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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant farnesyltransferases
Inbred corn line M10138
Fishing reel, fishing information display device, and fishing information display system
Gelatinous food elastomer compositions and articles
Non-hazardous pest control
Inhibitors of cathepsin S
Methods of treatment using a soya extract
Composition and method for preparing basic quark and further processing of the basic quark
Shaped cheese reconstruction with transglutaminase
Procedure to obtain a product consisting in a partially low-fat flour with a high content of stabilized, polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially .OMEGA..sub.3
Seat, especially an airplane seat
Mechanism for changing a position of a support surface
Air conditioned cushion part for a vehicle seat
Overmolded tip
Endoscopic visualization apparatus with different imaging systems
Surgical biopsy device having automatic rotation of the probe for taking multiple samples
Surgical repair kit and its method of use
Apparatus for applying light to a vessel wall
Respiratory analyzer for exercise use
Dental model pouring jig
Manipulable dental model system for fabrication of a dental appliance
Bioresorbable hydrogel compositions for implantable prostheses
Stent covered with heterologous tissue
Surgical barrier device incorporating an inflatable thermal blanket with a surgical drape to provide thermal control and surgical access
Method and apparatus for cartilage growth stimulation
Cup for administering medicine to a child
Resistance-repellent retroviral protease inhibitors
Hexacyclic compounds and their therapeutic use
Visual function disorder improving agents
Quinuclidine derivatives and medicinal compositions containing the same
Compounds possessing neuronal activity
Quinoline and isoquinoline derivatives, a process for their production and their use as inflammation inhibitors
Substituted benzopyran derivatives for the treatment of inflammation
Methods and compositions for the rapid and enduring relief of inadequate myocardial function
Specific steady-state R-type CA.sup.2+ channel blockers and use thereof
Joint lubrication with P2Y purinergic receptor agonists
Plant derived antioxidants
Leptin as an inhibitor of tumor cell proliferation
Peptides containing the motif IGD and their use as cell migration modulators
Inhibitors of serine proteases, particularly HCV NS3-NS4A protease
Compounds capable of modulating the activity and stimulating the production of a catalytic antibody
Method for treating heart failure by inhibiting the sarcolemmal sodium/calcium exchange
Modified cytokines for use in cancer therapy
Non-anaphylactic forms of allergens and their use
Transport of nucleotides, oligonucleotides and polynucleotides into the cytoplasm and nucleus of cells by peptides
Aromatic composition consisting of HLA molecules
Controlled-release dosage forms of azithromycin
Patch stabilization of rods for treatment of cardiac muscle
Method and apparatus for applying frequency vibrations therapeutically
Hinged short cage for an embolic protection device
Method for placing a medical agent into a vessel of the body
Injection-assisting probe for medical injector assembly
Illumination system particularly for microlithography
Method and apparatus for electromagnetic treatment of the skin, including hair depilation
Exercise equipment with multi-positioning handles
Apparatus and method for repairing a hockey stick shaft
Hockey stick handle
Method of playing blackjack
Lockable security cabinet for casino game controllers
Performing Operations; Transporting
High performance continuous reaction/separation process using a continuous liquid-solid contactor
Filter element and mounting method
Air cleaning robot and system thereof
Method of installing a molecular sieve bed gas-enriching system
Polluted soil remediation apparatus and pollutant degrading apparatus
Sample tab
Device for treating food wastes
Centrifuge having multiple rotors
Method of detackifying an edge face of a roll of tape
Windshield de-icing
Carbureted bioventing for enhanced control of in-situ bioremediation
Method and device for manufacturing metallic particulates, and manufactured metallic particulates
Power assisted drill press
Switch assembly
Jig plate
Tool changer of machine tool
Backup shoe for microfinishing and methods
Perforated sanding disc
System and method for manufacturing magnetic heads
Coated abrasives with indicia
Power tools
Method for making double-wall shells by centrifuging
Molded touch fasteners and methods of manufacture
Die, especially for extruding green ceramic foils
Gas/ion species selective membrane supported by multi-stage nano-hole array metal structure
Anti-reflection film and process for the preparation of the same
High compliance, high strength catheter balloons useful for treatment of gastrointestinal lesions
Packaging for a storage medium in particular for a cd
Procedure of attaching sheets and padded envelope
Optical filter having filter layer containing infrared absorbing dye and ultraviolet absorbing agent
Reworkable compositions incorporating episulfide resins
Roll-up floor mat
Adhesive composition and adhesive sheet
Variably impregnated flexible graphite material and method
Printing control apparatus and method, and printing system
Thermal ink jet printhead with suspended heater element spaced from chamber walls
Inkjet deposition apparatus and method
Liquid-jet recording head
Liquid-discharging apparatus
Keying elements for solid ink loader
Recording head, substrate for use of recording head, and recording apparatus
Pagewidth printer having a printer controller with page expansion and control circuitry
Image receiving material for electronic photograph
Antifalsification paper and other antifalsification items
Keyboard support device and method
Defect repair method, in particular for repairing quartz defects on alternating phase shift masks
Snap-on wheel cover
Axleless vehicle suspension system
Slidingly retractable pickup truck wind deflection system and method
Trim assembly and method of manufacturing same
Automotive seat assembly having a rear latch lockout and spring assist
Electric stowing system for vehicle seat
Emergency warning device rapid deployment system
Center beam car with deep upper beam structure
Air bag apparatus for side crash
Vehicle air conditioning system having door drive mechanism
Control apparatus for automatic transmission
Apparatus and method for controlling clutch of mechanical automatic transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Single hand folding structure for umbrella folding stroller
Support frame for container trailer
Roller for a crawler type traveling vehicle
Motorcycle footrest
System and method for reducing drag and vortex induced vibration in marine applications
Method and apparatus for attaching a fin to a small watercraft
Adjustment mechanism for a variable-shape wing
More aerodynamic wheel fairings for small airplanes
Paper roll holder for a printer convertible between snap-in loading and drop-in loading of the paper roll
Recording apparatus
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Flexible director paper path module
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the recovery of palladium from spent silica
Marine vessel onboard wastewater treatment system
Synthesis of combinatorial libraries of compounds reminiscent of natural products
Aniline-derived ligands for the thyroid receptor
Process for producing phenol
Fluorine-containing allyl ether compounds, their copolymers, and resist compositions and anti-reflection film materials using such copolymers
Aldehydes containing a difluorooxymethylene bridge
Processes for solubilizing organometallic compounds in fluorinated solvents by addition of a partly fluorinated non-catalytic co-solubilizer
Piperidine derivatives and agent comprising the derivative as active ingredient
1H-imidazole derivatives having CB1 agonistic, CB1 partial agonistic or CB1-antagonistic activity
Therapeutic amides
Carboxylic acid derivatives, their preparation and use
Analogs of green tea polyphenols as chemotherapeutic and chemopreventive agents
Stereoselective methods for the preparation of nucleosides
Substituted 2-thio-3,5-dicyano-4-phenyl-6-aminopyridines and the use of the same
Ruthenium catalyst
Compositions for removing metal ions from aqueous process solutions and methods of use thereof
Process for the depletion or removal of endotoxins
Human PEN11B-related gene variant associated with lung cancers
Fluorescent nucleotides
System for detecting protease
Human 5-HT3-C protein
Antibodies that specifically bind to GMAD
Peptide fructose and protein conjugate with the same
Process for chemically bonding an odor-encapsulating agent to textiles and textiles formed by the process
Catalytic polymerization process
Dielectric, radiation-curable coating compositions
Silyl-acetal compounds
Phenolically blocked polyurethane prepolymers
Autodepositable adhesive
Flame retardant compositions
Surface-modified inorganic oxide powder, process for producing the same, and use thereof
Labeling adhesive
Latent mercaptans as multi-functional additives for halogen-containing polymer compositions
Safety lock boltless closures
Liquid bleaching composition components comprising amphiphilic polymers
Methods and equipment for removing stains from fabrics using a composition comprising hydroxide and hypochlorite
Biomolecule-bound substrates
Gene cluster for production of the enediyne antitumor antibiotic C-1027
COBRA gene and uses thereof
Alternative splicing factors polynucleotides polypeptides and uses therof
A.beta.-Peptide screening assay
Use of MHC class II ligands as adjuvant for vaccination and of LAG-3 in cancer treatment
Stress-regulated genes of plants, transgenic plants containing same, and methods of use
Regulatory region of the CYP52A2A gene from Candida tropicalis
Hyaluronan synthase gene and uses thereof
Cellulase preparation containing nonionic surfactant and method of treating fiber
Removal of N-terminal methionine from proteins by engineered methionine aminopeptidase
Subtilase enzymes
.beta.-secretase enzyme compositions and methods
Viral interleukin-6
Antibodies to human vascular endothelial growth factor 2
Tenascin-C isoform as marker for neoplasias
Process for the simultaneous production of xylitol and ethanol
Reversible binding of molecules to metal substrates through affinity interactions
Methods of identifying agents for inhibiting lentivirus replication
Solids supporting mass transfer for fuel cells and other applications and solutions and methods for forming
Textiles; Paper
Method for forming a patterned array of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Anti-pilling treating method for protein fiber material
Method for making an insulating paperboard
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for acoustically matched slip form concrete application
Portable drag box with automated shearing device
T-post extender and high fence support
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Direct drive wind turbine
High pressure pump
Multi-stage transmission
Drive assembly
Flow control valve
Corrugated web hole reinforcement
Apparatus and methods relating to precision control of illumination exposure
Light source unit and projector
Illumination assembly usable with a plurality of devices
Light emitting panel assemblies
Optical element with light extracting dots and display device using same
Planar light source
Lighting apparatus and liquid crystal display
Object inspection and/or modification system and method
Systems for protecting internal components of an EUV light source from plasma-generated debris
Solar tracking system
Sensor arrangement and control and analysis unit for image recognition of an object
Use of wicking means to manage fluids on optical level sensing systems
Method of detecting position of mark on substrate, position detection apparatus using this method, and exposure apparatus using this position detection apparatus
Techniques for wafer prealignment and sensing edge positions
Modular isotope coding approach to proteomic analysis
Methods of identifying modulators of the FGF receptor
Diagnostics and the therapeutics for macular degeneration
Display of receptors and analysis of binding interactions and drug libraries
Method and apparatus for nondestructive measurement and mapping of sheet materials
Capacitive physical quantity sensor
Method for measuring gate dielectric properties for three dimensional transistors
Non-contact tester for electronic circuits
Method and electronic circuit for regenerating an electrical contact
Magnetic carbon nanotube
Method and medical device designed for implementing this method
Radiographic apparatus
Computer readable magnetic resonance method calculating on-line gradients during imaging
Systems, methods and apparatus of a magnetic resonance imaging magnet to produce an asymmetrical stray field
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and central frequency estimating method
Q-factor switching method and apparatus for detecting nuclear quadrupole and nuclear magnetic resonance signals
Generator of time-variable magnetic fields of a magnetic resonance device and magnetic resonance device
Underground exploration apparatus
Soil and time modeling for improved electromagnetic locators for underground utilities
Releasing mechanism of an optical module from a host board
Ferrule for use in fiber optic connectors
Eyeglasses assembly with elastic temples
Eyeglasses with magnetic mounting including a magnetic field blocking member
Projector for adjusting a projected image size and luminance depending on various environments
Image projection apparatus having an elevation adjustment mechanism with memory
Image projection apparatus
Projector apparatus
Dissolution inhibitors in photoresist compositions for microlithography
Instant film unit
Donor substrate for laser induced thermal imaging method, method of fabricating the donor substrate, and method of fabricating organic light emitting display using the donor substrate
Sol-gel processes for photoreceptor layers
Organophotoreceptor with charge transport compositions
Inverter device
Damping for electromechanical actuators
Gate bias circuit for MOS Charge Coupled Devices
Current source for generating a constant reference current
Method and apparatus for trimming current limit and frequency to maintain a constant maximum power
Digital multiphase control system
Transient-phase PWM power supply and method
Methods of implementing phase shift mask compliant static memory cell circuits
Interior rearview mirror system for a vehicle
Learning data base building method and video apparatus with learning function by using the learning data base and learning function control method therefor
Method for driving plasma display panel
Micro beam collimator having an iris like capillary for compressing beams
Fluorometer with low heat-generating light source
Methods for producing a dielectric, dielectric having self-generating pores, monomer for porous dielectrics, process for preparing poly-o-hydroxyamides, process for preparing polybenzoxazoles, and processes for producing an electronic component
Method of making solid electrolytic capacitor having oxidized anode wire
Switch assembly
Plasma display panel utilizing different electrode pair areas to control color temperature
Charged particle beam lithography system, pattern drawing method, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Device for irradiating a target with a hadron-charged beam, use in hadrontherapy
Charged particle beam apparatus
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for fabrication of polycrystallin silicon thin film transistors
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Self-aligned contacts to gates
Method of integrating optical devices and electronic devices on an integrated circuit
Process sequence for doped silicon fill of deep trenches
Semiconductor fabrication using a collar
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Zeolite films for low k applications
Solid state plasma antenna
Electrochemical fabrication methods including use of surface treatments to reduce overplating and/or planarization during formation of multi-layer three-dimensional structures
Scum solution for chemically amplified resist patterning in cu/low k dual damascene
Etching process to avoid polysilicon notching
Bumpless semiconductor device
Methods for stacking wire-bonded integrated circuit dice on flip-chip bonded integrated circuit dice
Method for chemical mechanical polishing of a shallow trench isolation structure
Solid state image pickup device and method of fabricating the same
Sealing apparatus for semiconductor wafer and method of manufacturing semiconductor device by using sealing apparatus
Method for processing a substrate to form a structure
Methods of making semiconductor fuses
Metal gate transistor CMOS process and method for making
Method of forming capacitor over bitline contact
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Metal carrier (leadframe) for receiving and contact-connecting electrical and/or optoelectronic components
Semiconductor device and electronic equipment using the same
Mounting with auxiliary bumps
Method and apparatus for attaching microelectronic substrates and support members
Semiconductor substrate for build-up packages
High voltage laterally double-diffused metal oxide semiconductor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing such device
Architecture for vertical transistor cells and transistor-controlled memory cells
Films deposited at glancing incidence for multilevel metallization
Carbon containing tips with cylindrically symmetrical carbon containing expanded bases
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device for restraining short circuiting and method of manufacturing thereof
Operating a memory device
Semiconductor fabrication process with asymmetrical conductive spacers
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a method for fixing the semiconductor device using substrate jig
CMOS pixel with dual gate PMOS
Nitride-based semiconductor element
Bis(2-acenyl)acetylene semiconductors
Dual referenced microstrip
Dynamic-quantity sensor
Low voltage micro switch
Polymer compound and electroluminescent element
Fuel cell assembly
Battery mechanism
Single cell for a solid oxide fuel cell
Flat battery and production method therefor
Proton conducting membranes for high temperature fuel cells with solid state "water free" membranes
Ion conducting composite membrane materials containing an optionally modified zirconium phosphate dispersed in a polymeric matrix, method for preparation of the membrane material and its use
Thermally efficient hydrogen storage system
Device for wideband electrical connection of two units that are movable relative to each other
Board mounted electrical connector
Pluggable transceiver with cover resilient member
Latch device requiring no movable operating member that is operated from the exterior
Metallic face plate for automotive instrument cluster
Simple plug converter structure
LAN connector having a stopper portion selectively stopping the insertion of a modem cable connector
Router with field replaceable motherboard
Power supply connector
Audio connector
Sex changeable adapter for coaxial connectors
Component and circuit module
Connector apparatus with a mating detecting member called connector position assurance
Hardline coaxial cable connector
Transverse optical accelerator and generalized optical vortices
Three-phase ac generator for vehicle
Contactless power supply system and branch box used therefor
Flashlight and connectible recharger
Rotor for an electrical machine
Electronically commutated internal rotor motor
Integrated wireless linear motor
Drive unit for determining a rotation position and/or rotation speed of a drive shaft
Control for electric motor in vehicles
Polyphase numerically controlled oscillator and method for operating the same
Oscillator with tunable capacitor
Table-based pre-distortion for amplifier systems
Bias circuit for providing a constant bias current to a power amplifier
Differential gain stage for low voltage supply
Method and system for common mode feedback circuitry for RF buffers
Delay circuit having reduced power supply voltage dependency
Integrated circuit output driver circuitry with programmable preemphasis
Control circuit for semiconductor component
Flexible blender
Integrated circuits with reduced standby power consumption
Configurable circuits, IC's, and systems
Frequency-dividing circuit arrangement and phase locked loop employing such circuit arrangement
Programmable amplifiers with positive and negative hysteresis
Closed-loop control of driver slew rate
Comparator circuit
Apparatus for cancellation of DC offset in time division duplexing mode direct conversion receiver
Phase detector for reducing noise
PLL clock signal generation circuit
Programmable phase shift circuitry
Heat plate, heating element, belt type fixing device and image forming apparatus
Cooking apparatus with electronic recipe display
Control system for cooking appliance employing convection and radiant cooking
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Three-way dimming CFL ballast
High-intensity discharge lamp ballast and method for operating high-intensity discharge lamp
In situ processing of hydrocarbon-bearing formations with automatic impedance matching radio frequency dielectric heating
Controlled flow instrument for microwave assisted chemistry with high viscosity liquids and heterogeneous mixtures
Microwave oven and rotating and reciprocating turntable thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Snow cone holder with integral drinking straw
Suit jacket lapel
Baseball cap with veil
Racing stock car shaped athletic shoe
Boot protector
Protective boot
Slipper sock shoe
Footwear upper
Jewelry container
Hanging mini disc
Portable pocket
Eight compartment tray
Sixteen compartment tray
Anchor device for a luggage support strap
Top divider for a golf bag
Rose with broken border surface pattern for paper product
Tulip with chain border surface pattern for paper product
Outdoor leisure rocking chair
Storage rack for compact disks
Golf ball display rack
Storage rack
Towel holder
Rectangular basket held by suction cups
Backrest support frame for a chair
Mobile computer work station
Display device
Hinge mountable rack with swivel arms
Beverage dispenser
Rotating food server
Combined salad tosser and server
Food serving plate
Thermo flask
Set of handles for an article of cookware
Chopping board and knife combination
Mug rack
Sausage-shaped food product dispenser
Vegetation trimmer
Wall-mounted rack base
Pair of ergonomic router handles
Reversible wire termination blade
Pocket knife
Handle for a tool assembly
Quick release bracket
Curtain rail
Lock for gooseneck trailer
Stop sign shaped push button and/or key operated padlock
Baby carriage
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Vehicle tire
Tire tread
Tire sidewall
Decorative tire
Fifth-wheel hitch cover
Truck hood
Integrated rider-controlled support unit for handlebar-steered vehicles
Brake and/or clutch lever
Decorative tissue dispensing package
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for controlling slip
Method and system for reducing arterial restenosis in the presence of an intravascular stent
Controlling heart performance using a non-excitatory electric field
Method and system to facilitate image guided surgery
Method and apparatus for increasing the low frequency dynamic range of a system for measuring physiological signals with an implantable medical device
Anesthesia monitoring system based on electroencephalographic signals
Method, computer program product, and system for the automated analysis of lesions in magnetic resonance, mammogram and ultrasound images
Apparatus and method for demarcating tumors
Method and device for catheter navigation in three-dimensional vascular tree exposures
Radiological image quality indicator
Gamma-ray blind beta particle probe
Computed tomography apparatus and method for classifying objects
Stereo x-ray image processing
Method and apparatus for imaging based on calculated inversion values of cone beam data
Customer specific packaging line having containers with tag means containing medication order information
Apparatus and method for controlling contrast enhanced imaging procedures
Iontophoretic drug delivery apparatus
Method and apparatus for monitoring heart rate
Implantable cardiac stimulating device with optimized demand
Implantable lead functional status monitor and method
Apparatus and method for treating ventricular tachyarrhythmias
Sensor responsive electrotherapy apparatus
Cardiac rhythm management system with painless defribillation lead impedance measurement
Drug delivery device
Infrared ray irradiation apparatus and infrared ray irradiation used source therein
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and methods for uniform scan dispensing of spin-on materials
Method and apparatus for selecting a sand pack mesh for a filter pack and a well casing slot size for a well
Method and apparatus for inspecting solder paste using geometric constraints
Legged mobile robot
Device and method for calibrating a robot
Control system for adjusting a reaction force acting on a working end of a robot
Trajectory generation system
Automated strategies for investment management
Method for detecting a decrease in tire air-pressure and apparatus used therefor
Observer for transfer case fault detection in a four-wheel drive system
Method and system for controlling vehicle speed based on vehicle yaw rate and yaw acceleration
Device for controlling vehicle turn behavior by engine torque control with feedback of vehicle speed
Method and control system for setting a presettable vehicle desired speed
Vehicle control system
Electrical apparatus for assisting mechanical braking in a motor cycle
Toggle joint combination for extending a receptacle of automobile cigarette lighter and application thereof
Vehicle navigation apparatus providing both automatic guidance and guidance information in response to manual input request
Electromechanical brake system
Acquisition and evaluation of measured variables which are critical for safety
Train detection system and a train detection method
Safety running system for vehicle
Safety running system for vehicle
Landing aid device, especially for anti-ground-collision alert vetoing
Argument of perigee correction with longitude control for inclined, eccentric, geosynchronous satellites
Method for using satellite state vector prediction to provide satellite sensor automatic scan inhibit and/or sensor switching
Printing system for parallel printing with offset printing sides on two recording media
Monitor and malfunction predictor for textile machines
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Temperature compensated integrated planar bragg grating, and method of formation
Coated fiber strands having one or more heterogeneous regions and methods of making the same
Control of crude refining by a method to predict lubricant base stock's ultimate lubricant preformance
Textiles; Paper
Suction-air system of a textile machine
Fixed Constructions
Automatically operated shovel
Voice activated liquid management system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for monitoring the operation of sensors in an internal combustion engine, and electronic controller operating in accordance with the method
Automatic aircraft engine fuel mixture optimization
Method and apparatus for estimating a surge limit line for configuring an antisurge controller
Firm interlock between shaft and bore
Control apparatus and method of automatic transmission
Control apparatus for automatic transmission
Controller for infinite speed ratio transmission
Floating pool seal assembly with leak limiting annular support structure
Apparatus for sealing the end portion of a hot-water tube in which electric heating wires are inserted
Path planning, terrain avoidance and situation awareness system for general aviation
Method and apparatus for achieving sole means navigation from global navigation satelite systems
Method and device for displaying animated navigation information
Update system and method for geographic databases
Vehicle positioning using three metrics
Method and system for providing alternate routes with a navigation system
Method of providing travel time
Method and apparatus for navigation using a portable communication device
Rate monitor for a displacement system utilizing the power demand of the prime mover of the system to provide the flow rate data of the material being displaced
Measuring the characteristics of oscillating motion
Creep-resistant optical fiber attachment
System and method for testing optical fibers that lead between a telecommunications provider and a customer's premises
Method for analyzing the driveability of motor vehicles
Method and apparatus for particle image analysis using flow cell
Method and apparatus for inspection of patterned semiconductor wafers
Apparatus and method for detecting fluids
Method for instrument determination of a measured variable which changes with time
Apparatus for making test data and method thereof
Battery life determination apparatus and battery life determination method
Transportable intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Apparatus, methods, and devices for magnetic resonance imaging controlled by the position of a moveable RF coil
Method and apparatus for rapid assessment of stenosis severity
Centralized database system for a wireless location system
Signal processing system for locating a transmitter
Long baseline RTK using a secondary base receiver and a non-continuous data link
Seismic data processing method
Method and apparatus for low loss via geometrical optimization in free-space micro-machined optical switches
Optical isolator and circulator
Dispersion managed optical waveguide fiber
Optical waveguide device and optical device having long-period grating
Optical waveguide having negative dispersion and large Aeff
Optical fiber having negative dispersion and low slope in the Erbium amplifier region
Optical fiber for reducing optical signal reflections
Self-waveguide optical circuit
Phased fiber array for multiplexing and demultiplexing
Launch port for pumping fiber lasers and amplifiers
Optical wavelength routing device
Interleaved sampled and chirped optical waveguide gratings for WDM channel operations and resulting devices
Micro-opto mechanical multistage interconnection switch
Fiber optic switch configurations
Lensed optical fiber
Fiber optic cables with multiple stacks of optical fiber ribbons
Cable with lubricated optical fibers and process of lubricating optical fibers
Low thermal skew fiber optic cable
Energy cable with electrochemical chemical analyte sensor
Lens driving apparatus
Focusing device
Temperature and optical length control of optical fibers and optical waveguide devices
Optical phase controller and optical switch
Optical cross-connect utilizing metal/hydride mirrors
Stepped inlet optical panel
Optical waveguide device, and light source device and optical apparatus including the optical waveguide device
Lens shutter camera having viewing line detector
Photographing system containing synchronizing control data for controlling lighting, photography, printing and guidance based upon the user's choice of photographing mode
Camera with multi-function cartridge-positioning door-opening spring
Camera featuring a single drive source and a plurality of selectable drive transmission mechanisms
Camera with film winder retractable to facilitate film loading
Processing fluid spread system for a detachable electronic photographic printer and camera
Method of manufacturing X-ray mask and X-ray mask blank, and X-ray mask and X-ray mask blank manufactured thereby
Printer with two printing units and method for its operation
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and process cartridge detachably mountable thereto comprising a positioning portion for engagement with a positioning member of a main assembly of the image forming apparatus
System for tracking and automatically communicating printer failures and usage profile aspects
Field service system for image forming devices
Charging member, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic developing unit
Wet-type image forming device and cleaning apparatus
Method and an improved wick roller for controlling the distribution of fuser oil on a fuser surface
Printer fuser heater controller with power factor correction
Toner recovery device for a photocopier using a photoconductive drum
Apparatus and methods for print cartridge protection
Neurocomputing control distribution system
Stable and verifiable state estimation methods and systems with spacecraft applications
Multi-layer state machine for a hybrid real-time control system and method of operation thereof
CNC machine having interactive control of corner tolerance that is programmed to vary with the corner angle
Field device management system
System and method for maintaining output continuity of PID controllers in response to changes in controller parameters
Securities and commodities trading system
System for automatic synchronization of common file between portable computer and host computer via communication channel established with user approval of charge to be incurred
Method to battery back up SDRAM data on power failure
Computer system using stop clock function of CPU to enter low power state
Control of multiple equivalent functional units for power reduction
Method of and apparatus for controlling supply of power to a peripheral device in a computer system
System and method for utilizing checksums to recover data
Error rate measurement in disk drive by weighting data-recovery procedures
Method for selectively storing redundant copies of virtual volume data on physical data storage cartridges
System for user control of version /Synchronization in mobile computing
Method and apparatus for fault tolerant flash upgrading
System for computer recovery using removable high capacity media
Method and apparatus for data backup and restoration in a portable data device
File server storage arrangement
System for distributing load over multiple servers at an internet site
Simulation development tool for an embedded system
Method and system for entry of encrypted and non-encrypted information on a touch screen
Software read and write tracing using hardware elements
Application execution performance through disk block relocation
Data storage apparatus and method allocating sets of data
On-the-fly garbage collector
Method of run-time tracking of object references in Java programs
Multiprocessor scaleable system and method for allocating memory from a heap
Image operation processing apparatus storing discrete data efficiently in a memory and operating method thereof
Pre-fetching of pages prior to a hard page fault sequence
Digital signal processor containing scalar processor and a plurality of vector processors operating from a single instruction
Microprocessor having a prefetch cache
Method and system for reissuing load requests in a multi-stream prefetch design
System and method for detecting faults in computer memories using a look up table
Remote terminal emulator with improved time accounting
Data storage system and method of routing or assigning disk write requests among a set of disks using weighted available disk space values
System for reducing arbitrated-loop overhead by maintaining control of a communications channel as long as a predetermined amount of data is available within control of channel node
High-throughput interconnect having pipelined and non-pipelined bus transaction modes
Method for arbitrating multiple memory access requests in a unified memory architecture via a non unified memory controller
Device and method for controlling solid-state memory system
Destination controlled remote DMA engine
System for post-driving and pre-driving bus agents on a terminated data bus
Concurrent serial interconnect for integrating functional blocks in an integrated circuit device
Remote initiation of BIOS console redirection
Fast quantum mechanical algorithms
System and method for RAM-partitioning to exploit parallelism of RADIX-2 elements in FPGAs
Methods and systems for performing short integer chen IDCT algorithm with fused multiply/add
High speed digital signal processor
Method and apparatus for providing an applications development system for internet based applications
Extensible ordered information within a web page
Method and system for detecting and selectively correcting cell reference errors
Method and apparatus for accessing multidimensional data
Method for producing summaries of text document
Computer system and computer implemented method for synchronization of simultaneous web views
Method and system for interrupting page delivery operations in a web environment
Method, system and program products for browsing fully-associative collections of items
Version testing in database mining
Document creating apparatus creates free format document from handwritten data converting into normalized size
Data descriptions in a database system
System and method for computing running and moving sequence functions in a database system
Method and apparatus for data retrieval and modification utilizing graphical drag-and-drop iconic interface
Method and apparatus for assigning keywords to media objects
Technique for ranking records of a database
Method and apparatus for providing relationship objects and various features to relationship and other objects
Compliance archival data process and system
Method and apparatus for managing real-time marketing triggers on a content menu
Management information to object mapping and correlator
Web page display system utilizing locally stored image data components that are integrated according to part combination information transmitted by a server
Wireless communication device with markup language based man-machine interface
Automatic wireless data reporting system and method
Wiring-capacitance improvement aid device aiding in improvement of points having wiring-capacitance attributable error only with layout modification, method thereof, and medium having a program therefor recorded therein
Method and apparatus for irregular datapath placement in a datapath placement tool
System and method for graphic layout modification
Electronic design automation tool for display of design profile
Delay verification device for logic circuit and delay verification method therefor
Method and system for determining critical area for circuit layouts
System and method for non-parametric modeling of processed induced variability
Method for predicting the therapeutic outcome of a treatment
Manufacturing and engineering data base
Process for transparently enforcing protection domains and access control as well as auditing operations in software components
Data and access protection system for computers
Method and apparatus for formatting data in a storage device
Data transfer interface having protocol conversion device and upper, lower, middle machines: with middle machine arbitrating among lower machine side requesters including selective assembly/disassembly requests
Dedicated input/output processor method and apparatus for access and storage of compressed data
System for converting raster image data contained in print data into raster image data having a resolution with which a stencil printer is capable of printing
Apparatus and method for processing information with recognizing a situation and medium storing program therefor
Method and circuit for receiving dual edge clocked data
Static queue and index queue for storing values identifying static queue locations
Split remainder divider
Method and apparatus for performing digital division
Apparatus for computing transcendental functions quickly
Storage device random bit generator
Apparatus for calculating of Bc (mod n) with repeatedly shifting a holding value
Circuits, barrel shifters, and methods of manipulating a bit pattern
Instruction encoding techniques for microcontroller architecture
Microprocessor comprising bit concatenation means
Method and apparatus for performing integer operations in response to a result of a floating point operation
Virtual single-cycle execution in pipelined processors
Dual-mode VLIW architecture providing a software-controlled varying mix of instruction-level and task-level parallelism
Inline database for receiver types in object-oriented systems
System and method for optimization of inter-module procedure calls
System for ensuring the accuracy of file structures in a source-to-source computer program translator
System tour generator
Assembly language translator
Booting a computer system from a network
Method and apparatus for synchronizing distributed computer systems
Real time processor optimized for executing JAVA programs
BIOS/utility setup display
Linker method and cache structure for minimizing worst-case-execution-time
Method and apparatus for determining a maximum number of live registers
Method and system for clustering instructions within executable code for compression
Method and apparatus for controlling software access to system resources
System and method for creating an object oriented transaction service that interoperates with procedural transaction coordinators
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using a repeating precomputed schedule
Secure multiple application card system and process
Scanning capacitive semiconductor fingerprint detector
Non-reversible differential predictive compression using lossy or lossless tables
Automatic clustering of tokens from a corpus for grammar acquisition
Statistical pattern recognition
Learning method for an image analysis system for use in the analysis of an object as well as uses of the method
Computational method and system to perform empirical induction
Method for optimizing a set of fuzzy rules using a computer
Production management system
Software date and time services
Method and apparatus for determining rule in database
System, method and article of manufacture for location-based filtering for shopping agent in the physical world
Method for web based storage and retrieval of documents
Layered subsystem architecture for a flight management system
Planning system and planning method
Shared vehicle deployment and reallocation using predicted and current demand location and transit data
Method for certifying delivery of secure electronic transactions
Trusted third party data structure for electronic funds transfer and bill presentment
Information processing system and recording media
Method and apparatus for detecting actual viewing of electronic advertisements and transmitting the detected information
Technique for implementing browser-initiated user-transparent advertising and for interstitially displaying an advertisement, so distributed, through a web browser in response to a user click-stream
Use of electronic shopping carts to generate personal recommendations
System and method for distributing data over a communications network
Providing patient-specific drug information
Method of temporarily changing an electronic price label display sequence
Vending machine method and apparatus for encouraging participation in a marketing effort
Method and apparatus for transmitting and displaying information between a remote network and a local computer
Apparatus and methods for automated aggregation and delivery of and transactions involving electronic personal information or data
System and method for distributing data over a communications network for display during start-up
Systems, methods and computer program products for monitoring credit risks in electronic trading systems
Image marking with error correction
Method and apparatus for full scene anti-aliasing
Method for generating a mesh and a computer therefor
Image data adjusting device and method
Anti-counterfeit detection method
Method for preserving image detail when adjusting the contrast of a digital image
Pattern checking method and checking apparatus
Blackening processing method and apparatus
Systems and methods for post-processing decompressed images
Encoder and a method of encoding for partial response channels
Image coding apparatus
Process and device for coding by luminance estimation
Transaction accounting of toll transactions in transponder systems
Mail processing system including data center verification for mailpieces
Practical mix-based election scheme
Paperless log system and method
Distributed mobile biometric identification system with a centralized server and mobile workstations
Biometric authentication system with encrypted models
Audio/video from internet direct to compact disc through web browser
System and method employing portable cards to monitor a commercial system
Method and apparatus for selling subscriptions to periodicals in a retail environment
Road information communicating system
Collision avoidance system utilizing machine vision taillight tracking
Direction guidance from voice reproduction apparatus and system
Automatic cueing of speech
Speech synthesis based on cricothyroid and cricoid modeling
Natural language colloquy system simulating known personality activated by telephone card
Speech segment detection and word recognition
Method of phonetic modeling using acoustic decision tree
Multimedia search apparatus and method for searching multimedia content using speaker detection by audio data
Signal verification device
Noise suppressor having weighted gain smoothing
Coder and decoder for recording and reading binary data sequences using a digital video recorder
Sync block numbering of trick play signals during recording of such signals on a record carrier
Optical disk under-run protection using formatted padding sectors
Modular preamplifier head circuit layout
Method to test auto-refresh and self refresh circuitry
Method and apparatus for controlling available capabilities of a device
Memory test circuit and a semiconductor integrated circuit into which the memory test circuit is incorporated
Doubly curved optical device with graded atomic planes
Method of preparing charged particle beam drawing data and recording medium on which program thereof is recorded
Communication device with adaptive antenna
Method for estimating spatial parameters of transmission channels by estimating a spatial covariance matrix
Mixer for a receiver
Electronic volume control circuit with controlled output characteristic
Radio receiver and method of operation
Sinc filter with selective decimation ratios
Suppressing channel-dependent spurious signals in fractional-N synthesizer
Forward error corrector
Method and apparatus for checking data error correction
Power amplifier matching in dual band mobile phone
Method of combining several signals, and base station
Method and apparatus for performing fast power control in a mobile communication system
Method for load control, and radio system
Method and base station for data transmission in a wireless communications system
Controlling communication in wireless and satellite networks
Telecommunications satellite channelizer
Synchronization of telecommunications network
Apparatus, and associated method, for selecting retransmission of packet data
Mobile satellite communication system with quick retransmission determination function
Erroneous package mounting determination method for a transmission device, and a transmission device using the same
System and method for analyzing web-server log files
Robot policies for monitoring availability and response of network performance as seen from user perspective
Generation and execution of scripts for enabling cost-effective access to network resources
System and method for integrating notification functions of two messaging systems in a universal messaging system
Method and architecture to provide a secured remote access to private resources
Internal network node with dedicated firewall
Information processing apparatuses for extracting first linkage reference if a second set of displayable set is selected
Presenting supplemental information for material currently and previously broadcast by a radio station
System and method for replacement and duplication of objects in a cache
Method and apparatus for establishing a secure connection over a one-way data path
Web service
System for retrieving compiling and loading management information in a digital data network
Method and system for connecting communication devices utilizing connection information obtained from a server on a network
Spectral optimization and joint signaling techniques with multi-line separation for communication in the presence of crosstalk
Public key cryptography based security system to facilitate secure roaming of users
LCD support frame
Telephone keypad guard
Methods and system for geographically selecting data modems for data sessions over a wireless channel
Method and apparatus for an intelligent telecommunication base unit and a detachable mobile information unit
Audio in a mobile receiver
Intelligent cellular telephone function
Mobile communication terminal
Telephony device comprising a base station and at least a subscriber unit, subscriber unit for such a telephony device and method used in such a telephony device
Call waiting-caller identification notification device
Entry phone apparatus and method with improved alphabetical access
Line-compensating codec
Electronic mail system with RF communications to mobile processors
Method and apparatus for real-time billing account query
Automated system and method for subscriber line service control
Personal telephone service with transportable script control of services
System and method for developing and processing automatic response unit (ARU) services
Method for managing message by using a personal computer as an operator console in a private branch exchange system
Method and apparatus for automatic chat room source selection based on filtered audio input amplitude of associated data streams
Dynamic modification of multimedia content
Method and apparatus for location-sensitive decryption of an encrypted signal
Controller and associated mechanical characters operable for continuously performing received control data while engaging in bidirectional communications over a single communications channel
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding a data stream using inferential techniques
Digital signal recording method and apparatus and recording medium therefor
Optical cross-connect apparatus
Process and device for authenticating subscribers to digital exchanges
Event recording in a service database system
System and method for providing data to a wireless device upon detection of activity of the device on a wireless network
Mobile communications system
Automatic code gapping (ACG) for wireless systems
Multimode mobile telephone apparatus
Error detecting and reporting system in a wireless communication network
Method for processing statistics data in mobile station in mobile communication system
Device and method for administering and assigning radio transmission channels in mobile radio networks
Method and system for automated optimization of antenna positioning in 3-D
Methods and system for transferring calls within trunked digital radio communications systems
System and method for transporting digital speech and digital pictures
Method and apparatus for rejecting an over-the-air request for call initialization
Separation of a mixture of acoustic sources into its components
Microphone array apparatus
Multi-mode LED indicator for recording services
Electronic flash device for photographic camera
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