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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Muscle fatigue measuring equipment
Method for imaging an artery using a magnetic resonance contrast agent
Adaptive personal active noise reduction system
Device and method for determining analyte levels
Intravascular electrode line
Remote status and control device for a cochlear implant system
Cardiac defibrillation
Method, a system, and a device for detecting and for reducing energy leakage from an energy treatment devices
Hardware/software lock for secure linkage between algorithmic decision process and critical system function execution
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus, method and computer program product for performing image formation
Vibration suppression apparatus and method for hybrid vehicle
System and method for detecting roll rate sensor fault
Collision prevention system for vehicles
Fixed Constructions
RAM store and control method therefor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Automatic engine shutdown apparatus
Method and device for determining the temperature of the fuel in a fuel reservoir injection system
Thermal treatment equipment, thermal treatment method and manufacturing method of image display apparatus
Apparatus for and method of aligning a structure
Method and device for determining an angular error and use of the device
Alignment apparatus, exposure apparatus using same, and method of manufacturing devices
Method and apparatus for determining the straightness of tubes and bars
Determination of center of focus by cross-section analysis
Spectral imaging for vertical sectioning
Movement-direction determination apparatus
Interferometer calibration methods and apparatus
Apparatus for monitoring a system with time in space and method therefor
Spectrometer for measuring inelastically scattered light
Method for determing optical characteristics through a protective barrier
Apparatus and method for determining strength of impact when closing a folder-type terminal
Combined high speed optical profilometer and ellipsometer
Method and apparatus for inspecting pattern defects
Panel inspection apparatus
Method of determining parameters of a sample by X-ray scattering applying an extended genetic algorithm including a movement operator
System and method for displaying battery status and other parameters of a portable electronic device in a power-off state
Switching method and device on an aircraft radiofrequency landing system
Universal replaceable back radar
Zoom lens, and an imaging apparatus using such zoom lens
Zoom lens and electronic imaging apparatus using the same
Digital micromirror device and method of driving digital micromirror device
Polarizers coated with optically functional layers
Imaging optical system
Method for generating electromagnetic field distributions
Apparatus to induce stress into a fiber optic cable to detect security fence climbing
Analog optical transmission system
Reflective arrayed waveguide grating
Lighting device and liquid crystal display device
Lightwave circuit device
Reconfigurable optical add/drop filter
Spherical retro-reflector mount negative
Liquid crystal display with two surface display function
Assemblies and methods for illuminating a display
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Compensators for liquid crystal displays
Display device
Electronic device, photographing control method, photographing control program, and processor
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Optical system for maskless lithography
Movable stage system, lithographic apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Image forming device
Safety structure for a cover device
Developing apparatus including a plurality of two-chamber developer containers wherein a ceiling height of the second chamber is higher near a discharge opening
Image forming device
Toner supplying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Transfer power supply apparatus of an image forming machine
Original reading apparatus with openable and closable state and control based thereon
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge for use in the same
Kiln thermal and combustion control
Food preparation system
Controllable appliance arrangement
Microprocessor system and method for protecting the system from the exchange of modules
Communication control method, communication system, print control apparatus, printing apparatus, host apparatus, peripheral apparatus, and storage medium
Processing and management of transaction timing characteristics
Method for power adaptation in an electricity network
Flexible variable and execution matrix
Touch panel holder frame, spacer member, and display device
Method and apparatus for managing data traffic between a high capacity source and multiple destinations
Data warehouse system and query processing method used in the system, and data collecting method and apparatus for the method, and charging method and apparatus in the system
Mobile communication control device for servicing a mobile node
Printhead controller integrated circuit
Printing from a PC using the printer unit of a facsimile machine
Shared and private object stores for a networked computer application communication environment
Object graph editing context and methods of use
Method for controlling the performance of a target system
Method of detecting pilot tones in a noisy signal
Recording apparatus and method and storage medium
Event driven transaction state management with single cache for persistent framework
Relevance maximizing, iteration minimizing, relevance-feedback, content-based image retrieval (CBIR)
Knowledge-based management diagnostic system
Interactive playlist generation using annotations
Method and apparatus for finding hidden patterns in the context of querying applications
Finite impulse response (FIR) filter compiler
Apparatuses and methods for modeling shared bus systems
Method and apparatus for analyzing multi-channel chromatogram
Setting method and setting apparatus for operation path for articulated robot
Numerically controlled device
Method for managing semiconductor manufacturing equipment and system for managing semiconductor manufacturing line
Device for controlling drives in machine tools or production machines
Method for automatically adding scale symbol to operation formula during operation and system executing the method
Communication apparatus and image communication method
Information processing apparatus and system, method of controlling same, peripheral apparatus and printer device
Order processing system using pick and pass process and method of processing orders using the system
Method for leaving an empty pitch in a vehicle conveyer line
Accurate printing of proprietary mark patterns and colors
Printing apparatus, its control method, print system, program, and memory medium
Image data retouching apparatus, image data retouching method, and medium on which image data retouching program is recorded
Modifying material
Optimized detection of a watermark in an information signal
Method for locating faces in digital color images
System and method for authenticating a mailpiece sender
Retrospective correction of inhomogeneities in radiographs
Method and return vending machine device for handling empty beverage containers
Image recording apparatus, image reproducing apparatus and methods therefor
Apparatus for remote control of a microscope
Method of and apparatus for image processing, and computer product
System and method facilitating document image compression utilizing a mask
Assist channel coding using a rewrite model
Rebinning methods and arrangements for use in compressing image-based rendering (IBR) data
Digital image analysis of reflecting markers
Digital intermediate (DI) processing and distribution with scalable compression in the post-production of motion pictures
Digital image compression
Weighted absolute difference based noise reduction method and apparatus
Processing of digital images
Decision analysis system and method
Point-of-sale customer order system utilizing an unobtrusive transmitter/receiver and voice recognition software
Method and system for data repository
Method of selling right associated with games
Method and apparatus for enabling individual or smaller investors or others to create and manage a portfolio of securities or other assets or liabilities on a cost effective basis
Centralized, requisition-driven, order formulating, e-procurement method using reverse auction
Method and system for providing integrated brokerage and other financial services through customer activated terminals
Methods for matching, selecting, narrowcasting, and/or classifying based on rights management and/or other information
Content revocation and license modification in a digital rights management (DRM) system on a computing device
Event revenue management system
Cascade of video processing entities and a method for processing video
Method and system for rendering concentric mosaics
Method and system for the automatic computerized audio visual dubbing of movies
Synthesis of progressively-variant textures and application to arbitrary surfaces
Systems and methods for direct storage of compressed scan converted data
Closure security seal with time-recording feature
Smoke detectors
Sensor network system managing method, sensor network system managing program, storage medium containing sensor network system managing program, sensor network system managing device, relay network managing method, relay network managing program, storage medium containing relay network managing program, and relay network managing device
Method and device for detecting the contact of hands on a steering wheel
Fishing accessory
Apparatus and method for postural assessment while performing cognitive tasks
Utility endpoint communication scheme, such as for sequencing the order of meter reading communications for electric, gas, and water utility meters.
System for displaying image, method for displaying image and program thereof
Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
Display panel and driving method thereof
Non-spherical cavity electrophoretic displays and methods and materials for making the same
Apparatus and method of video signal processing for matrix display apparatus
Driving circuit for display and the operating method thereof
Electric circuit, latch circuit, display apparatus and electronic equipment
Display apparatus
Rendering objects
System and method for recording writing performed on a surface
Computer pointer control
System and method for embedded audio coding with implicit auditory masking
Speech coding apparatus and speech decoding apparatus
Recursive multistage audio processing
Computer accounting method using natural language speech recognition
Method for controlling start of adaptive spindle motor and disk drive using the method
Method of providing sub-code data of optical disc drive to host computer
Breather filter at down-stream of re-circulation filter
Disk drive employing multiple index marks
Write driver system for data storage systems
Magnetic thin film sensor based on the extraordinary hall effect
Disk drive
Multi-channel magnetic tape system having optical tracking servo
Positioner for positioning head on a disk
Disk drive to implement a seek operation utilizing a deceleration velocity profile that mathematically models BEMFs
Systems and methods for efficient writing of low-RRO phase-burst servo patterns
Method for improving servo performance in a disk drive having tracks with mini servo wedges
Method and device for determining disk size and stopping a rotating disk without using FG signals
Information recording medium
Method and apparatus for recording data on an optical recording medium
Optical information recording medium
Magnetic nonvolatile memory cell and magnetic random access memory using the same
Semiconductor memory with a data holding circuit having two output terminals
Non-volatile memory element with oxide stack and non-volatile SRAM using the same
Transistor with nanocrystalline silicon gate structure
Crosspoint memory array utilizing one time programmable antifuse cells
Integrated circuit memory devices reducing propagation delay differences between signals transmitted to separate spaced-apart memory blocks therein
Dual access DRAM
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Multiple-time electrical fuse programming circuit
Memory architecture with single-port cell and dual-port (read and write) functionality
Dual port memory array using shared write drivers and read sense amplifiers
Surface-mount positive temperature coefficient thermistor and manufacturing method therefor
Systems and methods for using non-contact voltage sensors and corona discharge guns
Electromagnetic drive type actuator
Fuse link, method for the production thereof and soldering substance
Low cost highly isolated RF coupler
Methods of generating a magnetic interface
High-bandwidth multi-band antenna
Multi-band antenna systems including a plurality of separate low-band frequency antennas, wireless terminals and radiotelephones incorporating the same
Nonlinear beam forming and beam shaping aperture system
Raman pump power control for gain flattening
Integrated optical device including a vertical lasing semiconductor optical amplifier
Semiconductor optical amplifier having photo detector and method of fabricating the same
Hybrid mirror VCSEL
Semiconductor circuit with protective circuit
Arrangement for energy conditioning
Universial energy conditioning interposer with circuit architecture
ESD protection circuit and display panel using the same
Multiple element rectification circuit
Inverter controlling method
Demodulation and modulation circuit and demodulation and modulation method
Frequency synthesizer apparatus equipped with fraction part control circuit, communication apparatus, frequency modulator apparatus, and frequency modulating method
Systems and methods for automatically adjusting the volume of an audio source
System and method for controlling audio output
Sound signal reproducing apparatus
Notebook computer with a detachable keyboard
Systems and methods of bidirectional communication across an isolation barrier
Digital-analog converter circuit
High performance Lempel Ziv compression architecture
Encoding and decoding a media signal with high and low quality versions
Variable length coding apparatus and variable length coding method
Mobile body communication device
Audio equipment and control method of audio equipment
Multi-transmitter communication system employing anti-phase pilot signals
Moving picture encoding apparatus
Integrated method for scene change detection
Spread spectrum, cross-correlated and filtered modulated systems
Spread spectrum applications of universal frequency translation
Receiver and base station for producing phase-corrected channel signals
Cancellation of interference in a communication system with application to S-CDMA
Spreading code generation circuit and demodulation circuit
Installation of processing units into a stored program controlled system wherein the component processing units are interconnected via free space optics
Method and apparatus for optical transmission
Compensation of polarization mode dispersion in single mode fiber for maximum-likelihood sequence estimation
Optical communication system
Optical signal transmission apparatus including reflective gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifier
Method and apparatus for scheduling communication using a star switching fabric
Access-point-dependent rate fixing of telecommunication links
Method and system for utilizing space-time codes for block fading channels
Single user detection
Single user detection base station
Single user detection base station
Single user detection user equipment
Technique for using address filter parameters to facilitate sign-on procedures in access networks
Adaptive communications methods for multiple user packet radio wireless networks
Distributed photonic switch and optical UNI server
Method and system for optical time division multiplexed fiber communications with coherent detection
System, method, and computer program product for sharing bandwidth in a wireless personal area network or a wireless local area network
Method and apparatus for voice latency reduction in a voice-over-data wireless communication system
Instance memory handoff in multi-processor systems
Integrated circuit devices having on-chip adaptive bandwidth buses and related methods
Handling of circuit-switched data services in IP-based GSM networks
Systems and methods for policy based printing
Multiple access system and method for multibeam digital radio systems
Method to ensure the quality of preferred communication services, a local network, a station, a local network controller and a program module therefor
Method for preventing call collision of packet data in a WLL system
Method and apparatus for coupling an ATM communication layer to a plurality of time-division multiplex communication terminals
Method and apparatus for network telephony
Transporting telephony signaling over a data network
Communication controller for providing multiple access using a single telephone line
Packet switching apparatus including cascade ports and method for switching packets
Mode controller for signal acquisition and tracking in an ultra wideband communication system
Digital TV receiver
Wireless local area network (WLAN) using universal frequency translation technology including multi-phase embodiments and circuit implementations
Communication method
Method and apparatus for cell search for W-CDMA with non-ideal sampling
Method and arrangement for changing parallel clock signals in a digital data transmission
Cryptographic communication method, encryption algorithm shared control method, encryption algorithm conversion method and network communication system
Method and apparatus for symmetric-key encryption
Belt clip device for mobile communication terminal unit
Communication apparatus capable of communicating via different types of communication lines and control method thereof
Communication system using short range radio communication headset
Bookmarking method and apparatus for an electronic phone book
Gateway for connecting telecommunications networks and a corresponding method
System and method for handling of threaded messages
Method for providing and processing locality information in switched networks
Ciphering between a CDMA network and a GSM network
Method and apparatus for providing prepaid local telephone services
Remotely controllable wireless device
Radio software acquisition system, radio software acquisition method and radio software acquisition program
Radio communication method and a radio station with software reconfiguration features
Agent training sensitive call routing system
Method and apparatus for choosing a best program for communication
Remembrance-promoted number receipt for call allowance
Housing for telecommunications equipment
Interface means between a network switch and a CTI server means and apparatus for providing a service to a customer including such an interface means
Method of line matching in telecommunication networks
Mobile vehicle housing for a portable communication device
Carriage module for scanner
Mixed raster content files
Methods and systems for undercolor reduction
Systems and methods for sensing marking substrate area coverage using a spectrophotometer
Method for processing video pictures for display on a display device using self-priming and refreshing sub-fields
Solid state image pickup apparatus
Apparatus for transmitting/receiving video signal
Setting control of bracketing image sensing operation in image sensing apparatus
Automatic focus control based on voltage, temperature, and power supply
Image pickup apparatus employing separate first and second battery storage areas
Image pickup apparatus containing light adjustment portion with reflection of a portion of light onto adjacent pixels
Digital camera system having motion deblurring means
Stream data generation method and partial erase processing method
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a marking forming apparatus, a method of forming a laser marking on an optical disk, and a method of manufacturing an optical disk
Protecting audio/video content during storage and playback on a processor-based system
Method for summarizing a video using motion descriptors
Y/C separator and Y/C separating method
Remote diagnosis and central fault evaluation method of decentralized electric devices, and decentralized electronic device
Local radio communication system
Method for controlling electronic device and electronic system
Graphical proxy for less capable terminals
Mobility manager in a wireless IP core network
Measurement and antenna placement tool for establishing a cell site
Method for implementing fast-dynamic channel allocation call admission control for radio link reconfiguration in radio resource management
Transmission method for cellular telephony mobile equipment's location data
Apparatus and method for tracking the location and position of an individual using an accelerometer
Network element system method computer program and data carrier for network optimisation
Mobile gateway interface
BTE/CIC auditory device and modular connector system therefor
Apparatus and method to reduce static charge on removable media
High-voltage supply for an X-ray device
Multiple energy x-ray source and inspection apparatus employing same
Image sensing system
Radiographic apparatus and method for switching a grid
Reference slots for signal traces
Adapter device, memory device and integrated circuit chip
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Aquaculture feeding monitor
Single crystal silicon arrayed devices with optical shield between transistor and substrate
Time medication container
Image reproducing method and image generating and reproducing method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ultrasound-signal radiating device
Method and device for controlling a carriage in an ink jet apparatus
Utilization of image tiling effects in photographs
Thermal transfer recording medium and thermal transfer recording method
Protection cover for thermal printhead, and thermal printhead using the same
Image forming apparatus
Multi-beam scanning optical system
Lamination transfer object producing apparatus and method
Printer incorporated type electronic camera and member to be recorded
Dot matrix hologram for hiding a moire pattern
Electronic module for an electric motor operated drive unit
Method and device for the controlled driving of a proportionally operated magnetic valve
Method and apparatus for inspecting a submerged structure
Device for gripping and holding a flat substrate
Textiles; Paper
Display device for sewing machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Liquid crystal display device
Method for monitoring an optical system having a front lens disposed immediately at a combustion chamber, and a device for carrying out the method
Apparatus for recording fly height measurement
Surface inspecting device and surface inspecting method
System software for use in a graphics computer system having a shared system memory and supporting DM Pbuffers and other constructs aliased as DM buffers
Indicator for an optical instrument
Pseudorandom bit sequence generation
Measuring method of liquid crystal pretilt angle and measuring equipment of liquid crystal pretilt angle
Positional measurement with normalized signal processing
Voice monitoring system using laser beam
Bandwidth estimating technique for narrow band laser
Unbalanced fiber optic Michelson interferometer as an optical pick-off
Method and apparatus to determine a measurement of optical multiple path interference
Narrowband module inspection device
Early detection and tracking system for hazardous airborne substances
Gas analyzer
Method for the determination of refractive indices and optical instrument therefor
Automated system for measurement of an optical property
Frequency-domain light detection device
Device for the detection of a fluorescent dye
Optical method for the determination of grain orientation in films
Non-volatile random access ferromagnetic memory with single collector sensor
Current pinned dual spin valve with synthetic pinned layers
Apparatus for inductively coupling a nuclear magnetic resonance signal into a reception antenna, and medical instrument incorporating such an apparatus
Method and device for reception processing of a GPS satellite L2 signal
FMCW sensor
FM-CW radar system for measuring distance to and relative speed of a target
Automotive radar detecting lane mark and frontal obstacle
Wireless call tag based material replenishment system
Satellite communication antenna pointing system
Internal calibration method for receiver system of a wireless location system
Method and system of determining user terminal position using multiple satellites
System for ascertaining height as related to an established reference
Method of increasing the capacity and addressing rate of an ultrasonic location system
Multiple source jamming signal cancellation system
Method and apparatus for range correction in a radar system
Method for geophysical processing and interpretation using seismic trace difference for analysis and display
Internal focusing telephoto lens
Projection lens and projector apparatus
Zoom lens
Optical system
Zoom lens system
Head or face mounted image display apparatus
Scanning confocal microscope
Optical lens system and scanning device provided with such a system
Phase contrast observation device
Interference microscope
Stereoscopic microscope
Telescope with auxiliary image generator
Revolving optical eyepiece and the adjusting method thereof
Adjustable mirror
Electrostatic video display drive circuitry and displays incorporating same
Large screen compact image projection apparatus using a hybrid video laser color mixer
Multi-beam scanning apparatus
Virtual retinal display and method for tracking eye position
Coordinate input apparatus
Movie projection lens
Mechanically oscillated projection display
Optical element
Multi-path interference filter
Thin film polarizing device having metal-dielectric films
Holographic illumination system
Optical repeaters for single- and multi-wavelength operation with dispersion equalization
Precision-mechanical transverse positioning device
Lens barrel apparatus
Optical device including carbon-doped contact layers
Busbars for electrically powered cells
Bias voltage stabilizing method for electricity-optical modulator based on off-level sampling
Optical modulator outputting an optical signal with a drive voltage signal dependent upon an input signal
Optical isolator using multiple core fibers
High-efficiency reflective liquid crystal display
Method for sealing corner regions of a liquid crystal display
LCD having particular spacing between spacers
IPS-LCD having correlation of electrodes and substrates
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Variable focal length liquid crystal lens assembly and method of manufacture
Reflection type display and coloring method thereof
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display having repair lines and methods of repairing the same
Liquid crystal displays, manufacturing methods and a driving method thereof
TFT array substrate, liquid crystal display using TFT array substrate, and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device having active & passive cell wherein a heater is disposed inside the passive cell
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus using the same having two absorptive polarizers, a reflective polarizer, and a backlight
Liquid crystal light valve apparatus in which the spacers having protrusion and recess
Liquid crystal display panel
Thin film electro-optic beam steering device
Method and device for resonance enhancement, in particular for tunable frequency conversion of laser radiation
Dynamic channel copying device for use in fiber optics system using a nonlinear optical media
Projection screen using dispersing lens array for asymmetric viewing angle
Image input apparatus with illumination devices stored away from camera image pickup
Process for viewing a positive motion picture film scene image with integral audio soundtrack
Mask pellicle remove tool
Optical metrology tool and method of using same
Projection exposure apparatus
Method of examining an exposure tool
Projection exposure apparatus
Electric discharge laser with acoustic chirp correction
Image forming method using registration marks having varying angles
Buffer circuit
Graphical click surfaces for force feedback applications to provide selection of functions using cursor interaction with a trigger position of a graphical object
Reinforced housing for a module of a portable computer
Portable computer with detachable display module
Disk drive mounting structure for computers and method for mounting a disk drive to a computer chassis
Insertion cartridge for hard disc of portable computer
Method and system for integrated personal computer components
Lap-top enclosure having surface coated with heat-absorbing phase-change material
Apparatus for implementing a buffered daisy chain connection between a memory controller and memory modules
Detachable keyboard
Method and apparatus for navigating displayed elements
Speed-compensated joystick
Remote coordinate input device and remote coordinate input method
Displaying interactive bitmap images within a display space
Method for representing variable information by combination of liquid crystal displays of different switching times
Method and apparatus for filtering data-streams
Programmable graphical user interface control system and method
Taxonomy of objects and a system of non-modal property inspectors
Printing system and printing control method
Image forming apparatus
Printer with adaptive printing mode
Shared memory graphics accelerator system
System, apparatus and method in which a high resolution image editor is connected to a host computer for processing low resolution image data
Graphics processor with variable performance characteristics
Multi-user real-time augmented reality system and method
Multi-threaded texture modulation for axis-aligned volume rendering
Graphics memory system that utilizes detached-Z buffering in conjunction with a batching architecture to reduce paging overhead
Graphical user interface with anti-interference outlines for enhanced variably-transparent applications
Apparatus and method for generating skeleton-based dynamic picture images as well as medium storing therein program for generation of such picture images
Computer animation method for creating computer generated animated characters
Saxs video object generation engine
Method and apparatus for rendering 3-D surfaces from 2-D filtered silhouettes
Method and apparatus for compensating for a distortion between blocks of a scanned image
Motion vector detecting device
Motion vector generation by temporal interpolation
Method and device for associating a pixel with one of a plurality of regions in a logarithm or cosine space
Set of run-length codewords containing pointers to data sources
Method of compressing a multidimensional sampled signal
Moving picture coding and/or decoding systems, and variable-length coding and/or decoding system
Case and cover for an electronic device
Base station system and method for monitoring travel of mobile vehicles and communicating notification messages
Liquid crystal display with enhanced character visibility
Image conversion apparatus and image conversion method
Image processor for conversion of scanning lines and conversion method of the same
Plasma display panel drive pulse controller for preventing fluctuation in subframe location
Method for resetting plasma display panel
EL display device with dielectric breakdown inhibiting feature
Video display device
Protected LCD particularly for the instrument panel of a motor vehicle installation having a branch line between the power supply and LCD output
Liquid crystal display apparatus with residual image eliminating function
Method for driving thin film transistor of liquid crystal display
Voltage generating circuit for liquid crystal display panel
Passive matrix addressed LCD pulse modulated drive method with pixel area and/or time integration method to produce covay scale
Power circuit, liquid crystal display device, and electronic equipment
Liquid crystal display with level shifting function
Active matrix liquid crystal image generator with hybrid writing scheme
Electrical device with booster circuit
User interface for the control of an audio spectrum filter processor
System and method for selective capture of video frames
Method and apparatus for positioning an input image into interlaced video
Method and apparatus for image stabilization in display device
Methods and apparatus for calibration of a rotating scanner to a track recorded on a tape
Optical disk apparatus with optical head cleaning
Disk tray of optic disk drive having pressure balance device
Method of and device for controlling light power to be used for recording on optical disk
Disk drive device and method of setting rotational speed thereof
Data reproduction apparatus and data reproduction control circuit
Data recording medium, data recording apparatus, data reproducing apparatus and method
Information reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Optical disk having read-only and rewritable areas with overlapping formats
Disk drive recording apparatus having actuator arm with dual heads and head switching control method
Optical disc apparatus accessing method and system therefor
Motor with output shaft having lead screw portion and pre-load generating mechanism
Adjustment apparatus for magnetic head device
Magnetic head slider
Magnetic parking device for disk drive
Head nudge and park peak current suppression
PTFE fiber based liner for flexible high density magnetic media
Method and apparatus for editing heterogeneous media objects in a digital imaging device
Configuration connector for modular data storage system
Diaphragm-sealed disc drive
Magnetoresistive effect type reproducing head and magnetic disk apparatus equipped with the reproducing head
Thermomagnetic recording and reproducing head having a heating head with a width narrower than the magnetic heads, a recording and reproducing device with such a heating head and methods related thereto
Thin-film magnetic head having improved data writing characteristics and a method of making the same
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Combination-type thin film magnetic head with improved writing properties
Advance pole trim writer with moment P1 and low apex angle
Spin valve read sensor with specular reflector structure between a free layer structure and a keeper layer
Seed layer for improving pinning field spin valve sensor
Thin-film magnetic read head with locally reduced exchange coupling
Magnetoresistive device having magnetoresistive film and magnetic bias film with side-end faces with different angles of inclination and having insulating film made of electrically insulating material
Disk storage device having identification information for protecting stored data
Method for calibrating MR head geometry in selfservo writing disc drives
Slider with negative and multiple positive pressure generation portions and head including the same
Optical disc system having current monitoring circuit with improved bias coil assembly and controller for laser driver and method for operating same
Optical recording method and optical recording apparatus
Optical storage medium having information of dummy data at leading side or trailing side of user data
Method and apparatus for controlling an optical head relative to an initial track and a target track on a storage medium having data arranged thereon in tracks
Optical pickup device
Optical disc device for varying PLL characteristic and servo characteristic based on actual reproduction speed
Tracking error generating device
Optical pickup position control device
Optical pickup apparatus
Optical disk with a non-volatile memory, optical disk unit, and control method for the optical disk unit
Non-volatile magnetic circuit
Circuit for driving nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
Configuration for self-referencing ferroelectric memory cells
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device with column redundancy circuit and method for relieving failed address thereof
Vertical bipolar read access for low voltage memory cell
Semiconductor memory cell
Dynamic random access memory
Multi-state memory
Multi-state memory
Hierarchical depth cascading of content addressable memory devices
Associative cache memory capable of reconfiguring a K-way and N-set cache memory into a M-unit, K-way and N/M-set cache memory
Non-volatile content addressable memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit device tested in batches
Semiconductor memory capable of detecting defective data in the memory cells thereof
Semiconductor memory device
Timing fuse option for row repair
Semiconductor memory device having a test mode and semiconductor testing method utilizing the same
Semiconductor memory device equipped with serial/parallel conversion circuitry for testing memory cells
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Storage device with an error correction unit and an improved arrangement for accessing and transferring blocks of data stored in a non-volatile semiconductor memory
Reference signal generation for magnetic random access memory devices
Method for operating a current sense amplifier
Method and apparatus for reading memory cells of a resistive cross point array
Semiconductor memory device
Detection circuit for detecting timing of two node signals
Semiconductor device allowing higher speed data transmission to and from external unit
Semiconductor memory device
Method and system for adaptively adjusting control signal timing in a memory device
FPGA with on-chip multiport memory
Efficient dual port DRAM cell using SOI technology
Determine output of a read/write port
Power-supply breaker apparatus
Control device of an electromagnet, with detection of an unscheduled movement of the movable core of the electromagnet
Assembly of electric motor-controlling components
Coaxial fuse and protector
Grid electrodes for a display device
Package construction of semiconductor device
Flash memory and methods of writing and erasing the same as well as a method of forming the same
Heat-radiating module structure
Heat sink assembly for an electrical socket
Plate type heat pipe and a cooling system using same
Integrated circuit device package and heat dissipation device
Diode cooling arrangement
Wiring substrate with thermal insert
X-ray mask, and exposure method and apparatus using the same
Electrostatic discharge protection in semiconductor devices with reduced parasitic capacitance
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Stiffened protection device for protecting an electrical component
Satellite antenna deicing device
AM/FM solar-ray antenna with mirror wiring grounding strap
Smart antenna connect mechanism to achieve signal integrity without affecting voltage standing wave ratio
Antenna detent and latching system for satellite phones
Extendible and contractible wireless antenna
Folded dipole antenna
Antenna having a feed and a shorting post connected between reference plane and planar conductor interacting to form a transmission line
Cavity-driven antenna system
Planar antenna and method for manufacturing the same
Feed structures for tapered slot antennas
Antenna system
Planar antenna array with parasitic elements providing multiple beams of varying widths
Communication employing triply-polarized transmissions
Antenna having multi-directional spiral elements
Wireless communications system having a space-time architecture employing multi-element antennas at both the transmitter and receiver
Artificial dielectric lens antenna
Broadband plate antenna
Hand-held transceiver antenna system
Method and tool for manufacturing an antenna unit, and an antenna unit
Parallel optical fiber amplifier with high power conversion
1.06 .mu.m band optical amplifier apparatus utilizing induced emission in optical fiber by excited rare-earth element
Reeder compensator
Technique for polarization locking optical outputs
Vertical resonator laser diode and method for producing it
Flared and tapered rib waveguide semiconductor laser and method for making same
High power, reliable optical fiber pumping system with high redundancy for use in lightwave communication systems
Method of gain and noise figure equalization for simultaneous optical splitter/amplifier
Pluggable circuit breaker mounting system
High-speed superconducting persistent switch
Method of controlling electric power supply apparatus with electric power converter circuit
Power supply for an electroluminescent display
UPS chassis design having an internal support structure
Redundant multiphase power supplies for common load device
Switching circuit, method of operation thereof and single stage power factor corrector employing the same
Power supply distribution system employing non-isolated DC/DC converters
Electrostatic microresonant power conversion
Fault detection for a pulse width modulation driver
Capacitor power supply with switches to decrease variations in output voltage
Circuit configuration for driving a pulse width modulator in a switched mode power supply
Switching power supply circuit
Current-fed dc/dc converter with multilevel transformer and method of operation thereof
Voltage feed push-pull resonant inverter for LCD backlighting
Apparatus and method for generating thrust using a two dimensional, asymmetrical capacitor module
High range resolution radar through non-uniform sampling
IF exciter for radio transmitter
Method and apparatus for matching common mode output voltage at a switched-capacitor to continuous-time interface
Method and apparatus for dynamic signal modification on a parallel bus
Pulse density modulator
Horizontal phase-locked loop for video decoder
Sine x/x compensation circuitry merged with a digital modulator
Floating-point analog-to-digital converter
Method and apparatus for analog-to-digital conversion by combining digital sample values
Pulse density modulation based digital-to-analog conversion
Digital-to-analog converter employing binary-weighted transistor array
Viterbi decoder
Increased capacity in an OCDMA system for frequency isolation
Method and apparatus for assigning variable length walsh codes in a spread spectrum system
Methods and apparatus of N-chip resistant spreading in CDMA systems
Rake receiver, and mobile unit and base station for portable telephone system and using the same
Signal switching method
Optical cross-connect system and optical transmission system
Optical monitoring apparatus and method for network provisioning and maintenance
Method and apparatus for controlling optical signal power in response to faults in an optical fiber path
Method and system for preventing burn-out of infrared transmitter diodes
Optical power equalizer in WDM optical communication system and variable attenuator for use therein
Chromatic dispersion management for optical wavelength division multiplexed transmission systems
System for and a method of compensating polarization dispersion in an optical transmission system
Normal dispersion fiber optic transmission system
Communications network
Optical bus system and signal processor
Thermoacoustic bi-static sonar system
Methods of estimating signal-to-noise ratios
Method and apparatus for separating digital data signals from analog voice signals transported over a common conductor
Beamforming and interference cancellation system using general purpose filter architecture
Method and system for transmitting and receiving signals transmitted from an antenna array with transmit diversity techniques
Antenna diversity radio receiving arrangement for telecommunications systems using block-oriented transmission of radio messages
Feeder link spatial multiplexing in a satellite communication system
Method and apparatus for managing communication resources using an adaptive broadcast cycle (ABC)
Method and apparatus for maximizing the use of available capacity in a communication system
Method and apparatus for estimating time-of-arrival of a synchronization signal sent simultaneously from at least two non-collocated transmitters
Residue division multiplexing system and apparatus for discrete-time signals
Optical upconverter apparatuses, methods and systems
Method and apparatus for synchronizing slot receiving data
Communication apparatus, network system using communication apparatus and control method used in network system
Architecture for a SONET line unit including optical transceiver, cross-connect and synchronization subsystem
Adaptive multiplexing/demultiplexing method and multiplexer/demultiplexer therefor
Progressively generating an output stream with realtime properties from a representation of the output stream which is not monotonic with regard to time
Demodulating digital video broadcast signals
Receiver architecture employing space time spreading and orthogonal transmit diversity techniques
Method for transmitting packet switched data in a mobile communications system
ARQ protocol support for variable size transmission data unit sizes using a hierarchically structured sequence number approach
Method and system for communicating information in a network
Data transmission system
Adaptive weighting method for orthogonal frequency division multiplexed soft symbols using channel state information estimates
Data switching system with cross bar transmission
Method and apparatus for training an echo canceler in a PCM modem context
Method and apparatus for utilizing a data processing system for multi-level data communications providing self-clocking
Method and apparatus for wireless spread spectrum communication with preamble sounding gap
Interaction modalities for multimedia delivery and presentation using nodes
Method and apparatus for transmitting an internet protocol (IP) packet within a fiber optic network
Method in a communication network
Data link layer switch with multicast capability
Bi-directional all-optical regenerator
System and method for user information transfer before modem connection
Technique and apparatus for discontinuing scanning upon a determination that a reverse side of a document has been scanned
Image reading apparatus, image processing system, image reading method, and image processing method
Method and apparatus for modifying facsimile data transfer rates based upon varying bit rates of a transport medium
Light-scanning optical system and image-forming apparatus comprising the same
Image reading device and method
Image forming apparatus capable of preventing linear nonuniformity and improving image quality
Image processing system for reducing vertically disposed patterns on images produced by scanning
Method to reduce reset noise in photodiode based CMOS image sensors
Synchronization frame generator for multichannel imaging system
Digital TV receiver for performing channel selection using stored channel information and method performing the same
System for creating multiple scaled videos from encoded video sources
Rear-screen projection television with spatial light modulator and positionable anamorphic lens
Frame conversion for asynchronous input image signals
Digital video recording system
Digital television receiver including non-volatile memory
Digital video signal encoder and encoding method
Method and apparatus for transmitting MPEG video over the internet
Device and method for transmitting digital audio and video data
Video signal receiver with level limited output
Method and system for calibrating color correction instructions between color correction devices
Method and system for optimizing transmission link bandwidth occupation in high speed digital networks
Fair queue servicing using dynamic weights (DWFQ)
Short-cell multiplexing device
ATM partial cut-through
Method and apparatus for adaptive port buffering
Method and apparatus for hybrid protection in a switching network
System and method for providing peer-oriented control of telecommunications services
Method of providing a service to users of a telecommunication network, service control facility, and processing node
Data synchronizing method for radio multi-terminal communications system
Method for controlling a base station, and base station
Method and apparatus for configuring PN-offsets for a non-uniform CDMA cellular network
Data storage module alignment system and method
Printed circuit board assembly
Encapsulated power supply with a high thermal conductivity molded insert
Low-profile cooling assembly for the CPU chip of a computer or the like
Cooling system for electronic components in an equipment enclosure
Apparatus for protecting circuit pack assemblies from thermal and electromagnetic effects
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