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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Tree and plant watering systems
Modular interconnectable units for macro planter structures
Planter bag
Absorbent pad for use with animal caging systems
Support beam for pet furniture
Fishing rig
Juicer module and vertical screw juicer
Apparatus for dispersion of a second phase into a non-Newtonian fluid base product
Garment clip
Helmet pads
Resilient shoe insert and method
Banknote adapted to form a magnetic money clip
Guided hair-cutting device
Upward extending brush for floor cleaner
Foldable work bench station
System and method for preventing pressure ulcers
Mobile multiple syringe holder
Mop cleaning set
Device and method for determining analyte levels
Method and system for producing interactive, three-dimensional renderings of selected body organs having hollow lumens to enable simulated movement through the lumen
Method and system for correlating acquisition of images of a moving organ with the movement of the moving organ
MRI-visible medical devices
Device for implementation and monitoring of thermal ablation and associated method
Fiber optic device for sensing analytes
Opto-acoustic signal detection with coherent confocal microscopy
Method and arrangement for automatic exposure control
Insertion device for an electrode array
Middle ear fixation structure
Mask and vent assembly therefor
Fire suppression control
Light weight climber pad
Road-based support for electric vehicles
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process and magnetic reagent for the removal of impurities from minerals
Cover for a roller
Multi component particle generating system
Automatic cleaning apparatus
Apparatus for measuring the temperature of a rolling material
Method of making assemblies including reinforced composite parts with pre-formed rivet receiving buttons and articles made by the method
Apparatus and method for forming wire
Hand-held jigsaw
Electrode forming apparatus
Common jig apparatus for mounting fender of multifarious vehicle
Screwdriver having a removable rod member
Manipulator system
Imprinting apparatus, imprinting method, and manufacturing method of uneven plate
Optical component bowing device, optical device, optical scanning device, and image forming apparatus
Deviation amount detecting device, deviation amount detecting method, and computer-readable recording medium
Line head, an exposure method using the line head, an image forming apparatus, an image forming method and a line head adjustment method
Image transfer sheet
Self-supporting story pole
Die cutting system with added capabilities
Retread tire having tread band matched to base tread
Pneumatic tire
Upgraded bead breaking unit for tyre changing machines or the like
Chassis assembly for an electrical powered vehicle
Graphical taillight system
Method of providing transportation systems, and method of providing visual images for such systems
Floor pan for high-speed trains
Rail car cover system
Machine for filling vessels with two products
Device for filling packaging receptacles with pharmaceutical products
Caddy device with improved capabilities for holding and transporting bathroom cleaning equipment and supplies
Modular panel-packing box
Case for an electronic device and method of providing and using the same
Package automation apparatus
Replaceable end-piece for a vapour nozzle of a coffee machine
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for manufacturing optical glass element
Textiles; Paper
Ash fluidization system and method
Fixed Constructions
Manual lift mechanism for snowplow blade
Modular assembly
Multi-piece anchor system for use with stud back-up walls
Vented soffit panel
Deck plank
System for modular building construction
Brush-in apparatus for blinds
Full bore system without stop shoulder
Multistage process for producing mineral oil using microorganisms
Method of testing the operation of a producing oil well operated using the formation hydrofracturing process
Methods and apparatus for improved cement plug placement
Method for drilling wells in close relationship using magnetic ranging while drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Reciprocating piston mechanism with extended piston offset
Intake system for a two-stroke internal combustion engine
Arrangement for the discharge of oil-venting air on a gas-turbine engine
Fluid delivery device
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine having a compressor for compressing the air supplied to the internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas system
Reciprocating internal combustion engine
Engine and cylinder with gas exchange through the cylinder wall
Rocket without tail flame
Vertical motion wave power generator
Systems and methods for providing supplemental aqueous thermal energy
Multi-disc brake
Barrel lock
Ambient air vaporizer
Transport method, transport mixture and transport system for the pressurised transport of carbon dioxide and use of a treatment mixture
Heat generator group with jet pump flow circuit control
Air conditioner for vehicles
Container for special materials
Drying apparatus
Micro-channel heat exchanger
Heat exchanger and heat exchanging system
Projectile propulsion method and apparatus
Stabilizing shooting rest apparatus and method
Functional and autonomous metallic structure for firearms, and resulting composite, metal-plastic revolver
Special bow sighting improvement known as the revolver
Three-dimensional shape measuring device, and portable measuring device
Position measurement system
Method and apparatus for interferometrically measuring the shape of a test object
Electronic pedometer
Modular probe assembly having force protection and articulation
Dimensional rating device for mail pieces
Reflective display device testing system, apparatus, and method
Optical measurement using fixed polarizer
Method and equipment for detecting pattern defect
Device and a method for measurement of energy for heating tap water separated from the buildings heating energy-usage
Apparatus and method suitable for measuring the global displacement or load on an aircraft component
Wheel balancing apparatus and method with improved hidden spokes placement for irregular wheels
Sensor device for a packaging machine
Method for designing a compound based on the three dimensional structure of phosphoinositide dependent protein kinase 1 (PDK1)
Detection systems
Vector/signal analyzer equalization apparatus and method
Device and method for testing an electrical power branch circuit
Techniques for modeling and evaluating protocol interactions
Two-tier call admission control method in IEEE 802.11 WLAN
Method for detecting electrical ground faults
Semiconductor device fault detection system and method
Chip testing device and system
Checking output from multiple execution units
Oscillator calibration for motor controller
Radio monitoring apparatus and method
RF-switched superconducting resonators and methods of switching thereof
Image generating method, position correcting method and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Telephoto lens system
Zoom lens and image taking apparatus
Motorized table apparatus and microscope stage
Moveable micro-electromechanical device
Multi-color electrophoretic displays and materials for making the same
System and method for tracking and assessing movement skills in multidimensional space
Photonic bandgap fibers
Polymer-inorganic particle composites
Holding member for holding a plurality of circuit boards and module utilizing this holding member
Optical device
Optically controlled optical-path-switching-type data distribution apparatus and distribution method
Optical waveguide device and optical communication module
Macro objective
Backlight displays
Liquid crystal display on a printed circuit board
TFT array panel having a first pixel region having first transmissive with first and third reflective electrodes and a second pixel region having second transmissive with second and fourth reflective electrodes where the area ratios of the first and third reflective electrodes to the second and fourth reflective electrodes are different
Transflective liquid crystal displays with sequentially flashing light sources
Display apparatus
Thin film transistor array panel with directional control electrode and liquid crystal display including the same
Electrically-controllable device with variable optical and/or energy properties
Rapidly reconfigurable all-optical universal logic gate
4D light field cameras
Camera handle with plastic layer and protective film and method for manufacturing thereof
Projection method including pupillary filtering and a projection lens therefor
Image forming apparatus and method that changes toner compression roller condition depending on toner density or recording medium type
Image forming apparatus controlling the voltage applied to the developing member
Developer electric field conveyer, developer feeder, and image forming apparatus
Image heating apparatus including pads and belts forming a pressurized nip
Image heating apparatus with temperature control in relation to glass transition of toner
Image forming apparatus having improved protection against over-heating
Image forming apparatus
Image formation apparatus with toner retention member
Method for forming an apparatus for indicating the passage of time and the formed apparatus
Redundant automation system comprising a master and a standby automation device
Method of signal transformation for positioning systems
Gripping device for manipulating device and method for operation thereof
Aerofoil structure and a method of making a rib for an aerofoil structure
Voltage supply arrangement and method for production of electrical power
Voltage regulator for use in nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Processor state restoration and method for resume
Mobile equipment with time control for DRM schemes
Fixing mechanism for fixing electronic devices and holding module thereof
Removable module for a console
Mother/daughter switch design with self power-up control
Redundant power supply system
Dynamic partitioning of event patterns for determining symptoms
Checkpointing and restoring user space data structures used by an application
Method and implementation for automating processes using data driven pre-recorded transactions
Automated software testing via multi-channel remote computing
System and method to facilitate automatic globalization verification test
Method and apparatus to anticipate memory exhaustion in an open services gateway initiative environment
Method and system for extending the useful life of another system
Selecting an address provider using a failover counter
Realtime feature adaptation responsive to dynamically gathered usability information
Link stack misprediction resolution
Method for forecasting risks associated with software packages
Guaranteed deployment of applications to nodes in an enterprise
Interface for a semiconductor memory device and method for controlling the interface
Storage system having a first computer, a second computer connected to the first computer via a network, and a storage device system that is accessed by the second computer
Method and arrangements for utilizing NAND memory
Storage system construction managing device and construction management method
DVD player and electronic device
Display device and display system using the same
Long latency interface protocol
Apparatus and method to read information from an information storage medium
Graphics drawing apparatus and method of same
System and method for scanning and obtaining points of an object
Recording-medium profile correction to achieve color matching
On-the-fly state synchronization in a distributed system
Method and system for grouping and stacking tab user interface objects with icon status indicators
Detecting automation cheating in online applications
Visual channel refresh rate control for composite services delivery
Method and apparatus for registration of a user as a subscriber in a communication network
Generic communications protocol translator
Method and apparatus for checkpoint and restart of pseudo terminals
Systems and methods for the distribution of bulk data using multicast routing that mitigates network traffic on subnets
Method and system for message content delivery
Apparatus for sending image data by electronic mail
Product, method and system for managing multiple user IDS in instant messaging or email computer software applications
Overlay network system and service providing method
Sharing material in a master-slave configuration using an instant messaging infrastructure
Methods and apparatus for performing diagnostics of web applications and services
Method and apparatus to perform persistence tests in a network
Tan language for displaying digital objects in email
Apparatus and method for dynamically coordinating the delivery of computer readable media
Message routing using cyclical neural networks
Heterogeneous two-phase commit test engine
Apparatus, system, and method for service component qualifiers for the declarative specification of quality of service
Multiple network shared disk servers
Migration of a guest from one server to another
Data delivery apparatus and method, and terminal apparatus
Apparatus and methods for classification of web sites
Method and system for determining a plurality of scheduling endpoints in a grid network
Supporting virtual private networks using a first network topology for forwarding and a subset of the first network topology or a smaller topology for signaling
Serverless distributed monitoring and anomaly detection for a service oriented architecture
Apparatus and computer-readable media for recoverable workflow
System and method for managing provision of commercial products and services in a building
Method and system for sharing and accessing resources
Method and apparatus for managing the disposition of data in systems when data is on legal hold
Systems, methods and computer program products for extracting port-level information of web services with flow-based network monitoring
DHCP server synchronization with DHCP proxy
Systems and methods for managing health of a client system
Coverage analysis of program code that accesses a database
Network device configuration using separate logic and version-based configuration files
Dual non-volatile memories for a trusted hypervisor
Vector execution unit to process a vector instruction by executing a first operation on a first set of operands and a second operation on a second set of operands
Apparatus and method for learning and reasoning for systems with temporal and non-temporal variables
System for distributed media network and meta data server
System and method for automated report generation of ophthalmic examinations from digital drawings
System for downloading digital content published in a media channel
Converting text data into binary data using external link information
Wheel speed sensing system for electronic stability control
Driving dynamics control adapted to driving conditions and based on steering interventions
Synchronization of video and data
Translating text into visual imagery content
Method for delivering targeted web advertisements and user annotations to a web page
Log retrieving method, log administration apparatus, information processing apparatus and computer product
Apparatus and method for enabling parallel processing of a computer program using existing database parallelism
Fast select for fetch first N rows with order by
Temporal link analysis of linked entities
Synchronizing structured web site contents
Context service system
Method, system, and storage medium for assessing and implementing an organizational transformation
Method and apparatus for identifying features of multidimensional image data in hypermedia systems
Harmonized tariff schedule classification using decision tree database
Information processing method and information processing apparatus
Data object linking and browsing tool
Method for representing and recreating object dependencies from one database system to another
Ranking search results using language types
Portals and doors for the semantic web and grid
Database graphical comparison tool
Method and apparatus for efficient implementation of discontiguous objects
Priority reduction for fast partitions during query execution
Fee-based model based on database federation and query support
Entity-based business intelligence
System and method for including protective voltage switchable dielectric material in the design or simulation of substrate devices
Method and apparatus for directed physical implementation of a circuit design for an integrated circuit
Timing analysis method and timing analysis apparatus
System and circuit for constructing a synchronous signal diagram from asynchronously sampled data
System for assigning one of many part domains in a domain to one of many mobile units
Substrate carrier handler that unloads substrate carriers directly from a moving conveyor
Program and method for generating approximate curve from approximate point group data
Systems and methods for risk based information management
Method of creating password schemes for devices
Computer-implemented method, system, and program product for managing log-in strikes
Random biometric authentication apparatus
Information processing apparatus, its control method and control program
AMBA modular memory controller
Setting operation based resource utilization thresholds for resource use by a process
Methods, systems, and computer program products for managing user focus change between applications
Printer and peripheral apparatus of a computer for printing and storing images
Dynamically inserting proxies into JAVA environments without coding explicit proxy hooks into JAVA applications
Orientation based multiple mode mechanically vibrated touch screen display
Method and system for providing a primary window overlay
System and method for customizing note flags
Search term location graph
Printing systems
Dynamic offer generation based on print shop machine load
Printer having a communication section for obtaining print information necessary to print
Method and system for fast, generic, online and offline, multi-source text analysis and visualization
Driving source controller and control method
Streaming multidimensional data by bypassing multidimensional query processor
Dynamic data compaction for data redistribution
Network acceleration device having logically separate views of a cache space
Scalable minimal perfect hashing
Database RAM cache
System for intelligent consumer earcons
Mechanism for defining queries in terms of data objects
Evaluating queries against in-memory objects without serialization
Intelligent search with guiding info
Analyzing the ability to find textual content
Method and system for selecting content items to be presented to a viewer
System and method for password protecting a distribution list
Device and method for calculating conversion parameter of montgomery modular multiplication and program therefor
Efficient handling of vector high-level language conditional constructs in a SIMD processor
Digital signals processor having a plurality of independent dedicated processors
Wireless communication device and system startup method for the same
Method and system for expanding a conditional instruction into a unconditional instruction and a select instruction
Methods and systems for supporting and deploying distributed computing components
Computer software test coverage analysis
Apparatus and method for automatically parallelizing network applications through pipelining transformation
Method, system, and program product for composing a virtualized computing environment
Bi-directional product development process simulation
Command-line warnings
Method, apparatus and computer program product for optimizing file accesses for an application executing in a virtual container
Compiler apparatus and method for devirtualizing virtual method calls
System and method for scheduling tasks for execution
Intelligent resource provisioning based on on-demand weight calculation
Procedure and system for the production of photo books
Method and apparatus for providing a color-balanced multiple print engine
Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing mutual authentication for radio frequency identification (RFID) security
Method of tracking vocal target
Method and apparatus for person identification
Imaging apparatus and method for authentication of user
Image processing method and system for microfluidic devices
Method and apparatus of using probabilistic atlas for cancer detection
Imaging device
Warning a vehicle operator of unsafe operation behavior based on a 3D captured image stream
Controlling format of a compound image
Image processing apparatus and method with pseudo-coded reference data
Residual color transform for 4:2:0 RGB format
Signature capture aesthetic/temporal qualification failure detection
Control and/or making aspects related to chromatic aberration correction by moving photo-detector array
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding image based on region of interest
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and recording medium therefor
Apparatus for removing noise of video signal
Methods and apparatus for generating images
Adaptive transforms
Method of measuring amount of eccentricity
Monotonic classifier
Form processing method, form processing device, and computer product
System and method for deriving a hierarchical event based database optimized for analysis of chaotic events
System and method for identifying asset restrictions applicable to movement of tangible assets
Method, system, and computer program product for providing and crediting a solution to a business issue of a current client
Medical claims evaluation and correction system
Printing device, information processing apparatus, printing system, signature verifying method, signature adding method, and program
Method and computer program product for providing accessibility services on demand
Methods and system for providing offers in real time while preserving confidential information
Method and apparatus for allowing a broadcast to remotely control a computer
Method and system for controlling the initiation and duration of overtime interval in electronic auctions
Data processing system and method incorporating feedback
Capital-adequacy filing and assessment system and method
Dynamic biller list generation
Internet-based money order system
Information processing apparatus and method
Item locator system utilizing item and location bar codes
Using RFIDs to detect material dilution
Decommissioning bin for automatic decommissioning of electronic tags
Locating radio frequency identification tags in time and space
Connectable electronic component comprising a transducer
Occupant sensor and method for seat belt or other monitoring
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer readable medium
Service personnel communication system
Wireless communication based safer street lamp control system
System and method for event detection utilizing sensor based surveillance
Network data transmission based on predefined receive times
Circuit for driving display panel with transition control
Signal dividing circuit and semiconductor device
Machine-differentiatable identifiers having a commonly accepted meaning
Method and system for the quick conversion of a voice signal
Optimized multiple coding method
Method and device for enhancing accuracy of voice control with image characteristic
Voice guide system and voice guide method thereof
Self-servo write stitching system
File processing device, file processing method, program of file processing method, recording medium on which program of file processing method is recorded, and imaging device and recording medium on which file is recorded
Data buffering method used when performing read operation on optical storage medium
Multi-channel head
Shield shape for a perpendicular recording head including partly sloped lower tabs
Method for controlling the record speed of a multi-layered optical disc
PLL circuit operating based on output of delta-sigma modulator, and optical disk device including PLL circuit
Optical pickup device
Optical pickup apparatus
Ferroelectric polarization pattern with differing feedback signals
Storage device and method for scanning a storage medium
Arithmetic processing circuit unit and disc device
Optical pickup apparatus
Recording type optical disc medium and optical disc device for the same
Scanning system for a probe storage device
Semiconductor memory device
Multi-state resistive memory element, multi-bit resistive memory cell, operating method thereof, and data processing system using the memory element
Magnetic memory system using MRAM-sensor
Method of erasing a block of memory cells
Refresh method for a non-volatile memory
Memory device architectures and operation
Integrated circuit with switching unit for memory cell coupling, and method for producing an integrated circuit for memory cell coupling
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of allocating codes
Pseudo differential output buffer, memory chip and memory system
Multileaf collimator and radiation therapy device
Voltage surge protection device and electronic circuit comprising one such a device
Electronic transformer used in low-voltage lamps
Integrated transformer
Method for applying magnets
Method for manufacturing dielectric ceramic powder, and multilayer ceramic capacitor obtained by using the ceramic powder
Dual protection device for circuit
Electric fuse determination circuit and determination method
Electron emission apparatus comprising electron-emitting devices, image-forming apparatus and voltage application apparatus for applying voltage between electrodes
Front sheet and display device using the same
Semiconductor device and method of producing the same including a charge accumulation layer with differing charge trap surface density
Heat spreader having single layer of diamond particles and associated methods
Substrate with crystal silicon array
Integration of dissimilar materials for advanced multifunctional devices
Interconnects for packaged semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing such devices
Ball grid array (BGA) package and method thereof
Semiconductor device, connecting member, method for manufacturing a semiconductor device and method for manufacturing a connecting member
Integrated battery pack with lead frame connection
Method for stacking serially-connected integrated circuits and multi-chip device made from same
Physical quantity sensor and lead frame used for same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Field effect transistor using amorphous oxide film as channel layer, manufacturing method of field effect transistor using amorphous oxide film as channel layer, and manufacturing method of amorphous oxide film
GaN based LED having reduced thickness and method for making the same
High hole mobility p-channel Ge transistor structure on Si substrate
Substrate with recess portion for microlens, microlens substrate, transmissive screen, rear type projector, and method of manufacturing substrate with recess portion for microlens
Integrated circuit including a dielectric layer
Trench MOSFET having trench contacts integrated with trench Schottky rectifiers having planar contacts
Method and apparatus providing CMOS imager device pixel with transistor having lower threshold voltage than other imager device transistors
High-voltage vertical transistor with a multi-gradient drain doping profile
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
CMOS image sensor including an interlayer insulating layer and method of manufacturing the same
Ultrasensitive optical detector having a large temporal resolution and using a waveguide, and methods for producing said detector
Image sensor and image sensor integrated type active matrix type display device
Photoelectric conversion element and manufacturing method of photoelectric conversion element
Solid-state imaging device
Thin film transistor
Semiconductor light emitting diode
Lighting device using high power LED with multiple lead
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof and method for writing memory element
Piezoelectric composite based on flexoelectric charge separation
Hybrid ultrasound transducer
Electroluminescent light emitting device
Field effect transistor and method of producing same
3-port orthogonal mode transducer and receiver and receiving method using the same
Self-secured antenna device
Skeleton equalizing antenna, RFID tag and RFID system using the same
RFID near field microstrip antenna
On-vehicle film antenna
Printed circuit board
Antenna for radio frequency identification tag
High frequency module
Pressing terminal and terminal pressing device
Light source driving apparatus and light source driving method
Heat capacity laser and associated lasing medium
Optical fiber for fiber laser, fiber laser, and laser oscillation method
Nitride semiconductor laser device
Surface-emitting semiconductor laser component and optical projection apparatus with a surface-emitting semiconductor laser component such as this
Protection method, system and apparatus for a power converter
Intra-bundle power line carrier current system
Multiphase claw-pole type electric rotary machine, cogging torque adjustment system of the same, generator system, and motor system
Alternator stator assembly structure
High torque electric motor/flywheel
Apparatus and method for attenuating sound generated by machinery
Heat transfer enhancement of dynamoelectric machine rotors
Electric converter for fuel cell
Motor controller and method of controlling the motor
Excessive temperature detecting system of electric motor controller
Motor controller and electric power steering system
Electric motor controller with brush position detector
Surface-mounted piezoelectric oscillators
Systems and methods for compensating for variations of the output of a real-time clock
Method and device for reducing cross-correlation false alarms in CDMA and other wireless networks
Method and apparatus for carrier power and interference-noise estimation in space division multiple access and multiple-input/multiple-output wireless communication systems
Phase detector
Linearizing technique for power amplifiers
Method and system for FET-based amplifier circuits
Apparatus, method, and computer program product providing edgeless carbon nanotube resonator arrays
Semiconductor device and display device
Current sampling method and circuit
High-speed reduced-output-swing self-biased fully-complementary CMOS comparator with rail-to-rail input common-mode range
Systems and methods to minimize startup transients in class D amplifiers
Semiconductor device having input circuits activated by clocks having different phases
Methods and apparatus for improved error and erasure correction in a Reed-Solomon date channel
Integrated apparatus for multi-standard optical storage media
Method for reducing the computational complexity of viterbi decoder
Coder and a method of coding for codes with a parity-complementary word assignment having a constraint of d=1 , r=2
Enhanced control for compression and decompression of sampled signals
Adaptive combinatorial coding/decoding with specified occurrences for electrical computers and digital data processing systems
Transmitter and transceiver, in particular for mobile radio, and transmission method
Wireless sensor device
Method of magnifying the fonts on mobile phone screen by unfolding and carrying and device thereof
Image encoding/decoding method and apparatus therefor
Hybrid optical transceiver module and passive optical network including the same
Detection of an electromagnetic signal
Optical receiver corresponding to differential M-phase shift keying system
Multi-band frequency synthesizer
Network communication system with an alignment signal to allow a controller to provide messages to nodes and transmission of the messages over four independent frequencies
Determining an inter-slot power level
Device and method of constructing generation matrix for linear block coding, coding device and decoding device using the generation matrix
Distributed opportunistic scheduling in IEEE 802.11 wireless location area networks (WLANs)
ATSC transmitter identifier signaling
Sequencing multi-source messages for delivery as partial sets to multiple destinations
Virtual fibre channel over Ethernet switch
Method for transmitting a communications packet in a wireless communications network
Multi-carrier communication apparatus, integrated circuit, multi-carrier communication system, and multi-carrier communication method
Carrier detection for multiple receiver systems
Hierarchical flow-level multi-channel communication
Error control apparatus
Transmission quality measurement apparatus, transmission quality measurement method, and transmission quality measurement system
Information analysis apparatus and computer readable medium
Method and apparatus for transmitting concatenated frames in a wireless communication system
Transmission protocol automatic detection method for a portable object such as a chip card or a chip key
Method of setting multicast transfer route and method of multicast label switching for realizing the same
Framer/mapper/multiplexor device with 1+1 and equipment protection
Frame protocol and scheduling system
Method for applying stochastic control optimization for messaging systems
Method and device for interworking between internet protocol networks
Synchronous and distributed data acquisition and transmission system
Multi-service session admission control
Demodulator system and method
Direct-conversion receiver and sub-harmonic frequency mixer thereof
Communications state transition monitoring method and communications state transition monitoring device utilizing the same
Extension of X.509 certificates to simultaneously support multiple cryptographic algorithms
Providing privacy to nodes using mobile IPv6 with route optimization
Packet preamble search method and device thereof
Method and apparatus for integral state initialization and quality of lock monitoring in a clock and data recovery system
Apparatus, system, and method for simulated access to restricted computing resources
Method and system for securely exchanging encryption key determination information
Radio communication terminal and method of controlling internal radio communication
Cellular phone
Slide-type portable communication apparatus
Self-installable switchable antenna
Hinge device and portable electronic apparatus
Method for displaying an incoming call alert of a mobile phone and the mobile phone thereof
Method and system for optimizing a configuration of central office mediation devices
Language interpretation call transferring in a telecommunications network
Integration of contact center surveys
Software key control for mobile devices
Method and apparatus for communicating information about a called party to a calling party
Trunk architecture for coupling central offices associated with public switched telephone networks
Method and apparatus for providing network announcements about service impairments
Method for providing film image and image display apparatus providing the film image
Image reading apparatus, image reading unit, and light irradiation apparatus
System for distributing and controlling color reproduction at multiple sites
Method and apparatus for optical dithering
Solid state imaging device and method for producing the same
Method and apparatus for reproducing data from recording medium using local storage
Image sensing apparatus and image processing method
Control apparatus, video processing apparatus, and control method thereof
Image capturing apparatus which converts incident light to first electric signals according to a plurality of photoelectronic conversion characteristics and image capturing method
Image-taking apparatus
Sequenced response image stabilization
Image processing apparatus, image capture apparatus, image output apparatus, and method and program for these apparatus
Image processing device, image processing method, recording medium, and program
Image data recording apparatus and method
Recording and reproducing an MPEG information signal on/from a record carrier
Scaler and method of scaling a data signal
Device and method for performing half-pixel accuracy fast search in video coding
Communications method for an intelligent digital audiovisual reproduction system
Access-controlled encrypted recording method for site, interaction and process monitoring
Imaging apparatus with function of shading compensation
Flat panel speaker, electronic device having same, and structure and method ford mounting same
Portable storage container with cable management functionality and a method for managing cables of a portable storage container
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Method for activating recordings of events concerning terminals and equipment therefor
Communication apparatus and communication control method
Adjustment of background scanning interval based on network usage
Synchronizing push to talk service in wireless communication system
Methods and systems for connecting mobile nodes to private networks
Communication system
Dynamic expansion of a frame selection interval in a wireless communication network
Method for implementing an intelligent content rating middleware platform and gateway system
Network system
iPort controller
Wireless system for communicating heterogeneous network information for performing handover to a network
Method and system of reusing walsh code to increase forward channel capacity
Red-emitting luminescent substance and light source comprising such a luminescent substance
Organic electroluminescence element and manufacturing method of the same
Display device using reflective film and manufacturing method of the same
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Ultra-small resonating charged particle beam modulator
Diamond field emission tip and a method of formation
Arrangement for powering USB keys
Electrical connections for anodized thin film structures
Method of manufacturing multilayer wiring substrate
Computer system
Locking structure
Cooling air intake structure and desk top computer
Method and a system having a flexible gasket and a gliding connector aligner
Expired Patents Due To Time
Semiconductor device using polymer-containing photoresist, and process for manufacturing the same
Formation of images
Ester compounds, polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Photoresist cross-linker and photoresist composition comprising the same
Chemically amplified positive resist composition, pattern forming method, and method for preparing polymer having a crosslinking group
t-butyl cinnamate polymers and their use in photoresist compositions
Composite relief image printing plates
Composite relief image printing plates
Plate surface protective agent for lithographic printing plate, and fountain solution composition for lithographic printing plate
Method for forming a dual damascene trench and underlying borderless via in low dielectric constant materials
Method for manufacturing a multidomain liquid crystal display panel
Method for placing identifying mark on semiconductor wafer
Calcium ion stable photographic color developing concentrate and method of manufacture
Color photographic developer kit
Photographic or photothermographic element containing a blocked photographically useful compound
Color photographic silver halide print media
Photographic element with yellow dye-forming coupler and stabilizing compounds
Silver halide emulsions comprising tabular crystals, emulsions and the processing thereof
Photographic material having enhanced light absorption and low dye stain
Photographic element
Photothermo-or thermo-graphic material
Reaction vessels
Method of using a crystal of the N-terminal domain of a signal transducer and activator of transcription
Diagnostic assay for a sample of biological fluid
Combinations of hepatitis c virus (HCV) antigens for use in immunoassays for anti-HCV antibodies
Partial intron sequence of von hippel-lindau (VHL) disease gene and its use in diagnosis of disease
Species-specific DNA probes for Vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio cholerae, methods and kits
High fidelity detection of nucleic acid differences by ligase detection reaction
Methods and compositions for determining the sequence of nucleic acid molecules
Hybridization and mismatch discrimination using oligonucleotides conjugated to minor groove binders
Human selenium-binding protein
Assays for measuring nucleic acid binding proteins and enzyme activities
Template-directed interference footprinting of protein-adenine contacts
Diagnosis of a person''s risk of developing atherosclerosis or diabetic retinopathy based on leucine 7 to proline 7 polymorphism in the prepro-neuropeptide Y gene
Method of inducing apoptosis in cancer cells using an extract of Melothria indica Lou
Azadirachtin extraction process
Processed egg product and method for producing the same
Method and apparatus for electrostatically applying an edible coating to a food product item
Encapsulated food acids for preservation of baked goods
Bag-in-bag packaging system
Cookie dough
Method of microwave heating a pre-packaged frozen entree
Process for dehydration of berries
Multicomponent pet food product and methods of making and using the same
Process for making dehydrated potato flakes
Method for increasing the yield of fruit juice in the extraction of fruit juice concentrate
Method and apparatus for producing a corrugated pasta sheet, facilitating adherence of sauce to surface
Sweet snack
Edible fat based flakes
Edible fat based flakes
Cocoa components, edible products having enriched polyphenol content, methods of making same and medical uses
Peanut butter with improved flavor and texture
Whey treatment process for achieving high concentration of .alpha.-lactalbumin
Starch products having hot or cold water dispersibility and hot or cold swelling viscosity
Cathode for diaphragm chlor-alkali electrolysis cell
Coating device and coating method for highspeed coating with an organic solvent
Fluorinated hydrocarbons, detergents, deterging method, polymer-containing fluids, and method of forming polymer films
Surface coatings
Film forming method for processing tungsten nitride film
Process for production of copper or copper base alloys
Silicon based substrate with yttrium silicate environmental/thermal barrier layer
Process limiting overoxidation of coiled, hot-rolled sheet strip
Method for repairing the coated surface of a vehicle
Article comprising fluorinated diamond-like carbon and method for fabricating article
Process and device for the surface treatment of a substrate by an electrical discharge between two electrodes in a gas mixture
Method of deposition of thin films of amorphous and crystalline microstructures based on ultrafast pulsed laser deposition
Liquid crystal alignment layer, production method for the same, and liquid crystal display device comprising the same
Liquid crystal elastomers
Production process of color filter for liquid crystal display device and ink
Multilayer laminate formed from a substantially stretched non-molten wholly aromatic liquid crystalline polymer and non-polyester thermoplastic polymer
Front frame and method for producing it
Wood preservation utilizing polymeric phenol sulfide
Opaque silica glass article having transparent portion and process for producing same
High barrier closure liner for carbonated beverage containers and the like
Methods and composition for making a pressure sensitive adhesive coated laminate
Web-shaped laminated packaging material, a method of producing the same, and packaging containers produced from the laminated packaging material
Information recording medium and information recording/reproducing apparatus
Optical recording medium
Disc-shaped recording medium with a protective film
Discreet shaped colored polymeric objects in a transparent or translucent matrix
Polypropylene-based carpet yarn
Thermally insulating textile
Magnetic recording medium
Composite sheet and method of manufacture thereof
Resin sheet, process and apparatus for producing same, surface light source element and laminate
Image receiving sheet and image receiving apparatus using the same
Recording sheet and process for thermally fixing toner image formed thereon
Methods and apparatus for depositing pyrolytic coatings having a fade zone over a substrate and articles produced thereby
Multilayer ceramic substrate with anchored pad
Electrically conductive member and image-forming apparatus
Multiphase low dielectric constant material
Ink jet recording sheet
Magnetic sheet
Magnetic recording medium
Method for manufacturing bonded wafer and bonded wafer
Magnetic recording medium having a nitrogen-doped hydrogenated carbon protective overcoat
Pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive composition for adhesion of polyester film and adhesive sheets thereof
Pressure sensitive adhesive sheet for producing a chip
Adhesive tape for electronic parts
Polymers for imparting light resistance to fibers, highly light-resistant fibers, and process for producing the fibers
Process of manufacturing from natural fiber a door closer and stopper which also serves as a scrapper, wiper or mat
Vinyl chloride fibers and process for preparing the same
Cationic dyeability modifier for use with polyester and polyamide
Load leveling yarns and webbings
UV-absorbing core/shell particles
Hydrophobic coating with DLC & FAS on substrate
Dendrimer monolayer films
Flame retardant for mesh sheets and flameproof mesh sheets comprising the same
Photochromic naphtho [2,1-b]pyran compounds containing bithienyl or terthienyl substituents, process for their manufacture, and photochromic materials and articles obtained
Coated metal substrates and methods for preparing and inhibiting corrosion of the same
Cation-electrodepositable resin composition
Fluoropolymer laminate
Two layer protective coatings
A-site- and/or B-site-modified PbZrTiO3 materials and (Pb, Sr, Ca, Ba, Mg) (Zr, Ti, Nb, Ta)O3 films having utility in ferroelectric random access memories and high performance thin film microactuators
Fuser assembly with controlled polymeric release agent swell intermediate layer
Adhesion enhancing additives for release coating compositions
Oriented conductive oxide electrodes on SiO2/Si and glass
Vinylidene chloride resin in autodeposition
Coating structure having corrosion resistance
Dispersion aids for optical brighteners in polyolefins
Compostable multilayer structures, methods for manufacture and articles prepared therefrom
Copolyester elastomer compositions and fusion bonded articles
High barrier multi-layer film
Paper coated with polymerized vegetable oils for use as biodegradable mulch
Pre-Impregnated product and its employment in manufacture of decorative compound structures
Packaging material for photographic photosensitive material
Epoxy resin and resin-sealed type semiconductor apparatus
Method and an apparatus for forming an under bump metallization structure
Highly reflective, durable titanium/tin oxide films
Low thermal conductivity heat barrier coating, a metal article having such a coating, and a process for depositing the coating
Multilayered wiring layer
Clad material and method of manufacturing the material
Luminescent compounds and methods of making and using same
Color-tunable organic light emitting devices
Optical element and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescent device
Blue-light emitting compound and display device adopting the same as color developing substance
Magnetic tunneling element and manufacturing method therefor
Substrate for information recording medium and method of producing it, and information recording medium comprising the substrate
Use of amphiphiles for permanent improvement of colorant compatibility of polyolefin-based shaped bodies, fibers and films
Process for the production of wood-based boards having structured surfaces
Method of producing a slush membrane with a predetermined breaking line for an airbag flap
Process of making polyester fibers
Orthopaedic wires and cables and methods of making same
Method for electromagnetic actuator with molded connector
Method of making a rod guide with both high erodible wear volume and by-pass area
Process of making a compacted polyolefin article
Processing aid for thermoplastic resin compositions
Process of making an apertured web
Method of making containers and preforms incorporating barrier materials
Method for controlling the oxygen content in valve metal materials
Synthesis of nanoscale aluminum alloy powders and devices therefrom
Fluorescent monomers and polymers containing same for use in industrial water systems
Container with collapsible pouch for cleaning or sterilization
Sterilization of elongate lumens
Method for enriching a fluid with oxygen
Applicator system
Apparatus for burning a combustible gas containing hydrogen sulfide
Ceramic dip pipe and tube reactor for ethylene production
Method for separating actinides and lanthanides by liquid-liquid extraction using calixarenes
Method of separating a trivalent actinide from a trivalent lanthanide and/or yttrium in aqueous solution
Method for the removal of carbon dioxide from a process gas
Method for forming silica by combustion of liquid reactants using oxygen
Production of nitrous oxide
Integrated steam methane reforming process for producing carbon monoxide and hydrogen
Precipitated calcium carbonate particles from basic calcium carbonate
Process for preparing synthesis gas
Method for the detection and localization of ductal exocrine pancreas tumours
Prodrugs phosphorus-containing compounds
Prediction of diabetes impaired wound healing by urinary nitrate assay
Biodegradable contrast media for MR imaging
Aerosol formulations for buccal and pulmonary application
Methods of whitening teeth
Methods of etching hard tissue in the oral environment
Optionally crosslinkable coatings, compositions and methods of use
Buccodental formulation comprising essentially amorphous cellulose nanofibrils
Tooth bleaching compositions
Dental bleaching compositions containing sucralose
Sunscreen compositions containing copolymers of isoprene butadiene and/or styrene to provide improved water resistance
Photostabilized sunscreen compositions comprising dibenzoylmethane compounds and benzylidenecamphor-substituted silanes/organosiloxanes
Oxidizing composition and novel method for perming or bleaching hair
Hair cleaner
Hair conditioning solid
Cosmetic composition based on nonionic surfactants and cationic or amphoteric substantive polymers and its use as a dyeing or bleaching vehicle
Cleansing compositions comprising water-soluble surfactant and water-insoluble oil
Dense star polymer conjugates as dyes
Methods of treatment using cytokine synthesis inhibitory factor
Compositions and methods for the treatment of cancer using recombinant viral vector delivery systems
Retroviral vectors
Equine infectious anemia virus vectors
Method of inducing resistance to tumor growth
Red blood cells covalently bound with two different polyethylene glycol derivatives
Modulating the permeability of a physiological barrier with an agent that modulates tyrosine phosphorylation
Stabilized lactoperoxidase and glucose oxidase concentrate
Tyrosine-phosphatase-related protein
Anti-CCR2 antibodies and methods of use therefor
Monoclonal recombinant anti-rhesus D (D7C2) antibody
Lymphotoxin-.alpha./.beta. complexes and anti-lympotoxin-.beta. receptor antibodies as anti-tumor agents
Method of treating graft-versus-host disease with anti-GP39 antibodies and bone marrow cells
Antibodies against human CD40
Cancer treatment methods using therapeutic conjugates that bind to aminophospholipids
Compounds and methods for therapy of lung cancer
Antigenic protein originating in infectious laryngotracheitis virus
Inhibitory effect of synthetic and natural colorants on carcinogenesis
Anti-fungal formulation active against a broad spectrum of dermatophytoses
Ligands added to adenovirus fiber
Method for enhancing an antigen specific immune response with OX-40L
Pelargonic acid vanillyamide containing tear gas
Solid cosmetic composition free of fillers, containing low amounts of gelling agents
Compressed lecithin preparations
Orally administrable composition capable of providing enhanced bioavailability when ingested
Iodophor compositions
Prepolymers useful in biomedical devices
Treatment of sickle cell anemia crises with fructose-1,6-diphosphate as an analgesic drug
Botulinum toxin implant
Seaweed supplement diet for enhancing immune response in mammals and poultry
Feed additive for ruminant animals
Pharmaceutical or food composition for treating pathologies related to graft versus host, allergic or autoimmune reaction
Method of improving bioavailability
Polymer matrices for storage and sustained release of drugs and chemicals
Cosmetic composition for rejuvenation of skin without skin irritation
Adhesive microsphere drug delivery composition
Patch and method for transdermal delivery of bupropion base
Method for treatment of anxiety and depression
Vaccine for B-cell malignancies
Liposome compositions and methods for the treatment of atherosclerosis
Liposomal recombinant human superoxide-dismutase for the treatment of peyronie''s disease
Cyclosporin formulation
Pharmaceutical combined preparation, kit and method for hormonal contraception
Pharmaceutical unit dosage form
Sustained release pharmaceutical matrix tablet of pharmaceutically acceptable salts of diclofenac and process for preparation thereof
Rapid gelling biocompatible polymer composition
Gastric remaining preparation, swollen molding, and production process
Delivery of nucleic acid materials
Sustained release pharmaceutical preparation
Psyllium-hydrocolloid gum composition
Rapid release encapsulated bioactive agents for inducing or potentiating an immune response and methods of using thereof
Biodegradable targetable microparticle delivery system
Ice crystal growth inhibiting agents from Zoarces viviparus
Methods for production of the oxidized glutathione composite with cis-diamminedichloroplatinum and pharmaceutical compositions based thereof regulating metabolism, proliferation, differentiation and apoptotic mechanisms for normal and transformed cells
Method for instantaneous removal of warts and moles
Herbal composition to relieve pain
Complementary DNAs
Method for expression of heterologous proteins in yeast
Murine interferon-.alpha.
Methods and compositions to facilitate D-loop formation by oligonucleotides
mRNA capping enzymes and uses thereof
Methods for producing nucleic acids lacking 3''-untranslated regions and optimizing cellular RNA-protein fusion formation
Transcription based amplification of double stranded DNA targets
Compositions and methods enabling a totally internally controlled amplification reaction
Method for detecting bacteria using PCR
Protecting molecules in biologically derived compositions while treating with high intensity broad-spectrum pulsed light
Yfil pseudouridine synthase
Carbonyl reductase, method for producing said enzyme, DNA encoding said enzyme, and method for producing alcohol using said enzyme
Human MEKK proteins, corresponding nucleic acid molecules, and uses therefor
Cathepsin-L, the pre-proform thereof and the corresponding propeptide from ciliates
Multiply-substituted protease variants
Genetically engineered glutaminase and its use in antiviral and anticancer therapy
Bacillus species for reducing fusarium head blight in cereals
Compositions and methods for identifying signaling pathway agonists and antagonists
Apparatus for encapsulating substances in small spherical particles formed from an encapsulating fluid
Sample preparation apparatus and spray apparatus for sample preparation
Pneumococcal fimbrial protein A
Human glutamate receptor proteins and associated DNA compounds
Viable contaminant particle free adenoviruses, their prepartion and use
Identification and characterization of a gene which protects cells from programmed cell death and uses therefor
Retroviral vector for the transfer and expression of genes for therapeutic purposes in eukaryotic cells
Regulation of tyrosine hydroxylase expression
Apparatus and method for isolating and recovering cells
Expression augmenting sequence elements (ease) for eukaryotic expression systems
In vitro cell culture device including cartilage and methods of using the same
Bifunctional Crosslinking oligonucleotides adapted for linking to a target sequence of duplex DNA
Plant geranylgeranyl transferases
Streptococcus gordonii strains resistant to fluorodeoxyuridine
Nuclear targeted peptide nucleic acid oligomer
Genetic modification of primate hemopoietic repopulating stem cells
Method for marking liquids with at least two marker substances and method for detecting them
Method using photo-induced and thermal bending of MEMS sensors
Methods for fabricating an array for use in multiplexed biochemical analysis
Optical sensor using an immunological reaction and a fluorescent marker
Method for COB mounting of electronic chips on a circuit board
Methods for determining on-chip interconnect process parameters
Circuit, structure and method of testing a semiconductor, such as an integrated circuit
Method for sharpening emitter sites using low temperature oxidation process
Method of forming sharp tip for field emission display
Semiconductor device and manufacture method thereof, as well as light emitting semiconductor device
Method for fabricating an electrically addressable silicon-on-sapphire light valve
Solid-state imaging sensor, manufacturing method thereof and imaging device
Fabrication of CCD type solid state image pickup device having double-structured charge transfer electrodes
Solvent annealing process for forming a thin semiconductor film with advantageous properties
Pre-bond encapsulation of area array terminated chip and wafer scale packages
IC die power connection using canted coil spring
Simultaneous bumping/bonding process utilizing edge-type conductive pads and device fabricated
Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing leadless semiconductor chip package
Method of attaching a leadframe to singulated semiconductor dice
Method for leadless die interconnect without substrate cavity
Water retention system for a fuel cell power plant
Fuel cell apparatus
Metal-air fuel cell battery system having means for discharging and recharging metal-fuel cards supplied from a cassette-type storage device
Macroporous flow field assembly
Fuel cell and power chip technology
Base tube for fuel cell
Electrical rechargeable battery in the form of a button cell
Method for producing a battery cell structure
Current collector and seal assembly for electrochemical cell
Sealed secondary battery assembly
Battery cell cover with flexible positive post terminal
Electrochemical cells with cationic polymers and electroactive sulfur compounds
Method of patterning sub-0.25 lambda line features with high transmission, "attenuated" phase shift masks
Method for producing a shielding case
Method for mounting semiconductor chip onto circuit board
Curable resin composition, adhesive composition, bonded product, speaker and bonding method
Adhesive silicone elastomer film, and covering method and bonding method making use of the same
Apparatus and method for controlling the ratio of reactive to non-reactive ions in a semiconductor wafer processing chamber
Thin film electrostatic shield for inductive plasma processing
Beat frequency modulation for plasma generation
Method and apparatus for using photoemission to determine the endpoint of an etch process
Method and apparatus for planarization of a substrate
Deinking process using amine compounds and white water recycling
Use of alkyleneamines for enhancing lime mud dewatering
Flame barrier compositions and their use
Traveling screen system
Removable doctor blade holder
Sealing device and process for sealing pressure zones in a paper-making machine
Thin film deposition of mixed metal oxides
Plastic film and production method for plastic film
Method of forming a (200)-oriented platinum layer
Two-step AIN-PVD for improved film properties
Chemical vapor deposition apparatus and cleaning method thereof
Materials for use in electrochemical smelting of metals from ore
Activated cathode and process for preparation thereof
Corner insert for edge strips used with modified electrodes for electrolytic processes
Target, magnetron source with said target and process for producing said target
Methods and devices for chromatographic pattern analysis employing chromatographic variability characterizations
Multilayer electrodeposited composition
Continuous electrodeionization apparatus and method
Method for extracting amine compounds from a liquid medium
Bearing having multilayer overlay and method of manufacture
Method for gold plating chromium and other passive metals
Process for fabricating an optical device
Formation terephthalic acid by electrochemical acidification of a sodium terephthalate solution
Process for reducing sulphide dyestuffs
Method and apparatus for electrochemically machining a workpiece
Method for determining oxidizable constituents in a gaseous mixture
Multireactor parallel flow hydrocracking process
Method of treating polychlorinated aromatic compound
Water purifier
Apparatus arranged to provide controllable water treatment customized to the conditions of water supplied to a beverage dispenser
Mechanically cleanable screen
Filtration cell for tangential flow filtration and filtration system making use of such cell
Clarifier for liquids laden with suspended matter
Ultraviolet blood irradiation chamber
Insert for a cyclone separator
Water filtering system
Absorbent bag
Apparatus for delivering ultra-low particle counts in semiconductor manufacturing
Filters including filter envelopes formed from panels having different permeabilities
Method of using wastewater flow equalization basins for multiple biological treatments
Method for automatically adjusting the aeration of an installation for biological treatment of waste water
Silica precipitate
Peptide-containing compositions, and methods of making and using same
Solid-liquid countercurrent extraction continuously separating apparatus
Lanthanide halide water treatment compositions and methods
Gas-gas-water treatment for groundwater and soil remediation
Method for measuring the degree of treatment of a medium by a gas
Blood processing systems and methods which optically monitor incremental platelet volumes in a plasma constituent
Sterilizing conduit for beverage storage and dispensing
Water purification device
Density screening outer wall transport method for fluid separation devices
Apparatus for distributing gas and liquid during concurrent gas/liquid backwash in filter underdrain flumes
Apparatus and method for manufacturing an intracutaneous microneedle array
Method for production of interposer for mounting semiconductor element
Single bend actuator cupped paddle inkjet printing device
Plasma etching of polysilicon using fluorinated gas mixtures
Conductive isostructural compounds
Polar diphenyldiacetylene liquid crystals
Method for producing water-dispersible alpha-alumina monohydrate
Deaggregated electrically conductive polymers and precursors thereof
Via fill formulations which are electrically and/or thermally conductive, or non-conductive
Composite nickel fine powder
High oleic acid oil compositions and methods of making and electrical insulation fluids and devices comprising the same
Method for producing an electrooptical module
Extrudable black body decoy flare compositions and methods of use
Inviscid melt spinning of mullite fibers
Method for preparing ceramic compositions
Mold temperature control
Apparatus and method for pressing powders
Method of forming a two-part coated foam structure
Use of diol alkoxylates as additives for the production of pigment concentrates
Cementing compositions and the application of such compositions to cementing oil or analogous wells
