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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Genetic loci associated with Sclerotinia tolerance in soybean
Soybean cultivar S07-03DL157708
Pesticidal proteins
Use of tosylchloramide(s) for treating disease of the skin, mucous membrane, organs and tissues
Pizza pan and method of using same
Method of processing porkhide dog chews
Combination of antimicrobial agents and bacterial interference to coat medical devices
Selective, controlled manipulation of polymers
S1P receptor modulating compounds and use thereof
Substituted benzimidazole derivatives
Glycyrrhetinic acid-30-amide derivatives and their use
Metabotropic glutamate receptor isoxazole ligands and their use as potentiators 286
Thiazolidine derivatives and medicinal use thereof
Fab I inhibitors
Compounds capable of activating cholinergic receptors
Imidazopyridine substituted tropane derivatives with CCR5 receptor antagonist activity for the treatment of HIV and inflammation
Substituted pyrimidine compounds and their utility as CETP inhibitors
Inhibitors of 11.beta.-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase
Treatment of inflammation with 5.alpha. reduced metabolites
Lipid metabolism improving agent
Cationic liposomes containing immune response generating moieties
Derivatives of partially desulphated glycosaminoglycans endowed with antiangiogenic activity and devoid of anticoagulating effect
Multi-purpose skin composition
Treatment for neurodegeneration
Cypin polypeptide and fragments thereof
Methods for treating neurological deficits by intrastriatal administration of transforming growth factor alpha (TGF-.alpha.)
Total enteral nutritious composition
Treatment of cardiac arrhythmias with GLP-1 receptor ligands
Methods for epitope-specific and cytokine/anticytokine combination immunotherapies
Method of treating rheumatoid arthritis using orally administered type one interferons
Liquid composition of factor VII polypeptides
NANBV diagnostics and vaccines
Method of using lectins for prevention and treatment of oral and alimentary tract disorders
Cytochrome c synthesis inhibitors
Protein vaccines against poxviruses
Modified leukotoxin protein
Methods, combinations and kits for treating viral infections using immunoconjugates and antibodies to aminophospholipids
Enhancer for antibody to lymphocytic tumors
Methods and compositions for enhancing immune response and for the production of in vitro Mabs
Calbindin-D.sub.28K protection against glucocorticoid induced cell death
Vaccines for immunization against helicobacter
Targeting and imaging tumor vasculature using conjugates that bind to aminophospholipids
Preparation and administration form comprising an acid-labile active compound
Method for producing a zirconia-layered orthopedic implant component
Hair treatment compositions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of manufacture of separation devices
Separation of compounds using tagging moieties including varying numbers of repeat units
Set of processes for removing impurities from a silcon production facility
Hydrogen peroxide catalytic decomposition
NO.sub.x emission control system for hydrocarbon fueled power source
Modular and reconfigurable multi-stage microreactor cartridge apparatus
Catalyst layer for polymer electrolyte fuel cell, process for producing the catalyst layer, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Method for sinter coating
Printed component circuit with fluidic template
Evaporation material for the production of average refractive optical layers
Pyrolyzed thin film carbon
Strongly adherent coatings
SOL-GEL process for the preparation of vitreous films possessing high adhesion properties and stable colloidal solutions
Automated process and apparatus for planarization of topographical surfaces
Method to manufacture composite polymer electrolyte membranes coated with inorganic thin films for fuel cells
Automatic focusing apparatus, laser processing apparatus, and laser cutting apparatus
Method for welding a rotationally symmetrical part of a hub part
Method for treating lignocellulosic materials, in particular wood and material obtained by this method
Long molding manufacturing method and apparatus
Method for forming a bioartificial guidance conduit
Method for producing a throttle valve unit in a two-component injection molding process
Thermoplastic molding material and molding elements containing nanometric Inorganic particles for making said molding material and said molding elements, and uses thereof
Ceramic hybrid lens and method for manufacturing the same
R-Fe-B based thin film magnet and method for preparation thereof
Interpenetrating polymer network as coating for metal substrate and method therefor
Intermediate film of laminated safety glass with antiglare function and novel neodymium compound
Humidity-regulating composite materials
Optical recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
Ag alloy reflective film for optical information recording medium, optical information recording medium and Ag alloy sputtering target for forming Ag alloy reflective film for optical information recording medium
Ultra-thin copper foil with carrier and printed wiring board using ultra-thin copper foil with carrier
Surface-energy gradient on a fluid-impervious surface and method of its creation using a mixed monolayer film
External modification of composite organic inorganic nanoclusters
Recording medium for ink and method for producing the same
Package with partly foamable liquid by means of which a refreshment can be prepared
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing a thermostable TiO2/SiO2 mixed oxide and mixed oxide produced therefrom
Process to prepare borozirconate solution and use a cross-linker in hydraulic fracturing fluids
Organic crystal
DI-(1-Imidazole) metal phthalocyanine compound, composition comprising the same and preparation method thereof
Prodrugs of GABA analogs, compositions and uses thereof
Therapeutic dimethyl sulfoxide (aka DMSO) compositions and methods of use
Process for preparation of citalopram and enantiomers
Integrated process for removing benzene from gasoline and producing cyclohexane
Process for preparing phenoxypyridine derivatives
Process for production of optically active PPAR-activating compound and intermediate of the same
Thiazole derivatives as phosphodiesterase IV inhibitors
Imidazo[4,5-d]pyrimidines, their uses and methods of preparation
Monophosphine compound, transition metal complex thereof and production method of optically active compound using the complex as asymmetric catalyst
Organic electroluminescence element material, organic electroluminescence element, display device and illumination device
DI-(4-vinylpyridine) metal phthalocyanine compound, composition comprising the same and preparation method thereof
Advanced preparation method of organic-transition metal hydride complexes as hydrogen storage materials
Cancer-associated gene
Sequences diagnostic for foot and mouth disease
Methods and compositions relating to cystatin C
KID3 and KID3 antibodies that bind thereto
Monoclonal antibodies and uses thereof
Vinyl alcohol copolymers for use in aqueous dispersions and melt extruded articles
Acidic superabsorbent hydrogels
Multifunctional silicone resin polymers
Dispersions of acrylic polymer latex as additives for the inhibition of the deposition of paraffins in crude oils and compositions that contain them
Increasing the rate of crystallization of engineering thermoplastics
Polymer treatment
Decomposable resin composition and flexographic printing plate precursor using the same
Hyperbranched polybenzazoles via an A.sub.3+ B.sub.2 polymerization
Processes for the polymerization of trimethylene carbonate to poly(trimethylene glycol carbonate trimethylene glycol ether) diol
Copolymers comprising trimethylene carbonate and poly(trimethylene ether) glycols
Radically coupled PTFE polymer powders, and method for the production thereof
Multi-photon reacted articles with inorganic particles and method for fabricating structures
Fluorine-containing resin composition inhibiting corrosiveness
Epoxy resin curing agent produced by heating anhydride and polyester in presence of hydrogen and hydrogenation catalyst
Resin composition
Organo-functional silicone in emulsion systems and process for preparing same
Anti-fouling cationically crosslinkable varnish compositions and support substrates coated therewith
Electroluminescent polymers and use thereof
Perfuming method and product
Polymerase chain reaction kit and method of manufacturing the same
Bioreactors with substance injection capacity
Sensing switch and detecting method using the same
Chemical induction in quiescence in bacteria
Artificial chimeras engineered to simulate multiple biological threat agents
Vector expressing n-deacetylase/n-sulfotransferase 2
Gene expression modulating element
Maize promoter P95 and methods of use
Expression vector, a transformant carrying the same and a method for producing heterologous protein
Method for determining protein solubility
Plants having improved growth characteristics and methods for making the same by modulating expression of a nucleic acid sequence encoding a NAP1-like protein
Inducible promoter which regulates the expression of a peroxidase gene from maize
Use of phytoene synthase for controlling transgene escape
Polypeptide having an improved cytosine deaminase activity
Cellulase resistant to surfactants
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and therapeutics
Assays for modulators of parkin activity using S5a as a parkin substrate
Compositions and methods for high throughput screening of pharmacological chaperones
Diagnostic test for vitamin B.sub.12
Clean-up beads
Methods of equalizing representation levels of nucleic acid targets
Method for analyzing nucleic acid
Methods for identifying an individual at increased risk of developing coronary artery disease
Compounds that act to modulate insect growth and methods and systems for identifying such compounds
Associations of polymorphisms in the FRZB gene in obesity and osteoporosis
Evaluation of diseases and conditions associated with translocated genes using plasma or serum DNA
Method of judging risk for onset of drug-induced granulocytopenia
SiO.sub.x:Si composite material compositions and methods of making same
Method for high-efficiency synthesis of carbon nanostructure
Textiles; Paper
Carbon and electrospun nanostructures
Flexible composite prepreg materials
Method for producing chemical mechanical polishing pad
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Battery powered cigarette lighter and process for using the same
Techniques for providing surface control to a guidable projectile
High efficiency fiber-optic scintillator radiation detector
Gas sensor for use as a fire detector
Micro structure for sensing trace chemicals
Test object receptacle, test apparatus, and test method
Electron holography system
Biosensor to determine potassium concentration in human blood serum
Methods and compositions using stearoyl-CoA desaturase to identify triglyceride reducing therapeutic agents
Apparatuses and methods for reducing albumin in samples
Biofunctionalized quantum dots for biological imaging
Methods, systems and computer programs for assessing CHD risk using adjusted LDL particle number measurements
Nuclear medical diagnostic device
Imaging apparatus, radiation imaging apparatus, and radiation imaging system
Stretched cellulose ester film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display employing the same
Active matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus
Positive resist composition and pattern making method using the same
Blanket for a printing roll, method of manufacturing the same, patterning method using the same, and method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device
Positive type dry film photoresist
Methods of producing diffractive structures in security documents
Keyboard having key spacing
Multidirectional photoreactive absorption method
Configuration management and retrieval system for proton beam therapy system
Single-photon generation apparatus and quantum bit reading apparatus and method
Directed assembly of three-dimensional structures with micron-scale features
Mixed conductive power and use thereof
Nanorice particles: hybrid plasmonic nanostructures
Loss-loss Mn-Zn ferrite and electronic part made thereof and switching power supply
Vacuum insulated switchgear
Method and apparatus for extracting ions from an ion source for use in ion implantation
Ion source, ion implantation apparatus, and ion implantation method
Method of measuring dimension of film constituting element and apparatus therefor
Ambient pressure pyroelectric ion source for mass spectrometry
Electronic read-out circuits for pixilated/resistive charge detectors
Methods of forming multiple lines
Thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof, and display device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing laser devices
Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Surface micromechanical process for manufacturing micromachined capacitive ultra-acoustic transducers and relevant micromachined capacitive ultra-acoustic transducer
Wafer-level, polymer-based encapsulation for microstructure devices
Semiconductor device with no base member and method of manufacturing the same
Boron diffusion in silicon devices
Apparatus and method for semiconductor wafer bumping via injection molded solder
Dicing method using volatile protective agent
Laser irradiation method, laser irradiation apparatus, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices encapsulated in chip size packages
Electronic component packaging
Depletion-free MOS using atomic-layer doping
Semiconductor substrate with multiple crystallographic orientations
Metal-induced crystallization of amorphous silicon in thin film transistors
Method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Atomic layer deposition of strontium oxide via N-propyltetramethyl cyclopentadiendyl precursor
Methods of forming a phosphorus doped silicon dioxide-comprising layer
Semiconductor device, electronic device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Trench transistor and method for fabricating a trench transistor
Dopant confinement in the delta doped layer using a dopant segregration barrier in quantum well structures
Method to reduce junction leakage through partial regrowth with ultrafast anneal and structures formed thereby
Metal lid with improved adhesion to package substrate
Observation apparatus and method for observing void in underfill resin
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Metal cap for interconnect structures
Synthesis of zeolite crystals and formation of carbon nanostructures in patterned structures
Increased grain size in metal wiring structures through flash tube irradiation
Integrated circuit insulators and related methods
Method of manufacturing at least one semiconductor component and memory cells
Method and structure for forming multiple self-aligned gate stacks for logic devices
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing metal compound thin film
Method of manufacturing thin film transistor substrate
Electronic part and method of producing the same
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof and electronic apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Electronic cassette type of radiation detection apparatus
Heteroatomic regioregular poly(3-substitutedthiophenes) for photovoltaic cells
