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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Combination grass discharge and mulch plug insert apparatus and method for a lawnmower
Compressed packaged articles and methods of making, transporting, shipping and using same
Collapsible trap
Protective shoulder pads
Evaporative cooling clothing system for reducing body temperature of a wearer of the clothing system
Helmet system
Interchangeable fashion covering for a high heel shoe
Shoe insert for heating and cooling foot
Cushion and method for manufacturing the same
Wall mounting for a shower head
Mop wringer with handle being shaped in conformity to a recessed half of top edge
Vacuum with rechargeable battery
Automatic post-pacing interval measurement
Mode switching heart stimulation apparatus and method
Surgery support system and surgery support method
Folding bed
Method and apparatus for treatment of viral diseases
Cochlear implant electrode array
Power efficient electrical stimulation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for manufacturing tonewheel for vehicles
Method and device for removing chip of connecting rod
Method and apparatus for hemming and sealing a joint
Device for mounting light emitting element
Vehicle escape tool
Shaving device and method of use
Electricians square
Control system for active attenuation of torque-steer via electric power steering
Molecular memory obtained using DNA strand molecular switches and carbon nanotubes, and method for manufacturing the same
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine and a method of controlling the same based on measured hardness of water
Fixed Constructions
Building form for concrete floors, walls and beams
Roof membrane and roof system using the membrane to simulate a standing seam metal roof
Light weight load bearing architectural column
Integrated housing mounting system
Insulation panel
Safety enclosure cover for portable inflatable pool
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Spar and shell blade with segmented shell
Secondary air supply apparatus and control method for the same
Cooling structure for gas turbine transition duct
Method for controlling an exhaust gas recirculation system
Apparatus and method employing heat pipe for start-up of power plant
Arrangement for controlling fluid jets injected into a fluid stream
Fuel control system for gas turbine and feed forward control method
Wet active chevron nozzle for controllable jet noise reduction
Method and apparatus for void content measurement and method and apparatus for particle content measurement
Navigation method and system for extracting, sorting and displaying POI information
Vehicle navigation system with multi-use display
Computer-readable media, methods, and systems for computer tactical operation
Universal automotive maintenance component controller apparatus
Method and system for providing performance estimations for a specified power budget
Method and apparatus for measuring formation conductivities from within cased wellbores by combined measurement of casing current leakage and electromagnetic response
Optical filter and optical instrument
Microscope imaging apparatus and biological-specimen examination system
Electrophoretic display with dual-mode switching
Bi-curvature lens for light emitting diodes and photo detectors
Diffractive optical element
Apparatus and method for optimizing a pellicle for off-axis transmission of light
Wireless communication system and receiving device
Polarized light emitting source with an electro-optical addressing architecture
Data exchange architecture using optical links
Electro-optical integrated transmitter chip for arbitrary quadrature modulation of optical signals
Optical modulator and method of manufacturing same
Image sensing device and control method thereof
Image forming apparatus having a detachable cartridge including a photoconductive drum with axis shaft having a minimal rotational eccentricity, and a method of assembling the image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with developing units detachable from a mounting portion
Image quality measurements using linear array in specular mode
Image forming method capable of maintaining sustained stable cleaning performance without causing an image smearing phenomenon even with a high strength and high abrasion image bearing member
Corona device grid cleaner
Carrier, developer including the carrier, and image forming apparatus using the developer
Image forming apparatus having a conveyance unit and a front-side plate frame structure of such an image forming apparatus
Cleaning unit and image forming apparatus having multiple cleaning blades
Flexible function blocks
Method and apparatus for detecting and correcting trailer induced yaw movements in a towing vehicle
Methods and systems for analyzing system operator coupling susceptibility
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Enclosure for computer peripheral devices
Auxiliary cooling methods and systems for electrical device housings
Image processing device, method for saving power consumption of the image processing device, and a computer product
Method and system for fast frequency switch for a power throttle in an integrated device
Memory management to enable memory deep power down mode in general computing systems
Data protection system
Method and system for integrating test coverage measurements with model based test generation
DSP bus monitoring apparatus and method
Method for managing external storage devices
Secure video card methods and systems
Integrated circuit with associated memory function
Flexible sub-column to sub-row mapping for sub-page activation in XDR.TM. DRAMs
Portal server and information supply method for supplying music content of multiple versions
Storage system
Stopping the downloading of at least one image on a browser by selecting a placeholder representing the image
Failure warning for a tire among a plurality of tires
Data control apparatus, data control method thereof and image forming apparatus
Method and device for multistage data processing, of a power generating station
Synchronized musical slideshow language
Method and device for automatically selecting a frame for display
Data communication apparatus, image server, control method, storage medium, and image system
Printer unit
Local area information providing system and method using real name
Communication protocols operable through network address translation (NAT) type devices
Internet server access control and monitoring systems
Delivering electronic content
Image information managing system
Systems and methods for routing messages to communications devices over a communications network
Generalized policy server
Detecting a reverse proxy and establishing a tunneled connection therethrough
Method and system for delineating data segments subjected to data compression
Locating potentially identical objects across multiple computers based on stochastic partitioning of workload
E-service management through distributed correlation
Communication system and method for efficiently accessing internet resources
Network monitoring device and method
Automatic hardware failure detection and recovery for distributed max sessions server
Network monitor internals description
Internet based network topology discovery
System for configuration of dynamic computing environments using a visual interface
Method and system for managing distributed content and related metadata
Form processing method, form processing program, and form processing apparatus
System and method for providing offline web application, page, and form access in a networked environment
Data editing for improving readability of a display
System and method for processing a hierarchical data tree
Structured indexes on results of function applications over data
Method and system for facilitating service transactions
Migrating large data sets for products upgrades
System and method for media stream indexing and synchronization
Domain expert search
Method, system and computer readable medium for addressing handling from an operating system
R-cells containing CDM clamps
Methods and apparatus for defining manhattan power grid structures having a reduced number of vias
System and method for converting a flat netlist into a hierarchical netlist
Automatic layout method of semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor designing apparatus using sub-circuit recognizer
Reconfiguring a RAM to a ROM using layers of metallization
Method, system and medium for controlling manufacture process having multivariate input parameters
Method and apparatus for bridging service for standard object identifier based protocols
System and method for integrated printing and assembly of electronic documents
System and method for information transfer over a network
Means of control bits protection in a logical partition environment having a first and second distinct operating system
Integrated multimedia system
Data transmission controller that restarts data transmission when reconstruction is completed
Multi-channel synchronization for programmable logic device serial interface
Modular computer system and I/O module
Portable and dedicated compact disk read-write unit
First-in-first-out (FIFO) memory for buffering packet fragments through use of read and write pointers incremented by a unit access and a fraction of the unit access
Methods, systems and media players for rendering different media types
Electronic ID's for printed products
Updating metadata stored in a read-only media file
Isosurface extraction into splat hierarchy
Digital rights management (DRM) encryption and data-protection for content on a relatively simple device
Interactive virtual library system for expeditiously providing automatic updates of user-desired information from content providers, at least one of which is commercial, to users
Method and computer system for structural analysis and correction of a system of differential equations described by a computer language
Controlling file operations
Virtual machine system and virtual machine control method
Methods and apparatus for indirect compound VLIW execution using operand address mapping techniques
Method for runtime determination of available input argument types for a software program
Hierarchical breakpoint groups
Automatically generating software tests based on metadata
Methods and apparatus for control configuration with versioning, security, composite blocks, edit selection, object swapping, formulaic values and other aspects
Generation of decision trees by means of a probabilistic model
Software object type identification
System and method of universal programming language conversion
Method and apparatus for designing and locating chemical structures
Recording medium for recording printing programs and printing system for confidential printing
Digital image processing apparatus, digital image processing method, digital image processing program product, and digital image printing system
System and method for progressive stereo matching of digital images
Method and apparatus for generating, sensing, and adjusting watermarks
Fingerprint authentication method, program and device capable of judging inexpensively whether input image is proper or not
Method for non-destructive inspection, apparatus thereof and digital camera system
Method for restoring faded photographs and film
Method and system for classifying scanned-media
Energy minimization for classification, pattern recognition, sensor fusion, data compression, network reconstruction and signal processing
Operation circuit and operation control method thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling the performance of a supplementary process at a point-of-sale terminal
Method and system for organizing images
Information management system for managing consumption status of expendable consumption information in network printing devices
Methods for performing DAF data filtering and padding
Display stand
Graphical assembly
Method and apparatus for quantizing model parameters
Reducing scale factor transmission cost for MPEG-2 advanced audio coding (AAC) using a lattice based post processing technique
Reduction of speech quality degradation caused by packet loss
Scalable and embedded codec for speech and audio signals
Personal computer and scanner for generating conversation utterances to a remote listener in response to a quiet selection
Storage medium library and storage medium magazine
Magnetic disk drive and method for seek operations with reduced noise
Method of self servo write with low density gas
Method and apparatus for reducing seek acoustics using a variable-bandwidth low-pass filter
Disk tray for disk drive adopting resonator and disk drive having the same
Disk drive including a printed circuit board assembly and a PCBA shield with tabs engaged in slots of a disk drive base
Apparatus for providing high speed, linear-phase interpolation
Method for making a scissoring-type current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor
Method to compensate for microjog error induced by localized track squeeze
Apparatus for controlling an optical disk drive by calculating a target frequency of a DPLL signal
Laser power monitor device, optical pickup including the same, and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus including the same
Apparatus having switchable servo gains and offsets for optical disk drive and method thereof
Information recording apparatus and optimum recording laser power detecting method
Adaptive level-cutting method of CD-ROM drive's radio frequency ripple signal
Method of detecting data structure of non-return-to-zero data in an optical storage device
Recording apparatus
Optical head apparatus
Optical recording medium having dual information surfaces
Method for programming a multilevel phase change memory device
Transition-encoder sense amplifier
Method and apparatus for reduced power cell
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and magnetic memory device capable of maintaining data integrity
Thin film magnetic memory device suitable for drive by battery
Multi-bit virtual-ground NAND memory device
Priority circuit for content addressable memory
Minimizing adjacent wordline disturb in a memory device
Decoding circuit for non-binary groups of memory line drivers
Electrically-programmable integrated circuit antifuses
Method for testing a memory chip and test arrangement
MRAM cell with split conductive lines
Dynamic pre-charge level control in semiconductor devices
Thin film magnetic memory device for writing data of a plurality of bits in parallel
Current sense amplifier for low voltage applications with direct sensing on the bitline of a memory matrix
Memory with a temperature sensor, dynamic memory and memory with a clock unit and method of sensing a temperature of a memory
Memory access using multiple activated memory cell rows
Method of manufacturing a wired circuit board
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Isolated, current-fed, pulse width modulation, DC-DC converter
Power converter with isolated and regulated stages
Switching power supply apparatus
High efficiency power converter
PSC motor system for use in HVAC applications with field adjustment and fail-safe capabilities
Data-directed frequency-and-phase lock loop for decoding an offset-QAM modulated signal having a pilot
Acoustic shock prevention
Method and apparatus for audio normalization
Method for correcting a burst of errors plus random errors
Reducing DC offsets using spectral spreading
Reverse link correlation filter in wireless communication systems
Frequency offset correction in transmitters having non-ideal synthesizer channel spacing
System and method for selectable mask for LDSL
Activation of multiple xDSL modems with implicit channel probe
Method and apparatus for estimating and controlling the number of bits output from a video coder
Programmable system for motion vector generation
Method and apparatus for controlling the bandwidth frequency of an analog filter
System and method for secure multiple wavelength communication on optical fibers
Modular free space optical (FSO) device and related methods
Equalization of optical signals
Optical transmission system for substantially equalizing the output signal level among frequency bands and substantially lowering the signal-to-noise ratio
Method of WDM channel tagging and monitoring, and apparatus
Technique for transferring information in a passive optical network
Personal sonar system
Channel switching method and mobile communication terminal using the same
Method and apparatus for beacon discovery in a spread spectrum cellular radio communication system
Acquisition of a synchronous CDMA TDD QPSK waveform using power and timing estimates
Channel estimation in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) systems
System and method of routing data at a photonic core
Wavelength-division-multiplexed optical source and passive optical network system employing the same
Passive optical network
Fast path routing in a large-scale virtual server computing environment
Any size and location of concatenated packet data across SONET frames in a SONET signal
Method for industrially changing the passwords of AIX/UNIX users
Active queue management process
Centralized switching fabric scheduler supporting simultaneous updates
Data stream filtering apparatus and method
Non-ALG approach for application layer session traversal of IPv6/IPv4 NAT-PT gateway
Method to transmit bits of data over a bus
Adjustable phase controlled clock and data recovery circuit
Distributed pilot multicarrier signal designed to limit interference affecting said pilots
System and method for securing code and ensuring proper execution using state-based encryption
Digital work protection system, key management apparatus, and user apparatus
Fee determination device
Method to control access between network endpoints based on trust scores calculated from information system component analysis
Reserve/release control method
System and method for voice organizer message delivery
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized, dynamic and interactive voice services
System and method for controlling a mobile terminal using a digital signature
Mobile authentication system with reduced authentication delay
Session-based accounting
System and method for supporting multimode communication in a mobile network
User authentication method and apparatus
System and method for timed profile changes on a mobile device
System and method for providing location and call back information for special number calls from phone sets serviced by a privately served network
System and method for providing telephony services to remote subscribers
Method of locating an idle mobile telecommunication device
Method and apparatus for optical scanning capable of efficiently reducing an image surface distortion
Method for smooth trap suppression of small graphical objects using run length encoded data
Broadcasting method and broadcast signal receiver apparatus
Digital content delivery system transaction engine
Integrated internet/intranet camera
Lodging entertainment system with guest-selected time shifting
Method of recovering dropped call in mobile communication system
Apparatus and method for determining position information of user equipment
Method and system for obtaining emergency caller location
Frame selection and distribution unit (SDU) and method for dynamically managing wireless call settings
Loudspeaker having cooling system
Interface card coupling structure
IC coolant microchannel assembly with integrated attachment hardware
Portable power inverter with pass through device
Thermally conductive integrated circuit mounting structures
External conductive heat dissipating device for microcomputers
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Package delivery system
Noninvasive devices, methods, and systems for shrinking of tissues
Method for determining blood constituents
Chemical sensor system
Information network interrogation of an implanted device
Method for monitoring heart failure
Heart monitors with robust interval measurements
Biomedical electrode
Cardiac arrhythmia detector using ECG waveform-factor and its irregularity
Neuromuscular reflex assessment method
Method for determining basal metabolism
Method and device for identifying fingerprints
Method and apparatus for mammography
Methods and apparatus for motion gating using CT projection data
Apparatus and method for cone beam volume computed tomography breast imaging
X-ray diagnostic apparatus
Computed tomography method for forming a scannogram
Apparatus and method of converting electromagnetic energy directly to electrons for computed tomography imaging
X-ray image display apparatus
Full-wave rectifier
Cardiac electrode catheter and method of manufacturing same
Field delivery safety system using detection of atypical ECG
System and method for adaptive brain stimulation
Avoiding far-field QRS in a tachy detections device
Safety pacing in multi-site CRM devices
Pace counter isolation for cardiac resynchronization pacing
Implantable medical device telemetry control systems and methods of use
Defibrillator with means for producing defibrillation pulses with at least two capacitors in different configurations and method of use
X-ray probe sheath apparatus
Optically driven therapeutic radiation source
Therapeutic radiation source with increased cathode efficiency
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods involving direct write optical lithography
Process control device and process control method permitting processing order and processing condition to be changed while manufacturing process continues
Battery-driven legged robot and method of controlling the same
Robot restarting method
Diagnostic port between independent robots
Device for changing the speeds of the front and rear wheels in a four-wheel-drive vehicle
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Status-of-use decision device for a seat
Multi-angle placement rack of personal digital assistant for use in an automobile
Vehicle crash determining apparatus
Method of determining train and track characteristics using navigational data
Control apparatus for autonomous traveling vehicle and method thereof
Apparatus for suppressing structure borne noises
Flight control indicator for an aircraft, intended to supply the engine pressure ratio
Supervisory control system for aircraft flight management during pilot command errors or equipment malfunction
Par system for analyzing aircraft flight data
Method and device for write protecting compact disk media
Image-forming apparatus, network-type image-forming apparatus, and method therefor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Synthetic quartz glass member for use in ArF excimer laser lithography
Optical fiber for optical amplifier
Polymeric dielectric material for high-energy density capacitors
Alkanolamine-phosphoric acid anodizing electrolyte
System and method of aligning scintillator crystalline structures for computed tomography imaging
Fixed Constructions
Automatic boom soft setdown mechanism
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System for managing charge flow and EGR fraction in an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for trimming an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for controlling an automatic gearbox
Convertible transmission system
Hydraulic pressure control device for automatic transmission
Method for controlling continuously variable transmission
Light-emitting device for emitting starry light
Flat panel heater
Apparatus for the measurement of paperboard strain in a confined area
Light transmitting member driving device for a contour measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for applying decimation processing to vehicle position data based upon data accuracy estimation
System for determining a route and presenting navigational instructions therefor
Method and system for route guiding
Real time vehicle guidance and forecasting system under traffic jam conditions
Final operating element positioning device
Single mode fiber optic evanescent wave refractometer
Sectional image photography system and method thereof
Robotic device for removing selected portions of a polyacrylamide gel
Method for the verification of the polarity, presence, alignment of components and short circuits on a printed circuits board
GPS receiving system
Portable GPS-receiver for a personal safety system
Medical image processing device for producing a composite image of the three-dimensional images
System and method for fast acquisition reporting using communication satellite range measurement
Process for constructing three-dimensional geologic models having adjustable geologic interfaces
Seismic receiver motion compensation
Adjustable viewfinder optical system for shoulder-supported cameras
Timekeeping and magnifying device
Method of improving the respondability of moveable structures in a display
Controlling engulfing and sequestering magnetic pads
Image projector including optical fiber which couples laser illumination to light modulator
Micro-mirror and actuator with extended travel range
Two-dimensional beam scanner
Technique for detecting the status of WDM optical signals
Optic fiber structure for efficient use of optical pump energy in three-level rare-earth doped fiber laser
Methods of packaging polarization maintaining fibers
Integrated optical circuit device and method for producing the same
Design of a variable attenuator and fabrication of its shutter element
On-chip multiple layer vertically transitioning optical waveguide and damascene method of fabricating the same
Hybrid optical waveguide circuit chip, and method for predicting the characteristics thereof
Fibre termination compound graded index lenses
Optical ADD/DROP filter and method of making same
Sidewall electrodes for electrostatic actuation and capacitive sensing
Optical module
Waveguide-type wavelength multiplexing optical transmitter/receiver module
Method and apparatus for aligning optical components
Fiber optic cabinet and tray
Identification and location of fiber optic cables
Cable including optical fibers enclosed in a sheath with longitudinal reinforcing elements
Method of manufacturing optical fiber cable and resulting optical fiber cable
High fiber count ribbon sub-unit breakout cable
Zooming and focusing mechanism of camera
Fiber squeezer polarization controller with low activation loss
Electro-optic device including a buffer layer of transparent conductive material
Optical isolator comprising a faraday rotator
Method and apparatus for optically modulating light through the back side of an integrated circuit die along the side walls of junctions
Active matrix substrate, method of manufacturing same, and flat-panel image sensor
Optical element, optical head using the optical element, and optical recording and reproducing apparatus using the optical element
Optical switching device
Laser light source and image display based on quasi-phasematched nonlinear optical devices
Method and system for generating a broadband spectral continuum, method of making the system and pulse-generating system utilizing same
Instant photo kiosk
Strobe device for image capturing apparatus, camera and lens fitted film unit, and reflector of strobe light
Information reproducing apparatus and camera
Lens-fitted film unit and production method thereof
Film pressing device for instant photographic type image recording apparatus
One-time-use camera with cartridge retainer to ensure film-on-sprocket retention during camera assembly
Photometric device comprising a photo sensor mounted on a circuit board
System for receiving and retaining a substrate
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Method and apparatus for correcting registration faults based on changes in machine state in a multicolor printing machine
Toner supply roller and developing apparatus
Developing roll, developing device using the same and electrophotographic apparatus
Development station for a reproduction apparatus
Development station for a reproduction apparatus
Device for adjusting a developing solution for an electrostatic wet-type electrophotographic printer
Circulation system for an image developer with an agitator motor responsive to an amount of developer in a storage tank
Oil application roller
Cleaning system and image forming method
Process cartridge, handle attaching method and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
System and method for quietly and efficiently cleaning and removing particles from a copier/printer machine
Developing agent and image forming apparatus
Controlling system and method for operating a controlling system
Medical apparatus supporting system
Method of locating a workpiece on a computer numeric controlled machining system
Component electronic catalog
Real-time monitor mechanism for heterogeneous production lines
Numerical control data creating device and numerical control data creating method
Apparatus for determining a failure of wheel speed sensors
Regulator or engine regulator, engine and a method for regulating an actuating or propulsion system and an engine
Positioning and proximity warning method and system thereof for vehicle
Elevationally adjustable portable computer docking station
Vertically disposed notebook computer
Protective case with a keyboard for a handheld computer
Protection structure for a disk drive and electronic apparatus
Multifunctional foldable computer
Removable component filter
CPU easy access panels
Retaining and fixing structure of interface card
Methods and apparatus for cooling a disk drive
Cooling device for hard disc
Dual-switching and dual-linear power controller chip
Power supply apparatus
Storage device counting error correction
Terminal switching apparatus and method
Method and data processing system for emulating virtual memory working spaces
Programmable matched filter searcher for multiple pilot searching
Method for inferring behavioral characteristics based on a large volume of data
Computer with a hidden keyboard
Intelligent keyboard system
Elliptic curve encryption method and system
Arrangement for creating multiple virtual queue pairs from a compressed queue pair based on shared attributes
Two-pedal vehicular acceleration control system
Stand-alone device for transmitting a wireless signal containing data from a memory or a sensor
Image classification using evolved parameters
Statistical classifier with reduced weight memory requirements
Communications, particularly in the domestic environment
Geometrical image processing apparatus and method of transforming parts of a divided image
Method of displaying part of a radiographic image
Method and apparatus to interpolate video frames
Methods for correcting density characteristic and color
Image processing method for eliminating color shifts generated in contour region in image obtained from image input apparatus
Color image processing apparatus and color image processing method
Method of and an apparatus for 3-dimensional structure estimation
Motion estimation within a sequence of data frames using optical flow with adaptive gradients
Color discrimination apparatus and method
System and method for rapidly accessing image information using segmentation tags
Low bandwidth encoding scheme for video transmission
Video encoding method and apparatus
Encoding and decoding different resolution video signals for display on plural units
Video signal encoding method and system
Method of image compression and device for implementing this method
Vehicle travel control system
Method and system for providing an aircraft drift advisory
Learning method and system based on questioning
Common carrier, multiple output RF upconverter
Apparatus and method for driving an optical disc with a caddy having a cover
Disk player capable of detecting different sizes of optical disks
Method and system for restraining a cartridge within an insertable magazine
Cartridge receiving apparatus and cartridge disc player utilizing same
Encrypted data reproducing transmitting and processing method and apparatus with separately encrypted control data
Method of reproducing information using a selected equalization coefficient for each signal
Recording medium for storing defect management information for recording real time data, defect managing method therefor and real time data recording method
Apparatus for driving a movable body
Flex cable, head suspension assembly, and hard disk drive
Suspension design including shaped gimbal arms having a reduced mass portion along a length thereof
Movable load ramps and crash stop for a disc drive
Disk cartridge with holder and disk information
Recording medium cartridge
Method and device for recording real-time information
Trick mode VTR which generates trick play data from a stream of images containing intra-pictures and predictive pictures and selects specific DCT coefficients for intra-pictures
Method of time shifting to simultaneously record and play a data stream
Disc recording method and device, disc reproducing method and device, and recording medium
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Hard disk drive actuator assembly with damped tolerance ring for enhancing drive performance during structural resonance modes
Spin valve transistor using a magnetic tunnel junction
Thermally compensated rotary positioning system for a disc drive
Disc player
Optical information recording medium, optical information recording apparatus, and method of recording test signal on the same
Method and apparatus for recording optical information by varying recording pulse width
Information recording medium, information recording method and information recording apparatus
Information recording medium, information recording method and information recording apparatus
Hybrid optical disc construction
Optical disk reproducing apparatus and method having improved servo control
Actuator for an objective lens of an optical pickup for preventing skew of the optical axis
Optical pickup apparatus for reading different types of recording media at different reading wavelengths
Optical disk device
Optical pickup device applicable to two kinds of recording media with minimized deterioration of a beam spot
Magnetoresistance effect type memory, and method and device for reproducing information from the memory
Magnetization control method, information storage method, magnetic functional device, and information storage device
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for driving the same
Providing equal cell programming conditions across a large and high density array of phase-change memory cells
High-speed cycle clock-synchronous memory device
Reduced area sense amplifier isolation layout in a dynamic RAM architecture
Semiconductor device
Two-dimensional resonant tunneling diode memory cell
Content addressable memory cell
Multi-level memory cell
Contactless flash memory with shared buried diffusion bit line architecture
Global/local memory decode with independent program and read paths and shared local decode
CPE alert signal detector and caller identification detector using peak detection
Negative-potential detecting circuit having an enhanced sensitivity of detecting negative potentials
Non-volatile memory with a charge pump with regulated voltage
Semiconductor non-volatile storage
Semiconductor memory device having source areas of memory cells supplied with a common voltage
Bit line setup and discharge circuit for programming non-volatile memory
Redundant circuit for memory device
Shared redundancy for memory having column addressing
Semiconductor having mechanism capable of operating at high speed
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Flash memory device having mask ROM cells for self-test
Dynamic random access memory with differential signal on-chip test capability
Twisted global column decoder
Memory modules having integral terminating resistors and computer system boards for use with same
Circuit for reading non-volatile memories
Semiconductor memory device with controllable operation timing of sense amplifier
Semiconductor memory device permitting improved integration density and reduced accessing time
Semiconductor device
Memory device with precharge reinforcement circuit
Compact analog-multiplexed global sense amplifier for RAMS
Semiconductor device making reliable initial setting
Dual filament, electrostatically controlled focal spot for x-ray tubes
Drive assembly for an x-ray tube having a rotating anode
X-ray control apparatus and X-ray diagnostic apparatus
Heat sink assembly with pressing wedges
Heat sink assembly
Clip for heat sink
Electronic component cooling apparatus
Back plate assembly for motherboard
Electronic assembly and cooling thereof
Mobile station supervision of the forward dedicated control channel when in the discontinuous transmission mode
Electric power system with painted-capacitor energy storage, and its fabrication
Heat dissipation structure for solid-state light emitting device package
Composite filter, duplexer and communication apparatus
Variable attenuator, composite variable attenuator and mobile communication apparatus
Superconductive non-linear transmission lines and method of construction
High sensitivity radio receiver
Gas laser device that emits ultraviolet rays
Shadow device for a gas laser
Optically transparent, heat conductive fluid heat sink
Device for cooling diode lasers
Tunable external cavity laser
Surface semiconductor optical amplifier with transparent substrate
Aluminum-free vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs)
Monitoring circuit for monitoring a voltage
Start up circuit for commutation power supplies
Switched mode power supply responsive to current derived from voltage across energy transfer element input
Method and apparatus for reducing standby power in power supplies
Device for producing electricity from a three-phase network, in particular for a road vehicle
HVDC device for converting between alternating voltages and direct current voltages
Distortion compensation method and wireless communication apparatus
Method and arrangement for forming a transmission signal
AM transmitter having feed-forward correction to compensate for source impedance
Generating multi-channel outputs simultaneously in a receiver using polyphase filter
Apparatus and method for a reduced component equalizer circuit
Channel selection apparatus
Method for reducing scan time in a radio receiver
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Ring-detect interface circuitry and method for a communication system
Method of compressing an analogue signal
Using inactivity levels to extend subscriber equipment battery life
Apparatus, and associated method, for operating a communication device at reduced level of current consumption
Communications interface adapter
Cover structure for portable electronic device
Method of polling second stations for functional quality and maintenance data in a discrete multitone spread spectrum communications system
Method and system for avoiding bad frequency subsets in a frequency hopping cordless telephone system
Synchronization and cell search methods and apparatus for wireless communications
Spectrum spreading communication system using single spreading code
Multi-user interference cancellor with small sized circuits and little quantity of calculation
CDMA demodulating method and demodulator
Processing for improved performance and reduced pilot
Apparatus and method for distributing wireless communications signals to remote cellular antennas
Cascaded pumping system and method for producing distributed Raman amplification in optical fiber telecommunication systems
Optical fiber transmission line for wavelength division multiplexing transmission system
Radio receiver
Echo cancellation for an ADSL modem
Spacial derivative bus encoder and decoder
Gated transmission in control hold state in CDMA communication system
CDMA cellular radio transmission system
Method and apparatus for a data transmission rate of multiples of 100 MBPS in a terminal for a wireless metropolitan area network
Multiple beam antenna
Spread spectrum receive apparatus
Data demodulator for multicode CDMA system
Method of call routing and connection in a radio communications system
Signal processing device and method for switching signal processors thereof
Turbo-coupled multi-code multiplex data transmission for CDMA
Frame synchronization system between base stations of mobile radio communication system and base station device employing this system
Frame synchronization with unique-word dependent filter coefficients
High speed network switch bus clock
Method and apparatus for transmitting high speed data in a spread spectrum communications system
Rate detection apparatus and method for variable rate speech encoding
Method and apparatus for maximizing data throughput in a packet radio mesh network
Dial-up access response testing method and system therefor
Method for performance measurement and an analysis of local exchange carrier interconnections
Method and apparatus of testing modems in a networking environment
Facility management platform for a hybrid coaxial/twisted pair local loop network service architecture
Local area network of serial intelligent cells
Micro-localized internet service center
System for coupling the public telephone network to the internet
Wireless local area network comprising a controller and at least one candidate-controller terminal
Connectionless communications network
System for managing telecommunications
Second level collision resolution for packet data communications
Method and apparatus for data re-assembly with a high performance network interface
Batched fair exhaustive polling scheduler
Interleaved access to address table in network switching system
Method and apparatus for sorting and transmitting data packets
Process for transporting a cell through a switching structure base on a single stage switch
Latency management for a network
Establishing internal control paths in ATM node
Apparatus and method for restoring cell storage regions in an ATM switch and method therefor
Method for supporting traffic analysis in an atm (asynchronous transfer mode) network
Method for avoiding broadcast deadlocks in a mesh-connected network
Verification of active nodes in an open network
Co-location negotiation scheme for wireless computer networks
Tunneling of non-GSM signaling messages in a GSM based network to enable both non-GSM circuit service and GSM packet service to the mobile station
Variable sleep mode for mobile stations in a mobile communications
Channel estimation in a CDMA cellular communication system
Method and apparatus for demodulating and equalizing an AM compatible digital audio broadcast signal
Method and device for converting bit rate of serial data
Method for determining attenuation in a digital PCM channel
Gaussian frequency-shift keying transciever for ISM wideband communication
Hardware sampler for statistical monitoring of network traffic
E-mail server of a provider of e-mail services
Communication protocol stack apparatus and method of implementing same
Methods for providing prepaid telephony service via an internet protocol network system
Internet-intranet greeting service
System and method for transmitting a facsimile via a network
Method and system for wireless data communication over the internet
Router-based domain name system proxy agent using address translation
Automatic gain control for improved decoding of multi-carrier signal
Soft output metrics generation for symbol detectors
Method and system for accomodating a wide range of user data rates in a multicarrier data transmission system
Method and apparatus for extended range frequency correction burst detection
Encryption and decryption devices for public-key cryptosystems and recording medium with their processing programs recorded thereon
Communications system automatically diverting calls when user not present
Internet/telephone adapter device and method
Method and apparatus for recording and replaying messages
Method and system for providing the name of the state of a calling party
Call and data correspondence in a call-in center employing virtual restructuring for computer telephony integrated functionality
Modular mobile communication system
Portable telephone device
Balanced spectrum limiter for telephone and communication systems and protection module incorporating the same
Remote initiation of communications for control of multiple appliances by telephone line
Telephone call-back system controlled by an online data network in real-time
Community emergency telephone notification system
Method and apparatus for receiving control signals in a data communication system having a fully digital communication channel
Structure and circuit topology for a remotely actuated bypass splitter
Packet radio network with charging information collected by nodes and forwarded to billing center
System and method for managing prepaid wireless service
Real-time call rating and debiting system and method for multiple calls
Network access pay telephone, conversion, and method
Device which reduces central office battery current during modem connections
Digital loop carrier remote terminal having integrated digital subscriber plug-in line cards for multiplexing of telephone and broadband signals
Method and device for detecting path faults in a network
User addressable computer telephony system
System and method of accessing and recording messages at coordinate way points
Voice and data transfer from outbound dialing to inbound ACD queue
Telecommunications system and method for automatic call recognition and distribution
Methods and apparatus for automating the telephone operator services
Direct inward-outward dialing trunk circuit
Image forming apparatus and method using divided image areas of an original
Video camera and recording and reproducing apparatus which communicate via wireless communication techniques
Multiple medium message recording system
Detection of a change of scene in a motion estimator of a video encoder
Method for decoding compressed video data with a reduced memory requirement
Encoding apparatus and encoding method
Method for computational graceful degradation in an audiovisual compression system
Method and apparatus for providing scalable pre-compressed digital video with reduced quantization based artifacts
Motion estimation method using orthogonal-sum block matching
System and method for encoding and decoding the residual signal for fine granular scalable video
Active techniques for video transmission and playback
Error concealment method in a motion video decompression system
Architecture for multi-format video processing
Signal processing circuit
Data transfer
Conformance definitions for guaranteed frame rate service
Switching system data interface
Arrangement for synchronization of a stream of synchronous traffic delivered by an asynchronous medium
Method for exchanging cryptographic keys in an ATM network using multiple virtual paths or circuits
Communication system using a compressed connection
Method for providing information services in characters through ISDN
Method of communication through leased line in virtual private network
Switch controller for a telecommunications network
Cellular docking station
System and method for enhanced text message tracking in a wireless communication network
Recovering group data between mobile systems
Automatic frequency planning for a wireless network
Estimating subscriber terminal speed, selecting cell, and radio system
Method for contacting a subscriber to multiple wireless bearer services
Paging channel configuration for efficient wake-up period utilization
Headphone having a cord reel
Holder-ring for earphone plug
Subband acoustic feedback cancellation in hearing aids
Loudspeaker stand
Planar acoustic transducer
Printed circuit board and electronic equipment using the board
Device and method for interstitial components in a printed circuit board
Component supplying method, component arrangement data forming method and electronic component mounting apparatus using the methods
Card-type peripheral device
Modular cage for an electronic component
Card holder for securing expansion cards
Dustproof structure of communication device, using air filter having distributed dust collecting efficiency and pressure loss
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