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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pivoting arm for seeders
Adjustable agricultural marker system and method of manufacture
Material spreading device
Agricultural apparatus
Sweeper chain support system
Stump grinding apparatus
Mineral wool plant substrate
Floral sleeve with deployable flap
Filter containing a metal phthalocyanine and a polycationic polymer
Independent adjustment for sandal single strap system
Automated tightening shoe
Buckle for strapping used in a water heater security system
Umbrella having a sprinkler device
Post protector
Cot that folds into a compact configuration
Display track device with anti-torsion bar
Food package holder
Methods and systems for determining vascular bodily lumen information and guiding medical devices
Method for automatic detection of a contrast agent inflow in a blood vessel of a patient with a CT system and CT system for carrying out this method
Medical apparatus for control of excitation light based on image sensor position and fluorescent drug information
Modification and elimination of back projection weight during the CT image reconstruction
Rigid air ducting for respirator hoods and helmets
Discharge device for at least one medium
Action figure game piece and method of playing action figure game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Collecting agent for sulphidic ores, the production and use thereof
Container cleaning device
Device for producing high pressure in a fluid in miniature
Method of fabricating a spherical cavitation chamber
Machining apparatus and machining line provided with same
Bending device for tube
Toolholder and toolholder assembly for a cutting insert positioned at a non-conventional height
Method for in situ measurement of the optical offset of an optical component
Chip-component accommodating device and examining apparatus having the same
Strut spring compression apparatus
Machine tool and bed structure thereof
Engine valve adjustment device
Slide stop device of a hexagonal spanner
Multi-purpose locking plier
Integrated shaver and hair trimmer device with adjustable handle
Razor having a microfluidic shaving aid delivery system and method of ejecting shaving aid
Cylinder apparatus with a circumferentially movable operating member and swingable levers to fix and release operating member in a selected position
Sealing strip for a rim of a wheel and a rim having a sealing strip
Energy return wheel systems and methods
Air spring
Wheeled type working vehicle
Seat slide device for vehicle
Floor console
Airbag module and cover arrangement
Low mount seat belt guide loop
Control device and control method of electric vehicle
Vehicle with storage/utility system
Vehicle braking system
Controller for a drive system
Electro-pneumatic shifting system
Tray and dolly assembly
Vehicle body interchangeability
Suspension control system to facilitate wheel motions during parking
Bicycle pedal and shoe connection system and method
Blade member for airplane
Mobile tracking and subduing apparatus, method, and computer program product
Rechargeable compressed air system and method for supplemental aircraft thrust
System and method for high pressure delivery of gas-supersaturated fluids
Method and machine for wrapping an article
Sloped part high-speed escalator
Blister packaging machine
Paper handling method and system for document folding for windowed envelopes
Sealing cap
Conveying apparatus with piezoelectric driver
Log discharge device for a rewinding machine
Dispensing apparatus and method
Sheet material feeding device and recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for making booklets
Sheet post processing device
Modular and adaptable brake system for an elevator sheave
Method and tensioning device for stabilizing and regulating the tension of thread being unwound from bobbins
Machine for joining yarns
Engine loader and transporter apparatus and methods
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and device for manufacturing glass panes of any desired contour from sheet glass
Fixed Constructions
Jack for a working implement and method
Vehicle ramp with chock
System for insulating vertical wall
Mobile elevating hut
Gutter guard
Automated construction machinery and method
Inside door handle device of automobile
Merchandise lock bar system and method
Vehicle window carrier plate connected to wires extending through flared openings
Prefabricated door frame and door
Open hole anchor and associated method
In situ thermal processing of a heavy oil diatomite formation
Method of optimizing production of gas from subterranean formations
Methods of fracturing high temperature subterranean zones and foamed fracturing fluids therefor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine including splash-resistant oil storage structure
Air-fuel ratio control device for internal combustion engine
Control method for an exhaust gas purification system and an exhaust gas purification system
Controller for an internal combustion engine
Spark ignition modifier module and method
Device for thermally controlling the intake air of the internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Internal combustion engine machine incorporating significant improvements in power, efficiency and emissions control
Turbine component with enhanced stagnation prevention and corner heat distribution
Apparatus and method for improving combustion stability
Damping arrangement for reducing combustion-chamber pulsation in a gas turbine system
General-purpose engine
Engine fastening structure
Fuel processor apparatus and method
Internal combustion engine blowby gas crankcase emission control system
Diagnostic device for exhaust gas recirculation system
Intake air management apparatus for a vehicle, and motorcycle including same
Carburetor with intermediate throttle valve blocking position
Crankcase venting rotary valve carburetor
Apparatus and method for lessening the accumulation of high boiling fraction from fuel in intake valves of combustion engines
Hydraulic cylinder with integrated accumulator
Power-operated clutch actuator
Dual area piston for transmission clutch and sequential control therefor
Drum brake assembly
Method of increasing friction material utilization for carbon brakes
Clutch for transmission of power
Vibration damper with stroke-dependent damping force
Two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive change-over apparatus and driving actuator therefor
Fluid control apparatus
Fluid flow regulation
Valve having contamination counter-measures
Normally open hydraulic control valve
Flexure elastomer antenna isolation system
Refrigeration apparatus
Rotary silicon wafer cleaning apparatus
Tactical duostock
Active armor including medial layer for producing an electrical or magnetic field
High sensitivity, low noise piezoelelctric flexural sensing structure using <011> poled relaxor-based piezoelectric single crystals
Physical object search
Determination of a route of a mobile device in a mobile network
Route display device, route display method, route display program, and route display system
Method for providing location service and mobile terminal
Reconciling service class-based routing affecting user service within a controllable transit system
Differential pressure systems and methods for measuring hydraulic parameters across surface water-aquifer interfaces
Oscillating vane actuator apparatus and method for active flow control
Method for indicating duration of gas supply remaining and providing result to user thereof
Position sensor comprising elastomeric material
Calibration verification
Method and apparatus for determining rotary position
Radiation imaging system and image processing method
Spectral deconvolution in ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
Formation of metal nanowires for use as variable-range hydrogen sensors
Scan circuitry for testing input and output functional paths of an integrated circuit
Power supply usage determination
Positioning technique for wireless communication system
Tracing seismic sections to convert to digital format
Move-out correction of seismic data
Optical transmission system capable of transmitting optical signals according to address information
Ultra small core fiber with dispersion tailoring
Optical coupling device and method of implementing optical coupling device
Expanded beam optical insert
Optical connector having low insertion loss and optical connector assembly
Optical waveguide, optical modulator and optical coupler
Integrated imaging system
Information processing apparatus for determining a height of a toner image formed on an image bearing member, information processing method, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with belt position control feature
Development device, process cartridge incorporating same, and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Toner container and image forming apparatus
Charging apparatus and image forming apparatus
Information processing apparatus and time measurement method
Robot and robot system
Circuit protection system and method
Apparatus for synchronizing a data handover between a first clock domain and a second clock domain through phase synchronization
Biologically inspired hardware cell architecture
Methods for redundant array of independent disk (RAID) storage recovery
Optical communication system, interface board and control method performed in interface board
Characterization and validation of processor links
Weather adaptive environmentally hardened appliances
Consideration of adjacent track interference and wide area adjacent track erasure during disk defragmentation
Data communications in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
Redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) system configured to reduce rebuild time and to prevent data sprawl
Mapping different portions of data to different pages of multi-level non-volatile memory
Managing high speed memory
Demoting tracks from a first cache to a second cache by using a stride number ordering of strides in the second cache to consolidate strides in the second cache
Demoting tracks from a first cache to a second cache by using a stride number ordering of strides in the second cache to consolidate strides in the second cache
Demoting tracks from a first cache to a second cache by using an occupancy of valid tracks in strides in the second cache to consolidate strides in the second cache
Caching source blocks of data for target blocks of data
Caching source blocks of data for target blocks of data
Asynchronous computer communication
Memory controller with emulative internal memory buffer
Method of identifying devices on a bus and apparatus
Monitoring performance of workload scheduling systems based on plurality of test jobs
Method and system for named collaborative spaces in a collaborative computing environment
Connection management and optimization for services delivered over networks
Method and system for peer-to-peer image streaming
Non-intrusive single sign-on mechanism in cloud services
Dynamically calculating an inbound blocking factor using operating-system-level conditions
Mobile device workload management for cloud computing using SIP and presence to control workload and method thereof
Scalable secure wireless interaction enabling methods, system and framework
Methods and apparatus for merging peer-to-peer overlay networks
System for notifying mail-receiving error information
Mobile device workload management for cloud computing using SIP and presence to control workload and method thereof
Method and system for avoiding an unintentional time-out for communications in a client-proxy-server environment
Software and method for monitoring a data stream and for capturing desired data within the data stream
Transaction processing system and operation of the transaction process system
Scripting/proxy systems, methods and circuit arrangements
Delivery server, content delivery method of delivery server, booster server, content delivery method of booster server
SNMP request processing within distributed device architecture
Tracking computer system configuration changes with corresponding message responses
Proactive intellectual property enforcement system
Information processing apparatus and control method
Relevant alert delivery in a distributed processing system
Distributed parallel discovery
System management operational workflow templates
System and method for access control and identity management
Various methods and apparatuses for a central management station for automatic distribution of configuration information to remote devices
Systems, devices, and methods for posteriori estimation using NAND markov random field (NMRF)
Receiving apparatus and method for display of separately controllable command objects,to create superimposed final scenes
Creating annotations of transient computer objects
System and method for representation of multiple related objects within a web feed
Document handling in a web application
Display window device for sale of products
Method for operating a drive train
System and method for variably resolved identification tags
Method and system of determining a prioritized list of users related to a given goal
Method of integrating tire identification into a vehicle information system
Method of generating statistical opinion data
Magnifying the text of a link while still retaining browser function in the magnified display
Surface-surface graphical intersection tools and primitives for data visualization, tabular data, and advanced spreadsheets
Surface-curve graphical intersection tools and primitives for data visualization, tabular data, and advanced spreadsheets
Methods of efficiently recording and reproducing activity in virtual world
System and method for converting component data
Measuring duplication in search results
Method and system of management of queries for crowd searching
Control device, control method, and storage medium
System for and method of processing business personnel information
Service compliance enforcement using user activity monitoring and work request verification
Arrangement for comparing content identifiers of files
Data processing apparatus
System and method for development of a system architecture
Automating current-aware integrated circuit and package design and optimization
Routing centric design closure
Vibration control apparatus of driving system for vehicle and control method thereof
Automatic generation of valid at-speed structural test (ASST) test groups
Parking support systems, parking support methods, and parking support programs
Providing a user input interface prior to initiation of an operating system
Method and system of deterring unauthorized use of media content by degrading the contents waveform
Intelligent connectors integrating magnetic modular jacks and intelligent physical layer devices
Consolidating disparate cloud service data and behavior based on trust relationships between cloud services
Creating web services from an existing web site
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program for generating content lists
Graphical interface for the management of sequential medical data
Facilitating and authenticating transactions through the use of a dongle interfacing a security card and a data processing apparatus
Multi-touch device having a bot with local and remote capabilities
Spawned message state determination
Shared versioned workload partitions
Television receiving apparatus and method for displaying an electronic program guide
KVM switch system capable of wirelessly transmitting keyboard-mouse-data between wired input/output devices based on a security clearance level
Apparatus having a control unit that recognizes circle motions to change a display state of an image
Peer-to-peer media item recommendation system with peer interaction including calculating a correlation-based and a domain-based recommendation score for a friend
System and method for providing news articles
Evaluating and comparing the requirements of a task with the capabilities of an entity
Uniform user interface for software applications
Limiting deduplication based on predetermined criteria
User-specified localization of text for programs
Software-hardware adder
Global positioning system location information for an automated data storage library
Ordering volumes and tracks for data transfer based on usage characteristics
Client and database problem determination and monitoring
Generating BPEL control flows
Program language binding generation for system interfaces
System, method and apparatus for electronically protecting data and digital content
Systems and methods of automatic multimedia transfer and playback
Trust retention
Method and system for multiple dataset gaussian process modeling
Technique to perform three-source operations
Central logout from multiple websites
Computer aided visualization of a business object model lifecycle
Metamodeling contextual navigation of computer software applications
Realtime tracking of software components
Portable terminal, portable terminal control method, and portable terminal control program
Step granularity selection in a software debugger
Step granularity selection in a software debugger
Guiding correction of semantic errors in code using collaboration records
Asynchronous code testing in integrated development environment (IDE)
System, method, and computer program product for error code injection
Rule correlation to rules input attributes according to disparate distribution analysis
Providing programming support to debuggers
Techniques for objective assessment and improvement of software quality
Pre-merge conflict avoidance
Relational modeling for performance analysis of multi-core processors
Enabling computational process as a dynamic data source for BI reporting systems
Enabling computational process as a dynamic data source for bi reporting systems
Optimizing compiler performance by object collocation
Planning a reliable migration in a limited stability virtualized environment
Visualization-centric performance-based volume allocation in a data storage system
Cargo handling controller for cargo handling vehicle
System and method of bar code error detection in large volume mailing
Method and system for a bar code simulator
Method and apparatus for patterning cards, instruments and documents
Apparatus and method for recognizing hand rotation
Color correction for static cameras
Digital image processing method and device for lightening said image
Image reconfiguration method for electro-magnetic tomography
Content-adaptive pixel processing systems, methods and apparatus
Device and method of compressing image for display device
Video processing
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Biometric information processing device, biometric-information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
Addition ratio learning apparatus and method, image processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for measuring video quality using at least one semi-supervised learning regressor for mean observer score prediction
Controlling quarantining and biasing in cataclysms for optimization simulations
Conjunctive normal form encoding of cardinality constraints
Smart survey with progressive discovery
Simplifying a graph of correlation rules while preserving semantic coverage
Smart reminder management
Smart reminder management
System and method for estimating residual lifetime value of a customer base utilizing survival analysis
Method and computer system for performing transactions between a client and a server
Privacy-sensitive sample analysis
Payment system and method using a mobile telephone network for charging and settlement
Intelligent dialogue amongst competitive user applications
Trading control system that shares customer trading activity data among plural servers
Method for resolving transactions
Modifying containerized processing logic for use in insurance claim processing
Sentiment collection and association system
Transaction processing with core and distributor processor implementations
Providing a radio station at a user device using previously obtained DRM locked content
Parking meters, systems and methods of parking enforcement
Method for controlling power saving mode in group communication
Systems and methods for user-specification and sharing of background sound for digital text reading and for background playing of user-specified background sound during digital text reading
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Method for manufacturing a tunnel junction sensor with non-shunting stabilization
Adjustable memory allocation based on error correction
Control rod blade unlatching tool
X-ray reflecting device
Method of making chip resistor
Method of manufacturing a circuit for an electrical machine
Vehicle battery fluid supply system with vacuum source
Outphasing power combining by antenna
Decision feedback equalizers with high-order continuous time feedback
Applications of universal frequency translation
Data puncturing ensuring orthogonality within communication systems
Pre-scaling soft-decoder inputs
Dynamically changing a transmitter sampling frequency for a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to reduce interference from DAC images
Setting a transmission power level for a mobile unit
Device and method for augmenting cellular telephone audio signals
Signal transmission system, transmitting device, receiving device, electronic device, and signal transmission method
Optical network systems and methods for operating same
Using direct phase noise measurement and blocker recovery to cancel reciprocal mixing noise
Optical signal monitoring method and apparatus
Method for channel estimation
Intelligent roaming and interworking
Communication apparatus, wireless communication system, method for approximation in feedback information calculation, and recording medium
Apparatus and method for antenna diversity reception
Regulating broadcast overhead messages within a wireless communications network
Buffered audio system with synchronizing bus controller
Image based interactive ticker system in television signal
Method and system for configuring a connection-oriented packet network over a wavelength division multiplexed optical network
Clock synchronization system, node, clock synchronization method, and program
Fragmentation of link layer discovery protocol packets
MAC address anonymizer
Power saving method for coded transmission
System, method, and apparatus to correlate a TCAP web service request to an application server session
Efficient software-based private VLAN solution for distributed virtual switches
Packet routing in a network
Method and apparatus for end-host based mobility, multi-homing and multipath protocols
System and method for parsing frames
Method and apparatus for medium access control in-order delivery
Delivering multicast frames to aggregated link trunks in a distributed switch
System and method for reservation of disjoint time intervals in wireless local area networks
User data notification in a mobile communications system
Layered transmission apparatus and method, reception apparatus and reception method
Digital radio frequency clocking methods
Modulated impulse generating apparatus and transmission apparatus
Digital phase detector with zero phase offset
Hierarchical modulation for communication channels in single-carrier frequency division multiple access
Method of equalizing an OFDM signal
Method and apparatus for symbol decoding using tree pruning based sphere search
Receiving device, receiving method, receiving program, and processor
Network node with network-attached stateless security offload device employing out-of-band processing
Multi-version message condition based delivery
Home node-B apparatus and security protocols
Communication system with relays and communication therein via multi-carriers
Method, user equipment and system for providing simultaneous PoC multimedia services session by session
Terminal, communication system, data management method, server and storage medium
Signal transmission device, and transmission control method
Device and method for authenticating biological information
Authentication of remote host via closed ports
Portable system and method for remotely accessing data
Multi-media identity management system
Portable telephone with connection indicator
Passthrough case for a smart phone
Interactive protective smart case with touchscreen display and laser pointer for the display and broadcast of images, video, and audio respectively from a smartphone
Short range wireless networks
SIM information based SIM validation
Authentication request management
Usage management system and usage management method
Enterprise network and femtocell thereof
Method and apparatus for interfacing a customer with a call center
Information sharing for third party applications in cellular telecommunication infrastructures
Caller information displaying method, cellular phone, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
Call-in number formatting adjustment per viewing device
Communication device
Motion picture encoding device and motion picture encoding processing program
Storage emulation control
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Moving picture playback equipment and moving picture playback method
Optical disk for high resolution and general video recording, optical disk reproduction apparatus, optical disk recording apparatus, and reproduction control information generation apparatus
Data processor
Moving image processing apparatus, moving image processing method, and program
Method for switching between minor channels for digital televisions
System and method for wireless communication of uncompressed video having a relay device for power saving
Cable modem and data receiving method thereof
Broadcasting method and broadcast signal receiving apparatus
Headset signal multiplexing system and method
Audio transducer
Piezoelectric microphone fabricated on glass
Microphone unit and voice input device comprising same
Integrated circuit device, voice input device and information processing system
Method and system for femtocell positioning
Communication device
Providing a mobility state for a mobile device
Method to select MS in overload control triggered base station initiated handover in WiMAX systems
Radio base station and mobile communication method
Methods and systems using unified operator and rat mapping and selection scheme
Selection of connection type in cellular system
Resource mapping for multicarrier operation
Wireless communication device
Overhead reduction for multi-carrier transmission systems
Direct communications in wireless networks
Efficient uplink operation with high instantaneous data rates
Method and apparatus for soft migration of frequency spectrum blocks
Short-term interference mitigation in a wireless communication system
System and method for wireless network planning
Method and arrangement for power control during soft handover
Synchronising a communications device
Reliable uplink resource request
Transmit power dependent reduced emissions from a wireless transceiver
Apparatus and method for interworking between multiple frequency band modes
Frequency allocation method and apparatus in mobile communication system
Radio communication system, radio communication device, and radio communication method
Wireless communication device and method for switching alert modes of the wireless communication device
Method for fabricating a circuit board with a three dimensional surface mounted array of semiconductor chips
Expired Patents Due To Time
Suture cutting system
Injection apparatus for injection molding machine
Apparatus for manufacturing disc substrate
Device for producing cross-finned pipes
Plant for forming ceramic tiles, including those of large dimensions, by means of a partially isostatic molds
Injection molding nozzle assembly
Apparatus for proportionally controlling fluid delivery to a mold
Flash suppressor for hot water heater
Kiln universal oxygen enrichment
Port air conveying system for rotary kiln
Substrate conveying system and device manufacturing method using the same
Expansion appliance for correcting tooth misalignments
Method of and apparatus for ligating orthodontic appliances
Attachment devices and method for a dental applicance
Curing system for photohardenable materials
Dental abrading tool
Apparatus for applying suction adjacent to a tooth
Bone distention and condensation dental implant distractor apparatus and method
Compositions, methods and kits for hemostasis and sealing of pulp during invasive dental procedures
Dental containment device
Terminal assembly for flexible circuit strip
High density wirebond connector assembly
Electrical connection box
Surface mounted electrical connector
C-shaped compliant contact
Electrical track and adapter assembly
Docking station for multiple devices
High current male and female power connector assembly
Lever-actuated connector
Revolving connector
Joint connector
Fluid-insulated electrical link device
Reflector lamp unit of a bilaterally based discharge lamp and lamp holder
System with printed circuit boards that can be plugged together
Molded electrical connector with a deformable elastic ridge
Safety cover for an electrical receptacle
Terminal strip for maintaining tip/ring orientation standards
Branch connection structure for flat cable
Electrical connector with a coupling state indicating mechanism
High density cable assembly and grounding pieces of connectors of the same and method for grounding
Connector assembly and power shunt contact
RF amplifier assembly with reliable RF pallet ground
Protective RF terminator cap
Electrical connector having a dust-proof cover
Modular GFCI receptacle
Faceplate light socket assembly
Coaxial connector termination
Auto-seizing coaxial cable port for an electrical device
Waterproof connector
Distributor for the stereos of motor vehicle
Card edge connector having cross-talk reduction feature
Electrical connector having power contacts for providing high electrical power
Electric plug
Sealed, water-proof housing for an electrical device
Single pole cable connector
Method and apparatus for controlling a multi-nozzle ink jet printhead
Cartridge stopper with a valve function
Inkjet printing device, a method of applying hotmelt ink, image-wise to a receiving material and a hotmelt ink suitable for use in such a device and method
Ink jet array
Multi-chamber fluid supply
Ink-jet printer
Printing apparatus
Dual lens X-ray protective eyewear
Assembled eye-glasses
Single-vision ophthalmic lens series
Eye examining apparatus
Personal identification
Integrated ophthalmic illumination method and system
Liquid crystal projection display system
Video projection system for projecting more than one picture
Backprojection transparency viewer
Image display apparatus
Light barrier, screen or reflector
Motion amplification based sensors
Wavelength-selective mirror selector
Display system having a non-luminescent display device and a light source and method of illumination to display area
Surface light source device and liquid crystal display
Backlight unit and electronic apparatus
Automatic turning head light structure
Ceiling fan having an up-light using pivoting light sockets
Lamp showing dynamically changeful luster and shadow
Lamp support for emergency light fixture
Decorative hidden light assembly
Net light set with ice stick section
Combined pencil sharpener and ink stamp with illumination device
Vehicle lamp with discharge bulb, electrically-conductive cover, and reflector having electrically-conductive film on reflector surface
Dual security lighting system
Lamp shade assembly
Illumination device for illuminating an object''s interior
Motorcycle headlight
Projection headlight with rotatable reflector and light source and illumination device for a vehicle containing same
Device for regulating a composition of feed material fed from multiple feed sources
Mixing valve structure for destroying pressure difference between liquids
Die coating material stirring machine
Contactless-IC-card receive and read-write mechanism for an on-street parking meter
Device for detecting temperature inside a notebook computer
LCD temperature sensing
Intraoral dental radiographic film packet with formed comfort enhancing perimeter
Positioner for an x-ray examination apparatus
X-ray image apparatus having calculating means for calculating the observing area in the subject
Bag-type package to be torn for easy access to the product
Resealable pack
Motors, and bearings therefor
Linear motion guide unit
Bearing spacer for in-line skate
Bearing assembly
Wheel bearing assembly with brake rotor
System and method for limiting protrusion of a fiber-optic cable from a mounting structure
Easy-to-clean optical connector system
Optical module, optical fiber connecting plug, and optical coupler equipped with the same
Heat processing apparatus and heat developing apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for photofinishing a photosensitive media and/or ordering of image products
Substrate processing system
System and method for adjustment of color presentation in networked media
Ink ribbon
Tape storing and feeding mechanism for mailing machines
Printer having stacker
Stick-like cosmetic material feeding out vessel
Locating structure for a bounce device in a pen
Make-up brush and method for manufacturing such a brush
Device for dispensing and applying a product
Mascara brush applicator
Lotion application device
Caps for writing instruments
Applicator device
Writing utensils
Organizer strip system, tool and method of use
Brake control apparatus with a stroke simulator
Switchable orifice solenoid with plate valve for an anti-lock brake system
Oscillating cooler
Combination cutting board and countertop system
Joinery molding
PCI I/O bracket retainer
Swinging drawer for kitchen cabinets and suchlike
Container with bottom panel and method of making same
Signaling method for a pen driver circuit interface
Odd number of passes, odd number of advances, and separated-diagonal-line masking, in liquid-ink printers
Marking materials and marking processes therewith
Device using the action of a gas for controlling the movement of a fluid
Two stage print cartridge capping technique
Printer carriage with configuration to insure proper detection of ink cartridge
Multiple-head ink jet printer
Exceeding the surface settling limit in acoustic ink printing
Inkjet printhead having an actuator shroud
Printing apparatus and method for imaging charged toner particles using direct writing methods
Process for fixing a guiding member on a support, guiding device obtained by this process and marking apparatus incorporating such a device
Retainer catch assembly
Object clamp including clamp members and associated methods
Device for locking a mechanical member onto a shaft
Portable speed bump for traffic regulation
Paving method and paving machine
Manhole with extension wings
Fender system
Gap spar with ducking risers
Structure for preventing frost heave damage to an underground structure and a method of installing the same
Composite pile with tapering lower portion and method for driving pile into granular soil
Apparatus for controlling flow in air conveyor systems
High thermal efficiency ink jet printhead
Ink jet printhead having a ground bus that overlaps transistor active regions
Pillars in a printhead
Ink jet printing head having a reduced width piezoelectric activating portion
Ink jet head, drive method of ink jet head, and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink-jet type recording head
Restraint belt presenter
Canister attachment construction of a vehicle
Page protection system for photo albums and the like
Baseball score card and method
Article packaging assembly
Printed document including bar code authentication system
Hose connecting assembly
Add-on tamper-resistant lock device for cover
Motor vehicle door lock with locking elements
Multi-material hybrid bumper
Article carrier
Article piercing end effector
Tubular running tool
Power gripper
Auxiliary tinted transparent side sun visor for vehicles
Hinge assembly for tonneau cover
Attachment system for truck beds
Two-piece hardtop for a sport utility vehicle
Pull handle mechanism for vehicle caps and the like
Roof-liner attachment for motor-vehicle convertible top
Collapsible streamlined tail for trucks and trailers
Impact-absorbing system for automotive vehicle
One piece molded roof for a vehicle cab
Openable motor vehicle roof with adjustable headliner part
Roof arrangement
Handle-operated rocker recliner having rocker locks on both side linkages of mechanism
Object holders and organizers
Removable seat cover
Back support structure for a seat
Flex cable drive for seat adjuster assembly
Lifter apparatus for vehicle
Movement device for automobile seat and automobile seat
Pelvic stabilizer mechanism for a wheelchair
Energy absorbing torsion bar seat belt retractor with sharp onset property
Seat belt apparatus
Roller skate wheel assembly
Method and arrangement for sound-suppression in wheels
Wheel covers
Overhauser magnetic resonance imaging (ORMI) method comprising ex vivo polarization of a magnetic resonance (MR) imaging agent
High-side energy delivery through a single-quadrant thyristor triggered with a current-limiting switch
Dual-chamber pacemaker with optimized PVARP following event that may disrupt AV synchrony
Implantable stimulation device and method for determining ventricular and atrial sensitivity thresholds
Method and apparatus for controlled contraction of collagen tissue
Substitute processing apparatus with power distribution control for reduced power consumption during apparatus start up
Recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, and recording and/or reproducing apparatus
System and method for simulation, modeling and scheduling of equipment maintenance and calibration in biopharmaceutical batch process manufacturing facilities
Production planning method, a storage medium and a production planning apparatus
System and method for simulation and modeling of biopharmaceutical batch process manufacturing facilities
Design of microelectronic process flows for manufacturability and performance
Fault diagnosis system and method for diagnosing a fault of an embroidery machine
Method and apparatus for preparing data on tool moving path, and machining method and system
Apparatus for regulating welding parameters during laser beam welding
Tool path generator for computer aided manufacturing
Method and apparatus for supplying liquid crystal into cell using side ports for both vacuum and supply
Projection exposure method and apparatus
Method of adjusting a scanning exposure apparatus and scanning exposure apparatus using the method
Surface acoustic wave device
Surface acoustic wave device
Surface acoustic wave device
High resolution focused ultrasonic transducer, for LWD method of making and using same
Connecting apparatus for electro-acoustic devices
Piezoelectric switch with audible feedback
Acoustic wave transducer device
Spark plug having a metallic terminal within a through-hole
Annealed carbon soot field emitters and field emitter cathodes made therefrom
.alpha.-Oxygen-substituted cyclohexane propionitriles, perfumery uses thereof and processes for preparing same
Fragrance materials
Agouti polypeptide compositions
Polypeptides endowed with a larvicidal activity toward Lepidoptera
High strength, Bio-compatible tissue adhesive and methods for treating vigorously bleeding surfaces
Method of controlling protozoan infections using syringomycin-family lipodepsipeptides
Pulmonary insulin crystals
Antineoplastic conjugates of transferrin, albumin and polyethylene glycol
Treating retinal neuronal disorders by the application of insulin-like growth factors and analogs
Synthetic complementary peptides and ophthalmologic uses thereof
Derivatives of carbohydrates and compositions containing them
Treatment of bacterial infections
Oligonucleotide therapies for modulating the effects of herpesviruses
Compositions and methods for cancer immunotherapy
Sequestrin of Plasmodium falciparum
High affinity DNA binding compounds as adjuvants in antisense technology
Antisense modulation of amyloid beta protein expression
Nematicidal pyrazoles
Therapeutic use of compounds with .beta.3-agonist activity
Use of chelating agents in the treatment of atherosclerotic conditions
Nitrate esters and their use for neurological conditions
Long-acting oxytetracycline composition
Prevention of ovarian cancer by administration of progestin products
Halophenoxy substituted carbapenem antibacterial compounds
Carbapenem derivatives
.alpha.-ketoamide multicatalytic protease inhibitors
Antimycobacterial agents
Fused ring calcium channel blockers
2-(4-bromo or 4-iodo phenylamino) benzoic acid derivatives and their use as MEK inhibitors
Pyrrolidinyl and pyrrolinyl ethylamine compounds as kappa agonists
Aminoalkyl substituted pyrrolo [3,2-E]pyridine and pyrollo [2,3-b]pyrimidine derivatives: modulators of CRF1 receptors
Aralkyl diazabicycloalkane derivatives for CNS disorders
Pyridazinone hydrochloride compound and method for producing the same
Antipsychotic indolyl derivatives
Urocanic acid derivatives
Benzonitriles and benzofluorides
Heterocyclic compounds, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use in the treatment of diabetes and related diseases
Purine derivatives and medicinal use thereof
2-(0-(Pyrimidin-4-yl)methyleneoxy)phenylacetic acid derivatives and their use for controlling harmful fungi and animal pests
Production of analgesic synergy by co-administration of sub-analgesic doses of a MU opioid agonist and a kappa-2 opioid agonist
Methods and compositions to treat glycosaminoglycan-associated molecular interactions
Substituted dimeric compounds
Annulated 4-carboxyamino-2-methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinolines
Dihydropyridines and new uses thereof
Enterokinetic benzamide
Substituted amino acids as erythropoietin mimetics
Benzimidazole cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors
Amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Biphenyl sulfonyl aryl carboxylic acids useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
Benzimidazole compounds
Caged amino acid derivatives bearing photolabile protective groups
Metalloproteinase inhibitors
Method for the treatment of neurological or neuropsychiatric disorders
Indole derivatives and medicinal compositions containing the same
Cyclopentane heptan(ene)oic acid, 2-heteroarylalkenyl derivatives as therapeutic agents
Hydroxamic and carboxylic acid derivatives having MMP and TNF inhibitory activity
Magnetic drive centrifugal pump having ceramic bearings, ceramic thrust washers, and a water cooling channel
Micropump with a built-in intermediate part
Shaft supporting structure for an axial fan
Brushless fan
Insulated box fan
Coolant pump for automotive use
Enhanced oil film dilation for compressor suction valve stress reduction
Internally profiled stator tube
Oiless rotary scroll air compressor antirotation lubrication mechanism
Scroll compressor with axially floating non-orbiting scroll and no separator plate
Scroll compressor with improved oil flow
Assemblies for modular fluid pump
Apparatus for texturing a thermoplastic extrusion utilizing a liquid jet printer head
Die for tubular film extrusion
Temperature-responsive mobile shielding device between a getter pump and a turbo pump mutually connected in line
Flow regulator for water pump
Air conditioning pressure relief valve assembly
Hydraulic gear pump power pack for a power steering system with an integral pressure wave attenuator for fluid noise reduction
Self-locking plug-in stabilizer bar link mechanism
Suspension system with axle oscillation circuit
Suspension system
Bicycle and a rear wheel suspension therefor
Steerable trailers
Sliding hitch for fifth wheel trailers
Attachment for a snowboard for learning snowboard skiing
Releasable cross country ski binding
Snowboard binding system
Transfer lift
Inflatable curtain with tensioning device
Safety device for a motor vehicle with a multi-chamber airbag
Gas generator and device for inflating a vehicle occupant restraint system
Mobile work machine with telescopic support struts
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Storage holder/protector
Combined monkey''s fist keychain and zipper assist
Tool holder
Sanding block holder for a tool belt
Storage container
Pastry brush cap
Surface pattern for an absorbent paper
Sheet of bath tissue
Tulip with irregular border surface pattern for paper product
Daisy with wavy border surface pattern for paper product
Swimsuit hanger
Drum storage container
Ring display
Watch display and storage box
Portable folding seat
Hanging rack connector for use in the bathroom
Support rack for use in the bathroom
Hanging rack connector for use in the bathroom
Plunger caddy
Towel bar
Neck cushion
Brewing apparatus
Electric coffee maker
Dispenser for liquid foodstuff
Coffee maker
Stacked food steamer
Component of handle for kitchen ware
Tea ball
Cup for beverages or food
Drinking glass
Beverage container
Fluted container
Ice cream server
Football glove
Billiard master
Triple layer sponge
Trash can receptacle
Golf cart
Golf cart
Lift-lower controls for a pallet truck
Tracked vehicle for construction
Tire tread
Tire tread
Decorative surface of a tire sidewall
Automotive wheel
Vehicle wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Vehicle top
Cover for a case for battery cells
Power plug with receptacle
Receptacle adapter
Receptacle adapter
Electric connector
Electrical connector
Electric connector with a cable
Aerial storage unit for fiber optic cable
Control panel
Cooler for heat dissipation
Thermal protector housing
Portable compact disc player
Entertainment and communication device for furniture
Clock radio
Flat panel multimedia computer speaker
Speaker for personal computer
Optical scanner
Hand held organizer cover plate
Extractable panel of a hard disk drive
Portion of a keyboard
Computer generated icon for a display screen
User interface for a television display screen
Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
Cellular phone
Disk for mower blades
Combination compressor/generator
Pistons for a refrigerant compressor
Compost spreading and top dressing apparatus
Lawn mower blade
Washing machine
Jig for lapping magnetic heads
Sputtering chamber coil
Electronic still camera
Electronic still camera
Electronic still camera with monitor
Electronic still camera
Video camera
Developer supplying device for image forming apparatus
Toner cartridge
Computer printer
Ink cartridge for printer
Clipboard with integral clip
File with a pocket
Millennium calendar
Loose leaf binder end portion
Writing instrument with blade
Fountain pen
Writing instrument
Candle shaver
Foldable game board with fastener for backgammon
Top unit and base for a gaming device
Combined pen and toy
Combined pen and toy
Housing of exercise machine
Housing of exercise machine
Ski pole handle
Player interface and tray for a gaming device
Wagering device display
Fishing reel body
Drain strainer
Plant breeding gutter
Shower wall
Shower wall
Air purifier
Air freshener
Grab handle ventilator
Bottom housing for ceiling fan
Flow based incentive spirometer
Blood pressure monitor
Medication dispensing device for loading tablets and capsules into small bags
Medical tray
Hybrid medical supply unit
Dual-wing catheter hub
Quick-release ENT surgical ear speculum holder
End cap for a spinal implant
Breast shell
Bone implant
Female urinal aid
Implantable sub-cutaneous double chamber
Combined straw and pacifier
Foot bath
Block for a flowerbed
Extruded plastic window outside mount shutter frame molding
Straight face, foam-backed, vinyl siding panel
Wide frame
Food processing and serving area for a restaurant
Double jamb mullion
Modular command post
Pagoda copper torch design
Combined traffic wand and receptacle
Twin beam spotlight
Double vision - super halogen light
Replacement tail lens assembly for automobile
Adjustable work light
Three lamp work light
Lighting fixture housing
Combined solar powered lantern and radio
Exterior surface configuration of a rear light
Curling iron
Curling iron
Eyelash curler
Depilatory device
Shower scrubber
Vertical dial stick case
Full-face helmet
Aerosol treatment device for respiratory ailments
Human Necessities
Ornithogalum dubium plant named `Namib Sun`
Aechmea plant named `Inca`
Strawberry plant named `Biscayne`
Photinia plant named `Colwillow`
Prunus rootstock named `Nickels`
Table seedless grape plant named `Autumn Giant`
Rose plant named `Tanoronez`
Carnation plant named `Cantare`
Yucca recurvifolia plant named `Hinvargas`
Verbena plant named `Tort White`
Verbena plant named `Tort Peachy`
Heuchera plant named `Strawberry Candy`
Hibiscus plant named `Floru`
Disposable self-shielding aspirating syringe
Acetamidine derivatives and their use as inhibitors for the nitric oxide synthase
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of manufacturing foam core moldings
Ink-jet apparatus employing ink-jet head having a plurality of ink ejection heaters corresponding to each ink ejection opening
Ink jet recording apparatus having deflection means for deflecting droplets of ink emitted through a nozzle
Bicycle hub
Condition adaptive-type control method for internal combustion engines
Fastening assembly for fastening a first member to a second member
Vehicle brake system with variable brake pedal feel
Pressure control valve
Vehicle braking device
Redundant clevis pin pair
Automated apparatus and method for preparing contact lenses for inspection and packaging
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electrochemical conversion of anhydrous hydrogen halide to halogen gas using a membrane-electrode assembly or gas diffusion electrodes
Fixed Constructions
Entry door barricade for recreational vehicles and the like
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Quick release coupling device for hollow body
Fluid fitting with torque suppression arrangement
Two piece male hose coupling
Tuning saboted projectile performance through bourrelet modification
Apparatus for accelerating the onset of wear related damage and distress on a circumferential cam surface
Sheet-like diagnostic device
Memory for programmable digital filter
Supervision control system
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