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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Rock dusting apparatus
Maize hybrid X18C117
Maize variety hybrid X90A809
Maize hybrid X13C713
Artificial horse leg stand
Stabilization of omega-3 fatty acids in oil-water emulsions
Magnetically activated positive locking carrying device
Table assembly
Device for securing a soft ending of the opening movement of a drawer
Child carrier restraint system
Vehicle seat assembly
Bearing structure using resin bush
No-spill drinking cup apparatus
Clothing holders
Fenestration burr
Access assembly with translating lumens
Hybrid stone retrieval device
Bone cage placement device
Optimizing vision correction procedures
Biological sampling device
Monitoring device for an interactive game
System and method for patient monitoring
Lingual orthodontic appliance with removable section
Orthodontic appliance with low profile clip
Driver and method
Surgical drill guide and index system
Bioactive coating for an implantable device or bioprosthesis
Reinforced mesh for retropubic implants
Liner for tubular body portion and apparatus and methods for application thereof
Implantable prosthetic device for connection to a fluid flow pathway of a patient
Infant headwear for treating an infant's persistently maintained head position, seen in conditions such as plagiocephaly (baby flat head) and torticollis (wry neck)
Systems and methods for local vasoactive response using temperature modulation
Massaging device
Derivatives of N-(arylamino)sulfonamides as inhibitors of MEK
Use of highly concentrated compositions of selected n-3 fatty acids for the treatment of central nervous system disturbances
Dihydroindolinone derivatives
Compounds, compositions and methods for the treatment of beta-amyloid diseases and synucleinopathies
Agent for treatment or prevention of diseases associated with activity of neurotrophic factors
5-HT4 receptor antagonists for the treatment of heart failure
Treatment of pediatric tumors
Sulfamoyl benzoic acid heterobicyclic derivatives as TRPM8 antagonists
Indole derivative modulators of the alpha 7 nAChR
Dual modulators of 5HT.sub.2A and D.sub.3 receptors
Compounds and methods for the treatment or prevention of Flavivirus infections
Pharmaceutical compositions of cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitors and HMG-CoA reductase
Psychotropic agents having glutamate NMDA activity
Identification and use of compounds that affect the fidelity of eukaryotic translation initiation codon selection
Method for treatment of macular degeneration by modulating P2Y12 or P2X7 receptors
Methods and compositions for treating tissue using silk proteins
Herbal-based compositions for alleviating symptoms associated with autism
Base, products containing the same, preparation methods and uses thereof
Mnk kinase homologous proteins involved in the regulation of energy homeostasis and organelle metabolism
Method for the production of proteins and peptides
Methods for the therapy of inflammatory bowel disease using a type-1 interferon antagonist
Antibodies that bind tyrosyl-tRNA synthetases
Antibodies immunoreactive with heregulin-coupled HER3
Salicylic acid gel
Formulations containing alkylphosphocholines using novel negative charge carriers
Biomaterial containing degradation stabilized polymer
Cleavable modifications to reducible poly(amido ethylenimine)s to enhance nucleotide delivery
Recombinant vectors
Imaging reporters of transgene expression
Solid oral dosage form containing an enhancer
Release-control composition
Delivery system for active components as part of an edible composition having preselected tensile strength
Blood filter retrieval devices and methods
Deflatable bifurcated device
Cannula device having pivotable needle guard
Compounds and uses thereof to induce an immunogenic cancer cell death in a subject
Pharmaceutical composition for improving oral hygiene and methods thereof
Rehabilitation exercise aid
Method and apparatus for exercise device
Enhancement of the floor of a gym's weightroom
Golf club heads with enlarged grooves
System for selecting components of a modular bat
Game system with community play
Balancing community gaming effects
Apparatus and method for collecting game data
System and method for selecting winning tickets in a lottery game
Mobile terminal capable of providing multiplayer game and operating method of the mobile terminal
Robot for virtual reality experience that generates various 3D-waveforms of the non-fixed curved trajectory
My own garage--a functional solution for the imagination of all ages
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for de-watering of slurries
Method for producing resin porous membrane with adhesive layer, resin porous membrane with adhesive layer, and filter member
Device for generating gaseous species
Auto paper-combing mechanism and an auto paper-feeding mechanism of a paper shredder
Fluorescent bulb compactor and mercury vapor recovery system
Method for manufacturing diamond
Manufacturing method for magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording/reproducing device
Coating systems for metal substrates and a method for protective metal substrates using the coating systems
Apparatus and method for the rapid thermal control of a work piece in liquid or supercritical fluid
Adaptor for adapting a working element to an end of a power tool shaft
Hole saw apparatus
Fitting removal apparatus and method of using same
Holder jig for electrostatic painting
Method of manufacturing a bearing component
Guiding and shaping system
Spindle device for machine tool
Tool tight-contact-state detector for machine tool
ADNR composite
Skate sharpening holder, skate blade, and method of use
Polishing composition and polishing method using the same
Biodegradable polymer non-woven absorbent pad with absorbency and antimicrobial chemistry
Switching adapter for individual settings with hand-held setting tool
Robot hand and robot device
3D printer and printhead unit with multiple filaments
Porous, low density nanoclay composite
Method of creating a dimple
Mold for insert molding
Imprinting apparatus and imprint transfer method
Energy absorbing stitch ripping composite tubes containing collapsible cells
Dopant host and process for production thereof
Interlayer adhesive, waterproof structure and waterproof construction method
Housing for aircraft mounted components
Printing method and printer
Liquid ejection head and method of production thereof
Imaging device, method of remodeling imaging device, and consumables container for imaging device
Liquid ejection head
Print head configuration for hand-held printing
Security document
Security document with security feature on edge
Reflected light glare minimization for athletic contest participants while providing a non verbal communication
Method and materials for reverse patterning
Wobble joint fitting for an adjustment device of a motor vehicle seat
Vehicle headlight
Zone controller
Vehicle interior fitting part and method for the production thereof
Double internal gear pump
Foldable elevated personal shopping cart
Inflatable side rail deflector apparatus for small offset collisions
Truck bed liner with integrated storage system
Bicycle direction light control system and method thereof
Two-part handle system for horticultural tray
Combination paint can and non-splash lid which eliminates the sump area at the top of the paint can and provides a mating recess on the bottom of the paint can to facilitate stacking one paint can on top of another paint can
Plastic bag storage and dispensing container
Methods and apparatus for dispensing solid articles
Magnetic medical pickup device
Dispenser with discharge quantity selector
Pull pumps, refill units and dispensers for pull pumps
Sheet processing device
Printer and method of controlling printer
Clamp and hoisting device
Excavator thumb assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of making fluorosulfonylamine
Apparatus, system, and method for producing energy using a stream of liquid alkali metal
Photocatalytic intermittent flow-through purification module
Process for treating thiocyanate containing aqueous solutions
Distributed facultative bacteria water treatment system with membrane biological reactor package plant augmentation
Soda-lime-silica glass-ceramic material
Method for etching a material in the presence of a gas
Additive composition for mortars, cements and joint compounds and cementitious compositions made therefrom
Ballistic modification and solventless double base propellant, and process thereof
Method for the synthesis of acrylonitrile from glycerol
Finishing reactor for purifying ethanol
Integrated process for producing ethanol from methanol
Process for manufacturing acrolein from glycerol
Lithium-based metal organic frameworks
Plasticiser esters
N-benzylamide substituted derivatives of 2-(acylamido)acetic acid and 2-(acylamido)propionic acids: potent neurological agents
TRPA1 antagonists
Salts and polymorphs of desazadesferrithiocin polyether analogues as metal chelation agents
Electrolyte Formulations
Method of separating solid salt from epoxy resin solutions
Process for preparing docetaxel and its hydrate
Cycloalkylcarbonylamino acid ester derivative and process for producing the same
Substituted methyl amines, serotonin 5-HT6 receptor antagonists, methods for production and use thereof
Pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine compounds and their use as PDE2 inhibitors and/or CYP3A4 inhibitors
Substituted 4-amino-pyrrolotriazine derivatives useful for treating hyper-proliferative disorders and diseases associated with angiogenesis
Condensed polycyclic aromatic compound, aromatic polymer, and method for synthesizing aromatic compound
Tripodal bisphosphonate derivatives
Enhanced engineered native promoters and uses thereof
Construct capable of release in closed circular form from a larger nucleotide sequence permitting site specific expression and/or developmentally regulated expression of selected genetic sequences
Nucleic acids encoding polyvalent protein complexes
Single-stranded antimicrobial oligonucleotides and uses thereof
Means for inhibiting the expression of ANG2
Liver X receptor agonists
HSP therapy in conjunction with a low antigenicity diet
Rapid isolation of osteoinductive protein mixtures from mammalian bone tissue
In vitro method for diagnosing prostate cancer
Anti-ron antibodies
Composition comprising an alpha-cyclodextrin-chlorine dioxide complex and an inert substance, and also method for production thereof
Method for producing block copolymers
Ultraviolet-curable resin material for pattern transfer and magnetic recording medium manufacturing method using the same
Polyethylene and process for production thereof
Method of manufacturing core-shell submicron spheres
Preparation of polypropylene in the presence of a single-site catalyst
Catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins
High-reactivity, uretdione-containing polyurethane compositions which comprise metal-free acetylacetonates
Methods for preparation of macrocyclic polyester oligomer via heterogeneous catalysis
Coating composition comprising a reactive diluent of polyunsaturated alcohol ester
Adhesive materials, manufacturing thereof, and applications thereof
Polyetheramide compositions
Polyurethane polymer based on an amphiphilic block copolymer and its use as impact modifier
Reactive inorganic clusters
Stimuli-responsive polymer membrane and method of making the same
Diffused light transmitter
Glass fiber-reinforced polyoxymethylene
Thermoset composition containing low molecular weight polytrimethylene ether glycol
Biodegradable superabsorbent polymer composition with good absorption and retention properties
Self-healing material with orthogonally functional capsules
Pressure impulse mitigation
Alkoxy compounds for disease treatment
Pigment composition, ink for inkjet recording, coloring composition for color filter, and color filter
Method for manufacturing a wind turbine rotor blade with a shear web
Supercritical fluid extraction process of kenaf seeds
Genetic detection and determination apparatus and method, gene reactor, and incubator
Flow chamber and analyte detection method
Mammalian-type glycosylation in plants by expression of non-mammalian glycosyltransferases
Schizochytrium PKS genes
Specific expression using transcriptional control sequences in plants
Method for preparing cells for engraftment
Increased poly (.alpha. 1, 3 glucan) yield using boric acid
Membrane supported bioreactor for conversion of syngas components to liquid products
Method and kit for detection of microsatellite instability-positive cell
Susceptibility variants for lung cancer
Pipe provided with corrosion prevention layer on the outside surface
Ni-base alloy for turbine rotor of steam turbine and turbine rotor of steam turbine
Deposition of hydrogenated thin film
Layer system that can be annealed and method for producing the same
Supporting device for a magnetron assembly with a rotatable target
Methods for manufacturing architectural constructs
Passivated metal core substrate and process for preparing the same
Process chamber gas flow improvements
Textiles; Paper
Electrospinning device for fabricating membrane by using spinnerets aligned in machine direction and transverse direction and method for using the same
Extenders for fluorochemical treatment of fibrous substrates
Polyarylene compositions for downhole applications, methods of manufacture, and uses thereof
Fixed Constructions
Rotatable bucket for attachment to three point hitch of tractor
Pressure boosting showerhead
Stanchion for anchoring exercise apparatus
Self-engaging emergency egress lock assembly
Safety locking device for vehicle door
Near and remote controlled vehicle door lock
Pipe handling system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll compressor with cover covering driving shaft of driving motor
Method and system for determining gas turbine tip clearance
Turbine housing for an exhaust gas turbocharger of an internal combustion engine
Turbine blade with root section cooling
Hydrodynamic stabilization of a floating structure
Nut, female thread machining device and female thread machining method
Method of manufacturing bearing device component coated with photoluminescence material, bearing device component and processing device
Roller bearing cage with predetermined rupture point
Thrust roller bearing with races
Outer ring of tapered roller bearing, tapered roller bearing, and manufacturing method of outer ring of tapered roller bearing
Power transmission belt and method of producing the same
Hydraulic power split engine with enhanced torque assist
Sealing device for rotary feedthrough
Tunable fluid end
Door for sealing an opening
Systems and methods for securing mobile medical equipment supporter systems to patient transporters
Party gift wreath apparatus and methods
Magnetic control illumination device
Illumination apparatus
LED module for lighting
Lighting fixture with clip-connect diffuser base and self-retaining flexible diffuser
LED light source having glass heat pipe with fiberglass wick
Computer bezel with light-guide structure
Display apparatus, optical member, and method of manufacturing an optical member
Distributed combustion process and burner
Ice chest cover with body and lid pockets
Projectile containment system
Measurement apparatus
Optical coherence tomography with refractive indexing of object
Back illuminated input device with selectively visible luminous patterns
Optical characteristic measurement device and optical characteristic measurement method
Thermal sensor using a vibrating MEMS resonator of a chip interconnect layer
Method for calibrating a superheat sensor
Method and apparatus for measuring degradation of rubber products
Optical measurement apparatus and probe
Nitric oxide detection element and process for producing same
Sensors using high electron mobility transistors
Microsensor material and methods for analyte detection
Gas sensor
Method and apparatus for testing
Markers for determination of patient responsiveness
Rapid and sensitive biosensing
Digital multimeter
Power amplification of a multi-tone test signal
Transparent proximity sensor
Methods and devices for acquiring an oil sample and monitoring the quality thereof
On-chip measurement of AC variability in individual transistor devices
Tribocharge test fixture
Methods for determining the location of a defect in a wired transmission line and systems according to such methods
Semiconductor apparatus and probe test method thereof
Method and apparatus for interrogating electronic equipment components
Method, device and program for setting threshold, and method, device and program for detecting target object
Mobile object detecting apparatus
Radar sensor alignment
Method and program for detecting object of interest, and radar device
Radiation detection apparatus
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Binocular system
Switchable reflective layer for windows and other optical elements
Methods of fabricating MEMS with spacers between plates and devices formed by same
Position controller for removable optical element
Multi-field of view annular folded optics
Exposure method for color filter substrate
Micro-optical phase film and lenticular lens
Photoelectric converter
Focusing apparatus for optical device
Screw-free connection structure for a frame and temples of eyeglasses
Method for quantifying amorphous content in bulk metallic glass parts using thermal emissivity
Display device including sub-backlight
Optical element
Display and electronic unit
Pixels having extra-planar fringe field amplifiers and sliced common electrodes for multi-domain vertical alignment liquid crystal displays
Method of fabricating liquid crystal display of horizontal electronic field applying type
Device and system for reflective digital light processing (DLP)
Image display apparatus and mobile information processing apparatus equipped with the same
Image display apparatus having heat dissipater
Projector system and device, recording medium storing position detection program, and image providing method
Exposure apparatus
Fluid handling structure, a lithographic apparatus and a device manufacturing method
Method for making a retarder
Semiconductor surface treating agent composition and method for treating semiconductor surface using the semiconductor surface treating agent composition
Sheet sensing module and duplex scanning apparatus using the same
Stacked film threshold component, device, and method of manufacture
Holographic dislpay using liquid crystal display device operating with unpolorized light
Method and device for controlling production of a mixture of components, in particular a mixture with pre-mix dead volumes
Thermostat valve
Device for the distribution of firing pulses circuit arrangement for the sequence control of power regulators
Resonance frequency adjusting circuit
Phased-array charge pump supply
Current driver circuit
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Cover stopper structure and foldable electronic device using same
Display apparatus
Dual proprietary and universal mobile barcode reader
Mobile wireless communications device to display a cursor based upon a selected keyboard mode and associated methods
Illuminance detection method, flip-type electronic device and program
Display device, display method, and display program
Resistive touch pad with multiple regions of sensitivity
Method and apparatus for sensing multi-touch inputs
Multi touch flat display module
Resistive film type input device, display device with input function, and electronic apparatus
Device and method for monitoring the object's behavior
Image processing apparatus, method, and medium for performing density adjustment
Process flow execution apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium storing control program therefor for determining the version of a process flow application
Apparatus that transmits job data to terminal, terminal device, control method, and storage medium
Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, serial communication apparatus, and printing apparatus including the serial communication apparatus
Network printing system, management server and control method therefor, and computer-readable medium
Balanced frequency mixer circuit
Time difference amplifier circuit
Information processing apparatus, method and program for receiving an electronic mail including information instructing to skip an error which occurs in a printing apparatus
Image forming apparatus realizing electricity conservation by reducing power consumption
Apparatus and method determining whether object specified to enable an underlying object to be seen there through is included in data to be printed, and medium having instructions for performing the method
Relay device, network system, and method of controlling relay device
Contactless interface within a terminal to support a contactless service
Apparatus and methods for setting up optical inspection parameters
Analysis of video footage
Biometric-based identity confirmation
Facility and method for monitoring a defined, predetermined area using at least one acoustic sensor
Package bag with externally attached communication device
Illumination device
Method and apparatus reporting a vehicular sensor waveform in a wireless vehicular sensor network
Adjusting traffic lights
Motor coordination testing device
Devices, systems and methods for firearms training, simulation and operations
Method of measuring abdominal thrusts for clinical use and training
Wide-angle LED warning apparatus
3D glasses and a 3D display apparatus
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display including the same
Display apparatus and electronic device using the same
Controller circuitry for light emitting diodes
Equalized capacitive touchpad and touch positioning method
Full-windshield head-up display enhancement: anti-reflective glass hard coat
Sleeve and control device with such sleeve
System and method that generates outputs
Display device capable of controlling viewing angle and driving method thereof
Circuit for compensating color shift of a color sequential display method and method thereof
Apparatus for non-contact 3D hand gesture recognition with code-based light sensing
Image displaying device having image cache memory
Wrist alignment device for stringed musical instruments
Guitar component systems
Spindle motor and recording disk driving device having the same
Working states of hard disks indicating apparatus
Method for reducing variation range of skew angle of magnetic writing pole and magnetic writing pole using the method
Disk drive adjusting state estimator to compensate for unreliable servo data
Features for write fringing reduction
Paste composition for solar cell, manufacturing method therefor and solar cell
Colloids of lead chalcogenide titanium dioxide and their synthesis
Oxides for protection against electrochemical oxidation and ionic contamination in medium-voltage power-cable insulation
LAN cable with dual layer PEI/FRPP insulation for primary conductors
Scissors-type connecting member
Connecting apparatus with a combo port
Circuit breaker
Liquid MEMS magnetic component
Ceramic wavelength converter and LED light source containing same
Charged particle beam lens having a particular support electrically insulating first and second electrodes from each other
Functional check and variance compensation in mass spectrometry
Apparatus and methods for creating a vacuum in a portable mass spectrometer
Induction switch
Double solder bumps on substrates for low temperature flip chip bonding
Method of manufacturing light emitting device
Producing method of light emitting diode device
Light-emitting element package and fabrication method thereof
Method of fabricating organic light emitting device
Method for a single precursor ionic exchange to prepare semiconductor nanocrystal n-type thermoelectric material
Substrate for photoelectric conversion device and method of manufacturing the substrate, thin-film photoelectric conversion device and method of manufacturing the thin-film photoelectric conversion device, and solar cell module
Resistance component extraction for back contact back junction solar cells
Inks with alkali metals for thin film solar cell processes
Apparatus and method for correcting position of laser beam for use in manufacturing biosensor with fine pattern
