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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Teatcup liner
Floatable pet toy
Cat attractant toy
Animal cleaning system
Trim panel attachment assembly with anti-rotation flange
Cosmetics case with applicator holder
Tool containment system
Refrigerator with tray cover
Hardware display clip
Tiltable anti-pinch seat assembly and pinch guard
Soldier platform system
Collapsible tabletop head cradle for seated users
Fluid-containing system with inclined sleeve
Adjustable wall-hanger assembly
Pepper mill
Surgical stapler
Surgical ring featuring a reversible diameter remote control system
Vascular wound closure device and method
Apparatus and method for prophylactic hip fixation
Damping element and device for stabilization of adjacent vertebral bodies
Rotary electrosurgical apparatus and methods thereof
Treatment and diagnostic catheters with hydrogel electrodes
Surgical drape with patient-oriented window and method of production
Monitoring device for an interactive game
Ultrasound contrast agent dosage formulation
Polymeric dental implant assembly
Electrochemical wound therapy device
Intravascular stent
Endolumenal device for delivering and deploying an endolumental expandable prosthesis
Tibial prosthesis convertible in vivo to a modular prosthesis removal of permanently secured primary bearing
Method for permanent occlusion of fallopian tube
Shoulder massage apparatus
Oral hygiene device
Biological models capable of exhibiting secondary disease manifestations and useful for developing therapeutic drugs, diagnostic products and therapeutic or diagnostic procedures, methods of using same, and cells, tissues and organs derived therefrom
Sterilization method and plasma sterilization apparatus
Systems and methods for producing a medical device
Liquid storage system, liquid container, and liquid lead-out control method
Front loaded medical fluid syringe mounting
Front loaded medical fluid syringe mounting
Compact continuous positive airway pressure apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for selective material delivery via an intra-renal catheter
Surgical portal apparatus with waffle seal
Connector for a respiratory mask and a respiratory mask
Method for acclimating a CPAP therapy patient to prescribed pressure
Portable mountable upper-body exercise device
Stability ball control device with radial control surfaces of increasing widths
Abdominal bench
Grip tape and grip for ball game racket
Golf club head
Bottle cap golf apparatus and method
Tennis grip reference aid
Method and apparatus for simulating game accessories
Squad command interface for console-based video game
Squad command interface for console-based video game
Video game controller hub with control input reduction and combination schemes
Transformable toy
Self-assembling toy, toy assembler, launcher, and track
Performing Operations; Transporting
Drying process and apparatus
Method for separating and recovering lignin derivatives
Small volume unitary molded filters and supports for adsorbent beds
Magnetic field and field gradient enhanced centrifugation solid-liquid separations
Gas dehydrator for a well
Filter and method of making
Centrifugal wet type air cleaner utilizing a spin vaporizer and a spiral on the basis of a labyrinth effect
Filter for cleaning a fluid
Method and apparatus for protective atmosphere recycling
Particulate matter analyzer, collecting filter and system for analyzing and collecting samples from fluids
Cruising aerator
Apparatus, system, and method for producing energy using an alkalai metal
Anti-clogging device and method for in-gel digestion applications
Portable system and method for separating and recycling gypsum and non-ferrous waste discharge from a steady stream of comminuted gypsum wallboard
Method and device for nebulising high-viscosity liquids with minimal fallback
Device for applying filler material
Advanced mixing system for integrated tool having site-isolated reactors
Megasonic cleaning module
Portable power tool, in particular a drilling hammer and/or impact hammer
Striking mechanism for a handheld power tool
Active material-augmented vibration welding system and method of use
Apparatus and method of solid-state welding
Compliant mold fill head with integrated cavity venting and solder cooling
Automatic soldering machine
Polishing composition
Nail gun having safe firing mechanism
Power tool with a rotating and/or hammering drive mechanism
Woodworking bench
Compressed wood product and electronic device exterior material
Durable hard coating containing silicon nitride
Method for manufacturing a multi-shot molded component
Compression bonding device
Molded waveguides
Via hole forming method using electrophotographic printing method
Driving mechanism for labeling machine
Method and apparatus for fabricating roll good fuel cell subassemblies
Laminate material element for a hook and loop closure, particularly a diaper closure
Process for improving the emission of electron field emitters
Device including moveable portion for controlling fluid
Droplet discharging head and method of manufacturing the same, and droplet discharging device and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid droplet transport apparatus
Inkjet printhead with interleaved drive transistors
Liquid container
Liquid feeding member for liquid ejection head, liquid ejection device, and image forming apparatus
Ink tank
Imaging method and inkjet recording apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring thickness of ink layer in pixel
Method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium
Pad for embossing device
Variable rolling resistance wheel for rolling vehicle
Collapsible wheel
Fabricated bead seat attached vehicle wheel, wheel disc for such wheel and method for producing same
Wheelchair suspension system
Auto A/C solar compensation control
Flexible and efficient energy source
Utility vehicle, in particular an agricultural tractor
Apparatus to aid in the assembly of cables and electrical components
Vehicle seat with a seat depth adjustment device
Double cylinder tilt recovery system
Vehicle power supply system
Bumper system providing storage and accessory functions
Air bag module, air bag module arrangement, and method of fastening
Powered access device
Vehicle structure
Fixture element, in particular for motor vehicles, for holding a receptacle
Load carrier mounted at the rear of a motor vehicle
Secure accessory and ballast system for vehicles
Pressure assisted park servo
Speed change control system for automatic transmission
Steering member unit
Motorcycle with cantilevered front windshield
Motorcycle sissy bar luggage mounting system
Insulation package arrangement for insulating the interior of an aircraft fuselage
Tablet feeding device
Reusable bag with fastening system and methods of use
Microwaveable packaged good article overcap
End protector device for tubular structures
Packaged systems for implanting markers in a patient and methods for manufacturing and using such systems
Package of tobacco articles
System and device for displaying, protecting, and storing items
Modular conveyor system and method
Transfer device metering apparatus and methods
Roll paper type recording medium transporting mechanism and image forming apparatus
Sheet feed device and image forming apparatus
Sheet transport direction switching device, and image forming apparatus incorporated with the same
Image forming apparatus
Flavoring component holding dispenser for use with consumable beverages
Aerator bottle pourer
Device for providing a cooled or heated liquid onboard an aircraft
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Recycle TSA regen gas to boiler for oxyfuel operations
Method of forming mixed rare earth nitride and aluminum nitride films by atomic layer deposition
Highly photosensitive titanium dioxide and process for forming the same
Mobile systems and methods of sufficiently treating water so that the treated water may be utilized in well-treatment operations
Ionic liquid and a method of synthesizing an ionic liquid
Process for surface colouration of paper
Nanosized particles of benzimidazolone pigments
Sealant for ink jet head, ink jet head, and ink jet recording apparatus
Borate phosphor and white light illumination device utilizing the same
Liquid-crystalline medium and liquid-crystal display
Lubricant base oil and method of producing the same
Regulation method for melt throughflow through a melt throughflow aperture
Process for producing molten iron
Power clamping for water boxes
Apparatus for injecting gas into a vessel
Method for manufacturing material for forming composite metal and method for manufacturing article formed from composite metal
Front electrode including transparent conductive coating on patterned glass substrate for use in photovoltaic device and method of making same
Lanthanoid aluminate film fabrication method
Substrate processing apparatus
Electroless plating bath and method for producing high-temperature apparatus member using the bath
Dimensional control in electroforms
Textiles; Paper
Method and assembly for the manufacture of an absorbent sheet, and absorbent sheet obtained
Method of making wet embossed paperboard
Fixed Constructions
Device for arresting a moving motor vehicle and method of use
Ground reinforced structure and reinforcement members for the construction thereof
Concrete form system for low-clearance applications
Pool cleaning vehicle having side vents and ducts
Retractable screen door housing handle balancing system
Roll-up shutter with tiltable slots
Downhole hammer assembly
Through riser installation of tree block
Apparatus and method for inflow control
Subsea lateral drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine vane with serpentine cooling
Turbine blade with serpentine cooling
Turbine blade with trailing edge tip corner cooling
Continuous variable valve lift apparatus
Camcover oil separator
Rotary compressed gas engine with pistons
Electronic module for a fan of an internal combustion engine in a motor vehicle
Eight-stroke engine cycle
Vehicle and propulsion system including an internal combustion engine
Oil pan
High pressure fuel pump control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection system
Method for driving solenoid-actuated fuel injectors of internal combustion engines
Method and apparatus for increasing lift on wind turbine blade
Module of a nacelle of a wind turbine, nacelle of a wind turbine, wind turbine and method for the assembly of a nacelle of a wind turbine
Rotor blade assembly
Systems and methods for energizing and distributing fluids
High pressure radial pump
Hermetic compressor with a heat dissipation system
Compressor silencer for hyperbaric oxygen therapy system
Centrifugal fan and electronic device using same
Pressure control device for heavy equipment
Retainer for roller bearing, and rolling bearing
Hydraulic oil supply structure and vehicle drive apparatus provided with the same
Shaft seal having integrated removal feature
Single component two-stage regulator
Sealed tubular joint with plastic expansion and at least one inclined surface
Electronic apparatus with a stand
Stand attachment structure
Light source system and display apparatus comprising the light source system
Wireless communication device and light guide employed therein
Double flame perimeter burner
Valve assemblies for heating devices
System and method for convective heat transfer utilizing a particulate solution in a time varying field
Condenser attachment bracket
Mine-like explosion simulator
Cartridge-based air gun
Ink set, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and ink jet recording apparatus
Medical hub having transparent observation section
Conducting polymer nanofiber sensors
Biosensor chip, biosensor system and measuring instrument thereof
Temperature indicating paint
Spliced fiber tray soft durometer material (SDM) manifold
Vibrating device and image equipment having the same
Light-filtering module and projecting system applied therewith
Illumination system adapted for a projection apparatus and cooling air guiding apparatus thereof
Image display apparatus having casings foldable relative to each other
Focal-plane shutter and image pickup apparatus
Voucher system and method of use
Apparatus, method, program, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for ordering goods, services and content over an internetwork
Method for coloring a coloring card
Method for preparing carbon material for electrode of electrochemical devices
Pressure sensor
Exhaust assembly for a plasma processing system
Method for contacting partially conductive textile materials
Connector assembly with card reader
Electrical connector assembly wth improved latching mechanism
Electrical connector assembly with assembled main shell and sub-shell
Cable assembly with grounding pieces
Smartconnect flash card adapter
Electrical connector with improved contacts
Retainer, lay-in lug assembly nut plate retainer
Electrical connector and assembly having same
Unitary member with multiple outlets having surge protection circuitry
Shielded connector
Coaxial cable connector
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
True breeding transgenics from plants heterozygous for transgene insertions
Method and device for controlling the movement of a movable part
Methods for making apparel and sensor covering with energy converting, storing and supplying capabilities and other electrical components integrated therein
Shell structure for a heating appliance, and method of manufacturing heating appliance including same
Heater unit for tray
Toilet paper dispenser
Garment having elastomeric laminate
Absorbent articles having cuffs and topsheet with skin care composition(s) disposed thereon
Resistive water sensor for hot tub spa heating element
Sulfite treatment of spent industrial wastes
Performing Operations; Transporting
Energy-beam-driven rapid fabrication system
Cleaning device with deeply reaching plasma and assisting electrodes
Method of surface preparation using plasma in air
Strip guiding device
Method for predicting and avoiding a bad bond when utilizing fiber push connect laser bonding
Laser welding system
Laser beam stop sensor and method for automatically detecting the presence of laser beam stop material using a laser beam stop sensor
Laser surface finishing apparatus and method
Device and method for extended distance cutting by laser, in pulse mode
Laser marking system
Laser cutting system with a sheet loading device
Solder circuit
Metal cored wire for gas shielded arc welding having excellent zinc primer resistant performance and low temperature impact toughness
Method for controlling a welding apparatus and corresponding control device
Method and apparatus for welding with a trigger
Stud welding gun
Linear actuator
Laser-assisted cutting device
Device for welding together the ends of tubular plastic containers, notably tubes
Organic Electroluminescent device with a defraction grading and luminescent layer
LED array head and minute reflection optical elements array for use in the LED array head
Solar system for a motor vehicle
Indicating instrument
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
System, method, and apparatus for power regulation
Multiple power source system and apparatus, motor driving apparatus, and hybrid vehicle with multiple power source system mounted thereon
Power supply system and method for dock equipment
Cigar lighter with thermal safety device
Heatable rear view mirror
Rigidized protective sleeving
Occupant detection sensor assembly for seats
Method and apparatus for classifying seat occupant weight
Vehicle automatic door-locking system using identifier signal transmitting portable unit
Vehicle electric control system with input device connected to central and peripheral control devices for controlling actuator
Brush assembly for magnetic induction test apparatus
Magnetic anomaly sensing system and methods for maneuverable sensing platforms
Susceptor for heating a garnished flat dough in microwave oven
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Musical wind instrument and method for controlling such an instrument
Method of melting treatment of radioactive miscellaneous solid wastes
Reclaiming TNT and aluminum from tritonal and tritonal-containing munitions
Method for the preparation of 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropene and 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane
Method for making nonanitroterphenyl
Method of making fluorinated alcohols
Method of producing cyclobutanone
Processes for the preparation of alcohols
Process for preparing hydroxyaromatics
Method for producing phosphonium phenolates
Process for preparation of hydroperoxides
Process for the catalytic selective oxidation of a hydrocarbon compound in presence of mesoporous zeolite
Hydrogenation of unsaturated polymers using divalent diene-containing bis-cyclopentadienyl group IV metal catalysts
Method of dehalogenating hydrocarbon containing carbon-carbon double bond
Flat X-ray detector comprising an alkali-halogenide scintillator
Methods for enhancing disease resistance in plants
Use of bacterial acetate kinase and their genes for protection of plants against different pathogens
Plant phosphatidic acid phosphatases
Transgenic tilapia comprising a humanized insulin gene
Percent backsputtering as a control parameter for metallization
Raised contact structures (solder columns)
Nano-structures, process for preparing nano-structures and devices
P-N homojunction-based structures utilizing HVPE growth III-V compound layers
Textiles; Paper
Device and process for controlling the motor drives of textile machines
Structural cable for civil engineering works, sheath section for such a cable and method for laying same
Fixed Constructions
Capacitor charge control circuit and microcomputer using the same
Methods and apparatus for downhole fluids analysis
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sensorless method to determine the static armature position in an electronically controlled solenoid device
Mobile AC power system
Electricity generating wave pipe (or EGWaP)
Floating apparatus and method for extracting power from sea waves
Electrical generator system
Control unit of a valve mechanism
Electromagnetic actuator with an oscillating spring-mass system
Electrostatic capacity sensor
Angular position measuring device
Inductive sensor for target parameter detection and magnetic image feature determination
Position sensor for armature of step magnetoelectric motor
Structural monitoring system
Compact optical measuring module utilizing three dimensional construction
Measurement apparatus having a diffraction grating structure
Device and a method of metering and displaying energy consumption and a method of calibrating the device
Method and apparatus to control power drawn by a measurement device
Electro-optical, non-contact measurement of electrical discharges
Infrared sensor
Method and apparatus for temperature compensation of an uncooled focal plane array
Method for reducing supply noise near an on-die thermal sensor
Devices equipped with tribostimulable storage phosphors
Louvered beam stop for lowering x-ray limit of a total pressure gauge
Surface state monitoring method and apparatus
Cleaning management kit and method of use
Method and apparatus for identifying high metal content on a semiconductor surface
Scanning electron microscope having magnification switching control
X-ray analyzer having an absorption current calculating section
Method and apparatus for inspecting integrated circuit pattern using a plurality of charged particle beams
Methods and apparatus for measuring electrical changes in neoplasms and foodborne pathogens in a liquid medium
Crack monitoring method and apparatus
Apparatus for controlling a timing of turning on electricity to a heater
Circuit and a method for monitoring and diagnosing an oxygen probe
Optically controlled ultrasonic sensor
Probe contact system having planarity adjustment mechanism
Advanced instrument packaging for electronic energy meter
Ionizing dose hardness assurance technique for CMOS integrated circuits
Method of sorting monolithic ceramic capacitors by measuring the insulation resistance thereof
Connector continuity checking device
Method of fault location in parallel transmission lines with series compensation
Method for determining coplanarity of electrical contact of BGA type packages prior to electrical characterization
Semiconductor integrated circuit and testing method thereof
Ring oscillator design for MOSFET device reliability investigations and its use for in-line monitoring
In-tray burn-in board for testing integrated circuit devices in situ on processing trays
Method and apparatus for temperature control of a device during testing
Device for testing dynamic characteristics of components using serial transmissions
Method for testing signal paths between an integrated circuit wafer and a wafer tester
Semiconductor parallel tester
Defect screening using delta VDD
Ringing preventive circuit, device under test board, pin electronics card, and semiconductor device
Method and device for tunnel microscopy
Temperature compensated hall sensor for testing magnetic recording heads
Method for parallel spatial encoded MRI and apparatus, systems and other methods related thereto
MRI method and apparatus for rapid acquisition of multiple views through a volume
Detector and method for detection of ionizing radiation
Radiation image capturing apparatus
Method and apparatus for recording and reading out radiation images
Combining seismic waves with seismoelectrics to perform prospecting and measurements
Electromagnetic wave resistivity tool having a tilted antenna for geosteering within a desired payzone
Infrared imaging system for advanced rescue vision system
Electric lamp and interference film
Optoelectronic devices and manufacturing method thereof
Wafer scale processing
Thin-film semiconductor apparatus, display apparatus using such semiconductor apparatus, and method of manufacturing such display apparatus
Liquid crystal projector
Linear light source with increased light efficiency and uniform exposure, and image sensor using the linear light source
Nano-pattern lithographic fabrication using pulled micro-pipette and method thereof
System and method for measuring the size of a focused optical spot
Method of adjusting a lithography system to enhance image quality
Moving photocathode with continuous regeneration for image conversion in electron beam lithography
Fixing device provided with a fixing belt
Electronic apparatus and control method for electronic apparatus
Pulse motor driving device, pulse motor driving method, timepiece device, and timepiece device control method
Method and system for adaptive control of turning operations
Temperature control structure for integrated circuit
Low power consuming circuit
Electronic array and methods
Precise control of VCE in close to saturation conditions
Low-power low-jitter variable delay timing circuit
Memory module having backup function
ALU implementation in single PLD logic cell
Optical sensor for pointing device with conical disks and single photodetector
Fully integrated long time constant integrator circuit
Asynchronous circuit for detecting and correcting soft error and implementation method thereof
Method and circuit arrangement for signal processing
Method of controlling turn-on of light source and image forming apparatus
Imaging apparatus and method of same
Plasma display panel using radio frequency and method and apparatus for driving the same
Gas discharge display device with superior picture quality
Electroluminescent element
Residual image improving system for a liquid crystal display (LCD)
Switched-mode power supply and display
Power supply device for driving liquid crystal, liquid crystal device and electronic equipment using the same
Method and apparatus for classifying a musical piece containing plural notes
Magnetic pick-up device for stringed musical instrument
Thin-film structure having reliably removable oxide layer formed on bump exposed at surface of insulating layer and manufacturing method therefor
Integrated device with voltage selector
High-speed, low-power sample and hold circuit
Circuit configuration with protection device
Semiconductor device
Sense amplifier of semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for mitigating the history effect in a silicon-on-insulator (SOI)-based circuit
Delay locked loop for use in synchronous dynamic random access memory
Radiation shield using electrical insulating materials and the spacecharge fields therein
Device and method for generating and manipulating coherent matter waves
Gantry with an ion-optical system
Audio signal connection cable for recording and reproduction devices
Low cross talk and impedance controlled electrical cable assembly
Twisted flat cable
Laminated LC component with rotationally symmetric capacitor electrodes
Plug connection
Dimensioning of additional current paths to optimize the disturbance behavior of a superconducting magnet system
Vacuum switch
Device for degassing and brazing preassembled vacuum interrupters using inductive heating
Reed switch unit
Modular multi-phase contactor
Auxiliary switch actuation arrangement
Switch box structure of a ceiling fan
Convertible locking arrangement on breakers
Field emission device
Plasma display
Mode converter and gyrotron tube provided with mode converter for converting mode of millimeter waves
Image forming substrate having lead wiring connected to a conductive terminal
Cathode ray tube having an improved electrode assembly
Electron gun for color cathode ray tube having different materials for different electrodes
Color cathode ray tube
Deflection apparatus, cathode ray tube apparatus and beam landing adjustment method
Focusing electrode for field emission displays and method
Asymmetric, gradient-potential, space-savings cathode ray tube
Beam automation in charged-particle-beam systems
System and method for removing contaminant particles relative to an ion beam
Electron beam gun with grounded shield to prevent arc-down and gas bleed to protect the filament
Method and apparatus for observing or processing and analyzing using a charged beam
Apparatus for pyroelectric emission lithography using patterned emitter
Flourescent discharge tube with amalgam positioning requirements and bulb-shaped fluorescent lamp using the same
Long-life metal halide lamp
Non-rotating electrodeless lamp containing molecular fill
Lamp array for thermal processing chamber
Stacked gate MOS structure for multiple voltage power supply applications
Method and apparatus for cooling a silicon on insulator device
Semiconductor device capable of enhancing a withstand voltage at a peripheral region around an element in comparison with a withstand voltage at the element
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Resin sealing method and resin sealing apparatus
Quad flat non-leaded package structure for housing CMOS sensor
Image-pickup semiconductor device having a lens, a light-receiving element and a flexible substrate therebetween with a shading plate blocking undesired light rays
Semiconductor device having columnar electrode and method of manufacturing same
Method for fabricating borderless and self-aligned polysilicon and metal contact landing plugs for multilevel interconnections
Crown or stack capacitor with a monolithic fin structure
Semiconductor interconnection structure and method
Microelectronic-device assemblies and methods that exclude extraneous elements from sensitive areas
Printed circuit board for semiconductor package and method for manufacturing the same
Stacked SRAM die package
Packaged semiconductor with multiple rows of bond pads and method therefor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Structures and methods for enhancing capacitors in integrated circuits
MOS-type semiconductor device and method for making same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Method and structure for textured surfaces in floating gate tunneling oxide devices
Microwave monolithic integrated circuit and fabrication process thereof
Bipolar/BiCMOS semiconductor device
Active matrix display device including a transistor
Semiconductor device with drift layer
Silver-tin alloy solder bumps
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method for semiconductor device and mounting method for the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit
Self-aligned recessed container cell capacitor
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
BICMOS semiconductor integrated circuit device and fabrication process thereof
Contact openings, electrical connections and interconnections for integrated circuitry
Double-bit non-volatile memory structure and corresponding method of manufacture
Buried guard rings for CMOS device
Press-fit IC power package and method therefor
Cavity semiconductor package with exposed leads and die pad
Low resistance hermetic lead structure
Integrated circuit package including pin and barrel interconnects
Integrated circuit packaging
Ball grid array type semiconductor package having a flexible substrate
Chip-size integrated circuit package having slits formed in an insulator tape
Heat sink dissipator for adapting to thickness change of a combination of a CPU and a CPU carrier
Adhesive pattern for attaching semiconductor chip onto substrate
Conductor systems for thick film electronic circuits
Apparatus and manufacturing method for semiconductor device adopting NA interlayer contact structure
Semiconductor device having a multilayer wiring structure and pad electrodes protected from corrosion and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with capacitor formed under bonding pad
Arrangement of stacked, spherically-shaped semiconductors
Dual-die package structure and method for fabricating the same
Transverse hybrid LOC package
Semiconductor device and process for producing the same
High current capacity semiconductor device package and lead frame with large area connection posts and modified outline
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Transistor which can minimize the DC resistance of the wiring and lead formed on a semiconductor chip
Ball grid array package with supplemental electronic component
Semiconductor device having pads, the intervals of which are adjusted and arranged in semiconductor chip corners
Concentric metal density power routing
Elimination of flux divergence in integrated circuit interconnects
Semiconductor device having a capacitor and an interconnect layer with molybdenum-containing tungsten
Semiconductor chip, chip-on-chip structure device and assembling method thereof
Semiconductor device
Microwave integrated circuit multi-chip-module
Integrated circuit package with improved ESD protection for no-connect pins
Electronic assembly providing shunting of electrical current
Silicide block for ESD protection devices
Integrated circuit package for mounting
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
4 F2 folded bit line dram cell structure having buried bit and word lines
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having capacitor element
Master-slice system semiconductor integrated circuit and design method thereof
Heat removal by removal of buried oxide in isolation areas
Front stage process of a fully depleted silicon-on-insulator device and a structure thereof
Method and structures for dual depth oxygen layers in silicon-on-insulator processes
Solid state imaging device and driving method thereof
Electronic component and method for improving pixel charge transfer in the electronic component
MOSgated device with trench structure and remote contact and process for its manufacture
Semiconductor device with breakdown voltage improved by hetero region
Field effect transistor with barrier layer to prevent avalanche breakdown current from reaching gate and method for manufacturing the same
Light emitting semiconductor device with partial reflection quantum-wave interference layers
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit with silicon controlled rectifier characteristics
Integrated radiation hardened power mosgated device and schottky diode
Pseudo-Schottky diode
Electroluminescence display device
Thin film transistor for liquid crystal display
Solar cell and method for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for detection of terahertz electric fields using polarization-sensitive excitonic electroabsorption
Portable multiple power supply comprising solar cell
Solar tile and associated method for fabricating the same
Radiation concentrator for a photovoltaic device
Optical detector
Room temperature, low-light-level visible imager
Two dimensional object position sensor
Light emitting diode with improved heat dissipation
Backside light emitting chip type light emitting element and insulating substrate therefor
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for manufacturing thereof
Intersubband light emitting element
High temperature superconducting Josephson junctions and SQUIDs
Apparatus for controlling a piezoelectric assembly of a piezo actuator coupled with a driven member
Current controlling element
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and method of manufacturing same
Piezoelectric transformer with dual-phase input drive
Ceramic element, method for producing ceramic element, display device, relay device, and capacitor
Detector for detecting frequencies in more than one band
Waveguide for microwave manipulation
Non-radiative dielectric waveguide circuit positioned between two metal plates which are multi-layered for different sizes of spaces
Metal dielectric composite resonator
Combination plate terminal assembly
Signal cable connector
Joining method of covered wire, and covered wire with low-melting-point metal layer therein
Draw-out mechanism for molded case circuit breakers
Split fiber cover and raceway fitting
Junction box connector
Horizontal and vertical mountable weatherproof cover plate
Circuit for indicating abnormality of three-mode surge absorber of public electric power
Electronic clock and timed outlet strip
Power oscillation protection
Battery power supply apparatus
Battery charger and battery charging method
Low power consumption type automobile-mounted controller
Battery charger
Power circuit, power circuit control method and electronic device using the power circuit
Power back-up unit with low voltage disconnects that provide load shedding
Automatic battery charging system for a battery back-up DC power supply
Stator for starter motor
Magnetostrictive-compensated core of electromagnetic device
A.c. generator for vehicle
Spindle motor rotor, index signal output device, and floppy disk drive having the same
Direct current brushless motor for a fan
Stator of alternator for use in automotive vehicle
Winding for switched reluctance machines
Linear motor
Alternator system
Permanent magnet phase-control motor
Gyroscopic stabilization and power management system
Bootstrapped charge pump
Voltage transformer and associated operating method
Circuits and methods for synchronizing non-constant frequency switching regulators with a phase locked loop
Method and apparatus for canceling ripple current in a lamp
Motor control circuit
Motor control apparatus
Stepping motor driving apparatus and image forming apparatus having such driving apparatus
Distributed balanced frequency multiplier
Field effect transistor, control method for controlling such a field effect transistor and a frequency mixer means including such a field effect transistor
Method and circuit for compensation control of offset voltages of a radio receiving circuit integrated in a circuit module
Self-bootstrapping transducer interface
Method of tuning BAW resonators
LC filter with capacitor electrode plate not interfering with flux of two coils
Surface acoustic wave filter
Driver output swing control using a mirror driver
Power-off detection circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device capable of producing output thereof without being influenced by other input
Method for outputting data and circuit configuration with driver circuit
Slew rate adjusting circuit
Input driver circuit with adjustable trip point for multiple input voltage standards
Voltage level shifter and phase splitter
Clocked logic gate circuit
Semiconductor device
Programmable number of metal lines and effective metal width along critical paths in a programmable logic device
Tileable field-programmable gate array architecture
Voltage level shifter and display device
Method for buffering an input signal
Pulse generator for generating an output in response to a delay time
Method and apparatus for testing high frequency delay locked loops
DLL circuit adjustable with external load
Differential current driver circuit
Method and apparatus for securing a flatbed scanner carriage
CMOS active pixel sensor using native transistors
Image reading apparatus for reading an image on a photosensitive material in which silver halide and/or developing silver remains
Electroluminescent lamp
Remote powered electrodeless light bulb
Ceremonial luminary and associated process
Control gear for fluorescent lamps
Flash light emitting device
Gas discharge lamp lighting device
Auto-bake out system
Wiring substrate and process for producing the same
High frequency module
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