Dye for dye sensitized photovoltaic cell and dye sensitized photovoltaic cell prepared using the same
Depressed anode with plasmon-enabled devices such as ultra-small resonant structures
Structure and operation method of battery pack
Catalyst layers to enhance uniformity of current density in membrane electrode assemblies
Nickel hydrogen storage battery
Valve having valve element displaced by at least one of a movement of a diaphragm and a movement of an actuator, and fuel cell using the valve
Single cell for fuel cell and solid oxide fuel cell
Reinfored matrix for molten carbonate fuel cell and method for preparing the same
Switch unit having a circuit breaker and a disconnector with common drive means
Device and method for universally leading through cables
Expired Patents Due To Time
Addition cross-linking, two-component silicone material with high shore hardness and high modulus of elasticity
Method and composition for priming and adhering to tooth structure
Polymerizable cement compositions
Antifouling coating composition
Degrading method of polymer
Naturally disintegratable cushion material and method for making the same
Ink jet ink
Polymeric materials and their use
Emulsion feed assembly and method
Spray drying of polymer-containing dispersions, water-in-oil emulsions and water-in-oil microemulsions, and dry polymer products formed thereby
Process for feeding additives into a polymer melt stream
Modified catalase, a composition thereof and process for preparing the catalase
Cellulose ester blends
Use of polyalcohols as polymer stabilizers
Method for recrystallizing diacetal in polyolefin resin
Composition of diene rubber reinforced with a white filler, comprising a multi-functionalized polyorganosiloxane as coupling agent (white filler/elastomer)
Titanate compounds
Filled polyol component viscosity reduction
Synthetic resin composition having resistance to thermal deterioration and molded articles
Polyamide resin composition and film produced from the same
Silica-reinforced rubber compounds containing moisture stabilized polymers
Emulsion rubber mixtures containing hydrophobic-rendered oxide or silicate type fillers and their use for producing tires
Continuous process for producing semi-finished rubber products with a silica reinforcing filler, for tyres, and tyres thus produced
Rubber composition for tire tread
Melanin inhibiting and cell growth activating compositions containing compounds having labdane structure
Synthesis of styrene-isoprene rubber
Organosilicon compounds, processes for their preparation, and their use in crosslinkable organopolysiloxane compositions
Low VOC, isocyanate based aqueous curable compositions
Method for hybrid inorganic/organic composite materials
Preparation of reinforced elastomer, elastomer composite, and tire having component thereof
Powder coating of epoxy-acrylic resin, polycarboxylic acid, crosslinked particles and liquid resin
Compatible blends of polyvinylidene fluoride and aromatic polyimide
Rubbery heat resistant composition
Coating of film-forming resin and functional flow control copolymer
Catalyst for olefin (co-)polymerization and method for producing the same
Olefinic resin composition and their moldings
Propylene-ethylene block copolymer, resin composition, and blow-molded article
Peroxidic treatment of olefin polymers
Blocky chlorinated polyolefins, process for making and use as impact modifier compatibilizer for PVC or CPVC
Catalyst composition for hydrogenation of conjugated diene based synthetic rubbers
Superabsorbent resin composition
Continuous addition of tin halides to solution SBR
Curable resin composition cured products
Coating system settable by heat
Method for preparing polypropylene terephthalate/polyethylene terephtalate copolyester
Process for producing polyolefins
Functionally gradient polymeric materials
Components and catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Olefin polymerization with group 4 metal-containing organosilicon dendrimers
Process for producing ethylene/.alpha.-olefin copolymer
Narrow molecular weight distribution copolymers containing long chain branches and process to form same
Stereorigid bis-fluorenyl metallocenes
Catalyst for olefin polymerization and method of polymerizing olefin
Surface active agent containing fluorine and coating compositions using the same
Halogenated acrylates and polymers derived therefrom
High molecular weight zwitterionic polymers
Cinchonan based chiral selectors for separation of stereoisomers
Thermosetting polymers with improved thermal and oxidative stability for composite and adhesive applications
Organopolysiloxane-grafted copolymeric compound
Polyfunctionally reactive polymer substances
High index/high abbe number composition
Functionalized ethylene/vinyl or vinylidene aromatic interpolymers
Basic condensation catalyst systems for siloxanes
Polysiloxane-containing polyurethane elastomeric compositions
Telechelic siloxane polymers with multiple epoxy end-groups
Dimethicone copolyol amido quats
Poly (mercaptopropylaryl) curatives
Aromatic polycarbodiimide and films thereof
Process for producing aromatic polycarbonate and aromatic polycarbonate composition
Copolymeric, hydrophobically modified polyaspartic esters having increased molecular mass and their use
Polymer light emitting diode
Method for preparing polyether polyol and copolymer thereof
.gamma., .delta. T cell receptor and methods for detection
Effector proteins of Rapamycin
Neurite outgrowth-promoting polypeptides containing fibronectin type III repeats and methods of use
Human nucleolin-like protein
Calcium-binding proteins
Secretases related to Alzheimer''s dementia
Tumor necrosis factor related receptor, TR6
OCT-3 polypeptides
DNA encoding high affinity interleukin-4 muteins
Soy proteins and methods for their production
Photoactivation of proteins for conjugation purposes
Azoic compounds functionalized with heterocycles
Human endothelin receptor
Breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP) and the DNA which encodes it
Human glutamate receptor and related DNA compounds
SMAD-interacting polypeptides and their use
Nucleic acid encoding OMP26 antigen from Haemophilus influenzae
Isolated DNA sequence which can serve as terminator region in a chimeric gene capable of being used for the transformation of plants
Expression system for altered expression levels
Solid phase synthesis
Purification of plasmid DNA
Nucleoside analogues
Water-soluble, sulfoalkyl-containing, hydrophobically modified cellulose ethers, processes for preparing them, and their use in emulsion paints
Mixture of titanyltetraazaporphyrin compounds and electrophotographic photoconductor using the same
Purification process
Azolobenzazepine derivatives and compositions and method of use thereof
Fluorinated triazinic compounds
Process for preparing 4,6-disubstituted pyrido[3,4-d]pyrimidines
Preparation of amides and quinazoline derivatives
Process for preparing amides
Process for the preparation of 6-(perfluoroalkyl) uracil compounds from carbamate compounds
Retroviral protease inhibiting compounds
High-concentration flowable anionic surfactant mixtures containing alkyl ether sulfates and alkyl sulfates
Detergent compositions containing and effervescent
Perfumes comprising 3-alkylcycloalkanols
8-[(2-hydroxy-4-methoxy benzoyl) amino]-octanoic acid compositions for delivering active agents
Complexes of apolipoprotein E and ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) and methods of use
Methods for treating parasitic infection using thiopeptides
Pharmaceutical compositions containing TSG-6 for treating inflammatory diseases and cancer-related pathologies and method
Method for increasing the electrotransport flux of polypeptides
Method for administering insulin to the brain
.beta.-amino-.alpha.-hydroxycarboxylic acid derivatives and HIV protease inhibitors
Antiherpes tetrapeptide derivatives having a substituted aspartic acid side chain
Inhibitors of trypsin-like enzymes
Antagonists of calcitonin gene-related peptide
Methods of neuroendocrine regulation of affective disorders
Use of stereoisomers of calendula gylcosides for the treatment of psoriasis
Hygromycin derivatives
Derivatives of erythromycin, their preparation process and their use as medicaments
Method for stabilization of biological substances during drying and subsequent storage and compositions thereof
Pectic substance as a growth factor stabilizer
Organoprotective solutions
Thermoplastic mixtures containing dialdehyde starch and natural polymers
Phospholipid derivatives of valproic acid and mixtures thereof
Methods of providing and using compounds having activity as inhibitors of cytochrome P450RAI
Orally active androgens
Prenyl transferase inhibitors
Substituted 2H-1,3-diazapin-2-one useful as an HIV protease inhibitor
Substituted 6H-1,3,4-thiadiazine-2-amines, the use thereof as anaesthetising, cardiovascular and hypometabolic agents, and pharmaceutical composition containing them
Methods of protecting neuronal function
Heterocyclic compounds having antidiabetic, hypolipidemic and antihypertensive properties, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
3,4-Dihydro-2H-benzo[1,4]oxazinyl-methyl)-[3-(1H-indol-3yl)-alkyl]- amines
Benzofurazan compounds which enhance AMPA receptor activity
Benzothiazole compounds and their therapeutic use
Succinate derivative compounds useful as cysteine protease inhibitors
Substituted 1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives
Sulfonamide derivatives as inhibitors of bone resorption and as inhibitors of cell adhesion
N-(arylsulfonyl) amino acid derivatives, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Antithrombotic agents
Acetylenic sulfonamide thiol tace inhibitors
Tetrazine bicyclic compounds
Therapeutically active 1,2,4-triazolo[4.,3-B] pyridazine derivatives as ligands for GABA receptors
Arylpiperazinyl-cyclohexyl indole derivatives for the treatment of depression
Heterocyclic compounds useful as pharmaceutical agents
Cosmetic composition containing a neuropeptide Y receptor antagonist
Therapeutic compounds
JAK-3 inhibitors for treating allergic disorders
Method of kidney treatment
Therapeutically active diarylpropylamines; their pharmaceutically acceptable salts; a method for their preparation and method for their use
Sleep quality improvement using a growth hormone secretagogue
Uses of thaliporphine or its derivatives in treatment of cardiac diseases and preparation of same