Structure and fabrication of memory array with epitaxially grown memory elements and line-space patterns
Metal alloy with an abrupt interface to III-V semiconductor
Method for etching a material in the presence of solid particles
Low dielectric constant insulating film and method for forming the same
Method for fabricating semiconductor device with reduced Miller capacitance
MOSFET including asymmetric source and drain regions
Semiconductor device with air gaps and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor chip and stack package having the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Module substrate with feature for replacement of faulty chips, semiconductor module having the same, and method for manufacturing the semiconductor module
Semiconductor die having fine pitch electrical interconnects
Method of forming adaptive interconnect structure having programmable contacts
Solid-state imaging device
Semiconductor memory device
Method of fabricating lightweight and thin liquid crystal display device
Method and structure for body contacted FET with reduced body resistance and source to drain contact leakage
Structure and method for improving solar cell efficiency and mechanical strength
Method of manufacturing nitride substrate, and nitride substrate
Selective emitter nanowire array and methods of making same
Stacked multi-chip package and method of making same
Method of fabricating photodiode
Epitaxial replacement of a raised source/drain
SiC semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Nonvolatile programmable switches
Nonvolatile memory device and method for fabricating the same
Dynamic quantity sensor device and manufacturing method of the same
Integrated circuit
Photovoltaic device and method for manufacturing the same
Self-aligned semiconductor ridges in metallic slits as a platform for planar tunable nanoscale resonant photodetectors
Field-effect inter-digitated back contact photovoltaic device
Optoelectronic device
Ultrafast photonic crystal cavity single-mode light-emitting diode
Solid-state imaging device
Annealing processes for photovoltaics
Group III nitride semiconductor light-emitting device
Light emitting diode and method for manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing LED
Method of manufacturing multilayered thin film through phase separation of blend of organic semiconductor/insulating polymer and organic thin film transistor using the same
Display element, display device, and electronic apparatus
Organic optoelectronic device electrodes with nanotubes
Sealed organic opto-electronic devices and related methods of manufacturing
Battery pack
Portable terminal device
Liquid battery formed from encapsulated components
Rechargeable battery pack and connection tab used for the same
Cathode material, cathode, and lithium ion secondary battery
Secondary battery, battery pack, electric vehicle, electric power storage system, power tool, and electronic appliance
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery module, vehicle with the battery module and generating system with the battery module
Dipole antenna element with independently tunable sleeve
Cable connector seal kit with torque limiting spacers
Crosstalk reduction
Single use connection system for a fetal electrode
Electrical connector
Systems and methods for distributing power and data in a lighting system
Bulb socket having terminals connected to a partially stripped cord
Electric connection terminal
Polarity reversal protection unit for vehicle electric systems of motor vehicles
Energy storage device for a power compensator and a method for control thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling a supply current for a circuit or a plurality of circuit blocks
Controller apparatus with maximum power point tracking for controlling an electric power generation system based on photovoltaic sources, controlling method and related electric power generation system
Modular power supply arrangement
Coated keybar to protect electric machines
Cooling structure of generator motor and generator motor
Controller compensation for frequency jitter
Controller device for controlling a power converter device
Power converter
Motor driving control apparatus and method, and motor using the same
Secure modulation and demodulation
Attenuating non-linear noise in an amplifier with alternating DC-offset correction
Crystal resonator and crystal oscillator
Standard cell circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit, and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Frequency translating analog-to-digital converter
Method and apparatus for clockless conversion of time interval to digital word
Compact digital-to-analog converter
Scanning apparatus with calibrating function
Article image annotation system
Printing control method and printing system sending color components to the printer except for color components that contain zeros for all content
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and storage medium
Multiscalar stereo video format conversion
Circuit for processing a time-discrete analog signal and image sensor
Electronic device having image capturing device capable of adjusting view angles
Optical module and method for manufacturing optical module
Telescoping monopod camera holding apparatus and method
Vignetted optoelectronic array for use in synthetic image formation via signal processing, lensless cameras, and integrated camera-displays
Imaging device
Image pickup apparatus and image processing apparatus
Depth of focus in digital imaging systems
Image pickup apparatus and control method thereof
High zoom-ratio zoom lens system and electronic imaging apparatus using the same
Display device and television set
Display device, display system, mobile information terminal, and display device control method
Unattended spatial sensing
Indoor producing of high-resolution images of the commonly viewed with the same background view
Producing high-resolution images of the commonly viewed exterior surfaces of vehicles, each with the same background view
Position detecting method and electronic device implementing the method
LED torch
Heating process of a boiler of a coffee maker
Corrosion-resistant multilayer ceramic member
Apparatus and method for pulsed L.E.D. illumination
Compensation method and circuit for line rejection enhancement
Lighting control system
LED dimming control scheme
Power supply system
Device for heating and method for heating
Mechanical power service communicating device and system
Systems and methods for heat extraction in a power supply
Battery management system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Manufacture of an optics package
Laser diode arrays and systems including structures for permitting optical power measurement therefrom
Light transmission module
Relockable film cartridge for a photographic system
Heat developing apparatus
Developing apparatus and method thereof
Method and apparatus for photofinishing a photosensitive media and/or ordering of image products
Image recording method and apparatus
Thermal printer for compact disks
Integrated keyboard input device
Keyboard apparatus
Food manipulating tool
Device for retrieving an object in a fluid and method therefor
Can grip and method
Resilient wheel for rail vehicles
Vehicle bed and cargo area liner with integrated sliding floor extension
Electric vehicle
Cargo space covering or hat holding piece with movable corner pieces
Seat adjuster quick install mount
Automotive vehicle body structure
Ergonomic accelerator block
Cargo carrying vehicle
Collapsible roof for vehicle such as a truck, van or break
Hard-top vehicle roof
Flush-mounted frameless vehicle window
Pivoting access into transportation vehicles
Vehicle body side structure
Grommet and fixing structure thereof
Vehicle sunroof device
Assembly for converting a folding aluminum beach chair into a wheeled cart for toting beach items and the like
Programmable seat back damper assembly for seats
Chair structure
Moisture dispersing seat cover for a wheelchair
Adjustment mechanism
Recliner assembly
Buoyant pool chair with adjustable angle of recline
Lock device of seatback
Occupant restraint system with compartmentalization
Structural component consisting of a belt buckle, attachment hardware and force limiter
Centering the rim of a wheel on its supporting hub
Vehicle wheel
Dual mode emergency braking apparatus and method of use thereof
Structure for mounting a cluster of pressure sensors upon an electro-hydraulic brake system control unit
Brake fluid pressure control device
Braking force controller
Control system for brake power proportioning on a road vehicle
Method for improving the regulation behavior of an ABS system in off-the-road driving
Organizing system for hunting safety
Row of adjacent switchgear cabinets
Height adjustable structure of desk combination
Recycling of multi--use digital instant printing camera systems
Scanning type image formation apparatus
Disabling a printing mechanism in response to an out of ink condition
System for detecting an accurate amount of ink consumption in an ink jet recording device
Method and apparatus for detecting fluid level in a fluid container
Print media feedback ink level detection
Driving waveform generating device and method for ink-jet recording head
Ink jet printer and ink jet printing method
Imaging apparatus and method of providing images of uniform print density
Print head drive scheme for serial compression of I/O in ink jets
Ink jet printer
Ink jet recording method
Clear fluid ink-jet pen alignment
Printhead assembly with ink monitoring system
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink cartridge for the apparatus
Ink jet printing head with elements made of organosilicic compounds
Ink jet recording apparatus having separately disposed recovery and ink detection devices
System for purging an ink jet recorder
Ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet recorder
Ink jet printer with wiper blade cleaning mechanism and method of assembling the printer
Obstruction sealing system for inkjet printheads
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink suction method of the recording head
Ink jet recording apparatus
Ink-jet printer
Recording apparatus and a drive switching method using a partially untoothed gear for use with said recording apparatus
Ink-jet printing method and apparatus
Ink jet array
Banding reduction in incremental printing, through use of complementary weights for complementary printhead regions
Printing uniformity using printhead segments in pagewidth digital printers
Inkjet print method and inkset for multi color inkjet printer
Method of printing digital images using multiple colorants having substantially the same color
Color ink jet recording method and apparatus using black ink and color-mixed black ink
Self-cleaning titanium dioxide coated ink-jet printer head
Reduction of spot misplacement through electrostatic focusing of uncharged drops
Recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for transferring information between a replaceable consumable and a printing device
Thermoelastic bend actuator using PTFE corrugated heater ink jet printing mechanism
Ink-jet head
Ink-jet head with bubble-driven flexible membrane
Methods and apparatus for electrohydrodynamic ejection
Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting device and liquid ejecting method
Long life printhead architecture
Ink circulation system
Method of interconnecting a printhead with an ink supply manifold and a combined structure resulting therefrom
Ink cartridge for ink jet recorder and method of manufacturing same
Ink cartridge having an integral pressurization apparatus
Ink jet printer pen with extra fluid dispenser
Atmosphere control device for ink reservoir applied to ink jet printing
Method and apparatus for foam removal in an ink container
Ink jet printing process
Printing on a substrate
Method and apparatus for UV ink jet printing on fabric and combination printing and quilting thereby
Solid and semi-flexible body inkjet printing system
Relaxation sunglasses having absorbent element for retaining aromatic fluids
Eyeglasses having rimless spectacle frame with adjustable temples and lenses
Contact lens comprising a violet tint
Focus light for ophthalmologic microscope
Head mounted projector system
Optical device, and projection display device including the same
Hydrophilic mirror and method of producing the same
Fluorescent red article and retroreflective article made therefrom
Wide angle mirror attachable to an existing rear view mirror
Seamless, maskless lithography system using spatial light modulator
Electric external rear view mirror
Device and process for reducing the vibration generated on the structure of a rotary-wing aircraft, particularly a helicopter
Airship and method for transporting cargo
Space tram
Emergency landing gear extension system using pyrotechnic operated high pressure bottle
Jet engine cascade thrust reverser for use with mixer/ejector noise suppressor
Spacecraft and appendage stepping methods that improve spacecraft attitude pointing and cancel solar array slew disturbances
Anti-friction release device
Bi-directional momentum bias spacecraft attitude control
Yaw steering momentum system
Combination holding and stabilizing device with reinforcement
Wire harness fixing device
Cable clamp
Hose retainer
Golf bag with seating apparatus
Support base structure for a golf club bag
Integrated mouse pad and wrist and arm support
Stand member for image reading apparatus and image reading apparatus having such stand member
Anti-tip device
Bedside cane holder
Suspension structure for ceiling fan
Portable computer foldable supporting stand
Passive vibration isolation device
Saddlebag support for computer speakers
Valve assembly
Fluid valve assembly
Apparatus for operating water gate
Fluid metering device
Solenoid valve
Hydraulic grain storage bin lifting system and method
Method of blowing cable into a duct
Trailer tongue with vertical lift geometry
Fencing system with partial wrap components and tongue and groove board substitute
Hollow spindle with rectangular cross-section
Device and method for attaching balusters
Humidifier with detachable fan assembly
Method and apparatus for generating controlled mixture of organic vapor and inert gas
Leaf spring tip insert with semi-liquid or thermally deformable retention pin
Hydro-pneumatic suspension unit for land-vehicles
Shock absorber with external air cylinder spring
Fluid-filled vibration damping device
Fluid-filled vibration damping device whose damping characteristics are controllable
Stabilizer for motor vehicle
Workpiece absorption carrier unit and absorption head
Moulding tool for the manufacture of precision articles
Method of producing printed products by inserting partial products and/or enclosures into a primary product, and device for executing the method
Paper feed cassette and image formation apparatus
Stacker controlling curl
High speed inverter and registration servo
Paper stacker apparatus used with facsimile device
Gaming machine with sterilizing light beam
Combination two player pinball machine and remote control therefor
Video game with bonusing or wild feature
Apparatus and method for playing a matching game
Multiple play twenty-one games
Method and apparatus for playing a pinochle-poker type wagering game at a gaming table and on video gaming machines
Projectile retrieval system
Game machine and gripper and prize suspender therefor
Hide and find toy game
Combination static lift-off face contact seal and floating ring shaft seal
Bearing isolator
Integral yoke and slinger
Seal joint between internals and pressure vessel inlet for separator arrangement
Hydraulic pressurizing arrangements
Chuck with locking sleeve
Chuck for screwdriver inserts
Ice skateboard and runner therefor
Wheeled cooler
Lift dolly with pedal latch mechanism
Lift axle suspension mounting system
Skateboard-like exerciser
Vehicle suspension system
Suspension arm
Sidecar assembly for a bicycle
Geared scooter
Wheelchair with a closed three-dimensional frame
Wheelchair fender and method of mounting wheelchair fender
Motive vehicle
Wheel lock and wheelchair with a wheel lock
Complex trailer for a vehicle
Apparatus for maintaining connection between a towing vehicle and a trailer
Stroller with three wheels
Two-axle vehicle suspension arrangement
Structural unit for a gas bag module and gas bag module
Airbag system with energy absorption bracket
Side impact and roll over inflatable head protector
Gas bag
Steering wheel having a steering wheel hollow
Steering wheel with integrated gas bag
Method of updating the trigger threshold of a passive safety system
Shoulder anchor position adjusting device
Clamp for retractor belt
Safety device and method for recreational snow equipment
Skate guard with sharpener
Apparatus and method for connecting tubular members
Pipe joint
Connector for connecting a hose to a fluid path within a bore
End-slotted flexible metal hose
Pipe joint and seal
Axial compensator
Threaded assembly of metal tubes designed to contain a corrosive fluid
Pipe coupling
Door knob assembly
Shock absorbing system for an automotive vehicle
Motor vehicle energy absorbing member
Litter scoop
Protector device for a machine
Dual position clutch release fork
Method and apparatus for document processing
Coin validator calibration
Material processing plant
Method and apparatus for high speed article processing
Conveyor device
Rotatable pick-up device
Recirculation system for a robotic pickup
Apparatus for handling sheet metal items comprising a declustering station followed by at least one conveying station and/or processing station and/or working station
Device for supplying cigarettes on a conditioning machine with two packing lines
Stepped positioning fence
Device to separate rolled bars
Pocket for conveyor belt allowing pivotal movement of an article held therein
Tube loading system
Indexing beltless magnetic conveyor
Contact lens care center
Hinge-lid box for cigarettes
Apparatus for holding a compact disk
Golf bag with stand
Packaging arrangement having recesses for preventing a switch from being placed in a continuously-on position
Packaging system for medical components
Interactive blister package
Personal identification for improved hygiene
Lap-tray and picnic-supply case
Packaging methods and products
Packaging boxes and components with internal resilient elements
Packaging structure
Product packaging arrangement having retainer
Method and apparatus for sorting and acquiring image data for documents
Method and means for sand reblending
Actuator device for tilt ejectors of fruit forming part of an arrangement for classification of fruit
Device for dehydrating and washing suspensions of fibrous material
Pressure screening apparatus for screening a paper stock suspension and screen clearer for such a screening apparatus
Decorative wreath hanger
Merchandising fixture and shelf divider system therefor
Tool rack
Slatboard anchor block for tool holder
Display rack for supporting packages of abrasive sheets on a display stand
Display stand module
Stand using hockey stick supports
Adjustable length, modular storage device
Paired recycling and refuse containers
Container closure containing game piece
Laminated container
Paint can that does not drip paint
Vapor directing beverage container
Universal sanitary shield for media dispensers
Arrangement for resealing carbonated beverage containers
Food warmer with controlled-opening cover
Card elevator and dispenser
Dispenser which incrementally heats fluids with substantial non-volatile constituent parts
Apparatus for dispensing a mixed multi-component compound, in particular for dental purposes
Device for pressing out and dispensing dosed quantities of flowable multiple-component compounds
Hand-held disposable dispenser for powder
Automotive fluid dispensing system
Pressurized tank dispenser assembly
Grease atomizing nozzle
Container structure containing water, beverage or the like therein
Dispensing package for fluent products
Cap storage and bill shape maintenance device
Suit hangers
Holder for a portable apparatus
Adaptor for mounting a slat over a roof ditch in a vehicle roof
Ski case
Dual strap system for conversion of bags to backpacks
Back pack with a moisture resistant umbrella holder
Position and direction sensing system for an inspection and handling system
Internal combustion powered tool
Resin film and a method for connecting electronic parts by the use thereof
Manufacturing method of a structure body and a manufacturing apparatus of a structure body
Concave face wire bond capillary
Bliss container with E divider
Automatic system for verifying articles containing indicia thereon
Optical data access system with data card reader having a single rotational moving pickup head
Optical scanning device having a reflection section and photodetecting section integrally formed on a moving part of an optical scanning section
Optical reader with condensed CMOS circuitry
Compact bar code scanner
Passive pulse generator and method for activating a fitting with a passive pulse generator
Sealed-cell waterfall display unit
Nozzle device and a gun unit in an apparatus for applying adhesive by spraying in a spiral form
Procedure and injection nozzle for injecting fuel, in particular into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine
Fuel injector with a transition region
Dispersion nozzle for gas delivery tube
Hand-held electrostatic sprayer apparatus
Apparatus and process for grinding closed containers that contain a powder
Screen cleaning and comminuting system
Apparatus and method for recycling waste paint
Refiner plate with chicanes
Crushing method for waste containing materials unfit for crushing and apparatus for its practice
Syringe needle shredder
Production plus hammer with protective pocket and rotor assembly
Multi-purpose weed suppressant and plant growth enhancement device
Shuttle bobbin for sewing machines
Fishing line guiding mechanism for spinning reel
Auxiliary frame of spool of spinning reel for fishing
Buckler for a tape drive
Leader block assembly for a data storage tape cartridge
Tape reel for tape cassette
Device for winding and unwinding a seat belt
Yarn guide for the traversing delivery of a yarn to a rotationally driven takeup bobbin
Precision winding method and apparatus
Winding device and method for winding web material
Method and apparatus for winding a material web
Combinatorial multi-use tape dispenser
Method of regulating the level in a buffer tank
Fluid flow control valve system
Freeze valve
Seismic detecting shut-down valve device
Stacked rupture disk assembly
Fluid flow divider
Activator valve for providing a timed vacuum at an output port
Rotary valve assembly for pressure swing adsorption system
Cover for protecting piping assemblies with engagement rod
Residential drain line stop valve
Composite open bonnet for large industrial and medical gas cylinders
Flow control valve assembly
Reservoir for power steering system
Fuel supply apparatus
Water pressure control
Diverter valve
Fluid distribution valve
Kitchen faucet spout retainer
Communications conduit installation method and conduit-containing product suitable for use therein
Method of eliminating the play of a pipe in a securing element and pipe with a securing element
Heavy-duty wire-mesh cable trough
Junction device for hoses
Showerhead security cover
Collapsible plenum
Flexible hose and method for manufacturing
Method and weaving loom for producing a leno ground fabric
Medical liquid oxygen storage, dispensing, and billing system and method
Technique for maintaining calibration factor integrity in an electronically calibrated dispenser
Dispensing system components of a dispensing system and method of manufacturing operating and servicing a dispensing system and components thereof
Fuel tank fuel vapor emission control through air ingestion reduction
Fuel dispensing nozzle with anti-drip valve and venturi located in downstream end of the nozzle
Device for feeding tablets and the like to a packaging machine
Hose fitting for filling tank cars and method of same
Systems and methods for dispensing powders
Circular saw head
High-transverse-curvature tire, in particular for use in rear wheels of motor-vehicles
Tire for motor vehicle wheels having a tread producing a low rolling noise
