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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Phytic acid biosynthetic enzymes
Transgenic expression of a phytochrome a gene
Antibiotics, tripropeptins and process for producing the same
Adenosine A.sub.3 receptor modulators
Cardioplegic solution
Lipolytic enzyme genes
Thermal gelation of foods and biomaterials using rapid heating
Ultrasonic operation apparatus for performing follow-up control of resonance frequency drive of ultrasonic oscillator by digital PLL system using DDS (direct digital synthesizer)
Epicardial lead placement for bi-ventricular pacing using thoracoscopic approach
Methods for electrosurgical treatment of spinal tissue
Systems and methods for electrosurgery
Apparatus and method for sealing and cutting tissue
Electrosurgical apparatus and methods for treatment and removal of tissue
Retina observation apparatus and retina observation method
Ophthalmic data measuring apparatus, ophthalmic data measurement program and eye characteristic measuring apparatus
Ophthalmic photographic apparatus
Apparatus and method for pulse detection
Handpiece for caries detection
Interlabial pad
Apparatus and arrangement for exercising and supporting an upper limb
CETP activity inhibitors
1H-imidazole derivatives as cannabinoid receptor modulators
Mixed kappa/mu opioids and uses thereof
Therapeutic fibrin-derived peptides and uses thereof
Inhibition of cellular proteases
Compounds and methods for the modulation of CD154
Hepatitis B core antigen fusion proteins
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding isolated peptides which correspond to contiguous amino acids of an SSX molecule or NY-ESO-1 and uses thereof
Personal care composition comprising hydrophobic gel
Apparatus for producing blood component products
Methods, apparatus, and systems involving ion beam generation
Liquid stick antiperspirant
Skin lightening agents, compositions and methods
Decontamination formulations for disinfection and sterilization
Golf ball
Thin-layer-covered golf ball with improved velocity
Rubber compositions comprising high levels of oily substance and the use thereof in golf balls
Golf putter head
Resilient leg design for hopping running and walking machines
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid filtration method embodying superbuoyant filtration particles
Liquid filtration apparatus embodying super-buoyant filtration particles
Resonant shaking
Bowl scraper and related attachment system for mixing machine
Catalyst for partial oxidation reforming of fuel and fuel reforming apparatus and method using the catalyst
Catalyst for the dehydrogenation of ethyl benzene to STYRENE prepared with a high purity iron precursor
Process to produce polymers
Catalyst for the synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from urea and methanol, preparation and use thereof
Compact fuel processor for producing a hydrogen rich gas
Centrifuge sample jar and closure
Discharge device and air purifier
Aluminizing slurry compositions free of hexavalent chromium, and related methods and articles
Tool assembly
Milling machine
Molding mold, molding method and tape cartridge
Mixing device
Method of tucking side panels with side panel fold location control
Optical information recording medium
Piracy-resistant data leasing system and method
Resin-made interior member for opening and closing body and molding die and molding method therefor
Antimicrobial wounddressing
Microporous breathable elastic film laminates, methods of making same, and limited use or disposable product applications
Analysis system and analysis method
Electrochromic particles
Composite with an absorbent layer
Film-forming composition, anti-reflection film, polarizing plate, image display apparatus, anti-pollution coating composition and anti-pollution article
Wear monitoring system with embedded conductors
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Thermal transfer printing system and method with improved print quality and printhead life in cold ambient temperature conditions
Low level cure transfuse assist for printing with radiation curable ink
Circuit board and liquid discharging apparatus
Structure with through hole, production method thereof, and liquid discharge head
Inkjet printer with offset duplex printhead and capping mechanism
System for priming a pagewidth printhead cartridge
Liquid-detecting device and liquid container with the same
Pixel clock generating apparatus, optical writing apparatus using a pixel clock, imaging apparatus, and method for generating pixel clocks
Laser printer with reduced banding artifacts
Easy assembly printer media transport arrangement
Printing apparatus, printing method, computer-readable storage medium, and printing system
Image-recording material, process for producing the same and process for forming image
Black leuco dyes for use in CD/DVD labeling
Ring mechanism for a ring binder
Anisotropic wet etching of silicon
Wheel with increased interior lip depth
Robust method and system for the automatic detection of a detached remote tire pressure sensor of a tire pressure monitoring system
Tire inflation pressure sensing apparatus supplied with electrical power via wireless communication
Moving body and control method of moving body
Acceleration mode for a vehicle with a continuous transmission
Mirror and angle detection apparatus
Automatic transmission shifter assembly with integrated ignition actuator
Turbine blade with vibration damper
Fairing for the rotor of a rotorscraft
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ammonium/ammonia removal from a stream
Process for producing a phosphate of the lanthanoids, and phosphate produced thereby
Apparatus and method for processing of animal manure wastewater
Method for treatment of sewage plant sludges by a fungal process
Mixture for fabrication of fireproof high-strength spherical granules and the method of their manufacture
Synthesis of perfluoroolefins
Monoformylated arylamine processes and compounds
Process for making curable amide gellant compounds
Use of waste heat from Fischer-Tropsch synthesis to form dry pulverized fuel feedstock
Process for producing vinyl ether compounds
Process for producing aromatic hydroxycarboxylic acids
Carboxylation of aromatic hydrocarbons to produce aromatic carboxylic acids
Dicarboxylic diester, process for producing the same, and refrigerating machine lubricating oil comprising the ester
Stabilized ester compositions and their use in film-forming compositions
Metal complexes for catalytic carbon-carbon bond formation
Method for producing circular or multimeric protein species in vivo or in vitro and related methods
Peptides for regulation of urokinase (uPA) and tissue type (tPA) plasminogen activator and method of optimizing therapeutic efficacy
Mammalian cytokine-like polypeptide-10
Human receptor proteins; related reagents and methods
Biosensors, method for obtaining the same and uses thereof
Ionic perfluorovinyl compounds and their uses as components of ionic conductors of the polymer type, of selective membranes or of catalysts
Antireflective coating, coating composition, and antireflective coated article
Protective tape used for optical member
Precursor for preparing an optical material, method and optical components obtained with same and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for treating subterranean formations
Products produced form rapid thermal processing of heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks
Organosulfur oxidation process
Reduced emissions transportation fuel
Water soluble packages containing liquid compositions
Compositions for protecting glassware from surface corrosion in automatic dishwashing appliances
Coxsackievirus B4 expression vectors and uses thereof
Glutamate receptors and utilization thereof
Virus production
Hybridization of target DNA with immobilized nucleic acid analogs
Nucleic acid-protein fusions and methods of making and selecting fusions
Transcriptional co-repressor that interacts with nuclear hormone receptors and uses therefor
System and method for holding and releasing a workpiece for electrochemical machining
Methods of constructing and screening diverse expression libraries
Fixed Constructions
Paving element
Insulating glass assembly including a polymeric spacing structure
Expandable rock bolt and rock bolting system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Variable capacity rotary compressor with pressure adjustment device
Turbine airfoil trailing edge cooling system with segmented impingement ribs
Turbine blade tip squealer and rebuild method
Apparatus and method for generating power from moving water
Sliding device
Method and apparatus for directing light from a light source
Stage lighting lamp unit and stage lighting system including such unit
Lighting and flashing Christmas tree structure apparatus
Area light source device and liquid crystal display apparatus including the same
Apparatus and method for safe illumination of fine art works
Integrated air processing devices and isolation containment systems using such devices
Window having a ventilation equipment
Method and apparatus for self-referenced wafer stage positional error mapping
Method for increasing the spectral and spatial resolution of detectors
Regulated amount measuring apparatus, and regulated amount measuring program storage medium
Generic interface for an optical metrology system
Magneto-optical imaging method and device
Method for detecting and managing nematode population
Shape measuring apparatus, shape measuring method, and aligning method
Method and apparatus for inspecting defects
Device and method for checking the level of moving transparent containers
Systems and methods for compensating for temperature induced spectral emission variations in LED based color parameter measuring devices
Contactless system and method for detecting defective points on a chargeable surface
In vitro assay for quantitating secreted antibodies in lymphocyte supernatant for evaluation of vaccine or antigen induced specific antibody secretion from ex vivo circulating antibody-secreting lymphocytes
Human pyrimidine receptor
Point of care diagnostic systems
Quality control of assays
Microscale diffusion immunoassay
Low-power receiver equalization in a clocked sense amplifier
Testing loop impedance in an RCCB electrical test circuit
Semiconductor device
Probe card assembly and method of attaching probes to the probe card assembly
Shielded probe for testing a device under test
Sensor detection apparatus and sensor
Method of automatically creating a semiconductor processing prober device file
High resolution and low power magnetometer using magnetoresistive sensors
Time of arrival estimation mechanism
Color separation prism assembly
Optical transceiver
Light selective sports garments
Liquid crystal display device protection structure for electronic equipment
Inclined optical compensation film, method for producing the same and liquid crystal display including the same
Method for producing display-device
Liquid crystal display device and method of making same
Optical scanner
Optical device and projector
Display device and display method in which resolution improving apparatus is provided for project-type display device
Projection display
Method and apparatus for variable polarization control in a lithography system
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Optimized mirror design for optical direct write
Projection objective for microlithography
Silicon-containing compositions for spin-on ARC/hardmask materials
Compositions, systems, and methods for imaging
Method for determining an edge profile of a volume of a photoresist after a development process
Non-halogenated polymeric binder
Imaging member
Image carrier and developing device incorporated in image forming apparatus
Rack mountable power distribution apparatus
Dimmer circuit arrangement
Smart charge-pump circuit for phase-locked loops
Printer, control method for the same, and control device
Intuitive mobile device interface to virtual spaces
Liquid crystal display device, method for controlling the same, and portable terminal
System and method for displaying text
International automatic line height system and method
Method for generation of 2-dimensional motion path
Method and system for simulating stereographic vision
Coin outlet unit
Mobile communication terminal and method for providing progressive alarm function
Protected distribution system
Transmission of data to emergency response personnel
Homeland intelligent systems technology "H-LIST"
Occupant determination apparatus and occupant determination method
Method for assessing improvement in hand hygiene practices
Method and apparatus for sending, retrieving and planning location relevant information
Display device
Display device and driving method thereof
Organic electroluminescence display panel and display apparatus using thereof
Liquid crystal display device, driving method for liquid crystal display devices, and inspection method for liquid crystal display devices
View dependent tiled textures
Display driver, display device, and portable electronic apparatus
System, method and program to generate a blinking image
Optical window for generating a waveforms
Cable with twisted pair centering arrangement
Multi-pair cable with channeled jackets
Structure of transformer
Hybrid limit switch
Multi-state electrical fuse
Surface light source with hollow electrode component for use in liquid crystal display devices
Scanning system with feedback for a MEMS oscillating scanner
Dielectric microcavity fluorosensors excited with a broadband light source
Manipulator assembly in ion implanter
Methods of implementing magnetic tunnel junction current sensors
Method and apparatus for simulating standard test wafers
Method for manufacturing thin film transistor
Storage capacitor and method of manufacturing a storage capacitor
Method of fabricating a desired pattern of electronically functional material
Surface treated low-k dielectric as diffusion barrier for copper metallization
High density plasma and bias RF power process to make stable FSG with less free F and SiN with less H to enhance the FSG/SiN integration reliability
Reduction of feature critical dimensions using multiple masks
High density plasma chemical vapor deposition process
Horizontal memory devices with vertical gates
Semiconductor device having a plurality of different layers and method therefor
Boron incorporated diffusion barrier material
Process for producing metallic interconnects and contact surfaces on electronic components
Method for producing chip stacks and chip stacks formed by integrated devices
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor protection element and a semiconductor device
Manufacturing method of thin film integrated circuit device and manufacturing method of non-contact type thin film integrated circuit device
Method for forming metal pattern to reduce contact resistivity with interconnection contact
Method of fabricating a semiconductor interconnect structure
Guard ring of a combination wafer or singulated die
Method for manufacturing radiofrequency identification device using transfer paper and radiofrequency identification device produced using this method
Forming a conductive pattern on a substrate
Method for producing transistors
Etch stop and hard mask film property matching to enable improved replacement metal gate process
Circuit board and method for producing a circuit board
Memory card with connecting portions for connection to an adapter
Constraint stiffener design
Substrate for producing a soldering connection
Bump electrodes having multiple under ball metallurgy (UBM) layers
Bump structure of semiconductor package and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
High-voltage compatible, full-depleted CCD
Non raster image scanning
Photodetectors array with isolated pixels and storage grid, hybridized on a readout circuit
Ultra-thin channel device with raised source and drain and solid source extension doping
Imaging systems and methods including an alternating pixel arrangement
Light emitting device and manufacturing method of the same
Active matrix circuit
Liquid crystal display device, illumination device backlight unit
High-k dielectric for thermodynamically-stable substrate-type materials
Integrated circuit structure and method of fabrication
Capacitor with insulating nanostructure
One-transistor random access memory technology compatible with metal gate process
Self-aligned silicide for word lines and contacts
Modified source/drain re-oxidation method and system
Physical quantity sensor
Apparatus and method of production of thin film photovoltaic modules
Semiconductor optical device
Closed loop mover assembly with measurement system
Piezoelectric actuator
Driving device and driving method
Electroluminescent display device, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic equipment
Fuel container and delivery apparatus for a liquid feed fuel cell system
Load leveling battery and methods therefor
On-board fuel cell powered electric vehicle
Automatic measurement of fuel cell resistance
Method for making a fuel cell with large active surface and reduced volume
Electromagnetic switch element
Dielectric filter and wireless communication system
Apparatus and method to facilitate wireless communications of automatic data collection devices in potentially hazardous environments
Method, apparatus, and system for parallel plate mode radial pattern signaling
Dielectric resonator having a non-uniform effective dielectric permittivity along an axis of tuner displacement
Circularly polarized array antenna
Device for the reception and/or the transmission of multibeam signals
Deployable compact multi mode notch/loop hybrid antenna
Via shielding for power/ground layers on printed circuit board
Connector having an actuator which is stably operable
Electrical connector with load bearing features
Covers for electrical connectors
Adapter for car radios
Method and switching apparatus for recording the current in an electrical device
Electrical plug connector
Coax connector having steering insulator
Voltage balancing in intermediate circuit capacitors
Connector module and motor utilizing the same
Method for the generation of electrical pulses
Linear motor and exposure apparatus having the same
Apparatus for controlling speed of fan motor of air-conditioner
Method and system for managing the voltage on the DC bus of a speed controller for an AC motor
Reduced current input buffer circuit
Clock multiplication circuit
Voltage controlled LC tank oscillator
DC offset calibration apparatus
High speed amplifier incorporating pre-emphasis
Electric component for high frequency power amplifier
Differential amplifier and operational amplifier
Traveling wave amplifier
Operation amplifier circuit having digital driving circuitry and analog driving circuitry
Delay circuit and delay synchronization loop device
Self-repairable semiconductor with analog switching circuit
High voltage tolerant input buffer operable in under-drive conditions
Push-pull buffer amplifier and source driver
CR oscillation circuit
Controlled slope voltage ramp generator
Ladder filter, analog equalizer and signal readout system
Low-power supply voltage level detection circuit and method
Method and apparatus for analyzing a digitally converted analogue signal
Digital BIST test scheme for ADC/DAC circuits
Gain adjust for SAR ADC
Non-linear distribution of voltage steps in flash-type A/D converters
Digital pulse-width modulator
System and method for recording moving images
Motion detection in an image capturing device
Receiving apparatus
JPEG compatible image file format using multiple application segments
Camera-equipped cellular telephone
Method and system for autonomous correlation of sensed environmental attributes with entities
Segmented organic light emitting device
Method for providing bi-level illumination in a stair well
Sterilizer monitoring and controlling system and method
Providing decoupling capacitors in a circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Royal ginger-bread house
Sport pants
Child's outfit
Beach towel and poncho
Sun shield for neck and ears
Portion of a shoe outsole
Bag pickup glove
Shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Camera bag with flip down pocket
Eyeglass holder
Case for a camera and accessories
Camera bag with accessories pouch
Skateboard carrying pack
Protector case
Expandable file portfolio
Parts bin
Cue bag
Protective strip for suitcase
Baseball toothbrush
Body scratching brush
Basting brush
Embossed tissue sheet
Apertured nonwoven fabric
Combination folding chair and dolly
Computer work and play station
Surface configuration of a seat for a vehicle
Arm chair
Boat chair
Club chair
Plant display stand
Entertainment center
Extended power strip merchandising display
Hub for holding a disc on a cylindrical container
Hanger stacker
Towel ring
Eyeglass frame display case
Towel ring
China cabinet
Wall mount for bathrooms
Modular furniture element
Entertainment center
Merchandising display structure
Hook rack
Door for a merchandise display
Side panel for furniture
Table leg
Suspended frame for the transport of flower containers
Caterpillar hanging storage shelves
Clothes hanger
Robe hook
Decorative hanger for a shower curtain or fan
Designer weaved half round mat
Turtle spike flock mat design
Combined place mat and coaster
Food container top
Water bottle
Liquid pitcher
Barbecue grill
Barbecue grill
Two-burner stove
Portable barbeque grill
Barbecue grill
Pouring funnel for a bottle
Christmas tree watering device
Short swivel screwdriver
Tool handle
Upholstery tool
Strap wrench
Tire bead breaker
Automatic locking depth guide
Fluid operated wrench
Positioning bracket
Pneumatic tool
Positioning bracket
Brace for recorder support
Pelican hook
Flush mount latch
Combination of housing and T-handle for latches and locks
Tether cover for a child seat attachment system
Interconnector for joining together freight containers end to end
Cord fastener
Dual chamber spot remover
Spraying device
Combined bottle and cap
Tubular packaging for a door knob assembly
Container for packages of contact lenses
Flexible beverage container having opposing opaque and transparent surfaces
Stackable low depth tray
Alarm clock
Watch case
Watch case
Watch case
Roofing square
Measure tape
Housing for a measuring instrument
Tachometer display
Roadway delineator
Cut diamond
Combination foliage magnetic soap holder and vase
Head of pendant
Anti-terrorism insignia
Nozzle support
Seating arrangement for a boat
Fender rack
Inflatable kayak
Section of a personal watercraft sun deck
Automobile body
Orbital infant exerciser
Armored vehicle
Surface configuration of a front bumper for a vehicle
Motorcycle mirror
Automobile muffler tip
Surface configuration of a front end of a vehicle
Pro power center
Sun, wind and motion charging module
Battery charger
Power supply unit
Module for fiber optic equipment
Ornamental equipment cover
Electrical connector
Electronics enclosure
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Lighting control
Electrical outlet cover
Terminal for storage battery
Base for a heat dissipating assembly
Hybrid integrated circuit device
Hands free cellular system
Recording device
Electronic sound recording and reproducing device for a baby
Clock radio receiver
User interface component for a display
Box for transmission apparatus
Front panel for optoelectronic shelf
Simulated window with video screen
Inkjet printer with sheet feeder
LCD monitor
Ink cartridge for printer
LCD monitor
Personal digital ticketing processor
Computer mouse with motorcycle gas tank shape
Protective cover for palm computer
Portable wireless terminal equipment
Interface unit for computer
Telephone antenna for vehicles
Portable phone
Frame for a handset
Portable wireless telephone
Front face for a handset
Control pod for a microphone and headset
Data communicator
Glass mountable antenna
Portion of an audio component
Disc player
Control pod for communications headset
Sound generator
Surface configuration of an engine
Tractor portion of an articulated work machine
Exterior surface configuration for a hood of a tractor
Drum washing machine
Vacuum cleaner
Bench drill
Cutting wheel
Cutting wheel
Observation/security camera
Lens support ring for a digital camera
Swimming goggles
Ski goggles
Percussion practice pad
Drum stand
User interface controller for a mailing machine
Drum for a processing machine for flat printed articles
Combination mirror and document holder
Resilient grasping paper clip
Paper punch
Document holder
Handle for making decorative prints
Bulletin board frame corner
Writing instrument
Sounding device
Lottery ticket
Logo in form of stickers, imprints
Surface pattern for a dispenser
Gaming device vault
Stand for video game
Towing basket
Paradoxical structural puzzle
Digital book amusement device
Divot repair tool with oval body
Inflatable lounge
Golf club head
Lamp golf head cover
Portion of a strike face of a golf club head
Shoe base for roller skate
Reflective arrow fletching
Combined sheath with a locking mechanism and knife
Fishing lure including a barb guard
Insecticide electric apparatus having a body with an upper portion of a semi-circular outline and a wide front opening
Water jet
Lavatory faucet and handle set
Water sprayer gun
Faucet set
Faucet and handle set
Top portal for a water distributing chamber
Shower head and arm
Water softener having a contoured and sloping lid
Electronic faucet
Tissue holder
Tissue holder
Multiple dispenser
Bathing tub
Water closet
Window air-conditioner
Air conditioner
Modular distributor for air conditioning systems
Room air purifier device
Air cleaner
Dental impression tray
Needle assembly
Skin wound closure
Electronic apparatus shell
Portable spa
Sanitary absorbent article
Adhesive pattern for a sanitary napkin
Housing module
Clear light fixture
Lamp housing
Lamp housing
Glass shade
Lamp holder
Lighting fixture backplate
Glass shade
Disposable lighter
Cosmetic product
Hot air hair straightener attachment
Hair dye kit
Handle for a back scrubbing device
Container for cosmetic products
Massage machine
Stand for use with hair styling and barber chair
Ear cap for hearing protection
Cover for a filter cartridge
Weightlifting glove
Panel of a bird cage
Pet seat
Combined cat litter scoop holder and scoop
Human Necessities
Hair color sample band
Method for improving the start up of an ultrasonic system under zero load conditions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Automatic headlight leveling system for motor vehicles
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Parallel methods for genomic analysis
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus and method for calibration of transmission shifters
Micropattern measuring method and apparatus, and recording medium that records micropattern measuring program
Method for determining the flatness of a material strip
Characteristic extraction apparatus for moving object and method thereof
Positioning sensor for a motor vehicle
Vortex flowmeter
Automatic calibration method
Programmable logic device with circuitry for observing programmable logic circuit signals and for preloading programmable logic circuits
Output stage of a multi-stage algorithmic pattern generator for testing IC chips
Combinational test pattern generation method and apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuits and efficient parallel test methods
Parallel testing of integrated circuit devices using cross-DUT and within-DUT comparisons
Method for use of bus parking states to communicate diagnostic information
Alignment method and method for producing device using the alignment method
Machine control using response time specifications from sequential and state machine modes
Systems and methods for generating and communicating motion data through a distributed network
Process for the monitoring and diagnostics of data from a remote asset
Load shedding thermostat
Computer system monitoring
Method for minimizing total test time for testing factories
Secure streaming of digital audio/visual content
Balanced clock placement for integrated circuits containing megacells
Multiple module processing system with reset system independent of reset characteristics of the modules
Codec system with shadow buffers and method of performing a power down/suspend operation on this codec system
User interface power management control technique for a computer system
Power management method for a computer system having a hub interface architecture
Gate close failure notification for fair gating in a nonuniform memory architecture data processing system
Disk cache device and method for secure writing of hard disks in mass memory subsystems
Media library apparatus and method of controlling the media library apparatus
Providing parity in a RAID sub-system using non-volatile memory
Database repository with deferred transactions
Method of verifying data consistency between local and remote mirrored data storage systems
Universal serial bus test system
Data processing system and method for permitting a server to remotely perform diagnostics on a malfunctioning client computer system
Centralized trace facility with dynamic tracing in data processing system
Performance monitor synchronization in a multiprocessor system
Debugging techniques in a multithreaded environment
Mailbox for controlling storage subsystem reconfigurations
Secure partitioning of shared memory based multiprocessor system
Relation-based ordering of objects in an object heap
Smart card memory management system and method
Configurable system memory map
Memory address interleaving and offset bits for cell interleaving of memory
Method and apparatus for determining the number of empty memory locations in a FIFO memory device
Method and apparatus for filtering prefetches to provide high prefetch accuracy using less hardware
Method of controlling cache memory in multiprocessor system and the multiprocessor system based on detection of predetermined software module
High-performance modular memory system with crossbar connections
Storing apparatus having a dynamic buffer for random or sequential access
System for issuing device requests by proxy
Software paging system
Device arbitration including peer-to-peer access arbitration
Bus controlling system
Computer system for selectively connecting IEEE 1394 internal peripheral devices to either 1394 physical layer ports or 1394 external ports in response to control signal
Reducing internal bus speed in a bus system without reducing readout rate
Computer software control and communication system and method
Lingering locks with fairness control for multi-node computer systems
Bus protocol and token manager for SMP execution of global operations utilizing a single token with implied release
Pseudo-concurrency between a volatile memory and a non-volatile memory on a same data bus
Multiport memory, data processor and data processing system
Method and apparatus for providing seamless hooking and intercepting of selected kernel and hal exported entry points
Application specific integrated circuit and transceiver with multi-mode connection
Data processing device having a plurality of state-machine parts
Information routing for transfer buffers
Optimistic transmission flow control including receiver data discards upon inadequate buffering condition
Entertainment and computer coaxial network and method of distributing signals therethrough
Method of retaining and managing currently displayed content information in web server
Method and apparatus for ensuring system configuration data structure coherency across multiple controllers in a data storage system
Method for hierarchical caching of configuration data having dataflow processors and modules having two-or multidimensional programmable cell structure (FPGAs, DPGAs, etc.)--
Method and apparatus for calculating confidence intervals
Method and apparatus to facilitate creation of documents from individual pages
System and method for managing filesystem objects in a multilingual distributed environment
Method and apparatus for finding nearest logical record in a hash table
Efficient concurrency control method for high dimensional index structures
Method of organizing hierarchical data in a relational database
Method of resolving overloaded routines, system for implementing the same and medium for storing processing program therefor
Information processing apparatus capable of automatically setting degree of relevance between keywords, keyword attaching method and keyword auto-attaching apparatus
Efficient computation of aggregated data in containers supporting item level access control
Method for merging multiple knowledge bases into one optimized and compressed knowledge base
Method and system for searching on integrated metadata
Method and system for rating bookmarks in a web browser
Tagged markup language interface with document type definition to access data in object oriented database
System and method for determining and generating candidate views for a database
Systems, methods and computer program products for performing internet searches utilizing bookmarks
Distributed adaptive computing
Method, system, and program for ordering search results using a popularity weighting
Method and apparatus for increasing database availability
System and method for improving database data manipulation using direct indexing within a B*tree index having a tunable index organization
Extension of data definition language (DDL) capabilities for relational databases for applications issuing DML and DDL statements
RAM based directory layer for a flash file system
Method and computer program product for subjective image content similarity-based retrieval
Method and apparatus for serving files from a mainframe to one or more clients
Supporting web-query expansion efficiently using multi-granularity indexing and query processing
Dimension to domain server
Facility for adding dynamism to an extensible markup language
System and method for maintaining a state for a user session using a web system
Timing-driven global placement based on geometry-aware timing budgets
Signal routing in programmable logic devices
Method and apparatus for graphically presenting an integrated circuit design
Accurate layout modeling for centerline-based detail routing
Method and system for proactively debugging fitting problems in programmable logic devices
Method and system for estimating capacitive coupling in a hierarchical design
Functional verification of both cycle-based and non-cycle based designs
System and method for transposing wires in a circuit design
Automatic placement and routing device and method of automatic placement and routing
Path dependent power modeling
Iterative, noise-sensitive method of routing semiconductor nets using a delay noise threshold
Circuit simulation using dynamic partitioning and on-demand evaluation
Integrated circuit I/O pad cell modeling
IC substrate noise modeling including extracted capacitance for improved accuracy
Integrated circuit design incorporating a power mesh
Algorithm and methodology for the polygonalization of sparse circuit schematics
Method, apparatus, and program product for laying out capacitors in an integrated circuit
Method of time multiplexing a programmable logic device
Attachment integrated claims system and operating method therefor
Method and system for generating self-testing and random input stimuli for testing digital systems
Single-use passwords for smart paper interfaces
Software system and associated methods for controlling the use of computer programs
System and method for protecting a client during runtime from hostile downloadables
System and method for managing data privacy in a database management system including a dependently connected privacy data mart
Method and apparatus for defining a precision drawing in a drawing program
Data storage library with efficient cartridge insert
Storage control unit and method for handling data storage system using thereof
Method for supporting USB input devices via BIOS
Disk-time-sharing apparatus and method
Disk drive block ordering system
Compact and versatile SCA to SCSI bus adapter
Digital interface unit with selective input registers providing control values to output registers that simultaneously output the control values when activated by control line
Synchronized FIFO memory circuit
Random number generator using lehmer algorithm
Power saving method for performing additions and subtractions and a device thereof
Adder circuit and associated layout structure
Floating-point and integer multiply-add and multiply-accumulate
Algorithm (Method) and VLSI architecture for fast evaluation of trigonometric functions
Power operation device
Random-number generating circuit, non-contact IC card having random-number generating circuit, reader/writer, and method of testing an apparatus having the random generating circuit
Data sequencer with MUX select input for converting input data stream and to specific output data stream using two exclusive-or logic gates and counter
System for integrating task and data parallelism in dynamic applications
Hardware component interface for desktop computer management systems
Conversion from packed floating point data to packed 8-bit integer data in different architectural registers
Emulation coprocessor
Efficient I-cache structure to support instructions crossing line boundaries
Method and system for implementing software objects
Integration of objects including Java bytecodes with legacy 3270 applications
Method of and apparatus for recovery of in-progress changes made in a software application
Methods and apparatus for committing configuration changes to managed devices prior to completion of the configuration change
Method and apparatus for automatically optimizing execution of a computer program
Managing a resource on a network where each resource has an associated profile with an image
Method and system for multi-entry and multi-template matching in a database
Memory rewriting system for vehicle controller
Optimizing parameter passing
Instrumentation and optimization tools for heterogeneous programs
Method and apparatus for efficient invocation of Java methods from native codes
Method and apparatus for controlling memory access by a plurality of devices
Orphan computer process identification
System and method for searching electronic documents created with optical character recognition
Method for creating a network model of a dynamic system of interdependent variables from system observations
Active calendar system
Oilfield equipment identification method and apparatus
World Wide Web interface to telecom service creation environment
Method and apparatus to model the variables of a data set
System and method for compressing LSI mask writing data
Method and apparatus for securely transmitting keys from a postage metering apparatus to a remote data center
Fatigue monitoring systems and methods incorporating neural networks
System and method for detecting a recorded voice
Speech detection for noisy conditions
Methods and apparatus for reducing noise associated with an electrical speech signal
Automatic search of audio channels by matching viewer-spoken words against closed-caption/audio content for interactive television
System and method for a telephonic emotion detection that provides operator feedback
Method and apparatus for voice communication
Method of processing auditory data
Low complexity random codebook structure
Rate (M/N) code encoder, detector, and decoder for control data
Constant bitrate real-time lossless audio decoding method restoring moved excess coded data amounts
Code state determining method and encoding apparatus
Information recording medium, apparatus and method for performing after-recording on the recording medium
Content addressable storage apparatus and register mapper architecture
Concurrent programming apparatus with status detection capability
Computer RAM memory system with enhanced scrubbing and sparing
Method and system for testing RAMBUS memory modules
Memory system for synchronized and high speed data transfer
Flow condition monitor
Circuit pattern design method, exposure method, charged-particle beam exposure system
Application specific integrated circuit with spaced spare logic gate subgroups and method of fabrication
ECC mechanism for set associative cache array
Method and apparatus for independent output driver calibration
System and method for resource optimized integrated forward error correction in a DMT communication system
E-mail apparatus, internet facsimile apparatus, and e-mail communication system
System for monitoring and managing devices on a network from a management station via a proxy server that provides protocol converter
Differentiated services IP quality of services round trip time aware intelligent traffic conditioner in an ingress node of virtual private networks
Apparatus and method for testing the wait signal line of a communication interface socket
Apparatus and method for inserting predetermined packet loss into a data flow
Grouping class sensitive queues
Virtual path concentrator node with loopback
Embedded code memory size reduction in asynchronous mode transfer devices
Dynamically matching users for group communications based on a threshold degree of matching of sender and recipient predetermined acceptance criteria
Network system for transporting security-protected data
Framework for providing quality of service requirements in a distributed object-oriented computer system
Information access apparatus and method for cooperatively sharing knowledge about information source
System, method, and computer program product for managing a carrier exchange network
Web serving system
Method for control and communication between computer systems linked through a network
Real-time information transmission system
Method and system for secure lightweight transactions in wireless data networks
Intermedia synchronization system for communicating multimedia data in a computer network
Communication method in a set of distributed systems via an internet type network
Scheme for managing nodes connected to a home network according to their physical locations
Information processing method and system for composite appliance
Program guide system with user designated color coding
TV planner for DSS
Program viewing regulation device and television receiver equipped with the device
Method and apparatus for transmitting packet of data
Picture-in-picture and multiple video streams using slice-based encoding
Multi-protocol monitor
Event correlation feature for a telephone network operations support system
Method and apparatus for canceling noise in a microphone communications path using an electrical equivalence reference signal
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