Process for preparing defect free silicon crystals which allows for variability in process conditions
Multi-stage arsenic doping process to achieve low resistivity in silicon crystal grown by czochralski method
Apparatus for forming a photoresist film in a semiconductor device and method of forming a photoresist film using the same
Transferring device for optical discs being processed in a disc manufacturing assembly, disc manufacturing assembly incorporating the transferring device, and associated transferring method
Coating blade having a wear-resistant edge
Apparatus and process for coating particles
Immersion coating system
Apparatus of feedback control for the placement of a polymer composition into a web
Plasma CVD apparatus
Modular architecture for semiconductor wafer fabrication equipment
Chemical vapor deposition apparatus and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Non-corrosive cleaning method for use in the manufacture of microelectronic device
NF-AT polypeptides and polynucleotides
Antisense oligonucleotide compositions and methods for the modulation of activating protein 1
Spatially addressable, cleavable reflective signal elements, assay device and method
Nucleic acid detection
Simulataneous detection, identification and differentiation of eubacterial taxa using a hybridization assay
Characterizing nucleic acid
Method for detecting mutations in nucleic acids
Immobilized nucleic acid hybridization reagent and method
DbpA compositions and methods of use
Method for isolation of extrachromosomal amplified genes
Compositions and methods for the diagnosis prevention and treatment of tumor progression
Multistage electromagnetic separator for purifying cells, chemicals and protein structures
DNA-based steganography
Up-converting reporters for biological and other assays
Tick (Ixodes scapularis) vector saliva-induced Lyme disease spirochete (Borrelia burgdorferi) antigens as vaccine candidates
Recombinant inactive core streptavidin mutants
Method of screening candidate compounds for susceptibility to oxidative metabolism
Examination method of infection with Helicobacter pylori
Process for producing a cholesterol-reduced substance
SAM operon
Magnetic composite article and manufacturing method of the same and soft magnetic powder of Fe-Al-Si system alloy used in the composite article
Ferritic-austenitic steel alloy
Stainless steel material with excellent antibacterial property and process for producing the same
High strength cast aluminum-beryllium alloys containing magnesium
Silicon alloys for electronic packaging
Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and production thereof
Low-smoke pyrotechnic compositions
Chemical compound suitable for use as an explosive, intermediate and method for preparing the compound
Method of using tire tag protector
Method of manufacturing a molded door skin from a flat wood composite, door skin produced therefrom, and door manufactured therewith
Method and apparatus for repairing concrete
Fibrous acoustical material for reducing noise transmission and method for producing same
Process for producing tubular article for a fixation device
Simple pressure seal methods
Method for producing a spunbonded fabric from thermobonded crimped bicomponent fibers
Liquid crystal device manufacturing methods
Tubular structure/stent/stent securement member
Stent design for use in small vessels
Intravascular hinge stent
Shape memory tubular stent
Prosthesis for abdominal aortic aneurysm repair
Micro-porous mesh stent with hybrid structure
Method of implanting a stentless cardiac valve prosthesis
Heart valve prosthesis with a resiliently deformable retaining member
Prosthesis containing a solution of polyethylene glycol
Method of restructuring bone
Silicon-substituted apatites and process for the preparation thereof
Lamina prosthesis for delivery of medical treatment
Acetabulum spacing device
Artificial condyle for the human hip joint
Biocompatible medical implant element
Orthopedic implant system
Resorbable implant materials
Prosthetic adaptor and prosthetic limb using same
Process for removal of odors from silicones
Oxidizing composition and uses for dyeing, permanently setting or bleaching keratin fibres
Colorant and method for producing temporary hair colors
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratin fibres and dyeing method using said composition
Solid fuel additive
Fuel compositions
Steam generator for gasifying coal
Method of and apparatus for producing combustible gases from pulverized solid fuel
Nonwoven abrasive articles and method of preparing same
Method of manufacturing a foam buffing pad of string-like members
Slurry with chelating agent for chemical-mechanical polishing of a semiconductor wafer and methods related thereto
Polishing compound and an edge polishing method thereby
Two-piece water separating apparatus and method of making same
Filter element for an air filter and a method for the production thereof
Interlocked fiber fail-safe regenerator device
Arc segment magnet, ring magnet and method for producing such magnets
Powder-metallurgically produced composite material and method for its production
Nickel ultrafine powder
Pre-alloyed, copper containing powder, and its use in the manufacture of diamond tools
Method of manufacturing solder balls
Method for stabilization of liquid mercury
Heap leaching of nickel containing ore
Method of producing reduced iron and production facilities therefor
Process and system for separation and recovery of perfluorocompound gases
System to quench gasses and remove condensables
Rotary washer with obliquely positioned demister
Particulate and aerosol remover
Method for reducing moisture content within a housing by reducing thermal inertia on a side of the housing
Electro-kinetic ionic air refreshener-conditioner for pet shelter and litter box
Filter assembly for a vacuum cleaner
Rust preventive coating composition
Water-base white pigment ink for ballpoints
Kaolin clays and methods of making and using same
Quinacridone mixed-crystal pigments of the gamma phase
Pigment concentrates containing dimerdiolalkoxylate additives, and methods of preparing same
Methods and apparatus for therapeutic cauterization of predetermined volumes of biological tissue
Electrosurgical lesion location device
Bipolar electrosurgical end effectors
Vertebrae linking system
Bone drill
Deformable intraocular lens injecting apparatus and method
Device for producing a shock wave to impact an object
Surgical instrument with extended reach for use in minimally invasive surgery
Depilation system
Flexible endoscopic surgical instrument for invagination and fundoplication
Rotary bur instruments having bur tips with aspiration passages
Refraction correction with custom shaping by inner corneal tissue removal using a microjet beam
Fluid jet keratome apparatus and method for refractive surgery
Powered handpiece for performing endoscopic surgical procedures
Method for developing an anatomic space for laparoscopic hernia repair
Expandable cannula
Medical device for removing thromboembolic material from cerebral arteries and methods of use
Photomask material and method of processing thereof
Protective polycarbonate-polyurethane overcoat for image recording elements
Projection exposure method with corrections for image displacement
Phosphor composition, phosphor paste, and photosensitive dry film
Toner compositions
Two-component type developer and image forming method
Positive photoresist composition
Apparatus and method for use in positioning an anchor
Pacifier retaining device
System and method for improving the appearance of skin
Low level laser therapy apparatus
Selective organ cooling catheter with guidewire apparatus and temperature-monitoring device
Device for cooling infant''s brain
Stent assembly
Air expandable bodies reciprocating a massage element
Collapsible cervical traction device
Ultrasound catheter for improving blood flow to the heart
Eye dryer, eye dryer system and method of using the same
Single operator exchange billiary catheter
Self-sealing detachable balloon
Delivery mechanism for balloons, drugs, stents and other physical/mechanical agents and method of use
Occlusion of a vessel
Electrosurgical probe for treating tissue in electrically conductive fluid
Device for generating a pulsatile fluid drug flow
Auxiliary appliance for syringe fixation
Fluid supplying apparatus
Apparatus and method for painless intramuscular or subcutaneous injections
Cylinder ampoule
Blood-gas separation device
Ostomy appliance
Thin sanitary napkin capable of controlled deformation when in use
Individual wrapping for absorbent products with attachment flaps
Absorbent article wrapper comprising a side flap fastener cover
Tampon string tab and method for attachment
Pants-type disposable diaper
Aneurysm embolization material and device
Process and arrangement for monitoring and controlling the treatment parameters in an ophthalmic treatment device
Laser treatment apparatus
Method of vision correction
Abrading tools and method of making
Superabrasive tool and method of manufacturing the same
Sanding disks
Method and device for making an incision in the skin of a slaughtered animal, and for performing a subcutaneous operation
Vandal resistant fresh air filter housing
System and method for producing and supplying highly clean dry air
Stone roll mount plate for a feederhouse on an agricultural combine
Methods of progressive jackpot gaming
Coin-receiving device
Method and apparatus for team play of slot machines
Networked credit adjust meter for electronic gaming
