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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Assembly for and a method of feeding and milking animals, a feed platform, a milking pre-treatment device, a milking post-treatment device, a cleaning device, a separation device and a milking system all suitable for use in such an assembly
Shark repelling device
Highly absorbent/quick drying bib
Moisture-barriered, body-contact protective interface structure
Closure device
Eternity band with U-shaped seats for gemstones
Air bed with stable supporting structure
Chair having a suspension seat assembly
Implement retaining and utility tray device
Device for supporting and retaining objects to be displayed and associated display system
Food processor with inside mounted cover-retaining means
Cleaning apparatus
Ultrasonic toothbrushes employing an acoustic waveguide
Artificial larynx
Method and apparatus to counterbalance intrinsic positive end expiratory pressure
Design game with deductive component
Method of playing a bonus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Distillation column tray configuration
Semiconductor device cleaning employing heterogeneous nucleation for controlled cavitation
Hook assembly for door in washing machine
Method of forming a tubular blank into a structural component and die therefor
Method and apparatus for pouring several moulds in a mould-string plant in one pouring operation
Process for casting a metal
Method for moulding light alloy cast parts, in particular cylinder blocks
Out-of-position friction stir welding of high melting temperature alloys
Method of fabrication of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Electrical plug type connector
Cable installation tool
High density, zero-height, free floating interconnect system
Combination hairdressing scissor assembly
Shaving apparatus
Paper punch apparatus
Mat for die cutter
Reload system for slicing machine
Method for shaping a laminate substrate
Front hood system
Marking gauge
Pneumatic tire with tread surface having blocks with sipes forming meandrous shape
Electromagnetic suspension apparatus for automotive vehicles and method for controlling electric motor of the same
Motor drive assembly for a vehicle
Shroud supporting structure and shroud mounting method
Assist handle assembly with accessories
Door beam for motor vehicle
Connection between vehicle axle and suspension arm
Working vehicle
Automotive floor panel structure
Ice breaker (variants), method and system for single-support mooring and servicing ships
Aircraft leading edge apparatuses and corresponding methods
Solar thermal aircraft
Surface optical reflector, for space craft such as a geostationary satellite
Beverage mixer and heater
Fuel storage and dispensing system
Non-circular can end with corner-mounted tab and tooling and a conversion press for providing same
Multiple transponder seal device
Dental stain preventer
Hanger for conveyor assembly
Airport baggage handling conveyor system
Sheet feeding device with two cams
Writing instrument holder
Elevator display system
Multifunctional winch drum drive system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Bushing temperature controller
Method for manufacturing monocrystalline thin film and monocrystalline thin film device manufactured thereby
Textiles; Paper
Spinning device and method for detecting fiber accumulated state
Cam apparatus for knitting fabric
Powered lower bobbin feed system for deflector type rotary braiding machines
Washing machine control method
Tub protection bolt of washing machine
Set of washing machine and dryer and rear cover assembly thereof
Fixed Constructions
Lock assembly
Dura T gate adjustable hinge 003
Drill bit assembly
Cutting element with a non-shear stress relieving substrate interface
Drilling machine with pneumatic control
Instrumented packer
Scaling inhibitors and method for using the same in high density brines
Systems and methods of forming subsurface wellbores
Orienter for drilling tool assembly and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Slant engine
Wall flow particulate trap system
Staged turbocharger
Methods and apparatus for maintaining rotor assembly tip clearances
Method and apparatus for automatically actuating fuel trim valves in a gas
Composite engine speed control
Method and apparatus for controlling transition between operating modes in a multimode engine
Resin intake manifold
Synchronizing hydraulic cylinders
Multiple degree of freedom compliant mechanism
Externally adjustable internal bypass shock absorber
Adjusting device for regulating the eccentric moment of a roller drum eccentric shaft
Differential assembly
Vehicle drive device, and front-and-rear wheel-driven vehicle formed of the device
Portable lamp system
LED multi-chip bonding die and light strip using the same
Ignition coil having integrated electronics
Plant and method for fractionating and purifying synthesis gas
Plasma firing mechanism and method for firing ammunition
Universal tape measure jacket with dual marking devices
Laser line generating device with swivel base
Fluid flow sensor and fluid flow measurement device
Ultrasonic measurement of the running time and quantity for detecting the concentration of particles in a flowing fluid
Dispenser volume determination method
Single button operating sound level meter and method therefor
Diaphragm type pressure sensor
System and method for pressure measurement
Apparatus and method for reducing vibration
Collecting line assembly for monitoring and locating leaks
Instrument assemblies and analysis methods
Method and apparatus for measuring injection energy of organic light emitting diode display
System and method for output port management in short-length fiber amplifiers
Temperature-compensated structure with force multiplier for the temperature compensator
Light beam emission apparatus, optical scanning apparatus including the light beam emission apparatus, and image forming apparatus including the optical scanning apparatus
Display device and method for manufacturing same
Systems and methods for displaying images
Static VAR compensator with multilevel converter
Variable alignment handle
Method and system for network element service recovery
Reduced contention storage for channel coding
Active control of collaborative devices
Traffic engineering and bandwidth management of bundled links
Dynamic screen sharing for optimal performance
Focused real time collaboration
Broker designation and selection in a publish-subscription environment
Automatic determining of file transfer mode
Server and method for managing domain names in a network using a zone file with a rule partitioning subdomains into subzones
Systems and methods for real-time adaptation of multimedia data
Optimizing recipient application selection in a multiple application environment using equivalence classes for applications
Exposed control components for customizable load balancing and persistence
Methods, systems and computer program product for synchronization of network performance tests
Streaming state data for cloud management
Flow control for virtualization-based server
Method and apparatus for network address resolution
Method and apparatus for virtual auditorium usable for a conference call or remote live presentation with audience response thereto
Method and apparatus for monitoring a Kad network
Collecting and valuating used items for sale
Radio frequency identification systems applications
System, method and computer program product for determining load profiles
Integrated unified threat management for a process control system
System and method for automatically verifying storage of redundant contents into communication equipments, by data comparison
Multimedia collaboration in live chat
Image reading device and image processing method utilizing the same
System for third party management of product manufacture ordering by a franchisee upon approved products of franchisor
Data encoding mark for placement in a compact area and an object carrying the data encoding mark
Three-dimensional image output device, three-dimensional image output method, three-dimensional image display device, and computer readable recording medium
Controller provided with touch detection device including movable and fixed contact patterns
Display insert
Layout of a group of gate driving stages wherein two stages are adjacent in the column direction and a third stage is adjacent to both said stages in the row direction
Liquid crystal display and method of displaying image thereon utilizing stored look-up tables to modify an input image signal
Switched-mode power supply capable of catching radiated electromagnetic interference and using its energy
Display device and related method
System and method for generating and displaying climate system models
Methods and apparatus for latch-up free boosting
Spectral color reproduction using a high-dimension reflective display
Audio coding device, audio coding method, and computer-readable recording medium storing audio coding computer program
Disc loading device and optical disc drive including the same
Low density parity check decoder with dynamic scaling
Buckling shock mounting
Magnetic head having canted arrays
Tilt adjusting apparatus and optical disc drive using the same
Six-dimensional optical multilayer storage using two-photon absorption writing, erasing and optical coherence tomography reading
Resistive memory devices and methods of operating the same
Method of reading memory cells with different threshold voltages without variation of word line voltage and nonvolatile memory device using the same
X-ray waveguide
Electrode paste for electrodes in a graphite and/or anthracite with hydrocarbon base
Silver electrode-forming paste composition, method of production thereof, and solar cell
Integrated inductor
Transformer and method for manufacturing case of the transformer
Sintered magnet
Electrostatic capacitor device
Mobile terminal
Coded-light detection system including a camera, light sensor and augmented information display
Lens for electron capture dissociation, Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer comprising the same and method for improving signal of Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer
Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer and method for concentrating ions for fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
Tubular light source having overwind
Method for creating power-ground plane partitioning and via connection to utilize channel/trenches for power delivery
Thermally labile precursor compounds for improving the interparticulate contact sites and for filling the interstices in semiconductive metal oxide particle layers
Lateral semiconductor device with vertical breakdown region
Trench isolation for monolithically isled solar photovoltaic cells and modules
Growth reactor systems and methods for low-temperature synthesis of nanowires
Elimination of basal plane dislocations in post growth silicon carbide epitaxial layers by high temperature annealing while preserving surface morphology
Cleaning method
Planar metrology pad adjacent a set of fins of a fin field effect transistor device
Wafer processing
Boron-doped carbon-based hardmask etch processing
Methods of forming germanium-containing and/or III-V nanowire gate-all-around transistors
Method of fabricating graphene nano device
Method of forming a metal bump
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device including a high voltage P-channel transistor and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor encapsulation adhesive composition, semiconductor encapsulation film-like adhesive, method for producing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Formation of barrier layer on device using atomic layer deposition
Thermal package with heat slug for die stacks
Programmable electrical fuse
Electronic device, test board, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Driving device and spatial information detecting device using the same
Semiconductor device
Nitride-based semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Recessing and capping of gate structures with varying metal compositions
Replacement low-K spacer
Semiconductor device
Spacer chamfering for a replacement metal gate device
Semiconductor device
FinFET semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device including a first core pattern under a second core pattern
Semiconductor device
Nonvolatile memory device and method of fabricating the same
Photovoltaic building sheathing element with anti-slide features
Integrated thin film photovoltaic module and manufacturing method thereof
High-concentration photovoltaic solar module
Method and an apparatus for producing a solar cell module and a solar cell module
Light sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Light-emitting diode device
Semiconductor light emitting device
Light emitting device and display comprising a plurality of light emitting components on mount
Surface acoustic wave component
Piezoelectric ceramic, method for making the same, piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head, and ultrasonic motor
Resistive non-volatile memory, cell structure and manufacturing method thereof
Vertical meander inductor for small core voltage regulators
Process for manufacturing phosphate esters from phosphoryl chloride and monoalkyl ethers of glycols or polyglycols
Nonaqueous electrolyte solution and electrochemical element using same
Nonaqueous secondary battery and flame retardant for use in the same
Polymer fused batteries
Battery pack
Locking structure for cover
Electrical power sources having a composite structure including hollow fibers
Photonic crystal electrical property indicator
Membrane electrode assemblies and fuel cells with long lifetime
Inverted-F antenna
Communication apparatus
Systems and methods for providing distributed load monopole antenna systems
Connector with spring controlled electrode and sealing
Electrical junction box
Audio jack connector
Electrical connector
Plug-in coupling
Clamping case
Electrical connector with spring for missile launch rail
Overload prevention system to improve intermittent load capacity of electric drive applications
Arrangement for an uninterruptible power supply
Stator having a plurality of stator core segments and rotating electric machine including same
Brushless DC motor
Integrated rotor pole pieces
Coil, stator, and method for manufacturing coil
Electric motor having a partially sealed housing
Electric machine, in particular a canned electric motor
High efficient single switch single stage power factor correction power supply
Control circuit for dynamically adjusting off time of power switch in power converter
Contactless electricity-supplying device
Adaptive control method and adaptive controller for controlling energy supplied to a resonant tank
Rectifier with bridge circuit and parallel resonant circuit
Alternating-current conversion system having low power consumption bleeder circuit
Power transforming apparatus with digital control unit
Motor position detecting unit and brushless DC motor system
Active EMC filter
Multi-frequency reconfigurable voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and method of providing same
Piezoelectric oscillator
Communication methods and systems for nonlinear multi-user environments
Method and apparatus for correcting asymmetry of an input signal of an amplifier
POP noise suppression circuit and system
High-frequency bandwidth amplifying circuit
Apparatus and method for balanced power amplification
Signal processing apparatus
Method and system for controlling distortion in a critical frequency band of an audio signal
Methods and apparatus for processing audio signals
Redundant delay digital-to-time converter
Noise filter
Frequency dependent I/Q impairment compensation
SAW filter operating in a balanced/unbalanced manner
Pulse stretching circuit and method
Low power transmitter for generating pulse modulated signals
System and method for transmitting and receiving signal with quasi-periodic pulse sequence
Multi-mode receiver for highly-spectrally-efficient communications
PLL circuit
PLL circuit
Initializing a capacitive sensing switch for a wireless device
Data processing method
Multiple-path noise cancellation
Receiving device
Frequency-selective circuit with mixer module implemented for controlling frequency response, and related signal processing apparatus and method
Frequency resolver
Pipelined decision feedback equalization in an interleaved serializer/deserializer receiver
Wireless transmission system, method for wirelessly transmitting a data stream between a transmitting apparatus and a recening apparatus, method for wirelessly recening a signal, transmitting apparatus for wirelessly transmitting a data stream and recening apparatus for wirelessly recening two electric signals to produce a recened data stream
Automatic compensation of transmit power of separate transmit chains in MIMO communication
Signalling in optical transmission networks
Apparatus for monitoring failure positions in wavelength division multiplexing-passive optical networks and wavelength division multiplexing-passive optical network systems having the apparatus
Transparent protection switching operation in a PON
Frame scheduling for channel bonding
Wireless communications using a sound signal
Method to enable Wi-Fi direct usage in radar bands
Method and apparatus for characterized pre-distortion calibration of a power amplifier
Selection diversity in a powerline communication system
Systems and methods for collision avoidance in near-field communications
Wireless communication system, communication control method, and base station
Method for updating terminal group identifier in machine-to-machine communication
Method of providing call control information from a mobile phone to a peripheral device
Apparatus and method for automatic conversion of content address and associated action thereof for social television sharing
System and method for direct passive monitoring of packet delay variation and time error in network packet communications
Support of disparate addressing plans and dynamic HA address allocation in mobile IP
Compensating power spectral density for power levels
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) interleaving
Systems and methods for securely transmitting and receiving discovery and paging messages
Method and apparatus for the fast detection of connectivity loss between devices in a network
Wireless communications method and apparatus
Device management system, apparatus and method configured for customizing a power filter
Method and network element to limit service disruption due to a failure on a layer 2 interface
Methods and apparatus for configuration binding in a distributed switch
Non-broadcast multiple access inverse next hop resolution protocol (INHRP)
Traffic switching in hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) network
Mobile terminal and method for displaying message thereof
Methods and apparatus for inter-virtual local area network multicast services
System and method for increasing input/output speeds in a network switch
Packet retransmission control apparatus and packet retransmission controlling method
Authorizing equipment on a sub-network
Highly-spectrally-efficient receiver
Signal generating device and radio device
Signal processing apparatus and associated method
Systems and methods for wireless communication in sub gigahertz bands
Mobile communication system, transmitting device, receiving device, and method
User equipment and method for radio communication system
System and method for real-time reporting of anomalous internet protocol attacks
Social media data playback system
Communication control system, server device, communication device, and communication control method
Data management apparatus, power usage calculation system, and data management method
Encryption processing device and method
System for modifying the carrier frequency
Method of transmitting feedback message in wireless communication system
Mega communication and media apparatus configured to provide faster data transmission speed and to generate electrical energy
Smart phone and/or consumer electronics device charger system
Dynamic auctioning of unused network capacity
Call handling across subscriptions in dual SIM dual active (DSDA) devices via short range wireless
Script compliance and agent feedback
Managing subconference calls within a primary conference call
Printing system and operating method thereof
Image formation apparatus
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving uncompressed three-dimensional video data via digital data interface
Video decoding method, video coding method, video decoding device, and computer-readable recording medium storing video decoding program
Apparatus for encoding moving images to minimize an amount of generated code
Portable imaging device with multi-core processor
Solid-state imaging device and image capturing apparatus including the same
Information recording medium, reproduction method and recording method using information recording medium, information recording/reproduction device, and 3D conversion unit and information recording device
Rearview panoramic head-up display device for vehicles
Reference picture list modification for view synthesis reference pictures
Audio and video calling through multiple terminal devices
Multi-camera vision system for a vehicle
Broker service system to acquire location based image data
Apparatus and method of portable terminal for dual display of broadcasting receiver by HDMI signal
Ad-hoc media presentation based upon dynamic discovery of media output devices that are proximate to one or more users
Efficient illumination system for legacy street lighting systems
Method and system for providing satellite television service to a premises
Imaging apparatus capable of generating an appropriate color image
Device management system and program
Method of manufacturing a piezoelectric vibrator
MEMS device assembly and method of packaging same
Sharing public addressing system using personal communication devices in an ad-hoc network
Sharing public addressing system using personal communication devices in an ad-hoc network
Hearing prosthesis having an implantable actuator system
Apparatus for transmitting location based messages from vehicles to stationary infrastructure
Selecting from among plural channel estimation techniques
Measurement of field reliability metrics
Enhanced admission control in relay-enhanced access networks
Method and apparatus for cell selection and handover in LTE-advanced heterogeneous networks
Radio device, radio communication system, and radio control method
Utilizing a pressure profile to determine a location context identifier
Method and apparatus for providing enhanced SMS/EMS/MMS
Method and apparatus for efficient and dynamic system reselection procedure for M2M stationary devices
Precise time synchronization of network subscribers
Mobile communication method of requesting sychronization
Method of allocating radio resources and apparatus of allocating radio resources in cognitive radio small-cell networks
Resource allocation in a coexistence system
Mobile station, base station, transmission method and communication control method
Dynamic resource adjustment for establishing and maintaining a call of interest
Wireless communication methods and apparatus
Systems and methods for scheduling SU and MU MIMO traffic
Method and apparatus for radio resource control procedures
Optimized page matching
Device discovery with privacy support
Pooled transport and control functions in a 3GPP LTE network
Wirelessly-chargeable strength-resistant light-emitting or heat-emitting structure
Heat dissipating method for light emitting diode and lighting device using same
Buck converter for operating at least one LED
High pressure discharge lamp with auxiliary lamp
Airfield lighting sustem
Temperature foldback circuit for LED load control by constant current source
Discharge lamp system and controlling method of the same
Inductive heating apparatus
Mobile X-ray apparatus
Dynamic loop with fold
Signal line pairs on a circuit board which are displaced from each other relative to a center line
Wiring substrate and method for producing wiring substrate
Speaker enclosure and method for fabricating the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Flat-panel arbor structure having curved elements
Garbage can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Rubbish bin
Motorized wheelbarrow
Combined shopping cart/stroller
Luggage cart
Hand truck
Removing machine for a vehicle engine
Sheet of glass
Window component extrusion
Stanchion cover
Support trim rail for panel wall system
Threshold end attachment set
Connection element for sheet piles
Cover for a containerized candle
Fish-shaped LED light with tail clasp
Wall lamp
Solar lamp
Decorative lamp
Double wall light
Adjustable tracklight
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle rear light
Surface configuration of a headlight for a vehicle
Bicycle headlight
Human Necessities
Rear discharge mower
Lawnmower equipped with a retractable edger and trimmer
Tree shaking method
Lawn rake having replacement tines secured to rake body by pegs
Baler display device
Self-propelled climbing tree trimmer
Wrapping material having an extension for design indicia for wrapping flower pots and floral arrangements and methods
Accordion-type plant cover with attached skirt and methods
Plant anchor
Daylily plant named `Apricot Sparkles`
Dahlia plant named `Panuco`
Grapevine cv. `Sugratwentytwo`
Symphoricarpos plant named `Kolsweet`
Rose plant named `Yowipi`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisupnics Lav`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Dark Salmon`
Grapevine cv. `Sugraseventeen`
Phalaenopsis plant named (Golden Buddha.times.Pearlie) `Pine Ridge-A`
Heuchera plant named `Vesuvius`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Orange`
Melittis plant named `Royal Velvet Distinction`
Ornithogalum plant named `Chesapeake Snowflake`
Begonia plant named `00/3`
Dahlia plant named `VK 41`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Red`
Variety of geranium plant named `Pactwo`
Geranium plant named `Duevalent`
Regal pelargonium plant named `Camelot`
