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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Production of arachidonic acid in oilseed plants
Maize having an improved digestibility
Agent for inducing apoptosis comprising MSX1 or a gene encoding the same as an active ingredient
Methods of diagnosing infertility by detecting PMCA4 mutations
Methods for treating hepatitis C
Methods of converting a patient's treatment regimen from intravenous administration of an opioid to oral co-administration of morphine and oxycodone using a dosing algorithm to provide analgesia
Topical gel formulation comprising organophosphate insecticide and preparation thereof
Immunogenic compositions for activating .gamma..delta. T cells
Step-down suckling method for minimizing weaning stress in newborn calf
Hair flat iron with light source
Apparatus and method of forming a composite web structure and an absorbent structure comprising said web
Implantable device
Cyclic amine compound
Method for the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss with donepezil hydrochloride (ARICEPT.RTM.)
Pyrrolopyrazinyl urea kinase inhibitors
Benzylpiperazine derivatives as motilin receptor agonists
Substituted pyrimidine compounds and their utility as CETP inhibitors
Small molecule inhibitors of ghrelin O-acyltransferase
11C-labeled benzyl-lactam compounds and their use as imaging agents
Pyridinecarboxylic acid (2-aminophenyl) amide derivative having urea structure
Chelated 8-hydroxyquinoline and use thereof in a method of treating epithelial lesions
Bisphosphonate compounds and methods with enhanced potency for multiple targets including FPPS, GGPPS, and DPPS
Nutraceutical for the prevention and treatment of cancers and diseases affecting the liver
Contraceptives based on SP22 and SP22 antibodies
Dermatological and/or cosmetic composition containing polypeptides
Macrocyclic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Composition and method for inducing or restoring locomotor functions in an animal
Recombinant toxin fragments
Composition for treating atopic dermatitis comprising hirsutenone as an active ingredient
In vitro model of latent mycobacterial infection
Recombinant toxin fragments
C3b antibodies and methods for the prevention and treatment of complement-associated disorders
Method for ex vivo immunization using heterologous intact bispecific and/or trispecific antibodies
Phage antibodies to radiation-inducible neoantigens
Anti-angiogenic methods and compositions
Universal GM-CSF expressing bystander human K562 cell line
Lotion-treated tissue and towel
Tannate compositions, methods of making and methods of use
Method of targeting sustained release formulations of therapeutic agents to treat lung diseases
Biofilm remover
Performing Operations; Transporting
Guanidinated polysaccharides, their use as absorbents and process for producing same
High-temperature catalytic material and method for producing the same
Recycling of ionic liquid catalyst
Light emitting element and manufacturing method thereof
Organic thin-film photoelectric conversion element and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing absorption pad
Duroplastic-bonded molded fiber parts and method for producing the same
Visible-light-responsive photoactive coating, coated article, and method of making same
Material for electric contact and method of producing the same
Appliance panel with stainless steel look
Fluoroplastic composite elastomer
Textile coating formulations comprising crosslinkable liquid silicones, metal alkoxides and functional coreactants
Method for producing composite materials
Laminated body containing particle dispersion layer, method for producing the same, and light modulation device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for simultaneous production of benzene and ethylene by conversion of acetylene
Manufacture process of organic compounds
Method of operating a three-phase slurry reactor
Method for immobilizing compound onto column carrier
Anionic acid-labile surfactants and methods of use
Process for the production of ethylene
Cationic polymerization of biological oils
Ethanamine compounds and methods of using the same 545
Naphthylmethylimidizoles as therapeutic agents
Method for preparing substituted pyrimidines
Pyridine and pyrimidine derivatives as MGLUR2 antagonists
Isoquinolinone derivatives
Nano-linked metallocene catalyst compositions and their polymer products
Carbon-based solid acid, catalyst comprising the solid acid, and reaction using the solid acid as catalyst
Molded object comprising .alpha.-1,4-glucans and/or modifications thereof and process for producing the same
Phosphodiesterase and gene thereof
SiRNA targeting cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1B (p27, Kip1) (CDKN1B)
Promoter for introducing a gene into a lymphocyte or blood cell and application thereof
Promoter for introducing a gene into a lymphocyte or blood cell and application thereof
Heterocyclic compounds and their use in the detection of nucleic acids
Methods for production of proteins
Isolated nature-identical collagen
Toner process
Method for producing core-shell type highly liquid absorbent resin particles
Method for the production of water absorbent polymer particles by polymerizing drops of a monomer solution
Industrially viable method for the production of polycarbynes, polymeric precursors to diamond and diamond like ceramics
Polyester based degradable materials and implantable biomedical articles formed therefrom
Hazy polyester film with improved technology
Gelling agents and gelatinous compositions
Silicone polyether block copolymers having organofunctional endblocking groups
Synthesis of hydroxylated polyorganosiloxanes by hydrolysis/condensation of halosilanes and apparatus therefor
Modified rubber particles and compositions including the same
Process for the production of a moulding composed of foamed polytetrafluoroethylene
Oligo- and poly-carbonates terminated with silicon containing groups as surface modifiers
Composition for aqueous coating material and process for its production, and two-component curable aqueous coating material kit
Water tolerant emulsion stabilizers
Recording liquid, ink set, method for recording an image, image-recording apparatus and recorded matter
Stable offset emulsion inks containing water tolerant emulsion stabilizer
Pyridine compounds for liquid-crystalline mixtures
Ortho ester breakers for viscoelastic surfactant gels and associated methods
Oil composition for lubricating an EGR equipped diesel engine and an EGR equipped diesel engine comprising same
Lubricant for magnetic disks, method for producing the lubricant used in the magnetic disks, and method for manufacturing the same
Detergent composition
NOx removal system for biogas engines at anaerobic digestion facilities
Antibody compositions
Nucleotide sequences mediating plant male fertility and method of using same
Site-specific recombination in eukaryotes and constructs useful therefor
Chimeric promoters capable of mediating gene expression in plants upon pathogen infection and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for regrowth of cryopreserved conifer embryos
Physiogenomic method for predicting diabetes and metabolic syndromes induced by psychotropic drugs
Cell-free system for synthesis of proteins derived from cultured mammalian cells
Enzyme production in culture medium comprising raw glycerol
84P2A9: a prostate and testis specific protein highly expressed in prostate cancer
Biological production method of photoconductive arsenic-sulfide (As-S) nanotube and strain used for the same
Method for the production of optically-active alcohols
Method for determining if a subject having type II diabetes has a kidney disorder
Variants in complement regulatory genes predict age-related macular degeneration
Method and device for determining the mass of postal articles transferred in succession along a path
Laser scanner apparatus for fluorescence measurements
Biosensor using nanoscale material as transistor channel and method of fabricating the same
Microarrays and uses therefor
Water quality evaluation method and substrate contacting apparatus used
Detection of formaldehyde in urine samples
Methods for detecting virulent Plasmodium, for evaluating Plasmodium virulence, and for screening new drugs employing the 3'UTR of Plasmodium SUB2 and the Plasmodium SUB2 serine protease
Diagnostic markers of wound infection
H.sup.+-gated ion channel
Recombinant antigens for diagnosis and prevention of murine typhus
MN gene and protein
Apparatus and method for image reconstruction for a synthetic aperture gamma ray imager
Single crystal scintillator material and method for producing the same
Metallic screens for sub-wavelength focusing of electromagnetic waves
Planographic printing plate precursor
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and wafer
Light-sensitive component for use in photoresists
Curable composition, image forming material, and planographic printing plate precursor
Photoresist systems
Mounting a pellicle to a frame
Backing layer containing photoconductor
Toner manufacturing method, toner manufacturing apparatus, and toner manufactured by way of the toner manufacturing method thereof
Method for producing developing agent
Toy piano
Electronic keyboard musical instrument having key actuators
Reflective piano keyboard scanner
Sound signal expression mode determining apparatus method and program
Music session system, music session system server, and program for implementing method of controlling the server
Charged particle beam apparatus, method of adjusting astigmatism using same and method of manufacturing device using same
Time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Charged-particle detector
Method for producing display device
Photovoltaic device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of assembling semiconductor device with heat spreader
Integrated micro-channels for 3D through silicon architectures
Method and device for fabricating an assembly of at least two microelectronic chips
Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating an integrated CMOS-MEMS device
Semiconductor device
Systems and methods for preparing epitaxially textured polycrystalline films
Controlled process and resulting device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method and structure for fabricating multiple tiled regions onto a plate using a controlled cleaving process
Method and structure for fabricating solar cells
Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
Atomic layer volatilization process for metal layers
Transistors with gate stacks having metal electrodes
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit including a stressed dielectric layer with stable stress
Double pass formation of a deep quantum well in enhancement mode III-V devices
Method for providing temperature uniformity of rapid thermal annealing
Packaging process of light emitting diode
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Insulating film pattern, method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing thin film transistor substrate using the same
Isolation structures and methods of fabricating isolation structures
Trench isolation and method of fabricating trench isolation
Methods of forming features in integrated circuits
Method of forming a high performance fet and a high voltage fet on a SOI substrate
Molded beam for optoelectronic sensor chip substrate
Semiconductor device having pads
Structure and method to form dual silicide e-fuse
Semiconductor test pad structures
Integrated circuit having resistor between BEOL interconnect and FEOL structure and related method
High mobility CMOS circuits
Method for producing an integrated circuit and arrangement comprising a substrate
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Selectively depositing aluminum in a replacement metal gate process
Display device and electronic device having the display device, and method for manufacturing thereof
Organic light-emitting display device
Double-sided integrated circuit chips
Structurally stabilized semiconductor nanowire
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Active matrix optical device
Electronic device
Semiconductor device having a junction of P type pillar region and N type pillar region
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device including a plurality of memory strings
Magnetic memory device having a recording layer
Optical device and method for manufacturing optical device, and camera module and endoscope module equipped with optical device
Photoelectric conversion device and fabrication method therefor
Micro concentrators elastically coupled with spherical photovoltaic cells
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system using photoelectric conversion apparatus
Optically controlled electrical switching device based on wide bandgap semiconductors
Semiconductor device with a driver circuit for light emitting diodes
Side view light emitting diode package
Organic field effect transistor
Thermoelectric device
Polymer containing sulfo group and organic electroluminescent element containing the polymer
Electroluminescent materials and devices
CID retention device for Li-ion cell
Fuel cell system having pressurizing system
Polymer electrochemical device
Sintered cathode compositions
Polymer gel electrolyte secondary cell
Lithium ion conductive sulfide-based solid electrolyte and all-solid lithium battery using same
Power supply apparatus having plurality of planar fuel cell assemblies connected in stack form
Power output device with fuel cell and method therefor
Fuel reforming apparatus and fuel cell system with the same
Corrugated clamp
Electrical bushing, pressure applications, and method for manufacturing such a bushing
Precision soldering tweezers with arms having adjustably positional distal ends
Ceramic heater and glow plug
Method and apparatus for producing semiconductor films and related devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Plants and seeds of corn variety I181664
Inbred corn line 7SH382
Methods of and compositions for potentiating the action of agents active on cell wall sites of the susceptible bacteria
Use of .alpha.-alkylglucosides and .alpha.-alkylglucoside esters as anti-microbial an agents
Fungicides containing pyrrolidones as their active agents
Processes and intermediates for preparing anti-cancer compounds
N-cycloalkyl-3-alkenybenzoyl-pyrazole derivatives
Flower-opening promoting agent for plants
Polynucleotides, materials incorporating them, and methods for using them
Process for preparing blown vegetable oil
Flavorant compositions
Anti-first-pass effect compounds
Drugs, foods or drinks with the use of algae-derived physiologically active substances
Method of treating menstrual pain by enhancing the effectiveness of the human immune system
Correcting polymorphic metabolic dysfunction with (-)-hydroxycitric acid
Methods of using sibutramine metabolites in combination with a phosphodiesterase inhibitor to treat sexual dysfunction
Methods and compositions for the treatment of injury to the central nervous system
Method of treating a hangover by enhancing the effectiveness of the human immune system
Method for increasing intestinal absorption of fat soluble vitamins in post-menopausal women and lower animals
N-formyl hydroxylamine derivatives as antibacterial agents
Method of chlamydia prophylaxis
Anellated dihydropyridines for the treatment of chronic pain
Mycobacterial inhibitors
Compounds and methods
Antipsychotic heterocycle compounds
Therapeutic agent for intermittent claudication
Use of morphine derivatives as medicaments for the treatment of neuropathic problems
2,3,4,4a-tetrahydro-1H-pyrazino[1,2-a]quinoxalin-5(6H)one derivatives
Devices for the delivery of drugs having antiprogestinic properties
Medicaments containing doxazosin mesylate of crystalline modification D
Ophthalmic composition
Combination therapy for the treatment of migraine
Compounds activating pharmacological effect of retinoids
Method and composition for treatment of erectile dysfunction
Estradiol-16.alpha.-carboxylic acid esters as locally active estrogens
Method for control and treatment of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
Use of diphosphonic acids or the physiologically acceptable salts or esters thereof in the preventive treatment of after-effects resulting from enlargement or replacement of the bladder
Composition and dosage form for delayed gastric release of alendronate and/or other bis-phosphonates
Safe pharmaceutical composition for treating and preventing infertility and increasing immune function
Discalamide compounds and their use as anti-proliferative agents
Treatment of hereditary diseases with gentamicin
Nucleosides with antiviral and anticancer activity
Treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases with CM101/GBS toxin
Method for preparing small particle size glucan in a dry material
Use of camptothecin derivatives, with reduced gastrointestinal toxicity
Compositions for creating embolic agents and uses thereof
Chelated 8-hydroxyquinoline for the treatment of epithelial lesions
Administration of leptin
Oral and injectable nutritional composition
Uses of THANK, a TNF homologue that activates apoptosis
Compounds for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis
Use of pyroglutamyl-glutamyl-prolyl amide (EEP) for neurological and neurobehavioral disorders
Methods to increase white blood cell survival after chemotherapy
Facilitation of repair of neural injury with CM101/GBS toxin
Methods of stimulating phagocytosis
Method for folding unfolded proteins
Method of inducing an immune response using vaccinia virus recombinants
Use of a vector expressing DNA polymerase .beta. as medicine
Oral delivery of nucleic acid vaccines by particulate complexes
Multispecific and multivalent antigen-binding polypeptide molecules
Isoform specific inhibition for treatment of pain and reduction of anesthetic threshold
Kappa agonist compounds, pharmaceutical formulations and method of prevention and treatment of pruritus therewith
Antiviral azaindole derivatives
L-arginine and phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitor synergism
Platinum derivative pharmaceutical formulations
Skin moisturizing composition comprising a choline salt
Pyridazine derivatives and related composition
Composition comprising polymers having a star structure, the polymers, and their use
Use of polycyclic 2-aminothiazole systems for the treatment of obesity
Pharmaceutical composition
Perfluorinated esters of alkanoyl L-carnitine for the preparation of cationic lipids for the intracellular delivery of pharmacologically active compounds
Antimicrobial hydrogel forming absorbent polymers and process for making the same
Compositions useful for remodeling body spaces
Golf ball comprising saturated polyurethanes and methods of making the same
Golf ball compositions formed from single catalyzed polymers
Multi-layer golf ball utilizing silicone materials
Performing Operations; Transporting
Use of substituted N, N-bis-benzyl aminoalcohol compounds inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity
Use of substituted N, N-disubstituted cycloalkyl aminoalcohol compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity
Urea synthesis process and apparatus
Process for the manufacture of compositions which can be used as emulsifying and dispersing surfactants the compositions obtained and their uses
Alumina dispersant, alumina dispersion liquid, agent for treating inkjet-printing materials, and inkjet-printing materials
Method for preventing easily polymerizing substance from polymerization and method for production of (meth) acrylic acid or ester thereof
Process and apparatus for preparation of phosphorus oxyacids from elemental phosphorus
Preparation of an organic compound by a condensation reaction
Calcium-iron oxide composite particles
Fischer-Tropsch processes using catalysts on mesoporous supports
Process for producing aryloxyacetic acids
Method of producing aldehydes and carboxylic acids by oxidizing primary alcohols
Method and apparatus for preparing polymers
Optically active fluorinated binaphthol derivative
Carbenium cationic complexes suitable for polymerization catalysts
Transition metal-catalyzed reactions based on chiral amine oxazolinyl ligands and related compounds
Catalysts for methacrylic acid production and process for producing methacrylic acid
Ink jet method of spotting a probe and manufacturing a probe array
Polyolefin foam beads having high density crust and method for manufacturing the same
Selective deposition modeling material
Method of manufacturing syntactic foam
Magnetically active flexible polymers
Ternary polymer blend, the film containing it, and the easy-to-open package made therewith
Photopolymerizable composition containing a polymerizable acrylic compound with hetero-substituted methyl or halo-substituted methyl at the alpha position
Rubber composition comprised of cis-1,4-polyisoprene and 4,4'-(para or meta-phenylenedilsopropylidine) dianiline and articles, including tires, having at least one component comprised thereof
Rubber composition containing solid magnetizable particles of greater stiffness than the rubbery compounds
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Magnesium ammonium phosphate hexahydrate slurry
Frosting composition and frosted glass container
Bidentate phosphorus ligands and their use in catalysis
Spirocyclic ligands for sigma receptors, and libraries and methods of use thereof
5-acylamino-2-arylazo, nitro, or nitroso-4-substituted-phenol compounds and method of using them
Process for producing aromatic primary amine by low-pressure
Method for producing xylylenediamine
Preparation of N-benzylamines
Method for producing aryl oligoamines
Azeotrope-like composition of 1,2-dichloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene and hydrogen fluoride composition
Diamino compound and production process for the same
Waste-free process for manufacture of amides and amines from carbonium ion precursors and nitriles
Heterocycle substituted aryloxyaniline derivatives and their use as MDR ligands
Method for producing ar(alk)yluraciles, novel corresponding intermediate products and method for producing said intermediate products
Method of preparing a mixture of mannitol and sorbitol by continuous hydrogenation of glucosone
Process for recycling heterogeneous waste
Compounds and compositions as protease inhibitors
N-hydroxy 4-sulfonyl butanamide compounds
Hydroxythiol grignard reaction synthesis
4-(2-amino-1-hydroxyethyl)oxazoline derivative and method for producing same
Vanilloid analogues containing resinferatoxin pharmacophores as potent vanilloid receptor agonists and analgesics, compositions and uses thereof
Process for producing raw polycarbonate resin material and producing polycarbonate resin
Cyclopentane heptan(ene) acyl sulfonamide, 2-alkyl or 2-arylalkyl, or 2-heteroarylalkenyl derivatives as therapeutic agents
Oxidation process for the production of alkenes and carboxylic acids
Method for preparing aromatic carboxylic acids from alkylaromatics by liquid-phase oxidation
Production of esters
Process for preparing monoacetylated hydroquinone compounds
Alkoxylated fatty alcohol dicarboxylic acid esters
Synthesis of 2-cyanoaziridine-1-carboxamide
N-thiolated .beta.-lactam antibiotics
Aromatic heterocyclic compounds as anti-inflammatory agents
Process for the synthesis of 5-(4-fluorophenyl)-1-[2-((2R,4R)-4-hydroxy-6-oxo-tetrahydro-pyran-2-yl)-et hyl]-2-isopropyl-4-phenyl-1H-pyrrole-3-carboxylic acid phenylamide
Chemokine receptor antagonists
Azaindole derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
3-substituted piperidines comprising urea functionality, and methods of use thereof
Methods of pharmacological treatment using S(-) amlodipine
Process for producing piperidinecarbinols
Piperidine derivative and process for preparing the same
Tribenzazepine compound and production method thereof
Methods of synthesizing heteroatom-bearing ligands and intermediate used therefor
Quinazoline derivatives as medicaments
Process for the preparation of N-carboxy-t-leucine anhydride
5,5-disubstituted thiazolidine derivative pesticides
Process for the preparation of thiazole derivatives
Substituted phenanthridinones and methods of use thereof
N-(2-phenyl-4-amino-butyl)-1-naphthamides as neurokinin-1 receptor antagonists
N-(4-carbamimidoyl-phenyl)-glycine derivatives
2-aroyl-4-acyl paclitaxel (Taxol) analogs
Process for preparing spirocyclic tetronic acid derivatives
Process for the preparation of ascorbic acid
Purification method for obtaining high-purity PMDA
Processes for the manufacturing of 3-hydroxy-N,1,6-trialkyl-4-oxo-1,4-dihydropyridine-2-carboxamide
Synthesis of 4.alpha.-arylepicatechins
Monomer and a polymer obtained therefrom
Purification of alkylene carbonates
Phenylphennanthridines with PDE-IV inhibiting activity
Isoindolines, method of use, and pharmaceutical compositions
1,4 substituted piperidinyl NMDA/NR2B antagonists
Indole and 2,3-dihydroindole derivatives, their preparation and use
Cyclic amine modulators of chemokine receptor activity
4,5-dihydro-1H-pyrazole derivatives having CB1-antagonistic activity
Isoxazoline fibrinogen receptor antagonists
Cyclic oxyguanidine pyrazinones as protease inhibitors
Reagents for lysergic acid diethylamide immunoassay
Diazabicyclo[4.3.0]nonanes, and methods of use thereof
Compounds having cGMP-PDE inhibitory effect
Fused imidazole derivatives as multidrug resistance modulators
Imidazo-benzazepine compounds, their compositions and uses
Method for obtaining N-[3(3-cyano-pyrazole[1,5-a]pyrimidine-7-yl)phenyl]-N-ethyl-acetamide
Amino substituted pyrazolo[1,5,-a]-1,5-pyrimidines and pyrazolo[1,5-a]-1,3,5-triazines
Pyrazolo-triazine derivatives as ligands for GABA receptors
Bicyclic amidines, process for their preparation, and their use as catalyst
Methods for preparing phthalocyanine compositions
Process for purifying 20(S)-camptothecin
Oxathiepino[6,5-b]dihydropyridines, and related compositions and methods
Sodium salt of 3-(4-cinnamyl-1-piperazinyl)-imino-methyl rifamycin SV
Process for the preparation of furaca
Processes for the preparation of organoluthenium compounds useful for thin film formation by CVD
Process for the preparation of ether-free salts of tetrakis(pentafluorophenyl) borate
Phosphinimine methanide transition metal catalysts
7-alkyl- and cycloalkyl-substituted imidazotriazinones
2' Modified oligonucleotides
Preparation of phosphorothioate oligomers
Polynucleotides and polypeptides derived from corn ear
Method of preparing an aldose or an aldose derivative by decarboxylation
Methods for introducing an estrogenic compound
Cloning and characterization of FLBA gene of H. pylori production of aflagellate
Methods for the production of non-covalently complexed and multivalent proteosome sub-unit vaccines
Nucleic acids that control seed and fruit development in plants
Meiosis promoter
Recombinant antigens useful for the serodiagnosis of neosporosis
Secreted protein HNFGF20
NLK1 protein and NLK1 protein complexes
Schizophrenia associated genes, proteins and biallelic markers
Genes and gene expression products that are differentially regulated in prostate cancer
Polypeptides having interferon-.gamma. inducing activity
Process for preparing octreotide and derivatives thereof
Tall-1 receptor homologues
Estrogen receptor ligands
Methods and materials relating to CD39-like polypeptides
Water-soluble polypeptides having a high affinity for .alpha. and .beta. interferons
p40 protein acts as an oncogene
Process for preparing modified proteins
Volatilizable solid phase supports for compound synthesis
Antibacterial peptides and antibacterial agents containing such peptides as an effective ingredient
Methods and reagents for discovering and using mammalian melanocortin receptor agonists and antagonists to modulate feeding behavior in animals
Dextran-maleic acid monoesters and hydrogels based thereon
Sulfenyl halide polymerization terminators
Method for producing a solution of diene polymers in vinyl aromatic compounds and method for producing resistant vinyl aromatic polymers by polymerizing the same solution
Catalysts for the polymerization of olefins and process for the preparation thereof
Olefin polymerization process using fatty amine additives and boron-modified supported catalyst
Propylene homopolymers and methods of making the same
Polymer compositions derived from vinyl neo C9-C13 carboxylic acid esters
Solid acrylic resin using a continuous tube reactor
Aluminum-based lewis acid cocatalysts for olefin polymerization
Metallocene catalyzed propylene-.alpha.-olefin random copolymer melt spun fibers
Photochromic organic material, its manufacture and the photochromic articles containing it
Aqueous polymer preparations containing pigments
Heat-resistant material and coating material for OA equipments having flexibility
Method of preparation of products which absorb water intermolecularly
Process for producing hydrogenated .alpha.-olefin-dicyclopentadiene copolymer, method for molding the same and optical material
Grafted near-gelation polymers having high damping properties
One-pack composition of epoxy resin(s) with no oh groups and ketimine
Process for producing an oriented shaped article
Polyester ionomer composition
Copolycarbonate and process for producing the same
Biodegradable triblock copolymers and process for their preparation
Increased volatile removal during solid phase processing of nylon 6 by temperature programming
Melt-processible, thermoplastic random copolyimides having recoverable crystallinity and associated processes
Melt-processible, thermoplastic random copolyimides having recoverable crystallinity and associated processes
Aromatic poly(1,3,4-heterodiazoles) for use in optical devices, especially electroluminescent components
Process for preparing a silica-based organic-inorganic hybrid resin and the organic-inorganic hybrid resin prepared therefrom
Method and articles for transfection of genetic material
Emulsions having activating agents of alkoxylates of 6, 6-dimethylbicyclo [3.1.1] hept-2-ene-2-ethanol
Method of producing a hydrophilic resin
Crosslinked organic particles, suspensions, and methods for preparing crosslinked organic particles and suspensions
Freezing materials
Easy processing linear low density polyethylene
Thermoplastic polymer film comprising a fluorochemical compound
Matte-finished polymethacrylate films
Expandable olefin bead polymers
Tetrafunctional initiator
Polyol composition containing a hydrocarbon blowing agent
Phenolic foam
Blowing agent compositions containing hydrofluorocarbons and a low-boiling alcohol and/or low-boiling carbonyl compound
Use of carbon black in curable rubber compounds
Resin compositions and precision sliding parts made of the same
Resin dispersion for cationic electrodeposition and low temperature curable cationic electrodeposition coating composition including the same
Polycarbonate resin composition
Joint compound additive for reduction of cracking, cratering and shrinkage
Crosslinkable modified fluorinated polymers
Crosslinkable vinylidene fluoride polymer composition, process for crosslinking the composition and shaped articles
Polyarylene sulfide resin composition for electronic parts encapsulation
Mechanical microemulsions of blended silicones
Thermoplastic polymer material including a microdisperse distributed crosslinked synthetic rubber as a secondary phase and its preparation
Polyamide resin composition
Organic-inorganic composite material and process for preparing the same
Fluorine-containing polymer alloy, and method for its preparation and method for its molding
Environmentally friendly additives for plastics and process for producing the same
Olefin-based resin composition
Polyolefin composition containing low viscosity propylene homopolymer, fiber and extensible non-woven fabric prepared therefrom
Use of a silane grafted polyolefin in EPDM/polyolefin thermoplastic vulcanizates to improve compression set
Thermoplastic elastomer composition and rubber roller composed thereof
Thermoplastic elastomer composition with superior oil resistance
Olefin-based thermoplastic elastomer and molded product produced therefrom
Low-gloss blends containing poly(meth)acrylate rubber-based graft copolymer and process for making thereof
Spherulite-micronizing agent for crystalline fluororesin crystalline fluororesin composition containing micronizing agent
Extrudable highly filled thermoplastic sheet composition
Polymer mixtures for high performance/high temperature separation in capillary electrophoresis, especially for long read DNA sequencing
Self-reinforced rubber matrix having high glass transition temperature thermoset domains
Aqueous primer or coating
Solid surface materials prepared from extrudable acrylic composites
Schockproof polyester-injected parts
Process for colored polycarbonate-polyester compositions with improved weathering
Weatherable molding composition having improved surface appearance
Compositions containing polycarbonate and grafted rubber having improved low-temperature toughness
Preparation of heat stable pigment violet 23
Hybrid polymers for phase change ink jet inks
Ink jet printer ink
Aqueous coating composition
Aqueous acrylic house paint with a branched polyol additive
Gelcoat composition
Compositions containing unsaturated polyester resins and their use for the production of coatings
Coating composition comprising an oxidatively drying polyunsaturated condensation product, a polythiol, and a siccative
Antifouling coating composition
Method for producing pigment dispersing resin for cationic electrodeposition paint
Dry thermal grease
Method for the rheology control of fluid phases
Methods of reducing subterranean formation water permeability
Coalescence enhanced gravity separation of iron catalyst from Fischer-Tropsch catalyst/wax slurry
Premium synthetic lubricants
Lubricant compositions having antimicrobial properties and methods for manufacturing and using lubricant compositions having antimicrobial properties
Carboxylate-vinyl ester copolymer blend compositions for lubricating oil flow improvement
Motor oil with high dispersivity and good wear protection characteristics
Refrigerant composition containing PTFE
Carbohydrate containing cleaning surfactant and method for using the same
Dual phase cleaning composition
Liquid dish cleaning compositions containing a peroxide source
Plasma etching residue removal
Synthetic detergent formulations
Antibacterial cleaning wipe comprising polyhexamethylene-4-biguanide hydrochloride
Solid cast chlorinated composition
Water soluble sachet with a dishwasher composition
Bleaching composition comprising an alkoxylated benzoic acid
Method of making water-softening and detergent compositions
Reduced malto-oligosaccharide cleansing compositions
Treatment for fabrics
Fabric cleaning composition containing zeolite
Blue colored liquid crystal compositions
Modulation of oligonucleotide CpG-mediated immune stimulation by positional modification of nucleosides
Inhibition of cytokine production
Expression of sucrose phosphorylase in plants
Mammalian proteins that bind to FKBP12 in a rapamycin-dependent fashion
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Clock gene and methods of use thereof
Mask for producing rectangular openings in a substrate
Music notation implement and music
Musical instrument stand
Bagpipe drones
Method of compressing, transferring and reproducing musical performance data
Method and a system for recognizing a melody
Method and apparatus for modifying musical performance data
Information processing system with graphical user interface controllable through voice recognition engine and musical instrument equipped with the same
Plasma treatment apparatus and plasma treatment method
Method to reduce the metal TiN ARC damage in etching back process
Hard mask process to control etch profiles in a gate stack
Plasma etching method using low ionization potential gas
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device for protecting Cu layer from post chemical mechanical polishing-corrosion
Method for producing trenches for DRAM cell configurations
Ono etch using CL2/HE chemistry
Method of patterning gate electrode with ultra-thin gate dielectric
Method for forming damascene type of metal wires in semiconductor devices
High-temperature superconductor arrangement and a method for its production
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew