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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Cleaning, sanitising and sterilising preparations
Deck and patio anchoring device
Child-resistant zipper assemblies and packages utilizing the same
Tornado protection system and related methods
Tablet case with spring-loaded slideable bracket
Bunk restraint system
Symmetrically designed outer side member for a seat
Receptor-mediated delivery: compositions and methods
Plasticized bone and soft tissue grafts and methods of making and using same
Isoform selective phospholipase D inhibitors
Multiheteroaryl compounds as inhibitors of H-PGDS and their use for treating prostaglandin D.sub.2 mediated diseases
Methods and compositions for prevention or treatment of RSV infection
Anti-IL-23 heterodimer specific antibodies
Anti-human P-cadherin (CDH3) recombinant antibody
Monospecific and bispecific human monoclonal antibodies targeting insulin-like growth factor II (IGF-II)
Nonspecific adsorption inhibitor of substance relating to living body and method for coating article
Long lasting drug formulations
Bone repair material
Nanoemulsions and processes for their preparation, and their use as formulations of plant protection agents and/or pesticides and/or cosmetic preparations
Methods of making and using surfactant polymers
Catheter and method for its use
Needle guard clip with heel
Catheter and catheter arrangement
Device for passively removing a target component from blood or lymph of a vertebrate subject
Reconstitution devices
System for stimulating hair growth
Implantable acoustic sensor
Method and apparatus for adaptive control of neurostimulation using cardiac restitution
Optionally transportable machine for use in intraoperative electron radiation therapy
Mouthwash composition
Safety assembly for containers and conduits for combustible fluids
Electricity-generation gymnasium bicycle
Athletic skill training device and method
Snowboard accessory
Ski skin
Releasable snowboard binding
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid vessel with abrasion and corrosion resistant interior cladding
Carbon adsorbent for hydrogen sulfide removal from gases containing same, and regeneration of adsorbent
Sample conditioning systems and methods
Method for treating water in order to desalinate said water, including treating concentrates
Modification of drawn film
Hydrogen/syngas generator with sampling ports
Biomass high efficiency hydrothermal reformer
Nucleic acid arrays to monitor water and other ecosystems
Microfluidic unit, microfluidic disk, microfluidic disk system, and method for biochemical assays
Automated system for coal spiral
Separating device for separating a mixture
System for coating objects having a coating booth and an electrostatically operating separation unit
Generating channel letters using profiles
Apparatus for the application of spacer elements onto plates
Unitary connector pin formed by two-stage cold heading die
Refractory component for lining a metallurgical vessel
Flywheel reconditioning tool
Weld bead cutting device
Saw with circular blade
Template for forming cooling passages in a turbine engine component
Integrated flow meter
Device for the position-adjustment and attachment of a locking member on a support with compensation for play
Method to improve the leaching process
Positioning fixture for shearing
Magnet system for removable attachment of a bag to a water board
Strip all window and screen removal tool
Multifunctional nail gun
Attachment device for an automotive creeper and mechanics chair using the same
Folding knife with locking mechanism
Machine for deforming and cutting plastic strips for enhancing concrete
Slab production and processing
Ambient cure pigmented or clear top coat non-isocyanate system
Case erector with reversible picker and erector assembly
Reclosable container and process for manufacturing said container starting from a sheet material
Photocatalytic film, method for forming photocatalytic film and photocatalytic film coated product
Heat-treatable low-emissivity glass and a production method therefor
Carbon nanotube film structure and method for manufacturing the same
Traction surface and methods therefor
Rigidization of porous preform prior to densification
Composite elements
Multicomponent polymeric structure for addressing noise, vibration and harshness in structures
Method of preparing a flexographic printing master
Bridge sleeves with diametrically expandable stabilizers
Instant film printer for light emitting display screen incorporating optical collimation layer
Partitioned handling of documents printed in an N-up format
Liquid discharge head
Thermal printer, ribbon saving method and ribbon saving program
Reading apparatus and printing apparatus
Combination pen refill cartridge and active stylus
Slim type ballpoint pen
Pipe joint scribe kit
Compact valve system for self-inflating tire
Longitudinal seat adjuster for a vehicle seat having easy entry functionality and folding functionality
Vehicle elevating a working beam with respect to booms
Winch supported cargo strap launching device
Electrical coupling
Instrument for vehicle
Push button actuated toilet for motor vehicle
Passenger protection system
Specialized restraint systems for amusement rides
Load-carrying devices for vehicle roofs
Wiper blade for cleaning vehicle windows
Clutch arrangement and drivetrain for a motor vehicle
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Antiskid apparatus, vehicle, and motorcycle
Vehicle component having a recess overflowed with air
Method for operating a switching hump yard, and control device for a switching hump yard
Collapsible shopping cart apparatus
Device for controlling a position sensor of the steering wheel of an automobile
Cowl section structure for vehicle
Aerodynamic drag reducing apparatus
Mobile device holder
Electric power steering system
Luminous pedal structure for a bicycle
Electric bicycle motor power control apparatus
Flush glazed windshield mounting
Low cost boat enclosure
Gear rescue system
Convertible inflatable boat with stand up paddleboard
Aquatic equipment-mounting headgear
Shaft seal arrangement for a ship bulkhead
Vehicle passenger seating
Process and machine for the formation and the filling of bags
Carton with handle
Drinking straw packaging system and method
Recyclable storage lid and container
Installation for conveying items consisting of a thermoplastic material
Transport chain and transport chain system
Telescoping article retrieval system with plenum assembly attached to slave belt
Aligning and stacking palletizing machine
Carrier device and robot system
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus that detects remaining sheet amount, information terminal, control method, and storage medium
Auxiliary brakes for passenger conveyors
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrogen storage materials
Method and device for CNT length control
Methods for using ozone to enhance anaerobic digestion
Fluorapatite glass-ceramics
Low volatile reactive malodor counteractives and methods of use thereof
Synthesis of diamido gellants by using amino acid N-carboxyanhydrides
Synthesis of diamido gellants by using Dane salts of amino acids
Catalyst having support containing tin and process for manufacturing ethanol
Reduced energy alcohol separation process having water removal
Methods of converting mixtures of palmitoleic and oleic acid esters to high value products
Processes for preparing formaldehyde, glycolaldehyde and ethylene glycol
Method for purifying vanillin by liquid-liquid extraction
Star polymer
Catalytic isomerization of pentane using ionic liquids
Methods and systems for the production of diesters from triacylglyceride esters
Liquid 1,3/1,4-alkoxylated cyclohexanedimethanol based diacrylates
Soft PDE4 inhibitors
Heteroaryl compounds and uses thereof
Hydroxy group protecting agent and hydroxy group protection method
Process for preparation of substantially pure fosamprenavir calcium and its intermediates
Process for the production of a dioxolane compound from crude glycerol
Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds
Compounds for inhibiting the interaction of BCL2 with binding partners
Compounds for inhibiting the interaction of BCL2 with binding partners
Hetero-bicyclic derivatives as HCV inhibitors
4-(indol-3-yl)-pyrazole derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions and methods for use
Process for manufacturing a naphthyridine derivative
Preparation of 13-cyclohexyl-3-methoxy-6-[methyl-(2-{2-[methyl-(sulphamoyl)-amino]-ethox- y}-ethyl)-carbamoyl]-7H-indolo-[2,1-a]-[2]-benzazepine-10-carboxylic acid
Compounds with oxime ester and/or acyl groups
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Substrates for chromogenic detection and methods of use in detection assays and kits
Extracts from kibdelos porangium as antibacterial agents
siRNA molecules for the treatment of blood vessels
Method of inhibiting bacterial growth and biofilm formation with natural quorum sensing peptides
TFEB variants and uses thereof
Immunoassay of cofilin 1 protein
O-imino-iso-urea compounds and polymerizable compositions thereof
Graft polymers having oligoalkylenimine side chains, process for their preparation and their use
Catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins and catalysts therefrom obtained
Curable fluorine-containing polymer composition
Purification of monomer from recycle polyesters
Smart composites containing modified cellulosic nanomaterials
Process for producing high-performance thermoplastics with improved intrinsic color
Use of organogelator derivatives in bituminous compositions to improve the resistance of same to chemical stress
Tin phosphate glass containing embedded luminescent material particles
Liquid crystalline medium and liquid crystal display
Short chain alkylamine alkoxylate compositions
Ethylene furnace decoking method
Process and system for producing engineered fuel
Fluorosurfactants having improved biodegradability
Stirring apparatus for stirring microorganisms in a culturing medium
Metabolically enhanced cyanobacterial cell for the production of ethanol
Rock2 and Rock3, two new gain-of-function variants of the cytokinin receptors AHK2 and AHK3
Secretion of antibodies without signal peptides from bacteria
Inducible expression system transcription modulators comprising a distributed protein transduction domain and methods for using the same
Use of interfering rna for treating an hiv infection
Compositions and methods for producing fermentable carbohydrates
Artificial antibody polypeptides
High fidelity thermostable ligase and uses thereof
Genetically altered ciliates and uses thereof
Means and methods for haplotyping MHC-DRB loci in mammals and uses thereof
Rapid way to obtain high expression clones of mammalian cells using a methylcellulose and immunoprecipitation screening method
MLK4 gene, a new diagnostic and prognostic marker in cancers
Method and apparatus for treating a cellulosic feedstock
Tiltable oxygen converter
Sputtering target material
Filtered cathodic arc deposition apparatus and method
Melting-solidification furnace with variable heat exchange via the side walls
Textiles; Paper
Perspiration control glove
Method and apparatus to detect an over-suds condition
Wood pulp treatment
Used paper recycling apparatus and its constituent devices
Tissue having reduced hydrogen bonding
Fixed Constructions
Anchor positioning form with drainage system
Vehicle mounted apparatus for high-pressure fluid blasting
Granular spreader assembly
Industrial machine
Draining system having an odor seal for a vacuum toilet drain system
Tower assembly system for wind turbines and method thereof
Collapsible roof truss assembly and method
Method for assembling a handle in an openable body section of an automobile and associated openable body section handle
Hinge device
Sill assembly for a door frame
Securing and waterproof mechanism of a floodgate apparatus
Insulating window frame
Variable configuration blinds
Downhole tool actuation having a seat with a fluid by-pass
Drill hole planning
Barrier methods for use in subsurface hydrocarbon formations
Rotatable wireline tool of enhanced hydraulic drive consistency
Methodologies for treatment of hydrocarbon formations using staged pyrolyzation
Fluid injection in light tight oil reservoirs
Dual drive directional drilling system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
3-stroke/6-stroke rocket jet engine
Parallel cascaded cycle gas expander
Method, systems, and apparatuses for transition piece contouring
Diaphragm for turbomachines and method of manufacture
Arrangement and method for converting thermal energy to mechanical energy
Turbo compound transmission and a method for controlling a turbo compound transmission
Method and apparatus for generating useful work from the vent gas of a dual fuel internal combustion engine
Multi-capture mode wave energy converter with submergible float
Sea electricity energy production device to produce renewable electricity
Wind turbine and an associated control method
Resettable devices
Regenerative vacuum pump with axial thrust balancing means
Control system for hybrid construction machine
Device for displaying information
Clamping connection for mounting plate-like components, in particular solar modules
Angular contact bearing assembly for use in a steering column
Ball bearing
Switchable water pump with dual friction plate actuation
Gear for use in fishing reel
Device for the automatic operation of a manual gear box
Protective tube arrangement for a piston-cylinder unit having a piston rod
Method and system for securing and removing a liquid molding system valve from a beverage dispenser
Fluid management system
Quick connector having anti-disengagement structure
Pipeline pig and launching apparatus
Mounting clips and decorative mounting articles
Anesthesia breathing circuit tube support
LED vehicle headlamp with electrochromic device
Partially recessed luminaire
Method and apparatus for diffusing LED light bulbs
Heat exchange unit
Multi-burner high-pressure portable stove having independently controlled regulators
Heating and cooling system including a heat pump and a heat storage tank
Heat exchanger and a heat pump using same
Ice making, transferring, storing and dispensing system for a refrigerator
Projectile launcher having upper receiver pivotally coupled to lower receiver
Hands-free bow carrier system
Bayonet lug to picatinny rail adaptor
Rifle scope
Blanket protection system
Repair-pipe/designed-pipe measuring system
Device for detecting tool tip position of remote-controlled actuator
Estimation of vehicle location
Electrochemically treated nutrient solutions
Apparatus and methods for water waste management in water distribution systems
Light source support apparatus and optical radiation characteristic measurement apparatus using the same
Method and device for determining chemical and/or physical properties of working substances in a machine system
Coherent anti-stokes raman spectroscopy
Optical probe and optical measuring method
Heat flux measurement apparatus and heat flux measurement method
Force transducer forming a load cell
Testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for disturbance detection
Sensor system and method for determining an optical property of a plant
Wavelength-tunable interference filter, optical module, and optical analysis apparatus
Detection method using colorimetric analysis
Biomarkers for theranostics
Fluorescent dyes and uses thereof
Switch detection system
Semiconductor integrated circuit
On-chip detection of types of operations tested by an LBIST
Detection of a position of an object
System and method for detection and ranging
Apparatus systems and methods of sensing chemical bio-chemical and radiological agents using electrophoretic displays
Catenary front-end gear and method
Variable magnification optical system and imaging apparatus
Mechanical light modulators with stressed beams
Display apparatus incorporating high-aspect ratio electrical interconnects
Display device and method for manufacturing the display device
Display device
Dust cleaning device
Image displaying device
Liquid crystal lens panel, three dimensional panel assembly, and display apparatus having the same
Optical light diffuser component having a substrate with optical structures and optical coatings and a method for manufacturing the same
Afocal optical concentrator
Optical devices including resonant cavity structures
Optical transceiver interface with C-shaped planar alignment and securing
Optical systems for infrared touch screens
Optical communication module and method for making the same
Illuminated eyewear
Method and apparatus for making polarized sunglasses
Systems, methods, and devices for optomechanically induced non-reciprocity
Light guide plate and surface light source device
Solid state nano-based optical logic gate
Developing device, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and developer transfer method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including the same
Image forming apparatus which includes a colorless toner image forming device
System and method for applying liquid toner to a developing member in a digital printer
Balance with hairspring, movement, and timepiece
Robot system and method of controlling the robot system
DNA sample data in a transponder transaction
Navigational control system for a robotic device
Voltage regulator circuit
Casing structure and electronic device using the same
Tablet case
Performing diagnostic tracing of an executing application to identify suspicious pointer values
Memory system with variable length page stripes including data protection information
Efficient checksums for shared nothing clustered filesystems
Recovery for long running multithreaded processes
Workflow locked loops to enable adaptive networks to change a policy statement responsive to mission level exceptions and reconfigure the software-controllable network responsive to network level exceptions
Providing security services within a cloud computing environment
System for error decoding with retries and associated methods
Providing customizable, process-specific just-in-time debugging in an operating system
Techniques for providing data redundancy after reducing memory writes
Memory mapping in a processor having multiple programmable units
Apparatus and method for reducing the flushing time of a cache
Enhancing analytics performance using distributed multi-tiering
Storage device to backup content based on a deduplication system
Multi-ported memory with multiple access support
Prefetching for multiple parent cores in a multi-core chip
Data updating in non-volatile memory
Method and apparatus for turbo decoder memory collision resolution
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and information processing method for avoiding overlap of logs
Sharing information associated with power generation devices via a file system on a network
Technique for accurately detecting system failure
Methods and apparatus for submitting and reviewing auditions
Remote direct memory access socket aggregation
Metering resource usage in a cloud computing environment
Spiking neural network feedback apparatus and methods
Method and system for facilitating electronic communication between the public and a public personality or representative
Signal transformation apparatus applied hybrid architecture, signal transformation method, and recording medium
Indicating focus in a portal environment
Graphical user interface in keyword search
User interface for presenting and searching relationships between document objects located on a network
Apparatus and method for creating, addressing and modifying related data
Determining a storage location based on frequency of use
Mobile client device driven data backup
Creation device, creation method, and recording medium
Automatically granting access to content in a microblog
System and method for predicting human posture using a rules-based sequential approach
Precision guided firearm including an optical scope configured to determine timing of discharge
Electro-optic system for crosswind measurement
Determination tree generating apparatus
Rail-mounted robotic inventory system
Portable health record system and method
Enforcement of data privacy to maintain obfuscation of certain data
General storage cache functionality extension
Systems and methods of packed command management for non-volatile storage devices
Dynamic tactile interface
Mobile terminal and touch recognizing method therein
Acoustic pulse recognition with increased accuracy by localizing contact area of plate
Intelligent input method
Assisted service registration facilitating business process service reuse
Automatic account detection and association
System, method, and computer program for presenting service options to a user utilizing a three-dimensional structure
System, method and computer program product for optimization of tape performance
Image forming device and computer-readable storage medium
Data processing apparatus, information processing system, control method for the same, and storage medium storing a program
Dynamically configurable portlet
System for automatically sorting mailpostal matter and method thereof
Systems and methods for determining data dependency for dynamic tiles
User interface driven access control system and methods for multiple users as one audience
Associative search engine
Play time dispenser for electronic applications
Encoding densely packed decimals
Unmanned device utilization methods and systems
Configuring assembly of a system using supplied architectural artifacts
System and method for live software object interaction
Method for updating a web package within a manufacturing execution system and manufacturing execution system
Delivering financial services to remote devices
Recognizing operational options for stream operators at compile-time
Operating system virtualization for host channel adapters
Generating user-requested virtual machine templates from super virtual machine templates and cacheable patches
Method and apparatus for scheduling resources in system architecture
Dynamically adjusting priority by providing a longer duration of use of a shared resource
Data processing environment event correlation
System, method, and computer program product to distribute workload
Assigning addresses to devices on an interconnect
Processor with memory race recorder to record thread interleavings in multi-threaded software
Managing quiesce requests in a multi-processor environment
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Printing apparatus having wireless communication function, and control method for printing apparatus
RFID tag, method for producing RFID tag, and mold
Device for automated fuel delivery authorization and method for installation thereof
Electronic apparatus and display control method
Image cache
Global approximation to spatially varying tone mapping operators
X-ray CT apparatus and image correction method
Apparatus for evaluating the accuracy of a SPECT or PET system using a phantom filled with a radioisotope
Method and apparatus for recovering a component of a distortion field and for determining a disparity field
Motion-tracking X-ray CT image processing method and motion-tracking X-ray CT image processing device
Real time processing of video frames
Image fragmentation for distortion correction of color space encoded image
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Information processing apparatus and method for controlling the same
Human tracking method and apparatus using color histogram
Monitoring velocity and dwell trends from wireless sensor
Linked decision nodes in a business process model
Method for information editorial controls
System and method for example based targeted marketing
System and method for providing electronic multi-merchant gift registry services over a distributed network
Method and system for processing requisitions
System and method for allocating suppliers using geographical information system and supplier capability
Systems and methods for providing remote ordering capabilities
Portable E-wallet and universal card
Portable E-wallet and universal card
Method of conducting social network application operations
Method of conducting social network application operations
System and method for displaying complex scripts with a cloud computing architecture
Method and system for monitoring the evolution of a physical quantity
Method and apparatus for managing and displaying data
Method and system for 3D surface deformation fitting
Presenting three dimensional depth
Medical diagnostic imaging apparatus and image correction method
Background understanding in video data
Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, and image processing method, configured to process reduced-size images
Novelty dispenser
Portable electrical apparatus and method for detecting state of the same
Alarming pusher system
Manhole security cover
Locking GPS device for locating children
Driver fatigue monitoring system and method
Ultrasound mesh localization for interactive systems
Traffic beacon having irregular pattern
Apparatus and method to improve toddler's steps and mobility
Method and device for aligning a plurality of digital pictures
Plating pretreatment solution and method for producing aluminum substrate for hard disk devices using same
Cylindrical permanent magnet device generating a controlled magnetic field at a distance from the surface thereof
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Electrical component and method of manufacturing the same
Mounting for solar panels
Electrolyte additive and electrolyte including same and rechargeable lithium battery including electrolyte
Charging device and charging method
Lithium titanate, electrode active material and electricity storage device each comprising the same
Technology enhancement clip for hard tags
Intelligent lighting tile system powered from multiple power sources
Memory controller, storage device and error correction method
RFID middleware system and method of supporting real-time balancing of loads of reader connections
Controlling direction of light associated with a flash device
System and method of compressing video content
Image processing system, image processing method, and computer program product
RFID tag reader, RFID tag reading system, method for performing RFID tag reading process and computer-readable recording medium
Methods and systems for GPS-enabled baggage tags
Bill folder with visual device and dynamic information content updating system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Hand truck for moving 3 point hitch equipment
Method and means for planting field seeds in rows with different varieties of seeds
Lawn mower rack
Throughput control for combines having a variable torque sensing drive
Grinding device
Flap openings in a grain harvesting threshing and separation unit
Artificial lighting apparatus for young plants using light emitting diodes as light source
Method and apparatus for control of mites in a beehive
Fishing lighting system, components therefor and methods of making the same
Dual-bearing reel centrifugal braking device
Fishing reel
Fly tying method and apparatus
Secondary halving apparatus for poultry
Device for ladling an ice cream ball
Apparatus for making frozen drinks
Child's toy
Base structure for roller skates
Multi-purpose illumination device adaptable for use as a button fastener
Multi-purpose containers having a foldable writing instrument
Assembly articulated by a hinge with assisted opening/closing
Device for packaging and applying makeup
Piece of baggage having an adjustable strap for alternatively supporting the piece of baggage from one's waist or shoulder
Backpack apparatus
Removably attachable container holder apparatus and method
Caulking gun holster with tool punch
Oscillating aqua broom
Drawer for gaming devices
In-flight meal service cart
Inflation needle storage rack
Mounting unit
Tube guide for a column unit
Appendage cramp relief device
Flip-up bolster chair
Splicing chair
Ride-on toy interactive playset
Convertible child's play swing
Vibration resistant slidable shelf
Inventory control system for walk-in display coolers and the like
Security device for preventing rapid removal of merchandise
Shelving systems and methods for manufacturing same
Earring holder
Beverage container cover bowl
Smooth profiled food service articles
Pouring container having a non-drip lip
Children's shoehorn
Clamp-type garment hanger
Mailbox assembly
Drapery hanging device
Safety device for food processor
Device for inserting a material strip in wiping material dispensing apparatus
Telescopic extension for a household appliance and method for assembling thereof
Dental mirror and protective mask with integral removal tab
Electronic endoscope device using separated area photometry
Finger-guided suture device
Apparatus and method as preparation for performing a myringotomy in a child's ear without the need for anaesthesia
Curved stabilization arm for use with surgical retractor and tissue stabilization device and methods related thereto
Safety sharps bagging apparatus
Method for establishing fixation in visual field perimetry
Device for the stereoscopic examination of a patient's eye
Method and apparatus for detection of acid reflux
Non-contact method for measuring amount of skin sebum or oil in real time using fiber optic probe
Dental saliva ejector tube assembly
Hand instrument for debonding orthodontic brackets
Implant system
Visually-directed surgical instrument and method for treating female urinary incontinence
Hydraulic heartburn and reflux treatment
Subcutaneous penile implant
Universal restraint system
Wheelchair back support assembly
Device for playing wheelchair football
Hand-held isokinetic exercise device and method of use
Pill splitter for complex pill forms
Artificial tissue
Respirator radial compressor with reduced sound emission
Foldable rappelling hook
Safety device
Targeting, small wildland fire extinguisher dropping system
Golf training device
Abdominal exercise device
Weight lifter's bench
Elevating apparatus of an exercise treadmill
Revolving exercise apparatus
Stationary bike
Abdominal weight lifting apparatus and method
Deformable ball
Fast dismantling device
Thread wound golf ball
Harness for performing aerobic exercises on a therapeutic ball
Structure of a golf putter
Golf club head
Golf club head with adjustable face angle
Metal wood golf club head with faceplate insert
Golf bag tilting structure
Golf club head
Roller Bowler 2000
Shock absorbing skate truck assembly
Compact sitting and braking device for use with skates
Pool stick hanging device
Billiards card game
Multi-hand poker game
Method of simulation time travel in a card game
Apparatus for progressive jackpot gaming
Unlocking secrets of video games
Gaming apparatus
Video game device, play control method for video game, and readable recording medium recording the method
Game system
Compensating for network latency in a multi-player game
Method and apparatus for playing multiple hand card game
Method of playing a three-card wagering game with jackpot
Paintball simulation game
Apparatus and method for playing a card game
Competitive gambling board game
Board game and method of playing the same
Numerical total high/low lottery game
Container with associated puzzle
Amusement park water lock system and method of use
Built-up toy ejector
Rotary tower crane with vertically extendable and retractable load maneuvering boom
Single driving wheel remote control toy vehicle
Three-dimensional built-up toy train
Three-dimensional built-up toy with changeable clothes
Crab-shaped built-up toy
Multi-function mobile
Device and method for securing movable sections of wind indicator devices and kites
Construction system
Touch-controlled lighting circuit assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gas dissolving apparatus and method
Cross flow slurry filtration apparatus and method
Seal structure for a fluid pour spout of a paint container lid member
Agitator and fixing device thereof
Medical test form
Self-propelled crushing machine
Wood processing systems and methods of constructing and using them
Plastic chipping method and apparatus
Milling apparatus and milling method
Double-intake disk centrifuge
Method of cleaning rotary drum of horizontal drum-type centrifugal separator using a solid cleaning medium
Device for mixing at least two products
Drop discharge device
Method and apparatus for application of coatings to articles
Spraying device for dispensing home care formulations with electrostatic liquid droplets
Electrostatic atomizers
Fume ventilation apparatus
High-pressure cleaner with clamping element for reciprocating pump
Chemical oxidation of volatile organic compounds
Rotary looper
Water cooling device for wire
Hydroforming a tubular structure of varying diameter from a tubular blank made using electromagnetic pulse welding
Tubing connector
Chuck device
Chuck for machine tool
Rigid polymeric cutting article, a rotary tool having the article attached thereto, and a method of using
Method for fracture-separating an annular piece
Adaptor assembly for interchangeably mounting hot air solder reflow nozzles to soldering/desoldering apparatus
Soldering method using a Cu-containing lead-free alloy
Wire bonding apparatus
Friction stir welding method
Flux composition and corresponding soldering method
Welding method and apparatus
Device with pistons for locking in position linear elements movable translationwise
Compensating system for a hexapod
Tool-driving device, particularly for machine tools
Processing plant with device for holding and centering bodies in processing stations
Tool management system
Sharpener attachment for rotary tool
Hand operated belt sander
Random-orbit head with concentric lock-up feature
Control of removal rates in CMP
Film thickness measuring method, polishing method, fabrication method of thin film magnetic head and substrate for forming the thin film magnetic head
Multipoint bending apparatus for lapping heads of a data storage device
Wafer holding plate for wafer grinding apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Method of wafer smoothing for bonding using chemo-mechanical polishing (CMP)
Dry method of concrete floor restoration
Inner diameter grinding wheel and grinding apparatus using the wheel for grinding a cylindrical workpiece
Chemical mechanical polishing with a moving polishing sheet
Power drivable chuck
Driving mechanism for plank clamp
Stapler with interchangeable cartridges
Flexible tool storage device
Mechanical grapple for manipulating objects
Mounting apparatus for electronic parts
Device for treating sheet materials using pressurized water jets
Self-erecting mobile concrete batch plant
Process for removing paint from polymeric materials
Compounding heat cured rubber compositions
Mould for moulding a glazing profile on a sheet of glazing material
Film or sheet holding apparatus for an injection mold
Mold for injection molding and diecasting machines
Press mechanism
Method for making product and product having ultra high molecular weight plastic parts
Magnetic tape cassette molding apparatus
Extruder die head
Slot die for producing webs of a foamed plastic material
Extrusion die and die assembly for underwater pelletizer
Resin extrusion apparatus
Apparatus and method for individually controlling motors in a carton folding machine in order to automatically execute a carton folding process
Cushioning conversion system with stop gate
Capping of ink jet recording head
Roller system to help remove chad and trimmed media in a thermal printer
Printing machine having print heads and control method thereof
Universal pen with code sensor
Printer and printer paper tray
Personal computer having a built-in printer, and a system and method for computing rate information using the computer
Printer having roll paper housing
Color printer and method of feeding paper by tension rollers
Ink-jet recording method and ink-jet recording apparatus in which recording is performed by reciprocal scanning
Calibration method for an optical sensor, an adjustment method of dot printing positions using the calibration method, and a printing apparatus
Printing method and a printing apparatus
Printer and transport assembly
Incorporation of silicon bridges in the ink channels of CMOS/MEMS integrated ink jet print head and method of forming same
Continuous ink-jet printing method and apparatus with nozzle clusters
Continuous ink jet printer with micro-valve deflection mechanism and method of controlling same
Driving waveform generating device and method for ink-jet recording head
Micromachined two-dimensional array droplet ejectors
Liquid-discharge control method, and liquid discharging apparatus
Method of determining thermal turn on energy
Printhead and printing apparatus using the same
Control circuit for driving a print head of a printing apparatus
Ink-jet head, ink jet printer, and its driving method
Method of forming picture elements on a substrate
Flextensional transducer
Substrate for use of ink jet head, ink jet head, ink jet cartridge, and ink jet recording apparatus
Liquid discharge head, method for manufacturing liquid discharge head, head cartridge on which liquid discharge head is mounted, and liquid discharge apparatus
Method and apparatus for discharging liquid by a gas bubble controlled by a movable member to communicate with the atmosphere
Ink-jet printing apparatus and method using laser initiated acoustic waves
Liquid discharge head, liquid discharge apparatus and method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
Flextensional transducer and method for fabrication of a flextensional transducer
Ink jet recording head
Liquid discharge head, cartridge having such head, liquid discharge apparatus provided with such cartridge, and method for manufacturing liquid discharge heads
Ink jet cartridge with two jet plates
Recording apparatus, recording head and substrate therefor
Adjustment of ink droplet expulsion testing device in printer
Capping mechanism for pen printhead
Ink jet cartridge, ink jet head and printer
Ink cartridge
Ink supply system and ink-jet recording apparatus
Matrix printer and interchangeable container for color ink supply
Method for filling a liquid into a liquid container, a filling unit for executing the filling method, a liquid container manufactured according to the filling method and a liquid ejection apparatus
Printer ink cartridge management system
Ink cartridge and a printing device using the ink cartridge
Ink jet recording apparatus and method for recording with plural nozzle arrays
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Inkjet printing and method
Ink supplied printer head and ink container
Recording medium for ink-jet printer
Security element in the form of a thread or be embedded in security and methods of producing it
Ring binder having actuating lever with cushion member
Writing instrument having excellent cap-off performance
Telescopic ball-point pen
Writing instrument and method of producing the same
Structure of a make-up pen
Writing utensil with container for receiving temporarily writing liquid
Drive wheel
Bicycle wheel rim
Stabilizer for a multi-trailer rig
Universal tow bar
Trailer hitch conversion apparatus
Stabilizer bushing
Adjustable vehicle with moving section for load transfer
Heating or air-conditioning system and method of operating same
Tailgate sealing gasket
Visor for vehicles
Vehicle door
Tarpaulin fixture
Reinforced cargo doors
Motor vehicle with an openable vehicle roof
Tarp roll having internal drive means
Heap climbing container cover system
Wind deflector for a sliding roof opening of a motor vehicle
Fixing of a fluid reservoir, especially for an item of motor-vehicle equipment
Adjustable pedalbox and floor for an automobile interior
Steering arrangement incorporated with a display/control panel
Current collector
Method and arrangement for obtaining and conveying information about occupancy of a vehicle
Article holding device
Variable configuration automobile vehicle seat
Seat track assembly for fold and flip seat
Seat reclining device for a vehicle
Adjustable car seat
Child's seat for airplanes
Emergency locking seat hinge device and vehicle seat using the same
Device for holding a container adjacent to a vehicular vent
Self-regulating, axle-mounted electrical generation device
Sliding style headlamp adjuster
Adjustable fixing element
Digital electrochromic mirror system
Small light-source module and light-source unit
Adjusting device for motor vehicle outside mirrors
Potentiometer for motorized mirror
Pedestal and its use
Wiring system of indication instrument for vehicle
Rotary connector having mechanism for locking pair of housings in relatively rotational relation
Composite suspension control arm shaft for motor vehicles
Device for the absorption of impact energy in motor vehicles and method of making same
Multiple configuration bulkhead
Vehicular rearview mirror assembly system
One-piece knee bolster
Vehicle pillar having an interior protuberance at the roof headliner
Tether attachment for multi-layered inflatable curtain
Inflatable curtain with anchor device
Inflatable headrest
Steering wheel with an airbag device
Air bag device
Side air bag apparatus of vehicle
Dual stage inflator
Gas Generator
Vehicle air bag system
Means for electrical connection of components in a vehicle occupant protection system
Seat belt guide
Seat belt retractor
Seat belt retractor with energy absorbing cover
Pull out tailgate step
Structure for rear luggage compartment of vehicle
Vehicle tissue box placement assembly
Multiple-compartment storage chest for vehicles
Bumper receiver bracket device
Heatable washer system which is intended for a motor vehicle
Electronic vent valve
Brake control device for a vehicle
Mechanical sensor for a quick release hand brake
Side tension brake condition sensor
Hydraulic circuit having a rotary type pump and brake apparatus for a vehicle provided with the same
Rotary pump and braking device using same
Piston pump having a hollow piston
Automatically actuated braking system
Cargo elevator assembly
Collision attenuator
Electrical contact coupling for automatic center- or central buffer couplings for rail vehicles
Point detector sleeve for railroad switch machine and associated method
Combined pair of ladders and transportation dolly device
Mobile pedestal with storable handle
Stroller stand
Bearing device
Steering column crash system
Heat activated reinforcing sleeve
Automobile bodyshell frame structure
Solar cover
Structural reinforcement member for wheel well
Convertible cargo body for a vehicle
Steering system and method for a vehicle
Power steering
Power-assisted steering with hydraulic power assistance
Hydraulic system for actuating at least two operating systems of a motor vehicle
Roller assembly for an undercarriage of a work machine
Rubber crawler belt
Rubber crawler
Bicycle balancing system
Two-wheeler in the form of a dandy horse
Runner attachments for a scooter
Adjustable tiller for vehicle
Snowmobile ski suspension system
Crank assembly for a full-suspension bicycle
Inflatable raft tethering arrangement
Motorized retractable ski tow rope
Rescue device
Vibration isolation for mounting water jet propulsion unit to hull
Thrust enhancing propeller guard assembly
Electrical energy depletion/collection system
Aircraft fuselage having a rear-end opening for cargo dispatch
Mobius-like joining structure for fluid dynamic foils
Landing gear shock absorber with variable viscosity fluid
Flap hinge mechanism, method for manufacturing the same, and flap hinge apparatus
Gas turbine engine mounting arrangement
Suspension system with intrinsic safety features for aircraft powerplants
Aircraft security system
Spacecraft pointing performance via optimized solar array orientation
Luminescing bottle
Apparatus for handling stacked integrated circuit devices
Reclosable package having a zipper closure, slider device and tamper-evident structure
Toothpaste dispensing device
Unit dose tube and cap assembly
Liquid container
Screw top with tearaway strip
Combined container cap and lift tab opener
Vented closure
Safety cap for fluid dispensing cartridges
Foldable tote box
Pack for smoking articles
Packaging for two associated articles
Integral insert packaging
Shipping and display container for bottles
Carton with framed opening feature and product viewing window
Dispensing container
High storage density roll stock stacking support
Camera sales package
Blister package
Container base cup having reduced heat gain
Thermally insulated containers for liquids
Valve for aerosol container
Dispensing apparatus
Pack for smoking articles
Freight container, system, and method for shipping freight
Containment tank assembly
Garbage can and method therefor
Linearly adjustable container holding and lifting device
Skid handling system for flow through storage
Directional drilling machine with multiple pocket rod indexer
Modular belt with tapered oblong hinge pins
Conveying device, especially a suspended conveying device, and components belonging thereto
Apparatus for conveying and temporarily storing products
Pneumatic mail delivery system
Linear incline lift and dump device
Adaptive flag weight for document handling apparatus
Device for turning sheets
Web winding device
Change device of a reel-up and method for changing a roll
Multiple-pitch tape feeder with multiple peel positions
Device for swiveling a rotary frame
Snap fit bearing assembly
Method and apparatus for stacking sheets in offset relationship
Carton unloading and erecting apparatus
Apparatus for the separation of sheets
Buckle folding machine with adjustable folding gap widths
Apparatus for the upkeep of a mobile maintenance carriage or a workstation of a textile machine
Wire winding box with increasing usable area
Active pre-registration system employing a paper supply elevator
Elevator power control for adjusting ratio of power supplied from each of dual power sources
Modular lock for elevator doors
Elevator and guide device for elevator
Remote operation auxiliary hoist control and precision load positioner
Ring lifting crane
Method of telescoping a crane jib, apparatus for implementing the method, and a crane jib constituting an application thereof
Crawler traveling type working machine
Lawn tractor maintenance system
Hydraulic jack
Modular liquid container and dispensing system
Flow regulation valve for a beverage dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Burner and combustion method for heating surfaces susceptible to oxidation or reduction
Air injection for nitrogen oxide reduction and improved product quality
Methods for making 2-(.omega.-alkoxycarbonylalkanoyl)-4-butanolide, ester of omega-hydroxy-(.omega.-3)-ketoaliphatic acid, and derivatives thereof
Ink, ink set, ink cartridge, recording unit, image recording method and image recording apparatus
Ink, ink set, ink-jet recording process, ink cartridge, recording unit and ink-jet recording apparatus
Lubricated bearing assembly and method
Flexible pressure resistant cover for the articulation system of a medical instrument
Gas panel
Flexible nozzle system for gas distribution plate of plasma reaction chamber
Gas injector and gas injection direction adjusting method
Wafer holder
Textiles; Paper
Breaker plate assembly for producing bicomponent fibers in a meltblown apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Single roller concrete finishing machine
Temporary support structure
Retractable barrier strip
Traffic barrier with liquid filled modules
Environmentally compatible archway for road building
Apparatus to support a light post and such a lamp post
Trench sheeting device
Extended reach vertical lift boom
Fluid assisted ground wedging device
Cab window lock system
Water control apparatus for showers
Connector for connecting beams to columns
Lockable media storage box with lock and key
Range door lock with nuisance latch
Sliding door locking and venting device
Lock for a vehicle door
Vehicle door latch mechanism
Trunk-boot latch
Heated industrial curtain
Paint container support device
Rod loader with transfer member raised and lowered in concert with rod lift
Method of mining
Rockbolt assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary piston engine having a cogwheel pump and an oil metering pump
Variable stator vane bushing
Attachment air inlet configuration for highly loaded single crystal turbine blades
Third-stage turbine bucket airfoil
Airfoil configured for moisture removal from steam turbine flow path
Hollow nozzle partition with recessed end caps
Film cooling hole construction in gas turbine moving-vanes
Method of controlling hydraulically actuated valves and engine using same
Lubrication system for 4-cycle engine of small watercraft
Portable suction device for removal of fuel/oil from an engine
Exhaust elbow
Fuel injection valve
Fuel-injection valve
Hinge mechanism for variable displacement compressors
Piston type compressor having arcuately shaped fluid port
Compressor cooling system
Compact dual diaphragm pump
Oil free dry screw compressor including variable speed drive
Compressor control system and method for controlling the same
Scroll compressor with deflector plate
Miniature well and irrigation pump apparatus
Controller for pump and valve
Sump pump motor switch assembly
Turbo molecular pump
Barrel fan with enclosed motor
Optical stall precursor sensor apparatus and method for application on axial flow compressors
Evacuating unit with reduced diameter exhaust duct
Fuel pump for gas turbines
Blower impeller apparatus with one way valves
Fan shroud for vehicle mounted heat converter
Directed air flow coupling guard
Cell for pumping a multiphase effluent and pump comprising at least one of the cells
Liquid pump, especially for delivering fuel
Fuel injector
Modular dovetail joint
Sandwich type expansion bolt
Fixture of an article
Two part twist fastener
Anti-cross threading device
Clip nuts
Split boom coupling structure
Anti-friction bearing and a motor including such a bearing
Adjustable preload shim for tapered bearings
Shuttle compensated hydrostatic bearing
Roller bearing for longitudinal motions
Cage for double row roller bearing
Shaft seal device
Ball bearing
Coupling structure between shaft and yoke
Outboard clutch assembly support
Linking structure for power transmission device
Constant velocity universal joint
Viscous fluid coupling
Bi-directional clutch
Polymer based backing plates for railway brake shoes and disc pads
Disc brake, disc brake pad, and back plate for the disc brake pad
Elastomeric mounting
Suspension system for motor vehicles
Air spring swage assembly
Damping force control type hydraulic shock absorber
Taper roller bearing lubricating structure
Hydraulic control apparatus for automatic transmissions
Seal arrangement
Gate valve
Thermal expansion valve
Valve mechanism and control
Press fitting element
Connection piece for a heat exchanger
Protective cover assembly for a slip yoke in a vehicle drive train assembly
Stand with work light that can be directed at multiple positions
Heat dissipating laptop computer stand with adjustable tilt
Precision non-contamination oiler
Twinkle light set
Outlet mounted light fixture
LED based trough designed mechanically steerable beam traffic signal
Lighting device for the illumination of a vehicle decoupling bay and a method for providing the same
Vehicular headlamp
Christmas decorative lighting concealing device
Globular decorative light assembly with flexible supporting frame
