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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Function decomposition and control architecture for complex vehicle control system
Drop spreader for powdered materials
Retractable inductor
Front guard for a string trimmer
Hydroponic system
Pet entertainment apparatus
Expandable, collapsible, aerodynamic, segmented fishing lure
Fishing line knotter
Method and apparatus for repelling flying insects
Compositions of dibromomalonamide and their use as biocides
Methods and compositions for introduction of exogenous dsRNA into plant cells
Horizontal axle cylindrical tortilla maker
Poultry processing equipment
Smoking article and method
Mobile device case with an electronic cigarette compartment
Prepackaged smokable material capsule
Baby burping cloth
Weight-displacing knee pad
Shirt hold-down undergarment
Self-actuating webbing adjuster and helmet strap system including same
Bracelet and detecting device using the same
Device for identifying the likelihood of a patient suffering a myocardial infarction
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Method for predicting specific cycle phases of a beating heart in a patient within the scope of a CT examination and CT system
Efficient correction of polychromy effects in image reconstruction
Photoacoustic imaging apparatus and photoacoustic imaging method
Directly injectable formulations which provide enhanced cryoprotection of cell products
Moldable charger with shape-sensing means for an implantable pulse generator
Resuscitation and life support system, method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for applying energy within an object
Electrical muscle controller
Method and apparatus for defrosting a defibrillation electrode
Method and system for training a visual prosthesis
Stimulation channel selection for a stimulating medical device
Method and device for processing cardiac signals
Method for reducing phrenic nerve stimulation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for clearing debris
Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus with developer passage amount control electrodes
Thermal marking system
Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and program
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with scanning position corrected by non-imaging laser beam
Method and apparatus for image forming, and computer program product
Warning apparatus and method
Control system for a motorcycle
Trailer sway control with reverse sensors
Method for supporting a brake system in case of reduced effectiveness
Method of managing power flow in a vehicle
Electric power steering apparatus, control method thereof and computer readable medium
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds
Power supply control apparatus of navigation system
Satellite based positioning method and system for coarse location positioning
Apparatus and method for determining roll angle of a motorcycle
Method and apparatus for tracking center of gravity of air vehicle
Method for improving diagnosis of a possible breakdown in a vehicle
Gas scanning and analysis
Intelligent machines and process for production of monocrystalline products with goniometer continual feedback
System and method for angles-only position and velocity determination using closed-form triangulation
Using differentiated reverse activity bits (RABs) based on mobile-station revision
Method and apparatus for evaluating component costs in a communication network
Modem and packet processing method
Reply detection in a secondary surveillance radar
Weather radar and weather observation method
Cell clustering and optimization for space partitioning
Long term compact satellite models
Hybrid modeling in the tau-p domain
Optical device and control method thereof
Wide angle zoom lens
Lens optical system and digital camera module including the same
Laser system and laser beam shaping and homogenizing device thereof
Component monitoring arrangement
Objective and assembling method for the same
Method of repairing short or potential short circuits during resizing of an electronic flat panel display
Reflective display devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Roll of optical film laminate, and method and system for manufacturing the same
Backlight unit and display apparatus
Liquid crystal display
Multi-touch sensing through frustrated total internal reflection
Liquid crystal display panel, liquid crystal display device, and television receiver
Active matrix substrate, liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal display apparatus, television receiver, and a method for manufacturing active matrix substrate
Liquid crystals and liquid crystal display apparatus employing the same
Methods for controlling wavelength-converted light sources to reduce speckle
Image pickup apparatus and auto-focus detection method
Footwork activity instruction and evaluation apparatus and system
Image pickup apparatus having focus control using phase difference detection
Lithographic system, device manufacturing method, setpoint data optimization method, and apparatus for producing optimized setpoint data
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithography and associated methods, devices, and systems
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method and system for providing background blurring when capturing an image using an image capture device
Image reading apparatus, image reading method, program and recording medium for color processing parameter adjustment using a first color processing step on an image read from a front side of a document and a second color processing step on an image read from a back side of the document
Image forming apparatus and electric appliance including a thermoelectric element
Image forming apparatus
Image erasing apparatus and image erasing method
Toner-density calculating method, reflective optical sensor, reflective optical sensor device, and image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Belt driving device and image forming apparatus equipped with the same
System to produce a locking connection between a toner reservoir and a cover sealing the toner reservoir
Laser fixing apparatus including a condenser for increasing light usage efficiency
Soft pressure roller composition for fusing system
Image forming unit and image forming apparatus
Crystallization apparatus, crystallization method, device and phase modulation element
Sleeve and glove keeper watch bracket
Control system for a transducer array
Architectural hierarchy of control for a fuel processor
Automatic creation, maintenance and monitoring of a guideway database
Supervisory control and data acquisition system for energy extracting vessel navigation
Managing the operation of a semiconductor device under varying load conditions
System and method for pre-approving, regulating, and executing secure transactions
Neural network system and method for controlling information output based on user feedback
Method for identifying Hammerstein models
Distribution of network communications based on server power consumption
Enclosure mechanism for a computing device
Method and apparatus for virtualization of a multi-context hardware trusted platform module (TPM)
Data processing apparatus communicating with a computer terminal over a network
Device having a normal working state and a standby state and computer readable storage medium for controlling same
Method and system of receiving data with enhanced partial matching
Program code trace signature
Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
Error management watchdog timers in a multiprocessor computer
Apparatus, a method and a program thereof
Summarizing system status in complex models
Methods and systems for using derived user accounts
Storage self-healing and capacity planning system and method
Method and apparatus for retroactive adaptation of data location
System for accessing a data set on the basis of A-priori knowledge of an interconnection of a plurality of corresponding data files in response to an access message from a client to a master
Storage system to backup dirty data elements using a cache memory
Method and apparatus for performing arbitration
Multi-channel integrated circuit card and method of controlling the same
Apparatus and methods for managing expanded capacity of virtual volumes in a storage system
Data recorder having data encryption function and data reproducing device
Device and method to manage migration volume selection
Storage system comprising function for reducing power consumption
Predicting user requests to reduce network connection latency
Methods for distributing log block associativity for real-time system and flash memory devices performing the same
Single line dock status autoidentification
Image processing apparatus
Method and system for low-powered data transmission
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet printing method
Output efficiency of printer forming image by interpreting PDL and performing output by using print engine
Calibration of a recording apparatus
Printing apparatus and printing system
Image processing apparatus, control method of image processing apparatus, program, and storage medium
Methods and apparatuses for polls
System and method for scheduling wireless channel resources
Train communication system, communication device and relay device
One to many data projection system and method
Media delivery arrangements including time information provided together with media data
Role-based tag management for collaborative services integrated within a service oriented architecture
Multi-rate peer-assisted data streaming
Hypothesis based solicitation of data indicating at least one subjective user state
Process for communication between a device running a mobile device platform and a server over the air, as well as related system
Apparatus and method for providing remote user interface
Method and system for providing blog service by using mobile terminal, and mobile blog caster therefor
Re-headerer system and method
Low latency communication via memory windows
UDP broadcast for user interface in a download and configuration gaming method
Transfer device
Mobile terminal mail system, mobile terminal mail control method, and mobile terminal mail control program
Network attached storage SNMP single system image
Method and apparatus for configuring information for multiple network access providers
Demand forecasting system for data center, demand forecasting method and recording medium with a demand forecasting program recorded thereon
Deploying analytic functions
Reducing energy consumption of servers
Methods, systems and computer program products for triggered data collection and correlation of status and/or state in distributed data processing systems
Method and system for bootstrap of a device
Method and apparatus for maintaining a partition when booting another partition
Compiling method for command based router classifiers
Dynamic discovery of quality of service nodes
Soliciting data indicating at least one subjective user state in response to acquisition of data indicating at least one objective occurrence
Web page hot spots
Method and apparatus for dynamic management of distributed context
Method of associating properties or fields of graphical objects with each other for efficient composition of documents
Method for assessing a rupture risk of an aneurysm of a patient and associated system
Forecasting by blending algorithms to optimize near term and long term predictions
Multidimensional metrics-based annotation
Multiple form population system and method
Method for extracting signature from problem records through unstructured and structured text mapping, classification and ranking
System and method for image generation, delivery, and management
Identification and provision of reported aspects that are relevant with respect to achievement of target outcomes
Document importance calculation apparatus and method
System and method for authority value obtained by defining ranking functions related to weight and confidence value
System to associate a demographic to a user of an electronic system
Information storage device for storing description information of multimedia content in the form of tree structure wherein the description information is generated using a keyword and ID information representative of the keyword as new leaves of the tree structure
Method and system for managing multiple instance subscriber records in unified messaging systems
Transformation of directed acyclic graph query plans to linear query plans
Method for providing multimedia to provide content related to keywords, and multimedia apparatus applying the same
Method and system for performing cell modeling and selection
Automated planning in physical synthesis
Computer program product, apparatus, and method for inserting components in a hierarchical chip design
Network flow based module bottom surface metal pin assignment
Method for characterizing lenses
Circuit design approximation
System and method for identifying wall faces in an object model
Method of assembling overlapping functions with optimized properties and use in design/construction/simulation of structures
System for imaging items produced by rapid prototyping
Apparatus for evaluating signal transmission system, method of evaluating signal transmission system, and storage medium storing program for evaluating signal transmission system
Hidden point detection and warning method and apparatus for navigation system
Modular software architecture for an unmanned aerial vehicle
Apparatus and method for radioactive waste screening
Cooling system for power transformer
Pop-top can food dispenser robot
Method and control device for calibrating a fuel injector of an internal combustion engine; computer program and computer program product
Vehicle drive force control system
Abnormality detection device for in-cylinder pressure sensor, abnormality detection method for in-cylinder pressure sensor and control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Usage metering based upon hardware aging
Tool pack structure and contents execution device
Hybrid representation for deterministic finite automata
Processing of content with rights associated priority information based on conditions
Automatic co-browsing invitations
Application platform
Displaying help sensitive areas of a computer application
Method for customizing cover for electronic device
Method for displaying usage metrics as part of search results
Method and apparatus for simultaneous bidirectional signaling in a bus topology
Brush, carbon-copy, and fill gestures
System and method for a digital projection advertising display
Image processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, computer program, and storage medium
Input panel having flexible circuit board inserted into passage through base and input device having the input panel
Touch panel sensing circuit
Method and system speeding up data input to a communication system
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and computer program product
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus having a light adjusting member
Protection of database operations
Control apparatus and control method for transmission
Flexible data archival using a model-driven approach
Method and apparatus for diagnosis of sensors faults using adaptive fuzzy logic
Voice-based search processing
Method and an arrangement for concurrency control of temporal data
Creating playback definitions indicating segments of media content from multiple content files to render
System and method for using indexes to parse static XML documents
Methods and systems for modeling a physical object
Determinative branch prediction indexing
Shield for user interface testing
System for generating a tutorial application
Data locations template based application-data association and its use for policy based management
Method and system for dynamically populating groups in a developer environment
Method and apparatus for transferring firmware between an operating system and a device in a host
Dynamic printing system, apparatus and method
Common installer client
Single-chip multiprocessor with clock cycle-precise program scheduling of parallel execution
Assigning threads and data of computer program within processor having hardware locality groups
System and method for dynamic allocation of resources in a computing grid
Prevention of deadlock in a distributed computing environment
Multi-tier pricing of individual products based on volume discounts
Method to provide a prognosis of the surface topography of tissue paper
Intelligent completion design for a reservoir
Adaptive vehicle control system with driving style recognition
Image processing device and image forming apparatus equipped with the image processing device
Information processing apparatus, control method, storage medium
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Apparatus and method of image processing for selective color determination
Glossmark-enabled photo product composition station
Image reading device having line sensor performing pre-scan based on condition set for main-scan
Generation of a disparity result with low latency
Color correction coefficient generator, color correction coefficient generation method and computer readable medium
Two-dimensional filter arithmetic device and method
Method for pixel color correction and pixel color correcting apparatus thereof
Image processing device for vehicle
Portable tool for determining meat quality
Microcalcification detection in mammography CAD using a classifier
Off-axis sheet-handling apparatus and technique for transmission-mode measurements
Multi-modal data analysis for defect identification
Apparatus and method for searching for erroneous data
Image upsampling technique
Image processing apparatus for generating and transmitting push-type data
Color image encoding and decoding method and apparatus using a correlation between chrominance components
Image encoding apparatus and method of controlling the same
Detection technique for digitally altered images
Pet eye correction
Constant time filtering
Image processing device, method, program, and storage medium for face or red eye detection
Orientation adapted aliasing cancellation
Image processing apparatus that obtains a ruled line from a multi-value image
Feature quantity selection method, feature quantity selection apparatus, image classification method, image classification apparatus, computer program, and recording medium
System and method for managing dynamic document references
Method and a system for estimating the impact area of a military load launched from an aircraft
Process scheduling optimization method
Systems and methods for selecting flour
Personalized plan development based on outcome identification
Detecting deviation from compliant execution of a template
Medical decision auditing method and system
Compliant-based service level objectives
Dynamic pricing of electronic content
Method and apparatus for determining and utilizing a time-expanded decision network
System and method for generating an unpredictable number using a seeded algorithm
Transactional security over a network
System and method for coordinating and evaluating apparel
Providing time-sensitive information for purchase determinations
Method and system for facilitating placement of an order using an ordering application via a cellular serving node
Semantic advertising selection from lateral concepts and topics
System and method for processing data related to an annuity using an index-based amount to credit to a contract value
Systems and methods for money fund banking with flexible interest allocation
Systems, methods and program products for deposit and withdrawal processing
System and method for processing tokenless biometric electronic transmissions using an electronic rule module clearinghouse
System and method for leisure and entertainment merchandising by attraction providers
System and method for authenticating an end user
Use of three-dimensional data center to support servicing external operations
Sketch-based design system, apparatus, and method for the construction and modification of three-dimensional geometry
System, method, and computer program for managing transaction billing across a plurality of billing sources utilizing an interface to configure advice-of-charge
Method and system for correlating external data to a plant with an electronic tag
System for treating at least one plant including a treatment apparatus and an electronic tag interrogator
Jacket locator
Electronic device and method to prevent falling of the electronic device
Body position monitoring system
Remote transponder breathalyzer
Casino time control unit
Wireless LAN communication device and beacon transmitting method
Safe driving evaluation system and safe driving evaluation program
Method and device for controlling the backlighting of a flat screen
Image display apparatus and image display method
Rotated rendering and locking support for tablet computers and portrait displays
Input method of pointer input system
Mobile device having backpanel touchpad
Color buffer contrast threshold for adaptive anti-aliasing
Adaptive sub-sampling for reduction in issued rays
Dynamic search result highlighting
