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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soil treatment device
Multi-use planting system
Self-tensioning, level folding, collapsible, pet enclosure and carrier
Interactive pet feeding and watering bowl
Non-lethal gamecock sparring match, equipment and methods
Apparatus for revolving decoys about a vertical axis
Item of clothing such as a light jacket, heavy jacket, sports jacket or the like
Jewelry chain holder
Device for combing and/or brushing eyelashes and/or eyebrows, and/or for applying makeup thereto
Rotationally fixed releasable connection between a functional component and a connecting part
Ergonomic pen with convex device for index finger exerting force thereon
Octagonal patio picnic table with accessories
Tilt angle adjusting device with a shaft and a moment transmission member, and projector including the device
Purse slide out tray with slide stop
Chair which is used in waist enhancement
Sitting neck support device
Self rocking sleeping compartment assemblies and method of driving the same
Display case for collectibles
Eyewear holder
No-spill drinking cup apparatus
No-spill drinking cup apparatus
Multi-function cervical pillow
Device for separating banana pulp from the peel
Standing duster article
Instrument comprising a cable or tube provided with a propulsion device
Double collet connector assembly for bone anchoring element
Method and apparatus for positioning a catheter relative to an anatomical junction
Eye movement measuring apparatus, eye movement measuring method and recording medium
Method and device for delivering radiotherapy
Light emitting diode light source
Method and apparatus for promoting hemostasis of a blood vessel puncture
Nonwoven fabric for a female component of a fastening system
Prosthesis and method of manufacturing a prosthesis
Implant having arcuate upper and lower bearing surfaces along a longitudinal axis
Adjustable arm sling
Apparatus and method for providing continuous access to an isolation space while maintaining isolation
Method and apparatus for connective tissue treatment
Methods for preventing/treating damage to sensory hair cells and cochlear neurons
Lumen filtering methods
Luer-activated valve
Device for administering a fluid product
Needle protecting device comprising a releaseably blocked needle protector
Industrial oil cooker fire protection system
Training tool for martial arts
Device for hanging weights to an elongated bar member
In-mold powder coating of golf ball equipment and methods of making the same
Lightweight tensioning assembly
Method and apparatus for a mobile training device for simultaneous use by multiple users
Dynamic variable resistance dual circling exercise method and device
Resource sensitive game system and method
Cube insertion game
Products and processes for applying conditions to a lottery entry
Gaming machine with special award feature
Child motion device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Rapid expanded solvent extraction
Biological sample collector
Filter system for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Forced air duct end filter assembly
Method and system for moving air purifier
Hydrogen purification membranes, components and fuel processing systems containing the same
Method of combining materials
Media mill process
Safety straw
Modular spray gun with replaceable components
Compact glazing machine
Method for cleaning the pipes of a heat exchanger by use of an abrasive and device suitable for this method
Motor element, in particular dental medical handpiece having a disconnectable coupling for a tool-holder
Tip dresser
Apparatus and method of assembling a piston on a shaft over a lip seal
Rapid locking device
Multi-orifice fluid jet to enable efficient, high precision micromachining
Electrically driven flywheel-fastener driver
Tool handle for holding multiple tools of different sizes during use
Apparatus and method for making a tampon applicator
Miter saw
Imprinting apparatus
Ink jet printing using a combination of non-marking and marking inks
Method for manufacturing piezoelectric ink-jet printhead
Inkjet head including plurality of restrictors to restrain crosstalk
Liquid discharge head and method of manufacturing the same
Flexible wiring board and liquid discharge head
Printhead assembly having laminated ink and air distribution structure
Roll for charging belt for inkjet recording and inkjet recording apparatus
System for book printing and assembly using a pre-bound page block
Applicator devices with a short twist-off protective cap
Applicator device
Height adjuster for a seat of a vehicle
Fitting for a vehicle seat
Deformable pull cup arrangement and method of assembly
Device for delaying passenger air bag expansion
Device for swinging a wiper arm of a windscreen wiper assembly away from and against a motor vehicle windscreen
Suspension conveyance apparatus
Carrier strip for holding drapery carriers and method of use
Removable flexible dual-opening carrying basket
Hydraulically driven vehicle
Steering device
Engine suspension device for motorcycle
Boat thruster apparatus and method
Device for inserting sheets into an envelope
Plastic bottle base
Insert trays for packages, packages including such trays, and methods for packaging articles of manufacture
Tab structure for controlling cups in vehicles
Valve gear
Chemical reaction cartridge and method using same
Two-ply sealing element punched out in a cover shape
Mobile self-contained networked checkpoint
Substrate container and handle thereof
Method and device for creating a unified printed product flow from two fed printed product flows
Method of winding an electric motor core member
Method and system for inflating an inflatable object
Pressurized receptacle for dispensing a viscous product
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Integrated electrolytic-electrodialytic apparatus and process for recovering metals from metal ion-containing waste streams
Use of Cunninghamella elegans lendner in methods for treating industrial wastewaters containing dyes
Process for producing substrate
Closed-cell foam silica
Organic recycling with metal addition
Desensitization and recovery of metastable intermolecular composites
Preparation of ammonium dinitroamide (ADN) crystals, ADN crystals and energetic composites containing them
Thermal decomposition treatment system of flammable waste and method for treating the waste using the system
Hydrocarbon conversion process to improve cetane number
Chuck pedestal shield
Internal balanced coil for inductively coupled high density plasma processing chamber
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus on a spinning room machine, especially a spinning preparation machine, for depositing fibre sliver
Spindle bearing for a double-thread twisting spindle
Apparatus and method for producing composite cable
Device for cleaning of a filter net of a pulp dryer's fan tower, a pulp dryer's fan and a pulp dryer
Clothlike non-woven fibrous structures and processes for making same
Fixed Constructions
Overhead traveling vehicle system and construction method of buffer in the system
Cistern outlet valve assembly
Lavatory bowl rim-block
Floor tile debris interceptor and transition plenum in a nuclear power plant
Shoulder saddle for carrying a stepladder
Constant tension pole mount bracket
Preform, hydroforming method, and hydroformed product
Vandal proof system for securing a frangible facing plate to rigid supporting structure by wedging action and a method therefor
Tailgator/sunshade protective cover
Sound insulating device
Elevator entrance door sill pivotable into and out of elevator shaft via hinge connected support and alignment brackets
Building material, building and method for controlling the indoor environment in a building
Flapper valve for use in downhole applications
Flow control system having a downhole check valve selectively operable from a surface of a well
System and method for controlling liquid removal operations in a gas-producing well
Oil recovery enhancement method
Grout pack restraining system
Fastening element
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll fluid machine with a pin shaft and groove for restricting rotation
Gas turbine engine airfoil
Orientation and gravity insensitive in-casing oil management system for fluid displacement devices, and methods related thereto
Connection between an elastomeric element and a further element and method for producing such connection
Exhaust gas purification method and exhaust gas purification system
Piston engine
Hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine
Screw shaft turbine compressor
Variable coupling of turbofan engine spools via open differential gear set or simple planetary gear set for improved power extraction and engine operability, with torque coupling for added flexibility
Vehicle power supply system
Fuel supply system for an internal combustion engine
Enclosed rocker arm cover assembly having internal multi-coil mounting plate
Fan attachment apparatus for fan component assemblies
Slide lock fastener
Mounting piece for admitting a roll pin
Hydraulic circuit
Hydraulic system for utility vehicles, in particular agricultural tractors
Hydraulic pump with control system
Silent chain
Vehicle rear end adapter assembly
Bearing tooth gears for wind turbine applications
Eight speed automatic transmission
Pump unit
Actuator system
Valve bonnet assembly
Subsea system provided with a controllable curvature flexible pipe
Tube nut assembly
Lockable and positionable swivel fitting
Transfer system and transfer device
Multi-level modular light bar
Universal collection and support column for diverse electronic candle arrays
LED lamp with heat dissipation mechanism and multiple light emitting faces
Light source device with high heat-dissipation efficiency
Lighting device
Electroluminescent communication system between articles of apparel and the like
Cultivated biomass power system
Fuel injector, burner and method of injecting fuel
Rack structure of oven
Air conditioner, heat source unit, and air conditioner updating method
Refrigeration system
Drying apparatus
Omni indexing mount primarily for attaching a noise suppressor or other auxiliary device to a firearm
Adjustable louvered armor window system
Mesoscale hybrid calibration artifact
Method and device for contacting a surface point on a workpiece
Prism pole with direct readout
GPS coordinate transformer
Sensor arrangement
Method and device for calibrating a weighing system of a blast furnace top hopper
Device and method to diagnose vacuum systems
Electrophoresis chip, electrophoresis apparatus, and method for analyzing a sample
Monolithic antenna excited acoustic transduction device
Method for generation of THz frequency radiation and sensing of large amplitude material strain waves in piezoelectric materials
Support member of vibrator
Backlight device and color liquid crystal display
Optoelectronic module
Waterproof case for electronic device
Projection device with a folded optical path and wire-grid polarizer
Projection type image display device
LED package, display panel, illumination system and projection system employing the same
Wearable article having a backlit lenticular display
Coating and developing system, coating and developing method and storage medium
PEB embedded exposure apparatus
Display of messages
Method and system for viewing images from an image capture device on a host computer
System and method for creating extensible content
Method and system for management of structured document and medium having processing program therefor
Automating a document review cycle
Method and apparatus for segmenting hierarchical information for display purposes
Computer implemented example-based concept-oriented data extraction method
Method and apparatus for reducing the number of tunnels used to implement a security policy on a network
Electronic design protection circuit
Line width check in layout database
Method and apparatus for the arrangement of contact-making elements of components of an integrated circuit, computer-readable storage medium and program element
Methods of forming patterned reticles
Programmable logic device design tools with gate leakage reduction capabilities
Method for calculation of cell delay time and method for layout optimization of semiconductor integrated circuit
Provision of project and/or project planning data of an automation project in a format which is defined by a standardized meta language, in particular XML
Thematic response to a computer user's context, such as by a wearable personal computer
System and method for displaying text and graphics in frame borders
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using repeating precomputed schedules on discretely scheduled and/or multiprocessor operating systems
Intermediate object linking method and unit
Managing computer program configuration data
Method and system for providing a single object instance per client-server session
Method for associating names and device for the same in enterprise applications
Access redirector and entry reflector
Statistically-triggered heuristics
Child lock for electronic device
Multi-chip card
Fully simultaneous information on variations in status for an object with a dual interface
Protection of optically encoded content using one or more RFID tags embedded within one or more optical medias
Securing RFID encoded content contained in RFID tags that are embedded in optical media based upon a spin rate of the optical media
Electronic device, electronic apparatus mounted with electronic device, article equipped with electronic device and method of producing electronic device
Information processing apparatus, device, information processing system, information processing program, and storage medium storing the information processing program
Zigzag calendar
Device and method for hanging photographs or cards
Advertising device
Remote-agent-object based multilevel browser
Foam molding method and apparatus
Method for manufacturing a magnetic head
Method FPR manufacturing a magnetic write head
Method of making a perpendicular magnetic recording write head with notched trailing shield
Linear resilient material variable resistor
Organic light emitting diode display capable of realizing full color
Connector article for a cable, holder for a connector of such a connection article, and kit for connecting cables
Socket with position clumps
Power connector having an improved internal printed circuit board
Electrical connector having low board mounting profile
Connector assembly
Terminals and a terminal connecting structure
Probe connector
Electrical connector
Electrical connector with board lock which is integrally formed on a metal shell
Chip card retaining mechanism and printed circuit board module incorporating same
Socket assembly with easily assembled loading mechanism
Panel mountable connector assembly
Rotatable electrical interconnection device
5PinProAudio SSW1
Lamp socket, backlight assembly having the same and display device having the same
Multipolar connector and portable radio terminal or small-sized electronic device using multipolar connector
Method of making a twist-on wire connector
Method of fabricating crystal oscillator with pedestal
Method and apparatus for decoding received data in a communications system
Higher radix Log MAP processor
Connector assemblies and systems including flexible circuits
Planar connector
Expired Patents Due To Time
Motor controller
Partition wall system having a drive mechanism, and drive system for a partition wall system
Method of controlling an intelligent assist device in a plurality of distinct workspaces
Detection system for substrate clamp
Cleaning apparatus and method with soft-starting
Power semiconductor module and motor drive system
Method for controlling an inverter
Control method and apparatus for insufficient input voltage in an AC drive
Speed control of a motor
Modified space vector pulse width modulation technique to reduce DC bus ripple effect in voltage source inverters
Method of regulating a rotary machine, and power supply circuit for such a machine
Charging seat for a rechargeable flashlight
Battery charger and method of charging nickel based batteries
Method and apparatus for detecting battery capacity
Method and apparatus for evaluating stored charge in an electrochemical cell or battery
Method and apparatus for charging a battery
Determining battery capacity using one or more applications of a constant power load
Battery protection circuit employing active regulation of charge and discharge devices
Low power indication circuit for lead acid battery pack
Electronic device, electronic device to be charged and method of controlling electronic devices
Controller AC generator for vehicle
Method and a device for controlling a secondary voltage in a transformer device connected to a power network and comprising an on-load tap-changer
On-chip filter-regulator for a microprocessor phase locked loop supply
Switching buck converter with floating regulator
Circuit arrangement for reducing voltage draw down in battery supply lines
Method for controlling the dissipation of an electric signal and implementing device
Arrangement for measurement of phase noise of a test specimen
Detector system for identifying the frequency of a received signal useful in a channelized receiver
Method and arrangement for determining the phase difference between two timing signals
Power source voltage controller
High precision rogowski coil
Position sensor with integrated signal-conditioning electronics on a printed wiring board
Magnetic rotary position sensing
Sensor device for detecting the direction of an external magnetic field using a magnetoresistive sensor element
Device for measuring components of a magnetic field with the aid of a scalar magnetometer
Prescan calibration of spatially dependent data errors in single echo sequences
Modular gradient system for MRI system
Double-resonance MRI coil
Magnetic field generator for MRI, packing member for the same, and method for packing the same
Magnetic resonance imaging head coil
Device and method to homogenize a magnetic field
High voltage sensor assembly
Method for determining switchgear-specific data at contacts in switchgear and/or operation-specific data in a network connected to the switchgear and apparatus for carrying out the method
Voltage detecting device for set battery
Dual-channel photo-ionization detector that eliminates the effect of ultraviolet intensity on concentration measurements
Method and configuration for identifying short circuits in low-voltage networks
System and method for diagnosing and measuring partial discharge
Method and system for detecting arcing faults and testing such system
Apparatus and method for testing an arcing fault detection system
Termite detection system
Apparatus and method for measuring voltage standing wave ratio in antenna of base station
Method of determining the volumetric proportion of liquid water and the density of snow and a device for carrying out the method
In-situ electrochemical-based moisture sensor for detecting moisture in composite and bonded structures
Technique for measuring resistivity
Method for quantitating impurity concentration in a semiconductor device
Wafer probe station having environment control enclosure
Insert testing system
Carrier and system for testing bumped semiconductor components
Test and burn-in apparatus, in-line system using the test and burn-in apparatus, and test method using the in-line system
IC chip tester with heating element for preventing condensation
Device testing apparatus and test method
Semiconductor component and method for testing and operating a semiconductor component
Method of testing leakage current at a contact-making point in an integrated circuit by determining a potential at the contact-making point
IC testing apparatus and testing method using same
Device and method for isolating a short-circuited integrated circuit (IC) from other IC''s on a semiconductor wafer
Controlled impedance CMOS receiver for integrated circuit communication between circuits
Programmable gate array
High voltage tolerant I/O buffer
High speed low voltage differential signal driver having reduced pulse width distortion
Full swing voltage input/full swing output bi-directional repeaters for high resistance or high capacitance bi-directional signal lines and methods therefor
Load capacitance compensated buffer, apparatus and method thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Logic circuit including combined pass transistor and CMOS circuit and a method of synthesizing the logic circuit
Apparatus and method for a turn around stage having reduced power consumption, Class AB behavior, low noise and low offset
Passive sample and hold in an active switched capacitor circuit
Buffer circuitry
Integrated driver circuits having current control capability
Low-power integrated circuit I/O buffer
Over-voltage tolerant integrated circuit I/O buffer
Frequency-dividing circuit capable of generating frequency-divided signal having duty ratio of 50%
Synchronizing circuit for generating internal signal synchronized to external signal
Delay locked loop driver
Synchronous type semiconductor integrated circuit having a delay monitor controlled by a delay control signal obtained in a delay measuring mode
Signal transmission circuit, CMOS semiconductor device, and circuit board
Single-pin externally controlled edge rate controller circuit
Timing circuit
Phase splitter
Variable delay circuit
Pulse generation circuit and method with transmission pre-emphasis
Method of providing clock signals to load circuits in an ASIC device
Current pulse generator with process- and temperature-independent symmetric switching times
Offset cancelled integrator
Waveform output device with EMI noise canceler mechanism
Variable impedance circuit
Mixer structure and method of using same
Power switching circuit with reduced interference radiation
Semiconductor switching device with leakage current detecting junction
Method and apparatus for adjusting the static thresholds of CMOS circuits
Ultra low voltage cascode current mirror
Voltage ratio control circuit for use during power transitions
Internal power voltage generating circuit having a single drive transistor for stand-by and active modes
Semiconductor circuit device having hierarchical power supply structure
Differential buffer having common-mode rejection
Device for amplifying signals
Method and apparatus for wireless phone transmit power amplification with reduced power consumption
Vertical channel floating gate transistor having silicon germanium channel layer
Bipolar transistor having a low doped drift layer of crystalline SiC
Lateral thin-film silicon-on-insulator (SOI) device having a lateral drift region with a retrograde doping profile, and method of making such a device
Base current reversal SRAM memory cell and method
Semiconductor memory having cell including transistor and ferroelectric capacitor
Integrated circuit chip produced by using frequency doubling hybrid photoresist
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same, memory core chip and memory peripheral circuit chip
Semiconductor device having a selectively-grown contact pad
Stack capacitor with improved plug conductivity
Capacitor and method of forming a capacitor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Flash memory cell with thin floating gate with rounded side wall, and fabrication process
Split gate memory cell
Nonvolatile memory, cell array thereof, and method for sensing data therefrom
Semiconductor device comprising a non-volatile memory which is erasable by means of UV irradiation
MNOS-type memory using single electron transistor and driving method thereof
Vertical MOS semiconductor device
Method for forming shallow source/drain extension for MOS transistor
Silicon-on-insulator field effect transistor
SOI semiconductor device capable of preventing floating body effect
Semiconductor device of high-voltage CMOS structure and method of fabricating same
Semiconductor device and a MOS transistor for circuit protection
Integrated circuits including metal silicide contacts extending between a gate electrode and a source/drain region
Semiconductor device
Low source inductance compact FET topology for power amplifiers
AC switch device used for switching AC circuit and AC switch circuit having the AC switch device
Pressure sensor component
Reference voltage supply circuit
Method for making high-sheet-resistance polysilicon resistors for integrated circuits
Vertically integrated semiconductor component
Porous silicon oxycarbide integrated circuit insulator
Support for semiconductor bond wires
Resin-sealed power semiconductor device including substrate with all electronic components for control circuit mounted thereon
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor structure having stacked semiconductor devices
IC die power connection using canted coil spring
Chip module with a plurality of flat contact elements mountable on either an external printed circuit board or an external circuit board substrate
Hollow package and method for fabricating the same and solid-state image apparatus provided therewith
Semiconductor apparatus, Including thin film belt-like insulating tape
Dual-dies packaging structure and packaging method
Compliant multichip package
Bump bonding and sealing a semiconductor device with solder
Converter socket terminal
Coaxial integrated circuitry interconnect lines, and integrated circuitry
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Function element, substrate for mounting function element thereon, and method of connecting them to each other
Ohmic electrode, method and multi-layered structure for making same
Wiring layer of a semiconductor integrated circuit
Semicoductor device having a multilayered interconnection structure
Semiconductor device having multi-layered pad and a manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with partial passivation layer
Semiconductor memory device and production method of the same
Electrode structure of semiconductor element
Bone-pad with pad edge strengthening structure
Method and apparatus for detecting edges under an opaque layer
Generator system with vertically shafted engine
Self-contained energy center for producing mechanical, electrical, and heat energy
Hydrocratic generator
Power supply assembly for a vehicle
Apparatus for quality control verification of an electrochemistry test
Power switching device
Emergency evacuation system
Coil mounting and cooling system for an electric motor
Magnet array for a shaft-type linear motor
Coaxial linear motor for extended travel
