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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Device for acoustic rodent control
Intra-oral camera and a method for using same
Device for in-vivo measurement of the concentration of a substance contained in a body fluid
Use of activation and recovery times and dispersions to monitor heart failure status and arrhythmia risk
Articulated neural electrode assembly
Aendoscopic instrument system@
Neuromodulation therapy system and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Semi-automatic image registration control for a digital copier
Cross-engine aircraft communication system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for obtaining axle-torque drivability with engine torque-based system
Heat exchanger for high purity fluid handling systems
Sensor for determining the angular position of a radiating point source in two dimensions
Inspection system and apparatus
Interferometer and interferance measurement method
Achromatic shearing phase sensor for generating images indicative of measure(s) of alignment between segments of a segmented telescope's mirrors
Navigation apparatus
Map generating system and map management system
Structure and method for a microelectromechanic cylindrical reflective diffraction grating spectrophotometer
On-line measurement and control of polymer product properties by Raman spectroscopy
Systems and methods to determine elastic properties of materials
Automatic compliance device, automatic compliance method, automobile, and storage medium
Measurement system cluster
Method of inspecting optical waveguide substrate for optical conduction at increased speed and also inspecting optical waveguide substrate for crosstalk
Apparatus and method for detecting change of dielectric constant
Modulated reflectance measurement system with multiple wavelengths
Device for detecting edges of sheet-shaped materials
Methods and systems for determining a presence of defects and a thin film characteristic of a specimen
Device for testing LSI to be measured, jitter analyzer, and phase difference detector
Test apparatus for semiconductor device
Use-adaptive fuel gauging for battery powered electronic devices
Composition for vapor deposition, method for forming an antireflection film, and optical element
Objective lens for optical pick-up
Wide-angle zoom lens system
Zoom lens
Electrophoretic display device and method of manufacturing same
Polygon mirror scanner having an easily replaceable bearing
Scanning apparatus
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Optical tunable filter and method for manufacturing the optical tunable filter
Hybrid cell
Method and apparatus for manufacturing large double-sided curved Fresnel lens
Flexible wire grid polarizer and fabricating method thereof
Magneto-optical sensing employing phase-shifted transmission bragg gratings
Plastic photonic crystal fiber for terahertz wave transmission and method for manufacturing thereof
Optical cross-connect apparatus
Dynamic optical demultiplexer/multiplexer formed within a PLC
Optical switching device for wavelength division multiplex (WDM) telecommunications network
Optical shifter and projection type optical display system
Technological machinery for production of polarizers
Transflective display with through hole extending through a light shield in the transmissive region of the display
Liquid crystal display and fabricating method thereof
Hybrid process for depositing electrochromic coating
Blue-light generating femtosecond wavelength-tunable non-collinear optical parametric amplifier
Cooling mechanism
Exposure method and apparatus
Illumination compensator for curved surface lithography
Programmable logic devices with skewed clocking signals
Image forming apparatus
Color image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Intermediate transfer member for carrying intermediate electrophotographic image
Developer cartridge container, developer cartridge, image forming unit, recycling method of developer cartridge container, and recycling method of developer cartridge
Method of preventing flow pattern in wet-type color image forming apparatus and system adopting the same
Fixing apparatus with controlled heating members for heating the outer surface of the fixing rotating member
Toner collection apparatus
Process cartridge smoothly and stably attached to and detached from an image forming apparatus, and an image forming apparatus including the process cartridge
Calendar timepiece
Sun dial and method for determining average sunlight
System and method for collecting data and managing patient care
Computationally efficient means for optimal control with control constraints
Method and apparatus for providing and embedding control information in a bus system
Data processing system having a Cartesian Controller
Mobile electronic appliance
Modular logic board chassis for a desktop computer
PCI bus interface circuit for supplying either a main supply voltage or an auxiliary voltage to a PCI plug-in-card
Methods and systems for encoding and protecting data using digital signature and watermarking techniques
Packaging evidence for long term validation
Server takeover system and method
Restore method for backup
Method and apparatus for improved RAID 1 write performance in low cost systems
APS/port mirroring
Method and apparatus for searching external issues for testing a product
Program and process for generating data used in software function test
Automatic learning in a CAM
Writing cached data to system management memory
Distributed processor memory module and method
Data migration method and a data migration apparatus
Storage system comprising memory allocation based on area size, using period and usage history
Memory-usage tracking tool
Information processing apparatus and method of controlling an access level
Computer system with heap reset for performing generational garbage collection implemented by card-marking between successive applications
Content addressable memory (CAM) device employing a recirculating shift register for data storage
Method and system for data processing for controlling a cache memory
SDRAM controller that improves performance for imaging applications
Methods and apparatus for speculative probing with early completion and early request
Methods and apparatus for speculative probing at a request cluster
Manifest-based trusted agent management in a trusted operating system environment
Parity-scanning and refresh in dynamic memory devices
Method, apparatus, and computer readable medium for managing multiple system
Method for connecting an expansion module to a programmable electric switching device
Posted write buffers and methods of posting write requests in memory modules
System, method, and computer program product for uninstalling computer software
Wireless communication portfolio system and device
Connecting storage devices to a processor-based device
Pre-boot interpreted namespace parsing for flexible heterogeneous configuration and code consolidation
Flexible data transfer to and from external device of system-on-chip
Method for improving selection performance by using an arbitration elimination scheme in a SCSI topology
Method and system for multi-channel transfer of data and control information
Communication system and device
Controlling packet length for transfer between devices
Packet relay processing apparatus
System and method for disabling and providing a notification for a data processing device
Translator for enabling logical partitioning of a network switch
Method for managing socket in mobile communication system
In networks of interconnected router nodes for routing data traffic, a method of and system for imperceptibly upgrading router node software and the like without traffic interruption
Method of indicating user status in groupware and apparatus for use in the same
System and method of file distribution for a computer system in which partial files are arranged according to various allocation rules
Method for web-based delivery of use-restricted programs to handle mail attachments
Method and apparatus for optimizing memory use in network caching
Method and apparatus for processing workflow through a gateway
Network address translation in a gateway
System and method for optimizing and processing electronic pages in multiple languages
Method of evaluating the quality of audio-visual sequences
Transaction sets for automated electronic ordering of telecommunications products and services
Process for adjusting the sound volume of a digital sound recording
Audio buffers with audio effects
Sparse echo canceller
Language conversion system
Training machine learning by sequential conditional generalized iterative scaling
Method and apparatus for aligning ambiguity in finite state transducers
Systems and methods for uniformly identifying e-mail attachments
Media library synchronizer
System and method for archiving objects in an information store
Search engine for large database search using CAM and hash
System and method for collecting and storing event data from distributed transactional applications
Modular architecture for optimizing a configuration of a computer system
Simulating a logic design
Magnetic levitation force control
Manufacturing system, measurement data collecting system, and measurement terminal apparatus
Sorting a group of integrated circuit devices for those devices requiring special testing
Estimation of oxygen concentration in the intake manifold of an unthrottled lean burn engine
Automated measuring system and method
Method for efficient buffer tag allocation
Apparatus and method for bidirectional transfer of data by a base station
Method of determining a default transmission output speed
Method and program of collecting performance data for storage network
Auxiliary gearset shift progression command generator for a swap-shift automatic transmission
Edit command delegation program for editing electronic files
Multiply-accumulate (MAC) unit for single-instruction/multiple-data (SIMD) instructions
Coupled computers and a method of coupling computers
System, method and apparatus for allocating hardware resources using pseudorandom sequences
VLIW processor with data spilling means
Method and apparatus for hardware and software co-simulation
Method and apparatus for effectively controlling use of specific communications service
Image recording device and image recording method
Enterprise-wide data access techniques
3D scanning using shadows
System and method for progressive stereo matching of digital images
Image analysis systems and devices for use therewith
Bayesian image super resolution
Method for generating a block-based image histogram
Method and apparatus for image classification
Moving image generation apparatus, moving image playback apparatus, their control method, and storage medium
Image processing apparatus and control method for inputting image data and encoding the data
Color video coding scheme
Probablistic models and methods for combining multiple content classifiers
Systems and methods wherein a buyer purchases a product at a first price and physically acquires the product at a location associated with a merchant that offers the product for sale at a second price
Apparatus and method for creating and managing a financial instrument
Method and system for facilitating a sale
Method of conducting business including making and selling a custom article of footwear
Further improved system and methods for computing to support decomposing property into separately valued components
Value driven integrated build-to-buy decision analysis system and method
Grapheme-phoneme conversion of a word which is not contained as a whole in a pronunciation lexicon
Dual mode radio mobile terminal in which an analog or digital mode is determined by request of a voice function
Bitstream data reduction coding by applying prediction
Speech communication apparatus with gain control for clear communication
Communication apparatus
Voice interactive system and voice interactive method
Disk drive using a timer to arbitrate periodic serial communication with a power driver
Servo systems, servo heads, servo patterns for data storage especially for reading, writing, and recording in magnetic recording tape
Methods for self-servowriting with multiple passes per servowriting step
Optical disk apparatus and method capable of compensating for instability track jump and focus jump
Data recording device capable of restarting after an interruption
Recording medium, recording apparatus, and reading apparatus
Method for compensating timing to start data recording and magnetic disk device using same
Hard disk unit, information processing method and program
Methods for WORF improvement in conditional servowriting
Method and apparatus for noise reduction during seeks using signal blending
Method for secondary-actuator failure detection and recovery in a dual-stage actuator disk drive
Slider configured for rapid bearing stabilization during ramp load operations
Method of forming a servo pattern on a rigid magnetic recording disk
Data recorder
Reproduction signal evaluation method
Information recording method
Method and apparatus for long seeking control of pickup head
Optical pickup
Optical head arrangements with single substrate lasers
Memory circuit and method for providing an item of information for a prescribed period of time
Phase-change memory device capable of preprogramming memory cells optically and reading/writing memory cells electrically
FeRAM capable of restoring "0" data and "1" data at a time
Ferroelectric memory with improved life span
Graphics controller integrated circuit without memory interface
Test device, test system and method for testing a memory circuit
Dynamic semiconductor memory device
High speed memory interface
Circuit and method for controlling a clock synchronizing circuit for low power refresh operation
Active termination circuit and method for controlling the impedance of external integrated circuit terminals
Partitionable memory device, system, and method
Semiconductor memory device and method of reading data from semiconductor memory device
Arrangement comprising a memory device and a program-controlled unit
Multi-phase clock signal generator and method having inherently unlimited frequency capability
Apparatus including a radiation source, a filter system for filtering particles out of radiation emitted by the source, and a processing system for processing the radiation, a lithographic apparatus including such an apparatus, and a method of filtering particles out of radiation emitting and propagating from a radiation source
Systems and methods for detecting tissue contact and needle penetration depth
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser
Adaptive current limiter for wireless modem
Main element of a surge protector device
Directional ground relay system
Combined AC-DC to DC converter
Switch-mode self-coupling auxiliary power device
Voltage-current converter with adjustable quiescent current
Method and wireless device employing a preamble to initiate communications
Device for the recovery of data from a received data signal
Method and apparatus for combined soft-decision based interference cancellation and decoding
Method and apparatus for estimating the signal to interference-plus-noise ratio of a wireless channel
Wireless communication method and apparatus for performing post-detection constellation correction
Concatenated turbo product codes for high performance satellite and terrestrial communications
Radio base station for wirelessly communicating with a radio terminal
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving status information of forward channel in a mobile communication system supporting selective transmit diversity
High frequency and low noise interconnect system
Method for displaying a message in a dual LCD folder-type mobile terminal
Sliding display apparatus
Component for a wireless communication terminal constituting an antenna, loudspeaker and ringer
Communication device having multiple keypads
Methods of operating microelectronic devices, and methods of providing microelectronic devices
Method and apparatus for provisioning TDM and packet based communications on a VDSL communication medium
Computer system with wireless audio signal transmitter module
Single RF oscillator single-side band modulation for RFID readers using tone insertion during reader reception
Universal rake receiver
Highly bandwidth-efficient communications
Method and apparatus for providing configurable layers and protocols in a communications system
Adaptive antenna reception apparatus with weight updated adaptively
Method for reducing auto-correlation or cross-correlation in weak signals
Technique for multicasting optical frequency channels in a multi-channel optical system
System and method for optical wireless communication
Optical transmitter
Method and apparatus for searching multipaths of mobile communication system
Rake-based CDMA receivers for multiple receiver antennas
Wavelength division multiplex transmission system and communication device
Forward link power control of multiple data streams transmitted to a mobile station using a common power control channel
Method of rate allocation in a data communications network
Single user detection user equipment
Channel bonding in SHDSL systems
Method and apparatus for pacing the flow of information sent from a device
Method for generating and transmitting optimal cell ID codes
Integrated photonic switch
System and method for preventing phantom data communication links
Multiplexing method and apparatus suitable for transmission of overhead data arriving from many communication lines
Methods and apparatus for redirecting network traffic
Protocol integrating apparatus and method for telecommunications
System and method for streaming multimedia over packet networks
Method for sharing internal excess bandwidth between output and input termination modules of a switching network
Digital information hiding techniques for use with data streams carried over a data communication network
Method and apparatus for monitoring transmission quality
Apparatus for scheduling packets and method of doing the same
On-demand dynamically updated user database and AAA function for high reliability networks
System and method for a guaranteed delay jitter bound when scheduling bandwidth grants for voice calls via cable network
Method enabling network address translation of incoming session initiation protocol connections based on dynamic host configuration protocol address assignments
Establishing communication paths to law enforcement agencies
Switching by multistage interconnection of concentrators
Telecommunications system including live operators
Method and system for data stream switching
Intelligent network and method for providing voice telephony over ATM and alias addressing
Integration of voice and data channels
Method and apparatus for providing circuit and packet-switched calls on a network
Interpolated timing recovery system for communication transceivers
System for media gateway to media gateway address information exchange
Apparatus, and associated method, for forming a modulated signal utilizing OTD and TCM techniques
Communication device having delay information calculating function
Systems and methods for governing content rendering, protection, and management applications
Method and apparatus for network deception/emulation
Wireless communication devices
Carabiner communication device
Wireless video camera
Interface module for a portable telephone that facilitates direct portable telephone/portable computer coupling
Method for determining if the location of a wireless communication device is within a specified area
Computer-based method and apparatus for controlling, monitoring, recording and reporting telephone access
Employment of established telephone number of mobile device supported by serving mobile switching center to connect a call to the mobile device
Service transmission system related to relevant geographical zones and receiver designed to be used with said transmission system
XDSL system having selectable hybrid circuitry
Film scanning device
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, image forming method and recording medium
Keyed clamp circuit
Method and system for improving image quality of portrait images using a focus zone shift
Image capturing device capable of single pixel exposure duration control
Information processing system and information processing apparatus
Image signal decoder selectively using frame/field processing
Digital transcoding system
Apparatus and method for adaptively controlling bit rate of video transcoder
Smooth scanning presenter
Method and apparatus for reducing the impact of cell reselection of GPRS/EDGE data rates
Method for implementing fast dynamic channel allocation (F-DCA) call admission control in radio resource management
Method and system for providing dial-up data sessions
Reserving channel elements to maximize utilization of resources and prevent blocking of calls
System and method for emulating mobile networks and related device
Resource manager for a satellite telecommunication system
Method and system for estimating movement speed of mobile unit
System and method for managing quality of service of mobile terminal
Method of optimizing an implementation of fast-dynamic channel allocation call admission control in radio resource management
System for managing call handoffs between an aircraft and multiple cell sites
System and method for provisioning of text message services
Technique to establish wireless session keys suitable for roaming
Method and device for transmitting data
Condenser microphone
Method and system for selective coupling of a communication unit to a hearing enhancement device
Dual boundary pressure zone three dimensional microphone and hearing aid
Speaker diagnostics based upon driving-point impedance
Passive component assembly for multi-layer modular electrical circuit
Fluid moving device with a radiation module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Programmable resistance memory arrays with reference cells
Semiconductor memory device for reading information in memory cells
Sequential circuits using ferroelectrics and semiconductor devices using the same
Semiconductor memory device
Integrated memory with at least two plate segments
Molecular-wire crossbar interconnect (MWCI) for signal routing and communications
Analog functional module using magnetoresistive memory technology
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and semiconductor integrated circuit
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same, microcomputer-mixed flash memory and method for manufacturing the same
Non-volatile programming elements for redundancy and identification in an integrated circuit
Data processing apparatus
High data rate write process for non-volatile flash memories
Nonvolatile semiconductor device using local self boost technique
Flash memory device capable of preventing an over-erasure of flash memory cells and erase method thereof
Semiconductor memory device capable of stable sensing operation
Memory device having I/O sense amplifier with variable current gain
Semiconductor memory having segmented row repair
Memory device
Semiconductor device with flexible redundancy system
Semiconductor memory device with redundancy circuit
Application specific event based semiconductor memory test system
Semiconductor memory device capable of manifesting a short-circuit failure associated with column select line
Method and apparatus for efficiently testing RAMBUS memory devices
Semiconductor integrated circuit device using BiCMOS technology
Semiconductor memory device for reducing parasitic resistance of the I/O lines
Characterization of sense amplifiers
Power-on-reset circuit with analog delay and high noise immunity
Memory with a reduced leakage current
Fast accessible semiconductor memory device
Erasing and parallel rewriting circuit for memory cell blocks, particularly for analog flash cells, and related operating method
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor memory device with a plurality of memory blocks
Dual memory control circuit
Low cost alternative to large dual port RAM
Semiconductor memory device for fast access
Elimination of precharge operation in synchronous flash memory
Data strobe buffer in SDRAM
Memory device having write latency
Delayed locked loop implementation in a synchronous dynamic random access memory
Method for detecting mobile objects with active sonar
Apparatus for detecting objects
Range measuring system
Fiber optic sensor system and method
Micro-machined ultrasonic transducer array
Health watch
Electronically controlled, mechanical timepiece and control method for the same
Magnetic head for magneto-optic recording, and magneto-optic recording apparatus
Linear high density magneto-optical recording apparatus
Magneto-optical disk apparatus that can adjust position of magnetic head with respect to optical head
Integrated light emitting and receiving device and optical pick-up with same
Optical pickup device and optical disc device
Optical scanning apparatus for a multi-layer record carrier, including a focus control circuit
Method for controlling track jump in optical recording medium
Optical disk having pattern for tilt detection
Optical head device, inclination detection apparatus using the same, and optical information processing apparatus using the same
Apparatus and method for controlling a focused beam
Information recording and reproduction apparatus carrying out recording and reproduction of information using laser beam
Method and apparatus for reading multiple tracks and writing at least one track of an optical disk
Apparatus and method for formatting an optical disk with format data written to the optical disk
Disc drive apparatus with insertion error inhibit means for recording media having different structures
Recording information reproducing apparatus having circuits for reducing residual phase error
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus
Optical pickup device in recording and/reproducing apparatus
Disk drive
Recording defect substitution method for a disc-shaped recording medium, and a recording and reproducing apparatus for a disc-shaped recording medium
Optical disc and method for manufacturing the same
Disc cartridge
High power short message service using dedicated carrier frequency
Broadcast network selection techniques for radiocommunication systems
Frequency control device and method for frequency synchronization with multiplex signal by OFDM, receiving device, and communication device
Transmission system, method and apparatus for scheduling transmission links and determining system stability based on dynamic characteristics of a transmission medium
Connection admission control in broadband network
Interactive contextual-based assistance for portable ISDN test set
Method for determining traffic priority order on network
Node configuration setup system with servers hunting through connection-oriented network for client''s data
Creating and using an adaptable multiple-contact transaction object
Method of perch channel transmission and cell selection in CDMA mobile communication system
Wireless personal area network with automatic detachment
Routing in a communications network
Traffic route finder in communications network
Mobile wireless internet portable radio
Method and apparatus for a high-speed multimedia content switch with compressed internet protocol header
Packet switching system having self-routing switches
Transmission device
ATM connectionless communication system having session supervising and connection supervising functions
Address match determining device, communication control system, and address match determining method
Method of validation and host buffer allocation for unmapped fibre channel frames
Method for detecting delayed data frames in a transport function
Telecommunications system for providing both narrowband and broadband services to subscribers
System and method for allocating bandwidth for a call
Broadband signalling
Method and apparatus for creating and dismantling a transit path in a subnetwork
Receive processing for dedicated bandwidth data communication switch backplane
Method and apparatus for assigning spreading codes
Method and apparatus for providing network access over different wireless networks
Method and apparatus for adding or augmenting a network node
Method and apparatus for distributed bandwidth allocation for a bi-directional ring media with spatial and local reuse
Method for transmission of address data
Method and apparatus for network transmission capacity enhancement for the telephone circuit switched network
Method of determining a symbol transmission format in a transmission system and system
Distributed resource management
Hybrid WDM-TDM optical communication and data link
Single resonator for simultaneous multiple single-frequency wavelengths
Laser diode package
Semiconductor device with aligned oxide apertures and contact to an intervening layer
Fiber defect detection apparatus and method
Apparatus for measurement of optical beams
Vehicle alignment sensor system
Laser leveling instrument with a leveling base and fine self-leveling of the laser beam
Surface inspection apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for the quantitative analysis of a liquid sample with surface enhanced spectroscopy
Displacement measuring method and apparatus
Position detecting system and projection exposure apparatus with the same
Produce data collector and produce recognition system
Single-pass and multi-pass interferometery systems having a dynamic beam-steering assembly for measuring distance, angle, and dispersion
Printing control apparatus and method
System and method for remote printing using incremental font subsetting
Image forming system, image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
Efficient use of a printhead and a compressed swath buffer in an inkjet printer
Image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method of correcting the characteristic of each body by printing reference pattern in the machine and reading the printed pattern again
System, method, and program for saving toner/ink in a color printer without sacrificing image quality
Data processing method for controlling the transfer of data to a network
Image reading apparatus having reflecting mirror that changes over an optical path to read an original at different position
Document size detection device and method for a facsimile apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Optical image reading device
Screen for laser rear projection
Multiplexed transmission of optical signals
Bidirectional wavelength division multiplex transmission apparatus
Chromatic dispersion measurement scheme for optical systems having remote access points
Scanning optical apparatus
Method and device for switching wavelength division multiplexed optical signals using micro-electromechanical mirrors
Electrically actuated magnetic micro-shutters
Planar lightwave circuit module and optical fiber amplifying device
Optical phase oscillator with a maximum output amplifier
System based control of optical amplifier transmission functions
Optical component, optical amplifier and method of controlling optical amplifier characteristic
Small-sized variable magnification optical system
Underwater microscope
Microscope turret assembly and a microscope
Stage apparatus of a microscope
Technique for depth of field viewing of images using an aspherical lens
Light polarizing glass containing copper particles and process for preparation thereof
Optical beam shaper
Fly eye lens
Image display apparatus
Optical system with zernike-shaped corrector
Adapter lens system for a greenough-type stereomicroscope
Gas chemical filtering for optimal light transmittance; and methods
Corrective lens for copying books
Rear-focusing telephoto lens system
Optical pickup apparatus and objective lens
Laser illumination arrangement for a cathode ray tube
Diffractive-refractive photographic optical system
Method and apparatus for mounting an optical element
Optical filter holder assembly
Method and apparatus for calibrating a synchronous read channel integrated circuit
Combined read and write VCO for DASD PRML channels
Viterbi detector with partial erasure compensation for read channels
Early write enable with off-track write protection
Chassis for mounting a mechanism such as a video cassette recorder
Cassette tape rotation control mechanism
Disk drive spindle air bearing
Recording medium recording and reproducing apparatus
Magnetic disk medium and magnetic recording system
Disk drive with low profile suspension assemblies
Suspension for supporting magnetic head
Flex circuit flexure with integral high compliance gimbal
Laminated magnetorestrictive element of an exchange coupling film, an antiferromagnetic film and a ferromagnetic film and a magnetic disk drive using same
Resistor for a servo amplifier and servo amplifier provided thereof
Self-sourcing, isolated zone selective interlocking system for use with electronic trip circuit breakers
Method and apparatus providing a multi-function terminal for a power supply controller
Circuit configuration for regulating the current fed to an electromechanical component in a motor vehicle
Fluid-filled capacitor with pressure interrupter means and internal compressible air chamber
Solid electrolyte capacitor
Trim plate for panelboards and switchboards
Bus bar connection assembly
Protective case for portable electronic apparatus
Computer enclosure
Low profile hard disk drive assembly mounting to computer motherboard
Rail Assembly for a data storage device
Power and signal supplying apparatus for integration type personal computer
Thermal connector for joining mobile electronic devices to docking stations
Server with reduced space requirement
Fixing device for fan of computer
Cooling apparatus for electronic devices
Power electronics system with fully-integrated cooling
Method and apparatus for increasing the power density of integrated circuit boards and their components
Strap spring for attaching heat sinks to circuit boards
Extended surface area heat sink
Cooling system of a printed board
Heat radiation system for electric circuitry
Bump-configured, perforated-plate architecture for housing printed circuit boards without EMI leaks
Circuit board assembly having a three dimensional array of integrated circuit packages
Self alignment device for ball grid array devices
Enclosure for an RF assembly
Desktop computer with external power supply module
Voltage clamping system and method for a DC/DC power converter
Switched-mode power supply
Switching power source
DC-DC converter which compensates for load variations
DC/DC converter
Multi-mode power converters incorporating balancer circuits and methods of operation thereof
Adjustable low spurious signal DC-DC converter
Device and method for controlled parallel operation of direct current converters
Slope-based primary feedback to control the off-time of a power supply
256 Meg dynamic random access memory
Die architecture accommodating high-speed semiconductor devices
Stacked integrated circuits
Continuous aperture scanning antenna
Wide range azimuth driving system for satellite communication antenna
Slot antenna with susceptance reducing loops
Slot fed switch beam patch antenna
Freedhorn capable of receiving radio waves from plurality of neighboring satellites
Dual-polarized dipole antenna
Arrangement relating to antenna protection
Lightweight, compactly deployable support structure
Single remote control system for plurality of audio and visual equipment
Single horizontal scan range CRT monitor
Display control circuit for display panel
Electron source and production thereof and image-forming apparatus and production thereof
Display apparatus
Display device
Adjustment method for active-matrix type liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Method of operating a ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial light modulator in non-DC balanced mode with decreased pixel sticking
Image display device for automatically adjusting contrast of display image
Method and apparatus for modifying screen resolution based on available memory
System and method for measuring the color output of a computer monitor
Image preview system
Virtual input device
Pointing device with non-spring return mechanism
Computer data re-presentation apparatus and method
Electronic book
Edge treatment method for ultrasonic wave absorption
Liquid crystal display
Device for synchronizing a power drive signal of a monitor and a method therefor
Remaining battery capacity display device
Graphical data collection and retrieval interface
Multi-format and multi-view synchronized data editor
Simplified on-line preparation of dynamic web sites
Three dimensional model with three dimensional pointers and multimedia functions linked to the pointers
Modeling at more than one level of resolution
Estimating graphics system performance for polygons
Method and apparatus for performing Z buffer depth comparison operations
Smooth shading of objects on display devices
Parallel volume rendering system with a resampling module for parallel and perspective projections
Generating image data
Apparatus and method for controlling image display, and recording medium storing program for controlling image display
Storage device, image processing apparatus and method of the same, and refresh controller and method of the same
Method and apparatus for transporting information to a graphic accelerator card
Texturing and shading of 3-D images
Blending graphics objects in a frame buffer
Folded tables: a method of viewing wide tables with reduced need for horizontal scrolling
Modal control scrolling of display area
Digital versatile disc playback system with efficient modification of subpicture data
User friendly remote system interface
Scheduling management system and its process control method
Multi-service user interface
Display mechanism for HTML frames
System and method for web browsing
Device for thermal application of information and information carrier
Method for correcting density irregularity and image recording apparatus using the method
Recording apparatus, recording method, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for axial direction sheet feed to a vacuum drum
Letter printing method using line thermal head
Thermal transfer printer with print film saving system and print media tensioning system
Method for transferring data and use thereof
Image communication apparatus and system
Image and voice communication system and videophone transfer method
Method and apparatus for implementing a panoptic camera system
Three-dimensional image display apparatus
Stereoscopic display apparatus
Remote CCD video camera with non-volatile digital memory
J nozzle articulating camera system
Modular photographic film digitizing apparatus
Apparatus and method for monitoring gambling chips
Security system for homes and small offices
Trouble-diagnosing system and method for television receiver
Method and apparatus for direct detection of communication system leakage signals
Image pickup control apparatus and method wherein other control apparatuses are inhibited from controlling a camera
Sensor element array for reading and processing image information
Method and system for automatically managing display formats for a peripheral display coupled to a digital imaging device
Method and structure for providing an automatic hardware-implemented screen-saver function to a display product
Synchronization method and decoder
Display with one or more display windows and placement dependent cursor and function control
Signal processing for a picture signal
TV reception apparatus using same ghost-cancellation circuitry for receiving different types of TV signals
Method and apparatus for finite local enhancement of a video display reproduction of images
Gamma correction
DTV receiver with baseband equalization filters for QAM signal and for VSB signal which employ common elements
Automatic PSIP detection system and method
Television remote commander with data reception capability
Image display device
Matrix-type display device capable of being repaired in pixel unit
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device with light quantity control portion
Light source utilizing reflective cavity having sloped side surfaces
Compensation for DC balancing of liquid crystal displays
Liquid crystal display
Reflecting plate, reflection type liquid crystal display device and processes for manufacturing same
Method for forming a multi-domain alignment layer for a liquid crystal display device
Rubbing treatment apparatus having roller with specific implanting directions of the pile yarns and method of rubbing
Liquid crystal display device having intermediate alignment film in a region between adjacent pixels
Homeotropic liquid crystal display with protrusions comprising additional electrodes
LCD with anti-moisture conductive guard ring
Liquid crystal display fabrication process using a final rapid thermal anneal
Image processing method and apparatus
Resist coating and developing unit
Lens-fitted photo film unit and method of producing photographic print
Apparatus and method for defining a pattern on a substrate
Multibeam scanning device
Distance measurement system
Apparatus and method using a holographic optical element for converting a spectral distribution to image points
Power amplifier and communication unit
Power amplifier and communication unit
External optical modulation system comprising a predistorter
Phase correction amplifier and a feed-forward amplifier using the same
Use of antiphase signals for predistortion training within an amplifier system
Multi-stage signal amplifying circuit
Bias network for high efficiency RF linear power amplifier
Semiconductor circuit with a stabilized gain slope
Digital phase-locked loop with pulse controlled charge pump
Analog phase locked loop holdover
Phase-locked loop
Interaction structure with integral coupling and bunching section
Alignment method and system for YIG oscillator
Low power crystal oscillator having improved long term and short term stability
Matched pair circulator antenna isolation circuit
Waveguide coupler
Saw duplexer
Slow wave meander line having sections of alternating impedance relative to a conductive plate
Acoustic filter with two different channels with compensation for rejection
High frequency dielectric device
Method of tuning a planar filter with additional coupling created by bent resonator elements
Dielectric resonator device having resonator electrodes with gaps
High performance dielectric ceramic filter using a non-linear array of holes
Filter having resonant frequency adjusted with dielectric layer
Remote controllable circuit breakers with positive temperature coefficient resistivity (PTC) elements
Multifaceted balanced magnetic proximity sensor
Magnetizing method for producing coupled body comprised of multi-pole bulk superconducting magnets with respective polarities varying
Electromagnet, particularly a proportional magnet for operating a hydraulic valve
Current transformer for three-phase systems
Stabilized polysilicon resistor and a method of manufacturing it
Semiconductor device
Linear sliding variable resistor
Pressure sensitive direction switches
Advertiser pays information and messaging system, apparatus and method
Child pager system
Voice synthesis of e-mail for delivery to voice pager or voice mail
Radio selective calling receiver
Method and apparatus in a selective call communication system for identifying a category of information associated with a message
Centralized transponder arbitration
Adaptive noise cancellation system
Device for sensing an object or a person in the interior of a vehicle and method for operating such a device
Method of and device for retrieving a stolen vehicle
Fault detection circuit for sensors
Synchronization tracking method
Method and apparatus for rephasing a voltage controlled clock, or the like
Lock detector circuit for a phase-locked loop
Phase comparator operable at half frequency of input signal
Body composition detection using neutron inelastic scattering to detect carbon-to-oxygen ratio in tissue
Process for introducing zinc into a water-containing component of the primary system of a nuclear power plant
Non-power-of-two Gray-code counter and binary incrementer therefor
Counting circuit with rewritable non-volatile memory, and counting method
Space-efficient multi-cycle barrel shifter circuit
Excimer laser with pulse and beam multiplier
Semiconductor laser pumped solid state laser
Semiconductor laser-excitation solid-state laser device
Filament-based, optical detection apparatus
Method for continuous smelting of solid metal products
Method and system for remote answer of a telephone call
Method and apparatus for the construction and transmission of binary quasi orthogonal vectors
Spread-spectrum handoff and source congestion avoidance system and method
Data processor for fluorescent x-ray spectroscopy
Method and apparatus for performing fluoroscopic noise reduction
Rotary anode type x-ray tube and x-ray tube apparatus provided with x-ray tube
Spread spectrum synchronized receiver and synchronizing methods
Circuit and method for timing recovery in digital communication receiver
System and method for joint time tracking of multiple paths
Method and system for channel estimation using multi-slot averaged interpolation
Method of inserting editable point and encoder apparatus applying the same
Dynamic video focus control
Method for receiving-end automatic identification of a signal at the receiving end, the signal having been transmitted in accordance with the QAM mode, and circuit for carrying out the method
Pre-distortion for a non-linear transmission path in the high frequency range
Circuit configuration for manipulation-protected reception of an OOK-modulated signal
Digital wireless receiving apparatus
Tracking carrier timing
Automatic equalizer capable of surely selecting a suitable sample timing a method for generating sampling clock used for the sample timing and a recording medium usable in control of the automatic equalizer
Blind equalization algorithm with joint use of the constant modulus algorithm and the multimodulus algorithm
Method for performing wavelet-based image compaction losslessly and low bit precision requirements
Video data compression system, video recording/playback system, and video data compression encoding method
Human Necessities
Arrangements for mounting units in a computed tomography system
System and method for optimizing radiation treatment with an intensity modulating multi-leaf collimator
Microprocessor structure and method for implementing digital filter operations
Method of switching between video sequencing and corresponding device
System and method for enhancing signal reception
Hybrid universal broadband telecommunications using small radio cells interconnected by free-space optical links
Method and apparatus for updating precoder coefficients in a data communication transmitter
Peak to average power ratio reduction
Digital telephone link margin verification
System and method for developing and processing automatic response unit (ARU) services
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