System, method and article of manufacture for a programmable processing model with instruction set
Field sequential liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof, and head mounted display
Device for perceptual weighting in audio encoding/decoding
Digital data recording apparatus, digital data recording method, and computer-readable recording medium
Drive device
Rewriting codeword objects to magnetic data tape upon detection of an error
Content editing apparatus
Head/disk contact determination
Deflection reference adjustment for variable track pitch media
Method and system for providing a magnetic head using a composite magnetic material in the recording transducer
Magnetoresistance effect element with a layer containing an oxide as a principal component and containing a magnetic transition metal element which does not bond to oxygen
Optical recording/reproduction method, optical recording/reproduction device, program, and optical recording medium
Optical storage medium and apparatus for reading of respective data
Plant gain calibration for an optical storage servo system
Data recording/reproduction method and data recording/reproduction apparatus
Information storage medium and method of recording and/or reproducing with respect to the medium
Optical head device, optical information device, and diffractive element
Information recording medium, recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Semiconductor memory device capable of realizing a chip with high operation reliability and high yield
Non-volatile memory module
Nonvolatile memory device with reduced current consumption
Real time feedback compensation of programmable logic memory
Area-efficient memory built-in-self-test circuitry with advanced debug capabilities for distributed memory blocks
Semiconductor memory device
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method of fabricating the same
Variable capacitor array, variable capacitor array device and circuit module
X-ray tube having a rotating and linearly translating anode
Multi-loop antenna structure and hand-held electronic device using the same
Antenna module
Counterpoise to mitigate near field radiation generated by wireless communication devices
Ultra low loss waveguide for broadband Terahertz radiation
Furlable shape-memory spacecraft reflector with offset feed and a method for packaging and managing the deployment of same
Antenna system for satellite communication
Implementation of diversity antennas in small portable media devices and cell phones
High-frequency pneumatic loudspeaker for audio broadcasting
Optical fiber amplifier
Amplifying optical fiber and method of manufacturing
Optical fiber component and optical module using the same
Optical amplifier apparatus
Abnormal current preventive circuit of DC-DC converter
Three-phase inverter for converting DC power from a generator into three-phase AC power
Fan noise canceling system
Identification of target signals in radio frequency pulsed environments
Audio processing apparatus and program
High-speed decoder for a multi-pair gigabit transceiver
Channel estimation using common and dedicated pilots
Scanning circuit and scanning method for keyboard
Continuous redundancy check method and apparatus
Cyclically interleaved dual BCH, with simultaneous decode and per-codeword maximum likelihood reconciliation
Code combining soft handoff in wireless communication system
Systems and methods for diversity combined data detection
Viterbi decoder method and apparatus with RI detector in servo channel
Engine sound control apparatus and control method
Spread spectrum clock signal generator
High-accuracy transmit power control with high-efficiency power amplifier operation
Bandpass filter, and radio communication module and radio communication device using same
Data rate tracking filter
Dynamic bandwidth allocation for multiple access communications using buffer urgency factor
Mobile terminal and method of controlling broadcast therein
Monolithically integrated circuit
Bidirectional wireless microphone system with automatic login function
Method and apparatus for powering a wireless peripheral
Mobile communication terminal and screen scrolling method thereof for projecting display information
SIM messaging client
Portable communication terminal, program executed by portable communication terminal
Encoding and decoding traffic information using encoding fields
Carrier-suppressed optical pulse train generating device
Optical signal detection method, and light receiving apparatus using the same
System and method for cable monitoring
Radio channel estimator
Apparatus and method for calibration in multi-antenna system
System and method for transmitting and receiving wideband speech signals with a synthesized signal
Dispersive antenna for RFID tags
Method of constructing a QuickConfig message in a 1xEvolution Data Only (1xEV-DO) communication network and method of reducing call and handoff failure rates in the 1xEV-DO network without introducing additional call setup latencies
Method for compensating a radiation beam by beam steering
Method and system for providing interoperable communications with dynamic event area allocation
Systems and methods for recovery of a sub-carrier signal from a stereophonic multiplexed signal
Wireless communicator for laptop computers
Method and system for generating candidate beamforming coefficients for transmission of data over a wireless medium
Method for communicating
Methods and apparatus for interoperable satellite radio receivers
Receiver for a modulated light signal and method for receiving a modulated light signal
Passive optical network system and wavelength assignment method
Synchronized code division multiplexing communication method and synchronized code division multiplexing communication system
Method and device for mapping ethernet code blocks to OTN for transmission
Methods and devices for a chained encryption mode
Method for decrypting serial transmission signal
Quick paging receivers in telecommunication systems
Simultaneous use of multiple radio frequency channels
Packet forwarding device
Configurable impulse noise protection system and method based on impulse noise statistics
Method for data flow control in a mobile communications system
Adaptive CQI-based HSDPA flow control method
Channel service manager with priority queuing
Content adaptive data path logic processing
Self-healing communication trees
Data transmitting apparatus and data retransmitting method
Network access mechanism and method
Medium access control priority-based scheduling for data units in a data flow
Method and arrangement for controlling a multimedia communication session
Wireless access point network system supported through existing transmission lines
Wireless access point network system supported through existing transmission lines
Method for avoiding interference radiation of AM transmitters used in digital transmission
Polar and quadrature modulated cellular, WiFi, WiLAN, satellite, mobile, communication and position finder systems
Method for transmitting and decoding signals considering repeatedly transmitted information
Digital transmitter
Reception device, transmission device, and adaptive transmission rate control method
Transmitting/receiving system and method of processing broadcast signal in transmitting/receiving system
UWB transmission apparatus and UWB transmission method
Data communication via a voice channel of a wireless communication network using discontinuities
Method and device for agreeing shared key between first communication device and second communication device
Network system for accessing the storage units based on log-in request having password granted by administration server
Non-cryptographic addressing
Secure communication method and system
Verifying a cipher-based message authentication code
Managing electronic data with identification data
Method for governing the ability of computing devices to communicate
Information processing apparatus and system and data communication method pertaining to the information processing system
Method and system for online image security
Moving security for virtual machines
Data transmitting apparatus and method
QAM and GMSK modulation methods
Content transmitting apparatus, content transmitting method, and content transmitting program
Computing modular polynomials modulo large primes
Motion driven follow-up alerts for mobile electronic device
Image/audio playback device of mobile communication terminal
Vehicle hands-free communication apparatus and vehicle hands-free communication method
Embedded biometrics in telecommunication devices for feature extraction and context identification
Communication device
Mobile terminal with variable display control
Portable sliding wireless communication terminal
Automatic setting of an alert mode on a wireless device
Mobile terminal and an antenna for a mobile terminal
Waterproof structure and electronic equipment
Electronic devices including vertically mounted loudspeakers and related assemblies and methods
Multi-mode mobile terminal and communication method for manual network selection
Method and apparatus for metallic line testing of a subscriber line
On-hold message system
Method for enhancing processing priority, method for implementing interactive service, method for generating customized IVR flow, and corresponding apparatus and system
Method and system for automatically establishing a dial-up connection to a network through a mobile device
Network billing
Method of configuring an adaptive module for an offline charging system
In-vehicle emergency call apparatus
System and method of updating presence information
Method and system for providing transfer service between mobile terminal and telematics terminal
Method for transmitting and receiving data in mobile terminal and mobile terminal using the same
Method of VoIP number portability using wireless device
Method and apparatus for reducing timestamp noise in audio echo cancellation
Original scanning apparatus and control method thereof
In tray media sensing
Image reading apparatus
Image processing apparatus and printing apparatus
Image forming system, image forming apparatus and copying apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method, image output apparatus, image processing system, recording medium in which image processing program is stored, and recording medium in which image output program is stored
Facilitating fast channel changes through promotion of pictures
Extracting features of video and audio signal content to provide reliable identification of the signals
Processing of a video program having plural processed representations of a single video signal for reconstruction and output
Image quality assessment method and image quality assessment apparatus for display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device and video processing method thereof
Image processing device and image processing program for acquiring specific color component based on sensitivity difference between pixels of an imaging device
Method of setting position of imaging device
Image processing apparatus and method thereof
Optical apparatus and camera system having a function of moving a focus lens in an optical axis direction to reduce focus shake generated in the optical axis direction
Shooting lens having vibration reducing function and camera system for same
Image processing file setting system
Disk apparatus, disk apparatus controlling method, program and recording medium
Recording apparatus
Digital image processing apparatus for playing mood music with images, method of controlling the apparatus, and computer readable medium for executing the method
Information distributing method, information recording method, information reproducing method, and information recording medium
Scaling process system, video output apparatus and replay apparatus
Video signal processing apparatus and method thereof
Image display device
Method and apparatus for illumination compensation in multi-view video coding
Method and system for encoding order and frame type selection optimization
Image coding apparatus and image coding method
Video phone kiosk with attractor and proximity sensing
Mobile terminal and method of creating multimedia contents therein
Mobile communication terminal and method of transmitting broadcast viewing information thereof
Image capture and display device
Image generating apparatus and image generating method
Optimizing video stream processing
System and method for detecting and correcting defective pixels in an image sensor
Anti-vibration in-ceiling speaker system
Connector assembly comprising a first part and a second part attachable to and detachable from each other
Adaptive remastering apparatus and method for rear audio channel
Performing diagnostics in a wireless system
Base station apparatus and mobile communication system
System and method for inbound roaming in IP multimedia subsystem networks
Mobile-originated to HTTP communications
Wireless communication method, wireless base station, wireless terminal, and wireless communication system
Hierarchical service list
Method for measuring channel quality and base station in mobile communications system
Array antenna system and transmit/receive module thereof
Method for managing internet protocol handoff in network system
Mobile communication method, mobile communication system, and mobile terminal
Method and system for mobile communications
Wireless base station apparatus, frequency deviation detecting method, and mobile communication system
Signal quality measurement in a time division duplex system
Method of DCR operation in a broadband wireless communication system
Method for performing uncontrolled handover
Handover method and handover apparatus
Method for communicating in an ad-hoc radio communication system
Binding cache support in a load balanced sysplex
Dynamic bandwidth allocation to transmit a wireless protocol across a code division multiple access (CDMA) radio link
Device for protecting the pins of an electronic component
Chip card holder and electronic device using the same
Adjustable display screen for a portable computing device
Tilting portable electronic device
Multi-piece board and fabrication method therefor
Electrical connector assembly with low profile
Submount for electronic components
Wafer level package (WLP) device having bump assemblies including a barrier metal
Display module having a mountable and removable display panel, electronic device having the display module, and assembly of a computing device and a display casing
Display apparatus and adjustment mechanism
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Plant folate biosynthetic genes
Inbred corn line 7SH385
Inbred corn line KW4773
Potentiating compounds
Fungicidal carboxamides
Benzamide derivatives, insecticides for agricultural and horticultural use and usage thereof
Mixtures with special softening agents suited as a solid electrolyte or separator for electrochemical cells
Diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides based on C12 to C22 fatty acids
Egg having active oxygen eliminating ability and method of producing same
Health supplements containing phyto-oestrogens, analogues or metabolites thereof
Immune stimulating dietary supplement and method of use thereof
Enhancement of vascular function by modulation of endogenous nitric oxide production or activity
Electrical switch for use in garments
Reflection-type optical sensor
Water-decomposable absorbent article
Method for applying a foamable movement obstruction agent to an absorbent member
Absorbent structure having improved absorption properties
Personal care articles with reduced polymer fibers
Wearable article having a temperature change element
Substituted benzylthioacetic acids and esters
Formulation for respiratory tract administration
Isoprenoid pathway inhibitors for stimulating bone growth
Method of treating a male impotence condition
N-(aryl/heteroarylacety) amino acid esters, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis by use of such compounds
Thrombopoietin mimetics
Riluzole and alpha-tocopherol combination
Modulators of Rho C activity
Use of central cannabinoid receptor antagonist for preparing medicines
Diazacycloalkanedione derivatives
Geometrically restricted 2-indolinone derivatives as modulators of protein kinase activity
Treatment of cancer with thymidine in combination with temozolamide
Diazepan derivatives or salts thereof
Triterpenes having human antifungal and antiyeast activity
Progestogen-antiprogestogen regimens
Monocyclic L-nucleosides, analogs and uses thereof
Vanadium compounds as anti-proliferative agents
Use of a dipeptide for stimulating repair processes
Secreted polypeptides that stimulate release of proteoglycans from cartilage
Methods and compositions for preventing and treating prostate disorders
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Polymers containing polysaccharides such as alginates or modified alginates
Combination therapy employing ileal bile acid transport inhibiting benzothipines and HMG Co-A reductase inhibitors
Food supplements containing polyphenols
Use of adenosine compounds to alleviate or normalize pathologically hyperexcited sensory nerve function in a human patient
Acid derivatives useful as serine protease inhibitors
Methods and compositions for reducing side effects in chemotherapeutic treatments
Detoxication of active pharmaceutical substances using cyclodextrine oligomers
Resin composition for soft relining material
Controlled release macrolide pharmaceutical formulations
Three-dimensional prostheses containing hyaluronic acid derivatives
Implant comprising calcium cement and hydrophobic liquid
Di-or triaza-spiro [4,5] decane derivatives
Performing Operations; Transporting
Plasma thermal processing system having carbon sensing and control
Materials and apparatus for the detection of contraband
Method for producing aldehydes and/or alcohols or amines
Process for separation of polynucleotide fragments
Method for producing acrylonitrile, catalyst for use therein and method for preparing the same
Polymerization of ethylene oxide using metal cyanide catalysts
Oxidation method
Late transition metal complexes, their use as catalysts and polymers therefrom
Method for recovering fluorinated emulsifiers
Control scheme for conversion of variable composition synthesis gas to liquid fuels in a slurry bubble column reactor
Hemming and in-situ laser welding method and apparatus
Electrode clamping system for sink-type electrical discharge machines
Process and device for machining a three-dimensional piece by electroerosive milling
Wire cutting electric discharge machine with collection of machined chips
System and method for mounting electronic components onto flexible substrates
Method for the projection welding of high-carbon steels and high-tension low-alloy steels
Laser processing method and laser processing apparatus
Method for forming a via hole, flexible wiring board using the method, and method for producing the flexible wiring board
Process for the production of multi-thickness and/or multi-material blanks
Apparatus and method of forming orifices and chamfers for uniform orifice coefficient and surface properties by laser
Laser cutting machine and method
Method for laser drilling a counter-tapered through-hole in a material
High-speed CO2 gas welding method
Integrated welding control and power supply using phased control power technology
Welding-type system with robot calibration
Thermosetting two-component coating compositions
Calibration apparatus for light emitting elements in an optical printer
Etched article and method of etching
Photo-detecting apparatus
Electrical wiring harness guiding and retaining device
Compact millimeterwave system for De-icing and for preventing the formation of ice on the outer surfaces of shell structures exposed to meterological influences
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carbon dioxide recovery in an ethylene to ethylene oxide production process
Urea-formaldehyde resin binders containing styrene acrylates and acrylic copolymers
Multi-functional cement dispersants and hydraulic cement compositions
Fischer-tropsch process
Reactive distillation process for the alkylation of aromatic hydrocarbons
Fluid-bed aromatics alkylation with staged injection of alkylating agents
Pyrano, piperidino, and thiopyrano compounds and methods of use
Photocleavable and acid cleavable linkers for combinatorial chemistry
Mono-and disubstituted 3-propyl gamma-aminobutyric acids
7-substituted fused ring tetracycline compounds
Amines or salts thereof and methods of preparing same
Acetalsulfonate derivative, process for producing the same, and process for producing styrene oxide derivative
Process for the preparation of 2-[alkyl(aryl)]sulfonylbenzene-sulfonyl chlorides and their intermediates
Polymerization process with living characteristics and polymers made therefrom
Nitric oxide donors and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Methyl propyl ketone peroxide formulations and their use in processes to cure unsaturated polyester resins
Process for producing 4,4,4-trifluoro-3-hydroxybutyric acid derivatives
Process for monitoring a continuous acetic acid and/or methyl acetate production
Method for production of (meth) acrylic acid
Process for producing a high purity aromatic polycarboxylic acid
Production, purification and polymerization of aromatic dicarboxylic acids
Process for producing (meth)acrylic anhydride and process for producing (meth)acrylic ester
Single-phase process for production of fatty acid methyl esters from mixtures of triglycerides and fatty acids
Method of purifying bishydroxyalkyl terephthalate
Unsaturated derivatives at the 4-position of 6-tert-butyl-1,1-dimethylindane and their use in human and veterinary medicine and in cosmetics
Processes for preparing intermediates
Substituted 1,5-dihydropyrrol-2-one derivatives active as NMDA receptor antagonists for treatment of states of pain
N-(4-carbamimidoyl-phenyl)-glycine derivatives
Method of modulating NF-kB activity
Substituted acetylpyridine derivatives and process for the preparation of intermediates for optically active .beta.3 agonist by the use of the same
Preparation of chiral 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-6,7-dialkoxy-3-isoquinolinecarboxylic acid and derivatives
One step synthesis of 1,2,3-triazole carboxylic acids
Method for obtaining slightly colored branched polyisocyanate(s), and the resulting composition
Vitamin D derivatives with carbo- or heterocyclic substituents at C-25, a process for their production, intermediate products and their use for producing medicaments
Method for producing 2-aminomethyl-4-cyano-thiazol
Process for the production of furfural from lignosulphonate waste liquor
Antiviral activity and resolution of 2-hydroxymethyl-5-(5-fluorocytosin-1-yl)-1,3-oxathiolane
Benzothiepine 1,1-dioxide derivatives, a process for their preparation, pharmaceuticals comprising these compounds, and their use
Heterocyclic compounds and their therapeutic use
Synthesis of 4-(piperidyl)(2-pyridyl)methanone-(E)-O-methyloxime and salts
EP4 receptor selective agonists in the treatment of osteoporosis
1,2,-Disubstituted cyclic inhibitors of matrix metalloproteases and TNF-alpha
Agents for treating neuropathic pain
Oxazole derivatives
Piperidine derivatives as subtype selective N-Methyl-D-Aspartate antagonists
Quinuclidine acrylamides
1,8-naphthyridin-2(1H)-one derivatives
Immunomodulating compounds
Pyrazolopyridopyrimidine inhibitors of cGMP phosphodiesterase
Process for the preparation of basic antibiotic-inorganic acid addition salts and intermediate oxalates
Pyrimido[5,4-e][1,2,4]triazine-5,7-diamine compounds as protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors
Benzo[b]pyrano[3,2-h]acridin-7-one compounds
Process for the synthesis of beta-lactam derivatives
Thiazolobenzoimidazole derivatives
Benzoheterocyclic derivatives
.beta.-diketonatocopper(I) complex containing allene compounds as ligand and process for producing the same
Synthesis of bis (cyclopentadienyl) and bis (indenyl) ruthenium complexes
Linked metallocene complexes, catalyst systems, and olefin polymerization processes using same
Rational synthesis of heteroleptic lanthanide sandwich coordination complexes
Silicon-based blocking agents suitable for fluorous phase synthesis
Intermediates and improved processes for the preparation of neplanocin A
Process for making morphine-6-glucuronide and its analogues using haloglucuronate ester intermediates
Process to obtain clarithromycin
Process for the synthesis of 2'-O-substituted pyrimidines and oligomeric compounds therefrom
2-(N-pyrazolo)adenosines with application as adenosine A2A receptor agonists
Activators for oligonucleotide synthesis
Anti-(retro)viral conjugates of saccharides and acetamidino or guanidino compounds
Compounds that inhibit oestrone sulphatase; compositions thereof; and methods employing the same
Steroid sulphatase inhibitors
Peptide ligands for the erythropoietin receptor
Process for preparing modified proteins
Recombinant feline coronavirus S proteins
Molecular mimetics of unique Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B epitopes
Haemophilus adherence and penetration proteins
Melon promoters for expression of transgenes in plants
Isolated cocoon silk protein from Simulium vittatum and nucleic acids encoding such protein
Crustacean antimicrobial peptides
Genes coding proteins for early liver development and their use in diagnosing and treating liver disease
Receptor that binds trail
Fgl-2 knockout mice
Thrombin inhibitors comprising an aminoisoquinoline group
Synthesis of N-[N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl)-L-.alpha.-aspartyl]-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester using L-.alpha.-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester precursors
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-peptides
Endothelin-antagonizing peptide
Peptides which function as hinge regions in protein
Use of silanes to enhance activity in single-site polymerizations
Silica gel-supported catalyst component for ethylene (co)polymerization, catalyst therefrom and use of the same
Method for continuous production of polyisobutene
Process for producing fluoropolymer
Supercritical fluid pressure sensitive adhesive polymers and their preparation
Method for preparing stable (co) polymers dispersions in a polyol
Process that produces polymers
Process for preparing an ethylene/.alpha.-olefin copolymer
Low density copolymers of ethylene and alpha-olefins
Flow-and-leveling agents for powder coatings
Coating compositions containing substituted and unsubstituted exomethylene lactone or lactam monomers
Vinylpyrrolidone (co)polymer
Process for making graft copolymers
Rubber-acrylic adhesive formulation
Methods of making telechelic oligomers, methods of making block copolymers, and novel block copolymers
Polyurethane-based adhesives, systems for such adhesives, articles therefrom, and methods of making
Mar-resistant oligomeric-based coatings
Thixotropic amino formaldehyde resin
Molded articles having improved flex modulus and impact strength and a process for the production thereof
Polyurethane-polyurea dispersions as coating compositions
Polyurethanes and their use for the thickening of aqueous systems
Curing agents for epoxy-based polymers
Organic semiconductors based on statistical copolymers
Photosensitive polymer
Batch type apparatus for production of liquid crystalline polymer, and method for continuous production of liquid crystalline polymer using the apparatus
Polyoxyalkylene monoalkyl ether, process for producing the same, polymerizable polyoxyalkylene monoalky ether derivative, polymer of said derivative and dispersant comprising said polymer
Beaded polyethylene glycol-based resins
Curable resin composition
Process for making olefin-carbon monoxide copolymers from synthesis gas
Amine-terminated hyperbranched quinoxaline-amide polymers
Acid anhydrides
Melt processable PMR-type polyimides
Method of manufacturing material for forming insulating film
Dispersal of polyacrylamides
Porous para-oriented aromatic polyamide film, prepreg thereof, and base substrate for printed circuit board
Stable novel black polyurethane article colorants
Resin composition for sliding member and sliding member using the same
Viscoelasticity improving agent for rubber and rubber composition containing the same
Oxopiperazinyl derivatives and light stabilized compositions
Halogen-free flame-retardant thermoplastic polyester or polyamide composition
Stabilized cyanoacrylate adhesives
Lap edge roofing sealant
Highly nucleated syndiotactic polypropylene
Rubber composition and solid golf ball
Polyacetal resin composition and moldings
Rubber composition and crosslinked rubber
Process to produce a homogeneous polyethylene material
Multimodal polyolefin pipe
Composition based on propylene polymers and process for obtaining same
Elastic blends comprising crystalline polymer and crystallizable polym
Process aid for melt processable polymers
Polyolefin-based composite resin composition having high strength and low linear expansion
Lead free PVC polymer composition resistant to abrasion and high operation temperatures for insulation and sheath of thin-walled automotive cables
High-damping elastomer composition
Polyacetal resin composition
Novolak aralkyl resin, preparation process thereof and composition containing said resin
Pigment dispersions containing dispersants prepared by controlled radical polymerization having hydrophilic and hydrophobic segments
Intermediates for selectively soluble magenta colorants
Filler for crosslinkable elastomer and crosslinkable elastomer composition containing the same
Water-based acrylic emulsion dispersants utilized as grind resins for pigments and method of preparing the same
Flame-retardant coating
Fluorescent group-containing carbodiimide compound precursor, fluorescent group-containing carbodiimide compound and methods for producing them
Method for isolating enriched source of conducting polymers precursors
Artificial chromosome constructs containing foreign nucleic acid sequences
Production of proteins in plant seeds
Basidiomycete manganese peroxidase gene-transferred plant and a method for removing an environmental contaminant using the same
DNA encoding for plant digalactosyldiacylglycerol galactosyltransferase and methods of use
Transgenic plants with .gamma.-tocopherol methyltransferase
Nucleic acids involved in the responder phenotype and applications thereof
Programmed cell death and caspase-12
Amycomycin, a process for its production and its use as a pharmaceutical
Genetic marker for autoimmune disorder
Glass ceramic plates for holding substrates during pre-heating
Textiles; Paper
Compression recovery sheet, production process thereof and absorbent article containing the same
Fixed Constructions
Heating arrangement
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for operating remote electrical distribution equipment with transitional light-emitive member disposed intermediate an elongate member and a tool
Electrical connector
Method and apparatus for replicating heat profile of infrared oven
Speckle-image-based optical position transducer having improved mounting and directional sensitivities
Linear scale measuring device and position detection method using the same
Beam rotation angle detecting apparatus, rotation detecting apparatus and beam rotation angle detecting method
System and method in an angle measuring system with an encoder attachment system for attaching an encoder to a motor shaft through the use of a spring generating a radial pressure
Time domain sensing technique and system architecture for image sensor
Method for measuring greenhouse gases using infrared absorption spectrometer
Optical gas sensor
Micromirror optical multiplexer and method for directing light towards an array of sensors
Fine pattern inspection apparatus and method and managing apparatus and method of critical dimension scanning electron microscope device
Focused ion beam apparatus
Fluorescent substances
Deceleration impact detector for use in automotive vehicle
Photoelectric switch device having a detection result indicator disposed between a top and rear wall
PET and SPECT systems with attenuation correction
Photoresist nanocomposite optical plastic article and method of making same
High speed confocal microscope
System for improving image resolution via sensor rotation
Fixing device using induction heating and method for producing same
Touch screen device and method for co-extensively presenting text characters and rendering ink in a common area of a user interface
Light-transmitting object identifying apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for fully adjusting and providing tempered intonation for stringed, fretted musical instruments, and making adjustments to the rule of 18
Woodwind instrument with key mechanism perfectly closing holes
Apparatus for playing music with enhanced part performance and computer program therefor
Method and apparatus for atomic force microscopy
Flexible automotive electrical conductor of high mechanical strength using a central wire of copper clad steel and the process for manufacture thereof
Polymer composite materials for electrostatic discharge protection
Electronic component and manufacturing method thereof
Switch assembly employing an external customizing printed circuit board
Circuit breaker remote actuator with fulcrum member to assist assembly and associated method
Bridge structure for keyboards
Lid open/close detection device of portable electronic equipment
Assembly and method for improved scanning electron microscope analysis of semiconductor devices
Scanning electron microscope
System for photometric calibration of optoelectronic imaging devices especially streak cameras
Compact modular, configurable base for position sensitive photo-multipliers
Method and apparatus for electrospray mass spectrometric analysis
Mass spectrometers and methods of mass spectrometry
Apparatus and method of laser dissociation for mass spectrometry
Method and apparatus for improving exhaust gas consumption in an exhaust conduit
Miniaturized capacitor with solid-state dielectric, in particular for integrated semiconductor memories, E.G. DRAMS, and method for fabricating such a capacitor
MOSFET with a thin gate insulating film
Structure and process for improving high frequency isolation in semiconductor substrates
CMOS type solid imaging device
Asymmetric inside spacer for vertical transistor
Semiconductor memory and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor memory including ferroelectric gate capacitor structure, and method of fabricating the same
Two dimensional optical shading gain compensation for imaging sensors
Optical pulse counting imager and system
Solid imaging device and method for manufacturing the same
Wall outlet assembly
Cable protector plate
EMI transfer fitting
Electrical receptacle box
Lighted switch or outlet plate with labeling designation
Convertible electrical device cover and method for installing same
Insulator for an electrical busbar system, as well as an insulator system having such insulators
Suspension cord switch
Signal processing apparatus which performs logarithmic compressions
Photoelectric conversion apparatus, production method thereof, and information processing apparatus having the photoelectric conversion apparatus
Mounting apparatus for optical sensor having screw piles with annular fitting boards
Microwave oven and controlling of the same
Circuit card with potting containment fence apparatus
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