Method of playing a multi-stage video wagering game
Input device, game device, and method and recording medium for same
Electronic game guide system
Online digital photography game system
Electronic accessory for game machine
Safety coupling
Hollow drive shaft with integrated vibration absorber
Water slide with cushioning
Billiard rack
Portable net device
Golf training aid
Golf practice platform for a variety of golf shots
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf ball and method of coating a golf ball with top coat containing an aromatic/aliphatic polyisocyanate copolymer
Playing field with equipment for a football-like game
Sports training device
Breakaway net attachment system
Hydraulic tensioner with pivotal mount
Synchronous belt drive tensioning assembly
Chain guide
Integral hydrostatic transaxle apparatus for driving and steering
Bicycle transmission that shifts when a driver is in a predetermined rotational position
Drive mechanism for infinitely variable transmission
Speed ratio controller and control method of non-finite speed ratio transmission device
Constant speed drive apparatus for aircraft generator and traction speed change apparatus
Grip exercise apparatus
Arm and hand exercising device
Synthetic sand frontal training shoe
Directional reflector shield assembly for a microwave ablation instrument
Method of manufacturing an optical system
Radioactive wire placement catheter
Inflatable covering for tandem colpostat intracavitary implant
Apparatus for generating electromagnetic waveforms
Soft tissue compression shield and method of retracting tissue
System and method for automated collection and analysis of patient information retrieved from an implantable medical device for remote patient care
Ultrasonic harmonic imaging system and method using waveform pre-distortion
Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method
Method and apparatus for extracting cardiac information from acoustic information acquired with an ultrasound device
Dual band ultrasonic systems
Method and apparatus for flow imaging using golay codes
Method and apparatus for automatic detection and sizing of cystic objects
Medical ultrasound imaging system with composite delay profile
Method and apparatus for identifying heartbeat
Method and system for verifying the integrity of normal sinus rhythm templates
Multiple function airway adapter
Bipolar handheld nerve locator and evaluator
Systems and methods for providing an improved exercise device with motivational programming
Blow-moldable water-filled freeweights
Exercise apparatus for leg muscles
Exercising device
Sealing arrangement
Narrow waist vane
Air turbine motor
End wall flow path of a compressor
Centrifugal fluid machine
Marine propeller
Relating to bladed structures for fluid flow propulsion engines
Gear pump having a multishaft drive and method of operating same
Device and method for detecting bearing overheating in turbine pump systems
Infusion device with disposable elements
Recovery pump for recovering floating oil
Method for operating a pumping-ejection apparatus and apparatus for realising said method
Liquid-gas jet apparatus variants
Axial piston pump with oblique disk
Method and apparatus for suppressing resonance
Rotary compressor
Turbo molecular pump
Thrust ball bearing and open-type scroll compressor
Scroll compressor having a rotated oldham ring
Displacement type fluid machine
Hydraulically retractable hydraulic motor
Screw-type compressor having an axial bearing part on only one rotor
Reflux gas compressor
Gear pump
Asymmetric double screw rotor assembly
Roller vane pump having straight line segments on the rotor
Plant for manufacture of foam products
Reheater door of a spinning device
Apparatus to produce pasta
Vacuum debulking table for thermoplastic materials
Extrusion blow molding machine for forming a bottle having a calibrated neck finish
Die closing device of an injection molding machine
Premix burner with firing rate control
Liquid-fuel votive light
Cooler for combustion products
Cooler for particulate material
Dispenser for heating and extruding dental material
Endodontic adapter for a sonic scaler
Dental ultrasound instrument for treating periodontal pockets
Brush for use in restorative dentistry
Kit for immediate post-extraction implantation
Bone implant
One-step threaded implant
Endodontic obturator with removable carrier and method of use thereof
Structure of a plastic CPU foldable fixing frame
Board-to-board connector capable of readily electrically connecting two parallel boards to each other
Connecting device
Double-sided single-print straddle mount assembly
Carrier for land grid array connectors
Audio connector grounding piece
Electric connector with a positioning terminal
Card connector circuit board
Flat panel display device
Connector having foldable plug
Lever actuated electrical connector
Lever-type electrical connector
Electrical connector
Electromagnetically locking latch to prevent circuit pack removal
Terminals for achieving preferred electric and mechanic connection
Connector position assurance device for a connector
Cable pad for securing cable and supporting equipment
Modular component receiving apparatus and method for installing modular components
Flexible circuit board connector having insulation removal mechanism
Tap connector
Insulation displacement connector
Method of connecting terminal fitting to flat conductor and terminal fitting for flat conductor
Structure for a connector of a cigarette lighting device of cars
Panel mounting system for electrical connectors
Self-positioning metal hold-down
Coaxial plug connector
Low profile combination switch and connector assembly
Car plug and external electrode terminal of car plug
High speed IDC modular jack
High frequency connector
Low crosstalk connector
Receptacle connector having an anti-mismating means
Cable connector with improved terminals
Electrical connector
Electrical connector having enhanced retention of contacts in a housing
Implantable electronic unit
Electromotive drive system for a ship
Induction system for watercraft engine
2-cycle engine and a watercraft having the 2-cycle engine installed therein
Virtual slalom course
Manufacturing method for a flat panel display and the display with reinforced support spacers
Alignment of carbon nanotubes
Assembly of microencapsulated electronic displays
Structure-forming construction element for toy log building set
Gyroscope and method and apparatus for spinning same
Singing toy device and method
Motion display toy
Bow-hunters horn rattling apparatus
Keepsake confetti
Water tower assembly with variable water level
Polishing apparatus
Non-linear transducer lay-out of thin film head wafer for fabrication of high camber and crown sliders
Guidewire position locator
Abrasive article with separately formed front surface protrusions containing a grinding aid and methods of making and using
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and method
Method for the production of glass product
Method and machine for centerless angular plunge grinding
Polishing media magazine for improved polishing
Disk cleaner
Polishing apparatus
Hand held grinder
Instrument pointer illuminating apparatus
Structure of the ornament lamp
Lighted magnetic retrieval tool
Vertically adjustable overhead lighting system
Carton and method for manufacture thereof
Container forming method and apparatus
On-the-fly cut sheet folder
Human Necessities
Bone marrow biopsy device
Cell collection and transport
Breath test for detection of lung cancer
Apparatus and method for closing a septal defect
Devices and methods for percutaneous mitral valve repair
Vascular clamps and surgical retractors with directional filaments for tissue engagement
Method and system for performing plate type radiofrequency ablation
RF ablation catheter tip electrode with multiple thermal sensors
Contact device for placement in direct apposition to the conjunctive of the eye
Thermodynamic modeling of tissue treatment procedure
Method and sensor for wireless measurement of physiological variables
Biocompatible stent with radiopaque markers
Direct powered facial iron
Massaging apparatus having a suction chamber and at least one roller
Stimulatory device and methods to enhance venous blood return during cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Intraluminal lining
Exercise apparatus with elliptical foot motion
Performing Operations; Transporting
Cylindrical air filter with radially directed seal and method of manufacturing a housing for same
Outlet of a centrifugal separator having a reaction driven rotor
Removal of contaminants from materials
Conductive insert for bonding components with microwave energy
Optical disk pasting apparatus and method for pasting optical disks
Method for manufacturing optical disks
Container folding machine and product thereof
Methods for production of patterned calcined inorganic film
Anilox roller
Actuator for flexing a resilient covering
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Beneficiation of animal manure
Water soluble fertilizer compositions
Method for identifying a CIS-acting RNA export element
Secreted proteins and polynucleotides encoding them
Method for isolating and characterizing nucleic acid sequences
Steel compositions and methods of processing for producing cold-formed and carburized components with fine-grained microstructures
Half-tone phase shift mask for fabrication of poly line
Three-phase phase shift mask
Magnetostrictive material
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