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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Genes for microsomal delta-12 fatty acid desaturases and hydroxylases from plants
Pathogen resistant transgenic plants expressing CEMA or CEMA-related peptides
Triterpene compositions and methods for use thereof
Food warming apparatus and method
Products comprising an isothiocyanate preservative system and methods of their use
Apparatus for protecting door gasket of refrigerator
Support for a seating device
Longitudinal extension mechanism of armrest
Method of preparing an acetabulum for receiving a head of a femoral prosthesis
Anastomosis device and method
Surgical fastening system
Intervertebral disc replacement method
RF ablation catheter including a virtual electrode assembly
Loop structure including inflatable therapeutic device
Disposable element for a device for carrying out a medical treatment using a liquid
Wavefront characterization of corneas
Living body measurement apparatus
Finite amplitude distortion-based inhomogeneous pulse echo ultrasonic imaging
Rotationally immobilized dental implant and abutment system
Absorbent article performing color change in response to external stimulus
Bifurcated axially flexible stent
Positioning assembly and method of use
Implant with composite coating
Self-aligning knee prosthesis
Low profile fusion cage and insertion set
Sexual stimulation
Ostomy system with repositionable pouch
Belt with detachable bladder for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and circulatory assist
Stable emulsion compositions
Fungicidal active compound combinations
Methionine aminopeptidase-2 inhibitors and methods of use thereof
Derivatives of succinic and glutaric acids and analogs thereof useful as inhibitors of phex
2,4-disubstituted thiazolyl derivatives
Imidazo[1,2-.alpha.]pyridine ether compounds as ion channel modulators
Camptothecin derivatives having antitumor activity
Cholinesterase inhibitors to treat disorders of attention
Benzo [g] quinoline derivatives for treating glaucoma and myopia
Prostaglandin compositions and methods of treatment for male erectile dysfunction
Pyrazole compounds
G protein-coupled receptor antagonists
Methods and compositions for treating polycystic ovary syndrome
Method of improving ischemic muscle function by administering placental growth factor
Methods and compositions for treating polycystic ovary syndrome
Pharmaceutical composition for immunomodulation based on peptides and adjuvants
Cyanovirin conjugates and matrix-anchored cyanovirin and related compositions and methods of use
Porin B (PorB) as a therapeutic target for prevention and treatment of infection by Chlamydia
Viral and non-viral vectors as vehicles for delivering transgenes for treating bone pathologies
Methods for treating cancers and pathogen infections using antigen-presenting cells loaded with RNA
Nicotine replacement applique
Agents used for dyeing keratinous fibers
Thickener-rheology modifier system for personal care compositions
Nasal cavity dilator
Safety syringe
Bracelet that radiates anion and far infrared rays
Liquid crystal alignment using electron beam exposure
Golf balls comprising polyaspartic esters
Ball game racket
Diagnostic device for analyzing a golf swing
Hockey training system
Offset motor mount adaptor device
Systems and methods wherein a reconfiguration rule is not indicated during at least a portion of game play
Breeding simulation apparatus for virtual creatures
Reduced visibility rotorcraft and method of controlling flight of reduced visibility rotorcraft
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid tank
Cyclone-type dust collecting apparatus for vacuum cleaner
Plasma ion mobility spectrometer
Liquid--liquid extraction system and method
PROX catalyst for oxidizing carbon monoxide
Fluid sampling apparatus and fluid analyzer having the same
Device for holding a substrate
Centrifugal separator with a plurality of shafts
Substrate treating method and apparatus
Adjustable paint guard for door frames
Apparatus and method for coating the exterior surface of a pipe
Method and materials for extending fuser member life
Method of removing exogenous endocrine-disrupting chemical in water
Pipe beveling tool and method
Method of specifying and designing welding guns
Tool pot
Modified radial motion (MRM) method for modifying lengthwise curvature of face-milling spiral bevel and hypoid gears
Machining device
Razor sharpening apparatus
Apparatus for pre-conditioning CMP polishing pad
Moulding methods
Sealing bead
Manufacturing method for increasing thermal and electrical conductivities of polymers
Thermal-insulating material having an essentially magnetoplumbitic crystal structure
Composite material based on polyamide and submicronic mineral particles
Method for producing ceramic substrate, and ceramic substrate
Thermoplastic multi-layer composite structure
Use of organomodified siloxanes for surface modification of polyolefins
Printhead integrated circuit comprising inkjet nozzles having moveable roof actuators
Ink jet printer
Load and feed apparatus for solid ink
Liquid container, liquid using device, printing apparatus, and method of manufacturing liquid container
Printer apparatus
Apparatus for paperless transfer printing and the process thereof
Ink jet printing apparatus and method of controlling ink jet printing apparatus
Document printing process
Printing method and printer with failure compensation
Vehicle occupant restraint system
Vehicle motion control apparatus
Hydraulic system for marine propulsion unit
One-hand locking and releasing handheld medical instrument
Web roller assist drive
Secondary latch for a tire carrier
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide in a multicomponent solvent system
Method for partial oxidation of methane using dense, oxygen selective permeation ceramic membrane
Hydrogen gas generation system
Method for the removal of heavy metals from acidic wastewater and chemical solutions
Device for biological fluid treatment
Method for making nitrile compounds from ethylenically unsaturated compounds
Fluorine-containing polymerizable monomers and polymers, anti-reflection film materials and resist compositions using same
Process for the preparation of an alkoxylated alcohol composition
Method of producing N-substituted 2,6-dialkylmorpholines
Process for the industrial synthesis of the methyl diester of 5-amino-3-carboxymethyl-4-cyano-2-thiophenecarboxylic acid, and application to the synthesis of bivalent salts of ranelic acid and their hydrates
Substituted amine derivatives and methods of use
Fluorescent fused-ring triazoles that inhibit cell proliferation and uses thereof
Process for production of alkoxysilane-based compound
Compound suitable for use as a catalyst or for producing a catalyst system derived from a bis-phosphorinane
Silane adduct, manufacturing thereof and method for coupling organic die attach adhesive and inorganic materials using the same
Synthesis of combretastatin A-2 prodrugs
Compositions and methods for inhibiting pancreatic cancer metastasis
MCP-1 receptor antibodies
Cyclic beta-sheet peptides useful as apoptotic/cytotoxic cancer agents
Polymers for use in optical devices
Optical retardation firm
Soft propylene-based resin composition
Alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers and their use
Separation of isobutene non-reacted during polymerization of isobutene
Recycle method for polycarbonate resin waste
Hybrid polyurethanes
Composition for providing an abrasion resistant coating on a substrate with a matched refractive index and controlled tintability
Elastomer composite blends and methods-II
Tear resistant gels, composites, and articles
Latent mercaptans as stabilizers for halogen-containing polymer compositions
Liquid crystalline polymers, processes for their manufacture, and articles thereof
Cleaning solution and cleaning method of a semiconductor device
Liquid detergent composition comprising a polymer having a carboxyl group and an alkyleneoxy group
Neisseria lactoferrin binding protein
Selective plant growth using d-amino acids
Plant acyl-CoA synthetases
Packaging systems for human recombinant adenovirus to be used in gene therapy
Genes encoding proteins with pesticidal activity
Nucleic acid molecules encoding a transmembrane serine protease 9, the encoded polypeptides and methods based thereon
Nucleotide sequences which code for the ccpA2 gene
Process for producing hyaluronic acid or its derivative
Recombinant cage-like protein, method for producing the same, precious metal-recombinant cage-like protein complex, method for producing the same and recombinant DNA
Cell-based drug screens for regulators of gene expression
Screening methods used to identify compounds that modulate a response of a cell to ultraviolet radiation exposure
Methods and compositions for cellular and metabolic engineering
Nucleotide sequences coding for the pknB gene
Genetic markers for tumors
Nephrin gene and protein
Serial coupling of restriction cleavage and extension for nucleic acid amplification
Method of forming an oxidation-resistant TiSiN film
In situ growth of oxide and silicon layers
Textiles; Paper
Methods for producing composites of single-wall carbon nanotubes and compositions thereof
Fixed Constructions
Divisible pile sleeve
Pile installation method with downhole hammer
Elongated front end loader attachment
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hot gas path assembly
Hybrid bucket and related method of pocket design
Eccentric screw-type pump with spare stator
Framework composition windmill
Motor fan guard
Scissor-type connector with connector body for the roof support of a collapsible tent
Thrust bearing for down-hole tool
Thrust bearing and method of making same
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Start control apparatus and program for a start control method
Lighting device
Lighted barbeque grill with pivoting legs
Candlewick trimmer
Semiconductor manufacturing facility utilizing exhaust recirculation
Method of manufacturing single crystal calcium fluoride
Device for sensing a rotary member such as a water meter turbine
Diagnosing system for an x-ray source assembly
Torque measuring device for rotating body incorporating one light emitting element at rotational axis
Device for compensating for fluctuations in a light source and film scanner
Method and device to determine the thermal diffusivity of materials, such as thermoplastic polymers, during non-stationary heat transfer processes
Flow cytometers and detection system of lesser size
Methods and apparatus for electrosmear analysis
Dry analytical element using water-soluble indicator for colorimetry
Human plasma hyaluronidase
Intelligent polymerized crystalline colloidal array carbohydrate sensors
Device and method for testing a membrane electrode assembly
Technique for measurement of programmable termination resistor networks on rapidchip and ASIC devices
Method and apparatus for measuring transformer winding resistance
Cable diagnostics using time domain reflectometry and applications using the same
Method of predicting high-k semiconductor device lifetime
Zero-temperature-gradient zero-bias thermally stimulated current technique to characterize defects in semiconductors or insulators
Electric current detection apparatus
Freight container monitoring system
High range resolution radar system
Orbital debris detection and tracking system utilizing sun or moon occlusion
Receiver in a position-finding system and method for position-finding with increased sensitivity
Robust predictive deconvolution system and method
Phase calibration method and apparatus
Single photon emission computed tomography system
Radiation detecting device and method of manufacturing the same
Axially constrained RF probe coil
Apparatus for using optical tweezers to manipulate materials
Memory mirror system for vehicle
Optical connector for reducing noise
Heating device
Eyeglasses with adjustable temples
Optical compensation film, viewing angle compensation integral type polarizing plate and liquid crystal display apparatus
Image display device and projector
Radiographic apparatus
Light quantity adjusting device
Sector drive unit for camera
Acid-degradable resin compositions containing ketene-aldehyde copolymer
Image forming method using photothermographic material
Method for fabricating a patterned layer on a semiconductor substrate
Printing plate, circuit board and method of printing circuit board
Photoluminescent ethylene sensors
Photosensitive conductive composition and plasma display panel formed by using the same
Polymers containing oxygen and sulfur alicyclic units and photoresist compositions comprising same
Negative resist composition comprising hydroxy-substituted base polymer and si-containing crosslinker having epoxy ring and a method for patterning semiconductor devices using the same
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Control of programmable modules
Toner, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
Dry toner comprising encapsulated pigment, methods and uses
Array of equipment for composing
Processor apparatus with body bias circuitry to delay thermal throttling
Drawing comparison apparatus
Animation creation program
Process for managing the representation of at least one 3D model of a scene
Communication devices, remote intelligent communication devices, electronic communication devices, methods of forming remote intelligent communication devices and methods of forming a radio frequency identification device
Method for metal object identification using a three-dimensional steerable magnetic field antenna
Menu driven wall console with LED indicators for garage door operator
Self-activating system and method for alerting when an object or a person is left unattended
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for detecting residential electricity theft in firmware
Fire detector
Portable device-interoperable home network system
Radio wave system for repelling birds from aircraft
Mathematics teaching tool
Light emitting device, driving method for the same and electronic apparatus
System for increasing LCD response time
Method of driving EL display device
Arrangement for arbitration of display information from multiple applications for a network enabled display device
Display device
Power supply circuit, voltage conversion circuit, semiconductor device, display device, display panel, and electronic equipment
Tactile graphic-based interactive overlay assembly and computer system for the visually impaired
Correction of alignment and linearity errors in a stylus input system
Texture information assignment method, object extraction method, three-dimensional model generating method, and apparatus thereof
Image interpolating device
Software-based acceleration color correction filtering system
Wireless pointing device with forced power-off function
Force feedback interface device with force functionality button
Transforming pixel data and addresses
MIDI scalable polyphony based on instrument priority and sound quality
Magnetic disk and method of manufacturing same
Electric cable and manufacturing process thereof
Wire harness and method for manufacturing the same
Current transformer
Mobile magnet actuator
Solenoid switch and plating method thereof
Metal layer forming methods and capacitor electrode forming methods
Operation button mounting structure, and image forming apparatus and electronic apparatus equipped with the same
Push switch
Fuse, battery pack using the fuse, and method of manufacturing the fuse
Instrument with illuminated control knob
Field emitter devices with emitters having implanted layer
Method and apparatus for analyzing the composition of an object
Method of charged particle beam lithography and equipment for charged particle beam lithography
Method of forming at least one interconnection to a source/drain region in silicon-on-insulator integrated circuitry
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having impurity region under isolation region
Rugged metal electrodes for metal-insulator-metal capacitors
Thin film circuit device, manufacturing method thereof, electro-optical apparatus, and electronic system
Method for peeling off semiconductor element and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for forming thin film
Nitrogen-free dielectric anti-reflective coating and hardmask
Lamination of organic semiconductor
Composite dielectric forming methods and composite dielectrics
Methods of forming a transistor gate
Method of inhibiting metal silicide encroachment in a transistor
High density SRAM cell with latched vertical transistors
Contact process and structure for a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing MOS transistor
Method of forming a semi-insulating region
Method of locating conductive spheres utilizing screen and hopper of solder balls
Method for treating wafer surface
Circuit device manufacturing method including mounting circuit elements on a conductive foil, forming separation grooves in the foil, and etching the rear of the foil
Cobalt/nickel bi-layer silicide process for very narrow line polysilicon gate technology
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Self-aligned electrodes contained within the trenches of an electroosmotic pump
Packaged semiconductor with coated leads and method therefore
Implementation of protection layer for bond pad protection
Method and system for universal packaging in conjunction with a back-end integrated circuit manufacturing process
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Double sided container capacitor for a semiconductor device and method for forming same
Method for fabricating a semiconductor structure
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having a fuse connected to a pad and fabrication method thereof
Interposer with flexible solder pad elements and methods of manufacturing the same
Substrate design to improve chip package reliability
Electronic package and method
Photoelectric imaging sensor and method having a metallized plate capacitively coupled to an electron emitting plate
DRAMS constructions and DRAM devices
Lateral power diodes
Configuration and method for manufacturing filters comprising LC circuit
Method of acquiring an image from an optical structure having pixels with dedicated readout circuits
Light source with improved life
Semiconductor substrates including I/O redistribution using wire bonds and anisotropically conductive film, methods of fabrication and assemblies including same
High K dielectric film
Transistor structure having reduced transistor leakage attributes
Memory circuitry with plurality of capacitors received within an insulative layer well
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof
Color display device
Nitride semiconductor light-emitting diode chip and method of manufacturing the same
Drive unit and an operating apparatus
Fuel cell power generation equipment and a device using the same
Pressure-compensated downhole battery
Carbon coated battery electrodes
Flat wideband antenna
Dual-band inverted-F antenna
Array antenna capable of controlling antenna characteristic
Non-overlapping antenna pattern diversity in wireless network environments
Coaxial dipole antenna
Board to board current connection
Connector carrier and method for connecting the connector carrier to an injection molded part
Electrical connection box
Integrated circuit package socket and socket contact
Low insertion-force connector terminal, method of producing the same and substrate for the same
Receptacle structure
Electronic device with sheath structure
Electrical wiring system
Structure of a rotatable USB female connector
Card connector with reliable signal transmission
CPU socket with multiple contacting tab holders
Electromagnetic interference diminishing structure of a connector assembly
Connectors for connecting mating connectors to connection objects
Method and system for voltage tracking and sequencing in a power supply
Cored motor
Electric machines and methods related to assembling electric machines
Electro-magnetic engine
Apparatus for fixing stator of reciprocating compressor
Electric rotating machine
Heat dissipating device with a combination bearing assembly having magnetic bearing rings and a sleeve bearing
Cancellation of dead time effects for reducing common mode voltages
Filter with increased first harmonic response and reduced phase shift in a wide frequency band for encoderless drive applications
Distortion compensator
Optical receiving circuit
Amplifier system and method
Switchable tuneable bandpass filter with optimized frequency response
Circuit for compensating for the declination of balanced impedance elements and a frequency mixer
IC with dual input output memory buffer
Reliability comparator with hysteresis
High frequency switch circuit
Calibratable phase-locked loop
Delay time adjusting method of delaying a phase of an output signal until a phase difference between an input signal and the output signal becomes an integral number of periods other than zero
Low consumption and low noise analog-digital converter of the SAR type and method of employing it
Rail-to-rail delay line for time analog-to-digital converters
Keypad assembly
Semiconductor integrated circuit and adjustment method thereof
Method for increasing dynamic range of a pixel by multiple incomplete reset
Lens apparatus, camera system, and camera
Method and apparatus for programmable color balance in an image sensor
Continuous audio capture in an image capturing device
Method of reducing flicker noises of X-Y address type solid-state image pickup device
Electrothermal article
Flashlight lamp circuit with automatic light adjustment
Duplexing protection apparatus and operation method thereof
Flashlight control circuit
High frequency heating apparatus
Angled terminal with flange for cooperation with press-fit jig
Expired Patents Due To Time
Teether bib
Shoe sole
Golf cleat
Shoe upper
System for removing selected unwanted frequenices in accordance with altered settings in a user interface of a data storage device
Efficient information exchange between an electronic book and a cartridge
Method and apparatus for monitoring, controlling and configuring local communication devices
Network adapter enabling bidirectional monitoring of a terminal device between a computer and a managing device
Performance of fibre channel protocol sequence reassembly using expected frame information and buffer list calculations
System for accessing a space appended to a circular queue after traversing an end of the queue and upon completion copying data back to the queue
Universal multi-pin plug and display connector for standardizing signals transmitted between a computer and a display for a PC theatre interconnectivity system
Mixed-signal single-chip integrated system electronics for magnetic hard disk drives
Resistance integrated coupler between databus and terminal device having databus windings with high resistance wire with resistance being 1.5 times databus cable nominal characteristic impedance
Method and system for indexing adapters within a data processing system
Portable electronic device
Computer system with a bus having a segmented structure
Automatic status register
Data transfer with JTAG controller using index register to specipy one of several control/status registers for access in read and write operations with data register
Adaptive routing controller of a crossbar core module used in a crossbar routing switch
System for segmenting a fibre channel arbitrated loop to a plurality of logical sub-loops using segmentation router as a master to cause the segmentation of physical addresses
Methods and systems for storing cell data using a bank of cell buffers
Method and apparatus for memory addressing
Peer-to-peer cache moves in a multiprocessor data processing system
System and method for server control of client cache
Branch history cache
Dynamically size configurable data buffer for data cache and prefetch cache memory
Method and apparatus for executing multiply-initiated, multiply-sourced variable delay system bus operations
Method and apparatus for developing multiprocessor cache control protocols using atomic probe commands and system data control response commands
Apparatus and method for maintaining cache coherency in a memory system
Multiprocessor system bus transaction for transferring exclusive-deallocate cache state to lower lever cache
Non-preemptive memory locking mechanism in a shared resource system
Selective routing of data in a multi-level memory architecture based on source identification information
Computer system and method for operating multiple operating systems in different partitions of the computer system and for allowing the different partitions to communicate with one another through shared memory
Method and apparatus for opportunistic queue processing
Method and apparatus for managing the placement of data in a storage system to achieve increased system performance
Multi-mode memory addressing using variable-length
Processor and method for accessing rectangular areas in memory
Method and apparatus for determining a next address within a binary search algorithm
Address generation unit
RISC type microprocessor and information processing apparatus
Efficient method for fetching instructions having a non-power of two size
Microprocessor with reduced context switching overhead and corresponding method
Mechanism for freeing registers on processors that perform dynamic out-of-order execution of instructions using renaming registers
Automatic notification of connection or system failure in asynchronous multi-tiered system by monitoring connection status using connection objects
Method and apparatus for transferring data between a register stack and a memory resource
Method and apparatus for correcting an internal call/return stack in a microprocessor that speculatively executes call and return instructions
Resetting multiple processors in a computer system
Method and apparatus for configuring communications settings in a computer system
Method and system for notarizing digital signature data in a system employing cryptography based security
System for transferring content information and supplemental information relating thereto
Secure messaging system overlay for a selective call signaling system
Trusted workstation in a networked client/server computing system
Secure configuration of a digital certificate for a printer or other network device
Multi-voltage level CPU module
Apparatus for distributing power to a system of independently powered devices
Repetitive interval timing
Means for allowing two or more network interface controller cards to appear as one card to an operating system
Resource group quorum scheme for highly scalable and highly available cluster system management
Recovery of useful areas of partially defective synchronous memory components
Computer for terminating power without the loss of data and a method thereof
System for providing real-time code coverage
Processor having a trace access instruction to access on-chip trace memory
Method and system for testing and debugging distributed software systems by using network emulation
Method and system for recovering from a software failure
System and method for forward custom marshaling event filters
Generalized address generation for bit reversed random interleaving
Dynamic forward error correction
Memory testing apparatus
Command generator having single-input to multi-output converter
Semiconductor integrated circuit having compression circuitry for compressing test data, and the test system and method for utilizing the semiconductor integrated circuit
Boundary-scan register cell with bypass circuit
Partitioned pseudo-random logic test for improved manufacturability of semiconductor chips
Method for computer-aided signaling in an automatic repeat request procedure
Information recording method, reproducing method, and reproducing apparatus
Method of placing marks for alignment accuracy measurement
Characterization procedure for a voltage converter connected to a capacitive circuit
Quadrature solutions for 3D capacitance extraction
Interconnect capacitive effects estimation
Method for improving the assignment of circuit locations during fabrication
Automatic maximum theoretical yield calculating apparatus and computer-readable recording medium storing programs for automatic maximum theoretical yield calculation with a computer
Power saving methods for programmable logic arrays
Cascaded programming with multiple-purpose pins
System processing unit extended with programmable logic for plurality of functions
Electronic design creation through architectural exploration
Circuit synthesis and verification using relative timing
Method of generating mask pattern data for graphics and apparatus for the same
Software system generation
Modular health care information management system utilizing reusable software objects
Hybrid computer programming environment
Byte code instrumentation
Development system with methods for assisting a user with inputting source code
Method and apparatus for a translation system that aggressively optimizes and preserves full synchronous exception state
Intelligent cache management mechanism
Method and system for anticipatory optimization of computer programs
Expedited object locking and unlocking
Method for resolving arbitrarily complex expressions at link-time
System and method for automated identification, retrieval, and installation of multimedia software components
Method and apparatus for "Just-in-Time" dynamic loading and unloading of computer software libraries
Apparatus and method for transferring state data when performing on-line replacement of a running program code and data
Broadcast-program viewing method and system to allow customized viewing based on user input
System for video, audio, and graphic presentation in tandem with video/audio play
Data processing apparatus for facilitating data selection and data processing in at television environment with reusable menu structures
EPG data collection and delivery system and EPG data collection and delivery device therein
Method and apparatus for providing subscription-on-demand services, dependent services and contingent services for an interactive information distribution system
Method and apparatus for providing subscription-on-demand services for an interactive information distribution system
Information distribution system
Telecasting service for providing video programs on demand with an interactive interface for facilitating viewer selection of video programs
Video and audio signal editing and transmitting apparatus and method of same
Apparatus and method to generate and access broadcast information
Vehicle guidance system and method therefor
Communications navigation system, and navigation base apparatus and navigation apparatus both used in the navigation system
Map-based navigation system with overlays
Dual sensor signal processing method for on-bottom cable seismic wave detection
Method and apparatus for hair color characterization and treatment
Grid sensor for determining the conductivity distribution in flow media and process for generating measurement signals
Data processing apparatus for chromatograph
Method and device for diagnosis for vehicle
Method and device for checking the solidity of anchored standing masts
Optimal location of drive assemblies within a multiple drive array
Distributed frequency relay
Integrated defect yield management and query system
Ultrasound transducer temperature compensation methods, apparatus and programs
Refiner measurement system and method
Methodology for testing a high capacity floppy disk unit installed in a notebook computer
Method and system for determining a vehicle mass
Medication management apparatus
Method for controlling maintenance of semiconductor fabricating equipment arranged in a processing line
Site access log analyzing method and method of displaying the same
Method of sequence estimation
Design tool for predictively indicating edge conditions in metal slitting
Time-domain circuit modeller
Method of determining model parameters for a MOSFET compact model using a stochastic search algorithm
Information encoding method and apparatus, information decoding method and apparatus and information recording medium
Method and apparatus for clustering-based signal segmentation
Parallel/pipeline VLSI architecture for a low-delay CELP coder/decoder
Adaptive signal separation system and method
Voice detection apparatus and method
Automatic gain control in a speech recognition system
Method and apparatus for propagating corrections in speech recognition software
Apparatus and method using speech understanding for automatic channel selection in interactive television
Apparatus for generating a statistical sequence model called class bi-multigram model with bigram dependencies assumed between adjacent sequences
Method of estimating probabilities of occurrence of speech vocabulary elements
Mobile voice verification system
Method and apparatus for creating modifiable and combinable speech objects for acquiring information from a speaker in an interactive voice response system
Apparatus and method for generating a special effect on a digital signal
Method and apparatus for managing real estate brokerage referrals
Medical log apparatus and method
Customer information network
POS terminal unit provided with customer approach notification function
Method and apparatus for controlling access to a product
System for controlling access and distribution of digital property
System and method for identifying the context of a statement made to a virtual robot
Artificially intelligent natural language computational interface system for interfacing a human to a data processor having human-like responses
Evolutionary control of machine based on user''s preference inferred from user''s operation
Method for controlling process events using neural network
Method for training and/or testing a neural network with missing and/or incomplete data
Automated forms publishing system and method using a rule-based expert system to dynamically generate a graphical user interface
Reconfigurable expert rule processing system
Processing multiple database transactions in the same process to reduce process overhead and redundant retrieval from database servers
Index managing unit, index updating method, index managing method, computer-readable recording medium retaining an index updating program, and computer-readable recording medium retaining an index managing program
Methods and apparatus for generating query feedback based on co-occurrence patterns
Collaborative/adaptive search engine
Method and apparatus for indexing documents for message filtering
Method for softlinking between documents in a vehicle diagnostic system
Searching and serving bookmark sets based on client specific information
System and method for dynamically expanding and collapsing a tree view for an HTML web interface
Apparatus and methods for use of access tokens in an internet document management system
Information retrieval and display systems
Method and apparatus for using an information model to organize an information repository into an extensible hierarchy of organizational information
Method and apparatus for application management in computer networks
Bi-directional conversion library
System and method for accessing a database from a task written in an object-oriented programming language
Method, system, and apparatus to improve instruction pre-fetching on computer systems
System and method for retrieval, saving and printing of using hyperlinks
Frame-based heroic data recovery
Structured data management system and computer-readable method for storing structured data management program
Methods, apparatus, and product for distributed garbage collection
Space-limited marking structure for tracing garbage collectors
Method and apparatus for real-time secure file deletion
Displaying workstations requests in differentiating manner according to their respective priorities
Computer system, program product and method of creating aliases and accessing storage locations in a computer system with same
Pseudo random number generator
Robust method for providing tap leakage in adaptive equalizer systems
Floating-point arithmetic unit which specifies a least significant bit to be incremented
Double/saturate/add/saturate and double/saturate/subtract/saturate operations in a data processing system
Second order filter-delay element for generalized analog transversal equalizer
Native function calling
Method and system for monitoring tasks in a computer system
System uses local registry and load balancing procedure for identifying processing capabilities of a remote device to perform a processing task
Method and system for inter-applet communication in a computer network
Method and system for accessing application log messages appearing in a web-based user interface in a distributed network
Method and apparatus for collecting data and storage medium for data collection program
Ad controller for use in implementing user-transparent network-distributed advertising and for interstitially displaying an advertisement so distributed
System and method for transmitting a digital image over a communication network
Method for sharing and executing inaccessible dynamic processes for replica consistency among a plurality of existing applications
Method and apparatus for certified electronic mail messages
Data processing system and method for permitting a server to remotely initiate a client''s boot block recovery
Serving data from a resource limited system
Method for managing printed medium activated revenue sharing domain name system schemas
Apparatus and method for communication between multiple browsers
Home-network autoconfiguration
Method and apparatus for analyzing a storage network based on incomplete information from multiple respective controllers
Method and apparatus for the addition and removal of nodes from a common interconnect
Sub-entry point interface architecture for change management in a computer network
Method and system for measuring queue length and delay
Communication control method
Method and apparatus for load sharing on a wide area network
System and method for providing random access to a multimedia object over a network
Method of sending and receiving information and system using such method
System and method for managing transmission of electronic data between trading partners
Multi-language domain name service
System and method for asynchronously accessing a graphics system for graphics application evaluation and control
Techniques for an interrupt free operating system
Abort of DRAM read ahead when PCI read multiple has ended
Movable mirror laser registration system
Method and system for determining movement of an organ or therapy region of a patient
Device and process for simulating a patient''s blood vessels
Method for locating an internal bleeding site in a human body
Ductal orifice identification by characteristic electrical signal
Nonpenetrating electroporation device and method
Electroactive pore
Device and method for treating infection using standing radio frequency waves
Method and apparatus for temporarily electrically forcing cardiac output in a tachyarrhythmia patient
Method and apparatus for selectively inactivating AED functionality
Therapy-selection methods for implantable heart monitors
System and method for treating dilated cardiomyopathy using end diastolic volume (EDV) sensing
Heart stimulator determining cardiac output, by measuring the systolic pressure, for controlling the stimulation
Vestibular stimulation system and method
Nerve hyperpolarization method and apparatus for pain relief
Electronic equipment control apparatus, electronic equipment control method and electronic equipment
Method for predicting future function values utilizing derivative samples
Method for an alarm event generator
Compensation algorithm for initializing yaw rate sensor''s zero point offset
Single-chip audio system power reduction circuitry and methods
Enhanced user control operations for sound recording system
Multiple semiconductor test system for testing a plurality of different semiconductor types
Method and apparatus for controlling web tension by actively controlling velocity and acceleration of a dancer roll
Picture hook unit
Magnetic mounting hook
Perfume container
Foldable expandable container
Bottle portion
Compressed fabric article package having a simulated rounded star shape
Container and golf balls
Container and blank therefor
Packaging for balls
Display package for tool belts and related products
Domed cup lid
Dispenser/spreader cap
Bottle overcap including fish figure
Closure cap
Product display card
Handle for plastic container
Jam and jelly squeeze bottle
Combination travel clock, smoke/intrusion alarm, and flashlight
Watch casing and bezel
Watch casing and bezel
Wrist watch with race car motif
Wrist watch
Multiple environment testing chamber
Proximity reader
Clamp type electrical multimeter
Bathroom scale
Bathroom scale
Speedometer for bicycle
Radar detector
Fire detector
Ring with ornamental writing
Ornament for a necklace
Flower box
Portion of a vehicle exterior
Numerically controlled machining apparatus for automatically exchanging tools and workpieces
Automated consolidation station
Automatic configuration options for multi-element robotic library configurations
Method and apparatus for optimizing an actual motion to perform a desired task by a performer
Irrigation controller
Method of recording trajectory data and sensor data for a manually-driven vehicle
Method and system for optimizing operation of vehicle control systems based on the dynamics of the vehicle
Aircraft flight mode selector system
Automated orbit compensation system and method
Locomotive remote control system
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Driving control apparatus of hybrid vehicle and method thereof
Correction control for guidance control system
Landmass fly-around boundary generation
Methods and apparatus for generating maintenance messages
Auto PC firewall
Automatic control system for car accessory
Control system for resilient support mechanism such as vehicle suspension mechanism
Lane following system for a vehicle
Steering angle detecting mechanism
Method for controlling an automatic transmission
Lock-up control device
Brake control for vehicles, especially for rail vehicles and a method for controlling vehicle brakes
System for modifying a load bias function based on transient engine operation
Process and apparatus for transmitting route information and analyzing a traffic network in a vehicular navigation system
Optimization engine for flight assignment, scheduling and routing of aircraft in response to irregular operations
Method and system for an automated tool for en route traffic controllers
Computer human method and system for the control and management of an airport
Mobile interactive workstation
Method and system of providing navigation services to cellular phone devices from a server
Satellite based collision avoidance system
Navigation system with feature for reporting errors
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Operation unit, and an image forming apparatus including the operation unit
Developing frame for connection with a toner frame wherein a toner application roller crosses a connecting surface of the frames
Image forming apparatus with fixing unit falling off preventing device
Simultaneous developing/cleaning device
Image forming apparatus realizing stable charging and development characteristics
Photoreceptor web for liquid electrophotographic printer
Vapor capture subsystem and method thereof
Toner container and toner replenishing mechanism
Toner supply system and toner cartridge
Toner carrier and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Transfer printing station for an electrographic device with a contact pressure element in the transfer printing area
Cleaning apparatus equipped with brush roller, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image recording system, recording material post-processing device, and intermediate unit
Tri-roll decurler
Multi-beam TDMA satellite mobile communications system
Fixed subscriber unit
Mobile telecommunication apparatus having notches
Portable radio having retractable keys, wherein the keys retract within the housing upon movement of a retraction accuator
Hand-held transmitting and/or receiving apparatus
Electromagnetic radiation protection device of a mobile phone
Adjusting gain in a receiver using received signal sample values
Frequency offset image rejection
Audio bezel automatic identification
Method and apparatus for precisely locating a mobile unit
Transmitting group ID information to exclude a group of mobile terminals from changing their operation mode
Cellular phone subsidy lock
System and method for providing service transparency for mobile terminating calls within an H.323 system
Method and an arrangement relating to equipment in telecommunication networks
Control of telecommunications services for subscriber-provided radio communication devices residing in a miniature cellular environment
Handset and method of operation thereof
Error management in a messaging/telephony location interworking service
Apparatus and method for transmitting information and apparatus and method for receiving information
Mobile satellite system and method for implementing a single-hop terminal-to-terminal call
Home location register controller capable of dealing with congestion without restriction of access
Method and apparatus for enhanced call setup
Probabilistic use of wireless reserve channels for admission control
Method for self-calibration of a wireless communication system
Terminal unit, position display method, information providing system, and information providing method
Wireless communication system and method of controlling same
Communication system
Wireless communications system having a communications apparatus accommodating communication lines and a wireless communications apparatus wirelessly connected to said apparatus, and method of controlling said system
Method and home base station for setting up connections for a mobile station using an organization channel and station identifiers
Mobile communication system for supporting multiple simultaneous communications on single mobile terminal
Method and apparatus for assigning a mobile station to a communication resource
Method and telecommunication system for supporting multimedia services via an interface and a correspondingly configured subscriber terminal
Apparatus for providing enhanced functionality to a mobile station
Mobile communication system with improved antenna arrangement
Transmitter/receiver for combined adaptive array processing and fixed beam switching
Text message originator selected ringer
Portable electronic apparatus having a detection device for detecting a variation of the supply voltage
Method and apparatus for providing reserve power in a cellular telephone
Dual operation mode all temperature filter using superconducting resonators
Method of improving the performance of optical fiber which is interconnected between two misaligned supports
Fiber mini-bend light guide
Segmented complex fiber gratings
Filtering optical fiber having a modified photosensitivity profile
Halogen and perhalo-organo substituted N-phenyl (or biphenyl) maleimide
Flexible lightguide with a liquid core
Coating materials for liquid lightguides
Optical waveguide component and a method of producing the same
End seal structure for cable closure
Fiber interconnection assembly
Editing apparatus
Data allocation method, recording medium with data recorded by the method, and data server apparatus
Information signal reproducing apparatus
Recording/reproducing method suitable for recording/reproducing AV data on/from disc, recorder and reproducer for the method, information recording disc and information processing system
Cordless dryer safety interlock system
Vapor generator
Lens-fitted photo film unit and flash device
Device for preventing unauthorized recycling of lens-fitted photo film unit
Lens control apparatus
Single-lens reflex view finder
Electronic flash light-emission controlling method and apparatus and camera
Camera with retractable flash assembly
Camera having picture size switching function and/or to data projecting function
Viewfinder optical system of a single-lens reflex camera
View finder device having compact structure
Image photography apparatus, image reproducing apparatus, image photography and reproducing apparatus, stereographic projector, jig for image stereoscopic vision, and printer
Method for operating a high-performance printer or a copier with assistance given malfunctions
Developing device, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus with capacitance detector for detecting residual toner amount
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method of a forming image
Automated hotel attendant using speech recognition
Method for dialling a telephone number by voice commands and a telecommunication terminal controlled by voice commands
Method for output handling of messages stored in mailboxes of a message storage system of a telecommunications system
Power and telecommunications access vending machine
Modem apparatus and data communication method
Method and apparatus for extending a pre-paid calling card limit
Method and system for providing service information in an advanced intelligent network
Telephone apparatus having a multifunction call-waiting operating portion
Apparatus for and method of controlling calls, and storage medium storing call control program
System and method for redirecting control of in-band signaling
Third party call control
Communications handling center and communications forwarding method using agent attributes
Method and apparatus for enabling interaction between callers with calls positioned in a queue
Externally dialed hand-free operator for cellular phones
System and method for providing a frequency dependent synthetic termination
Bridged tap canceller
External filter box
Portable communication device with a movable element and a sensor for detecting the position thereof
Bracelet telephone device
Sanitary cover for a telephone handset
Block cipher algorithm having a robust security against differential cryptanalysis, linear cryptanalysis and higher-order differential cryptanalysis
Method for encryption or decryption using finite group operations
Motion picture data encrypting method and computer system and motion picture data encoding/decoding apparatus to which encrypting method is applied
Method and apparatus for quantum communication
Cryptographic system with methods for user-controlled message recovery
Fireplace accessory
System, method, and product for information embedding using an ensemble of non-intersecting embedding generators
Method and device for localizing and detecting plastic strips and window areas on mail
Method for generating computer aided design programming circuit designs from scanned images of the design
Organism identifying method and device
Fingerprint registering method and fingerprint checking device
Determining an alignment estimation between two (fingerprint) images
Optical member inspecting apparatus and method of inspection thereof
Automatic X-ray determination of solder joint and view delta Z values from a laser mapped reference surface for circuit board inspection using X-ray laminography
Image processing apparatus capable of synthesizing images based on transmittance data
Multiple mode probability density estimation with application to multiple hypothesis tracking
Method and apparatus for compressing and transmitting a three-dimensional geometric model
Compression ratio setting device
Method and apparatus for digital data compression
System for variable quantization in JPEG for compound documents
Video information coding method using object boundary block merging/splitting technique
Multiplexing optical system
Apparatus and method for converting two-dimensional image sequence into three-dimensional image using conversion of motion disparity into horizontal disparity and post-processing method during generation of three-dimensional image
High precision optical metrology using frequency domain interpolation
Image processing apparatus and method which process image on the basis of direction of document
System and method for measuring stress during processing of an optical fiber
Fast all-optical switch
Resistor array with position dependent heat dissipation
Optical transmission device and optical transmission system employing the same
Two-stage CCI/ISI reduction with space-time processing in TDMA cellular networks
Passenger car
Direct-drive bicycle
Mini exercise cycle for losing weight
Caliper insert for motorcycles
Tire tread
Tire tread
Automobile tire
Automobile tire
Tire sidewall
Adjustable rear view mirror
Gage face dial mask for vehicle
Vehicle running board storage box with bulbous front edge
Truck floor mat
Vehicle wheel
Human Necessities
X-ray guided surgical location system with extended mapping volume
Textiles; Paper
Fuzzy control apparatus for jet loom
Process and apparatus for examining optical components, especially optical components for the eye and device for illuminating clear-transparent
Diffractive vertical cavity surface emitting laser power monitor and system
Thick-walled cable jacket with non-circular cavity cross section
Method and automated system for analizing a surface area to provide a detailed material specification for fitting and cutting material to be disposed on the analized surface area
Radiographic, digital image processing system
System for storing and reproducing multiplexed data
Long-period optical fiber grating filter device
Radio frequency broadcast system for enclosed spaces
Method and apparatus for visualizing radio wave in certain area
System and method for developing and processing automatic response unit (ARU) services
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