Analogues of camptothecin, preparation procedures, their application as medicines and the pharmaceutical compositions comprising them
Imidazo pyridine derivatives which inhibit gastric acid secretion
Imidazo pyridine derivatives which inhibit gastric acid secretion
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Benzylamine derivatives which are useful in treating psychiatric disorders
Method of treatment using certain growth-hormone secret agogues
2-aminoalkylaminoquinolines as dopamine D4 ligands
Method for making 4-carboxyamino-2-substituted-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline
Substituted pyrroles
Compositions of optically pure (-) norcisapride
Indoline derivatives useful as 5-HT-2C receptor antagonists
Calcium receptor-active molecules
Heterocyclic substituted isoxazolidines and their use as fungicides
Aromatic amine compounds that antagnoize the pain enhancing effects of prostaglandins
.alpha.-substituted phenylacetic acid derivative, its production and agricultural fungicide containing it
Antithrombotic agents
N(aryl/heteroarylacetyl) amino acid esters, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis by use of such compounds
Compositions and methods for treating nephritis and inhibiting TGF -.beta. related conditions using pyridylacrylamide derivatives
Bis-thiadiazole derivatives or salts thereof and agrohorticultural disease controller and method for using the same
Composition and method for treating macular disorders
Thiazole compounds as cyclic-AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Insecticidal method
Bioavailability of 3-heteroarylidenyl-2-indolinones active as protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Metabotropic glutamate receptor ligand derivatives as naaladase inhibitors
Substituted heterocyclic compounds, method for preparing and compositions containing same
2,19-methyleneoxy and 2,19-methylenethio bridged steroids as aromatase, 19-hydroxylase inhibitors and methods of their use in the treatment of estrogen mediated disorders
Propynyl or dienyl biaromatic compounds
2,4-pentadienoic acid derivatives having retinoid-like biological activity
Dithiolin derivatives, their preparation and their therapeutic effect
Inhibition of cataracts and other disorders
Phenyl acetic acid derivatives as pesticides
Composition having capability of removing risk factor during exercise
Use of retinoid receptor antagonists in the treatment of cartilage and bone pathologies
Lutein esters having high bioavailability
L-threonate ferrous, as well as pharmaceutical composition and use for improving and treating human anemia thereof
Method for preventing or treating elevated blood lipid level-related diseases by administering cinnamic acid derivatives
Methods and compositions for modulating alpha adrenergic receptor activity
Glyoxylic acid amides
Aminobenzophenones as inhibitors of interleukin and TNF
Meta substituted arylalkylamines and therapeutic and diagnostic uses therefor
Dosing method of administering deprenyl via intraoral administration or inhalation administration
D-mannitol derivatives as HIV aspartyl protease inhibitors
Use of hexahydrolupulones as antibacterial and anticancer agents
Treatment of hyperproliferative skin disorders with C18 to C20 aliphatic alcohols
Steroid compounds having contraceptive and anti-osteoporosis activity
Cosmetic compositions containing optical brighteners
Acetylenic diol ethylene oxide/propylene oxide adducts and processes for their manufacture
Process for preparing thermoplastic rubbers from vulcanized rubber scrap materials and olefinic plastic
Expanded polypropylene resin beads and a molded article
Polymers having backbones with reactive groups employed in crosslinking as precursors to nanoporous thin film structures
Inorganic-organic composite foam and process for the production thereof
High refractive index ophthalmic device materials prepared using a post-polymerization cross-linking method
Photocationically polymerizable composition comprising a polycyclic aromatic compound
Biologically resorbable polymerization products made of binding agent systems which can be hardened by radiation
Method of crystallizing an amorphous silicon layer
Programmable triangular shaped device having variable gain
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a trench capacitor
Etching method for reducing bit line coupling in a DRAM
Semiconductor processing method of forming a contact pedestal of forming a storage node of a capacitor and integrated circuitry
Method of fabricating a bottom electrode
Concentric container fin capacitor and method
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having hemispherical grain polysilicon film
Methods of forming capacitors, methods of forming capacitor-over-bit line memory circuitry, and related integrated circuitry constructions
Structure with protruding source in split-gate flash
Structure nonvolatile semiconductor memory cell array and method for fabricating same
Elimination of poly cap easy poly 1 contact for NAND product
Thin film transistor and method for fabricating the same
High speed trench DMOS
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
MOS transistor with assisted-gates and ultra-shallow "Psuedo" source and drain extensions for ultra-large-scale integration
