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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods to produce desired proteins in plants
Transgenic plants expressing puroindolines and methods for producing such plants
Methods and compositions for protein production in tobacco plants with reduced nicotine
Roller for forming noodles and the like
Devices for modification of airways by transfer of energy
Motion-corrected three-dimensional volume imaging method
Computer tomography method for a periodically moving object
Dental wedges
Method for producing prefastened absorbent product with elastic reclosable sides
Nitric oxide-releasing medical devices
System and method for treating cardiac arrest and myocardial infarction
Tomographic imaging system using a conformable mirror
Spirocyclic 3-phenyl-3-substituted 4-ketolactams and 4-ketolactones
Use of dioxindoindazoles and dioxoloindazoles for treating glaucoma
Method for enhancing protective cellular responses to genotoxic stress in skin
Inhibitors of cruzipain and other cysteine proteases
3-substituted-2(arylalkyl)-1-azabicycloalkanes and methods of use thereof
Triheterocyclic compounds, compositions, and methods for treating cancer or viral diseases
Methods of optimizing drug therapeutic efficacy for treatment of immune-mediated gastrointestinal disorders
Materials and methods for immune system stimulation
Responsive biomedical composites
Treatment and composition for achieving skin anti-aging benefits by corneum protease activation
Feline hepatocyte growth factor
Factor IXa for the treatment of bleeding disorders
Bone polypeptide-1
Treatment of autoimmune conditions with Copolymer 1 and related Copolymers
Enzyme-cleavable prodrug compounds
Cytokine zcytor17 ligand polypeptides
Protein A methods of use
Clostridial toxin derivatives and methods for treating pain
Choline binding proteins for anti-pneumococcal vaccines
Drug delivery system for implantable medical device
Method for sterilizing packaging material by using high voltage pulse power source
Delivery systems for embolic filter devices
Anhydrous antiperspirant stick
Exercise kit for personal flotation device
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Live and electronic wagering and lottery game
Game device and program including game processing after reproducing historical performance
Toy helicopter
Toy helicopter
System and method for manipulation of sound data using haptic feedback
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water-filtering media and filters
Feed gas contaminant removal in ion transport membrane systems
Stabilized dispersions comprising excipient surface-modified organic nanoparticles and medicament particles
Holding device
Surface treatment with polymer materials
Method for making hybrid dielectric film
Substrate holding device
Hydraulic mold clamping unit
Method for forming articles by compression moulding
Surface modification of expanded ultra high molecular weight polyethylene(eUHMWPE) for improved bondability
Assembly comprising a trim part for a motor vehicle and another part secured to the trim part by melting material, and a method of assembling the parts
Tape member or sheet member, and method of producing tape member or sheet member
Optical film and fabrication method thereof
Ferrite substrate for thin-film inductors, thin-film common mode filter using the substrate, and thin-film common mode filter array using the substrate
Liquid discharge head and method for manufacturing the same
Identifiable inkjet cartridge and method of preventing misplacing inkjet cartridge in an inkjet apparatus
Printhead assembly with a laminated ink distribution assembly
Method for facilitating maintenance of an inkjet printer having a pagewidth printhead
Printhead maintenance station having sloped engagement pad
Reduced memory usage for delay buffer during printing swaths in an inkjet printer
Variable frequency generator
Image-forming device
Laminate film and composite structure with imaged recording medium
Thermal transfer recording material and thermal transfer recording method
Bicycle wheel balanced by spoke connections of different mass
Electric operating apparatus for vehicle
Vehicular wheelchair docking and capture apparatus
Direction indicator
Integrated motorcycle light frame and turn signal assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Chemical process and composition
Method to increase lateral oxygen transfer in waste water
Method and equipment for treating microcystin-containing water
Gypsum-containing board and tile, and method for producing same
Method of forming mullite bodies
Thiadiazoline derivative
Pyridazinone compounds
Protein specific for cardiac and skeletal muscle
Antibodies to the cell cycle regulatory protein p16
Method for screening peptides for use in immunotherapy
Immunogenic HIV-1 multi-clade, multivalent constructs and methods of their use
Polymers, polymer compositions, and method of preparation
Method for modifying cellulose ethers
Water-based ink for ink jetting and ink jet recording method
Transparent two phase polyester-polycarbonate compositions
Surface modification method for inorganic oxide powder, powder produced by the method and use of the powder
Polymer liquid crystal device and fabrication method thereof
Liquid-crystalline medium
Photopolymerizable liquid crystal composition, its polymer or polymer composition, and optical compensation element
Washing solution for inkjet printer head and washing method using the solution
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Treatment of diabetes with synthetic beta cells
Host cells expressing 7C10 and 16C10 CD80-specific antibodies
Carboxylic acid reductase polypeptide, nucleotide sequence encoding same and methods of use
Corynebacterium glutamicum genes encoding phosphoenolpyruvate: sugar phosphotransferase system proteins
Thermostable nucleic acid polymerase from Thermococcus gorgonarius
Polyhydroxy alkanoate copolymer including within molecule unit having vinyl group or carboxyl group in side chain, and producing method therefor
Methods for purification of cells based on product secretion
Detection of HIV-1 by nucleic acid amplification
Lead-free solder balls and method for the production thereof
Enhancement of magnetic media recording performance using ion irradiation to tailor exchange coupling
Selective shield/material flow mechanism
Electrochemical mechanical processing apparatus
Method for depositing a material on a substrate wafer
Method for etching microchannel networks within liquid crystal polymer substrates
Fixed Constructions
Civil engineering structure, individual construction element and method for reinforcing such a structure
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for reducing back flow
Rotary vane pump
Multi-cylinder wind powered generator
Electrical charge air compressor provided with an integrated air cooling system
Pressure and current reducing impeller
Lighting device and image display unit and light guide provided with it
Stagnation point reverse flow combustor
Detection device, optical path length measurement device, measurement instrument, optical member evaluation method, and temperature change detection method
System and method for chemical sensing using trace gas detection
Method and apparatus for inspecting target defects on a wafer
Method for staining corneocytes, method for preparing corneocytes specimen and skin analysis system
Systems for the active electronic control of biological reactions
Method and apparatus for detecting defects
Automatic analyzer
System for inspecting a disk-shaped object
Processing set and methods for processing and treating a biological fluid
Enhanced subsurface scanning system, method and computer program product
Integrated circuit porphyrin-based optical Fabry-Perot chemical sensor
Photoelectric oscillator
Refractive index sensor utilizing gold island surface plasmon resonance on optical fiber
Method and apparatus for selectively providing data from a test head to a processor
Electron beam apparatus, a device manufacturing method using the same apparatus, a pattern evaluation method, a device manufacturing method using the same method, and a resist pattern or processed wafer evaluation method
Compounds that modulate processes associated with IgE production
Biosensor, magnetic molecule measurement device
Identification of ligands by selective amplification of cells transfected with a 5HT2A receptor
Method and measurement apparatus for determining the transition impedance between two parts of a subdivided neutral electrode
Body for keeping a wafer and wafer prober using the same
Backpressure mechanism for switching fabric
Selectively conductive structure wherein a magnetic conductor is sized to have a cross-section diameter similar to a Fermi wavelength of electrons
Radar video data viewer
Imaging optical system and image capturing apparatus including imaging optical system
Projection system for a lithographic apparatus
Display system
MEMS scanning mirror with tunable natural frequency
Autostereoscopic multi-user display
Lens barrel, imaging device and camera
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
LCD module connecting mechanism comprising an arm connected to a frame by inserting a hook of the arm through first and second through holes on a lateral surface of the frame
Substrate for liquid crystal display device, manufacturing method of the same, and liquid crystal display device having the same
Liquid crystal display panel having seal pattern support member
Liquid crystal display having active and passive matrix modes
Pixel structure and liquid crystal display panel having particular transition electrode
Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Digital still camera module with light optimization mechanism
Image adjusting assembly for a monitoring camera
Integrated selectively angled camera for clam style products
Electronic apparatus provided with a rotating-operation member and the rotating-operation member
Three-dimensional (3D) image projection
Display device and display method
Method of calibrating a lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Dynamic fluid control system for immersion lithography
Exposure apparatus and exposure method
Imaging device
Method for reducing an overlay error and measurement mark for carrying out the same
Apparatus for detecting position and format of a film cassette
Phase shift photomask and method for improving printability of a structure on a wafer
Synchronous raster scanning lithographic system
Image forming device and process cartridge
Image forming apparatus and layer thickness calculating method
Image formation apparatus
Information processing apparatus for managing print job, and method thereof
Color image forming device having a movable toner supply member being disposable in a laser light path
Line head and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Conveyor device and image forming apparatus
Fixing method, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method having a cleanerless image forming unit
Waste toner collecting apparatus and image forming apparatus
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus, luminaire and illumination system
Device and method for regulating the threshold voltage of a transistor
Driver circuit that employs feedback to enable operation of output transistor in triode region and saturation region
Asymmetric IDZ precession in a multi-pass direct marking system
Printing retained print jobs
Logic basic cell
Image processing method and apparatus for generating sequential still images by extracting still images from moving image data, and printing apparatus
Electronic device and control method thereof
Face detecting system and method using symmetric axis
Apparatus and method for binarizing images of negotiable instruments using a binarization method chosen based on an image of a partial area
Method for determining optimal viewpoints for 3D face modeling and face recognition
Rapid color recognition method
System and method for real-time whiteboard capture and processing
Image processing method, apparatus and memory medium therefor
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing apparatus and video processing method
Apparatus and method for processing video data
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing system, program, and storage medium
Efficient use of keyframes in video compression
Adjusting pixels by desired gains and factors
Low latency counter event indication
Device dependent rendering
Representation of implicit curves for procedural surfaces
Method, node, and network for compositing a three-dimensional stereo image from an image generated from a non-stereo application
Three-dimensional image display apparatus, method of distributing elemental images to the display apparatus, and method of displaying three-dimensional image on the display apparatus
Computer graphics methods and systems using quasi-monte carlo methodology
Systems and methods for providing signal-specialized parametrization
Security element for radio frequency identification
Liquid crystal display apparatus and driving method thereof
Device for processing pixel rasterization and method for processing the same
Controllable pixel border for a negative mode passive matrix display device
Hierarchical image feature-based visualization
Systems and methods for generating a composite video signal from a plurality of independent video signals
Compact stringed musical instrument
Tone output device and integrated circuit for tone output
Device for detecting position information from an optical record carrier
Magnetic recording medium
Incoherently-reversing magnetic laminate with exchange coupled ferromagnetic layers
Information recording medium having pair of electrodes
Hologram erasing method and hologram erasing apparatus
Method and apparatus for preventing malfunction of disc drive
Optical module and optical pickup including the same
Programmable memory device circuit
Full-rail, dual-supply global bitline accelerator CAM circuit
Sensor adjusting circuit
Four-way rocker switch
Vacuum insulated switchgear
Low cost electrical fuses manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Customizable electroluminescent displays
Feedback influenced increased-quality-factor scanning probe microscope
Thermal control plate for ion source
Method of sealing glass substrates
Method for fabricating semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Methods of providing an adhesion layer for adhesion of barrier and/or seed layers to dielectric films
Semiconductor device packaging
Method of manufacturing thin film transistor, method of manufacturing electro-optical device thin film transistor, and electro-optical device
Method for hard mask CD trim
Methods for manufacturing shallow trench isolation layers of semiconductor devices
Reducing reactions between polysilicon gate electrodes and high dielectric constant gate dielectrics
Structure and method of fabricating a hybrid substrate for high-performance hybrid-orientation silicon-on-insulator CMOS devices
Systems and methods for plasma etching
Semiconductor structure implementing sacrificial material and methods for making and implementing the same
Method for encapsulating an electronic component using a foil layer
Method for forming microelectronic assembly
Method for forming a trench capacitor
Manufacturing method of thin film transistor including implanting ions through polysilicon island and into underlying buffer layer
Semiconductor power module
Semiconductor chip assembly with bumped terminal and filler
Selectable decoupling capacitors for integrated circuits and associated methods
Top layers of metal for high performance IC's
Web process interconnect in electronic assemblies
Projection television set
Metal thin film and method of manufacturing the same, dielectric capacitor and method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device
Method and structure for a 1T-RAM bit cell and macro
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Surface light source control device
MEMS pixel sensor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive porcelain composition, piezoelectric/electrostrictive device, and method of piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Antiferromagnetic stabilized storage layers in GMRAM storage devices
Organic EL element and organic EL display
Electrode for polymer electrolyte fuel cell, separator therefore, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell, and generating system using them
High frequency wave glass antenna for an automobile
Broadband antenna system
Two-part housing for receiving electronic components and process connection means for use in process measurement technology
Break apart power connector
Connector structure
Metallized sled for communication plug
Connection system for connecting a flat block of components to an apparatus
Coaxial cable end-processing structure, coaxial cable shielding terminal and press-fastening apparatus
Cable connecting device
Optical sub-assembly having a thermo-electric cooler and an optical transceiver using the optical sub-assembly
Semiconductor laser device, optical disk apparatus and optical integrated unit
Controller method, apparatus and article suitable for electric drive
Parallel redundant power system and the control method for the same
Battery pack and remaining battery power calculation method
Permanent magnet motor
Transient energy systems and methods for use of the same
Switching power supply apparatus
Output voltage detection circuit, isolated switching power supply, and semiconductor device
Vibration wave motor
Quadrature divider
Arbitrary waveform synthesizer
Dual layer signal processing in a layered modulation digital signal system
Multi-channel serdes receiver for chip-to-chip and backplane interconnects and method of operation thereof
Radio frequency amplification apparatus
Differential cascode amplifier
Digitally adjusted variable gain amplifier (VGA) using switchable differential pairs
Differential input/differential output converter circuit
Radio frequency power amplifier
Phase interpolator with output amplitude correction
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Input buffer for multiple differential I/O standards
Configurable circuits, IC's, and systems
Tuneable filters using operational amplifiers
Preprocessing signal layers in a layered modulation digital signal system to use legacy receivers
Level converting circuit
Phase-locked loop
Rate-7/8 direct-current free and runlength limited code
Communication within buildings
Electrically tuned resonance circuit using piezo and magnetostrictive materials
Method and system for fast acquisition of ultra-wideband signals
Hybrid optical and electrical fiber optic link linearizer
Method of signal transmission in a WDM communication system
Satellite broadcasting converter, control circuit incorporated therein, and detector circuit used in such control circuit
Rapid build transmission-limit method and structure for BSS stations in wireless communication network
Vertical roaming in wireless networks through improved wireless network cell boundary detection
Pitch invariant synchronization of audio playout rates
Symbol synchronization method for OFDM-based wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for aligning the clock signals of transceivers in a multiple access communication system utilizing programmable, multi-tap phase-locked loops
Providing conference data in a network communications system based on client or server information examined during a conference
Connection control device, method and program
Method and apparatus for scheduling packets
Pre-processing of NAT addresses
Method and apparatus for scheduling available link bandwidth between packet-switched data flows
Instrumentation privacy methods and apparatuses
System and method for call routing and enabling interaction between callers with calls positioned in a queue
Location derived presence information
System and method for generalized call forwarding between telephone terminals
Color image processing device and color image processing method
Image forming apparatus and video receiving and display apparatus
Conversion apparatus for image data delivery
Method of transmitting image data from standalone device
Method and apparatus for upgrading a television system
Video recording apparatus
Information storage system capable of recording and playing back a plurality of still pictures
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Videoconferencing systems with recognition ability
Audio/video stream processing system and method for data copy protection
Slide photograph data creation system, and slide photograph data
System and method for asynchronous wireless services using reverse service schema generation
Method and apparatus for managing packet data resources
Wireless communication apparatus and a method using the same
Techniques to select data rates for a wireless system
Balloon encapsulated direct drive
Sound device provided with a geometric and electronic radiation control
Dynamic sliding module and uses thereof
Electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Deck chair
Chair composed of non-contacting compression members and tension members
Automatic coffee maker
Smoker oven
Double grill
Cooking indentation
Handle for kitchenware
Double end spoon
Ice cream sandwich maker
Bread crust cutter
Knife rest
Counter-top organizer for pot lids and utensils
Airtight container for foods
Trench clean-out shovel
Speed saw
Handle of a tool
Wheel of office chair
Plate with adjustable mounts for telephones, tools, appliances and the like
Hanging hook
Tool holder
Spring clamp
Gutter hanger
Contoured push button handle for a storm door
Toilet seat hinge
Lock housing
Clip for vinyl siding
Chain for a hanging scaffold
Window operator housing
Bottle with cap
Cap for bottle
Bottle with a mesh of straw
Squeeze-and-turn child resistant closure
Pressure container with actuator overcap and dust cover
Bottle portion
Makeup container
Combined container and lid
Carrier for soft drink bottles
Display package
Toy packaging
Packaging container
Hamburger carrier-dispenser
Medicament dosage indicator
Shipping base pad
Garbage can
Watch casing and portion of a strap
Grid for watch case
Watch case
Portion of an electronic clinical thermometer
Testing machine
Digital multi-meter
Compressed air pistol with blowout nozzle
Channelizer drum and handle
Watch dial
Jewelry chain
Planter for steps
Religious symbolism necklace
Shopping cart handle
Double rails golf cart
Drill container
Counterjib part of a tower crane
Inflatable dual lounge
Privacy enclosure
Set of motorcycle components
Bicycle pedal cover
Dual-seat jogging stroller
Wheelchair footpad extension
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire having sidewall with recessed chevrons
Floor mat
Wheel for outdoor cooking device
Vehicle wheel
Wheel for outdoor cooking device
Vehicle wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Vehicle wheel
Baseball steering wheel cover
Joystick control arm for a seat
Removable hardtop for a sport utility vehicle
Motorcycle rear fender
Rechargeable battery
Pressure contact terminal for power supply jack
Jack for power supply
Programmable controller housing
Electrical connector
Remote control with LCD display
Electrical connector
Dimmer switch
Electrical connector
Electronic crossover housing
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Surge and lightning suppressor with fault lamp indicators
Compact disc player
Combined amplifier and radio receiver for car
Compact disc player with tuner and loudspeaker
Curved face dual compartment auto stereo mounting device with side brackets
Mobile audiovisual unit
Flat face dual compartment auto stereo mounting device
Headset assembly
Computer keyboard
Stand for portable equipment
Liquid crystal display
Computer stand
Icon for a portion of an electronic display
Data display for electronic computers
Portion of a computer screen with an icon image
LCD multimedia monitor
Icon for a portion of an electronic display
LCD multimedia monitor
Icon for a portion of an electronic display
Liquid crystal display
Icon for a portion of an electronic display
Bottle engraved telephone handset
Speaker port for communications devices or similar articles
Portable communication device
Communications module
Radio-frequency receiver beeper unit
Back cover for a handset
Wireless communication device
Portion of a handset
Internal combustion engine
Leaf and grass catching bag for riding mowers
Sonic cleaner
Belt mounted vacuum cleaner
Dirt cup for upright vacuum cleaner
Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaner
Thread cassette for an embroidery machine
Thread cassette for an embroidery machine
Chuck for industrial robot
Digital camera
Digital camera
Toner loading bottle
Currency cassette
Media cassette for use in an automated banking machine
Printer with copying, scanning and facsimile functions
Ink cartridge for printer
Color ink stick for solid ink printer
Color ink stick for solid ink printer
Animal type font
Binding machine
Combination pen and fan
Pen holder
Ball point pen
Ball point pen
End plug for a writing instrument
Grip for a writing instrument
Function indicating label
Patrol car decoy
Non-adjustable low profile label holder
Toy glider
Toy glider
Paintball gun
Paintball gun
Family of dolls
Eagle kite
Toy glider
Golf tee
Faceplate groove for a golf club
Golf club head with diamond grid faceplate groove pattern
Inflatable float
Golf putter with multiple mirror-finish inserts
Wood type head for a golf club
Wood type head for a golf club
Golf club head
Small size exercise bike
Golf club head
Monocoque frame for a treadmill
Golf club head
Shell casing deflector
Shell casing deflector
Mosquito trap
Elbow coupling
Bio activator cabinet
Water filtration housing for water filtration cartridge
Plumbing enclosure
Dental hygiene center
Table for bathtub
Pyramid air cleaner
Pyramid air cleaner
Decorative ceiling fan
Telescoping handle fan controller
Electrical fan support
Securing structure of fan frame
Ion conditioner
Ceiling fan blade iron
Air filtration system
Ceiling fan blade assembly
Needleless luer access port
Electrical neuromuscular stimulator
Jet massager with moveable jet
Spa body support
Glass panel
Paneling/trim board/decking element
Front portion of a retaining wall block
Roof shingle
Storm curtain and frame
Three-tier gazebo
Ladder leveler
Candle holder
Lighting apparatus
Lamp bulb
Lamp bulb with recessed lens
Strand of deer-shaped lights
Headlight bar
Fog lamp for automobile
American flag colored light bulb
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle rear light
Top portion of lamp or hangable accessory
Luminaire cap
Trailer lamp lens
Makeup apparatus
Cellulite reduction tool
Holder for a safety razor
Rescue tube
Dispensing cartridge
Inhalation device
Inhalation device
Soft protective headgear for infants
Automated teller machine media cassette indicator
Mailbox with transparent panels
Mailbox with transparent panels
Human Necessities
Control assembly for steering lawn mower
Tractor mounted boom system that is convertible between a backhoe and a rotary cutting system
Cutting blade for a trimmer
Harvester with cooperating brushes and combs
Cotton picker moistener supply system
Center feed finger adjustment mechanism for header
Lawn sweeper constructed for upright storage and having an adjustable hitch clevis assembly
Plant protection mat, especially in the form of a perforated disk
Gardening device
Cutting stroke-adjustable pruning shears
Wrapping material having an extension for design indicia for wrapping flower pots and floral arrangements and methods
Aglaonema plant named `Silverado`
Phalaenopsis plant named `Isis`
Poinsettia plant named `Dueprempink`
Petunia plant named `Cobdarkink`
Verbena plant named `Sunvivare`
Petunia plant named `Kirimaji Double White`
Leucanthemum plant named `Angel`
Begonia plant named `Bbsirius`
Petunia plant named `Kirimaji Double Lavender`
Mandevilla plant named `Monrey`
Poinsettia plant named `Dueavant`
Petunia plant named `Kirimaji Double Purple`
Begonia plant named `Bbpicotee`
Apple tree named `Irene`
Verbena plant named `Kieverstem`
Verbena plant named `Sunmaricos`
Azalea plant named `Ospo`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Anastasia Yellow`
Dahlia plant named `Melody Mambo`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Anastasia Pink`
Inverted fish hook
Fishing lure
Fishing apparatus and method of using same
Fishing line loading device
Collection and disposal device
Coaster for shielding against crawling arthropods
Bird deterrent apparatus
Lightweight bird decoy apparatus
Method of making a hunting decoy
Topical incorporation of solid antimicrobial compounds on yarn surfaces through high pressure
Dispensing station
Foodstuff chilling device
Swaddling cloth
Hand and finger thimbles
Hat and scarf combination and method of wearing same
Full-face type helmet for vehicular users
Visor protector
Sandal with interchangeable upper and sole
Shoe accessory methods and apparatus
Method of manufacturing a hidden type shoe with a replaceable vamp
Disposable foot protector
Tensioning/releasing mechanism for a buckle device of a skate
Easy-to-wear footwear
Deactivatable hook and loop fastener
Forming continuous fastener material
Magnetic clasp for jewelry
External strap buckling assembly of luggage
Shoulder pad
Wall mounted refrigerator system
Combination structure of guide rail member for kimchi storage device
Property box of cabinet/wall-hanging type requiring low temperature
Lumbar reinforcement device
Therapeutic leg support pillow
Convertible stretcher
Bed siderail
Liquid deflecting device
Yoga mat
Flower pot wrapper
Bedding with multiple overlays and openings
Strainer assembly for bathtub drains and the like
Toilet seat
Removable shower seat
Steam/vacuum cleaning apparatus
Self-wringing string mop
Floor cleaning unit with a brush assembly
Cyclone dust collecting apparatus for a vacuum cleaner
Convertible blower and vacuum
Appliance holder
In-bowl stool sample collection device
Apparatus for heat treatment of tissue
Pedestal for use with patient transport system for multiple imaging systems
Measuring device and method
Mobile imaging table pivot mechanism
Method for loading a stent using a collapsing machine
Environment protection coffin
Electric bed
Apparatus and a method for determining the viscosity of a fluid
Method and apparatus for checking sensors
Apparatus for singulating blunts
Goggles for swimming
Baseball mitt
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vertical oil separator for a chiller system
Mobile filter cleaning system
Vehicle air supply systems
Contaminated sediment remediation vessel
Microplate assembly and closure
Vibration detecting apparatus and method thereof
Ultrasonic probe, method of manufacturing the same and ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
Heat shields
Apparatus for forming a three-dimensional object
Method of bending sheet metal to form three-dimensional structures
Laser bending method and apparatus for bending a work piece in normal and reverse directions
Dual notcher
Slug-retaining punch press tool
Electric hemming press
Tool for automatic roll folding
Bending device
All-purpose pressing-bending machine
Line transfer system with a contour machining head
Frame member used in friction stir welding
Method for attaching metal members
Device and method for removal/installation of a vehicular component
Ring installation method and ring installation jig
Method for reducing variance in the coolant consumption of components of a turbo-machine
Hand tool for removal of metal chips from blind holes
Three piece coupling arrangement for a turret indexing mechanism for a machine tool assembly and an air bearing assembly for the same
Quick release buffing pad assembly
Method for installing stator vanes
Bearing detachment device
Fastener clip, pliers and method of use
Pipe shears provided with means to locate securely pipe to be cut thereby
Trowel having an integral and comfortable handle
End arm effector set-up
Method and apparatus for calibrating measuring machines
Buoyant cordless electric knife and flashlight combination
Adjustable head for an electrical clipper
Dead-blow recoilless axe
Floor groover
Method for the manufacturing of a mould body and a mould body manufactured according to the method
Apparatus for making contact bodies
Method and apparatus for producing bags having a recloseable fastener
Method of manufacturing an ink actuator
Method of printing image information having a specific orientation
Combined writing and window breaking device
Apparatus and method for envelope flap opening
Multi-function painter's tool
Process and machine for uniting rotatable machine components
Method and apparatus for monitoring wheel speeds
Vehicle mounted snowplow impact monitoring system and method
Vehicle air conditioner with heat pump refrigerant cycle
Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle
Vehicle air conditioner with arrangement of temperature detector
Device and method for automatic defroster in cars
Air-conditioning system for vehicle and its control method
Grocery delivery vehicle
Momentary engagement and disengagement of automotive air conditioner clutch
Vehicle air conditioner with automatic breaking-in operation of compressor
Door glass raising and falling apparatus having elastic stoppers
Door weather strip structure
Connecting device for fabric vehicle covers
Modular door in which a window lift forms the structural frame for the trim panel
Method of forming an electrical circuit on a substrate
Wiper arm for a vehicle
Wiper blade connector
Master cylinder for use in power trains of motor vehicles
Road surface state estimating device
Assembly for transit car door hanger
Retractable handle for marine craft
Quick release harness device
Door structure with deformable peripheral edge
Distributed electronic control for air conditioning system
Method and machine for packing reams of sheets
Apparatus and method for roll packing compressible materials
Article gauge and proportional shifter system
Tamper-proof tie
Releasable tie
Column protector
Chain joint assembly and a method for the manufacture thereof
Latch for animal rigging and method of use
Saddle pad
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Lubricated glass mold
Glass base material drawing apparatus and method for drawing glass base material
Process for the preparation of the herbicide ethyl .alpha.-2-dichloro-5-[4-(difluoromethyl)-4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-1H-1,2 ,4-triazol-1-yl]-4-fluorobenzenepropanoate
Soluble polypeptide fractions of the LAG-3 protein, production method, therapeutic composition, anti-idiotype antibodies
Paper coating pigments, their production and use
Freezer and plant gas system
Textiles; Paper
Pressure regulating device for use on a carding machine
Method and apparatus for determining the point of regulation for a drafting unit in a fiber processing machine
Circular knitting machine
Apparatus and method for production of fabrics
Method and apparatus for detecting load unbalance in an appliance
Dryer exhaust conduit and flow passage elbow with universal interconnection therebetween
Steam iron with detachable water reservoir
Wire rope lubrication
Fixed Constructions
Railroad clip applicator system
Curb brush is an implement for displacing debris from the top and bottom of rounded curbs
Brush assembly
Snow blower vehicle and method for improving snow blower vehicle performance
Hybrid arched overfilled structure
Safety hatch for preventing fall-through and unauthorized entry
Thumb for earth moving equipment
Method for retrofitting a swing damping valve circuit to a work vehicle
Back-to-back faucet valve structures
Toilet flushing apparatus
User interactive mat for a urinal
Sheathing tie down
Acoustic building structure
Modular wall or double wall element for dry assembly
Ceiling leak capture and drainage system
Particle screening system
Roof window assembly and components
Method of ballasting roof covering layers on substantially flat roof surfaces
Anchor plates
Waterproof roof deck post construction and method
Combination floor structure
Siding panel hanging guide tool
Collapsible stair cover
Pole mounting system having unique base and method of assembly thereof
Solar pool heating system
Moveable swimming pool floor
Warm/cold double-circulation water filter system and swimming pool arrangement
Key operated latch with combined rotational and translational latching action
Electronic lock
Adaptor for a door locking mechanism
Anti-drop device
Casement window operating assembly
Damper assembly that opts to open doors for usage with reciprocating door closer devices
Decorative stained glass and method
Apparatus for assisting in securing a protective structure over a window or door
Drive for closing devices with variable speed output
Method and apparatus for measuring fluid density downhole
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus and method for combusting low quality fuel
Foil formed cooling area enhancement
Effusion cooled transition duct with shaped cooling holes
Gas turbo-group with cooling air system
Adsorbent state determining apparatus
Engine control for low emission vehicle starting
Manually guided implement
Bypass venturi assembly with single shaft actuator for an exhaust gas recirculation system
Portable trimmer with brake device for cutter
Internal combustion engine having variable displacement
Feed-forward observer-based control for estimating cylinder air charge
Aero-engine exhaust jet noise reduction assembly
Method and device for modulation of a flame
Hybrid rocket motor using a turbopump to pressurize a liquid propellant constituent
Combustion chamber cooling structure for a rocket engine
Automotive evaporative leak detection system
System and method for sensing the angular position of a rotatable member
Linear gridless ion thruster
Method and apparatus for pumping a cryogenic fluid from a storage tank
Structure for confining a valve knob
Intrinsic gauging for tube fittings
Containment module for transportable liquid natural gas dispensing station
Work light
LCD device including an illumination device having a polarized light separating sheet between a light guide and the display
Burner with high flame stability
Gas turbine combustor, gas turbine, and jet engine
Method for producing long distance energy and devices therefor
Air conditioner
Air conditioning system with low compression load
Cryogenic superconductor cooling system
Refrigeration cycle and method for determining capacity of receiver thereof
Self-retaining elongated adsorbent unit
Multilevel refrigeration for high temperature superconductivity
Pulse tube refrigeration system with tapered work transfer tube
Ice candle method and apparatus
Ice maker with improved harvest detection and thermal efficiency
Chilling unit with "free-cooling", designed to operate also with variable flow rate; system and process
Refrigerator condenser and fan assembly
Thermal conditioning beverage container holder
Motor driven compressor system for natural gas liquefaction
Method of drying wood and a system therefor
Apparatus and method for closed circuit cooling tower with corrugated metal tube elements
Laminated heat exchanger and refrigeration cycle
Heat exchanger with intertwined inner and outer coils
Hammer release apparatus
Firing mechanism at firearms
Gun cleaning kit
Dual powered illuminated fiber optic gun sight
Externally adjustable rifle telescope
Electronic instrument having a magnetic sensor
Vibrating gyroscope
Automatic integrated mechanical and electrical angular motion detector test system
Sliding adjustable track level
Level with attachments
Fluid flow meter having a fluorine-containing sealant which maintains silicon-containing filler in installation recess
Level-measuring device
Time domain reflectometry measurement instrument
Non-fluid conducting pressure module having non-contaminating body and isolation member
Pressure sensor
Diagnostic method for a shaft sensor in a reciprocating internal combustion engine
Apparatus for detecting intensity of shot peening and replacement unit for the apparatus
Multidimensional contact mechanics measurement system
Automobile engine misfire detecting method
Method and apparatus for determining the efficiency of a vehicle's shock absorbers
Loading assembly for a vehicle spindle test fixture
System for determining the integrity of a package or packaging material based on its transmission of a test gas
Apparatus and method for detecting leaks in metal roofs
Method of measuring hydrogen concentration of radioactive metallic material
Method for detecting and measuring foam forming compounds in aqueous solutions
Method for producing surface acoustic wave sensors and such a surface acoustic wave sensor
Ultrasound radiating and receiving device
Ultrasonic flaw detection method and apparatus
System and measuring sound velocity in material
Method of making microporous structure defined by a multiplicity of singular channels
Method and system for identifying a type of gas
Spectral method for calibrating accelerometers
Method of fabricating shaped springs
Method for determining correct phasing of a three-phase brushless DC motor
Segmented contactor
Ultrasonic imaging method and ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional microscopy with enhanced resolution
High-density cable distribution frame
Lens barrel
Attachable eyeglass wipers
Bi-directional planar slide mechanism
Ducted smoke or fire detector testing tool
Greeting card with DVD
Trading card and display stand
Illuminated mounting support for transparent media with image to create shadow effect
Multiple use automobile banner
Method for transmitting and evaluating advertising and information in toilet facilities and a display arrangement for carrying out said method in a urinal or toilet area
Theatrical advertising display
Method of manufacturing a head unit
Method of fabricating a coated metallic wire, method of removing insulation from the coated metallic wire and method of fabricating a semiconductor device with the wire
Process for manufacturing a composite polymeric circuit protection device
Method of making a magnetic circuit with coil
Apparatus and method for the placement and bonding of a die on a substrate
Method for forming a dielectric-constant-enchanced capacitor
Method for forming a micro-pattern
Method of making multilayer circuit board
Apparatus for producing wire harnesses for automotive vehicles
Insertion and extraction tool
Optical circuit on printed circuit board
Cable preparation tool
Coil inserter for stator winding
Method for axially drawing coils into stators or rotors of electric machines
Methods for trimming electrical parameters in an electrical circuit
Full duplex flow control for Ethernet networks
Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board
Device for the assembly of printed circuit boards
Device for holding a gripper for an electrical component on a fitting head
Electric-component mounting apparatus and electric-component mounting method
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