiving apparatus in submarine cable system
Power line communications
Electronic identification, control, and security system and method for consumer electronics and the like
In situ remote sensing
Interface circuit
Apparatus for informing a user of predetermined condition by vibration
Apparatus to reduce wait time for scanner light-source warm-up
Scanner with light directing channel
Cross-connect cabinet
Defrosting assembly for a mirror of a vehicle
Driver circuit for organic electroluminescent display
Constant or variable brightness flashlight
Dimming control system with distributed command processing
Single ballast for powering high intensity discharge lamps
Power-factor correction circuit of electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps
Method and apparatus for controlling a discharge lamp in a backlighted display
Electronic ballast having a stable reference voltage and a multifunction input for soft dimming and ON/OFF control
Multiple ignition high intensity discharge ballast control circuit
Ballast for at least one gas discharge lamp and method for operating such a ballast
Method and device for controlling the operational performance of gas discharge lamps
Induction heating, temperature self-regulating
Method and apparatus for producing power for an induction heating system
Adaptive microwave oven
Halogen heater control apparatus of microwave oven and method thereof
High gradient, compact, standing wave linear accelerator structure
Method of forming a printed wiring board with compensation scales
Method to embed passive components
Semiconductor chip mounting board and a semiconductor device using same board
Anti-bridging solder ball collection zones
Making a connection between a component and a circuit board
Component for use in forming printed circuit boards
Printed wiring board and manufacturing method thereof
Electric power supply device having detachable fan device
Method and a device for shielding electronic components
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew