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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Odor absorbing system and method
Compact protective hood with fold lines
Lockable mounting mechanism for a respiratory system heater unit
Detachable and changeable hem
Machine for preparing an infusion
Steerable diagnostic catheters
Medical electrodes with long storage life
Double stylet insertion tool for a cochlear implant electrode array
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for producing electroplated plastic sanitary articles
Method for fabricating clamping device for flexible substrate
Method, system, and computer software code for repairing a transition section of an engine
Hand tool with multiple bit storage and a method for using the same
Multitool incising attachment method and apparatus
Desk-top cutting machine
Apparatus for machining variable trim line of panel
Printing machine system
Method and device for monitoring tire pressure utilizing a reference value that evolves according to a predetermined function of time
Vehicle control apparatus and vehicle vibration suppression method
Automated pusher mechanisms for packaging systems
Retractable antifriction bearings device for a loading bed and loading bed equipped with such a device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Laser scoring of glass sheets at high speeds and with low residual stress
Fixed Constructions
Construction machine
Manufactured home/safety shelter system
Structural building block system with enhanced load bearing capability
Conical roof construction
Multi-layer building insulation and wallboard sheet with multi-layer insulation
Block suitable for use in an arrangement of interlocking blocks
Construction set
Versatile cross bar device for container door stanchions
Releasable lock for a motor vehicle locking system
Hinge and an electronic device with the hinge
Segmented joint for masonry construction
Method for correcting the measured concentrations of gas components in drilling mud
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Retrofit of simple cycle gas turbine for compressed air energy storage application having expander for additional power generation
Engine starting and stopping control device
Wind turbine erector
Fracture split-type connecting rod, internal combustion engine, transportation apparatus, and production method for fracture split-type connecting rod
Gear box apparatus
Multi-speed transmission with countershaft gearing arrangement
Mechanism for converting rotary motion into linear motion
Gear for eliminating backlash
Toothed mobile part for play take-up in a gear, particularly in horology
Collapsible cooler convertible to a stadium seat
Method and device in a dryer section of a fibre-web machine, such as a paper or board machine
Overlapping common-path interferometers for two-sided measurement
Method and system for data detection in a global positioning system satellite receiver
Method for determining pressure capability in conduit
Pressure sensor
Apparatus and method for measuring local tire stiffness
Explosive residue sampling
Level meter
Method for producing and screening mass-coded combinatorial libraries for drug discovery and target validation
Remaining hydrogen sensor
Method and apparatus for radiation spectroscopy using seeded localized averaging ("SLA")
Method and apparatus for achieving transparent redundancy at a hierarchical boundary
Transmitting apparatus
System and method for proactive scheduling of system maintenance
Method and apparatus for built-in self-test (BIST) of integrated circuit device
System and method for networking a plurality of nodes
Identification and location of an object via passive acoustic detection
Dynamic weather simulation
Zoom lens and imager using the same
In-vivo examination apparatus
Illuminating device
Projection system
Variable optical arrays and variable manufacturing methods
Microlens array sheet and manufacturing method thereof
3D display apparatus
Optical element and optical scanning device using the same
Optical waveguide type biochemical sensor chip and method of manufacturing the same
Photonic input/output port
3D photonic bandgap device in SOI
Optical filter, manufacturing method thereof, and planar lightwave circuit using the same
Brightness enhancement film having a reinforcing structure
Optical assemblies for free-space optical propagation between waveguide(s) and/or fiber(s)
Apparatus for writing Bragg gratings and reflection unit used in the apparatus
Outside plant fiber optic cable with thermal protection
Optical apparatus
Controlling photofinishing using data frame designated photofinishing subchannels
System and method for notifying a user of a document left at a xerographic apparatus
Imaging apparatus having interface device for print mode selection
Method and apparatus for controlling a fixer of a printer
Developing apparatus, developing method, and developing agent therefor
Image transfer device and method for cleaning a part thereof
Transfer unit mounting device and image forming apparatus having the same
Image forming device
Method and apparatus for memory bandwidth thermal budgetting
Jig for selecting valve part number or joint part number
System for preventing errors upon ejection of a memory card from a slot
Method and apparatus for flexible and programmable clock crossing control with dynamic compensation
Secure hardware random number generator
Display apparatus
Folding keyboard for an electronic communications device
Method of transmitting identification data from an option pack to a main unit before the option pack is fully powered
Customizable event creation logic for hardware monitoring
Device for designing standby path, method for designing standby path, and program therefor
Self-configuration of source-to-target mapping
Methods and apparatus for address generation in processors
Method and apparatus for reducing system inactivity during time data float delay and external memory write
Synchronous memory open page register
Trusted data store for use in connection with trusted computer operating system
Method and system for connecting calls through virtual media gateways
Authentication through multiple proxy servers
System enabling device communication in an expanded computing device
Hierarchical virtual model of a cache hierarchy in a multiprocessor system
PCI-X error correcting code (ECC) pin sharing configuration
Disk array apparatus
Digital manipulation of video in digital video player
Method and system for in-register processing of print data
Reconfigurable input Galois field linear transformer system
Internet facsimile apparatus and the apparatus setting method
Dynamic downloading of hypertext electronic mail messages
Service provision method via a network and service provision system using the same
Server system, client system and difference update system
Device and method for exchanging flows between a client device and a server
Method and code module for adding function to a Web page
Memory utilization in a network interface
Mobile application security system and method
Remote order entry system and method
Tagging packets with a lookup key to facilitate usage of a unified packet forwarding cache
Method for coupling storage devices of cluster storage
Simplified network packet analyzer for distributed packet snooper
Performance profiling for improved data throughput
Limited TCP/IP implementation using minimal resources
Methods and systems for management and control of an automation control module
Method for train positioning
Smart medicine container
Method and device for defining objects allowing establishment of a device management tree for mobile communication devices
Computer system
Tokenizer for a natural language processing system
Preserving memory resources by limiting time-date information for a subset of properties
Survey assignment method
Database managing method and system having data backup function and associated programs
System and method to observe user behavior and perform actions introspectable objects
Storage system and storage system control method
System for improving the performance of information retrieval-type tasks by identifying the relations of constituents
Method, system, and program for a policy based storage manager
Image input system including remote image input apparatus having display and external apparatus having storage means, and control method for controlling storage of input image information by remote control of file directory management for storage means
Information delivery system, information delivery method, information delivery server, content delivery server and client terminal
System and method for verifying converted database commands
Method and apparatus for managing conflicts of interest during the selection of legal and legal-related service providers
Restartable image uploading
Method for retrieving answers from an information retrieval system
Database model for hierarchical data formats
Patient rule induction method on large disk resident data sets and parallelization thereof
System of and method for transparent management of data objects in containers across distributed heterogenous resources
Circuit element function matching despite auto-generated dummy shapes
System and method for supporting multi-rate simulation of a circuit having hierarchical data structure
System and method for integrated circuit device design and manufacture using optical rule checking to screen resolution enhancement techniques
Area ratio/occupancy ratio verification method and pattern generation method
Lithographic process window optimization under complex constraints on edge placement
System and method for mapping logical components to physical locations in an integrated circuit design environment
Lane departure prevention apparatus
Binning disk drives during manufacturing by evaluating quality metrics prior to a final quality audit
System integration module for CBRNE sensors
System and method for scheduling manufacturing jobs for a semiconductor manufacturing tool
Tool path data generation apparatus for NC machine tool and numerical controller provided with it
Computer systems and methods for analyzing experiment design
Bus system design method, bus system, and device unit
Bidirectional pre- and post- processor conduit through a bidirectional printing data stream
Distributed control system with global contraints for controlling object motion with smart matter
Method for tracking and assessing program participation
Systems and methods for proactive caching utilizing OLAP variants
Reliable embedded file content addressing
Method, system, and apparatus for booting with remote configuration data
Method and device for automatically determining a capture trajectory of a flight trajectory for an aircraft, as well as a procedure and system for automatic guidance of an aircraft
Program memory space expansion for particular processor instructions
System and method for identifying namespaces
System and method for providing network connectivity to a common embedded interface by stimulating the embedded interface
Printer with speaker to indicate print error conditions
Print order recording system that provides notification if a requested image is absent
Perfectly secure authorization and passive identification with an error tolerant biometric system
System and method providing subpixel-edge-offset-based determination of opacity
Currency bill and coin processing system
Method for measuring object based on image and photographing apparatus
Image processing apparatus for embedding information with a noise-multiplexed distribution, and method, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium therefor
Method for digital image alteration detection and original digital image recovery
Illuminant-neutral gray component replacement in systems for spectral multiplexing of source images to provide a composite image, for rendering the composite image, and for spectral demultiplexing of the composite image
Sharpening a digital image in accordance with magnification values
Transcoder system for adaptively reducing frame-rate
Method and apparatus for high speed data compression and decompression
Digital image processing methods, digital image devices, and articles of manufacture
Foreground erosion method and system for Multiple Raster Content (MRC) representation of documents
Negotiated image data push processing
Content rendering apparatus
Vehicular touch switches with adaptive tactile and audible feedback
Coarticulated concatenated speech
Speech detection and enhancement using audio/video fusion
Disc player automatically ejecting disc and method thereof
Storage apparatus and control method therefor
Optical pickup
Digital audio recording medium and reproducing apparatus thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling recording to optical disc to cope with shock errors
Method for fabricating narrow magnetic read width TMR/CPP sensors
Magnetic write head having a notched yoke structure with a trailing shield and method of making the same
Head with thin AFM with high positive magnetostrictive pinned layer
Vibration suppression for servo control
Laser diode power control apparatus in an optical drive
Magnetic random access memory
Floating gate memory with split-gate read transistor and split gate program transistor memory cells and method for making the same
Programming memory devices
Method and system to provide debugging of a computer system from firmware
Power management for circuits with inactive state data save and restore scan chain
Memory stacking system and method
Divisible true dual port memory system supporting simple dual port memory subsystems
Generating a sampling clock signal in a communication block of a memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Identical chips with different operations in a system
Method for manufacture of piezoelectric substrate for a saw device
High speed laser array driver
Semiconductor laser driving circuit and image recording apparatus
Controlling overspray coating in semiconductor devices
Ganged outlet power distribution apparatus
Motor starter device
Apparatus and method for detecting rotation
High efficiency power converter
Device for producing a phase and amplitude modulated radio frequency signal
PWM controller with integrated PLL
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing/modulation communication system for improving ability of data transmission and method thereof
Apparatus and method for performing bit de-collection in a communication system using a high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) scheme
Decoding apparatus, trellis processor, and method for operating the decoder
Systems and methods for beaconing in wireless networks with low probability of detection
Path diversity receiver apparatus and method of spectrum spread communication system
Method of symbol index selection in code division multiple access
PLL circuit having a multi-band oscillator and compensating oscillation frequency
User exchangeable mobile phone keypad
Portable terminal device and communication control method
Electrical isolation techniques for DSL modem
Method for recognizing request for data transmission by mobile/base station RRC using network transfer device
Tunable transceiver front end
Optical automatic protection switching mechanism for optical channel shared protection rings
Optical amplifier having polarization mode dispersion compensation function
Bluetooth pan driver
Frequency offset compensation for communication systems
High-frequency circuit device
Method and apparatus for adjusting signal component strength
Relaying broadcast packet in a mobile Ad-hoc network including flushing buffer if broadcast count number exceed buffer size
Simultaneous voice and data modem
Managing tone clamping in a network
Method and apparatus for timing recovery in an OFDM system
Wavelength division multiplexing light source apparatus using semiconductor optical amplifier
Management and control of multi-layer networks
Method and apparatus for PPPoE multicast
Transaction system for transporting media files from content provider sources to home entertainment devices
Correcting for data losses with feedback and response
Communications arrangement
Roaming in a communications network
Control mechanisms for enqueue and dequeue operations in a pipelined network processor
Wireless adjunct to PBX system
Server, communication device, communication system and internet protocol address notification method
Receiver for receiving a spectrum dispersion signal
Systems and methods for designing a high-precision narrowband digital filter for use in a communications system with high spectral efficiency
Arrangement for dynamic DC offset compensation
Reduced memory architecture for edge modulator
Systems and methods for detecting and tracing denial of service attacks
Apparatus and method for calculating bit metrics in data receivers
Data processing method
Apparatus and method for distributing management keys in a multicast domain
Invisible digital watermarks
System and method for biometric authorization for financial transactions
Method and apparatus for secure data mirroring a storage system
Method and system for a slide type portable terminal
Hands-free signal processing device in a mobile communication terminal
Robust radio base station controller architecture
Mobile communication unit with camera lens opening means in closed folder
Sliding/swing-type portable digital communication apparatus
Integrated driver circuitry
Wireless communication system, terminal, processing method for use in the terminal, and program for allowing the terminal to execute the method
Dynamic mobile station configuration in wireless communications systems and methods therefor
Telephony control system with intelligent call routing
Method and apparatus for improving nuisance signals in audio/video conference
Chassis locking apparatus capable of being unlocked spontaneously
Digital image sharpening system
Print control apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for synchronizing presentation from bit streams based on their content
Encoding system using motion vectors to represent frame-to-frame changes, including motion vector grouping for coding or processing
Non-linear quantizer for video coding
Method of and system for recording image information and method of and system for encoding image information
Wireless telecommunications with adjustment of uplink power level
Mobile terminal implementing a ranging signal receiver and method
System and method for proxy-enabling a wireless device to an existing IP-based service
Transmission power control circuit using W-CDMA method
Wireless communication apparatus
SMD type biased condenser microphone
Board-mounting device
Pumped loop cooling with remote heat exchanger and display cooling
Cooling apparatus and method
Mounting substrate and driving device using same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Single package solenoid having control circuit
Razor magnifying glass
Tamper-proof display
Imaging device for endoscope equipped with both NTSC system and PAL system
Electronic endoscope
Implantable medical device having flat electrolytic capacitor with miniaturized epoxy connector droplet
Performing Operations; Transporting
Insulating oil leak containment
Method of manufacturing a microlens array mold and a microlens array
In-situ method and apparatus for end point detection in chemical mechanical polishing
Composite injection mouldable material
Transparent functional membrane containing functional ultrafine particles, transparent functional film, and process for producing the same
Dry erasable and projection articles and methods of making the same
Multi-layer phase retarder, elliptical polarizer and liquid crystal display device
Image transformation means including user interface
Image processing apparatus with internal scanner
System and method for controlling internal operations of a processor of an inkjet printhead
Method and apparatus for controlling the amount of ink and the life of the printhead in an ink-jet recording apparatus
Radiation-curable thermal printing ink and ink ribbons and methods of making, using and printing using the same
Thermal transfer printer
Transfer printing
Thermal printer and heat history control method
Method of driving a thermal print head
Coplanar thin film printhead
Multi-beam scanner and image forming apparatus including the same
Electromechanical grating display system with segmented waveplate
Multi-beam zoom lens for producing variable spot sizes for a laser printer
Electrophotographic printer, and method of controlling light emitting elements in an electrophotographic print head
Reinforced sheet metal frame incorporating print engine chassis
Tandem printer printing apparatus
Tire pressure display device
System switch
LED personal warning light
Assistant apparatus and method for a vehicle in reverse motion
Driving support device
Surrounding monitor apparatus for a vehicle
Vehicle's communication apparatus
Current distribution device
Alarm arrangement
Direct drive LCD retractor
Method of measuring the quality properties of paper and/or board on moving webs
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Mother glass composition for graded index lens
Enamelled projection screen and method for the manufacturing thereof
Current limiter having a high-temperature superconductor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for energy extraction
Connecting structure for indicator display
Support structure for liquid crystal display screen
Method and apparatus for measurements of patterned structures
Method of measuring surface form of semiconductor thin film
Apparatus for measuring variations in size on bodies subjected to temperature variations
Process and device for ascertaining whether two successive shafts are in alignment
Dither control system for a ring laser gyro
Passive automatic door opener
Potentiometric position sensors
Current-regulator circuit of an electromagnetic flowmeter
Optical probe
Apparatus for measuring stress in a thin film and method of manufacturing a probe used therefor
Polarization-independent reflectometry and polarization-independent reflectometer
Optical member inspecting apparatus and method of inspection thereof
Backscatter instrument for monitoring particulate levels in a gas stream
Light scattering apparatus and method for determining radiation exposure to plastic detectors
Apparatus and method for carrying out histological analysis of specimens
Active optical detector
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Fault determination apparatus and fault determination method for a battery set
Power monitoring module with display unit for electrical power source device
Method for performing positioning and an electronic device
Method for the calibration of an FM/CW type radio altimeter, and radio altimeter designed for the implementation of this method
Device for detecting angle of elevation error in a multiple beam radar sensor
Secure I/P
Flexible digital ranging system and method
Method and apparatus to determine the direction to a transponder in a modulated backscatter communication system
Post-installation monitoring method for a satellite terminal antenna
Thermal tracker
Triggerable remote controller
Communications jamming receiver
Source waveforms for electroseismic exploration
Method of making a marine seismic streamer
Method for enhancing resolution of earth formation elastic-wave velocities by isolating a wave event and matching it for all receiver combinations on an acoustic-array logging tool
Ultra-sensitive magnetic field receiver capable of operating in high noise environments
Optical element
Photographing lens system
Retrofocus lens system and projection display apparatus
Projection lenses for use with reflective pixelized panels
Doubly telecentric lens and imaging system for multiwell plates
Zoom lens and optical apparatus
Photographic binocular
Focusing systems for perspective dimensional measurements and optical metrology
Eyepiece lens, objective lens, and optical apparatus having them
Multi-beam scanning optical system and image forming apparatus using it
Image-forming apparatus
Illumination optics and method
Light splitter and optical transmitter configuration with a light splitter
Projection type color liquid crystal display apparatus capable of enhancing optical utilization efficiency
Compound surface to aid in the fabrication of a lens with a plano surface
Excimer laser with line narrowing
Method of manufacturing protective lens for display
Thin film forming method, display, and color filter
Continuously variable, wavelength-independent polarization rotator
Compact optical circulator with three ports
Optical compensatory sheet consisting of one cellulose acetate film
Distance measurement apparatus
Dispersion compensation in optical fibre transmission
Method for optical signal transmission with chromatic dispersion compensation through chirped optical fibre gratings, and optical communication system using the method
Optoelectric mounting and interconnect apparatus
Image pickup lens unit
Fast optical modulator
Reflective liquid crystal display apparatus
Stress-free socketed optical display package with die non-rigidly attached to containment structure
Liquid crystal display and method of making same
Liquid crystal display including interlayer insulating layer at peripheral sealing portion
Liquid-crystal display panel and repair method thereof
Liquid crystal display device and defect repairing method therefor
Matrix substrate and liquid crystal display device and projection liquid crystal display device using the same
Multiplexing pixel circuits
Display panel and method of producing the same
Method for assembling a tiled, flat-panel microdisplay array
Optically compensated bend liquid crystal display with controlling apertures and buffer electrodes
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Preparation of liquid crystal display using multiple light beam scanning speeds
Reflecting color polarized light filter with color filter having polarized light function and liquid crystal display device
Display apparatus, a method of manufacturing the same and a color filter
Reflective color liquid crystal display apparatus with colored polymer layer
Liquid crystal display
Structure of a multi-domain wide viewing angle liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display apparatus and method for driving the same
Image display device and method of making the same
Linear-motion helicoid mechanism for CCTV camera
Pattern reading apparatus
Projection exposure method and apparatus
Step and scan exposure system equipped with a plurality of attenuator blades for exposure control
Inspection method, apparatus and system for circuit pattern
Developer remaining amount detecting apparatus and developer remaining amount detecting method
Process for producing original hologram film
Rotation controller and rotation control method
Electronic timepiece with calendar device
Alarm interface for a smart watch
Temperature-controlled variable resistor
Reference voltage adjustment
Mouse recharging module
Portable display system with memory card reader
Portable information processing device having input unit
System for reducing airflow obstruction in a low profile processor-based device
Computer assembly with captivated screw carrier
I/O port EMI shield
High frequency de-coupling via short circuits
Output processing and merging of hybrid electronic documents
Method and apparatus for creating and maintaining a scrapbook of information pages
Method and apparatus for controlling browser functionality in the context of an application
Integrated system and method for processing video
Systems, methods and computer program products for building and displaying dynamic graphical user interfaces
Thin electronic data input device
Method and apparatus for zooming on non-positional display attributes
Display device and display system incorporating such a device
Reduced noise touch screen apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for the wireless capture of coordinate-shift information
Visual scrolling feedback and method of achieving the same
Windows display method and apparatus for the left-handed mouse
Job token printer assignment system
Dynamic creation of selectable items on surfaces
Methods and apparatus for increased magnetic coding density by precise placement of magnetic transitions
Pulse width modulation system and image forming apparatus having the pulse width modulation system
System and method for efficient printing of variable information documents
Image processing apparatus and method for equalizing images outputted by different devices
System and method for printing a document having merged text and graphics contained therein
Geometrically reducing influence halftoning
Method and apparatus for electrophotographic laser video modulation and decode for spot fidelity
Traceable luggage bag and system
Detection of an RFID device by an RF reader unit operating in a reduced power state
Magnetic stripe reader
Virtual objects for building a community in a virtual world
Image processing
Storage circuit control device and graphic computation device
Display structure for representation of complex systems
Image processing method for mosaic effect with adaptive tessellation
Token-based buffer system and method for a geometry pipeline in three-dimensional graphics
Object modeling system and process employing noise elimination and robust surface extraction techniques
Method and apparatus for performing occlusion testing while exploiting frame to frame temporal coherence
Apparatus and method for assigning shrinkage factor during texture mapping operations
Method and apparatus for preparing a perspective view of an approximately spherical surface portion
Method and apparatus for performing conservative hidden surface removal in a graphics processor with deferred shading
Information processing apparatus and method and information transmission system
Dynamic replacement of 3D objects in a 3D object library
System and method for generating computer animated graphical images of an exterior patch surface layer of material stretching over an understructure
Information processing system, information processing method, and supplying medium
Road image display device
Method and apparatus for generating a histogram of a volume data set
Techniques for spatial displacement estimation and multi-resolution operations on light fields
Method and apparatus for compressing parameter values for pixels in a display frame
Power consumption management apparatus and method
Security tag deactivation system
Thermographic system to check and prevent fires in a vehicle
Crib gate position indicator
Long distance remote control
Land vehicle identification by flickering lamps
Luminance resolution enhancement circuit and display apparatus using same
Video display device
Method for driving a display panel
Plasma display device drive circuit identifies signal format of the input video signal to select previously determined control information to drive the display
Method and apparatus for processing video pictures, especially for false contour effect compensation
Drive circuit for liquid crystal display cell
Liquid crystal display device capable of reducing afterimage attributed to change in dielectric constant at time of response of liquid crystals
System construction of semiconductor devices and liquid crystal display device module using the same
Display device and a driver circuit thereof
Peripheral driver circuit of liquid crystal electro-optical device
Interactive image tiler
Hand-held video viewer and remote control device
Method and apparatus for displaying images
Image displaying system and information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for adjusting video refresh rate in response to power mode changes in order to conserve power
Multi-processor graphics accelerator
Sounding-body driving circuit and operating sound generating apparatus using the same
Electromagnetic sound generator
Magneto-optical recording medium
Magnetic head drive circuit including paired auxiliary coils, paired switching elements, and switch element control circuit, and magneto-optical recording device using the same
System for recording and/or reproducing information medium for use in the system, and magnetic write head and arrangement for formatting the medium
Signal processing apparatus and method wherein control signals and power signals are superimposed
Data storage tape cartridge with misinsertion notches
Apparatus and disk holder for use in the same
Disk drive apparatus having improved auto-balancing unit
Varying the rate at which data appear on an optical disc rotated at a constant linear velocity to prevent unauthorized duplication of the disc
Recording/playback apparatus capable of carrying out linking on optical disk, and optical disk recorded with linked data
General purpose digital read channel architecture
Decoding apparatus
Rate 64/65 (d=0, G=11/I=10) run length limited modulation code
Optical recording medium and method of assigning its spare area
Information storing device and method for controlling same to record/reproduce information by selecting one of working modes
Magnetic disk drive
Disk drive comprising an actuator driver circuit for retracting a head independent of a servo microprocessor when a spindle speed fault mode is detected
Removable media, such as a floppy disk or videocassette, having associated display
Device for CD reproduction with variable speed or direction
Visual meter for providing a long-term indication of dynamic parameters
Magnetic disk apparatus and optimum offset measuring method
Autochanger for storing and transferring multiple media items, such as tape cartridges, relative to a read/write mechanism
Portable player suitable for large compact disks and small compact disks
Disk drive mounting system for absorbing shock and vibration in a machining environment
Actuator arm disc snubber with unitary construction
Slider air bearing design and method providing writing of a laser field (WOLF) measurement without substantial fly height affect
Planar writer for merged GMR recording head
Thin-film magnetic head having a magnetic layer including an auxiliary layer made of a high saturation flux density material and method of manufacturing same
Thin-film magnetic head for track width not more than 1 .mu.m on recording medium and method for making the same
Magnetic recording transducer with electronic shield
Thin film magnetic head
Thin film magnetic head for high density recording, a method of manufacturing the same, and a magnetic recording apparatus comprising the same
Magneto-resistive head and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Disk drive and head suspension unit
Method and apparatus for reducing track misregistration from servo track writing
Junction assembly of bonding pad and bump, and magnetic head device using the same
Enhanced settling control in hard disk drive
Read module with hybird closure
Disk device, track positioning method and method for generating a position error signal
Radial self-propagation pattern generation for disk file servowriting
Magnetic recording device having an improved slider
Flying negative pressure air bearing slider with dual negative pressure pockets and side transducer
Thin film magnetic head including nonmagnetic and magnetic layers with similar milling rates
Head amplifier and an optical disk device using the same
Optical disk device
Optical pick-up apparatus
Optical disc drive
Multilayered suspension with conductive lead structure extending beyond base layer
Integrated memory having memory cells with a magnetoresistive storage property
Non-volatile memory device
Ferroelectric memory device having a ferroelectric capacitor disposed on an extended active area
Integrated memory having memory cells that each include a ferroelectric memory transistor
Semiconductor memory device with over-driving sense amplifier
Semiconductor device including memory with reduced current consumption
Circuits and methods for a static random access memory using vertical transistors
Method and apparatus for content addressable memory with a partitioned match line
Reprogrammable fuse and method of operating
Method for operating non-volatile memory with symmetrical dual-channels
NROM cell with improved programming, erasing and cycling
Select transistor architecture for a virtual ground non-volatile memory cell array
Semiconductor device, microcomputer and flash memory
Usage of word voltage assistance in twin MONOS cell during program and erase
Level shifter of nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Method, apparatus, and system to enhance negative voltage switching
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory circuit capable of high-speed data reading
Local sensing of non-volatile memory
Burst access memory with zero wait states
Read-ahead electrically erasable and programmable serial memory
Electrically erasable and programmable non-volatile semiconductor memory with automatic write-verify controller
Memory repair circuit using antifuse of MOS structure
Redundant programmable circuit and semiconductor memory device having the same
Method for reading semiconductor die information in a parallel test and burn-in system
Semiconductor memory device capable of detecting memory cell having little margin
Tiled memory and memory tile for use therein
Semiconductor memory integrated circuit having high-speed data read and write operations
256 meg dynamic random access memory
Memory circuit/logic circuit integrated device capable of reducing term of works
Data and power storage device
Voltage generator for semiconductor device
Data backup memory
Semiconductor memory device having different data rates in read operation and write operation
Synchronous semiconductor memory device allowing data to be satisfactorily rewritten therein
Integrated circuit memory devices having data selection circuits therein which are compatible with single and dual data rate mode operation and methods of operating same
Dynamic random access memory array having segmented digit lines
Semiconductor memory and method of operating same
Semiconductor memory device with a hierarchical word line configuration capable of preventing leakage current in a sub-word line driver
Circuit configuration for deactivating word lines in a memory matrix
MMIC airbridge balun transformer
Electronic component for high frequency signals and method for fabricating the same
Temperature compensating thin-film capacitor
Low inductance chip with center via contact
Nonlinear dielectric element
Integrally formed energy storage device and method of fabrication
Electronic component
Blocking/inhibiting operation in an arc fault detection system
Ground fault of arc fault circuit breaker employing first and second separable contacts and plural actuating mechanisms
Socket activation interlock
Heat sink clip
Fixture assembly for a heat sink
Tilt-away processor retention module with hold-down screw device
Temperature sensor mounting for accurate measurement and durability
Low temperature co-fired ceramic substrate structure having a capacitor and thermally conductive via
Heat dissipater for a central processing unit
Ball grid array package and method using enhanced power and ground distribution circuitry
Interposer substrate with low inductance capacitive paths
Layout design method on semiconductor chip for avoiding detour wiring
Pixel sensor column amplifier architecture
Contrast enhancement for an electronic display device by using a black matrix and lens array on outer surface of display
Dielectric filter providing TEM- and TE-mode resonators and communicaton device using the same
Dielectric resonator equalizer
Remotely controlled retractable power antenna
Antenna carrier for connection to an air vehicle
Wireless transmitting and receiving antenna
Antenna assembled by vacuum and static electric attraction
Internal multi-band antenna
Fractal antenna ground counterpoise, ground planes, and loading elements and microstrip patch antennas with fractal structure
Satellite adaptive antenna system
Domed divergent lens for microwaves and an antenna incorporating it
Method for forming radio frequency antenna
Chip antenna element, antenna apparatus and communications apparatus comprising same
Waveguide slot array capable of radiating shaped beams
Electrically thin multi-layer bandpass radome
Printed or etched, folding, directional antenna
Reception circuit and adaptive array antenna system
Optical amplifier systems with transient control
Thulium doped fiber amplifier pumping scheme
Optical pulse synthesis using brillouin selective sideband amplification
Circuit for detecting and inadmissibly high current in an output stage
Electrostatic discharge protection apparatus
Adjustable current limiting/sensing circuitry and method
Surge protection device with thermal protection, current limiting, and failure indication
Apparatus and method for controlling DC power to primary and secondary load utilizing capacitor
Resonant gate driver
Power supply unit including an inverter
Adaptive switching speed control for pulse width modulation
Method and apparatus for reducing audible acoustical noise in a power supply transformer by shaping the waveform of a primary side inductor current
Multi-output switching power source apparatus
High efficiency DC-DC power converter with turn-off snubber
Method and apparatus for compensating for device dynamics in inverter based control systems
Deformable micro-actuator
Low noise frequency modulator having variable carrier frequency
Image rejecting microwave photonic downconverter
Semiconductor circuit with a stabilized gain slope
Cascode amplifying circuit and folded cascode amplifying circuit
Fast-setting, low power, jammer insensitive, biasing apparatus and method for single-ended circuits
High performance amplifier circuits using separate power supplies
Amplifier measurement and modeling processes for use in generating predistortion parameters
Power amplifier saturation detection and compensation
Four phase level shift circuit for use in a push-pull amplifier
Class D audio amplifier
Method and apparatus for error correction of amplifier
Integrated circuit with a differential amplifier
Ping-pong amplifier with auto-zeroing and chopping
Double-cascode two-stage operational amplifier
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Filter assembly
Network for providing group delay equalization for filter networks
Method and apparatus for generating pulses from analog waveforms
Method for calibrating a temperature sensitive oscillator
Digital resolution translator
Adjustable bandwidth phase locked loop with fast settling time
Reconstruction of nonuniformly sampled bandlimited signals
Method and apparatus for cyclic return to zero techniques for digital to analog convertors
Evaluation system for analog-digital or digital-analog converter
Method and system for making optimal estimates of linearity metrics of analog-to-digital converters
Low voltage analog-to-digital converters with internal reference voltage and offset
High speed analog-to-digital converter and digital-to-analog converter
Analog to digital converter using magnetoresistive memory technology
Digital to analog converter
Block interleave circuit
Method and processing system for estimating likelihood ratios for input symbol values
Over-sampling A/D, D/A converter
Cellular base station having a high speed, high resolution digital-to-analog converter with off-line sigma delta conversion and storage
Signal processing system employing two bit ternary signal
Method of encoding bits using a plurality of frequencies
Z-coder: a fast adaptive binary arithmetic coder
Radio transceiver on a chip
Microcellular mobile communication system
Use of mode coupled optical fiber in communications systems
Phase-modulated fiber optic telecommunications system
Optical communication device and receiving circuit thereof
Process and apparatus for maximizing a software component and minimizing a hardware component of an infrared code
Wavelength preserving regenerator for DWDM transmission systems
Voice codec automatic gain control
Transmission of digital data over an A.C. supply line
Downlink beamforming approach for frequency division duplex cellular systems
Method and apparatus for using the sidelobe of a long range antenna for a short range communication link
Apparatus and method for data communications
Packet radio telephone services
Text display on remote device
Wavelength allocation in a ring
Channel add and drop method and system for wavelength-division multiplex optical transmission
Network system and method of controlling multicast group participation of mobile host
Single interconnect, multi-bit interface
Method and apparatus for prioritizing information protection in high order modulation symbol mapping
Apparatus, and associated method, for selectably operating radio device in alternate operating mode
Accurate synchronizing device
Facsimile apparatus for recording image information on a record sheet of predetermined size
Method for adjusting a photodetector array and a beam-splitting and detector structure for a line scan camera
File integrating apparatus and method, recording medium storing file integrating program, printer control system and printer control method
Data communication apparatus and communication control method
Facsimile apparatus having communicating function of nonstandard procedure and communicating function of standard procedure
Program for externally controlling a communication apparatus
Print control system and method
Method for scanning screened image master images
Image forming apparatus having a function of saving developing agent
Image storing apparatus with image quality conversion feature
User interactive copy processing for selective color conversion or adjustment without gradation loss, and adjacent non-selected-color areas are not affected
Apparatus for the generation of a stereoscopic display
Video image display apparatus and method
Solid-state image sensing device and operation method thereof
Imaging apparatus with electrical exposure time control
Center of mass detection via an active pixel sensor
Photoelectric conversion apparatus, driving method and x-ray image pickup apparatus using the same
Contour emphasizing circuit
Orbit camera housing
Image pickup apparatus provided with enlargement process means for enlarging image signals output from an image pickup device
Video camera having display for displaying movement speed and hand wobble
Image processing system and method using system characteristic and image information
Scanning line converting apparatus
Method and apparatus for audio signal processing
Enhancement of a selectable region of video
Teleconference image input device
Multi-point monitor camera system
Video monitoring and security system
Video eavesdropping and reverse assembly to transmit video action to a remote console
Sparsely sampled image sensing device with color and luminance photosites
Image display device
Six-axis attachment apparatus and method for spatial light modulators
Submersible video viewing system
Color correction apparatus, color correction controller, and color correction system
Apparatus and method for combining background images with main images
Communication device having proximity controlled transmission
Mobile communication system and a method thereof
Method and apparatus for assigning codes
Dedicated control channel handoff in CDMA communication system
System and method for providing group communication services in an existing communication system
Method for determining the number of effective channels and the effective channel rate in a CDMA network
Grounding mat
Multiple layer thin flexible circuit board
Dual channel bus routing using asymmetric striplines
Board connection structure, electronic device with board connection structure and connector used therein
Electronic appliance
Integrated circuit device package including multiple stacked components
Heat sink and electronic assembly including same
Enclosure system for electronic displays and method for making same
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