Multiple piece wheel rim for large vehicles
Heavy duty pneumatic radial tires with particular belt rubber configuration
Heavy duty pneumatic radial tires with particular belt rubber configuration
Pneumatic radial tires with stiffener rubber having hard and soft stiffener rubber members
Label printing-and-applying device
Single facer with small corrugating roll supported by independently mounted backing rolls
Vertical blinds with vanes and fabric connected to the vanes and method of manufacturing the same
Mounting system for coverings for architectural openings
Door or gate closure
Suction casting method and suction casting apparatus
Semi-solid metal processing
Method and apparatus for casting directionally solidified article
Plunger tip for die casting apparatus
Method and device for continuous metal charge casting
Vehicle air conditioner
Ceiling cooling or heating apparatus
Heat sink assembly
Heat sink assembly
Computer fan assembly
Clip on manifold heat exchanger
Thermal interface materials using thermally conductive fiber and polymer matrix materials
Pitless adapter assembly
Plug for use in wellbore operations and apparatus for launching said plug
Hydrocarbon preparation system for open hole zonal isolation and control
Resin composition and methods of consolidating particulate solids in wells with or without closure pressure
Method and apparatus for securing a well casing to a wellbore
Pumpdown valve plug assembly for liner cementing system
Dual diverter and orientation device for multilateral completions and method
Well logging tool
Assembly and subterranean well tool and method of use
Signalling fire extinguisher assembly
Method for extinguishing fires from an aircraft and related device
Ballast tank for excavating equipment
Apparatus for trimming and edging grass around a lawn sprinkler head
Gardening tool
Energy storage ripping device
Method of securing walls with a tie
Process of determining torque output and controlling power impact tools using impulse
Power driven rotary device
Magazine and manipulating apparatus for drilling rod parts
Bit breakers, bits, systems, and methods with improved makeup/breakout engagement
Removable boring head with tapered shank connector
Hydraulic underreamer and sections for use therein
Casing clamp
Rock bit nozzle and retainer assembly
System and method for stair climbing in a cluster-wheel vehicle
Work vehicle steering and suspension system
Equipment compartment with slidable hood
Self contained compressed air system
Snowmobile with adjustable width front suspension
Power steering apparatus
Raising system for scaffolding and the like
Brake control apparatus with auxiliary power source means
Velocity instruction generation apparatus for car of elevator system and velocity control method thereof
Acoustical position detector
System for electrically detecting piston positions in a hydraulic system
Balanced braking system for a bicycle
Caliper pistons with improved heat isolation
Brake calliper with wear compensation
Combined service and parking brake system
Modular disc brake and actuator lever therefor
Magnetorheological fluid damper
Pneumatic type of stabilizer for an automobile
Device and application involving two parts working away from and towards each other and energy-absorbing device
Axially movable switching sealing ring within a groove
One-way clutch
Textured separator plate and method of making
Pressure plate housing for connection to an inertia mass
Vacuum servo unit for vehicle brake systems
Device for altering the displacement volume of a hydrostatic machine
Toaster with more varied toasting features and a safety control
Food heating appliance particularly useful as a bread toaster
Food product toaster
Two-stage apparatus for heating skins of fruit
Link adjustment member
Stencil printer
Stencil printing machine
Composite nip roll and nip ring
Printing machine
Printing press with a vibrator-like inking unit and method of operating the printing press
Stamp unit with a circumference portion covered by a sealant
Sheet-fed letterpress rotary with printing units for multicolor printing and at least one coating unit
Printing method and printing press
Shock-resistant electronic circuit assembly
Self-destruct fuze for munitions
Power-packed arrowhead
Track tamping method and machine
Horizontal lifeline traversing device
Hanging storage shelf system
Article wrapping table assembly
Spillage retaining fitment for pallets
Process and device for gasification of waste
Method and device for removal of soda melt from a soda recovery unit
Jet-propelled water board
Portable pontoon craft
Woven fiber-oriented sails and sail material therefor
Synchronizing multiple steering inputs to marine rudder/steering actuators
Monohull having stern stabilizers for a high speed ship
Anchor and method of uncoupling for such anchor
Electrical wire identification markers, making methods and system
Plasma processing method and apparatus
Dog bone holder
Animal food/water dish
Bird perch, feeder, and bath
Nesting structure for earth-burrowing birds
Prefabricated novel bird cage
Apparatus and method for animal behavior tracking, predicting and signaling
Animal training method and apparatus
Hot water heater
Method and device for controlling the temperature at the outlet of a steam superheater
Hydrogen-oxygen/hydrocarbon fuel system for internal combustion engine
Internal combustion gasoline engine
Vehicle having a driving internal-combustion engine and having a fuel cell system for the power supply to electric consuming devices of the vehicle and method for operating such a vehicle
Computer controlled six stroke internal combustion engine and its method of operation
Method of repairing a cylinder head having cooling water passages
Internal combustion engine
Valve timing adjusting device
Multi-position variable cam timing system having a vane-mounted locking-piston device
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Lock mechanism for valve timing regulation device
Valve timing control device
Desmodromic cam driven variable valve timing mechanism
Rolling-contact cylindrical element
Valve spring retainer and a valve operating mechanism
Drive adapter for a generator/magneto
Starting and stopping device for internal combustion engine
Ignition coil output pulse controlled power switch for internal combustion engine
Direct injection engine
Method and apparatus for exhaust temperature elevation
Combustion control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Monovalve with integrated fuel injector and port control valve, and engine using same
Method for determining the injection time in a direct-injection internal combustion engine
System for displaying dynamic on-line operating conditions of an interconnected power transmission network
Fill and discharge service alignment device
Escape light instrument
Downhole buried utility sensing and data transmission system and method
Method for controlling an electric meter, and electric meter
Method and apparatus for controlling motor vehicle traffic
Automatic following travel system
System and method of communication between an aircraft and a ground control station
Advance notification system and method utilizing a distinctive telephone ring
Information receiving apparatus, positioning apparatus, navigation apparatus, information receiving method, positioning method and navigating method
Keyboard with keys for moving cursor
Variable length data packet with adjustable length indicator
Demodulating device, demodulating method and transmission medium
Method for sample rate conversion of digital data
Method and apparatus for accelerating software decode of variable length encoded information
Decoding apparatus and method
System and method for trace diagnostics of telecommunications systems
Baseband digital offset correction
System for sampling an analog signal and method thereof
Codes, methods, and apparatus for optical encoding and decoding
Complex carrier signal generator for determining cyclic wave shape
Multiplierless interpolator for a delta-sigma digital to analog converter
Delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter, and method
Delta-sigma modulator with two-step quantization, and method for using two-step quantization in delta-sigma modulation
Calibrated line driver with digital-to-analog converter
Binary waveform shaping apparatus
Method and a system of acquiring local signal behavior parameters for representing and processing a signal
Comparator-amplifier configuration in an ADC
Analogue to digital converter
Simultaneous intrapulse analysis, direction finding and LPI signal detection
Coded phase modulation communications system
Transponder having directional antennas
Millimeter-wave zoom antenna for guilding beamrider hypervelocity missile
Dual detection processing for detecting signals with high acceleration uncertainty
Method and apparatus for measurement processing of satellite positioning system (SPS) signals
Method and apparatus for assisted GPS protocol
Method and apparatus for reliable inter-antenna baseline determination
Joint tracking of the carrier phases of the signals received from different satellites
Method and system for determining a position of a transceiver in a communications network
Automotive GPS control system
Optical control device for electronic scanning antenna
Compact, high-power microwave phase shifter
Method of detection and determining an angular location of frequency agile emitters
Direction-finding method for determining the incident direction of a high-frequency electromagnetic signal
Method of making an antenna pane, and antenna pane
Dielectric antenna including filter, dielectric antenna including duplexer, and radio apparatus
Broadband microstrip antenna having a microstrip feedline trough formed in a radiating element
Diagnostic device for a multi-antenna arrangement
Adjustable broadband antenna
Antenna structures including orthogonally oriented antennas and related communications devices
Waveguide lens and method for manufacturing the same
Monolithic millimeter-wave beam-steering antenna
Method and apparatus for wheel condition and load position sensing
Home emergency warning system
Alarm system with individual alarm indicator testing
System and method for fitting room merchandise item recognition using wireless tag
Magnet marker strip and a method of producing a magnetic marker strip
Resonant tag
Electrical apparatuses, termite sensing apparatuses, methods of forming electrical apparatuses, and methods of sensing termites
Sleepiness detection for vehicle driver or machine operator
Measuring cell voltages of a fuel cell stack
Battery failure indicator for a single battery
Method for producing an optically active acyloin
Method for producing aromatic aldehydes
Process for the preparation of tetrabromobisphenol-A
Process for the preparation of cyclooctanol
Method for recovering fluoroalcohol
Method for producing hexanediol
Method of making hydrofluorocarbons
Process for the manufacture of 1, 1, 1, 3, 3-pentachloropropane
Formation of a stable wax slurry from a Fischer-Tropsch reactor effluent
Aromatic alkylation process
Process for isomerizing aromatic compounds containing eight carbon atoms
Synthesis of cyclopropaneacetylene using a catalytic decarboxylation reaction
Ruthenium metathesis catalyst and method for producing olefin reaction product by metathesis reaction using the same
Process for selectively producing C3 olefins in a fluid catalytic cracking process
Inhibition of asphaltene deposition in crude oil production systems
Method and compositions for stabilization of heavy metals, acid gas removal and pH control in contaminated matrices
Structured occlusive dressing
Medicated wrap
Flatulence deodorizer
Stretch-activated elastic composite
Tissue specific promoters and transgenic mouse for the screening of pharmaceuticals
Method of using pelarogonium sp. as hyperaccumulators for remediating contaminated soil
Maize aquaporins and uses thereof
Maize aquaporins and uses thereof
Process for prolonging the shelf life of primed nongerminated seeds
Lepidopteran-resistent transgenic plants
Soybean cultivar 9431836328642
Soybean cultivar 9431836328643
Inbred maize line PH50P
Inbred maize line PH8V0
Inbred maize line PH4TV
Inbred maize line PH2JR
Music teaching system and method
Music box with memory stick or other removable media to change content
Apparatus and method for editing a music score based on an intermediate data set including note data and sign data
Device for adding fluctuation and method for adding fluctuation to an electronic sound apparatus
Automatic accompaniment apparatus adjusting sound levels for each part of a plurality of patterns when one pattern is switched to another pattern
Method for automatically controlling electronic musical devices by means of real-time construction and search of a multi-level data structure
Solar power system using thermal storage and cascaded thermal electric converters
Thermoelectric semiconductor material, thermoelectric element, method of manufacturing these and method of manufacturing thermoelectric module and device for manufacturing thermoelectric semiconductor material
Heat transfer and electric-power-generating component containing a thermoelectric device
Electric vehicle photovoltaic charging system
Interconnect structure for solar cells and method of making same
Lightweight solar module and method of fabrication
Solar battery cell
Ga-doped multi-crytsalline silicon, Ga-doped multi-crystalline silicon wafer and method for producing the same
Cooling element for an unevenly distributed heat load
Data card easily assembled housing
Thermally stable actuator/sensor structure
Stress relief bend useful in an integrated circuit redistribution patch
Wiring device with integral axially oriented ground plate
Herbicidal 2-aryloxy-or 2-arylthio-6-arylpyrimidines
Anti-sprouting agent for potato tuber and a method for producing the same
Effect enhancer for agricultural chemical
Alkylated thianthrene lubricants
Use of polymers as antimisting additives in water-based cooling lubricants
Use of polyalphaolefins (PAO) derived from dodecene or tetradecene to improve thermal stability in engine oil in an internal combustion engine
Cleaning composition for removing resist and method of removing resist
Heterocyclic dry-cleaning surfactant and method for using the same
Detergent compositions
Detergents comprising cellulases
Bleaching compositions
Azeotrope-like compositions and their use
Grease cutting light duty liquid detergent comprising Lauroyl Ethylene Diamine Triacetate
Decolorable image forming material and decoloring method of the same
Image receptor surface and method of making the same
Synthesis methods, complexes and delivery methods for the safe and convenient storage, transport and application of compounds for inhibiting the ethylene response in plants
Strain belonging to Exserohilum monoceras, and uses thereof
Storage stable aqueous formulations based on N-phenyl-3,4,5,6-tetrahydrophthalimide herbicides
Phenylacetylene derivatives and agricultural/horticultural fungicides
Track assembly for utility light
Simulated fireworks lamp assembly
Lamp assembly with diffraction grating reflector
Illumination device with light reshaping element for an optical valve
Optical system having retro-reflectors
Camouflage light cover
System for hanging a lamp
Vehicle protection-type headlamp with movable shade devices
Removal of gaseous phase from continuous mixing chamber for rubber compound
Mixing device
Speed control for a mixer for providing an incremental power boost
Bulk bag pre-conditioner
Electronic module for conventional parking meter
Clock or watch having accuracy-improving function
Method for on-line measurement of fuel heat content of fuel in a combustion turbine system
Apparatus and method for assessing burn injury from flammable materials
Intraoral dental radiographic film packet with thermoplastic comfort enhancing re-usable frame
Packaging bags and method of producing same
Roller guide apparatus
Bearing metal positioning structure in a split connecting rod
Bearing construction for drive shaft
End cap for bearing assembly
Adjustable bearing spacer
Optical fiber connector
Optical connector and method of and fixture for setting projection length of optical fiber
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