DIY assembly lamp structure
Structure for separable lamp cover
Flush trim collar lighting system
Decorative light assembly with upright arranged light units
Illumination device with an outer tube encasing a transparent center rod
Dual switch flashlight
Flashlight with waterproof switch
Motor vehicle headlight equipped with a discharge lamp and with improved electromagnetic screening means
Light fitting
Adjustable light
Vehicle lamp having a reflective containing film coating aluminum flakes
Lighting apparatus
Illuminated looped light pipe
Planar light-emitting display panel
Surface-emitting device, front light, and liquid crystal device
Image display apparatus
Lighting device with beam altering mechanism incorporating a plurality of light souces
Co-axial furnace blower with simplified construction
Candle with clear barrier and medium
Multiple hot zone igniters
Heat supply system
Air ventilating device
Room grating control
Method and apparatus for an air vent assembly
Air humidification
Toothed grate for rotary kiln peripheral discharge openings
Hot plate cooling method and heat processing apparatus
Water gun amusement device
Warren portal identification and tunnel resident disgorger system
Guided bullet
Output shaft assembly for a missile control actuation unit
System and method for munition impact assessment
Seal for a sensor element of a gas sensor and method for producing said seal
Contact sheet
Meter socket adapter with connections to electrical component in an enclosure
Dipole logging tool
Laser scanning system mounted over a conveyor belt along which packages bearing bar code symbols are transported and scanned
Integrated retinal display
Image display apparatus
Optical connector
Alignment assembly for multi-optical fiber ferrules
Shielded optical fiber adaptor
Post assembly metallization of a device to form hermetic seal
Ultraminiature optical jack
Alignment of optical interfaces for data communication
Eyeglasses having angle adjustable temples
Multifocal ophthalmic lens with induced aperture
Spectacle-mounted ocular display apparatus
Structure for assembling auxiliary spectacles with main spectacles by means of magnetic clips
Spectacle frame combination of a primary lenses frame and an auxiliary lenses frame magnetically and pivotably attached thereto
Bridge for attaching auxiliary lenses
Illuminating device and information processing device
Combination overhead projector and electronic display device
Radiation image pickup apparatus
Comfort-enhancing intraoral dental radiographic film packet and method for forming same
Shutter device
Flight control system for a hybrid aircraft in the pitch axis
Device and method for triggering a gas furnace ignitor
Automated diagnostic system and method including encoding patient data
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, print control method, and storage medium storing computer readable program
Credit card reader enclosure with debris opening
Electrical card connector
System and method for color dither matrix creation using human-vision-system gray matrix with cluster radii
Linear personalization machine
Data carrier for operation with and without contacts
Electronic card connector
Multiple light sensor module position scanning method
Optical reader, optical reading method and optical reading system
Prepayment wristband and computer debit system
Digital cash safe
Electronic vault for use in processing smart product transactions
Process and device for avoiding fraud in a taxi equipped with a taximeter of extractable type
Wagering system with improved communication between host computers and remote terminals
Identification card reading apparatus and method
Bill deposit/withdrawal machine
Deposit accepting and storage apparatus and method for automated banking machine
Method for controlling bill-processing machine
Cup lid dispenser
System for storing and making available gas bottles
Automatic dispenser of fresh cut flowers making bouquets on request
Dual action door hinging
Reference training tools for development of reading fluency
Automatic service equipment
Poster-style novelty item
Three-piece tape reel assembly with integrated driving teeth and metal flanges
Sample push-out fixture
Method of fabricating capillary electrode discharge plasma display panel device
Manufacturing method of image-forming apparatus
Bonding apparatus and bonding method
Apparatus for forming wire bonds from circuitry on a substrate to a semiconductor chip, and methods of forming semiconductor chip assemblies
Gripper for supporting substrate in a vertical orientation
Carrier assembly for semiconductor IC (integrated circuit) packages
Sheet support container
Universal carrier tray
Heat sink fastener
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same and mounting plate
Electrical connector having improved retention devices
Electrical connector
Edge card connector adaptor for flexible circuitry
Cable connector
Flat flexible cable connector
Flexible flat cable connector with sliding member
SMA (sub-miniature) connector structure
Low profile RF connector and method of manufacturing the RF connector
Device for CPU socket actuation
Terminal for assembling wires of different diameters
Electrical contact receptacle to mate with round and rectangular pins
One-piece two-leg contact spring
Electrical connector contact pin
High-speed electrical connector
Physically independent connector for retractable and removeable extensions in thin-profile electronic devices
Circuit member connection structure
Contact element made of sheet-metal material
Sealant-filled electrical connector and method for forming the same
Geophysical connector
Underwater mateable electrical connector with anti-hydrolock feature
Connector having a cable that is relatively moveable about an axis
Connector assembly with an engagement assist member and connector position assurance device
Electrical connector having actuation device
Method and apparatus for securing electrical connectors
Half-fitting prevention connector
Electrical connector with latch
Signal input/output apparatus
Connector fitting structure
Multipolar plug-in connection
Electrical connector having printed circuit board mounted therein
Electrical connector
Industrial telecommunications connector
Cable reel
Insulation displacement electrical connector
IDC connector assembly
Electrical connector assembly
Connector terminal
Circular electrical connector
Surface mount holding feature
Land grid array socket actuation hardware for MCM applications
Spark plug wire boot securing system
Liquid pump, in particular, detergent liquid pump for household appliances, and method for assembling it
Illuminant radio communication device
Light source and original reading device
Test pattern printing method, information processing apparatus and printing apparatus
Mirror and aperture based color phase detector for use in a multimedia projection system
Dual coil floating mass transducers
Diaphragm for speaker and speaker device provided with the same
Chest of counting grids for indicating a count of IC packages for a plurality of types of IC package trays
Mechanism for reducing vibratory motion applied to a rack-mounted card cage
Housing structure of a communication apparatus
Module rack having at least one front facing groove for mounting components thereto
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