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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method and device for the introduction of planar substrates into a receiving container
Preservative compositions for wood products
Geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase inhibitors
Processed cheese with improved firmness using cross-linking enzymes
Amorphous water-soluble calcium citrate salts and method of making and using same
Quick adjust support system with trapped or integral wedge
Foldable bleacher seats
Headrest-mounted monitor
Retaining device for the floating mounting of a flat screen and electronic display device comprising a flat screen and a retaining device
Anastomosis apparatus and methods of deployment and manufacture
Focused shock-wave devices with direct wave cavitation suppressor
Vessel sealing instrument
RF device with thermo-electric cooler
Method for recording, assessing and premeditating performance on grapho-motor and writing tasks
Support for interdental brushes and similar instruments for oral hygiene
Bariatric sleeve
Angioplasty stents
Device for reflexotherapy
Aqueous liquid detergent composition
Aloe-emodin derivatives and their use in the treatment of neoplasias
Therapeutic agents and methods of use thereof for the modulation of angiogenesis
Composition and methods for inhibiting the progression macular degeneration and promoting healthy vision
Thymosin .beta.4 compositions
Use of insulin for the treatment of cartilaginous disorders
Multi-subtype FIV vaccines
Binding member which binds to both Lewis.sup.y and Lewis.sup.b haptens, and its use for treating cancer
High-cleaning/low abrasive silica and materials and dentifrice containing such materials
Therapeutic compositions for intranasal administration which include KETOROLAC
Angiographic injector system with multiple processor redundancy
Portable electrotherapy device
Apparatus for stretching and strengthening muscles
Stationary bike
Golf ball
Collapsible structures
Golf swing training apparatus
Bunco gaming device, method and bonus game
Gaming apparatus with portrait-mode display
Interfacings between block type and rod and connector type construction toy sets
Performing Operations; Transporting
Locking unit of cyclone type dust collecting apparatus
Particle trap and assemblies and exhaust tracts having the particle trap
Ion detecting apparatus and methods
Water purification system utilizing a carbon block pre-filter
Mixed matrix membrane with super water washed silica containing molecular sieves and methods for making and using the same
Fuel reforming inlet device, system and process
Planar electric precipitator
Method for applying a film of sample to a sample carrier
Method for manufacturing single-sided sputtered magnetic recording disks
Power assisted drill press
Method for making die boards, and materials and apparatus for practicing the method
Welding equipment
Polishing composition
Polishing apparatus
Plasticating screw
Steep angle cutter hub with blunt edge blades
Cavity-creating tool for foaming operation
Extruder head
Prefab-type waterproofing structure and method for fabricating the waterproofing structure
Heat control method and heat controller
Mounting and laminating system
Polymerisation initiators, polymerisable compositions, and uses thereof for bonding low surface energy substrates
Method for printing a dye image onto a three dimensional object
Nanofabricated photon tunneling based sensor
Article comprising fluorochemical surface layer
TiBN coating
Heater chip for inkjet printhead with electrostatic discharge protection
Multi-fluid ejection device
Method for conditioning inkjet fluid droplets using laminar airflow
Wide format pagewidth printer
Print control device and print control method
Device for arraying a thermal printer head for use in a thermal printer
Method of printing label on optical disk, optical disk unit, and optical disk
Labeling methods and apparatus using electromagnetic radiation
Method for liquid ejection and liquid ejecting apparatus
Six-sided printing method
Self-supporting writing instrument
Towing device
Leveling instrument, an electromechanical lifter and a self leveling integrated lifting system using both of them
Motion assembly and open roof assembly provided therewith
Power control center with solid state device for controlling power transmission
Power control center with solid state device for controlling power transmission
Seat for a two-wheeled vehicle
Head restraint adjustment and trim closeout apparatus and method
Information processing system
Sealed housing unit for lighting system
Airbag, airbag device and vehicle
Airbag apparatus, motorbike with the airbag apparatus
Method for determining or calibrating the brake control characteristic of a vacuum brake booster
Floatation device
Latching system for an outboard motor cowl
Jet pump mounting structure of small-sized boat
Container bag for seasoning sauce
Sheet curl correction method and feeder apparatus
Active media kicker system
Image processing apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fuel reformer catalyst and absorbent materials
Apparatus for removing nitrogen
Integrated system and method for purifying water, producing pulp and paper, and improving soil quality
Piezoelectric ceramic composition, its production method, and piezoelectric device and dielectric device
3-Cyano-2,4,5-trifluorobenoxyl fluoride and intermediate products for the production thereof
Preparation of (meth)acrolein and/or (meth)acrylic acid by heterogeneously catalyzed partial oxidation of C3 and/or C4 precursor compounds in a reactor having thermoplate modules
Process for the preparation of prostaglandins and analogues thereof
Androgen receptor modulators and method of treating disease using the same
Monoimine ligand platinum analogs
Bis(salicylaldiminato)titanium complex catalysts, highly syndiotactic polypropylene by a chain-end control mechanism, block copolymer containing this
Mitochondrial DNA damage as a predictor of coronary atherosclerotic heart disease
Ligand of G protein-coupled receptor protein and DNA thereof
Branched polyphenylene polymers
Process and apparatus for degassing a polymer
Polyisocyanate composition having allophanate group and high-solid coating material
Hydrophobic coating compositions, articles coated with said compositions, and processes for manufacturing same
Thermoplastic resin composition and its injection molded article
Process for producing high-purity epoxy resin and epoxy resin composition
Surface tinting composition and method of use
Rubber composition
Ink and ink set
Conductive paste and glass circuit structure
Flexible method for producing oil bases and middle distillates with hydroisomerization-conversion followed by catalytic dewaxing
Method for producing hydrogen
Fuel processing system for reforming hydrocarbon fuel
Color changing liquid cleansing products
Process for preparation of thermostable enzyme
Chimeric transcriptional regulatory element compositions and methods for increasing prostate-targeted gene expression
Genetic control of plant growth and development
Methods of use of LEC1 polynucleotides and polypeptides
Nucleic acid encoding pyruvate carboxylase from coryneform glutamicum
Microbial n-and o-demethylation of a thebaine derivative
Complexity management and analysis of genomic DNA
Alpha(1,6)-linked glucose oligosaccharide hydrolyzing enzyme polynucleotides and polypeptides and methods of use thereof
Facile diagnosis and monitoring of pneumocystis carinii infection
Detection of analytes using reorganization energy
Array-based detection of genetic alterations associated with disease
Rapid extraction of RNA from cells and tissues
Method for manufacturing steel parts by continuous copper-brazing and quench hardening
Copper base alloy
Recovering metals from soil
Ductile medium-and high-density, non-toxic shot and other articles and method for producing the same
Thin-film disposition apparatus
Etching apparatus, a method of controlling an etching solution, and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Textiles; Paper
Wax emulsion coating applications
Fixed Constructions
Latch assembly for a movable closure element
Formate based liquid gel concentrates
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electrokinetic device having capacitive electrodes
Bearing apparatus for a driving wheel of vehicle
Differential gear
Swivel coupling
Connecting structure for a fluid transport hose
Knock down hardback collapsible lampshade
Adjustable beams night light
Backlight module having an optical switch element
Fiber display device
Light guide body, lighting device, liquid crystal display device, and electronic device
Method and apparatus for orienting semiconductor wafers in semiconductor fabrication
Rotational angle detector
Optical image measuring apparatus for forming an image of an object to be measured based on interference light
Anti-resonant waveguide sensors
Infrared absorption layer structure and its formation method, and an uncooled infrared detector using this structure
Method for characterising particles in suspension from frequency domain photon migration measurements
Light scattering detector
Method and device for determining the dispersive effect on a measurement
Gas sensor module for the spectroscopic measurement of a gas concentration
Method and apparatus for self-referenced dynamic step and scan intra-field scanning distortion
Measuring the moisture content of plutonium oxide canisters
Preparative liquid chromatograph using plural detectors
Process and assembly for simultaneously evaluating a plurality of catalysts
Detection and amplification of ligands
Measurement of point contact Andreev-reflection characteristics of half-metallic thin films
System and method for detecting rail break/vehicle
Leakage current management
Optical testing device
Low cost detectible pipe and electric fencing manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Wideband device modeling method
Method of NBTI prediction
Hi-pot testing device with transfer table automatically connecting to testing signal generator
Magnetic sensor, and method of compensating temperature-dependent characteristic of magnetic sensor
Inter-subject coherence in DT-MRI
Method and apparatus for predicting seismic events
Method and apparatus for a multi-component induction instrument measuring system for geosteering and formation resistivity data interpretation in horizontal, vertical and deviated wells
Weather/environment communications node
Process for producing optical waveguide
Manufacturing method of spectacle lens, marking apparatus, marking system and spectacle lens
Liquid crystal display device
Transflective liquid crystal display device having four retardation plates
Diamond like carbon films
Electronic appliance attached with a flexible printed circuit and a transparent conductive layer
Continuous domain in-plane switching liquid crystal display
In-plane switching mode thin film transistor liquid crystal display device with two domains
Combiner, optical combiner module and digital light projection system using the same
Projection display
Projection display
Recording material and image forming method
Immersion lithography apparatus and method
Photoreceptor charge transport layer composition
Photoconductive element having an amorphous polymeric barrier layer
Remote control system, on-vehicle equipment and remote control method
Semiconductor device and memory card using same
Semiconductor device with pump circuit
Voltage regulator with adaptive frequency compensation
Method and apparatus for determining load current in a CPU core voltage regulator
Buck-boost converter
Constant-current circuit and system power source using this constant-current circuit
Liquid crystal display of touch input type, and method of manufacture
Adder circuitry for a programmable logic device
Z-buffering techniques for graphics rendering
Simulation method, program, and system for creating a virtual three-dimensional illuminated scene
Personal sensory reduction system, and method
Radio frequency identification tags with compensating elements
Alerting and intruder deterring device
Beverage communication system
Portable traffic signalling device
Display device
Self light emitting device and method of driving thereof
Thin film transistor liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal device, liquid crystal driving device and method of driving the same, and electronic equipment
Display device, driving circuit for the same and driving method for the same
Inverter driving apparatus and liquid crystal display including inverter driving apparatus
Architecture for smart LCD panel interface
Electronics with two and three dimensional display functions
Flat panel display with signal transmission patterns
Electrooptical device and method of fabricating the same
Operation panel and image formation apparatus or electronic equipment using the operation panel
Active matrix substrate and display
Accelerated data navigation
Brace rotating mechanism
Magnetic tape and method for manufacturing the same
Transformer having leakage inductance control structure
Elastomeric vehicle control switch
Temporary clamping structure for electronics
Cradle assembly with opening assist mechanism and electrical switching apparatus employing the same
Microelectromechanical system able to switch between two stable positions
Touch panel
Expandable display having rollable material
Low cost lighting circuits manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Method of modulating laser-accelerated protons for radiation therapy
Method of disassembling an image sensor package
Field emission-type electron source and method of producing the same
Compound semiconductor, method for manufacturing the same, semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating a semiconductor die package having improved inductance characteristics
Multilayered structure, multilayered structure array and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for stacking laser bars for uniform facet coating
Methods of manufacturing metal-silicide features
Substrate attaching method
Process for fabricating semiconductor component
Wafer-level transfer of membranes with gas-phase etching and wet etching methods
Highly selective nitride etching employing surface mediated uniform reactive layer films
Method for treating a substrate
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Semiconductor on glass insulator with deposited barrier layer
Method to reduce the copper line roughness for increased electrical conductivity of narrow interconnects (<100nm)
Method of fabricating semiconductor device having multilayer wiring structure
Method and structure for reducing contact aspect ratios
Method for semiconductor gate line dimension reduction
Methods of forming pluralities of capacitors, and integrated circuitry
Methods for increasing photo-alignment margins
Method for fabricating microchips using metal oxide masks
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and making method thereof
Semiconductor device having layered chips
Semiconductor package, printed board mounted with the same, and electronic apparatus having the printed board
Semiconductor device having resin-sealed area on circuit board thereof
Thermal paste containment for semiconductor modules
Flexible rewiring plate for semiconductor components, and process for producing it
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Display device and driving method of the same
Imaging apparatus and a device for use therewith
Semiconductor device having an under stepped gate for preventing gate failure and method of manufacturing the same
Triple-well CMOS devices with increased latch-up immunity and methods of fabricating same
Semiconductor device and an electronic device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having deposited layer for gate insulation
Semiconductor memory device
Mask, mask chip, manufacturing method of mask, manufacturing method of mask chip, and electronic device
Semiconductor device and method of its manufacture
Semiconductor package having optical receptacles and light transmissive/opaque portions and method of making same
Photosensitive organic semiconductor compositions
Piezo actuator comprising a structured external electrode
Ultrasonic motor
Piezoelectric actuator
Negative electrode for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery comprising same
Fuel cell for powering electronic appliances, in particular portable objects
Nonaqueous secondary electrolytic battery
Dual mode band-pass filter
Antenna connection device, antenna signal splitter and method for reception frequency control
Adjustable antenna bracket
Coaxial cable free quadri-filar helical antenna structure
CPU socket with a cushion
Electrical junction box
Structure of signal cable connector
Stain-relief device for a plug-in connection in communications and data systems
Connector to be mounted on an electric/electronic device
Lever type electrical connector
Connector with a shorting terminal
Plug-and-socket connection having additional contact device, particularly for data transmission
Lamp socket with lever holder
Low cost electrical motor components manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Microelectronic connection components having bondable wires
Shielded cable-grounding structure
Plural output switching regulator with phase comparison and delay means
Sense amplifier for use with wake-up charging current
Rotating electrical apparatus
Stress release mechanism in MEMS device and method of making same
Method and arrangement for controlling the synchronous running of a plurality of electronically commutated motors
Control device for stepping motor
System and method for compensating for the effects of process, voltage, and temperature variations in a circuit
Low cost RF oscillator devices manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Voltage controlled oscillator
Frequency generator arrangement
Pre-distortion of non-linear devices
Method and apparatus for an improved power amplifier
Integrated resonator structure and methods for its manufacture and use
Method and apparatus for implementing subthreshold leakage reduction in LSDL
DPRIO for embedded hard IP
Reconfigurable integrated circuit device for automatic construction of initialization circuit
Method and apparatus for accessing stored data in a reconfigurable IC
Input/output buffer for protecting a circuit from signals received from external devices
High-frequency signal switching
Superconducting circuit
System and method for calibrating on-die components
Analogue to digital conversion device operable on different sampling clocks
Input detection based on speckle-modulated laser self-mixing
Gain control in a signal path with sigma-delta analog-to-digital conversion
Coding device and decoding device
Method and apparatus for improved multimedia decoder
Electronic device with a vibrator and an exchangeable cover
Digital synchronizing generator
Camera unit having lenses mounted in movable elements which are made to abut against a movement regulating member
Compound camera and method for synthesizing a virtual image from multiple input images
Photosensor system and drive control method for optimal sensitivity
Zoom lens system
Analog buffer memory for high-speed digital image capture
Systems and methods for managing multiple accounts on a RF transaction instrument
Systems and methods for providing a RF transaction device operable to store multiple distinct accounts
Heat treating apparatus and heat treating method for sheet-like article
Optical element, as well as polarized-light-emitting surface light source and display device using the same
Light-emitting apparatus
Image display device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Analysis of muscular activity in neonatal animals to screen for mutations and/or drugs that alter sleep and wake states
Fluoroscopic image guided orthopaedic surgery system with intraoperative registration
Mapping and ablation catheter
System and method for heating the prostate gland to treat and prevent the growth and spread of prostate tumors
Electrophysiological visual field measurement
Non-invasive measurement of blood components using retinal imaging
Non-invasive blood glucose measurement techniques
Implantable enzyme-based monitoring systems having improved longevity due to improved exterior surfaces
Endoscope system
Extravascular hemodynamic acoustic sensor
Electrode structure
System and method for detection of pacing pulses within ECG signals
Apparatus for measuring basal metabolism
Method and apparatus for position and motion sensing
Colonography of an unprepared colon
Method for operating an X-ray diagnosis device with immediate imaging
System and method for fast parallel cone-beam reconstruction using one or more microprocessors
Tomographic apparatus and method
Autoacceptertube delivery system with a robotic interface
Guidewire advancement system
Hands-free paddles using single-use adhesive pads
Implantable stimulation lead and method of manufacture
Endocardial lead with vinylidene fluoride insulation
Endocardial defibrillation lead with looped cable conductor
Medical device for use in laparoscopic surgery
External transmitter for implanted medical device
Electrokinetic delivery of medicaments
Bioelectrode having a crushable hydrating assembly and associated method
Implantable cardiac device providing repetitive non-reentrant ventriculo-atrial synchronous (RNRVAS) rhythm therapy using secondary pacing pulses and method
AV synchronous cardiac pacing system delivering multi-site ventricular pacing triggered by a ventricular sense event during the AV delay
Implantable heart stimulation system with automatic mode switching controlled by sympatho-vagal balance
Control of pacing rate in mode switching implantable medical devices
System and method for automatically selecting electrode polarity during sensing and stimulation
System and method for automatically and adaptively segmenting an atrial blanking period
Method and apparatus for capture detection
Medical management system integrated programming apparatus for communication with an implantable medical device
H-bridge circuit for generating a high-energy biphasic waveform in an external defibrillator
Transformer assembly for implantable cardiac stimulation device
Radiation therapy planning
Miniature x-ray source
Performing Operations; Transporting
Portable humidifier
Sensor array for rapid materials characterization
Device for on-line control of output power of vacuum-UV laser
Methods to generate numerical pressure distribution data for developing pressure related components
Force feed back supply apparatus
X-ray mask and method for providing same
Method of controlling a printed object
Artificial olfactory system and methods for media sensing and identification
Method and apparatus for charging for printing mixed sheet sizes on an electrophotographic printing machine
Device for adjusting the height positioning of the body of a vehicle
Device to control the dynamic stability of an industrial vehicle
Electromotive reversing car camera
Complete mirror-based global-positioning system (GPS) navigation solution
Method for assignment of a selectable option to an actuating means
Control method and module for occupant protection systems with an action to prevent premature triggering
Method for transmitting power and data in a bus system provided for occupant protection devices
Method and system for remote device monitoring
Method and apparatus for determining lateral velocity of a vehicle
X-ray analysis device with X-ray optical semi-conductor construction element
Chemistry; Metallurgy
System and method for continuously reprocessing waste sulfuric acid liquid, and heater supporting structure for heating a vessel made of glass
Cladding-pumped optical fiber and methods for fabricating
Low water peak optical waveguide and method of manufacturing same
Environmentally stable athermalizes optical fiber grating device and method of making a stabilized device
Process for melting sponge iron and electric-arc furnace for carrying out the process
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air-fuel ratio control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Producing transitions between vistas
Ceiling fan room conditioner with ceiling fan and heater
Method for monitoring the performance of a drive line of a vehicle
Method of and apparatus for controlling the operation of a fluid pressure regulating valve
Flexible penetration attachment for strainers
Method of programming and executing object-oriented state machine logic in a controller
Shower heating device
Dual band framing reconnaissance camera
Vehicle self-carried positioning method and system thereof
Multiple node navigation and routing system for a domain to be user navigated
Transfer location navigation method and arrangement
System for and method of providing map information
Process and system for the annotation of machine-generated directions with easily recognized landmarks and other relevant information
Navigation system and method capable of registering new locations
System for automatic meter reading
Analyzing signals generated by rotating machines using an order mask to select desired order components of the signals
Optical member inspecting apparatus and method of inspection thereof
Method and apparatus for automotive and other testing
Calibration of near infrared quantitative measurement device using optical measurement cross-products
Vision comparison inspection system graphical user interface
Methods for identification and verification
Ultrasonic stress measurement using the critically refracted longitudinal (LCR) ultrasonic technique
System and method for predicting parameter of hydrocarbon with spectroscopy and neural networks
Phase-based frequency estimation using filter banks
Method and circuit for detecting the presence of a connector in a socket
Fault point location system
Dynamic regulation of power consumption of a high-speed communication system
Multi-pair gigabit ethernet transceiver
Automatic test pattern generation modeling for LSSD to interface with Muxscan
Intermediate stage of a multi-stage algorithmic pattern generator for testing IC chips
Method and apparatus for conducting input/output loop back tests using a local pattern generator and delay elements
Signal generation circuit of semiconductor testing apparatus
Resonant magnetic susceptibility imaging (ReMSI)
Method for determining the reliability of fMRI parameters
Measurement of process product dielectric constant using a low power radar level transmitter
System and method for communicating the location of an emergency caller through a telephone network to a control station
System and method for positioning a mobile station using two base stations
System and method for estimating location of mobile station
Radiation detector, particularly of a computed tomography apparatus
Method and system for deghosting
Efficient inversion of near singular geophysical signals
Coarse-to-fine self-organizing map for automatic electrofacies ordering
Atmospheric density modeling process using data from multiple satellites
Collection mode lens system
Image conversion and encoding techniques
Dispersion-compensating optical fiber, and, optical transmission line and dispersion-compensating module respectively including the same
Integrated optoelectronic device, and integrated circuit device
Photo-electric combined substrate, optical waveguide and manufacturing process therefor
Integrated circuits with optical signal propagation
Optical waveguide devices and methods of fabricating the same
Stripping optical fibers
Pump coupling of double clad fibers
MEMS optical backplane interface
Multiplexer/demultiplexer for WDM optical signals
Optical device having second arrayed waveguide grating for temperature control
Temperature-compensating arrangements and methods for optical fiber
Optical wedge switch
Polarization-preserving, phase-and-polarization-insensitive, photonic data router
Reflection mirror type optical fiber switch
Getter for atmospheric gases in optical switch working fluid
Fiber optic switch using MEMS
Microbench and producing method therefor, and optical semiconductor module using same
Optical waveguide device, optical transmitting and receiving device, method of manufacturing optical waveguide device and method of manufacturing optical transmitting and receiving device
Reinforced structure for a cable or duct with high compression resistance
Micro-optic coupler incorporating a tapered fiber
Electroabsorption optical modulator and fabrication method thereof
Light source
Method, device, and system for waveform shaping of signal light
Image frame changing apparatus for camera
Data-imprinting optical system for camera
Camera with data exposure function
Lens-fitted photo film unit with lens position changing device
X-ray diagnostic installation with electronic zoom for a detector with a storage luminescent screen
Shutter for a camera
Camera having image pick-up device
Methods of treating a semiconductor wafer
Extreme repetition rate gas discharge laser with improved blower motor
Image formation apparatus using liquid developer and collection of solvent vapor
Two-sided image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with conductive member adjoining light irradiating portion
Control device for electronic equipment
Image forming apparatus featuring a plurality of image bearing members adjustable in two dimensions
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with current detector and voltage control based on detection result
Image forming apparatus having emergency stop image processing features
Image forming method and apparatus with means for reducing the accumulation of particle on a charging device
Image formation apparatus, toner amount measurement apparatus, and toner amount measurement method
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus having a developer amount detecting member
Toner cartridge identification system for a printer
Color image forming apparatus including mechanism which provides tension to an intermediate transfer belt
Image forming apparatus, transfer belt unit, cleaning device and cleaner unit used for image forming apparatus
Fixation unit having contact and pressure rollers
Blade cleaning system employing an electrode array
Automated programming system for industrial control using area-model
Control of velocity limited systems
Method and apparatus for controlling a power window system using a motor torque parameter
Method and apparatus for interfacing a manager and a plant
Numerical control system having a built-in personal computer
Statistical in-process quality control sampling based on product stability through a systematic operation system and method
Method and apparatus for the creation of personalized supervisory and control data acquisition systems for the management and integration of real-time enterprise-wide applications and systems
Method and apparatus for controlling an industrial robot
Controller for vehicle with self-diagnostic function and recording medium
Monitoring system behavior using empirical distributions and cumulative distribution norms
Noise screen for attitude control system
Authority and integrity check in systems lacking a public key
Security chip architecture and implementations for cryptography acceleration
Information recording apparatus, information reproducing apparatus, and information distribution system
Trusted workstation in a networked client/server computing system
Microprocessor with variable clock operation
Measuring timing margins in digital systems by varying a programmable clock skew
Computer multi-bay devices compatible expansion module and its processing procedure
Digital personal assistant docking station camera
Cryptographic checksum apparatus
System and method to set PME--status bit and wake up the system, and selectively load device driver by searching who set the bit without requiring clock
Apparatus and method for controlling device connection
System, method, and article of manufacture for environment services patterns in a netcentic environment
Method and apparatus for providing process pair protection for complex applications
Transaction recognition and prediction using regular expressions
Technique for partitioning data to correct memory part failures
Area-efficient convolutional decoder
Intelligent backup and restoring system and method for implementing the same
Method, apparatus and program storage device for a client and adaptive synchronization and transformation server
Peer controller management in a dual controller fibre channel storage enclosure
Method and apparatus for storing and copying data via a first path and a second path wherein second path bypasses mirror driver
Automatic location determination of devices under test
Method for determining the load of a computing device
Service for load testing a transactional server over the internet
Breakpoint interrupt generating apparatus in a superscalar microprocessor
Backup copy achieving improved efficiency by waiting until rewind/unload command for bulk data copy
Storage device, storage system, memory management method, recording medium, and computer data signal
Storage device and accessing method
Cache index based system address bus
Simplified writeback handling
Cache-level return data by-pass system for a hierarchical memory
Parallel access virtual channel memory system
Data processing system including load/store unit having a real address tag array and method for correcting effective address aliasing
Method for providing graphics controller embedded in a core logic unit
Providing access to physical memory allocated to a process by selectively mapping pages of the physical memory with virtual memory allocated to the process
Physical pages de-allocation method for virtual addressing machine
Remote procedure calls in distributed systems
Method and apparatus for mirroring data in a remote data storage system
Power button controlled diagnostic mode for an information appliance
Remote terminal emulator
Device and method for coding and decoding data
Interface circuit for transferring data on bus between modules of integrated circuit with reduced delay
Memory controller arbitrating RAS, CAS and bank precharge signals
Data processing system and microcomputer
Apparatus and method for processing isochronous interrupts
SCSI bus free phase management structure and method of operation for parallel SCSI host adapter integrated circuits
Reordering responses on a data bus based on size of response
Field-configurable, adaptable and programmable input/output bus interface and method
Bridge state-machine progression for data transfers requested by a host bus and responded to by an external bus
Duplexing structure of switching system processor and method thereof
Multiple device access to serial data stream
Multiple PCI adapters within single PCI slot on an matax planar
Method for implementing multiple memory buses on a memory module
Bus controlling method and apparatus for delaying activation of a bus cycle
Bus system and a master device that stabilizes bus electric potential during non-access periods
Process for automatic dynamic reloading of data flow processors (dfps) and units with two-or-three-dimensional programmable cell architectures (fpgas, dpgas, and the like)
Periodic-signal analysis via correlation
Circuit and method for computing a fast fourier transform
Method and apparatus for performing rapid convolution
Signal processing distributed arithmetic architecture
Device and method for outputting stochastic processes, and data recording medium
Transmission document editing device, a server device in a communication document processing system, and a computer-readable record medium that stores the function thereof
Interactive electronic messaging system
Method for dynamic context scope selection in hybrid n-gram+LSA language modeling
System and methods for robust synchronization of datasets
Data image management via emulation of non-volatile storage device
Infrastructure for supporting file replications
Method and apparatus for restructuring of personalized data for transmission from a data network to connected and portable network appliances
Rewriting a query in terms of a summary based on one-to-one and one-to-many losslessness of joins
System, method, and program for object building in queries over object views
Single instance store for file systems
File management system, electronic filing system, hierarchical structure display method of file, computer readable recording medium recording program in which function thereof is executable
Virtual cubes
Data display apparatus and method for displaying data mining results as multi-dimensional data
Selectivity prediction with compressed histograms in a parallel processing database system
Method and apparatus for using Java as a stored procedure language and as an embedded language on a client
Server computer capable of automatically notifying updated database content to client computer, and program storage medium
Method for statistical text analysis
Method and system for generating a statistical summary of a database using a join synopsis
Technical support chain automation with guided self-help capability using active content
Method and apparatus for management of multimedia assets
Method and system for searching for images based on color and shape of a selected image
System and method for performing dynamic Web marketing and advertising
Apparatus and method for dynamically limiting information sent to a viewing device
Method of knowledge-based engineering design of an instrument panel
Logic equivalence leveraged placement and routing of an IC design
Architectural structure of a process netlist design tool
Automated processor generation system for designing a configurable processor and method for the same
Method of calculating 3-dimensional fringe characteristics using specially formed extension shapes
Method of embedding RAMS and other macrocells in the core of an integrated circuit chip
System and method for creation of a network computing environment
Product defect predictive engine
Digital data recording and reproducing system
Processing system comprised of data processing device and data access device each converting data and mutually communicating the converted data
Data protecting system and method for protecting data
Information storage system
Method and apparatus for transporting store requests between functional units within a processor
Method for performing atomic, concurrent read and write operations on multiple storage devices
Disk array controller, its disk array control unit, and increase method of the unit
Information processing system and method therefor
Broadcast command packet protocol for SCSI interface
Device and method for performing a leading zero determination on an operand
Division circuit not requiring taking complements of divisor, dividend and remainder
Method for translating between source and target code with heterogenous register sets
Branch instruction mechanism for processor
Prioritized instruction scheduling for multi-streaming processors
Synchronized instruction advancement through CPU and FPU pipelines
Apparatus and method for predicting multiple branches and performing out-of-order branch resolution
Method and apparatus for extending BIOS control of screen display beyond operating system boot process
Method and system for processing events related to a first type of browser from a second type of browser
Memory writing device for an electronic device
Automatic fault injection into a JAVA virtual machine (JVM)
Managing VT for reduced power using power setting commands in the instruction stream
Filter mechanism for an event management service
Message FIFO empty early warning method
Lock architecture for large scale system
Self-described stream in a communication services patterns environment
Process for transforming and routing data between agent servers present in some machines and a central agent server present in another machine
Method and apparatus for concurrent DBMS table operations
Method and apparatus for controlling resource
Thread optimization
Agent system and information processing method for same
Dynamic performance based server selection
System for performing load management
Application-specific integrated circuit for processing defined sequences of assembler instructions
Handwritten character recognition devices and electronic devices incorporating same
Centroid integration
Object recognition with co-occurrence histograms and false alarm probability analysis for choosing optimal object recognition process parameters
Systems and methods for locating a pattern in an image
Method for the automated design of decentralized controllers for modular self-reconfigurable robots
Cellular array for implementing the set merging function
Data model for supply chain planning
Efficient computation of least cost paths with hard constraints
Systems and methods of maintaining client relationships
Active reservation system
Assembly work support system
Method of knowledge-based engineering cost and weight estimation of an HVAC air-handling assembly for a climate control system
Method and apparatus for arithmetic operation and recording medium of method of operation
Adaptive travel purchasing optimization system
Method and apparatus for automating the conduct of surveys over a network system
Method and apparatus for executing cryptographically-enabled letters of credit
System and method for providing trade confirmations
Internet marketing method and system
Integrated information processing system capable of supplying specific information to person
Optimizing method for digital content delivery in a multicast network
Euro booking currency conversion method
System and method for conducting secure internet transactions
Method of recording image data, and computer system capable of recording image data
Image processing system having multiple processors for performing parallel image data processing
Method for converting a high resolution image to true color using a low resolution color image
Image forming device
Computer-aided diagnosis method and system
System to position defect location on production wafers
Position measuring apparatus using a pair of electronic cameras
Data encoding system
Lossless adaptive encoding of finite alphabet data
Transcoding of a data stream
Image coding apparatus, image coding method, image decoding method, image decoding apparatus, image data transmitting method and recording medium
Apparatus of layered picture coding, apparatus of picture decoding, methods of picture decoding, apparatus of recording for digital broadcasting signal, and apparatus of picture and audio decoding
Image encoding and decoding method and apparatus using edge synthesis and inverse wavelet transform
Postage metering system having multiple postage meter configuration capability
Method and postal apparatus with a chip card write/read unit for reloading change data by chip card
Electronic parking meter locking system
Automated self-service mail processing and storing systems
Apparatus and method for securely determining an outcome from multiple random event generators
Apparatus for and method of receiving information, system for receiving information, apparatus for and method of sending information, and system for sending and receiving information
Method for informing motor vehicle drivers
Vehicle service status tracking system and method
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for determining a corrected distance between an aircraft and a selected runway
Sign language telephone device
Device for location-dependent automatic delivery of information with integrated custom print-on-demand
Computer monitor with dual-purpose control switches, and method for providing screen-control switches on a computer monitor with different functions
Process for the remote publishing of musical scores
Terminal apparatus, information service center, transmitting system, and transmitting method
Text independent speaker recognition with simultaneous speech recognition for transparent command ambiguity resolution and continuous access control
Speech synthesis system and prosodic control method in the speech synthesis system
Unified messaging system with voice messaging and text messaging using text-to-speech conversion
Off site voice enrollment on a transcription device for speech recognition
System and method for providing speaker-specific records of statements of speakers
Control device and control method as well as storage medium which stores program which executes operational processing of the control device and the control method
Window control apparatus and method having function for controlling windows by means of voice-input
System for automated testing of perceptual distortion of prompts from voice response systems
Signal synthesis by decoding subband scale factors from one audio signal and subband samples from different one
Method and apparatus for using non-symmetric speech coders to produce non-symmetric links in a wireless communication system
Method for suppressing noise in a digital speech signal
Real-time lossless encoding and decoding system by moving excess data amounts, and a method therefor
Demultiplexing and decoding apparatus for coded audio and video data
Method for encoding and decoding recording codes and method for inserting synchronization signals
Shutter for disk cartridge and method for producing same
Disc cartridge with gearing shutters and disc driver for driving the same
Security marking system and method for minimizing pirating of data on data media including compact discs and digital versatile discs
Multimedia server
Disc control method and disc control unit
Optical disc, a recorder, a player, a recording method, and a reproducing method that are all used for the optical disc
Edit list creating apparatus
Disk drive with unbalance correcting mechanism
Optical recording medium
Optical information recording medium and method for recording and reproduction information thereon
Probe and information recording/reproduction apparatus using the same
Hierarchical row activation method for banking control in multi-bank DRAM
Detecting circuit and detecting method of idle word for content addressable memory
Semiconductor memory, memory device, and memory card
Apparatus and method implementing repairs on a memory device
Structure and method with which to generate data background patterns for testing random-access-memories
Memory testing apparatus
Method and system for reading a memory by applying control signals thereto
System for I/O interfacing for semiconductor chip utilizing addition of reference element to each data element in first data stream and interpret to recover data elements of second data stream
Method and apparatus for generating expect data from a captured bit pattern, and memory device using same
Memory device with pipelined address path
Nuclear reactor power distribution monitoring system and method including nuclear reactor instrumentation system
Control system of nuclear power plant, and control method thereof
X-ray shielding mechanism for off-axis X-rays
Cardiac rhythm management system having multi-capacitor module
X-ray source having a liquid metal target
Thermal energy transfer device and x-ray tubes and x-ray systems incorporating same
Rotary-anode-type X-ray tube
X-ray tube of rotary anode type
X-Ray device and deposition process for manufacture
Method and apparatus for yield and failure analysis in the manufacturing of semiconductors
Reduction of bend loss through constraint of optical fiber parameters
F2-laser with line selection
Semiconductor laser device, semiconductor laser module, rare-earth-element-doped optical fiber amplifier and fiber laser
Laser oscillation frequency stabilizer
Optical module
Low temperature distributed feedback laser with loss grating and method
Frequency converter
Data transmission method and apparatus
Extended base band multicarrier system
Method for controlling power gain
Measurement scale for non-uniform data sampling in N dimensions
Methods for decoding data in digital communication systems
Processing unit and processing method
Method and device for error correcting coding for high rate digital data transmissions, and corresponding decoding method and device
Methods for decoding data in digital communication systems
Customizable wireless device having stackable modules
Mobile telephone holding device
Adjustable hybrid having dial tone alignment configuration
Audio signal compression method, audio signal compression apparatus, speech signal compression method, speech signal compression apparatus, speech recognition method, and speech recognition apparatus
Method and device for selecting light source for optical communication
Dynamically adjusting integration interval based on a signal strength
Transmission quality reporting
Method for dynamic transmitter training for a shared communication system utilizing dynamic channel allocation
Broadband power management (power banking) within a broadband multi-carrier base station transceiver system
Base station apparatus and radio communication method
Method and configuration for transmitting data
Satellite trunked radio service system
HF radio system with concurrent and quicker channel search capabilities
Mobile communication system and method for establishing synchronization in mobile communications
Checking the presence of mobile stations communicating on a direct mode channel
Data receiving device and data receiving method
Fast operating multiplexer
Economical synchronization system for asynchronous transfer mode mobile communication network without dependence on external system
Time-division multiplexing transmission system
Method for using more bandwidth in a uni-directional path-switched SONET ring
System and method and trafficking telecommunication signals
Quality cause measurement display
Communication system transmitting modulated orthogonal carries with service units that scan spectrum to identify assigned band
Loop certification and measurement for ADSL
Information processing apparatus and method
Manipulation of trail routes resulting from changes in network topology or operational need
Method for displaying a network topology for a task deployment service
Method for managing a status request transmitted from a managing device to an interface device through a network
Method and apparatus for computer network management
Communication path quality monitoring method and quality monitoring apparatus
System and method for performing a hierarchical remote query in an electronic network
Method and apparatus for a cable modem upstream RF switching system
Method and apparatus to limit frequency bands used by a low power radio frequency device
Multiplex communications system
Method and device for transmitting a data packet using ethernet from a first device to at least one other device
Method and apparatus for conservative link selection
Method and system for message transfer session management
Diversity reception for aeronautical packet data communications systems
Time linked scheduling of cell-based traffic
Method and apparatus for packet network congestion avoidance and control
System for switching high-capacity and variable length packets
Usage parameter control device for asynchronous transfer mode system
Multicast and unicast scheduling for a network device
Command-based communications between an initiator and a target
Data link layer quality of service for UMTS
Method and system for allocating bandwith to real-time variable bit rate (rt-VBR) traffic
Method and system for negotiation of the highest common link rate among nodes of a fibre channel arbitrated loop
System for near optimal joint channel estimation and data detection for COFDM systems
Method and apparatus for reducing interference in a twisted wire pair transmission system
Digital data transmission via multi-valued logic signals generated using multiple drive states each causing a different amount of current to flow through a termination resistor
Composite trellis system and method
Direct sequence spread spectrum communications receiver and method for efficient narrow-band signal excision
Method and apparatus for implementing a transmission connection
Location/motion sensitive computer connection
Methods, systems and computer program products for the automated discovery of a services menu
Data communication method and system
Intrusion detection system and method having dynamically loaded signatures
Cell/frame scheduling method and communications cell/frame scheduler
Method and apparatus for remotely accessing an automatic transaction processing system
System and method for real-time data and voice transmission over an internet network
Access system and method for providing interactive access to an information source through a networked distribution system
Distributed telephony resource management method
Data storage system cluster architecture
Method and apparatus for using video memory to buffer data packets for presentation to a data network
Network connection system and connection substitute correspondence client
Method and apparatus for adaptive control of forward error correction codes
Method and apparatus for interfacing between systems operating under different clock regimes with interlocking to prevent overwriting of data
Sampling control loop for a receiver for digitally transmitted signals
Network system using a threshold secret sharing method
Apparatus and method for dialing out of local area telephone calls
Automatic redialing method for a mobile communication network and a mobile communication system
Apparatus with menu-selected functions
Multi-line station interface
Computer-implemented voice-based command structure for establishing outbound communication through a unified messaging system
Apparatus and method for intuitive audio keypad navigation for a wireless communication device
Communications signal splitter and filter
Scalable DSL access multiplexer with high reliability
Method and apparatus for providing expanded telecommunications service
Sound recording controller for dealing speaking system
Compact image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for automated facsimile message confirmation
System for generating clock pulse which the number of pulses outputted within a predetermined time period is based on the number of calculated delay stages
Electronic-mail apparatus
Secondary color modification of a digital image
Digital camera with rotatable components
Electronic image display apparatus and camera having electronic image display function
Image recording apparatus which sends charasteristic/correction signals whenever new look-up table are selected or a pre-selected number of pages have been printed
Method and device for local linking of optical and acoustic signals
Instant replay system
Watermark detection
Video signal transmission method, superimposed information extraction method, video signal output device, video signal recording device, and video signal recording medium
Digital video content transmission ciphering and deciphering method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for television signal scrambling using vertical sync replacement
System and apparatus for broadcasting, capturing, storing, selecting and then forwarding selected product data and viewer choices to vendor host computers
Apparatus for and method of embedding and extracting digital information and medium having program for carrying out the method recorded thereon
Content-adaptive compression encoding
Video image decoding method and apparatus
Video reproducing apparatus which demultiplexes a plurality of video programs and outputs a plurality of program numbers (attribute data) in parallel
Image recording method and device in which color conversion information is recorded as sub-code information, and computer-readable recording medium therefor
Optical line switching system
Method and system for in-band connectivity for optical switching applications
Polling response selection using request monitoring in a network switch apparatus
System, method and switch for an MPLS network and an ATM network
System and method for providing a transaction log
Method and system of providing improved network management data between a plurality of network elements and a management system for increasing a flow and decreasing an amount of data transfer
Electronic telephone client service provider system (EP/CSP)
Method and apparatus for transferring information from an information source to information receivers
Method for the management of a telephone automatic branch exchange, external management device and corresponding automatic branch exchange
Selective call receiver and method for detecting mandatory frames of a channel protocol
Remote power-down control of wireless terminal
Broadband communication network
Mobile wireless transceiver method and apparatus
Simultaneous transmission of speech and data on a mobile communications system
System and method for virtual citizen's band radio in a cellular network
Method and apparatus for automatically grouping communication units in a communication system
Method for compensating for transmission power deviations of channels in a mobile phone
Method for a radiotelephone to scan for alternate radiotelephone systems
System and method for identifying hot spots in the D-AMPS wireless system
Method for designing wireless communications cell sites using uplink parameters
Mobile internet access
Portable telephone communication system and portable telephone communication method
Apparatus and method for calendar based call routing
Method and apparatus to maintain connectivity for mobile terminals in wireless and cellular communications systems
Method and system for reducing call setup processing cost by determining when to forward calls to detached subscribers
Communication system having a notification function with respect to a predetermined state of each communication terminal thereof
Systems and methods for providing information to emergency service centers
Cellular radiotelephone systems and methods that broadcast a common control channel over multiple radio frequencies
Flexible paging for packet data
Sounding-body holding device
Transducer assembly
Directional microphone
Audio system
Compound plasma configuration, and method and apparatus for generating a compound plasma configuration
Target for neutron scattering installation
Stacked I/O bridge circuit assemblies having flexibly configurable connections
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