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Low voltage high performance semiconductor devices and methods
Field effect transistor with spacers that are removable with preservation of the gate dielectric
Method for forming PLDD structure with minimized lateral dopant diffusion
Process for formation of vertically isolated bipolar transistor device
Method for semiconductor manufacturing
Ion-implantation method applicable to manufacture of a TFT for use in a liquid crystal display apparatus
Fabrication process for metal-insulator-metal capacitor with low gate resistance
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of field implantation
Semiconductor device, trench isolation structure and methods of formations
Method to form a balloon shaped STI using a micro machining technique to remove heavily doped silicon
Fabrication method of semiconductor memory device with impurity regions surrounding recess
Integrated circuit insulator and method
Method for suppressing narrow width effects in CMOS technology
Method of fabricating multi-layered structure having single crystalline semiconductor film formed on insulator
Method and device for processing semiconductor material
Semiconductor substrate and manufacturing method of semiconductor substrate
Growth method for silicon nanowires and nanoparticle chains from silicon monoxide
Method for producing epitaxial silicon germanium layers
Plasma enhanced CVD process for rapidly growing semiconductor films
Process for fabricating semiconductor device including antireflective etch stop layer
Y-gate formation using damascene processing
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
PMOS device having a layered silicon gate for improved silicide integrity and enhanced boron penetration resistance
Recessed-container cells and method of forming the same
Method of fabricating deflection aperture array for electron beam exposure apparatus, wet etching method and apparatus for fabricating the aperture array, and electron beam exposure apparatus having the aperture array
Method for forming a semiconductor device
Process for manufacturing an integrated circuit including a dual-damascene structure and an integrated circuit
Microelectronic contacts and methods for producing same
Method for low thermal budget metal filling and planarization of contacts vias and trenches
Method of fabricating dual damascene structure
Method for forming multi-layer interconnection of a semiconductor device
Method of making a conductive layer covering a hole of decreasing diameter in an insulation layer in a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a contract structure having a composite barrier layer between a platinum layer and a polysilicon plug
Method for manufacturing a salicide transistor, semiconductor storage, and semiconductor device
Ionized metal plasma Ta, TaNx, W, and WNx liners for gate electrode applications
Method for forming integrated circuit device structures from semiconductor substrate oxidation mask layers
Chemical vapor deposition using organometallic precursors
Method for producing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for controlling chemical interactions during planarization of microelectronic substrates
Chemical mechanical polishing composition and process
Process for the definition of openings in a dielectric layer
Method of enhancing the rate of removal of a layer of light-sensitive material after an etching step in the fabrication of semiconductor electronic devices
Cleaning contact with successive fluorine and hydrogen plasmas
Manufacture of field emission element
Methods for forming a spin-on-glass layer
Nanoporous silicone resins having low dielectric constants and method for preparation
Method of forming materials between conductive electrical components, and insulating materials
MOCVD method of tantalum oxide film
Dilute cleaning composition and method for using same
Disposable fabric-saturated sanitizer wipe(s) for food industry with sealed container packaging therefor
Mineral wool composition
Method for manufacture of composite fiber
Glass for a substrate
Infrared and ultraviolet radiation absorbing blue glass composition
Silicon nitride sintered body, method for manufacturing the same, and cutting insert formed of the sintered body
Refractory castables containing thermal black
Non-slumping sprayable refractory castables containing thermal black
Alkali resistant silica refractory
Desiccant for drying CH2F2 refrigerant utilizing zeolite
Catalyst for ring-opening polymerization of alkylene oxide, method for preparation thereof and use thereof
Method of making frangible spray dried agglomerated supports and olefin polymerization catalysts supported thereon
Process for the preparation of high activity carbon monoxide hydrogenation catalysts; the catalyst composition, use of the catalysts for conducting such reactions, and the products of such reactions
Catalyst support material
Alloy having antibacterial effect and sterilizing effect
Substantially light-insensitive black and white thermographic recording material with improved image tone
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew