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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Minimum till seeding knife
Ion implantation ion source, system and method
Mower suspension system and method
Trimmer wheeled extension arm
Running mower
Floor covering for an animal house
Diving fishing lures
Nasal aromatherapy dispenser clip
Optical illusion wear
Cushioning shoe insole
Insole with improved cushioning and anatomical centering device
Openable ring with cooperating locking means
Flexible band
Modular table system
Thermally-adaptive comforter with aesthetic design variability
Partition mount
Apparatus of driving agitator of upright vacuum cleaner
Uni-polar and bi-polar switchable tracking system between
ECG hand-held device
Devices and method for accelerometer-based characterization of cardiac synchrony and dyssynchrony
Anti-noise earmuff device with Bluetooth module and audio signal processor
Endotracheal tube using leak hole to lower dead space
Method and apparatus for using heart rate variability as a safety check in electrical therapies
Portable face protector for protecting human being from poisonous gas and securing visibility
Personal safety methods and apparatus
Device with a storage tank that is filled or can be filled with an active ingredient and atomizer unit
Performing Operations; Transporting
Plastic extruded center tube profile and method of manufacture
Method and device for the control of a crusher
Valve assembly and fuel injector using same
Droplet ejector with oscillating tapered aperture
Expandable coupling
Hydraulic rescue tool
Spring manufacturing machine
Heating roller, method of producing the heating roller, and heating device, fixing device and image forming apparatus using the heating roller
Aluminum diecasting alloy
Manufacturing method of heat exchanger and structure thereof
System for mounting an underfloor electronic equipment
System for assembling a hard disk drive
Method of recycling printed circuit board
Metering drum for an automatic accumulation system
Power tool
Ratchet screwdriver
Combustion-powered nail gun
Blade sharpening for electric shavers
Bar knob with integrated lock
Debris collection container for a planer
Wood splitter with multiple wood splitting wedges on a rotating member
Apparatus and method for cutting bricks
Wireless tire pressure monitoring system (WTPMS) dual-sectional monitor signal transmission module
Method for controlling an automatic geared transmission
Webbing winding device and clutch mechanism
Slip or loss of traction detector using the third derivative of rotational speed difference
Integrated controller for vehicle
Automated collective transport system
Overhead transport apparatus
Weathervaning LNG offloading system
Apparatus, system, and method for a medication access control device
Vacuum pump valve
Fryer vats having strengthened vat welds and methods of manufacturing such fryer vats
Cable retention device
Workpiece container assembly and apparatus for opening/closing the same
Intermediate product transferring apparatus and carrying system having the intermediate product transferring apparatus
Kick on shoe covers
Liquid dispensing valve assembly having a unitarily formed base and a vacuum release feature
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for changing the boundary surface tension of a liquid glass piece and apparatus for performing said method
Method and device for retaining and transporting flat glass in a contactless manner
Suction feeder
Lithium-aluminosilicate glass ceramic with high keatite content and structural member made thereof
Method and device for inerting a vat for consumable liquid, in particular wine, and corresponding inerting gas
Device to magnetically treat beverages
Biochemical processing apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Composite yarn
Warp triplet composite forming fabric
Craft needle with measuring capabilities and method of use of same
Fixed Constructions
Tool mounting device
Swivel joint apparatus and method for utility supply to a rotatable building
PSSC complex girder
Audience seating system
Interchangeable stadium seating and entertainment stage
Door bolt
Manhole insert for manufacture of a cast member and to provide a step insert having increased structural and holding strength
Apparatus for controlling the ascent and descent of pipe in a well bore
Methods and apparatus for cementing drill strings in place for one pass drilling and completion of oil and gas wells
Method and apparatus for drilling a borehole with a borehole liner
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Housing with multiple case drain ports for hydrostatic transmission pumps
Actuating device for securing a camshaft of an engine of a motor vehicle in a start position
Method for introducing fuel into a premix burner
Method and apparatus for combined cycle power plant operation
Engine arrangement
Intake manifold with variable runner area
Air intake apparatus
Twist-lock fuel injector assembly
Protected control apparatus
Internal combustion engine having thermal storage device
Hydraulic pressurization system
Transmission and method for controlling a transmission with at least one shift control element
Sintered synchronizing ring
Hydraulic energy storage systems
Electronic aircraft braking system with brake wear measurement, running clearance adjustment and plural electric motor-actuator ram assemblies
Fender and management system thereof
Axially securing gearwheels in crown gear angle drives on one side
Single clutch layshaft transmission
Self closing mixing cartridge for single handle cartridge type faucet
Reinforced flexible hose
Lightweight low permeation piston-in-sleeve accumulator
Subsea actuator assemblies and methods for extending the water depth capabilities of subsea actuator assemblies
Multi-point staging strategy for low emission and stable combustion
Cylindrical canister housing with integral heat transfer
Air conditioning system for vehicle
Refrigerating appliance, especially a refrigerator
Appliance for disinfection of HVAC systems
MEMS heat pumps for integrated circuit heat dissipation
Heat exchanger
Plate-type heat exchanger
Optimized heat sink using high thermal conducting base and low thermal conducting fins
Integral-type heat exchanger
Bolt assembly with locking system
Sling shot blow gun combination device
Apparatus for quick assembling and disassembling of accessories to firearm
Penetrator and method of using same
Tape rule having reoriented measuring blade
Scanning probe device and processing method by scanning probe
Solving traffic congestion using vehicle grouping
Data synchronisation for a flight information system
Ultrasonic seepage meter
Methods systems and apparatus for ranking tests used to identify faults in a system
Radio frequency tagging for indicia printing and product information
Capacitance fluid volume measurement
Apparatus and methods for monitoring water consumption and filter usage
Pyramid socket suspension
Pressure sensor unit having a ring-like pressure sensing element
Pressure transducer for measuring low dynamic pressures in the presence of high static pressures
Membrane for capacitive vacuum measuring cell
Powertrain testing apparatus
X-ray imaging method and X-ray imaging apparatus
Hot mix asphalt load simulator
Probe alignment tool for the scanning probe microscope
Network monitoring device, network monitoring method, and network monitoring program
Forward handover under radio link failure
Determining remaining life fraction for battery networks in-situ
Method for calibrating semiconductor test instruments
Method for calibrating semiconductor test instruments
Method for calibrating semiconductor test instruments
System and method for reconstructing microseismic event statistics from detection limited data
Unmanned underwater vehicle and device for connection of an optical waveguide cable to an unmanned underwater vehicle
Optical device utilizing optical waveguide and display device
Mach-zehnder modulator
Camera module having guiding rod and lens holder sleeve moving along guiding rod
Fixing device, image forming apparatus, and fixing condition control method
Image forming apparatus and controlling method therefor
Electrostatic image forming apparatus having electrode for suppressing electric discharge
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with transfer voltage detection
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including same
Image forming apparatus capable of optimally performing density fluctuation correction
Image forming apparatus
Apparatus for tracking time for contact lenses
Control system of a technical installation
Power management system utilizing a transaction terminator
Computations of power functions using polynomial approximations
Portable electronic device and method for controlling screen protection function of the portable electronic device
System-on-chip with power-save mode processor
Methods and apparatus for displaying video despite a nonfunctional operating system
Hardware verification using acceleration platform
On demand tracing of application code execution
Methods and apparatus to provide failure detection
Characterization and validation of processor links
Bit error rate based wear leveling for solid state drive memory
Method and system for non-intrusive monitoring of library components
Information management apparatus and information managing method
System and method for detection and recovery of malfunction in mobile devices
Apparatus and method for runtime integrity verification
Method and apparatus for instruction completion stall identification in an information handling system
Apparatus and method for flash memory address translation
Memory architecture and system, and interface protocol
System, method and computer program product for a self-describing tape that maintains metadata of a non-tape file system
Reassembling abstracted memory accesses for prefetching
Demoting tracks from a first cache to a second cache by using an occupancy of valid tracks in strides in the second cache to consolidate strides in the second cache
Systems and methods for virtualizing storage systems and managing data independently
Generation-based memory synchronization in a multiprocessor system with weakly consistent memory accesses
Memory hub with integrated non-volatile memory
Storage device, storage controlling device, and storage controlling method
Efficient cache volume SIT scans
Object type aware byte caching
Domain based access control of physical memory space
System for communicating between two electrical devices and method therefore
Server system and dynamic maintenance method for crossbar board
Mapping virtual addresses to different physical addresses for value disambiguation for thread memory access requests
Metasearch engine for returning price data related to at least one stock returned in search results, at least one related news item link, and at least one advertisement using at least one query on multiple unique hosts
Method of measuring defect density of single crystal
System and method for information management
Logging external events in a persistent human-to-human conversational space
Method, system and program product for providing selective enhanced privacy and control features to one or more portions of an electronic message
E-mail information management apparatus, and E-mail information management method
Handling of aggregate maximum bit rate by policy and charge control
Base station, web application server, system, and method
Using the addressing, protocols and the infrastructure of email to support real-time communication
Telephony system, connection control method, connection control device and recording medium
Terminal device
Development and deployment of mobile and desktop applications within a flexible markup-based distributed architecture
Method for communication between server processing apparatus and client processing apparatus
Method and system for controlling client access to a server application
Server for presenting interactive content synchronized to time-based media
Managing early media for communication sessions established via the session initiation protocol (SIP)
Load-balancing in replication engine of directory server
Method and system for message delivery using a secure device and simple output without the use of a personal computer
System and method for content delivery using dynamic region assignment
Single touch e-mail management
Determining priorities for cached objects to order the transfer of modifications of cached objects based on measured network bandwidth
Proxy device for managing power supply for server unit
Network system, control method for the same, and controller, using targeted relay processing devices
Determining a network address for managed devices to use to communicate with manager server in response to a change in a currently used network address
Encoded data processing
Isolation and security hardening among workloads in a multi-tenant networked environment
Method and system for analytic network process (ANP) total influence analysis
Reducing steady state error in fixed point implementations or recursive filters
System and method for least mean fourth adaptive filtering
System and method for social network search operations
Search optimization in a computing environment
Relational meta-model and associated domain context-based knowledge inference engine for knowledge discovery and organization
Fast predicate table scans using single instruction, multiple data architecture
Space-efficient, revision-tolerant data de-duplication
Presentation of search results with diagrams
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
Relay device, communication system and communication method
Content insertion elements to combine search results
Indirect data searching on the internet
Indirect data searching on the internet
Indirect data searching on the internet
Platform agnostic resource provisioning
Pseudo-physical modeling of drawbead in stamping simulations
Automatic asynchronous signal pipelining
Integrated circuit characterization based on measured and static apparent resistances
Method of calculating FET gate resistance
Method of design optimisation
Fuel efficiency information management server, fuel efficiency information management system, and fuel efficiency information management method
System and method for tokenless biometric authorization of electronic communications
Programmable micro-core processors for security processing
Methods and apparatuses for user-verifiable trusted path in the presence of malware
Pseudo-random number generation based on periodic sampling of one or more linear feedback shift registers
Authentication tokens for use in voice over internet protocol methods
Smart identifiers
Image forming apparatus, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and program
Generalized identity mediation and propagation
Electronic device and switching method using the same
Creating portals having consistent appearances
Connectivity sled for electronic pairing and physical cooperation between a mobile device and associated peripheral devices
Gene expression browser for web-based search and visualization of characteristics of gene expression
Automated selection of avatar characteristics for groups
Scrolling chat for participation in multiple instant messaging conversations
File management apparatus, file management method, and computer program product
Method and apparatus for producing, controlling and displaying menus
Mobile terminal and method for controlling operation of the same
Method, system, and program for navigating files
Interfacing circuit comprising FIFO storage in order to determine when to prevent multiple consecutive non-identical data based on difference threshold
Method and system for transformation of logical data objects for storage
Controller of continuously variable transmission
Method and system for updating a search engine
Transaction authentication management including authentication confidence testing
Using a communications network to verify a user searching data
Coordinating data sharing among applications in mobile devices
Random number generator
Simplified smoothed particle hydrodynamics
Enhanced fast reset in mobile wireless communication devices and associated methods
Computer system and booting method thereof
Enhanced microcode address stack pointer manipulation
Model-operative pattern representation and operational enablement using declarative componential-driven domain-specific programming language
Thread serialization and disablement tool
Compiling code for an enhanced application binary interface (ABI) with decode time instruction optimization
Ensuring register availability for dynamic binary optimization
Systems and methods for finding concurrency errors
Virtual network packet transfer size manager
Systems and methods for correlated parameters in statistical static timing analysis
Method of scheduling jobs and information processing apparatus implementing same
Adaptive channel for algorithms with different latency and performance points
Tunable error resilience computing
Method and system for the dynamic allocation of resources based on a multi-phase negotiation mechanism
Electronic transaction record distribution system
Vending machine with electronic payment media
Method for controlling a library apparatus, program and units
Method, apparatus, and system for distributed meeting scheduling based on autonomous multi-agent
3D motion recognition method and apparatus
Systems and methods for sensing occupancy
Digital processing method and system for determination of object occlusion in an image sequence
Capturing data for individual physiological monitoring
Detection and tracking of interventional tools
Method and system for segmenting a brain image
Computing device and method for extracting data of product for use in construction of point cloud
Subgraph detection device, subgraph detection method, program, data structure of data, and information recording medium
Image processing apparatus and method, and program
ACM-based simulcast transmission and reception apparatus and method
Agile decoder
Service information platform with image searching function
Making image-based product from digital image collection
Apparatus and method for refining a value of a similarity measure
Information processing apparatus for determining matching language for characters in image
Electronic synapses from stochastic binary memory devices
Electronic synapses from stochastic binary memory devices
Systems, device, and methods for parameter optimization
Workflow management using a to-do list
Method and system for a payment transaction associated with a declaration of intent
Systems and methods for recalling a previously sold product
System methods and software for handling title insurance information and relationships
Batch pricing of digital media independent of pricing models
Abnormality determination device and method of longitudinal acceleration sensor
Ground location of work truck
Method and apparatus for effectively capturing and broadcasting a traditionally delivered classroom or a presentation
Audio encoding device, audio encoding method, and computer-readable recording medium storing audio encoding computer program for encoding audio using a weighted residual signal
Systems and methods for filtering objectionable content
Method and apparatus for zero offset and gain start
Optical drive device
Systems, methods, and devices with write optimization in phase change memory
High speed large scale dictionary matching
Storage apparatus
Margin free PVT tolerant fast self-timed sense amplifier reset circuit
Semiconductor memory device and method for generating bit line equalizing signal
Memory device having control circuitry configured for clock-based write self-time tracking
Semiconductor device having compensation capacitance
Hybrid X-ray optic apparatus and methods
Method of processing a strip of lead frames
Tunable laser
Multi-wavelength laser
Laser diode driver circuit
Electronic device and transmitting methode thereof
Soft-start circuit
System and method for low speed control of polyphase AC machine
Power converter
Multiple antenna wireless telecommunication method and system
Delay detector circuit and receiver apparatus
Interference cancellation for non-orthogonal channel sets
Method and device for multi phase error-correction
Multi-state symbol error correction in matrix based codes
Dynamically controlling the number of local iterations in an iterative decoder
Word-serial cyclic code encoder
Apparatus and method for processing optical information using low density parity check code
Method and system for fast synchronization and data reception for frequency hopping wireless communication systems
Communication device with testing
Method and system for delay matching in a rake receiver
Methods and apparatus for aggregation of guide and frequency map information for multiple frequency networks using upper-level single frequency network
System and method for radio signal reconstruction using signal processor
Transitory touchscreen antenna structure
Video processing method and apparatus based on multiple texture images
Image processing method and apparatus
Fast transceiver control interface
Computer and computer data transmission system
Optical communication system, optical receiver, optical transponder, wavelength multiplexing optical communication system, wavelength multiplexing receiving device, and wavelength multiplexing optical transponder
Information sharing method in cognitive radio communication, cognitive radio communication device, and cognitive radio communication system
Mobile station having multiple antennas to account for movement between time of quality measurement and time of data reception
Information processing apparatus, encoding method and frame synchronization method
Wireless communication device capable of controlling signal polarization based on channel conditions
Clock signal leakage cancellation in wireless systems
MIMO communication system signal detection method
Wireless multipoint voice network
Discontinuous transmission in a frame
Optimizing precoder settings using average SINR reports for groups of tones
Power based gain control adjustment
Scalable space-frequency coding for MIMO systems
Orthogonal pilot code construction
Data transfer device and data transfer system
Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method, encoding apparatus and encoding method, and computer program
Network search methods and systems
Communication apparatus and communication method
Communication device, communication system, program, and communication method
System and method for dynamically configurable multi-window divergent protocol bridge
Dynamic header creation and flow control for a programmable communications processor, and applications thereof
Email notification of voice messages
Network system, machine allocation device and machine allocation method
Address controller, transmitter, and address control method
Leading edge detection
Radar detection method and system using low-resolution FFTS
Digital signature generation apparatus, digital signature verification apparatus, and key generation apparatus
Securing network communications from blind attacks with checksum comparisons
Device, method, and system for secure mobile data storage
Wireless communication terminal, method for protecting data in wireless communication terminal, program for having wireless communication terminal protect data, and recording medium storing the program
Remote certificate management
Data output adjustment apparatus, data output adjustment method, RGMII network system and RGMII network communication path change method
Wide band electrical balance duplexer with balanced bridge circuit
Synchronous mode tracking of multipath signals
Packet source authentication method using single-buffered hash in multicast environment and apparatus for the same
System and method for using digital signatures to assign permissions
Image guided audio processing
Keypad assembly for portable radiotelephone and method of controlling the same
Protective gasket for display module of portable electronic device and method for assembling the device
Hinge unit and portable terminal using the same
Device and module interface
Common radio element application manager architecture for wireless picocells
Mobile terminal and noise prevention structure of mobile terminal
Telephone system
Systems and methods for providing location-based application authentication using location token service
Dynamic text communication administration
Method and device for preventing misuse of personal information
Wireless user based notification system
Telemarketer identity verification
Back-channeled packeted data
Automated, data-based mechanism to detect evolution of employee skills
Image processing apparatus and method
Data processor
Video player, video playback method, and control target apparatus
In-vehicle reproducing system and display device
Multiple language emergency alert system message
Prediction techniques for interpolation in video coding
Automatic transmission content selection
Management of television recordings
Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Earphone jack drive circuit
Audio jack system
Phantom power circuit
Audio signal processing device and audio signal processing method
Apparatus and method for identifying terminal located in space including small base station
Maintenance of high-speed channels by inserting channel maintenance data in a mobile data network to avoid channel type switching
Storage proxy with virtual ports configuration
Small base station apparatus and method of assigning subbands
Method and apparatus for maintaining communication during a baton handover
Method for network co-ordination in a mobile communications system and apparatus thereof
Configurable filter for multi-radio interference mitigation
Protocol for communication between mobile station and WiMAX signaling forwarding function
Apparatus and method for facilitating fallback access schemes
Wireless terminals including smart antenna systems having multiple antennas
System-assisted wireless local area network detection
MSISDN for machine type communication devices
Method and apparatus for grouping points-of-interest according to area names
Mobile network handover initiation
System, method and apparatus for dynamic wireless network discovery
Control node in a communication system using multiple wireless resources during a soft handoff
Resource block reuse for coordinated multi-point transmission
Answering system and method for automatically hanging up or putting through incoming calls
Data channel adaptation for mobile applications
Bandwidth adaptation techniques in wireless communications networks
Cable storage structure of slide components, slide unit, electronic device, and cable storage method
Expansion card and motherboard for supporting the expansion card
Technique for accommodating electronic components on a multiplayer signal routing device
Wireless signal receiver
In-vehicle electronic control unit housing
Electrical connection device and electronic device including the same
Electronic device with heat dissipation apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method of validating a diagnostic leak detection test for a fuel tank
Micromechanical transient sensor for measuring viscosity and density of a fluid
Method for measuring particles in suspension and measuring instrument
Method for determining characteristics of an asperity based upon detection members having a unique vibration frequency
Gear position sensor
Method and device for examining and/or adjusting valves
Clip-on visual brake lining wear indicator
Angular rate producer with microelectromechanical system technology
Micro-accelerometer with capacitive resonator
Magnetically tunable resonance frequency beam utilizing a stress-sensitive film
Ultrasonic strain gage using a motorized electromagnetic acoustic transducer
Vibration measurement method and apparatus
Separating membrane systems for a pressure transducer, with a wave crest edge and a pre-and post-cut membrane
Media compatible pressure sensor
Human lumbar model structure capable of simulating pressure applied to nucleus pulposus in human lumbar and application equipment utilizing the structure
Pressure sensor
Support apparatus with stress measuring capability
Techniques and equipment for assessing the structural integrity of subterranean tower anchor rods
Redundant linkage and sensor assembly
Automatic static load testing for piles
Process flow device with improved pressure measurement feature
Flowmeter having an impeller with a carrier body having a radial opening to a central boring
Method of adjusting a lying or sitting element
Seat belt tension sensor
Displacement sensor
Ultrasonic transducer for high transduction in gases and method for non-contact ultrasound transmission into solid materials
Device for fine positioning of a component
Device for connecting together a ball nut and moving member
Anti-backlash nut for lead screw
Selection system for an automatic motor vehicle transmission
Assembly comprised of a steering wheel and a steering shaft
Flip top can opener
Automatic optical fiber stripping machine with stripping length control means
Deadblow claw hammer
Ratchet wrench with pivotable head
Ratchet wrench having an additional driving device
Flow regulation device
Self-clamping wrench
Locking pliers
Cutting tool for producing gears by face hobbing
Machine tool
Loader for sprocket wheels and method to automatically position double-toothing sprocket wheels using the loader
Post molding inner diameter neck trimming apparatus
Punch guiding apparatus and stripper plate used therefor
Process and apparatus for producing an endless seamed belt
Cutting assembly for a cushioning conversion machine
Self-guiding punch and die set
Guide for concrete cutting chain saw
Valve arrangement
Electric power cable sheath cutter
Method of manufacturing dies used in cutting and creasing paperboard
Device for cooling gun barrels of firearms
Firearm charging handle
Protective missile launch tube enclosure
Arrangement for protection against shaped changes
Method of using a packing insert as an assembly fixture
Article packaging system
Apparatus for handling and packaging friable tablets
Rotary mower cutter disc having self-cleaning knife mount shield
Mowing machine
Bundling rake
Steel cord with waved elements
Method for producing a filament yarn with alternating S- and Z-twists
Device for producing a twisted yarn by an integrated spinning and twisting process as well as fiber feed tube
Drive chain
Reinforced serpentine rope chain
Steam cooled fuel injector for gas turbine
Method and means of fluid supply for combustion systems
Stable pre-mixer for lean burn composition
Combined cycle electric power plant
Device for igniting a combustion in a combustion chamber of a gas turbine
Integral propulsion and power radiant cavity receiver
Reduced toxicity fuel satellite propulsion system including axial thruster and ACS thruster combination
Guiding mechanism for variable geometry vectoring nozzles
Modular cryogenic solid fuel rocket drive sets
Emission control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Catalyst deterioration detecting apparatus for internal combustion engine
Apparatus for feeding secondary air to exhaust gas in engine
System for reducing NOx transient emission
Gas exhaust system
Method for operating a pollution-reducing engine
Electromechanical hydraulic drive system for vehicle
Cooling fan drive apparatus
Regulating device for an adjustable hydraulic pump with several consumers
Apparatus for heat transfer within a heat engine
Heat engine
Master cylinder
Turbo charging system of diesel engine
Exhaust gas recirculation system for a turbocharged internal combustion engine
Composite power unit
Gas turbine fuel/air mixing arrangement with outer and inner radial inflow swirlers
Device for cold and warm formentations
Tower mountable cyrocooler and HTSC filter system
Dual-temperature refrigerating device for freezing beverage containers
Method and apparatus for preparing ice cubes
Ice machine water distribution and cleaning system and method
Drying plant for compressed air
Methods and apparatus for detecting ice readiness
Absorption heat pump and method for controlling the same
Vehicle air conditioner with windshield anti-fog feature
Control unit for refrigerating machine
Refrigeration system with minimum pre-set condensing pressure
Refrigerating apparatus, refrigerator, air-cooled type condenser unit for refrigerating apparatus and compressor unit
Chiller with automatic probe detection and filtered temperature display
Vapor condenser with high efficiency for use in vacuum apparatus
Dehumidifying air-conditioning system and method of operating the same
Refrigerated merchandiser system
Triple-effect absorption refrigeration system with condensate-to-solution sensible heat exchanger
Refrigeration accumulator having a matrix wall structure
Process for removal of hydrogen fluoride
Process and apparatus for C3 recovery
Apparatus and process for fractionating a gas mixture at low temperature
Apparatus for countercurrent heat exchange and its application to installations for the distillation of air
Process and plant for separating a gaseous mixture by cryogenic distillation
Pierced ear jewelry
Process for producing flame reaction members for burners
Process for casting and forming slag products
Process for forming a glass sheet
Accelerated method for increasing the photosensitivity of a glassy material
Non-run fitted bed sheet
Modular U-turn tunnel finisher
Method and apparatus for containing and agitating the contents of a container
Twisted fur process
Locking mechanism for a truck tool box
Security strap
Method and device for reducing or compensating rotational speed losses during insertion or rolling stock in a roll stand
Method and apparatus for forming features in cans
Sheet metal bending apparatus
High voltage bushing embossing punch tool and method
Method for manufacturing forged wide sidewalls of a continuous casting mold
Blade tip for a rescue tool
Test piece for inspection penetrant performance assessment and comparison
Method for calibrating an edge detection system in a friction drive apparatus
Calibration method and apparatus for calibrating position sensors on scanning transducers
Control method for antilock braking systems with stress sensor and measurement device of wheel operating force
Moulding methods and moulded articles
Connection device for ceramic gas sensor element
Selective removal of volatile substances injected into a chromatographic packing filled column
Anhydrous zinc antimonate semiconductor gas sensor and method for producing the same
Biofouling monitor and methods to monitor or detect biofouling
Sensor for detecting leaks in a liquid hydrocarbon dispenser
Battery power combination vacuum cleaner
Apparatus and method for supporting a door in an open position
Handle for household utensils
Vibration dampening tool handle
Skipole handle equipped with a safety strap
Pallet strip
Intermediate clasp for band type ornaments
High security buckle assembly
Method of needle punching yarns
Air jet
Apparatus and method for spreading fibrous tows into linear arrays of generally uniform density and products made thereby
Crimp on flange tool for doorseals
Folding machine
Device for mounting bearings onto a shaft
Alternator bearing depth setting tool
Method for installing door hinges on car bodies, and device for implementing same
Method of manufacturing electric-machine-rotor having a field coil and permanent magnets
Method of manufacturing oxide superconducting wire
High temperature oxide superconducting wire and method of manufacturing thereof
Processing of (Bi,Pb)SCCO superconductor in wires and tapes
Method of manufacturing inductor
Method of making air bearing with corner steps
Gradient magnetic coil apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Method of producing thermistor chips
Flip-chip bonding apparatus
Telecommunication cordage fixture and insertion tool
Assembly for attaching fasteners to a belt
Combination 37-wire unilay stranded conductor and method and apparatus for forming the same
Apparatus and method for producing a honeycomb body
Disposable straight razor
Strap removal device and method
Method and apparatus for simplified, fully automatic spool filament impeller for use in vegetation trimmer cutting heads and other applications
Multi-pin air release tool and method
Safety razor
Steering angle sensor with evaluation of the incremental track for absolute value determination
Rotary transducer
Apparel size calculator
Retractable safety mechanism and compass and method of using the same
Fiber optic pin sight for a bow
Electrostatic capacitor-type inclination sensor
Picture hanging aid
Multi-scale position locator and method for locating a position
Freeze drying apparatus
Method and device for drying a coated web
Vertical dryer with vertical particle removal plenum and method of use
Boot, liner, insole combination
Replaceable elastic air cushion shoe structure
Athletic shoe midsole design and construction
Bowling shoe with replaceable tip
Therapeutic shoe
Excavator bucket assembly
Printing system for individually creating three-dimensional displays
Dedicated mammogram viewer
Water screen type water ball
Cross-fire breech plug
Gun lock
Stockbutt system
Telescope for weapons and other applications
Flying waterfowl decoy system
Diatomaceous earth-biochemical fertilizer compositions
Decorative outdoor plant cover
Garden trellis wall system
Tree implant device
Apparatus for growing beansprouts
Pot cover with preset folds
Safety device for doors
Adjustable manhole/catch basin structure
Mobile aircraft hangar
Soft sided shelter assembly for truck/trailer closure at storage terminal dock
Solar roof member
Pane for solar protection, daylighting and energy conservation
Silo for the storage of powdery products having a vibrating bottom
Window frame
Floor mounted utility post
Panel-based modular wall system
External corner formative member
Pre-manufactured deck panel
Lightweight concrete masonry unit
Modular louver system
Prefabricated hip roof
Wooden frame building construction
Precast concrete plates
Securing decks to houses with "L"-shaped brackets
Molding having a resin layer of varying width applied to a supporting member of varying width
Automobile door protector
Structural reinforcements
Form pin clip
Door construction
Insulated glass spacer with integral muntin
High-density glass wool rigid panel
Carton feeding method and apparatus
Apparatus for producing shock absorbing pads and associated methods
Device and method for loading film on machines for wrapping products
Outdoor spectator cover
Cap with curved visor
Hat having a window with replaceable patterns
Invisible stretch garment
Compression hose for the treatment of leg conditions
Pocket for portable telephone in clothes
Strapped device, garment and cap having at least one waterproof pocket for carrying articles
Fastener for shin guard
Arrangement for maintaining a protective helmet
Urine collection apparatus and method
Dispensing device
Toilet cover
Flush activation system
Swimming pool lounge chair
Sauna ventilation system
Method for incorporating a basin in a receiving plane, resulting monobloc assembly for furniture in particular bathroom or kitchen furniture
Transfer belt
Sectional bed covering
Bed assembly with an air mattress and controller
Pelvic positioner
Interactive fabric article
Pressure reducing mattress with localized pressure point relief
Self-unlatching dock leveler lip with dampened descent
Submerged surface pool cleaning device
Push brush cleaner
Floor cleaning machine having forwardly projecting belt
Shoe shine kit
Toothbrush comprising gum-massaging sticks
Tapered brush bristles with clay or silica additive and brushes made therefrom
Brush and method of producing the same
Hand-supported pivoting cleaning device
Scraper for removing chewing gum, grease, paint, and wax from carpet
Wiper blade for cleaning motor vehicles windscreens
Silicone rubber windshield wiper blade and method of production
Steam cleaning device
Hide-away stereo cooler
Beverage holder
Solder gun
Lockout hasp
Lock body
Elastomeric mounting
Support bracket for a shallow deep basin
Cable reel
Tie-back hook
Line printer
Inner paper guide for media shape control in a printer
Device for applying a pasty product, particularly a cosmetic product such as lipstick
Applicator for correction fluid
Disposable make-up applicator
Brush, in particular nail varnish brush
Device and method for retaining and displaying a collection of folded cards
Pipe connector
Tension rod anchor having a sealing structure
Fastening device
Street tunnel arrangement accessible to vehicles in densely populated areas
Non-lethal, rapidly deployed vehicle immobilizer
Vehicle tire puncturing and deflating spike and assembly therefor
Method and apparatus for enhancement of prefabricated composite vertical drains
Self-contained ecological watering system
Flood control barrier
Coupling system for subsea pipelines and method for establishing such system
Device for excavating and redepositing earth
Method of installing foundation for tension leg platform
Sea wall and method of construction thereof
Composite masonry block
Geogrid and civil engineering structure comprising such a geogrid
Cutting tool
Method and apparatus for adjusting a tool cartridge, such as a cutter body
Interference fit type cutting tool
Bed rail for trucks
Tamper-evident fastening device
Semi-automatic plastic spiral binding machine
Bale loader
Method and apparatus for loading bulk materials
Method and apparatus for transport of blowable thermal insulation
Method and apparatus for business forms processing
Hydraulic system and method of operating same
Hauling accessory for all terrain vehicle (ATV)
Semi-automated load balancing mechanism
Coupler assembly
Hoisting frame and method for its use
Method for improving safety
Turbine engine windmilling brake
Multiphase turbo machine for improved phase mixing and associated method
Variable capacity supercharger
Heat exchanger for ovens for food cooking
Cooking apparatus
Heating furnace, especially with gas and/or oil firing
Airway device with provision for coupling to an introducer
Female incontinence prevention device
Bone repair material and delayed drug delivery system
Method for determining the shortest distance between the periphery of a lesion and the cut edge of the tissue specimen
Apparatus and method for diagnosis and therapy of electrophysiological disease
Method and systems for performing thoracoscopic cardiac bypass and other procedures
Smoking article having reduced sidestream smoke
Method of treating tobacco to reduce nitrosamine content, and products produced thereby
Smoking articles
Hair styling device
Anti-drip hair styling device
Ponytail holder
Stage-by-stage tightness-adjustable hair clip structure
Cosmetic case
Megasonic cleaner
Scarf flushing apparatus
Methods and apparatus for chemically cleaning turbines
Tilt control device of large-sized parasol
Umbrella runner
Foldable walker
Self-erecting, collapsible and foldable dome structure
Reduction of heat transfer between a body and its environment
Device for controlling the knocking of an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection device
Fuel injection system for internal combustion engine
Vent valve and fuel pump module
Intercooler arrangement for a motor vehicle engine
Engine mounting of an exhaust gas recirculation valve
Internal combustion engine intake heat exchanger
System and method of controlling air-charge in direct injection lean-burn engines
Active adaptive bias for closed loop air/fuel control system
Multi-port paintball projector
Paintball guns
Device for assembling and disassembling gas rifle and gas tank to and from each other
Continuous wire saw loop and method of manufacture thereof
Method for correcting an internal combustion engine torque jerks
Method for regulating knocking in ignition systems of internal combustion engines
Web adjuster with locking bar
Baby bottle with storage in cap
Frost and ice scraper
Clinch nut
Clinch nut
Combined folding crank handle and cover assembly for a casement window operator
Beverage bottle
Lower portion of a container
Battery package
Nested package
Spray tip
Bottle overcap including turtle figure
Garbage can lid
Parking meter
Eyepiece section of an optical distance measuring instrument
Calibrated spoon holder
Housing device for measuring fluorescence polarization
Pressure gauge
Bathroom scale
Bathroom scale
Obelisk plasma display
Planter boots
Golf cart
Golf cart
Combination grips and horn buttons for a pallet truck
Tracked vehicle for construction
Bogie wheel
Tire tread
Tire tread
Flexible hydraulic brake line assembly for a motor vehicle
Vehicle instrument
Gage face dial mask for vehicle
Vehicle front end
Floor mat for vehicles
Vehicle wheel
Automotive wheel
Automotive wheel
Automotive wheel
Wheel cap
Vehicle cargo organizer
Battery for a handset
Inverter controller
Miniature connector with molded boot having two shoulders
Miniature connector with molded boot having a single shoulder
Electrical connector
Receptacle adapter
Electric connector
Electrical connecting socket
Mold produced housing for enclosing the connection between cable and a connector
Switch box
Heat sink
IC recorder
Cabinet top having protruding speakers
Multimedia speaker
Icon image for a computer display screen
Arithmetic and control unit
Display monitor
Portion of an electronic mouse
Computer front bezel
Printer properties graphical user interface computer icon for a display
User interface for a television display screen
Operating device for an inverter controller
Remote controller
Remote television control
Back cover detail ornament for a handset
Front cover for a handset
Computer-based mobile phone handset
Unit for conferencing system
Combined disc player and radio receiver
Combined disc player and radio receiver
Transparent timing belt cover
Refrigerant compressor for a vehicle air conditioner
Pistons for a refrigerant compressor
Front-mount mower
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Sewing machine
Indexable cutting insert
Camera with front and rear labels
Copying machine
Image drum cartridge
Cable release controller for camera
Release timer switch controller for camera
Swimming goggle
Combination calculator and calendar
Coin holder sheet
Writing instrument
Combined display board and writing instrument
Nose clip
Hanging sign
Foldable game board with fastener for checkers
Ball manipulating device
Tray for a gaming device
Electric scooter
Puzzle game having ten shiftable blocks
Toy house
Toy telephone
Combined pen and toy
Doll for holding a multiplicity of remote control units
Weight plate
Golf putter face
Rocker chassis
Golf club selection device
Swim fin having downturned tips
Jig head with wire form leader
Fishing reel
Animal decapitation device
Insect catching device
Adjustable showerhead
Wall-mount shower head
Faucet handle
Bathing tub table
Air cleaner
Air cleaner
Fan motor
Kitchen fan
Fan blade
Phosphor screen cassette
Curing machine
Ear piercing cartridge
Handle for a dental tool
Medical instrument tray
Meeting rail
Sectioned candle
Micro fluorescent and spotlight
Water-lamp for decoration
String lamp
String lamp
String lamp
String lamp
String lamp
Decorative light string
Automobile light
Track light
Suspended luminaire
Exterior surface configuration of a rear light
UV light
Salon foot spa
Maximum expiratory pressure and cough simulation device
Mailbox insert
Human Necessities
Anthurium plant named `Lola`
Sagittaria australis `Benni`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Hilmoc`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACladin`
Lantana plant named `Katie`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACpinap`
Loropetalum plant named `Hindwarf`
Magnolia virginiana named `Mattie Mae Smith`
Buckle device for skates
Performing Operations; Transporting
Tool handle for holding multiple tools of different sizes during use
Self adjusting utility pliers
Air-fuel ratio control apparatus for internal combustion engines
Electric powered bicycle
Portable hose cart assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Low emissivity film
Process of synthesis of 3',4'-anhydrovinblastine, vinblastine and vincristine
Epoxy(meth)acrylates, a process for their production and their use as binders
Modified Kluyveromyces yeasts, their preparation and use
Modular microscope system
Patch source list management
Method and apparatus for driving display panel
Photoelectric conversion device
System and method for content-based television program selection
System and method for automatically reminding a user of a receiver that a broadcast is on a data stream
Video, data and telephony gateway
Method and apparatus for collecting and providing viewer feedback to a broadcast
Interactive entertainment and information system using television set-top box
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