Dahlia plant named `Melody Swing`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Scarlet Blush`
Geranium plant named `KLEP01052`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACnereb`
Argyranthemum plant named `M8/20`
Almond tree named `Marchini`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Pink`
High yielding stable plant of Rosa damascena, called `Ranisahiba`
Geranium plant named `Fisvulk`
Verbena plant named `Blancena`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Spicy Yocheryl`
Nemesia plant named `Nemli`
Symphoricarpos plant named `Kolcharm`
Dahlia plant named `Melody Latin`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dazzling Yostacy`
Geranium plant named `Freelight Lav Two`
Carnation plant named `Wesdired`
Rose plant named `Yoyered`
Apparatus and methods of forming cheese blocks
Pelletized animal bedding and process and tool for sifting manure therefrom
Litter box
Ruminal bolus for electronic identification of a ruminant
Animal training apparatus having a receiving antenna and method of controlling the apparatus
Composite chew toy
Leash for multiple dogs
Poultry feeder with feed conveyor control system
Recoiling-action wildlife feeder
Adjustable aquarium divider
Method of improving fish breeding conditions operating in ozonated water
Apparatus and method for mass production of insecticidal nematodes
Cast net throwing device
Fishing-hook holder and threading device
Sticky element and materials and method
Pest control system including compartments having areas for receiving pest control materials of differing physical consistencies
Outdoor refillable bait station
Exhaust ventilator capable of driving away mosquitoes
Smoking apparatus and assembly thereof
Garment having a buttocks cleavage revealing feature
Cooling garment
Gardening garments
Mini pleated face mask
Full-fashioned garment in a fabric and optionally having intelligence capability
Magnetic clasp
Artificial hair for implantation and process for producing the artificial hair
Dual-visor cap
Golf shoes
Ski boot
Waterproof shoe having a waterproof but vapor-permeable lining sleeve
Waterproof shoe having stitch seam for drainage II
Sports boot having an integrated quick tightening system
Footbed system with variable sized heel cups
Stabilizer athletic shoes
One-way clutching methods between a ligature and a frame and their applications
Sport boot including an integrated lace storing device
Method for determining a high-reflection cut of a gem, method for cutting a high-reflection gem, and the cut high-reflection gem
Wind-proof umbrella
Compartmented mobile cooler
Tool for the hygiene and cutting of cuticles, fingernails, and toe nails
Powder case
Fastening assembly and method for electronic devices
Isokinetic paint brush handles
Adjustable computer table
Barbecue cart assembly
Table with extendable legs
Support pad
Distributed air conditioning system
Pivotal seat for a collapsible playpen
Infant positioner for reducing risk of positional plagiocephaly
Collapsible barrier
Wire gripper and method of installing decorative wire strings
Leveling device
Removable device for cooling a beverage in a container
Method for providing a decorative covering for a flower pot
Thermoplastic flower pot with a thin skirt
Knitted mesh with relief band and method
Domestic electrical appliance for steam cooking with reduced release of steam
Water and coffee distributor for coffee machine
Roller grill monitoring device
Shish kebab skewer rack system
Auxiliary container for salad spinner
Automatic or semi automatic wiping material and toilet paper dispenser
Disposable, compact, portable toddler-size toilet seat protector
Washing agent dispenser, for dishwashing machines
Rotary feeding nipple scrub
Belt-mounted vacuum apparatus and methods
Suction attachment comprising a rotatable foot and a displaceable brush
Apparatus and method for diagnosis and therapy of electrophysiological disease
Surgical communication and power system
Carrier for medical facilities with a large displacement range
Dental floss holder
Device for preventing snoring and apnoea during sleep
Device and method for simultaneously delivering beneficial agents to both cervical and vaginal lumen sides of a vagina
System for warming lower extremities of supine persons
Frame for swimming/diving goggles
Kinematic motion of articulated bed
Brake assembly for a bed
Hydrotherapy pool
Apparatus and method for delivering a lyophilized active with a needle-less injector
Reconstitution device and method of use
Medication applicator with incident reminder system
Dispenser with doses' counter
Multiplex ventilation system
Bite block
Artificial respiration system
Method for purging a medical fluid administration system
Flexible piston rod
Method of and apparatus for automatically coating the human body
Universal oxygen mask bayonet and bayonet receiver deflector
Air conditioner having functions of fire preventing, smoke exhausting and water spraying
Device and method for controlling fire
Pedal crank
Golf glove
Illusionary snow apparatus
Themed snow apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Automatic switching duplex filterhead and diesel fuel conditioning system
Engine cover
Apparatus for condensation of steam
Vapor-adsorbent underhood blanket, system and method of reducing evaporative fuel emissions from a vehicle
Method and apparatus for reducing emission of nitrogen oxides from a combustion system
Cryopump system with modular electronics
Methods and apparatus for determining the location of a shaft within a vessel
Pipette device
Painting roller assembly
Mechanical amplifier
Sorting device
Particle removing vacuum system for assembly of FBGA packages
Ultrasonic cleanout tool and method of use thereof
Apparatus to transport and cool rolled products such as rods, wires, round pieces or similar
Cold steel cambering apparatus and method
Method for folding over plate
Method of deep drawing heavy-gage parts, and related apparatus and article
Method of producing press-forming punch and die
Hemming machine with dual ball screw drive
Method and device for connecting overlapping flat parts
Press brake back gauge finger
Method for producing a fabricated vehicle wheel
Diameter indicator for use with groove forming tools
Pressing method, in particular for obtaining hydraulic cylinders and high-pressure filters
Molding equipment for framed sand molds
Continuous casting mold
Casting metal strip
Segmented roll for casting metal strip
Apparatus for introducing granular mold flux onto the top of a slab being cast within a continuous casting mold
Deburrer device
Injection molding method and apparatus with reduced piston leakage
Fluxing agent for metal cast joining
CNC core removal from casting passages
Method and device for controlling and/or maintaining the temperature of a melt, preferably of a steel melt during continuous casting
Powder feeding apparatus, powder feeding method and powder pressing apparatus
Method of fabricating camshafts
Spindle device for machine tools
Mounting tool for hydromechanical chuck
Apparatus and method for automatically compensating for lateral runout
Miter saw with wear plates and orientation system therefor
Saw-blade driving device for a scroll saw
Method of repairing a damaged spark plug hole
Torque converter
Cooling channel piston with especially low overall height
Remote center compliance system having variable center
Rotary die cutter apparatus and method
Method for producing articulated joints
Eyeglass frame and lens tracing apparatus and method
Drain installation apparatus
Tool for attaching and removing swivel fittings
Leverage wrench
Setting tool for expanding wall anchors
Pulling gun for deploying expanding anchors
Pliers for crimping work pieces
Slide hammer
Method for installing valve locks
Extractor tool
Hand-held wire cutter with enlarged gripping surface
Multipurpose tool and components thereof
Sharpener for a pencil and being powered by a rotary tool
Soft grip tool handle and method of manufacture
Depth and miter gauge
Robotic end effector with counter-rotating fingers
Cutting apparatus
Disposable cutting head for clippers
Disposable mustache and beard stylizing razor
Razor blade cartridge with lubricating flow paths
Bagel slicer
Cutting device with detachable cutter head for cutting sheet material length-wise
Power chain saw with a saw guide maintained clamped between the housing and a tightening element
Bevel angle adjustment mechanism for a compound miter saw
Automatic flitch planer
Plunge router having electronic depth adjustment
Vacuum-assisted laminator and methods of using the same
Method of controlling synchronous drive of pressing machine and pressing machine usable in the method
Baling apparatus and method
Methods of making slide-zippered reclosable packages on horizontal form-fill-seal machines
Method of preparing a lithographic plate
Metallic imaging system
Method for locking a cylinder dressing on a printing machine cylinder
Device for changing a printing plate
Plate material placement apparatus and method
Ink-supply device of a printing-machine inking unit
Rotary offset printing machine
Multi-color printing press with common blanket cylinder
Method of manufacturing ink-jet printer head
Method and device for determining the amount of a liquid existing in a container
Apparatus for applying adhesive to the spines of stacks of sheets and the like
Apparatus for binding sheet media
Soft label holder
Photograph album with multi-use pages
Cosmetic container with cap
Marking device and marking method
Welded vehicle wheel
Retractable roller mechanism
Pneumatic tire including axial grooves
Tire with color compounds
Automotive wheel with improved inflation system
Pneumatic tire and monitoring device including dipole antenna
Heavy duty pneumatic radial tire with four or more belt layers
Natural air-conditioning system for a car
Heater/cooler unit of automotive air conditioning system
Variable displacement compressor with capacity control device
Device for cooling an interior of a motor vehicle
Multi-purpose tarpaulin system
Frame structure of battery powered industrial vehicle
Fueling device
Device for filling a reservoir of a fuel supply module and fuel supply module including said device
Speed sensitive on-demand torque coupling differential
Device for changing the gears of an automatic transmission
Apparatus for mounting a foot pedal and a steering column to a vehicle
Rotatable instrument panel assembly
Method and apparatus for coupling the output members of multiple power sources
Electric torque converter mounted on parallel hybrid vehicle
Air bag fabric possessing improved packed volume characteristics
Safety belt restraining device
Wiper arm
Air brake test device with remote control
Method and apparatus for detecting a defective pressure switch
Rail vehicle system
Snow removing vehicle
Telescoping joint assembly and a method for making the same
Steering method and steering system for tracklaying vehicle
Travel motor hydraulic control system for a construction machine
Wheeled device with different operational modes
Mount for mounting a cab on a vehicle frame
Adjustable front axle and brake carrier structure
Automatic pedal for all-terrain bicycle
Bottom bracket bearing axle mounting arrangement
Apparatus for positioning a vessel
Tender towing system for motor yachts
Submarine deployed ocean bottom seismic system
Dinghy lift
Scuba diving wetsuit
Arcuate-winged submersible vehicles
Tilt and swivel positioning device
Mobile aircraft hangar
Device for filling and sealing sacks
Machine for packaging objects by means of a sheet of heat-shrink material
Automatic ice producing, bagging, and dispensing machine
Automatic turret bagging machine
Seal inspecting machine
Method and apparatus for producing lined cartons having pour spouts
Apparatus for wrapping a stacked-goods unit with a shrink-foil wrap
Vertical packaging machine with device for the application of a system of opening and closing the packaging
Machine for placing labeling sleeves on bottles
Storage and transport support for airplane seat
Method of induction sealing liners to cartons
Metal protector for threaded extremities of well drilling tubes
Hose clamp
Cable tie with thread force reducing structure
Collapsible container
Packaging for cut flowers
Cross traffic legs for dock leveler
System for opening sealed packages, tape dispenser, and tape
Beverage container filling machine, and method for filling containers with a liquid filling material in a beverage container filling machine
"Western" style saddles
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cover glass adhering device
Recycling system for laundry wash water
Modulating a diameter-increasing step of a fiber preform with no modulation prior to a predetermined diameter
Fluorinating an optical fiber preform in a pure aluminum oxide muffle tube
Fiber preform method with a hot drill-in step for a Ge-doped tube and an F-doped rod
Rare earth and alumina-doped optical fiber preform process
Device and method for drawing optical fibers from a preform
Polishing glass
Process for the reduction of the relative permeability to water in oil-bearing formations
Apparatus and method for resource recovery from organic substance
Cleaning device for probe needle of probe card and washing liquid used therefor
Laser peening to provide design credit for improved fatigue properties
Conveying system for a vacuum processing apparatus
Vapor delivery from a low vapor pressure liquefied compressed gas
High density plasma chemical vapor deposition chamber
Glass spraying method
Hydrogen-fueled visual flame gas fireplace
Textiles; Paper
Manufacture of roller-blinds for vehicles
Spiral steamer
Device for attenuating vibration of drum type washing machine and method for controlling washing
Damper for full automatic washing machine
Drum type washing machine with aligning structure for rotor and stator of drive motor
Shaft seal system with leak management
Wire rope lubrication
Method and drying section for dewatering a fibrous web
Noncircular drying apparatus
Device for cutting off and conveying streaks and method for cutting off and transferring a threading streak
Fixed Constructions
Machine and method for removing an old track and laying a new track
Device and method for controlling the speed of an internal combustion engine
Roadway, hardstand, floor or fence/wall
Device for controlling a liquid flow
Pile foundation structure
Deadman ground-anchor
Retaining wall block
Hydraulic system and method for regulating pressure equalization to suppress oscillation in heavy equipment
Fire hydrant safety box
Device for controlling the filling of a sanitary tub
Shower holding device for fixating a showerhead in a specific position on a wall slide bar
Siphon flush apparatus
Bidet attachment for a toilet
Vacuum sewer system
Floating weir assembly and fluid flow management system comprising same
Retrofit hurricane and earthquake protection
Weephole drainage aid and pest barrier
Prefabricated finishing module for the construction of building constructions and building constructions obtained thereby
Structural elements
Overflow drain outlet cover system
Brick pocket
Window shutter frame assembly and method for installation
Containment apparatus for removing windows and window frames
Variable riser seating system
Seating tiers for stadiums and the like
Inflatable device with liquid-powered air pump
Flexible submersible panel for pool formed with elongated hollow elements and corresponding use
Refreshment stands for swimming pools
Magnetic control valve for a suction powered pool cleaner
Swimming bath cleaning device
High security lock apparatus
Electronic key device
Combination lock with dual locking means
Lock setting changing unit
Electronic locking system
Bolt assembly
Scissors latch lock
Hood unlocking apparatus of automobile
Pop-up handle assembly
Antitheft device
Motor vehicle door hinge having an integrated braking and holding function
Damping mechanism
Access control system
Shutter for windows and method to fit said shutter
Cordless, balanced window covering
Drive mechanism and head rail for a blind
Rotary cone drill bit with improved bearing system
Asymmetric diamond impregnated drill bit
Drill bit (A)
Method for controlling a well in a subsea mudlift drilling system
Packer with equalizing valve and method of use
Downhole vibrator
Tubing hanger landing string with blowout preventer operated release mechanism
Subsea tree coupling for mudline suspension system
Remotely installed pressure containing closure
Wellbore fluid recovery system and method
Plug for tubulars
Latching hydroseal valve
Method and apparatus for milling openings in downhole structures
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Three-position stop type swing actuator
Reciprocating mechanism and engine including the same
Gas turbine having combined cycle power augmentation
Global cam sensing system
Valve train of an internal combustion engine comprising a switchable, rotationally symmetrical component
Valve control mechanism
Flat rocker arm having a clevis
Valve lash setting method and device for executing the method
Valve timing control system and method of producing valve timing control system
Control system for reversible internal combustion engine
Monovalve with integrated fuel injector and port control valve, and engine using same
Method and apparatus for valve seating velocity control
Lash adjustment for use with an actuator
Method for controlling an electromagnetic valve drive mechanism for a gas exchange valve in an internal combustion piston engine
Apparatus and method for fluid replacement
Lubricant filler structure
Exhaust-gas purification device for internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas recirculation filtration system
Flywheel energy storage system for maintaining fan speed for cooling system
Electric-controlled idler-type supercharger
V-type diesel engine with common rail
Fuel tank for engine
Internal combustion engine that completes four cycles in one revolution of the crankshaft
Electron stimulation via photon emitting radiation
Throttle controlling device
Air induction system having inlet valve
Idle speed control valve control system
Selecting operating mode in an engine with a hybrid valvetrain
Apparatus for detecting fuel property for internal combustion engine
Clean shutdown for internal combustion engine with variable valve timing
Direct injection type internal combustion engine control apparatus and control method of the same
Fuel injection control apparatus
Fuel breaking/saving device for cars during coasting
Process for operating an internal combustion engine, in particular of a motor vehicle
Fuel injection control device for internal combustion engine
Optimized lambda and compression temperature control for compression ignition engines
Knock control apparatus for internal-combustion engine
Combustion state detection system for internal combustion engine
System for operating an internal combustion engine, especially an internal combustion engine of an automobile
Method and arrangement for sensor diagnosis
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Warren cycle engine
Rich double dome combustor
Regenerator for a stirling cycle based system
Thrust reverser
Heat exchange support plate for engine carburetors
Two-stroke internal combustion engine provided with a supercharging device and exhaust gas partial recycling
Filter system for the removal of hydrocarbon deposits from a cooled exhaust gas recirculating engine
Linear electric EGR valve with damped movement
Fuel system with intergrated pressure management
Diagnostic apparatus for fuel vapor purge system
Fuel reforming device
Air-routing system, especially a suction system of an internal combustion engine
Fuel supply device for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Double-acting two-stage hydraulic control device
Ignition device for internal combustion engine
Long-life traveling spark ignitor and associated firing circuitry
Multijunction thermoelectric actuator employing alternating electrically conducting material strips
Variable-displacement inclined plate compressor
Method and apparatus for the control of economizer circuit flow for optimum performance
Apparatus and method for a blower cover
Pumping system and method for pumping fluids
Double solenoid control valve that has a neutral position
Rodless cylinder
Actuator with approach pre-stroke and working stroke for operating a tool
Flow deflecting device
Protective tube for a piston-cylinder assembly
Hydrostatic continuously variable transmission
Torque converter drive and countershaft transmission drive combination
Refrigeration utilized to cool driveline lubricants
Gear-change system for an electronically controlled vehicle automatic gearbox
Method for controlling a gear unit of a motor vehicle having synchronizing devices
Transmission gear shift system
Connection between an integrated pressure management apparatus and a vapor collection canister
Variable pressure valve apparatus
Knob for a post valve
Very low temperature flow switch apparatus
Flexible pipe for high pressure
Flange clamp
Undersea hydraulic coupling member
Cooling apparatus
Fluid storage and dispensing system featuring externally adjustable regulator assembly for high flow dispensing
Natural gas handling system
Nozzle assembly for a pulverized coal burner
Cremating method and cremator
Mobile furnace and method of facilitating removal of material from workpieces
Multiple injector combustor
Method and apparatus for energy recovery in an environmental control system
Heater unit
Cell panel for furnace
Coupler and valve assembly
Adsorption-type cooling apparatus
Thermoelectric device and thermoelectric manifold
Integrated condenser-receiver desiccant bag and associated filter cap
Thermal expansion valve
Refrigerating apparatus
Refrigerator having freezer compartment
Expanding barrel system for cooling beverages
Evacuated sorbent assembly and cooling device
2-step method for drying mash-products
Process for pre-drying textile filaments after wet treatment and device for practicing this method
Method for drying saw timber and device for implementing said method
Vacuum drying apparatus and vacuum drying method
Apparatus for dense chip packaging using heat pipes and thermoelectric coolers
Heat exchanger with bypass seal allowing differential thermal expansion
Gun trigger lock
Secured firearm
Gas regulator
Pneumatically operated projectile launching device
Archery bows, archery bow cam assemblies, and archery bow anchors
Reactive stiffening armor system
Infrared laser transmitter alignment verifier and targeting system
Cartridge magazine
Device and process to attach a priming system to the body of a grenade
Igniter tube for artillery ammunition
Tape rule blade
Planogram measuring device
Method for measuring wafer thickness
Wheel alignment assembly and method
Electronic talking compass
Gyroscopic sensor and rotation measurement apparatus constituting an application thereof
Micromechanical rate of rotation sensor (DRS)
Apparatus for measuring displacement and method of use thereof
Rotary sensor capable of high-precision detection of rotation angle transmitted from outside
Fluid flow measuring devices and methods for determining fluid flow rates in soils
Flow measurement device for measuring flow rate and flow velocity
Ultrasonic multi-channel flow measuring method
Constant-temperature-difference flow sensor
Flow measurement device for measuring flow rate and flow velocity
Precalibrated flow meter
Coriolis mass flowmeter with a ceramic measuring tube
Sonic level measuring method
Stress composite sensor and stress measuring device using the same for structure
Pressure sensitive paint system control
Corrosion-resistant diaphragm pressure sensor
Method for measuring the gas pressure in a container, and devices for its application
Vacuum gauge
Apparatus for detecting a physical quantity acting as an external force and method for testing and manufacturing this apparatus
Torque sensor
Dynamic pressure sensor, photo acoustic gas detector, microphone, hydrophone and method of their manufacture
Pressure sensor
Device for testing pressure in a gas reservoir
Automatically monitoring density and viscosity of a liquid
Determining the level of particulate contamination in a fluid power system
Methods and apparatus for optically measuring fluid compressibility downhole
Combustible gas diode sensor
On-line sensor for colloidal substances
Monitoring pipes
Ultrasonic flaw detection method and instrument therefor
Noise suppression and signal enhancement system for ultrasonic non-destructive inspection/evaluation
Method for indicating characteristics of rotating apparatus or vibrating apparatus
Method and apparatus for analyzing impurities in gases
Adsorption based carbon monoxide sensor and method
System for testing properties of materials
Probe tip alignment for precision liquid handler
Measuring relative density of a gas
Counterbalanced silicon tuned multiple accelerometer-gyro
Method for adjusting sensitivity of acceleration sensor
Instrument for soil surface analysis and use for analyzing the wall of a well in particular an oil well
Predicting system and predicting method configured to predict inflow volume of rainwater
Process for producing substrate for photosensitive drum and substrate for photosensitive drum
Weighing apparatus
Electronic accelerator pedal having a kickdown feature
Apparatus to enhance cooling of electronic device
Apparatus for framing and hanging a sheet-like display item
Method for latching a disc driver actuator
Method of making nitrided active elements
Method of manufacturing magnetic cores for power transformers
Method of manufacturing electronic component
Cutout fuse tube installation tool
Apparatus and method for improving plasma distribution and performance in an inductively coupled plasma
Thermal treatment method and apparatus
Load port system for substrate processing system, and method of processing substrate
Composite heat sink with high density fins and assembling method for the same
Motor shaft for rotational-to-direct motion converting motor and method of manufacturing the motor shaft
Water pressure driven generator
Electronics housing
Apparatus in digital video tape recorder for detecting a sync signal in digital data
Method of making electrical circuit board
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