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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Materials and methods for improving alcohol metabolism and alleviating the effects of hangovers
N-substituted azaindoles and methods of use
Compositions and methods for treating and preventing dermatoses
Ruminant mineral feed additive
Mycotoxin adsorbent
Innovative pasteurization method, use thereof and apparatus
Cereal bars containing inulin and their methods of manufacture
Process for manufacture of feed for aquaculture species
Water containing soluble fiber
Polyphenol-containing products
Disposable hygiene article
Catechol derivative, pharmaceutical composition containing the same, use of the catechol derivative, and use of the pharmaceutical composition
Treatment of inflammatory diseases
Treatment or prevention of cancer and precancerous disorders
Organic compounds
pH-sensitive fluorescent probe
2H or 3H-benzo[E]indazol-1-YL carbamate derivatives, the preparation and therapeutic use thereof
Crystalline salt form of an antidiabetic compound
HSL inhibitors useful in the treatment of diabetes
Method of treating brain cancer
3-([1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a]pyridin-7-yl)benzamide derivatives
Modulation of glucose-6-phosphatase translocase expression
Composition and method for the repair and regeneration of cartilage and other tissues
Ligand/lytic peptide methods of use
Gene and polypeptide sequences
Methods, compositions, and kits for the treatment of ophthalmic disorders
Compositions and methods related to miRNA modulation of neovascularization or angiogenesis
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus of generating an optical tweezers with momentum and method thereof and photo-image for guiding particles
Decomposable vehicles in printing or coating compositions
Wire electrical discharge machining apparatus
Plunge adjustment mechanism for a stud welding tool
Laser cutting of glass along a predetermined line
Low-noise plastic intercooler pipe having multi-layered structure
Process for joining stainless steel part and silicon nitride ceramic part and composite articles made by same
Protective composite structures and methods of making protective composite structures
Fluoropolymer containing laminates
Polymer electrode membrane for fuel, and membrane-electrode assembly and fuel cell system comprising the same
Silicone composition and devices incorporating same
Tire inflation pressure detecting device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the production of chlorinated and/or fluorinated propenes
Prevention of cellular senescence in mammals by natural peptide complexes
Process for making a (meth)acrylamide monomer
Process for the preparation of enantiomerically pure 1-substituted-3-aminoalcohols
Glycine transporter-1 inhibitors
Quinine sulfate/bisulfate solid complex; methods of making; and methods of use thereof
Azo dyes
Oxadiazole derivative, light-emitting element material, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and electronic device
Beta-lactone compounds
Mixture of diesters of dianhydrohexitol derivatives with carboxylic acids of the empirical formula C.sub.8H.sub.17COOH, process for preparing these diesters, and use of these mixtures
Catalyst for direct conversion of esters of lactic acid to lactide and the method for producing lactide using the same
Process for the preparation of substituted heteroaromatics
Process for the preparation of temozolomide and analogs
Synthesis of morphine-6-glucuronide or one of the derivatives thereof
Surface modified hexagonal boron nitride particles
Method for preparation of N-methyl-3-(2-tributylstannylphenoxy)-3-phenylpropanamine, and use therof
Interfering RNAs targeting the morbillivirus nucleoprotein gene
RNA interference mediated inhibition of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) expression using short interfering nucleic acid (siNA)
Isolated nucleic acids encoding soluble corticotropin releasing factor receptor type 2 (sCRFR2) polypeptides
Plasmodium vivax hybrid circumsporozoite protein and vaccine
Hereditary hemochromatosis gene
Method of detecting activation of notch signal transmission system
Vaccines containing canine parvovirus genetic variants
Immunogen platform
Process for producing albumin preparation
Preparation of cationic terpolymers and personal care compositions comprising said terpolymers
Tubular forming material and its heat-shrinkable film
Actuator comprising an electroactive polymer
Highly porous ceramic oxide aerogels having improved flexibility
Polymer networks, process for producing same, and products made therefrom
Rubber composition for breaker topping
Rubber composition for tire, and tire
Arborescent polymers and process for making same
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and use thereof
Production method of polyethylene terephthalate graft copolymerized resin and molded product thereof
Anti-seize composition with nano-sized lubricating solid particles
Cleaning compositions and methods
Method for the prevention or reduction of haze in beverages
RNA molecules and vectors for gene silencing
Polypeptides having endoglucanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Bisulfite conversion of DNA
Dual variable domain immunoglobulin and uses thereof
Ethanol production process
Methods for detecting inflammatory bowel disease
Micro-RNA profiles associated with endometrial cancer development and response to cisplatin and doxorubicin chemotherapy
Intelligent nanomedicine integrating diagnosis and therapy
Gene expression profiling of Parkinson's Disease
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind turbine with sail extensions
Vacuum insulator
Insulation reinforcing light bulb
Transmissive optical encoder
Optical encoder and motor system comprising dual decentered annular slits
Inspection apparatus and inspection method
Radiation detection using a nonlinear phase shift mechanism
Method for characterizing the porosity in fuel cell electrodes
Method of evaluating reaction between dissolved hydrogen and dissolved oxygen and method of evaluating ability of dissolved hydrogen to scavenge active oxygen in water
Monitoring of frying oil quality using combined optical interrogation methods and devices
Method for detecting the presence of a single target nucleic acid in a sample
Ex vivo method for determining potential GLP-2 receptor modulators
Hemolysin and its protein fragments in sero-detection of Anaplasma phagocytophilum
MEMS dosimeter
Radiation detection system and method of making a radiation detection system
High spatial resolution particle detectors
Multi-layered radiation imageable coating
Processing method of lithographic printing plate precursor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and method of forming resist pattern
Polyester-based photoreceptor overcoat layer
Method of manufacturing a toner, device of manufacturing a toner, and toner
Recording reflection Bragg Gratings and apodizing reflection Bragg Gratings
Power management system with digital low drop out regulator and DC/DC converter
Switching power supply unit and control circuit for same
Power line communications system
Systems, methods, and kits for automatically activating a garage door opener by reading an RFID tag associated with a garage
Ocarina kit
Music transcription
Superconducting, actively shielded magnet
DC-DC converter
Planar transformer
Foldable polymer-based coil structure and method for fabricating the same
Light emitting device having a molded body with a specific barycenter
Hollow beam electron gun for use in a klystron
Mass spectrometry apparatus
Mass-analyzing method and mass spectrometer
Electrode cover assembly
Stylable lamp with bulb including model
Solar cells with textured surfaces
Manufacturing method of compound semiconductor solar cell
Core-shell-shell nanowire transistor
Hybrid silicon vertical cavity laser with in-plane coupling
Method of fabricating a pixel array
Method for fabricating chip elements provided with wire insertion grooves
Microwave anneal of a thin lamina for use in a photovoltaic cell
Method for manufacturing microcrystalline semiconductor film and thin film transistor
Nanopillar decoupling capacitor
Light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Manufacturing method of thin film semiconductor substrate
Passive elements, articles, packages, semiconductor composites, and methods of manufacturing same
Photosensitive adhesive
Semiconductor memory card
Circuit device, method of manufacturing the circuit device, device mounting board and semiconductor module
Bonding structure and method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Optically-initiated silicon carbide high voltage switch with contoured-profile electrode interfaces
Circuit layout of circuit substrate, light source module and circuit substrate
Isolated drain-centric lateral MOSFET
Standard cell, semiconductor device having standard cells, and method for laying out and wiring the standard cell
Thin film transistor matrix device including first and second connection lines
Contact structure and semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having memory cells disposed at cross point of metal lines and method for fabricating the same
Light emitting module
Quantum-well-based semiconductor devices
Physical and chemical integrated flow imaging device
Power semiconductor component with plate capacitor structure and edge termination
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and fabricating the same
Non-volatile two-transistor programmable logic cell and array layout
Pressure detector and pressure detector array
Method and apparatus for forming copper indium gallium chalcogenide layers
Image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Stacked photoelectric conversion device and method for producing the same
Lighting device and semiconductor light source device
Light emitting device
Phosphor coating method for fabricating light emitting semiconductor device and applications thereof
Light emitting device package
Light emitting device
Thin-film transistor substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display panel having the same
Light-emitting element and method of making the same
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Light emitting diode device
Light emitting device
Detection sensor and resonator of detection sensor
Chemical vapor deposition method for the incorporation of nitrogen into materials including germanium and antimony
Capsular micro light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Fuel cell system and method of starting operation of fuel cell system
Solar power management system
Compliant feed region in stamped metal flowfield of a fuel cell plate to eliminate bias
Electrode for electrochemical element and electrochemical element using the electrode
Fuel cell power generation system with valve on raw material gas supply passage and valve downstream of carbon monoxide decreasing unit, and method for operating fuel cell power generation system
Fuel cell with cooling method at start up
Method for collection and communication of measured data within a fuel cell stack
Substrate device with a transmission line connected to a connector pad and method of manufacture
Circuit device, electronic apparatus, and power supply method
Communicating over power distribution media
Surgical sterilizer with integrated battery charging device
Constant current charging, followed by constant voltage charging, responsive to condition
Motor with stator configuration for increased coil length and coil space factors
Cover for a secondary part of a linear motor
Superconducting magnetizer
Electric motor
Electric machine with non-coaxial rotors
Rotary electric machine control system
Power converting apparatus for motor driving
Regenerative torque shifter
Energy converter and electromechanical apparatus
Motor driving circuit capable of outputting dual frequency generator (FG) signal
Down sampling method for hard disk speed control loop
Apparatus and method for starting motor
Two-phase contactor for starting device for internal combustion engine
Automatic frequency control circuit
Clock signal distributing device
Power amplifiers
Enhanced field programmable gate array
3D semiconductor device
Power switch circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for clock generator lock detector
PLL circuit and optical disc apparatus
Method for automatically checking in passengers and their luggage
Interior rearview mirror assembly
Portable cooling or heating apparatus and method of using same
Solid state light source driving and dimming using an AC voltage source
LED drive circuit, LED illumination component, LED illumination device, and LED illumination system
Driving power supply system of an active type LED with multiple channels
Lighting device and display device
Lighting device with a LED used for sensing
LED control using modulation frequency detection techniques
Ballast circuit for reducing lamp striations
Luminaire and a method for controlling a luminaire
Sensor for a hardware protection system for sensitive electronic-data modules protecting against external manipulations
Wiring board and method of preventing high voltage damage
Construction of reliable stacked via in electronic substrates--vertical stiffness control method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
General purpose distributed operating room control system
Swivel arm with passive actuators
UV radiation device for treating fluids with a simplified radiation chamber
Performing Operations; Transporting
Combined four way and seven way connector assembly for use with a vehicle and for accommodating a trailer tow package
Safety system for automobiles
Throttle and AC motor control throughout shifts of multi-speed transmissions
Engine protecting apparatus for vehicle
Switched beam antenna architecture
Interior rearview mirror system incorporating a directional information display
Indicating device
Car motor driving apparatus
Control apparatus for power converter
User assistance system for an interactive facility
Recognition/anti-collision light for aircraft
Antenna and electronic device containing the same
Vehicle rear safety light assembly
Rearview mirror assembly with monitor
Tuning techniques for a slot antenna
Microelectromechanical switch
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Corrosion-resistant alumina member and arc tube for high-intensity discharge lamp
Joined body and a high pressure discharge lamp
Devices containing zirconium-platinum-containing materials and methods for preparing such materials and devices
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Ignition system monitoring assembly
Position sensor
Valve seating with electrodes, especially for <<enamel-test>> type control device
Automatic shut-off for flashlights
Stand lamp assembly including main and auxiliary lamp units
Autonomous interactive solar energy production system
Magnetic encoder with snap action switch
Digital inductive position sensor
Device and method for predicting rotational positions of a rotating shaft
System and method for controlling a positioning device, in particular for a device pertaining to a tool machine, and a phase blending device
Coaxial probe for high temperature and high pressure applications
Method and arrangement for level measuring
Dual band QWIP focal plane array
Apparatus for measuring total pressure and partial pressure with common electron beam
Single chip multiple range pressure transducer device
Apparatus and methods for reliable and efficient detection of voltage contrast defects
Methods for the automated testing of reticle feature geometries
Ceramic layer system and method for producing a ceramic heating device
Apparatus monitoring the deposition of a liquid-to-pasty medium on a substrate
Wireless sensor assembly for circumferential monitoring of gas stream properties
Shock sensor by variable capacitor
Signal wheel for generating rotational position signal
Probe station thermal chuck with shielding for capacitive current
Test carrier with molded interconnect for testing semiconductor components
Marker system for test fixture
Sockets for "springed" semiconductor devices
Probe structure and manufacturing method thereof
Holder of electroconductive contactor, and method for producing the same
Probe card for tester head
Device for sensing electrical current and housing therefor
Electric current sensor
Peak detector and detecting method thereof
Method for measuring phase current for inverter control apparatus using single current sensor and apparatus therefor
Method of measuring insulation resistance of capacitor and insulation resistance measuring apparatus of the same
System, method, field unit, reference unit and computer program product for phase tracking of electrical conductors
Method of testing radiation for a SDRAM
Chip carrier device and method for the production of a chip carrier device with an electrical test
Arrangements having ternary-weighted parameter stepping
Semiconductor package for chip with testing contact pad connected to outside
Method and apparatus to generate a ground level of a semiconductor IC tester having a plurality of substrates
Device and method for testing phase-locked loops
Tester for semiconductor integrated circuits and method for testing semiconductor integrated circuits
High-speed peaking circuit for characteristic impedance control
Device for judging life of auxiliary battery
Thin-film magnetic field sensor
Magnetic field generator and assembling method thereof
Magnetic resonance apparatus having a mechanically damped gradient coil system
Methods and apparatus for measuring flow velocity in a wellbore using NMR and applications using same
Diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging including fiber rendering using hyperstreamlines
Satellite-based positioning system receiver for weak signal operation
Prioritizing satellite search order based on doppler uncertainty
Receiver for a satellite based position location system
System and method of providing scalable sensor systems based on stand alone sensor modules
Radio-wave arrival-direction estimating apparatus and directional variable transceiver
Detection circuit for maximum value of three phase signal and detection method of the same
Scintillator sealing for solid state X-ray detector
Apparatus for reading information stored in a memory layer and an X-ray cassette for use with the apparatus
Multiple pass write method and reticle
Methods for determining a pattern on a microlithography reticle to minimize proximity effects in pattern elements in chips located on substrate periphery
Alignment mark detection method, and alignment method, exposure method and device, and device production method, making use of the alignment mark detection method
Contamination control on lithography components
Movable wireless sensor device for performing diagnostics with a substrate processing system
Multifrequency antenna for instrument with small volume
Multi-rate commutation of motors
Circuits and methods for preheating a rotor of a motor-generator device
Voltage-dependent impedance selector for non-linearity compensation
Potential detector and semiconductor integrated circuit
Bus driver having noise removing circuit formed by pull-up resistor
Switching regulator with multiple power transistor driving voltages
Function circuit that is less prone to be affected by temperature
Bandgap voltage reference circuit
Voltage reference circuit with increased intrinsic accuracy
Low-voltage bandgap reference circuit
Bandgap voltage reference using differential pairs to perform temperature curvature compensation
Force-feedback input device containing two tilt position detection means for operating member
Digital phase-quadrature oscillator
Method and apparatus for distributing power to an integrated circuit
Apparatus for indentifying defects in electronic assemblies
Modular macro cell layout method
Apparatus for inputting opening and closing parentheses simultaneously by single keystroke and method for the same
Capacitive pointing stick
Rectifying charge storage element
Method and apparatus for touch-activated identification and information transfer
Reader coil antenna, and non-contacting type card identification system using the same
Infrared intrusion detector and method
Pool alarm device
Management system
Hush disable feature for photoelectric smoke alarm
Remote control device with appliance power awareness
Electronic car park management system
Large EL panel and manufacturing method therefor
Method and circuit for driving plasma display panel, and plasma display device
Absolute track width measurement on magnetic recording heads
Magnetic random access memory with low writing current
Semiconductor memory device
Latch-up prevention for memory cells
Semiconductor memory with nonvolatile memory cell array and semiconductor device with nonvolatile memory cell array and logic device
Same conductivity type highly-doped regions for antifuse memory cell
Self-terminating blow process of electrical anti-fuses
Configurable track-and-hold circuit
Broadband sample and hold circuit
Efficient battery transfer circuit
Semiconductor memory device having a power-on reset circuit
Latching sense amplifier with tri-state output
Power management assembly
Voltage controlled nonlinear spin filter based on paramagnetic ion doped nanocrystal
Method and device for magnetizing and inspecting a rotor for magneto generators
High frequency suppression device
Self lead foil winding configuration for transformers and inductors
Airgapped magnetic component
Advanced electronic microminiature coil and method of manufacturing
Integrated filter with common-mode and differential-mode functions
High-voltage transformer
Inductive storage capacitor
Contact block assembly and a method of assembling a contact block assembly
Protective switch
ARC responsive thermal circuit breaker
High voltage automotive use
High-voltage current-limiting fuse
Electron-emitting device, electron source using the electron-emitting device, and image-forming apparatus using the electron source
Plasma display apparatus with photo mask apertures
Robust pierce gun having multiple transmitting and emitting section
Shadow mask for color CRT having vertical slots
Tension mask assembly for color CRT having vibration attenation units
Silicate materials for cathode-ray tube (CRT) applications
Method of producing a screen for a color display tube
Electron gun for cathode ray tube
Electron gun for color cathode ray tubes with side electron-beam-passing apertures of plurality of circular arcs having different radii of curvature
Cathode ray tube having a pigment on a panel front face
Visual display
Field emission array with carbon nanotubes
Color cathode ray tube having curved shadow mask with arrangement of holes therein and improved mechanical strength
Charged particle beam exposing apparatus
Parallel plate electron multiplier
Particle-optical component and system comprising a particle-optical component
Method to affect spatial distribution of harmonic generation in a capacitive discharge reactor
Plasma apparatus
Field ionizing elements and applications thereof
Discharge lamp
High-pressure metal halide discharge lamp and a lighting apparatus using the lamp
Substrate detecting method and device
Semiconductor device having gate electrode of stacked structure including polysilicon layer and metal layer and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with resistor layer having heat radiation path to semiconductor substrate
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating same
Metal gate with PVD amorphous silicon layer and barrier layer for CMOS devices and method of making with a replacement gate process
Capacitor-type semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
Field-effect transistor
Use of high-K dielectric material in modified ONO structure for semiconductor devices
System and method for adhesion improvement at an interface between fluorine doped silicon oxide and tantalum
Bipolar transistor and method for producing same
Insulated gate semiconductor device having first trench and second trench connected to the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Ball grid array IC package and manufacturing method thereof
High density ROM architecture
Semiconductor device
Dual work function semiconductor structure with borderless contact and method of fabricating the same
MOS transistor with vertical columnar structure
Integrated circuits having low resistivity contacts and the formation thereof using an in situ plasma doping and clean
Semiconductor device having trench isolation structure and method of forming same
Isolated junction structure for a MOSFET
Method for producing siliconized polysilicon contacts in integrated semiconductor structures
Circuit structure with a parasitic transistor having high threshold voltage
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Thin film transistor array substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Hybrid silicon on insulator/bulk strained silicon technology
Stable high voltage semiconductor device structure
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board and electronic instrument
Semiconductor device having pocket and manufacture thereof
Semiconductor memory capable of being driven at low voltage and its manufacture method
Structure of flash memory with high coupling ratio
Techniques for joining an opto-electronic module to a semiconductor package
Lead-bond type chip package and manufacturing method thereof
Leadframe for a semiconductor device having leads with land electrodes
Wire bonding method and semiconductor package manufactured using the same
Storage apparatus, card type storage apparatus, and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor device with protective layer
Multi-layered copper bond pad for an integrated circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Low current substantially silicide fuse for integrated circuits
Inter-layer interconnection structure for large electrical connections
Semiconductor device
High frequency package, wiring board, and high frequency module having a cyclically varying transmission characteristic
Semiconductor chip having bond pads and multi-chip package
Semiconductor light emitting device
Silicon sub-mount capable of single wire bonding and of providing ESD protection for light emitting diode devices
Power semiconductor device having layered structure of power semiconductor elements and terminal members
Semiconductor device and a process for producing same
CMOS device with trench structure
Thin and thick gate oxide transistors on a functional block of a CMOS circuit residing within the core of an IC chip
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Customizable and programmable cell array
Image sensor having dual-gate transistors
X-ray detection plate and X-ray detector
MoNx resistor for superconductor integrated circuit
Display device
Display apparatus using electroluminscence elements and method of manufacturing the same
Active matrix display device
Method and apparatus of terminating a high voltage solid state device
Semiconductor device comprising buried channel region
Epitaxial template and barrier for the integration of functional thin film metal oxide heterostructures on silicon
Semiconductor device including power MOSFET and peripheral device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Method of reducing the extrinsic body resistance in a silicon-on-insulator body contacted MOSFET
Phosphor-converted light emitting device
Light-emitting device and production thereof
Light emitting device
Light-emitting diodes with loop and strip electrodes and with wide medial sections
Method of forming a window for a gallium nitride light emitting diode
Nitride based semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Linearity radio frequency switch with low control voltage
System for cross coupling resonators
Dielectric resonator filter
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication device
Strip-line filter, duplexer, filter device, communication device, and method of adjusting characteristic of strip-line filter
Nonreciprocal circuit device and communication device using same
Multi-layer chip directional coupler
Method and bend structure for reducing transmission line bend loss
Loop coupled microwave cavity
Antenna device
Cooperative mobile antenna system
Multi-band antenna system including a retractable antenna and a meander antenna
Antenna with improved efficiency
Smart antenna for airborne cellular system
Thermal-locate 5W(V) and 5W(H) SSPA's on back of reflector(s)
Fractal cross slot antenna
Apparatus for coupling electromagnetic signals
Asymmetric-element reflect array antenna
Horn antenna apparatus
High radiation efficient dual band feed horn
Apparatus for establishing signal coupling between a signal line and an antenna structure
Low frequency electromagnetic absorption surface
Waveguide apparatus
Multi-beam antenna with interference cancellation network
Self-righting assembly
Omnidirectional antenna for a computer system
Low loss loading, compact antenna and antenna loading method
Spark plug with Ir-alloy chip
Sequencing circuit for applying a highest voltage source to a chip
Circuit and method of direct duty cycle current sharing
Controller and associated drive assembly for power sharing, time sliced control of a brushless direct current motor
Overcharge protection circuit capable of preventing damage to a charge control switch on flowing an excessive current
Voltage equalizing apparatus for battery devices
Charge equalizing device for power storage unit
Iron core and electromagnetic driving mechanism employing the same
Stepping-motor driving device and lens driving device using the same
Stepper motor driving assembly with positive brake
Charge pump circuit without body effects
High precision charge pump regulation
Voltage mode boost converter using a period-fixed amplitude-modulated pulse control signal
DC-DC converter with a feedback controller
Multi-output switching power source circuit
Starting control method of and control apparatus for synchronous motor, and air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine and vacuum cleaner each provided with the control apparatus
Frequency detector for a phase locked loop system
Phase detector with minimized phase detection error
DC offset cancellation
Mixer, radar module, and communication apparatus incorporating the same
Noise and input impedance matched amplifier
Piecewise polynomial predistortion method and apparatus for compensating nonlinear distortion of high power amplifier
Power linearizer of a CDMA system and method thereof
Signal amplification device with circuit maintaining potential of input side of current mirror circuit at predetermined value
Differential current mirror system and method
Differential cascode amplifier
Differential, complementary amplifier
Self-biased amplifier circuit and method for self-basing amplifier circuit
Differential amplifier with two long-tailed pairs of transistors
Operational amplifier input stage and method
Amplification device with optimized linearity
Calibrated power amplifier module
Fast recovery time precision amplifier
Built-in power supply filter for an integrated circuit
Sample rate converters using virtual sample rates and analog to digital and digital to analog converters using the same
Selectable equalization system and method
Variable frequency filter circuit
High frequency circuit component
Trimming impedance between two nodes connected to a non-fixed voltage level
Surface acoustic wave device utilizing a ZnO layer and a diamond layer
Normalization methods for automatic requency compensation in bluetooth applications
Methods and apparatuses for multiple sampling and multiple pulse generation
Method and apparatus for controlling output impedance
Programmable termination circuit and method
Semiconductor circuit and predischarge method of semiconductor circuit
System for rapid configuration of a programmable logic device
Ring oscillator providing single event transient immunity
Oscillator circuit
Phase lock loop destress circuit
Apparatus and method for a digital delay locked loop
Long setup flip-flop for improved synchronization capabilities
Transmission-gate based flip-flop
Input circuit
High speed voltage level shifter with a low input voltage
Vertical ramp wave generating circuit
Frequency multiplier design
High precision receiver with skew compensation
Oscillator using virtual stages for multi-gigabit clock recovery
Temperature compensated crystal oscillator
Digital circuit, LSI including the same and method for removing noise
Method and apparatus to ensure DLL locking at minimum delay
Spurious-free fractional-N frequency synthesizer with multi-phase network circuit
Interface circuit of various clock period between a fast slope signal and a very slow slope, voltage controlled delay cell
Charge pump using switched capacitors for phase-locked loop control and method of operation
Integrated XOR/summer/multiplexer for high speed phase detection
Voltage, temperature, and process independent programmable phase shift for PLL
Apparatus and compensation method for ports variation
Clock signal generator employing a DDS circuit
Method and system for powering down an analog-to-digital converter into a sleep mode
Method of forming D/A resistor strings with cross coupling switches
Accurate and efficient calibrating device and method
Method and device for integrated testing for an analog-to-digital converter
Analog/digital converter with error automatic calibration function
Tunable analog to digital converter
PWM converting circuit, D/A converter and PWM converting method with improved resolution
Multi-level D/A converter incorporated with multi-level quantizer in multi-bit sigma-delta A/D converter
Method for encoding/decoding digital data transmitted through a serial link, particularly of the 8B/10 type, and device for implementing same
Sigma-delta data conversion employing quantization error feedback
Audio system with removable, active faceplate
Optical code converter for optical code division multiplex system
Method and system of operating a codec in an operational mode
Multi-layer control interface for clock switching in a communications element
Signal transmitter and signal quality monitoring device
Electronically adjustable integrated circuit input/output termination method and apparatus
Electromagnetic quadrupole circuit which independently corrects ac and dc components of correction current
Refusable personal monitoring device
Method and device to emulate a railway searchlight signal with light emitting diodes
Filament shunt member for decorative lamp
Method and apparatus for disabling sodium ignitor upon failure of discharge lamp
Electrodeless discharge lamp
Ballast converter with power factor and current crest factor correction
Twin dimming controller for backlight system
Detection of asymmetrical load in an AC circuit
Discharge lamp device for reducing noise radiation and surge pulse current
Electronic dimming ballast for compact fluorescent lamps
Linac focused by graded gradient
Linear accelerator
Memory module structure
Ball grid array type semiconductor device
Multi-functional memory chip connector
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