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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Device and method for catching excrement
Cage free nest
Indexed feed dispensing mechanism
Travel bowl assembly for people
Squirrel skinner and method
Garment hanger having single handed locking device and method therefor
Methods and apparatuses for applying eyelash extensions
Collapsible container
Combination suitcase and chair apparatus
Toothbrush and flossing system
Bag for carrying concrete finishing tools
Computer enclosure with EMI shielding clip
Toothbrush stand
Pull-out slide for drawers and drawer
Temporary clamping structure for electronics
Refrigerator related technology
Vehicle multimedia system for vehicle
Wheeled pusher system
Cabinet structures resistant to racking deformation for rack mounted computing systems
Apparatus and methods for coronary sinus access
Capsule endoscope capable of performing stereoscopic imaging
Cognitive function training unit
Surgical stapling instrument with independent sequential firing
Electrothermal instrument for sealing and joining or cutting tissue
Systems and methods for photoacoustic opthalmoscopy
Tissue penetration device
Method for analysing pressure signals derivable from a body cavity
Non-invasive temperature estimation technique for HIFU therapy monitoring using backscattered ultrasound
External pressure-based gastric band adjustment system and method
Absorbent article with urine-permeable coversheet
Refastenable absorbent article and a method of applying thereof
Hygienic band having three-dimensional structure and manufacturing method thereof
Monitoring of a food intake restriction device
System for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence
Guidewire-less stent delivery methods
Intravascular hinge stent
Flexible stent with elevated scaffolding properties
Gear bearing drive
Method, apparatus and system for ostomy bag irrigation
Reflective heat patch
Mobile radiation therapy
Variable thickness embolic filtering devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Transdermal delivery system for cosmetic agents
Single-use syringe
Device for piercing film bags
Hair treatment composition and methods
Occupant restraint apparatus
Golf club head and golf clubs
Golf club and grip for golf club
Lacrosse head
Baseball pitch stop with ball return
Tennis backboard
Flying disk challenge game
Modular binding for sports board
Electronic amusement device and method for operating a game offering continuous reels
Network-based game system and method
Electronic gaming machines with different player or dealer assigned virtual card stacks or other symbol sets
System and method for configuring game data about players
Air bus transportation system
Start gate for gravity-driven cars
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for determining the filterability of jet fuel containing additive(s) and conditions for the delivery of acceptable water content fuel
Monolithic column chromatography
Materials, filters, and systems for immobilizing combustion by-products and controlling lubricant viscosity
Oil fill cap with air/oil separator
Liquid droplet plug and spray system
Echoing ultrasound atomization and mixing system
Directional dispensing valve
Digger sifter with ergonomic handle
System and method for eliminating emissions from an air classification device
Apparatus and method for separating plastic film from waste
Method of forming metal
Oscillating table
Casting method
Irregular-shank tools and drivers therefor
Chuck for flexible manufacturing
Heat sink for drill bits of different sizes
Adjustable clamp system and method for wire bonding die assembly
Flexure based macro motion translation stage
Chamfering apparatus for chamfering glass substrates
Electrical power tool with anti-vibration mechanisms of different types
Fold out sawhorse with pivotable, cantilevered support members
Die holder assembly for rotary cutting system
Attachment for stitching tool
Apparatus and method for manufacturing optical elements
Methods, tools, and products for molded ordered porous structures
Injection molding machine
Assembly and a method for extruding a tire component
Nanoimprint resin stamper
Method and apparatus for sealing a glass package
Gypsum wallboard and method of making same
Film bonding method, film bonding apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Apparatus and methods for non-contact adhesive dispensing to manufacture bags
Method and apparatus for stringing thin film solar cells
Printing method with respect to scanning a medium
Printer with an exposure head
Printing apparatus
Inkjet recording head and inkjet recording device
Device for controlling direction of fluid
Inkjet printer and inkjet printing method
Method for manufacturing liquid supply system, and liquid ejection apparatus
Solid ink stick with visual orientation indicator
Ink jet printing apparatus
Inkjet printer assembly with a central processing unit configured to determine a performance characteristic of a print cartridge
Image forming apparatus
Element substrate, printhead, and head cartridge
Method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording medium
Tire for heavy vehicles
Vibration dampener with floating positive mechanical connection
Motor vehicle drive train and method for controlling a drive train
Stowable seat
Chemical applicator trailer extendable hitch
Bed divider apparatus and method for use in a pickup truck bed
Transom drain light
License plate assembly
Method and apparatus for a crumple zone with selectable volume
Vehicle occupant weight classification system
Vehicle occupant restraint apparatus
Vehicle article carrier having single sided release cross bar
Storage rack assembly for vehicle
Wheeled-vehicle dolly
Tow rack
Human-powered tricycle system
Straddle type vehicle
Board sliding device for sliding on ground
Wheelchair retrofit assembly with multiple dimensions of adjustment
Non-handed engine cowl doors for fuselage mounted turbine engines
System and method for enhancing the fuel storage volume and the fuel carriage capacity of external fuel stores carried by an aerial vehicle
Labeling apparatus
Mobile cart having a retractable-wheel base system
Used cooking grease disposal and storage device
Method and apparatus for attaching a lid to an insulated container
Lockable container with improved slide latch and lock
Aerosol sprayer
Holder for portable electronic device
Package box, cushion and plate material
Package for rod-like smoking articles
Device for transporting freight
Belt junction conveyor
Escalator linear belt handrail drive
Mail-processing machine
Load hook arrangement
Wind tower service lift
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electrostatic desalination and water purification
Fluidized bed precipitator with optimized solids settling and solids handling features for use in recovering phosphorus from wastewater
System for mineral hardness management
Apparatus, methods and systems for handling and processing waste material
High strength cement, mortar and concrete including industrial by-products
Self-curing concrete
Thermal pre-ignition agents
Solid fuel rocket thrust control
Methods of calcining particulate material
Single step gas phase flame synthesis method to produce sub-10 nanometer sized rare earth doped nanoparticles
Polyamide composition
Aviation fuel lead scavenging additive
Magnesium grain-refining using titanium
Process for producing metal fluoride single crystal
Method for preparing atomistically straight boundary junctions in high temperature superconducting oxides
Fixed Constructions
Asphalt repair method
Snowthrower belt-driven chute rotation system
Apparatus support console with adjustable support plate
Clip for transportation of ladders and method
Drilling apparatus and method for drilling wells
Connector for releasable connection between an anchorage in the form of a female part arranged on a floating means and a male part formed at the end of a retrievable umbilical
Apparatus and method for containing oil from a deep water oil well
Apparatus for driving rotating down hole pumps
Treatment for recycling fracture water gas and oil recovery in shale deposits
Fluid loss control
Method and apparatus for installing a borehole heat exchanger in the earth
Automated excavation machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Direction-switchable pneumatic cylinder
Stator--rotor assemblies having surface features for enhanced containment of gas flow, and related processes
Turbine blade with leading edge impingement cooling
Turbine blade with tip turn cooling
Turbine blade tip cooling system
Apparatus with mixed fuel separator and method of separating a mixed fuel
Vibration-damping control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Piston assembly for barrel engine
Metal laminate gasket
Selective displacement control of multi-plunger fuel pump
Fuel pressure control strategy at engine shutdown
Vane pump with vane biasing means
Thrust and intake chamber for pump
Centrifugal fan
Thin-wall bearing
Centrifugal advance mechanism
Magneto-rheological clutch and wheel transmission apparatuses and methods
Antivibration device, and vehicle comprising same
Multi-speed transmission having three planetary gear sets
Multi-speed transmission having three planetary gear sets
Machine tool comprising a rotary transmission leadthrough between the driven gear and the spindle
Bicycle component positioning device
Arrangement for operating at least one shift fork in a transmission
Pneumatic cylinder for precision servo type applications
Diaphragm pump having a twist and lock fastener
Valve for a pneumatic hand tool
Stepless adjustable musical instrument stand
Piezoelectric actuated gimbal
Optical device for creating an illumination window
Signal indicator lamp assembly for a vehicle
Rotatable reflector support system
Back light module
Workspace lighting system
Single can-type composite heat source machine
Fire lighter
Internal cooling apparatus for automobiles
Rotation speed control device, air conditioner, and rotation speed control method
Refrigerant flow divider of heat exchanger for refrigerating apparatus
Heat exchanger and method of mounting
Loop heat pipe with flat evaportor having a wick with an internal chamber
Firearm silencer and methods for manufacturing and fastening a silencer onto a firearm
Linear cellular bomb case
Electronic blasting capsule
Illuminated indicating devices for instrument panels
Flowmeter for measuring a flow rate using a heat exchange principle
Fluid dispenser head
Method and systems of powering on integrated circuit
Pressure sensor
Method and device for operating a particle sensor
Electric radiator cap pressure tester
Wind turbine foundation monitoring system
Thin-film sample holder
Electrochemical sensing test piece without hemocyte interference
Reference electrode including electrolyte containing optically-active material and automatic electrochemical potential correction apparatus using the same
Method of measuring deposition onto a substrate
Optical projection system and smooth picture device thereof
Vehicular door mirror device
Eyewear incorporating lenses with electronically variable optical properties
Magnetic coupling and camera platform using magnetic coupling
Lens, lens module, and camera module having same
Imaging apparatus having retractable barrier on an imaging side of an electrical component and retraction space below the lens
Mobile communication terminal having projector
Image pickup apparatus
Authorized sample receiver
Illumination devices for image acquisition systems
Method and apparatus for ordering goods, services and content over an internetwork
Smartcard transaction system and method
Electronic transaction systems and methods therefor
Display device and light-emitting device
Ferromagnetic shape memory alloy and its use
Etching system
Carbon monoxide remover and reformer for fuel cell
Magnetic jumper for bypassing electrical circuits
Electrical device
Quick-connection outdoor waterproof electrical connector
Electrical connector
Battery connector for a mobile terminal
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
System and method for automatic selection of appropriate clothing with regard to temperature
Device for localizing an object in a turbid medium
Motion detection for physiological applications
Heat exchanger useable in wearable fluid heater
Recording medium, apparatus and method for processing images
Performing Operations; Transporting
Angle detection method for bending machine, angle detection apparatus and angle sensor
Image magnifying/reducing optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Print head pressure mechanism, and a printer using the same
Thermal bend actuator
Printed matter which has enhanced appearance and whose image surface has uniform gloss, printing method used to form the printed matter, and printer used in the printing method
Control device for thermal printer head and printer using the same
Print, printing method, printer, and image reading method and device capable of inhibiting improper reproduction
Method and apparatus for determining a process position of a scan line in an electrophotographic machine
Exposure head
Image recorder and optical fiber array unit
Printer for recording an image on a recording material
Image bearing substrate having increased density and method of forming same
Trailer alignment method and apparatus
Device and method for supplying power to a vehicle, semi-conductor circuit device for use in the same and collective wiring device for a vehicle or an automobile
Compartment sensing system
Multiple hazard field marker and components therefor
Reflecting mirror
Rate of consumption gauge with variable rate of consumption limits
Method of transmitting data within pulse intervals of a rotational speed signal, and circuit arrangement for implementing the method
Wireless communication between countermeasure devices
Vehicle control system including multi-digit control switch and associated methods
Vehicle control system including token verification and code reset features for electrically connected token
Remote vehicle control system including common carrier paging receiver and related methods
Method for improving repeatability and removing hysteresis from electromechanical actuators
Apparatus for assembly of brake monitor
Fixed guide for singulator arm of semiconductor handler
High impedance diagnostic for gun driver and method
Microelectromechanical mirror and mirror array
Apparatus and method for 2-dimensional steered-beam NxM optical switch using single-axis mirror arrays
Fixed Constructions
Laser beam detecting device
Mini-optical light shelf daylighting system
Surveying a subterranean borehole using accelerometers
Method of drilling in response to looking ahead of drill bit
Position measuring apparatus and optical deflection angle measuring apparatus for underground excavators
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power pack for cordless tools and electronics
Autoilluminating rechargeable lamp system
Repair device for decorative light shunt
Method and apparatus for measuring thickness variation of a thin sheet material, and probe reflector used in the apparatus
Method and apparatus to measure the cross-sectional area of an object
Three dimensional scanning system
Measuring system with improved method of reading image data of an object
Method for temporary suppression of reflection for optical measurement
Angle encoder with four hall sensors and method for angle determination of output signals of the four hall sensors
Multiple layer confocal interference microscopy using wavenumber domain reflectometry and background amplitude reduction and compensation
Phase digitizer
Multiple plane reference mirror for interferometric testing of optical systems
Method and apparatus for navigation guidance
Integrated GPS/IMU method and microsystem thereof
Traversing laser locating system
Autofocus distance-measuring optical system
Airborne terrain collision prevention device with prediction of turns
Time/analog converter for a magnetostrictive position sensor
Capacitive sensor excitation techniques
High resolution etalon-grating monochromator
Dual circular polarization modulation spectrometer
Multispectral imaging system and method
Wavefront sensor, and lens meter and active optical reflecting telescope using the same
Input sub-ranging converter system for sampling semiconductor temperature sensors
Enhanced photon-migration methods for particle sizing in concentrated suspensions
Capillary surface plasmon resonance sensors and multisensors
Device for reproducible positioning of optical surfaces
Device for detecting crizzle in the mouth and thread of glass containers
Method of analyzing oxygen and oxide in metallic material
System and method for in-situ particle contamination measurement using shadowgrams
Detection of contraband using microwave radiation
Battery inspection system
Eddy current sensor for analyzing a test object and method of operating same
Leakage flux flaw detecting method and method for manufacturing hot rolled steel sheet using the same
Eddy current probe with an adjustable bisected sensing end
High-resolution measurement of phase shifts in high frequency phase modulators
Remote light indication fault indicator with a timed reset circuit and a manual reset circuit
Method and apparatus for accurate measurement of pulsed electric currents utilizing ordinary current transformers
Opto-electric device for measuring the root-mean-square value of an alternating current voltage
MOS current sense circuit
Device for the detection of a high voltage greater than a supply voltage
Phase detector with minimized phase detection error
Method for measuring phase noise using a low noise synthesizer
Electrical connection testing device and an electrical connection testing method for terminal fittings accommodated in a connector
Method of testing continuity using an auto-lock continuity check unit
Automatic electronic load pull circuit for oscillators
Method of evaluating quality of crystal unit
Compare path bandwidth control for high performance automatic test systems
Semiconductor device testing apparatus having timing hold function
Method of controlling the discharging of a secondary storage cell battery
Efficiently shielded MRI gradient coil with discretely or continuously variable field of view
Active shield type of elliptic cylinder-shaped gradient coil for magnetic resonance imaging
Electric arrangement for operation of a gradient coil with several power supplies
Industrial on-line analysis by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Magnetic resonance signal receiving method and apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging of several volumes
GPS receiver and GPS position measurement method
Autonomous hardwired tracking loop coprocessor for GPS and WAAS receiver
Method and apparatus for measuring velocity and turbulence of atmospheric flows
Active target distance measurement
Method for monitoring objects or an object area
Method and apparatus for activating a crash countermeasure in response to the road condition
Intermittent use of a port in response to location data push
Electrical, mechanical, and logical interface for a user terminal GPS accessory module
Portable position determining device
Jammer counting using cholesky factor diagonal elements
Apparatus and method for providing a deception response system
Apparatus and method for invoking an annotation function for an ultrasound machine
Method of detecting foreign matter and apparatus therefor
Device and method for measurement of resistivity outside of a wellpipe
Ultraviolet polarization beam splitter for microlithography
Low-reflection transparent conductive multi layer film having at least one transparent protective layer having anti-smudge properties
Panoramic camera
Illumination optical apparatus for illuminating a mask, method of manufacturing and using same, and field stop used therein
Diopter adjusting device
Variable focal length lens system
Zoom lens
Zoom lens system
Corrective lens for rifle scope
Eyepiece optical system and image display apparatus
Diffractive optical element and optical system having the same
Objective lens for optical pick-up
Eyeglass-mount display having personalized fit module
Transparent sunpad for home shopping
Agile beam steering using phased-array-like elements
Diffractive optical elements on non-flat substrates using electron beam lithography
Plane light source unit and method for manufacturing holographic light-guide used for the same
Lens holder
Reflection-type polarization-independent optical isolator, optical isolator/amplifier/monitor, and optical system
Printable electronic display
LCD in which lamp reflector is grounded to panel housing via screw, pinch fastening, or snap pressing means
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display apparatus having stepped section in glass substrate
Polarizing plate having a light diffusing layer
Method of illuminating liquid crystal layer and liquid crystal display device using the same
Color-filterless liquid crystal display device
Substrate of LCD device having external terminals covered with protective film and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display having uneven convex and concave portions in both pixel and common electrodes
LCD device having electrodes comprising conductive resin or conductive color filter and manufacturing method of the same
Electrooptical panel and electronic appliances
Reflection liquid crystal display element
Image display apparatus
Method and apparatus for printing monochromatic images using a spatial light modulator having a selectable light source
Stage mechanism, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method in which a coil unit of a driving mechanism is moved substantially in synchronism with a stage
Photolithographic system for exposing a wafer using a programmable mask
Mask clamping apparatus, e.g. for a lithographic apparatus
Inspection method, apparatus and system for circuit pattern
Apparatus and method for phase shift photomasking
Lithography system using quantum entangled photons
Multiple die industrial process control transmitter
Voltage regulator for supplying power to internal circuits
Semiconductor device having an internal power supply circuit
Bipolar comparator
Digital joystick using capacitive sensor
Multiphase clock generator
Multi-functional I/O buffers in a field programmable gate array (FPGA)
Thumbwheel selection system
Installation structure for panel-type display device
Voltage supply discriminator and method
Security control for personal computer
Bus configuration and input/output buffer
Method to reduce timing skews in I/O circuits and clock drivers caused by fabrication process tolerances
Font management system that provides for synchronization of fonts among resources
Method and system for long-term archiving CAD data
Video browsing space
Method of generating matched capacitor arrays
Graphical user interface with improved control for areas with a large number of selectable bitmaps
Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing graphical user interface (GUI) window control
Computer-related method, system, and program product for controlling data visualization in external dimension(s)
Optical scanning-type touch panel
Apparatus for entering data into a computer
Electronic device with trackball user input
Method and system for eliminating artifacts in overlapped projections
Driver circuitry for programmable logic devices
Method and apparatus for generating random numbers
Method and apparatus for an extensible editor
Printing system, control method therefor, and recording medium
Encoding of requests for status in document assembly trees
Image forming apparatus for efficiently storing developed print data depending on situations and an image forming method thereof
Printing apparatus
Modulation method for data transmission from a transponder to a read-write device
Inductively tunable antenna for a radio frequency identification tag
Electronic identification system
Contactless proximity automated data collection system and method
Radio frequency identification tag formatting method
Method and apparatus for recording and playback of multidimensional walkthrough narratives
Method and apparatus for tracking and locating a moveable article
Method and apparatus for deferred texture validation on a multi-tasking computer
Image processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and recording medium on which software for executing the image processing is recorded
Method and apparatus for gamut boundary determination
Method and apparatus for generating a straight line
Method and system using variable line width adjustment with reduced scan buffering that is compatible with antialiasing
System and method for processing an event of a graphical object
Method and apparatus for occlusion culling in graphics systems
Graphical objects represented as surface elements
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
CAD data compressing method and apparatus thereof
Alpha regions
Method and apparatus for alerting owners of recommended vehicle maintenance
Method and apparatus for theft deterrence and secure data retrieval in a communication device
Water level alarm
Alarm lockout apparatus
Arrangement for the contactless transmission of optical data
Comprehensive information and service providing system
Method and apparatus for showing special characters or figures on a rotating disk
Driver circuit for driving a plasma display panel driver module incorporating said circuit and method of testing such a module
Flat panel display system and image signal interface method thereof
Display panel driving apparatus
Blocked stepped address voltage for micromechanical devices
Image display invention
Driver of liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal device, and electronic equipment
Amplifier circuit and liquid-crystal display unit using the same
Image processing device and method, image transmission/receptor system and method, and providing medium
Bi-directional update of displays in portable electronic device
Multi-function controller and method for a computer graphics display system
Encoding apparatus and method, recording medium, and decoding apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for synchronously encoding audio signals with corresponding video frames
Drive system equipped with an autoloader mechanism, and autoloading device
Disk cartridge, its door opening and closing mechanism and disk drive
Method of accessing a disk-like recording medium in a disk cartridge
Data storage cartridge having a wear pad for a brake button
Optical servo system for a tape drive
Disk drive employing a non-volatile semiconductor memory for storing read channel parameter calibrated for the disk drive used to recover disk channel parameter
Magnetic head transducer spring assembly and method of making same
Hard disk drive selector
Thin-film magnetic head and manufacturing method of the head
Method and apparatus for testing thin-film magnetic head
Hard disk drive suspension with integral flexible circuit
Fixed disc drive cartridge and playback device
Super-textured air bearing surface slider design for data transducers in rotating media random access computer mass storage devices
Current-to-voltage converting circuit, optical pickup head apparatus, and apparatus and method for recording/reproducing data
Semiconductor laser and flying optical pickup for recording/reproducing using the same
Semiconductor circuit configuration
Decoder element for generating an output signal having three different potentials and an operating method for the decoder element
High-speed sample-and-hold circuit with gain
Peak-hold circuit and an infrared communication device provided with such a circuit
Settable digital CMOS differential sense amplifier
Sense amplifier circuit of semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device
Thin film spin probe
Composite film resistors and method of making the same
Resistor trimming method
Surface mountable electrical device
Inductor and transformer formed with multi-layer coil turns fabricated on an integrated circuit substrate
Coil device and method for manufacturing the same
Inductance element and manufacturing method thereof, and snubber using thereof
Common mode choke coil
Laminated inductor array
Transformer bobbin
Parasitic capacitance canceling circuit
Shock sensor
Thermal switch with activation indicator
Circuit breaker
Electrical circuit breaker device
Universal device for safety switches
Molded case circuit breaker
Method and apparatus for detection of charge on ions and particles
Rotator for a module integrated circuit (IC) handler
Stacked voltage rails for low-voltage DC distribution
Gate array architecture
Image pickup apparatus having gradation control function for providing image signals definitive of backlighted objects
Color image display device
Network of triacs with gates referenced with respect to a common opposite face electrode
Method for detecting deterioration of electrochemical device, method for measuring remaining capacity, charger comprising them, and discharge controller
Rechargeable battery packs
Resonating apparatus in a dielectric substrate
Adjustable antenna mounting apparatus
Compact multi-band direction-finding antenna system
Motorized antenna pointing device
Patch antenna
Antenna structure for PDA mobile phone
Foldable directional antenna
Narrow-band, crossed-element, offset-tuned dual band, dual mode meander line loaded antenna
Antenna assembly, and associated method, having an active antenna element and counter antenna element
Quadrifilar helix feed network
Impedance matching means between antenna and transmission cable
Low cost compact omini-directional printed antenna
Radiating coaxial cable having helically diposed slots and radio communication system using same
Radar apparatus including a wave guide array and a dielectric lens
Multibeam antenna for establishing individual communication links with satellites positioned in close angular proximity to each other
Corrective dielectric lens feed system
Calibration apparatus of adaptive array antenna and calibration method thereof
Method and system for digital beam forming
Flat panel array antenna
Method and apparatus for receiving signals in two different frequency bands using a single antenna
Inverted-F dipole antenna
Planar printed circuit antenna
High power laser system with fiber amplifiers and loop PCM
Multi-wavelength light amplifier
Method and apparatus for reconditioning a battery
Method of charging a battery utilizing dynamic cable compensation
Circuit arrangement and method for pulsated charging of batteries
In-device charging system and method for multi-chemistry battery systems
Un-interruptible power supply
Circuit and method for protecting a switching power supply from a fault condition
Charge pump circuit allowing efficient electric charge transfer
Starting system for an electric motor
Method for regulating a three-phase machine without a mechanical rotary transducer
Transmitter apparatus and methods using frequency doubling modulation
CMOS folding amplifier having high resolution and low power consumption
Active load circuit, and operational amplifier and comparator having the same
Differential pair with controlled degeneration
Method and apparatus for an efficient low voltage switchable Gm cell
Reflection amplifier circuit
Amplifier having digital micro processor control apparatus
Hardware assisted automatic gain control for digital subscriber line modems
Peaking control for wideband laser driver applications
Method and circuit for controlling baseband gain
Method and system for wafer-level tuning of bulk acoustic wave resonators and filters by reducing thickness non-uniformity
Recessed reflector single phase unidirectional transducer
Surface acoustic wave filter device having a signal line connected by a wire to a floating electrode
Surface acoustic wave filter
Input buffer of an integrated semiconductor circuit
Three-volt TIA/EIA-485 driver circuit
Level shifter with no quiescent DC current flow
MOS-type semiconductor integrated circuit
Digital electronic circuit for use in implementing digital logic functions
Programmable logic device architectures with super-regions having logic regions and memory region
High speed latch/register
Digital frequency multiplier
Circuit for generating an inverse signal of a digital signal with a minimal delay difference between the inverse signal and the digital signal
Piezoelectric oscillator and electronic device
Low power, no deadzone phase frequency detector with charge pump
Reduced jitter phase lock loop using a technique multi-stage digital delay line
Analog-to-digital converter with a power saving capability
Modified repetitive cell matching technique for integrated circuits
A/D converter with higher speed and accuracy and lower power consumption
Flash type analog-to-digital converter
Low-power analog-to-digital converter
Techniques for implementing a rough buffer for charging a sampling capacitor
Method and apparatus for efficient encoding of large data words at high code rates
Methods and apparatus for correction of higher order delta sigma converters
Optical amplifier evaluation method and optical amplifier evaluation instrument
Apparatus and method of repeating for infrared communication devices
Optical transmitter
Optical communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for SNR measurement
System and method for reading data content out of optical data stream without altering the optical data stream
Optical amplifier and optical amplification method for amplifying wavelength division multiplexed signal light
Dispersion compensating system used for bi-directional optical communication
PDS structured optical subscriber system
GPS receiver interference nuller with no satellite signal distortion
FSK signal demodulating integration-discharge circuit
Mobile multiplexed slow scan video system
Method and circuit for controlling the display of items or information with different display priorities
Power supply for ethernet LAN connected telephone
Scanning system and method
Light amount distribution control device
Scanning apparatus capable of locating the scanning starting point thereof
Image forming apparatus
Image communicating method, facsimile type electronic mail apparatus and facsimile apparatus
Photo printing apparatus
Image processing apparatus and memory access method therefor
Scanning apparatus and method for obtaining the gray level of a scanned object therein
Color printer characterization using optimization theory and neural networks
Solid-state imaging device
Solid-state image sensing device
Image display correcting system, image display correcting apparatus and method, and image display apparatus and method
Envelope detection of PN sequences accompanying VSB signal to control operation of QAM/VSB DTV receiver
Ghost cancellation reference signal with bessel chirps and PN sequences, and TV receiver using such signal
Imaging device
Efficiently de-interlacing a buffer of image data
Vestigial sideband mode detection apparatus in digital television receiver
Apparatus and method for generating on-screen-display messages using field doubling
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Image processing of video signal for display
Video processing to convert between field rates
NTSC co-channel interference detectors responsive to received Q-channel signals in digital TV signal receivers
S-video signal loss compensation processing apparatus and method
Surveillance system and method using personal computer
Television system having a color component adjusting means
Optical gate based optical space division switch
Method and device for detecting the position of terminals and/or edge of components
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