Rotating electromagnetic actuator comprising at least one magnet embedded in ferromagnetic material
Diskette incorporating permanent magnet generator with low leakage flux
Low loss pole configuration for multi-pole homopolar magnetic bearings
Superconducting electromechanical rotating device having a liquid-cooled, potted, one layer stator winding
Electric motor of the electronic commutation type for applications with a feeder line
Electric rotary machine having concentrated winding stator
Stator arrangement of rotary electric machine
Thermally protected electric machine
Dynamic blocking restraint of a rotor field winding contained by a non-metallic structural rotor enclosure
Microelectromechanical ratcheting apparatus
Edge reflection type surface acoustic wave device
Driving apparatus for vibration type actuator apparatus
Multiple frequency cleaning system
Piezoelectric motor
Lithography chuck having piezoelectric elements, and method
Piezoelectric actuator and valve assembly with thermal expansion compensation
Piezoelectric device and method for manufacturing the same
High intensity gas discharge aircraft lighting
Electron source and image-forming apparatus
Electron emission device and production method of the same
Shadow mask for cathode ray tube and method of manufacturing same
Shadow mask with specifically shaped apertures
Color picture tube
Color cathode ray tube
Optical articles and cathode-ray tube using the same
Phosphor coating for gas discharge lamps and lamp containing same
Plasma display panel with seal bonding member
AC-discharge type plasma display panel and method for driving the same
Electrical discharge tube having trigger wires
Ceramic lamp
Plasma processing apparatus and method
Electrical impedance matching system and method
Method for dimming a fluorescent lamp arranged in the secondary circuit of a transformer and arrangement to implement said method
Control apparatus capable of improving a rise time characteristic of a light source
High frequency inductive lamp and power oscillator
Signal generator and control unit for sensing signals of signal generator
Power supply circuit for traffic signal lights utilizing LEDs
Compensation of vertical deflection
Delay time modeling filter for cascaded regulator structure
Method for controlling a motor vehicle having an electric drive mechanism
Box structure for electric switches
Cable tray
Cable support
Ultrasonic welding structure
High TC superconducting cable conductor employing oxide superconductor
Electrical conductors and methods of making same
Wafer level contact sheet and method of assembly
Method of assembling substrates and electronic components
Wire structure of substrate for layout detection
Slope and motion compensator for weighing on a dynamic platform
Pulse width modulated weighing platform
Current carrying switch structure
Conducting liquid tilt switch using weighted ball
Glass encapsulated extended dwell shock sensor
Pressure responsive electrical switch
Slide switch
Contact and control module
Apparatus for sorting waste materials
Application of Raman spectroscopy to identification and sorting of post-consumer plastics for recycling
Multipolar switch
Cassette assembly with rejection features
Method and apparatus for welding pipes together
Welding gun and methods conducted using the same
Apparatus and method for reducing space charge of ion beams and wafer charging
Dual mode plasma arc torch for use with plasma arc treatment system and method of use thereof
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Plasma cutter for auxiliary power output of a power source
Laser cutting method and laser cutter
Laser material processing system with multiple laser sources apparatus and method
Method for creation of inclined microstructures using a scanned laser image
Mask orbiting for laser ablated feature formation
High contrast surface marking using metal oxides
Method for arc welding with melting electrode
Solar heated sleeping bag
Braid cutter-sealer implement and method
Hot plate welding system
Control system and method for providing variable ramp rate operation of a thermal cycling system
Portable heating tent and method for testing telecommunications equipment
Apparatus for processing material at controlled temperatures
Radiant oven
Control for an electrical kitchen appliance with power interruption off feature
Disposable liner and cooker system with disposable liner
Cook top positioning element for a heating device
Adhesive bonding method and device
Fusion joining apparatus
Microwave oven capable of supplying AC power
Microwave heated serving utensil
Microscopy system utilizing a plurality of images for enhanced image processing capabilities
Glassmastering photoresist read after write method and system
Rain sensor
CMOS pixel cell for image display systems
Solid state imaging device having a box-shaped circuit board
Moisture detecting system using semiconductor light sensor with integral charge collection
Gain-adjustable photoreceiver circuit with photoelectric converter and amplifier
Method for calibrating and operating an uncooled avalanche photodiode optical receiver
Optical encoder for detecting rotary and linear movements
Scanning-aperture electron microscope for magnetic imaging
Infrared-rays detector
Flexible high performance microbolometer detector material fabricated via controlled ion beam sputter deposition process
Infrared, multiple gas analyzer and methods for gas analysis
Radiation discriminative measuring apparatus and radiation discriminative measuring method
Method for determining nitrogen concentration in a film of nitrided oxide material
Device for the continuous determination of the UV-transmission through flowing or running media
Substrate handling apparatus and ion implantation apparatus
Returning a heat exchanger''s efficiency to "as new"
Scanning fluorometer
Apparatus for reading radiation image information
Device for producing apodized gratings
Method for measuring distribution of beams of charged particles and methods relating thereto
Acceleration and analysis architecture for ion implanter
Charged beam lithography system
Method of and apparatus for reading radiation images and correcting shading and/or fading of the images
Single electron device using ultra-thin metal film and method for fabricating the same
Self-organized formation of quantum dots of a material on a substrate
Structure and method for evaluating an integrated electronic device
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Silicon carbide power devices having trench-based silicon carbide charge coupling regions therein
Light-emitting semiconductor device with reduced nonradiative recombination
Circuit-integrated light-receiving device
Gate-controlled thyristor
Floating gate transistor having buried strained silicon germanium channel layer
Base-catalyzed synthesis of 1-aryl-4-(aryl ethyl)piperazines from aromatic olefins and 1-arylpiperazines
Spiro-indolines as Y5 receptor antagonists
Quinolone carboxylic acid derivatives
Oxidation process for preparing quinacridone pigments
Thienopyridine derivatives, their intermediates and production thereof
Pyrrolidinyl and pyrrolinyl ethylamine compounds as kappa agonists
Process for the preparation of pyridine derivatives
N-(2-Mercaptoethyl)-1,3-thiazolidines and their use as odorants and flavorings
Phenyloxazolidinones having a C-C bond to 4-8 membered heterocyclic rings
Methods for the preparation of biphenyl isoxazole sulfonamides
4-thionaphthyl--1H--imidazoles which are useful.alpha.22-adrenoceptoR agonists/ antagonists
4-and 5-alkynyloxindoles and 4-and 5-alkenyloxindoles
Imidazole derivatives having affinity for alpha2 receptors
3-Azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane derivatives useful in therapy
Synthesis of melanoquaternary compounds and their use as hair dyes and for skin treatment
Method for preparing azide photo-initiators
Methods for producing N-protected-azetidine-2-carboxylic acids
Polyisocyanate compounds, process for producing the same, and optical materials using the same
Ruthenium-phosphine complex and method for producing the same
Process for the preparation of .alpha.-methylene lactones
Method for purifying lactide and lactide for food additives
Process for the preparation of calanolide precursors
Process for preparing .beta.-hydroxy-.gamma.-butyrolactones and .beta.-(meth)acryloyloxy-.gamma.-butrolactones
Method for producing 3-methyl 2-butenal acetals
Trimerization of formaldehyde in the gas phase
Carrier for catalyst for use in production of ethylene oxide, catalyst for use in production of ethylene oxide, and method for production of ethylene oxide
Compounds and their application as well as a method of producing liquid crystalline polymers therefrom
Carboxylic acid derivatives and their synthesis method
Extraction of corn oil from flaked corn grain
Silicone functionalized eugenol esters
Processes of selectively separating and purifying eicosapentaenoic and docoshexaenoic acids or their esters
Carbene transition metal catalysts
Synthesis of ruthenium or osmium metathesis catalysts
Multinuclear cationic platinum complexes with antitumor activity
Ferrocene dicarboxylic acid diesters and solid composite propellants containing the same
Room temperature curable silane terminated and stable waterborne polyurethane dispersions which contain fluorine and/or silicone and low surface energy coatings prepared therefrom
Synthesis of an overbased detergent from sludge coming from the production of high BN overbased alkylaryl sulfonate or overbased sulfurized alkylphenate
Method of making benzoyl halides and nitriles
Process for preparing N-[1-(S)-ethyoxycarbonyl-3-phenylpropyl]-L-ananine N-carboxyanhydride
Aryl and heteroarylcylopropyl oxime ethers and their use as fungicides and insecticides
Process for the preparation of methyl p-vinylbenzoate and p-vinyl benzoic acid, and their use in latex compositions
Process for the preparation of prostaglandins
Synthesis of esters of mercaptocarboxylic acids
Process for the preparation of alpha-oxoaldehydes
Organic compounds
Succinoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Catalyst compositions for the production of polyurethanes
Method for producing vinyl oxime-ethers
Crosslinking aromatic diamines for polyimide optical alignment layers
Aminophenol compound, method for producing the same and intermediate in synthesizing the same
Form a of fluoxetine hydrochloride
Process for producing alicyclic monoketones and process for producing alicyclic diketones
Process for producing canthaxanthin
Broad spectrum ultraviolet inspection methods employing catadioptric imaging
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew